Teenage party ideas by Bobby Duvall Coach of the Lady Titans from GCHS!

By Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator Editor/Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Editor Edison- CalPatty Press Editor/FREEBird – Reporter – Revenge of the GHOST WOLF!

Want your party to be the one everyone can’t stop talking about?

Just follow these tips from Bobby Duvall the Coach of the Lady Titans from GCHS!!

Plan a Surprise!! It could be a coming out party of sorts! Have one thing at your party that none of your friends know about- this extra element makes a party more memorable!

Getting fucked up and drinking under the age of 21 is common practice among the children of Power Elite

Could it be the coaches penis?


That is even better than a signature drink!

Pick a theme! The theme this year was, “Steal the Pussy,” from the 16 year old first cousin Lady Titan  (name withheld) while  Hannah is getting the banana slammed  home by the coach!!

Single colors are really hot this year! Pick a color and buy all your decorations, plates, napkins and drinks and maybe even your clothes in different shades! Hell yeah, but the color for this party was Purple for the Big Purple Penis that was actually on salary and just doing his duty as the coach for the team.  He took shot after shot with Hannah until the buzzer sounded when the Lady Titans coach was discovered in bed with his star player, but what the heck it was her 18th birthday!  Of course all the adults were off getting high and having sex too, so why not let the kids run loose, after all it is a party party party!

“Get that door you!! It might be the Cocaine we are waiting on!!”

I find it fascinating that Shelly Morris DeMarino daughter to IL Morris per SS sources and per other sources is banging Greg Smith on the side!!

Greg Smith is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way to the Foundation Board, GSC Board of Governors and in Charleston on the Executive Committee.

Shelly Morris DeMarino came home after being out on the 22nd of January 2011 to a teenagers heaven and sex and booze and drugs and beer! Shelly passed out herself in the early morning hours just to get some bad news in the morning and it all had to do with the parties theme, seems it didn't sit well with some of the parents of other LADY TITANS! But, that's is how it goes in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

I would guess he will be the next one Ike tries to get in office since Rick Frame was such a failure!  But, what the heck at least Rick got some good pussy out of the deal!! 

Check it out! If you are with the IN CROWD the POWER ELITE having sexual relationships is a sure fire way to get to the top while also having a whole lot of fun too!! And to think nobody pays any mind to social diseases!

Speaking of Social Diseases- Incest is best at GSC! Have you gone to the college web site and looked at the foundation board?  My God it reads like a who’s who in Glenville including all the Morris’s, Sandy Petit, Tim Butcher, Mary Lee McPherson, Greg Smith, Dennis ( I like little girls) Pounds, just to name a few.

That GSC board will be published soon by the Central West Virginia SS with all members including ex officio. We will have more for ya on that next Friday!

If you think about it, with our State Representative Facemire leasing his store from Ike, Senator Manchin, our former governor in the pocket of IL “Ike” Morris and with Phil Reale and Fealy in Charleston, I guess still lobbying for the new governor elect, the Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone feels right at home in the Waco Corporate Office!

When the Power Elite attempt to cover up a RAPE of a 16 year old girl, and even with the help of the local authorities it is a criminal matter - Rape is not funny, Rape is not something you do for fun at a party, but is just OK with the local Gilmer County Sheriff!! Gerry Hough is soft on Rape, and now GSC is the home of Rape and so is Glenville, West Virginia!!

Now with all those hot shot lawyers, if they get Earl Ray in office there will be no stopping WACO OIL and Gas with all their WEED and ASS and they may control the entire state of West Virginia, instead of just the six or so counties they are active in.

Here is another tip for your teenage party from BOBBY DUVALL!

Have a photographer! Get a parent or sibling to take pictures for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Or, even someone affiliated with the West Virginia SS for we love parties too!  At the end of the night, you’ll be sure to have pix of everyone, and you can post them online, just like the paparazzi do!

ON that night that lives on in infamy 22 January 2011 the coach of the Lady Titans Bobby Duvall showed up with beer and then early in the evening was caught in bed with the STAR PLAYER, who just happens to be a precious daughter of the POWER ELITE!!

And here is one of Bobby’s favorite party games!

“Nobody moves nobody gets hurt, cuz I’m gonna take little Hannah into the bedroom and show her what that hole is for,” said Bobby Duvall new coach of the Lady Titans!

After all the Theme of the Party is Steal the Pussy!

Then Bobby proceeded to put his balls through Hannah’s Hoop!

As far as we know Bobby Duvall never actually said that, but he did bang the holy crap out of Shelly DeMarino’s little Hannah DeMarino! Hell you could hear it down the hall!!

Video and camera still shots caught more than 1 young high school student having a little too much fun.Shelly left the party to party herself and returned to a full house and passed out shortly after 1am according to “Eye witness” accounts. Hannah told her about the rape the next morning,however Shelly already knew about Hannah and Coach Duvall!

I figure we could tell the real story about Bobby Duvall since he did NOT tell us the real story on his resume and Bobby put down jobs that he never actually had etc. But, now he can truthfully put down some blow jobs from the daughters of the Power Elite as experience on his resume’ and say it was part of his pay!

HANNAH was CAUGHT IN BED WITH THE COACH BOBBY DUVALL and that is the NAKED truth about Glenville West Virginia, where they pump kin and students alike!!

Shelly knows it, and Hannah knows it, and Bobby Duvall knows it!

And now that the Secret Seven Coalition know it …YOU DO TOO!

The big party for the Lady Titans was at Shelly Morris DeMarino’s house where there was hard liquor and beer, and some damn good weed, and then things got out of hand so to speak, and now we hear that a team player and talented ball handler was raped and hard drugs were also at the Party and could have been a factor in the rape!!

Yes, another rape in Gilmer County and we understand the rape occurred at the same party, and we have confirmed that fact- and the former prosecutor for Gilmer County Shelly Morris DeMarino was told of the rape the next morning.

Something terrible happened during the Raucous Party up Hwy 33! “In law abiding parts of America the adult in charge of the house where the party allegedly occurred would have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, and the principal and the board of education would have acted to impose swift justice” "The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!"”

Tim Butcher, the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm highly recommended Bobby Duvall for the position, but we did not know Tim Butcher had recommended Duvall for the missionary position with little Hannah DeMarino!

OH OH!! Yeah, then it is found out dude not only lied on his resume about where he had worked, but lied about other  team members he had fucked previously!!

