She’s just talkin bout the CalPatty Press when she says …”The ACLU says I’m an Online Jackie O!” YOU’RE SO VAIN …you probably think this article is about you!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor/Council of Concerned Citizens of Central W. Va

Sometimes people say you lose your perspective when you are too close to a situation and I have to make the observation that there is some truth in that statement.

I think everyone knows the number one Alternative  News Source, for Central West Virginia – The CalPatty Press – the Flagship of the SS -that reached more concerned citizens in Central West Virginia than any other media source has been KILLED   … Murdered! SUNK!  … Crucified on a Cross !! …along with decree’s issued for the dead or alive notices  of the many editors and reporters of the Secret Seven!

The Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia was founded in 2006 in Calhoun County!

The Secret Seven was penetrated this past summer and infiltrated by the infamous Crooks from Crooked County that live by the Crooked River- they were able to get one of “Their Own”  inside the ranks of the Secret Seven!

The “TURNCOAT”  event all began to manifest on July 22, 2010

What is a turncoat?

A turncoat is a person who shifts allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another, betraying or deserting an original cause by switching to the opposing side or party. In political and social history, this is distinct from being a traitor, as the switch mostly takes place under the following circumstances:
* In groups, such as the SS and the CCC often driven by one or more leaders.
* When the former cause driving and benefiting the person becomes enviable or too fraught with danger or scandal such as the Gilmer County SEX SCANDAL!!

Minney with the exact denotation of turncoat has been revealed; and let it be entered into the record as such on this day August the 20th, 9 days after the sinking of one million words of truth!

I believe I took it the hardest when I was told that Lisa Minney was going both ways on her Two-Lane highway! I was the most fond of the   …beloved by many, ” Lisa Minney.”  I hope all that loves her continue to love her because it will be far less painful than what I have been through.

I know a lot of people try to put you, me (some people) in a category with other people, a trick they may have acquired through learned behavior, but I am a little different than an average person since I had a very strict religious upbringing and never even had sex until I was 18 years old.

When I was 16, my father actually did chase one of my boyfriends with a shot-gun and I did hear it go off. I was crying, but my father laughed until he almost cried, while I protested, he kept saying, “It’s only bird shot” “Plus, even if I did hit him this little ole 4-10 would have never killed him anyway!” I didn’t see the justification, none of that  matters now I guess, everyone was afraid to come around after that for the most part.

Now, I am told that I was raised by an abusive father, but I don’t remember any abuse, other than that particular evening when my dad realized his little girl had grown up with big girl curves to go with it, and he felt a sudden urge to protect his youngest daughter. I found myself digging deeper into my religious studies after that.

Speaking of religion, I have followed the writings of Lisa Minny religiously and have even been told that I must be her biggest fan! I guess that is why it hurts so much. There is nothing that hurts more than the sting of betrayal !

I could give you 50 examples of betrayal and some of you could relate to them, but none of them quite fits the way I feel about what really went down. This one hurt all the way to the bone!

“How could she do this to me ?” ..I thought to myself, but then someone said…   “You mean how could she do this to us?”

“That statement snapped me out of my hurt feelings and misery … and then I just got mad! I guess I got as mad as my dad when he went to a chasin that young boy down the hollar with a shot-gun one evening!”

All we had been through together… I thought Lisa Minney was one of us!  And now, look at all the in-house fighting “This all” has caused, but then again I was the one that would not come around, I was the one that couldn’t see it! She didn’t just turn on us now, she had been a mole in the system for years probably and it was me that was giving her all of our secret information and then not telling the others! It was me that was fooled! It was me that was used!  And it was me that agreed with her when she said,  “This time the CalPatty Press has gone too far with reporting the truth even if it is the truth!”

“Now I have to wonder, can anyone really go too far when reporting the truth?”

“…Even if that truth exposes the daughters of  the ROYALTY Of GLENVILLE West Virginia, the people that think they are better than everyone else and do not have to abide by the laws of West Virginia or the United States because they are close associates of Governor Manchin and can get him on the phone as quick as you can say ….Hey Big Joe”

People that have read CalPatty Press articles that live out of the state and some that live in the state were shocked about what all goes on in Gilmer County and it has all been going on for years!

Should the CalPatty Press be punished for telling the truth?

Lizzie and box banging pal, Lizzies' parents have money, but people like them for just being them! The PAL tests the size and strength of a ball bat and Lizzie was hop hop hopping along right after this photo was taken!

In Gilmer County, they truly believe that not only should you be punished for telling the truth you should be jailed or found one day all tangled up in some debris in that Crooked River!

Just ask Lisa Minney it was her fiance that was found in the river one day!

Yep! Dead as dead could be with a bullet in his head. But, people forget, and so had Lisa Minney! She see’s the reporting on Fred Hill as Bad for the GSC image and bad for the image of Glenville!  How the hell can she sell magazines if the image of Glenville reveals the truth, even though … Minney knows the “REAL TRUTH” about a man she was going to marry that took the same trip as Fred and was found dead after takin.. “The Trip,”  down the Crooked River! But, you can’t get her to talk about that much, unless you were as close to her as I was.

