DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY! The Power Elite and the BOG at GSC Say, “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!!

By Freebird/Central WV SS-Reporter/Rina McCoy-Editor/Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison -Editor CCC

If a lie is repeated often enough it becomes the truth!

That’s the way things are done up on the hill in the Ville!

Take a couple of lawyers, toss in a gas & oil baron and his family, maybe a “reliable” friend or two and mix with the President of the institution…

Now there is one hell of a recipe for scandalous and unethical behavior!

In exchange for bought and paid for “loyalty”, boards and organizations are created with great titles and noble purpose.  Unfortunately, the purpose is soon forgotten after a 501c3 not for profit status is obtained from the Federal and State Government.

These so called leaders of the community just forget about EDUCATION.  They just forget that they receive a substantial portion of support from other governmental units, and the general public in the form of tax payer dollars!!


GSC Alumni Association 501c3 Provides scholarships and funding for general education purposes:  Executive Director Dr. Peter Barr in 2007. Revenue 2008  $2,610,304  Expenses Over 2 million. Total assets over 10 million. Director, D. (I owned McDonalds) Pounds, annual salary of $37,754 paid  in 2008 per 990 filing. Hey, isn’t he also the Vice President for College Advancement?  Wonder what that pays! President Timothy B Butcher.  Members of the board include College Director Sue Morris and Doug per 990.  Mr. Pounds retains the books per the filing!

Big Joe-former WV Governor, Peter Barr and SoS Natalie T-- NONE of "THESE THREE" have turned out to be good for Gilmer County! The Power Elite support Big Joe with Big BUCKS and mostly it is all about the Power Elite putting money in their pocket and the citizens get screwed! Natalie Tennant charged BM, Beverly Marks (former county clerk)with a misdemeanor for voter fraud, and the new County Clerk Jean Butcher with two misdemeanor charges, but it is alleged they are both guilty of felony election fraud for exchanging recording modules in the voting machines. A federal complaint is pending on both the former and current Gilmer County Commission Clerk. Peter Barr GSC President was a partner in the real estate swindle that was just heard in Federal Court!

GSC Research Corporation 501c3 Provides support to the college alone.  3 voting members comprise the board.  Dr Peter Barr, Robert Hardman and Dr. Butler, these are appointed positions but could not verify by whom.  Possibly the Board of Governors. Assets $287,913 in 2008. Had $250,000 of notes and loans receivable.  Books managed by Robert Hardman Purpose to facilitate grants and research.  Gee, is this where the county’s $30,000 went to?  Was that income declared by anyone?

GSC Housing Corporation 501c3 Purpose  to provide residential housing to GSC faculty and staff. Dr Peter Barr and Robert Hardman as officers, Thomas Ratliff (head of maintenance GSC)  and others as trustees. Other salaries and wages paid over $70,000 with $16,000 + in benefits but not ID’d to whom.  Over $599,000 in revenue, public support reported at 98.79%. Books managed by Robert Hardman.

Morris Foundation 501c3 a non operating foundation whose purpose is additional construction and operation of the sports park in 2008.  Who is managing that park in 2010?  A certain County Commissioner related to the Butchers?

This Bullshit is never ending in Crooked County!

Pretty nice salary I hear since  quitting  the college.  But you never really quit do you?

The books are retained by IL’s secretary Sandy Pettit!

This story sounds very familiar doesn’t it?

They all do it the Crooked County way!

GSC Board of Governors- at the time of the action in question R Terry Butcher was a member of the board of governors and, if I am not mistaken, Timothy B Butcher was President of the GSC Housing Corporation.

With the “new” restructuring the wife of IL MORRIS – Sue Morris is current board director!

This is starting to read like a WHO’S WHO of  “Fuck you!”

“We are gonna do what we want to …and make some fat stax of cash too!”

GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS LLC: a FOR PROFIT ENTITY Manager and Organizer Dr. Peter Barr per the State of West Virginia and various recordings at the court house.

According to Dr. Barr and multiple news reports this is handled by Mr. Ratliff, the full time head of Maintenance for GSC and if you will note a trustee of the GSC Housing Corporation as well.

How many pay checks for him and others?

Dr. Barr managed it so well he let the Butchers prepare a $30,000 promissory note by New Horizon (Jack Jones President) to Gilmer Housing Partners on the first sale of the new housing development which originated from Ex- Mayor Putnum to  IL Morris, to the Alumni Association, to the GSC Housing Corporation to Gilmer Housing Partners all tied to the Board of Governors with a resulting suit in federal court tied to the County Clerk’s Office.

The home of corruption for Gilmer County! The Butcher and Butcher Law Firm ignored letter after letter from lawyer after lawyer regarding doing an accounting for the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE - An Attorney for the council on aging Margaret Kreiner stated that the terms of the AJ WOOFTER WILL were not met! A criminal report made to Sheriff Metz was ignored! He stated for the record, "I'm not a gonna go up there and bother them people!" Great job of law enforcement Sheriff Metz!!

Now you can at least follow how the wicked web of deceit is wickedly woven  on the hill in the Ville !!  You got it now!

I hope you can clearly see how attorneys whose membership spans at least three non-profit organizations within the college can participate in the for profit step child of that same body.

What was their bill?

Who are the investors and how much did they put up for seed money?  How are they to be paid back? How much money have they made or lost?  Where does it go?

It’s  all a CROOKED COUNTY MYSTERY!!  Fuck yeah!!

Don’t forget the Crooked President of the college is in it all the same, same.  He knows how the wicked deals are woven, and who runs these organizations at all times, to him it is all a game, game!

Dude tells the BOG what he wants!