Speaking of Tim Butcher – his little Butcher Bitch Mary Catherine Butcher who recently played 3rd string for the Shepherd RAMS, now plays second string for the Glenville basketball team and was caught having sex by Sue Morris  last year in the private helicopter hanger with Darrell Barnett who was the Sales Manager for Shelly DeMarino’s business, he seems to be gone now…

Catherine Butcher played Basketball for Shepherd University at the beginning of the season, but transferred back home to GSC where she was caught having sex with her basketball coach Darrell Barnett of the Company owned by Shelly Morris DeMarino, who is rumored to have hosted the WILD Party where the rape of lady Titan took place on 22 January!

Barnett calls his penis little Darrel.  So Darrell and Lil Darrel got caught putting it to Catherine Butcher because Big Darrell was her private coach and Lil Darrel was his private down her throat. In fact the two of them started the sexercise craze known to be popular at Glenville State College where it is open season to rape white women all day and all night! That’s right! You will NOT BE prosecuted for throwing bitches down at Goodwin Hall and stealing some trim, just to get slim by way of sexercise!

Hell, just ask Edwin Dale Kinnison that has several international rapes sites in his name for stealing the pussy with the endorsement of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor.

Damn Hannah can join the ranks of the BUTCHER BITCHES LIZZIE AND LEXIE now!

Don’t forget Catherine Butcher! She is a hog nobbin little Butcher Bitch too!

Come on down to GILMER COUNTY and get your Ya’ Ya’s out!  Hoo yah!

So you can easily see that being a daughter of the Power Elite in Glenville, it is just natural that you would want to fuck the bejesus out of your basketball coach, so it is only natural that Hannah would follow in Catherine Butchers semen tracks, uh oh, er…

…Or is that footsteps!!

Another, “Teenage Party Idea” by Bobby Duvall is…

Make a video. Have everyone talk to the camera when they walk in, or when they leave they’ll feel like Rock Stars! And then post it on YouTube, so everyone can remember the party and experience the moments they might have missed!

If you party like a ROCK STAR you can come be a member of licking the HEAD RESIDENT club like Lizzie Butcher who is also honorary VP of the I will lick you until you scream club!

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with Lizzie Butcher insatiable with a tongue to die for gets impatient waiting for the BIG ONE from the HEAD RESIDENT! Here is a rare time when Lizzie Butcher isn’t wearing the BLACK and YELLOW caution headband she is known for when she is fucked up out of her mind!!

Great family stories of being a member of the elite including intrigue and manipulation of our local elections are told all of the time, but sadly, the plague of voter fraud is very much alive and well. Indeed, it still thrives in Gilmer County and the Central West Virginia SS will have the “Rest  of the Story,” coming up during the merry month of May!

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  1. ~~ By Galahad ~~ A FREE PRESS Contributor

    This article by the WV SS is regarding merely one example of selective application of the law, everyone knows about the raucous party along Route 33 that night. Allegedly, the GCHS coach had sex with a young female ball player, and another man raped an innocent girl. What allegedly occurred that night is common knowledge, but Hough, Metz, the magistrates, and the State Police know about it without any indication that justice will be served.

    In law abiding parts of America the adult in charge of the house where the party allegedly occurred would have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, and the principal and the board of education would have acted to impose swift justice.

    That is not how wrong-doing is dealt with in Gilmer. Our officials are paralyzed when they hear certain surnames to stampede them into rendering special treatment including letting offenders off who possess drugs, and are involved with DUI or other forms of misconduct as offspring of the feared.

    Let’s hope that someone in a Federal agency outside our borders is monitoring what goes on in Gilmer to give just cause to swarm in on behalf of honorable citizens desperately needful of rescue.

    Exactly how did the powerful minority achieve their vice-like grasp to contribute to our miserable conditions?

    That situation in Gilmer can be observed by unambiguous footprints at the College, the court system, how our County schools are administered, and how the law is unevenly applied. We even know that at GSC an order can be issued to demand a friend or a family associate, including a daughter’s boyfriend, to be hired.

    Also, in Gilmer there is an epidemic of name posting at conspicuous points (look around Pioneer Field) to engage in vanity feeding of desirous philanthropists. Some philanthropists who are continuous or tentative givers are known to control Gilmer by threatening to withdraw funding if their self-serving demands are not met.

    That makes charity to be accompanied with the caveat of either you must do it my way or the money evaporates.

  2. Crooked County Crooks - Another CROOKED DEAL by the Power Elite?

    Shelly DeMarino, Mary Lee McPherson, and Donna Waddell are trying to find a grant to buy the Common Place owned by Peggy Moore who has been named in a jury tampering investigation in a complaint along with Judy Stalnaker. The group of CROOKS from Crooked County want to purchase the Common Place for $110k. The Common Place which was mentioned in the last Ghost Wolf article is a common hang out for famous Crooks from Crooked County like Sheriff Mickey Metz who helped Rosa Bell Gainer Cunningham the executrix that made certain there was no accounting done unlawfully in the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years, although lawyer after lawyer after lawyer contacted her. The Crooked SOB’s want to use the Common Place as a food service for the new downtown park!! I guess they set up another 501C company to abuse more funds and this matter will need to be immediately investigated by the SS!!

    What the fuck, a GRANT for something that is FOR PROFIT to put money in their own pockets?

    Damn, it’s the same old Crooked County Crooks doing the same old Crooked Shit down by the Crooked River!

  3. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

    Donna Waddell has been warned time and again by the state that she doesn’t work for the GCEDA and her continued involvement in these outside agency grants could jeopardize her job as Director of FRN which is funded by H&HR. It sounds like GCEDA and or the College wants the Common Place restaurant, which is owned and operated by someone who evidence shows is guilty of Jury tampering, along with Gerry Hough and that is Peggy Moore.

    Earlier this morning, via electronic meetings between SS members spread out over 4 county jurisdictions, we have decided that Donna Waddell should be dismissed from her job and we are going to make sure her superiors are aware of all of her unethical actions. Waddling Waddell has been warned time and again by the state, as I said earlier.

    It appears that the CROOKS from GCEDA and or the College want the Common Place where the Power Elite meet! Next thing we know the Common Place will be a used clothing store just like the FRN Building.

    My guess would be that any food service would be directed to the Regional Jail training at the old Conrad and maybe the criminal justice training at the old Kinney Shoe Factory. What a bunch of dumb fucks! When the college has the last building won’t Main Street be a wonderful place. These fucks need to get the fuck out of our town, our county, and our state.

    It was so ordered at 9:51 am by the Commander of the SS to make sure that the services of Donna Waddell are no longer needed by her employer. I am sure after they see our report they will agree her unethical actions and her non-profit for PROFIT bullshit is not only unethical, but very possibly unlawful.