Minney has her own version of what that truth is NOW!!’

The dilapidated bridge adds a "SPOOKY" feel to the old crossing of the infamous "Crooked River!" Just yards from where Fred Hill disappeared!

Although  I expect Lisa knows that a real evil and real monsters are hidden still in the macabre and dark hills of Gilmer County and overlooking the small college town of Glenville, here is one of her statements that include some justification:

Most folks call me Lisa Minney, but I sign official documents with Lisa Hayes Minney My husband and I publish a monthly magazine called TwoLane Livin‘ !!

“The  CalPatty Press somehow feels a link between us, treats me as an ally, and presents me as an ally. And over three years, their audience has grown from a few hyper local underground readers to a level that outnumbers all local newspapers combined.”

Their posts have become more than rants about specific people affiliated with a specific case. They have set themselves as the “Exposers of corruption and local wrong doings” by ruthlessly gnawing at the reputations of the local sheriff, prosecutor, and judge. By attacking the marriages of people I consider to be my friends, by posting nearly pornographic pictures of the children of their targets. By stooping to levels so low that I can barely look.

I am more than offended by it. I am disgusted. I am repulsed.

Funny thing, the pornography she complains of was supplied by the daughters of a couple of public officials we consider far less than honest – in fact – we are more or less labeling them as all out “Crooks” since we can prove they have broken laws, but are seen as untouchable by local law enforcement – this is a situation that is common mostly in third world countries, but certainly not the U.S. !!

Crooked County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough ply's the trade of "Smoke and Mirrors" in the County Seat of Glenville!

The public officials mentioned include a former Glenville State College member of the Board of Governor’s R Terry Butcher, and a recently appointed member of the GSC Board of Governors Timothy B Butcher commonly referred to as the, “Bitcher of the Butchers”

The point of the article was that the Public officials did not think they were doing anything wrong and neither did their daughters, but, of course that is, “OK” with Lisa Minney since her dedicated alliance is now with the infamous “CROOKS” of “CROOKED COUNTY!”

In my research I keep running into this self revealing statement: “Most folks call me Lisa Minney, but I sign official documents with Lisa Hayes Minney”

I just want to reply with, “My name is Forest Gump, but people just call  me Forest!”

Then, I am further disturbed and reminded of our alliance by words such as these:

I don’t know how many of their readers believe I am (or was) one of CalPatty’s “Secret Seven.” I don’t know how many readers believed anything they wrote — about me, about others, about themselves. But I do know, that for three years, they have been dominating our region’s online image — our communal online presentation of our community’s truth. Our community’s virtual image has been under the patina of their slanted perspective so that none of us, online or in real life, weren’t soured by it in some way.

This morning, CalPatty Press was offline. According to, their host server, their blog has been “Archived or suspended for a violation of TOS.” I am sure they will attempt to shift their readership over to a sister site, but as far as having the lead in search engines and amount of information online about our county (counties), this has been a critical blow.

(This part Minney was wrong about since the NEW SS website sister to the CalPatty Press the Cosmos Communicator was number 66 in the TOP 100  fastest growing WP websites in the WORLD not just the United States – three days later-so Minney is no expert on the workings of the internet, and this new site most likely gets three times the traffic she does and we just started)

I don’t believe I deserve (or want) any credit for this victory.

I am a Virtual Jackie O. I’m not just a writer in my pajamas, drinking cold coffee, with garden dirt under my fingernails and a tangled pony tail.

My meager attempts to “make it stop” failed early last week when CalPatty was only temporarily frozen. I don’t know if I started a ball rolling, or if attempts from others further slandered on their site than I finally came to fruition. I don’t know if some other person, out there somewhere had the muscle to remove this mountain. I only know that two days ago I was feeling rather deflated about it, disappointed, disgruntled.

Oh, how I hate to lose. And in my attempt to win, I had made things worse. I had done all I knew to do – – and failed.

And so, as so many of us do when we have exhausted all other options… I troubled the Almighty.

(Something I try not to do unless it’s really, really important.)

“Lord, just make it gone.”

Just for the record, “Minney was always considered a  member of the Secret Seven!”

Then of course, there was this….

There are times in your life when you ask yourself, “How did I get in this situation?” Naturally, that question isn’t the main point to dwell on, although it seems we all linger on that a little too long. The question most important at those times is, “How do I get out?”

Lisa Minney got in her “Situation” by also wanting to battle corruption and wrongdoing, but eventually via business alliances and advertisers and sponsors she was turned. She was turned over the issue of money and success in business, for we all know the Crooks from Crooked County stick together.

The ripple in our little SS  pond is still sloshing around and there is still a lot of yelling and screaming. There has been more expenses in the way of legal fee’s searching for new openings …loopholes and such for the purpose of filing legal action in a court not in a jurisdiction that is controlled by the Crooks.