Have another drink Peter Barr and don’t forget the BARR code next time you park your car at the bar!!

Don’t lay on your back unless he is black = Barr Code

Those who have a good business sense will know why the President of GSC is placed to interconnect with every back room deal and parcel out the money in the Ville !

Is this mess ethical?  HELL NO!!

I seriously doubt the IRS would find it legal!

Keep that picture in your head. It is all public information for those with the desire for the truth.  Read the latest from Federal Court.

Those Butchers got their asses kicked in federal court!!

Don’t forget that the next time decisions need to be made about what is good for Gilmer County.

But, the Power Elite only think about what is good for putting money in their pocket and to hell with Gilmer County and it’s citizens!

Those Butchers and their Gilmer County Housing Partners in crime can sure weave one wicked web to deceive!!

Here is the US District Court Document that orders the Bullshit company formed by the Butchers to PAY UP BITCHES!!

federal court opinion county clerk

(click the green link for PDF of court document)

If you can not access document via  link contact your local Gilmer County Secret Seven Member at:

PAY UP BITCHES? "Sure I'll pay up my daddy is Rich, but you have to cum back in my room first!"(photo of Lizzie Butcher with drink in hand - one of the Butchers Bitches to Break Bad in the summer of 2010)

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  1. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf - Website

    I noticed we have been getting several searches for Diana L Butcher and they don’t always get it quite right, but we know what they mean. Hey, if I get going early do you think I could get there and participate in the photo op with Diana L Butcher in the POST OFFICE on main-street at 10am while she has another melt down?
    …Just like when she accused the photographer dude of being SS!

    Hey Diana L Butcher dude is not SS he’s straight on for you CCC bitch! How about that?

    Have another drink princess Di and I will even buy!!

    Then after a few drinks we can work on my dictation from way back in the days of the Main Event, remember that night….?

    “Hey Diana L, how my dictate?”

    By the way good job Freebird and good job Reeny!

  2. Council of Concerned Citizens - Gilmer FREE PRESS article calls the crime back on 18 November 2010!

    Community Concerns:

    To answer the community concerns regarding the allegations of wrong doing at the Gilmer County Courthouse involving deeds and titles, I have gathered some facts to further reveal what I consider to be corrupt and criminal behavior.

    To clear up the matter on the illegal activity and the liens involving Beverly Marks County Clerk, there is a matter currently involving a possible civil action in the amount of 150,000 dollars. The specific amount will be revealed when the documents are filed with the court, but rumor has it that $500,000 may be sought for punitive damages involving a case in which a lien was not recorded, possibly for the purpose of using the property for collateral for a loan.

    The reason the lien was not recorded has not yet been made clear, or verified, but the fact that the lien was not entered into record has been confirmed!

    Investigations have brought out into the open certain facts that bring back memories of long hours at the fiduciary commissioner office of Vance Golden and allegations of wrong doing involving the AJ Woofter estate. In fact, the déjà vu was so strong that I gave Judy a call down in Parkersburg in Golden’s office to refresh my memory on the actual facts. I was reminded that after several visits to the office to complain, I discovered NO ACCOUNTING was done in 12 years on the AJ Woofter estate when they are required annually, and that finally an accounting was done and finalized in 2007, but that the accounting was sent to the wrong address. No answer was given for the fact that it was sent to the wrong address, but we expect it was done on purpose. So, after five years of begging and pleading and letter writing to get an accounting done, and after the AJ Woofter estate accounting was 12 years overdue, by law, finally when it was ready to send out, the long sought after accounting was sent to an address nobody ever heard of.

    After all those years and all those complaints from lawyers, FIVE different attorneys and THREE from out of state, and letter after letter to Tim Butcher and Rosa Belle Gainer to request an accounting be done, it was lost. We asked that Butcher be fired years prior to this incident, and that also we felt it was a conflict that the executrix of the estate (Gainer) was an employee of the law firm of Butcher and Butcher. The letters from five different attorneys (all paid a fee) were ignored for five years, and no reply by Butcher until I hired an attorney by the name of Roger Curry from Fairmont at a cost of $10,000. He was forced to raise his voice with Butcher and said a word I cannot share with you to even get the paper work in motion. Butcher more or less was given an, “Or else,” by an attorney that once served on the Lawyer Disciplinary Board (Curry) and also had served as an accountant and a CPA before becoming a lawyer. I finally hired the right attorney!

    Obviously Tim Butcher was above the laws of West Virginia and Vance Golden’s office was asked once again this afternoon [11.17.10] why Butcher was allowed to violate rules and procedures. Butcher paid himself $10,850 as a fee the last day he had the estate.

    Butcher took over 38,000 out of the estate the last 120 days he had control of the estate.

    We tried for years to get the AJ Woofter Estate money away from the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, since Timothy B Butcher was two years late with interest payments and Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham was caught back-dating checks to give the appearance that they were following all the rules.

    The back-dating checks incident by Gainer is documented and she was read the riot act about the incident by Margaret H. Kreiner an attorney that knew what Rosa Belle Gainer was up to and made accusations of embezzlement. A complaint was made to the Gilmer County Sheriff, but no action was taken by Sheriff Metz. No consequence for Butcher and none for Gainer-Cunningham and that will need to be explained at a later date, I predict. Now it has been determined that Gainer received more than the 3% fee allowed for an executrix by state law.

    All of these documented facts are leading up to the point I am trying to make. That point is Tim Butcher can just make things up and has really come across with some whopper of excuses as to why all of his ducks were not in a row. My favorite was Butcher stated in a letter to Roger Curry in the summer of 2006 that he had not had time to get to the AJ Woofter estate accounting because he had to travel around to take his daughter Mary Catherine Butcher to her soft-ball games. That excuse really spun my head around!