  4. I was there that night!

    Listen! I don’t who all you people are. I only have an idea about a couple people, but I know that girl in the blurred photo, and I know you must have the others. Can’t you see how intoxicated she was by those photo’s and I know who took them, and I have to wonder how you got them. I know some were sent out by phone that night. Were they sending them to you? She was with her old boyfriend, and now everybody is gonna know including her new boyfriend, so did you even consider the harm this could cause someone? How would you like it if someone took a picture of you trying to get dressed when someone barged in on what you were doing. Yes, she should not have had sex with that guy, and she told me she is sorry she did it, and never would do it again, but she was drunk. Did you send that person there to take pictures and so you could use them like this, for that is what someone told me.

    Editors note: I hope you don’t mind I corrected some of your spelling and edited your comment somewhat. I don’t know is my answer to all of your questions. I am just a working girl and my job is to make everything look pretty. Well, that is about it. Thanks for your comment.

  5. CalPatty Press - Bad Bad Teacher dot com takes notice of GCHS teacher that needs to be arrested.

    Tracking back hits on a Lazy afternoon that felt like summer time I discovered a lot of hits coming to the RGW site from http://badbadteacher.com/sarah-rutherford/

    May 13, 2011 at 10:39 am

    I have to share this with all of you, and please forgive me for my obvious Rutherford fetish, it is just the fact that it is all so unbelievable to me.

    I have come across an article on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf that is even more unbelievable, I swear to GOD! And if you do not agree, I swear I will never post a comment again here, even though I come to this site everyday to read about the latest teacher gone bad. I am addicted to this site somehow now.

    If you read about this basketball coach, and all that has gone on, and it isn’t right up there with the worst you have heard about, then…I don’t know what!

    Here is the title of the article and here is the link below it. We need to contact someone that can help these people bring some swift justice.

    Teenage party ideas by Bobby Duvall Coach of the Lady Titans from GCHS!



    Deck collapses during party at GSC fraternity
    This great moment in Crooked County History is brought to you by contributor Mike Leavitt – Leave it to us Michael, we will take it from here!!

    GLENVILLE – A fraternity house’s deck collapsed Thursday night near Glenville State College, leaving about 40 students and a community thankful there were no serious injuries, said Tau Kappa Epsilon alum and parent Tim Butcher.

    The deck collapsed around 10:40 p.m. Thursday, and an estimated 40 college students fell about 10 to 16 feet when the structure gave way. Tim Butcher, often referred to as the BITCHER of the Butcher and Butcher law firm who arrived within an hour of the collapse, said a licensed contractor built the deck about four years ago. Mark Ellis, the fraternity’s faculty adviser and GSC visiting mathematics instructor, was at the party when the collapse occurred.

    “I heard a noise, and as soon as I saw what happen I dialed 911,” Ellis said.

    He would not release any specifics about the collapse, including the number of students who were involved or injured. He referred all questions to Butcher, but said nothing about the drugs and the booze and the beer and the chicks.

    Three students were transported two local hospitals, while paramedics treated other students at the scene, the Bitcher of the Butchers said.

    “The kids were outside listening to music, and the thing just gave way,” Butcher added. “It was built about four and half years ago out of treated wood. It should have been in good shape.”

    Butcher said the fraternity was playing host to a “calm” ( you know that is bullshit) party before the collapse occurred. He found no signs of alcohol or intoxication when he arrived at the scene. (Right!)

    “There was no ripping or roaring. It was just a calm fraternity party,” he said. “Alcohol didn’t have anything to do with the deck collapse. I believe I can say that with authority.” “It was really all the fucking that did it!”

    Glenville State College officials were quick to dismiss any responsibility as result of the “Off-campus” incident as usual when questioned about the collapse Friday afternoon. However, the college said its Office of Student Life would be available to provide assistance to any student needing support as a result of the accident.

    “We are very thankful that there were no life-threatening injuries. Our students are our greatest concern,” said college spokesman Nicole McDonald.

    McDonald told the Associated Press the students’ injuries consisted of “cuts and bruises,” along with possibly “a few broken bones.”

    Thursday’s incident was less than 48 hours before an estimated 200 parents and prospective students were to visit the Glenville campus for its Open House.
    Donna Shaffner, director of admission and marketing for GSC, said the deck collapse should not cause concern for any of those individuals.

    “Students are finding out for the first time what it’s like to live on their own,” she said. “Our Office of Student Life offers many courses from orientation on in responsible behavior. Our hope is the students take those lessons off campus into Glenville and into their home communities.”

    “Decks fall over the country,” Butcher added. ( What a crock!) “It’s not something that happens every night in Glenville or anywhere else.”

    GSC’s Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity is in “Good standing when they are not lying down putting it to some co-ed ” with the college, but an investigation still is expected, but as we know someone will be there to pay them off as usual. Shaffner would not release many specifics regarding the college’s investigation, but said it would not conduct any structural inspection.

    “With the incident happening last night, obviously it’s (the investigation) in the preliminary stages,” she said Friday evening.

    It is unclear whether any report regarding the incident was filed with the Glenville Police Department. Police Chief John Moss said the officer investigating the incident was not available for comment Friday evening. But, then Moss is becoming an expert involving any kind of cover up needed for just about any occasion.

    And in some more recent history here is an incident from the anniversary of the DAY THE MUSIC DIED!! Bye Bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the Levy to smoke some Calhoun County Purple!!

    Crooked County Crooks – Report on MELT DOWN by Diana L BUTCHER
    February 4, 2011 at 9:41 am WV SS

    Diana L Butcher, wife to Timothy B Butcher the Bitcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm, had a meltdown at the post office yesterday! Yes this is the same Diana L Butcher who once challenged the Crooked County Crooks website to back up their claim she was a lying bitch – which the Crooked County Crooks website did by publishing a return receipt document she signed, DIANA L BUTCHER with a time and a date stamped next to it. Have another DRINK Princess Di!!

    This was an important document to establish guardianship for the Woofter Estate. Proper guardianship papers were acquired all legal and all done by several prominent attorneys TEN YEARS prior, but the B & B law firm never had the actual legal details correct, EVER, the entire time they had control of the estate, which was ALWAYS against the wishes of the family.

    GAINER HIRED BUTCHER -which now experts say is a conflict-since she was employed by them/Estate laws were broken and Gainer got more than the 3% allowed by law. All formal complaints to police were ignored,starting with Police Chief Davis in 2001, and then Metz in 2005.

    So, basically, nothing needed to be established, it was just the Butchers way of not recognizing important documents processed by other law firms. So the correspondence was just to prove to them the document existed and that it existed all along.

    Interesting how law offices in Glenville only recognize documents they see fit to, and others that show no benefit to them were ignored. It took ONE YEAR to accomplish simple tasks other law firms can handle in just hours.