You see if you want to beat the Crooks, you have to beat them at their own game, and hopefully lure them into a courtroom in which you have the control.   ….the correct matter in dispute before the correct judge in the correct courtroom far outside of the influence of Big Joe the Governor!

One thing I know for sure!  Lisa Minney is certainly no Jackie O !!

Minney is more like a Jackie A    O  … way to go West Virginia!

For the Central West Virginia Council of Concerned Citizens and members of the Secret Seven it is “Straight Up” from here …with the sinking of  the “Two ships in the Night!” The publishers of TRUTH ! The Crooked County Crooks and CalPatty Press websites, when did they ever let you down! Never!





The ratings that ended 11 August 2010 show a tremdous amount of hits the first 11 days in August. The 15-day WAR for Free Speech ended at midnight on August the fourth, but the CalPatty Press continued to get slammed up until the minute it was sunk!

The CalPatty Press ratings were, “Off the charts “ when sunk by surprise attack!!

Quancast final ratings put the CalPatty Press at 44  thousand “Monthly” hits by August 11th at 0722 hours! According to the above chart there were over 44,000 hits in just 11 days, now that is truly blasting the truth to Central West Virginia!!

Thanks to everyone that was there for us for the  nearly 4 years of bringing you the “Real Truth!”

Special thanks goes to the Gilmer County High School Titans and their winning spirit for delivering the truth! Good work and have a great year teaching  our youngsters how to be proper citizens and not all caught up in  what the Jones have!

This Graph show the statistics for the CalPatty Press broken down in weekly page views from last Labor Day Weekend of 2009 until August 11, 2010 the day the Flagship of the Secret Seven was sunk! You can see the for the year the weekly average was very high! Thanks for being part of the thousands of readers that made the CalPatty Press a wonderful publication for truth and freedom before being brutally murdered the second week in August 2010!!

Demographics for the CalPatty Press ending 11 August 2010 below:

The CalPatty Press raised its addicted rate to 26% in the final two weeks.

39% of all CalPatty Press readers were college graduates and 14% had six years or more of college on top of the 39% for a total of 53% college graduates.

57% of CalPatty Press readers are over 35 and 26% are over 50 years old.

80% of CalPatty Press readers had an income over $30,000 per year.

25% of CalPatty Press readers had an income over $60,000 per year.

21% of CalPatty Press readers had an income over $100,000 per year

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  1. Crooked County Crooks

    It’s nice to see Jamtart popping up again, but then you always know he is out there somewhere, watching, waiting for the news he seeks, …the news that would bring forth the, “Revenge of of the Jamtart!” Someday it will be a late-night movie.

    The only thing missing out of this fine “Work” is Hot Toddy and Lisa Minney’s hatred for an outlaw we all loved to hate. Remember all of the things we did to bring her enemy to justice? All the chances we took! All the dope we had to do with the chicks of the Fire Starting Cult, (“Hey that shit gets expensive Lisa!) And it was your idea!!…all the conniving an lying about being the cousin of so and so when we never met them in our lives. We took a lot of chances for you Minney and swam in a dangerous Lagoon of Calhoun Conspiracy and some of it we did for you as our friend. If we didn’t think you were our friend we would not have bothered on many occasions.

    This is the thanks we get? …. Sunk by BIG GUNS from Crooked County just as there was a cease fire in the 15-day war for Free Speech ? …just making the bend for home when Boom there goes the CalPatty Press the Flagship, and then Boom Crooked County Crooks takes a direct hit!

    Thanks! Who was there for YOU just when you needed us the most? We were, the people you put on the bottom of the Crooked River with over 100,000 words of data. Everybody knows the history of the CCC!! And now, we have more history. Our Crooked County Crooks Patina has an addition of being a little water logged for the time we spent on the bottom of the Crooked River, blown up by the BIG GUNS of a turncoat!

  2. Council of Concerned Citizens on the Arrest of Norman Alderman in Pocahontas County

    Pocahontas County may be in for a big surprise, along with civil actions and federal infractions in the arrest of Norman Alderman administrator of an outspoken forum in Pocahontas – that was taken down at the same time the CalPatty Press and the Crooked County Crooks websites went down.

    Pocahontas County is almost twice the size of Gilmer County population wise and also seems to make a lot of the same mistakes in thinking it is a totalitarian Utopia just like Gilmer County and they appear to be just as crooked down there.

    Norman Alderman, a long time Secret Seven affiliate was able to get on video, an August Pocahontas County Commissioners meeting. Just days before his arrest, a request was made by an SS member for Norman to help us rid ourselves of some lazy irresponsible Gilmer County Commissioners -and if he had any ideas how to get those, “No good for nothings, out of there”
    –No sooner had that request been made, then Norman was arrested, in jail, his computers seized etc.

    But, now, Pocahontas County has a huge fight on their hands! The entire arrest, search, and process carried on by them has been deemed illegal, starting with the warrant from the magistrate.

