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This time evil ran right down that Crooked County panty line!

And another GSC Football player is in jail for RAPE!

A QB Gabe Phrophet for the Glenville State College Football team is behind bars for sexual assault charges. The incident allegedly occurred last Friday June 17, 2011 at his home.

“The definition of 1st degree sexual assault is forced penetration, causing
serious bodily injury, or use of a deadly weapon, but then I guess a big black hard dick could be considered a weapon and the preferred weapon used by students at the HOME of Rape and Murder in CROOKED COUNTY —  Glenville State College!”

Gabriel Phrophet (Gabe Phrophet), 22, was arraigned by Gilmer County Magistrate Robert Minigh on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 and is facing two felonies charges involving sexual assaults of 1st and 2nd degree. Why the GSC Football player was just booked into jail today, instead of right before or after the arraignment is unknown until the matter is looked into further.

Phrophet is just one of many football players for GSC to be accused of rape, but there have been no convictions.

Phrophet was booked at Central regional Jail today June 23, 2011.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Phrophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

If your looking to rape a hot white chick at a local college you never have to look further than Glenville State College high on the hill overlooking Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

The victim who had the holy bejesus fucked out of her alleges that she was raped, and then sought treatment at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital after the pounding by the QB of the GSC Football team from Washington DC. The criminal complaint stated that the victim “Feared for her life,” during the entire terrifying sexual attack!!

Rape cases are seldom carried forward in Gilmer County because they don’t want to tarnish the image of  Glenville State College —  and many rapes go unreported. Local law enforcement handled the Edwin Dale Kinnison rape case by the book, but it was never brought to trial after being in the court system for over a year!

Edwin Dale Kinnison should have been convicted of Rape as well as Erik Davis both students at GSC, but it is widely known that Glenville State College has become the home of rape in West Virginia! Crooked County has become as dangerous as the old west for rape and murder!!

Even if rape charges are carried forward Gilmer County doesn’t have a skilled enough prosecutor to win the case, as witnessed by the Glenville rape case of GSC football player Erik Davis!

The Erik Davis rape case was a real circus and Gerald B Hough got his ass kicked in court by defense attorney David Karickhoff of Sutton, WV in a case that should have found the rapist guilty, but Karickhoff is a far superior attorney than Hough will ever be.

If GSC wants to win again all they need to do is call David Karickhoff and the QB walks and GSC may be on their way to a half-way decent team again this year.

Although, they won’t have Crooked County Crook and Circuit Court Clerk David LAME Smith to hand pick a jury bound for acquittal!

For the jury that heard the famous Erik Davis rape case was rigged by Smith!!!

But, really all GABE has to do is make sure that Karickhoff is retained as defense counsel and Hough will lose another rape case, although Hough lied to a Parkersburg newspaper and stated he never lost a rape case!

Hough is no match for Dave Karickhoff or any other decent attorney and will lose because unless Gerry can cheat and pay some false witnesses like he was caught doing by title opinion in the “Travesty of Justice” case, Hough will lose every time!

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  1. It will be pretty easy to predict right out of the gate how this case might go, but lets hope NOT … for the sake of the community. Glenville can’t take another cover up. Gilmer County is already the Poster Child for corruption for the entire state of West Virginia!

    Plus Peter Barr instituted the BARR CODE in 2006 …
    “Don’t lay on you back unless he is Black!”

    And made it acceptable for black men to rape white women at GSC!!


    Complaint made against Hough from years ago involving illegal access to files of rape victim

    There was a disciplinary case filed against attorney Gerald Hough on charging violations of Rules 4.1, 4.4 and 8.4(c), in connection with the attorney making false representations in order to obtain confidential college records of a rape victim so as to benefit his client, who was charged with the rape. It was eventually resent to the Lawyer Disciplinary (I can’t understand the computer notes. The rules that are enumerated also can be found on the Office of Disciplinary Counsel website.

    Hope that splash of cold news woke you up a bit. Better think twice before letting your daughters spend anytime in Glenville, West Virginia, the County Seat of Crooked County down by the Crooked River!!


    GSC IS SOFT ON RAPE and so is the prosecutor Hough, so as to not give the school a bad name at the cost of another local girl being destroyed.

    Is TIM BUTCHER going to throw a fit and threaten people and say he is innocent? Then get someone like Lane Smith to hand pick a jury to acquit just like was done in the Eric Davis Rape case?

    I am surprised the RAPE was even reported, for there have been countless rapes at GSC!! If you read the local blogs you will find out more about the endless rapes and sexual assaults!!

    The old Crooked County Crooks website that was going strong for years told us the truth and went so far as to predict more of the same.

    Judge Facemire and the Butcher and Butcher law firm were instrumental on filing complaints to take that site down, and for what?

    Telling us all what is really up?

    In this case what was really up was another nightmare that was predicted long ago.

