FREE SPEECH in West Virginia has been threatened by a MAD MAN!! Gilmer County Prosecutor Threatens The Gilmer Free Press and TARGETED Underground Journalists!!

By Editor Edison/Cosmos Communicator/Reporter

FREE SPEECH in West Virginia has been threatened by a MAD MAN!! Gilmer County Prosecutor Threatens The Gilmer Free Press and TARGETED Underground Journalists!

Is WV the new THIRD WORLD of the United States?

After analyzing and discussing the very politically motivated speech Gerald B Hough made to the over 350 elected public officials, state representatives and other elected big shot Power Elite in the State of West  Virginia, on Monday February 7th,  I have come to the conclusion that what we have here has been a failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach, and Gerald B Hough took local complaints and distorted the facts for hundreds of others to receive disinformation about local Gilmer County concerns.

Hough abused his position as President of the Counties association in an effort to garner political support, demonstrated by a politically charged speech featuring allegations that led the audience to believe a complete fabrication on the part of the Gilmer County Prosecutor!

Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County took the opportunity to communicate a situation that was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH to 350 public officials conveniently gathered who could also serve the purpose of extending support for a situation that was more than falsely reported by Gerald B Hough!

Hough speaks as President of the Counties Association whose sole purpose is to get better benefits and more money for county workers and has no benefit to the common citizen!

The message delivered to the over 350 big shots forced to listen by the scheduled appearance of Gerry Hough was that the information that was published on the Gilmer Free Press was not true, and further, not only was it not true the information was libelous smearing and  anonymous hatred.  Actually, many used real names and all names are on file. Further, anonymous hatred rarely equals fact backed by years of research that proved wrongdoing!

Should we demand equal time in front of those same 350 public officials?

Or should we choose to vote them out? Should we contact each individual county to let them know all of what Gerry said was a total and complete lie?

I choose to vote all of them out, for now our truthful message will always be tainted since we were all upstaged by a mad man in front of hundreds of public officials running the many county governments. We need to inform the citizens of each county they have been sold out!

The many articles published by the Gilmer Free Press not only proved wrongdoing, but also proved crimes were committed by Gerald B Hough and those same publications proved that the State Police recognized at least one of those crimes, but that the counsel for Col Pack said Hough was protected by the only three year statute of all state codes!!

The next complaint brought before the State Police was completely ignored, although it was backed up by solid evidence which was a title opinion proving property existed that Justice Davis and the West Virginia Supreme Court swore in front of all the people of West Virginia did not exist!

What Gerry Hough did not tell the 350 down at the State Capital on the 7th day of February twenty eleven, was that he conspired along with the Gilmer County Court clerk Beverly Marks to hide a very important piece of property that was in dispute in a FELONY TRIAL that was fabricated completely by Gilmer County.

In fact the disputed case cost hundreds of thousands to process all the way through the Supreme Court in West Virginia, and further; was completely based on false evidence, and when the evidence was discovered false and reported to the State Police, the Police went along with the conspiracy and refused to even take the complaint. The State Police Sgt that refused the complaint is our own Sgt Branham.

I wonder why we didn’t hear the real facts in Gerry’s Speech that first Monday in February. Monday Monday, can’t trust that day and you sure can’t trust a word they say down in Gilmer County!

This particular instance of alleged police misconduct is seriously flawed in the fact that in Gilmer County the state police, not only refused the complaint and the evidence, but tipped off Hough and the courthouse, so that Gerry could attempt to get ANOTHER title opinion and get a new stamp at the courthouse with a more recent date so that he could claim he was not informed, and that we can not bring up a failure to use due diligence in an important matter of community concern.

When the State Police work hand in hand to HIDE the truth, and then help cover up the crime, then the Council of Concerned Citizens has no choice but to file a complaint.

Why did GERRY not tell the select few that run all the counties-the mighty 350-the real truth?

The real truth was evidence in several forms published for the entire community to review, proves to all beyond any doubt that a public official, our own head law man, committed a crime knowingly!

That is the real truth, but instead, the citizens that brought the truth were cast into the light as being the same as terrorists!

