SIXTY ONE PERCENT of 495 that voted in Gilmer County Voted for FREE SPEECH! ELEVEN MONTHS AGO TODAY 11-11 THEY DID KILL FRED HILL in Crooked County DOWN by the CROOKED RIVER!! Many call for the return of the CalPatty Press!!

By Rina McCoy/Editor-Cosmos Communicator/Secret Seven Coalition-Secretary

We had hoped for a higher percentage in favor of FREE SPEECH!!

As you can see from the above graph 61% of almost 500 people that took the Gilmer Free Press survey believe in FREE SPEECH. Ten people said they would believe in it, if it had no association with themselves. Those TEN must live down by the Crooked River in the Crooked little County known as Gilmer County.

Here are what some of the local citizens said after taking the survey!

•  It’s fine as long as it’s not slanderous or harassment.
•  Should not have to use vulgar words to get your point across.
•  I think it is wrong for people to do immoral acts and then try to stop those disclosing them.
•  Anybody should be able to say anything.
•  If your point is valid then you just stand by it not matter what anyone says.
•  Some of us want freedom to do anything we want, but when people talk about it we want to stop it.
•  It should not be used just to cause pain.
•  Those who feel pain should have thought about their actions leading to their pain.
•  Free speech is key but if that’s what we want, free garbage comes with it.
•  What is one’s garbage could be another’s treasure. It is always garbage when you don’t want to hear it
•  What freedom of speech, when someone retaliates every time you express your point of view.
•  We have freedom of speech, but do not have the freedom to practice it in Gilmer County.

The CalPatty Press readily admits to using rather questionable language and sometimes shock journalism to get the peoples attention as to what the real story is. GONZO Journalism at it’s finest is what the Secret Seven Strive to produce!

Just days after the sinking of the CalPatty Press the Cosmos Communicator took over the flagship position of the Secret Seven! This was what was said after the 15 day war for Free Speech ended!


I noticed one of the comments for the Poll result regarding “Freedom of Speech” was:  We have freedom of speech, but do not have the freedom to practice it in Gilmer County.

That was true until a publication that contained one million words of truth which also uncovered illegal and questionable activity of public officials was born. That publication the CalPatty Press (the articles often backed up with actual court documents) was  extremely popular. The latest ratings by quantcast showed that the last 11 days the Flagship for Freedom was afloat (the CalPatty Press) received over 44,000 total page views in the first 11 days of August with as many as 1,500 to 2,500 readers a day reading the current feature article and comments section for 21 consecutive days.

A select few banned together to have the CalPatty Press destroyed. Three of those that complained are in the publishing business because that is how they make a living. But all three publications together did not even have half the following or professional leadership that a group known as the Secret Seven Coalition has according to the actual ratings observed.

Now a fight for freedom continues in Central West Virginia driven by interest groups that have an interest in keeping their voice, the voice of influence, because it is what keeps bringing the money in. The CalPatty Press paid to bring the people the real truth, and further paid and even heavier price in the end for having one million words of data destroyed.

Support Freedom of Speech in your community!

Read the truth from the Cosmos!

The Secrets of Life are revealed at the Cosmos Communicator!

Support Freedom of Speech!!

Come visit with the Secret Seven of Central West Virginia!

They bring you the truth at any cost!

Dave Cacamamie and his DEMO-CRAP Staff have been kissing the ass of the POWER ELITE for years!!! It is sickening to watch and worse to read!! Glenville Democrat NOW AVAILABLE in a convenient SPRAY CAN!

The Cosmos Communicator soared with ratings and readers and was #66  on the TOP 100 fastest growing wordpress websites in the WORLD!

That is the WORLD!   … not the United States.

But with the help of Lisa Minney and Lisa Belknap who joined the ranks of the Glenville Democrap with Dave Cacamamie aka Corcoran followed up with complaints to the wordpress along with one current BOG member and one ex-BOG member from GSC!

The CalPatty Press called the "NO FOUL PLAY" rule well in advance and knew Fred was Dead after 24 hours of Hill pronounced missing!

ELEVEN MONTHS AGO TODAY FRED HILL went missing, and it was free speech and the CalPatty Press that got everyone alerted right from the start what really happened. The local chapter of the SS was about damn sick of hearing the same old cover up crap out of the Gilmer County Sheriff, and everybody knows this is one red-neck town!

Beatings of outsiders had become so common place in Glenville that “They”  named a restaurant after it!

Beat your outsiders to death and make it for an early breakfast at the Common Place restaurant where the ELITE MEET!!

The elite in Glenville are the biggest bunch of CROOKS you would ever want to meet and the CalPatty Press kept everyone informed of every little dirty detail that went on for almost four years with help from their sister site Crooked County Crooks!

Even the local magazine, known as TWO-FACED TWO -LANE Ain’t living long like this magazine owned and edited by Lisa Minney, readily published the fact that the CalPatty Press had more readers than all the local newspapers combined!

Here is her account of the  matter around the time of the 15 day war for FREE SPEECH!

CalPatty Press: It Ain’t Me, Babe

July 22, 2010

Go ’way from my window
Leave at your own chosen speed
I’m not the one you want, babe
I’m not the one you need….

