Sheriff METZ MAKES THREATS OVER THE PHONE! Brittany Miller making some fat stax of CASH cheating TAX PAYERS and running LAND FRAUD Schemes right out of the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office!!

Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator – Editor/Editor Edison/Crooked County Crooks – Reporter/Editor

Sheriff Mickey Metz who was recently exposed for false arrest has been busy trying to cover up the evidence that proves wrongdoing - Metz has conspired with the State Police for the last two weeks on just how to do it!

Metz flipped out yesterday and started making threatening phone calls to people that have been investigating wrongdoing and criminal acts along with false arrests committed by the Sheriffs office in Gilmer County!

Proof positive has been brought forward and is being readied for a criminal negligence law action being brought against the Gilmer County Commission for a lot more money than they currently have in the bank. We are not sure, if the actual being caught at criminal behavior was what pissed Metz off a little before 11am on 7 March 2011 or if the fact there is proof that his Chief Tax Deputy at the Gilmer County Sheriffs Office Brittany Miller has now been implicated in tax fraud and a land fraud scheme by a person that is bringing evidence to federal law enforcement.

Unfortunately when the matter was brought to the attention of the State Police they refused to take the evidence. A complaint was made against Sgt Branham of the West Virginia State Police for refusing to accept a criminal complaint he fully knew implicated public officials.

One of the BIGGEST CROOKS in Crooked County Brittany Lynn Miller has been stealing money from elderly Tax Payers just like Michelle Dawn Rose!

Sgt Branhams refusal to take the criminal complaint and covering up the false arrest and covering up evidence brought against  Gilmer County Public officials is being considered a criminal act.

The former Chief Tax Deputy MICHELLE DAWN ROSE got caught stealing 12,000 of tax payers money and never did one day in jail.  So, this is not the first time one of Mickeys girls got caught stealing, but not a fucking thing was done about it last time and that kind of shit is going to have to stop and stop now!

The people of West Virginia can not take much more of the CROOKED COPS and the CROOKED PROSECUTOR HOUGH or any of the public officials that make up CROOKED COUNTY!!

And check this out! Metz thinks he can win the election for magistrate!

Hey MICKEY you are a dumb ass!

You have no fucking education and if you think for one fucking second you would be considered for magistrate you can take a flying leap you Crooked Piece of lawless shit!

The people of WV have had enough of your lawless protect the Butchers, protect the Power Elite at all costs rules! The people of WV are pretty darn disappointed you got caught falsely arresting someone and now are attempting to cover up the evidence that proves it! How the fuck do you think that is going to work you dumb as fuck hillbilly?


You are done in this town as far as we are concerned Metz, so pack your bags bitch, and the first fucking thing you need to explain is how the fuck did FRED HILL pop up DEAD as FUCK from behind your house?

Was Crystal Metz out there giving Fred a lesson for grabbing her drunk ASS at the bar that night?

Is that why CRYSTAL used a little 140 pound dude as a punching bag, because you backwoods fucks wanted to have some fun?


Did you maybe think there might be a witness or two that could come forward to reveal everything you said about Fred being missing and everything you said about NO FOUL PLAY as just a crock of shit?

We are here today to tell everyone that everything the Sheriff said about Fred Hill was a lie from the get go!

Somebody should contact Freds Family right the fuck now so we can explain to them how these same sons’ of bitches that put innocent people in jail and these same sons of bitches that let 357 Evey walk and these same sons of bitches that back every fucking crooked thing GERRY HOUGH does, are the same sons of bitches that killed their son, their brother, their friend!

How many people out there think it was just a coincidence that Fred Hills’ body popped up behind the Sheriff’s house when it thawed out?

A big day Last Summer during the WAR for FREE SPEECH in Crooked County! Casey Jones and the Chief Deputy Gerwig haul in some young shade leaf plants that would only give you a headache if you smoked em and called it a 200,000 dollar haul! Hey if you want to see a real haul we can take you up hwy 33 and point to the house, but OH, that's right you guys WORK FOR THEM!!

But, the Crooks from Crooked County just don’t kill people and rape innocent women, they rip people off for land that has been in local law abiding families for a hundred years or more . Soon, we will reveal facts, evidence and proof of how Brittany Miller has been working a scam with ED BROOME and a couple of other power elite’s to steal money from people you all very possibly know!

Metz stands guard at a Board of Education meeting, but has spent most of his last three weeks trying to cover up evidence that proves his office made a false arrest and backed the false evidence all the way to the US SUPREME COURT, but NOW METZ and Hough are caught and hopefully will have to face federal charges!

An investigation into the wrongdoing and illegal activities of the Gilmer County Sheriff  -Mickey Metz – and his staff at the infamous Gilmer County Courthouse has revealed that the Gilmer County Sheriff”s office did indeed knowingly bring false evidence to the highest courts!!

If you want more details on how the crime is committed by the TAX Office at the Sheriffs read the Gilmer Free Press for they will be running the details of the land fraud scheme and we will publish as PROOF, Ed Broome’s offer to buy the missing one sixth from the Gilmer County Court case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Broome we found out made FIVE MILLION in similar land fraud schemes in Richie County in just one year alone! How much of that five million was simply just stolen, and how much has Brittany Miller made in Gilmer County?  We are running a skip trace on Miller today to find out what she is worth and then we are going to send the data to the FBI in Clarksburg along with our private report complete with documents, info and photo’s.

