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RADIO STATION WBRB-FM THE BEAR  is the source of alleged threats by Glenville man hired by Gerald B Hough to hack websites that reveal the truth- and an E-mail account to find out the sources for Concerned Citizens that have been revealing the TRUTH about misconduct! Gerry has been caught red-handed at being the person that mastermined these devious actions!

Palmer Stephens shown in the photo with goat beard who also was associated with Glenville State College,  is believed to be working with PAT WARD- IT for Waco Oil and Gas !

Palmer Stephens was once paid by Gerry Hough to start an internet business but Stephens lacked the know-how and knowledge to start that kind of a project so Hough hired Stephens to attempt to hack the FREE PRESS sites to find out who was commenting on the misconduct of local public officials - Gilmer County residents have had to put up with quite a lot and the Free Press has revealed the truth about a great deal of wrongdoing that was criminal in nature!

Leslie Ward the web designer for GSC is also involved who works with PETER BARR author of the Barr Code that resides at Dracula’s Castle on the hill in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!

The question is did the Gilmer County Prosecutor become angry enough to conspire with a local RADIO STATION  and county vendor/supporter and with a state institution of higher education where he was previously employed to hack into a legal website’s domain and acquire names of anyone that may have responded in a legal fashion to such a site and then invade their home using this data to make threats?

Who really knows if every person that ever responded to FREE PRESS articles were threatened — or just a few … on a hand selected by a HOUGH and Larry Chapman hit list – being blamed for past grievances and disagreements with no real justification!

The rules of professional conduct for attorneys in West Virginia specify that a lawyer cannot represent a private client in a matter he or she was involved in as a county prosecutor or other public officer, but Gerry Hough seems to make his own rules, which include hiding pieces of property needed in high profile West Virgina Supreme Court cases, and even ordered Beverly Marks County Clerk to hide the title of property to cover for a lie Hough told a circuit court jury!

When one has served in both public offices of City Mayor and County Prosecutor, there is hardly any one in the most populated area of Gilmer County one does not become involved with. Whether the issue is taxation, police actions, local ordinance disputes, seeking funding, parking tickets or trying to get the vote, the Mayor becomes involved. As part time prosecutor, simultaneously running a real estate business and independent law firm, there leaves literally almost no one for this man to represent legally in this county as a private attorney if he does not retain his elected status.

Market Manager John Halford  of Clarksburg who is market manager for: WAJR-FM, WWLW-FM WFBY-FM, WBRB-FM  WVAQ-FM,WKKW-FM, WAJR-AM, WFGM-FM WDNE-FM, WBTQ-FM, and WELK-FM  made this statement for a member of the Council of Concerned Citizens when asked about the latest threats and attack against Free Press websites and the hacking of an E-mail site all on the orders of the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald B Hough…

“At this stage I am gathering information and reaching out for consultation. Once I have information to pass on I will do so in a timely fashion.  I must now do my due diligence before I respond further…”

A public entity, such as the prosecutor’s office, may not be an “enterprise” and there is nothing in legislative history to suggest otherwise.  What if HOUGH holds or has held lien, as a matter of public record on property sold by a legislated governmental organization among others? I would be willing to bet that has already happened!!

Gerald B Hough as owner of the realty company and same time an independent attorney, many land contracts, deeds and deeds of trust were entered into, alone and in partnership,  with recordation prepared and submitted while holding public office!

Who is really left to legally represent that could show no actual conflict of interest? Could this explain why Gerald B Hough, now full time prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County has become such an angry man?’

It is said that when you enter public office your life becomes public record.  When an elected official makes a poor decision they are not above the law and they are not the law!

No doubt that matter places HOUGH in a tough position but these are things which should have been thought of before seeking election yet again. Hough has turned out to be a nightmare for Gilmer County!

Has GERRY HOUGH’S anger clouded his judgment to the point that he, as an elected official desperately seeks personal retribution – using the influence of that same elected position?  

It appears so!!! 

Hough has gone over the top and has threatened to make arrests out of his jurisdiction and outside law enforcement has been notified of the death threats issued from Gilmer County and that have been on the lips of anybody that is anyone important out and around the town!  Just ask!!

Using the prosecutors office to fight personal battles is not what the office was created for!!

Is the name of the game if you can’t win fair, win at any cost?  

The voters should be able to expect better from a person given the keys to the county and its coffers and entrusted to seek only truth and justice.  It seems to boil down to the same old cry heard in the 2010 election of “I’ll do anything for a vote!” 

This attitude does not serve the citizens of this or any other county in the State of West Virginia, but it has shown itself to be just that!  These self gratifying, illegal actions provide no evidence that the public’s best interests are being served. These actions seem to reveal a childish temper tantrum throwing attitude in an office where justice for all is supposed to be blind, not deaf!!

Dave Corcoran allowed Gerry Hough to publish false information that resulted in  racial profiling that was just published in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit -see below, it is amazing Corcoran and Hough have stooped so low!!

With the help of of other GSC employees besides Leslie Ward,  Gerry Hough has been carrying out a ridiculous campaign against FREE SPEECH!

Pat Ward, Leslie Ward and Palmer Stephens have all been identified as minions for the Power Elite and Gerald B Hough and have got themselves caught up in situations that are immediately actionable, and highly unethical!

Dave Corcoran in photo above publisher of the Democrat is promoting HATE as well as his staff News Director Cassandra Huff - the ad placed in the Democrat listed as a Letter to the Editor proves their racist hatred toward a successful business man that owns the internet service, that Hough hired Palmer Stephens to start, but Stephens lacked the experience, training, and network certificates!

The Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County are taking immediate action against their wrongdoing!

Hough recently published a letter to the editor that most likely could bring about a situation that Dave Corcoran finds himself legally responsible for. In his latest attack on Gilmer County Citizens HOUGH proposes that political adversaries have come up with a recipe for his destruction.

Lets get to the very heart of the matter since we the members of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Concerned Citizens have to inform everyone that:


On the very first part of his pathetic plea to the public — Hough states that one disgruntled business owner who lost a government contract is responsible for his entire reason for HOUGH making a desperate attempt to defend himself against the allegation of crimes he is caught committing like subornation of perjury.


“That, “Title Opinion”  is a legal court document that could very well get you a prison sentence for we are GOING AFTER the people responsible for covering up your crime against the people of Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!”

Gerald B Hough placed this outrageous ad in the Glenville Demorcat and really showed the TRUE COLORS of Gerry Hough and Dave Corcoran Democrap Publisher


I personally spoke with the local successful business man who contributes to the community and does not “TAKE” like Gerry Hough and other corrupt public officials that have been exposed, but he is a “Giver,” his statement is,

“HOUGH says I lost a government contract, which is false! ” “I CHOSE NOT TO BID FOR IT the idiot!”

And the facts are a matter of public record and completely dispute Hough’s claim.

There were many factors concerning that particular contract and the SS has found out that the corruption of “I will just help myself to this,” Brenda Bleigh, and Nasia Butcher led by R Terry and Timothy B Butcher – AND the weak leadership under John Bennett hell I broke the damn thing, as the reason their was no interest in making a bid on the contract. No bid was ever made and that is a matter of public record, therefore Gerald B Hough was caught in another public lie and we are getting sick of it!!

Hey Hough you fake fuck why not debate the issues bitch?

You are NOT fooling anyone, debate the issues, dispute the claims if they are not true, I would and anybody would, but you Gerry Hough can not dispute anything for you are guilty as hell.

“Due diligence is not a term you even know Hough!” But you may learn the meaning of that term very soon and even learn a lot more about what happens to a public official that orders a county commission clerk to hide a land title needed in court!

WBRB is the home of the computer network that Palmer Stephens used to attempt to hack Free Press websites and to hack an e-mail site in order to find out WHO was revealing the truth about the criminal actions of Gerald B Hough Prosecutor for Gilmer County!

“Have you ever watched Hough perform during a trial,” asked Karen Elkin  Circuit Clerk when she was asked what did she think about the latest criminal actions of Gerry Hough…  She later finished the question herself with…”He is completely inept!”

And then further stated…
“And he pretty near just makes up his own rules and doesn’t really care about what the rule of law is!”

Because of Hough’s latest outrageous actions in which he used terrorist tactics by name calling and using the terms of enemies like Ayatollah Khomeini, and Moamar Ghadafy, Libya — he has involved himself in what the US Govt classifies as hate speech therefore becoming the very definition of being a hypocrite!

“Hey Gerry!!”  “Argue the issues bitch!” “And quit crying like a little baby because you have been exposed to the general public for the dishonest as fuck piece of shit that you are!!!”

“Citizens want you gone Gerry and a petition is being readied to see that we get you before the WV Supreme Court for removal for your wrongdoing and criminal actions before the next primary election!!”

CITIZENS ARE BECOMING CONCERNED ABOUT THE ACTION OF ALL THE CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS IN GLENVILLE –Here is an update on the State of Glenville — the County seat for Gilmer County!!

“You see, the Power Elite of Glenville do anything they want!”

They will make up a story to hide their dirty dealing and they don’t care what a person does good in this county unless it’s good for them. All they care about is getting all the money for them and their kids and forget everybody else and their family. The Power Elite in Glenville write their own laws and in the days and weeks and months to come the West Virginia SS and the Council of Concerned Citizens are going to educate everyone to that fact!

