The TRUTH about GERALD B HOUGH Gilmer County Prosecutor — WV State Police Come Clean And Want HOUGH GONE!! PLUS A TELL ALL About How IKE MORRIS Bought Himself A Town!!

By Editor Edison -Free Bird and Rina McCoy for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website

The Council of Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County and the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia have joined together on a joint political journey to expose a great many wrong doings — one of which led right straight to the governor and the Secretary of State Natalie Tennant!!

“Hey Natalie, why don’t you go back to being a baby sitter for the Power Elite Bitch!!”

I will tell you what Natalie, you had a lot of fucking nerve sending your bullshit investigator into our town to come up with a situation that you could easily cover up and then say it was all handled and the election fraud was just a couple of misdemeanor errors, but what about the felony violations of the law?  WTF?

You sent your girl straight to the home of IKE MORRIS Natalie! Way to go, we knew you were Crooked then, for it was all witnessed by the Central WV SS!

Hey Natalie miss SoS did you forget, there were a couple of recording modules that mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared during the night in question and Beverly Marks changed her usual procedure of reporting counts of individual precincts?

But, then you are using Gerry Hough to make sure that evidence is tampered with and or comes up missing, for Gerry is already implicated in a cover up regarding evidence and we got the details recently from the State Police — and they are pretty pissed off about Gerry Hough’s best friend SGT CJ ELLYSON selling evidence out of the evidence locker and then Hough being appointed Special Prosecutor covering up the matter and letting his State Police Sgt friend ELLYSON off on all of the charges!!

You people are nothing but criminals and we can prove it and we will! Bitch!

Why the fuck would we even consider you as a Governor Natalie when you are obviously deep into the pockets of IKE MORRIS?

Fuck that we are done with all of your corrupt bullshit! Go back to babysitting bitch!

In fact, if you piss  us off again, we will get a hold of some of your old air – checks from when you did your local TV- Work  and do a professional critique of them and let everyone know you were nothing but a small market “No Talent HACK!” with absolutely no future in broadcasting!

One of our dudes has all the credentials and the experience at TWO – MAJOR MARKET TV Stations notched on dudes gun. We are from the big leagues bitch!!

Geez Louise, how high up the ladder did you make it to market 104? … when our dude made it to the top 15 and even did a brief sting in market 4! Oh man you were really hitting the big leagues there girl!!  You almost made it to the Top 100 markets in the United States!

Jesus Natalie you could not even make it in a top 100 market let alone a top 50 or top 25 or a major market, but you had NO CHANCE of making the big leagues bitch because you suck!! You are one fake fuck and you proved that to all of us!

You may have been able with time and some connections to get yourself into a top 100 market like Madison Wisconsin if you sucked enough dick, but making cheese in  Madison would have been about as far as you were ever gonna go Tennant!

“So take your cock-sucking no talent ass and keep it in Charleston because we don’t need you around here!”

But, as far as any of us know, it might have been your knee pads that got you the Secretary of State gig, but we sure can’t see it on your merit alone, except for the fact you had IKE to back you with the big bucks!

Great progress was made this past week by local CCC and SS factions and many state and federal agencies were contacted and we have received a rather large box size filled with replies and complaint forms to be filled out and notarized along with statements from our investigation team and attorney on various illegalities and violations involving misconduct and criminal activity of some very big names of some very powerful people from Gilmer County.

You may notice this article carries three authors on the by-line above and that is because this article contains three separate contributions since one SS member is also a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens.

But, at least six people are responsible for gathering all of the information we are going to share with you!

The West Virginia SECRET SEVEN Coalition was formed in 2006 and it was a union of the Calhoun Underground, the LMR Newsletter, Crooked County Crooks website and on 5 February 2007 the SS Flagship became the CalPatty Press!

Most people these days want to remain anonymous. We are surprised to learn even the highest ranking State Officials recognize the fact of who they are talking to and who we represent.

We represent the NEW FOURTH ESTATE in West Virginia. We are working with mainstream reporters and are happy to say many of our articles are covered by mainstream sources now, for we are the ones they come to sometimes for documents and facts!

Now, we do admit to using strong arm tactics a couple of times to get the cooperation needed on a couple of occasions, but “Whatever it Takes,” is our motto, since we are going up against people and public officials that follow absolutely NO RULES at all.

“So, the new rules are, there are no rules!

As soon as we figured that one out … we have had great success!”

Unfortunately, we are in possession of documents that we can not share with you yet since we promised a mainstream reporter we would not use them until after we had accomplished a few tasks and carried out interviews.

This week a high ranking member of the Council of Concerned Citizens talked to Dawn Warfield — who is the Deputy Attorney General for the state of West Virginia  and I spoke with Virginia Lanham who is counsel for the superintendent of the State Police.

These top-notch high ranking members of the West Virginia government would never get on the phone with a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens for Gilmer County unless they already knew a Public Relations POOP STORM  was about to rein down on their head because of the wrongdoing of Gerald B Hough!

…And that the REAL TRUTH ABOUT GERALD B HOUGH was going to break in the mainstream press and even possibly go regional!

As soon as it was mentioned to Dawn Warfield that her boy Robert Goldberg presented evidence in his brief  considered in the majority opinion of the “Travesty of Justice” case that was completely false — and not part of the court record she said,” Bob Goldberg works for me!”

Warfield was then made aware that the facts Goldberg brought to the West Virgina Supreme Court were not mentioned in the court record, and further, never was a part of the court testimony that included old rusted junk farm equipment Gerald B Hough falsely stated to a grand jury was worth brand new retail prices .

Deputy Attorney General – Dawn E. Warfield

Goldberg stated that rusted junk (presented as new) was on a separate hundred acres that was NOT heir-ship property !  Goldberg lied to the West Virginia Supreme Court and now rumor has it Goldberg states, “That’s what the Gilmer County Prosecutor told him!”

It was then that Warfield made the statement for the record that, “These mistakes are hard to fix!”

Personally speaking we could give a fuck if they are hard to fix, we say get up off that Power Elite Golden Throne and earn your state paycheck by bringing the misconduct forward and “Fixing it!”

Warfield was also questioned as to why the head of the Police Standard division was even given  the complaint against Gerald B Hough — since this was never any part of any State Police investigation at any time.

“We knew then, that we had established how the State Police cover up in-house crimes and our mission that day was accomplished and this information will be used against the state in court!”

Then, it was mentioned that a CRIMINAL TORT for criminal negligence was being readied against the Gilmer County Sheriff and the Gilmer County Commission — and surprisingly Warfield became defensive and said, “Good luck with that we all have immunity!”

Actually, I was somewhat surprised by the defensive stance of Dawn Warfield, but she maybe should read up on Federal law action involving a proven bad faith prosecution, for everyone has their immunity stripped from them, because it can be proven they broke the law to bring the case forward and that is exactly what happened in Gilmer County!

At that point of the conversation being a Council of Concerned Citizens member, I was more than happy to be referred to Virginia Lantham who was the attorney behind Col Pack  — the former Superintendent of the State Policewho we made the original complaint against Hough to!

Virginia Lantham was  a person kept from our reach on many occasions, so I was happy to report to her that her not recognizing new evidence in a criminal complaint made against Gerald B Hough was duly noted and would be brought forward in federal court.

It was Lantham’s absolutely ridiculous explanation via letter from Major Ingold — as to why the state was going to pass on the complaint that got that very same complaint picked up by the Special Investigations Unit of the US Attorney’s office!

Her letter that was delivered by Major Ingold head of Police Standards division of the State Police was literally laughed at by investigation attorneys for the fact they did not recognize- against rules of procedure, I may add, the new evidence brought forward!

We were sent on a mission by an attorney investigating this wrongdoing since 2006, but never in a million years did we figure on discovering how West Virginia manufactures a very expensive cover- up of a case that cost the state of WV nearly 750, 000.00 dollars to falsely prosecute — thanks to the stupid as fuck Gerald B Hough!!

That action made the State Police liable  and also led to our formal complaint against Colonel Pack and then we were thrilled shortly after our formal complaint — Colonel Pack was sent packing just like the article requested written by the President of the Council of Concerned Citizens in the GFP involving the murder that Hough let happen in our home town involving Everette Campbell named by the SS as 357 Evey!


Also another lengthy talk was had with a representative of the State Police that spoke for troopers of the rank of Sgt or below, which often have opinions usually different than the high brass, in which they have little contact with — when being deployed on the street fighting crime.

We were shocked to learn that Gerald B Hough has dropped some drug charges on people caught by the State Police with drugs!

Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County took the opportunity to communicate a situation that was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH to 350 public officials conveniently gathered who could also serve the purpose of extending support for a situation that was more than falsely reported by Gerald B Hough!

But, because of who their daddy and mommy was, the dope came up missing and the drug charges dropped!!

The Council of Concerned Citizens and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition were surprised to learn that day that the actual troopers on the street support our efforts and want Hough gone.

Now, we never believed that before, but when it was told to someone of high rank in the SS by a veteran WV State Trooper, someone we respect, and also someone with multiple years of actual combat experience that had seen it all and then some, well it seemed much more believable.

In fact, that was a very important meeting and called attention to the fact that our entire reality of the situation had to be re-evaluated  … for we  never believed the troopers on the street not only supported our effort, but hoped that we succeeded in having Hough removed from office!

It was a decisive moment for our highest ranks, for then we all felt like shit for giving Trooper Smith and others a hard time, and then being unreasonable on more than one occasion and actually using words we were sorry for now. The State Police lower ranks tried to tell us — and more than once and more than twice!

All the while Trooper Smith calmly stated, “Hey well maybe someday you will get it!”

IKE cut a deal with the State Police – It was agreed that IKE would give them the TrioPetroleumBuilding for their GilmerCountyState Police Headquarters for the price of ONE DOLLAR after the trooper I spoke with busted Ike’s son for COCAINE and drug possession while driving his fancy Porsche Sports car, which was seized by federal law for the drug violation.

The deal was contingent on the fact that all charges were dropped and the  Porsche was returned and the seizure papers disappeared. Also the Cocaine all the sudden was unaccounted for.

Hell IKE MORRIS can buy himself a little town in WV and a College all of his own and buy the highest ranks of the State Police along with the Governor!


I will tell you what that dumb ass Gerry Hough has told some tall tales about Glenville, WV but …

 Gerry Hough is the numb-nut who went around and told a select few that he was a past secret service agent, and then had lived in a kibbutz in Israel and then married into and lived a total “Hippie” life style!

We got the real story from one of his college buddies who wrote a FICTION account of being a killer secret service agent, and it is a darn good book! So the closest Hough came to actually being a secret service agent according to his friend, is when they were smoking some kick ass hashish from Lebanon while they were washing dishes for room and board.

Hey there ya go Carly, your daddy is a liar again, guess you can go pull them panties to the side again for the college boys at WVU maybe that will make you feel better about things!

Prosecutor: No evidence in rape case!

…was the headline when Hough dropped the case against Edwin Dale Kinnison, just as predicted by the Central WV SS! Search this site or look for some old CalPatty Press files to find the facts out about how GSC is a dangerous place to be for co-eds

It is all part the Barr – Code placed into effect by Peter Barr after black football player Erik Davis was allowed to rape a local 17 year old white girl High School student!

