By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator Editor/Secretary of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven/Editor Edison/Editor CalPattyPress WV

Major Ingold of the Police Standards division called the local detachment of the Gilmer County State Police yesterday giving the orders to take the complaint against Gerald B Hough for violation of Part B of the State Code involving Subornation of perjury.

Gerry Hough the PA that LOST the evidence against Chief Deputy Bandy who walked on 7 felony charges is accused of Subornation of Perjury!

Hough already is under investigation from a federal investigative agency according to a statement from Fawn Thomas Public affairs director for the Office of the US Attorney for Northern West Virginia made on June 22, 2010.

West Virgina Secret Seven members are in possession of the “Secret Tape” in which State Witness for WV and Gilmer County Marilyn Matheny  from LEMON EQUIPMENT in Parkersburg was caught in a lie in regard to value of states evidence. If she would have told the truth, then the case would have been time barred and dismissed.  So Hough asked Matheny to lie and she is  caught on tape.

That criminal action by Matheny is bound to spill over to civil action filed in US District court for damages, but the case is in the hands of the FEDS and we predict Matheny will have her clock cleaned for this criminal action.

“Knowledge empowers citizens and that is being manifested throughout the State to eventually help achieve reform.”

The knowledge and truth provided by mainstream news source Gilmer Free Press has empowered the local citizens of Gilmer County to see the “Real Truth” about issues.

For years the local press was controlled and all you heard about were the “People that Shine.” Davie Cacamamie aka Corcoran is certainly one big ass kisser!

The Glenville Democrap featured the same old “Power Elite” in the same old newspaper with the same old propaganda week after week.  I find it funny now-that some of those same people that shine -are on the receiving end of subpoena’s and are being investigated by federal agencies and  finding themselves being represented by very expensive law firms for the wrong doing and criminal behavior complained of for years.

The local Gilmer County State Police have their opportunity to do what is right today!

But I doubt the local newspaper the Glenville Democrat will want to “Shine”

With Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor it is ALL SMOKE and MIRRORS, but this time his dishonesty may have caught up with him! Will Shelly Morris DeMarino step in to replace Hough while he is fighting the felony charges brought?

any light what-so-ever on the fact that the local Prosecuting Attorney will have to explain to State Troopers today and this week why he paid Roanna Rafferty $700 dollars to bring false testimony in a felony circuit court case.

Rafferty said she owned 1/6th of 155 acres, while an expensive title opinion from another court case proves beyond any doubt that she owned zero of the 155 acres.

The first statement Hough made to the “Tainted” jury was that Roanna Rafferty was a victim!  Those are strong words to tell a jury and a complete lie by Gerry Hough.

Facts gathered from the court case of:

“Cecil Leon Ramsey II vs. Roanna Arbuckle Rafferty”

…proved that Rafferty owned ZERO of the property in question in the felony criminal trial.

Part B of the state code on the matter clearly states:

(b) Any person who induces or procures another person to testify falsely regarding a material matter in a trial of any person, corporation or other legal entity for a felony, or before any grand jury which is considering a felony indictment, shall be guilty of the felony offense of :

Subornation of perjury!

Hough committed a crime in this instance and the crime exactly fits the state code!!

Gilmer County Court Cases involving misconduct and the POWER ELITE of Glenville use SMOKE and MIRRORS to bring charges against innocent citizens when they speak out on wrongdoing! Free Speech is met with SMOKE and MIRROR CREATED CRIMES the specialty of GERALD B HOUGH!!

Hough Paid Rafferty $700 dollars in advance to “Testi-Lie” or in other words to give false testimony. It has been my experience that Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor has committed this same crime on numerous other Gilmer County Court cases. If Hough would have done his homework and checked with the courthouse, he would have discovered that Rafferty owned zip of the 155 acres of surface property, NADA, NOTHING, not even one acre jack!

And therein lies the damages and crime of this felony complaint against Hough!

Will the State Police work with the Gilmer County Commission to cover up this criminal activity that clearly indicates a crime occurred, or will they do the right thing and arrest Hough along with Rafferty for a crime indicated in an absolute way by the evidence?

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  1. It is about time this came to a legal “head”, hopefully it will get to a Federal Court with no Gilmer County “power elite” ghost writing the case to protect the inner circle of greed and corruption from deeper investigation.