Is that why MICKEY METZ was making threats over the phone early Monday morning, to strike fear in those uncovering the facts of his criminal activity along with his partner Brittany inside the courthouse?

Brittany Miller has got herself connected to the guy who buys more property on the courthouse steps than anyone – FIVE MILLION in land buys just last year!

What a bitch Brittany, did you think you would never get caught you fucking money hungry whore?

Brittany was not a criminal when brought in for some lower level work by Sherry Ratliff and Mickey Metz in  2003 (who is also from Lewis County just like Brittany) and she was immediately given a raise when no one else was! Imagine that!

Was it the old, “Do some crimes for us, and you will be protected and well paid too?”

When Sherry left to go to the board of education (immediately after the theft of the last TAX deputy Michelle Dawn Rose was discovered) Pam Furr became tax deputy and gave Brittany Lynn Miller another raise!

Then when Pam went to work for Magistrate Wolfe,  Mickey promoted Brittany to chief tax deputy (another nice raise) . Of course that could have included a blow job too from what we understand, but Brittany just one criminal removed from Michelle Dawn Rose got raise after raise, now that is interesting!

Lisa Smarr the city council person is Brittanys cousin.  Paula Miller Smarr is her mother.  Brittany is 26 years old this year and lives on Pony Drive in Weston, but is from Linn and attended Gilmer County High, but at one time Brittany lived in COX MILLS.

Did Brittany get beat in or raped in at Gilmer County High School?

Brittany Lynn Miller who just helps herself to thousands of dollars of out of State Tax Payers money is also  close friends with Jackie Broome and the DeMarinos!

In GLENVILLE, WV the RICH steal from the POOR!!

Ed Broome is the guy that scams poor people out of all their money and Jackie Broome is his wife. (See illegal document entered in as evidence below)

Brittany Lynn Miller we hear is a SNITCH for Timothy B Butcher who says HE IS THE LAW IN GLENVILLE, and she also runs to R Terry Butcher with every little detail she hears about SS movements and infiltrations in the courthouse!

She is also close to  Jean Butcher Crooked County Clerk (they are creating a “management” style from each other) both ripoff artists!

Again, lets make it clear the  main supporter for the criminal activity is Ed Broome whom Brittany is in business with.  And since she is also the connect for the Butcher and Butcher Law Firm, Brittany is no better than a cum catching Butcher Bitch! Not much different at all!

That little BITCH BRITTANY is busy buddy!!

Whatever little tidbit of info from inside the courthouse or any little bit of intel she can share and rat someone out from the SS or the CCC, she does it we were told.

Brittany Lynn Miller has proved to be the Power Elites little bitch!!

Living in Lewis County while taking Gilmer County money for her pay is Brittany Lynn who tells all the girls in the office they can’t use the phone, can’t use the computer and they can’t have friends come in the office! She runs the office like a little Hitler while stealing money from old people that can’t afford to have anything stolen from them.

“But what about the CUM  Brittany is responsible for in the office!” said one county worker.

Brittany’s boyfriend came in every day and she was always on the computer or selling longenburger purses or baskets or whatever other crap that Jackie Broome was selling.

Now that Brittany has a title and she is all that with the Power Elite and bringing in fat stax of illegal cash she treats the office help like dirt!

She is the one running things. I doubt she even swallows! Brittany Lynn is like Madonna now, for she always has to run! Well she better fucking run now that the CCC-Elkins and the SS have got her number!

Do you hear something? Is it a shadow...or maybe only a ghost! The Ghost WOLF takes Revenge late at night down by the Crooked River!!

Put up or shut up bitch! You are wanted NOW and ya got yourself a nice reward attached too!

Hey Brittany better have  our cash when we come for it bitch!! You better have every fucking cent you took that was not yours to take. We don’t play that protected by the Power Elite shit!

The below document is the SAME DOCUMENT – ED BROOME- used to try to purchase the MISSING  one sixth of 155 acres that Beverly Marks pulled from the land record and then did not act when given a court order to sell the property!  This man offered to pay the current taxes and the back taxes and then issue a check for 1500 for a piece of property sought after by the West Virginia Supreme Court for two years!

But Glenville always says, “Fuck the Supreme Court!”  In Gilmer County they can break any law and Brittany Miller was there to give the land to old ED!

But, that is of course because she is such good friends with his wife and all!

We are tired of the criminals in Crooked County and we are tired of the BAD COPS, so we invite you to join us. Be a part of the CCC or join your local Council of Concerned Citizens! Please write to the SS for more info. Below find document the Crooks use to STEAL land and steal money from innocent elderly people! Brittany is guilty as hell and so is Ed B and both protected by the Po Po!!

Brittany Miller issued false tax billing based on documents hidden from the courts. This very piece of property below was hidden and when a court order to sell was issued in 2005 Beverly Marks ignored the court order after speaking with Tim Butcher and asking Butcher what she should do. Marks hid the 1/6th from the land records and falsified the entry dates for court order, which Metz tried to cover up. Ruth Woofter died because she could not get the medical care she needed, which was the purpose of the court order.

Who should be held responsible? You tell us! The County? Beverly Marks the County Clerk ? Butcher? After all of that misconduct, for the State Police to refuse to take the complaint and for Metz to not only attempt to cover up the matter, but, then make threats against those who made the facts known to the public- well- only a MAD MAN like Gerald B Hough would consider for even a second what any of these public officials did was, “OK”  or ethical.