But it ain’t me, babe
No, no, no, it ain’t me, babe
It ain’t me you’re lookin’ for, babe

Bob Dylan

“It has been four years since I quit my job as a newspaper reporter. I always wanted to be a professional journalist, always wanted to have a salaried job with (partial) benefits, cool employers, quality co-workers and a flexible schedule – and that is what I had.”

“In fact, I thought that “getting a real job” would save me from the underbelly of society.”

“But the truth is, this underbelly is classless. It is found in every social level, in every business, every office. If you look for truth, look for justice, you will discover that every where you look you will find something that isn’t on the up and up.”

“I’m not making judgments. The truth is, bad things happen to good people. Bad people happen to good people. Good people aren’t perfect, and sometimes make bad decisions or develop bad habits.”

“We are all human after all.”

“Blogs, in many ways, are like lone voices in the night, like virtually bottled messages bouncing around on the waves of the Internets ocean. Sometimes, those bloggers become a community…”

“First, I was approached by Johnny Richards, aka “The Lone Meth Ranger,” an alleged (and charged) meth dealer who was blogging about setting up and screwing with the real Meth dealers of the county. A listed sex-offender, (for which he often publicly apologized) he ALWAYS treated me with respect, actually did fairly solid research, wrote well, and in my humble opinion, was a master at propaganda. But he was finally convicted (for theft, not meth) and is now in ill health, and no longer on the scene!”

“Now, The Lone Meth Ranger was the sworn enemy of Todd Smith, aka “Hot Toddy”, a true low-life piece of trash that I cannot slam or insult near enough. Now, Todd, in being frustrated and aggravated by the Meth Ranger, agitated by another blogging entity, “Crooked County Crooks,” decided to attack any and all who appeared to be “allies” with the Ranger.”

“Now, this is where it gets freaky. Because the Ranger showed public (online) respect for me, and because one day I saw a man push another man on Main Street and asked, “Who is that?” (it was Todd) – I became a target!!”

“I’m sure there’s plenty of truth out there to cause me public humiliation. But no. Todd had to make things up – but he was skilled enough to blend in just enough hints of truth to really get it convoluted.”

“I attempted to press charges. There is no law against internet harassment in this state. I could file civil charges for slander (or libel) but then was burdened to prove that anyone would believe such a piece of crap, and also prove damages.”

“So, my last year as a reporter, I was the target of a social predator, I was on the state police’s “bad” list, The Ranger was in a legal corner and stopped blogging, but Crooked County Crooks and their sister site “CalPatty Press” had taken his place offering public respect for me on the internet, and offering defense for me against Todd’s attacks.”

In frustration and desperation, I sent a letter to the public  in care of the  CalPatty Press to address the things posted about me by Todd and to ask for their help!!

The CalPatty Press put links to my sites on their site. At the time, I thought that these hyperlinks to my site from theirs were fairly harmless. I wrote a disclaimer on my blog noting that I was NOT one of their “Secret Seven” and supported their right to free speech, that they could link to whomever they want!!

But, I see now, by allowing those internet links, I opened the door for links on other levels. CalPatty Press somehow feels a link between us, treats me as an ally, and presents me as an ally. And over three years, their audience has grown from a few hyper local underground readers to a level that outnumbers all local newspapers combined.

The CalPatty Press according to ratings had THREE times the readership of all the newspapers combined.

According to a ranking member of the SS!

“The CalPatty Press and Crooked County Crooks were sunk after a terrible electrical storm that knocked out the CCC main monitor. We also shorted out a hard-drive doing repairs and trying to get back up.”

“When we booted back up both websites were gone at 0722 hours!”

It was all so surreal!

They will be coming around the mountain after they come by a WHOLE NEW CALPATTY PRESS coming your way soon!

Don’t Miss it Gilmer County it will be an original Iron Clad SS Flagship steaming down the Crooked River towards Glenville directly!!

….built to take a pounding just like Lisa Wexler!

Can I get a WITNESS!!

Happy birthday to LT John Thomas Booker today 11 November 2010 !!

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  1. CalPattyPress Coming back!!

    Pretty soon you will be hearing…

    They’re back!!!

  2. CHUCK SPEARS to be an external VP!! Say what negro?? External VP?

    BIG JOE’s right hand man chief of staff to come to the aid of the Power Elite in GLENVILLE the Capital of CROOKED COUNTY!!

    Chuck Spears aka James Spears who is now forever to be known as CHUCK SPEARS is slated to take over for the purpose of improving the image of GSC! The Negroes on the hill will love ole CHUCK!

    Truly Chucks job will be to be improve the image of the college!!

    Get down! Get down! Get Down!!

    Joe Manchin’s Chief of staff’s James Spears aka CHUCK SPEARS’ new job is to be Glenville State College’s external VP!

    What the holy fuck is an external VP you say?

    Something the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY just made up!!

    The POWER ELITE are jumping for joy now that they have ole CHUCK SPEARS coming to the rescue!!


    Lisa Belknap-owner of the Gilmer Journal received a summons to appear in court for NO INSURANCE and NO LICENSE – LAST SUNDAY 7 NOV- Now how irresponsible is that?! How the heck can one figure driving with no insurance and no license is by any means acceptable behavior.

