LULU Rexroad Helmick … Was She Just Another HOT TODDY Victim?!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor

Loretta “LuLu” Rexroad Helmick was only 30 years old when she died a tragic death in Grantsville, West Virginia about five years ago!

Many loved Loretty known as Lulu to her friends and many miss her dearly. Lately there has been talk that she met a fate not much different than the long time girlfriend of Todd Smith, Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson who was found dead in the bed of the infamous HOT TODDY in the early morning hours of December 26, 2009. Kelli died of a drug overdose according to family members, although the results of the autopsy have been sealed and not available to the public.

In fact, in May of 2005 Todd was just becoming acquainted with Kelli, but LULU, a local favorite of many was staying at the home of Todd Smith and unfortunately was abusing narcotics and methamphetamine at the time.

However, it was not just the sudden increase in drug use that was disturbing to the many friends of LULU that talked to members of the Calhoun County SS.  Some of her closest friends felt that since she had entered into a relationship with Todd Smith he was using mind control on her and controlling her by distributing drugs to her. LULU was struggling with a drug addiction and had become mentally disturbed around the time of her death.

Downtown Grantsville not far from where LULU was hit by a speeding vehicle

For the record she also had an estranged husband in Gilmer County, which added to the drama and the crisis of which Lulu found herself in just before the summer of 2005.

Loretta “Lulu” stepped out in front of a vehicle driven by Samantha Lee Gribble, 25, committing suicide, according to State Police Cpl. Doug Starcher!

The Grantsville woman, Gribble, was cited with speeding and driving with no insurance, following the death of LULU on May 31, 2005 – that was the extent of her charges, there was no charge for manslaughter or wrongful death.

Witnesses at the scene informed State Police that Samantha Lee made several maneuvers to avoid hitting Lulu and was fined $214 and $123.50 costs for speeding and no insurance.

LULU died shortly after being struck by Gribble’s Dodge Neon after she came on Rt. 5, just west of the Grantsville town limits.

Named after her mother, Lulu was an animal lover and homemaker and very distraught at the time of her death according to friends. Her relationship with Christopher Todd Smith had become volatile.

Many have speculated that the drug use, and mind control influenced by her affair with Hot Toddy aka Todd Smith spurned her sudden actions to leap in front of a car.

Also, Loretta Lulu’s friends feel Smith manipulated her and she was so spun from drugs and sexual abuse that she didn’t reason properly and felt she could no longer go on with her life.  If you have anything to add to this tragic occurrence years ago, or have any further info contact your local Calhoun County Secret Seven member.

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  1. cosmoscommunicator

    We had some photo’s of LULU when she was being put in the Emergency Medical Vehicle, but after the sinking of the flag we lost some data and a monitor during that bad storm and then the site was gone, it was all so weird, then we realized- that it was the turncoat that had done her work. Nothing worse than a rat!

    Yes, Lisa Minney Editor/Publisher of TWO-FACED TWO-LANE Ain’t livin long like this magazine. Lisa was friends with LULU and lived in the same area in Gilmer County for awhile. She also felt there was a huge Hot Toddy influence in the demise of Loretty Lulu Helmick.

    Rarely does a driver involved in a tragic situation such as this, walk away with just a fine after killing someone, whether it was their fault or not. But, the Po Po felt that the witness testimony was so strong from people that witnessed the event that no charges were brought. Most people at least have to attend a court hearing.

    There is a bit of MYSTERY involved in this death as with many Calhoun County deaths, and if y’all know something we don’t — write to

    As as special note to all SS all CalPatty Press Readers and old school folk from the old days of the original Crooked County Crooks website …

    I regret to inform all that due to new programs that deliver phrases and words by searches of the internet being utilized SS information is being delivered to the real CROOKS that we have been exposing for years. We have a feeling our recent turncoat may be involved in that behavior …

    At any rate all conversations, comments, articles, conversations, key phrases like Crooked County Crooks, Butcher Bitches, Judge Richard A Facemire, GSC SEX SCANDAL …things like that are immediately sent to them with the web address and specific article or comment.
    Also ANY change in data to those specific websites are reported.


    If anyone thinks that your secret places to converse are secret, think again! Everything written is being monitored by the bad bad people of the Power Elite..


    Yes we are still around like your friend, you know… the one that you killed!

    We are dead and talking to you from beyond the grave!!

    Happy Hallo Weeny for all GSC SEX SCANDAL participants!!!

  2. 420 K Killed and destroyed of the 420 Mean Gree

    420,000 Marijuana plants were destroyed this year by the West Virginia State Police.

    The agency says it also made 187 arrests as part of its 2010 marijuana eradication campaign, besides seizing all the plants.

    Those 420 figures just released.

  3. So, include those phrases in hundreds (or thousands)of bogus posts…..Keep em busy and burn em out with b.s.

    Editors note: You mean like Crooked County Crooks, Basil Fred Hill murdered, Judge Richard A Facemire, GSC SEX SCANDAL Gerald B Hough Crooked County Prosecutor david cacamamie glenville democrap and pathfinder of bullshit the peter barr code don’t lay on your back unless he is black lisa minney two faced two lane ain’t living long like this magazine the crooks from crooked county that live next to the crooked river the butcher bitches broke bad on the calpatty press all summer long in glenville west virginia.

    Like that?

    • hell, maybe you could make about 20 more sites, bogus ones, where you only post words and phrases….

      Editors note: That would certainly be getting away from our agenda of being professional communicators and educating the public to judicial misconduct, unethical prosecutors and dishonest law enforcement. We have quite a record and some trail blazing articles from the early days to be proud of. As Lisa Minney said, We dominated the virtual image of Central WV for four years and developed a readership that exceeded all local papers combined. Now the power elite seek to do us harm because of their exposure. Bring it bitches, we’ve got some surprises for the bravest of the brave.


    Grantsville resident Christopher Todd Smith was indicted this week by a Lewis County grand jury on three counts of obtaining property in return for worthless checks.

    The latest charges have been added to a lengthy list of criminal problems Smith is facing.

    In August, Smith was sentenced in Calhoun Circuit Court to 1-3 years in the state penitentiary, related to possession of “a one gallon bag of marijuana” with intent to deliver.

    A federal grand jury has reportedly heard testimony in Elkins regarding what role Smith might have played in the sudden death of his girlfriend Kelli Lawson last December.

    The Weston Police Department has been investigating Lawson’s untimely death for several months.

    Numerous local residents have reportedly given testimony related to that incident.

    August’s sentencing came following a plea agreement in the 2007 case which has long malingered in the court system, with numerous delays, motions, recusals and fired lawyers.


    A criminal complaint has been filed against Smith for the intimidation of a public official, linked to the alleged removal of decorations by Smith from the grave-site of Patsy McCartney’s late husband. McCartney is a probation officer.

    Smith is facing another charge related to shooting an air rifle at a Cabot Station resident, who is reportedly a witness in a Smith case.

    He has also been charged with destruction of property belonging to Gary Knight, Mayor of Grantsville.

    Numerous other charges have been filed against Smith in Lewis County.

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