Gerry Hough who we heard yesterday told some tall tales of being a defensive back at Clemson weighing in at 245, now that truly is some tall tale telling - Gerry tells juries absolute lies too! Because he believes his own lies! But, Carly Hough tells no lie when she says, She LOVES to "Pull them Panties to the Side," for her boys up on the hill and Carly Broke Bad with the Butcher Bitches all last summer on the CalPatty Press!!

The Power Elite in Glenville do what they want-  and even when we go to the law the local law listens, but  then do not bother filling out a report and do not follow up and there is no investigation since the wrongdoers control their paycheck and their lives. The law in Glenville and Gilmer County is bought and paid for so they just won’t do anything in Gilmer County, West Virginia — commonly known as CROOKED COUNTY throughout the state.

The Power Elite of Glenville won’t let any new businesses come in here unless they own part of it cause they don’t want to pay a person what the job is worth. People that have lived here all their lives have to take it or they will starve them out. The water bills, the gas bills, the electric bills, the trash bills are all going sky high.

“The old people just can’t afford this kind of government any more in this county.”

“The Power Elite of Glenville don’t want any competition cause they’d have to lower their prices!”

Look how the gas stations always charge the same price, look how the grocery stores never put any stuff on sale at a lower price at the same time. They never undercut each other. Every one of them works together thick as thieves so the Power Elite of Glenville can make the same amount of money all the time and that also includes Senator Facemire who is controlled by Ike Morris and pays Ike Morris rent and belongs to the, “Church of IKE Morris!”

True that!!

I have to wonder what the CHURCH OF IKE is going to think about Gerry Hough using one of their employee’s “Pat Ward,” who is an associate of Palmer Stephens and GSC Web Designer Leslie Ward doing his evil deeds and attempting to find out who everyone is — that is revealing the TRUTH in the Gilmer County FREE PRESS!


June 3rd Special Edition

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day
I was out choppin’ cotton and my brother was balin’ hay
And at dinner time we stopped and walked back to the house to eat
And Mama hollered out the back door “y’all remember to wipe your feet”
And then she said “I got some news this mornin’ from Choctaw Ridge”
“Today Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge”

And Papa said to Mama as he passed around the blackeyed peas
“Well, Billy Joe never had a lick of sense, pass the biscuits, please”
“There’s five more acres in the lower forty I’ve got to plow”
And Mama said it was shame about Billy Joe, anyhow
Seems like nothin’ ever comes to no good up on Choctaw Ridge
And now Billy Joe MacAllister’s jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge

And Brother said he recollected when he and Tom and Billie Joe
Put a frog down my back at the Carroll County picture show
And wasn’t I talkin’ to him after church last Sunday night?
“I’ll have another piece of apple pie, you know it don’t seem right”
“I saw him at the sawmill yesterday on Choctaw Ridge”
“And now you tell me Billie Joe’s jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge”

And Mama said to me “Child, what’s happened to your appetite?”
“I’ve been cookin’ all morning and you haven’t touched a single bite”
“That nice young preacher, Brother Taylor, dropped by today”
“Said he’d be pleased to have dinner on Sunday, oh, by the way”
“He said he saw a girl that looked a lot like you up on Choctaw Ridge”
“And she and Billy Joe was throwing somethin’ off the Tallahatchie Bridge”

A year has come ‘n’ gone since we heard the news ’bout Billy Joe
And Brother married Becky Thompson, they bought a store in Tupelo
There was a virus going ’round, Papa caught it and he died last Spring
And now Mama doesn’t seem to wanna do much of anything
And me, I spend a lot of time pickin’ flowers up on Choctaw Ridge

And drop them into the muddy water off the Tallahatchie Bridge

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  1. CalPatty Press - Hacker traced to RADIO STATION WBRB!

    As you can see, it is alleged that a paid employee of Gerald B Hough, attempted to HACK the Gilmer Free Press not long after the Larry Chapman fiasco, in which it was found out that with the help of Tampon Tashua the Mayor, Chapman created a job for himself with the GCEDA when he was still the President of the Gilmer County Commission. Chapman lost the election due to his former misconduct, but wanted to make sure he had a salaried job even after being voted out!!

    Chapman threatened to kill the owner of the Gilmer Free Press after making attacking motions during a County Commission meeting in which Chapman demanded to know who all the people were that made comments about his unpopular stunt of creating a job for himself!

    Since then HOUGH, STEPHENS and others have been making endless threats and now Hough is threatening to violate everyone’s 1st amendment rights even if it means abusing his power as prosecuting attorney in area’s far out of his jurisdiction. Gerald B Hough feels he is above the law!!

  2. I found your website by an advertisement in the Glenville Democrat and I have to wonder how you pulled that off! Do you have people on the inside??? I had heard of this site, but always thought it was part legend or something, and now that I have read some articles I can definitely recognize some people from the old Calhoun Underground days and I got a real good feeling about seeing that the Cal Patty Press is back in action!

    My wife was who had me look over all the Cal Patty stuff and I loved the actual Cow Patty with the smiley face, did you guys make that yourself, for it really used to make me laugh.

    Humor mixed with hard cold facts is interesting and sometimes morbid, but I heard only a natural reaction to things for in the heat of battle in Viet Nam the gross casualties would sometimes be met with a humorous reaction from documented actual situations. But, the Cow Patty Cal Patty spin on things is not like that, it is stuff that really does make me laugh, and I always get tongue tied saying that crooked crooks and the crooked river thing, but someday I will learn how to say it.

    But whoever came up with the panties angle on things always gets a chuckle out of me, for it is always when you least expect it. I was wondering about those Butcher girls and I guess they really are as wild as they were in the high school days. And thanks for being back and thanks for putting the advertisement snuck hidden in other stuff and I hope nobody gets in trouble for sneaking that in the local paper.

    Editors note: You know I think you are my someone’s second cousin on my (censored) side. But all the same, yeah pretty tricky how that ad got in there, but it worked.

  3. There’s a lot of crazy stuff being talked since that Law man Attorney named Hough of yours spent good money to take out ads in that Glenville paper! I have read about the fight you guys have been in with him over that piece of property and the farm equipment and such but how in the world does he figure that gives him the right to tell a person what they can’t read or say about it. Made me look around for an American flag to make sure I was still in the right country.!

    Read every article for the last two weeks more than a couple of times and I can’t tell what he is so mad about either. Is he atheist or communist or both? That just wasn’t right what he said about the man that owns that Gilmer Free Press. We read it all the time and it doesn’t cost us a nickel just like your stuff. Half the time we wouldn’t know what was going on if we didn’t. And the good thing is if we miss anything our neighbors fill us in.

    That letter he wrote you all keeps talking about old web sites that were taken down (I remember that Cal Patty site it was hilarious) so what is his problem now? Just because you fellas won’t give up when you think you are right is about as much as I can come up with. Seems to me a lot of folks agree with you on a lot of things. Is that what put the burr under his saddle?

    If I were that radio station I would fire that Palmer guy and then I would sue the people that helped him use my equipment to hack into anybody’s web sites and e mails. That is a wrong thing to do. I just read the Chinese have been doing that to Americans e mails and that’s what makes me think this fella Hough might be a little on the side of communism which I hate with all of my heart. And maybe the man that owns the newspaper better print an apology to that man who built his business right and ran it honest the American way. Don’t care about none of that other junk.

    One piece of advice is to put a leash on that crazy dog Hough (at least he gets his doggie papers for free) before he has another accident but from what I read he is probably in with that bunch of commies anyway. What else can you call people who want to take away a body’s right to free speech and free press and free thinking? They are just mad because they can’t give any kind of answers to the questions people are asking about things they think are wrong with their government and their schools and their law and the people won’t quit asking. Makes me think there is a lot more wrong going on we don’t know about. The guy didn’t even give one answer just a lot of gibberish like he was half crazy.

    I’m gonna stop now but can I ask you one thing? Who is that Ostinki girl? Never heard of her but my neighbor’s wife laughed and said she should talk to a doctor about that.
    Anyway, you guys keep up the good work. I’ll be reading and writing as long as we can still call this place we live in America. Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    SS Member: We call the new girl O Stinky but O stink ski is good too, maybe some kind of douche should be suggested, maybe Brian Kennedy …

    We are on to something good, just got the word tonight, it is all about the right feds so an effort will be made to contact a certain Senator with connections, show the title Hough ordered hidden, and show the title opinion that Hough ordered to disappear, and show the Secret Tape that proved the case was a time barred misdemeanor and only was brought forth out of malice. Bad Faith – decision and ruling by a federal judge could clean out all the well known power elite names and maybe get one or two of them a federal prison cell while they await their fight defending the home made corruption they executed with bad intent, and that was fully exposed by the fine folk at the GILMER FREE PRESS — West Virginia’s number ONE hit getter!!

