Greed and the Creed along with Trickery and Deceit are “Common Place” in Crooked County!

By Free Bird-Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter/Editor Edison – Crooked County Crooks -Editor/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator – Editor/Central WV Secret Seven Coalition

The Creed that goes along with Greed is:

“Those who know, don’t tell – and those who tell,  don’t know!”

It is only one of many a creed they live by down by the Crooked River in Crooked County where trickery and deceit are such Common Place … small wonder it became the favorite game of cronies at the “Common Place” the restaurant down on the main drag in the county seat where the WACO MAN himself IL Morris is leading the pack, down there with everyone and anyone who matters at all to the “IN” crowd, of which, most of us, are not!   Oh yeah Oh yeah!

The ability to lie and bluff your way to win, and to “Get IN” … also a key to: “The Game,” down where the difference between good and evil run right down that Crooked County line! 

Good old lying, trickery, deceit and bluffing, is the perfect past time of the want to be big shots and hangers on at the, ” Common Place “ where every danged day is the place where the ELITE MEET!

The only skills needed and admired are those that you will find among the many admired,  “Chosen Precious,” that will rise to the top in Gilmer County just like good little minions!

“Those who know don’t tell and those who tell don’t know”  … is certainly NOT the only creed they live by down by that Crooked River, but there’s only one problem!  You’ve  got to be a member of the club to know all the creeds!

The people connected to the “Oh so Powerful One” are the only members of that exclusive club where the ELITE MEET!

The Common Place owned by Peggy Moore one of the jurors mentioned, along with Judy Stalnaker in the latest "Jury Tampering" investigation involving the "Travesty" case that was in WV Supreme Court for two years and three federal courts! A favorite hang out of IL Morris and the place where tall tales are told by Sheriff Mickey Metz! The COMMON PLACE restaurant was probably the first place where you hear the words, " NO FOUL PLAY"

YOU must be a member of the club or YOU are NOT making any money – or getting in on the business deals – or gaining any of the power and control in the “Ville!”

But sooner or later  if you want your rewards you must know and obey all the creeds, and in fact you may get your fill!

“How about you Sheriff, need a cheap Hummer, what about a Vintage Mustang?  Let me tell you where the deal is.  No, never mind those people complaining, just do what you’re told and everything will just be OK. Illegal you say, now don’t go talking above your education, that’s why we pay lawyers.  You let them and the judge try the case.  I know someone that has a nice camper for sale.  What a nice guy you are!” “Good Looking Out!” “You know what side your bread is buttered on!!”

County Clerk “…You just record the deeds the way we present them and make sure that the leases and land transfers get done how we say it should be! Let the lawyers handle the questions. You’re not bright enough dear.  That’s what we pay them for. I know someone who will put a new roof on your house and remodel your kitchen real cheap.  Heard you were buying a new car, here’s where to go. Just hush now, there’s more to come!! BM ? She is gone! Oh, thank god that smell is gone!!”

BM Beverly Marks on the right the Gilmer County Clerk facing 300K plus liability in federal civil suit and arrested for misdemeanor all within a short time of retiring. Jean Butcher charged with misdemeanor election fraud her first month in office on the left at the Crooked County Courthouse on the hill overlooking the Crooked River!

No concern County Commission, you will always have a job in this County! Retirement guaranteed! “You just keep approving the deals when they hit your desk.  That’s right! Rubber stamp that bitch and sign!  Any legal problems, you see our guys.  And by the way, any business trouble just let us know and if you need more money here’s a nice rental property at a real cheap price and what about a new truck.  We’ll get you elected when the time is right.  That’s a good old boy, but may need a favor at some in the future or time and again!”

“Now, now Mr. Prosecutor, sure you can keep your part time job teaching in another county and we’ll pay you full time wages.  You just put the ones in jail when we say so and keep our people out.  Don’t question any contracts and try to keep those elected jackasses out of trouble when you can.  Any questions, see our guys.  So far, so good and don’t forget if we need to replace you it will only be temporary.  We’ll get you elected when the time is right.  You know the deal!”

Circuit Clerk “… Do what you are told! Any questions, check with your sister! We don’t like Gerry Hough either Karen, but what are ya gonna do?  He is an idiot!  You know the deal for sure.  Check’s in the mail!”

The remainder of the crowd is just window dressing, second string players like Tara Kennedy, getting seconds from when the Walrus wasn’t Paul and some sloppy seconds after Sarah and that girl from the Brown Dog that night and on and on and film at 11!! Lick lick!!