  4. ANOTHER RAPE AT GSC! How many does this make -- condoned by the Power Elite of Glenville for YEARS!!

    What has the SECRET SEVEN COALITION and the CalPatty Press been talking about for years?

    RAPE at GSC and corrupt local law enforcement, and so here we go again!!

    This very fucking problem of the rape of defenseless women from the protected by the POWER ELITE athletes has been going on for years! These people in Gilmer County are some serious fucking criminals with some powerfully influential political figures like Gov Joe Manchin now US Senator for West Virginia in their pocket and on call 24 hours a day.

    BIG JOE has been in the pocket of the local power elite since he was Secretary of State of WV.

    Natalie Tennant the former baby sitter of the Power Elite is now the current Secretary of State and she has been in the pocket of IKE MORRIS and the OIL and ASS people of Glenville for years, and if you are looking for some people to blame for the current situation look no further than Peter Barr and his bullshit Board of Governors made up of the most infamous of the local Power Elite — and some corrupt as fuck local law enforcement.

    We better make some changes now in the leadership of our community or these types of events will continue to be more frequent and more severe.

    And so it goes…

    Editors note: Some members of the Council of Conservative Citizens were recently in town for the Folk Festival to get a good look at a town and a county that puts a false case with full malice on professional white people, while letting the black athletes have their way with the white women. The Power Elite have let these blacker than night out of town athletes have the white girls as part of the deal of coming to this awful sordid Crooked County down by the Crooked River. Sometimes it is better to get a look at bought and paid for law enforcement that will discriminate against White Professionals, and bring false cases, of which they are still engaged in this highly illegal and dangerous activity.

    When Hough gets back from vacation he will bungle this case all to hell, for all the effort he is bringing to once again trying to bring false charges and false legal matters forward, all because he still has to defend himself for all the evil deeds he has been doing for years, that are finally coming to the surface.

  5. Why is that bunch of sexual intellectuals (F****ing know it alls) up on the hill letting the football players think that they have some kind of entitlement program to non-consensual sex and that they are the most important faction at GSC? Maybe they just haven’t taught them the meaning of the word. No one has said anything about the condition of the victim since 1st degree assault indicates use of physical force or a weapon if over the age of 12. Did they even get the girl to the hospital for a sex kit or will this be just another case of lack of evidence and make it all go away? I don’t care what color the guy is, rape is rape! This attitude of the players getting what they want whenever they want it has to stop! They are young men playing football not Gods.

    Editors note; This county has shown discrimination and brought false cases against WHITE PROFESSIONALS to do a favor for the Butcher and Butcher law firm and it was Tim Butcher who brought Bobby Duvall in to be the Basketball Coach at Gilmer County High School and Bobby got to sample some students sexually as part of the deal obviously while local law enforcement was paid off and out of town law enforcement were given all the facts and now consider Gilmer County as lawless and rogue, and dangerous as hell!! What about the rape at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino? The daughter of Doug Morris was raped that night that a Lady Titan got banged by the coach — and we have statements from people, but that rape was “JUST OK TOO!” We have some sick fucks in Glenville, West Virginia,

    True that!

  6. That Fucker is already out of jail!

    22-year-old Gabriel Phrophet has been released from Central Regional Jail on $25,000 bond!

    Phrophet has been officially charged with second degree sexual assault and first degree sexual abuse.

    According to the criminal complaint, Phrophet forced the woman to perform two sexual acts, which she resisted.

    “She stated that as he became more violent — she became in more fear for her life, she submitted to him.” When Phrophet left, she fled the scene and called for help.

    The Gilmer County Sheriffs Department says they have obtained forensic evidence related to the case, but that really means nothing!

    You know and I know the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department will fuck up this investigation just like they did “FRED HILL!”. The Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department are NO GOOD AT ALL at investigation of real crimes, just look at their poor performance track record. It’s pathetic!

    Editors note: The bond was not high enough, and it just goes to show you that the bond for old used rusted junk farm equipment that sat outside for over 25 years got a bond of 1/4 of a million dollars, and that turned out to be a false charge, and now proven conspiracy by the Gilmer County Sheriff and Prosecutor, by order of the Butchers

    25,000 bond for this heinous crime compared with the bogus amount for a bogus farm equipment case that was at most a civil matter has proved what total buffoons they are in Crooked County down by the Crooked River, for now that NEGRO BOY is out free and can rape again!!!!!

    Professional, educated WHITE PEOPLE that have been targeted have less rights than a black man that rapes white women in Gilmer County, West Virginia!

    Unless Hough can get some people to Testi-lie this case will languish in the courts for 18 months to two years, people will forget and it will be silently dismissed

    If it goes to trial and Hough is the prosecutor he will be defeated by just about any professional attorney not from around here.


  7. Forever anonymous in this town!

    This is going to be one for the record books of corruption since it appears this GSC Football player was given special privileges after allegedly committing a serious crime.