    The look on my face must have been the exact look my German Shepherd gets when the command is not quite clear, you know, the slight turning of the head to one side with the look that says….huh? …come again? I was left with a look on my face not unlike a killer guard dog that was confused about the message, and guard dogs are rarely confused.

    Norma Hurley a Gilmer County employee had a similar look on her face as mine, from what I understand due to some recent incidents that have happened up on the hill at the Gilmer County Courthouse. A recent incident has not only led to her resignation, but allegations of voter fraud have also been made.

    “Voter Fraud?” Now how does this relate to the Butcher and Beverly Marks chatter and a lien not being recorded and a possible civil suit? I am glad you asked! Norma Hurly ran for the office of County Clerk as a democrat, but was defeated in the primary election.

    Then, later, around election time just a short time ago, Beverly Marks requested the help of a County office worker by the name of Debbie Allen to change her political party affiliation from democrat to independent so that she could legally help with the election. (or the rigging of the election)

    By her own account as it was related to this reporter, Hurley witnessed some wrongdoing in regard to illegal procedure in the area secured for voting. Norma saw with her own eyes actions that could possibly be deemed unlawful and certainly in need of further investigation.

    A very serious allegation has been made in regard to voting procedure and policy.

    Hurley, a bookkeeper, noticed that Beverly Marks ordered extra recording modules for the IVO machines, two of them, and further, that they were declared missing for awhile, but then mysteriously showed up later on election night. Imagine that that is so, “Gilmer County!”

    An eyewitness account of the matter confirms the fact that Marks refused in this instance to report the outcome of votes precinct by precinct, as had been done in years prior.

    This behavior by the County Clerk Beverly Marks is more than suspicious, it could possibly be criminal. The facts revealed that Marks gave some sub totals here and there, but no reports as had been part of normal procedure in prior years were made available to the public or the press.

    Many concerned citizens of Gilmer County are now of the belief that the Gilmer County elections were rigged by the IVO-electronic machines and extra readers!

    After witnessing all of this wrongdoing Norma Hurley quit that night! Norma tossed in the towel after a long service because she could no longer witness corruption and unlawful actions in the Gilmer County Courthouse.

    It is suspected by many that a conspiracy exists between Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks that could include covering for prior wrongdoing. It is said that Tim Butcher has a copy of the index of all the Gilmer County titles and deeds in his office. If this is true, then certainly that is a highly illegal act since Butcher is not an elected public official or County Clerk.

    It has been reported that Gerald Hough met with the County Clerk Beverly Marks just hours ago [on 11.17.10] to inform her that Hurly is filing voter fraud charges against her, and further, that Gerald B Hough was going to ask that the FBI become involved in the investigation.

    I find it almost amusing that Hough would bandy the name of the FBI about, since I have confirmation that he is currently under federal investigation himself for wrongdoing involving fraud in regard to value of evidence in a criminal case that was in the court system for five years in West Virginia at a high cost to the state.

    Many common folk in Glenville feel that Tim Butcher and Marks went the extra mile to get the republican Jean Butcher elected at all costs to cover for prior misdeeds, and also, to continue with the corruption! Jean Butcher is more than familiar with the procedure and the jobs required in the County Clerk’s office. She has a lot of experience and has been the “Go to” girl for Butcher in the past having been able to navigate all the files easily given her experience and background.

    To further review this rather eye opening account of Gilmer County Courthouse corruption, a lawsuit is currently pending (no details as of yet) in regard to the fact a lien that had been filed, but NOT INDEXED in the record—in case the lien was located in a title search.

    I was further informed that Timothy B Butcher of the law firm of Butcher and Butcher, has actually made a copy of the indices – Butcher admitted to doing so, and then defended himself by saying he did it as a safety measure. Safety measure? To insure the safety that he and Beverly Marks would not get caught for over 20 years of wrongdoing?

    That would be my guess!

    Boy that Timothy B Butcher can come up with some tall stories, that is for sure, but if this is an illegal act, then I have to ask why he is not telling the story to the guy at CRJ [Central Regional Jail] that takes your picture in orange? Is Butcher really above the law? Should people that enable Butcher, like Wood County Commissioner Vance Golden, also be charged for illegal acts that are confirmed as illegal acts?

    Will the fact that we have a new governor change things? Or, will Tim Butcher be able to pick up the phone and ask Big Joe Manchin for some assistance since he took the seat of Senator Byrd?

    One thing is for sure, Marks was notified about the civil action against her and expects the prosecuting attorney to defend her. Is this a conflict? Sure it is! You bet!!

    But, in reality, it does not matter if it is a conflict or not, since Gilmer County time after time and case after case has proven Gilmer County, “Makes it’s Own Rules!”

    Until concerned citizens take action and make an effort to improve things we can expect more of the same. There will be more rapes on campus at GSC that will be squashed as to not affect the “IMAGE” of the college and now we have Big Joe’s right hand man Mr James Spears to see that the image is delicately handled, and that there is no more talk of unsolved murders or heaven forbid, any more press regarding the NO FOUL PLAY of the very dead Basil Fred Hill. And further, it was heard said, that anyone that does not go along with the program will be dealt with in a severe manner.

    And So It Goes…..

    By Dan Bingman
    Creston, West Virginia

  3. Watchdog of Glenville!

    Hunter Armontrout, God Bless his soul. His archives soon will reveal more of Butchers crimes involving courthouse documents!

  4. Crooked County Crooks - CCC Elkins -GILMER FREE PRESS FRONT PAGE ARTICLE -CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project- GETTING SLAMMED

    The Gilmer FREE PRESS article -CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project is getting slammed with hits. There are so many people currently logged on to the site that it could crash! Just look at these figures! The whole state of WV must be reading their article today!

