Glenville WV is the HOME to Corrections Officers Training and Hub of Criminal Justice Education So They Can Get Their ROCKS OFF on inmates like TAMMY RUCKER

By Rina McCoy/Editor – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison Reporter

Everybody needs a little female loving, and maybe that’s what’s wrong with the world, not enough love to go around. However, female loving with a female inmate is so very wrong especially if you are a corrections officer, although I am sure temptation is sweet and satisfaction is sweeter.

Glenville, West Virginia, where evil is always lurking in the tall dark hills that surround the old looking little ville is the home to: W.Va.’s Newest Criminal Justice Training Center!

Scandal, rape, murder, it all hovers around Dracula’s Castle on the hill-Glenville State College-looming over the minions of evil in that small town in Crooked County next to the Crooked River!

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition  shared a little bit of the real life goings on – on top of the hill, just to be attacked and hunted for it! The CalPatty Press told you things you will never hear about in the Glenville DEMO-CRAP and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT!

Joe Thornton, the Cabinet Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety spoke of the need for Glenville facility for better efficiency.

“One of the things that didn’t make sense  was that we had three correctional agencies training in

Crooked County Educational Icons Nasia with the author of the Barr Code Peter Barr-You don't go far in education in Gilmer County without the OK of either of these "Shot callers" that live down by that Crooked River!

three different areas,” said Thornton at ceremonies the weekend before Christmas 2009.

Then my home-boy Peter Barr (boy can he drink) met our challenge and found us a home at Glenville State College,  in Gilmer County!

“The challenge was to try to find a location or facility that could house three different agencies with necessary supporting resources…thanks to Peter, our prayers were answered!”

The Regional Jail Authority, Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services send trainees to Glenville for basic training, during which they stay in vacant dormitories on campus, the whacked out Peter Barr, Glenville State president said, “Those entities lease space in the facility from Glenville State, because that is how “We Roll” in Crooked County!    ..cuz it makes me  money, dat right,  dats wats sup  … weez in da ebonics on da hill, it kine a dark  …An it all goes right!”

The latest GSC-Gilmer County SEX SCANDAL starring some local girls showed a lot of tongue action along with SEX Drugs some bathroom scenes and a lot of HOT HOT HOT chicks, it was the best photo lay out yet from the CalPatty Press!

Sweet Satisfaction, gets good reaction in Crooked County, the home to rape and murder and also home to Two-Lane Two- Faced Ain’t livin long like this magazine editor – True Life Juda’s Lisa Minney. Minney of course is the gal that attracted so much attention to herself over the fact that her friends the Crooks from Crooked County were screaming bloody murder over the latest SEX SCANDAL exposure!!

Minney joined with others to muzzle up the members of the Secret Seven for the bitter truth was brought out for all to see again!

Evil is as Evil does in Crooked County!

The Suprise attack on the CalPatty Press by former SS member and the Crooks from Crooked County was an attempt to silence members of the Secret Seven for telling the TRUTH about Gilmer County!!

Gal is a term I usually save for reference to the female of some animal species, but then, in the context of which I just used it – it seems to fit.

Animals,  every one of them!   …all of those Crooks from Crooked County!

And Glenville West Virginia is the place where animals are trained to rape the inmates in the prison and the jails, in fact one good ole boy-Steven Thomas Gray- as big as any Bubba you ever met decided to take advantage of the situation and forced an inmate at CRJ to take in some sexual fun!

Tammy Rucker got busted on a Meth charge and was sent to prison! She just did not know she was going to have to "Put Out" to get along!

Then on the prison side of things there was Tammy Rucker, but she got forced into a sexual situation against her will by a guard long before she had gotten started doing serious prison time.

Tammy Rucker they got to fuck her while she was incarcerated in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

Glenville West Virginia is becoming the hub for the power elite to train their goons that… it is “Just OK” to go ahead and fuck the inmates.

GERRY HOUGH according to Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz is the HEAD LAW MAN in these here parts…so of course it is JUST OK!

Sure, a little cunninglingus may be in order, and for those of you that don’t know what that means, here is a little educational tid bit or is that tit bit!

The word actually has a Latin derivative. Cunnis, meaning vagina, and lingus meaning “to lick.” So, put it together, you get: to lick the pussy!

Amazing where these words come from. All those things your Latin teacher never taught you.

There is a lot sex inside West Virginia jails and prison's! Websites like the CalPatty Press that exposed the truth and those involved were attacked and threatened for telling the Truth!

