Gilmer County Council of Concerned Citizens – The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION Published! This document proves wrongdoing by Hough and Marks!

The Gilmer Free Press: We like to emphasize and state it clearly that the Gilmer Free Press platform is available to anyone that would like to prove this information wrong. The documents presented in this series are actual facts. None of the elected public officials involved want to comment on these documents! They only refer to the court decisions which did not include these documents to say the least. One official has referred to this case as a simple mistake! (Seems to be the SIMPLE EXCUSE for all wrong-doings recently.) We asked everyone to look at the process and wrong doings of public elected officials rather than parties involved. We ask our public elected officials to explain to Gilmer County tax payers why this has happened and how they are going to remedy these so called ‘Simple Mistakes’. Parties involved regardless of who they are have paid a big price for these ‘Simple Mistakes’. How many more are there? We cannot just move on with these clouds over our county. As always The Gilmer Free Press takes a neutral position, and presents the documents from all sides to you to decide. Simply Click on the Highlighted links to see.


Along with 2009-2010 TAX billing to original Owner!
All made public.

Who would have ever considered that at the beginning of 2011 Gilmer County would find itself under serious Criminal and Civil allegations resulting in accusations pointing in the direction of Beverly Marks ( former county clerk)  for wrongdoing involving Public Records fraud, Voter Fraud, Title Fraud, serious federal civil law action, and Election Fraud along with other accusations of wrongful policy!


Black Box found at the courthouse! And much to everyone's surprise inside was Lizzie Butcher practicing some Box Banging and taking Public Records Theft and Title Fraud lessons after the courthouse is closed ...just like dad!

Don’t forget unreasonable notice and false billing of taxes on a piece of property that was WANTED and missing and a matter of important evidence in a high profile Gilmer County Criminal Court Case that climbed as high as the United States Supreme Court in Washington DC!

The MYSTERY 1/6th to the “Travesty of Justice-Junk Farm Equipment” case that was in the WV court system for years is found and the original owner billed for back taxes.  Here is the proof!

Ticket number 1395913960, 13961 (these three tax ticket numbers represent the missing 1/6th! (Click on Tickets to View)

It was the same 1/6th piece of property missing from the majority opinion authored by Justice Davis, and the same missing one sixth recently found because the original owners were billed for back taxes just last October, 2010 and billed five long years after the property was legally sold by court order to Cecil Leon Ramsey of Glenville, WV!

You cannot make these up if you try! This title opinion brought to us by a contributor to the Gilmer Free Press proves that ownership belongs to Cecil Leon Ramsey and he IS the title holder and should not be responsible to pay back taxes on the missing 1/6th hidden by The Gilmer County Prosecutor and The Previous Gilmer County Clerk!!
This same property, as represented by Title opinion was sold on the court house steps November 18, 2010 as mentioned in the article entitled: ‘Title Fraud and Premeditated Criminal Actions in Gilmer County’.  This title opinion also represents 1/6th F in A-F explanation of division of property mentioned in the felony court case.
Why is no one arrested and why are public officials not held accountable for theft and wrong doings??
Please follow the link and read the Title Fraud article so that you will understand this latest addition to the Title Fraud evidence, as the Gilmer County Concerned Citizens reveal another crime has been committed by the office of the Gilmer County Clerk. When you finish reading that article, please read this one: ‘WV STATE POLICE PROTECT GILMER COUNTY PROSECUTOR – QUOTE ONLY CODE IN WV WITH STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS’.
Also, feel free to review the latest article and please listen to the tape. If you cannot access the audio file please e-mail a request and we can e-mail it to you to listen to. Please review this recent presentation with pictures and audio at: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.
During trial, Ms. Marilyn Matheny, a partner of Lemon’s Farm Equipment,
valued the equipment to be approximately $1,200. On December 14, 2005, the jury found the appellant guilty of petit larceny in violation of W.Va. Code § 61-3-13(b), the lesser- included offense of grand larceny, a violation of W.Va. Code § 61-3-13(a).1 The circuit court then sentenced the appellant to one year in the state penitentiary.

Notice how Justice Davis says that the defendant that was convicted of a misdemeanor for the RUSTED FARM EQUIPMENT was sent to prison and served the exact same time as Everette Campbell did for murder! One Year!

If you read that article and listen to the tape you will find that by the time the farm equipment case made it to the WV Supreme Court Justice Davis had come up with a figure never before on the court record. The rusted junk with a worth of less than 400 now had climbed in value to $1,200 thanks to an evil and dishonest Supreme Court Justice.