    Phrophet was NOT arrested until bail had already been arranged, for arraignment proceedings in this instance were NOT like any other.

    Already we can see the writing on the wall and the politics of the ELITE and how it is detrimental to the community as a whole.

    The crime in this case is that nothing has changed, and nothing will change as long as the same people are in power.

    This is an absolutely pathetic situation and we need a national spotlight to shine down on the little ville of evil!

    We need to inform the rest of the world what sort of a lawless society is allowed to exist through a vehicle of bad politics, bad money and bad representatives of the people in control of the local government!

    Editors note: What is even more evil is Gerry Hough along with Dave Corcoran the local newspaper publisher enlisted the help of Cassandra Huff who put up the Hough hate site, along with Pat Ward of Waco Oil, Leslie Ward another minion employed by GSC and Palmer Stephens small market hack along with his dirty knee’s girlfriend Connie O Stinky the ASST to the County Commission to form a campaign of hate, personal attacks, illegal actions and threats. Several out of state agencies have already been alerted to some of the illegal activities this group has been involved in, and that has led to various actions being taken against this rogue lawless group that feels it is JUST OK to commit crimes while under the guidance of Gerald B Hough. These are the types of people who condone the acts of the Power Elite that result in horrible rapes and wrongful deaths. Just ask Fred Hill!

  8. Come to Glenville State College for good ole time!

    Come to Glenville State College where it is just fine with school staff if you fuck the white girls, it is all part of the perks of the athletic program and has been for years!

    Hell! No consequence at all just grab the nearest bitch and throw her down and go to it! Don’t worry about the cops here, they don’t represent the people, it is entirely third world in this part of West Virginia. There is NO AMERICA here!

  9. I noticed that some arrests of people were made in Gilmer County yesterday, but it was for animal cruelty, but they sure did fill up the holding cells. 65 abused animals, at least six horses, 11 dogs, two rabbits, 23 chickens, and one cockatoo, were rescued according to the Hur Herald, and Savannah Wallbrown who is only 20 years old was arrested too.

    Why can’t the Sheriff’s office get behind the PEOPLE CRUELTY crimes too?

    Thank god we have the Gilmer Free Press and this website to tell us the truth! None of the issues that brought into the public eye of wrongdoing by the Sheriffs department in the last year have been corrected or rectified and when evidence is presented on line for all to see, and the Sheriffs office ignores it all, well then the Gilmer Free Press is a neutral place for everyone to see what is really going on. We will never get anything but a slanted version of the truth in the local Democrat. I can’t even see how that paper stays in business they have lost all credibility

    I have adopted dogs and cats as necessary over the years, and I am an animal lover, but knowing one of these people makes me believe that this animal cruelty arrest was a political arrest to get something in the headlines that they are doing something, when actually the Sheriffs office in Gilmer County is known more for doing nothing and actually being involved in covering up crimes.

    What about human cruelty?

    Bringing a false case which was evident to all of us when all facts were laid out for all to see far exceeds the false good deed of the animal cruelty arrest. I guess the Sheriff and the rest of them must think we are all stupid or something, but we can read and decide for ourselves what the real truth is, which we found out in a big way during the Fred Hill ordeal that showed all the true colors of local law enforcement.

    I want to see the facts pertaining to the animal cruelty arrests. What are the grounds for the arrest? How many counts? There have been no specifics mentioned, just a general term of animal cruelty.

    Next we will have the marijuana eradication which is a joke since there is a big growing operation going on indoors out on hwy 33, but of course that is protected by the police while they post pictures of marijuana they seize outside that would only give you a headache if you smoke it.

    A little word to the wise…


    I think this rape case is going to go the way it is presented in this article, and without people digging to get the real story over the years our overall situation in this part of the state would be much much worse than it is. Thank god there are people out there brave enough to bring us the real story.

    Editors note: People always know the truth when they see it, and that is why we have succeeded, and may be able to succeed getting it all to everyone in hardback form soon.


  10. Here is a statement made from an SS article from last March, that says it all almost as if another tragic rape had been predicted just by looking into a crystal ball of darkness…

    Don’t tell about all the WILD SEX and all the DOPE and the BOOZE and the exposed breasts and rape of the unwilling young participant at the home of the Lemegeton – An agent of the Devil!

    To all the devils minions …come home to GILMER COUNTY where the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that CROOKED COUNTY LINE!

    But don’t tell!

    GILMER COUNTY HOME TO COVER UP’S – SEX SCANDALS – and ABUSE! All Done by The HANDS Of The Glenville Power Elite!!

  11. MM --Glenville Politics and wrongful actions

    On the subject of Five Gilmer County residents having been arrested by the Gilmer Co. Sheriffs Department on charges of animal cruelty….