Those who tell are criticized, threatened and labeled trouble makers in an effort to make them just go away.  It doesn’t always work. Good old lying, trickery, deceit and bluffing are old standby methods  of the elite down by the Crooked River and are tried and true that commonly bring about success against endless and well crafted allegations.

In the “News” these days is DAVE COCORAN of the Glenville Democrat taking sides with Larry Chapman and calling the complaints about a job he created for himself at GCEDA – bullying – and pictured below practically holding the hand of Mountain Party Candidate for governor Bob Henry Baber.

Dave Corcoran publisher of the Glenville Democrat given the task of taking the attention off of the wrong doing that was published on the rival mainstream media source the Gilmer Free Press - (right)Bob Henry Baber - GSC Gifts Officer running for Governor on the Mountain ticket!!

The local chapters of the Calhoun and Gilmer County Secret Seven Coalition  recently exposed Baber for his sexual promiscuity by allegedly having sex with his son’s girlfriend after they broke up, which just also happens to be the state of West Virginia’s most popular high school student child molester, Sarah Ann Rutherford!

No we don’t want to vote the mountain party candidate, Bob Henry Baby for governor this year, but thanks for the offer! We are glad Bob Henry Baber supports the Bob Henry Baber Mountain Party article in the Gilmer Free Press.

We love the Gilmer Free Press too, but we know the truth about Bob Baber buddy — And Sarah Ann Rutherford, daughter to JoAnn Rutherford a GSC secretary, was a Bob Bob Bobbin on his Bob Henry Baber Bobber and we are not going to vote for dude! 

And the Bob Bob Bobbin on Baber’s Bobber is the reason!!!

This is the way of deceit and treachery in Glenville.  This is how the game is played and the race is run.  We all know it! We also know how they all get away with it.  We need to change things now before all of our young are corrupted

The young should be taught to be honest, self respecting, law abiding citizens. Yet we stand and watch the example setters lead them down the path to destruction, immorality, drug abuse, promiscuity and deceit over and over again, and rape has increased and gone without penalty at GSC ever since Gerald B Hough has been prosecutor in Gilmer County.

This could be your child when NASIA convinces even the grade school principals to have drug raids during school, therefore having more control over the minions, especially if they are responsible for generating property tax reports and would never think of ratting on a land fraud scheme since they have your boy in jail on drug charges!! Ask G Wolfe about that little scenario. "Yeah you tell and guess what your son will never get out of prison bitch!!" "Tell your neighbor her sisters kids will never make it past grade school if she wants to play sick again on that dinner date next weekend! Where are you from boy?!!! You know how things go around here! Now you done fucked up once and see where it got ya! I would not try that again!! You get that gal friend of yours dressed up nice for next weekend we are going out somewhere nice..."

Speaking of Bob bob bobbin the Butcher Bitches come to mind!! And the Butcher and Butcher law firm had decided once again to try and make some more shit up and they have attempted to straighten out their image on the internet along with some other sneaky shit going on!

What do never was related to George, Neil Benson,  – Bill never goes to church -CHURCH, Emerson Lake and Palmer Stephens – and the wife of WACO-OIL IT dude , Down Pat PAT, Leslie Ward all have in common?

They are either IT for GSC or web designer, like novice Leslie Ward and are working together as a solid team of Glenville Elite and also serve as a hider of the TRUTH.  The main job of Leslie Ward is concealing dirty deeds of the Power Elite tied directly to Glenville State College where the ACTION and the MONEY are! The IT staff and Leslie are just trying to do their best to down play all the bad publicity about GSC, which include the rapes that are not prosecuted along with the bad behavior of the coaching staff and others whose behavior is held secret at the castle!!

It was just like Beach Blanket Bingo when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad last July!! "Check it out bitch! I got it like that! Do you have any idea who my daddy is?" " You better know who you are a talkin to mister when you are a talkin to Lizzie Butcher!"

The young IT staff at GSC are working hand and hand with the Butcher and Butcher law firm to improve the image of GSC and are attempting to hide the unresolved rapes and the reason Fred was dead!!

Timothy B Butcher, BOG at GSC and husband to Diana L Butcher – “Have another drink Princess Di!” and R Terry Butcher a former BOG at GSC and married to GCHS principal Nasia Butcher had to spend the big bucks to hire this firm: ReputationDefenseOnline which is a Cyber Intelligence and Reputation Defense firm – A firm where it will cost 25, 000 to 50,000 to retain for the months of work it would take to cover all the public complaints against these Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!!

