West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III gets 1 call from IKE and just like magic a state of emergency is declared and the TAKE OVER of GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS is complete! … Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma’am even if you are “The Governor’s Wife!”

By Editor Edison/FreeBird/Rina McCoy/Central West Virginia SS

It must have felt just the same as when the Nazi’s took Poland — during that Blitzkrieg  take over of Gilmer County Schools this past week.  I think I heard talk of concentration camps and gas chambers for anyone connected with the FREE PRESS.

Informant for the SS Gary Collins told some tall tales of cruelty in the Gilmer County Schools. Well it all appears to be true and a state of actual emergency was declared! Gary also wanted to say, “Have another drink Princess Di,” as Gary has been telling that story over and over again about how Diana L Butcher chased him out of the post office one day, threatening “HELL FIRE RAIN DOWN ON HIM!”  …and that was just for submitting photo’s to the FREE PRESS and of course for that… he must be a spy!

The question arises whether or not Nasia Butcher principal of Gilmer County High School, which recently has been the object of scandal and complaints, made complaints herself to the SBA in order to prevent Bill Simmons the pick of “THE PEOPLE” taking the head spot!

VOTER FRAUD IS OUT OF CONTROL in Gilmer County ! They really know how to deliver down by that Crooked River! Voting Slates bought and paid for votes and this last election they ordered two extra recording modules and changed them at the last minute therefore giving JEAN BUTCHER a very suspicious win during the election! It was a miracle, or was it?

Nasia always said Simmons would never serve a day as Superintendent!

It seems Nasia Butcher of the infamous Butcher’s got her way again and you can bet NASIA will be willing to do anything — either by hook or crook  …to move up the ladder and gain power under the new regime!

William Simmons was our dude, and had the endorsement of the Secret Seven Coalition. We have recently been pouring over documents recently acquired concerning how much GSC spent on lawyers while R Terry Butcher  Board of Governors member started pushing Bill Simmons out at GSC — So the Elite could seize power– and generally Butcher made life miserable for Simmons.

Before the sensational Take Over of Gilmer Schools, we were just about to release an article entitled…

“The TORTURE of Williams K Simmons at GSC!!”

Nasia Butcher wife to R Terry Butcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm knew a secret and only members of the exclusive club knew…

Last Tuesday afternoon the 7th of June, Nasia Butcher, mother to the infamous "Butcher Bitches" was shredding anything and everything she could at the high school! That is because she knew what was up! And that is because NASIA BELONGS to the exclusive club that KNEW the "Take Over of the Gilmer County Schools," was coming!

The “Power Elite,” and lovers of JOE  & Gayle MANCHIN knew Gilmer County Schools were not in compliance.  Joe Manchin even appointed his wife, Gayle, as a member of the West Virginia Board of Education just for the reason her position might just come in handy someday — And boy howdy Big Joe was right! The OEP Audit read that several official complaints had been filed! Nasia knew what was up and she got her gang of GLENVILLE GOONS together to go attack the State Capital with their political reign of terror and powerful friends — And BIG BIG money in campaign contributions from both living and dead —  And both legal and illegal !!

 Damn you better know what’s up now bitches because the Gilmer County Goon squad is in FULL FORCE and coming after you!!

Gilmer County GOON SQUAD invades Charleston!

Film at 11!!

The emergency inspection, which was was the origin of the military style take over started with a meeting of:

Nasia Butcher, Barbara Miller, Desi Garrett, Tom Ratliff, Dorothy Rhoades, and Hillary Miller – ALL INVADING Charleston to file a complaint because “Their Girl did not get the job she wanted!”

Judy Stalnaker the GOON SQUAD PICK for Super!

When it was realized that  Judy Stalnaker the GOON SQUAD PICK had no chance of getting the superintendent position well then well greased political wheels down South in Charleston went in motion!!

The Glenville GOON Squad and all their glory and full colors  all seem to be related by one kin to another, but, OH, That’s right, this is West Virginia!

Barbara Miller operates the Barbara Miller Realty, and also is Judy Stalnaker’s sister, And  then, Dr. Hillary Miller is the Daughter of Barbara.

And if the Butcher Bitches were here breaking bad, they would have everyone kissing each other or waiting to be tied up in the other room!

Dorothy Rhoades and Tom Ratliff (father of Tommy Ratliff at GSC) both are board of EDU members and voted against Simmons, because the GOON SQUAD knows how THE BUTCHER BROTHERS AND NASIA BUTCHER hates SIMMONS!!

Tom Ratliff was one of two who ran in last election, and then was the choice of the Power Elite of MORRIS TOWN and with intentions to take total control of the board.

But things don’t always work out as planned for the Power Elite —  Tom Ratliff got elected, but a Radcliff, William Radcliff did not!

Now if you are from out of state you are going to hear some of the SAME NAMES a lot, but, again, this is West Virginia and you will be finding out they have been sleeping in the same beds a lot too! Just ask Lizzie and Lexi who broke bad all summer long last summer on the Cal Patty Press!!  Hoo yah!!

When Bill Simmons was voted in as the new Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, replacing John Bennett all the people were happy!


Nasia ran to IKE and said,

“I will do anything Ike ….anything you ask, anything! But just please call somebody!!  We don’t want to mess with Bill! He will throw me out IKE! I will do anything you want, just name it!”

IL Ike Morris, owner of MORRIS TOWN – the capital of Crooked County  then contacted Joe Manchin – BIG JOE!  And Joe had his wife Gayle, who is also a high ranking member of the State Board of Education, get the FIX in for Nasia!

Gayle fixed it good!  Gayle fixed it real good!!”

… Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma’am even if you are “The Governor’s Wife!”

Gayle is running the BOE and is a major shot caller, and called a shot for NASIA BUTCHER that knocked Bill Simmons out of a position he rightly earned and to hell with the poor white citizens of Gilmer County!

” HELL,  the common folk mize as well all be Negroes or Slaves on the plantation as far as the Power Elite are concerned!”

Normally any county has six months to correct a bad situation!

“But,by declaring Gilmer County a State of emergency, which it was not, for the situation was truly more closely associated to a Nasia anxiety emergency —  and the fact the GOONS were upset over Stalnaker not getting their Captain of the Ship of fools appointment!!”

John T. “Ted” Mattern as the new interim superintendent of Gilmer County Schools

The Powers that Be prevented Bill  Simmons, (the peoples choice)  from starting his new position.

This is how all it goes down in MORRIS TOWN!!

 In Crooked County down by the Crooked River it is the ELITE way or the Highway!   …And to Hell with the Slaves!!

We SLAVES can be raped like a bitch at GSC! And then pillaged and used and tied down — And they WILL raise our gas prices  — And we can’t afford the food at Facemire’s grocery store owned by IKE – Or the utilities or the taxes — And we have become SLAVES to the County — And SLAVES to the State — And SLAVE to the Bank –And SLAVES to the Butchers!

Better walk the line !

“…Or those darn Butcher’s or the MORRIS TOWN CLAN will enlist someone to put all those that oppose them in jail, or may threaten someone’s whole family, like they did DAVE over at the Gilmer Free Press!”

Now Nasia is kissing ass to get her share of the BUTCHER PIE!!

And why was she at the board office ALL DAY LONG just a couple of days ago?

Was Nasia there trying to destroy all the evidence relating to her?

.…before the Shit Storm take over took over and rained down and it was too late?

You got it!

Nasia was shredding evidence like a Bad Butcher Bitch Breaking Bad!!

The POWER ELITE PICK for Superintendent Judy Stalanker not getting the position is what started the entire string of events that led to the TAKE OVER of GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS!!

The TAKE OVER was all about politics and being sore losers!!

Stalnaker has allegedly also been involved with jury tampering – And that also included a misconduct complaint regarding the jury against Gerald B Hough during a Gilmer County Circuit Court felony trial, along with the mention of Peggy Moore the owner of the Common Place Restaurant.

A great look at the worker BEE'S for the POWER ELITE in Gilmer County on the far left new assistant Connie O Stinsky, who has been working with minions for Gerry B Hough, Jean Butcher who recently was charged with ELECTION FRAUD soon after taking office, DAVE HESS County Commission President and the Walrus, Brian Kennedy who literally caters to the Power Elite of Crooked County!

Moore and Stalnaker were mentioned in WV Supreme Court documents involving an unresolved and familiar high profile case, in which both were named as jurors, that should have never served due to conflicts.

The Butchers, big players among the power elite are pushing for a new school proposed by the BOE be built on their property – on top of Glenville hill where Auction Barn used to be!

Of course it is well known the Butcher Brothers of the infamous Power Elite had the place burnt down and collected hefty from an insurance company! Now we know the Butchers may have used a local infamous outlaw, and a person we know all too well – that is the “Top Dog” of a well known local gang known as the Fire Starting Cult –  Todd Smith!!   ….aka Hot Toddy!!

The SS has some exclusive information in the form of a threatening letter from CRJ and written and sent by the leader of the FIRE STARTING CULT — Christopher Todd Smith, also known as HOT TODDY for his very long history of Arson and collecting insurance checks – now serving time in prison!