“Don’t lay on your back unless he is Black!”  Seems like Ike Morris’ grand daughter should maybe worry about breaking the bar code from her recent flings with the Black Boys in town that have gotten more white pussy since the riots in Los Angeles!! But POWER ELITE pussy is the best according to the locals. However, we disagree that 16 year old snapper should be allowed, but what the hell it seems to be OK with IL IKE MORRIS so head on!

Just ONE of our hundreds of shots of Power Elite parties featuring the Butcher Bitches and some younger wilder players among the kids of the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River and their fancy friends from out of town-we have noticed there are so many damn bathroom shots it is beginning to look like the Butcher Bitches spent half of their time in the bathroom with their good timing friends.This is a more recent shot, but this is after they snorted the lines  that were right under the Bud Lite can.Yeah they were sparkling white lines so it was not the good shit, but it still was Cocaine.

Hough told the press in that article that, “ He has never lost a sexual assault case he has taken to trial,” but that was a complete fucking lie since he lost the Erik Davis case!! So now you see Hough is a phony as fuck lying son of a bitch that needs to be removed from office as soon as we can make it happen!

THE JESSICA SELF CASE was a bungle in the Crooked County Jungle!!

There are only a couple of things that I know about the Jessica Self case for sure.

  1. After it happened SS members spoke with 2 Pizza Hut employees and asked them straight up if she did it.  They said definitely as the cash registers take from the night before always agreed with the bank deposit that she prepared.
  2. They said that she was the only one who took the deposits to the bank and that the amount of the deposit was changed on the slips by the time it was put in the bank and that the bank had notified Pizza Hut of this and their corporate office had been investigating this for some time before the charges were made.
  3. They thought she was taking the money to the bank daily as she took it out the door with her every day.
  4. An SS associate asked Gerry Hough if she was guilty.  He said for sure, that she was the only one who had the money and the case was open and shut. But the case must have been more open than shut, because Jessica Self walked herself right out of the courtroom with a Not Guilty Verdict to all counts and there were several. Hough blew the case by being a bad attorney, he was unorganized and did not have all the facts because he is lazy!
  5. I was called for jury duty (of course I was not put on the jury because they don’t put known SS on juries) but while I was outside a man identifying himself as Jessica’s father told me that they had her up there for trial and that it was not right.  A lot of people had access to that money besides her.  He was distraught so I did not force the issue of the deposit slips being changed regularly before the actual deposit.

My personal belief is that someone at the bank had to be complicit with this for a long time as it would be their responsibility to notify the account holder if the numbers were changed on the deposit slip and they were not the actual one making the deposit.  I know this was done if a change was made on the daily deposit slip for other local businesses I am aware of, they would call and verify that change was made.  I came to the conclusion that whoever had been handling her deposits had been let go or left employment at the bank and a new teller taking the deposit had turned her in. Gerald B Hough fucked this case up to high heaven! Ask Karen Elkin! She knows!

“She’s gonna do it!” “She’ gonna do it!” Pull em to the side Carly! Carly Hough party animal on the right is gonna show us a sight! From what we been a told, Carly Hough daughter to Gerald B Hough was passed around the boys at the IKE MORRIS COLLEGE on the hill like a joint of Marijuana!

I believe Jessica did the deed and I believe the reason her “Father” approached me was to gain my sympathy so I wouldn’t open my big mouth to the wrong person and question Hough about it when he came in.

Another thing I question in the jury selection process is why they always call employees of the Federal Prison for duty (guards).  That would not fly in most states, as it is well known they are prejudiced by their job and believe every one in the joint is guilty. I can’t believe a defendant’s attorney would want them on there unless they are in on the fix like F John Oshoway was on the Travesty case.

Follow that with giving the head honcho of the prison and honorary doctorate degree from GSC which is so weird to me that a basically “Junior” college can even bestow a doctorate.  It seems  a vain, arrogant and stupid action by a bunch of pompous asses to me.  I guess they can do it, they have, but I’d love to hear what someone at the Higher Education Policy Commission really thinks about it.


“There’s 350 jobs” at the prison, Ike Morris recently told the State Journal “We haven’t done a real good job on preparing ourselves for all these workers who drive from Braxton, Harrison and Nicholas counties. We need to provide them with some good single-family housing here in Gilmer County and build our community.” Therefore IKE set out with the Butchers to form Gilmer Housing Partners with Peter Barr and GSC!! The Butcher and Butcher law firm was brought in to do what they do best, which is rip people off for multiple thousands of dollars! Hell IKE MORRIS has bought himself a college and the whole god damn town of Glenville and in the weeks to come GSC is gonna be hit with more FOIA requests than you can shake a Crooked Stick at!! Oh damn, I forgot that is top secret shit, but we already have the documents thanks to Morris employee’s Leslie Ward from GSC and down Pat – Pat Ward from WACO Oil and Gas! Thanks!! You would NOT BELIEVE how much the Power Elite pay in lawyer fee’s to get themselves out of hot water, but the SS will show you very soon!

TARA KENNEDY ALL LIT UP — Brian Kennedy has turned out to be an irresponsible County Commissioner since his attendance lately is a NO SHOW. Rachael L. Fletcher Cipoletti, Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel on19 May 2011 ordered documents be released and provided for law action that proves Kennedy lied on Gilmer  Court documents!

It has been unbelievably easy for IKE MORRIS (shown above with West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez) leader of the elite to control job placement and commerce in this county through manipulation of its Boards and the County Commission as evidenced by who is placed on the boards and who is elected to office.


For example his own secretary sat for years as Treasurer of the Ambulance Authority and on the GCEDA Board of Directors and his wife Sue Morris sits as President of the GSC Board of Governors, his son is on the Morris Foundation and Alumni Board and to top it all off he employs Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy at Sue Morris Sports Complex which received 250,000 in 2008 from the Morris Foundation as a “Charitable Contribution” and whose Director is Marc Monteleone the Operations Manager for WACO.  You remember, partner in Bowles & Rice Law Firm which represents GSC and the County Commission as bond counsel? Yes it is unbelievably easy to do what you want to do in Gilmer County as long as you belong.

To hear them tell it they are now going to forgo the facade of GCEDA and seem to be  admitting that any development in this county is not only paid for by them but also planned by them.  We have not seen one county referendum on a ballot and are pretty sure we won’t in the future.

Life is unbelievably good in Gilmer County if you’re an Oil and Gas Magnate!

IKE, Dude!! You’ve made your money and now it’s just all about playing the power game and baby do you have it.  It is your vision and it will become reality no matter who likes it!!

IKE MORRIS seems to actually own the State College at Glenville and actually the whole god damn town, and he has some Crooked as fuck attorneys appointed in powerful positions at GSC to protect his interests!

At the time this photo was taken of Lexie Butcher her dad R Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors at Glenville State College – This photo was taken just before that barely hanging on top was popped! Hey Lexie, ya gotta a little something on those lips girl, better wipe your mouth, looks like you got splashed!!

Hate to tell you Gilmer County but most of the citizens that live here and support these causes paying property taxes are not of the correct “quality” to participate or make any decision about this life they are supposedly building for “you”.

IKE brags on the 350 or so jobs at FCI Gilmer but by his own admission these jobs are not employing residents of Gilmer County.

The housing they look to develop using Glenville State College as for profit front of the Riversview Project was always intended for the commuters from surrounding counties.  They have the experience and seniority to run that facility even though we have built a new Criminal Justice program.

College was always fun for little sister Lizzie Butcher, pictured left with her tongue soon to be headed far down the throat of her former best pal from the box banging video that still has not been broadcast via broadband yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future they will be posted in celebration of the day the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press during the Summer of Twenty-Ten!!

Get a clue, these people have years invested in the system and have no intention of moving their families to Gilmer County when they retire.  Their cash goes back to where their life is.  That’s where their investment are — and where they will stay. Only temporary needs monies are spent in Gilmer County such as tank of gas and maybe lunch. Get real!

If any real revenue is ever generated by that for profit group headed by Peter Barr (which at this point appears to be a loser sitting in Federal Court), it would go into the pockets of the investors. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to money and power in Gilmer County.

The 24 hour medical center is a lie at this point.  Although that is what was promised, Minnie Hamilton’s representative at GSC reported to the Board of Governors that Minnie Hamilton did not feel they could support a 24 hour facility so what is Plan B?  Is there a real plan B? We can’t even seem to get the air conditioning and a parking lot right at the existing facility on Mineral Road.  (Better watch out Denny Pounds will sign it all away)

We like sports as much as the next person but that’s where the priority lies for Gilmer County and GSC.  There is no emphasis on advancing educational opportunities in order to prepare for any kind of outside competition.  What outside competition?  Free trade is not a welcome phrase in Gilmer County where it’s not what can we do to make you want to come here and open a business but just the opposite.

The question becomes what can you do for those in power if we let you bring your business here?  What can you do for the POWER ELITE ? Can we take your money and your honey?

It can all be good and SLEEZY when you are a dealin with the Crooks that got it EASY  –that are ALL from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!!


May 28th

SPECIAL  Memorial Day Weekend Celebration — A SPECIAL FEATURE!

The Ghost Wolf of Crooked County and the “Bubba Dog from Dekalb,” that lived down by the Crooked River!!

In the beginning, the people say, the “White Bubba Dog of Dekalb,”

…Who was the head guard dog and belonged to the Secret Seven of Central West Virginia was put on the Mountain Top!

“White Bubba Dog of Dekalb,” Head Guard Dog for the SS!!

 And the Black Wolf also of the SS was put beside the fire down by the river!

When the winter came the “Bubba Dog,” could not stand the cold, so he came down to the settlement below and drove the Black Wolf from the Fire!!

“…the Black Wolf ran to the mountains, where it suited him!”

The Black Wolf ran to the mountains, where it suited him so well that he prospered and increased and lived happily with SS, until after a while he ventured down again and killed some animals and a few corrupted and evil public officials, but only one of their daughters, in the crooked little town down by the Crooked River below as he felt it was his duty to do!

“The corrupt and evil people got together and followed and killed the Black Wolf, who then by the Power of the Gods in the UNIVERSE became the Ghost Wolf of Crooked County!!”

Black Wolf named,”Stoney” shot by Po Po and left in pool of blood, during hail of gunfire from both sides!

…When on that fateful night of surprise attack the Black Wolf named Stoney was shot by a PO PO Sgt named Ellyson who was also shot and wounded! But quickly and with purposeful speed the Black Wolf’s  dark brothers came from the mountains and with only one purpose and that was to take such Revenge!

The Revenge was so great and so powerful, that it led to rape and plunder and murder!!

The ROAR of the savage tearing and ripping of limbs was Long and Loud mixed with the growls and howls of  the professionally executed attack of the very well trained black as night weapons – brothers to the Black Wolf!

Those crooked public officials that ruled over the minions were ever since that day in Crooked County forever afraid to hurt a Wolf!!

Members of the Central WV SS were eager and HUNGRY to fight for the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

“It was that fateful night that the Ghost Wolf was born!”

But especially the Ghost Wolf who now can be seen high upon the hills above during a full moon, just gazing down, waiting, watching, hopeful that the evil would soon begin again, and it would all repeat over and over and over!!