Oh that’s right they don’t teach Latin in West Virginia! You have to be properly educated in VIRGINIA for that!

“First I did a cell check, and then I felt those pert young titties and topped it off with  some cunninglingus!”

That must have been the explanation coming from the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional officer Kevin R. Kessell for allegedly forcing TAMMY RUCKER to engage in sexual acts with him before giving her contraband to keep her quiet!

Tammy Rucker was forced to have sex while being held in a West Virginia Regional Jail!

It was also JUST OK for a Gilmer County Corrections Officer to commit sexual offenses  during a time when he was on duty!

In another incident,  a dude from Crooked County was pulling the big weener out and asking the inmates to touch it! Unlawful carnal knowledge is just OK just as long as you keep it HOT HOT HOT the Crooked County way!

Steven Thomas Gray, 26, (pictured in orange) of Glenville, WV was charged with sexual assault in the second degree and imposition of sexual intercourse on incarcerated persons!!
The charge alleges that when Gray was employed as a corrections officer at the Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods, he engaged in sexual acts with a prisoner!!

“CRJ where you can’t be gay, you got to bang the girls in orange it is part of the Glenville West Virginia training!”


This is what the CalPatty Press said well before the matter was settled:



Gray said to another inmate, “Yeah I got my dick sucked and fucked some titties and got the pussy real good and it was cool since I didn’t get caught for a long time, funny how a few cigarettes goes a long way in jail– and my family is friends with  Judge Facemire so I won’t be here long!”

Not Bad for a 400 pound fat guy that couldn’t get laid unless he was a jail guard!

No need  to  wonder why they call them CROOKS from Crooked County now!!

Full Name:     Gray,  Steven  Thomas
Height:     6′  0″
Weight:     400 lbs.
Birth Date:     11/13/1981
Gender:     Male
Booking Date:     07/06/2009
Facility:     Eastern Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status:     Convicted Felon for molestation of inmates and sexual intercourse

Inmate Court Order Information
Court Info Number     Issuing Agency Location

On Monday, June 15,2009  the Circuit Court of Braxton County was in session with the Not so Honorable Richard Facemire, Chief Judge, presiding.
Steven Thomas Gray and his counsel Daniel Grindo appeared for sentencing. On May 20, 2008, Gray, entered a plea of guilty to one count of an indictment charging him with  sexual intercourse on an incarcerated person. On August 11, 2008, the Court ordered that the defendant be evaluated by a psychiatrist. On the 9th day of October, 2008, the Court ordered the defendant to be placed at the State Penitentiary for sixty days of diagnosis and classification and thereafter be returned to the Court for further sentencing.
Gray was now requesting the Court grant him probation or home confinement. Prosecuting Attorney McLaughlin recommended probation. Judge Facemire denied the defendant’s motion for probation and home confinement and ordered Gray be sentenced to not less than one, nor more than five years in the State Penitentiary.

Suspended that sentence then….

Judge Facemire further ordered that the Defendant serve 120 days in the Penitentiary followed by 8 months of home confinement. Upon the completion of the confinement, Gray will be placed on five years probation. The Court also advised the defendant that he would have to register as a sex offender for ten years.

I’m going to act as prosecutor and judge! So there!

So the jail guard (C.O.) from Crooked County gets 4 months of jail which will  have to be at another regional jail since he worked at CRJ and he  will never make it to prison, and then does 8 months at home and then probation.


Now I ask you is that good for our community!? No! It is not and neither is Judge Facemire! He is only mad about the fact that he didn’t get to fuck any inmates yet…least anyways, that we know about!

Facemire always goes light on cops or guards caught breaking the law, basically Richard A Facemire is most likely taking bribes which always results in a lack of justice!

This summer of 2010 brought GOOD NEWS for Chirstopher Shane Dellinger! ...witnessed here obviously feeling pretty good about his four felony convictions being reversed in Supreme Court with a new trial ordered!

Facemire delayed sentencing of Bad Cop Delinger for one year and then gave the skinny little fucker 60 days in jail for FOUR FELONY convictions …and if it were you or me we would have gotten 40 years!

The SS says C Shane Dellinger returned to CRJ 22 May and only did two months for FOUR FELONY CONVICTIONS

Facemire delayed sentencing for more than a year for this  Crooked County jail guard GRAY… who should have just been taken out back and made to make friends with a mean dog like White Fang!

