By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven

Sheriff Metz  published disinformation in the Charleston Newspapers early into the investigation of the missing Basil Fred Hill!

Basil Fred Hill enlightned countless lives and won the friendship of many by being the lover of music, peace, animals, and his fellow man!

Disinformation was given early in the investigation right from the start to throw everyone off from what really happened and to take all eyes off of Trezans where Fred was tossed out that back door and into the river!

This blanket of white below — for the ones that lost LOVE that day in the snow!

Fred loved all animals and they loved him!

This information (below) was highly published in every news story to throw everyone off from the real crime:

Metz says around 1:00 Saturday morning several teenagers stopped and talked to a man they identified as Hill near the courthouse. Hill appeared intoxicated and said he was fine.

Another possible sighting was reported to police Tuesday. Metz says a man traveling down I-79 believes he saw Hill standing in the median around 9 or 9:30 Saturday morning.

“He said the individual looked disoriented, that he was standing in the median, that he wasn’t hitch hiking. He was just kind of standing there looking around,” Sheriff Metz said.

12-11-09 = 666 - Just after midnight where evil lurks in Crooked County!

Quite frankly all of these supposed sightings were utterly and complete BULLSHIT, one sighting included Fred headed into the local store for cigarettes, although Basil Fred Hill didn’t smoke.

***           ***             ***           ***            ***               ***               ***              ***

“Someone in this town knows something, I think, I am convinced someone has done something to my brother,” said Renee Hill.

Message to Renee all about one year ago today 11 December 2010:

All indications involving special tools such as tracking DOGS tracked Fred’s scent straight to the river.  Local activists claiming unlawful activity of the controlling Power Elite and questionable practices of local law enforcement accurately predicted what possibly happened to Fred within hours of Fred Hill going missing and that he would be found in the river. You chose to ignore that information at the time it was given, but it was highly accurate and current up to the minute data one year ago

Facts were taken from people that were there at the bar that night, and valuable information was gathered and the conclusion was Fred was put out the back door like a bad puppy.

All information gathered indicates Fred went straight out the back door and into the river all within minutes. Facts indicate that your brother was beaten severely about the head and shoulders.

One of the last people to see Fred alive is the son of the former police chief.

But, you never saw his name mentioned or published in any mainstream press release. Don’t you think that situation is odd?

It is odd to say the least!

A great effort was made to protect the guilty involving this specific ugly incident that occurred in a location that has a history of other ugly incidents that are well documented, but turned out badly for visitors to the area.

There have been other assaults, but YOU will never hear of them.

You chose to ignore all the good and accurate information given to you freely. There was a definite and immediate cover up involving the brutal murder of your brother.

Welcome to Crooked County down by the Crooked River where you have been fully introduced to the Crooks that have great pay checks and wonderful benefits and in addition, are truly wonderful when it comes to ignoring any real criminal activity or serious crime, but those Crooks from Crooked County are very skilled at ruining other peoples lives, especially if you aren’t from around here.

The PEOPLE of Gilmer County agree with the West Virginia SS in poll taken locally on the matter of the murder of Fred Hill!

Basil Fred Hill lll enlightned countless lives and won the friendship of many by being the lover of music, peace, animals, and his fellow man! Just after midnight one year ago today they killed Fred down by the Crooked River!

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  1. Cosmic Communications


  2. Why did Shady Lady Harlow run to the court house the morning after Fred went missing and spread the word her husband had seen Fred cross in front of his car up on Camden Flats appearing to be drunk yet we have never seen any report of this information from the Sheriff’s Department? It was possible if he had staggered all the way up Glenville Hill then down to the river. May have been highly unlikely but should have been investigated!

    Editors note:That was,” All part of plan A,” that we can only speculate failed soon into the “Missing Story” … and then went to plan “B” when every one said Fred is dead in the river and it is the old NO FOUL PLAY trick all over again within 48 hours of that fateful night down by the Crooked River! Those were the days BEFORE Harlow turned, and may have been the reason. Now Harlow does not want to rub the balls of the bad boy PA no more! One by one people are “Bailing out” of Dante’s Inferno! (step by step …slowly they turned)

  3. cosmoscommunicator

    Wasn’t Stacy Harlow all about Gerald B Hough until she got to know what a real criminal he is. Hough is NOT beneath forging documents in civil actions as we have him on record as forging documents for possible court action.

    Hough has constant conflicts by trying to get involved in civil actions and defending people when he is the PA for Gilmer County.

    Hough is not honest and truly deserves to be in prison, and it would be a good idea for Carly to keep her little bitch ass mouth shut in the future. But, small time assholes like C Hough have a hard time with not being assholes, and stuck up little bitches, so we shall see.

    Maybe Stacy has some other evidence we can use against Hough, if so let us know, for it is just a matter of time before we have him caught up in some major shit, besides the federal complaints made against him.

    All the little dirty deeds the power elite want taken care of go to Hough, and we have our eyes glued to that little fuck just waiting for him to step out of the box so we can fully document it and release ourselves to the highest good!

    At any rate Hough figures Stacy already is working with us, but he had no idea.

  4. The Supreme Commander of the West Virginia SS and Commander of Company C Consolidated Citizens Corp Elkins, West Virginia announced the suspected KILLER of Fred Hill that occurred at 13 minutes after midnight on 11 December down by the Crooked River, right in the heart of Crooked County.

    All Team Rangers and Calhoun County SS have already been notified, but spread the word throughout the state and if you didn’t get the official memo, then send mail to this address, or to Reeny, or to

    Also we have confirmation that a code r exists, so precautions should be taken….

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