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  1. Captain Booker-CCC

    Sheriff Metz stepped on his dick yesterday morning at 10:40am sharp by making threats, and the call was monitored. This should be as good as time as any-to announce- that other OUT OF STATE law enforcement has been given the same evidence as Metz and the State Police and it was confirmed that enough evidence was presented that not only proved a false arrest by Gilmer County, but a cover up does in fact exist and is ongoing. Thanks to out of state law enforcement, for monitoring the bad actions of West Virginia Police and the good ole boy system.

    Brittany Miller issued false tax billing based on a documents hidden from the courts, as soon as her name was mentioned in illegal activity Metz went off! Is the Sheriff involved in an illicit sexual relationship with Miller, for she seems a little on the heavy side. It seems that scenario was suggested by the actions of Sheriff Mickey Metz early on Monday.

    Several federal agencies have already been sent the evidence of METZ terrorist threats made just hours ago. Threats of arrest for uncovering evidence? Evidence that proves the Sheriff office committed criminal actions in covering up evidence and attempting to cover up evidence will most likely be brought forward now.

    Personally I don’t understand how long these pseudo law enforcement officers think they can get away with bringing false evidence through all the high courts, get CAUGHT AT IT, AND THEN EXPECT NOBODY IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!


    LOOK at what we all exposed in Calhoun County. Guess what happens next? We just got the same assignment for Gilmer County!

    I am going to get started today.

    • YOU guys need to publish the Code of Ethics. It was signed into law by congress In the Eighties. Library of Congress will have it.

      Editors note: Well, now, there is the code of ethics and there is the crooked county code of ethics and Sheriff Metz said that he can a do what ever the hell he wants to, he don’t need no code, and Timothy B Butcher shouted it loud and clear, the night they arrested his boy at the Main Event for being under-age and a drinkin, the night they closed that bar for good by the State Liquor board and all. Timothy B Butcher was yelling and screaming at all the federal and SLB agents that had started to make arrests a sayin that HE was gonna have everyone arrested if they didn’t stop what they were a doin, and that he, Timothy B Butcher WAS THE LAW there in Glenville. Ya’ll remember that? Metz takes orders from Butcher and he ain’t a goin up thar and a botherin them people!

      “ Government is a trust, and the officers of the
      government are trustees; and both the trust and
      the trustees are created for the benefit of the people”.

      There just ain’t no benefit to the people round here!

  2. CalPatty Press - Central WV SS Headquarters!

    Sheriff Metz just how stupid do you think we are here in the wonderful world of the Power Elite.You proved yourself to be dishonest as hell Mickey! All the back slapping and good ole boy stuff about how you knew everyone’s great uncle and grandpa is a little SEE THROUGH for you who is certainly one FAKE FUCK as it turns out.

    You proved it for all of us to see. You got busted, setting someone up on a false arrest. Busted like a BIG DOG I may add.

    Now if you think you can cover it up after we exposed your ass to the whole county think again dick wad.

  3. CCC from the Cosmos

    Actually Waitman Lee Frederick was drinking with Crystal Metz that night, and Crystal could have very well been the cause of the killing, Lee wanting to impress the girls and all, but many feel that the CalPatty Press and the Central WV SS ,that were there that night from Calhoun County, were right the first time, and that Waitman Lee Frederick, the former jailer dope addict and wife beating drunk was the one that actually did kill Fred Hill. But, guess what Waitman some of us may just WANT TO kick your ass next time we see you, for we are a little tired of the selective law enforcement fucking with our friends. Don’t you think you should have to pay that price with some punishment meted out?

    I was just thinking maybe we could fuck with you in retaliation, just for old times sake, for the days you were the dope man inside the jail. If ya want to be a bad ass Lee, you may get your chance again, only we won’t be so nice like the local Po Po and we think you are a murdering piece of shit. You might want to tell us all you know next time we BUMP into each other.

    • Maybe they worked out on the poor guy together! What was the deal with that fake run from the cops Glenville through Calhoun County. I hear Metz and his wife jumped in with their Hummer. A Gilmer County police vehicle was wrecked as well. Responsible law enforcement or joy ride?

      Editors note: Since Booker is out of the State I can jump on here. I remember the deal with Waitman and the ride to Wood county and that was weird. Word on the street is Metz is going to step further on his dick by trying to get an arrest. For what? Because Mickey was exposed for knowingly bringing false evidence and a false arrest and then getting caught for it? Now we hear they are making shit up and blame us for the RAPE of a 16 year old Girl by the name of Jordan Morris, saying we have her picture posted. Hey her picture is posted on the internet on other sites you idiot, are you going to arrest them? I hope this opens some eyes to show how crazy the law enforcement are in the famous Crooked County.

      These people are off the hook criminals for real, and they steal from people and bring taxes that are fake and put all kinds of cash in their pockets. Then, they hide behind a badge or a big title. They all need to be dealt with in a severe manner.

      Hey Jordan was raped because Shelly DeMarino allowed it to happen as well as underage drinking and drugs and she was even present at the party.