This letter below was stamped November 4th 2010- and in the letter Todd Smith denies raping a young woman and having sex with a 17 year old girl. He also denies killing Kelli Nichol Stamper Lawson who was found dead in his bed December 26th 2009 , it was a sad death by overdose. Smith says it was another man who’s code name was T and not him that burned the Auction Barn down — So the Butchers could profit from the building of a new school  — And here is the actual letter as proof. We highly suspect HOT TODDY did this one himself for he got caught bragging about it!

The threatening letter below also includes the envelope complete with the CRJ inmate number of Todd Smith, this is the actual original letter sent from the jail and around this same time, the threats and illegal activity involving Smith became known to  CRJ, and then they started reading  all HOT TODDY’S letters being sent out and made copies of them.

Nasia keeps saying the property has to be big enough to hold a high school, elementary and a middle school!!!  Both of their properties fit the criteria!

So you see how it is done down in Crooked County!!!

Nasia pleads her case to IL IKE MORRIS and Ike calls BIG JOE and then it is ALL A GO!!

The Butchers or another member of the POWER ELITE are 500,000 or a million dollars richer and somehow we are always the ones that pay for it!

I am tired of paying for it, and I am god damn tired of being a SLAVE!!

And NOW for the moral of the story:

You get what you want if you’re greedy and your husband is a lawyer in Glenville. Your opinion is important when it comes to who gets the big money.  You are somebody, and the common person is nobody —  and even nobody in the Common Place Restaurant — for that is where the ELITE MEET!

It will be interesting to see what the new boss thinks about the strange days that just occurred this past hellish week in June — And it will be interesting to see who the next Superintendent is.

Let us hope that it was all the result of great auditing by a group of Professionals who told it like it is for a change.  After all, most of the findings were the same as they left us with during the last audit.

Lizzie Butcher who Broke Bad in the Summer of 2010 with KISSING SISTER Lexie gives mother Nasia wife to R Terry Butcher some love!

Maybe the State Board of Education doesn’t like to be ignored, even by the self proclaimed politically affluent, queen of the Glenville Social Club Nasia Butcher, Principal, Gilmer County High School!

One thing for sure, whatever the reason the SBA didn’t take a thing — Gilmer County Schools were handed to them on a silver platter and sadly suffering from a bad case of neglect from the top to the bottom.

“If I am going to get fucked, I would rather be on top this time, than the bottom , because those power elite rug burns are getting annoying!!”

“It gets me down!”


“More revealing HOT TODDY letters from CRJ coming up so bookmark this article you may want to refer back to it regarding “What was written by Smith in the LETTERS from CRJ!”


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  1. Can you imagine the very person whom everyone hates and complained about is going to come out smelling like a rose?

  2. “Yes, Nasia always said Simmons would never serve a day as Superintendent. The others say…

    “Well if she did it- got dude blown like a Hot Toddy Roddy, then it could have backfired, and she’s losing power and going down in the weeds!”

    To believe that “Nasia” would expose the schools to such a strict accounting when unable to hide her own questionable acts and let a stranger take charge of “ The baby” boggles the mind.

    Is Nasia just that vain?

    Is Nasia that much of a narcissist?

    Goodness knows Nasia loves a good grovel at her feet just like all the Butchers and Glenville Royalty do!

    Fired from GSC, hired by the Board of Education to teach, files grievance and winds up as Principal? WTF?? Have we learned, or have we not learned?

    A person would like to think that non- discrimination in hiring and a correct evaluation process led to that, but not according to the OEP Audit.

    “ None of that, “FAIR DOCTRINE,” takes place in Gilmer County Schools so it leads a body to believe a little old fashion “Politickin” might have gone on!”

  3. Nasia Butcher: fired by GSC, hired by Board of Education as Teacher, filed grievance against Board. Loses, becomes Principal and the rest is history. They had to move her up because of her husband’s attorney status. Another example of who you know not what you know as evidenced by the fiasco with Gilmer County Schools. Nasia was and is too busy concentrating ( as you can see from the SBA report on the politics), not the job she was assigned to perform and Nasia played a major part in tearing the very fabric of the education system into a million piece’s and totally fucking up anything she touches!

    Barbara Miller- past member of the Glenville City Council. Known for past drunken affair with ex-mayor Wayne Richmond who worked for Greg Smith as a surveyor and whose alcohol abuse and infidelity cost him everything. And then there is the “JustOK” Kay, who is known for being a taker and a controller.

    AKA just OK “KAY” was all about being part of the GLENVILLE GOON SQUAD that stormed the State Capital because they “Really ARE ALL THAT round here!”

    Tom Ratliff- husband of Sherry who was hired by the Board of Education when she resigned her position as Tax Deputy when the Michelle Dawn,”Shelly,” Rose tax theft was discovered. Sheriff Metz made certain select few “Out of State” tax payers NEVER were reimbursed for the thousands of dollars stolen by Rose!

    Son in law of Bob Reed owner of Bob Reed builders, rumor is he used Bob’s license to do all of the ADA ramps up at the college and got caught while D Hess, County Commissioner was an employee. Of course he was then made head man of GSC maintenance and had to be pulled back a little from directing the Riverview Project but it was all glossed over. Yeah, can you believe it! …the GSC maintenance man involved in a MAJOR LAND SWINDLE involving GSC, and just how much of the 340,000 ordered paid by a Federal Judge does the GSC maintenance guy pay?

    This “Power Elite,” minion will do anything for a buck and is often named in conjunction with Waddell for wrong dealing and evil deeds! There was rumor about the two when Ratliff stepped in to manage the Conrad Motel after the college bought it!

    “I can hear the sound of those slapping thighs, a right now buddy!”

    If ya want the COLD HARD FACTS just check with the Secret Seven Coalition who are always bringing you the REAL TRUTH!!!

  4. TODD SMITH has a huge prescription for dangerous drugs that keeps him in action!

    By Smith’s own admission – in this very letter posted – he has a legal prescription for 180 percocet’s PLUS 90-100mg of morphine patches and 180 MG daily of Adderall (30mg)x 6 per day — That is enough dope to keep several drug addicts happy and that explains why Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson could not break away from Smith which eventually killed her.

    In this same letter Smith claims to have NUDE photo’s of Lisa Minney an alleged former member of the SS, but I guess Todd didn’t know Minney was a mole for the Power Elite all along!

    This is a quote from the letter,

    “I’ll bet you anything I do have Lisa Minney Photo’s and I have over 150 nudes, so let’s bet big mouth!”

    Todd assaulted Kelli in Glenville and she was suppose to testify against him, but Gerald B Hough made a deal with known outlaw, Arsonist, Rapist and Murderer, Christopher Todd Smith, and let him go in exchange for some dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Gerry dropped the charges against Smith for assault, by putting him on a diversion program which Smith violated, but then there was no consequences for the violation which should have brought a year jail sentence! Hough has no answer for any of these facts. Hough seems quite capable of making friends of the most dangerous of criminals! This documented alliance with HOT TODDY is a prime example!


    “Was some “Prior favor,” from HOUGH good ENOUGH to carry out just another evil deed, or was Smith contracted by the local “Corn Bread” mafia, Hot Toddy bragged about being affiliated with?! In other letters, Todd Smith sent out from CRJ Smith claims to be working with Sheriff Metz on some kind of credit card scam investigation, and oh, I thought, …Now THAT is interesting!”

  5. Dorothy Rhoades is long time Board of Education member, and Power Elite team player As you my have gathered, Rhoades wanted Toman, the big cock on the walk rehired so that places her in the CUBE corner against Phyllis Starkey. Her son owns Rhodes Trucking up the road from the Best Western, where the elite use their minions like the Mayor of Glenville Tampon Tashua who stands alone on the current ballot! TT girl Mayor was the one that went along with Larry Chapman creating a job for himself, and she held mock interviews at the place where clean sheets are just down the hall!

    How the hell Hillary Miller got cast into the spot light, I don’t know , other than since she came in as a new business and a doctor and all the POWER ELITE would use her name – same as a lawyer.

    However, HILL is currently fighting the Board of Education to transfer her children to another school district and became an avid Toman supporter, so that kills her with Starkey, Skinner and Pritt. Don’t be a messin with no MISTY P neither, hell about half the gal danged state is named Pritt down Charleston way, them people really used to be somebody

  6. The Butcher Bitches engagement party drew the highest security and the biggest stars including West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III And Gayle recently!! That’ a big 10-4 big dog the former Governor and his wife attended the Gala event of the year and cut a deal for Nasia that night! It was the hottest night for partying in Glenville since the Butcher Bitches BROKE BAD last summer on the CalPatty Press!

    The Butcher Bitches girls got engaged together since they like to do things together all the time, if you know what I mean! The recent engagement party for both Lizzie and Lexie is for their upcoming weddings in October and December! Oh, but how we will have fond memories of that night of beach blanket bingo, and that fateful summer!

    The GALA engagement double your fun engagement party all took place on the weekend of May 25! Everybody attending had to park at the Health Department parking lot, and then exclusive guests were driven to the house in those little cheap pickup trucks belonging to GSC!

    According to SS sources at the scene, that was when the deal was struck to force the West Virginia State Board of Education to take over the schools. Gayle was at the Gala event celebrating and taking in all the fun at this most unforgettable Butcher Bitches Bash, and that was when Gayle waved the magic wand and the deal was done!!

  7. That’s what people are saying after watching all fifty minutes of the State Board take over of Gilmer County Schools


    Follow this link about right now to watch The HIGH DRAMA and the whole danged deal go down yourself!