    But, we have many other issues to share, we just want to take care of the oldest ones first to get them off the books. The threats by Larry Chapman being loud about town saying how he is going to have a certain someone killed along with his whole family, and the threats Metz made in public that have not been followed up on. You see the whole system has to be taken down. We have discovered how the corruption works and who all is part of the machine. The numbers are great, but it does go all the way up the ranks to Charleston and it did go all the way to Manchin for he was deep in the pockets of locals. It is amazing the system WV has in place, but it TRULY an amazing story. We have collected a lot of data especially since that Gary Collins photographer guy told some man he thought was a fed all about how he works for R Terri Butcher and how Butcher was paying huge dollars to have people killed and that Hough paid hackers to find out who all was making comments on the GFP and who all was involved and it was so very Glenville and so very Gilmer County that I believed every word that crazy Gary Collins said, but aren’t they afraid Collins is going to roll on them, because I heard Collins rolled today and told on everybody!! “Have another drink Princess Di”

  4. GSC Concerned

    This has got to be the only place in the world where the supposedly well educated, living in a College town, would openly blame a website for what its readers contribute and use the newspaper there do it!

    The actions of Gerald Hough and the Glenville Democrat are so ignorant on so many different levels they just don’t deserve a response and I note that the Gilmer Free Press is just going about its business, bringing the local news to the citizens and allowing them to speak on any topic there. In all fairness, I see that the citizens are responding and still putting their thoughts out there. It got Hough and Corcoran nowhere. I guess everybody but me already knew they were bigots. I mean, I’m not stupid, I knew they were not saints, I knew they would always lay the blame for their unhappiness on someone else’s doorstep, but I learn something new about how low they will go every day.

    Hough acts like no one has a reason to fear his office. He’s so honest and cares so much for his fellow man. But every single adult in Gilmer County knows that Law Enforcement and the Court System are a selective process here. If they get you in court they can hit you with a feather or with a brick. And the sad part is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the charges. I mean look at Everett Campbell, a year for murder as premeditated as it comes. All the proof in the world his ex wife had to watch it and yet they felt comfortable with that.

    Oh, they’ll go after the women child abusers with their teeth showing as they should, but what happens to the male molesters? Nothing, the police will tell you, now she was six then and didn’t tell until she was twelve, I don’t believe it happened and we never hear anything about it. Same thing with rape. It is as though the literature and education on the subject available to them never existed and heaven knows they couldn’t have bothered to read it. Not on child molestation, not on domestic violence, not on drug enforcement, rape, murder or any other subject that has a law and guidance attached to it. These decisions are made by the men who run Gilmer County, watch, learn and consider.

    This is fact, not fiction, and given the lack of positive attitude toward rational discussion and following the laws and rules of conduct would you want to be in a Gilmer County Court? We need to move away from the election process for all of our leadership selection at least at the county level. We need to have a central elected position responsible for the appointment of these department heads so that there is a firing process in place when they go rogue. Then the central elected position can be held accountable for their actions as well at the ballot box. If we can put some accountability in place there won’t be any more hitting you with a feather or a brick depending on who you are. If it happens there will be a way to fix it. Think about it people, there is a way and it’s in place in WV Code. I say no more feather or brick justice. How about compassionate justice for all based on the laws and the facts, not the whims of the elected.

    Editors note: Well, I could tell you something about that feather brick thing, but finally without our knowledge someone has been watching Gilmer County and all the corruption and offered assistance, but I can’t speak of it, since only a few have been told. A new Power that be player has followed the corruption from Glenville to Charleston and the list of names is very long, very very long. I wish I could tell it, but I can’t.

    These people below are the Minions under glass currently from the Power Elite:
    Hough, Corcoran, C Huff the blond cone-headed monkey, Stephens, Ward and Ward, that would be down pat Pat and Leslie who nobody likes at GSC, and it appears she was not really accurate about some of her background, but the worst part of it is the sponsors and clients of that radio station. All the clients of the station should immediately pull their schedules of advertising, for the scandal that will be brought from the crimes of these individuals committed by compromising their computer network at WBRB – the FCC in DC will not be pleased the radio station is being used by Gerry Hough to commit crimes when all the facts are presented.

  5. CalPatty Press - The TRUTH hurts if you are part of the GERRY HOUGH Gang, of P Ward, L Ward, P Stephens, Corcoran , C Huff etc etc etc.

    I was just sent the latest bullshit by the person that thinks they are an IT wizard — by getting their IT degree over the internet, yeah from taking classes on the internet, big fucking deal Leslie and you learned nothing you stupid fuck.

    HEY DUMMY you don’t get a source from doing a “WHO IS IT” search, but how could you not know that- you have no REAL education, or background in electronics, your whole TRUE IT is pretty fucking funny, so you might find some extra hits there, in the next day or two, for I am sending some of my friends to read it, just so everyone knows we are dealing with a fake fuck!

    It is pretty amusing to listen to you speculate, but Palmer Stephens fucked up when he signed FCC logs and then violated station policy by abusing their network for the gain of Gerald B Hough.

    OH GERRY SHINES on the front page of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit today, well shine your ass out of town Gerry, people won’t be liking you much the week of the 19th and don’t want you around to fuck up their world, they have all heard about YOU a time or two and your LOW RENT ROMANCE!!

    Hey Stephens the stations entire client list is being contacted about your criminal acts and the FCC may have something to fine the station about. HACKING internet sites and mail sites from a federally licensed entity could prove to be a bit of a sticky wicket!

    Speaking of sticky wickets are you really fucking Connie O Stink ski? FUCK that is one smelly pussy, no wonder that night guy wants to leave early so that your horse is the only one left.

    Hey man you were informed about the concerns from legitimate sources. You can comply or we can come by and you can sigh with your hand over your eye for shitting where you eat you goat boy bitch, and then claim you were blind and could not see the light of Jesus!! See the light of JESUS STEPHENS!!! See the light!! But you don’t see much light these days, when you are not sleeping and hacking you are in that Connie O Stink ski from the Gilmer County Commission, and add your nocturnal emission for the girl that works for the commission! SEE the light of JESUS!!

    Why would you want to bring a world of shit down on your head all for GERRY HOUGH — Dude the fucking po po not from around there, do not agree with the po po from around there and there may be a dispute concerning such soon.

    But, we love to fight, and we will fight in the sky, on the ground, in the water, in the city, out in the woods, and as an added factor our very well trained dogs love to hunt and they got a nose for stinky pussy for they love that shit just like you boy!

    SS Member: They, the POWER ELITE – Gerry Hough-R Terry, and Timothy B Butcher really believe the majority of people in this area are dumb as rocks. It is the whole basis for their superiority. Give them a title and they think it makes them invincible. Surprise! People aren’t afraid of them? Something has gone awry in the Ville and they don’t know how to fix it, well someone should tell Arnold Palmer to SEE the light of Jesus!!

    That was pretty funny, but I don’t think he gets it yet!

  6. Glenville State College Employee Leslie Ward - Pat Ward WACO OIL and GAS! DRUGS and ASS!! GSC- WBRB-FM and WACO joined together in CRIME!!!

    Do we as a community have a problem when employees at Glenville State College misuse the equipment entrusted to them, collaborate with elected officials of Gilmer County and conspire with a vendor who works for both governmentally established entities to damage the reputation of Gilmer County Taxpayers? You damn right we do.

    Nobody really gives two hoots that Pat Ward works for WACO or that his wife Leslie works for Glenville State College. We suspected something was up when they made first contact with a site they knew was unsympathetic to actions of their employers. As we know, GSC and WACO are joined at more than the hip. Then they want to be cry baby bitches and sing the blues about how qualified they are and how mistreated they have been when what they really qualify for is the “Patsy of the Year” award granted each year by GSC and WACO to their most easily manipulated employee.

    You tried, I’ll give you that, but you got caught. If you think anyone takes your know nothing word as gospel you are very sadly mistaken. That feeble attempt at hacking has gotten you nothing but contempt. Trying to say what people want to hear is not going to get you to the top like you thought when you fell into that pile of what you figured to be roses and a free ride. Reminds me of the bird that should have stayed quiet, warm and happy in the pile of crap it fell into but met its demise when it started singing.

    You haven’t been around long enough to use the big dog’s names to verify your version of truth and at this rate you probably won’t. Dissemination of unreliable information can put people in untenable positions and your facts and actions certainly can not be defended with anything but “I just did what I was told!” That won’t be a popular position for long as you will soon see. No one at the top is going to take the fall for you two incompetents feeding them wrong information. Haven’t you heard it all flows downhill and hello, I believe you’re at the bottom of the pile? I mean, it was easy to see how gullible you are when you believed the college interviewed people that didn’t qualify for the job. If that’s all it takes to make you feel special, I’ve got this bridge you special guys you.

    SS MEMBER: YOU see you don’t all know Gerry like we do and we have gone to the Police and hopefully by the time Monday is over we will have been in front of a judge to get the documents we need to carry out our tasks. Right now we have more than a serious hard feeling to deliver and it is matter of who HAD THE BEST LAWYER and who gets to the federal judge with the paper work first. Whoever does wins and whowever doesn’t loses. We want some JUSTICE and right now justice is spelled Stephens, Ward and Ward.

