The Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone and the Naked Truth Revealed!!!

By FreeBird-Central WV SS Reporter for RGW/Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CCC Editor/Council of Concerned Citizens

We as Americans believe in the American Dream and the matter of the American Dream is quite an important matter indeed!  This subject was even given a chapter of it’s own in the book; Revenge of the Ghost Wolf- Publish America!

American Dream—Chapter 21 (An excerpt below from the book)

“WRVA 1140 AM with state and regional news at the top of the
hour! The Special West Virginia Task Force against civil unrest,
commanded by Jay Wilkes has swooped down on a secret
mountain hideaway believed to be one of the many mountain
bases of the CCC…just within the last hour!”

The Operations Post at "CCC base-Black Horse Two" Lil Lissi, Big Edi and the Ranger at the camp!

“The WOWK-TV13 rapid response, eye in the sky, just
moments ago, showed live coverage of several wounded Task
Force members, being attended to on the ground and are unsure
at this time of the number of opposing CCC, now engaged in this
gun battle with the specially trained Task Force!”
“There is no indication so far that the wife of the slain
Congressman, Lisianna Rockefeller, is present at this possible
CCC compound.
“Lisianna Rockefeller is wanted on charges of inciting riots
and causing civil unrest ordered from the Court of Crooked
“Her many publications appearing in WV Newspapers and National Magazines, speaking out about the deterioration of the
middle class and the common citizens loss of rights, she revealed,
were due to greedy public officials hording all the states and
counties resources, and keeping control of industry for themselves!”

“She accused elected officials of controlling the political
agenda of the courts and political parties, and using their

Pointed Rock at the mountain top encampment of the Consolidated Citizens Corp-Elkins WV

influence for only self gain and self involvement!”
“Her numerous speeches when she represented the CCC,
were about individuals being personally responsible, by making
themselves aware and active in change, has led to a public
demand for change at the voting booth, but also made Lisianna
unpopular with State and local public officials. The “We Stand
United” speech has become her signature statement!”
“An American Dream for many in the United States,
Lisianna’ represents freedom!”
“Lisianna Rockefeller explained her version of the American
Dream exists when achieving a state of pure freedom, free from
the choke-hold of money and social structure!”
“In her last speech she stated, “
”Many Americans have become slaves to the dollar, slaves to
the banks, and slaves to the government. We are fighting a fight
to free the slaves…we are fighting a fight to free ourselves!”
An “American Dream” is OUR DREAM! Where Freedom

The character Lisianna Rockefeller in “Revenge of the Ghost Wolf” reminds us about never forgetting our American Dream and never letting anyone take it away! But in Gilmer County, West Virginia the fast talking Power Elite have turned our AMERICAN DREAM into an, “American Pastime”  where you have to…


That’s right in Gilmer County you have to “Play Ball” just to survive!

The NAKED TRUTH is that you have to “Play Ball” just to survive under the totalitarian serfdom existence which is ruled with a firm hand by sticky wicket rulers – a circumstance of the Glenville Elite!!

Oh to be HIGH on the HILL in the Ville!!!!

It’s good to be in “Power”  ruling over Glenville, known as the “Ville.” It’s also good to be the King!  It’s good to determine what business can come to town and survive, who will supervise it and be in total control of its finances and destiny if it doesn’t play ball!!

You better play ball too and maybe prepared to do a few other things or  soon the Butcher and Butcher law firm will have determined if you are gonna “Play Ball” or not!!!!

Better have your ducks in a row buddy!!

IF NOT …. be prepared to pay some sort of concocted, created, painful or other legal consequence!

….or you will be audited by the IRS! Yes You! ..a loyal business owner!

And when it is disclosed to you by the IRS just who it was that turned you in, it was who you thought it  was all along!

“WHO” it was that turned you in? Was that “Who”  “…Hough?”

Although you passed your audit with flying colors, the IRS or some State of WV Agency will show you a letter with the signature at the bottom that reads; GERALD B HOUGH -Gilmer County Prosecutor with a letter saying he was suspicious of YOU!!! Nice!

The GHOST WOLF of Crooked County on these warm nights climbs up higher on the HILL, "Always watching, always looking, always waiting, for his chance at Revenge in the Ville!"

It’s great to have unbeatable connections and a group of flunkies who will believe and do anything you say for money and a little (not too much) power…  Not bad for not hitting the town until the 1960’s and building your own empire. Give me a B, give me a B for BITCH!  …or is that Butcher?

The American dream? In Gilmer County  for the every day working Joe the American Dream becomes a nightmare!

You better have a family name around here buddy!! It better be Morris, or DeMarino, or Kennedy, or Butcher, or Facemire, or Stalnaker or Workman or something fucking pretty cool even Pettit!

“Pettit hell, the last time I did it spit all over me!!”

“Unless you are supplying the hot towels buddy that is the last time I am doing that!”

Unless you’re a member of the old regime that helped gouge out this empire you will not be welcome without more money than any normal person would be willing to invest in this small, dying county.  Or if you have a knack for the underhanded you can become part of that team.

Shut up and we might just give your kid some kind of a job!

Don’t aspire to anything!!

This is fucking Crooked County!!

Don’t ask for anything!

Just do as you’re told and Play Ball Bitch!!

Kind of reminds us of good old Jack Jones.  Have a few shady little businesses in Florida, get to know the right people and you can come on up to Gilmer County.  Man do we have a group of small time crooks there. It’ll be fun!  Don’t worry if you don’t have the money to back it up.  It will be taken care of.  Oh, and if you wind up in court just keep your mouth shut. When I hear the name Jack Jones, well you see the name Marc Monteleone pops right into my head!  Marc Monteleone, isn’t he the Count of Crooked County?!

Now there’s another little business connection that seems more than a little questionable, the Operations Manager for guess who IL IKE MORRIS!!

Marc Monteleone the Count of Crooked County also has been tied to Jack Jones FLA and I L MORRIS FLA businesses as well as Gilmer County businesses and transactions although this fact was denied recently by Sandy Pettit. The Central WV SS confirms the connections so Sandy must be a ridin down that New River a runnin down on into the Crooked River and I think they call it Da Nile or a something like that!!

The name Marc Monteleone  oddly enough, also appears on certain business corporation filings right under IL in Naples. It is more than likely that this middle aged man is connected with a very well known law firm with offices in Charleston.

  • Chairman, West Virginia Design-Build Review Board, by appointment of the Governor
  • Authored West Virginia Design-Build Law
  • Owner of several small businesses, including: Mountain Lion Enterprises, Inc. and Tygart River Oil & Gas, LLC
  • Speaker, White House Conference on Small Business
  • City of Charleston Architectural Review Committee
  • Vision Shared Seamless Education Committee
  • Firm Responsibilities
    • Bowles Rice Chief Financial Officer
    • Chair, Bowles Rice Small Business Development Team
    • Manages Bowles Rice real estate needs, including the construction of new facilities
  • Commerce Committee, Independent Oil and Gas Association
  • Named to Best Lawyers in America (Construction Law; Corporate Law; Tax Law; Trusts & Estates Law)

Marc A. Monteleone

Bowles Rice is  General Counsel to WV Independent Oil & Gas Association!!

Marc Monteleone: Member of Commerce Committee Independent Oil & Gas Assoc.

Chief Financial Officer and Partner of Bowles Rice — Owner Tygart River Oil & Gas LLC, very well educated!!