    The SS has received all documents from the arrest and the first thing that was noticed was a document asking to be recused from the magistrate that issued the warrant saying that bad things had been said about them on

    Well you dumb bitch you can not issue a warrant and then recuse yourself, (This warrant, that we have a copy of is so Gilmer County that we are shocked that Shelly Morris Demarino’s name is not all over it) I am going to have the documents posted on this article as soon as contact can be made with Reeny this morning.

    So, the magistrate issues a warrant then, decides, oh I can’t face the accusations now, and recuses themselves. This is why you CAN NOT DO THAT AND NOW YOU LOOK GUILTY HAS HELL and will be caught and prosecuted in a federal court!

    If the magistrate issuing the warrant is not neutral and detached–that is, he or she has some personal interest in the matter to be prosecuted–then the resulting warrant cannot be objectively reasonable. In Coolidge v. New Hampshire, 403 U.S. 443, 91 S.Ct. 2022 (1971), the State Attorney General, who was, by law, authorized to issue warrants, issued a search warrant for the defendant’s car during a murder investigation. However, it was the same murder investigation of which he had personal charge, and for which he served as chief prosecutor at trial! This clearly was not a neutral and detached person, and the Court held that this procedure violated a “fundamental premise of both the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments because the state official who was the chief investigator and the prosecutor in this case * * * was not the neutral and detached magistrate required by the Constitution.”

    We are going to expose Pocahontas County for the criminals they are, they must be taking lessons from Gilmer County.

    The tape of the meeting clearly brings out false statements and outright lies from the commissioners present and CAUGHT on tape. That was the real reason Norman Alderman got arrested. Shortly after this tape was made, David Fleming filed criminal charges in an effort to, not-be-found-out-in-the-lie!! But, was found out anyway! Fleming LIED and was not living in the northern district, therefore should not be serving or taking a salary for being a member of the commission. FLEMING IS NOW CAUGHT in the lie!
    Fleming has broken the law, but in typical CROOKED COUNTY fashion, took control and made a false arrest based on bullshit false remarks from an unsavory character! And…in the same style as what County? Gilmer County!!

    Yay! You passed the audition!!

    Fleming’s good time buddies the magistrate and Pochantas sheriff fucked up since the warrant also resulted in a violation of the 4th Amendment and the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

    It appears that Pocahontas County also broke the rules by conducting a night time raid they had no right to act on as the facts unfold.

    Hey you dumb fuck magistrate now that you recused your ass you fucked up the whole deal and now, you will be the one receiving papers to come to court and it won’t be in your jurisdiction and you won’t have a dishonest circuit court judge in your pocket!

    Rule of Law and Holding

    Where there is lack of neutrality and detachment in the issuance of a search warrant, the warrant is void.


    Initially, we note that independent of the Judicial
    Code of Ethics, the United States Supreme Court has interpreted the Fourth
    Amendment to the United States Constitution to require that a search warrant be
    issued by a “neutral and detached magistrate.” . . . In Shadwick v. City of Tampa , . . . the Supreme Court held that the office of magistrate, in order to satisfy the neutral and
    detached standard “require[s] severance and disengagement from activities of
    law enforcement.” By way of illustration, the Supreme Court in Shadwick pointed
    to its earlier case of Coolidge v. New Hampshire, . . . where it voided a
    search warrant issued by the state’s attorney general because he “‘was
    actively in charge of the investigation and later was to be chief prosecutor at trial.”

    . . . Similarly, in LO-JI Sales, Inc. v. New York , . . . the magistrate was found NOT to be neutral and detached when he “allowed himself to become a member, if not
    the leader, of the search party which was essentially a police situation.

    It looks like we have another Crooked County on our hands!

    David Fleming reminds me of someone that could be Gerald B Hough’s little brother! He is just as dishonest! I wonder if Fleming smells like Catfish too!

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    * Sex three times a week burns the same calories as running 30 miles a week
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  4. FRED HILL MURDERED!!.. just like Lisa Minney's fiance was murdered and tossed in the Crooked River! A real truth is untold!

    I see you revealed the fact of another killing, a cold blooded murder of another young person, where there was no trial, no autopsy that was revealed. Just a hush hush after the body of JP was found dead just like Fred, in the river for months. This time the “Powers that Be” involved in killing JP want Lisa Minney on their side, since she has a voice with her magazine.

    It was three months before JP’s body was found. Just like Fred Hill. I feel for the HILL family, I know exactly what they are going through. Unfortunately, they will likely never know the truth of what happened to Fred, even now that they have found his body. The killers are protected by the people that really run this town just like you said.

    Fred Hill’s murder was likely no accident, it was either (censored by SS) that killed Hill or (censored by SS) that helped (censored by SS) dispose of the body in the river, and that fact will never be revealed and the lid will be held on forever and if the truth is ever found out, most people will believe Fred did not deserve it.

    Why do you think they took the CalPatty Press down? It had nothing to do with the Butcher girls it had to do with the State Police complaints on your reporting of Fred Hill.