      Power Elite want to arrest us for her rape, well we were not at the party or even anywhere near the raucous get together where by the way a teacher at the high school had sex with a student, and they want to arrest us? Because the girls BB coach screwed one of the girls at the party. Hey, we have statements from people and other evidence we will use to expose the reason that someone would want to arrest us. We have the evidence that can prove wrongdoing and we will use it. We always have before!

      Hopefully, this will expose ALL of them for what they really are and their puppet Mickey Metz can enjoy being yanked into federal court and told he broke the law and will be held responsible after all the damages are paid. That could take ten more years to pay.

  4. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf - SS headquarters for Gilmer County

    Metz is becoming a bigger puppet every single fucking day.

    I suspect if Mickey Metz becomes Magistrate he is promising Miller to be his clerk as the job is political in nature and new judges usually bring in their own people. I am sure there will be a little pillow so not to be so hard on the knee’s right under the desk in the Magistrates office just for Brittany Lynn Miller. I can see it now, Satin Pink with the initials BLM!

    The Prosecutors Secretary Clarissa Ferrell is anticipating running against Metz.

    The 2012 election will be a real cluster fuck, but we should never even consider Clarissa Ferrell and remind the public of all the false arrests, gathering of false evidence, jury tampering, bringing forth false witnesses that are paid to lie to grand juries etc.

    If Metz or Ferrell either one even gets on the ballot with all the VOTING SLATES and the bought and paid for votes, we will have to take extreme action to see they don’t make it to the office. If either one of these Crooks from Crooked County make it, it will just be more of the same and misery for the poor families. We need to find a good candidate, but start a campaign to educate the public about the wrongdoings of Clarissa and Mickey. We want a BETTER place to live, not a more fucked up world and that is all you would get with either one of them.

    We need to talk to Bob M right now and ask him NOT to retire, that the citizens need someone honest in there and Metz and Ferrell both have been connected to — too much wrongdoing — and there has been too many allegations of wrongdoing.

  5. Court house anonymous

    They want to seek an arrest to shut some people up. I overheard a lot of what was said, and it is Free Speech issue. You see, these people are not used to being exposed because people are afraid if they do speak up then they will be put in jail. That should sum it up for you.

    I think some civil rights people need to be notified for you never know, look what they did to Fred Hill and nothing, absolutely nothing was done.

    If it wasn’t for a few brave members of the Press none of us would even have had a clue about the truth. I think we all know what happened now.

    Only in Glenville is right.

  6. Crooked County Crooks - Crooked County WV! The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line!

    Cry it out! That’s it Bitch CRY IT OUT!! Sheriff Metz is crazy over the attack on blubbering Miller now. I am sure he received phone calls from the Broomes saying he had better do something about it. Yeah the truth is out now! Ed gets Beverly to hide a nice piece of property off the land books, and get some back taxes on it illegally so he can steal it, and now they have been caught in the act with the missing one sixth now that is some KARMA!!

    SUCKS TO BE YOU BITCH, yeah cry it out and then pay us the money you took from us.

    Metz apparently threatened (censored by SS) on the phone yesterday. What an absolute idiot!

    When the Gilmer County Citizens realize that Metz will go crazy over an attack on his girl, which was just revealing the truth, but didn’t give a damn about the rape that was reported…or the property that was stolen…or the freedom of a human being taken for no crime…they are beginning to see how weird he really is.


    Once again it is inappropriate response to stress, JUST LIKE WHEN THESE PEOPLE LAUGH AT INAPPROPRIATE TIMES

    Man, nobody in office in that courthouse could make it anywhere in corporate America but that is the level those elected jobs equate to. There are some CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY in there. It is a damn shame.

    Mickey Metz is just like Marks, Butcher, Hough and the rest. They believe with all of their hearts that the good ole boy network can and will protect them and NOBODY can touch them!

    Not even a federal agency because they believe Manchin will save them. I am not so sure Joe is going to be so willing to acknowledge this embarrassing behavior and sacrifice his new senator status.

    Maybe for someone big but not for this mess. They will have to realize that they are just “Wanna Be POWER ELITE” and not the real deal in the big world of fast money and high crimes. Not the real deal at all.

    Now get the fuck out of my chair!!

  7. Trezans Tarzan Man

    You should hear the shit Mickey is making up now. That is how they do it! You will see, they just make some shit up and say it is certain way. I’ll write and tell you.

    Editors note: Like how they convinced a trial jury and the Supreme Court old used rusted farm equipment on the farm out in the elements for over 25 years was worth thousands? …that kind of made up? Yeah, and so now that they have been caught they will try it again.

    Do they even know how to spell S T U P I D?

  8. where does this information come from ? If you really wanna bring up some stuff why dont you talk about the biggest crook in Gilmer IKE MORRIS stealing oil and selling it back for money and not getting any punishment what is this crap? Then the little snotty kids think they are Gods because there grandpappy lives on his high horse and thumbs his ass because he ripped off some oil. I say fuck the whole family! bunch of crooks!