    Money came up missing, a report to METZ was made and he said, “I’m not gonna go over there and bother those people!”

    Good work Sheriff Metz!

    You did your share in seeing the AJ Woofter estate was pilfered by Rosa Bell Gainer Cunningham and Tim Butcher. Tim paid himself 10,850 dollars for a few hours work and more the next day, when for years five lawyers tried to get the estate out of his hands.Butcher just took 38,000 dollars the last 120 days he refused to give up control.

    The next day after the Crooked County Crooks website posted the proof about Diana L Butcher signing for a document that she LIED and said she never received, then JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE processed a court order to shut the website down.

    For what accurate reporting to the people?

    This POWER ELITE regime have broken the law for years and have gotten away with it.

    The question is what are we gonna do about it? I am about sick of it myself.

    It is ALL OVER TOWN! DIANA L BUTCHER screamed at a local photographer yesterday in front of the whole dang town!

    Accused him of being a member of the SS and telling tall truth tales of corruption and illicit sex!

  7. Council of Concerned Citizens - Soon Gilmer County could be named the WORST COUNTY in the WORST STATE for misconduct!

    HALT recently issued a comprehensive study of the systems that hold WV State Judges accountable. West Virginia is one of the very worst in the nation and HALT stated that, “Our purpose is to shine a light on the typically secretive and toothless systems that often fail to remove abusive and incompetent judges like 14th district circuit court judge Richard A Facemire from the bench!”

    The “Travesty of Justice” case from Gilmer County revealed several acts of misconduct and was heard in three federal courts, and claims involving crimes of subornation of perjury have been recorded against the Prosecutor for Gilmer County, Gerald B Hough recently. Additional information has recently been added to the complaints against the 14th District Circuit Court along with other alleged ethics violations involving Facemire and Hough.

    Self-described legal reformers like the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia, and the Counsel of Concerned Citizens have been pushing for a nationwide clearing house system that would make it easier to keep tabs on and punish lawyers and prosecuting attorneys like Gerald B Hough and or judges who violate ethical, civil and criminal laws, and Richard A Facemire was named the most reversed judge in the State of WV.

    And when by some miracle when these BAD APPLES like Facemire and Hough are removed, more and more of these former officers of the courts have multi-state bar licenses to continue practicing elsewhere. Or, they move out of state and begin a new practice altogether. That’s the bad news about the bad apples, but at least they would be gone from West Virginia.

    The Washington DC based legal watchdog group also grades each state on an overall score each year. WV routinely receives grades ranging from C- to F on all categories that include how the state Bar Association handles complaints filed against attorneys. They also grade on the states Judiciary Review Board that handles judges accountable. West Virginia is at the top of the list for being the worst thanks to the good ole boy system we have seen in place with the Gilmer County Sheriff and the local Glenville and Calhoun detachments of the State Police.

    More complaints against Gilmer County law enforcement will be filed 16 May, 2011 and specifically against Sheriff Metz for threatening assaults and for false arrests, and then taking part in covering up felony crimes. It is a felony to cover up a felony. Allegations have been made against Sheriff Metz for public records fraud and false tax billings. Not all states in the US have property taxes billed by the Sheriffs office and Gilmer County will be used as an example why law enforcement should never be involved in the collection of taxes.

    WV also has its share of bizarre cases against lawyers and judges. An attorney was caught having sex with his female client during legal visiting in prison while another forged a judge’s name to legal documents in order to embezzle funds. Three former WV Circuit Court Judges all committed crimes ranging from bribery to sexual harassment and one who actually bit a defendant on the nose during a court hearing in front of witnesses are being used as examples of what can happen under the rule of the West Virginia state government known more for cover up than action against any public official.

    Gilmer County will soon be under the spot light, but one thing for sure is making a complaint within the state of West Virginia about any law enforcement officer, and or judge will go nowhere, which is truly wrong. Most all investigations have been done at a federal level.

  8. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website - Leslie Ward of GSC to be charged with copyright infringement!

    Leslie Ward the web designer from GSC has turned out to be a complete asshole who has been found guilty of copyright infringement by publishing copyrighted illustrations from book 2 of the “Ghost Wolf” trilogy. Copyrighted by the deceased Brian Chalmers along with author Jim West who both won national marketing awards while working for nine times number one Radio Station in the USA WMMS 100.7FM the famous Buzzard in Cleveland – criminal charges may also be brought forward.

    Leslie Ward of GSC and Pat Ward who works for IL Morris are guilty of at least one count of copyright infringement, but I understand the lawsuit could be brought against Glenville State College since the infringement took place at GSC and also at WACO OIL and GAS!

    The paper work has been filed and special circumstances of malice brought about by civil discovery could carry federal criminal charges against Leslie Ward of GSC and Pat Ward of Waco Oil.

    An IT for the SS says they have more than enough evidence to determine that Leslie Ward was involved. An interview on campus by SS has confirmed suspicions and since the CCC is in town, guess who will be waiting to meet Leslie in person? Mother fucking A is this gonna be fun!

    Currently it appears that Pat Ward and/or Leslie ward could be sought in questioning for attempting to hack the GFP for there has been an attempted break in and Glenville State College could very well be the source of the illegal entry. It’s certainly looking that way now. Hope you are fast on your feet Leslie, and then better get a fucking lawyer bitch!!

  9. 100 dollar question answered just in time for post graduation celebration!

    Thanks so much for revealing to us who has been giving this website all the personal information about board members and friends of the college. I never trusted that person the moment they hired her, and all she did was complain and had to learn how to do the job, which mostly the students do anyway. Good thing she got the GSC website done for now we know who is the person responsible. A MOLE in the system and Ike Morris at WACO oil will soon have all of his office information compromised too. We thought one of our secretaries did it. Now we know. Thanks Ghost Wolf, you gave away too much information this time. We know who has been doing us wrong now.

    Editors note: Whatever!

  10. Council of Concerned Citizens - Reta Kight according to witnesses has been stealing from the County for years!!

    Witnesses have seen a trunk load of EXPENSIVE electronic equipment that Reta Kight has allegedly taken from the various schools, county govt and agencies she has worked for. Witnesses saw this equipment in the trunk of her vehicle and KIGHT was unloading it at her house, and when they asked, hey what are all these computers, printers, etc she said the equipment needed to be repaired, but nobody did any repair work. Reta Kight did the same thing at the courthouse, and Gilmer County Economic Association by buying equipment with County funds, and then going and picking up the equipment herself and then the various agencies she worked for NEVER saw the computers. Her daughter ended up with a full outfit for college- or at least one of her relatives I heard it told – all at the expense of the county – and all under the protection of Gilmer County Law Enforcement. You see that is how they do it around here!! That’s why they call this place Crooked County.