    Why didn’t they have animal control take the animals and then take them to court? To arrest these people who have absolutely nothing and turn an alleged rapist free on a bond that reportedly was pre arranged is bullshit!

    If you followed any of Cassandra Huff op-eds at all she recently went on a big animal rights campaign. If this is anyway tied to situation in order to placate that dishonest blond cone-headed bitch, then I have a feeling we are going to have a problem with all of this.

    I love animals so much, but this is a change the subject move, not what should be done. These people will lose what little they have over this and they have very little (especially the Wallbrowns).

    This situation is just another attack on the poor white because of local politics and this is so Gilmer County that it stinks to high heaven!!

    Why didn’t they have animal control take the animals and then take them to court?

    Why is this a matter for the Sheriff! A move to take the attention off of the rape?

    And the special privileges shown to a GSC football player?

    Editors note: Did you see the latest article in the Democrat the home of the hypocrite — and their article on Cyber bullying?

    Watch them say that the law pertains to websites when the law specifically reads e-mails and texting etc.

    These people think their illegal actions and threats have jurisdiction enough to cover the entire world wide web. Mark my words, this will be the next dumb thing heard from those dumb asses.

    Message to the dumb asses you are being watched closely from afar and your threats and illegal actions have been duly noted. Glenville has been a problem for the State of West Virginia and many individuals that have followed through with complaints to the proper agencies.

    The last stunt pulled by Dave Corcoran allowing the prosecutor for Gilmer County to place hate ads and ads for a hate site that defames a book published in America about real Americans is despicable! The publisher of the book just made that statement and may take legal action against individuals responsible including Dave Corcoran and his minions.

    …. others, from Baltimore Maryland said the actions of the Glenville Democrat were despicable, the favorite word of the most reversed judge in WV, Judge Facemire and he can’t even pronounce the word correctly as all may hear in the release of another SECRET TAPE to be broadcast on the Gilmer Free Press along with an eight page denial to the Judicial Investigation Commission in which Facemire denies saying those exact words you will hear on the tape!

    All of this because Gerald B Hough thinks he can snoop into the private lives and private affairs of anyone he harasses, even if it is OUTSIDE the jurisdiction of Gilmer County and the State of West Virginia.

    Outside law enforcement has recently deemed Hough a BAD APPLE that needs to be disciplined by the ODC immediately — or brought before a federal judge to face consequence for knowingly bringing wrongful actions forward based on false value and false evidence — as well as all of his threats of imprisonment and or civil law action for expressing rights guaranteed by the constitution.

  12. Break the Cycle

    It would have made too much sense to charge them and bring them to court without jail. That stunt costs the county a ton of money with no hope of getting fines or fees or jail bills back. Magistrate could have alternative sentenced them to community service with the Dog Warden and County Clean Up and maybe given them a little education on animal and community responsibility along the way with jail for non-compliance and gotten some free labor while they were at it. They do it for drug addicts and thieves if they have the right connections. The animals would have still been taken. It’s an awful thing but something has to be done punish and to break the cycle. Ten to one says these same people will get pets again.

    Editors note: This important matter needs to investigated more, but animal control needed to be brought in or does Gilmer County even have one? You would think so, with all of the farm animals in the county. I hope lots of evidence was taken. Something just doesn’t compute about all of this. I say experts like animal control or someone more specialized should handle this. Given the track record of the Gilmer County Sheriff, well publicized for false arrest, how can you really trust any of them now? Especially now, that we are hearing horror stories about Casey Jones. Hey Casey quit picking on Lisa Belknap, she is just a girl!!

  13. This is how Glenville and the infamous Crooks from Crooked County work when it comes to a rape case….

    Monday, with the help of some influential public officials or maybe even with some encouragement from that punk ass little lying bitch Dave Corcoran — they will start to assassinate the character of this young woman that was brutally, and savagely abused and say outrageous untrue things about her character and making her life so difficult that she will find it a living hell to testify to the truth.

    We KNOW these CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the CROOKED RIVER so well, that we could probably predict what they are going to LIE about to protect the image of the school and destroy this woman even further.

    The difference between good and evil really does run right down that CROOKED COUNTY line!!

    You can bet YOUR ASS they have already concocted some bullshit story to discredit this poor young woman who was afraid for her life. The local officials are already attempting to manipulate the PRESS, by trying to suppress the actual account of what happened.

    They will do this to try to salvage the image of a college that has proved dangerous for co-eds and we would advise you not to enroll your female children in this college, and if you do so it will be at high risk. The people that run this place are at the mercy of the local POWER ELITE who like to own people like slaves, and control everyone with threats of violence or threats of, “Taking everything you own,” in some sort of concocted civil action. They recently just published this information themselves surprisingly, so there is a record and documentation of these actions.

    For the out of state police agencies and federal agencies now monitoring this site, we may need some outside assistance before the victim of this alleged rape is completely destroyed by these monsters all for the sake of trying to salvage the image of the school which has already established itself as the RAPE CAPITAL of the state.