“The Death of the Black Wolf was taken especially hard by some, but all the SS did live to fight again, another day!!

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  1. CalPatty Press - GRAND JURY for Sarah Rutherford convenes this morning!

    The Sarah Rutherford case is going before a Grand Jury this morning, if she is indicted, she will have to appear in court on Wednesday.

  2. Council of Concerned Citizens - Jessica Self Case as Presented by the Gilmer Free Press

    Community Concerns: Gilmer County Prosecutor Fails Again – Jessica Self Case Dismissed

    Gilmer Free Press has continuously been receiving concerns about the state of Gilmer County Prosecution, in particular Prosecutor Gerry Hough for quite some time.

    Concerns reflect great dissatisfaction with so many cases that Mr. Hough has reportedly miss-handled.

    The cases reported to Gilmer Free Press are many, but as an example we are listing the following most recent case:

    State vs. Jessica Self

    According to the court document obtained by Gilmer Free Press, Gilmer County Chief Circuit Judge Alsop, dismissed the case of State of West Virginia vs. Jessica Self on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

    In this document, Gilmer County Circuit Court Case No. 09-F-15, Judge states that Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald Hough (State) failed to prove the state’s case beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Citizens’ concerns point to the fact that the Prosecutor Hough’s failure to present documents properly, clearly shows a pattern of WV State representation that has lead either to miss-trials or dismissals.


    Jessica Lynn Self was indicted in November of 2008 for 19 counts of alleged embezzlement at the local Pizza Hut.

    However, the case was dismissed because of a faulty indictment.

    She was re-indicted for 19 counts of embezzlement in March 2009 session by Grand Jury.

    On Tuesday, July 4, 2009, Self appeared and was arraigned. She entered Not Guilty to all charges of 19 counts of embezzlement, and posted $5000.00 surety bond. T.J. Drake was reappointed to represent her. Her trial was set for Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

    The Trial was scheduled for Tuesday, January 12, 2010 .. but .. continued ..

    On Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Jessica Self appeared represented by R. Russell Stobbs of Weston, and had her case continued until the March 2010 term of the court.

    On Wednesday, March 10, 2010 was the State vs. Jessica Self ‘s first trial. In this trial the jury was unable to reach a verdict. The Judge declared a mistrial on March 18, 2010.

    Following is from the Court Dismissal order:

    Thereafter the Court heard the argument of counsel and took the matter under advisement.

    Based upon the matters presented to the Court, the Court, does make the following:


    1. That by indictment returned by the grand jury in Gilmer County, West Virginia, in case no. 09-F-15, the defendant is charged with nineteen counts of embezzlement from the Glenville Pizza Hut, where she was employed as a manager.

    2. The court permitted the case to be submitted to the jury for a decision, notwithstanding that the court had taken under advisement the motion for judgment of acquittal.

    3. The jury, after deliberation for several hours, informed the court that they were hopelessly deadlocked, further instructions were given, but the jury was unable to arrive at a verdict, and were discharged, with a mistrial.

    4. The State of West Virginia asserts that the defendant embezzled a total of Twenty Eight Thousand Fifty-Four Dollars and Ninety-Five Cents, ($28,054.95) between January 23, 2008 and May 15, 2008.

    5. The indictment alleges specific amounts on nineteen different dates which total the aforesaid sum.

    6. A full and complete audit of the sales and deposits was not performed by the alleged victim or the State of West Virginia.

    7. At least four different individuals had access to the daily receipts and the defendant did not have access thereto.

    8. Mike Bonnett, a regional manager for Pizza Hut, testified that the daily sales for the Glenville Pizza Hut was approximately Ten Thousand Dollars per week

    9. During the period January 23, 2008 through February 14, 2008, the State of West Virginia contends that the defendant embezzled some Seventeen Thousand Four Hundred Fifty-Five Dollars and Thirty-Nine Cents, ($17,455.39).

    10. Angela Carr, a bookkeeper for Pizza Hut at its home office in Beckley, West Virginia testified that there were not deposits matching the daily receipts for the days in question and Ms. Self was charged with embezzlement of the entire days cash or check receipts under a count of the indictment.

    11. The entire sales and bank records were not offered into evidence by the State of West Virginia as State’s exhibits 1 (partial sales reports) and State’s exhibit 3 (partial United bank records).

    12. The daily sales receipts (exclusive of credit and debit card sales) were to deposited on a daily basis.

    13. Of particular concern to the court, is as to count six, the State of West Virginia charges the defendant with embezzling One Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Dollars and Five Cents ($1,550.05) on February 2, 2008.

    14. The United bank records show seven deposits on February 5, 2008, with a deposit of One Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-Three Dollars and Five Cents.

    15. Angela Carr testified that since this deposit did not match the sales exactly that it was not the deposit for that day.

    16. Further, the bank records indicate that for the period of time from January 29, 2008 through February 24, 2008, there was deposited in United Bank the sum of Forty-Four Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty-Nine Dollars and Ninety-Seven Cents ($44,789.97). (State’s exhibit 3)

    17. In addition, the bank records indicate that for the period of time from February 25, 2008 through April 21, 2008, there was deposited the sum of Eight-Six Thousand Nine Hundred Forty-Nine Dollars and Thirty-Five Cents, ($86,949.35). (State’s Exhibit 3)

    18. The aforesaid deposits make the deposits from sales to United within the approximate Ten Thousand Dollars per week as would be anticipated, according to the testimony of Mike Bonnett.

    19. The court finds that the evidence adduced by the State of West Virginia fails to establish, as a matter of law, a prima facie case that establishes the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.

    20. The Court would note that although the State of West Virginia’s evidence established that at least four different people, including the defendant had access to the money, it is the failure of the State of West Virginia to establish, with any certainty that money was missing, especially in light that the State’s evidence established some One hundred forty seven thousand dollars was deposited from daily sales between January 29, 2008 and April 21, 2008, a thirteen week period.


    In deciding whether or not to grant a motion for judgment of acquittal pursuant to Rule 29 of the West Virginia Rules of Criminal Procedure, the court is to consider the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution, State v. Garrett, 195 W. Va. 630, 486 S.E.2d 481 (1995), and should only grant a motion for judgment of acquittal when the evidence is insufficient to justify a verdict of guilty to the crime charged. State v. Wright, 162 W. Va. 332, 249 S.E.2d 519 (1978).

    The Court having reviewed the evidence adduced at trial by the State of West Virginia and considered it in the light most favorable to the State of West Virginia, the defendant is entitled to a judgment of acquittal.

    Although the defendant may not have complied with proper procedure as to the timeliness of the daily deposits, the records introduced into evidence by the State of West Virginia, when accompanied by the testimony of official for the victim, does not establish that in fact the money alleged to have been embezzled is in fact missing. In fact, the evidence adduced seems to prove the contrary.

    Accordingly, judgment of acquittal will be entered.


    For the reasons heretofore set forth, It is accordingly ADJUDGED and ORDERED that JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL AS TO ALL NINETEEN COUNTS is entered on behalf of the defendant, and this case is DISMISSED from the active docket of this court.

    Summary of Some of the Community Concerns by Gilmer County Citizens :

    • Mr. Hough, if he does not recuse himself, he always ends up with miss-trials or case dismissals. Why?

    • Why Mr. Hough was granted a big raise by county commission if he is not doing his job to prosecute the criminals?

    • Why was/is he practicing private law if he is the Gilmer County Prosecutor?

    • Why he is never available when needed?

    • Why does he have signs up in town advertising his law firm?

    • Why is he always un-prepared?

    • Why does he make selective prosecution?

    • If he recuses himself because of the parties involved in cases constantly, then he should not be in (does not fit) this position.

    • Why is the Gilmer County Prosecutor’s office in his personal law office?

    • Shouldn’t the secretaries who are actually doing his work be paid his salary?

    • Repeatedly because he fails to investigate, charges against criminals are dropped.

    • Anytime he asks for a special prosecutor he is costing the tax payer’s more money.

    • He has failed to represent the Gilmer County Commission and Gilmer Countian’s in multiple cases because of HIS special interests.

    • It appears that he lacks the competence in this field or does not know the importance of this position.

    and the list continues …..

    04.26.10 11:09AM – Note to Readers: If you do not see your comments posted, it is because we do not have the correct data to verify it. As per our policy, although your comment is to be listed as Anonymous per your request, we MUST still have you confidential information on file.

    It has taken this long for people to notice?
    Gerry Hough is a sorry example of an attorney.
    He got in the field by beating the system to get a degree just for the money part of it.
    Just talk to law professors at WVU Law School and mention Gerry Hough’s name and see what kind of reaction you get.
    He has no clue what a legal system is. He is a liar, unethical, and a lazy man.
    Gilmer County you made a big mistake putting him in the office.
    He screwed up anything he put his hand on here in Calhoun County.
    Comment by Anonymous (Info on File) on 04.26 at 10:01 AM

    Gerry Hough screws anyone in his path for his personal gain: His employees in his law office, Gilmer County Commission by approving its legal documents, his partners in his businesses, Gilmer County people by not representing them correctly, Gilmer County Businesses by going against them…
    The man is good! he does all of these by never being on his job and while spending time in other places such as GSC exercise room while on duty.
    He even sides with drug dealer by always dropping or reducing charges against those arrested! His motto is: Let’s make a deal, screw them.

    Comment by Gilmer Citizen (Info on File) on 04.26 at 10:18 AM

    Our county commissioners had no problem increasing Hough’s salary to $86,000 from half-time do-nothing to full time do-nothing in a flick, but they moan when it comes to others. This is how this county runs: crooks for crooks.
    Comment by Anonymous (Info on File) on 04.26 at 11:03 AM

    Has anyone ever watched Gerry Hough in court? He is unprepared and has no clue.
    I bet if someone takes his secretary away during the session, he would immediately make a motion to drop the case.
    Comment by Billy on 04.26 at 11:52 AM

    Who is to investigate the Prosecutor Hough for ethic violation and his corruption? Is he just let to keep doing it?
    Comment by Jerome K on 04.26 at 01:05 PM

    The person who named the parties screwed by Hough, failed to mention Hough’s own family members: stalnakers.
    Comment by Anonymous (Info on File) on 04.26 at 01:09 PM

    According to the what has been said, Fred Hill disappeared, Sheriff Metz started the search, he needed more resources and asked state police, they provided help, Fred could not be found, case went by the way side, Fred’s family pressured state police, finally state police took over, state police did nothing, Fred’s body was found close to sheriff’s home, sheriff called the state police, sheriff said no sign of foul play, body was removed, then Gerry Hough calls for special investigation….
    Somebody explain to me, why didn’t Hough do anything from the beginning? Why does he call the state police for special investigation if the state police was the investigators? What is Hough really trying to find? Is he just wasting more taxpayer’s money by passing the buck again? How can state police investigate themselves and really come up with an honest investigation?
    Doesn’t seem like Hough is just using all these parties like chess pieces? In summary, what has and does he really do? It is really shameful that he just plays the system and gets away with it. Could any of us get away acting like him? I think not.
    Comment by Mike R. on 04.29 at 03:11 AM

  3. Anonymous Citizen of Glenville

    I have followed some of these wild websites as many people have here in Gilmer County, but never really took any of it very seriously until this website came out. The information is often backed up by the actual documents through links which is very convincing and unlike the other sites. These facts can certainly be substantiated with the documents posted and I noticed the Gilmer Free Press does the same thing.