Excerpt from Speech of a MAD MAN!

“Even in my beloved county, ex-convicts and political enemies craft a steady flow of hatred to spew on the internet.  The anonymous polling, multiple messaging from the same hidden sources amount to bullying on line.  If your friends or family defend you, they are targeted and intimidated into silence.  Such negative campaigning is striking at the foundations of our local government ; it is the quencher of free speech.”

“Congressman Gabriel Giffords took her CONGRESS TO THE CORNER in Tucson, Arizona.  She opened access for the people, by the people, and of the people.  The point blank shooting of innocent people is the ultimate bullying; it is no different than the bullying I mentioned earlier, because the attempt is to silence our freedoms by abusing another freedom”

We can no longer tolerate these acts by Hough or any public official!

Is publishing thousands of words of a crime committed by a public official backed by evidence even close to what is described above by our own prosecuting attorney in Gilmer County?

NO it is not even close to what the real story is!

And now, we are further burdened because 350 elected COUNTY officials have gotten the wrong message, and you can bet they believe every word Gerry Hough said, for he is the, “Above the Law,” public official and elected president of the Counties Association, so whatever he says must be true!

HOUGH IS A MAD MAN and nothing more and those 350 should know the REAL TRUTH!

To make matters worse the STATE POLICE back up the statement 100%!

Accusations against state police officers in GILMER COUNTY appear to be “escalating.” Proof in the way of solid evidence brings forth in a very real way the misconduct that is infecting our local society of “Salt of the earth god fearing people!”

Just recently an official federal complaint and title 18 had to be filed against our own local State Police and several high ranking officials in Charleston.

All we had to prove was a pattern of misconduct and that was darn easy to prove in Gilmer County!

The special litigation section has authority to investigate state and local law enforcement agencies and is authorized to take action if there is a pattern or practice of illegal conduct!

Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, these include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

Incidents of police misconduct continue unabated in GILMER COUNTY, prompting The Council of Concerned Citizens to call for improvements in existing procedures for handling citizen complaints!

But that won’t happen under Hough’s watch or that of Col Pack due to his consulting team of counsel who always side with the state whether or not an actual crime has been committed or not.

Complaints against officers in the local detachment is our only recourse, since the local police refused the latest criminal complaint against five public officials or state witnesses that committed perjury for money, even though solid evidence was being presented that a crime did occur.

Why did it have to come to this?

Are we no longer governed by the people and for the people?

We need to put control of our county and our state back in control of the people, by the people and NOT the all powerful Power Elite and their military enforcers the WV State Police who have no concern for justice!

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  1. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

    Actually Gerry Hough has proved to be a criminal!

    How much more proof do you want?

    A campaign is under way to remove all those who have made it a practice to support and protect Gerald B Hough who has committed numerous infractions while prosecutor. From getting Chief Deputy Bandy off the hook for seven felony charges by making the evidence simply disappear, to Houghs cover up of voter fraud and knowingly bringing false evidence to a grand jury and a trial jury against targeted individuals.

    We have had about enough of Gerald B Hough!

  2. Stock up on Mountain House

    About 80% of the solar systems studied are binary systems. Reports of an approaching brown dwarf with a 3600 year orbit would seem to indicate that our system is a binary system. Some say the Mayan calendar ends because they understood this and the significance of its return.The dwarf’s gravity could cause tectonic, atmospheric and electromagnetic fluctuations so severe as to kill potentially billions. Is this real, do world governments know, what, if anything, will they do?

    Editors note: The rumor could be true according to professionals. This explains the increase in earthquakes, weather conditions changing and sudden climate changes. The bad news is the sub atomic particles and radiation and the effects on humans and animal life. If you noticed the death of birds etc. This is from gases being brought to the surface by the tidal pull of the brown dwarf entering from the south. Yes infra red has photographed this object.

    At any rate, it is still within the agenda to rid ourselves of undesirable public officials like Hough. Look for an increase in fire balls in the night sky. Changes are coming and we need to clean house and get rid of Hough as a first thing to do.

