“IT AIN’T ME BABE,” was first used by RINA McCOY just last year – DeMarino files complaints against State Troopers in Calhoun County and QUITS last spring! Seth Denmark will be appearing in Calhoun Circuit Court in January!

By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor/Reporter for the Cosmos- reconstructed from files obtained from the bottom of the Crooked River!

Not many people know this, and we don’t expect the mainstream press to report on the matter that Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino filed complaints against WV State Troopers Starcher and Starsic involving a local murder investigation– And was in the perfect position to blow the lid off the cover-ups and corruption taking place on a daily basis in Calhoun County, West Virginia!

Shelly Morris DeMarino who many say will be the next PA of Gilmer County

….According to a treasured and secret member of the Central West Virginia’s Secret  Seven Coalition!

But, Shelly decided to get out of DODGE or in this case Grantsville and say screw it to all the Calhoun County Crap!

Looking as happy as the day she embraced Todd Smith on the Courthouse steps…Power Elite Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino quits over disagreement with covering for the WV State Police just last spring in early 2010!

Were Calhoun County West Virginia State Police involved in coverup?

Many complained of the State Police in Calhoun County, but they had good reason to and even the person in charge SGT CJ ELLYSON was fired from the State Police and removed from his position when evidence for important cases were gone from the evidence locker!

Losing evidence is most definitely and indication of a cover up since a trial against a law enforcement officer from Calhoun County was disturbed by the loss of evidence, in fact SEVEN FELONY charges had to be dismissed over the mystery of no evidence being available for a simple prosecution.



The stories reported in the press are many in the continuing saga and struggle between Bob Weaver and specifically Doug Starcher from the West Virginia Department of Public Safety. The latest incident occurred when Starcher grabbed a camera from Weavers hands while he was taking photo’s for the Hur Herald of a news worthy event.

The matter was related by Rina McCoy of the CalPatty Press!

“From what I read on the internet the CalPatty Press specifically picks on Doug Starcher and often is involved in telling tall tales of drunkenness and cruelty. Well I, for one, if asked …   “It ain’t me babe! I ain’t the one you’re lookin for! “

“I ain’t taking credit for no Dougie doo doo! I report whatever it is, nothing personal, just in case it is me with big Doug in the rear view, uh oh, hear come the lights!! ”

“It Ain’t Me babe!  I ain’t the one you’re lookin for!”

William Seth Denmark accused of murder and making man dig his own grave while teen girl watches

But last spring the Calhoun County detachment of the State Po Po got nasty with Shelly DeMarino and Shelly confided to close friends that she was definitely threatened by the actions of the State Po Po and what exactly was said by them  to her!

Shelly Morris DeMarino is a member of the Power Elite from Glenville, West Virginia!  She could no longer be a part of bad doings in Calhoun County and just look the other way. Calhoun County is considered to be far beneath anyone from the Power Elite in Glenville and she felt she couldn’t get too deeply involved in the bad doings of the  drawling Calhoun County folk with their thick backwoods accents (sounding just like Lame Smith the clerk from the circuit court in Crooked County) and still come out smelling like a rose!

For the record Calhoun County Prosecutor Shelly DeMarino said she is resigning, citing, “An irreparable breakdown in the relationship between my office and the WV State POLICE!

Jackie Lynn Denmark the mother was released on bail pending further action

DeMarino said,

“I believe that the citizens of Calhoun County deserve better!”

“It is with much regret that I resign…There have been matters that have arisen that I feel make it impossible for me to continue in this capacity,” DeMarino said.

“The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision,” she continued.

While the prosecutor did not comment further on the reasons for her resignation, problems reportedly reached a boiling point after Cpl. Doug Starcher expressed anger over the release of public information of a recent criminal complaint involving the Denmark murder investigation.

Criminal complaints are public information in West Virginia.

The Dad William Anthony has a mysterious violent past! Could more bodies be found buried on family owned property?

Cpl. Starcher was reportedly upset that information in the complaint could bring harm to a witness by being published in the media, although all persons who are charged with a crime get a copy of the criminal complaint, essentially making the officers concerns invalid.

DeMarino’s resignation indicated a number of ongoing problems that she says has made the relationship inoperable in fulfilling her duties.