    Outlandish, crazy and wild was what was often written on many of these site which I have noticed were linked together and some are dormant now or gone, but this site gives a lot of hard cold facts and have hit on things people have been complaining about for years.

    The Larry Chapman information I saw on the Gilmer Free Press was what got me to thinking, it is about time!

    When I read about Reta Kight and Brenda Bleigh I almost jumped for joy for the complaints mentioned have been whispered about for years and finally someone had the guts to bring it out in the open.

    You see everyone gets threatened by lawsuit here from those lawyer brothers and the town has lived in fear of them for many years. I am surprised they have not threatened law suits against this site, the Gilmer Free Press and others, and sometimes they threaten jail too, and have scared away anyone that wanted to point out the questionable activities of these so called pillars of the community.

    Reading articles on the Gilmer Free Press led me to this site which is stepped up the credibility angle of things from earlier postings.

    Why have the Butcher and Butcher Law firm never been held accountable for what they did to the AJ Woofter estate is a question asked by many. Many do not even remember Albert Woofter, but my mother never missed his column in the Parkersburg news and I think what the Butcher and Butcher law firm did they should be held accountable for.

    We all know about the party and the girl being raped and the coach sleeping with a player on the team, yet this is the only site that mentioned it and most likely at great risk for where is the accountability there?

    I hear the term concerned citizens well, I am one of them but don’t really know who any of the people are here, but many are truly concerned.

    I think this article on Gerry Hough has convinced many of what kind of man he is, and many just want him to be gone, so that we can get someone in there honest that will do the job. I have heard it told that Gerry won’t do his required job assignments because he is too busy with other activities and that came from people that worked with him.

    I can’t believe what was told about the State Police Headquarters, but that sounds like something pretty scary if true, but I did hear some rumors I never accepted until now.

    I never much played into any of these websites, but after my friend convinced me just to read this site and decide for myself, I have come to a conclusion that much of what I have read is factional and accurate.

    Why was Shelly Demarino not held accountable for the coach at the party bringing beer and the rape?

    Is it because she is friends with Houghs wife?

    My friend that has worked at the College since the Simmons days tells of Terry Butcher threatening people because of the information released on the Gilmer Free Press and this website and if it was not for that, I may have never read any of these articles, but now that I have, I am in a state of shock.

    Keep up the good work, but I wonder can an investigation be opened against Kight and Bleigh and Chapman and others now?

    Editors note: Bad Bad teachers dot come is going dormant after four years. Someone close to us may take up where they left off or actually take over that site. We have asked for outside law enforcement from out of the state of West Virginia to look into action against the people responsible for the rape, but we are more concerned that Nasia Butcher the wife to Terry Butcher who is indeed making threats so you are correct should be held to criminal conduct for her cover up of the matter concerning the coach Bobby Duvall bringing alcohol to the party and having sex with Hannah DeMarino!

    Terry Butcher and Hough are behind some recent threats, and we would just like to say bring it bitches!!
    Hey, where is Timothy B Butcher, can’t we get a threat by him too?

    Bring the lawsuits and threaten us with jail, just like you do all the other people in this town. Well we have news for you, we are represented by legal counsel, and civil discovery in these suits could bring about criminal action for all concerned, as we have been informed, but we love to fight so bring it. Plus, we are gathering our facts together to bring the criminal tort in US District Court. Facts are facts.

    We have recently spoken to a law enforcement officer that was a homicide detective for over 30 years and is now a private investigator, but he wants 1800 plus dollars a day and 5000 up front. But, we see that we will need to garner financial support to employ these professionals if we are to have any clout in Washington DC. Our attorney informed us that the US Attorney’s office in WV is a place manned by WVU graduates and members of the WV bar and many of these issues need to be taken straight to DC but will not be considered unless filed officially by a reputable law enforcement administrator.

    We have already spent thousands of dollars of our own money to fight the corruption in Gilmer County and many of us have paid the price of false arrest and are under constant threat both physical and by way of civil action for that is all the Butcher and Butcher law firm know.

    Here is an example of what we are up against …

    The last time one of our associates filed law action in the US District court in Elkins, WV the home of the Central WV CCC — the matter came before Magistrate Judge John S. Kaull US District Court in Elkins — We later found out that I L MORRIS sold Kaull a house about the same time our law action came before the court — one of our associates was surprised to find out Kaull was pleased to inform a friend that an appraisal on the house immediately after the sale was 60 thousand more than he paid for it. Was that a bribe? Well, if not it is an interesting fact, so if you are going to take on a great giant like the POWER ELITE of Gilmer County you truly are going to be biting off a big piece.

    It appears that we will be doing battle soon by hitting Glenville State College with FOIA requests to discover ten years of wrongdoing by the Butcher and Butcher law firm.

    By the way it is concerned citizens like yourself that are making it all happen. We will be asking for money from so inclined citizens soon however to pay for the investigators and attorneys we will need to bring down the GIANT unlawful ruling class if an agreement can not be met.

    SS MEMBER: Special message to Gilmer County Assessor: Gary L. Wolfe –you need to LAWYER UP BITCH!! Got that!! You have grave reason for concern and have really fucked up this time you corrupt mother fucker. You have pissed off the highest of the high ranks of Concerned Citizens and they are just over the hill from you. You have issued how many false tax billing and taken the money and you feel your alliance with other corrupt public officials will save you? Save you from being held accountable?

    You had someone on your side that was on our side, but he stepped aside and gave us the green light.

    By the way, if you are gonna spew forth facts, at least get them right bitch, that is where you fucked up. You need to become alert and quick dumb fuck. Wake up for your future finances could be in jeopardy, for we will want all you own and you know why and your immunity is laughable. Marks told on you bitch, she blamed it all on you and so did Hough, and so we are going with that.

  4. CHECK THIS OUT!! Information about corrupt Gilmer County officials!

    The list of recent appointments to the Board of Education CFEP Committee by John Bennett, Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools on the GFP is interesting and long. Three names give immediate cause for thought. County Commissioner Darrell Ramsey, Glenville Democrat Reporter Cassandra Huff and Glenville Democrat Office Employee Dendra Miller. I believe the following thoughts on WV Code citing will show why these questions arise.

    WV Code 61-10-15
    Subsection (d) “Any person, firm or corporation that offers or gives any compensation or thing of value or who forebears to perform an act to any of the persons named in subsection (a)…(some list)

    …or to any other person with the intent to secure the influence, support or vote of the person for any contract, service, award or any other matter as to which any county or school district becomes or may become the paymaster is guilty of…

    School bus purchase or lease contracts, tied to a County Commissioner employment as driver, are let and his position on the committee is appointed by the Superintendent. I feel Darrell Ramsey’s position as Commissioner gives him a voice and influence with Bennett who signs contracts for all sorts of services and contracts (including raises for the bus drivers), as well as the awarding of permission to run excess tax levies on the ballot by the commission and written support of any bond issues they may request and further given the fact that the Board of Education rents their building from the Commission and each has a voice and vote on those issues while the county also assesses, collects and distributes tax dollars to the Board- both regular and excess levies.

    Then think about the close association with School Principals and Teachers, other School board employees, the next Superintendent, etc.

    And to further complicate things 2 employees of the only so called legal newspaper in town with which they have an implied contract with the Board of Education and the County Commission by virtue of WV Code legal advertisement requirements and a history of payment plus written editorial support of hires to top position in the school system with obvious electoral support for Board of Ed candidates well demonstrated. I think all is not kosher and feel their selection is questionable as an ethics issue.

    Latest appointments:

    • Approved Adding Members to CEFP Committee
    Superintendent Bennett explained about the problem with some members coming to meetings. He suggested the member to be contacted to see if they are not planning to attend the meetings, or they should resign.

    Superintendent Bennett asked for the following individuals to be added to the board.
    The list was approved:
    » Larry Barton
    » Cassandra Huff
    » Shawna Maxwell
    » David Millard
    » Barbara Miller
    » Dendra Miller
    » Tom Minney
    » Darrell Ramsey
    » Dave Ramezan
    » Dr. Simmons
    » Brian Sturns
    » Andy Tomblin

  5. APB for Gary Collins good friend to R Terry Butcher

    Has anyone seen or currently know the whereabouts of Gary Collins a sometimes photographer.

    It appears that Collins has been involved in some local questionable activities and I would like to speak with him about some criminal behavior of some of his associates that are former members or current members of the higher staff positions up on top of that hill in Gilmer County.
    To Gary Collins: (send)

    Collins we just want to ask you some questions about your involvement is some illegal activity in which you were involved in doing work for the Butcher and Butcher law firm. I have it on good authority you are closely associated with R Terry Butcher and he “did ask you” for a few “favors” lately and I need to know your whereabouts on a certain night last week for a report to be filed.

    I am concerned also about your mental health since you have made some threatening statements lately involving some individuals that have complaints about your possible illegal actions with known individuals concerning a federal complaint made in 2010 to the office of the Us Attorney in Clarksburg.

    We are concerned about your mental health and if you have been under threat from local sources that we have had complaints about. You need to tell us who and what. But heard that you are doing work for the law firm of Butcher and Butcher in Glenville.

    Please if anyone knows how to contact this man, contact the operators of this site in WV or leave an email address to be contacted on this message board. Thanks

  6. Council of Concerned Citizens - Sarah Ann Rutherford Glenville State Honor Student -- PRESS RELEASE - High School teachers from Gilmer County having alleged sexual relations with students!

    The case of Sarah Ann Rutherford was not presented before the Barbour County Grand Jury as scheduled 23 May 2011 because of time constraints. However, the Rutherford case is scheduled to be presented before the Grand Jury in October of 2011 — the circuit clerk did not have a specific date.

    Rutherford was suppose to make a court appearance today if officially indicted, but when she was not on the docket for this morning, it was discovered the case of her sexual assault of two high school students while she was a teacher, will before the Grand Jury in October, while Rutherford remains free on bail.

    Sarah Ann Rutherford dated several local men in Glenville and was involved in a sexual relationship with Bob Henry Baber who is running for governor and backed by Baber’s employer Glenville State College. Rutherford’s mother, Joann Rutherford is also a secretary at GSC

    A local high school coach for Gilmer County Bobby Duvall has also been accused of having sexual relations with a local high school student, but lawless Gilmer County has taken no action. Special investigators have been asked to come into interview party goers from the night an alleged rape also occurred at the raucous party at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino where Duvall had sex with a GCHS student and Lady Titan Basketball player after bringing beer to the party.

  7. Glenville does something right for it makes some of the best hot dogs I have ever had, and I don’t mind getting them from Darrell Ramsey and not knowing where they been, hey just kidding.

    On a more serious note, the DUVALL HOT DOG is famous and the best I have ever had. In fact it may be the best hot dog in the world, so Glenville does something right.

    Here is my QUESTION!

    If I order a DUVALL Dog with everything on it does that include Hannah De Marino?

    Editors note: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I hate it when people are funnier than me, that is a good one!!