    The sun rose in Greenland two days early is a hint and a few more to come. Soon it will be the madness of a lost society.

    greenland data:

    Residents of a town on the western coast of Greenland may have seen the sun peek over the horizon 48 hours earlier than its usual arrival on Jan. 13, sparking speculation, and disagreements, over possible causes.

    The town of Ilulissat sits just above the Arctic Circle, meaning its residents had been without any sunlight for a good chunk of the winter, and traditionally they’d expect to see their “first sunrise” on Jan. 13.

    News that the sun had peeked over the horizon on Jan. 11 appeared online in British and German-language publications and it appears to trace back to a story by the Greenland broadcasting company KNR that quotes residents who noticed the change.

  3. Time for a Change

    I agree that we need to make sweeping changes in government and law enforcement in Gilmer County. The question is how? Voting I think is the key. We , the citzens must register to vote, educate ourselves and cast our vote. If we don’t like the candidates , we must recruit a proper candidate. But how? How can we get someone to run against Hough? Is there a way to advertise or is there someone in the area already? These are things we need to know.
    I am going to register to vote, however I am concerned as to which party, if I register as a Rep. or Dem., does that mean I have to vote along party lines in the primary or if I register Indep. can I vote for any candidate in the primary. We need to get a proper candidate on the ballot in the primary to have any hope at getting someone elected in the election, that and a watchdog in place at the election to keep an eye on the ballots.

    Editors note: Voting is a key for the future. Plus we are trying to form voting blocks, but we may need about an 80% turn out using the voting blocks to make a first big impact. Right now I have 12 votes of people I have formed an alliance with. We decide who we want to vote for and we do it in blocks. Right now we are working on seven other people to get 10 more votes each. If we work on getting everyone registered and organized with the NEW AMERICAN PATRIOT group not unlike the tea party group, we hope to control 500 votes by election time. So if we can eventually control 1000 or 1500 we will be having a significant impact on Gilmer County. Our plan is to control the vote and have a huge say so on who is in office and it will not be the usual group. They ALL have to be replaced, every single one of them.

  4. Crooked County Crooks Gilmer County

    Which one of the following employee’s of the Gilmer County Board of Education is a child molester, or the man that fucked the shit out of Hannah Sue how do you do at the big raucous party up highway 33! It was a trip up the old wazoo for one of the following A B C or D


    A• Sue McCue – Principal, Sand Fork Elementary

    B• Lance Woodford – Auxiliary Baseball Coach, GCHS 2010-11

    C• Susan Sanderspre – Auxiliary Varsity Track Coach, GCHS 2010-11

    D• Bobby Duvall – Substitute Teacher, remainder of 2010-11

  5. Council of Concerned Citizens

    Information about the killing of Fred Hill was just confirmed as true!

    Do you think it is just a coincidence that the body of Fred Hill popped up suddenly behind the house of Sheriff Metz?

    I mean really… What are the odds of that?

    But, what I can’t figure out is why cops, Sheriffs, deputies, whatever law enforcement you want to call it, would be involved in a cold blooded murder? I have never known bad cops like that. We know they do exist in West Virginia, but truly not to this degree.

    Why do those cops from that Crooked little County spend all their time covering for the local Power Elite? What on earth could make them do such a thing? Think about it…

    Well WE KNOW WHO KILLED FRED and so does Sheriff Metz!

    Now that is some real bullshit!


  6. Secret Seven Glenville

    Hey what the hell where is everybody! If some shit is going to jump off I want to be the hell out of here too! Give me a call and by the way I’m looking for some smoke! I’m just looking for some smoke man!

  7. Captain Booker-CCC Birmingham

    I suggest calling your mother, she seemed to say that you were needed at home for a couple of days, sorry you didn’t get the memo. No more comments, no more editors notes, and if you have something to say or to report send it here.


  8. Does anybody know what happened to that guy that fucked (censored) up the(removed) at that B-Day Party for you know who? Actually I heard two guys (removed)(censored) while Hannah was (removed) the (censored) coach.

  9. More about JORDAN

    Isn’t (removed)only (censored) or something? If she was (censored) does that mean she is still a virgin, but this girl who is (removed) said she also (removed)but then if that is true how could her boyfriend even like her after she did all that stuff?