    Y’all have a real bad attorney, but we don’t and so all those little bullshit comments we want to approach you with in person if it is alright, would you agree to a personal meeting outside of gilmer county, for evil runs right down that Crooked County Line! Lets hook up bitches !!!
    We prefer a meeting in our home territory of Calhoun. Bring it!! We will!!

    “A man does what he must and do whatever it takes to get a “POWER ELITE” BUST — in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures — and that is the basis of all human morality,

    And we will get YOU one by one by one no matter how fucking long it takes, we want some ass now, and we will have some ass! And it is spelled a SS!!

  7. Council of Concerned Citizens - WTF! Bill WOLFE BEATEN BY THREE and that is an accident? See how these people are? The Power Elite of Glenville are CRIMINALS from the top down!! We need to get them dogs on them!!

    When was the last time you were beaten by three men got a broken arm, had your jaw broken and then the bullshit Glenville Police and the Glenville Democrat give their official account of the matter as AN ACCIDENT!!

    Read page 8b from the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of BULLSHIT the May 26th edition where GERRY HOUGH published his HATE SPEECH along with Dave Corcoran — and then, they report a man being beaten and the last words in the Democrap article are the investigation into the ACCIDENT is continuing!!


    Is this Dave Corcoran and Cassandra Huff being stupid fucks as we know they are — or is it the Police telling us, they are not going to do shit about a REAL CRIME as USUAL?!! Glenville is a trip man!

    What a fucking NIGHTMARE!!!

    Now you see what all goes on in GLENVILLE!

    If you just googled GERRY HOUGH GLENVILLE like we ask some mainstream reporters to do and find this page and this article DO NOT come to GLENVILLE WITHOUT A GUN!!!

    Listen, I never come to this town without packing heavy, a 9 auto in a holster, a backup and an AK close by in the trunk with a 7o round clip!!

    I am saying this because God Damn it you will need those bitches!!

    Listen to this:

    Witnesses watched the BEATING by three men of Bill Lee WOLFE who is 27 years old and in some pain since he got his ASS beat outside of the Lion’s Lair bar at about 3:30 in the morning on May 21st. Now if dude had the small 38 revolver back up, he could have got five shots off at those three fucks, and had the 9mm Glock 17 to follow along beside them while they ran away wounded.

    Chief Moss was the investigating officer, so what does that say….

    Nothing will come of the investigation? Maybe no report was even filled out?

    Hey MOSS we might FOIA your paper work on that just to keep you honest for Glenville has most definitely turned into a lawless town where public officials can commit public records fraud and MURDER FRED HILL too!! And then, when they see Bill Wolfe, well HELL maybe a broken arm and a broken jaw will do him this time.

    Get your permit to carry if you do not have one, for you WILL NEED IT in GLENVILLE where the elite meet in Crooked County down by that Crooked River!!!

    • William Lee Wolfe. And your fucking right nothing will be done. It wouldn’t be because Gilmer has worthless cops, would it? I would hate to see them get off of their ass and do the job that their getting paid to do….

      Editors note: We do have good news, The Sheriff’s department is going to be questioned about their misconduct involving NOT taking the complaint involving the missing 1/6th of 155 acres surface property and complicit in the crime of keeping that 1/6th from being recognized by the Supreme Court and may be charged with a federal crime.Clearly the Sheriff has attempted a cover for Beverly Marks and is NOW CAUGHT and WILL be held accountable!!

      Tonight at 6pm there is a meeting, that will lead to another meeting with two federal agencies already briefed on the long list of wrongdoing and criminal activities by the Gilmer County Sheriff involving six years of criminal conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer.

      • Please keep us in Gilmer County posted. I think all the fucking cops there needs a change of jobs. There is the ones that wont even write a fucking complaint, then the ones who let their family members go on a DUI involving a wreck with injuries.

        Editors note: A private citizen spent thousands to gather documents needed to prosecute public officials that knowingly brought false evidence to a grand jury — the old do nothing and it will go away did not work this time.

      • Anonymous on the sixth June on a Normandy Beach day...

        It was Wayne Roberts that beat that kid to near death. also, i hear that Cosner girl is the one who stole all the money from pjs daycare. everyone thinks that i am dumb, but i know more shit on more people than they will ever know.

        Editors note: See you can just say it on here, and then say, I’m just sayin… but we have to say it was allegedly Wayne Roberts that beat that kid near to death and allegedly money was stolen by the Cosner girl, because we don’t know it, ya know? So there ya go… but since you know it, then other people know, and then we know it too! Lets get some proof so we can say it is true. We can prove a lot of shit and that is why we don’t have a problem with sayin it, that is when we can PROVE IT!!

      • Low Life Way Roberts

        O.K. so if it is known that Wayne Roberts is the one that done the beating, why is he still walking free? What the fuck was his issue? There was suppose to be others in on the beating, not sure who though. I guess if your going to kill someone or try to kill someone Gilmer County is the place to do it. Just remember are tax dollars are hard at work while the police are getting drugs for their pill popping girlfriends, covering up the murder of Fred Hill, and robbing the citizens blind.

        Editors note: You have asked some good questions, and you have made some valid points. And when you say police getting drugs for their pill popping girlfriends, are you making reference to Casey Jones and his girlfriend or are we speaking of someone else?

  8. Crooked County Crooks--FORGED SUBPOENA SERVED -- CRIMINAL COMPLAINT TO BE FILED AGAINST Pat Ward suspected of being the forger, so I guess that means we GET to bang the shit out of leslie now ...

    Hough’s minions PAT WARD, LESLIE WARD, and PALMER STEPHENS could be charged with federal crime for forging court documents and serving false subpoena’s — a court order will be served to get their information from the source that filed the fake subpoena’s – and expert wrote back early this morning with the verdict…

    You’re right in that this “subpoena dues tecum” is mostly likely a fake, and someone has forged Hough’s signature. I can tell you I’ve seen many subpoenas dues tecum, and this bears no resemblance to what is used in either the state or federal court system. Then again, you’re in Gilmer County so everything is upside down and backwards.

    Nevertheless, I dont’ hesitate to say a crime has been committed here. Forgery, uttering, impersonating a law enforcement officer and wire fraud are just the starters. The only question now is how do you get justice in Gilmer County given how most everything else gets covered-up?

    You got that right Gilmer County is Crooked as fuck but we are on it like a big dog on that stinky pussy of County Commission assistant Connie O Stink ski, hey man see a fucking doctor about that shit!! It is disgusting!


    ****************************SECRET TAPE FOR AIR**************************

    “And then his attorney reported to Police my address was obtained by use of a forged subpoena and that is fact!”

    “Would you mind telling me how one forges a subpoena?”

    “Easy– you fake one with the assistance of Gerry Hough – just like Pat WARD from WACO OIL and GAS did! He took an inkjet like printer at IKE MORRIS’ place of business and made a “subpoena” which he presented to my W-Host ”

    “I posted proof that he had issued a “subpoena” on my W-Host.”

    “So you are stating that your W-Host has no attorney?”

    “They must be idiots, we have no clue, but it is a federal charge and now they will be working with us to make sure the police in Maryland get all the evidence!”

    “You see we had to call the POLICE on the Police in Glenville and it is more important to us to eliminate the element that covers up crimes than the actual criminal, for what they do is beyond evil and can only be corrected by long prison sentences and we want to go after everyone that owes us money and we have some special personal issues and then seek out and destroy via court documents all the public officials that have been involved in corruption and doing it for years so that we can have our nice town back again!”

    “Just look at all the shit R Terry Butcher and Timothy B Butcher have gotten away with, it makes your stomach turn, but now they will be shocked to learn they have been found out and there is an account to pay. Me!”

    Editors note: We are having the original FAKE and FORGED subpoena sent back for testing for when we asked the foo foo boy in SF that got the document he said it smelled like pussy, so we are thinking that at some point in the making of the fake document it could have been touched by CONNIE O STINK SKI the new girl looking to work her way up and since CONNIE O Stink SKI is fucking Palmer Stevens …well you figure it out, and some point O Stink Ski touched the document that was forged for Hough of Hough.

  9. Shining the Light on Censorship in Gilmer County

    Shining the Light on Censorship in Gilmer County

    The recent Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder “Letter to the Editor” gives examples of hate speech and cultural bias against the local business owner of the Gilmer Free Press and was proudly signed by our Prosecuting Attorney /College Professor Gerald B. Hough.

    Hough’s primary complaint was about the people using the website who chose to remain anonymous while expressing their opinion. He held the Gilmer Free Press owner responsible for publishing those opinions. Hough felt the opinions should be suppressed, and then used the voice of his elected office to insult a valued member of the community.

    The choice of Editor David Corcoran – He used Hough as an example of “Folks Who Shine” in the next edition — which only served to confirm that the Editor himself agreed with that letter! Corcoran is an obvious racist! That was, unfortunately, to be expected. The success of the Free Press has been a thorn in his side for some time!

    Given the Prosecutors practically self confessed compliance with illegal net and email hacking this type of dirty dealing has been no surprise to any reasonable citizen of Gilmer County. A person would think they had hit an all time low, but no.

    The obvious agreement of the Prosecutor with sending an illegal subpoena not issued by the court and bearing his forged signature becomes just another shameful example of how quickly self professed ethics and care for the people goes away when those in power feel too much freedom is not in their best interest. Obvious agreement made evident by no inquiry being launched to find the culprit and bring them to justice. As we all know, you don’t look for your own conspirator.

