Bang a GONG the County Clerk and Attorney are WRONG!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of CWVSS-Elkins/Editor Edison Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV/Editor

Just the other night I was at a bar and I was having a conversation with some folks who lived down the street from me that I didn’t know…

Peter Barr (author of the Barr Code) is implicated in federal law action as being on title of property sold along with another GSC employee!

And this very question of WHO is at fault at the GILMER COUNTY COURTHOUSE is currently the hottest topic in town mixed with dirty gossip that always comes home to roost if ya a had one too many and it was a SATURDAY NIGHT!!

We’re a talkin bout a hullabaloo now Gilmer County Style!!

Hoo yah! It’s the only gal darned thang you have to do, if the pole to your home ain’t a given up the juice and the baby needs a hippen and there ain’t no gas in the truck.  Oh yeah, the thought occurred to me to take some of that run off from the gas wells and go a fifty fifty and that is what got me to the bar and what a better way to buy a little freedom away from a hilltop prison.

Down the hollar and thru the woods, but to grandmothers house I did not go!

Sometimes you have to put some distance between you and any type of significant other, even if he was a mistake you made ten years ago when you were just a kid, and then I thought well maybe since I just said it I better be moving while that one sets in a ways!

Sometimes you know if  your performance is a particularly bad one that evening, and then ya know it is often a good idea to get off the stage because in these here parts the bottles start a flyin bout now… (I was a thinkin!)

“I can’t abide lazy people!”

…was the last thing I said when I decided I am thinking this is how I planned it all along. Start a fight, give the baby to daddy and head for the bar!!  Perfect!! God damn I am gonna have a good time!!

There’s no call to talk like that!”

…was the last thing I heard!

Ten years ago we had a good deal a- goin, but he bollixed it all up by getting arrested and all the money we thought we had is long gone now. It does not matter if one is to claim innocence it is the gettin arrested part that smarts!

I almost made  it to the truck when I heard some screamin!

“You’ve got your face painted up like a chippie I know what your a doin!”

He broke the axe handle, but I should n’ fault him for it my mama always said.

The next thing I know I was having a good time with people I did not know and here is a what everyone was a talkin bout!

The Gilmer Free Press

Thanks for Participating in GFP Poll.

Gilmer County Clerk’s Office
Given the recent current turn of events of Legal Records involving the Gilmer County Clerk and a Local Attorney, who do you think is responsible for the wrong doing?
County Clerk
County Clerk and Attorney
Neither 23.53%

Poll Results Only Reflect the Views of Those Who Participated in Voting.


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  1. The above poll numbers are not final and only current to the minute of 11:11 11/22
    UPDATE AT 11:11PM 12 hours later from above charts!
    County Clerk
    County Clerk and Attorney
    Neither 3.01%

  2. We LOVE to BOOGIE with the Crooked County Crooks Down by the Crooked River on a Saturday Night!! That's right!! Can I get a witness!

    Bang a GONG! GET IT ON!

  3. Two Sisters, One Blog Sharing our Naked Bodies for the world one photo at a time--The Fabulous SISTER ACT of Gilmer County!!

    Coming soon to the all new CalPatty Press due to be released on the anniversary of the day they did kill Fred Hill!

    Two Sisters, One Crooked County!!

    “Sharing our thoughts and dreams with the world one photo at a time!”

    See you there!

    L & L


    Today I found out from a friend that Set’em up Jones, now known as Pet Killer Jones shot a friend of mines pet deer. This deer was raised on a bottle from the time it was a couple of days old. My friend would use her last dollar to make a 20 mile trip one way to get goats milk for this little guy. D.B. was a gentle animal, slept in the house and ate breakfast with us every morning. He was a part of her family, a family pet. Killer Jones, being no part of a man, shot this deer in a womans yard. D.B. wondered away from my friends house and ended up on a lady’s porch, she called the sheriff’s office to see if they could come run the deer off. But instead of running him off, he pulled out his gun and shot him, saying he was a threat. Casey, you sorry piece of trash, you knew who’s pet if was, and for God’s sake the deer had orange ribbon on his horn and was painted orange. If you are so scared of a small deer, maybe you should go home and pull the covers over your head, you chicken shit mother fucker. Who the hell are you to make the call if something lives or dies? Is this the kind of law enforcement that we can expect from you? You couldn’t smell where a real officer took a piss, you low life piece of shit.

    Editors note: You’re a talkin bout Casey Jones riding that train? The one with the girlfriend that is a convicted felon ? That Casey Jones shot a pet, well hell, that is the same as shooting someones dog!