    For any new out of state people reading this site (and we have a huge amount of out of state readership and now world wide readers too) we have to tell you we have been investigating these criminals disguised as public officials for about six years now with an intense fervor and we are aghast at some of the criminal behavior that we can fully prove that public officials have been involved in — from stealing money from estates, to stealing property, to knowingly pulling titles and deeds from the land books to cover for a lie the prosecutor told a jury – jury tampering, perjury, subornation of perjury, false arrest, assault, and the list goes on and on and on….

  14. Come on over to spend a Sunday with us at the COUNCIL OF CONCERNED CITIZENS website and take a look at this article and familiarize yourself with Christopher Todd Smith, a man that was allowed to assault his girlfriend in broad daylight in Glenville and face no consequence even though law enforcement did their job by arresting him. Law enforcement did their job while arresting EDWIN DALE KINNISON for rape at GSC also, but those criminal matters never make it to court because Gerald B Hough the prosecutor for Gilmer County is NOT doing his job! We understand there has been several other arrests too, involving the possession of drugs and veteran State Troopers, have been mindful enough to engage high ranking CCC members and SS members in long conversations sometimes lasting over an hour to inform us they make plenty of arrests and are very concerned that since these are often the children of POWER ELITE caught with dope, the dope simply disappears one day, and so do the drug charges and nothing is ever said about it.

    Read this article, to find out more about who the Powers that Be go to when they want a house or a building burned down. They go to the people that seldom get caught, and that really enjoy burning things down, but these same people we have been investigating for six years, come on over to our NEW SITE today and read this article to get some history on HOT TODDY and …The FIRE STARTING CULT!!!

    HOT TODDY sentenced by Judge ALSOP! FINALLY the longest drug case in Calhoun County History has come to a close!


  15. CASS HUFF the ASS MUFF is not so wonderful now!

    CASS HUFF the ASS MUFF is such a two faced weasel that the Glenville Democrat’s Cassandra Huff is even turning on the Butchers now!

    Huff has been giving the full SCOOP on evil to her best pal Phyllis Starkey ex Mayor and member of the Gilmer County Board of Education, all involving a plot to have Nasia Butcher removed as principal. Huff is pissed because the Butcher’s are pushing her out of their ELITE inner circle.

    Huff blabs it all to Gary Collins and Gary walks all the info on over to SS headquarters for Central WV twiddly dee!!

    Thanks Bitch!!

    The Power Elite group that includes the Butchers are suspicious of HUFF now and are not communicating freely with their secret stuff and their plans to have SS members harmed, falsely imprisoned again, or killed!!

    So CASS HUFF ASS MUFF is turning on the Butchers and others and talking trash about them pretty freely — Huff is about half stoned all the time and will give up quite a lot of good information for some of the SS Kynde bud which is grown right in Calhoun County — the summer home of the Secret Seven Coalition. Some say our weed is BETTER than the Weed coming from DOUG MORRIS of Waco Oil and Gas and we consider that somewhat of a compliment, because they have a pretty big grow operation going on out there on Hwy 33. But we like outdoor and have a very specialized way of doing things, and may write a book about it. And to think if Morris traced back where he bought all of his supplies it would lead to an out of state place we all know and love for it is a place all about the SS!!

    R Terry and Timothy B Butcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm, are the attorneys that did not do an accounting on the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years, after five different attorneys for five straight years requested an accounting for their client. The Butcher took 38,000 from the account in supposed fee’s just the last couple of months against the wishes of the family — and were told in letters from different attorneys that they were NOT meeting the terms or in compliance with the will of Albert J Woofter who wrote a regular column for the Parkersburg News for many years.

    The Butchers pilfered the estate stealing at least half of the 246,000 in the original accounting. Now we hear they have been doing the same with other estates and are finally getting their due since being ordered by a federal judge to pay 340,000 in damages to a bank they attempted to defraud, during a real estate swindle set up while serving as BOG’s at GSC and partners in Gilmer Housing Partners with Peter Barr! …all the while JEAN BUTCHER the current county clerk said, “This is the way we always do it”!

    True that! Church!!

    Those Butcher Bitches have been ripping people off as often as their daughters have their tongues down some dumb bitches throat!

    AJ Woofter was loved by thousands, but just days before he died Rosa Belle Gainer managed to get him to sign documents making her the executrix of his estate, and Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham worked at the Butcher and Butcher law office which in itself is a CONFLICT!

    When local law enforcement was informed it was against the law for the Butcher and Butcher law firm not do to an accounting as requested, Sheriff Metz stated,

    “I am not going to go over there and bother those people!”

    Nice job of law enforcement Sheriff Metz!! Not!!

    But, one thing we know for sure … much of the Power Elite think….

    CASS HUFF the ASS MUFF is not so wonderful now!!!