The matter would be officially decided at a felony level even if it was for a crime that never actually happened, but that is how they do it in Gilmer County., and that is how they do it in Charleston at the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Coffee, tea, me, breasts, cocaine? Come by our after hours office party! We can show ya how to make Titles disappear in a Gilmer County minute! ( Breasts in this photo are real and the property of Lexie Butcher)(Cocaine provided by Ashley Millers boyfriend from Mobile, Alabama)

And further, this missing one sixth proved by Title opinion to exist and be in the ownership of Cecil Leon Ramsey happened during the same month the majority opinion was being authored at the Supreme Court by Justice Davis, making her account of the distribution of property in error in the highest court in the state. This is what Justice Davis said:

The appellants mother owns two-sixths of the property through one-sixth heirship and a purchase of one-sixth of the property from Mr. Tommy Ross Gainer, the grandson of Ramona Bingman’s aunt, Dora Gainer. The appellant’s uncle, Roger Rafferty, owns three-sixths of the property, acquiring two-sixths by heirship and purchasing one-sixth from his cousin, Richard Woofter.

On his property near his home, Roger Rafferty owned and kept various items of farming equipment including a five-foot-tiller, a four-foot brush hog, a potato plow, a four-row-cultivator, and a boom pole.

As you can hear by evidence of the SECRET AUDIO the Farm Equipment was rusted used junk purchased in 1980 and the tape was made in September of 2004 -24 years later!

Can anyone explain how Gilmer County can get a lie like that of those in the Gilmer County Court saying old used , rusted equipment was worth new retail prices all the way past the WV Supreme Court?!

If you add up Chief Justice Davis’ account in her majority opinion you can see that she made the opinion without consideration of who paid the taxes on the one sixth that was missing and then mentioned each piece of equipment we all heard given a value of much less than what Chief Justice Davis told the court and the other justices. It was never the home of Roger Rafferty. The home was equally owned. Gerald B Hough had the title pulled to cover his lie to the circuit court and then the matter was never explained in Supreme Court. The defendant spent two years complaining to counsel about non truthful facts being brought forward to Supreme Court.

These documents are proof the complaints were true and honest. Also countless complaints were made in writing that Davis specifically mentioned facts that were never part of the circuit court record by making the majority decision based upon the false fact that the defendant removed farm equipment from property not owned by his family, which was never mentioned in the court record, and not true or mentioned in previous court appearances. Clearly the defendant never moved or ever even touched the equipment and that was a matter of record. Davis lied.

Please regard these documents as proof that a crime has been committed by Previous Gilmer County Clerk for pulling the title to the missing one sixth to hide the ownership involving the Travesty of Justice case. By pulling the title to the missing 1/6th this act covered for a lie told to a Felony Jury by the Gilmer County Prosecutor and prevented the WV Supreme Court from recognizing equal ownership in a close 3 to 2 decision.

"Tell that old fuck out there that we only take CASH if he wants to pay his taxes! No checks! Now get in here! Time to party!!"

~~  By Editor Edison Gilmer County Concerned Citizens ~~

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  1. Gerry Hough is saying it is all a lie everything being read on the internet, however the posting of the Title Opinion above first used in a court case in July of 2010 PROVES that HOUGH is GUILTY of SUBORNATION of PERJURY!!

    Quite frankly the person he paid 700 dollars to lie on the stand did not own the property to which they testified that they owned.

    Hough told the jury this person was a victim which all that person was, was a person paid by Hough to lie and now they are all caught.

    So, why has there been no arrests?

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  3. Council of Concerned Citizens

    Dear anonymous you wrote:
    ”Katie dear,
    Please get your facts straight.. there is no reason to throw Hough out of First Baptist Church in Glenville,, he left there about 2 years ago and has gone elsewhere. He is somebody else’s bad apple.
    Last time I heard, churches are for sinners too~~”