The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven Coalition believes much of the hard feelings involve the case of Seth Denmark and the murder investigation of the local Denmark family from Calhoun County. William Albert “Seth” Denmark,  of the Beech area and Spencer was convicted of a kidnapping charge and is now a suspect in the murder case. Denmark’s father, William Denmark, has also been arrested.

William Denmark, his wife Jackie and son Seth have all been arrested on charges related to an alleged shooting, a kidnapping and a report by a witness alleging that Seth Denmark, 23, shot David Beach in the head and buried him in a grave four years ago.

By orders of the Secret Seven Coaltion and the CCC from Elkins, WV the CalPatty Press was asked to STAND DOWN on ANY reporting of the Denmark murder and or ANY of the subsequent investigations into the murder, or related shooting incidents.

We were ordered by our own superiors to shut the Fuck up about the Denmark Murder and forget about it– do not publish any further information on the matter what-so -ever!

We have been told that entire matter is too dangerous, and quite frankly so are all the people involved. Indeed it is a rare occurrence for a matter to become so dangerous, that we were ordered NOT TO REPORT ON THE MATTER IN ANY WAY by order of the SS!

It appears that Shelly Morris DeMarino got the same memo we did…it was pretty simple the matter was too dangerous to report on or be involved in!

Shelly quit just last Spring and NO PROGRESS has been made on the Denmark murder case, in fact the matter appears to have become a non-matter with no effort being given to solving the murder and in time, as we know … people forget! However, Denmark will appear in court in January and hopefully local citizens will be updated about the allegations of murder.

But, it is hard to forget about being sunk to the bottom of the Crooked River last August the 11th after the July 22, 2010 article authored by Two-Faced Two Lane Ain’t living long like this magazine editor Lisa Minney entitled “It ain’t me Babe!”

But,  after recovering this “Lost File” from last spring it was discovered the term, “It Ain’t Me Babe” was actually used by Lil Reeny several months before the turncoat Lisa Minney used it!

So the TWO-FACED TWO LANE Ain’t Living Long Like this version of It ain’t me babe was only a copy- cat premise for an article that started the War for FREE SPEECH in WV  …the state that considers itself it’s own country and can make up it’s own rules not part of the US or America!

Hopefully Shelly is getting ready to take the place of Gerald B Hough as Prosecuting Attorney  cuz rumor has it that Gerry will be out of office soon over his misconduct and Shelly will be the shoe- in to get the job done in an appropriate manner befitting to what the citizens deserve.

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  1. Gilmer (or any county) does not deserve a Prosecutor that is too afraid to prosecute any case. If you have as much clout from your family as everyone believes that should never be a problem. They are able to hurt anyone else. The State Police shouldn’t be any different. I personally have a problem with someone acknowledging criminal activity in a public organization and supporting it. If Hough supports “testilying” and De Marino supports Police corruption and becomes personally involved with them on a regular basis which makes any of their cases guilty or not per whim of the Prosecutor, I don’t see a better choice. I foresee business as usual. Isn’t there an attorney in either county that believes and follows through with the laws of the land while using common sense and showing some mercy when it is warranted?

    Editors note:Bringing Shelly in would definitely be the choice considered that would bring about the result of “Business as usual,” but that would be the only alternative the Power Elite would accept. I would be the last one to stick up for Shelly Morris because she can do that for herself, but the situation was certainly one that might provoke fear if you were made aware of all the facts that even the SS won’t speak of. Suffice it to say that there are more buried bodies than have been reported on the Denmark property even though that is not the real name of the family since the dad has a very interesting and violent past. Shelly had reason to be afraid since the police threatened her with bodily harm more or less. DeMarino felt unsafe and unprotected and threatened just so you are more aware of the facts. Quite frankly all the people involved in that debacle are crazy as fuck and dangerous. Sometimes it is just better to leave and she did to get away from the madness.

    But, whoever is to replace Hough will be someone that will play ball like he did with all the illegal underhanded dealings including the rapes and the murders. Hough was real good about covering up real crimes, but got a bit out of hand with his created crimes and becoming involved in civil matters that conflicted with the office of prosecuting attorney.

    In a nutshell, Hough is about a dumb ass and an embarrassment to the WV bar association, or if not an embarrassment on the books currently, he soon will be!