For about 5-6 days when you tried to search ‘ GOOGLE” about Gilmer county, you could not get anything! Many people asked why and even wrote letters to SS associates asking why!

It was soon discovered that the college was somehow doing re-directing!! That is correct my friends GSC was getting involved in all of our personal lives for self gain and after contacting people at WVNET – Network – and Charleston by a few people, the idiots at the college were contacted about their interference and the fact they were working with a highly paid agency to manipulate the local internet and it stopped!! Bastards!

Neil Benson, Bill Church, Palmer Stephens – former Hough associate – and Leslie Ward are responsible for acting in secret on behalf of the Butchers and spending college money to carry out this task!

And then, these same cyber-criminal’s trained by GSC came up with the excuse of the fact that; the people from the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website, local stronghold of the Central West Virginia SS were attacking the GSC site!!!!

How Ridiculous!!!

We suspect these people were led astray by the Power Elite to do something to stop the search for the “Truth” about “GSC and the Butchers,” using the college and its funds. No-one informed them several FCC rules, regulations and guidelines were disturbed by the crazy action of the Butchers and the IT staff at GSC!!

Who could forget the Summer of 2010 when the Butcher Bitches Broke bad on the CalPatty Press!! Lexie giving us an Adult Education and a REAR END inspection Crooked County Style on the right- friend on left!

The Secret Seven and the Council of Concerned Citizens for Gilmer County are looking into these allegations of wrongdoing and the violation of our civil rights and our rights to free speech.

We see this as a direct attack on AMERICA and a direct attack on free speech by the Butchers and GSC who are just a bunch of YANKEE sons of bitches as far as we are concerned – y’all can get your carpet bagging asses back up north where y’all belong.

If these allegations prove true the Butcher and Butcher law firm would have to spend as much as 5,000 dollars as an initial payment and retainer to the private firm of; ReputationDefenseOnline to clean up their internet image after the public found out they never did an accounting on the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years which is against the law. When a complaint was made to Sheriff Metz he said, “I’m not going to go over there and bother those people!”

Now the public knows about their for profit involvement in River View too!! They all were ordered to pay over 300,000 in damages! The truth is being found out about the BUTCHER and BUTCHER law firm and the GSC SEX SCANDALS!

Now all the wrongdoing has been fully exposed!

We were informed that the $5,000 retainer paid was just to get the ball rolling. As much as $15,000 to $20,000 more will have to be paid, and Timothy B Butcher who is on the Board of Governors at Glenville State College is looking for a way for the college to pay for the expense or even local tax payers.

There are very certain allegations being made that the Butcher and Butcher law firm hired this firm and paid big money in a retainer recently according to GSC sources.

The  local citizens became enraged after the Central WV SS revealed that Larry Chapman actually created a job for himself after he discovered he did not have a chance in hell of getting reelected to the County Commission, thus once again  putting the Gilmer County Citizen in the position of being led by the same old few that have established themselves into an exclusive club!  Although with the help of the SS, they are all being found out one by one!

Chapman pulled a fast one, and for the first time in Crooked County history was caught and had his feet held to the fire for it by the Free Press, which is a new experience for the Glenville, Power Elite!!

To combat the seekers of the truth the Butchers are trying something new which is to attempt to take the attention off of exposing the truth, and then claiming this is being done by means that are not fair. Free speech is very fair, but it is not always what works for the Power Elite. In fact free speech is not very good for the Power Elite at all. For with free speech comes the real truth and the elite can’t have that. It is like showing your hand in cards!!

Look out Gilmer County Timothy B and R Terry are busy spending your money, but not telling you, like they usually do, or taking a bunch of money for a service and then doing nothing like they usually do!!

We say hold em or fold em, but this ain’t no liars poker!! Let’s see what you got!!

Just like I thought!!  They got nothing!  … but a bunch of Smoke and Mirrors!!

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  1. CalPatty Press - Crime Stories! Actual SS Records revealed!

    This is an excerpt from an actual SS document never before revealed involving a very important CalPatty Press feature report for the Secret Seven Coalition years ago!! The TRUE ACCOUNT involving Christopher Todd Smith aka “Hot Toddy” and Lulu Hamrick followed after this official SS Communication. If not for the SS the TRUTH would have never been revealed! Read at your own risk!!