    Get the REAL STORY of THE TAKE OVER OF GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS captured in living color by quality video camera! Click on link above and get all 50 minutes, and listen to questions like,

    “Who is accountable for letting things get like this?”

    John Bennett said he was accountable and he was relieved of his command only minutes later, so John surrendered his post, but not soon enough to be “Branded!” as, “A Sacrificial Lamb!”

    William K Simmons bless his heart honestly looked like he did not know he was moments away from a career chopping climatic ending to what we thought was a take over, “By the People!” But the hatchet forces of the Butcher and Butcher law firm and the final resolve of Nasia Butcher put a quick end to our “Peoples” revolt!!

    The Power of the political arm from high above squashed us like nothing at all, but a valiant effort by all teachers and a decent attempt at freedom ! Ah …but what an honorable attempt it was!

    What a truly wonderful attempt it was! Sorry Bill, they squashed us like bugs!

    “But we gave em HELL Bill …and we tried to raise the rebel flag! We gave em hell Bill!”


    I believe board members always acted stupid to approve and disapprove issues without checking into them.
    But what about the real criminals:
    Bennett who allowed abuse of funds.
    Brenda Bleigh, with Reta Kight who are the #1 criminals. Where is Bliegh now? Retiring? That is interesting!
    Nasia Butcher, who abused money worse than a roll of toilet paper, and all her misuse and no bid contracts! How many of her purchases were $4,999.95 to avoid bidding? How many of her purchase were divided up to be less than $5,000 each for the same purchase to avoid bidding? Wasn’t Nasia who always wrote the employment requirements to fit her candidates?
    What about those principals who faked purchase to get their way.
    Those administrators in charge who did the same?
    The do-nothing maintenance director, of course, who always stood around running his mouth and never fixed anything. He did the same at GSC and they were glad to get rid of him.
    And finally, the finance director, Kendra Brown who allowed all these questionable finance issues under her watch without any explanations.
    By think-about-it on 06.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-Eye™: State Take Over of Gilmer County Schools on 06.08.2011’.

    It appears the state board of education made a rush to judgment. They referenced the educational progress and standing of the students, yet allowed no time for the county board and superintendent to either rectify issues that could easily be addressed or rebut aspects of the report that needed clarification because the audit didn’t find available materials. Were the county schools taken over because of bad filing?
    The state board had the motion to take over the county before they had seen the audit presentation. They ignored that the county board was led astray by the architect when told that the CFEP should be delayed. I would get rid of the architect, not the board.
    The CFEP committee had problems that were not under the board’s control. The board was cited for micromanaging. You can’t have it both ways. Being consistent is essential for credibility. The audit and its findings were not consistent.
    The audit process should be the subject of an independent investigation.
    By Anon on 06.12.2011

    These are the flaws in the whole process proving again only few people in this county always get their way:
    1) There was not any indication of dissatisfaction with the county.
    2) Counties are given a notice before the OEPA audit.
    3) After the audit, the results are revealed sooner that it did for Gilmer.
    4) Counties are given six months to a year to make corrections.
    5) Since superintendent had only few days left, why didn’t let the new superintend have a chance to fix the issues?
    Looks to me the decision was already made for them by forces from higher up.
    Might as well they want change? Let’s change the county’s name to Little sicily.
    By WatchDog on 06.12.2011

    • What a Fiasco

      Watched the whole meeting and what an eye opener. Gilmer County Schools Superintendent John D. Bennett’s reply to what has been done since the audit to correct the problem was keep better files of hiring procedures. When one third of our students attending college out of high school require remedial assistance, when we are 55th out of 55 Counties to turn in a required CEFP what do they expect?

      I can’t blame it all on Gayle Manchin!

      Mrs. Butcher was the head of the CEFP Committee and no final recommendations went to the Board. Her superior should have seen that was corrected but no one did a thing except fight and go to Charleston to show how divided we were over and over.

      Not one player sought professional compromise and not one was willing to give up a little scrap of their self assigned Power. Our smaller Communities identify themselves by their schools and it is a shame but we no longer have the population to support them.

      Maybe we should start thanking the GCEDA and the Gilmer County Commission for keeping the county closed to any business except the ones they approve of. Didn’t see or hear any of them at this meeting/ Maybe they were out of sight.

      The bottom line is we must prepare the children for a future in and far beyond Gilmer County and no one except the Teachers tried to do that. Too bad.

      Editors note: Thanks Gilmer County Economic Develop Association and THANKS a lot you useless pieces of shit at the Gilmer County Commission for keeping Crooked County, down by the Crooked River – closed to any business except the ones YOU ALL approve of, for selfish, or self – serving reasons!

  9. State Take Over of Gilmer County Schools on 06.08.2011

    John Bennett HELL, he BROKE the damn thing made a huge ass of himself in that meeting in front of the head honcho’s of the State Board, and really made us all look terrible after watching the whole god damn meeting while my stomach twisted apart until I could not stand it any longer and ran for the bathroom and puked like a butcher bitch pumped up on “Goofenthal” back on a high riding high school Hydy High Satuday night in the Ville!

    That big time Democrat Pathfinder of his own asshole, Diamond Dave Corcoran did not even show up for the day that will go down in infamy the 8th of June another sleepy fucked up day in Crooked County! But, they will LIE and say they were there!

    I wonder, “WHAT” BIG DAVE CORCORRAN and Cassandra Huff are just going to make up in their report out of thin air a week later because THEY WERE NEVER THERE TO SEE IT FOR THEMSELVES!

    We are all thankful for all the up to date top of the line delivery by the Free Press of West Virginia, you know the people that bring it to you for free!

    Dave Corcoran and Cassandra Huff … they were just decoys, but the decoys never showed to the big show!

  10. You can’t LIE for I know it is all about Brenda Bleigh and that Bitch they call Butcher of the nauseating kind — who are both always the cause of all the problems!!!

    I just want to let everyone know because I am mad as hell, but when that Butcher Bitch Nasia saw the light at the end of the tunnel she decided that in all the confusion it might just be a perfect time to execute not only the ultimate double cross on all concerned, but gave the Power Elite Queen a chance to play the old reverse psychology ploy – And then, blame everyone else for the downfall of the Gilmer County High School — in which of course Nasia pulled all the Superintendent strings like a puppet master for a broken puppet that has now had his strings cut, …. And his balls handed to him! Hey John, you shouldn’t run with the devil!!


  11. AL B they will want to have their way with me those Crooks from Crooked County!

    FREE PRESS Readers’ MONDAY afternoon Comments!

    “ • Why did Gayle Manchin go out of her way at the Charleston meeting to berate Gilmer County and to exacerbate hard feelings after the harsh decision for immediate seizure of our schools was rendered?“

    That comment is the reason everyone in Gilmer County and the state should read the audit carefully and view the videos of the pitiful presentation to the state board of education. It is very uncommon that an illegitimate exercise of raw power is made so openly. It is stunning that the exercise of power was based on an audit that is an obvious fabrication based on the belief that few would bother to examine the details.

    The West Virginia Board of Education was manipulated. That brought great shame on the State of West Virginia. We expect a state board to represent the people’s interests and to operate based on facts and not unwarranted accusation. The citizens of Gilmer County and the state should be outraged.
    By anon on 06.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘Community Concerns: Hostile Takeover of Schools for Wrong Reasons?!’.

  12. The county is abuzz with the news of the hostile take over of Gilmer County schools by the WV Department of Education.


    And here is the latest in public opinion from an outspoken citizen:

    Nasia Butcher, Gilmer County High School principal, was made to look like an ignorant redneck hillbilly when the Dept. of Ed. took over Gilmer’s schools.

    For years, Butcher bragged about Gilmer County’s schools every chance she got.

    Gayle Manchin really put Butcher in her place when she condemned Gilmer’s high performing educational system.

    Now what makes Gayle an expert? Gayle has seen Nasia fuck everyone over that was even close to decent for years! You betcha! Got to act fast when the common folk are restless, I mean really…

    Who the fuck do those PO folk think they are? They better grab a plow and get back in them fields or those damn cows will have no corn to eat!

    Well, GAYLE was appointed by her husband, the WV Governor then, the U.S. Senator now. GAYLE BARELY EVEN GOT HER KNEE’S DIRTY TO GET THAT APPOINTMENT!! Isn’t that a conflict of interest, uh er dirty knee’s? HELL NO!

    After all, the Butcher Bitches graduated “I cum loudy,” with a MASTERS In Dirty!!

    I am sure Gayle gets on her knee’s from time to time to let BIG JOE play a tune for the tied piper of Hamelin so to speak — and it is always time to let BIG JOE know he is still the big Salami in charge, whether he is Senator or a Governor!!

    I would say that Gayle is not setting a good example for County Boards by accepting a position from her husband, even if it is from the on her knees’ position. BIG JOE DID KNOW ALL THAT DIRTY DOWN DEALING WILL COME IN HANDY SOMEDAY! I would say Gayle is showing everyone how it is done in Crooked County, now if Gayle gets caught banging someone from Glenville, then and only then can we call it PAR for the course, or should we YELL FOUR, ….no, I meant WHORE!!!

    Why would you take a one time bullshit incident and blow it up to a key element in a take over?

    So how is that any different than a board member in a small county hiring his daughter for a job that no one else is certified to teach?