    I agree with you. Sinners go to church attempting to washout their sin. But that is not the reason he goes to church. Hough uses the church to cover up his sins. He hopes people think as a church goer he would never do anything criminal. He is a fake man who has taken many families apart while dealing with drug czars and letting their dealers go. Just take a look around in downtown Glenville and the ball games. Also take a look at his record.
    By Katie 953 on 01.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.
    GFP: A Comment to Our Readers:
    We are at a crucial crossroads in this county.
    We have been on the front lines of the fight for equal justice for all, and we have never seen such an assault on our county as we are currently experiencing.
    That is why The Gilmer Free Press is involved in defending virtually every facet of Justice—from the assault on our rights by the local governmental invasions on our Public Records, Public Funds, and Injustice for All.
    We have always believed that citizens should use all their skills to impact this ongoing culture of corruption.
    That is what makes The Gilmer Free Press different. We want to empower our citizens to be counterweights to an increasingly intrusive and powerful influence by only a few in Gilmer County who make their own rules.
    The Gilmer Free Press is also different because we help those who are oppressed regardless of their religion, race, ideology or social status.
    In this way, we aim to use the law to impact culture by challenging the expansion of local government power in an illegal way and protecting our God-Given Rights.
    Standing together, we can make a difference.
    Thank you for doing your part in the fight for freedom.
    —The Gilmer Free Press
    By GFP on 01.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION!’.
    The Gilmer County Prosecutor, Gerry Hough likes to vocally express to all at the courthouse how everything they read in the Gilmer Free Press is a lie.
    The documents published are LEGAL DOCUMENTS that prove exactly what the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County have been saying all along is true.
    The Gilmer County Concerned Citizens are seeking Justice for everyone equally.
    The TRUTH was proven by legal documents and a Secret Audio file.
    Laws have been broken by public officials.
    Gilmer County Prosecutor has a habit of knowingly bringing false evidence to a grand jury and a trial jury, and now in this case (which is one of several) years later it is proven that what HE did was against the law.
    Perjury and subornation of perjury are serious allegations, and evidence indicates a crime has been in committed in the Gilmer County Courts.
    All the misconduct The Gilmer County Prosecutor was accused of in this case has been PROVEN to be TRUE and pre-meditated wrong doing.
    The SECRET AUDIO tells the whole story and so do the documents presented.
    We need to ask the Governor himself to step in and hold all accountable for their wrongdoing!

    By Gilmer County Concerned Citizens on 01.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION!’.
    Yelp… the cats out of the bag. It’s time for Change.
    By ChangeItPlease on 01.20.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION!’.

  4. Gilmer County Concerned Citizens need to know that...

    The citizens of Gilmer County need to know that these documents prove that Hough knowingly paid someone to say they owned the property in an important court case and further, that this Title Opinion clearly states that the state witness does not own nor never owned the property they testified to ownership to in a Gilmer County Court.

    Gerald B Hough was telling people in the court house it was all a big mistake. Hough just can’t quit lying! Of course, that was before we published the title opinion, now it is obvious the big mistake was Hough for NOT doing his homework.

    The title opinion cost 5,000 dollars! Should the Gilmer County Court have to pay for the cost since it is a document that proved them all guilty including the judge/ Fuck yeah they should pay, but they will refuse to, even though it was a needed document to prove their guilt.

    Hough, Marks, Facemire they all do anything they want knowing they are protected.

    Should we demand the removal of the State Police from Gilmer County if they are NOT GOING TO DO THEIR JOB!

    I say get the fuck out!! The State Police have been covering up crimes of public officials in Glenville for far too long.

    Hough was proved a liar by this very document and was proved guilty of a crime.

    Are we going to let the State Police protect another criminal like Hough.

    If they do, we are fully capable of taking the law into our own hands this time, for really what choice have the Powers that Be left us.

    Lawyers for the defendants family say they believe the evidence recently uncovered a crime that involved an attempt to steal the property and they named Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham, and Tim and Terry Butcher along with Beverly Marks and Gerald Hough all being directly involved in hiding evidence and THEFT of a title that was closely associated with the infamous Woofter case.

    Roanna Rafferty, Danny Marks, Shirley Ball, Marilyn Matheny, Dean Marks, Roger Rafferty and others have been accused of false testimony, but also, that would be testi-lying in conjunction with false evidence presented by the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department. So when the cops are working with citizens to set some one sent up the Crooked River on a created crime, then you know the entire system is so corrupted as to call for a complete change.

    Please advise all citizens, this Title Opinion is ultimate proof of Hough’s guilt for subornation of perjury.

  5. Judge FACEMIRE will have SECRET TAPE AIRED on local media source.

    The next evidence to be revealed to the public will be a recording of Judge Facemire making wrongful statements in court, that he later denied to the Judicial Investigation Commission and even mispronouncing the word Despicable! A Mr FOX at the Judicial Investigation Commission covered for the lie of FACEMIRE, but now all will hear that Judge Richard A FACEMIRE showed a high degree of bias and prejudice against a defendant in the 14th District Circuit Court, and then lied about his disgusting statements to authorities investigating the wrongdoing of Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire!

    Facemire will be exposed for this criminal activity by Gilmer County Concerned Citizens that are currently in possession of the Secret Audio file.

    Also, Christopher Todd Smith may be brought up on new charges dealing with his conspiracy to work with rogue police officers, having to do with creating crimes against targeted individuals. A search of Smiths mothers home uncovered letters to the jail from a woman that told local Calhoun County residents that her name was AVA LYNCH and then changed that to SUSAN, but SS members have her address and real name.