  2. HUR HERALD sums up DENMARK CASE and DeMarino Resignation!

    DENMARK CASE PENDING – Since State Police brought multiple charges against Seth Denmark, a criminal complaint accusing him of killing and burying teen David Beach with a key witness claiming she was kidnapped and witnessed the incident, several other charges related to Denmark and his family have been dropped or restructured. No body has been found. Seth Denmark will be appearing in Calhoun Circuit Court in January.

    PROSECUTOR RESIGNS OVER STATE POLICE PROBLEMS – Calhoun prosecutor Shelly Morris DeMarino resigned, saying “The situation between myself and law enforcement has led me to this decision … There have been matters that have arisen that I feel make it impossible for me to continue in this capacity.”

    West Virginia State Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous said he was not aware of the situation or alleged problem in Calhoun County, but “would talk to senior staff and get an answer,” according to a Charleston Gazette story. No explanation was forthcoming.

    Newly assigned State Policemen to the Grantsville detachment are responding and appear to be dealing professionally with the public.

  3. Gilmer County Citizens SPEAK OUT about the criminal public officials!!

    Recent Comments

    It will come as a great disappointment to the common people to find out the Butchers and several others have been protected at the highest levels of the State Government.

    This fact has been found out by filing complaints and witnessing the chain of consideration for the misconduct.

    Finally we may be able to bring criminal action against the high level counsel for the state for recognizing a crime occurred, then covering up the matter so as not to embarrass the county, state, or individual involved in the criminal activity.

    It was a situation involving convincing evidence that proved Gerald B Hough was guilty of bringing false value and false evidence to a grand jury that got a federal agency commissioned to investigate Hough for criminal wrongdoing in a felony case.

    A similar complaint against Hough filed with the State Police is being closely watched.

    Counsel for the WV state Government has proved to be corrupt!

    By Anonymous on 01.02.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    One problem affecting Gilmer citizen’s being informed is confusion regarding allegations involving the Butcher’s.

    What was their alleged involvement in the local election, the land deal below the I. L. Morris Bridge, the reported failure of lawful legal advertisements being made for GSC’s Pioneer Village bond issue, and Madge Butcher’s political donation to the Democratic Party while being listed as retired and residing at P.O. Box 100?

    The last reference is a violation of federal elections laws which has involved severe penalties for others who got caught, but why have we not heard about any government intervention for this case?

    Another concern involving the controversial dorm complex at GSC is who would be its owner if there were to be a default on the loan? Because the bond money went to a tax exempt, non-profit, would the dorm be auctioned off on the court house steps for pennies on the dollar to mean that GSC, the State, or the County would not have ownership?

    Another issue involves the County’s financial rating. Did the last bond issue for GSC’s dorm, while Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors, affect the County’s ability to borrow future money particularly should there be a default?

    Also, did Beverly Marks or GSC’s Board of Governors have anything to do with the first legal advertisement for the new dorm bond issue hearing not being posted timely to meet legal requirements? Beverly’s name was on the first document in the local newspaper and it had to be reprinted.

    Lastly, it would be informative to Gilmer citizens to know how much money B & B have made, directly and indirectly, through their decades long involvement with GSC.

    By Anonymous on 01.02.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    Rno 487,
    Your own listing of what provides entitlement to power and description of what such power conveys provides the answers.
    From GSC Alumni, Housing Corp., Board of Governors, Land Development and Banking Boards they appear over and over.
    I am not so sure that widespread public admiration has been engendered. There is nothing mythical about the conditions endured by the citizens of Gilmer County and these are not the only participants in the play. It just so happens they have been named in recent legal cases regarding estates and land transactions and so, brought to the forefront.

    There is nothing”mythical” about it. However, your reference to The Emperor’s New Clothes fits precisely the feeling of the citizens after the election results exposed the naked truth of what their future will hold.