    Editors note: We are concerned as to how, (although HOUGH is caught in the act this time because of his own stupidity) how actually will the crime by Hough be covered up. A federal attorney is standing by to hold the State Police’s feet to the fire if they fuck this one up

    • My guesstimate? Deny, deny, deny-a lot of money in some pockets and look to Charleston for the answers.

      Editors note: Charleston is crooked as hell!! But, there will be a record of the 700 paid to Rafferty for it would have had to have been by check from the county sent in the mail, and Lame Smith would have signed the check.

      • Or it might have been called drug buy money, signed by the Commission, cashed by the Prosecutor and handed over. Hard to say how it would be hidden but watch you back. Unethical people always seem to be good at hiding dirty deeds.

        Editors note: There would be no need to hide it, because in this instance of a court case the Gilmer County misconduct was protected by the highest of the high at the West Virginia Supreme Court! In fact Chief Justice Davis, which she was when she wrote the 3 to 2 majority opinion of this case in question added facts to her opinion NOT PART of the circuit court record! If they are to hide cash or try to hide any evidence they are fucked because this dudes dude, already thought of that.

        This was a well executed attack on the Gilmer County Power elite and it has interested people watching. Who will make the usual wrong move and be nabbed in the act? A judge, Hough, the cops? I can’t wait to see what happens, it is a LOSE-LOSE situation for the Power Elite. They better call Shelly!!
        It is 11:11 and time for lunch!

  2. The TRAP is SET for the POWER ELITE

    This was a well planned and well timed ambush of certain individuals that are known to be active in misconduct and criminal activity in Gilmer County for self gain. The SLUM LORD Hough is guilty as HELL for this crime. Private Eyes are watching this one, and it is an attempt to catch some big power elite game when they come to the aid of Hough. It also may be one way to entrap Lame Smith whom the SS wants in jail for past dirty deeds. Voting Slates, Voter FRAUD and a dishonest SoS and investigator have all been at the front of the misconduct lately!

    This is going to be like shooting ducks in a barrel and it was planned by smarter minds than Gerald B Hough. This is an out and out ambush!


    I rented a house from Hough several years ago. The house was infested with fleas and plumbing was breaking down, when I finally got a hold of Hough, which was difficult to do because he had secretary’s that wouldn’t let me talk to him, I ask him to take care of these problems, he told me that if I called him again, he would have me and my children evicted. Also, how does he get his dumps approved for HUD,I’m sure some laws are being broken there and palms greased , but thats they way things are done here in crooked county.

    Editors note: Cooler than cool to hear from you. Stacey H the Harlow Hooligan that hid the bed bugs while crawling all over Hough EWwww!
    …the thought makes me sick Harlow RAN INTERFERENCE FOR HOUGH I wish you could have known me then, I would have come to your aid and made them sorry for the day they EVER said that to you. Gerry has major connections with Power Elite in Charleston but I am 37 1 AND 1

    Stacy Harlow, Fiduciary Commissioner for this Commission is a crime waiting to happen, that I can tell you right the fuck now

  4. Message From the CCCC (County Crap Clean-up Crew)

    Now Stacy Harlow has fallen out of grace? While in a local watering hole, a drunk Lisa Minney was over heard listing the members of the calpatty press, she stated Karen Elkins, Stacy Harlow and other that I won’t mention were writers. She also went on to state that she was going to run for County Comm. against Dave Hess next election, “cause she could use the 42 grand a year and the medical insurance. Maybe in the near future we need to talk, have lots of info on dirty deeds of the Elite, for we have been watching them for years and they have finally stepped on the wrong toes.

    Editors note: KE & SH were associates but never members of the SS per se. but if they were I couldn’t tell you for then it wouldn’t be a secret. Minney has been getting high high high lately and slamming the wrong names all over town which is not good, but personally I always really liked her, but she put the Cops on to us which was some real bullshit, luckily dude has some pull and some friends on the force.

    Send your dirty deeds and other info to secretsevencoalition@gmail.com or cal.patty@hotmail.com but Lisa quit us just before Lisa Minney did but now she is back and sorry because she said those Butcher Bitches really were not the nice girls she thought they were. I have to sneak to do this right now…sneak sneak… uh oh

  5. WV Third in Hellhole report

    CHARLESTON – Reaction to West Virginia’s being placed again on the Judicial Hellholes list drew varied but expected responses from lawyers in the state of WV.