    Editors note: Dude, how about the kilo’s of Cocaine Ike got caught with and there was no consequence do you remember back then? I was only about 2, but i heard about it. It was way back in the early 80’s

    • Ed Broome is my grandpa. He DOES NOT. steal from the poor. He makes his earning the right way. He doesn’t do anything illegal. So shut the fuck up about that. Like what this guy said. The real crook is Ike Morris. look at his house. imagine how many asses he had to kiss in order to get him that house, Ike was a straight bum a long time ago, my grandpa gave him 20 bucks cause he felt sorry for him. and he fed off of my grandpa for years to get where he is now. Fuck Ike Morris. He’s a little pussy who liked to feed off of my grandpa until my grandpa got fed up with it. And as one of Ed’s grandkids, i know this for a fact. WE DO NOT THINK OF OURSELVES ANY DIFFERENT JUST CAUSE GRANDPA GOT MONEY. Keep the Morris’ family and the Broome family seperate. The Broome family is nothing like the Morris family. grandpa didnt have to kiss ass to get where he is today. He worked hard for his money. KEEP THE BROOME FAMILY OUT OF YOUR MOUTH’S IF YOUR GOING TO TALK TRASH.

      Editors note: You know how difficult it can be to sort who is all involved in wrong doing, and in this case it may be in name only, as in NO INTENT — and you very well could be absolutely correct. Now that we have heard your version it is worth investigating, and then very possibly this could have been the first step in setting matters right.

      11/23/11 SS MEMBER: The facts remain that missing 1/6th the rightful family members, the one paying taxes on it for years had the property sold but never received the MONEY from the sale.The person or persons that paid the taxes for over TWENTY YEARS DID NOT receive the money for the sale because of a crime in the County Clerks office and this is a piece of property that was wanted in SUPREME COURT as evidence, but it was hidden by the Gilmer County Clerk and the Gilmer County Sheriffs office. BROOME had his name all over those papers, and somebody owes me money that I PAID for those taxes, so until you can come up with the stolen money or property it might be a good idea for you to shut the fuck up, and especially this week. Unless, that is you have some of my money bitch. If you have a complaint, well I can handle that for ya, just let me know. Otherwise be well advised to stay the fuck out of my business. Somebody, somewhere is going to have to come up off of a whole lot of cash! And if you think they didn’t steal this shit think again, the County hid the title, and we are looking for some ASS on this one. I don’t give a fuck if it is old ass or new ass, but it will be somebodies ass, for the matter is far from resolved.

  9. CalPatty Press - Central WV SS

    These people act like they have done nothing wrong. We heard yesterday that the taxes billed for the HIDDEN 1/6th that were false, were paid.


    Brittany Miller sent out a false TAX BILLING for property that did not exist in the land books before that billing for quite awhile because it was ILLEGALLY PULLED from the land books. She should have known something was up, especially if she knew her job. Now Metz wants to blame this on Wolfe’s office, always passing the buck passing the buck..

    Fuck that passing the buck bullshit!

    Hey what y’all did was wrong and it led to a wrongful death!

    All any law enforcement agency has attempted to do with the unlawful act of ignoring the court order was kick a lot of dirt on it and ignore it, thinking, “Oh, if we don’t recognize it as a problem it will just go away!”

    We find that behavior from law enforcement not only as weird as fuck, but unlawful.

    Every single state in the union talks shit about the Police in West Virginia and here is a prime example of why they do. Truly what we need is NATIONAL COVERAGE to shine a SPOTLIGHT DOWN ON and bring national attention to Gilmer County to expose them for their outrageous crimes against the common citizen.

  10. Hey where is the picture?

    Hey where is the picture of (removed) getting raped on here? I Keep hearing how Sheriff Metz is going to have them ALL arrested for having a picture of (censored). I have been all through here and can’t find it. It is a Butcher Bitch heaven here, but no (censored)

    Editors note: When you find it let me know, cuz I is looking too! Hey man! I’m just looking for some smoke man!

  11. Based on Internet reports is it reasonable to believe that Terry Butcher, Tim Butcher, Hough, Metz, and I. L. Morris make the list to be among the top ten crooks in Crooked County? Something making rounds from places where I. L. holds court is that people believe that he can’t get FBI clearance to buy a pistol because he can’t pass a background check required by the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act. Items which can cause denial inlude a record involving a felony indictment or conviction, substance abuse, dishonorable discharge and proven mental conditions. If the information about I. L. is unfairly false he is urged to put the claim to bed by personally going to a reputable gun dealer where background checks are done to purchase a pistol and to let the news out. Since the law won’t come to Crooked County all we can do is to use the court of public opinion because it is still a constitutional right to express opinions.

    Editors note; We appreciate your comment sir, and I regret to inform you our constitutional rights have already been violated in Gilmer County a time or two, for that is what they do! But, instead of doing police work like catching drug dealers and such, our sources from inside the courthouse tell us that Mickey Metz is spending all his time trying to take this site and others down. See how he is?

    Mickey Metz can’t handle the truth!

    Is METZ just gonna yell NO FOUL PLAY while he has us killed just like Fred Hill?

  12. About Brittany

    Was Brittany really having sex in the office? Was that true what I heard? Was she and the Sheriff, really …

    Editiors note: We hear a tell of BM and BM grinding Hiney’s late until the midnight hour when they all sneak in after hours to meet up with their criminal co-conspirators and all. The real story is BROOME and Marks got together on some shit, but for it all to work everyone has to play ball and anyone that is from inside the courthouse knows exactly what we mean.

  13. FALSE and ILLEGAL Tax billing

    Click to access GCC13961.pdf

    This is just ONE of many false tax billings that were paid?
    … and now where is the money?