    Vickie Shaver has approached me in her mourning to ask me to use what little respect I have with all of you to request that you show some empathy for her as a mother to let Kelli be, now that she has died.

    I do find it difficult to understand how you can show such empathy for Fred and his family when you didn’t even know him and not show any at all for Kelli and her family. There is no doubt that Kelli was a victim, just as Fred was.

    Kelli was not Todd’s first victim. He lured Lulu Hamrick away from her husband, hooked her on drugs, got her off her medication, and alienated her from all friends and family who could help her. Lulu ended up committing suicide by jumping out in front of a car in Grantsville because no one could save her from the world Todd surrounded her with. Lulu was my friend, and I know what Todd did to her, and how he manipulated her. I am sure he did the same to Kelli.

    Editors note: Todd Smith was the dude that bailed out Waitman Lee Frederick after the chase to Wood County which was weird as fuck in it’s own right! That whole chase Lee from Glenville to Parkersburg right after he was announced as a suspect in the murder of Basil Fred Hill by the SS – was more than strange.

  2. Another pretty little girl gone and just like Fred the Butchers and their ilk want every one to forget how these things happen. They want us to forget the fact that these animals are let run free until they can absolutely not control or buy them out any more.
    One method they use to make us forget is to pay someone else to clean up their mess on the internet. That comes as no surprise from the bourgeois Butchers, middle class legal shop keepers with delusions of grandeur. To take responsibility for the reputation they have created is unthinkable, shoot the messenger is their cry!
    Protection of their “empire” is the only concern. Every attorney and law enforcement agent in the area is guilty of letting Todd run free, deal drugs, corrupt young girls and all in return for questionable information used to make a case. The same as the killer of Fred Hill. These tragedies will keep happening as long as there is an illegal dollar to be made and a messenger of the truth to be shot.
    Some of the written word on their dishonesty and immorality might have been erased but the pictures are imprinted on the brain of every just citizen who read them. And guess what T&T, you didn’t get them all so I hope the college doesn’t pay too much money to try to restore a reputation that only existed in your father’s time. Everyone knows that as far as you, Hough and Metz are concerned there will be no justice for these sweet souls found in Gilmer County. That will never be forgotten.

    Editors note: Lets us not forget that Gerry Hough let Todd Smith go after he assaulted his girlfriend and got arrested in Glenville. Hough never brought the case forward against Smith, instead making some kind of deal. I believe Smith assaulted Kelli in May and by the next December had killed her. Good work Gerald B Hough. Smith also was bragging about working with the Gilmer County Sheriff to set up some innocent people they didn’t appreciate. Smith said he was working with the Sheriff’s office to bring false charges on someone they wanted in jail.

    • anonymous 001

      Was Waitman Lee Frederick thinking he was O.J. Simpson and wanting his 30 or so minutes in the limelight? What was really up with that? NO ONE KNOWS THE PAIN OF LOSING SOMEONE IN A TRAGIC SENSELESS WAY. IF HE REALLY WAS INVOLVED IN FRED’S MURDER THEN I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO GAVE HIM THE LIE DETECTOR TEST AND WHAT WERE THE EXACT QUESTIONS THAT HE PASSED? No doubt another Cover-up and LIE.

      Editors note; Whenever the state police give someone a lie detector test like they supposedly did Metz, and Waitman and others in regard to Fred Hill it means absolutely nothing! Many of these local State Police are suspect in covering up of public records fraud and other misconduct. Calhoun County was a scary nightmare for what they were doing and that is why Shelly Morris got scared and left. All the State Police did in this murder was assist in the cover up of facts and cover up of the real murderer.

      If anyone was serious about any polygraph tests, then they should be conducted by the Justice Department from DC and have no affiliations with WV staff or law enforcement. Any lie detector results, have never been mentioned officially and for the very reason that they are fake tests that could not be considered valid, but is just some stupid bullshit to cover the ass of people they know damn well are in it up to their neck like Sheriff Metz and Waitman Lee Frederick who both staged that chase to Wood County!!

  3. T F Malendez

    I am honestly thankful for the research of the WACO Oil & Gas Company because it in effect gives beneficial information and produced for me much information I have been searching for. In this rural community in West Virginia how many local employee’s does this company employ in exchange for running the college and the entire town…less than 100 or more than 100? Very well written articles. Thanks for the mega facts with names and positions of public offices. I look to transmit more of this information for what I am looking more in regard to research and information later. America leads in coal mining and research and has a great deal of experience in maintaining oil and gas equipment. Terrific, home-spun Oil and Gas Company is exactly what I was searching for. Why are big corporations that belong to large American companies not locally entrenched that could also help the community social structure with special programs? Interesting website and are the people at the college employed by WACO Oil and Gas too?