    On August 22, 2011, the religious conservative Justice and Democratic Party plans to require all Turkish computer users to choose among four Internet filters: family, children, domestic or standard–if they wish to gain online access. The authorities also have given Internet service providers and website hosts a list of 138 keywords that are off-limits. Most seem arbitrary but all are guaranteed to minimize any reference to freedom that might displease the local government and all are to ensure total online censorship by the Turkish government as part of their “false democracy”. That term will soon be applied to democracy in Gilmer County if a complacent public gets led like unknowing sheep to the slaughter.

    Unfortunately for Gilmer County our lack of freedom of speech and the wanton invasion of our privacy is just OK with the power players who are willing to take yours but don’t think the same rules will apply to them. If these people get their way, we will be rapidly forced into the same corner as Turkey (which I thought the Prosecutor would be more versed in than Hasidic pearls of wisdom) as their oppression would fit right in with ours.

    We are watching it happen right here in Gilmer County and it is nothing that a town with a daily life revolving around education should ever condone.

    If you can’t trust those you elected to protect your freedoms who can you trust?

    When people are not permitted to question and converse then we may as well name a King.

    We already have a candidate who can get free advertising!

    If there is not enough work for full time dedication to the courts and compliance, then maybe we only need a part time Prosecuting Attorney. Then they can spend the rest of their time on personal grudges and ruling the world.

    However, if they want to use the internet in Gilmer County, it is suggested they do it anonymously!

    Editors note: Gilmer County is considered CRIMINAL COUNTY by outside law enforcement looking in. They are anxious to talk to Sheriff Metz about his covering up of crimes and would like to explain to him that it is a FELONY to cover up a felony, even if it his friends, or a close relative that he is risking everything to protect! The federal attorney consulted stated for the record that, “The forged Subpoena will be easy to trace and I will bet you 1000 dollars it traces right back to Gerry Hough!”


    Legal advertising is advertising by lawyer (attorneys at law) and law firms referring primarily to required legal postings

    Legal marketing by lawyers (attorneys at law) is a broader term than legal advertising. It refers to advertising and other practices, such as client relations and public relations.

    Certain marketing practices are considered illegal, and many others may be considered violations of legal ethics. Shock advertising, for example, would be considered unethical.’’

    If it wasn’t a shock (and meant to be so) to read that culturally biased, racial profiling, hate speech filled letter to the editor by the County Prosecutor in the towns only written newspaper nothing ever will be. Voters wanted to believe the man was above that. The record reflects otherwise.

    In the same edition, the Prosecutor purchased or was given an advertisement for his office as a representative of the courts with inference to the U.S. Constitution. The advertisement includes a web site which purports to have illegally hacked an internet service provider’s web space and individual email accounts. The same information is displayed on his personal business ad and as such he is advertising his support for illegality and the anonymous opinions he claims to hate so much .Such an action , in this writers humble opinion, shows gross unethical conduct and abuse of the power and authority conveyed by his election to Public Office.

    Conflicts of interest often occur when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other.

    A conflict of interest can only exist if a person or testimony is entrusted with some impartiality; a modicum of trust is necessary to create it. The presence of a conflict of interest is independent from and act of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs. It can be but it never seems to happen in Gilmer County.

    Self-policing of any group is also a conflict of interest. If any organization, such as a corporation or government bureaucracy, is asked to eliminate unethical behavior within their own group, it may be in their interest in the short run to eliminate the appearance of unethical behavior, rather than the behavior itself, by keeping any ethical breaches hidden, instead of exposing and correcting them. An exception occurs when the ethical breach is already known by the public. In that case, it could be in the group’s interest to end the ethical problem to which the public has knowledge, but keep remaining breaches hidden. Would anyone like to dedicate a few pages on that subject?

    Crony capitalism is a term describing a capitalist based economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials.

    It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, jobs, bids, contracts and so forth. In the private business it can be a good thing. The same is not true when profiting by use of political influence over any aspect of the means of production. This type of profit does not always involve a cash transaction or require a cash investment. It is well established that the Good Old Boy type of political administration is a breeding ground for this type of corruption. Business success, job control, requirements, promotion and, success with contracts are just a few possibilities.

    Cronyism is a term we should become familiar with. This writer is sure you know of a few sets of “old cronies”. It means partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Good old boy network is the term more commonly used around here. Cronyism is contrary in practice and principle to dealings on merit where appointments are made and responsibilities assigned to individuals based on intelligence, credentials, education, and experience showing demonstrated honesty and ethical behavior. What an original idea!

    Cronyism exists when the appointer and the beneficiary are in social contact; often, the appointer is inadequate to hold his or her own job or position of authority and for this reason the appointer appoints individuals who will not try to weaken him or her, or express views contrary to those of the appointer. May not be the brightest bulb in the bunch but believe some of us know a little more about this subject than we’d like to admit. Politically, “cronyism” is always derogatorily used.

    Political cronyism (or the Good Old Boy Network) spills over into the business world when self-serving friendships and family ties between businessmen and the government influence the economy and society to the extent that it corrupts public-serving economic and political ideals. I hope you are reading this GCEDA, Gilmer County Recreation Center Board, Gilmer County Commisison and per your recent OEP audit – Gilmer County Board of Education..

    Hope you will take the time to read these comments and really think about the implication of what these words mean. Words are a powerful thing. The intervention of politics suggests social relations involving authority or power and the regulation of public affairs within a political unit. Power applied beyond its scope and meaning by elected officials has a long term effect on the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply what is perceived as policy within this county. It should only be common sense to value all citizens and work toward lifting them up not crushing their spirit. Even more so when those same people vote to put you in office. Around here the standard is self serving servitude.

    Hope you will take the time to read these comments and really think about what these words mean in your life. Words are a powerful thing and those of our elected officials represent us as citizens to the public reaching much farther than our little town or county.

  11. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf - OEP AUDIT CONFIRMS Revenge of the Ghost Wolf TELLS THE TRUTH AGAIN!


    Subsequent to the OEPA audit (Monday, May 22, 2011), the Gilmer County Board of Education appointed 12 new members to the original CEFP planning committee. This action raises questions about who prepared the recommended membership and how it was presented to the Gilmer County Board of Education for approval. All individuals interviewed by telephone stated, “The list appeared” before each board member at the May 22, 2011 meeting.

    The superintendent stated that he recommended this list of names to the county board for approval. However, the superintendent was not clear about how the list of recommended appointees to the CEFP planning committee was developed and who placed the list of names in front of each board member. He and other individuals indicated that the list was circulated by a local media representative.(GUESS WHO?) It was further reported that a local media representative moved around the table and marked through the word “tentative” beside one name on the list. Some local individuals feel that board member(s) developed this particular list to include individuals who will support the majority of the board members’ desires.

    At this point, the OEPA cannot verify the veracity of these reports; however, persons interviewed indicated a close relationship between some of the CEFP planning committee new appointees and a member of the Gilmer County Board of Education.

    It is not clear that the county superintendent recommended all the new CEFP planning committee members or how the members were selected. Regardless, this is another example of questionable actions by the Gilmer County Board of Education. It is the responsibility of the board president to follow proper meeting procedures.

    Gilmer County Schools are at an emergency stage. The county has lost over half their student population in the past ten years. The system has not adjusted their facilities and their staffing patterns to confront these realities. The current school board is dysfunctional, divided, not providing leadership, and actually impeding progress due to not following laws and policies/designed to improve student performance. Technology infrastructure is lacking and rules are not being followed due to board decisions. Financial irregularities are occurring in part due to decentralized accounting procedure decisions. Three school facilities of the five in the county are sorely lacking and maintenance at all facilities is desperately needed. One school has been condemned and portable classrooms are on site. The county does not have an approved Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan and has been unable to reach consensus on what is needed.

    Documentation is mostly insufficient to determine if laws are being followed to hire the most qualified applicants. Board minutes, however, reflect that the school board is trying to micro-manage, essentially replacing their administrators’ and county superintendent’s recommendations with their own, leading to a flawed hiring, transferring, and reduction in force system. Numerous questionable and irregular decisions are being made by the board prompting distrust and suspicion.

    Other problems observed were 16 licensure and authorization issues, several irregularities in personnel evaluations, incomplete mentor programs for new employees, inadequate physical education program, incomplete policies, and illegal preference for local individuals in hiring.

  12. CCC - Glenville Citizens are tired of being lied to by those self-appointed in Power!

    Glenville Citizens and Gilmer County Residents have been getting the strait scoop on misconduct and corrupt public officials from the SS and CCC since 2006 and many are speaking out in the Glenville Free Press!

    Gerry Hough has hired the minion group of PAT WARD -Waco OIL and ASS, PALMER STEPHENS little league small market no talent disc jockey and LESLIE WARD – WEB DESIGNER for the new look- at the school that comes from the town that is NUMBER ONE in unresolved RAPES and MURDER Glenville, WV!!