  14. CalPatty Press - Beverly Marks and BROOME in Cahoots for years!

    Recently reports have come in that Beverly Marks and Ed Broome Inc have met privately and testimony has come forward that reveals that a “SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP” was established in which many others tried to purchase property on the courthouse steps and or tried to obtain property from Tax Sales and Marks would tell them someone had beat them to it and it had been Ed Broome. All of the details are not sorted out yet, but it has been established that SPECIAL FAVORS were given to Broome from Marks and that Brittany Miller had to know that missing 1/6th had been pulled previously from the land record, so she also had to be in on the scam! It was suggested that federal officials in Washington DC be contacted, and make sure they are FEDS with no possible local ties.

    The Sheriffs office should not be involved with the collection of taxes in Gilmer County for there has been too much of a history of theft. Now it is clear why Sheriff Metz spent the whole month of February practically, covering up for all the new evidence of wrongdoing uncovered and even getting the help of the State Police.

    Well the CAT is out of the BAG now! We know what you all have been doing! Mother fucking CROOKS from Crooked County are all fucking a like! The land of criminal public officials Gilmer County, West Virginia!

  15. That is right. Forget about ILM getting a gun permit. Hell, at this stage of the game he can pay as many people as he wants to legally carry a gun for him. I want to get back to what is going on in this county that lets three unsolved murders just be OK.

    Little Mrs. Woofter was murdered because she couldn’t use her own assets for health care. Wrongful death, I call it MURDER! It was more important that the money was saved to be split up after her death. Didn’t matter that it was HER MONEY! I believe it has happened many times and will happen again if we don’t get somebody honest to handle those estates. And I don’t mean voted out county commissioners or their minions or a county clerk hand picked by the power elite to just play ball with the lawyers. Doesn’t matter about wrongful prosecution, doesn’t matter about using all the money for personal gain. One little old lady doesn’t matter to the big dogs. I say PUT THEM ALL BACK UNDER THE PORCH!

    Mark Medley was murdered with premeditation, nobody really doubts that, but no charge of murder came out of that Crooked Court. Just a slap on the wrist manslaughter deal. What the hell is up with that?! Do you think that jury was handpicked? I think all they cared about was the old divorce and who was right or wrong. Don’t give a damn about MURDER! Just as long as it’s not one of their family or friends.

    Then comes the biggest cover up of all. The unsolved murder of Fred Hill, a guy who really had no connection with this county and drank a little too much one night and slapped a bar slut or two on the ass. Spent his hard earned money in the town and found in the river! All that is said is NO FOUL PLAY! They don’t seal the autopsy because he slipped and fell.

    Is any responsible official doing anything about any of this? The answer is NO! They seem to be too busy protecting their friends and covering their own ass to give a damn what happens to anybody else! The only good thing is their circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller just like a noose getting tighter and tighter.

    Editors note: Thanks for revealing some truth! More courthouse crimes are to be revealed soon. I think we might be able to get Brittany and her little friends a trip to federal prison along with all the people that support her if we can bring forward some more evidence.

  16. Crooked County Crooks -The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line!

    It is IMPORTANT to note that this particular piece of property needs to be singled out because the actual owner NEVER SAW A FUCKING DIME OF THE MONEY FROM THE SALE thanks to Beverly Marks and this shit has been going on for years and NOW, FINALLY THEY ARE ALL CAUGHT!!

    Yeah Marks blocked the sale, since she knew it was a dire situation and then just destroyed the court order, that is correct the original was destroyed after it was ignored and that is highly illegal and you can thank Tim Butcher for calling the shots and Beverly Marks for carrying out the order.

    I have just been given a list of names that did receive the 38,000 in sales proceeds and most of the money went to ROSA BELLE GAINER-CUNNINGHAM whom the owner despised, and in fact she hated Rosa Belle since she had stolen a lot of money from the estate prior to having this property stolen and would not reply to letters written by the attorney’s for Ruth Woofter, AJ Woofters sister. Gilmer County disrespected AJ Woofter, and the Butchers were NEVER suppose to be in control of the estate and it is a conflict that the executrix Rosa Belle Gainer was an employee of the Butcher and Butcher law firm.


    These facts can be confirmed and were part of a meeting that took place last night with an attorney that suggested contacts in DC be made, and that the local feds could be bought by IKE MORRIS, BROOME or the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY! We know Ike bought one federal magistrate already involving the court case in which this property was attached.

    Now that is interesting….

    • Yes, how land and gas & oil rights are all a part of the Woofter murder/wrongful death incident. That is interesting.
      When properties just disappear from the land books makes one wonder who deleted the tax ticket from the records. Gee, aren’t they generated by the sheriffs departments system? Isn’t that a separate system? Lord knows that’s what they told us when they asked the commissioners in public meeting for a new system and it was put in all of the newspapers.
      Isn’t true that no one but their employees can use that system? Maybe we need to subpoena the vendors that sold the system as proof? Maybe somebody needs to just learn and do their job, not try to win a popularity contest with the big shots for whatever they seem to get out of it. Gee, if we only knew the real answer to that million dollar question.

      This manipulation of lands and monies of Gilmer County Citizens has to stop and as title researchers and out of town attorneys keep looking at the records the noose gets tighter and innocent people will not pay the price for greed and glory forever.