Also we can’t forget this:

A correctional officer is accused of having more than 50 sexual encounters with a female inmate at the Anthony Correctional Center.

Tammy Rucker was forced into a sexual situation and bribed with contraband to shut up! Several other West Virginia women have come forward and filed suit against corrections officers that have forced them into sexual confrontations against their will!

David Wayne Masters, 36, was arrested at work  and charged with one count of sexual intrusion with an inmate.

The inmate provided investigators with a shirt that tested positive for Masters’ semen, according to the criminal complaint filed by State Police.

The inmate was later removed from Anthony Center and transferred to another facility.
An Anthony Center Official said Masters was suspended without pay pending the resolution of the criminal case at that time.  Oh my God, suspended without pay, that was pretty harsh!

Corrections officer Gray was 26 years old at the time of the fucking and sucking at CRJ! … Yay! Jail sex right in the halls of Braxton County in the Flatwoods jail!

Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough is known for letting cops "Off the hook" ...just like he did with Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy and his 7 felony charges!

A pearl necklace around the orange jail issue!  Should have used a tissue! The 26 year old  GRAY C.O. from Glenville, West Virginia exploded mountains of jizz on female inmates. Yes Gray is most certainly a homeboy from Glenville, in Gilmer County where they have a long history of training jail guards just like Mr Gray, because to quote Gerald B Hough…. “It’s Just OK!”

Gerald B Houghs’ daughter Carly Hough also got in on the Sex Scandal!

Carly started pulling the panties to the side while just in high school! Did someone say ADULT EDUCATION?!

It seems Carly has a bad habit of pulling those panties to the side!

The corrections officers for just about every jail and prison are now trained at the new Morris Criminal Justice Center and the whole facility is controlled by the Power Elite of Crooked County! They now train most all of the corrections officers. God Help us NOW!! The evil has been turned loose on the West Virginia Prison and Jail system, and it all comes right from the heart of Crooked County!

One good thing  about Crooked County is … they sure have some hot chicks and they sure know how to party!! So, while you are there, all we can says is …let the EVIL BEGIN!!

Sexercise with the Butchers Bitches could lead to a burning sensation, that you might want to get checked out at your local doctors office! But, of course, that type of TWO-LANE behavior is OK with Lisa Minney and is all about the WILD and Wonderful life in Gilmer County!

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  1. Crooked County Crooks-Rape at GSC EDWIN DALE KINNISON!

    Speaking of rape…

    It has been almost a year since Edwin Dale Kinnison was arrested and charged, then the case went to circuit court and there has been no update.

    Most likely the school is going to cover up this rape as to not have any damage done to their image, which of course is more important than dealing with a problem of college campus rape.

    Gilmer County is self serving and has their priorities up their ass!

  2. Cosmic Communications - Latest Crooked County Gossip!

    What about the attempted rape of woman by Felix Aviles who works at the prison? He allegedly attempted to rape a girl that also works at the prison, it has been allegedly claimed the assault took place in her apt. in Glenville.

    Aviles allegedly kicked in the door, tore the woman’s clothes off and bit her. Allegedly the victim got away and ran to the police station.

    Charged with domestic assault only? That is the word, but does anyone else know anything? I just thought I would mention it since it is the perfect comment for this article and the most current topical issue in crooked county.

    So far the only mention of alleged details has been by comments here on this website.

    Editors note: The matter will be posted by police actions and arrest documentation if indeed the rumor is true, but so far no news release or press release has been made officially. Stand by for an update on the facts and hopefully more detailed data.

    Glad you heard about it first by word of the Cosmos!!

    • That doesn’t sound like rape to me, it sounds like Felix is a VAMPIRE.
      Don’t worry, we will get her next time.

      *creepy music*

  3. Glenville State College along with the Butchers were instrumental in getting the CalPatty Press away from the task of telling the REAL TRUTH!!

    GSC and the Powers that Be in Crooked County are nothing less than Masters of Evil! They have been covering up crimes of rape and murder, so as to not tarnish the image of the school!

    And now to have another Prison guard locally accused of rape and arrested for domestic assault, the Powers that Be will be able to initiate already “In Place” safe guards to see that the “Truth” behind the actual incident is suppressed at all costs, including taking a trip down the Crooked River!

  4. It appears that the infamous Butchers are resorting to threatening people and going after their jobs and such for personal gain again. When business people use prosecutors and other public officials as weapons against tax paying citizens then the American Dream is lost.

