COURT RECORD REVEALS CROOKED COUNTY JUDGE MAKES HIS OWN RULES! The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line!

Lisa Wexler/Crooked County Crooks Editor

June 11, 2007 ·
(Please enjoy this LOST FILE from the bottom of the Crooked River – with Photo’s and  Graphics added 42 months after text was published in the CalPatty Press-this LOST FILE is being republished 17 Dec 2010–this is our version of Crooked County Crooks Colorization of an old movie in an old town in an old Crooked County down by an old Crooked River Special Feature -in which we add the dialogue with comments, photo’s and fun while…

The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line! Lizzie will make you hot and dizzy when you’re all alone with just the phone! Turned loose last summer it was no twista sista it was more like a hurricane when LEXIE and LIZZIE BROKE BAD ALL SUMMER LONG on the CalPatty Press during the summer of Twenty Ten!Can I get a witness?! It all happened then! ! Just another HOT SHOT from the endless hot hot hot summer that sizzled on the CalPatty Press! Who could ever forget! July 23rd 2010-the day the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

…getting our readers up to date to the most current events and scandals taking place up on the hill and down at the old courthouse including the NEW most up to date Scandal and Hate and all in the world that describes the modern dynamics of the infamous Crooked County ” POWER ELITE ”  …while the REAL TRUTH is  revealed via this Secret Seven Publication from  three and a half years ago!)


Crooked County Circuit Court Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire decided… in an extremely blatant manner, to, “Make up his own rules!”

In this article we will publish excerpts of the court record from the Gerald Thompson case that tells it all!

"The Source of all evil and home of the Lemegeton in Crooked County!"

The fact that a Circuit Judge would know better than to act in such a way speaks for itself. Just another example of public officials in Crooked County doing exactly what they want to.

So what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

Besides all the errors and blatant misconduct involved in the  Gerald Thompson case, Facemire also made some of these same mistakes in the high profile Crooked County case to be heard before the Supreme Court. This case has been referred to as the “Travesty of Justice” case. In the year 2005 approximately 8600 cases came before WV courts. Out of those 8600 only 24 were granted review, 19 were heard and only 3 were reversed. In 2006 over 10,000 cases came before WV circuit courts, and the Travesty of Justice Case was one of only a few that have been selected to be heard. Most likely, out of all the cases heard in 2006, again, only 3 most likely will be reversed. TWO of those reversed cases will be Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire cases, according to informed sources.

We have been under orders not to report on the “Travesty of Justice” case, since all information indicates it will be in the court system for at least two more years at a great cost to the state of West Virginia!

All we can report is; that-in-that case, two of the principle players, and the states main witness are now dead. The case is still alive, but the primary players involving the basis for the Gilmer County Sheriff complaint are dead!

Was F John right on ? ...when he said "Some strange animal or something appeared before his truck while returning from a Wood County Court appearance causing him to crash into a mountain, could that "strange" animal have been the Ghost Wolf?

Also the defense trial counsel F John Oshoway met with a mysterious accident the evening before that case was presented to the Supreme Court in Charleston. Oshoway was taken to the hospital. The case received a 3 to 2 vote in favor of the defendant  and we hope this is an indication of ultimate victory, unless of course someone in crooked county wants to play the please do a favor for me today and I will gladly give you some campaign contribution on Tuesday!

The Accuracy of the West Virginia Secret Seven is uncanny! The SS predicted in September of 2009 the exact outcome of the Edwin Dale Kinnison RAPE CASE AT GSC--Rina McCoy who is not from Kansas (city) anymore said, "That was a no brainer" "Just another cover up of a Glenville State Rape!" "...My answer is AGAIN?!

Good work at beating the odds of the thousands of cases brought before Circuit Court in the state of WV! Accusations have been made that Oshoway made a secret deal with Gerry Hough to throw that case for the prosecution when it could have been easily won. All felony charges in that case were defeated in Circuit Court. The only charge at issue is one misdemeanor charge.