    Editors note: Maybe 75 local employee’s at the company in Glenville give or take a few with office staff, and field workers etc. maybe more. IL Morris more or less runs the whole town and has his own private law firm entrenched on the main drag in town. The public relations department and website people from the college are closely associated with Waco oil and or are employee’s of the company.

    • CalPatty Press - Central WV SS -Free Bird for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Reporter/Gilmer County SS

      Glad to hear that people are starting to investigate the influence of oil & gas not only on federal & state but the local level as well. Those of you who have followed this site have become increasingly aware of the interweaving web this WACO weaves at a local governmental level and within our educational institutions.

      From developing an internal control of those elected to power via in-house coordination of the very election process to creating a namesake foundation and heading up the GSC Board of Governors there is no area in between that is untouched by WACO influence and power..

      Employees of WACO teach at GSC without tenure, coordinate the candidate that will be supported in trying to occupy local government seats by that institution, and are placed consistently to control local boards including the GSC Board of Governors at the snap of a finger.

      Along with local legal agencies and business associates, the corporation has bought and brought in the partner of a prestigious law firm as an employee which has represented and repeatedly interacted with West Virginia State Agencies, the Corporation and its owner, Glenville State College and our own County Government. Add many, many dollars of campaign contributions, look at the ear marked monies not only brought to Gilmer County but actually named after the Congressman who got it done, as well as the hiring or appointment of the hand picked of the previous Governor and it is plain to see it is not just the lobbying dollars of the oil & gas industry in Washington, D.C. that we need to fear.

      No less than total control of any and all business type transactions and activities within our area is the work in progress and I see no satisfying that group of vultures until they have fed on the last dollar to be had in Gilmer County and thrown the scraps to their lackeys. There won’t be any local citizens remaining unless they are willing to give up their ethical and moral beliefs and learn how to “play ball” with the so called “big boys”. At that point, Gilmer County should change its name to Crooked County and get it over with…

      • CalPatty Press - Central WV SS -Free Bird for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Reporter/Gilmer County SS

        To; Ms T F Malendez, Please find the following names of interest provided by the Central WV SS involving local government and the college on the hill in Glenville that overlooks, “The Ville” down by the Crooked River in Crooked County, West Virginia where you should never take an offer to leave out the back door…

        Non- Tenured Teaching at GSC Sandy Pettit, Melissa Jedamski, Jennifer Shirey

        Board Appointments local: IL Morris, Sue Morris, Doug Morris, Sandy Pettit, Greg Smith, Tim Butcher, Terry Butcher

        Of course local hired gun Marc Monteleone of Bowles and Rice

        Governors Picks, Chuck Spears, any gsc board of gov member

  4. This should be the ANTHEM for DA ‘VILLE!


    Editors note: Black and Yellow is the color of Lizzie Butcher and she wears it on her head just like in Beach Blanket Bingo Baby when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad last July!!

  5. Lizzie Butcher

    Yeah! uh huh! We know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow

    Yeah! uh huh! We know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow

    That’s why I wear the Black and Yellow around my head it’s da colors of da Ville!!


    “The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” You say!!

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow


    Yeah! uh huh! We know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow

    Yeah! uh huh! We know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow

  6. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website- "RGW website backed the WINNER and the next Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools Dr. William K. Simmons

    Gilmer County: Next School Superintendent Dr. William K. Simmons was endorsed by RGW and is the newly appointed Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools.

    The days of WINE and ROSES are OVER for Nasia Butcher,

    What a bitch Butcher! C Ya wouldn’t want to B ya!!

    The Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone was in town having lunch with Shelly Morris Demarino at the Smokehouse BBQ and the Naked Truth that was revealed under the table again last Friday led to the fact that there are no more virgins to sacrifice since Hannah Sue DeMarino tossed her hymen to Bobby Duvall the night the Lady Titans rocked Lake Titty Ca Ca up Hwy 33 twiddly dee on 22 January!! Drugs Sex Rock N Roll and Booze left over after the party!! Hoo yah!