  5. Friend of SH and KE

    Is it true that there are members of the Secret Seven that are working at Gilmer County High School as teachers and that some of these teachers were involved in exposing local girls and some professionals for a sex scandal in Gilmer County?

    I heard that at least three members of the Secret Seven were teachers at Gilmer County High School, is there any truth to that statement?

    Editors note: If I said they were members of the Secret Seven then it wouldn’t be a secret would it? Friends of SH or Stacy Harlow, and KE or Karen Elkin are cool here at this oasis since those girls keep such wonderful track of the biggest Crook in Crooked County Gerry who’s daughter Carly likes to a pull those panties to the side a little too much.

    Passed around Glenville like a joint that girl was … says Yoda!

  6. Has anyone ever noticed how the Power Elite are all over the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit! Yes you see the elite on the front page every week and all throughout the old fashioned out of touch weekly paper.

    Of course you have witnessed this for yourself!!! Dave Cacamamie is the epitome of Power elite BULLSHIT and represents what the POWER ELITE want as followers and lap dogs. It’s truly sickening how he patronizes them and idolizes them and then gets on his knee’s for the little handout he gets to keep the machine running.

    The Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit is in existence just for the Elite and caters to their every whim or need. It does not matter many of the elite are guilty of white collar crimes and other crimes. Cacamamie is there to assist them. Dave Corcoran, aka Cacamamie is nothing more than a lowly paid puppet and lap dog. It’s disgusting, and even more disgusting how the local citizen has had to depend on that propaganda spewing rag for local news and announcements for years. Cacamamie is not honest, just the same as his elite buddies.

    And I ask you, are any of the up and coming elite want to be’s like Minney and Belknap any better? Those bitches strap the knee pads on just as soon as a bone is thrown in their direction. It’s a pitiful situation for just regular folk.

  7. The SS was going to do a story on this jail guard from the regional jail system, but this all happened right around the time of the 15-day war and then Cosmos Communicator went down soon after.

    A corrections officer at the Western Regional Jail has been arrested for allegedly bringing drugs and tobacco into the jail.

    According to the criminal complaint filed in Cabell County Magistrate Court, West Virginia State Police arrested Nathaniel Johnson, 22, of Salt Rock.

    Johnson is charged with conspiracy, and bringing a weapon on jail grounds.(this is a bullshit charge the gun was in his car and it was a rifle, we all carry guns who give a shit a rifle was in the car when he drove it to work)

    The complaint says investigators had received information that Johnson was bringing contraband into the jail.

    Undercover investigators then set up a meeting with Mr. Johnson, where they said he took $300 and agreed to buy tobacco and Oxycontin pills, and then deliver the pills to an inmate.

    Troopers later arrested Johnson at the jail as he was getting out of his vehicle.

    Following his arraignment, Johnson was taken to the South Central Regional Jail.

    W.Va. State Correction Officials say Johnson has since resigned his position as a corrections officer.

    If convicted, Johnson could face up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

    What a dumb ASS Corrections Officer!

    On the subject of cops using authority to commit rape, the CalPatty Press also was looking to do a story on this dude last summer before the flagship of the SS was sunk on August the 11th.
    – A Pike County Sheriff’s Deputy left the courtroom a free man Wednesday the 20th of October night after a jury found him not guilty of rape.

    The jury returned the verdict for Bill Hatfield after deliberating nearly five hours.

    A woman accused Hatfield of raping her while he was on duty in April of last year.

    During the trial, Hatfield claimed he was investigating suspicious cars at a stripe mine when he caught a married woman with another man.

    Hatfield claimed the woman had sex with him in exchange for him not to tell her husband she was with another man.

    Hatfield, a volunteer deputy, was suspended after the allegations.

    After the verdict, he hugged his family and friends.

    Hatfield says he plans to meet with the Pike County Sheriff to discuss being a volunteer deputy again.

    This was the way the PRESS reported the story last May…

    A Pike County Kentucky Sheriff’s Deputy is on the other side of the law after being arrested and charged with rape.

    Kentucky State Police arrested 52-year-old William “Bill” Hatfield after the female victim told troopers that she was sexually assaulted by the uniformed deputy during a traffic stop.

    Troopers say the alleged rape happened late Thursday night just off U.S. 119 in the Meta area of Pike County.

    Following his arrest, Hatfield was lodged in the Pike County Detention Center.