  16. TODAY THE LIES WILL START ABOUT THE RAPE VICTIM, and they will smear her for the reason of protecting someone guilty as hell just like they always do!

    …And their entire defense will be, she is a mentally disturbed dope taking drunken lying slut, and that she wouldn’t even take money for sex if you asked her because she just loved that black dick so much!!

    Yeah, that is how they do things up on the hill, and that is how they protect “IKE’s School,” in “Morris Town aka Glenville” down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

    This will all be started with the help of Dave Corcoran, and you will soon see that the people that falsely make these outrageous claims about a woman getting raped will start at the local newspaper and they will take this untrue propaganda to their friends at the courthouse, and on down to the senior center for the next gathering, and really why would they listen to such a claim from a “Dope head blond news director like Cassandra Huff?” …from a broken down old rag like the Glenville Democrat? “ SHE FUCKS HORSES DOESN’T SHE?” …Someone just asked about Cassandra Huff from the newspaper that is only good to wrap your, “Feesh” in, because ya know they talk funny down there at the Glenville Democrat too. Hey bitch we said, “Your broken down old rag is only good to wrap your FISH in … not FEESH! What the hell is wrong with you?

    You see this is how they do things in Crooked County! They will START TODAY with the outrageous and off the hook lies about the rape victim, and that she is a WHORE and she even fucked one of the Butcher Bitches…and on an on and it will be endless!!!!

    They did this with the LAST WHITE GIRL raped by a BLACK FOOTBALL PLAYER from GSC, and even gave her the name, “POLLY” to make reference to, because she was only 17 when she was forced to suck on some black dick!

    Glenville West Virginia will go to some far fetched hellish extremes to meet their agenda and they don’t give a fuck who’s innocent life is being ruined, and truly the key players involved in these matters need to spend some time burning in HELL!!

    Hopefully, this time that can be arranged somehow by the will of GOD!

    Editors note: If you want details of the ERIK DAVIS rape case, photo’s and story can be found here: (Includes 88 comments from 2007)

  17. Erik davis was as about as guilty as a new born baby! Those women need to stop lying about being raped and put in jail themselves. The girl in the erik davis case was just upset that he didn’t want anything to do with her, that’s why therewas no evidence! Those women need to leave those football players the hell alone!

    Editors note: Sorry, but there was evidence, but we know how ya do it now. We were there in those days bitch, so your lying ass shit doesn’t go far here. You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. We have all the facts documented from those days of Timothy B Butcher being the city attorney. Plus we are talking Glenville bitch! Crooked County! Evidence doesn’t mean shit when you have a Crooked as fuck Sheriff such as Mickey Metz. Other cops are saying that he is crooked as fuck now! An ENTIRE fraternal order of the Po Po from another state thinks he is a piece of shit. You don’t even know what the fuck evidence is bitch!! It just boggles the mind how Crooked – Crooked County really truly is!

    I didn’t get this up right when you posted it at 1:15 which I see you did from your Sprint account, because I had to make a phone call to get permission to run this comment since it is so offensive, especially if you have ever been a person that has been raped. And three of the females that are local SS have been raped, so this is an issue with us.

    I could write a couple of thousand words of how I would disagree, since I talked to POLLY who was a WVU student about the rape, and the drugs, and how dude fucked her, and Davis was a Cocaine dealer from FLA that got caught dealing Cocaine in FLA. And was up on charges at the time of his court appearance but it don’t matter what you say he had that David Karickhoff dude as a lawyer, Davis wasn’t gonna lose that trial. It was a win win solution!!

    So what are you bitching about bitch?

    I can tell you all about that case and how, “I KNOW” LAME SMITH committed a felony involving the jury, but really our goal now is to tie any FLA COCAINE CONNECTION we can to DOUG MORRIS of WACO OIL and Gas, since really dude lets face it, those fat cat bitches are running this place and have got dope out their ass.

    And DOUG MORRIS has all the dope he could ever use and if we want to stop the negro football players from fucking the white girls then we will have to just go take all that dope from Doug Morris!

    “We are taking your dope Doug!”

    And then, let the federal agencies that encouraged us to continue to expose the corruption come on out hwy 33 and hang out with us, for we are just waiting for our chance.

    We are little concerned dude has better weed, so, we figured we could go get us some of his, and see for ourselves. So what part of the Morris drug Cartel does Pat Ward play now? Is he part of the FLA COCAINE connection? What part of the local drug dealing thing are you involved in, I mean, should I hang on to your number? I figure we won’t know shit until we can get one of our people to make a big buy or infiltrate the group somehow, but I am getting sick of hearing how Doug Morris has even better weed than we do. So quit saying it because it is really pissing me off!

    PS – Don’t discuss this with others!

    AND…this is NOT a voting issue!