    Truly a conspiracy exists to cause SS members harm, by conspiring to have them accused of crimes that never occurred. Smith said he was working hand in hand with Sheriff Mickey Metz.

    Metz is also accused of not acting on a complaint against Gerald B Hough in December of 2007.

    • On the audio Matheny said “you mean the stolen property” and the case wasn’t due in court until Tuesday. That proves she had been told the defendant was guilty and what the particulars were before she was ever put on the stand as a so called expert witness. She knew what the worth of that equipment had to be in order to get a criminal conviction and very possibly puts the word on the street to future hand picked jurors. This case is just another example of the courts being told by the Prosecutor, the State and County Police what the verdict must be and the elected Judge says OK. A fair trial, what a joke! No one in this county is innocent before proven guilty unless they have the right connections and/or play ball. Metz is elected and for sure won’t even attempt to prove illegal actions by any of his elected buddies. That wouldn’t play too well at the polls as they all have their loyalty votes. I’m sure Todd Smith is not the only snitch they’ve had or currently have on call. He just worked it for all he could get. When you have a Prosecutor or two in your pocket with a Sheriff and maybe a couple of State Policemen I would bet that life can get real interesting. What do the powers that be care about who gets hurt? As long as it’s not them everything is just OK. By the way, I wonder, Who Did Kill Fred Hill!?

      Editors note: Great observation. Matheny was PAID to lie to the court also by Hough, investigators recently found out. Also, the equipment was NOT sold to Roger Rafferty and he did not own it. Expert attorneys said the equipment was heirship property and not subject to any criminal prosecution. Hough hid the title that would prove an equal heirship. Hough committed a crime and formed a conspiracy with Matheny.

      We do know who killed Fred Hill and have done interviews by phone and in person of the people that were there. And if we know, you can bet the police know too. Fred was murdered within two minutes of walking out the back door. He was hit multiple times about the head and shoulders as soon as he was put out the back. It was all a PLANNED set up to teach a boy from out of town to keep his mouth shut and his hands off the girls, even if some of those bitches are nothing but little white trash piece of shit whores. The Gilmer County Sheriffs office withheld information from the State Police and sanctioned the murder.

  6. If y’all are serious about taking care of business and the man is really guilty your best bet is just get yourself a good long strong rope and handle the trial by jury all by yourselves. No fuss No muss no more bullshit.

    Editors note:Interesting concept, can’t say as I disagree. Dude deserves it and more, and you may never know your suggestions could truly be the perfect solution given the atrocity of the crimes committed.

  7. Council of Concerned Citizens-Birmingham Alabama

    There has been a change in status concerning the Gilmer County Assessor Gary Wolfe! SS from Gilmer County, WV informs us that Gary Wolfe is covering for the crimes and misconduct of the Gilmer County Clerk and Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney. Wolfe has been officially placed on the list of Crooks from Crooked County.

    The Crooks from Crooked County put Gary Wolfe’s son in jail and seem to have a hold on him, so he is busy denying the allegations of wrongdoing right along side Marks and Hough according to a report from Calhoun Counties Rina McCoy.

    Good news comes in the way of interviews conducted by our representative referred to earlier today as KANOOK of the NORTH.

  8. can i take a turn with tammy too?

    Editors note: Don’t say that holding your tongue.Why not, take a turn with Tammy! If she pulled her panties to the side for (censored), then why not for you? Fucking anybody would be better than fucking pencil dick Gerry Hough. Give Tamara Stalnaker some girth of the earth and she will love you forever, while screaming it comes all the way up to here and pointing to her stomach in front of her girlfriends. Get it up tight!!

  9. calvin campbell

    In regards to this letter,
    My name is Calvin Campbell,yes I am Everett Campbell’s brother.
    The facts you state in this article regarding me are not true.I left Gilmer county in 1995,thank god for that too.To set the record straight,I do not know who Gerry Hough OR this Tammy chick is,and I sure never slept with her.
    As for my brother Everett,What he did was dead wrong,and how he got by with it i do not know,but he deserves nothing better than life in prison,or the death penalty.I truly feel sorry for the Medely Family.I do not even come to West Virginia,because i do not get along with my family there,I don’t even have contact with them,its better off that way too.
    As for my sister Sue Ann having Mary Ann’s children,I do not approve of this.For 1,,,I know just how dirty and filthy she is and how she keeps her home.for 2,,,she is no kind of a parent,what kind of mother would move a 23 year old man into there home to sleep with her 15 year old daughter.The children that are Mary Ann’s need to be with there real mother,not the trash hole that Sue Ann has them in.
    I do not know the facts of the shooting that took place by my brother,but he was wrong in what he did no matter what.
    To the Medely Family,,You have my deepest sympathy,and may God look upon you all and Mark.