Now oddly enough a Bowles Rice attorney is representing Summit Bank in the suit with Textron against the Gilmer County Clerk for improper filing of records along with Jack Jones. They have also represented a  certain oil & gas baron!

Can you say conflict of interest?

Can you say the Count of Crooked County – Marc Monteleone?

As mentioned in our last article IL Morris was registered owner/Agent/Manager or Director who eventually brought his current operations manager Marc Monteleone into the mix of:

The Club Estates LLC

The Club Estates Realty of Naples Inc

Naples Club Estates Homeowners Association Inc

Do you think they would have any use for a builder or a mortgage company or two also?

“Does a Dead Fred not float?  You got that one right!!!”

“Hey Marc, are you affiliated with Bowles & Rice?Uh huh, Yeah!!

Marc Monteleone, Operations Manager for IL Morris, agent on Ikes Realty Corp in Naples Florida.  Marc Monteleone known to the SS as the Count of Crooked County is affiliated with Bowles Rice (Charleston Office) see his picture on their site. Marc Monteleone, also known as the, “Deli Manager,” or  M & M to other associates manages real estate for Bowles & Rice and works with oil & gas title, purchase etc. Bowles Rice represents Summit in the Gilmer County Clerks federal suit has also represented Ike in court on gas/oil issues and such. Now this is good stuff, so the affiliation is obvious!

Marc Monteleone is also a member of Independent Oil & Gas Assoc. and has had an appointment from the Governor and they all know how to, “Play Ball” with Joe Manchin in Crooked County!

Senator Joe Manchin is all about Crooked County and up to his neck in affiliations pertaining to questionable deals, but hey the former Governor now Byrd replacement as Senator is  quite a gem for WACO Oil!

Big Joe is nothing but priceless, and so is Marc Monteleone the Count of Crooked County!!

Also, Ike, Sue Morris  Shelly Morris DeMarino, Doug Morris, Sandy (“I don’t even know Marc Monteleone, in fact I have never fu… I mean heard of him!”)Pettit and her husband along with others and including Marc Monteleone contributed to Mike Rosses campaign! Uh huh!!!

Tell me, do you think there could be a fix in the mix?  Don’t know much, but know one thing for sure!  If there’s a chance to do it crooked it will come straight from the top in Gilmer County.  What do you think? JACK JONES teamed up with the Crooks from

Connie Osentoski, from southeastern Michigan, is the new Administrator for Gilmer County. Not exactly new to the area, Osentoski says she lived here as a child and was drawn back by the beautiful scenery, pleasant people, family and friends. With eight years experience as a legal assistant, Osentoski says she looks forward to working with the community.

Crooked County on the Crooked River View for profit project and also was named in the law suit, but you have to wonder what other crooked deals were born in the hills of crooked county and smoothed through the process by some fancy- dancy lawyer that has Big Joe as a personal friend!

Since we already brought up the subject of ” America’s Pastime ….”

We really hit a home run when Larry Chapman came into the last County Commission meeting cussing and spitting and according to witnesses made the new Commission Asst Connie Osentoski almost pee her pants from the sudden and threatening nature of Larry Chapman, lets take a look at the GFP article that made Larry lose it in a public meeting…

Ethical Treatment for Gilmer County?  Will It Ever Happen?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 Gilmer Free Press

Remember when the Gilmer County Commission, Larry Chapman President, approved the purchase by Extension Agent Shirey of a series of books written by Dr. Love, Sex Therapist to teach a class at the college using such titles as “HOT MONOGAMY-Making your marriage sizzle”? (While being paid with county taxpayers’ dollars).  How long was that true fact denied?  Remember they used levy funds and the citizens were so irate the commission pulled the money out of their own pockets to pour oil on troubled waters and make it go away?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember when the commission almost gave away the medical center on mineral road, revealed in a report in the Gilmer Free Press?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember when the bond issue for the college dorms was passed by the Gilmer County Commission, with Larry Chapman President, when there was little or no public input sought?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
We remember it well, they all left the one meeting they had on the issue to go down the street to get legal advice from Butcher and Butcher (Timothy B Butcher, President of GSC Housing Corp and R Terry Butcher, Board of Governors at GSC) as to whether or not to sign it and the Commission signed the application that day?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the issues involving the Gilmer County Recreation Center and the Golf Course?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember a series of no-bid contracts?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman…
Remember the Gilmer County Commission with Chapman in the lead denying that any election complaint had ever been filed or that the County Clerk was being sued in Federal Court the entire time a Federal Election was in progress?
…and all that denial turned out to be a new river in Glenville or something for it all turned out to be a lie!

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Remember that the Gilmer County Economic/Industrial Development Association (GCEDA) has been appointed by the Commission as the authority for economic development in Gilmer County and that Larry Chapman served on that organizations’ board as President/Vice President, or one officer or another over the years while in the elected office of Gilmer County Commissioner?

Well, that was all Larry Chapman!
Well what is it that is all Larry Chapman now?

Now Larry Chapman, President of the GCEDA who worked with fellow Board Officers and Members to establish a Search Committee, creates a job description, places advertisements and seeks applications for the position of Part-time Coordinator with Health Benefits for that job-entity created with the potential for fulltime.


That job is all Larry Chapman!!
Where is the service to others?

All we have ever seen is service to Larry Chapman from Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman for Larry Chapman!

This man actually has to excuse himself from the executive session and the vote because HE WAS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF the Gilmer County EDA!


Because that job is all Larry Chapman!
It has been suggested that the Board of Directors of the GCEDA needs to familiarize themselves with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and the IRS Code for 501c-6 non-profit organizations.  They prohibit any part of the net earnings being used to benefit individuals of that Board or its Directors other than “reasonable” compensation for actual expenses incurred.  Also, providing accurate information as to possible conflicts of interest on the form 990 is imperative AND THE LAW.

Oh, don’t tell me, because that job is Larry Chapman too? Is Larry Chapman the law? Could Larry Chapman have solved issues that have caused the local community embarrassment like spending thousands of dollars of state and county money to fight a fabricated case all the way to the Supreme Court involving old used farm equipment, just like that sits on every farm in the state of West Virginia, and then pay people to lie saying it was brand new?

Oh, that Larry Chapman!
That job, the biggest SNOW JOB in circuit court history is all Larry Chapman too?

Yep! That was all Larry Chapman!
Since the board seems to be all about Larry Chapman they might also want to guard the status they have enjoyed under the Federal Volunteer Protection Act.  Can this long time business owner, charter member and multiple times President just forget the affiliation?

Will Western Auto be left out with no representation?  Leaders of Gilmer County…  can you do anything without being underhanded?


That job is all Larry Chapman!
Gilmer County deserves better than this and we will never forget the day that Glenville, West Virginia in Gilmer County was all about Larry Chapman!!
Mr. Chapman, if we are wrong and you have not broken the law in this matter, please explain.  Your silence can only be considered confirmation.  If you cannot explain, perhaps the IRS can!
~~  Created by Members of the Gilmer County Concerned Citizens – Info on File ~~
GFP: Attempts to contact Mr. Chapman was unsuccessful. However, The Gilmer Free Press Platform is open to Mr. Chapman and GCEDA officials for the explanations.