    From 11:41 am until 12:15 PM the GFP took 3,040 hits in just 34 minutes
    at 11:41 the hit meter read 4,643, 042 total for that page
    at 12:15 the hit meter read 4,646, 082


    Here are some comments from their article:

    Recent Comments

    Always factual, always current. Thank you GFP for not caving in to threats and lies! Your courage makes this county a better place to live.

    What about it County Clerk’s Office? Is it all lies now? Nothing going on? They don’t know what they are talking about? There were no election charges filed either? GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Keep it up for the time will come when an informed electorate will TAKE BACK GILMER COUNTY FROM YOU!

    By I know how I’ll vote on 03.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project’.

    Don’t ya’ mean that these transactions were kept in the dark because there was an ELECTION going on. The filings were sent bo the Secretary of State as far back as March. Everybody knew about it except the people doing the voting.

    By Take back Gilmer County on 03.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project’.
    Unfortunately, for all of us Gilmer County Concerned Citizens it was Sheriff Metz that made the latest threats and refused to take criminal complaints involving the Court Clerk.

    The State Police refused to take the complaint weeks earlier and said it was the job of Sheriff Metz.

    A complaint was filed with US Attorney against local state police. Two weeks later Col Pack was fired by the Governor.

    When the issue of crimes INSIDE THE COURTHOUSE was raised, and when Metz was asked again to take criminal complaints he refused.

    Mickey Metz then made threats of arrest involving person or persons bringing the complaints.

    Sheriff Metz refused to take criminal complaints against any public officials including Hough, although Metz was given a complaint well before any three year statute ran out involving subornation of perjury.

    A criminal negligence civil suit against the Sheriff’s office and the Gilmer County Commission is being worked on.

    We need a new Sheriff and we need one today!

    By Gilmer County Concerned Citizen on 03.21.2011

    Have we not elected sheriff metz to be the lawman for our county? if so, then why is he ignoring multiple criminal activities right in our courthouse? There have been document tampering and breaking of the laws. Even federal judge has given his opinion. Sheriff metz isn’t it about time for you to do something? Why aren’t you protecting the legal documents from the hands of the criminals? There is no excuse for ignorance now.

    By Rno299 on 03.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project’.

    Gilmer citizens have the moral high ground, we have numerical superiority,and finally we have a functional news outlet committed to fact finding. Those involved in serving themselves at the expense of our citizens are forewarned that their conduct will be exposed. Wrong doers never envisioned Internet intervention designed to end the sabotage of our constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, bulwarks of our Republic. Thank you GFP for your courage, objective presentation of facts, and your fearless and principled conduct. There is something to be said too for symbolism. How many have noticed that the sign to River’s View is collapsing?

    By GilmerLegalWatch on 03.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project’.
    Sheriff Metz, while you are at it, explain to us why one of the commissioners, Mr. Brian Kennedy, Butchers hand pick, is holding his position illegally. He is living out of the district he was elected in. He used a house in Glenville as an excuse for a while, but now he does not own it anymore. Sheriff Metz, please explain it, and Mr. Kennedy, you need to step down.

    By WatchDog on 03.21.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project’.

  5. Cosmos Communicator -- Metz is not honest and needs to be removed from office!

    Funny, how in Gilmer County you can expose an illegality about Kennedy living out of the district and who really is there to enforce this situation?

    “They make their own rules, in Gilmer County!”

    Sheriff Metz, was given proof that a false arrest occurred based on false testimony from at least two different state witnesses that were paid by Gilmer County to lie, and provide false information to the jury, about very important key aspects of a circuit court case.

    This was proven beyond any doubts by way of documents and other evidence.

    To bring someone in from out of state to lie on the stand (testi-lie) and then say they owned specific property that they NEVER owned, and then get caught at it, but then think that it is “JUST OK” is absolutely absurd.

    In that same case the Sheriff’s department ILLEGALLY shut down a legal timber operation on hearsay, without checking deeds for ownership, then took four loads on the ground, and now the Sheriff feels that he does not have to pay for the timber.

    Metz just took it!

    Then, in fact, the clerk hid one of the deeds from the courts, and then the judge and the prosecutor did their best to convince a questionable jury that the family did not own the property and there seemed to be no record of it.

    Now that it has been found out that the county actually committed a crime, the Sheriff says that it can not be proven that it was intentional!!

    That is absolutely ridiculous!

    Is Sheriff Metz really that stupid?

    He is that stupid or he is also part of the cover up!!

    It is also not his place to judge if it was intentional or not, that is for the courts to decide.

    Now, you see how they do it?

    “They make their own rules, in Gilmer County!”

    We need an honest Sheriff and Mickey Metz PROVED to be NOT HONEST at all!

    We ALL heard and saw the proof from that court case for ourselves, so we all know what the facts are. It was proven beyond anyone’s doubt that Gilmer County brought forward a false criminal case with false testimony with full knowledge of wrongdoing.

    Mickey, what is wrong with paying for the cut timber you took?

    What is wrong with holding people accountable that falsely testified?

    That entire “Travesty of Justice” circuit court case was completely fabricated by Gilmer County, and it has been proven, but Metz has gone to great lengths to protect the wrongdoers. That cover up in itself is a crime and he should be charged.

    It is a felony to cover up a felony and that is just what Sheriff Metz did.

    Now the matter is going to be another civil action against Gilmer County for much more than the county can afford.

    That is not the kind of lawman we want and that situation is so Gilmer County.

    Out with the old!

    In with the new!

    We need honest public officials, not the ones we have currently!!