      Editors note: …subpoena the vendors that sold the system as proof?
      That is a great idea, we need to gather the information on who, what, when and where, for, “These types of details” we were told to focus on, for they are real important so that it can be included in the civil action for it can all get real expensive real fast, there has to be a clear theory of wrong doing and it takes a great deal of proof by documents to get federal judges to want to making a ruling or give an opinion on the matter.

      • Hmmmmmmm, now who is in charge of those tax tickets? That’s right the chief tax deputy, isn’t that what Brittany Miller gets paid for?

        Editors note: Brittany Lynn Miller gets paid for a lot of things, have you, or have you not seen her brush off her knee’s just after she has wiped her mouth coming out of one of “Those” meetings..????

  17. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf -- Michelle Dawn Rose took 12,000 plus thousands not mentioned!

    Michelle Dawn Rose took thousands of dollars involving this same missing one sixth and at least one other sixth, possibly two other sixths, that are adjacent to this specific title had cash money accepted for, but later, Rose said the money was never paid. Vendors changed hands and all previous data was destroyed. Metz claims, “Well I wasn’t even Sheriff then,” but actually he was Sheriff when the Rose incident was discovered and she never saw a day in jail, but caught red handed stealing thousands.

    I heard someone concerned that Michelle Dawn Rose paid back the County Commission. Fuck the County Commission, do you think for a second any of them are innocent. Yeah, they accept stolen money!

    Rose took money from the owner of all those sixths but the money was never paid back. This family paid ten times what this property was worth because of the fucking Crooks from Crooked County. These people hide behind the bible, but in reality are atheists!

    What will be our catalyst to Freedom? From discovering such damaging evidence should we hold any hope at all that justice can be done, or will there be continued cover ups and continued criminal acts?

    Are the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the CROOKED RIVER really above the law?

    So far, we must say, that yes, they really are above the law!

    I think we all need to get DEEP INSIDE some resolve in an urgent manner!

    Damn won’t that feel good!

    Chicka Chicka Yeah!

    Editors note: The skies over several counties will be ablaze with a strange light!

  18. CalPatty Press - Central WV SS asks the Governor to send PACK packing!!

    Not long ago an SS article stated that we should send Col Pack Packing and then we sent a letter to the governor asking Pack to be removed! Well our prayers were answered.

    After numerous documents were gathered and sent to the governors office showing wrongdoing by the Police in protection of public officials that have declared themselves above the law in Gilmer County, the governor must have gotten the idea and PACK is going to be sent packing!
    The NEW GOV agreed with the central WV SS!! Says Pack needs to be sent packing he is bad for public relations as we pointed out!

    Governor Earl Ray Tomblin wants a new superintendent of the State Police.

    Tomblin sent the nomination of Jay Smithers to the state Senate on Thursday.

    The Senate is scheduled to consider various nominations before the session ends Saturday. The House does not have to approve the nomination.

    Smithers currently is head of the state Division of Protective Services, which provides security at the state Capitol.

    Smithers would replace Col. Timothy Pack, who was appointed by former Governor Joe Manchin in 2008.
    Also on the Timber that was cut on the 3/6 of the property-part of the property mentioned above- the Sheriff illegally shut down a legal operation and then Metz just took four loads of Timber and the owner was never paid for the Timber stolen by the Sheriff. Metz just took the Timber! Should he be charged with a federal crime?

  19. CCC and WV SS send letter to NEW Governor

    The Council of Concerned Citizens recently sent a letter to the new governor along with an article that stated:

    Our biggest problem at the moment is a result of the political policy of the high ranking members of the State Police and the legal staff of Colonel Pack.

    What is the answer to end the NIGHTMARE of GILMER COUNTY?

    I say we send Col Pack, packing !!

    We don’t need a superintendent of State Police that ignores crimes and gets a bunch of suited up city slicker fancy white collar lawyers to kick dirt over an obvious criminal infraction!

    The New Governor listened and sent Colonel Pack Packing he did not resign and was forced into retirement, for all the wrongdoing pointed out.
    Col Pack has repeatedly denied requests for press interviews about his agency, even as questions about the actions of some officers in the State Police have come into question.

    In December, he released a statement saying that allegations of police brutality on behalf of the State Police have been “over-sensationalized by a select few in the media” and that complaints against officers have decreased in recent years.(oh yeah right!)

    A recent interview request was met with the following statement from Col Pack: “When you apologize about the lies you have written about the State Police, then you will immediately have your interview.”

    • Jay Smithers to Head West Virginia State Police.

    Cuz… we sent Col Pack, packing !!

  20. Competent investigative reporter - Rina McCoy - Crooked County Crooks Website!

    An intensely discussed issue in Gilmer County is what supposedly happened along Route 33 at the home of a prominent member of the community.

    Allegedly, and according to Internet reports, there was a wild party involving GCHS students and authority figures.

    Among other things, sex between a coach and a female student and the rape of another female student are alleged.

    Reasonable citizens concur that simply because the information was posted on the Internet does not prove the veracity of the reports.

    The problem is that many citizens can perceive that something terribly wrong happened and the perceptions can mutate into convictions of fact.

    With serious ramifications of reports of the party, why is nothing being done to refute the reports or to verify that they were valid to cause guilty parties to be dealt with?

    The homeowner, the coach allegedly involved with sex with a student and the alleged rapist could in fact be totally innocent.

    Also, the girls whose reputations were tarnished could be victims of vile rumor, which is a huge concern.