The comments that followed that article, some posted somewhere on this site upset Larry Chapman so much that soon there was another job for Larry Chapman by Larry Chapman and Larry Chapman busted in on the last Crooked County Commission meeting and you find the entire story about that eventful meeting below:

Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech

The Gilmer Free Press (GFP) was bullied on Tuesday April 05, 2011 at the Gilmer County Commission Meeting.

After the meeting was called to order, Mr. Larry Chapman, the out-voted previous Gilmer County Commission President, entered the room, disregarding the rules of order, put his name on the sign-up sheet below others, took his jacket off,  threw it on the chair, and publically verbally attacked the GFP reporter.

Chapman demanded the Commissioners create a resolution forcing GFP to submit names of everyone who had responded to the article about the unusual method by which he created and hired himself for a part time position for Gilmer County Economic Development Association.

Stunned and speechless the commissioners listened while Chapman threatened GFP to provide the names and accused GFP of Slander!

The Gilmer Free Press Reporter told Chapman his complaint had nothing to do with the commission meeting and business!

Connie looking relieved after all the action at the last County Commission meeting! I see Connie has some new best friends in Glenville, but I hear they are a whore, a (explicative for homo sexual-censored) and a pedophile. She recently stated when asked about Larry Chapman and his out burst, she said she almost peed herself, and then it was reported by a bystander that, “Chapman came in sputtering and spitting like a boiling teapot” Took off his jacket and threw it down on a chair! And then, demanded to know who was sending that stuff in about him and his Hottsy Tottsy Girlfriend!”

Chapman told the Commissioners he did not like GFP allowing Anonymous comments, and then accused the Gilmer Free Press of doing something wrong. GFP responded to Chapman, he needed to look further than Gilmer County and see the practice is common everywhere and not new to GFP. Reporter added “it seems what IS common in Gilmer County, is the attempts to control the media and free speech by a few.”

Chapman again demanded the names of anonymous postings to GFP, but again his request was denied on the grounds that the purpose for anonymous postings was to protect the authors of the response from threats and retaliation.  GFP told Chapman his action was one of the reasons the citizens of Gilmer County deserved protection.

GFP defends, as always, the author’s right to anonymity (See the site Policy).

GFP informed Chapman that the author of the article had invited his response, but he chose not to reply and take this action instead.

Multiple times Chapman was reminded of his right by GFP to set the record straight once and for all by submitting a response to the article.

After multiple requests by the Gilmer Free Press, the comment below is the response from Mr. Chapman regarding the Letter to Editor and the comments.

Finally, the Gilmer Free Press would like to apologize to the Commissioners and those present on behalf of Mr. Chapman for interrupting the meeting with his bullying action out of order, and out of place!

**** Chapman’s reply is published on the Gilmer Free Press-edited out  for the Secret Seven by Editor Edison for the purposes of this publication on RGW ****

If a common person from the community would have pulled the same stunt as Chapman at the commission meeting, they would have been arrested. Chapman makes threats of all kinds and it is OK! The  Bitcher of the Butchers’ Bullys people with threats of law action and with taking everything everyone owns through the courts if not stealing it outright. The Sheriff will threaten to arrest you, if you expose any illegalities that he has decided he is going to be the judge and jury for…

And so it goes …

…just another day in Crooked County, West Virginia!

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  1. CalPatty Press - The State Headquarters for the SS!

    In reference to this :Connie Osentoski has some new best friends in Glenville, but I hear they are a whore, a (explicative for homo sexual-censored) and a pedophile. She recently stated when asked about Larry Chapman and his out burst, she said she almost peed herself, and then it was reported by a bystander that, “Chapman came in sputtering and spitting like a boiling teapot…

    Who are Connie Osentoski’s NEW BEST friends?

  2. In answer to Who are Connie Osentoski’s NEW BEST friends?

    I would say one of them is the best friend of Gerry Hough’s wife Tamara Stalnaker and that one would be the friend that is the Whore. But who is the homo and who is the pedophile?

    Editors note: Tamara Stalnaker’s best friend equals Shelly Morris DeMarino! So, that is one! Two more to go!

    Shelly Morris DeMarino who was the beeb bob a lula to Larry Porter, then Trooper Skidmoore when she went to Calhoun County to work as Prosecutor – and who else was playing that baby let me bang your box song? …until the big party at the house up off hwy 33 in January way up there where all the goins on were a goin on!!

  3. All along the Courthouse Watchtower- Gilmer County – Council of Concerned Citizens!

    Recent Comments
    I find it quite interesting for Mr. Chapman responding to only few questions. Once again, like he has always done tries to take credit for fixing what he was caught in doing wrong. Obviously he would not have corrected them if it were not because of the citizens’ concerns. Mr. Chapman what about the other question? Where is your answer about voter fraud? Where is your answer about document tampering in clerk’s office under your watch? Where is your answer about Rich Frame deal? Where is your answer about getting a job for your mistress? Where is your answer about taking business out of county and calling it economic development rather than Mr. Chapman’s pocket development? I can go on, but it is time for you to get out of public for a while like you said after you lost the election. God gave us the brain and put it where it belongs. You seem to move it to your pocket or between your legs. Finally, your continuous personal behavior is a very bad example in our community.

    By Ghost on 04.11.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-EC: Bullying GFP in Public Meeting and Attack on Free Speech’.
    Here we go again, they hired a county “Administrator” but advertised for an “assistant”. Quite the difference in nuance and insinuation of authority.

    Will they ever be ethical enough to talk to the people like they have some intelligence?

    Or is it that they can’t even remember what they say from moment to moment. Do they really know what the words mean? Nothing against the person hired. Just that it is the same lack of respect for the people they represent as always.
    By Are we a joke to you?
    on 04.11.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting (04.05.11) Report’.

  4. Secret News from Secret Source of the SS in contact with TODD SMITH

    Just like it was out of one of Lisa Minney’s depictions of real life happenings and her reference to ships passing in the night, well certain knowledge came across the wire that a Spy that has been in constant communication with Christopher Todd Smith released some disturbing information pertaining to some wicked plans to attack Concerned Citizens at their homes by sending Cult members to burn homes and attack citizens all the while revealing a Secret Plot Smith has with the Gilmer County Sheriff for supplying false information and bearing false witness to more fabricated and created crimes. It appears that Todd Smith has been planning and trying to carry out crimes from jail. Smith also reports that Lisa Minney who is the publisher of Two-Lane Two-Faced Ain’t Living Long Like This Magazine has been conspiring with rogue Law Enforcement officials in Gilmer and Calhoun County’s to bring harm to specific SS members. To hear Smith tell it, a plan, or conspiracy that includes Minney and bad cops has existed for some time and he offered to bring forward damaging information and proof in the way of testimony in exchange for money being sent to him according to SS sources. I guess his last check from burning down 102 Johnson Street has run out. The SS predicted back in 2006 that he would burn Granny’s place down for money after bribing the insurance man with a $5,000 kickback. It was not hard to figure out, Smith has received money from Arson’s before while attempting several others. And y’all wonder about all the mystery fires in Calhoun County? And y’all wonder about all the CULT members all hopped up on pills and methamphetamine out there a still doing her buddy. I will a tell you them a Fire Starting Cult members are Crazy as hell and more dangerous than coons with the fever!!

  5. All along the Courthouse Watchtower- Gilmer County – Council of Concerned Citizens! Trial Scheduled for Previous Gilmer County Clerk’s Wrongdoing!!!!