One of those principle players in the “Travesty case” was Gerald Ball. He was arrested by the State Police about the time the case was born: (below from HH news source)

“Gerald R. Ball has been charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon. He has been arrested by the State Police and released on $1000 bond. A plea hearing is set for Calhoun County Magistrate’s court on July 26 th!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson found dead in the bed of Hot Toddy aka Christopher Todd Smith currrently under investigation for her murder! G Hough PA for CROOKED COUNTY put Smith (who proved to be a dangerous criminal) on a 12 month diversion for Smith's assault of Kelli! Then did nothing about it! Smith got a free pass from Hough and it will be one year from the day Kelli died in 9 days from today!

“Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff Carl Ballengee and members of the Grantsville VFD combed the Bull River area late Sunday night after Ball’s vehicle was found over the hill about 11 p.m.”

Notice the 1000 dollar bond? If that were you or me it would have been 100,000.00 bond.

We the CalPatty Press editors find it odd that Ball, who was directly related to the then magistrate Steve Johnson, never did any jail time and the case was just…..dismissed! Odd indeed! But not really! That was just another one of those deals where the Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy met the Crooked County Court of Corruption.

(Johnson was later convicted of embezzlement in Calhoun County and dismissed as magistrate.)

In that case, (from the court record) Facemire refers to Mr Ball as… “A person of credibility!”

Clay County seems to be the minor league for practicing the art of misconduct! You make the majors when you move up to Crooked County.

Two of the public officials from Gilmer County getting the most complaints were  Facemire and Tim Butcher. Butcher  served as the prosecutor for Gilmer County not long in the past and our very own Richard (Dick) Facemire was prosecutor in Clay County and learning in the minors how to make his own rules in the majors just waiting for the day to unleash it all on Crooked County Down by that Crooked River!

Tim Butcher (The Bitcher of the Butchers) was recently hauled into federal court and ordered to appear at trial along with BM and brother R Terry! Even Peter Barr (Have another DRINK PETER!) got caught up in this Crooked County White collar crime of covering up a lien on questionable home-made titles on property directly related to GSC and all created by a couple of Board of Governors members, just like the one above who may be made to "...Give it up!"

When Facemire was the prosecutor in Clay County  he was reprimanded by the Supreme Court in the 90’s for unethical conduct in circuit court!

“I heard he likes his big toe sucked on!”

Complaints  like that and complaints even more outrageous have flooded the CalPatty Press website recently over Tim Butchers son being pulled over for a DUI… failing a field sobriety test, then not having to go before the court or taken to jail according to statutes and state law. The son was just picked up at the police station. A couple of weeks later the adult son of Tim Butcher was in a car with several other people where allegedly drugs were found. Again no arrest!

This illegal preferential treatment was a matter of discussion recently at a Glenville City Council meeting, where Butcher had told the Mayor that it was “Just OK” –which of course was a total and blatant lie. You will find all that info in a previous article. Just another example of the elite of Crooked County “Making up their own rules!”

Calhoun Cop- and Fire Starting Cult gang associate- C. Shane Dellinger who's felony case was reversed due to wrong ruling by Facemire over a juror!

Why should West Virginia laws apply to the people running the show in Crooked County?

Also, if any person, says anything about it, they are attacked, threatened with jail and may find their closest pet murdered!

Finally Justice Starcher is doing something about all the misconduct in the 14th district Circuit Court!

Further, we have it on good authority that by some miracle of god, the Governor is aware of the problems in Central West Virginia…” And just what is going on with public officials involved in running things like a third world country!” He should know, He is running the whole deal!: Big JOE is their boy! The local Power Elite are backed up like a big dog by big Joe, and with him it is all a go!

Convicted of 4 felony's but only serving 4 months Christopher Shane Dellinger had his case reversed in WV Supreme Court - Richard(Dick) Facemire got the blame for calling the wrong shot regarding a wacko juror and the Dellinger case was reversed just last summer -- The THREE faces of EVIL above and best friends with the Lemegeton! Richard A Facemire an expensive judge as a result of the HUGE number of cases that end up in appeals court for years!

Circuit Judge Richard Facemire biased Clay jurors against defendant Gerald Thompson by acting like a prosecutor, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals unanimously ruled recently.