    West Virginia was ranked third in the American Tort Reform Association’s annual list of Judicial Hellholes. The report was released Tuesday. The Mountain State dropped from No. 2 to No. 3 in this year’s report.

    Editors note: No surprise there for us. Also for Calhoun folks the person that gave private address’s and residences to TODD SMITH was identified and a rather large file was sent to law enforcement agencies with complaints filed that death threats were made from CRJ. Smith made a contact and obtained an address of someone he had never met, but knew through court records — that person unknown to him previously had a grudge against his enemies in the SS. He obtained that address of a female from Cleveland Heights, Ohio from, “His buddies in the Gilmer County Sheriffs office,” according to Smith.

    Jail authorities were alerted to the illegal activities about a month ago and were made aware of the threatening letters and others from outside the jail involved in the criminal activity. Mail was recovered when they tossed Smith’s cell that connected him to the illegal activity.

    We heard Smith is in jail in the jail either in PC or the hole now as a consequence for the threats sent from the jail. Threatening letters going out of the jail were tied to the person he made contact with. The female was identified and became engaged in illegal acts with Smith giving addresses and even the names of relatives of SS members. Smith threatened the mother of one of the Secret Seven last February 2010 and again in a recent letter from CRJ.

    Now it seems that the jurisdiction for this crime falls into a federal jurisdiction. Christopher Todd Smith is currently being investigated by a federal grand jury and a rather large file containing evidence of this mystery woman is being made available to investigators who are hoping to bring murder charges against Smith for killing Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson and now can tie in someone from outside of the jail to the threats made and the murder of Lawson.

  6. The SS Presents the Crooked Truth! West Virginia Corruption in the courts- corrupt political history of the MOUNTAIN STATE!

    The Central West Virgina Secret Seven Coalition Present for YOU these WV facts!

    West Virginia Governor hid behind a trash dumpster with cash in hand begging a political boss to buy votes for him?

    West Virginia judge stepped down from the bench to bite off the end of a defendant’s nose who he felt was being disrespectful to the court?

    West Virginia Governor set up dummy corporations to funnel millions of dollars in federal flood money to those corporations?

    West Virginia judge was convicted for buying and selling all of the elected offices in his county?

    West Virginia Governor didn’t seek re-election after having an affair with a State employee?

    West Virginia Delegate was convicted of sexual assault for sexually molesting his fourteen-year-old legislative page he developed a relationship with through the Big Brothers Program?

    WV State Police Crime Lab Serologist falsely testified in at least 134 trials putting innocent people behind bars for many years for crimes they didn’t commit, yet never spent a single day in jail himself?

    West Virginia Governor spent $12 million of his own money to become Governor and another $12 million to become a U.S. Senator?

  7. The CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY BUSTED for some more of their BULLSHIT ...see below!

    Several attorneys met at the Stonewall resort in Weston,WV on 12.14.2010 to consider filing a class action lawsuit against the Gilmer County WV County Clerk Beverly Marks BM (does anybody have anything to read? I need to go take a Beverly Marks!) & others over the documents they were shown by Hunter Armentrout before he passed away concerning Gilmer County property, deeds, wills and oil and gas leases

    Beverly Marks, Gerry Hough and the Butcher and Butcher law firm may be going to court for the better part of 2011 fighting court action being brought against them that insinuate their involvement in criminal activity and criminal behavior.


    …for nothing ya know!

    Was Brian Kennedy wrong to give a $53,000.00 contract to repair the pool problem at the Gilmer County Rec Center to Kevin Hern who owns Kevin Hern Back Hoe Business and by saying it was an emergency so the contract didn’t have to go out for bid per state of WV law ???

    The answer is…. Fuck YES he was as wrong as Natalie Tennant for attempting to sweep the Gilmer County voter fraud under the rug. How can Natalie Tennant run for Governor with her embarrassing ties to Crooked County?

  8. Can I just say what a relief to search out somebody who truly knows what they’re speaking about. You positively know how to bring a problem to head and make it important. More individuals need to read this and perceive this side of the story. I cant consider youre style because you undoubtedly have the gift of telling the story behind the story, but a little different, but in other words, you cover the whole story, good work.

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