    Conversely, if what was reported is truthful, the GCHS principal, the County School Board, and local law enforcement officials, including the prosecutor, are grossly guilty of inaction.

    To do nothing causes one more black mark to be stamped on all of us regarding how business is permitted to be conducted in Gilmer County.

    We need competent investigative reporters or outside law officials to come to Gilmer County to eke out the facts and to let the chips fall where they may.

    ~~ Observer – Info on File ~~
    After completing her education in Virginia, McCoy worked as a small town newspaper reporter, then began to develop a reputation as a competent investigative journalist in Calhoun County and then throughout Central West Virginia…

    Facts reveal, there was a certain rape and facts reveal a student that just became of age engaged in legal coitus with a legal teacher and coach of the local high school.

    The extensive report on the allegations of wild partying have been largely confirmed, but denied by county officials. Vaginal sexual intercourse, also called coitus, is the human form of sexual union. There is considerable legal variability regarding definitions of and the legality involving other discoveries made into some sexual exploration involving minors, drugs, alcohol and ALL that took place on the 22nd of January long into the hours of the 23rd… …

  21. No Punishment for RAPE in Gilmer County

    To hear it told if no one is going to press charges when you rape a daughter of the Power Elite then cool, it is OK to rape the young Power Elite since they won’t tell! It seems to be OK with Gerald B Hough, since he has not said anything. Does that mean it is open season on all the high school girls? Gilmer County has not had a rape conviction ….in what 20 years?

    No charges filed for rape, that seems like a good thing for all the wild partying. I guess that means if it is not reported then there is no crime! I just read this on the Gilmer Free Press!

    Silence is not admission of guilt. Sometimes defending against such accusations lends them credibility. If no one is pressing charges of any kind, then there isn’t really much to defend yourself against other than rumors.

    And rumor-mongers are going to believe what they want, no matter what you say. Who wants to defend themselves from every accusation that comes down the crazy pike? If you are in the crosshairs of the rumor-mongers, you’d never get a moments rest, defending accusation after accusation.

    If there is no LEGAL accusation of wrongdoing, then there is no need to make a public statement.
    Comment by Mr. Hasbeen on 03.14 at 10:23 AM

  22. Brittany Miller-Queen of the under the desk set!

    BM the new bowel movement commonly known as Brittany Miller NEVER goes to work anyway. Ever since she got the Chief Tax Deputy position she does what all the preferred under the table cock suckers have done. Brittany cums in when she feels like it and drives all the under paid county workers into the ground doing her job. At least she is good at sucking dick, but as far as everything else goes, she sucks.

    Editors note: So, in a nut shell, sucking is her greatest attribute as Chief Tax Deputy? Would that sum it up for you?

    SS Member: The latest Revenge of the Ghost Work article has been delayed 12 hours from midnight until noon today to verify some facts, before release.



    A State Police news release says “Sheriff Mickey Metz discovered the missing funds and requested the investigation by the Glenville Detachment,” a statement disputed by several Gilmer residents for the main reason that the State Police are totally full of shit, and just say shit to make things look good.

    Rose was charged with one count of embezzlement, according to Sgt. C. M. Alton, Jr. She reportedly took about $12,000 or more nobody really knows, but especially not Mickey Metz since he can barely add to 100.

    The arrest reportedly came after complaints were filed by citizens regarding problems in the tax office. Rose was relieved of her duties , but did no jail time and faced no real consequence for her actions which is typical for Gilmer County if you have connections with the Power Elite.

    Sheriff Metz accused the Hur Herald of publishing rumors regarding an audit, which the Herald said was conducted regarding his department’s financial records, and then Metz likes to accuse the Gilmer Free Press about it’s articles, but they are all backed up by facts and documents which makes the Sheriff appear to the general public to be the dumb as fuck hillbilly that he really is.

    Metz told the Glenville Democrap that such reports were unjustified, saying that the audit was not done exclusively on his dept. but that:

    “The whole county government was audited,” which turned out later to be “Bullshit” like we thought it was all along! She how these Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River, are?

    Officials disputed Metz’s statement, saying there was a focused audit being completed on the Sheriff’s records after citizens complained, which was much closer to the truth than he told the press and a lot more closer to the truth than the long-winded tales he tells at the Common Place restaurant in Glenville, where he was involved and conspired with Peggy Moore owner and also a juror named in a federal “JURY TAMPERING COMPLAINT” involving false evidence brought by the SHERRIF’S OFFICE to the WV Supreme Court. When these Crooks from Crooked County decide to tell lies and be dishonest they go all the way to the top with it!

    The Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder reported:

    “The whole matter came to light, County Clerk Marks points out, because the Hur Herald, a web newspaper operating out of Calhoun County, and the CalPatty Press also out of Calhoun County had received several e-mails from outraged Gilmer County taxpayers, in that their names had appeared, ostensibly incorrect, in the delinquent property tax reports…They had paid their taxes.”

    Editors note: Obviously Sheriff Metz feels he can not only bring false felony charges against someone, process that through the highest courts, get caught doing it by the FREE PRESS of WV – And then he still thinks he can get away with knowingly bringing false evidence and a false case – and suffer NO CONSEQUENCE FOR IT!!!

    The same sort of Gilmer County dishonest dealing were involved in the MURDER of FRED HILL!! Just look at what they did to that poor boy Fred Hill, please go to this page and read all the documentation.

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