    Are there TWO Lisa Belknaps …? Lisa Mini-Me and Lisa Minney, is there also a Lisa Mini-Belknap-Me that is the evil one too?


    A Grantsville man pled guilty this week in Calhoun Magistrate Court to charges filed against him early this year for the destruction of personal property.

    Christopher Todd Smith, 38, who is currently in jail on multiple other charges, was sentenced on charges related to the destruction of property belonging to Grantsville Mayor Gary Knight.

    Smith was sentenced to 30 days in Central Regional Jail with credit for time served and fined $165.80 costs.

    He has also been charged with retaliation against a witness, a felony, after allegedly shooting out a window of a mobile home belonging to Sterling Alfred Lamp.

    Lamp, according to the complaint, had been a witness in a 2007 drug case against Smith.

    Smith was sentenced to at least one year in jail in that drug case.

    A criminal complaint filed against Smith last April, related to the alleged theft of cemetery memorials from Bethlehem Cemetery, has been sent to Calhoun Circuit Court.

    Smith has been charged with retaliation against a public official, Patsy McCartney, who serves locally as the Adult Probation Officer.

    Smith was recently indicted on three larceny charges in Lewis County.

    New charges could be brought against Christopher Todd Smith soon, as there has been word of another complaint being filed.

    He is also the subject of a federal grand jury investigation related to the death of his girlfriend Kelli Lawson last December.
    The CalPatty Press article on BUTCHER makes ”
    KILL ALL THE LAWYERS ” BLOG but was taken down by wordpress! Is this illegal against free speech against America activity?

    Just another CROOK Tim Butcher from CROOKED COUNTY appointed to …
    AJ Woofter, CalPatty Press, Corrupt Lawyers in WV, Crimes committed by public officials, Crooked County Crooks, glenville wv, politics blog … View original post here: Just another CROOK Tim Butcher from CROOKED COUNTY appointed to …

  4. Glad to see ya’ll r back!!-send the new link when ya get settled and…ahhh….i didnt reall understand the last comment but…ok.Willyo.

    Editors note: The last Crooked County Crooks comment, I believe is a play by play of when Mary Catherine Butcher daughter of GSC Board of Governors member Tim Butcher former Glenville City Attorney, and Darrell her basketball coach had Sex in the Helicopter Hanger of IKE MORRIS! Sue Morris caught Catherine Butcher who is a first cousin to Lizzie and Lexie Butcher (The Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad) with her panties down and her basketball coaches balls hanging out of the hoop. Another daughter of the Butchers caught having illicit sex red handed.

  5. City of Glenville Logo and Slogan Contest by Order of the Mayor Tampon Tashua
    Official Rules:

    1. Logo – Flexibility is a key requirement, including the need to resize easily and to look good in black and white and as well as color (if logo is done in color). The final version of the logo will need to be suitable for high quality printing.

    2. Slogan – What is Glenville to you? What is Glenville known for? How would you describe Glenville to others? Entrants must coin a slogan, 10 words or less, that captures the essence of the City of Glenville.

    3. Designs must be original ideas. Logos or slogans found elsewhere will be disqualified.

    4. The City of Glenville reserves the right not to select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.

    Glenville- “The Capital of Crooked County”

    Visit beautiful Glenville and take the Basil Fred Hill Crooked River tour!

    “Glenville, the favorite place to disappear!”

    “The Home of the Crooked County Crooks!” Glenville West Virginia

    “Glenville, West Virginia where the ELITE MEET!”

    Glenville, where ya can’t be late for the meeting wit da youngest mayor in the state. “Puberty before Policy I always say!”

    Glenville the home of endless terms for GSC BOG!

    “The BEST at false arrest!” Glenville, West Virginia!

    Glenville, the HOME of “No Foul Play!”

    They “Make their OWN RULES” in Glenville West Virginia!

    “Only in Glenville…..”

    Glenville…with GSC high on the hill just as beautiful as a Swastika!

    I love you Glenville like I love the Foodland Heist and Jesus Christ!

    “Glenville! I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a SEX SCANDAL today!”

    LOVE YOUR SISTER it’s just a KISS AWAY and here to stay in Glenville … the home of the very sexy Lizzie and Lexie !!

    “Come home to Glenville and A SCANDAL you can handle at GSC …twiddly dee!“

    • Do you know what the people that work at the courthouse and pig’s peckers have in common?

      Their all crooked pricks.

  6. Peter Barr GSC President pulls shady real estate deal involving Tim Butcher the bitcher of the Butchers!

    Peter Barr – Author of the Barr Code, “Don’t lay on your back unless he is black!” has become involved in some shady real estate deals involving the famous Bitcher of the Butchers Tim Butcher and the entire debacle led to civil action against the Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks BM -(does anyone have anything to read, I need to take a Beverly Marks)

    Marks was served with legal document yesterday and is being taken to court over the illegal transaction involving a lien on property not recorded.

    Those Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River are Crooked as hell!!

    Now GSC and the President Peter Barr are also implicated in wrongdoing !!

    No surprise there!

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