  8. CalPatty Press - Cassandra Huff makes threats from Glenville Democrap!!

    Well well well, we have learned that Cassandra Huff under the guidance of Gerry Hough and R Terry Butcher has been making threats against several community members and they seem to have employed the help of Gary Collins and Palmer Stephens but when you mix that with a possible hiring of actual muscle to carry out violent crimes, well yes indeedy we just may have us some stupid as fuck local Glenville people thinking they are above the law and some major shit may jump off any hour or any day, but at least now we know from where all the bullshit does spray!!

    Do we have to go talk to Church about this too bitches? Y’all need a little straightening out?

    The IP ISSUE is explained below, but after we found through informants at the college who was involved in the hacking of several sites we found that Palmer Stephens has no credential no certification and he thinks that a “who is,” search on an IP leads to the source like uneducated dumb fuck, but it is all explained below. It takes you to the hub idiot which can be thousands of miles away, so when you say that ip is in Plano Texas, well that is lie, that ip leads to the hub which is in Plano Texas, the IP is a local West Virginia IP which tells us that you barely are educated to speak about this Palmer Stephens and Cassandra Huff, it also tells us that U R SO DUMB! Fuck you are dumb and so is CORCORAN and that bitch will have to answer to US and old Dave Corcoran better be kissing some ass now!! You old fucking fool Corcoran!

    But, Glenville does have people with network certifications, in fact someone has all of them and will be writing an article explaining to all the citizen what dumb sons of bitches you are and you embarrassed yourselves that’s the part that is funny as fuck!

    You people are really dumb fuck idiots! Is EVERYBODY at GSC that stupid?!

    Hey DAVE CORCORAN you have been ducking coming up with requested documents for two years you fake piece of shit and now we are going to force the issue and we don’t give a FUCK what you say!

    Can you say F O I A F-U-C-K YOU BITCH! Yeah fuck you Corcoran we are going to make sure you play by the rules you old dishonest ass licking fuck. We have had enough of your ass, and in fact we don’t want you in Gilmer County anymore, for your dishonest bullshit is counter productive to the community we want to build without you.

    RETA KIGHT a former Mayor who has used money that was not hers to purchase and then STEAL COMPUTERS is a person that Shines at the Glenville Democrap and then you dumb fucks took up for Larry Chapman right after we busted his ass for creation of a job for himself while still on the County Commission, because he knew he would be voted out and felt the community owed him something. Now we found out Larry Chapman has been threatening to wipe out entire families. Hey Chapman your ass may get chapped because we don’t like the threats and have decided to respond.

    We are going to EXPOSE You Corcoran for what you are, and we don’t want you around anymore, and soon Glenville and Gilmer County will be known for even more corrupt bullshit and crimes brought by familiar names – names we know are dishonest and now we know are public officials that use their positions to only benefit themselves and NOT the common citizen!

    We won’t be satisfied until Y’all are run out of town or in jail or prison or both!!!

    SS Member: Hey can someone get us a copy of that Video where Cassandra Huff is walking around all stoned out, like some fucked up spiked up high weird hairdo blond Monkey, we want to post it on here and put it in slow mo so that you can see what a stoned out and dumb as fuck reporter Dave Corcoran has.

  9. SECRET SEVEN COALITION Investigation into THREATS issued by the Butcher and Butcher law firm, Gerry Hough and staff members of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder have led to the following information being discovered!

    Investigation into THREATS issued by the Butcher and Butcher law firm, Gerry Hough and staff members of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder have led to the following information being discovered that the Glenville Democrat Staff have been allowed to use the wireless internet access at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE for their business. The ENTIRE COUNTY was suppose to have access to this same system, but this is just another example of the SELFISH GLENVILLE EXCLUSIVE group of individuals making sure they, “Get their’s” while the common citizen gets a kick in the teeth!

    The public and common citizen are promised a lot of things like BROADBAND so they can get the County Commissions approval for getting the hefty grant money — And the SELECT FEW RIP OFF most all of the GRANT MONEY and the citizens get shit, and we are sick and fucking tired of it and we want some elite asses in jail or we need to get a long fucking rope and take matters into our own hands real soon!

    The local community gets promised EVERYTHING, but gets NOTHING and you can thank Ike Morris, R Terry Butcher, Timothy B Butcher, Dave (sucks dick) Corcoran who is also a dirty dishonest business man playing dirty pool — because the GILMER FREE PRESS has taken a good portion of the Glenville Democrat readers and could immediately take half of their advertising away if the GFP wanted to. The GFP has turned down thousands of dollars of advertising from advertisers that have spent money with the Glenville Democrat for years, but because of the latest threats on common citizens may consider all sponsors that wish to switch over to a more professional approach run by common citizens, instead of rag run by the exclusive Power Elite of Glenville!

    Access to high speed broadband internet service – that supply instant downloads – was given to that piece of shit Dave Corcoran for FREE so he would back it up and support the broadband service, that was supposed to be able to be used by the entire county — well once again WE GET SCREWED!

    The ONLY PEOPLE USING BROADBAND NOW are RETA KIGHT all the fucking minions at FLYING W PLASTIC which supplied two of the jurors involved in the jury tampering investigation in which it appears Gerald B Hough is guilty- two jurors are currently employee’s of Shelly Morris DeMarinos company – and also the SPORTS COMPLEX owned by IKE MORRIS in the name of SUE MORRIS. Ike gave about 300,000 bucks of his own dough for the project so that insures his right to use it which is not in dispute, but why RETA KIGHT and DAVE CORCORAN?

    GSC does not let the common citizen use the internet broadband service and people wonder why the others using it are only the SELECT FEW that belong to the exclusive Glenville Elite — who it has been proven are responsible for the recent threats!!

    Hey thanks a lot PETER BARR and thanks a lot for letting our women be raped, you funny looking alcoholic!

  10. Council of Concerned Citizens -- Overdose at GSC?? Another cover up?

    Two ambulances arrived for an emergency at the Glenville State Colleges Goodwin Hall, the new dormitory yesterday at about 10am – word up on the matter to talk in the dark language of GSC is that it is Darrell Ramsey’s son, Adam Ramsey, that took the drugs and almost died, but it seems to be the same person that told everyone last year at the Folk Festival that Ramsey was having sex with men brought in for special community projects. Maybe someone got mad he told and gave Adam an OD. GSC has gone ahead with big time security to keep the matter quiet!! Yes they are attempting a cover up at Glenville State College the home of Rape and Murder — and now drug overdoses from the son of a corn holing member of the Power Elite!! A CORN HOLING COUNTY COMMISSIONER – But hey this is West Virginia, what do you expect from a back woods hillbilly like Darrell Ramsey!

    Security closed the main access of the area so nobody could get close enough to see what was happening and there has been a news blackout of the event!! Imagine that!! The old trick used by the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River.

  11. From the people I talk to no one takes anything Cassandra says very seriously. She’s a well known poser and a lackey of John Bennetts Board with a way too high opinion of her self. Obviously Cassandra Huff-News Director for the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder is too dumb to figure out they are really using her. Her friends believe she would use the Democrat’s office equipment and connection through the college internet for shameless self promotion so it came as no shock to the people who really know her. The only surprise was that the head-honchos in town would even let her use their name and she didn’t have sense enough to know she would be found out.

    Editors note: Was that well known Poser ….or well known Hoser…?

  12. SH concerns of bad behavior of COCK RON creation! -- Some say Cor cor ran I say COCK RON!! For Corcoran is a COCK ...RON at the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit!!

    Cassandra Huff or whatever her name really is, has no room to talk about anyone in this or any other county.

    Just because her boss owns a newspaper is the only way she has to think she can get favors in the court so the marriage laws don’t apply to her. No waiting period that the truth about the situation would require- no nothing, just tell the lie it takes to get the job done. Bet he thinks he is one lucky man.

    Bet he is a lucky man for who would want to fuck that and have that Monkey face staring at you!

    How many meetings has her recorder attended for her?

    The stories people tell about moving that recorder to mess with her head and how she ran around like a stoned out maniac long after the Board of Ed, Senior Center, Recreation Center or Commission meetings were over, trying to find it before the boss found out are hilarious! Seems to be just a stoned out old hippie with a very short attention span Too much too long will do that.

    How much editing has Corcoran had to do to keep this joke of a reporter from getting him sued or costing him his advertisers? Well his advertisers will all be notified now, on how they can get TWICE the REACH for less than half the price in the Gilmer Free Press, a much better media source.

    The way I hear it, COCK RON didn’t know about her underhanded attempt to defame any name she read any reference to on this site and fit into her psycho conspiracy theory. She did it to get attention away from her own incompetent ramblings and lies and to get noticed for being such a cooperative power elite team player. He got so tired of hearing her whine that he went ahead and printed her slanted, sloppy, viewpoints to try and keep some subscribers. Then the dummy gave her unlimited access to his computers and she suddenly becomes a computer genius! That is so funny because genius is not a word that anyone has used in combination with her. Copying other people’s material without permission and expounding your own theory does not take a genius just a thief.

    “It looks like you even have the capability to crop and blur pictures Cassandra, you crazy dumb poor excuse for a female human being!”

    “Cassandra you seem to talk to every single guy that walks up and down the hill on their way to the college when you’re hanging out on the porch at the office. You’ve just got to say, “Hey” to every swinging dick that comes up or down the street and that is just flat out disgusting!!

    It seems you may have access to more than you want told!! “Fuck yeah!! ” “Easy Bitch!”

    “You should really quit trying to push people around bitch before someone in front of many witnesses puts you on the spot!”

    Huff thinks she has political power! She will tell anybody in ear-shot that she is so respected in this county she can tell David Corcoran, John Bennett and Darrell Ramsey what to do with just one phone call. She tells her boss what to print, the Superintendent who belongs on his boards including herself and tells the Commissioner who goes in and out of the court house especially at night. To hear her tell it she has the red phone with a direct line to these people twenty four hours a day.

    I hate to think how many people Cassandra Huff has laid the blame on that didn’t do a thing but get on the madams shit list. And guess what Gilmer County, she has told people at your court house annex that she is going to be the next Magistrate Court Judge! REALLY? I know some screwed up things have been elected in that county but methinks she presumes too much as she says. Probably be a much better thing to go back to work for the Senior Center.

    What’s your name, “Cassandra is it”, or is that “WHORE” … you have not stopped free speech!

    The people around you are not as dumb as you tell your new friends they are bitch!

    No one thinks that they can’t express their opinions on a legal web-site. Telling the truth about misconduct or letting everyone know the Butcher and Butcher law firm have stolen as much as 100,000 from the AJ Woofter Estate and may have stolen much more considering that they did not do an accounting for 12 years is not terrorism you idiot it is called the T R U T H but not much of it ever gets told on your bullshit rag the Glenville Democrat where thieves shine!!

    Mickey Metz the SHERIFF did nothing — and he was asked to regarding no accounting on the AJ Woofter estate and Butcher’s refusing to reply to letters from attorney after attorney — and that is misconduct, since one public official assists another public official — so they can rip more people off down here in Gilmer County — a place the whole world now knows as CROOKED COUNTY!!


    Did you report on that Cassandra you whacked out fruitcake?