    Editor note: I removed your anonymous title in the comment and put an appropriate title in it’s place. A lot of what you said, makes sense, but why don’t you take a trip to Clarksburg and reveal this to another law enforcement agency. We could hook you up.
    You need to send me some mail in which I can reply to you, send me a note at
    And if you can’t find the gumption to contact a federal agency then contact Renee Hill:

    Help me find out what has happened to my brother. He and I would do no less for any of you, whether we liked you (or even thought you were an asshole) or not. If you have any real information you may contact me directly on my cell phone, 553-9856 (in case you missed it the times it was posted without my permission), or by email

  5. CalPatty Press-Readers- Greetings to all of our friends and the SS from Central WV

    The Graph below the article by Rina McCoy show the statistics for the CalPatty Press broken down in weekly page views from last Labor Day Weekend of 2009 until August 11, 2010 the day the Flagship of the Secret Seven was sunk! You can see the for the year the weekly average was very high! Thanks for being part of the thousands of readers that made the CalPatty Press a wonderful publication for truth and freedom before being brutally murdered the second week in August 2010 by the Crooks from Crooked County that live next to the Crooked River. The CalPatty Press did well in Calhoun County, but Crooked County is run by the Devil himself!! They still plan on catching up to all of us and making us take the trip down the Crooked River or worse. We have seen that a time or two!!

    The top graph shows the rating perioid that ended 11 August 2010 displays a tremendous amount of hits the first 11 days in August. The 15-day WAR for Free Speech ended at midnight on August the fourth, but the CalPatty Press continued to get slammed up until the minute it was sunk! Over 44,000 hits the first 11 days of August.

    Thanks to all that made the CalPatty Press Great!

    Thanks West Virginia! We fought hard into our fourth year before we were destoyed, and we could not have done it without your support!

    We know how many people out there are dedicated to the cause. The crooks have prevailed for too long.

    It’s just before midnight! Say, how do you feel? Uh huh, I feel alright!

    In fact I feel fine, because I got me a little pocket rocket so let’s go! You are invited!

    ….ya know, cuz , I don’t NEED NO DOCTOR!!

    I love you CalPatty Press readers!!! Muah!

  6. The CalPatty Press- Message to Crooks of Crooked County! We know about YOU!! Half this message had to be censored!!

    The CalPatty Press the Flagship of the SECRET SEVEN COALITION DISCOVERED EVEN MORE CORRUPTION IN GLENVILLE in GILMER COUNTY before being destroyed by surprise attack!!

    Just when you think you might have gotten just a small break from the crimes of the BUTCHERS and their debauchery and wild whoring daughters…what do you know CRIME stares you in the FACE and it is always a member of the murdering POWER ELITE…doing the crime!
    Hey Larry Chapman,
    We would like to have a little pow wow with you in reference to your plan on staying on the commission anyway after you were voted off the ballot in the primary! Larry, people are hip to you and did not like the raise you gave Gerry Hough, for what? Committing more crimes for y’all!

    So you people in Gilmer County think you can just make your own fucking rules and break the law and there will be no consequences because you think everyone else is stupid besides yourselves living in your own kinked out Power Elite world??

    F(Censored by Cosmos Communicator) YOU!

    Hey everyone, CHAPMAN lost in the primary, but he already has a plan in place to remain on the commission and protect Gerry Hough from the evil forces coming to take him away ha ha ho ho to the funny farm where every last one of the POWER ELITE belong.

    We know about your Gov deal Tim Butcher! We know all about the contingency of you being a GSC BOG and you’re the governors illegal “go to” guy for all the underhanded stuff. Cool!

    GERRY HOUGH WE KNOW ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, so check this out home boy, there are no rules now. We play by yours.
    YOU are a low life piece of shit Gerry Hough that we do not consider human for all the laws you have broken and the illegal acts you have committed.

    Nasia , you need to shut the fuck up and mind your own alcoholic business! We know about YOU Nasia, and we are Nasia ated with your false accusations against students and teachers for speaking out on a forum, that they have never participated in. You falsely accuse. If you want to accuse look at your own family and thank Diana L for all the “nieces pieces” thanks!

    Hey CARLY, we have some more fucked up bullshit to tell you about your dad, so you may want to think about that the next time you are getting way deep deep deep into the PINK!
    Pull those panties to the side Carly!

    Message to Dave Hess County Commissioner, there is a new Sheriff in town and they are called the Central WV SS! Have you ever heard of us? WE have quite a few notches on our guns if you would like to check it out. Why not give some thought to retiring from the commission, so we can get someone in there that is not such a pussy like yourself.

    If you don’t like the way Kennedy backs the Butchers all the time HESS speak up! Be a man not a little wimp! If you can’t man up, then let someone else in there that can do the job and get something done. Letting Larry take over your spot after the voters already made a decision about the President of the commission is-not-what-we meant-by letting someone else in there.

    Hey Brian Kennedy, you fat (censored) Walrus, you yes man, you worthless piece of (censored), you will be our next project to tell the TRUTH about! YAY finally we get to TELL the REAL TRUTH about a KENNEDY! Listen you have nothing to do with the REAL Kennedy’s! Now they were some fucking AMERICANS!! Who gives a shit if they were democrats. You are an ass licking, brown nosing worthless fat (censored by Cosmic Communicator).