    By Anonymous on 01.01.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    To the Gilmer Free Press: I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for giving us the people of Gilmer County the means to be able to say what we think and how we feel about things happening in our county without having to use our names and fear repercussions if we did so.
    The POWER in our county has kept things quiet and has been controlled by them for a long time because we did not have the resources for us common people to voice this and have our eyes opened wider.
    A lot of things have come out in the open and this is not what the powerful want.
    They lose their control then. The things they are doing come to light to us and they are no longer able to hide their dirty work.
    I will and hope others will have the Faith to stay in this race with the GFP till the last crook in our county has crossed the wrong line and the battle for freedom of our speech has been won. Then and only then, will Gilmer County belong to the people and not the crooks.
    Prayers and support to the Gilmer Free Press. Keep up the good work.

    By Rno335 on 01.01.2011

    Question: What empowers them (B&B) to be king pins of control at GSC, the County court house, local elections, the County Commission, the local school system, law enforcement, protection by the State’s legal system, and getting by with alleged irregularities with their firm’s estate work?

    Answer: The fact that they have fooled all in the past and have found support for their Greed and the need for personal gain that includes any cost being paid for by the community, while being protected by the public officials the Power Elite helped place in their locally manipulative positions.

    Hans Christian Anderson made some good observations and changed the original ending to that tale that was published in 1837. But, this situation is different since many spoke out about the obvious errors in policy and the totalitarian control stolen by the few that rule with threat of arrest over the many that have been kept in their place by fear of retribution. That fear is not unwarranted, and truly the few control the many through means that are more than transparent to a more educated community. We are looking through them now, and the allegations of wrongdoing at the courthouse were made clear when a federal judge stated last month that the customary way of doing things inside the Gilmer County Courthouse directly conflicted with state law.

    By Rno490 on 01.01.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    With the complex web of entanglements involving alleged Gilmer wrong doing it is challenging for citizens to know what to believe.
    One factor causing the intrigue is repetitive reference to B&B.
    If allegations have any shred of provable evidence, what empowers them to be king pins of control at GSC, the County court house, local elections, the County Commission, the local school system, law enforcement, protection by the State’s legal system, and getting by with alleged irregularities with their firm’s estate work?
    Power usually is linked to personal wealth, influential friends in high places, lineages instilling generational influence, and earned reputations to engender widespread public admiration.
    Also, power can be based on influences of perceptions of unchallenged validity to make assumptions mythical but widely believed.
    Could reports of B&B’s roles in Gilmer be a modern day example of Hans Christian Anderson’s theme in his Emperor’s New Clothes story?

    By Rno487 on 12.31.2010

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    Jean Butcher is of course related to the Butcher brothers by marriage.
    Why do you think Beverly Marks, Brian and Tara Kennedy took such a shine to her?
    When you have a puppet you’re sure you can control life becomes much easier until you get caught.

    By Rno482 on 12.30.2010

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    Voting SLATES and bought and paid for votes are all part of a family tradition in Glenville. Jean Butcher is not related to the members of the Butcher law firm. Jean Butcher is pseudo Power Elite and the thought of being a full fledged member will be used like a carrot on a stick for a bad little rabbit that is deeply involved in voter fraud as a “shoe in,“ candidate since she literally had her foot in the door being an assistant to the clerk – and already given the task of covering up the mystery lien on a locally born title for property that shows the original owners as Peter Barr GSC President and the maintenance department head of the college.

    Amber Kroening the investigator for the SoS N. Tennant already proved to be biased and not interested in solving any voter fraud, but only interested in threatening the “Whistle Blowers” with arrest for telling on all the Crooks from up on the hill in Gilmer County that have made the term “Crooked County” stick like Non-Teflon!

    By Anonymous on 12.30.2010

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

    How did Beverly Marks get away with blocking a court order to sell property? A court order from a judge, but not a Gilmer County judge, so Beverly didn’t feel the law applied? Correcto Mundo. Marks takes orders from the Butchers. Was Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher from the law firm of Butcher and Butcher part of that crime? A judge ordered property sold so that Ruth Woofter named to receive interest on an estate that Butcher had control of could not get the medicaid operation she needed while being a property owner and was in need of an immediate operation. A lawyer named Hernstein did the work, but Beverly Marks (BM) blocked the sale and Ruth Woofter died and never received the operation. The proceeds from the property were then distributed among several people that had no contact with Ruth Woofter in over 30 years. How many other criminals showed up to this function?

    By Anonymous on 12.30.2010

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks Retires After 32 Years of Service’.

  4. Shelly Morris DeMarino, please run for PA in Gilmer County… I once shook your hand, and told you “Thanks for coming to the rescue of Calhoun County.”