    Calpatty WordPress For A Winning Website

  18. I Want to Be Alone

    Watch any top college football team — the players are fast, muscular, and obviously devote tremendous amounts of time and energy to football. Ninety-five percent of them won’t play in the NFL. If they don’t study and don’t go to class, they walk away from college football practically empty-handed.

    Your answer to producing ill-educated, morally deficient, ethically defunct young men is to leave them alone. How about bringing education back to the schools? Give them a major that must be attained through study and hard work in order to play, not a free pass because they have to go to practice. Stop letting a football scholarship be the only reason the student is even there. How about giving some consequences for bad choices?

    College represents the first real coed living experiment as an adult for most. GSC is an experiment failed. Too many rapes, too many hooked on drugs, too many passing with a degree that proves to mean nothing in the hard ball game of life because it was not earned but given as an “entitlement” just like their high school diplomas.

    The problem may be that these young people have been left to figure it out alone for far too long. The problem could be that the so called “leadership” at GSC doesn’t seem to have enough knowledge on the subjects of appropriate social interaction and the norms, virtues and values of society to know that there is a problem, let alone teach on the subject. There are many ways to approach these and other problems at GSC but one of them is not to “leave the football players alone”. Someone up there needs to pay some attention to what happens for a change.

    Editors note: It all boils down to eco-centrism, and each individual part of society has their different mores and norms, that are unique and slightly different than other parts of society. Here in Gilmer County for a black football player to engage in non-consensual sex is appropriate and even accepted behavior among the peer group. As sick as that sounds these individuals are only as sick as the society they live in. They are simply a product of their environment.

    Glenville State College has long been a haven for these negative types of norms and values. I have a degree in Sociology, so I am educated in these matters, but from a REAL COLLEGE not a four year school that is equal to a two year junior college.

    GSC has become an extremely dumb downed school, because it is supported by MORRIS TOWN money and is operated like a private college with it’s private criminals like Timothy B Butcher in place on the Board of Governors. Butcher has been involved in a shit load of criminal behavior, but the embezzlement of the AJ Woofter estate showed that little bitches true colors and that situation was a disgrace to our immediate community.

    When nearly illiterates such as Todd Smith are allowed to attend at GSC, well then, the standards for entry must be at a dueling banjo’s level of acceptance. Maybe, that is why one of our county commissioners likes to fuck young boys up the ass. I wonder what he thinks of the latest rape on Campus? Do you think D Ramsey has fantasies of climbing on top of Gabe while he was holding that young white girl down and slapping those thighs like an ape in the jungle?

    But, I digress, for your concept of “I want to be alone,” is better understood in a situation created as to “individuate”

    But, in this very particular instance, to individuate is a subversive act. It requires a person to move against their habitual ego notions of fucking the white chicks because it is part of the perks of coming to GSC, even if you have to hold those white girls down against their will and threaten them within 9 inches of their life.

    To individuate as you suggest in your comment would be to require a student to move against how things are, and certain established rights (It’s OK to RAPE the White Chicks) and requires a person to move against the group who all follow the guidelines of accepted norms, mores, and the accepted values; and then, to reject many of the accepted norms of their immediate GSC culture.

    But, I am sure this is a concept far above the heads of the local power elites, for many of them are just flat out dumb asses too!

    They are all self serving assholes and only into what benefits them as individuals, and that my friend goes all the way up to IL IKE MORRIS himself!

    I have long stated that many in Glenville, and nearly ALL of the POWER ELITE suffer from a disease known as … “Too many degree’s and not enough education!”

  19. Glenville State College “IKE’S School in MORRIS TOWN,” hosted a series of events throughout a special day of propaganda and presentation recently involving the Morris Criminal Justice Training Center and another event, the opening of the GSC Small Business Center, who unlike local businesses don’t have to pay required taxes or follow state laws or federal laws or rules! This can only happen in MORRIS TOWN which is not really part of the United States since federal laws don’t seem to apply here.

    There were several political representatives, faculty and staff from the college, and folks from around the county, who took part in the tour, which is not a surprise because IKE had plenty of dirty politicians on his payroll and paid off for personal gain and favors support this day of pulling the wool over the eyes of America! It was entitled, “The THIRD WORLD OF WV TOUR!”

    The highlight of the tour centered around the new Forensics Labs, which were developed with the cooperation of the West Virginia State Police through a Memorandum of Understanding that they don’t bust DOUG MORRIS the drug dealing son of IKE Morris, and then, these labs can be used for training law enforcement personnel, as well as criminal justice students from GSC the home of RAPE and MURDER!

    Mr. Ron Taylor, Lab Director at the Criminal Justice Center, gave extensive explanations of the purpose of each lab.

    Two timing Taylor also expounded on the changes the complex has undergone from the time construction began, up to the new additions to the training center, whose special arrangement with HIGH RANKING State Police involving local drug dealing could very well be leaked to the national press soon!