    NOW – Brenda Bleigh representing the Gilmer County School District has put Reta Kight in charge of tagging all the equipment in the school system. Big fucking mistake there. Don’t lie Bleigh we have had about enough of your shit, and P Starkey and Leon Starkey y’all need to stay the fuck out of our business. I am only gonna tell you once. Seriously, what the fuck is our business any concern of yours? Do y’all have something to hide too? Maybe we better take a closer look at your activities. Listen, we ain’t playing, you dumb fucks have literally gotten away with murder for too long. You and your bullshit Power Elite friends from Crooked County that live down by that Crooked River!!!

    Editors note: Heads up troops! We all got three basic types round here. You got the SHEEP, you got the WOLVES and you got SHEEP DOGS! I’m a Sheep dog! Y’all are gonna be meeting the Wolves pretty soon. They spent the weekend drinking Irish Whiskey and cleaning their weapons. Y’all have unleashed the wheels of hell!

  11. Council of Concerned Citizens - SH - I have had enough ! Your rejection of TOMAN was your own wrong doing

    West Virginia’s School Building Authority is pretty upset Toman did not get the nod to serve as head honcho in Gilmer County ruling over the school system. Gilmer County does not have the funds to repair, upgrade or maintain the three schools, so what is Bill Simmons gonna do, some more hard line shit, like up at the college. The majority of the SS Coalition backed Simmons but I argued. Phyllis Starkey, who recently appeared before the SBA to request a new Normantown elementary school, with an estimated cost of $8.2 million, heard the SBA’s discontent during the meeting with Toban who would have certainly allowed Nasia Butcher to keep her position as principal and now that Simmons is in – that will put Nasia out the door by September, unless some kind of underhanded deal is put in place

    Starkey, Skinner and Pritt didn’t want Ed Toman because they knew he would make a LOT more money than them in the next four years and they could not stand it! You fucked yourselves as far as I am concerned, for Starkey you will be gone too, now.

    The Butcher’s see themselves immune from the law, and since they live in Glenville where they are big turds in a small toilet, they know they can get away with breaking the law, since they own Metz — and the SS has got the hard on for Nasia-yes she is a bitch-Butcher, over past bullshit and their obvious dislike for the Butchers and that is the only reason the rest of the Secret Seven Coalition went along with Simmons, Also because the “Big Man” said it, but it was not much of a debate, when it was suppose to be. I’ve had my suspicions about R. Terry Butcher since February 2006. It was then I caught him flat-footed on the Glenville State College presidential search committee including Col. Henry Zimon as one if its three finalists.

    To make a long story short, Zimon created a firestorm of controversy in 1999 when he was accepted as president at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. Upon obtaining his resume, many of the faculty discovered Zimon either outright lied or seriously embellished his achievements and credentials.

    In 2001, Zimon brought disciplinary charges against one of the most outspoken members of the faculty who launched a blog exposing his fraudulent credentials. The charges were dropped due to adverse publicity.

    The Butchers and Zimon would have been like two pea’s in a pod here in Glenville and it works for them. These kind of bullshit appointments is what they live for. Closing and consolidating community schools when the SBA take-over county systems is a game they don’t want to necessarily play here, so the dirty pool comes out.

    GSC has had too many presidents rule with an iron fist with Simmons and Powell being the most recent, and worst, examples. The fact that Zimon with all his baggage could make the final cut shows a shoddy vetting process by the presidential search committee, and maybe everyone remembers that the Butchers tried to screw us then at GSC, but Peter Barr popped up as winning that dog fight after all. All that old baggage is really what made Simmons rise to the top like crème, so the Butcher’s should have stayed out of it and were their own worst enemies in this battle.

    The Butcher’s always have the backing of the Glenville Democrap for they are some of the people that shine, well the staff at the Glenville Democrat are an udder disgrace to the journalism profession! If you’re going to publish such accounts as was done with the appointment of a new superintendent you first need to: Go back to college and take journalism courses(your grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure suck…terribly!), learn to use factual evidence, not the word of a bias as hell Cassandra Huff, and some old drunk sniffing around all the old ladies at another “GALA” function Dave Corcoran!

    Citizens United for Better Education-And the Council of Concerned Citizens are planning to remove President Misty Pritt and members Skinner and Starkey, if necessary, and this is also the wishes of the Secret Seven Coalition who will embark on a campaign through various internet sources to see these people are gone soon after Simmons gets in. The Council of Concerned Citizens agree and after being a member for years, I say we keep Pritt or I quit. Hear that Big Man, former Big Star I quit! I have had it with your I am going to do what I want and screw you attitude, just look at yourself for you are not such a bright star high high in the sky now, this is Gilmer County the place that took you down, and you can love Simmons all you want, but even I could do a much better job. However, I will be your next magistrate, so don’t get in anymore trouble and better quick smoking that weed for I will send you to jail after I win the election, don’t think I won’t if you get caught!!!

  12. Crooked County Crooks! SEE YA STACE!! BYE BYE !!!

    Who’s gives a god damn what you think Stacy, I never liked you anyway! Guess what you don’t have to quit, you just got the BOOT BITCH BYE!!

    Check it out we are thru with you!! You got a mini-me too! You have just been a MF ing double agent as far as I was concerned and your love affair with Gerry Hough was never appreciated except for your stories of what a DICK he is!

    Hey should we tell everybody we got the, “Pull the panties to the side” pictures of Carly Hough from you? Do we front YOU out like you just fronted us out bitch?

    Yeah thanks for all the photo’s Stacy!

    YOU ARE LOCKED OUT FOR I CHANGED ALL THE PASS CODES AT 12:03am – Three minutes after your post, your key won’t unlock the door – and when he got drunk with his cousin this week – which happens about once every two years – he said he could not feel his dick when he fucked you, now that was news to me when I heard it – and I was not happy about it, but it’s nice to know you could drive a F-250 in there and still not feel a thing, so I guess you are bit stretched as they say. Did you get like that from fucking Gerry behind his wife’s back a few years ago? Gerry and that Crooked little Penis in that Crooked little town down by the Crooked River which is not little!

  13. CalPatty Press - FIVE finer points of the Real Truth!

    Here are some facts hot off the line about the recent surprise audit of Gilmer County Board of Education:

    1) Lack of leadership by the system. Bennett has been a failure to take charge and control the system. He has allowed anyone to do whatever they want.

    2) Financial disasters. No bid contracts repeatedly presented by Bennett, Nasia Butcher, Bleigh and Jess McVaney and board repeatedly approved them.