    Gilmer County does not have people standing in line waiting for all these HIGH paying teaching positions, but they do have quite a few on their knee’s willing to take whatever. Just give me weed, whites and wine and I will be willing for another up the ass adventure massa!!

    Who the fuck are we kidding, the only people who want to live in Gilmer County are its longtime residents who have raised their children here. Shouldn’t we hire our children to work in the county? Of course we should. It raises our tax base and we know that they will spend their lives and their money here. Now. occasionally we will have that same old problem of a cousin marrying a cousin, but what the heck!!

    “We will all still have that blue eyed, blond, YES WE ARE !! ….all double first cousins look on our faces, …don’t worry it’s all good!”

    Now when the prison was proposed, Gilmer County residents were promised several hundred high paying jobs, and that was the first biggest lie told to us by Morris Town builders.

    You can count those jobs on one hand. Most of the jobs were given to people who live outside of Gilmer County for favor and sucking dick and shit and certainly those bitches do not buy anything here.

    Time to break out of MORRIS town and quit letting them be in control!

    Fucking A, Prison workers do not even pass a gas station on their way to work.

    Editors; Yeah IKE Sold you all a bridge across a swamp when he sold you that prison shit and all the prison has done for us, is give us A BIG headache of a sewage problem — And more PRISON SHIT — And “who” got money and “who” got rich and all we got was, ….the bitch!! We get the bitch!!

    They get rich and we get the bitch, …and so it goes!


    The 2011 Annual West Virginia State Folk Festival will start off it’s yearly celebration Thursday evening with the, “Search for Jiz” led by the JIZ for LIZ club, who’s president is Cannibal Nectar!! All yearly donations must be collected at that time! JIZ FOR LIZ is a typical Glenville 501C NOT for profit organization!



    Providing work space, materials, direction and office space does not translate to a contractual employee. The OEP Audit for Gilmer County Board of Education correctly assessed that this does not meet the criteria for a contractual employee by IRS standards. Unfortunately, the Gilmer County Commission is in the same boat for their new, no one knows where she worked legal assistant/ Administrator who was hired at $30,000 per year on a contractual basis and is provided exactly the same things. We know the Board will have to hire Mr. Barton on a part time basis to retain him as Attendance Director and he was previously principal. What will the Gilmer County Commission have to do to straighten out their problem? How much are they going to reduce that $30,000 by to cover the benefits they will pay for making this position full time since apparently three of them can no longer find the time to do their job? The last beginning salary we heard was $15,000 a year for a regular courthouse employee plus pays employers taxes, retirement match and about 21,000 a year for family health coverage along with vacation and sick leave benefits. How many extra positions can the taxpayer afford to do the same job?

    Where is the County Commission? Just this past week the Democrat/Pathfinder News Editor Cassandra Huff reported that the General Fund of Gilmer County was operating in the RED. The only way that can happen is if they overdraw the checkbook isn’t it? After the Gilmer Free Press checked into the situation, the Administrator sent a short note to the GFP saying it was not the General Fund it was the Dog Fund but call the Book Keeper to verify and the Democrat was wrong. What meeting was Huff at and where did she get the information? Why call the Book Keeper, Osentoski made the statement? That is a pretty serious allegation indicating that the County Government is failing financially. Where is the Commission’s statement? Where is evidence that they are guardians of the road this County is headed down? They can pledge funds but when it comes time show us the money. Supposedly they were giving $50,000 to help Normantown School. If they gave it no one knows where it is. Where were they when our schools were closed? Not in Charleston, not at the Board meetings. not keeping an eye on what is reported, not communicating with the public and not in sight unless for a photo op. These day,s what is important to any elected official in Gilmer County? Shuffling the job onto someone else and saying nothing unless told ? Then they must see that their personal puppets repeat it? What will the Puppet-Master come up with this time? Oh I know, everything is OK, it’s all a lie and nothing to worry about. Tune in when it’s time to have our county closed and consolidated. That will be just OK too.

    Editors note: Where is Cassandra Huff? Dave Corcoran was missing from the day the schools died in Gilmer County! June 8th Huff and Corcoran missing from the news and helping Gerry Hough to hate! Almost a week later and HUFF and CORCORAN are still missing from the news, missing from the action, missing from the public eye and missing some readers really soon!!

    The OEP Audit for Gilmer County Board of Education correctly assessed that this does not meet the criteria for a contractual employee by IRS standards. Unfortunately, the Gilmer County Commission is in the same boat for their new, no one knows where she worked legal assistant/CONNIE 0 STINSKI with the feminine hygiene problem — Ewwww! Connie O Stinky the new Administrator who was hired at $30,000 per year on a contractual basis and is provided exactly the same crooked county deal by the same crooks that live down by the Crooked River — Connie looks like she could have gotten herself mixed up in an illegal forgery, so soon in on the job — and has been identified as a paid minion for Gerald B Hough!!

  14. I want to be a member of the JIZ for LIZ club! How do I join?!

    TIME HAS PROVEN THE RGW WEBSITE RIGHT!! Now it is time to celebrate this 2011 Folk Festival Holiday with the JIZ for LIZ club!! Angelic weaponry in the form of shape shifting Butcher Bitches in the middle of the night, and they saw that it was good!!! The fountains of the deep opened up!

    …And they saw that it was real good!!
    And the DEVIL has come down among you having great wrath!!


  15. Just found out that it was true. Is Kendra Brown a demonically charged entity or what?

    That foolish Kendra Brown Finance Director for the Board of Education sent an email to all employees stating “Ted Mattern” ..interim Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools would be gone in 30 days.

    What is wrong with that girl KENDRA … is she out of her fucking mind like that traitor Nasia Butcher?

    After being put down for the way the purchase orders have been handled and the decentralizing of accounting to the schools and out of her office I would think she would appreciate not being torn apart by the masses, so all I can think of is that she has become a demonically charged entity. … A person who liked to drink, upon county duties being passed on to the charge of the state, and then, taken over by the state, may make one charge to the nearest bar in the car… and that describes Nasia good enough, but the Power Elite and Powers that BE are all charged with EVIL NOW considering the state ordered take over of Gilmer County Schools!

    Several demonic entities dwell in extra-dimensional realms referred to as “The Hell that hath come up from where evil doth dwell, a place down below named Charleston …” we know the place as a little bit more than a free floating cloud of evil energy or charged Manchin particles! Don’t become infected with the EVIL and negatively CHARGED EVIL Charleston particles from hell like KENDRA BROWN!! Something needs to be done about all that and those god damned evil charged particles from Hell! It is starting to smell an awful lot like a Custer fluck in here!

  16. It’s true! You got that right Ghost Wolf!

    Everyone says it and after speaking with her it seems to me Kendra Brown is in bed with Nasia and the crew!!

    Editors note; In bed she is ya know you are right!

  17. Is Brown’s letter an e-mail and possibly a subliminal threat to the Teachers that Nasia Butcher will be the next Superintendent? Does she think going to bed with Queenie will stop the state take over and/or protect her from deeper inspection? Silly girl, tricks really are for kids! And just look at Nasia’s kids, the worst example set by all!

    Even those who have tried to defend her as being a pawn of the players in control are not going for that BS. Maybe you shouldn’t have showed your hand, Kendra. The one good thing that could come of this take over it is for the Teachers to feel that the end of the administrative nightmare is in sight. If this does not come, if in fact Gayle Manchin has been convinced by Butcher that the only reason nothing was done was because she wasn’t in power, all hope is gone for a better Gilmer County

    Hey Gilmer County Economic Development Association: Here’s your next sign:




    No Jobs, No Housing, State Ran Schools

    Come to Glenville, we are the town with No teachers, PETS, And Dirty rules! Nasia is Hitler and we have state run schools!

    “Did Nasia Butcher inform Gayle Manchin that she allowed and approved sexual relations between the basketball coach Bobby Duvall and Star Team Players and allowed sexual rights be taken on the night of legal consent to debauchery and forbidden pleasures?”

    • Richard Skull

      Where is your Mayor? What the hell does she do?

      Editors note: The Mayor is a total puppet and a total joke. “Tampon Tashua” was behind the FAKE AS FUCK interviews that were required regarding the job Larry Chapman created for himself with the GCEDA before he was VOTED OUT of the County Commission for being a typical Crook from Crooked County that lives down by the Crooked River!

      This is what someone closely associated with the Mayor during the folk festival earlier in the month said about her…

      “… I figure she is one of those girls who learned to masturbate so her roommates wouldn’t know. She can only get off with her mouth full of pillow and two fingers there with just one moving !”

      So Richard I hopes that answers any questions about what our MAYOR TAMPON TASHUA does…

      • Ok well she sounds like the rest of the goons there taking over the county. I am so sick of Ike and the gang. And the BUTCHERS….don’t even get me started on those ass wipes!! I can’t believe that Glenville has come to all of this mess with the school system. Nashia is a total waste!! She lies, cheats and calls her good buddy when things are going south for her. Cassandra sounds like a total fake and can’t be trusted! The mayor should stop playing with her barbies and stand up for what is right!! What the hell is happening to the school system???? OMG! But yes that answered my question.

        Editors note: If there are some things we all need to know about that we don’t … let er rip!!

        We are working on an article dealing with the Butcher and Butcher law firm and their questionable practices right this minute, so don’t hold back if you have any good stuff the public needs to be informed about!