Facemires attitude, it was reported, was what upset the Supreme Court Justice Starcher the most.

In an outrageous, unheard of, and illegal act, Facemire asked witnesses an exact amount of 180 questions! This is unheard of in legal history!

That fact alone put all the Supreme Court Justices in a tizzy!

Justice Starcher tells it like it is regarding reversal of Facemire Case

The defendant Thompson’s attorney, Jerome Novobilski didn’t challenge Facemire’s conduct at trial. The same sort of behavior was displayed by Calhoun Counties F John Oshoway during the “Travesty of Justice case” Do you think the F in… “F John Oshoway” is the short version… of fuck up?

The SUPREME COURT found that after testimony from the first witness, state police trooper Richard Stevenson, Facemire kept him on the stand with 83 questions.

Facemire asked him if Lieutenant Michael Goff had training on handling hazardous waste and “Meth labs like this.” Stevenson said yes.

Facemire: “I note that you said Lieutenant Goff destroyed the methamphetamine other than some samples. Is that right?”

Stevenson : “Yeah, he destroyed all this liquid stuff contained within the Mason jars and such.”

Facemire: “Lieutenant Goff took up this meth and gave you samples. Did he give them directly to you?” Stevenson said yes.

Facemire: “I note that you say that the meth lab was not active at the time you responded to the scene. Is that correct?” Stevenson said yes.

Goff testified next. Facemire asked him 20 questions.

Facemire: “I assume those recipes aren’t for making a cake?”

Goff : “Not a cake I’d want to eat.”

Facemire: “So those recipes are consistent for making what?”

Goff : Methamphetamine.

Facemire: “Anybody that possessed that wouldn’t have any other reason to possess it?”

Goff said he knew of no other reason.

Kermit Sanford, Thompson’s father in law, testified first for the defense.

Facemire kept him on the stand and said, “You don’t want to see anything bad happen to Mr. Thompson?” Sanford said no. (THIS IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL COURTROOM PROCEDURE BY A JUDGE)


Karen Elkin with Judge Alsop in the Court of CROOKED COUNTY the home of the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River! Many say that Karen is member of the WV Secret Seven along with S Harlow, but if we told you it wouldn't be a Secret! Alsop gets KUDO'S from the Concerned Citizens of Central West Virginia for sentencing the infamous HOT TODDY to 1-3 in Prison!

Facemire: “Likewise, you don’t want to see anything bad happen to your daughter?” Sanford said no.

Facemire asked what he saw in photographs of Thompson’s residence. Sanford said he had never seen those items.

Facemire: “Under penalty of perjury and false swearing, you are telling -”

Sanford: “I’m telling the truth. I’ll take a polygraph, sir.”

Facemire: “I’m the one talking here, sir, not you.”

Thompson’s mother, Jesse Thompson, testified next. She described a fight between her son and his wife that led to gunshots and a 911 call.

Facemire asked what the fight was about. Jesse Thompson said, “They didn’t have to have anything to get in a fight over.”

Facemire : “You want this jury to believe that they just like to fight and it wasn’t anything they were fighting over that day?”

Jesse Thompson: “He was telling her to leave and she was crying. She didn’t want to leave. And then she was gonna leave and he told her not to leave so that’s all I know it was about.”

Facemire asked if she saw her son shoot. She said, “After I got outside. He shot maybe once before I got outside. Then he shot a couple of times after.”

After FIVE YEARS in the West Virginia Court system the above brushog had a closing cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars! Gerald B Hough is facing a felony subornation of perjury charge filed recently with the WV State Police in regard to this rusted piece of junk - Hough paid a state witness $700 so he could tell the jury she was a VICTIM when a recent title opinion revealed that particular witness had NO INTEREST in the property at all .... ZERO!! The jury was tainted from page ONE of the court record because of the criminal infraction by Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County- Marilyn Matheney from Lemon equipment is under federal investigation for the fraudulent appraisal of this piece of old used rusted farm equipment that Deputy Gerwig told a Gilmer County Grand Jury was brand new with brand new retail price!!