    Asking that question and waiting for a fucking answer is not domestic terrorism you dumb bitch HUFF!!
    YOU obviously have been bought by the Butchers, what, did TIM BUTCHER give you some of his good COCAINE?

    Oh, the Butchers are threatening to SUE, well bring it and the truth will be told in court and there will be mainstream press because the case is in court and newsworthy and then civil discovery proves the Butcher and Butcher law firm committed a crime, like they did in the recent real estate swindle with Gilmer Housing Partners that will cost them over $340,000.00 and they will have to finally pay for the many crimes they have committed and the thousands they have stolen from people ordered by a federal judge!!

    No one is going to let you pull the old scare them and they won’t tell the truth anymore, Cassandra! Your twisted attempt to create paranoia has failed, HUFF! You want big brother speech, not free speech. We know you would like to close down the Gilmer Free Press and of course this site. You have said as much yourself. A person with any sense knows you will do or say anything about anybody to cover your ass. Being in bed with people in power seems to be an addiction these days and you seem to have a very addictive type personality. Maybe that’s why your breath smells like Gerry Hough’s dick! But, it’s the smell of ASS when you are around Cassandra that has me confused!

    So hate free speech when it doesn’t suit your fancy. It’s a free world. But opinions are just like assholes, everybody has one so yours is not the only one that matters. The citizens of Gilmer County have a lot to say that is relevant and true. They deserve to be heard and their thoughts and opinions should be discussed in the public domain. Let every person have their say, not just a chosen few.

  13. CalPatty Press - Hundreds of requests of NAKED pictures of the BUTCHER BITCHES!!

    Hello Central WV how do you be?! Guess what homies, we had a meeting late this afternoon, and we have decided to build and off-shore site with a new section entitled…

    The Glenville Democrat presents the Breaking Bad Butcher Bitches Beach Blanket Bingo Extravaganza!

    And that way we could feature the FULL NUDE photo’s and sex action and share with the home town!! Also the video’s that only Willy O has seen, oh by the way Willy O did not appreciate the attack on his home and his site by the Power Elite directed by Cassandra Huff the new, “Go TO GIRL,” of R Terry Butcher local Crooked County Crook!

    Here is what was said by Willy O:
    “i aint happy” about even bein’ mentioned AT ALL!-Later, willyobiker

    Willy meant he did not appreciate the mention by that Power Elite minion, for that is all she is, is a small task doing minion led by the ring in her nose!!

    Willy still remains our friend and minds his own business so the next attack on him will be handled by our own legal department.

    Thanks to the latest attack we feel we need a safe place to let the true nature of the Butcher Bitches become unleashed, stay tuned for more information.

    ALSO a memorial day feature to be enjoyed through memorial day to be added to this section is being readied while this is being written.


    By Bob Weaver

    Murder charges have been filed by the WV State Police against William Albert “Seth” Denmark, 23, for the death of teen David Wayne Beach, the murder allegedly occuring in 2006 at the Denmark farm on Cabin Run of the Beech Community, near Arnoldsburg.

    Denmark has been incarcerated on kidnapping charges since January, 2010, after a Roane County woman told authorities she was held by Denmark, saying she witnessed the shooting.

    The case has languished because a body was not found in a dug grave.

    Investigators in the case re-visited the gravesite in March, 2010. The criminal complaint says the gravesite was unearthed, and according to Calhoun Prosecutor Rocky Holmes, soil and content of the grave was sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC for forensic analysis.

    The complaint, filed Thursday in Grantsville, says new forensic information confirms a .38 caliber bullet was found in the grave and other samples indicated a human body was once at the site. Authorities have long contended Beach’s body had been removed.

    Cpl. Doug Starcher, lead investigator, said in the complaint that a “.38 caliber revolver recovered in March, 2010, was identified by the eyewitness to be the murder weapon used to kill … Beach.”

    The criminal complaint also says the .38 caliber weapon was the gun Denmark used to shoot Aaron Lloyd in the leg in 2006, during another incident.

    In an earlier Hur Herald story, a report said that a .38 caliber bullet lodged in Lloyd’s body exited his body last year, and was recovered at a Spencer hospital, with Lloyd giving the bullet to the WV State Police.

  15. Council of Concerned Citizens --Gerry Hough brought PALMER STEPHENS TO GSC and now it is time to LEAVE PALMER STEVENS you have been given the boot! Bye!

    Gerry Hough brought in PALMER STEPHENS and he works for that CROOKED AS FUCK prosecutor from that CROOKED AS FUCK GILMER COUNTY in that Crooked as FUCK state of West By God Virginia .. for those just tuning in from Cali, or Nevada or even AZ to catch life in hillbilly land!


    Hey Palmer Stephens we can now tie you to Gerry’s crimes for we have filed complaint after complaint after complaint and it looks like some of it finally stuck!!

    Stacy Harlow broke away from Gerry Hough because he is a complete ASSHOLE just like you PALMER STEPHENS and now we hear Gerry has you threatening people! Well, hell boy, we don’t take kindly to that especially since Gerry is so fucking expensive too!! Dude owes us more money than he is worth on paper! SO, we are trying to find a way to take his shit, when the judge says, “BAD FAITH!”

    PALMER STEPHENS has always had grandiose hopes for an internet business, but lacks the cash and common sense it takes to run a business. Hey Palmer Stephens take some accounting classes and learn to do double entry book keeping, I did when I was 12 years old!!

    Hough has got Palmer Stephens at the college now, which is cool because we can tie Palmer Stephens to the threats from Hough and everyone knows we have a hard on a bout a yard long for Gerry Hough just like the State Troopers do!

    Gerry even sent his friend SGT CJ ELLYSON up to our house to shoot us one time, a little over four years ago, funny thing it was ELLYSON that got shot, we just lost one dog.

    Yeah you see Clarissa Ferrell who works for Gerry, well her husband was going to do some business with PALMER STEPHENS and so was STACY HARLOW, but Stacy was smart enough to see Gerry’s plan as bullshit!! And that’s when we started digging the shit out of Stacy, when she says, “Gerry Hough is bullshit!” But then, anyone would that worked for him, soon all figured out that Gerry Hough was nothing but a pompous ass.

    I wonder how Gerry can make it up to me?

    Hey Gerry if I fucked Tamara a couple of times, well, naw, that wouldn’t really knock much off the bill, but Shelly says Tamara is complaining that you are dropping short in the sack Gerry, so maybe I better “Fill In” for you,since you sent PALMER STEPHENS to threaten us. Maybe I should give it a go…

    Hey Palmer, you need to get on a bus, or take a train, but you are not allowed in our county anymore. You have been kicked right the fuck out! Dude this is our county and our town and you are done here!

    SO Palmer Stephens, I am going to tell you ONE TIME. Get out of my county!!

    Get your Gerry Hough loving ass the fuck out of my County and you better be gone by Monday at noon.

    WE run shit around here!!
    Your time is up. You upset too many people and now you are gonna have to leave to keep the piece, oh wait a minute I meant keep the PEACE, after thinking about Tamara who has been looking good to me lately, the PIECE thing is on my mind.

    So consider this asking nicely, after that, no more nice! You will be told to your face, get out!!

  16. Palmer Stephens and Bill Church of GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE HACKERS implicate GERALD B HOUGH for giving the orders to commit crimes - Along with the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit -- using masking Router!!!!

    Local hackers PALMER STEPHENS and B CHURCH from GSC are using a masking router and here is just one attempt they recently made to bring forth false information to the citizens of Gilmer County and these people were organized by Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor to do illegal and criminal acts and to attack the GILMER FREE PRESS and this website. Palmer Stephens has proved to be just an egotistical little punk ass bitch that thinks he knows a lot, but knows shit. Bill Church is another member of the Glenville State College staff we will be looking to question.

    You fucks should know something, we have been exposing criminal conduct and misconduct for over five years and at least one of us is actually making a living at it. We are considered pretty darn good at what we do, and have gotten the attention of just about every state and federal agency in the State of West Virginia who have finally had to agree with the fact that Gilmer County is especially problematic and that they finally agree that more than just a couple of public officials are involved in stealing money from grants, and misappropriating funds and actual wrongdoing involving elected state officials which we will be looking more in depth at — and then SHARING our information to the PUBLIC because that is what we do!

    Gerry Hough and Dave Corcoran have actually employed some key individuals which we have now identified, that should be briefed further on the BLOOD for BLOOD policy of the SS!

    This is the masking program used by Palmer Stephens who has made threats and sent threatening mail to many local residents. I am going to be forwarded one of their threatening e-mails soon and most likely we will be doing a mainstream article on this matter.

    One thing for sure is that we can tie both GERALD B HOUGH and Cassandra HUFF and DAVE CORCORAN to these criminal activities. YEAH GOOD GOING JOHN BENNETT for appointing the fucking Monkey Huff to the board, are you out of your fucking mind, and yes you will hearing from me, if you haven’t guessed that — and I doubt it will be a pleasant experience for fucking over our little tight knit community, but WTF!!!! Maybe you better use a little better judgment next time.

    We are tired of seeing that WHORE HUFF hanging all over that old man Simmons!!

    It reminds me too much of Dave Corcoran getting all hot and bothered over 78 year old snatch playing peek a boo under the tables, it is absolutely disgusting!
    Here is the program they are using to mask ip and illegal entries


    This is only ONE we have four more like this!

    This is a Tor Exit Router
    Most likely you are accessing this website because you had some issue with the traffic coming from this IP. This router is part of the Tor Anonymity Network, which is dedicated to providing privacy to people who need it most: average computer users. This router IP should be generating no other traffic, unless it has been compromised.

    IP: ,

    SS MEMBER: Huff and Palmer Stephens implicated the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit when they put forth a false front page corner dated Wednesday May 25th, but this is all we needed to implicate Dave Corcoran in this wrongdoing along with GSC

    To: Palmer Stephens, you need to leave for you were given your exit papers and we will be all over Gerald B Hough for your threatening letters,and all the agencies are getting tired of hearing Hough’s name, which, in fact, they will ALL be hearing it again! Yay!!

  17. CalPatty Press and the Central WV SS Present ....To be SOMEBODY in Glenville you gotta SERVE SOMEBODY in GLENVILLE!! It may be the Devil !!

    Snobbery and affectation are not nice. Today it is not considered politically correct and yesterday it was and still should be considered bad manners. In Glenville they say it shows you are somebody. Actions speak louder than words and all we see is those who are “Somebody” doing whatever it takes to grab the gold and take care of themselves. Is that what it takes to be somebody in this town?

    Share the wealth? We don’t think so.

    Around 2003 Glenville got national coverage with a high speed wireless broadband project through CANA which is part of Carnegie Mellon University. The goal was good. They were to make high speed internet accessible to everyone and help existing businesses while attracting new ones. Most of the costs paid to start it up were paid through a $250,000 grant from the Benedum Foundation to CANA and I.L. Morris gave at least an additional $125,000 as a donation.