        In regard to Cassandra Huff, we refer to her as CASS HUFF ASS MUFF! Someone that has known her for years said she has sex with horses, and our goal now is to try and get some film on that somehow.




    I am just now finding out all about what happened to the CalPatty Press and was surprised to find Lisa Minneys blog right at the top of the google search, did she plan it that way to get the CalPatty Press hits to her website? I read all that crud she wrote on her site and I have to question this.. I am confused!

    “By attacking the marriages of people I consider to be my friends, by posting nearly pornographic pictures of the children of their targets. By stooping to levels so low that I can barely look.”

    Is that some ass kissing or what?

    If the children of her friends are responsible for the pornography, posing, or whatever, taking part, then why is she mad about people exposing the sordid ordeal? The way she wrote her essay really struck me as, where is the logic? I don’t get it.

    Now, that I have found you guys again, I am hoping you are all back up to speed. These people, bad police and public officials you have been writing about in Crooked County, and the bad cops in Calhoun you exposed, and that creep that let that Sheriff go that stole all that stuff from those old people, I hope all get whats coming to them.

    We would have never known about any of it, and now the closing of the schools if not for the popularity of the CalPatty Press how could we get the real truth out there. But now I hear the Gilmer Free Press was born out of the idea from what CalPatty brought, the T R U T H.

    I don’t even live in West Virginia anymore, but after one google search I got a whole page of CalPatty Press articles and then became convinced of the bad dealing down in that part of West Virginia. We all knew it went on, way back in the past, but there was nobody willing to report those things then.

    I see now that after much critical advertisement in the Glenville Democrat, that everything I read in the Ghost Wolf is true or comes true in a quick hurray!!

    Editors note: Pretty funny really, but not really! But it is, what it is…

    I think what is REALLY in question is the honesty and loyalty of Minney as a business person. Correct Minney was upset last summer that one of her friends had family members exposed for illicit, illegal and highly questionable behavior, which, that information was combined to prove a point. Minney is a real goofus and easily self impressed, but definitely very much on the outside looking in, which is where she belongs this summer.

    So, for now, Lisa Minney is back where she belongs, in her garden with her chickens and her good dirt and good earth and her precious dog. It is good for her to be in the woods for then she is not here.

    We have had a request to post more from the letter. Smith got involved with sending what he thought was a CULT member letters and finally the GUARDS stepped in and started opening all the letters coming and going to reap evidence for criminal behavior.

    This letter above was sent to a specific person,it is a HATE LETTER sent to a target of Gerald B Hough as a matter of hate.

    More from the HATE letter endorsed by Gerald B Hough possibly later. You certainly do wield some Crooked County power when as a prosecutor you can have a state prisoner that is also a paid minion, send threats through the United States mail, making the matter a federal criminal matter also.

  19. Readers’ Recent Comments

    Concerned Parent, excellent point to bring up. I have thought this for years. I have two children going to GES at this time, and I have MAJOR issues with Flying W being right next door. I also attended school there, only one year, but it was a horrible year. I began having intense migraine headaches & nausea accompanied by vomiting, especially during the early fall and spring when we were outside often and the teachers had the doors & windows opened. The chemicals that are put into the air by this factory are NOT good for our children, period! This is pure logic. I have known a number of people who have worked in this plant and have suffered from numerous health problems while on shift and after returning home, including vomiting/headaches. YES< there is a connection. Like I said, lets use some logic here. For the factory to be right next to a school should be a crime.

    By Shamae Wiant on 06.15.2011

    From the entry: 'Gilmer County Schools: CEFP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Cancelled'.

    Thank goodness that Mr. Ramezan has been put on this committee. Butcher will try her best to keep him quiet, but he will not allow that. Hopefully, there will be others who will stand up to her. Please, please keep the kids’ best interest in mind. 1 school will not work. Why would I.L. Morris want to be able to see the school?

    By concerned parent on 06.15.2011

    From the entry: 'Gilmer County Schools: CEFP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Cancelled'.

    Excessive attention and energy are being expended on speculating about Nasia Butcher’s alleged role in the take over of our schools by the State to disgrace Gilmer County and its citizens. Regardless of what she may have or may not have done, Mrs. Butcher is a lightening rod for perpetual controversy. One would think that she would be sensitive to the wall of public opinion against her, and she would resign. Being a public servant is a privilege, not an irrevocable entitlement, and that concept applies to Ms. Butcher.

    By PARENT on 06.15.2011

    From the entry: 'Gilmer County Schools: CEFP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Cancelled'.

    And folks….don’t forget about the Manchin’s daughter getting her master’s degree at WVU without doing the work…so much for integrity.

    By anonymous on 06.14.2011


    People in this county need to wake up and stop what is happening by the will of only few.
    What we have here is Feudalism.
    People, we have to solve our problems ourselves. We elect public officials and they are to serve the people. If we do not like them then we vote them out office. Simple.
    We know we have problems in this county. Tell me one county that does not.
    A week has gone by and we have heard NOTHING from our interim superintendent. Why doesn’t he tell us what is going on?
    Today, the board finance director has sent an e-mail to every employee telling them June 30th is the last day for Mr. Mattern!
    What?! He is supposed to fix everything, so we are told. In 22 days everything is fixed? Or maybe there was only one thing to fix!!!!
    It seems like the real purpose for this barbaric takeover has been to just cancel Simmons contract and then Hell with everything else!
    Just read the OEPA reports for other counties in trouble. You will find they had reports much worse than Gilmer. But they had a probation period. Why didn’t Gilmer?
    Why? Because if Gilmer had gotten the probation period then Simmons would have been in. You see how it works?
    Are you all going to sit down and allow this?

    By BRM on 06.14.2011

    From the entry: 'Gilmer County Schools: CEFP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Cancelled'.

    Talk about mounting collateral damage! Seizing of our school system by the State may collapse the Manchin political machine too. That is because Gayle’s rant against Gilmer County will become material for countless RNC commercials when Joe runs again to make his reelection highly uncertain. Wonder what will come next from this train wreck? Everything associated with this issue could not be made up if we tried, & it is definitely high quality movie material.

    By Remember At Election Time on 06.14.2011


    N. Butcher is changing Option E to I. L. Morris’s one elementary school without a cefp committee meeting of the newly appointed committee members. Mr. Ramezon is a new member, as well as, many others. The State must have a public meeting before they can vote on the plan. The CEFP Chairman, N. Butcher, has not had a quorum to pass any plan. Definition of quorum is the minimum numbers who must be present at an assembly or meeting before it can validly transact business. Three to five out of 30 members does not qualify as a quorum. This cancellation is a ruse to allow Option Morris to be enter by the State Board.

    By disgusted on 06.14.2011

    From the entry: 'Gilmer County Schools: CEFP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Cancelled'.

    State Department of Education needs to get an environmental study done for Glenville Elementary. How many cancer causing chemicals are released into the air daily by Flying W? How many and how much of these chemicals are stored at Flying W? How are these chemicals stored? What would happen if there was a spill? What would happen if there was an explosion at the plant? If the children’s safety is a priority, all of this needs looked at before it is decided to put more students there.

    Why can’t the state build/renovate 1 school at each end of the county? Calhoun County has done this with good results. If only 1 school is built in Glenville, how will the state get around the state law regarding how long an elementary age student can be on the bus each way? Would you want your 4 year old preschooler on the bus over an hour each way?

    By A Concerned Parent on 06.14.2011

    From the entry: 'Gilmer County Schools: CEFP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Cancelled'.

  20. What really happened to bring a state takeover of Gilmer County Schools to fruition?


    When the selection process for Superintendent no longer agreed with the power mongers agenda it was time for them to say well fine, take it, here it is. The strategy being that the people would say oh no, we can’t do it without you while forgetting who put the schools in that position with their self serving attitudes and actions. Who really let the children and their communities down?

    The enrollment figures of Normantown and Sand Fork Elementary Schools have gone back and forth, up and down over the years but always within close range. The truth, which building historically flooded over and over producing mold and a deteriorating condition that should have been addressed long ago? When the time came to coordinate with the SBA to fund a new school or fix the problems, the eastern fringe of the county, home to IL Morris supporters and employees said NO, we deserve it more. We have a few more students. We are the ones who are important and we are going to Charleston and make them listen. That is what campaign donations and voter blocks are for! What should have been the obvious course of action for safety and education of the children and the right place to start failed. Yet it did not fail on the merits of need but on the wants of the land of electoral control and shameless self promotion for personal gain.

    Communities are often defined by the presence of a school.

    Cedarville is a very good example of what happens when that identity is taken away. Now the only identity for an entire county is decided to be Glenville and perhaps one other area. Would anyone like to bet where that will be if the people do not stand up and speak out? This writer’s feeling is that the one school should be built in the Lettergap area, combine it with a state infrastructure project to upgrade the roads and bus the children from Rosedale and outer Troy within as reasonable a time frame possible. Glenville Elementary should be upgraded and bus Sand Fork and Stouts Mills. Just one person’s thoughts but at least it would result in a positive outcome showing potential for growth.

    In the harsh light of day, we must face reality and deal with it!!

    We can not say it can’t be done, we don’t want just one new school and bury our heads in the sand any longer!

    If we do, it will permit the power mongers to take over again when Nasia Butcher finishes getting her Superintendent certification.

    We have been informed she requires one more year.