Facemire: “Well, which was it? You’re telling this jury first now that you were inside when he shot and so you didn’t see him shoot. Now you’re saying -”

She said, “No, I said -”

He said, “other -”

She said, “Okay, pardon?”

He said, “No, no. I’m talking right now.”

She said, “Okay, you talk to me. You tell me.”

He said, “You see, there’s a procedure here. I get to ask the questions. You get to answer them, okay?” She said okay.

Facemire asked the defendant’s wife, Kristin Thompson, 13 questions. The Justices did not pass along any of that dialogue.

Gerald Thompson Jr. testified last. He said police threatened him.

After cross examination, Facemire asked him if he told the magistrate that police threatened him.

Thompson said, “No sir, I was scared to.”

Facemire asked if he mentioned it at circuit court hearings.

Thompson said, “No sir, I was scared and I’m scared now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I get out of here, if I do.”

Facemire said, “You would agree, you would have more to lose in this case than the troopers do?” Thompson said yes.

After jurors convicted Thompson, Novobilski appealed. He and assistant attorney general Robert Goldberg argued before the Justices Feb. 27.

Without the REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF the Lemegeton that lurks in the mountainous realms of evil that looks down on all of Crooked County ... may rule forever!

Starcher’s opinion in Thompson’s favor quoted from West Virginia Rules of Evidence that, “…In jury trials the court’s interrogation shall be impartial so as not to prejudice the parties.”

Starcher quoted a Supreme Court of Appeals opinion that, “A judge may ask questions for the purpose of clearing up points that seem obscure, and supplying omissions which the interest of justice demands, but it is not proper that he conduct an extended examination of any witness.”

Starcher wrote, “…The nature of the questions, especially when coupled with the questioning of trooper Stevenson, suggested to the jury that the trial judge had assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney!”

We were told late Friday evening that the attorney representing the defendant in the “Travesty” case, made the same statement when he first read

357 Evy Campbell smiling like a bitch after beating a murder charge! A recent comment left on the GFP by a concerned citizen stated the matter correctly HOUGH WAS THE PROSECUTOR ON EVERETT CAMPBELL’S MURDER TRIAL,AND HE LET KNOWN FAMILY MEMBERS AND CLOSE FAMILY FRIENDS SIT IN AS JURY MEMBERS,FAMILY MEMBER SHACKLEFORD SAT ON THAT JURY AND CAMPBELL WALKED SCOTT FREE ON A MURDER TRIAL.GILMER COUNTY IS VERY CORRUPT--I think this is a tragedy that a man can kill another in cold blood and still walk the streets. I think that we here in the USA have the best court system in the world but it has flaws. I suppose there are more votes from Campbell and his family and friends than there is from Medley and his family and friends who lived over 100 miles away. Medley was a loving father and a good friend of mine who I will miss very much. He had three great kids who will miss him much more than me. I hope the Judge in this case sleeps well at night because many of Medley’s family will not for some time to come. Carl Robinson, friend of Mark Medley

the court record in the “Travesty of Justice” case, “The judge had assumed the role of the prosecuting attorney.”

For over 18 months, Central West Virginia Bloggers have been trying to present the truth to the people of West Virginia. Finally… some of the facts involving cases we have been discussing and reporting about have been proven true. These cases are only one example.

Soon we hope to bring you news of more misconduct involving Gerry “Just OK” Hough, and the Chief Deputy Bandy criminal trial.

Notice you are never told of any of this “True information” or hear any truths from the local Crooked County Rag…. The Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder. Yeah… they’re the pathfinder of bullshit!

(The SS covering of the Bandy trial will go down in history of top-notch reporting and excellent foresight by calling the outcome of the Bandy Case more than 15 months in advance! The Calhoun County Chief Deputy Bandy Criminal case goes down in history for the most well documented case that was also a complete disgrace for the fine State of West Virginia …in the fact that Gerald Hough Special Prosecutor assigned to the case acted as defense counsel instead of a prosecutor and the judge assigned to the case is on record for reminding Hough that his motions were the motions of defense counsel not a prosecutor!)