    Some feel you threw in the towel a little too soon in Calhoun…

    I may know more than most that you did indeed cause some very bad green shirts to leave the county, and one will never wear a green shirt again.

    If you run for PA in Gilmer County, I would like to be the first to say, “Thank you for coming to the rescue of Gilmer County.”

    VOTE – VOTE all ye folks!

    Shelly for Honest Change in Gilmer County

    Editors note: 2012 is when the term is up, but we won’t be able to wait that long to get Gerry Hough out of there. Our efforts are geared towards Hough being gone from the office of Gilmer County Prosecutor ASAP! Hough has allowed a criminal element to prosper by losing evidence that would have convicted law enforcement officers under allegations of committing a crime and has been dishonest with his presentations to grand jurys in an effort to send innocent people to prison for 30 years for what turned out to be no crime at all! Hough has lied to juries and is willing to do whatever illegal and or underhanded effort it takes to win. Hough is extremely dishonest. Hough actually should be in jail for some of the illegal actions he has undertaken while in office.

  5. Crooked County Crooks

    A couple of the biggest CROOKS in CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the CROOKED RIVER Timothy B Butcher and BM (Does anybody have anything to read I need to go take a Beverly Marks) have been telling tall tales and absolute lies about the VOTER FRAUD issue by saying the matter is resolved.

    According to an SS communique just received the VOTER FRAUD issue is very much not resolved and confirmation of that fact was made. It is believed the federal agency investigating the matter is still very much aware that wrongdoing occurred.

    We are all waiting for Natalie Tennant and her minions to botch this investigation, in which the spotlight would immediately be shined on her and the office of Secretary of State for allowing criminal actions to occur and then allowing certain individuals to break the law since they’re so closely associated with IKE MORRIS who is a chief campaign contributor both over and under the table.

    • I wonder who they will blame when Mr. Morris is gone. Does he have money? I doubt he would deny it. Does he make political contributions? Any major business person follows the political scene and supports the efforts to encourage commerce as they see meeting their needs and I doubt he would deny it. But what I do not understand is why the people using this money and their personal affiliates are not absolutely, 100 percent, responsible for their actions. Every associate of the Morris family I have met (or those that claim to be) uses their name at the drop of a pin if they feel it promotes their cause (legal or illegal) or makes them look like they have power. Most seem to feel it is a blanket of protection they deserve while in reality dragging down the Morris family name. I only wish the family would take a closer look at these associates. I have only met and spoken with Mr. & Mrs. Morris infrequently at social functions but found them well spoken, gracious and kind. Every well known business person has hangers on and “want to be” associates. Lay the blame where it belongs.

      Editors note: Your argument is a strong one and the public deserves to hear your opinion, and you may well be warranted in your assessment of the Morris family.

      The blame belongs to the Bitcher of the Butchers and his bro, along with Jean Butcher and one of the most dishonest and biggest Crooked Crooks to hit town in awhile BM aka Beverly Marks. A few others most likely assisted in the criminal endeavor, but IKE is the guy the big guys in Charleston want to protect and they feel they have to protect his henchman too, so the matter will be a cover up, but it is our duty to expose them all and then see that they are held accountable.

      Good hunting!

  6. Our Hearts go out to the Calhoun Sheriff's Department

    Our hats are off and our flags are flying at half-mast for a brave soldier named KAHN!

    Kahn, Calhoun’s first police dog to be actively used for community service, died yesterday following a sudden onset illness.

    The Secret Seven Coalition wishes to express it’s deep concern and appreciation for the fine work of Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee and to a brave dog.

    Please try to have respect for a job well done and for a man who lost his best friend and partner.

  7. Council of Concerned Citizens - CCC Birmingham

    Quite frankly it has me a little choked up about what Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee must be going through today. What a sad sad time in Calhoun County that finally got something they truly needed for their County Sheriffs office…KAHN!

    RIP KAHN you served the people of West Virginia with all your heart and all your soul!

    What a tremendous loss for Calhoun County and what a fine job accomplished by Calhoun County Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee for doing an outstanding job protecting the public and being the other half of a great human-K9 combination!

    We salute Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee!

    We salute KAHN!!

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