    Brian Kennedy also needs to go, for he will say what all the others say,

    ….that, “He didn’t do anything wrong!”

    We are all tired of hearing that same old story.

    • GFP comment posted

      If memory serves me, Chapman tried the same thing. Moved from the City to Dekalb and tried to call himself the Dekalb Commissioner. Didn’t work. He remained City Commissioner until the next election when he ran for where he lived. Now Kennedy wants to do the same thing so Kight can be appointed or run if Hess retires at the end of his term. How many scams are we running here?

      By Take back Gilmer County on 03.22.2011

      From the entry: ‘CommunityConcern: Federal Court Rules on Land Dispute Lawsuit for River’s View Project’.

  6. I am wondering if we have even one Elected Official in Gilmer County. Are they so hung up in protecting one another for self serving political purposes that they forget what they were elected to do?
    How can this network of thieves hold their heads up and look anyone in the eye? It must be just the normal reaction for habitual liars.

  7. Gilmer County HIGH CRIMES by public officials

    So, what is this I hear about the Butcher burning down the auction barn, and then burning of the church on Church street where the dorm is and how the college just took possession of it and started building before they had legal possession which many say was not an accident and was planned by R Terry Butcher and his brother Timothy B Butcher.

    Then Judge Facemire and Hough played along and said no heirs could be located and made it all happen, so that even though the college just took it, they made sure they got it all legal like.

    Should we take the time to contact the heir’s ?

    Bet there was never an attempt to notify them!

    Facemire is already caught on tape making an outrageous statements in court and then later denying it to the judicial investigation commission. It would be absolutely wonderful to catch him in the act of two misdeeds. It would be all we needed to get action taken against him!

    How much have the Butchers put in their pocket setting up all the 501c corporations with the college’s name on them, and then only to benefit themselves?

    I hope you can clearly see how attorneys whose membership spans at least three non-profit organizations within the college can participate in the for profit step child of that same body.

    How much money have the Butchers stolen from the AJ Woofter Estate, the College, and the people of Gilmer County ?

    We need to seek prosecution for all guilty parties. We might want to band together and raise funds to higher a private investigator from out of the area, but not Charleston.

    Funny thing to say we need to seek prosecution in Gilmer County when the prosecutor Gerald B Hough is as Crooked as fuck!

  8. Crooked County Crooks - CCC Elkins

    The burning of the church on Church street where the dorm is currently is highly suspicious, because it was burned and cleared just prior to all of the dorm construction! Can someone out there explain that one to me?

    When Karen Elkin of Sand Fork announced her candidacy for Gilmer County, none of the CCC were against it.

    I did not read one bad word about it from the Secret Seven Coalition. I know some of us have been told to watch what we say about her, since a certain somebody really likes her, and I want to say what is the real truth about all of this, but I don’t think I can do it without pissing Karen off and several others may be mad that I did it, but I just want to shout out how I really feel about things.

    So, what do I do, say what it really is, or protect someone because somebody, or others like her??

    So, nothing personal Karen if you read this, for believe me I will be in enough trouble when this comment is posted, but I just can’t take it anymore!! I am mad as hell!!

    Well maybe I know what is wrong with the whole deal in Glenville ..I think it is, because I think that Karens sister is behind a lot of the election thing. You know Sandy, the one I was told not to bring up because she is Karen’s sister and all.

    Well I just have to say it and expect this comment will get yanked like Hot Toddy in protective custody at CRJ – but… believe me when I say this, and I believe I have some confirmation, but….

    All GILMER COUNTY ELECTIONS are really run by Sandy Pettit of Gilmer County right out of WACO’s office by her! Sandy is running things when it comes to the elections. It all comes and goes through Sandy Pettit, election GOD of Gilmer County.

    Who will win, who will lose, whose campaign will be fucked with, all of it determined by Sandy Pettit, Queen of the ball and the Crooked County elections – and the whole election process is controlled by orders from the Power Elite all coming from Waco Oil who are really a calling the shots.

    They control the Gilmer County Commission right from that office. Who will run, who can run, what district they will represent… all of it! It is all taken care of like a third world country!

    So, what are ya gonna do, kill me like Fred Hill, rape me and throw me in the river, is that what you get for telling the truth in Gilmer County dead? …in jail? …raped …destroyed …murdered?

    SS Member: You answered your own question. You are really screwed now!

  9. WV State Code §6-6-7. Procedure for removal of county, school district and municipal officers having fixed terms; appeal; grounds.

    You might want to look it up. It is time to research all the data and begin proceedings to remove Brian Kennedy, Metz, and a few other elected officials.

  10. BUTCHER AND BUTCHER LAW FIRM and GILMER COUNTY CLERK were hiding things and got caught! Judge orders them to pay over 300,000 after attorneys fees and court costs!!

    It appears the BUTCHER AND BUTCHER LAW FIRM has been exposed for wrongdoing in their latest fraudulent scheme and even got that drunken ass President Peter Barr busted along with them. A federal judge ordered them to pay what will amount to a fee that will exceed 300,000.00 when all is said and done.

    The Secretary of State Website reveals that Horizons homes have also had their license revoked which may indicate a criminal matter is possibly pending.

    The Butcher got caught hiding some serious white collar crime and GOT CAUGHT!

    Hey LIZZIE and LEXIE your dad R TERRY BUTCHER is not going to be so rich soon, because we know of two more federal law suits to be filed against him soon. So, why not go brag to your little bitch ass buddies how fucking rich your daddy won’t be pretty soon.

    A federal judge issued a summary judgment, before the matter even had a chance to go to trial because the wrongdoing was so damn obvious, in this last DEFEAT for the Butchers and the Gilmer County Clerks office in federal court.