    THESE people were hired to find who it is that is SPEAKING OUT in the Gilmer Free Press, so they can have false charges brought, Gerry’s Specialty, or KILLED or sued for all they own. all these threats also coming from R TERRY BUTCHER and Timothy B Butcher from Gilmer Housing Partners and the B & B Law Firm, the people ordered to pay $340,000 in damages by a Federal Judge for the LATEST LAND SWINDLE SANCTIONED BY GSC!

    Well here is what one fine brave citizen is saying in regard to:

    OEPA Report Shows Many Irregularities and Violations in Gilmer County Schools

    This report should cause Gilmer’s citizens to raise serious questions about other Gilmer County irregularities. Is it logical that our legal system, the County Commission, and other entities which are supposed to serve the public are NOT clean?

    After reading the report it is obvious why individuals who ask questions and express opinions are singled out for attacks in attempts to silence them.

    Our self-appointed mind guards and cheer leaders continually give assurances that all is well, no need for concern, and everything will be fine if we continue with “that is the way we do it in Gilmer County” way of functioning. Independent audits of all public bodies in the County will be necessary to enable us to eventually modernize and cease functioning like a third world county.

    Hopefully, outside government sleuths will read the report to become motivated to rush in to expose incompetence and corruption.

    SS Member: Here is what others are saying about CROOKED COUNTY aka GILMER COUNTY and all the dirty rotten underhanded dealings that go on daily!!!

    “It’s all about the CHURCH of IKE MORRIS, the CHURCH of the POISON MIND!”

    “I left Glenville many years ago and corrupted it still is!! I’m not surprised by this situation at all liars everyone of the self appointed KINGS like the Butchers!”

    “What about Mel Waddell shooting the Stump boys on Toler Fork and getting by with it???”

    “This is what happens when you live in MORRIS TOWN USA where a commissioner is GAY and RAPE is OK!”

    “Gilmer County has well-earned its nick name of CROOKED COUNTY!”

    “Definitely, a clear picture is emerging through the well crafted well written articles of the CalPatty Press — people who were threatened, but obviously never left — for this site has COW PATTY written all over it! And it is the kind that smells good, and only smells bad when it hits the face of the DOG FACED WOMAN Reta Kight!! The original shit face!”

    • No one is safe in Gilmer County. You never have been.
    • Don’t walk at night, watch your back and pray you don’t anger the power brokers.
    • Gilmer County is known for rape, murder, and falsely convicting innocent citizens!

    These are all exact quotes from citizens either mailed to us or left on comments which are on websites run by the FREE PRESS and the SS!!


    Outside law enforcement seeking to question Bobby Duvall of GCHS sent us this!!

    ARLINGTON — A suburban North Texas high school teacher has been accused of having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home and was released on bond Monday.

    Brittni Nicole Colleps, an English teacher at Kennedale High School, is charged with five counts of having an inappropriate relationship between a student and teacher — a second-degree felony. It is a criminal offense for teachers to have sex with a primary or secondary school student, no matter the student’s age. A conviction carries a penalty of anywhere from two years to 20 years in prison per count.

    The Arlington woman was booked into the city jail after turning herself in Monday morning and posted a $125,000 bond for her release that afternoon, police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard told The Associated Press.

    A telephone message left at Colleps’ home was not returned.

    Authorities allege Colleps, 27, had sex with the students at her home over the past two months. Arlington authorities began investigating the allegations after hearing about them from school staff and Kennedale police on May 11.

    During the investigation, Arlington detectives learned that Colleps and students had exchanged text messages that included sexually explicit pictures, Richard said. Students also told detectives of having sex at the teacher’s home.

    Kennedale school Superintendent Gary Dugger told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that school officials learned about it Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon had gone to police.

    Tarrant County records show Colleps has been married for seven years, the Star-Telegram reported.

    Aside from being a first-year English teacher, Colleps coached the freshman girls’ basketball team.

    She was placed on paid administrative leave until the end of the school year, said Mike Leasor, attorney for the Kennedale school system. Colleps had resigned her teaching contract in April, before the scandal came to light, Leasor said.

    Kennedale is a town of about 7,300 residents near Arlington eight miles southeast of Fort Worth. The high school has about 3,200 students.

  14. Today is a significant day for today is June 7th, and it seems like any other day, but a lot of out of town interested parties known to hold influential positions have been briefed about the outright criminal activity of public officials, will be watching and learning all about Gilmer County Law Enforcement who are experts at covering up crimes and not investigating them.

    Can one person out there, name one significant criminal investigation undertaken by the Gilmer County Sheriff? All we need is one ….hmmm just as I thought, I can’t remember even one either.

    Now, lets try to name all the cover up’s the Gilmer County Sheriff’s have been involved in….

    More than we could fit in this small comment most likely. Now, I ask you ….is that normal?

    If you want the full scoop on what is really going on, read the GILMER FREE PRESS and the top of the front page. We are going to gather people together to sign a petition to have Gerry Hough removed from office for crimes he has committed in office.

    Hey GERRY you got some big dog eyes on you now, and your minions too!

  15. That Pat Ward dude is a trip!

    Hey everyone! Pat Ward is a minion for Hough, and a pathetic one at that, very predictable, but very stupid!

    HEY down pat Pat! You might want to ask around and find out just who it is you have been fucking with. You are in the backwoods city boy!! You ain’t anybody, and further never will be. You are just a punk ass bitch. That is all you will ever be.

    What the hell man, I am here to tell you folks that PAT WARD has a real twisted sense of reality.
    Hey Pat Ward ..

    Do you think we are invalids and are not mobile for some reason asshole ?

    All I can glean from down pat PAT WARD ramblings on the GFP is that he is one heck of a good puppet for the puppet masters and is trying like the dickens to ingratiate himself as another of WACOs lap dogs.

    Ward or anyone he’s asked” can’t see the racial slur and hate speech in Hough’s letter?

    Nobody in the POWER ELITE or a minion like Patty boy sees or hears what they must conspire to deny. If the only people you ask are the people that want you to be part of Hough’s conspiracy to commit illegal acts, what in the hell do you think they are going to say?!! It is just like Hough losing the evidence against Chief Deputy Bandy in Calhoun County, it is obvious what he did, but there was no accountability, that is until out of state peep’s started to a peeping, and creepin and while the P Elite are sleepin.

    Is WARD carrying the article placed in the Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit by HOUGH around with him to show people and get their opinion?

    Not likely. We have seen his type before!

    WARD never really has accomplished anything in his whole life and Connie Ostinkski just as we suspected is definitely part of the group of minions, which is good for us for it could implicate the county commission in forgery and uttering and wire fraud. COOL! That would be more than we could have ever have hoped for.

    The server logs at GFP will trace the origin of the hacking and then it will be party time!

    Someone should tell Connie O stink ski about her feminine hygiene problem….Maybe down pat Pat should tell her, but then what would he would know he is married to Leslie the new GSC suck up.

    So you see we have all aspects of the Power Elite represented, the County Commission represented by Connie Old Stinky pussy, and then while mentioning stinky lets not forget there is OLD Leslie for IKE’s college, GSC, and then PAT WARD for WACO oil, and now how perfect is that?

    Perfecto mundo!

    So give yourself a hug and a pat, Pat!

    Roll over Patty Boy, maybe you’ll get a rub on the belly and a special treat tonight before you slink back to your kennel. Maybe you can get a piece of that dog faced woman, Reta Kight!!

    If all ya minions think you have brought any thinking person over to the dark side with that kind of reasoning you better watch out. Next thing you know they’ll have you to the vets for neutering and doggie downs!!

    It’s what the Power Elite do to all their lap dogs sooner or later!

  16. This new group of minions is a funny group, because of course they think they are a force for good, but instead are just bullshit mouth piece minions for the local POWER ELITE LED BY IKE MORRIS.

    Also this “NEW GROUP OF MINIONS LED BY GERRY HOUGH” are very misinformed technical people, of which I claim to have no knowledge, but I am knowledgeable enough to know that some of our long time associates that are members of the Secret Seven Coalition have the highest credential obtainable in that area, and these “MINIONS” have big mouths and are wannabe achievers but fell short.

    I am continually amused by their speculation on “WHO” people are and they narrow it down to just two. Well take it from me, exposing corruption in West Virginia is a full time job, but when we have mainstream press reporters counting on us gathering information and then sharing it with them, along with the court documents needed for their mainstream press articles, believe you me, it takes more than two people.

    Also what this group of “PAID MINIONS” don’t know is that many members of the SS are female and I get kind of miffed about the fact that all of the “Hotties” never get mentioned!

    Law action in the form of a criminal tort for criminal negligence is being readied to be served against Gilmer County as soon as all the facts can be gathered together. Our attorney says we are almost there. CONNIE O STINK SKI may be included now, for we have a suspicion she was involved in forging a bogus document now presented for evidence to POLICE not connected to anyone in WV but they DO Have jurisdiction — and if our suspicions prove to be true, then there will be more 3rd party defendants and possible other action.

    ALL accusation’s by Hough and his “NEWLY RECRUITED PAID MINIONS” involving any wrongdoing of CCC or SS members — they are guilty of themselves, from the looks of all facts gathered, considering the HATE AD placed in the Glenville Democrat!