    Also included in the initial phase were the Gilmer County Community Center (better known as FRN), the Information Research Corporation located at GSC, Distance Learning Center and several professor’s homes. According to local sources this included the home of Reta Kight, President of the Gilmer County Commission and on the board of the Little Kanawha Parkway Authority. It seemed that was thanks to Ike Morris owner of WACO who, for some reason known only to him, supports every move she makes, It was reported that the new system was set up and tested in about 32 different locations in and around Glenville and the catch-all term professor’s homes could be translated very loosely. Perhaps local law firms and a few more in the loop businesses along with the Gilmer County Sheriff’s department and Hays City would like to explain who they are connected to for the broadband service that no one else can get?

    We don’t believe the answer is Verizon DSL and we haven’t seen any sign of the grass roots business movement that was promised by the FRN, do anything for a dollar leader Donna Waddell with the free internet café that the newspaper and the college shouted to the rooftops at great length. Did you get a free computer too? Towers were put up but nothing happened. Hardware for the network and two computers for the Glenville Police Station hookup were included in this deal but what about the rest of us? Remember us, the tax payers that pay for all of these government groups and their buddies? Where’d you think the money keeps coming from?


    Who else got the gold? CANA purchased space in the Glenville Pathfinder to advertise the project and a little more to quote from the 2004 CANA Summer Progress Report and the Strategic Plan Document:

    “The Glenville Newspaper: A Power Mac Computer was donated to the Newspaper Office. We also provided high speed Internet via Canopy. All of the six computers within the Newspaper Office were networked and services like Internet, File Sharing and Printing were enabled. The local newspaper was digitized and put online in order to allow faster access to the latest news within Gilmer County. Features like daily updates, advertising, recent archives, etc were included in the website.”

    Bad case of conflict of interest going on there just like seeing your employees appointed to a Board of Ed board for the 10 year plan while you get paid for their advertising and totally explains why the online paper stays the same with no kind of updates or changes. David Corcoran got it all done for free, keeps it for free and has no intentions of investing any of his hard earned money into this town. Just make the bucks and keep billing the government paid for by the people but don’t spend it here is how many businesses work for Gilmer County. Has he ever had to pay the college for its service? No and I’d bet not a one of the gifted original have either. They had a fee for private citizens and businesses outside of the circle all planned. Guess what, not one every day citizen without connections ever even got a chance to hook up.

    So much for Glenville, so much for broadband for Gilmer County, reckon we all will have to pay Verizon or Shentel or Fibernet if we can come up with enough money to make us worth their while.


    Ike, we know you give to the college but what about the rest of us? We can call it Morris town! Would that be OK? No it wouldn’t be OK because we wouldn’t use a federally funded computer system illegally like we hear they are doing now and since you seem to support their actions what else can we believe other than you think it’s ok too. We just don’t roll that way no matter what your people try to make the followers of the church of Ike (as Gerry calls it) believe that it is only being done for the “good of the county”.. If you want to give it out of your pocket that is your business but when you tie it to money that is supposed to be for the benefit of all, the story should change but it just never does. Let the rich get richer and forget the poor or average, that’s how the superior roll.

    The project did not fail but connection to this savior of the town never happened for anyone outside of the usual group and we all know who they are. No one seems to really know why local citizens can’t connect to GSC/s WiFi network and come in under the canopy but we know who did.

    Would have liked to been at that party of thieves and liars up on the hill when they celebrated getting over on the people of Glenville and Gilmer County one more time.

    SS Member: Message to Leslie and Pat Ward, we were just sent your information and would like to go ahead and contact your attorneys if you could kindly e-mail us who represents you so that we could bring forth any damages we see fit. Your mutual support of illegal use of copyrighted material, and your support for criminal actions of Gerald B Hough who indeed did pay someone to lie in court — and the false testimony paid in cash for made it all the way to US Supreme Court in Washington DC. Do you know what a title opinion is Leslie and down pat Pat? It is a very expensive document already used in one successful civil judgment that proves Gerry knowingly paid someone 700 dollars to lie under oath and TESTI-LIE that they owned property that they did not own. That document proves that fact beyond a doubt that Gerry Hough committed subornation of perjury. The high ranks blocked our first attempt to have Gerry prosecuted, but evidence does exist that a complaint was made prior to the three year statute of limitations – conveniently the only state code with a stature of limitations – or Gerry would have been arrested already. Sheriff Metz may find himself in trouble in federal court when he is caught hiding evidence that shows the first complaint was made in writing and notarized by Rita Mugford and the complaint was filed with the Sheriff on 28 December, 2007 well within the three year statute — Federal Courts already have been informed about the misconduct and criminal actions of Hough and other public officials – and Hough brought in people to commit illegal acts and attempted hacking of websites including the Gilmer Free Press. We have tied you directly to these people, you may want to retain legal counsel.

    You people are pretty far out there disputing established facts, and especially established documents already presented in one civil action that brought damage. You are pretty far off on many of your outlandish speculations. We are concerned your further involvement with Cassandra Huff and Palmer Stephens may prove costly so you better get the Count of Crooked County to represent you, or some other hot shot attorney IKE has in his pocket.

    Word to the wise, we have a real pet peeve about being accused of things you just make up, and we need to speak with you about those concerns ASAP!

    The Publisher of the book is concerned that you are costing us money and so is the literary agent. You see it is all legal and legit and the book is NOT Self-published and many of your facts are wrong. We need to speak with your legal representative and will give you ten days to contact us. If you do not, then expect to have the matter brought forward in a civil action. You and ALL others involved including Gerald B Hough – the Glenville Democrat – and GSC need to pay for the illegal use of copyrighted material.

    PAT WARD you are in some serious trouble and the publisher has been made aware of the bogus reviews you have been leaving on websites selling the books. You will find that paper work may find you and that might be good for you, for better that than me – who the fuck do you think you are Ward you never even read the book, but you will be contacted by myself or one of my associates soon. Also if you sent that from WACO OIL and Gas then Marc Monteleone will be served with a notice.GSC is also being served with a notice and you are guilty of using copyrighted material after being notified.

  18. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website - ALL LIT UP!!!

    NOW HEAR THIS GILMER COUNTY! Important legal matters should really be heating up this week as far as exposed misconduct of the Power Elite and the outrageous actions of Gerald B Hough.

    From a tactical point of view it is always nice when you can get the opposition to commit to an act, that is not only irreversible, but is a commitment that proves later to be a grave legal mistake that is actionable. Gerry Hough can now be linked to actions that are not only considered misconduct, but actually criminal actions — and that is what we have been hoping for all of these long years!!

    Recently Gerald B Hough stepped on his dick in a serious way, and brought some new players to the table which we not only have identified, but proved have been involved in illegal activity.

    What Gerry and the others don’t know is many are looking from the outside now. When I say the outside, I am talking about other states, other law enforcement agencies and professional people that absolutely can’t believe what all goes on in West Virginia!

    The most amazing part of all of this is that Gerry Hough and Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz and a few others have made Gilmer County look like something out of a horror movie!! …especially when you combine their DOCUMENTED ILLEGAL ACTIONS with that of the crimes of R Terry Butcher and Timothy B Butcher!!

    The federal civil action that came upon a summary judgment in which Power Elite members were ordered to pay 340,000.00 dollars in damages is just the beginning. Timothy B Butcher and others are already trying to figure out a way to steal from Peter to pay Paul so that they don’t have to take the brunt of the loss, but as I said, this is just the beginning of their troubles and more to come. The Council of Concerned Citizens were lucky enough to break that story locally last 18 November 2010 and have shared documents and facts with mainstream reporters. You see it is the actual documents that made it all happen and the Power Elite of Glenville are beyond fucked this time!!

    Metz and Hough both have somehow concluded that their old ways of ignoring a situation, and then it will go away will continue to work! Why not? That backwoods hillbilly method was how things worked around here in the past, and has been successful for them, for more than a decade!

    Well….. we got some news for y’all the Walrus is not Paul!!

    You see that is how it all used to work in the old days, but GETTING CAUGHT hiding court documents, and then GETTING CAUGHT hiding those same documents needed for court – while at the same time attempting to cover for the crimes of the former County Clerk Beverly Marks has been exposed for the criminal act that it is-it is what it is!!! The result was multiple thousands being stolen from citizens – and that fact Jack is NOT going to go away! But, mix that with hiding titles from high profile West Virginia Supreme Court case like Metz and Hough did, well eventually a person, no matter who they are or what title they have will be found out.

    That very matter is about to jump up and bite them right in the face!!

    God damn do I ever want a front row seat for that!!!

    And they most certainly have been found out and many professionals have lost a great deal of respect for them. Exposing the truth is what we do, and Hough and Metz may soon have their small dicks exposed to the world.

    The arrest of the County Clerk on one count of election fraud of Jean Butcher and the arrest of the former County Clerk Beverly Marks on two counts of election fraud, were disappointing to us, since we feel we have enough evidence to put Hough, Marks and others in prison for we know they are guilty of so much more.

    For years we tried to get mainstream press to look at our facts and our stories and only just in the last six months have we formed a professional relationship with some very fine reporters and journalists. Starting this week an investigation into the wrongdoing of GSC involving funding and local politicians may come to light as FOIA requests from established professionals start being served on PETER BARR who officially has deemed himself, KEEPER OF THE RECORDS!!

    That’s good to hear for we plan to catch BARR up in all kinds of shit.

    By the end of the day, NEW PLAYERS Gerald B Hough brought in will have heard from some faction of the SS or Council of Concerned Citizens, as we reach out and touch them, while bringing our attention onto their criminal and unethical activity.

    I have waited a long time for a battle to come along where we could go big and go REGIONAL and possibly national with our exposure of the infamous Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River.

    Lets stick our toes in the sand and reach for the stars!!!

    This is going to be our most exciting summer yet in West Virginia!

    Keep it locked on to the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website for all of the exciting action!!

    We are about to bring a huge public relations poop storm down on some top brass in Charleston for allowing to let criminal actions continue involving the Gilmer County Prosecutor, some County Commission members – and names all too familiar to everyone from round here – and we have some mainstream back up with all eyes on Gilmer County!

    We truly believe we have enough on these dirty rotten son’s of bitches to keep it LIT UP all summer long!!

  19. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING Democrat/Pathfinder!

    A little behind on reading so did not pick up last weeks Democrat/Pathfinder before today. I was totally shocked to read a recipe by Gerry Hough under Letters to the Editor called Chicken Soup for “Cyberbullying” which is in actuality a tirade against the Gilmer Free Press which he barely disguises by calling it the Gilmer Free Hate.

    You must know that well educated, reasonable adults can not be bullied by words so I find the coined term of “cyberbullying” or any kind of “bullying” using words more applicable to young children and teenagers – you are talking to adults here. Why can’t you seem to get that? No one in Gilmer County is afraid to say what they think but many choose to communicate anonymously because the “bullying” in Gilmer County has been done for years by the use of power conveyed to the elected “officials”. If there is any fear, it is fear of retribution from those in control. Oddly enough, no one seems afraid to give their id and information to the owner of the Gilmer Free Press. Gives you pause for thought doesn’t it? In addition, until the Gilmer Free Press, no one had a readily available, practically instant local voice to communicate their feelings, beliefs and ideologies on any aspect of life in the county and have an interactive open discussion that did not require bringing the family name into the fray, causing hard feelings over an opinion. There’s been a lot of disagreement on the GFP and it seems very little is held back so everyone can make a truly informed decision on any issue without choosing the popular side because they are afraid to do otherwise. It costs the people nothing and if they do not like the format there is no monetary loss if they opt not to click.