  8. Nov 1, 2010 … A culture of sexual impropriety in jails and prisons exists in pockets … Terry Miller amid accusations of sexual harassment of female employees as … abused and harassed the female inmates, some of the suits allege. …

    widespread pattern of sexual misconduct by male guards, particularly at the Southern Regional Jail and Beckley Correctional Center in Raleigh County, Warden – William Vest and Lakin Correctional Center in Mason County.

    Editors note: Your research is dead accurate and to think that EVERYONE-ALL FUTURE sexual deviants in the jail system are trained in Glenville by the biggest deviants of them all the Gilmer County Power Elite – Where it is just OK for you to raise children that want to experiment in a sexual way ….with the whole neighborhood!!!!

  9. ISN'T THIS PERFECT - BIG JOES dude coming to run things at GSC!


    The West Virginia governor’s office has announced that James Spears will become Glenville State College’s Senior Vice President for external relations and a Morris endowed professor for criminal justice.

    Spears will begin his new duties December 1.

    Spears is currently Manchin’s Chief of Staff, having formerly served as secretary of Military Affairs and Public Safety for the state.

    “This is a perfect match that allows Jim’s vast knowledge in criminal justice and security to fill an expanding niche at Glenville State College,” Manchin said.

    “We are extremely pleased that Jim accepted our offer,” Glenville President Peter Barr said.

    “Having someone of his knowledge and caliber is a rare opportunity for the college to continue to grow as a leader in the field of criminal justice studies. We are also looking forward to his counsel in our outreach at both the state and federal levels.”

  10. wow THAT Fuck got 4 months for fucking an inmate??? My friends got more than that for selling a tiny bit of weed, Fuckin BUllSHIT. Pull panties to the side is so funny, Carly is a Slut, true story, now as for a rumor, i heard she has them bumps, but the slut part is fact!

    Editors note: Dude, where do you think we got the pull the panties to the side thing? We got it from someone that pulled her panties to the side and got some from the head law mans daughter, but we were suppose to get the pictures too, but that is forthcoming I am told (pun intended)

  11. Glenville State college is the government’s behavioral science program. It doesn’t condone crime at all. It is the only way to become a correctional officer,sheriff, atorney, doctor,etc. All other means are considered illigal by the government of the US, all was meant to be represented by the degree of behavioral science. This was originally placed there to keep people from resorting to means of arrest or torture tactics like prisons, this is not some happy go lucky doctirine, this is just the law we were supposed to live by, due to it’s inhumanity, the department of immigration came up with this when the south developed the federalist papers of 1700. This is always a deep controversey that arrests are allowing people to get away with crimes,not so, that is not the case. Most of the time we are drawn to the version of the law program of the teaching division, but all have to be registerred through the behavioral science division to practice, of course it is only legal to bea citizen of the US, if you hold the degree of behavioral science, it’s still the only way to become an attorney, but people still resort to illegal means for this, but the job responsibility would entail of nothing but, if after completing the program the degreed behavioral science building was occupied by the president who is and can only be a behavioral scientist, legally, this is the real white house. It was originally designed as a representation for people of different ethnic backgrounds to see outside of the country, but everyone has different veiws. I am the first legal behavioral scietist, but I choose to follow the laws/behavioral statutes of the government of the US.. I have to be judge, executive lawyer, deputy sheriff, sheriff trooper and attorney, all which is only fairly represented by the degree of behavioral science. Glenvill’es program is still the best and still allows us equal representation. DR David G. Rine m.d.:S sheriff of the United States, attorney general,deputy sheriff act 1919 behavioral science act 1942 all other offices are still illegal and prohibited them from being on the illegal front or even associating with each other or posing as behavioral scientists, this became public law in 1998, technically public law in 1700 with federalist papers the constitution of us not the illegal one in Wash, Dc, I turned down the oppertunity to reside in the white house in 1998 as president, but still try to enforce the law as the constitution is written.

    Editors note: “Otay Butweet” NICE! What are the chances this comment is home grown right on the hill! What would be the dead give away Jose? Although all comments are appreciated, I fell asleep twice while reading this comment that seemed pointless, or if there was a point it took so long to get to that I lost the direction of this rather lengthy report on ….what? I am going to return this to you and ask you to please submit it again after you have corrected your spelling. Also, one more thing…what in the holy bejesus are you a talkin about?