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  1. Crooked County Crooks

    I noticed that someone was bringing up the Everette Campbell murder trial again in the local Free Press! I would love to see a courtroom shot of 357 Evy sitting right next to the Lawyer that got Erik Davis off for rape, hey man should have put a shot of Davis in that court, but hell Davis was a GSC football player so the Power Elite would never go for that no can do, hey that reminds me, here is the perfect song for that!!

  2. Does Anybody have anything to read? I need to go take a Beverly Marks!

    Every single time y’all talk about the Crooked County Court or the County Clerk, BM, well it never fails I have to run to bathroom, just like drinking a big ole cup of coffee.

    Does Anybody have anything to read? I need to go take a Beverly Marks!

    Editors note: Well while you are going to take a Beverly Marks, lets talk about the emission commission of gilmer county and how does Brian Kennedy get to spread his demon seed all around the city district that he was elected in and live with wifey way out in Normantown?

    Should we come to a commission meeting with a video camera and law enforcement to have him arrested for serving as a member of the nocturnal emission commission spewing forth with Walrus Love in his elected district, but then living outside the sin way out there in the county far away from where he lays it all down with AS and Sara, oh I hear another song!

    But, this was always a better song!

  3. Fuck yeah!! TEAM RANGERS there is going to be a party party!!

    Well alrighty now! The SUPREME COMMANDER of the Central West Virginia SS has called a HOLIDAY CELEBRATION over the (censored) of(censored censored) TEAM RANGERS-(censored By Reeny) SS (censored) of Calhoun County! Thanks to (censored) and the Central West Virginia SS for the (censored by Reeny) of (censored-censored)! Yeah it’s a Secret, but how the hell you gonna hide a secret like that with all the gunfire fired straight up in the air!!

    Yeah Purple haze!! Light that bitch up it is time to party!! Welcome home HOME BOY!!!

  4. Gerald B Hough is guilty of violation of WV State Code on perjury and paying a state witness to "Test-Lie"

    Is this our America Anymore?

    Is this our West Virginia Anymore?

    Is this our Gilmer County Anymore?

    We will not get our America back and we will not get our West Virginia back or our Gilmer County back either, unless we the people take it back!

    America’s tea party movement was a giant leap forward for organizing people into a political force and voting block that effectively (via the actual numbers and desire for change) brought about change.

    Locally people are tired of having their lives influenced, downgraded and destroyed by decisions of the very few for their own selfish and political reason.

    Early last week a criminal complaint was filed with the highest ranking members of the state police, and the order was given for the Glenville detachment of the State Police to take the criminal complaint filed against GILMER COUNTY PROSECUTOR GERALD B HOUGH for violation of WV state code regarding perjury and subornation of perjury.

    In this instance the crime exactly fits the code.

    Proof exists beyond any reasonable doubt that Hough paid a state witness to commit perjury on the stand.

    Proof exists beyond any reasonable doubt that evidence (a title opinion for property) proves the state witness paid by Hough lied on the stand and did not own the property that was important in a criminal case that ended up in all the highest courts of the United States of America.

    The State Police have no choice but to make an arrest since all the real investigation on this case was done privately, and then handed to them on a silver platter so to speak.

    Because this important arrest specifically deals with a key member of the Power Elite in Glenville will the matter be covered up again and Hough will be allowed to break the law and free to do it again and again and again?

    Will Hough blame the state witness and bring them forth for punishment, while claiming he was innocent and didn’t know they were not the owner of the property they testified to? Hough should have done his homework, but once again, he did not.

    I wonder if we should take a poll on the matter?

    Who feels that Gerry Hough should be arrested and made to the pay the price for his crimes? But, especially since Hough paid cash money for false testimony and confused a jury by claiming the false witness that he paid to lie was a V I C T I M — when in actuality we ALL are the victims of illegal procedure brought on by Hough on an almost daily basis.

    Who feels that the State Police in Glenville will pass the investigation of the crime committed by Hough on up to headquarters, where the lawyers for the governor will attempt to sweep the matter under the rug, therefore bringing a federal investigation of their cover up as has occurred in the past?

    Who feels that we can no longer stand by and let crimes committed by the “Power Elite” really running things in Gilmer County occur with no consequence for their actions?