  10. Crooked County Crooks - Crooked County WV

    Some illegal actions have been taken by Public officials in Gilmer County commonly known as Crooked County and threats of bodily harm have been made against all members of the Secret Seven. Orders were released to round every one up and charge them with anything you can think of.A violation of our civil rights and our first amendment rights has been committed, but now we have caught the Crooks in Crooked County being involved in a conspiracy to jail and or murder us just like Fred Hill.That is right, Fred would have been in jail that night, but a little trip down the Crooked River is what happened instead.Thank GOD the CROOKS have put their trust in people that are no longer their friend. In fact, they are our friends and have told on them. We have alerted other agencies to their conspiracy to commit a crime – so that the crimes that they already committed won’t be found out by being published.

    GUESS WHO KILLED FRED HILL? His family will be told soon too!

  11. Right Said Fred

    I will say one thing, it all went down just like you all said back in 09. People were mad when it was the CalPatty Press that announced that Fred was dead and the Power Elite would say NO FOUL PLAY! How did you all know all of that? That is what I can’t figure out. That NO FOUL PLAY thing, when it went down just like predicted it was really spooky and then when the body popped up in the river during a thaw just like you said that was spooky! And NOW that they have done nothing and faked the investigation just like you said it is right said Fred. People will forget just like you said, and they did, just like, Right Said Fred.

  12. CalPatty Press SNITCH LIST

    The CalPatty Press Snitch list was gathered after five years of data was retrieved from various sources, complete with Mug Shots and short description involving details. Hundreds of internet searches for the Snitch List has found the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf site since it is the current FLAG of the SS.

    The Law firm of Butcher and Butcher along with some other undesirable Glenville and Gilmer County people banded together to have all of this data destroyed, and against our civil rights and our constitutional rights all data was destroyed. Thanks to Lisa Wexler, who by the way lives out of state now, and Reeny we have gathered some of the original data and are trying to piece back all the info. However, the final result was years of work to complete, so putting together the new list has been a huge pain, but it is necessary given the hostile environment in Central WV with BAD COPS working with junkies and bad rip off people to jail innocent people for the self gain of the ones caught to get out of trouble.

    We are working on it, and if you want to add to it write to

  13. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf - SS headquarters for Gilmer County

    Chief Counsel of the West Virginia Supreme Court, his name is Bruce Kayuha said today at 9am he recognizes that there were numerous problems with the “Travesty” Junk Farm Equipment case, And that it is no matter if Gerry Hough was officially charged with subornation or not, he was still guilty of paying witnesses to lie on the stand which tainted the entire court record. The Chief Counsel suggested a motion to remove Facemire as the Judge and based on NEW DISCOVERY of evidence, the case can now be brought back to circuit court where the real evidence including the new title opinion can be brought forward and then the case will most likely be dismissed for being a time barred misdemeanor all along.

    It was also reported today that consulting attorneys from another State are bringing a federal criminal tort against the Gilmer County Sheriffs Department for criminal negligence involving this case and for bringing forth false evidence and false indictments twice and will be asking for 2.5 million in compensatory damages and punitive damages from the Gilmer County Commission, along with two other possible legal actions against witnesses and member of the Gilmer County community. If a federal judge deems the case to be a bad faith prosecution all officers of the court lose their immunity and can be held responsible for damages and their assets can be seized upon judgment.

  14. CCC Birmingham

    From the Desk of:
    Captain Booker-CCC Birmingham Ala fuckin BAMA!

    We got a real Jama Rama Yama for ya today on the Ghost Wolf Radio Network!

    I just want to say! What ya do Mickey!

    What ya do Mickey METZ Crooked County Law Man for the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River!

    Any more bodies pop behind the house lately!

    We can get down to your every day is Martin Luther King day for free trip for your star Player Erik Davis to let rip on some 17 year drunk girl! Did I say girl?
    Sure Lets play that song right now!

    Young girls are rarely responsible for their actions at 17 but especially intoxicated, but yet it was OK for one DARK “Hard days NIGHT!” in the VILLE as y’all like to say!