    Server logs will either determine guilt or innocence in the alleged hacking by GERLAD B HOUGH and his minions, but suffice it to say, the law enforcement agency that got the complaint believes facts indicate that all allegations appear to be true.

    Attorneys in Charleston have been contacted just in case they are needed to bring local action if need be. So put up the bucks if you wanted to talk shit, this has been a fight we have been in a long long time.

    It can be proven there were public records fraud violations inside the Gilmer County Court house and staff members have backed up those allegations — and finally we will be going after those that covered those crimes up. We have made it quite clear our targets are those that cover up matters and that reached as high as Virginia Lanham who is the attorney for the highest of the high ranks. Matters she covered up were immediately picked up by special litigation’s an agency of the US Government, and title 18’s may be filed before the end of the month against all those responsible. So be prepared for a long drawn out court battle that could take years, but hey, we have time.

    Hough has been exposed for many criminal infractions, but the subornation of perjury is backed up by enough proof, that – that situation could get wings in a federal jurisdiction and you add up that with the latest charge being brought forward of perjury and Hough may need to be talking to counsel. In fact, we would recommend counsel, and maybe we could settle matters outside the courtroom in an exchange for a guilty plea and to reimburse all those that were caused harm.

    Let it be known that we are going to have a very exciting summer here in Crooked County, West Virginia!! It is gonna be a hoot and a holler that is for sure!!

    Also a little note: The GFP front page article exposing Hough for his criminal conduct and behavior took 18,000 hits in just the first 24 hours!!

    18,000 hits in one day was most likely the top number of hits on any article on any site in the whole state, so that is what’s up!

    SS Member: Don’t discount Cassandra Huff’s involvement in all of this and her sick love for Gerry Hough — just informed of that also!

    IKE should know all the messages and all the bullshit propaganda coming from his office computer system already brought some heat down on him that he won’t appreciate because of Pat Ward.

    Hey message to Doug, hide the cocaine and the weed dude, just a little tip just in case, for we don’t want to see you get busted and fuck up everybody’s connect. We are libertarians and feel you have every right to do what you do, but that down pat Pat brought some major heat on y’all.

  17. WV State Board of Education Take Over of Gilmer County Schools.
    1) that the State Board find, based on the report from the Office of Education Performance Audits, that extraordinary circumstances exist in the Gilmer County school system
    2) that the State Board assign nonapproval status to the Gilmer County school system
    3) that the State Board declare that a state of emergency exists in the Gilmer school system based on the information presented in the OEPA report
    Should number four read ….?

    4) the State Board is getting sick of the Butchers trying to run everything and control people thru threats of violence and threats of law suit —but the citizens are hip now

    Are the Butcher losing Power after everybody found out about all their misconduct
    ….and their backing of the PAID MINIONS Of Gerald B HOUGH?


    Does this mean NO MORE NASIA?
    …No more Chapmans girl friend, or no more Larry Barton?
    Did they say John Bennett sucked so they are going to take over, and that John Bennett was a puppet to the Butcher brothers Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher being looked at for making death threats and trying to build false cases against people and generally making threats to control the regular folk like they always do.


    The STATE SAYS Step aside BITCH’S


    Too busy with your own selfish hate campaign against two key individuals dedicated to fighting misconduct and corruption?

    So here are the real facts novice little league bitches!

    You minion pieces of shit are pathetic and we think it is more than coincidence you represent all the evils destroying this community like WACO OIL and ASS, GSC and the County Commission, and now the citizens of Gilmer County can really see how you are..

    The citizens can see that you are self absorbed, disgusting, dishonest pieces of shit minions who SUPPORT 100% the crimes of Gerald B Hough including the $16,000 dollar invoice that was forged!! It can be EASILY proven that Hough forged it, it will be EASY to prove in court.

    Excerpts from the WV OEP Audit of Gilmer County Board of Education:…

    This action raises questions about who prepared the recommended membership and how it was presented to the Gilmer County Board of Education for approval!

    … the superintendent was not clear about how the list of recommended appointees to the CEFP planning committee was developed and who placed the list of names in front of each board member. He and other individuals indicated that the list was circulated by a local media representative by the name of CASSANDRA HUFF who much of the time is hopped up as fuck on goofenthal! Dave Corcoran likes it that way, and maybe it is time we learned to live without the one-sided views of Dave COCK RON — for it is important the biggest of the suck asses have his name pronounced properly, as Cor Co ran. It is synonymous with SHIT in this town now after he published Gerry Hough’s racist propaganda advertisement!

    It was further reported that local media representative Cassandra HUFF from the Glenville Democrat moved around the table and marked through the word “tentative” beside one name on the list.

    Cassandra HUFF over stepped her bounds and should have been (censored by the CCC) like the little bitch she is just for thinking she could get away with that shit.

    Some local individuals feel that board member(s) developed this particular list to include individuals who will support the majority of the board members’ desires….persons interviewed indicated a close relationship between some of the CEFP planning committee new appointees and a member of the Gilmer County Board of Education. .
    Regardless, this is another example of questionable actions by the Gilmer County Board of Education.

    Technology services were being contracted through RESA 7.

    In less than 10 years, the system has lost over half of their students
    Other problems observed were 16 licensure and authorization issues, several irregularities in personnel evaluations, incomplete mentor programs for new employees, inadequate physical education program, incomplete policies, and illegal preference for local individuals in hiring.

    Coaching Staff:
    **The coaches’ database was not up-to-date and had not been maintained.
    **A coach who was unable to obtain authorization for 2010-2011 (still pending due to legal background issues) was offered employment for 2011-2012 (should not have offered employment due to good faith issue).
    And HOW ABOUT the COACH as in BOBBY DUVALL that fucked the bejesus out of a Lady Titan while bringing beer to the raucous party a while back up HWY 33? The rest of the USA is aghast!
    Coaches Name Authorization Expired
    Coach Athletic Trainer/Limited Football Trainer Authorization expired 2008
    Coach Coaching Authorization Authorization expired June 30, 2010.
    Coach No authorization ever obtained
    Coach No authorization ever obtained
    Coach Coaching Authorization Authorization expired 2008
    Coach Coaching Authorization Authorization expired 2009

    Every irregular and illegal action here and more was reported by RGW prior to this audit.

    There were no lies except the ones coming out of your mouth and out of your ass minion little bitches!!

    The lie is Gerald B Hough, and the real lie are you little bullshit PAID minions!

    Hey minions would you feel the same if you were not getting a pay check from the Power Elite, you worthless little monkey-do’s?

    Everybody can see right through your hatred and deceit minions!





    SS Has identity of SHOOTER Tommie Lee of a Calhoun see the whole story WITH PHOTO’S just go to Concerned Citizens Free Press – the HOME of the Council of Concerned Citizens –by clicking the green line link above this comment

    Grantville WV A Calhoun man is dead of multiple gunshot wounds, apparently after being chased into a dead-end hollow a few miles from Big Bend on Tripett Run, a short distance from Yellow Creek Road.

    A 911 caller at 6:40 p.m. Wednesday, said gunshots had been fired in her driveway, and the shooter was still in his vehicle.

    Sheriff Allen Parsons, first on-scene, ordered the man to surrender, after which he exited the car and gave himself up.

    Authorities have yet to give a motive for the crime.
    Shooting took place at end-of-road in Calhoun hollow,
    WV State Police Crime Lab was dispatched to incident

    The WV State Police Crime Lab was dispatched to the scene, with Medical Examiner Stacy Harlow from Gilmer County who is an ex-employee of Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County.

    The WV State Police will be in charge of the murder investigation.

    The shooter, Tommie Lee Husk who often carries the aroma of Musk and Catfish now mixed with quite a lot of GUN POWDER is in Central Regional Jail, and HUSK is also a resident of Calhoun County the original home of the SS!

    The name of victim shot to death has not been released, but Stacy Harlow will have the information officially after next of kin have been notified!

    A resident of the house adjacent the shooting experienced medical problems and was taken to Minnie Hamilton Health System in Grantsville.

    Neighbors of the rural hollow, which has a half-dozen houses, said the vehicles driven by the shooter and victim passed through at a high-rate of speed just prior to the shooting.

  20. STATE TAKES OVER GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS – Surprise Audit Reveals Many Problems, Says Officials

    The state Board of Education voted Wednesday to take over the supervision of Gilmer County’s school system.

    State officials made an unannounced visit to Gilmer last month, saying they made numerous discoveries regarding problems with the school system.

    The performance audit cited issues with leadership, technology, facilities, personnel and finances in the county.

    Still, news reports have said Gilmer schools had been doing well with academic achievement.

    The board appointed Ted Mattern to serve as interim superintendent. Mattern served as interim state schools superintendent earlier this year.

    A state board news release says during an unannounced visit to Gilmer County last month, state auditors found county board members in discord, county board operations were dysfunctional and meetings were unproductive.

    School systems in Grant, Fayette, Lincoln, Mingo and Preston counties are also currently under state intervention.

    In many of the counties taken over by the state, the state closed community schools, consolidating them.

    School consolidation has been a contentious issue in Gilmer for several years, with several elementary schools on a list for closure, including Normantown, Sand Fork and Troy.

    Community members, generally with support of board members, have opposed the loss of their community schools.