    Recent Comments
    The former Clerk Beverly Marks needs to be held accountable for following the orders of Timothy Butcher and throwing away and discarding a court order.

    That action led to the wrongful death of Ruth Woofter and the Gilmer County Sheriff has attempted to cover up this matter by ignoring the criminal complaint.

    Why is Sheriff Metz ignoring the criminal complaint?

    Is it to cover up for GERALD B HOUGH not using due diligence in the fact that he hid this same one sixth when it was being sought by the circuit court and WV Supreme Court!

    Now we hear Bob Minigh backs this misconduct and we are shocked and surprised that he would support such a criminal endeavor!!

    Does Bob Minigh just back the people accused of the criminal actions?

    Or does Bob back the crime?
    I want to hear from our own magistrate on this one. Speak up Bob we want to hear this from you!

    By Citizens of Gilmer County on 04.12.2011

    Trial Scheduled for Previous Gilmer County Clerk’s Wrongdoing

    The documents chronicle another example of need for sorely needed change in Gilmer County. Dr. Peter Barr is the sole incorporator and the manager of the Gilmer County Housing Partners which is one of the defendants. It is time for Dr. Barr to move on and Tim Butcher, Esquire should resign from GSC’s Board of Governors because he and his brother Terry are trustees involved with the botched land deal. When questions arise about appointments to GSC’s Board the defensive response is that Governor Manchin appointed them. The truth is that the Governor rubber stamped recommendations originating from GSC. Individuals named to GSC’s Board are ones certified locally to be stalwarts for maintenance of the status quo. Should anyone question how Board members are named they are invited to call officials at the West Virginia Higher Policy Commission to inquire about the process. Central West Virginia deserve better than what we are getting to merit need for a thorough spring house cleaning at GSC.
    By Anonymous on 04.12.2011
    Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was not unfamiliar with either business schemes for a quick profit or unknowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project.
    Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida which included:

    » Hanley Builders, Inc.
    » Mortgage Masters Inc.
    » Gold Coast Investments
    » Bahama Enterprises Limited Inc
    » Gold Coast Auto Sales Center Inc.
    » Perma-Nails Inc.
    » American Cellular Sales & Service Inc.
    » Professional Assessment Support Sys Inc.
    All of the above are now dissolved for voluntary or involuntary cause prior to his West Virginia Corporations created in 2005. Both of those are now defunct.
    His neighbor about 2 ½ hours away at the same time was ILM in Naples.
    Registered owner/Agent/Manager or Director who eventually brought his current operations manager Marc Monteleone into the mix of:

    » The Club Estates LLC
    » The Club Estates Realty of Naples Inc.
    » Naples Club Estates Homeowners Association Inc.
    Do you think they would have any use for a builder or a mortgage company or two?
    Hey Marc, are you affiliated with Bowles & Rice? Just asking.
    Now let’s go from Florida to sunny South Carolina.
    Myrtle Beach, where everyone who is anyone in Gilmer County meets and greets in the summertime.
    Isn’t that where Larry Chapman and Brian Kennedy were taken with their best girls a couple of years ago as a reward for such hard work?
    Who do we find there?
    Well, we have three people that originated out of Conway, South Carolina and owned real estate in Myrtle Beach all winding up at Glenville State College.
    All from the same place and arriving at the same time were:

    Peter B. Barr- President of GSC Previous Employment Coastal Carolina University,et al.
    Manager/Organizer for Gilmer Housing Partners, President of GSC Housing Corp, etc.
    Elizabeth K Barr – First Lady of GSC and avid fan of IL Morris and his money
    Janice Cannan Weldon –South Carolina Attorney, Student Coastal Carolina University
    I wonder if that’s where they found Larry Porter? Just asking!
    Note that good ole Dr Barr had another interest or two.
    He owned Barr Holdings LLC while living in North Myrtle Beach and was also employed by Burroughs & Chapin Company which is deep in Myrtle Beach real estate development.
    A fine prospect for a husband, huh Liz?
    Was he a widower?
    Don’t know that his heart was really into anything else but it makes him a fine candidate for GSC purposes.
    No wonder Coastal let him go so easily. Just ask the trustees Butcher & Butcher of Gilmer Housing Partners. He was the right man for the job! Had the right mind set to just play ball.
    Now what to do with a lawyer?
    And not a very good lawyer per the South Carolina Supreme Courts per curiam opinion which dismissed her case as improvidently (do look that up) granted back in 2004.
    Having no precedential value or any other value as far as we can tell but to spend someone’s money and take up the Court’s time.
    What kind of job do we give Janice whose Weldon and Cannan LLC in Conway hasn’t filed an annual report since 2003?
    Well, I mean, she is a close friend of the Barrs being out of Conway, going to the same school and all and this is Gilmer County.
    I know, we’ll create a research department and let the Gilmer County County Commission President call her a grant writer!
    I mean after all she’s a lawyer. She can only practice in South Carolina but who cares. No one around here knows the difference. She’s a lawyer damn it! Throw $30,000 at her for nothing and along with her salary from GSC she’ll do just fine.
    There’s a lot more questioned to be answered about alliances up at the college that go back a long way and bring up some interesting questions about local names but we have enough to think about for now:
    I know this, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE when it comes to deceiving Gilmer County.

  6. CalPatty Press - The State Headquarters for the SS

    The former Clerk Beverly Marks needs to be held accountable for following the orders of Timothy Butcher and throwing away and discarding a court order. That was the court order to sell the infamous 1/6th of surface property near the Calhoun County line.

    That action led to the wrongful death of Ruth Woofter and the Gilmer County Sheriff has attempted to cover up this matter by ignoring the criminal complaint.

    Why is Sheriff Metz ignoring the criminal complaint?

    Is it to cover up for GERALD B HOUGH not using due diligence in the fact that he hid this same one sixth when it was being sought by the circuit court and WV Supreme Court!

    Now we hear Bob Minigh backs this misconduct and we are shocked and surprised that he would support such a criminal endeavor!!

    Does Bob Minigh just back the people accused of the criminal actions?

    Or does Bob back the crime?

    I want to hear from our own magistrate on this one. Speak up Bob we want to hear this from you!

  7. All along the Courthouse Watchtower- Gilmer County - Fred Hill Monday April 18th one year, did we forget? Chief Moss concerns -Comments from GFP The FREE PRESS for Central WV!!

    Next Monday is the one year anniversary of Fred Hills body being found. NO FOUL PLAY uttered by Metz even before the medical examiner had a chance to look at the body, that conveniently pops up right behind the house of Sheriff Metz. Where was the special investigation called for by Hough? There was no investigation. These members of law enforcement are not doing their jobs and never have done their jobs to any degree that could be deemed acceptable. Pathetic and disgraceful are a couple of words that could very well sum up their careers in law enforcement, given the proof of their actual participation in the covering up of crimes. Also the selective arrest and prosecution by both of these underachievers has embarrassed not only the county, but the entire state of West Virginia.

    By Anonymous on 04.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘TO: All Business’s from: Chief Moss RE: Counterfeit Currency – 04.12.11’.
    I feel we would be remiss to not acknowledge all of the hard work leading up to this great day was done by previous Recreation Center Director Darrel Ramsey, community volunteers and the board during his tenure and of course through the generous donation by Mr. Bill Bennet in honor of his wife. Thank you for making this possible for the children.