    But, given the circumstance that animal should have been contained and wearing some sort of orange. But, the fact you say the deer did have some orange, then there was no call to be a shooting nothin!

  5. You say his woman is a convicted felon? How does he get away with having firearms in the house, no one else is allowed to have a gun in the house if a convicted felon lives there, maybe someone should call ATF, or is Casey Jones above the law?

    Editors note: What do you think we been a tellin ya for four years now!?
    Casey is above the law! All them a people are! I am gettin god damn sick of it myself!!

    Hey do you think Casey kept any of that weed he got off them a football playin fella’s? How much of that big bag made it to he evidence locker? … and the dealer got all his money back right away thanks to Karikoff, it don’t always work like that elsewhere. That Mr K is a good attorney.

  6. The RETURN of the CalPatty Press coming soon to Gilmer County and Central West Virginia

    The SS NEWS along the WATCHTOWER is that the CalPatty Press is returning to broadband broadcast within the near future utilizing a server that communicates in a foreign language and is the home to some people that believe in free speech. THE Central WV SS has been in negotiations with a very small and new company that promised that the content would never be taken down, unless by court order from their government court. Not much chance of that. They believe in our cause of “TRUTH” The REAL TRUTH on the ALL NEW CalPatty Press!
    TODD SMITH SENDS THREATENING Letters from Jail, claims to have 100′s of compromising photo’s of the owner/editor of two faced two lane ain’t living long like this magazine.
    Smith reveals that he was the one that bailed out the suspect in the Fred Hill Murder!
    The Fire Starting CULT LEADER recently claimed by telephone to CULT members that he has a SPY that has connections to the SS!!

    Don’t miss these top stories in the all new CalPatty Press for Central West Virginia!

    Smith reveals that he was the one that bailed out the suspect in the Fred Hill Murder!
    Waitman Lee Frederick passed lie detector and called the leader of the Fire Starting Cult to come on by and pick him up from the jail!

    The Fire Starting CULT LEADER recently claimed by telephone to CULT members that he has a SPY that has connections to the SS
    His longtime contact he named as AVA
    more later…

    Recently a jail guard at CRJ referred to as a COll revealed the daily communication of this mysterious AVA aka Susan aka Polly who has claimed to be a spy for the CULT with connections to the Central West Virginia Secret Seven.

    The REAL NAME and location and topless shots of this spy for the CULT will be revealed at the ALL NEW CalPatty Press!! Tell your friends! The Crooked County Crooks that live next to the Crooked River are at again along with the Butcher Bitches Breaking Bad just in time for Christmas!!

    All Fire Starting Cult members will delight in the latest CalPatty Press photo display! Don’t you miss it!!

  7. POLICE EXECUTE SEARCH OF GRANTSVILLE RESIDENCE - Christopher Todd Smith Investigation Continues/Fed Court Records reveal swindle by Butcher Barr and Marks!

    Officers from the Weston Police Department and other law enforcement officials reportedly executed a search warrant on the residence of Mary Jane Ball of Grantsville Wednesday morning.

    Ms. Ball is the mother of Christopher Todd Smith, a Calhoun man who has been found guilty of several crimes and is currently doing jail time.

    Smith is the subject of several indictments and investigations, including a federal grand jury investigation related to the death of his girlfriend Kelli Lawson.

    Lawson was found dead in a Weston apartment in December 2009, reportedly of a drug overdose.

    Officers spent at least a couple hours at the Grantsville residence, and reportedly secured some items.
    All about Hot Toddy: The True Story of Calhoun County’s Most Sensational Murder … CULT Crime, goes Hilly billy hills in this captivating mystery of the unsolved murder…
    Hot Toddy: on The True Story of Calhoun County’s Most Sensational Murder

    Secret Seven Sources were able to retrieve all the federal court documents filed at the courthouse involving wrongdoing of the County Clerk and the whole matter boils down to Gilmer County got caught RED HANDED MAKING IT”S OWN RULES!! However companies from other parts of WV or out of state don’t especially appreciate being ripped off by Peter BARR President of GSC who I see is the President of some made up real estate company with deeds authored by Tim Butcher a famous CROOKED COUNTY CROOK!!

    Butcher, Barr, and Marks the County Clerk are all busted in some shadier than shady dealings with an honest company. If the company would have been has crooked as the Gilmer County folks (which also includes JEAN BUTCHER the newly elected County Clerk) then, they would all be in like Flynn and Butcher would be entertaining them all at some strip club down in Southern WV like Southern Exposure.

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