    SS MEMBER: The Farsi language included in the comment by PAT WARD published on the site Gerry Hough published in the paper,that PAT WARD and GERRY HOUGH and all the minions posted translated to they were going to have all of THE PUBLISHER OF THE GILMER free PRESSES CHILDREN KILLED.

    A prosecutor, advertises for a hate website in the paper, and the farsi language is about murder and revenge and having the man we admire for bringing forth the truth’s whole family wiped out.

    Good going Gerry Hough with your reference to our countries enemies and then publishing a threatening message in a foreign language, did you do that to scare Dave the owner of Ramco technologies? For it showed your true colors Hough! You need to resign from office and this matter will be the subject of the public debate. Are you gonna show up Hough? …. for we will bring the evidence to the public debate.

    DID YOU or PAT WARD publish that hateful and threatening comment, for it was printed off,and it will be shown to the proper authority.

  22. How does the Gilmer County Prosecutor justify hate speech in the ancient Persian language FARSI which threatens the life of a local family with the endorsement and the signature of and from a group of minions which his own advertisement supports? Especially since many people have heard Gerry Hough, and other’s of his associates use the term “Persian,” when speaking of a local business owner. R Terry Butcher has called the owner of the Gilmer Free Press, “That Persian” as well as Gerry Hough, many times and we have multiple witnesses to back this fact up!

    How can he deny hate and racism when Gerald B Hough’s personal logo reflects the hate with his approval? No one believes he did not know and condone this very bold racist activity. The link has been in print and actually mailed to subscribers of the paper many times.

    This group of racist haters, also known to be the most influential of the “Power Elite” in Glenville actually have the nerve to deny hacking of the GFP — and with this denial, admit that they have just selected random citizens from those who have registered complaints to persecute with their threats — The Power Elite then lead the populace to believe that the reason for their outrageous allegations came from some forbidden knowledge told to them by some magic ball or collective mind — or some intangible method, and then publish that unproven and untrue subject matter involving their guesses of the identity of those with opposing view points — In other words, the POWER ELITE present their speculations as fact, which they have, “NO PROOF” to back up.

    Gerry HOUGH and his minions, along with the Butcher and Butcher law firm want to accuse someone else of internet terrorism when they are in fact the terrorists!!

    We can see how they do it; perhaps a better question is why?

    The answer must be conspiracy and an attempted cover up of crimes they committed, that they desire to “Just go away” from the memory of the citizens of Gilmer County.

    It is not working!!

    The Power Elite even employed the help of Mickey Metz and the local detachment of the WV State Police who were recently, “Found out,” denying due process of a public record frauds crime and complaint by making a false report to a government three letter agency!

    It was an outside law enforcement agency, that was so convinced of the wrongdoing of Gilmer County public official’s that they too contacted that same three letter government agency — just to discover that the GOONS from GLENVILLE had already been there recently making false claims in the hopes of, “Not being found out,” for covering up of multiple crimes committed by Gilmer County Public official’s and specifically Beverly Marks the County Clerk!!

    Well now the whole state of West Virginia knows that the term, “Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River,” certainly applies to all of the Power Elite that reside in Gilmer County — and soon, this same knowledge may become known nation wide!

  23. It is not against the law, both state and federal laws to publish the truth proven to be true by documents. Hough and Metz have attempted to combat the truth told by another attempt to bring false charges and a false arrest and the matter has been documented.

    The recent actions by HOUGH and METZ only confirmed in the eye’s of law enforcement outside the state of WV, that both of these public officials are guilty as hell of trying to cover up for crimes that there is proof for. To be found out about bringing a false case by paying witnesses to lie in court, and then have it proven by an expensive “Title Opinion” already proved in a recent Gilmer County Civil Action to bear truth is pretty strong evidence against Hough and Metz.

    It is a felony to knowingly cover up a felony, and now both the Sheriff and the Prosecutor appear to me more than guilty both in the EYES OF federal law enforcement in several states, but also law enforcement from other states. This serious situation will be debated in a public forum, and the public is invited to attend. The specific Date and time is to be announced in the newspaper for the people, the Gilmer Free Press, soon to be in a print version.

  24. I truly believe when all the wild internet ramblings of PAT WARD – Waco Oil and Ass employee, who has gone as far to piss off publishers with false book reviews, which tracked back right to Pat Ward –IKE’S new IT man, that seems to specialize on attacking a person, or a messenger, but NEVER an issue — And when all the facts have been documented, some major heat may fall on the Morris clan. So put that dope away somewhere safe!

    Oh, yes we are sure that WARD truly has filed complaints about this or that, but the fingerprint file on him boils down to fruitcake minion for the, “Huff and puff I am going to blow your house down” says Gerald B Hough. Ward’s Intel given on individuals is so flawed, that it has been a great source of knee slapping laughter. We have seen his kind before. Hey Pat, if you had a cause, or a reason to do the things you do, besides your power elite paycheck, maybe you would have more credibility.

    Hough is now directly tied to threats purposely made -left disguised in a foreign language that left many people shocked, with a threat to kill all the children of the man who owns Ramco technology. And further, this document was truly revealing of how low these people have gone to attack the messenger and not the issues. It is the same old story.

    For years, Ike and his boys have ruled through threats of violence and have gotten away with drug smuggling, huge stashes at the house and a feeling of, “WHAT, do you think the cops will come here and bust us?” The matter may lead to the very simple fact of: that all it takes is an indication of such wrongdoing from person that will sign a document with a federal agency testifying to the fact that they have SEEN the dope with their own eyes, or snapped a hidden camera shot, which could then lead to a pretty darn big drug bust that we understand includes manufacturing and growing KYNDE BUD!!

    In ADVANCE….

    You might want to thank PAT WARD and his not so lovely wife Leslie — minion at GSC — IKE’s OWN COLLEGE overlooking MORRIS TOWN for that very possible occurrence!

    Law enforcement authorities informed us yesterday, that all it takes is someone that was there that has seen the dope or the manufacturing operations or have invoices from retail suppliers of manufacturing supplies. Oh MY GOD, we could have all of that!!!

    Be advised Gilmer County, after having an important communication with a high level federal law enforcement agency, we have proof positive that SHERIFF METZ under the guise of investigation of wrong doing by the Gilmer County Clerk and subornation of perjury of Hough and jury tampering allegation etc. – Metz in reality had formed an alliance with rouge state police officers that refused to take complaints involving misconduct and instead tried to have a false charge brought against a high ranking leader of the Council of Concerned Citizens. Metz was given 18 days to complete his investigations of wrong doing, but instead the absolute double cross was in place!! These facts proved to us that Metz is truly a dishonest cop. Other law enforcement agencies have stamped him as a rogue cop and possibly involved more than any of us know in the murder of FRED HILL !!

    Expect an exclusive article on Metz complete with SECRET TAPES, and poll deciding if he should be removed from office, or charged with a crime. Be looking for this front page article on an upcoming edition of a FREE PRESS news source.

  25. CalPatty Press - CCC to be in TOWN all the way from Birmingham Alabama

    Personal attacks on the highest ranking members of the CCC have prompted a visit from the Council of Concerned Citizens headquarters in Birmingham Alabama aka Council of Conservative Citizens. The forgery of official documents and the confirmed forgery of a $16,000 invoice that Gerry Hough FORGED and only spent 15 minutes to produce, under fraudulent circumstance, can prove beyond any doubts to a federal judge and jury that Hough not only acted officially out of a conflict of interest in a civil matter, but evidence proves committed a crime at a federal level also.

    This mixed with threats from R Terry Butcher, Ike Morris and his hit man Mike Audia, the old as fuck killer from the old days has caused concern among members of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

    CCC representative’s will defend the rights of Citizens in Crooked County that BRAGS about having the most percentage of blacks at 12% . It was pointed out, that some of those blacks have been allowed to rape white women, and we will be requesting a copy of the court record from the Erik Davis rape case. In that case a BLACK MAN raped a 17 year old white girl!! Guess you thought we forgot. ERIK DAVIS was guilty as hell, but it was another rigged jury and another rigged case and the whole time Davis was on hold on a COCAINE case in FLA. Way to go on that one Crooked County!!

    Gerald B Hough, LIED to a Parkersburg WV news source about never losing a rape case. He lost that one!!


    Hough Lied to the Press, and we pointed that out to them and that little bitch reporter didn’t do a god damn thing about it, or run a correction. We knew what was up then.

    Be advised during the celebration of the old folk – FOLK FESTIVAL… Don’t rape the white women for this could prompt a disagreement, that would or could possibly be freely debated in a public forum during an official gathering.

    SS Member: A new article will be posted 11 June 11 about the REAL TRUTH behind the STATE TAKEOVER of GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS and the POWER ELITE PICK for superintendent of schools, JUDY STALNAKER who is wanted for questioning by attorneys involving a jury tampering allegation and illegal contact with the prosecutor during jury deliberations of a high profile felony trial. Hey JUDY somebody ratted you out!! You and Peggy MOORE!! What will Peggy do now that FRED is DEAD!!? Also we will be asking questions of people that were present 11 Dec 09 the night Fred HILL was murdered behind Trezan’s bar in Glenville.

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