    How many Teachers will leave us if that happens?

    We must demand a Superintendent who will represent the entire county, not just the chosen. We desperately need a person in authority who is above the political pressures brought to bear and take action when needed. We must have someone who is not afraid to lose the job if the power mongers don’t like what they have to say. We must have a voice of reason to speak for the children, not the chosen.

  21. Council of Concerned Citizens and Secret Seven Coalition were 100% RIGHT about GILMER COUNTY!!!

    Unfortunately it has been proven to us that freedom in Gilmer County is mythical.

    The County functions similar to a cartel controlled by power brokers who use wealth as political weapons to achieve their vested interest objectives.

    Voiding William K Simmons’s contract resembled a forceful reversal of results from a legal election by a third world junta.

    Overall, through experiences from the hostile take over we must be wary about what will be grabbed away next;
    the time has come to send the POWER ELITE -responsible for the takeover- packing!

  22. WV LEADS NATION IN MORE DEATHS THAN BIRTHS - Census Bureau Says Calhoun and Counties like Gilmer controlled by Power Elite Politics Will Continue Population Loss, WalMart WV's Biggest Employer and what is wrong with that picture?!

    (06/18/2011) Glenville – Free Press Early Morning Emission!
    For the first time in US history, more people have died – than were born – in the state of West Virginia, over an entire decade!

    Wouldn’t ya have knowed it would be West by God Virginia that would come up with something that crazy for it to be the first time in history more people died than were born inside of a decade, so I guess that makes for negative growth. A rate of extinction could be concluded with some date set in the future for every one to be done for and to be living like the famous Whites, after following in the footsteps of the Butchers and others in Morris town!

    In some rural areas, deaths have exceeded births for several decades, but West Virginia is the only place where this situation has happened on a statewide level. According to the “Natural Decrease in America: More Coffins Than Cradles.” …is a what we got a going here in West Virginia now! And a god damn school board ran by the state!! We better call the West Virginia Ninja, or Mickey Metz, and get a missing person to magically pop up behind his house or a call somebody with a magic touch!! Hell call Nasia Butcher and she can get Ike to call Big Joe and Joe can tell Gayle to ..”Get down there to Glenville again girl and a straighten them people out now… I need that money Gayle!”

    There has been more than a 6 percent drop in births regionally in two years, and in Gilmer County double that.

    “In these kinds of areas, especially Morris town, the capital of Crooked County, you hear that maternity wards are closing and geriatric wards are getting bigger. Younger people have to travel longer distances to hospitals that deliver babies,” a local CCC member said.

    “Look at the average age of the person that shines in the Glenville Democrat… 82?”

    “School systems might not get as much support in these areas as they would in counties where there are a significant number of families with school-age children, especially now, with the fight over resources, and Glenville going on the books as being the lowest for students which is a lie” There has been deceit administered by Power Elite allowed to infiltrate, the ranks of the common good citizen and poison them with the evil of the self serving elite ….just like Gerry Hough and his band of minions that have placed ads of hate in the local newspaper, and the elitist support of the threats issued by ex Commission President Larry Chapman — these are the forces lately that have banded together for only an evil purpose!!

    A downside, in places like Gilmer County West Virginia are the local politics and the few being ruled by just a couple of families, as we all just witnessed with the political takes over and the evil that gained control of the local schools,

    “Young adults and families are not going to get as much attention or the same benefits as other common American citizens might get in other parts of the country, under these third world circumstances!”

    Our schools will now be ruled by the evil ones, if we do not take charge in a quick manner. Our only hope is the Free Press and the honest efforts of our local citizens. Can’t you see what the Power Elite have done to destroy our schools and community? And it was all done with the help of Cassandra Huff and Dave Corcoran who were both forever absent during those take over days when the chips were down, and the citizens watched in dismay as the FREE PRESS caught the whole incident on camera. Every time John Bennett spoke, it was as if he were being grilled for an oral exam he did not study for, and asked why he had no answers and was so stupid, Bennett tried to blame the matter on him not being allowed to make certain decisions, or whatever the excuse was, it was always a sorry attempt to cover for an already ugly affair.


    Yes, let’s keep controlling the competition and show anyone who comes here they will never belong and brag about it. Do not permit one new idea or change any of the old ways. While we worry about the rich getting richer and keeping things the same, other folk are just leaving. No one wants to bring or have a child where there is no future and no chance of making one unless you sell your soul. Shut your eyes and listen to the lies! This did not happen over night and is predicted to happen again. Keep putting the cooperating players in power right up to the end, won’t be long now, the end may be closer than we think.

    Editors note: I think the recent hate speech articles and hate based advertising published by Gerald B Hough and Dave Corcoran of the Glenville Democrat were definite signs of the END IS NEAR!!

  24. I went through the 2010 Audit for GSC and found some info related lying to auditors and how it depends on the honesty of the persons doing the reporting as to how reliable an audit is. What the Auditors were led to believe is probably about as reliable as what the Banks were told.

    Oversight of the Foundation is the responsibility of a separate and independently elected Board of Directors, not otherwise affiliated with the College.

    Investment costs $10,667,433, reported Fair Value $9,170,451 at June 30 , 2009 primarily Mutual Funds, Common Stocks and Investment Portfolios which were not detailed.

    Although the College benefits from the activities of the Foundation, the Foundation is independent of the College in all respects. The Foundation is not a subsidiary of the College and is not directly or indirectly controlled by the College. The Foundation has its own separate, independent Board of Directors
    More about the Power of the money thieves of the foundation!!

    Moreover, the assets of the Foundation are the exclusive property of the Foundation and do not belong to the College. The College is not accountable for, and does not have ownership of, any of the financial and capital resources of the Foundation. The College does not have the power or authority to mortgage, pledge, or encumber the assets of the Foundation. The Board of Directors of the Foundation is entitled to make all decisions regarding the business and affairs of the Foundation, including, without limitation, distributions made to the College. Under State law, neither the principal nor income generated by the assets of the Foundation can be taken into consideration in determining the amount of State-appropriated funds allocated to the College. Third parties dealing with the College, the Board, and the State of West Virginia (the “State”) (or any agency thereof) should not rely upon the financial statements of the Foundation for any purpose without consideration of all the foregoing…..

    Figure 1 LIES TOLD TO AUDITORS or what leads the public to have inaccurate beliefs. All of this information comes from the most recent college audit and the GSC web site. Are we to believe that the college auditors just dreamed up that the Foundation Members are independent from the College. The college is more in debt than in the black and some numbers magic does not change that situation suffering from the same lack of enrollment as the whole state. New accounting standards are bringing this information to light but think about what is said versus the facts. It is tedious reading and of interest to few but should be of interest to us all.

    GSC FOUNDATION PER COLLEGE WEB SITE FOR 2011: How many names here are directly related to the College, especially the Board of Governors.
    Executive Committee Officers

    R. Craig Worl President Glenville, WV
    Stanley N. Pickens Vice President Clarksburg, WV
    Mary Lee McPherson Secretary/Treasurer Burnsville, WV

    George D. Curtin Webster Springs, WV
    R. Fred Radabaugh Elkview, WV

    Remaining Members

    Timothy Butcher Glenville, WV
    Senator Douglas Facemire Sutton, WV
    Martha D. Deel Milton, WV
    William S. Deel Milton, WV
    Dr. Lynn C. Gilbert Grantsville, WV
    Bill D. Hanlin St. Marys, WV
    Richard E. Heffelfinger Charleston, WV
    Ralph J. Holder* Belpre, OH
    Douglas S. Morris Glenville, WV
    Betty Sue Morris Glenville, WV
    Sandra A. Pettit Sand Fork, WV
    Gerald W. Ramsburg Jane Lew, WV
    Delegate Mike Ross Coalton, WV
    Greg A. Smith Glenville, WV
    Mary Bland Strickland Glenville, WV
    Dr. John C. Westfall Glenville, WV
    Charles W. Wilson Weston, WV
    Travis M. Woodford Glenville, WV

    *Alumni Association Representative
    Ex-Officio Members

    Dr. Peter Barr President Glenville State College
    Mr. Robert O. Hardman VP Finance Glenville State College
    Mr. Dennis J. Pounds** VP for College Advancement Glenville State College
    **Executive Director, GSC Foundation

  25. Have you read the latest and greatest on the front page of the Democrat on the school take over? Man, with friends like reporter Cassandra Huff and her boss – Dave Corcoran- a body just doesn’t need any enemies.

    HUFF immediately threw John Bennett under the bus when she said he “knew” from where he had received the list of new CFEP board members (which he denied) going so far as to admit he asked the “media” for the list.

    Notice she didn’t give her name as the “media” source – even though she was? Half truths, in typical Glenville Democrat style of always half truths, but it sure assigns the blame.

    Names were thrown around like fodder to the cows. Nasia Butcher, Brenda Bleigh and Patty Lowther were given as the ones with the answers conveniently missing in action when the OEP Auditors showed up with their questions.

    No kidding?