  12. well, the dead give away would have to come from placement, like all illegal offices still in place today or spiritual conciousness, if you beleive that type of thing. Or if you beleive someone completed the program in it’s entirety or just had a good bookie, I guess you could register yourself or act like a graduate. Most people complete the criminal justice program whcich the wvhepc describes as a public compromise to the degree of behavioral science. The government in Dc for example was a seperate creation after the civil war for people that were not citizens to try to proposition the behavioral science division, to make law, but allowed for what the original federalist papers described as cruel and unusual punishment such as prosecution and police, etc. People still choose to act as they choose and the only difference is that a behavioral scientist is supposed to label theese things as a behavioral error if the person chooses, but they would have to allow this a behavioral scientist’s duty is to not even allow this to happen. the only difference would be that a degreed behavioral scientist would have to enforce it this way, by means of cooperation prefferably or by mind control tactics or passive restraint, but it is a difficult process and very time consuming, all behavioral tactics are only legal if done by a behavioral scientist, but this is the federalist constitution, the legal one, but the other is still the one that most people follow, but never became law. Maybe coffe will allow you some energy to stay awake next time

    Editors note: It will take more than coffee to keep me awake during gibberish hour from the meth cookers on the hill that don’t quite have the recipe down yet! Basic chemistry must be adhered to. You have to keep the temperature constant(when burning off the oxygen molecule) if you are using the ephedrine molecular structure for your spiffy trippin GSC made backwoods meth or you will get shit that leaves the red p and other chemical residues in your end product and there will be more out of their mind people down at Trezans trying to sell bad shit to people that don’t know any better and would buy bad dope from freaky fucks that have not been brought up by proper family or Glenville Power Elite and such, nor received proper education offered by the many programs in Gilmer County for the under privileged. The end result of course would be … this stupid fucking comment from DR David G. Whine PH dumb fuck! Dr David G recently stated, “Lets make some more bad cops and rapists right here at GSC, but this time for the entire state to enjoy!!

  13. Dr? Rhine, Federalism roots gave the majority of power to the states as the governing entity of the people and commerce control. If you are at GSC and watching what is going on in this state I wonder what you could possibly be thinking. Give this state a little more power and we will live in a more profound state of master and serf than we already do. Get a grip on reality.

  14. Another thing, law, political science and some forms of psychology are social science not behavioral science.

    Editors note: The first comment gave three little clues that it was no doctor making the comment:
    atorney, illigal doctirine

    Bad hand writing maybe, but most doctors can spell!

    As you can plainly see some of the meth heads at GSC are still hanging around and the problem of bad powder has become just as serious of a problem as the public officials taking nerve pills up on the hill at the courthouse. Do you think the Power Elite have pill popping parties too? Like the Cult?

  15. Possibly a daily round of antidepressants.

    Editors note: Do you think the Power Elite have read about themselves in SS publications and all about their illicit relationship with Natalie Tennant SoS and her more crooked than crooked investigator Amber – The same AMBER that shot out to Ike Morris’ house lickity split when she discovered the shit really had hit the fan!? …and that there really was voter fraud?

    Do you think Natalie and Gerry and Amber have destroyed the evidence yet?
    Or are they just going to let Gerry do it since he is going down anyway, so they say….

    • I think the “evidence” of voter fraud is destroyed by the clerk immediately following certification of the election results. But given the poor respect for any educational, or experience related requirements for the office holders in that county (and the efforts to continue using the poorly educated who believe they are “part of the elite” if they “keep things like they are”, do not know or want to know the meaning of the word ethical and follow the same illegal procedures “so they won’t tell on themselves” , I doubt it has been hidden well enough that a federal forensic investigator couldn’t find it. You can only clear so much information without leaving a mirror of it somewhere. We’ll see if a machine goes missing or the computer has to be replaced similar to the PEBs. Of course the SOS wants to be Governor, but I wonder if that desire will block prosecution of the obvious breaking of election laws of which they were well aware during the Primary Election along with fraud issues that they “totally agreed”, “that’s the way they do it” yet didn’t have the “authority” to handle the situation and could not be bothered to check on in November. I really wonder.

      Editors note: If the evidence is destroyed …then they are ALL in a lot of trouble, since it took a conspiracy to pull it off.

      • Conspiracy describes the set up of those offices very accurately. I wonder when the good people who understand that education comes not only from books but also from the ethics and morals of the family (and the value of both) will take the county back to the day it was a great place to raise your children and aspire to live in. I wonder if they will quit accepting what they are told and start believing in their right to a form of local government without deceit and begin to evaluate their elected employees accordingly.