    Welcome to our VILLE Bitch!

    This is what Mickey says
    “This is Mother Fucking Crooked County so do as we say, cuz either way you’re gonna get fucked!”

    Check it out home boy! We don’t play that song round here, but we got one for ya!

    I want to bring everyone’s attention to the ABOVE NOTICE and statement made yesterday by the Chief Counsel for the West Virginia Supreme Court.

    This was what i was just told this morning by a high ranking Attorney, He said, that only one in about 25,000 cases could result in a cluster fuck so bad as to result in the prosecutor, judge, etc losing their immunity. It is an extremely rare situation indeed, but it has happened before and is about the worst possible scenario for any court.

    Way to go Crooked County! You beat the fucking odds Bitch!

    Here is a weapon to use when the GSC players get turned loose on ya when the Butchers declare it OK
    “It’ open season on all da White Girls home slice, get up on dat 64!”
    Don’t worry bout da FIVE OH! Tim our BOG got da 5 0 !”

    What ya got no Mama’s up in here?

  15. Maybe some of the crooked deputies need to be written about. Let’s start of with Casey Jones. HMMMM that could be interesting

  16. That sounds cool, but not timely. I will tell you why. I just had a heart to heart, you know, rare conversation with Casey just the other day. The kind of conversation when you bring up war stories from the old days. It was all about how I could have told on him and really fucked him up just at the wrong time. Now, this is uncomfortable for someone to bring up old shit like that, but dude was cool about it. Actually, he was really cool about. Then, I told him why I decided just to keep it to myself. It’s personal. SO, you may have something against dude, but he took me to jail and it was Mr Toads Wild ride to JAIL, but as far as I am concerned everything is cool between me and dude. I have said, “Hey man, I could have said something, but I just couldn’t”

    So, he can’t be a complete asshole, because even though I thought my situation was the biggest bunch of BS I had seen come down the Pike for awhile. Ya know the kind when you get popped hard just because they don’t like you. But in the thick of the brick of it all, it was not dudes fault, it his job to throw the cuffs on you and haul your ass away. For some reason I just could not muster up bringing up the asshole in me that I know is lying deep in there somewhere waiting to rear up it’s complete rath for all the persecution, but I just couldn’t get there, so that is saying something about the dude.

    But, then what the fuck do I know, cuz I sure got fucked on that action!

  17. Crooked County Crooks

    Glenville- “The Capital of Crooked County”
    Visit beautiful Glenville and take the Basil Fred Hill Crooked River tour!
    “Glenville, the favorite place to disappear!“
    “The Home of the Crooked County Crooks!“ Glenville West Virginia
    “Glenville, West Virginia where the ELITE MEET!“
    Glenville the home of endless terms for GSC BOG!
    “The BEST at false arrest!“ Glenville, West Virginia!

    Glenville, the HOME of “No Foul Play!”
    They “Make their OWN RULES” in Glenville West Virginia!
    “Only in Glenville…..“
    Glenville…with GSC high on the hill just as beautiful as a Swastika!

    I love you Glenville like I love the Foodland Heist and Jesus Christ!

    LOVE YOUR SISTER it’s just a KISS AWAY and here to stay in Glenville … the home of the very sexy Lizzie and Lexie !!

    “Come home to Glenville and A SCANDAL you can handle at GSC …twiddly dee! “

    “Come home to Glenville and A SCANDAL you can handle at GSC …twiddly dee!

  18. To anonymous do tell

    I vote for anonymous to tell us what they wanted to tell us about Deputy Jones. Inquiring minds want to know. So what would be so interesting besides his girlfriend likes dope and such.

  19. Do tell us how Jones wasn’t satisfied with what he was getting from Gilmer County and went to work at a correctional institution because he was worth more. Tell how he worked undercover to play the good cop and get close to prisoners, bring in snitches and then help his team take what little the inmates had or worse. Just like home. How about when he was found out he had a target on his back and ran back to that terrible piece of s___t Gilmer County as he called it, got a lawyer and threatened to sue to make them give back his job. Tell us how someone who lives a drug deal busts a dirt poor guy with five spindly little three inch tall dying plants and laughs? Protect him if you will.