    News about Democrap Reporter Cassandra Huff:
    We heard Cassandra Huff would be passing out the petitions to remove Gerald B Hough from office over the Jessica Self case that was bungled along with several others. We also heard she had been searching through D Ramsey’s trash for a bottle of K-Y or some Vaseline or some other type of lubricant used in the dueling banjo’s weekend tours with the Band Leader from the College – She needs it for the story she is doing on News Reporters hooked on Methamphetamine and Marijuana, while she leaves her recorder behind for John Bennett to mess with and her camera so he can take the pictures of the School Board Meetings and such. She has been busy combing her hair into the cone head hair-doo she is famous for usually out back or smoking or toking or trying to book a bi- sexual experience with Darrell when he is done with all the old ladies in town.'”Bark like a dog Reta Bark like a dog!”Cassandra Claims the video on GFP presented on the superintendents forum in which she was high as a kite was fabricated by the Secret Seven of Gilmer County – and the actual events that night were different-and that she was not pleasuring herself in the parking lot wiffin a big reffa while wearing a black and yellow caution headband just like LIZZIE BUTCHER!! Black and Yellow Black and Yellow

    Yeah! uh huh! You know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow!

  7. Gerry Hough wanted you to know from official sources.

    This website seems to the tell the TRUTH about everyone but seems to cater to Karen Elkin and you are always talking bad about Gerry Hough, but…

    WHAT IS GOING ON IN GILMER COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT now that Karen is running things?

    The Clerk Hopes You Don’t Know that KAREN ELKIN’S husband, John, was indicted in Webster County for the felony offense Of MANUFACTURING a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE by a May, 2009 Grand Jury. He pled guilty in October, 2009 to the felony charge; he was sentenced just after Fred Hill went missing on December 14, 2009. While all this was going on, the Chief Judge of the Circuit from Webster County appointed the felon’s wife to replace Lane Smith; she was sworn in and now claims, “Experience Counts”. Do appearances count for the circuit court judge in this case did it as a favor to Judge Alsop from what we all heard.

    How does this look to you? John Elkin served a 4 month home confinement WITHOUT electronic monitoring (so he could help wife Karen campaign) sentence began January 4, 2010. No fine; no jail time; no community service! All because of the connections in circuit court system, like they belonged to a private club or something, but you never said a word about it or spoke any truth.

    The Circuit Clerk Candidate’s Husband was free to move the campaign signs around, since the Candidate’s Husband was finished with his felony penalty by the primary voting date of May 11, 2010, he got Karen elected after being convicted himself.

    Editors note: We gave the matter fair coverage. You are talking about an incident that involved weed and a small amount of home-grown weed. So, how can we get very upset about a non-violent weed growing crime. Yeah Karen had some connections, so what this is West Virginia, that is how we do it down here. This fact was never ignored. We all let you have your shot back then. But guess what? Nobody remembers “Dick” about it now.

    The only Dick that is uppermost in our minds is Richard (Dick) Facemire.
    Karen Elkin has enough knowledge about misconduct to sink everyone’s ship ten times over from facts stored in her brain from the old days. Karen hardly got upset when Michele Dawn Rose took thousands from out of state property tax payers and even said,
    “This is not the first time something like this has happened, just watch she will be working back in some county office somewhere, seen that a time or two!” Karen knows all about the misconduct of Gerry Hough and the jury tampering and the whole nine yards.

    Karen Elkin is a plethora of information in regard to personally witnessed misconduct, therefore she is a valuable person regarding the publications to be released exposing Gilmer County, the Sheriff, Prosecutor, County Clerk, all of them!!!

    • It’s the fact that Elkin didn’t have any reaction to the theft that bothers me. We all know who stole the 25,000 before that and works for the state now and that’s what she was referring to but my dilemma is this, I believe all elected officials should be held to the same standard. Business as usual in WV can be justification for an awful lot of sins. We can’t let it be OK that the circuit clerk’s husband is a Morris’ dealer and gets special treatment in the court system and then say the prosecutor shouldn’t hide rapes at the college or it’s OK for the county clerk and commission having advanced knowledge of the number of votes for any candidate to administer the early vote any way they want, or the sheriff refusing to bring charges against other elected officials is alright because that’s the way things are done in WV. A lot of people get screwed just letting business as usual protect the chosen through some dreamed up Gilmer County entitlement program. My Opinion.

      Editors note: Good comment. Who really can argue with the finer points of these facts revealed for all to see now. Most people in the public would have NO IDEA of any of these facts, if it were not for the Free Press Journalists of WV and the Gilmer Free Press.