    By Norma Hurley on 04.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘Glenville: Meeting with Senator Facemire and Delegate Boggs’.
    I understand your concern. But, even though Chief Moss came onto our property without a warrant with Larry Gerwig and illegally shut down a legal timber operation, and even though the Sheriff’s office made the thousands of timber on the ground disappear, you would think that I could not defend Moss or his actions.
    Yes, I am still upset about the wrongdoing because it cost my family so much money and eventually the farm which I was desperately trying to save.
    However, in this instance didn’t Moss take it upon himself to meet with people in person? He certainly seems to be making an effort to do his job. And for that we should not give him negative reinforcement.
    If he missed you, why not attempt to send him a note, saying, “Hey what’s going on can you inform me?“
    Communication is the key to success for us. Just you being able to speak out on this forum on the GFP is communication.
    I say, we try to cooperate with Moss and help him catch these people passing bad bills.

    By Dan Bingman on 04.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘TO: All Business’s from: Chief Moss RE: Counterfeit Currency – 04.12.11’.
    I’m certainly hoping I’m wrong and that he did attempt to contact you, but perhaps it just proves the arrogance of the authority figures in our town.
    It seems with all the flack they are catching they would be bending over backwards to be helpful and pleasant (as I’m sure their code of conduct says they should be to the public they serve).
    Just another indicator (black mark) on their record.

    By Anon. on 04.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘TO: All Business’s from: Chief Moss RE: Counterfeit Currency – 04.12.11’.
    As a hospice volunteer I was upset that every store in the Foodland Plaza was informed of the bogus bills that are bouncing around Glenville but us. We personally saw Chief Moss go into the stores in the plaza and give information about the bills. Are we not a legitamate store that needs to be warned also? We had to get our information from Subway about what was going on. I don’t think something that important should come as second hand news.
    By Hospice Thrift Store on 04.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘TO: All Business’s from: Chief Moss RE: Counterfeit Currency – 04.12.11’.



    We will see the same thing happen at Glenville State College now that Peter Barr is firmly entrenched and supported by his mob of crooks. Take a look at the new website with the old one being totally removed. It has no history of the many boards and corporations either their prior actions or membership. When the new web adviser was asked how to search for the GSC Alumni Association we were informed that she did not know what we meant. We could look up friends of the Alumni or the Professors, is that what we were looking for? She had never heard of the other. Under Board of Governors you are directed to the state web site for appointment information. It appears that any previous transparency has to found among the cached information still out there. Get it while you can! REMEMBER, NO RAPES HAPPEN AT GSC, NO ONE INVESTED IN THE RIVERVIEW PROJECT TO MAKE MONEY, NO ONE EVER FILES AN ELECTION COMPLAINT, NO ONE EVER GETS SUED, NO ONE EVER LOSES PROPERTY AND GETS PROSECUTED WRONGFULLY AND NOBODY KILLED FRED HILL ON DECEMBER 11TH 2009.

    What’s the matter Barr? Don’t like anyone questioning your authority over your kingdom? Call everyone in for a conference and a few dozen drinks. I’m sure you’ll figure some way to control the media and fabricate the facts. You can always use the model of the Gilmer County Sheriff, make up your own facts and ignore everything EVEN RAPE. Your cry will be, NO FOUL PLAY, just a mistake.

    Editors note: Leslie Ward is the new web adviser for GSC and she doesn’t know Jack. Also, she doesn’t know Dick either! Never saw a computer before or had any background from what information has been gathered – until recently and Ward was trained recently, so there is a reason for some of your important concerns. Doug Morris hired her husband for some Waco Oil disinformation to be distributed over the internet and for some of their own home spun deals, so they kicked in a job for dudes wife even though she is about a dumb bitch and has absolutely no fucking idea what she is doing!

    This is the part that will make you sick;take a person that has all the networking certifications which is equal to about eight years of college now, and someone that has certificates and licenses etc. and then, if that person were to apply for the same job that some dumb bitch like Leslie Ward has … they would tell us that we are not qualified for the position.

    That is how they do it in Crooked County West Virginia down by the Crooked River!

    • Patrick W Computer Genius

      Yes! The “Power Elite” IS out to get you!

      Of course, that term is used (here) to describe the Butchers, Morris, etc and these people have never had the ambition to get off of their fat, lazy, inbred, schizophrenic ass and all they do is gripe about everyone else and steal from the poor! What am I suppose to offer them my wife as a favor too, just for the job?!

      Complaining, without offering practical alternatives, is typical Power Elite and it gets really annoying after a while!

      Whining like a bitch is what they do best! They never have any plans for action except to put money in their own pockets and make no recommendations for improving our community…just little bitches whining in their mugs of despair, it is pathetic.

      This reminds me quite a bit of Diana L Butcher, and when you say, “Have another drink Princess Di,” you sure got that right!! What a drunk!!

      Sure, working to better the community takes effort, but lurking in the dark alley of some cross town bar drunk as fuck, waiting for the the cum of some young guy (anyone with a dick) to walk by so you can attack them with your rusty, ill-kept crusty ass is like a Nightmare!

      Getting drunk all the time, like Peter Barr is no way to go through life, and these people had kids! Jesus! They should not be able to reproduce!

      Name one member of the Power Elite that aren’t morons? You would think after all the complaints about wrongful actions they would put forth an effort but most of them are on MEDS! Can you spell M E D I C A T I O N!!

      It is crazy it is like Nerve Pill day every day up on the hill at the courthouse, even JUDGE FACEMIRE is on meds, and the common saying is they have to take a break to take a nerve pill!!

      What the hell is a nerve pill anyway? Are they talking hard drugs!

      They all sure act goofy, starting in the afternoon!

      The naked Butcher Bitches segment was especially catching,so: I have to say the web layout here is nice. I would have done black text on a white background, but this works OK. Well done!

      Editors note: WARD!! Why are you so hard on the Beaver!

  9. Crooked County Crooks Website - Gilmer County West Virginia

    Leslie Ward may not know Jack and she may not know DICK, but she will sure as hell know the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition by the end of the week because we are going to jump into her shit with both feet. I am tired of those dirty rotten son’s of bitches getting away with all the crap they get away with! Those lying thieving no account bastards! Since this is Crooked County and their isn’t really any real law around here anyway, I guess I can take what they owe me out in ASS!!!

    Check it out we are not asking we are taking it!! This is Crooked County and that is how we do it down here!!

    Editors note: Whatever dude, but if you are going to say my Dick is named Jack now meet both of them, we are way ahead of you on this one!! But, that is pretty funny!!

    Here is something you will enjoy, if someone were to google something about taxes in Gilmer County and got a govt guru site that is all about city county state governments official listings with phone numbers –well that entire page is chock full of SS Articles that tell the REAL story about the CROOKS from Gilmer County, here, to use your catch phrase, “Check it out home slice like white rice cuz you ain’t taking a liking to no loud mouth negro in the regional Jail and you sure love CO Miller now at the federal prison for that!!” Dude loves you CO Miller even though you are all that at the federal prison, we know where your loyalties lie and that is with the hills of WV, Twiddly Dee!!