    Editors note: Hey Calvin, we heard you gave your version to an official member of the Press, and author of the GFP article. We are always glad to hear the REAL DEAL straight from the source, so thanks for leaving your comment, and your decision to stay far away from Crooked County is certainly understandable, cuz just look at all the shit that happens for no reason at all!!

  10. About Calvin, is that the Brother to 357-Evey

    I read all through this article again and there was a lot to get but I didn’t see anywhere in it that Calvin Campbell was mentioned, and now that I read everything it is clear that Calvin is the brother of the infamous 357 Evey the man that gunned down that Mark Medley dude in cold blood and 357 Evey – Everett Campbell was an ex-felon and the husband to Mary Ann Campbell who just had her kids stolen from her by the Sue Ann Chick after the niece of Everett Campbell known heretofore as 357 Evey called with some tall tale – and that 357 Evey don’t drive no Chevy – but his sister was a yellin shoot em dad shoot em dad to their daddy Harold up on the porch over thar in Sand Fork where the men are men and the goats are scared just like up on the Courthouse Hill in Crooked County!!! Then old 357 Evey came out a shootin and missed once, and then a killed that boy dead!

    SS Member: Calvin was referring to a comment not the article, he was never mentioned in the article, but a reporter for GFP talked to Mary Ann and there was a statement made by Mary Ann that Calvin was always nice to her, and treated her right, and that she thought that Calvin had …

    And that whatever it is that she thought Calvin had done was removed from or censored from any previous comment according to policy of incorrect information regarding unlawful fornication of a public officials wife if it turned out to be an alleged incident emphatically denied by Calvin as to be not in the least bit truthful and further more …if tit a was to a be true he would a remembered that!!!

  11. Hey Calvin,

    Old Redneck Sayin’

    You can pick your toes, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.


  12. Courthouse Watch- Gilmer County - Council of Concerned Citizens!

    Courthouse Watch- Gilmer County – Council of Concerned Citizens!
    April 9, 2011 at 2:27 pm edit
    Recent Comments
    I would like to have an update on this case. What’s going on with Ms. Matheny and Mr. Hough? Is a court date set for their perjuries?

    By JP on 04.08.2011
    From the entry: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.

    I find it disturbing that the audio evidence and tax billings which were missing at the time of trial from our public records clearly reveal that a miscarriage of justice took place and no one in authority has attempted to make the prosecuted whole in any way. There has not been one explanation of reasoning behind the trial or of the conflicting evidence despite the fact that the case has been adjudicated. It is a valid question of fair trial practice which needs to be addressed to protect citizens facing any type of prosecution in the future and insure safeguarding of the rights of proper discovery in the future.
    What say you Mr. Prosecutor, or Sheriff Metz?

    By Taxpayer on 04.09.2011
    From the entry: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.
    The Update on the Matheny Hough conspiracy is that Sheriff Metz is covering up this crime and refuses to take the conspiracy complaint.
    Sheriff Metz is above the law.
    So, when you get caught on tape like Matheny in a situation in which you were the key element for the Sheriff’s false arrest and the wrongful conviction and everybody heard that you lied -like Marlilyn Matheny did it is OK. Matheny lied to two grand juries and a trial jury, but n Gilmer County you get to keep all the money they paid you to lie.
    The Sheriff took no action except to protect Matheny and Gerald B Hough in violation of WV Code and laws and he hopes that I L still has serious connections with the feds! Because this was a false arrest and conviction of Someone Tara Kennedy said was JUST because of stuff that was written on the internet. Kennedy actually said that! Speak out around here and you got to jail for a year!

    By Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County on 04.08.2011
    From the entry: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.

    Recent Comments

    The AUDIO evidence was suppressed the first time with the help of F JOHN OSHOWAY—When a person is paid cash money for being a defense council, and then Supreme Court dissenting opinion reveals that the defense counsel was guilty of ineffective assistance of counsel after all was said and done, it is clear to see that this case was manufactured and created by Gerald B Hough, Mickey Metz, Judge Richard A Facemire, F John Oshoway and T Kennedy, and Matheny.

    All of these people should be facing consequences for BEING CAUGHT in the act of misconduct on this case.

    All these people consider themselves above the law!

    Arrests should be made for bringing a false case, and the case should be brought back to circuit court as recently stated by the chief counsel of the Supreme Court. Hough is attempting to cover up all wrongdoings with case.

    By Citizens of Gilmer County on 04.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System’.

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