    3) Favoritism in hiring. Butcher repeatedly recommended the candidates whom the description of jobs were written for. Latest hire was just a graduate and student teacher from GSC whom nobody liked and is known to be a druggie and lesbian – her last name is WINE. Parents have printed off many pages of evidence about her communicating with her students at high school over the internet chartrooms about improper situations. Starkey creating and hiring jobs for her nephew at GCHS and his wife at Sand Fork while Troy and Normtown are without a 5th grade teacher. Bennett creating a job for Dave Bishop, who is already retired, at the board office for doing nothing. Bliegh creating the job for the “Dog faced woman Reta Kight” for a position she really does not qualify and for doing nothing and for the fact this is so, “RETA!”

    4) Corruption in the Gear UP program by “Rear Up” Nasia Butcher and Anita Roberts in miss-use of the funds. Equipment that have been purchased for student who never saw them and then disappeared before use. Trips that were to be for student, but they found ways to disqualify the students, but took the trips themselves by taking their friends and family to places such as New York City!!

    5) Lack of plans for facilities: Butcher is the head and gives the “Head” for this committee and has been two years late to provide a 10-year CEFP !!

    And so it goes…

  14. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Wesite - “HEY BOBBY , If it was anyone else you was a bangin you would be a hangin!!”

    “I just want to emphasize that this, GCHS coach having sex with a student is a situation that is against the law,” said a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens recently.

    “These kids can sometimes be very aggressive. It’s not always the teacher stalking the child,” but, in this instance, it could have been a bit of both, I don’t know for I was not there myself. But you see the account was relayed by many people that were.

    What’s the coach going to say? That he didn’t plan the relationship, but “Honestly fell in love with her!” We all love her, does that mean we all get to sleep with her. Hey, “ We love you, you banana you!”

    The “Spirit of it sounds OK,” but suggest caution in allowing a sex offender to enter into our school system since this isn’t the first rodeo for Bobby Duvall 8 second rider!

    Not everyone is thrilled with the idea of the coach having sex with players on the GCHS Lady Titans BB team including many of the teachers at the school, but this is Crooked County down by the Crooked River and the mother fucking Power Elite run this end of town baby!!

    “We don’t play by the rules, we make the rules down here,” is the way it goes for IL and all of his souls.

    “HEY BOBBY , If it was anyone else you was a banging you would be a hangin!!”

  15. NASIA Butcher the mother of decadence has to be sent packing now!!

    Nasia Butcher the mother of the Butcher Bitches – And Julian Phares must be removed immediately for violating the WVDOE’s rules on WESTEST. That means the WESTEST is the BEST TEST because …Bing bong bang the gong the Butcher Bitch should be H I S T O R Y! It is no M Y S T E R Y that she could be hist she be hist she could be history!!!

    Nasia knowingly has allowed Phares to give answers to students resulting in high WESTEST scores in math for many years, and it could have led to many beers, but at any rate don’t be surprised if you witness Diana L Butcher sis in-law, is getting stoned drunk with Nasia soon after receiving orders to vacate our lives! Have another drink Princess Di!! Can I get a witness! OH MY!! There is GARY COLLINS!!! Get em!! He’s a SPY!! “….Cassandra is the lie!!” “….Cassandra is the lie!!”

    The Reason WHY …. has been found to let Nasia go! Oh NO!! It can no longer be denied!!!

    We won’t be taking any River Boat ride down the Crooked River of Denial!!

    These are the days of…. “Get the fuck out Bitch!! C YA !! Wouldn’t want to B Ya!

    Now since some parents have complained about the cheating issue, Butcher is blaming it all on Phares, and Phares is blaming it on the Butcher Bitches since seeing them BREAK BAD all summer long on the CalPatty Press, hidden sexual urges have been stirred up that many feel may overflow onto students! Ewwwww!

    Phares has been doing exactly what Nasia did when she was a teacher, stand in the hallways and let the students do whatever the hell they want, but better yet, these students say they want Lexie Alexis Butcher with a SPLASH if you know what I mean!! Just give me some SEXY LEXIE NOW!! Lexie did get a little splash about the face and mouth during campus parties, we have it on tape! “Hey Lexie, you got a little something on your mouth there!”

    To solve the problem what does Nasia do? Replace Phares with her assistant Jay Chambers who was caught doing the same thing when he was a teacher when Dr. Butler was superintendent. It was a case of do what ya do what you do to me, but god damn… can you do it in another county? And try not to get it all over the place this time, it still is all sticky from last time!!

    Leaving the WESTEST in the classroom, that smells like ASS ROOM, and then leaving the answers rule is a no no, but it was” JUST OK” with GCHS administrators until now when some parents have shown concerns, In fact it was the Council of Concerned Citizens last summer that first called for the removal of Nasia, why couldn’t we do it then before having to be shown a freak show of bare breasts and girl on girl and a certain sister with her tongue deeply embedded in the mouth of her sister while her sister mauls the breasts of her best friend and then later opens up her shirt for all to have a taste at the party!! WHY NASIA did you get above your raisin when those little Butcher Bitches Broke Bad during the summer of twenty ten on the CalPatty Press and turned out to be nothing but whores!!! WHORES I SAY!!

    Phares allowed students access to the answers to the test and also allowed students to use their cellphones to communicate during the test, exchange answers, telephone numbers, and dirty pictures taken during the party mentioned in the article – gave them time to take some more pictures, did some sex-ting from the class room, exchanged pictures of the raucous party of hwy 33, e-mailed them to some friends at WVU that showed the most skin and the pants pulled down of that chick that passed out!

    Just get your KIX up hwy 33, bring your Porsche and your Cocaine and we will see!!

    It is funny, the students at GCHS have always performed best in math on WESTEST, but the very same students always have scored low in math on ACT!!!

    From highest to lowest, but don’t worry they all went up to where the party was and they are back to be being the highest they ever been because that is where you will find all the good weed!!



    By Bob Weaver

    An investigation of the 2006 auto-crash death of 26-year-old Heather Myer has been re-opened by the WV State Police.

    Her body was found some distance from the crashed vehicle, the car landing in a Big Bend yard along State Rt. 5.

    Calhoun Prosecutor Rocky Holmes said Wednesday that, “The Heather Myer case is being re-investigated by the West Virginia State Police as to whether it was an accident or intentional death.”

    Holmes said the investigation is being conducted by Cpl. J.A. Bowles, who has recently been assigned to the Grantsville detachment.

    Myer (pictured left) was a passenger in a car, with the driver not determined during the initial investigation.