    Now when we hack the fuck out of Wards Setup this week, we will have James Spears earning his name of Chuck Spears cuz we are sending out all the alumni mail with the definition of the Barr code and a couple of NAKED shots of the Butcher Bitches and that crazy Kayla chick earning the definition of the code, “Don’t lay on your back unless he is black!” Better a paint that big thing Black “Jack” or whatever his name is this week.

    Then of course, thanks to Leslie Ward there will be a mass mailing to the Parents of the students supervised by Gilmer Housing and let them know about the RAPE statistics and that iron clad underwear is a must for freshman in the coming fall of 2011.

    Yeah buddy, their network will be owned by the SS by the end of the week!!! We can send the letters all snail mail too! It will be a hoot!!

  10. Got it down pat "Pat" Ward Computer Genius

    The job Leslie applied for a year before was similar to the job I started at Waco, so it was all part of the deal to get her a job too, and took three months before I started at Waco, and that position sat unfilled for TWO YEARS.

    Nobody was qualified, or the work was “beneath them” is what everyone said, so they gave the job to Leslie and of course she had absolutely no experience, but who cares about experience or education!

    Trivia: Leslie had nine months to redesign and code a college website. One person, with a gaggle of student workers!

    So big fucking deal!

    Facts can be annoying, huh?

    Compare Leslie’s effort/task with…this site: It’s been around for awhile, and the content, primarily informative and truthful, which is not like the folks with the mentality of a lab rat like up on the Hill. Their site was generated by (I presume) the Lazy , or whatever those asylum-bound freaks call themselves up there at GSC. I dunno, I just expect more (and better) content from a whole lot of people and so much time, and still nothing gets done! Leslie changed all that as soon as I got her the job, but still people want to bitch about the fact she never saw a computer in her life before the job so had to take classes to learn!

    Get a job. Run for office I told her, we got friends in this town! The next thing I know they had already hired her for the job!!

    Did I mention, this site is well designed? Kudos!

    Editors note: Thank you for that report and if you have any anomalies at your system at WACO (that you constantly fuck up for lack of education and certifications) give us a call! We will Jack that sucker up like you can not believe just as a favor to you, so that you can try to fix the intrusion. Do you even have a license dude? All you have is some bullshit connections and you don’t know “JACK” either, but you sure are a “Dick!” By the way, we would not say it here unless we would say it to your face. Maybe we will get the chance, for soon it will be time to saddle up and take care of some Crooked County business!

    • Hey Patrick, Like your satire but one would have to be more that just a little “moronic” to believe any “position” ever sat around this county for two years and they couldn’t find anyone to fill it. Where was that advertisement? Also that their is no one “qualified” to build a website. Did they look on the web? As to the web site it has no historical data. Don’t really care who designed it. Glad you’re in with the right people and am sure you’ll do just fine. By the way, I’ve go a bridge for sale, CHEAP!

      Editors note: Yeah the old bridge in Glenville that is just about falling down, the one Leslie will want to jump off when everyone finds out how she got her job! Did I say Leslie doesn’t know Jack? Well she sure knows Dick!

      • It was posted on

        Viking Pools has been looking for someone – anyone – to do their web for about a year now. No takers.

        Either no one is qualified, or no one is interested.

      • So your job wasn’t available to local people through reasonable availability. Read what you said. Not logical. What does Viking Pools have to do with it? Do they need the Sheriff to install them? He’ll bring the County trailer and do it no problem.

        Editors note: Are we talking about Sheriff Metz again? He gets all kinds of free stuff for his personal use, like driving the County vehicle to Orlando for his personal vacation, and all those lap top computers the county paid for that disappeared, because now they are for his personal use or the use by his girlfriend Brittany Lynn Miller, also from Lewis County. Isn’t Sheriff Mickey Metz’ brother in prison for multiple crimes that include drugs, attempted murder, assault, rape, attempted rape and the list goes on and on? You know, the brother from Lewis County.

        There is a guy in town that does websites that has all the certifications to work in a bank network, and is reasonably priced. I doubt there is anyone in the whole state more qualified than that dude when speaking about credentials.

      • Anyone who is qualified to create a major website will have access to the internet, and…

        Look up the definition of “reasonable”.

        Editors note: Hey Pat YOU look up the definition of reasonable, or look up the definition of unleashed! For certainly my dog is not gonna like you one bit. It feels really good to finally have a real killer around here again!! Just ask Bambi!

  11. Pat, anyone who lives and works in this town knows the years of experience available to them if they choose to use them. A local job should always be advertised locally. I have never seen it otherwise if it is not a hand picked employee situation That would be a reasonable action. To advertise in the news sources of the area the job is located would be the first method used if an employer cared about the community it thrives in. If people are looking for out of town work it would then be reasonable to look away from local resources. If an employer wants to pick and choose private hires they will place the job out of sight and local free site and out of mind but don’t try to make it look like everyone would automatically look for out of town sources to seek a local employer. Good luck, I’m tired of your circular method of reasoning for the purpose of sucking up to your new bosses. You’ve got the technique down pat. I’m sure they will enjoy it.

    Editors note: You meant to say, you got the technique down pat, Pat!
    Power Elite always like the suck up, but will they like the Ghost Wolf? “…just waiting, watching, hoping for a chance to pounce and to seek revenge!!”

    • It was also advertised on the GSC web and the Pathfinder (Democrat). Leslie saw it on, but it was posted locally.

      GSC interviewed eight other people, including three locals.

      The locals weren’t qualified, and the rest wouldn’t relocate for a temporary grant-based position.

      Get a job hillbilly. Mickie D’s is hiring.

      (It’s OK if you remove that last quip, Gary.)

      Editors note: OK thanks Pat, don’t mind if I do have a go with Leslie. She says she doesn’t get out much and you are never good for two in a row. Noticed a lot of in house chatter on your own mail client server with links to this site that got clicked on. It was pretty easy to follow the path right back to the Waco Oil website, where all your friends were! I hope you don’t mind if I read some of your mail. But, mums the word, I won’t tell Little Leslie. We shot a letter off to Big Joe, but he never got back to us on it yet. We wanted to ask him some questions about Sandy, and your boss. If you can hook me up with Sandy, I will just tell Leslie I am busy.

      Here is something to always remember:
      locals weren’t qualified
      Why would they qualify? These jobs are saved for the Power Elite placements and ass kissing minions, for the serfs got to have a little pat on the butt once in awhile. Good luck at the headquarters of totalitarianism.

      • Well, other differences aside, I’m very glad you approve of Leslie’s work then, her being a local and all.

        It’s nice to be accepted within a new (to us) community, and you’re helping us to fit right in. Thanks!

        Pro Tip: Bold text, as you always use for user comments, is typically reserved for accentuating specific points, and not the entire comment. It looks OK, but it detracts from the overall look and feel of the site. As a general rule, use special formatting (italics, bold, typeface changes, etc) very sparingly.

        And I’m NOT even a web developer!

        There are a couple of really good style guides available at the W3C that discuss those and related topics.

        Editors note: La de da la de da, keep your hot tips for the twice a week (if she is lucky) magical night in the sack with Little Leslie to yourself, you are the one that needs a “Hot Tip” I guess your version of a HOT TIP is really a “Foul Tip” it is baseball season ya know!!

        Praise God!!

      • As much as I like giving the college a hard time, only an idiot would interview anyone that was not qualified for a position. That’s why you run ads (what year was that in the paper) and check references before you waste your time with an interview. Who are you kidding? I don’t believe that college human resources ever wasted that much time but it sounds like you do.