    Informed sources say the Timothy B Butcher burned down the auction barn and called it an accident, and then collected hefty insurance for a profit. Some say Butcher used the experts from the Fire Starting Cult to put that very green spendable cash in his pocket. SS members will be seeking contacts with Cult members to see if proof of arson can be brought forward. It is amazing what two bottles of booze, a hooker and some weed will do, for Cult member revelation!

  11. Council of Concerned Citizens

    NEW HORIZON HOME SALES, INC. C 5/31/2005 11/1/2010 Revoked

    Domestic For Profit and REVOKED for illegal operations. License issued on May 31, 2005 – License revoked for illegal operations and activities with the Butcher and Butcher law firm on the first day of November twenty ten.
    Organization Information
    Org Type Effective Date Filing Date Charter Class Sec Type Termination Date Termination Reason
    C | Corporation 5/31/2005 5/31/2005 Domestic Profit 11/1/2010 Revoked

    SS Member: Now why did we not read this in the Glenville Democrap? Why do we have to depend on our own people to dig for this information to discover the truth? Is Dave Corcoran also part of the cover up of illegal activities in Glenville, West Virginia? Is this going to be a footnote in an historical society write up? Corcoran and the entire staff at the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit or worthless pieces of shit!

    Captain Booker looked into JACK JONES the Horizon Homes dude and says he is nothing but a fast talking USED CAR SALESMAN and that the same company was really:New Horizon Pre-Owned Auto Sales!

    Further, he feels the Butchers and Peter Barr and Jack Jones all conspired on an ILLEGAL real estate scam, and that by all rights they should all be indicted and that he was going to try to give the feds enough to get a grand jury to look into the crimes committed by these local criminals.

    The CCC salutes the GFP for doing a fine job of broadcasting the facts!

    The following unanswered questions remain for the mystery:

    • What happens pursuant to the Court’s rulings regarding alleged irregularities at the Office of the Clerk of Gilmer County?

    • What are the legal ramifications of the Judge’s ruling for individuals who purchased property at the Gilmer Housing Partners development?

    • Why did Terry Butcher and Timothy Butcher who have more than 40 years of accumulative professional experience as lawyers fail to guard against legal problems in their roles as trustees for the Gilmer Housing Partners ?

    • What are the legal ramifications of the Judge’s ruling for the Gilmer Housing Partners ? Based on optimistic goals by the GHP not to be met, the River’s View project is seemingly an example of an entrepreneurial failure in the County.

    As it is the Gilmer Free Press’ standard policy, parties to the lawsuit are invited to respond to this piece.

    The Gilmer Free Press in an attempt to keep the public informed always strives for accuracy by affording parties on both sides of the issue the opportunity to set the record straight.

  12. ℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵℵ

    State code §6-6-7. Procedure for removal of county, school district and municipal officers having fixed terms; appeal; grounds.
    I can’t stand by and see our county clerk be a part of another election considering the fact that she was charged with two misdemeanors, then lied about it and told everyone it didn’t happen. We have had enough!

    The hanky panky that went on to get her on the ballot as a republican, and all that went on was nearly criminal.

    Gilmer County Sheriff, and others that have refused to accept legitimate evidence, attempted to cover up facts, and brought forth false evidence knowingly, while also refusing to investigate the Butchers when clearly wrongdoing has been uncovered; while also falsely billing taxes on property pulled from the land books, is a fact that can proven in federal court and is grounds enough for removal.

    To cover up a felony and get caught at it, as he has been caught, is a felony!

    We need to start removal proceedings of this public official and others this very day.

    Butcher has to go as principal for allowing a free for all sexually with the students and allowing unsavory relationships between staff and students and passing out the tip about yesterday’s police search before it happened to protect the druggies.

    There is no excuse!

    Please save us all from hearing the typical Gilmer County excuse.

    By Gilmer 36 on 03.23.2011

  13. Crooked County Crooks - Short Excerpt from Chapter 14 - Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

    Walking boldly into the communications shack, followed by Big
    Edi, Lisianna watches JR do his thing, “A lot of chatter on the police
    bands!” The Ranger shouts, without even looking back to
    acknowledge Lisianna. He had learned by experience when to talk to
    her, and when to just leave her alone. JR was a fast learner and was
    intently listening to the radio news special being broadcast out of

    …Journalist Lisianna Rockefeller, continued with her
    concern about the growing conflict within southern states and
    her affiliation with the southern born CCC!
    She recently stated…(announcer goes to sound byte of

    “The NEW CIVIL WAR has already begun in ways largely
    hidden or unrecognized! The CCC…the Consolidated Citizens
    Corp are dedicated to saving this country and creating local
    sustained societies within our state while the nation is at war. And
    yet I ask, is not a threat within, as well from the outside already
    among us?

    And we haven’t seen reruns of Ruby Ridge, at least not yet, no
    Waco either! Instead, civil conflict is going on disguised under
    false pretenses, The CCC has identified many of our enemies that
    are often hidden and primarily still are a one-sided government
    against the American people.

    The CCC from South Carolina are our friends, they are the
    true American Patriots and they have come to help West Virginia!
    It’s time for the people, the citizens of America and the citizens
    of West Virginia to take back their home!

    The local ruling elite in West Virginia have consolidated their
    power and undermined our Constitution!

    They build prisons so they’ll be fully prepared for the conflicts
    they themselves must be expecting—or they wouldn’t feel a need
    to build them, would they? The CCC are going to save us all from
    this downfall! South Carolina has decided to save itself and the
    people of West Virginia need to be saved too!