    Authorities indicated that the two males who were in the vehicle claimed the other was the driver.

    Police did say speed and alcohol were factors in the fatality case.

    Since the incident, Myer family members have been relentless in finding answers to her untimely death. She left behind two small children.

    Officials first indicated that the driver was Justin Boatright. Boatright, who was extracted from what was called “a tangled mess,” was airlifted by HealthNet from the scene to Charleston Area Medical Center, suffering multiple injuries.

    Drew Jones, 17 at the time, reportedly ran from the scene, knocking on doors and asking for help. He ended-up at a friends house in Big Bend, declining medical help.

    Even though a reconstruction of the accident was done by State Police, they were unable to obtain forensics to determine who was driving.

    The 2003 Cavalier was traveling east through Big Bend when it went out of control, rolling over, going airborne, clipping a telephone pole, then clipping an electric pole, and coming to rest in a driveway.

    Editors note: The CalPatty Press and the Secret Seven kept this story alive by covering it and updating important data with new facts along with great attention to detail and the telling of the “Real Story!” …all the while hoping the case would be re-opened. Finally there is hope!

  17. GCHS Insider

    WESTTEST—What is new? There is a steady gush of news about Nasia Butcher. Her brand of parenting has bought contempt for the County, she is not respected by parents and GCHS faculty and staff, and should a county-wide vote occur it would be for her to be fired. Gilmer deserves better and because she has protectors in high places and she is rich she goes by her own rules. We think that there is just cause for her removal, but when she is criticized she always threatens a law suit. The woman should resign immediately to spare the County, particularly our children, from her continuing ineptness. If she lacks guts to quit the School Board should fire her. Tom Ratliff supposedly said that he backs her to the hilt. If a SB vote occurs we will know his true colors. Maybe it is untrue that he is Nasia’s lap dog.

    SS Member : The boss wants an update on your Fuckin’ at the Duck report about the Walrus Brian Kennedy and other information you have come into possession of through your sources.

    Editors note: Tom (lapdog) Ratliff is correct.Thank you for your attention to our comment section of this article. Tom’s tongue has touched a decibel of the Devil in a place that he should have never have touched! Oh, Tom, ya better run from the Devil!! Tom’s tongue touched the touchie’ Oh my!! “Cassandra is the lie!” “Gary Collins, how did you get here?” “Cassandra is the lie!” “Cassandra is the lie! I say!!”

    “OK Gary!” ” Cassandra is the lie, we get it dude!”

    “Cassandra is the lie!” “Cassandra is the lie! I say!!”

    “OK Gary, we understand!” “Cassandra is the lie!”

    “Cassandra is the lie! I say!!” “Cassandra is the lie!” “Cassandra is the lie! I say!!”
    “What is that! Gary?”
    “YOU toochie toucher you TOM!!! Your tongue touched the toochie TOM!! Toochie Toucher!”

    “Tom is a Toochie Toucher is that what you say?”

    “Cassandra is the lie! I say!!” “Cassandra is the lie!” “Cassandra is the lie! I say!!”

    “Yeah I heard that!”

  18. Being “all that” didn’t let Nasia win her appeal to the Supreme Court in ’93 when she lost the battle with Dr. Butler to be Language Arts Teacher. She seems to think that just because she’s Mrs. Butcher – wife to R Terry Butcher, once BOG at GSC – the world should bow at her feet. It’s not happening Nasia. No one is scared of you and your influence is dwindling every day . Why don’t you try being a real Mother to your children instead of being a “mutha” to the people of Gilmer County. Sue and get it over with.

    Editors note: Yeah, Nasia file your god damn law suit so we can sling some more photo’s provided by Stacy that will rock both you and Gerald B Hough when it comes to, “Pull the Panties to the Side Girls!” There are the Butcher Bitches Lizzie and Lexie that top the list of local whores and then, there is the catch phrase made famous by that hard drinking, hot tub social climber, the one and true, PULL the PANTIES to the SIDE GIRL herself …..

    Carly Hough!!!!

  19. Crooked County Crooks - Next SS article delayed slated for RGW release Monday 23 May !

    The Next RGW article will be delayed due to the RGW editor tending to family business this week, but the good news is there seems to be no signs of flooding or significant water damage to the remote family farm, that includes original structures built around the time of the civil war.
    We will be taking a close look Monday morning at GERALD B HOUGH the Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County and will discuss what a disgrace and disappointment he has been to … not only Gilmer County, but also to the local detachments of the State Police for not bringing drug charges forward regarding arrests of individuals with parents known to be active with the Power Elite and local politics.

    The growing disrespect for Gerry Hough by both the State Police and local citizens is bringing strong support for removing Gerald B Hough from office, even before the next election. Shelly can fill in as prosecutor, that is if Tammy won’t get pissed, but someone needs to step in. The State Police are so fed up with Gerald B Hough, that one veteran State Police officer that works in a nearby county said,

    “Well Hell! If I have to go to god damn law school to get a license, I will if that what it takes to find someone to run against Gerald B Hough for prosecutor!”

    Those are strong words coming from a Sgt of the State Police. That statement was just made days ago. If the State Police and the citizens are fed up, then we feel it is time to reveal more about the crimes committed by our own prosecutor!!

    The REAL TRUTH about the office of the prosecutor in Gilmer County West Virginia, coming up on Monday May 23rd, on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!! The 23rd the same day former Glenville resident Sarah Ann Rutherford will be indicted on two felony charges of fucking high school boys after getting stoned to the bejesus with them. Both, charges would have brought NO PENALTY in Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Sarah you should have stayed here with us, where we like that ass!!

    Here are the top searches that have found this site in the last 24 hours – a total of 122 searches yesterday found this website, here are the today’s top searches:

    gilmer county sheriff caught in sex scandal7
    nasia putting sock in students mouth gilmer6
    calpattypress ghostwolfrevenge.com5
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    sarah ann rutherford bob henry baber4

  20. The infamous banging em before they get too old Coach Bobby Duvall failed to show up at the Sports Banquet for Gilmer County High School recently leaving Wendell Tomblin having to do his job … people were very puzzled about it, and Wendell could not understand it, until a former 2011 Lady Titan walked in walking kind of funny and a bit disheveled and mentioned that Duvall might still be in the parking lot, for he was still getting dressed. Bobby never did make it that night, but was seen headed towards the house up Hwy 33 minutes later.

    In other news:

    As usual Nasia is doing her cover-up. For punishment she has put Phares on 3-day leave of absence regarding the cheating situation and the math tests.

    The no-good teacher is just getting a little slap on the wrist, but he kind of liked that and asked for even a longer suspension , for he really needed a vacation and some sexy new underwear!