        As to McDonalds, after they turned down you and Leslie it seemed pointless to put in an application.

        I didn’t go for the double entendre before but got to say it, sounds like you got the suck up to the boss thing down pat, Pat. But tell me the truth, do you swallow?

        Editors note: I think down pat “Pat” is a spitter …hee hee
        But now Sandy Pettit she swallows, in fact she got a fucking house out of the deal after she got divorced! We will be finding out about Leslie early next week

  12. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website!

    In regard to Marc Monteleone, it seems that it is not considered appropriate for a partner in a law firm such as Bowles Rice, … as Marc Monteleone is and then be on staff on the company of a client too. Most Law Firms would never allow this sort of action, but in this particular situation it appears that same Law Firm has action against Gilmer Housing Partners and Beverly Marks, the Clerk for Gilmer County which is a defendant in the latest federal action, which is even more conflict!!

    I do not understand how they think they can get away with this ethical breach, but we are talking about Crooked County!

    I got advice from an attorney today and ask if I could inquire specifically about this person and this situation and they gave me their account, in which it was explained the situation is definitely a conflict of interest.

    I then explained, but that’s how they do things down in Crooked County. If it is ethical it is never going to fly in Gilmer County!

    Glenville is the home of ethical breach!! Just ask Judge Facemire he is the definition of ethical breach just about every time he appears in a courtroom. Facemire is the most reversed circuit court judge in 55 counties!!!

    When the attorney to which I spoke was in disbelief of the facts presented involving I L Morris and Waco Oil and the COUNT of Crooked County MARC MONTELEONE , I just said,

    “What do you want, for them to play by the rules?”

    “We are just a talkin about the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!!”

    • Actually, Bowles & Rice represent Summit Bank against the Clerk, GSC & Jones. What I find so intriguing is that it will be a precedent setting case, in my opinion. This trial will determine the relationship and obligation of the County Clerk and the accuracy of the record keeping per WV Code requirements. The decision will tell if our laws mean anything.
      That’s why I say a fix is in the mix. What kind of deal will be worked out to protect the Gilmer County Clerk at the expense of the citizens since a member of that law firm gets a paycheck from the biggest corporation and political contributors in the county? None, I hope, but if history tells us anything it is hard to hold any Gilmer County elected official accountable. I would bet that Summit Bank will question the relationship if it loses anything by the actions and relationships of the players.

      Editors note: My bad, it was me that explained it incorrectly, for it was another blond moment, but I have to talk so fast I must have reiterated the situation in error, but it was one of those things where dude is so hard to get a hold of, when I finally get the ten minutes, I try to spew it all, then, Oh Shit, he must have misled that lady lawyer somewhat. Oh well, multi tasking can be a real bitch.

      State laws don’t mean a damn thing in Gilmer County.

      In regard to the protection of the Gilmer County Clerk at the expense of the citizens since a member of that law firm gets a paycheck from the biggest corporation and political contributors in the county, well isn’t that already a conflict?

      Sheriff Metz protects Beverly Marks in her hiding of an important document and it could very well be the end of his career, for how will he explain that in front of a federal judge. Mickey will definitely not be well received when the judge already knows he is lying, even before he goes to court. You don’t think everyone is reading GFP? You bet they are. Every important govt. agency in WV has logged onto that site many many times in the last six months. Even this site is monitored from time to time by those same agencies.

      The good news is we proved many points of interest by publishing documents that proved crimes were committed by Mickey Metz, the Sheriff of Gilmer County, Beverly Marks the Clerk and Gerald B Hough the prosecutor for Gilmer County. They all conspired together to hide evidence from the courts and deny a court order, and they all attempted to cover up the matter and got caught. The State Police already felt the collateral damage when Col Pack was sent Packing just like we requested in an article that took 224,000 hits in about a week. Plus we filed a formal complaint against Pack and wrote a letter to the governor with all the links to 20,000 words of proof published with documents.

      Another letter was written to another important person explaining to them their campaign contributions were accepted from people we can directly tie into wrong doing and possible legal violations, and that we fully intend on exposing those connections, the cash, the under the table cash and that political entities involvement with Gilmer County Power Elite, complete with pictures that were already published in mainstream media sources.

      Now you can understand the reason why we are all so well armed. We have to be, for these people are dangerous as fuck That is the only thing that saved our ass in Calhoun County. The cops there knew we were all armed to the teeth. Funny, how bad cop after bad cop after bad cop got run out of that town!! I was taught having superior fire power with a lot of ammo is the surest way to defeat these people, and always be ready for it to jump off at any given minute.

      Unfortunately we were unable to get,'”That Hot Tip,” to Fred Hill to give him the heads up before he was murdered behind Trezan’s just after midnight December the 11th 2009.

      You can’t give these people THE FACE and expect them to go away.

      • The facts all play out the same. Bowles & Rice have represented WACO Oil & Gas in both State and Federal Court yet WACO gives their Partner and CFO, Monteleone a paycheck. Besides, Bowles & Rice is General Counsel to WV Independent Oil & Gas of which WACO is a member and Monteleone is on Commerce Committee of the same organization.

        Then have Bowles & Rice represent Summit who files against the County Clerk. WACOs Secretary is the President of the Gilmer Democrat Executive Committee and has ran the elections out of WACO Corporate offices forever.

        (Beverly Marks County Clerk, Democrat). Gilmer County Crooks at their finest. Let’s see what October brings.

        Editors note: Beverly Marks sold 38,000 dollars worth of property and made sure the owners that paid taxes, the ones that were just billed false taxes that were paid also, received NOT ONE DOLLAR from the sale! Yeah Marks made the sure the money went to some people she knew like the good pal of “Tampered With,” juror Peggy Moore, Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham. I wonder how much got kicked back to Marks. Do you think Metz was paid also to cover up the stealing of a title after hiding it for years?

        WACOs Secretary is SANDY PETTIT the President of the Gilmer Democrat Executive Committee and Pettit has run the elections out of WACO Corporate offices forever. Pettit decides who runs, who wins and her sister Karen Elkin is the Circuit Court Clerk. Beverly Marks was the “Go To” for the fix and Hough ran interference in the last election and is also guilty of taking part in election fraud. Karen could really spill the beans, and our dude wants to get her alone and pick her brain for the decades of wrong doing she knows about. Unfortunately Karen is too smart for that. Elkin was supposed to write a book, but Sandy won’t allow it. Our dude wanted to help her write it and can already get her a publishing deal, but maybe if we got her enough cash we could work something out.

  13. Crooked County Crooks Website -Bowles Rice represents WACO Oil in West Virginia Supreme Court and got their asses kicked a while back

    Thanks to the fine investigative reporting of the Secret Seven Coalition we found a specific incident in West Virginia Supreme Court where WACO OIL paid the big bucks to Bowles Rice just to get their asses kicked in Supreme Court 5 to Zero!! FIVE ZIP is about as bad as you can lose in Supreme Court. Here is some reporting on the matter:

    CHARLESTON – To preserve tourism in Pocahontas County, the state Supreme Court has blocked operation of a 76-acre sandstone quarry.

    Five Justices upheld the West Virginia Surface Mine Board, which denied a Waco Oil and Gas issue appealed to Kanawha Circuit Court, pleading that the state must approve a permit unless the state has banned all quarry operations in the application of Waco Oil and Gas Company for a quarry permit.