    “Everybody knows BRIAN KENNEDY IS AN (censored)” …at least that is what Lisa Minney said recently, within the last week. Her references were in regard to a request that the SS backs up off of Tara Kennedy. Why should we back up off on someone that lied in official court documents. Little lying bitches are worse than snitches when they author court documents that are nothing but lies and destroys lives?
    We plan on handing Tara a subpoena duces tecum in person, and then telling her what she can do with it.

    HINT FOR YOU! Hough is LIABILITY and is caught, and could cost you everything!
    Oh, almost forgot, to Shelly Morris D! There are NO LAWS against telling the truth!!!

  7. Two SUBJECTS of discussion-Edwin Dale Kennison-Bucky Miller

    I saw a very in depth report done by Cosmo Communicator on the Flanagan double murder including updates of the trial in which Gerald B Hough is being brought in as special prosecutor along with some other guy, but I don’t know his name, but it was all in the report that was published shortly before the Flagship was sunk. A plethora of information is still at the bottom of the Crooked River I guess, does anyone have it?

    What is the deal with the RAPE at GSC that happened last September 24th. Edwin Dale Kennison or Kinnison just 19 was arrested and made an appearance in Magistrate Court for an alleged felony sexual assault and then you heard no more of it.

    Can someone get me up to speed on that particular rape at GSC ?

    The trial was postponed because the investigating officer did not show up and that is ALWAYS a red flag that hanky panky is going on again with the Crooks from Crooked County.

    Who has the info on all of this? This guy was living in Pickins Hall where the Co-Ed Pickens were easy that night. By last December dude was trying to say there was no rape blah blah blah….

    Editors note: I was looking for some of the same data, but it appears to be lost temporarily… you must have that esp I am hearing about.

  8. Cosmos Communicator - On RAPE at GSC Welcome back to school, now pull those panties to the side!!

    Because it is what I do anyway, I did some research on your campus rape question and the only place I could find out any information was from cached files of the CalPatty Press, in other words, files from the bottom of the Crooked River, so they smell a bit like cat fish, or Gerry Hough. which ever you prefer.

    His name is spelled Kinnison. Edwin Dale Kinnison 19 a GSC Student who was charged with 2nd degree sexual assault a felony. He was jailed and held on 50,000 dollars bond. His attorney got the bond dropped to 30K surety bond, so for sure he most likely bonded out.
    Deputy Michael Wheeler was the officer in charge of the case:

    —-State vs. Edwin Kennison, defendant appeared before the court from a preliminary hearing on a charge of sexual assault, 2nd degree. Magistrate Carol J. Wolfe presiding, found probable cause and bound the case over to the Gilmer County Circuit Court.

    Once the case got to the 14th district circuit court, the case went cold and WAS NEVER MOVED FORWARD!

    The 14th district circuit court in Gilmer County is most likely one of the most Crooked Courts in the entire state and I can back that up with facts. Most likely a rep for the school got together with the Gilmer County Sheriffs and old Gerry Hough and we know how honest he is….and put the cabash on this case, even though a girl was raped….

    Here is what the CalPatty Press said, about that Peter Barr guy(scary looking) and his castle high on the hill-here are some files I got just this evening from the bottom of the Crooked River!
    *** **** *** **** *** **** *** **** *** **** ***
    SCANDAL at GSC! BARR attempts to frame a professor for misappropriation of funds! More RAPES covered up!

    Scandal, rape, murder, it all hovers around Dracula’s Castle on the hill-Glenville State College-looming over the minions of evil in that small town in Crooked County next to the Crooked River!

    The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition are going to share a little bit of the real life goins on – on top of the hill! Things you will never hear about in the Glenville DEMO-CRAP and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT!

    The latest SCANDAL …GSC President Peter Barr‏ attempted to frame a professor: GSC’s Science Department received a sizable grant from NASA and, to Dr. Barr’s surprise, the department wanted to use the funds for science related ventures. In charge of the grant, Professors Joe and Kevin Evans, the former once a dept. chair, were already deeply disliked by Barr and his minion David Millard!

    Kick backs and illegal activity is an everyday occurrence at Glenville State College!

    You mix the kickbacks and the sexual deviancy shown by Barr in the past and what you have is a full fledged member of the Power Elite with something to bring to the party-they don’t do anything in Crooked County that isn’t Crooked!

    More Scandal at Glenville State College in Gilmer County! Dr Joe Evans fucks the bejesus out of one his students and the cry of RAPE is heard once again from Dracula’s castle high on the hill!

    Dr. Joe Evans: Dude does have a nasty habit of sleeping with students after moving them into his home! In fact, one such account ended up in tall tales told of drunkenness and cruelty.  One charge from quite some time ago involved an exchange student who couldn’t make it home for the holidays.

    “I never thought that Dr Evans would force himself on me, but he did!”