  8. Crooked County Crooks Website - Report from the office of WV Supreme Court - Gerry Hough was using files at GSC AGAINST the victims of rape to protect his client that raped them!!! THIS IS NOT COOL!!!

    There was a disciplinary case filed against an attorney named Gerald Hough charging violations of Rules 4.1, 4.4 and 8.4(c), in connection with the attorney making false representations in order to obtain confidential college records of a rape victim so as to benefit his client, who was charged with the rape. It was eventually resent to the Lawyer Disciplinary Board and dismissed form the Court’s Docket. Off the record because I am not sure about this: It apparently was dismissed because he apparently complied with the rules later, after the fact or someone spoke up for him and said he was unaware there was a legal matter breached. I can’t understand the computer notes, but you could be correct with your earlier allegation of misconduct. The records appear to be redacted. You should check with the lawyer disciplinary board. The rules that are enumerated also can be found on the Office of Disciplinary Counsel website

    Editors note: We have been looking into Gerry Hough’s past for the last ten years building a case against him. Now we discovered some HANKY PANKY went on in Charleston to cover for an inexperienced Gerry Hough. This particular underhanded attempt to get documents to harm a rape victim is just ONE of the many illegal and highly questionable actions Hough was caught at.


    Who could forget the night Princess Di, Had another drink for the whole town and the night Timothy B Butcher screamed for all to hear that he was the LAW in Glenville!!

    Meanwhile, back in Crooked County ….

    A short while later one of the Bitcher of the Butcher’s son and the mom, Princess Di aka Diana L Butcher were getting fucked up in their friends bar! “Have another drink princess Di” The bar, was owned and managed by Leslie Campbell– known as The Main Event – the Sports Bar that was popular with all the college folk–popular because you did not have to be 21 to buy booze at the Main Event if you were part of the Crooked ELITE and knew the Butchers–that is until someone called the State Liquor Board and they came with a few members of the ATF and closed the place down for good, and oh yeah, arrested the little Butcher bitch for resisting arrest– while daddy screamed the State Agents were all breaking the law! Diana L Butcher was drunk for a week after that eventful evening!

    A whole bunch of Power Elite were in hot water that night, but it took action from the ATF to bring them all under control while the Bitcher of the Butchers screamed, “You can’t do this!” “I will have you all arrested!”

    Several people were arrested that night, but it was nobody from the liquor board, and Butcher was unable to even have one ATF agent arrested.

    There were even a few idle threats thrown in about how they would be found floating down the Crooked River if they didn’t get out of the Bitcher and Butchers town.

    Timothy B Butcher also known as the, “Bitcher of the Butchers” could be heard screaming… “I’m the law in this town!” …just as they took the little Butcher Bitch away screaming and kicking in cuffs!

    Of course the city council decided to strip Butcher of his, CITY ATTORNEY title and job since someone read in the CalPatty Press how the Bitcher of the Butchers was padding his fee’s and stealing money from the city any which way he could, just like he did with the AJ Woofter estate.


    Yeah! uh huh! We know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow

    Yeah! uh huh! We know what it is …

    Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow

  10. Bad Bad Teacher dot come tells the TRUE STORY about Gilmer County Education this morning!!

    May 10, 2011 at 6:08 am

    These facts were presented by a PHD and an expert on child crimes and this is his specific take on Sarah Ann Rutherford. He mentions her colorful past, so he must know about the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article, but here it is:

    She is an adult that used her appointed and trusted authoritative and influential position to retrieve drugs and sex from two teenage boys, and she provided drugs, alcohol and a place for the illegal actions to take place.

    Hypothetically for argument sake, if she plea bargains to the very absolute minimum time served for each charge, she is still looking at a minimum of 4 years. But with all the charges involved added to her very colorful past, I don’t believe the “minimum” for all of these charges will be on the table.

    I am going to “guess” that she will end up with a “pity judgment” and get a total of 10 to 14 years and will have 4 to 6 years actual served time and the rest probation.

    This is becoming a wide spread problem and a slap on the wrist and/or putting the blame on the student victim’s naiveness is just simply irresponsible and ignorant.

    But, the interesting fact in all of this is, that if she were caught for the same thing in her old home county where she graduated college, Gilmer County, there would be no punishment for the crime. Recently in Gilmer County at the High School, admittedly, a basketball coach had sex with a star player on the team on her 18th birthday and there as been no action taken what so ever. The last guy she had sex with in Glenville is now running for Governor of the State of West Virginia!!