    The Justices reversed Kanawha Circuit Court Judge Paul Zakaib Jr., who ruled last year that Waco Oil and Gas could operate the quarry. Of course Judge Paul was probably bought just like Richard (Dick) Facemire is in the 14th district.

    Waco Oil and Gas appealed to Kanawha Circuit Court, pleading that the state must approve a permit unless the state has banned all quarry operations in the area, but got their asses kicked in WV Supreme Court.

    Bowles Rice in Charleston, represented Waco Oil and Gas.

    Therefore, since the COUNT OF CROOKED COUNTY Monteleone is a PARTNER in the Law Firm of Bowles Rice in Charleston, this is a situation in which is not ethically sound, since Marc Monteleone is the Operations Manager of WACO OIL on paper and officially, but especially since the Bowles Rice firm is going up against IKE’s own people from Gilmer Housing Partners and the former Crooked County Clerk Beverly Marks. This is all very suspicious now!! This situation the experts revealed yesterday needs to be explored further.

    The POWER ELITE of GLENVILLE, West Virginia are on their way to pulling a fast one on all of us citizens, so we need to stay updated and report to the federal courts any illegality we can discover involving locals from the Power Elite of Gilmer County.

    It is possible we could find out some interesting TAX information soon on some well known individuals coming from North Lewis Street in the Ville. Someone on the inside will be leaving the back door accessible as a patriot for the SS. The South will rise again with the NAKED TRUTH and criminal actions of the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY which may be revealed through Secret Shit Data! They are YANKEE’S everyone! At least we should be able to update our files on certain individuals breaking the law without running skip traces this time. None of those fucks ever read this site since the Butchers told them it was all porn and never to read it, so chances are they will never know what hit them when they get an audit after we go over their books ourselves.

    There are a million and one stories to tell in this Naked and sometimes sun – tanned city, and we hope to bring you yet one more!!

  14. CalPatty Press - National News Source Contacted at LAST!!! Hoo Yah!!!

    The Secret Seven Coalition has had many successes lately with our stories being covered by the biggest mainstream news-sources in WV along with several television stations. Now, this was not easy for mostly our earlier letters accused the top reporters of being small market hacks, and they have had to ask us to attenuate the cryptic messages, and insults and they would look into our facts and documents and then finally a relationship has evolved in which we are in contact several times a week keeping them up to date on our investigations. Two members of the SS have credentials and had noticeable accomplishments in the major market press prior to the work done for the SS of Central WV, so that has certainly helped our endeavors when those facts became known.

    A National News Service has finally been contacted involving the misconduct and pathetic state of Gilmer County Run by Crooks and Crooked Law Enforcement. Gerald B Hough may find himself having to explain himself to the entire nation someday. I can’t wait to catch that bitch up in some lies then.

    A very well known person from CNN who worked with one of our dudes years ago has agreed to, “See what he can do about looking into the illegal contributions made to “Big Joe” all from Gilmer County,” and the other illegal activities we have reported. We also made a contact at FOX news and have been sending them daily information on the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River!

    It has been a long hard fight, but we are finally making progress. Also, they seem interested in the murder of FRED HILL by these same POWER ELITE!!

    Lets hope we can put these little bitch asses on front street in front of our entire nation and let the American people decide their punishment.

  15. Well Bob Henry Baber could hardly turn down $50,000 a year with his history!
    Must have drank too many Long Island Iced Teas during the years he was raised in Long Island NY. What a trip that “love in” in Los Angeles must have been in 71 when he was shot through the legs and charged with attempted murder (Police called it a riot)
    Then gets to his grandpa’s farm in little ‘ol Richwood, couldn’t make it as Governor, makes it as mayor and his city recorder gets him charged with malfeasance and Election Fraud?
    No wonder he ran to Glenville, he fit right in!
    What a wonderful example of the hiring process at Glenville State College. I bet the kids really get to hear some stories as they’re all tokin’ and jokin’ during a poetry read. They probably have some real great memory jars.

    SS Member: This sums up the situation pretty good you are right!
    “No wonder he ran to Glenville, he fit right in!”

    We have definite proof and could prove in a court of law that Peter Barr knew full well about all the baggage and the arrests and all of it but still hired Bob Henry Baber so dude must have some real solid connections with the Glenville Power Elite!

  16. Crooked County Crooks Website - The ORIGINAL Home of the Central West Virginia SS!!

    This really pisses me off, for you can see that Tampon Tashua was just elected to get some good publicity for the college, well what are they gonna do when the truth is found out about every one of them up there on the hill in the Ville!

    . Marketing and Public Relations Report – Annette Barnette provided media packets to the Board and reported that the College has been receiving a lot of good publicity with Tashua Allman ‘s election as Glenville’s mayor

  17. And before we get away from Monteleone did you note that Bowles & Rice also represents GSC as bond counsel through the Board of Governors and GSC Housing Corp? Between working for Ike as Operations Manager for WACO, Partner of Bowles & Rice, and his firm representing WACO and Summit Bank against the County Clerk. Whose side are these guys on? One guess.

    • I have one last question. Gilmer County, at what price do you sell your soul? $50,000, $250,000, a million? When you place people with no ethics and very little if any morals to oversee your community it has to be for money.

      Editors note: “No Ethics” that sounds just like Gerry Hough, Mickey Metz, a Bitcher of a Butcher, R Terry Butcher, Peter Barr, Nasia, Tampon Tashua, David Corcoran, Richard A Facemire, Brian Kennedy,Tara Kennedy, Larry Chapman, Diana L Butcher, Beverly Marks the Butcher Bitches, Rosa Belle Gainer-Cunningham, Rita Kight, etc. etc. etc.


    The TRUE STORY behind the hiring of Dr. Bob Henry Baber fund raising dude for GSC!!

    A SHOCKING TRUE STORY OF NAKED TRUTH coming up tonight at midnight involving another GSC SEX SCANDAL revealing the true story of JoAnn Rutherford her lover Bob Henry Baber and her alleged child molester daughter Sarah Rutherford!

    A love triangle with GSC staff member Bob Henry Baber is exposed!! Sarah was also dating Dr Bob Henry Babers’ son, but then starting becoming involved in an illicit sexual relationship with her boyfriends father Bob Henry Baber! It is a modern day, “The Graduate” in reverse.

    Don’t miss next weeks publication coming up at midnight on the RGW Website!

    Corruption runs deep down by that CROOKED RIVER! Sarah Rutherford-Bob Henry Baber GSC SEX SCANDAL!! Sock it to me now, but take your sock off first! Today is ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF the BODY of FRED HILL BEING FOUND!!

  19. anon for reason I can not share

    County commission president Hess takes timber off related in gilmer county

    Editors note: Well we can serve up Hess’s ass too! Don’t think we won’t! That fuck thinks he can make up his own fucking rules,like they did when they duped the public recently bringing in PETER BARR the COUNT of Crooked County and a SWINDLE involving the bond issue. They pulled the wool over the eye’s of the public and y’all are gonna be real mad when you find out what they did. Hey thank Brian Kennedy for that one,and while your at it thank that lying bitch Tara Kennedy too!

    Now the asst. for the County Commission Connie O Stink ski may be investigated for forgery, at least she is a suspect and her name given to the po po! She may be the fall girl for the Power Elite!!

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