    Many people have been questioning why Nasia the Bitch Butcher knowingly allowed this cheating and sexual activity between coaches and students and then to go on a campaign to increase the math scores and did not do anything about, the cheating with the sex and the cheating with the tests!

    Parents and students a like want to know why the kids who have done so good in math on WesTest in his class, have so much problems on math on ACT.

    At the academic banquet, the loud mouth Nasia kept talking and bragging about herself, and everybody is talkin bout how ole IL “Ike” Morris was a sittin there looking pretty pissed off and kept shaking his head, hoping she would shut the Fuck Up, but she never did, all the while you could see IL was thinking,

    “Because of YOUR TWO WHORES Lexie and Lizzie, now it has become faddish to bring attention to other high profile youngsters!!”

    Speaking of two whores Julian Phares and swish swish Casey Smith who are often seen clinging to Nasia’s lap and always about – lap dog Casey got a MEOW out of Julian just after he found out Phares was suspended for cheating by giving his students the answers to the math questions!!

    When Casey Smith questioned Julian (sometimes known as Julina to his friends) Phares about the cheating incident in Nasia’s office Phares screamed and said “Get the fuck out of my way” and left the office and was seen getting a tissue from Nasia’s tissue holder before sulking away in Crooked County disgrace!!

    Rumors flew to the point one student said,

    “Mr. Phares is getting fired, I better go to his computer and change my grade before he leaves”!!!
    But, alas it is only a three day suspension for allowing cheating and other things to go on!

    Julian Phares always left the GradeQuick grading program open for students to look at it and even change their grade. Once this got to be a regular thing, once one student talked, then the rest started doing the same, then everybody had the answers! Oh boy!

    Bad Bad teacher dot com has decided to close it books and add no more current teachers after four years, but has suggested we contact some of their experts to start a site of our own. OH, we already have a site, never mind!!

    Why has Nasia not done anything about, the cheating with the sex and the cheating with the tests?

    Her answer, “I like cheating!”

    It’s a cheating situation in Crooked County!
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CWod8yRSP0&w=480&h=390

  21. A R with a Question

    Is the girl at the top with the drink the same girl that is hurriedly trying to get dressed? Because people are saying it is a friend of mine, and although something happened that night and since we already remember it was mating nite rite of the Princess Morris DeMarino, I need to know.

    Editors note: You misspelled hurriedly so I corrected it, but if you are asking if that was the same girl the coach was tagging the night of the banquet, I would not know the answer to that, but Nasia Butcher would probably know what student Duvall is helping with their dribble problem or shooting or covering their basket or passing or whatever he does to get the younger of the young ones these days. I say 15 is much too young. Bobby says “16 is the year of consent in this state,” and that is why he likes it so much!

    All I can say is in the other photos not posted, but for future use are of that girl who looks like Ashley Miller somewhat who is wearing the same outfit in all of the pictures, it is just she didn’t put the bra on in the big one because she is a grabbin for it, but you can’t see it in the shot!! Pictures portrayed and photo’s supplied by GCHS students association and SS associates assigned to high school parties.

  22. A R with a Question

    Is the girl at the top with the drink the same girl that is hurriedly trying to get dressed? I didn’t ask about the Sports banquet!

    Editors note: All I know is we have some photo’s of a person that resembles Ashley Miller and since somebody here keeps saying the best night of their life was a night with Ashely Miller all night, after some cocaine binge right after harvest time for the outdoor. Said the girl was on pills and could snort the good shit (Pink flake from PERU) like Henrietta Hoover, and now someone we know has a bit of an Ashley Miller fetish and bragging to dudes friends about her smoking body, and that she was NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer and that they fucked like wild animals and then would do more coke and go again, well most of you have heard the story a time or two by now, but then somehow I got lost into who anybody was, so, to answer your question, I don’t know.

  23. Hugh "HEFNER"


    Editors note: Friend of yours from back in the day Hugh? Good lookin out!

  24. Have the “editors” of this website ever considered getting a (censored by the SS – No minion propaganda allowed) If you’re at)(censored by the SS – No minion propaganda allowed). I mean, I’ve honestly never, in my life, seen a website and a group of people so (censored by the SS – No minion propaganda allowed)
    How bout (censored by the SS – No minion propaganda allowed)

    Editors note: YOU MINIONS for Gerry Hough and your hate site that attacks a person or messenger and your other tripe you pay for with ads on the Glenville Democrap will not be allowed to be broadcast here – even with the consent of Nasia Butcher — It is nice to know however you DO CONDONE underage drinking, isn’t that right Alexis with the sexus ?
    — It is nice to know however you DO CONDONE RAPE
    — It is nice to know however you DO CONDONE TEACHERS and Coaches being allowed to have SEX with students because that was not even mentioned once in your bullshit comment that you left at 3:50 in the morning. I guess you are up all night thinking about this shit. Why not argue an issue instead of attacking the messenger. We have said it one thousand times at least bitches, get a clue!

  25. Glenville, WV – I Julian Phares teach High School at Gilmer County High School – Glenville …
    I teach Mathematics at Gilmer County High School. I have worked here for ten years and enjoy it more each year. I am a father of three and …

    I know Julian Phares; I’ve had sex with him; I’m a man.

    Editors note: You’re a man, but really your name is Cassandra Huff and you are the News Director for the Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit? No offense, but this comment has a real minion tone to it, and minions are more often than not sexual deviants and you seem slightly warped.

    But to further review the matter in regard to Phares…

    Bobby Duvall is a NO SHOW at the Sports Banguet, NASIA has her lap dog CASEY attacked by Julian Phares on his way out from being suspended for cheating!! All of it ! Told here today by the CalPatty Press – for Gilmer County!! IT’S A CHEATING SITUATION

    • Apparently, you are more clueless than I imagined; I am a man; I could describe several things about Julian (Julina)’s body parts; his house, etc. to support my claim.

      Editors note: Head on dude, go ahead and describe away, did anyone say they didn’t believe you? Dude is a puppet, maybe he has a queer string!

      • Apparently you already know the truth: here is a quote from your own article:
        “When Casey Smith questioned Julian (sometimes known as Julina to his friends) Phares…”
        Truth is a defense and Julian has been with multiple guys, we enjoy him

        Editors note” Maybe his profile should read…
        I Julian Phares teach High School at Gilmer County High School – Glenville … I teach Mathematics. I have worked here for ten years and have been sucking dick the hole time and enjoy it more each year.

  1. Pingback: FACTS the POWER ELITE of CROOKED COUNTY Don’t Want you to KNOW! And Bad Bad Teacher from GSC!! « Concerned Citizens Free Press

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