        Editors note: The Bitcher of the Butchers, his brother R Terry, Nadia Butcher and have another drink Diana L Butcher are the members of the Power Elite that have become the most perfect role models for ethics and morals of the family (and the value of both) in Glenville WV! Then the Butcher Bitches had that party at Martha’s and gave us all an example as to how to behave.

  16. Yet whose family (whether by blood or marriage) is permeating that court house. If you put that type of person in any position of authority, it makes me wonder what you have to hide. It does not make sense for the educated and knowledgeable to place the poor performers in positions of responsibility unless they want puppets to perform illegal acts under the guise of “I didn’t know, I don’t recall” or possible do a little fact manipulation and misplacement. However, I do not believe those mentalities will stand up to heavy interrogation where I don’t remember is not an answer and the cracks will get bigger in the foundation of the house on the hill.

    Editors note: Glenville is a town BY and FOR the CROOKS of CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the CROOKED RIVER!

  17. Bad things are happening every day to good people and bad people. If the cases discussed here in this article are true, it’s a shame that’s that type of people being hired for the job. If you want to look hard enough you’ll find unbelievable stories similar to the ones on this site from school kids, kids that play an active role in the church, people walking their dogs, and stories of horrible things parents do to their kids. It is a shame that you are going to single out one group of people like everything that goes wrong is their fault. I am getting ready to go to the correctional officer training at Glenville, I’m not from crooked county and don’t think anything in this one-sided article sounds like anything most in the correctional field would be apart of. I’d like to think of myself as a fair and honest individual and who would do my job as expected by my superiors and the facility I work for. Everyone I have met so far in the hiring process have all been very professional folks and I am looking forward for the chance to work there. There are bad apples everywhere.

    Editors note: Hey Jake Miller, here is our response to your comment:
    FUCK YOU! If y’all want to get all up on your little bitch ass high horse and talk that kind of shit round here to us, we can look forward to kicking your ass and won’t mind doing the time for it, for after you complete your training in Glenville and become a corrections officer, then we can kick your ass again….bitch!

    YOU little snot face brown nosed punk ass little mother fucker!

    You got a pretty pink icon Jake, maybe you better come in late at night for the cell check and find out what that pink is all about….

    • J-It sounds like you will walk into your chosen profession with honest intentions. Unfortunately, if you wind up working in a Gilmer County position of authority you will find out very quickly that honesty will not be appreciated. If you don’t play the game of protecting the chosen few (oddly enough the winner of that group gets the most money) you will be labeled as a trouble maker, your job made impossible and your efforts blocked. Then you will be promoted as the “bad guy”. The children won’t matter. They can be victims of physical and sexual abuse and their abusers will walk if connected with the “group”. Can’t have that known. People will talk. The State Police and criminal justice system should be the saviors of this county but it just doesn’t pay enough. They will talk about what good people they are, how honest they are, what good Christians they are and will walk and talk like it has to be true. In most cases they are not but they have fooled even themselves into believing it. The people you are meeting in your professional hiring process are not in control. The one sided articles are because this about the only place that side can be revealed. What happens at the jail I cannot say. But don’t look at every person convicted in Gilmer County as a criminal from jump street. You may be very wrong. Know that by and large they do not come from a protected family unless their relatives need to be brought back under control. Please treat our people as people not animals if you stay.

      Editors note: Dude was a little hard on little Jake, of course, I can say little Jake, ….hee hee

      Ah ha ha hahahha because I know!

      Don’t do the cell check late at night, I don’t think you want to do that or piss dude off again, so may b next time just say something like….
      Actually anything you say would piss dude off so in town, don’t talk.

  18. sorry if I offended you there, maybe next time I won’t do that, I am a doctorate of medicine and law from Harvard University. I was a Glenville student for 5 years and noticed no crime at all, federal law is that you had to complete a math program at Glenville to be a policeman this was before the behavioral science act of 1942. Did you know that all Harvard attorneys had to be licensed by Glenville 2 year teaching graduates, even, until the same act in 1942? IN the year 1919 the deputy sheriff act acknowledged that people were still choosing this path, so the government in Charleston allowed and passed the 1942 act of prior mentioned.

    Editors note: Dude quit wasting our time with bullshit, we got the war on bitch! Tell that to your boyfriend! I’m just tryin to get some smoke man! la la la! ur a weirdo, you’re weird dude!