    The powers that be institutionalize war and torture, and
    destroy the integrity of our country and the longstanding
    goodwill toward Americans that previously existed worldwide
    and nationwide!

    These are direct assaults on our freedoms and values, and
    they are more than just culture wars, we are slowly having a
    noose put around our necks!

    The power elite have blinded sleeping Americans and the
    people of West Virginia still going about their daily lives as if
    nothing is wrong, thinking the most important thing they need to
    be concerned about is keeping up with fashion trends, fads, and
    the cool things you see on TV.

    Wake up!

    The real answer is that it all boils down to the individual. From
    now on, true authority will progress from the bottom up, as people
    take back their individual power from all forms of failed external
    jurisdiction. And it is only through conscious self-awareness and
    self-responsibility that we can become more effective individuals!
    Today we stand United!
    The time is now…to take back our Freedom!

    The small contingent of the CCC fell silent when the end of
    Lisianna’s speech faded into static by JR tuning his tank circuits
    searching for needed news updates. Edi glanced at Lisianna as she
    stared up out into the darkness, then he wondered how those big,
    beautiful and powerful words could ever come out of such a Lil bit of
    a blond girl, that everyone knew only weighed 118 pounds!

  14. Lisa Minney and all that?

    Remember last summer when Lisa Minney was publishing articles and campaigning like a mad dog to take the CalPatty Press off the internet by saying they were saying things about her friends and marriages of her friends and she sometimes got specific with names.

    As it turns out, the things that were said by the CalPatty Press back then were not only true, but were of matters we needed to know about. So, Minney, and the Glenville Democrap and their entire staff of brainless zombies wrote letter after letter in complaint claiming outrageous claims that all turned out to be bullshit!

    Hey thanks Lisa Hayes Minney or whatever your name is this week!

    Editors note: Two Lane Two Faced, Ain’t Living Long Like This Magazine owner, Lisa Minney showed her true colors and aligned herself with people that have stolen money from the community to put in their own pockets for profit, all the while telling us how honest and how great they are just like Lisa Minney. She turned out to be phony as fuck with some friends that are nothing but CROOKS FROM CROOKED COUNTY THAT LIVE DOWN BY THE CROOKED RIVER!!

  15. River View Project Stinks to HIGH HEAVEN!

    To sum up facts:

    The Butchers formed a FOR PROFIT company that included the President of GSC and Tom Ratliff. The Butchers took fee’s as lawyers, while also receiving salaries as BOG etc.

    The Butcher’s formed another partnership with an unsavory used car salesman that just had his business license revoked for Horizon Homes by the SoS office for questionable and possible illegal dealings.

    The Gilmer County Clerk, Beverly Marks according to the judge had a, “Customary way of doing things inside the courthouse that directly conflicted the law,“ I believe were the words of the federal judge.

    It even gets better when you find out they “Just Took” property from legitimate heir’s.

    Then, more misdeeds we find out included Judge Facemire and Gerald B Hough and the mysterious burning of a Church.

    Why has no one even mentioned criminal charges? Something really really stinks to high heaven!

    — Summing up the matter-STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN this 24th day of March 2010 —
    Editors note: We have even more to reveal soon, the Crooks down by that Crooked River are truly all about putting as much money in their pockets as they can at the cost of the everyday common citizen. Truly we would like to see them all in prison but especially the judge and Gerald B Hough.

    Since Jack Jones was dismissed from the case, New Horizon no longer exists as a corporation, and the county commission WAS NOT dismissed from the case, who is liable for the judgement? It appears the county commission had very poor legal representation.

    So what’s next? Can Textron go after the county commission for the judgment? If so, does the county’s insurance cover negligence? Or is there a possibility of collecting on the employee bond? The county needs to figure out the potential budget impact ASAP.

    To do that the county needs to find a lawyer that can do the job. Whoever they have now looks like an amateur when it comes to practicing on the federal level.
    Comment by Anon on 03.24

    The filing shows Summit Bank took care of that against Jack Jones (individual) and the Gilmer County Clerk as third party defendants.The initial complaint charged the clerk with possible criminal misconduct. They can’t defend what is indefensible and the judge left it up to a jury to decide in his opinion of summary judgment for Textron. Someone will pay that lender and that’s for sure.
    Comment by Anonymous on 03.24

  16. Glenville is quickly becoming the capital of EVIL in West Virginia just like Rina said!

    SS Member: Just where is Jessica McDougal when we needed her the most? WTF man!

    Said the condor
    to the preying mantis
    We’re gonna lose this place
    just like we lost Atlantis
    Brother we got to go
    sooner than you know
    The Gypsy told my fortune,
    she said that nothin’ showed.

  17. Here is a little present from Ala fucking Bama!

    Y’all are famous in the ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA! Click this link next to red icon to go there.

    West Virginia – Encyclopedia Dramatica
    The Mighty Secret Seven, redneck journalists.

    Some Handy Links

    * The Mighty Secret Seven, redneck journalists.
    * Hey, fuck you. Your state has dumb laws too…
    * Abaguchie lore. Kinda like Bigfoot, only dumber.
    * Another crazy-ass alien/Monstrous creature, born and bred in West Virginia.
    * Haunted nuthouse in Weston, featured on “Ghost Hunters” and a Travel Channel special.
    * Come jump off a really high fucking bridge!
    * Home of the first land battle of the Civil War

    • CalPatty Press - The State Headquarters for the SS

      Hey man, we told you about that dude. He wanted to be apart of the SS and do security for us, but we told him he would have to come to Gilmer County and kick it in Glenville with us, and he was suppose to hook up with us in Grantsville, but then dude got a little thing for his brothers babies mama, although it cost 50 bucks from what I hear, and then ninja dude heard all about Gilmer County and said, ” I ain’t a goin nowhere where I’m gonna get killed, and they got some Ninja killer thar in Glenville”

      We were a unable to disagree with that statement, so although that dude may act stupid, he gets laid like a big dog, which is what I think pissed everybody off the most. Then when our dogs liked him we really got mad. WTF?!