    Evans graciously invited her into his home,  and subsequently raped her! Dr Evans ripped her clothes off, forced her on the couch and took from that young girl sexual favors only fit for a Crook from Crooked County!!

    The RAPE charge was filed with the college and then, unsurprisingly, lost. The latest move-in cost Dr. Evans his spot on the Board of Governors and his chair of the science department.

    The RAPE was covered up successfully until uncovered by the CalPatty Press!

    Currently this month in APRIL there is an attempt to cover up yet another rape involving EDWIN DALE KINNISON. The CalPatty Press uncovered the police report and booking information about the rape in the GSC campus dorm last September! The powers that be are hoping people will forget!

    Edwin Dale Kinnison is now 20 and a student at Glenville State College in Gilmer County West Virginia.

    If that fat fuck Edwin Dale  were BLACK he would have Glenville City Attorney TIM BUTCHER, the Bitcher of the Butchers jumping in and pulling him away from the police and yelling and screaming and scamming– and having to figure out how to get another black man off of raping a drunk co-ed because he could!

    But then, that would just be all in a days work for the Bitcher of  the BUTCHER Brothers law firm!

    Another CalPatty Press observation is that the alleged victim took a shower after the rape and before going to the police!

    Take a shower AFTER the examination, not before…for those obviously not following along!

    But, then again, it would be difficult not to want to rinse off a bit after being jizzed on by a drunk walrus from down the hall that goes by the name of a Edwin!

    “Edwin, oh Edwin does your mother call you Edwin?!” “You ruined my blue dress Edwin!“
    “Put it back if you’re not Black!  Don’t you know?! You gotta be a Negro  … to do that here at GSC!”

    “It’s a part of the BARR Code or something”
    Is that the “Peter” … uh Bar Code?
    “Yes, that is right! The Peter Barr Code”  “Don’t lay on your back unless he is Black!”

  9. BUNNY! ...Of HOT DOG sucking Girl "FAME" on the CalPatty Press!

    The CalPatty Press HOT DOG Sucking Girl BUNNY made famous by her photo
    made an important observation in trends regarding prescribed drugs for pain, just two summers ago! And that great prediction was published on the CalPatty Press. That statement is hereby republished today in her honor .. since those figures have only increased since the famous HOT DOG sucking Girl statement was made….it was a great moment in history at the CalPatty Press!!

    Forbes says research shows West Virginia is the most medicated state just like this article states these figures just came out today.

    States residents filled an average 11.1 retail prescriptions per capita, according to the latest figures compiled by the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation’s

    Well above that average is West by god Virginia!! TRY 17.2 !! Way out in front for pill poppin!!

    WV came in first with 17.2 retail prescriptions filled per capita, followed by Missouri, 15.9; Tennessee, 15.8; Alabama, 15.7; and Kentucky, 15.4.

    At the bottom of the list, Alaska, 6.5; California, 7.4; and Hawaii, 7.7.

    Solution: Suck on more hot dogs and you will eat less pills!

    “Just suck on a chilly dog!!”


    I am gonna suck on a Chilly dog while I play this song for Bunny on a hump day Wednesday!

    Thanks for being our Hot Dog Sucking Girl and telling Drew Moody what to do with a Chilly Dog!
    We love you Bunny, like you love that HOT DOG!!



    (08/25/2010)Bob Weaver
    Grantsville resident Christopher Todd Smith will appear before Judge Jack Alsop in Calhoun Circuit Court Thursday at 10 to be sentenced.

    The sentencing is related to a drug charge which originated in Grantsville in 2007, with police saying Smith possessed about a gallon bag of marijuiana with intent to deliver.

    Other charges filed against Smith in the 2007 incident involved the alleged shooting of a pellet gun at a newspaper carrier. Those charges were dropped because of evidence problems.

    The earlier plea agreement appeared to have been one of two options, incarceration in prison for not less than one year nor more than three, or a determined number of days to be served in Central Regional Jail.

    Judge Nibert had rejected a request for a plea agreement in 2009.

    Thursday’s docket shows attorney Tom Whittier representing Smith. Whittier asked to be dismissed as Smith’s attorney and attorney Joshua Sturm was appointed.

    Smith filed a motion that Sturm had not been responsive to his case, calling him an “incompetent attorney,” according to court records.

    Both Judge David W. Nibert and Thomas Evans III have recused themselves from the case and Judge Jack Alsop was appointed to hear it.

    Smith also filed a motion that Alsop also be disqualified.

    Calhoun prosecutor Rocky Holmes has been disqualified.

    Several newer cases against Smith are pending.

    Kelli Guarrieri, a probation officer with the 5th Judicial Circuit, has been disqualified. Guarrieri, works for chief probation officer Patsy McCartney.

    Her recusal is linked to newer charges against Smith for intimidation of an official, Patsy McCartney.

    A criminal complaint says the intimidation is linked to the removal of decorations by Smith from McCartney’s late husbands grave.

    Smith, is facing yet another charge related to shooting an air rifle at a Cabot Station resident.