  20. This is a message to all. FreeBird is a highly valued and ranking member of the SS and if this person says that we should come forward, then so be it. Not only is this person a ranking member of the SS, and not everyone knows this, but I will have to emphasize a very treasured ranking member of the SS. Now only a few of us know who this person is, and guess what we are keeping it that way for now. But, just so you know, that all comments, statements or anything this person wants to say will be immediately published.

    If FreeBird says let it fly on Jones, then give us all you got and bring in all your ships!

  21. Just wanted to tell the rest of the story. In crooked county those little bits of half dead nothing found in the fall because they were called on a domestic and sweet talked their way in the house suddenly have a street value because of “what they could become” and the charge gets bigger with distribution added and a guy with no money to bail himself out let alone pay for a lawyer goes to jail and leaves his family just to build a case to make the sheriffs office look like they are taking drugs off the streets. That’s how it’s done. That’s why the big dealers and their kids walk free and the little guy gets their life taken away and their wife and kids left with nothing. Happens all the time. Real funny. I feel so safe.

  22. Sir Gallahad is MAD at GERRY HOUGH

    Gilmer’s prosecutor succeeded masterfully in focusing unwelcomed adverse publicity on the County with his speech at the WV Association of Counties meeting.

    His flowery argument was that public officials are pilloried unfairly on the Internet.

    Maybe the prosecutor should reconsider what he said. Our citizens are merely bursting from chains of submissiveness to result in enhanced situational awareness.

    A major threat to situational awareness in areas similar to ours, underserved by the conventional news media, has been the control of access to vital information.

    That control has squelched opportunities for citizens to participate in check-and-balance processes envisioned by our founding fathers.

    Now, citizens have advanced to a stage where they are demanding more accountability dependant on access to accurate and timely information.

    For some of the numerous examples of the withholding of information from citizens:

     why do you Mr. Prosecutor fail to act when there are allegations of serious crimes,

     why does Glenville State College as a public funded institution fail to be forthright with information,

     why does the local newspaper not engage in investigative reporting when there are questions surrounding Fred Hill’s death in addition to other important issues affecting the County?

     Related to GSC, why is the federal lawsuit involving the land controversy below the I. L. Morris Bridge not being disclosed to citizens, and

     why is GSC’s Board of Governor’s case against Scarlett Kellerman et al. being kept secret?

     Do GSC’s and other County officials believe that citizens are mentally defective to know how and where to retrieve information?

    Surprise, surprise, surprise, we are becoming highly proficient participants in the information age with our humming computers.

    Unfortunately, when there are intentional communications blackouts it is normal for speculation to be fueled.

    Unfortunately some of it can be more appalling then merited by facts, but that is the risk when open disclosure is avoided.

    Regarding vicious Internet attacks on children and innocent family members of controversial figures in the County, that despicability is often applied by low-lifers to attract attention to their zealous causes.

    Decent citizens categorically condemn the filth and its harm being done to children and other innocents!

    Regardless, Mr. Prosecutor, instead of denigrating citizens who ask questions and express personal opinions, why not communicate more effectively with constituents to set records straight and to demonstrate that you are performing your job?

    Gilmer people understand human fallibility and they don’t expect perfection. Don’t fail to understand though that citizens are far more proficient in understanding what is happening in their environs than elitists perceive.

    Citizens won’t demonstrate on the streets and engage in civil disobedience. Instead, they are casting knowing glances at those believed involved in wrong-doing who unwittingly assume that their deeds are unsuspected.

    Be assured that citizens’ responses to what is occurring will become abundantly apparent at the next election, and vulnerable officials feeding at the public trough are forewarned to polish their resumes for mass mailings.

    ~~ GALAHAD ~~

  23. FIRE STARTING CULT AT IT AGAIN? ...even with the leader HOT TODDY locked up?

    Nina Duncan was a long time enemy of the Fire Starting Cult, but it Looks like they got her this time!