    It was this same month just a few years back that TROOPER DOUG STARCHER over in Calhoun County was accused of perjury. It was during the days when the State Po Po were off the hook in Calhoun County and just before the Central WV SS was formed officially. But, this great moment in Crooked County History will inform the public just how fucking crooked Gerald B Hough really is. When Gerald B Hough is called in as a special prosecutor, that means the FIX is in. Starcher had been caught testi-lying in a court case. But, Gerry Hough was there to SAVE HIM and not prosecute him.This is some totally sick shit and it happened right under our noses, but there was no SS then to make the public aware. However, it was ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL acts by Gerry Hough that started the formation of the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV – The SS was quite a success in the early days and as time progressed.The SS originated from Calhoun and Gilmer County.Trooper Starcher should have been convicted of perjury twice in the past years, but twice Hough was there for the soul purpose of NOT BRINGING THE CASE FORWARD so trooper Doug Starcher faced NO CONSEQUENCE for his criminal actions. The WV SS will be using this and other incidents as examples as part of the petition to remove Gerry Hough from office for his obvious illegal and criminal intentions while performing in a public office. Hough himself has been found to be guilty of subornation of perjury, but the state police stated he was protected by the statute of limitations, meaning if charges would have been brought against Hough earlier, he could be in prison right now where he belongs.

    HOUGH WILL INVESTIGATE TROOPER STARCHER – Allegations He Committed Perjury In Circuit Court

    Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough has been appointed by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Institute of West Virginia to investigate perjury allegations against Trooper Doug Starcher.

    Court records indicate Starcher may have lied about evidence used against Chloe resident Kelley Mace in a drug case.

    Mace requested Calhoun Prosecutor Tony Morgan to investigate the issue, after which he recused himself and Judge Thomas Evans III asked for a special prosecutor in February, 2002.

    Bill Charnock, the Executive Director of the West Virginia Prosecutors Institute, said “Hough agreed to be the investigator this week,” and the paper work is being forwarded.

    The Institute told The Herald a few weeks ago they were having difficulty finding a prosecutor to investigate the situation.

    Court records appear to sustain Mace’s allegations of perjury, after which she was indicted and prosecuted in Calhoun courts for nearly a year. She was charged with possession with intent to deliver an illegal drug, when no such drug was found. Several State Policemen raided her home in the summer of 2000, in what Sgt. John Bonazzo described as a million dollar drug operation.

    Starcher is being investigated internally by the State Police, led by Logan officer Sgt. J. B. Schoolcraft. Schoolcraft did not return phones calls regarding the status of his investigation. Starcher has been assigned out-of-county to special duty for several months.

    Trooper Starcher is currently linked to two civil suits in the county, one by Grantsville resident Richard Whystell, after the trooper threw a MagLite through his car window. Whytsell claimed he broke no laws.

    Trooper Starcher brought charges against Whytsell and failed to report the MagLite incident on his police report. In what appeared to be a case of mistaken identity, Whytsell said Starcher was in a rage, threatening him. State Police declined to replace Whytsell’s rear car glass. “That was pretty much what I wanted them to do,” he said.

    Kelley Mace, whose case is currently being investigated by the system, is pursuing a civil suit against the State Police for damages.

  12. FREEBird -GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE - How did it go so wrong?

    How did it go so wrong? How did Glenville State College go from one of the best Teachers Colleges to a fourth tier tiny liberal arts facility with most of its programs at a certificate level no matter what the diploma says? When did it become more important to monogram the sheets and towels of the President and buy new china for their parties than to have Doctorate level professors and to just settle for anyone with a Bachelors or getting one. When did our high school become more geared to placating the parents by putting the kids on some kind of honors list versus seeing that the students were prepared for college before they walked through the doors? Now we just try to prepare them for college when and if they get there. When and how did it happen?

    It happened when vanity, snobbery, promiscuity and greed became the criteria we judged our success by.

    It happened when we became convinced that it wasn’t what you know but who you know that matters.

    It happened because we decided that the people with the money must know what we need. When they made it sound and look so good and we made the conscious decision to let them run our communities and our government.

    It happened when poor but honest just wasn’t good enough for us any more and we all got above our raising, forgot its lessons and started selling our souls to the highest bidder.

    It happened when we did not choose to get ahead through hard work and dedication but by giving up the moral and ethical teachings of our forefathers and doing absolutely anything to keep up with the infamous Jone’s

    It happened, are we going to do anything about it?

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