    HUFF even took a swipe at Dorothy Rhodes (without mentioning the name) and her good buddy Phylis Starkey at the expense of the anonymous board member who ran “To keep her from winning”. Can you read between those lines? Even old Ed Toman got a shout out in that mess.
    When the going gets tough we know where her loyalties lie. Not with the CFEP Board she appointed herself and her coworker to. Not with the Board of Ed she always cried was so misunderstood. Throw them all under the bus. Even HUFF’S favorite county commissioner had to take the blame for last issues bad reporting of the meeting under corrections. But, Darrell is happy enough since HUFF keeps him stocked up on K-Y just in case some kind of community issue arises involving homes for troubled young men. Does that dumb blond reporter ever have any responsibility to report the truth? Talk about a day tripper!! Get off the weed bitch! … if it affects or effects your job that much!

    The one stab at reporting the truth of Ramco’s no contract status with the schools carried over to page 4a before getting to the point. Then HUFF had the nerve to ask for assistance with getting another political action on the ballot to the tune of $500,000 to “correct these problems”.

    We can’t even get a levy passed but lets send money to her causes. When are we going to quit giving this whiny no brained cone headed dumb blonde the time of day? I vote for manana!

    Huff’s boss, Dave the COCK Corcoran did not do much better by calling the citizens “Dunces” put in the corner and he sure sucked up to the State. So much for local yokels and on to bigger and better things! Which one will “shine” the brightest? Will it be the oldest beaver under the table at “GALA” Folk Festival this year?

    All of these issues were discussed many times before the Democrat/Pathfinder opinions. Discussed openly in the public forums they hate so much.

    These Democrat “News Editors” are not friends to the citizens of Gilmer County.

    These same Democrap NEWS EDITORS ran from the action, although they get paid, and the FREE PRESS all stood their ground and reported the facts for FREE!

    Their shameless self promotion by the Glenville Democrat and it’s shameful staff was part and parcel of the problems that led to lack of credibility with the W.V. State Board of Education and the school takeover — but they just don’t seem to “Get that!”

    Now they say Bill Simmons will do a statement next week. We look forward to reading that article as he has earned the respect and admiration of many in the county and most assuredly should be the next Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, but we found out we don’t need the Democrat for anything! What a disappointment they were when it all really mattered …Corcoran and Huff are useless!!

    The public wants to hear you Bill but take a lesson from past “friends” of the news editors. Use the vehicle for your message; nothing more, for you will find with friends like that — you just won’t need any enemies. Corcoran is a DICK and HUFF is lowly and beneath us even recognizing her as a journalist let alone a person that anyone could possibly have any respect for.

    No apologies will be forthcoming when your words are twisted Bill, to sell papers and not inform the people of the facts. Truth just doesn’t seem to pay enough until it’s too late to say anything else. Even then there’s always some wiggle room, just ask Gerry Hough! Hough was talking about all the wiggle room Tamera Stalnaker Hough has got going on now just in time for their summer get away!!

  26. I L “Ike” Morris the founder of Morris town (aka -Glenville), the capital of Crooked County has started his new restaurant the Pioneer Grille at his Best Western Franchise Hotel. The NEW restaurant is run by MORRIS MINION and County Commissioner, the WALRUS Brian Kennedy who serves as CHEF and Steve, ” Shove it” Shattuck is also a Chef – both of which were ex employee’s of GSC and fired from the college, for stealing shit!

    But that is just what IKE wants! IKE likes minions that will steal for him or get whatever edge they can get!!

    The NEW BAR and GRILLE could be the new hanging out place for Timothy B and Diana L Butcher!! They can meet some of their bullshit new henchmen and hit man there too!! They can all get together to gossip and drool.

    Most of the talk in this FRONTIER TOWN is about how the infamous Butchers sold out the county of Gilmer for their own selfish gains financially and politically. And I ask you, is this the kind of people we want living in our town?

    It is easily seen more and more by the masses and townspeople, that the Gilmer County School Takeover was political and not for the right reasons. So far only John Bennett has lost his job. John Bennett was the fall guy, but in all the other county school districts with similar problems, the principals and administrators were either gotten rid of or moved around, but it is highly suspicious only the scape goat got it here!

    I think the whole attempt was to void Simmons contract and also was a favor to Nasia Butcher so she could keep her job, which is a shame. Simmons would have been great for the community, whereas Nasia is not – And Nasia raised WHORES that gave all of Gilmer County a bad name with their dirty sex and their dirty way of being brought up in sexually promiscuous households that are a disgrace to the community! Those Butcher Bitches have been like a social disease and those Butchers have infected an entire county with their debauchery and illicit sexual acts. It is disgusting!!

    Editors note: “They screw horses don’t they?” I just was sent an e-mail from someone that as bizarre as it sounded mentioned that Cassandra Huff, who writes a lot of the hate shit for the Gerry Hough’s hate site (that never deals with issues only attacks people) …that

    “That’s up to her but at least no ones screwing horses like Cassandra Huff!” Got to love it!! Huff has the nerve to talk about those who cater to the “IN CROWD” in Glenville, which she is one of them, and is a total fake, and phony about it, but the fact that she actually screws horses is a bit over the top, but I would like to hear more about that ordeal!! I am hoping someone has a picture of that somewhere!

  27. That blond thing HUFF that works for the democrat is about half stupid. The best she can come up with was the “BOE Take Over” article, that she had to read about on the Gilmer Free Press to report on. Neither her or Corcoran or anyone else from the newspaper was at any of the meetings, they were not present to report a damn thing!

    See how those fake fucks are?
    The Democrap is nothing but a propaganda rag, that never publishes anything that doesn’t agree with the Power Elite.

    I say we don’t need the democrat and some sort of offer should be made for people to subscribe to something else! CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION to the DEMOCRAT!! Don’t buy the paper! Do you see how they handled a real crisis? They ran and hid and were nowhere to be found.

    They got all their information from watching the video published by the Gilmer Free Press, who thank god did a damn good job of covering the TAKE OVER. We all have learned Huff and Corcoran are fake as shit now. They had to steal someone else’s work to publish their front page story.

    Huff is just a two bit loser working for the democrat and its the best she’s ever done. What kind of a career path is that? The smallest paper in a depopulated part of the state. None of these people have had any medium or major market experience, as journalists or anything else.

    It would be nice if we could have the old Glenville back and finally have a town not controlled by criminals like Hough and Metz and the rest of the DIRTY DOZEN!!

  28. concerned friend

    Freddie was still…..murdered.

    Editors note: You sure got that right! Funny how Fred turned up pretty as you please right behind the house of that no good double crossing piece of shit Mickey Metz! You don’t have to convince us, we knew what was up from day one, and remember, we are the people that predicted NO FOUL PLAY far in advance and published it within a day or two of Fred going out that back door of Trezan’s with someone or actually two people waiting for him. Murdered by the Crooks from Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

  29. ck ( As told by GSC student Cori Kuhn from the day after Fred was determined missing)

    I met Fred for the first time on the night he went missing. He was obviously intoxicated, but was a calm peaceful man. He did start hitting on some of us girls at the bar, but was not pushy or out of line at all. I talked to him for awhile and thought he was a very nice guy. I have a sketchy memory of the night, seeing as how I was too intoxicated, however I do remember him being asked to leave the bar by the bouncer. He was standing toward the back of the bar and was asked to leave through the back door, I just assumed that it was because of where he was when the incident happened, but now that I think of it, I have never seen anyone asked to leave through the back. I pray that he is found and well. Prayers are with he and his family until some answers are found.

    Editors note: This is the message by GSC student Cori Kuhn just a day or so after Basil Fred Hill was determined missing. At this time the CalPatty Press had already published the fact that Fred was in the river — and that law enforcement would already be putting the NO FOUL PLAY thought in everyone’s mind as part of the programming and conditioning they expose the general public to. At the time we already knew Fred was murdered for we had seen these same actions a time or two from the Crooks from Crooked County, but to think they had Fred chained down on the bottom behind the Sheriffs house at the time is an absolute mind blower.

    Also the CalPatty Press foretold just how it would all go down and everyone had already been pre-conditioned, just to let enough time go by so people would forget!

    The Secret Seven Coalition at the time thought it odd that Police never talked to Cori, you would think they would want to speak with people that were there, talked to Fred, and saw what happened, but the police never once spoke to Cori Kuhn or several others that were there or even so much as did the basics or follow proper procedure for the FRED HILL MURDER WAS A COVER UP FROM THE GET GO – THE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT WERE ONLY COVERING FOR ANOTHER POWER ELITE MURDER AND IF WE TOLD YOU WHO ALL WAS INVOLVED YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED AND DISMAYED!!

  30. As a relative of Fred Hill not only are our hearts broken that he is missing, but broken because his Dad is seriously ill and failing due to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Please, please if anyone has any answers whatsover, let the family know so that his Dad will not leave this world without knowing what happened to his only son.

    Editors note: This is a comment from a relative within 72 hours of Fred Hill being murdered behind Trezans bar in Glenville, with pre-meditation and malice of forethought, but yet local law enforcement let the family believe Fred just fell in the river and of course must not have been able to swim and come right up out of the river. I am remember being tossed in the Lil Kanoy as a child no older than 7 and I could not swim, but I got up out that river and screamed bloody murder at my father who had tossed me in from a John boat just to see if I could swim.

    The CalPatty Press was shocked when Sheriff Metz declared NO FOUL PLAY and CPP had already published Metz would say those exact words and the CalPatty Press already said, Fred was dead and in the river and what these dumb fuck Crooks from Crooked County did to Fred Hill and the family of Fred Hill they will have to answer to God and the people for!