    I’m not going to discuss that ridiculous repetitive statement that the owner of the GFP lost a contract and became disgruntled.

    No one has a copy of any bid submitted because it did not happen. It was a business decision, get over it. You can’t lose something you never asked for.

    The last point I wish to make is this. References to middle- eastern tyrants are the equivalent of racial profiling and unbecoming the office of the Gilmer County Prosecutor. Hopefully, this attitude does not spill over into the cases you must handle for the people of this county. There have been dictators and tyrants of every nationality and I wonder if you would have chosen those particular references if the business owner you so bravely did not name in your recipe was not the only one in town that one might associate with those descriptive examples? That is an insult to the very soul of what promotes community growth, spirit and cooperation. Supposedly that’s what you and the Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder who prints your discussion are all about but not so anyone can tell.

    By the way it also takes free speech and the Gilmer Free Press and this site offers that to all people.

    And before all that we had the Crooked County Crooks and the CalPatty Press and other sites that were very popular, but every one of the crooked public officials mentioned was afraid of the truth they brought out, and now it is the same old story and the same old attacks, deal with the truth for once. We do.

    • So, where’s your name at the beginning or at the end of that string of self-promotion?
      Where’s your name oh fan of the filthy web sites taken down for disgusting hate?
      Where’s your proof you freely permit expression? After all, aren’t you the only keeper of the record – the only screener of the messages? How can any reader believe the
      words aren’t carefully refined or omitted to fall in line with your singular negativity?
      Where’s your courage – hiding behind the control panel, like the Great Ozzz!!!! Pull back the curtain and all will see………….it’s a fake…….smoke and mirrors…..ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      SS Member: It’s the real Gerald B Hough, say hey Gerry! Glad you could make it and this is your first step to resolve some conflicts and possibly discuss some issues, so, let’s get right to your immediate concerns. I see you left this at 4:35 – but we had a secret meeting of Concerned Citizens and SS members and yes we do meet in secret and you would be surprised who all attended our meeting of the minds. I am not sure I fully understand your comment, but I do want to accurately and sincerely reply in a professional a straight forward manner, so here goes…

      “So, where’s your name at the beginning or at the end of that string of self-promotion? ”
      “Where’s your name oh fan of the filthy web sites taken down for disgusting hate?”

      Gerry, I honestly don’t know who made that comment, I have an e-mail, and if I were to guess, than it would be a first name possibly female with a name that started with an E and from the numbers which is listed as 1976 which could be a birthday, then it might be someone that was in their mid thirties, but that would be speculation on my part.

      The person from what I understand (because we received some mail from them) was afraid to comment and almost afraid to send us mail, so I hope that is a good reply to the first part of your comment.

      “Where’s your proof you freely permit expression?

      I am not sure what you mean by where is your proof you freely permit expression means, does someone have to have proof for that, and since this is a comment from an unknown person do they have to prove anything, would not the three authors of the article bear the burden of proof?

      After all, aren’t you the only keeper of the record – the only screener of the messages? How can any reader believe the
      words aren’t carefully refined or omitted to fall in line with your singular negativity?
      Where’s your courage – hiding behind the control panel, like the Great Ozzz!!!! Pull back the curtain and all will see………….it’s a fake…….smoke and mirrors…..ozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

      When you say aren’t you the only keeper of the record, screener …

      No, I am not, because I am not always available and can not be here 24/7 and to be honest I don’t often know who all the players are, but someone always does, because many times I have to ask, who is so and so and why are we mentioning them….

      Let me tell you the atmosphere you have created Gerry, You threaten everyone with jail and you terrorize a whole town and there is a committee that may have the evidence that may tie you up in some court appearance and the matter is criminal, but many don’t want anything to rock Tamara’s world because people like your wife, but they don’t like you much, and Tamara has been keeping you out of a lot of hot water because she has friends, but you don’t have many, and you might be in some trouble Gerry and we would hate to see Tamera go through that.

      Today we discussed all the threats coming from your office that say,” Oh, google and micro-soft are participating tracing of CCC and SS members to see what they say,!”

      And there has been some attempted hacking by amateurs, and not only do we know who they are, but we have run down the sources and have started the process of getting the evidence from a private employer of one of your minions that can either cooperate or face a costly civil matter that could be a liability for a company with money, and that is also in the black. Your buddy could lose his job and we already complained to a government agency that will be contacting his employer if they don’t meet our demand inside a courtroom.

      See you forced us to protect ourselves and play your game…

      So to answer your question the person did not put their name to this comment because you threatened all of our friends with jail…. for what telling the truth? It is NOT against the law to tell the truth!!

      We want you Gerry Hough to please debate the issues, not attack the messenger like you do over and over.

      We will give you Gerry Hough a shot… who stuck his neck out to comment here, and we will be fair, so we let you have your say, but nobody likes to be threatened Gerry and your people got caught threatening us, so we have made an issue of it.

      SO lets debate the issues and there will be a mainstream press article coming up shortly and we want you to respond to the facts of the issue and we will debate you in public if you like, but debate the issue.

      You did not use due diligence in a high profile court case and paid someone to lie and we have that title opinion that proves it Gerry, so what is your response to that? Because that matter is being brought forward in US District Court by the end of the summer, and you will be called to testify before a federal judge, so what is your side of it? We would love to hear it before court. You paid Marilyn Matheny to lie about the value of evidence and the, “Secret Tape,” will be aired in court and is very very strong evidence against both you and Matheny, since she gets you on the phone at the end of the tape, implicating you in a conspiracy to bring false evidence to a grand jury.

      People have said that you and your new minions,( which some of them have been caught doing bad and negative things) could be under a federal charge since the crime was committed at a federally sanctioned business! Some say that you and the Power Elite have paid to have some of us killed and that all the mail that we have among ourselves is to be traced and all of us will be hunted down and destroyed ….for what Gerry? … for telling the truth?

      Well Gerry, we had to make a police report about the threats and who they came from and the law enforcement agency we report to is not in West Virginia and consider Gilmer County corrupt and diseased to the point that it all needs to be cleaned up. But the threats are on record. Are those Butchers that whacked out that they think they can hire men to kill us and get away with that?

      Everyone dumped all secured data onto thumb drives and all hard drives will be replaced at NO cost to our members, and then all the labor I am supplying as free. So, no information will be gleaned from our computers, for they will be brand new – and I am doing it all for free for all those that have been threatened.

      One of our e-mail accounts have been compromised, and the person that hacked one of them is going to jail and we expect him to roll on you Gerry and you know who it is, and by this evening he will know how much trouble he is in. Do you think you can hide titles NEEDED in court, pay people to lie on the stand and get caught, make an entire case up and get caught and then it was all just going to go away?

      Well thanks for stopping by Gerry, I booked a room next to you and Tamara, and you have made your reservations for the JUNE 19th through the 27th and my room will be right next door, for I would like to speak with Tamara in a more relaxed vacation resort surrounding to see if we can reach a settlement and salvage the damage that may come from the criminal tort and criminal negligence being brought forward against you and Gilmer County. If the federal judge deems the matter bad faith we win, the county pays all and every dime they have, and then we go back to court to collect from all that lose their immunity.

      Gerry retain a federal attorney and we can get the two together and work it out. I will run the rest down to Tammy while we are catching some summer rays together.

      • I knew it was the real Gerry Hough as soon as, ” Smoke and Mirrors” was mentioned, for I remember that article telling on Gerry Hough from years ago with the smoke in the mirrors, I always liked that photo, is it on here somewhere?

        Editor’s note: It is on here, but we have so much data on here since those days, I have no idea where to look for it!

  20. Teenage Party ideas by Gerry Hough!

    Hey, I just got the word, that really is Gerry Hough that commented, hey Gerry your guy Palmer Stephens that works for WBRB has been doing your bidding on radio station computers and the attorneys will be speaking tomorrow in the afternoon from the memo I was just sent. It seems Palmer Stephens has been using the radio station Computer and the IP captured was from their network. And your paid boy Stephens -being on the air- and signed on the logs- at the time complicates things, and that falls under federal jurisdiction!

    Read it!! It was just released, so the FCC will be involved along with the matter being a federal concern.

    Do you have federal jurisdiction Gerry? Don’t think so, that license would take another 7 tries to pass the exam. How many times did you take the WV Barr? Was it 6 or 7 times before you passed? Oh, that must have been the special exam for Mensa members only just like you played football for Clemson, give me a break, you are a habitual liar and the people in Charleston are sick of hearing about you.

    Gerry if you want to comment on here, don’t threaten anymore people, your boy was found out! The civil and criminal matter is being brought forward tomorrow afternoon, and the radio station is going to cooperate with federal attorneys. Unless someone is IN your County Gerry, you don’t have shit, and your boy Ward, and that whole deal will be addressed this week also, hopefully before Friday, but hey we would love to meet with you about some things like the cover up at the courthouse and your due diligence.

    Are you ignoring yet another rape? And then, allowing a local teacher and coach to fuck the hell out of one of the players and a student? Yes that will surface now too!!

    Oh, also Gerry there is a matter of jurisdiction, which you have NONE, for you have nobody we know that wants to live in Gilmer County and you do not have jurisdiction out of the county , but you will be hearing from the office of ODC people for your latest published deal on the Democrap where you say in the Gilmer Free Hate instead of the Gilmer Free Press and then mention…
    Past Examples: Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran…Moamar Ghadafy, Libya…

    You should receive notice also for threatening people regarding their first amendment rights, you might want to read up on it. ODC will be receiving reports about your conflicts of interest and your death threats too, so you might want to put a call into the chief counsel for ODC in Charleston.

    Why as a prosecutor would you publish that in the paper? Now you have been caught Hough for the bullshit you had Palmer Stephens do from the Radio Station Computers, and hey Palmer Stephens, who is the ISP at the station, was it the one you tried to deny? Uh huh ….Yeah, that is what we sort of thought, think your boss may want to speak with you about that bitch!!

    Hey we heard Palmer was fucking that Connie Ostinkski girl, the new girl assistant for the county commission with the feminine odor problem! What the hell somebody should tell her about that, it is disgusting! Ewwwwww!!

    You know Connie O stink ski !! Yeah, that girl !!

    Well Hough since you don’t have jurisdiction and ODC says you can’t make racial threats in office, why not debate the actual issues like everyone is requesting.

  21. Someone should report Hough to the Office of Disciplinary Council for his actions of putting up that Advertisement supposed “Letter to the Editor” since he is an official in office. Is there not some sort of rules of conduct, that were broken? Also being part of a plot with the minions that also work for the Gilmer County Commission involving a forged subpoena should get someone a sure jail sentence! One thing for sure it has been proven local law enforcement are absolutely worthless. We need some new law enforcement and our next election, we should be more organized and try to bust those Crooked County Crooks that live next to the Crooked River for their ILLEGAL Voting Slates!!

  22. Things are jumping off where the BIG DOGS PLAY at the home of the Council of Concerned Citizens and MORE TRUTH about Gerry Hough just click this comment link to go to the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS!!

    Learn about Gerry Hough getting caught red handed forging a 16,000 dollar invoice and more!!

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