    (IE local lawyers being in possession of what were once secured county documents- voter fraud- etc.)


    Gilmer County Judge Larry Starcher was in Glenville on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 11:00 AM to reconsider the sentence he handed down in the case of State of West Virginia vs. John Manis Richards.

    In March of 2010 Richards was sentenced to 1-10 years in the penitentiary and immediately began serving his sentence.

    On Friday Judge Starcher suspended the remainder of his sentence and placed Mr. Richards on home confinement at the home of his father, Morris Richards, in Parkersburg through March 2011.

    After his home confinement is completed John Richards will then be on 5 years probation, and during that time he is not allowed to visit stores selling building supplies.

    John Richards must also pay $20.00 a month to Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin, which will go toward his court appointed fees.

    Previously he had paid all of his court costs and restitution, which Judge Starcher commended him for.

    Richards was represented by Christopher Moffatt of Charleston, WV.

    Editors note: Welcome home Johnny!

  6. FREE SPEECH * Council of Concerned Citizens tell it like is ... on the GILMER FREE PRESS!

    Thanks goes to the Gilmer Free Press for providing another year of FREE SPEECH.

    Although the alternative news services of Central West Virginia took a serious hit when The CalPatty Press and sister site Crooked County Crooks were yanked from the Internet late last summer. Still, five years later after the creation of those websites, the flag of truth is still standing and free speech lives on at the Gilmer Free Press!

    The Secret Seven always brings to Gilmer County the REAL TRUTH and the REAL STORY as it has done for five years. I am told that the SS will be providing full time service to the area in the year 2011.

    Twenty Ten – was a year of progress in discovering the misconduct among the public officials in Gilmer County and members of the court were every bit as bad, or maybe even worse than we have been describing it for years. Our years of complaining about the County Clerk and questionable actions and procedure by local Power Elite finally got brought to the attention of the rest of the state with mainstream news coverage.

    High ranking members of the alternative news service the Secret Seven this afternoon announced that West Virginia State Police are trying to say the latest criminal complaint brought against Gerry Hough is protected by a three year statute of limitations involving the state code on perjury. Actually, they are ignoring the fact that new evidence was discovered and counsel for the Supreme Court already established the fact, that when new evidence is brought forward, then, any existing statute is re-set. Of course the state police had no answer when asked did they know that there is no statute of limitation for any felony?

    It appears that the state police and the high ranking state officials are attempting to make their own rules when matters are brought forward that a crime has been committed by a law enforcement agent, that prove beyond any doubt there was a crime committed, whether or not that member of law enforcement is governed by the County or the State.

    It is these types of actions brought on by the State Police that move in to protect guilty individuals that must change in every community in West Virginia!

    We the people deserve an outcome which is favorable to the citizens and that the person complained of is not above the law. The state police just today made a statement that they plan on protecting Gerald B Hough because of a three years statute of limitation on the state code regarding perjury. They ignored the new evidence brought forward which is highly illegal. New evidence resets that statute of limitations.

    According to the State Police, Gerry Hough is protected by the statute of limitations, but they are blatantly wrong, since new evidence was brought before them. Also, the state police are ignoring state law that provides no statute of limitations on a felony. And since this was perjury on a felony case, this is a felony perjury charge against Hough.

    What do we do when our own state police are not honest and make up their own rules!?

    By Anonymous on 12.22.2010


    Accolades to the GFP for having courage to give the County the gift of what is needed most which is an unfettered and real-time opportunity for freedom of speech. An informed citizenry will process the information on the GFP to make correct decisions at the polls to mold the County into a better place to live by dealing with crime, corruption, and oppression by the power elite. The time is over when shady deals can be pulled off in secret by wearers of fancy suits who pose as community pillars while treating common citizens as surfs. Salutes to the Ramezan project!

    By Rno405 on 12.22.2010


  7. The real answer is that it all boils down to the individual. From
    now on, true authority will progress from the bottom up, as people
    take back their individual power from all forms of failed external
    jurisdiction. And it is only through conscious self-awareness and
    self-responsibility that we can become more effective individuals!

    Today we stand United! The time is now…to take back our Freedom!

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