  31. I don’t recall anyone leaving shortly before him. Like I stated before, I was under the influence and was really only focusing on the group of people that I had been talking to, including Fred. I really wish I could tell you more. I am not giving up hope on facebook, I have been reminding everyone to keep this in mind and not give up on Fred and this case and not to let law enforcement give up on it either. Hopefully we will find answers to our questions soon. I feel so bad for he and his family, and being one of the last to have seen him, want to help as much as I can.

    Editors note: Here is another comment by Cori Kuhn just the same way she submitted it just days after Fred was murdered, but yet, even though she talked to Fred, was there, and was a valuable witness, not once did law enforcement ask to speak with her or question her. The answer is clear, there was no real investigation into the murder of Fred Hill for it was just a cover up from the get go just as was reported by the CalPatty Press — who were there and asking questions.

  32. I am so disappointed with the lack of media coverage on this story. I realize that NOTHING is being done at this point to find answers, therefore nothing NEW to report, but THERE IS A MAN MISSING. I feel like with this snow storm they have found an excuse to throw up their hands and give up. I don’t understand how the media thinks it’s okay to quit covering this. Tiger Woods cheats on his wife, as I’m sure many of these journalist have done themselves, and he gets weeks of nonstop coverage. The well being of a man, his family, and an entire community can’s get a 5 minute spot in a newscast? Where have our priorities gone, and why do I feel like this man has been given up on? Personally, I think I shouldn’t be able to tune into a WV television station without seeing Fred’s photo. Dear Lord, I hope that if I were to ever go missing it wouldn’t be in West Virginia.

    Editors note: Cori Kuhn is getting a bad feeling about it all as day by day goes by and she see’s what is really up for herself. Cori is seeing that the local mainstream press is completely controlled and ANY OTHER PRESS like the CalPatty Press or the Gilmer Free Press the Power Elite will try to destroy, threaten — or bring strong political influence to bear in an effort to stop the the truth from being told — and generally speaking do whatever it takes to stop the real truth from being revealed!

    These Crooks from Crooked County have some powerful friends that extend to US Senator Joe Manchin and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin. We intend, with some mainstream reporter friends to ask these politician’s just what part they have played in the criminal agenda of the Glenville West Virginia Power Elite, that can make a few calls and have the Gilmer County Schools taken over because they do not like how things are going — and for the fact that the people are starting to become unruly and speak up.

    Last March, R Terry Butcher went to the FBI to have all people behind the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website arrested for bringing forth true facts that were making it harder for them and the Gilmer Housing Partners to rip people off on real estate swindles they were being caught for through professional investigations and good local coverage. It was local people from the SS that broke that story about how Peter Barr, GSC and the Butchers were involved in illegal dealings, and then the feds walked in and served everyone with papers the day the story was published on the internet, and that story in the GFP took 224,000 hits in just a matter of days and the whole state knew the Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River were fronted out again.

    High ranking members of the FBI recently had a very long conversation with high ranking members of the SS and shared many facts and encouraged the SS to keep digging and to keep exposing corruption, since the US Attorney spoke on our behave and said, “(name withheld) has exposed quite a lot of corruption here in West Virginia”

    After that meeting with a regional head of an FBI agency we knew that law enforcement had made a big push on behalf of the Butchers and the Power Elite to have innocent people jailed AGAIN!

    The current agenda of the Power Elite is to kill, to falsely imprison and/or to threaten individuals exposing their illegal actions, so that IKE MORRIS, and that DRUG DEALING DOUG MORRIS with minion PAT WARD can continue their on going criminal enterprise!

    For that is just what you get in this part of West By God Virginia and the FBI informed our top ranks that they are fully aware that big players in the elite have been involved in many wrongful deaths going back 30 years or more!

  33. I have been reading and was wondering about the safety of the Secret Seven and your openness. I applaud you courage and willingness to unearth the truths of the corrupt officials in the area. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about most of the stories I have been reading about, but I do feel like I have personal stake in this particular story. I’m not family or even a close friend, but being on of the last people to have seen Fred alive and well I have made it my personal duty to not let this just fall to the wayside. I will continue to question what is being done to find answers. Hopefully we will get a Christmas miracle this year and get some answers. God bless those of you that has been staying on this as well as other stories of this magnitude.

    Editors note: As day by day went by Cori Kuhn started to get the “REAL PICTURE” …and that was there was not any actual investigation into the wrongful death of Basil Fred Hill, except for the investigation being conducted by the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition, who was doing so at great risk to themselves. Cori was starting to get the idea that just investigating Fred Hills death was dangerous. I wonder what Cori would have thought then, that Fred was in chains at the bottom of the “Icy Crooked River,” right behind the house of Sheriff Metz — put there for safe keeping?

  34. Yeah well as for those 2 boys, Fred has been a close friend of mine and he doesn’t smoke cigs.. so those two douches are lying and yeah someone should talk to them.. It breaks my heart that no one in that town wants to come forward and say something what the fuck people if this was someone in your family or a close friend wouldn’t you want to know, if you come the Charleston and go missing wouldn’t someone up there want to know what the fuck happened to you… how can you live with yourselves knowing what happened and not coming forward..

    Editors note: Good to hear you tell it like it is, and thanks for driving all the way out to Gilmer County and spending all day on the search Berk.
    Editors note: This comment above is posted just as it was entered by Charles “Berk” Berkimer a long time friend of Fred Hill that had already recognized the disinformation being released by Sheriff Metz and the Power Elite in an effort to take the attention off of the real killers and for reason of steering public opinion in the wrong direction!

    ….Since we the people, but especially the close long time friends of Fred Hill — are not stupid! We all saw right through that ridiculous ploy of Sheriff Metz and his cronies from the Power Elite doing their best to salvage the image of GSC and Glenville to protect their vested political and financial interests!

  35. Who are you people?!!!!!! They have not found a body yet!!! Let the LAW do their job! Mind your own f’in business and Gilmer County would be ALOT better off! it pisses me off when people like you think you could do such a better job…you go out and find the asshole from Charleston…we are tired of looking and it’s to cold anyway!

    Editors note: Above is the exact comment entered by a “Susie White,” in response to the comment posted by “Berk” — this is what Cori Kuhn had to say in reply to this sickening comment!

    What happened here. I thought we were trying to find a missing man, not sit around and threaten the very people that are working to find answers. “You go out and find the asshole from Charleston…we are tired of looking and it’s to cold anyway!” What the hell is that? You can’t be serious.

    Editors note:We couldn’t fucking believe that one Cori, but it more or less backs up some of the points we have been making about Crooked County, going into our 4th year. They are serious, that’s what being a Crook from Crooked County living next to the Crooked River is all about.

    post #2073 “Fred is dead…Freddies dead! Missing Charleston Man feared Murdered!

  36. NASTY GRAM sent by Lisa Minney

    To: Lisa Minney

    Hey Lisa, you have a lot of fucking nerve sending nasty grams to people and you need to cease that stupid bullshit right now. Number one, we have all lost all respect for you because you are a two-faced bitch – brown nose power elite whore – and that is why we refer to your inferior two-faced two-lane ain’t living long like this magazine as just another dumb rag from crooked county, that is only good for wrapping your stinky cat fish in, and that is about it.

    We don’t give a fuck about your opinion bitch so shut the fuck up! You are part of that CASS HUFF ASS MUFF crowd that is all about Gerry. Well people are getting pretty sick of the harassment from Gerry Hough and formal complaints have been drawn up. Your NASTY GRAMS aren’t appreciated, and really what did it accomplish? All you did was piss everyone off. Even if you were to become a success, which you are not, these Power Elite mother fuckers would think of a way to take all of your shit from you, because that is how they are.

    Get a clue! It is not really up to you… what gets said, or what gets published, because, “You can’t handle the truth!” You are fake as shit! Besides, your nasty gram was untimely…and all you did was give everyone a true insight into your, “NEW EVIL!” You are one self-serving bitch, while we ALL are service to others. Are we trying to make a profit while serving the public? NO, it costs us money bitch, while you are all about making that money at other peoples expense.

    By the way, having an English degree from GSC truly means nothing, you are talking about a school that enrolled TODD SMITH!! How many buildings did he have to burn down for the Butchers to hook that up? I doubt Smith scored better than a 650 on the SAT exam. And to think how foolish we all were to go out and fight your battles for you, and for what? …to be stabbed in the back?!

    Go back to getting your knee’s dirty with the Elite and stay out of our business! DO NOT contact anybody even in the slightest bit associated with the CCC.

    This comment below pretty much says, it all, and how the people feel, and YOU LISA MINNEY are on the wrong side of the people now! Yeah you bitch! So, read this comment published in the leading mainstream news media source. Since I know your vocabulary is limited, you might want to look up, “Graft”


    Maybe they just want to push school consolidation down our throats, like it or not. Follow the money! I would not be surprised if some lucky elite will find a way to line his/her pockets with the building of a nice new one size fits all school. I’m sure there will be enough graft for everybody.

    By Julian Runner on 07.01.2011

    From the entry: ‘Community Concerns: Hostile Takeover of Schools for Wrong Reasons?!’.

  37. Wonderful article post.Thanks. It’s about time someone was brave enough to tell the truth about what has been going on here for decades now, with the Butchers and Ike Morris and Sheriff Metz and the dishonest Gerry Hough along with all the other “minions” as you put it.

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