    • Hey, no disrespect but let me put this out there. BE AWARE GILMER COUNTY…Jack Jones is still operating under New Horizon Custom Builders Incorporated. Per the SOS website he didn’t finish the paper work on forming the company until October 2009.

      Also that New Horizon Home sales had been doing business as (DBA) New Horizon Pre Owned Autos until June 2009 when the trade name was withdrawn for the Auto Sales Co.
      Is the timing of these transactions ringing any bells?

      Come on, how much research did the college and their attorneys do into this company they were going to do business with?

      Is this how you handle investment properties of the college? Don’t care if they gave it to the for profit corp, it belongs to the college, their President organized it with land donated to the college.

      This has been a bad faith deal from day one. Anybody write this investment off as a loss on their business taxes besides Jones?

      Who knew this guy before the set up of Rivers View? I’d bet someone in the power elite was very familiar with this man’s way of doing business and said “wow” he deals just like us and invited him in.

      This fiasco fits right in with the “wonderful” in excess of $400,000 of federal money spent to put that Park smack in the middle of the town of Glenville while no one has any place to park their cars, students, businesses or property owners! That’s how we get our priorities straight in Gilmer County. You know, you can dress up a pig but it’s still a pig.

      Editors note: Good work! You can say what ever you want you are full on SS and we are runnin this shit!

  18. Cosmos Communicator - The Secret Seven Website that made it to #66 in the TOP 100 fastest growing websites in the world in just the first three days as FLAGSHIP for the SS!!

    Although it appears that Darrell Barnett is no longer working at Flying W, most likely the Power Elite have him working some place else where he can be of some benefit for evil. We have noticed several internet searches for him and we thought we would provide the information the people doing the searches wanted, so here it is:

    Darrell and little Darrell Barnett are running the business owned by Shelly Morris Demarino the daughter of Sue Morris who caught little Darrell diddling the Bitcher of the Butchers main bitch Catherine Butcher!!
    Darrell Barnett/Manager-Sales Flying W Plastics Inc 487 Vanhorn Dr Glenville, WV USA. Two employee’s of the company have been considered questionable jurors in the “Travesty of Justice” court case that cost the state 3/4 of a million to fight over 4 years. It truly is a small world! These crooks run in small packs and are grouped together. But getting paid for stealing the young pussy is a pretty damn good job! Butcher Bitches Break Bad! Film at 11 !!They have the company listed as … of Glenville, Virginia! What a bunch of dumb asses! The state of Virginia would never put up with these criminals!!


    We have proof, and testimony from people present that Gerald B Hough is guilty of Jury tampering in the Everette Campbell murder trial! I just got this sent to me!

    Did you know that during the Everett Campbell trial Hough took 357 Evey back to the jury room?

    We have witnesses that currently work at the courthouse and at least one person that holds public office may testify to that illegal action.

    Now for those of you who don’t know Hough is the Crooked County Prosecutor and Everette Campbell was the defendant and should have never been in the jury room since he was on trial for murder, this is definite tampering and is unlawful.
    Also, we have a quote,
    “I have even seen the time when during Hough’s campaign for election he had bottled water with his own picture on it given to the jury and in the courtroom.”

    Swear to god! There are many people that will testify to this fact in court!

    These HOUGH PHOTO BOTTLES sat upstairs and were passed around until someone finally opened their mouth about it

    Hey man, they don’t call it CROOKED COUNTY for nothing!!

  20. Whoever wrote this is psychic…

    “There will be more rapes on campus at GSC that will be squashed as to not affect the “IMAGE”
    of the college and now we have Big Joe’s right hand man
    Mr Chuck Spears….“

    YES GERRY HOUGH let the rapist OFF for raping a co-ed!

    So in honor of this if you google

    Edwin Dale Kinnison

    He has his own rape sites in his name of

    Edwin Dale Kinnison

    Click to Read ::

  21. CalPatty Press - Lisa Minney and the PLOT last summer!

    Lisa Minney, publisher of TWO-LANE TWO-FACED AIN’T LIVING LONG LIKE THIS MAGAZINE went on a campaign to destroy her former associates in the Secret Seven Coalition last summer by organizing with the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY – some of whom are mentioned in this very article!

    How does Lisa Minney explain that to her advertisers now? It is obvious what the Butchers and Peter Barr did, and that they became engaged in unsavory and unlawful activity that we have been exposing for years now.

    Having a federal judge rule against them all and order them to pay 300,000 dollars when all is said and done directly conflicts what LISA MINNEY reported to everyone as the facts about her REAL associates which are the Crooks from Crooked County.

    Now that the truth is out about the Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher, we can all say, “Have another drink PRINCESS Di!” …to Diana L Butcher, and all talk about how LISA MINNEY really fell on her face this time

    But, KEMO SABE (Minneys favorite in the SS) says now to Minney,

    “Even if you fall on your Two- Faces you’re still moving forward with your Two-Feet Down your bullshit Two-Lane Living highway!”

  22. what was up with miss butcher treating the seniors like criminals last week end during graduation heard they were searched. Their hats were taken before graduation and they were told if they miss behaved they would not get there diploma i am outraged if this is true if that would have been my child i would have (censored by the ss for the c word and strong intentions) any one else hear of such rumors????????

    Editors note: Did not hear about this yet. Nasia being a Nazi?

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