Stick a fork in Lisa Belknap and the Gilmer Journal they are DONE — FINAL POLL RESULT for BUTCHER and COUNTY CLERK REAL ESTATE SWINDLE that includes PETER BARR!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of CWVSS-Elkins/Editor Edison Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV/Editor

Unfortunately for the fine folks of Gilmer County you can STICK A FORK IN THE GILMER JOURNAL FOR IT IS DONE!

Dear Lisa Belknap,

Many tried to help you and really did help you in the matters that meant the most, but you would not listen. Nobody got the chance that you did. Many wanted you to succeed. And on a personal note we don’t care about what you said about dude, for really you don’t even know dude, so what do you really know?

The only thing you need to know!!

If you look high to the ridge tops on a full moon sometimes you can see the outline of the GHOST WOLF of Gilmer County, an actual vision often seen, if you knew him in life you are most likely safe, but he seems to be hunting almost every night for the evil that killed him!

And that is … that YOU ARE DONE BITCH!  DONE!!

Stick a fucking fork in you and the Gilmer Journal too!

It’s just another Crooked County Barb B Q !!

Lisa Belknap is up the Crooked River without a paddle!!

“C” ya! Wouldn’t want to “B” ya!

The Gilmer Journal is going to be on the bottom of the Crooked River quicker than you can say…


Hey Lisa a special song for you from the Supreme Commander of the WV Secret Seven and Company C Commander of the Consolidated Citizens Corp from Elkins West Virginia just for you below, by the Silver Jews since dude is Jewish!

You can always join US just as long as you wear just one face for we don’t need no – TWO-FACED TWO LANE – Ain’t living long like this shit!

We have had enough of that!

Special song for Lisa Belknap who was the editor owner of the Gilmer Journal which is sinking sinking sinking into the Crooked River down in a Crooked County!

Here is the final vote from the early Poll in previous article!

Poll Result: Gilmer County Clerk’s Office – 11.28.10

image ~~  Comments ~~

•  It’s just a simple indexing mistake.
•  It is simply an indexing error which occurs in every courthouse.
•  This is nothing more than a simple indexing error and nothing more.
•  It was not intentional, but was a mistake made by someone working in the Clerk’s office.
•  It took both to pull it off. Shame on them!
•  The problem is rooted at the top of wv govt.
•  It is simply an error.
•  Anybody can make a mistake..It’s a simple mistake..That’s all.
•  It’s just a mistake.
•  What a crock…changing the results to suit you…a true a**!!
•  There needs to be an outside investigation to set the facts straight. Nothing will be done locally.
•  What about looking into reports of M. Butcher’s political giving while dead and living at Box 100?
•  Is Box 100 that of a local law firm?
•  Since when $150,000.00 is just a simple mistake?


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  1. No more BE bob a lu la for LISA BELKNAP and the Gilmer Journal

    Stick a fork in Lisa Belknap is right for she is done, and we wanted to tell her be careful WHO you step on, on your way up the ladder for surely you will run into em on the way back down!

    Lisa, Sorry that your ship is sunk, and now you will be on the bottom of the Crooked River, and you will see the flagship of the SS down there too! You know the flagship you help to sink with your Facebook network and your letter writing and your Lisa Minney conniving with Gerry Hough and his daughter Carly, pull the panties to the side Carly!!

    Damn girl you are totally fucked!

    No cash and No stash. Well the good investments have been in medical marijuana and the production of out west, so, you know there is always that!

    Any way, just wanted to say….



  2. Edwin Dale Kinnison is on Facebook and about 110 rape sites around the world in honor of his raping a co-ed at GSC and having the rape covered up by the local Powers that Be to make sure that GSC did not get a bad name, but now the name of Edwin Dale Kinnison is known worldwide, and so is GSC where what you don’t see …

    This comment had to be censored since the links were inappropriate material for viewing and we find it interesting that these sites are under the name of:

    Edwin Dale Kinnison

    Is this the work of the new man groomed especially for the position by of controlling the image of GSC by Big Joe Manchin the former Governor of West Virginia ?

    Big Joe is well dug in to all of the current doings at the State College in which every special program is based on corruption! The latest real estate scandal with Peter Barr and the Butchers which included their total control of puppets inside the courthouse on the hill in beautiful Glenville. Evil is never so beautiful as it is from up on the hill!

    Sorry this comment had to be censored but to get the effects of the reason why the links were ripped right out of here just google the name of our favorite Walrus rapist:

    Edwin Dale Kinnison
    Oh Edwin, Oh EDWIN! You got my lap top all sticky Edwin!!

    Edwin borrowed the victims lap top and then did the hop bop wit her on da couch in da crib up on da hill wit da boy in da hood wit all da weed!

  3. Crysta Krabbenhoft

    Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favour”.I am looking for ways to add things to my website!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?! While I complete my tour of the mountain state I was hoping to visit Gilmer County and see the college and was hoping there was somewhere you could recommend to eat?

    Editors note; Nada No, usted gringo loco no existe ninguna taco belle aquí en gilmer county, pero si usas nuestras cosas que tire su sitio web como un caluroso para roddy y arrojar usted en la cárcel local donde se les molestan sexualmente antes de llegar su primera llamada telefónica

  4. I used to be very happy to search out this internet-site.I needed to thanks for your time for this wonderful learn!! I positively having fun with each little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

    Editors note: O-tay butt weet, are you having a little trouble with the Crème anglaise, or just the english? Have you ever looked around long enough to figure out maybe you are in the wrong place? It all doesn’t translate well into a foreign language does it? Yeah, we all don’t talk like normal folk. We are just a product of our environment and find ourselves living under totalitarian rule even in America.

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