    Charges against Smith have also been filed by Lewis County officials.

    Smith remains in Central Regional Jail.

  11. "HOT TODDY" aka Christopher Todd Smith to be sentenced today!

    I can’t believe it will be less than an hour and Todd Smith will be sentenced for the 2007 drug case. It has taken three years before Smith was held accountable. Smith never had to do any jail time in regard to that 2007 arrest until recently.

    This has been a case in which a “Snitch” deal was drafted by Shelly Morris DeMarino of Glenville, but luckily was rejected by the judge, but the deal further delayed matters until now.

    Smith’s plea agreement with Shelly Morris DeMarinos had said; “That the defendant agrees to appear and truthfully testify as to all matters within his knowledge when summoned by any party in any criminal matter,” among other conditions.

    The state had also agreed to dismiss any charges pending against Kelly Lawson, related to the case.

    Just minutes away, and the matter will finally be dealt with by the court. It only took three years for the simple drug arrest to come to conclusion in Calhoun County’s 4th district Circuit Court.

  12. Top Searches this week that found Cosmos Communicator!

    This weeks NUMBER ONE COSMOS COMMUNICATOR article is:

    She’s just talkin bout the CalPatty Press when she says …”The ACLU says I’m an Online Jackie O!

    …with 1, 441 page views making it the number ONE read SS article, and that is why this comment is attached to this article, if you are reading this article it is this weeks numero uno!

    Special message to Lisa Minney former SS member: YOU’RE SO VAIN …you probably think this article is about you!

    Here are the TOP search results on COSMOS COMMUNICATOR for this last week

    calpatty press 20
    cosmos communicator 17
    gchs cheerleader sluts 17
    calpatty press lexie butcher 15
    he came three_times_in_two_hours 13
    Darrell Barnett and Lil Darrell 12
    cosmoscommunicator 12
    lizzy butcher wv 10 10
    cow patty glenville 8
    carly hough glenville 6
    richard ratliff glenville, wv 5
    lisa hayes-minney 5
    gilmer county corrupt 4
    wv secret seven 4
    lexi butcher 4
    basil fred hill 3
    cow patty press lone meth ranger 3
    calpatty lexi 3
    http://calpattypress.files.wordpress 3
    calpatty cosmos 3
    gilmer west virginia ghost 3
    glenville wv “gerald b hough” photos 3
    “lisa wexler” wv 3
    capt gordon ingold wvsp 3
    calpatty press glenville calhoun 2
    lizzie butcher sex scandel (sic) 2
    catherine butcher gsc 2 2

    The top rated article this weekend including Friday, Saturday and so far today, Sunday is…
    HOT TODDY sentenced by Judge ALSOP! FINALLY the longest drug case in Calhoun County History has come to a close!

  13. Would any of you guys be interested in finding a real web host to have your sites hosted? I think you could probably do it pretty affordably if the costs were split. Probably would not be much each month. I think .info domains can be had for like 3 bucks. Then could shop around for web hosting for less than 10 a month. If you used google ad-words on your site you could easily cover your expenses and then some. It would be self-sustaining and possibly a small income. Having your own domain and ideally your own server would very much expand your options and you would not have to worry about a simple complaint to wordpress. It would have to be something very serious to have a site taken down with my providers. There are many options but as long as the content is not illegal it would be very hard to take down if you hosted your sites elsewhere. If by chance your site would be taken down, if you have your own domain you just point it to a new web host and resume as needed. It really is not that hard. I do believe that freedom of speech needs to be protected whether it could be considered distasteful or not. That is what civil court is for. I do believe that CalPatty Press while their methods might be questionable was a counter-balance to the establishment in Central West Virginia and their rights of freedom of speech, freedom of press, and their right to petition the government for redress of grievances should not be violated. Just be careful in what actions you take, you know you have enemies and they are watching you, but the release and discussion of some information would not otherwise happened if it were not for you guys. I think there are some serious problems in Central West Virginia with local politicians and law enforcement and the judicial system, I think that these issues need to be brought to light in order to see a more open and honest governance and policing to take place. Take Care. Please reply to this post if you wish or send me an email at

    Editors note: You are up early Justin, and safely across the border too!
    We have heard how R Terry Butcher is all about doing this or that, but I guess they forget about their WHITE COLLAR CRIMES that will be immediately addressed with actions of their own. When one public official protects another in illegal actions, that is pretty serious and that is how Glenville and Gilmer County operate. We also heard how Todd Smith had sex with John Oshoways wife Sue, years ago when their daughter was just little, so, we are talking ten years plus. More reports on others “In the SPOTLIGHT individuals” We are shopping around, but we need lot of storage for all the SS images and the over one million words of text. We have made some progress on information gathering on some popular locals lately. We are leaning Iceland right now. That country has some liberal idea’s about communication.

    Damn these people do not care if they break the law or not, especially when they are the law around here. Private Eyes …. are watching you…. is what they all should know. Real private and we are about fucking tired of their bullshit, and have got some new tricks to reveal misconduct.

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