    GRANTSVILLE WOMAN BARELY ESCAPES BURNING HOUSE – Rescued From Dwelling, Wigner St. House Total Loss!

    An early Saturday morning fire destroyed a two-story house on Wigner Street in Grantsville, with the resident barely escaping the flames.

    The fire scene is being investigated by the WV Fire Marshal’s office.

    Nina Duncan Parsons, about 36, screamed for help shortly after 4 a.m., her house was engulfed in flames.

    Her brother-in-law, Jimmy Parsons, who leaves nearby, heard her screams and went inside the dwelling and dragged her outside.

    He described her as being “incoherent,” indicating she suffers from a seizure disorder. A short time later she was taken to Minnie Hamilton Health System by Calhoun EMS.

    Grantsville Police Chief Jeff Starcher said the fire scene had been secured, being treated as “suspicious until otherwise determined by the fire marshal.”

    The Grantsville Police Department had received an earlier call from the residence related to another matter, prior to the fire being reported.

    For a period of time, a Grantsville man, Michael Duncan, a brother to Nina Parsons, was believed to be in the dwelling, but was later located.

    The Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department quickly brought the fire under control following the 911 call at 4:19 a.m.

    The Upper West Fork VFD responded to a mutual assistance call. Arnoldsburg VFD members were engaged in mandatory training out-of-county.

    The house is located at the end of Wigner Street, behind the old Grantsville Grade School.

  24. CCC on New PLANET discovered -- Is not a planet at all but a GAS GIANT much bigger than JUPITER--TYCHE the New Planet is on the way!

    Russian Leader Confirms To Pope New Planet Arrival In 2012!! It’s a Brown DWARF and no planet at all!

    A secret document prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is claiming that President Medvedev confirmed in his extended meeting with Pope Benedict XVI yesterday that the new planet named Tyche (pronounced ty-kee) by NASA will be appearing in the Earth’s night sky by 2012.

    This could explain the GIANT GHOST CITIES being built by the Chinese, and our own government relocating everything to the mountains near Denver!

    Though the existence of this planet had long been known to the ancients, it has only been in the past year that Western scientists have begun informing their citizens about this unprecedented event soon to occur, but who are, also, still failing to tell how catastrophic its appearance will be.

    Tyche was the name coined for this ancient celestial body by the two astrophysicists proposing it for “planet” status, Daniel Whitmire and John Matese from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

    Your main stream news sources are trying to keep this quiet, but ASIAN countries are already starting to see two suns in the sky and other anomalies of the sky.

    Lots of earthquakes in Arkansas home to the first big bird kills. The first fish kill was only a few miles to the west of that. FEMA just purchased 130 million freeze dried meals, and probably for the New Madrid area, where the bird kills and hundreds of small quakes have taken place lately.

    You can’t get your emergency food supply since a HUGE order has just been placed. This is 2012 stuff right here and NOW in 2011. and probably for the New Madrid area.

    The CCC says be prepared, and prepare as best you can now.

  25. For one to be a deputy they ought to obide by the laws that they enforce. They arrest people for DUI while they do the same. They arrest people for Meth Labs, so they can shack up with them. They give people tickets for speeding and stupid stuff, when they speed and break the law by having kids on the 4-wheelers with them and yes no helmets on.. How can one go out and arrest people for weed when they have it in their own house. Maybe they need to look into their own households before they go fucking up others households..

  26. Crooked County Crooks - Crooked County WV!

    Listen, are you saying that bitch of a girlfriend is a chick he busted with a METH lab? So you are saying Casey Jones is not practicing what he preaches? You are saying Casey Jones is high on Cocaine and riding that Train and that he got into the peaches while do his job? Or, is that getting a blow job to keep from going to jail for go fast? That sort of thing? Listen, you need to just spell it out and say it on here. This is your SECRET SEVEN outlet for Central WV!

    But, if you say the dude has weed, then maybe we should just go and take it from him, all the while having the camera’s rolling so when we are invited in to film the sin, it will be all on the up and up and all, but to break the crystal on the table for a huge wiff would be sending a message that says, these cops are not really cops at all, but just minions for the power elite and sometimes get off onto doing their own thing.

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