  19. DR David G. Rine

    that is not bullshit, i am not a homosexual either, but evidently you have a problem with me, i was innagurated by the masonic fraternal order and a graduate of Glenville State College and harvard University in 1998 as president and govenor of the US, you are entitled to your opinion, this is the behavioral presidential pact of 1700.

    Editors note: My opinion of you is that you are a mother fucking WHACK JOB that can’t fucking spell bitch! DUDE get the fuck off of our cloud! How many words above are misspelled? Go tell it to your boyfriend!

    La la la! ur a weirdo, you’re weird dude! Shut up already!
    You are SO dumb!

  20. The Gilmer Federal Prison in Glenville, West Virginia has attracted some serious gang members to the prison and a riot happened last year that was kept quiet and the community didn’t know. I was told that security is so lax at that federal prison that someday an entire Mexican gang could make it out to terrorize the community. We don’t have the category of criminal in WV that exists at that prison unless they are brought in. Most of those prisoners are too sophisticated for the guards there that often lack experience is how it was explained to me.

    The State made a deal with the Morris family to make Glenville the state capital of training law enforcement officers that seem to show more loyalty to this hand picked “Friend of the Governors,” family and catering to their every whim. The central part of WV is governed more like Brazil or a South American country where it considers it’s own citizens second or third rate and worth nothing. If you have the right family name, you can commit any crime in this part of West Virginia and you will never even be accused, but if for some reason you have upset the royalty of the state, then the machine is already in place because they also train prison guards while Glenville has seemed to remain the headquarters for corruption, given everything i read on line is accurate, and it sure seems to be.

    GCWV is the hub for the people in control of the state to see huge dollars go into their pocket while training their new Gestapo in Gilmer County to enforce the will of the rich and to hell with the general population. The local State Police have been put in place to protect the interests of the rich and do not consider what their real function should be or what the real function of the State Police is in other states. The State Police in the not so fine anymore state of West Virginia is nothing but a military force for the rich. Meanwhile, the poor get poorer

    Editors note: If you have military training you might want to think about the CCC-Elkins, we have some plans for organizing a rather large event this summer. Drop us a line at you may find some like minded people to meet.

  21. The Gilmer County Secret Seven! Thank god Gilmer County is isolated in bum fucked Egypt. You are right about a lot of things, just like Tammy Rucker and the guard who “raped” her, now that guy got some good shit from her and all for some cigs too!
    That stupid Carly bitch was slutting all over campus when that TKE house was up, shes drank illegally so many times is right! She even sucked Todd Smiths dick! You, know that Hot Toddy piece of shit is a Snitch, who told all his stupid stories and was like I never did this or that with a dumb fucking smile. My friend told me he always smelled like a fuckin fat sweaty dirty pussy because he never showered, in PC! Pull panties to the side is so funny, Carly truly is a Slut, true story is right! They both deserve to rot in prison!! And as far as Glenville State College, fucking close it. Then your little one whore town will shut down along with it. No one gives a shit, so go the college and the Butchers and all their bullshit can take a flying fuck. Thanks to your notorious secret seven the whole state knows the truth about those bitches! Rapist’s are scum, and they deserve to rot, so count one thing that I agree with you on. What are we gonna do without someone to watch them in prison though? Can you put them up at the house owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino maybe? They would feel just at home there. Obviously they like rape!

  22. 2 counts of (ccc censored) of a (ccc censored)creating (ccc censored) or (ccc censored) for (name redacted ccc). Wow, you (ccc censored) the patron saint of (expletive name redacted ccc censored) for your (censored by Booker) didn’t you?

  23. look at Tammy Ruckers face,all that makeup, lip gloss, might as well hang a sign on her fuck me fuck me she gets what she deserves

    Editors note: Being forced to perform sexually or else while you are incarcerated is not really what being in jail is all about… is it? Oh, that’s right, this is West Virginia, IT IS what it is all about in WV …Twiddly Dee!

  24. Crooked County Crooks - The RETURN OF THE GHOST WOLF and the Central West Virginia SS found NO HEAVEN in 2011 for Gilmer County WV — The home of RAPE and MURDER!!

    Don’t miss the next Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article starting at 12am December 16th on RGW!

    The RETURN OF THE GHOST WOLF and the Central West Virginia SS found NO HEAVEN in 2011 for Gilmer County WV — The Home of RAPE and MURDER!!

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