    As to the Small Business Center, Dr. Peter Barr, College President and also involved in the last Real Estate swindle as a partner in Gilmer Housing Partners, ordered by a Fedral Judge to pay 340,000 in damages, stated that it would not only be for small businesses in need of help in getting started, but also for some more illegal actions and deals sponsored by Gilmer County, and will also be a training opportunity for GSC’s business students to get started on a food service career with Aramark, a worldwide company which is now apart of this illegal but tax free operation.

    Why should they pay taxes like any other local business?

    People from Morris town don’t have to play by the rules, they make their own rules!

  20. GSC seems to have a lot of outside influence. The news on the streets yesterday was that Bill Simmons would report for work on July 1st along with Ron Blankenship but it was revealed today that Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin had already typed up an oath of office and given it to him! Next thing you know Charleston Gazette has an article that includes some of Bill’s history with GSC involving disgruntled teaching staff. Coincidence? Don’t think so. Could it be someone on the Board of Governors with the last name of Butcher pulled that stunt? After his wife’s ego was crushed by the public poll on the Free Press the timing seems to be perfect! If they can’t control then you must go seems to be the policy from up on the hill in Crooked County. Stick to your guns, Bill.

    Editors note: In honor of this we are going to present an article on Friday that includes actual documents ordered released by ODC — that will reveal a conspiracy between Timothy B Butcher to defraud the AJ Woofter estate — And Butcher had some help from Judge Richard A Facemire at this time making sure the original Crooked County Crooks website on journalscape gets yanked since the owner/operator of journalscape was tired of all the bullshit paperwork from lawyers — and from West Virginia, which Kenny who’s business was in Costa Mesa California had some bad words for.

    After hearing from Butcher and Facemire who attempted to control the Free Press with threats, Kenny decided the state was made up of lunatic psycho attorneys disguised as off the hook backward hillbillies!

  21. A former Doddridge County Sheriff pleads guilty to sex crime!

    Bill Holden a former Doddridge County Sheriff pleaded guilty in court yesterday to sex crimes. Holden in 2009 allegedly sexually abused a then 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, but walked from the court a free man with a two year prison sentence suspended and put on probation!

    Editors note: See how they do it here in WV when you have some connections! You will never go to jail in WV if you have friends in high places, or people you can rat out if you do go down.

  22. College football player accused of rape

    This is how a rape by a football player is usually handled at any normal college the team member is suspended from the team until the matter can be resolved, but that is not how they do things in Crooked County for there will be more rapes and more women ruined because …

    “The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!”

    College football player accused of rape

    May 5, 2011 (WLS) — A college football player from north suburban Evanston is accused of raping a fellow student.

    Jeffrey Brown attended Evanston Township High School. He plays football at the University of Miami.

    Police charged Brown and say the alleged incident took place in a dorm room this past weekend.
    Brown was being held at Miami-Dade County Jail, charged with sexual battery.

    Brown turned himself in Wednesday, and police say he admitted to having sex with the alleged victim.

    The alleged victim is a student Brown knows. He has been suspended from the football team indefinitely.

  23. Go to http://www.wvrecord.com and search for Terry Butcher. A posting on 7/29/09 verified his participation in raising money for the poor to use for their legal fees. Nowadays it is rare to learn that the B&B law firm has any clients. Could the boys tap into the fund for the poor to get money for their sagging business?

    Editors note: Sure they could,the B&B law firm is about as crooked as anybody has ever heard of before! Without knowing it, you tapped into some the subject matter for our latest article which is running late, for one of R Terry Butchers relatives and someone that acted as their attorney that Timothy B Butcher used to threaten one of the members of the Secret Seven with, was a lawyer who did the most for the poor in Calhoun County.

    That is why we were sorry to see him sent to Federal Prison last year, and he has one more year of prison time to do before he is released and that is, Richard A. Hayhurst, 61, who pleaded guilty to embezzlement, but in Calhoun County he did quite a few things for free for the poor. Too bad he got mixed up with the Butchers, but he is a relative of theirs.

    Basically it is our experience that the Butcher and Butcher law firm makes their own rules, breaks laws of WV and federal, and then use their powerful friends in Charleston to avoid consequences, but now law enforcement agencies have been made aware of some of their latest illegal actions in regard to the AJ Woofter estate. Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham and the Butcher’s have taken thousands from that estate illegally and should be held responsible for the theft of money that belonged to other people.

    But, in West Virginia, politics rules over actual law enforcement and unfortunately for us West Virginians the State Police are most active in letting politics rule over actual enforcement, which tells me, the WVSP are counter productive to the masses, and only cater to the elite.

  24. INMATE RAPED at LAKIN and files suit

    Former inmate sues for sexual misconduct
    6/29/2011 12:33 PM By Kyla Asbury -Kanawha Bureau
    CHARLESTON — A former Lakin Correctional Center inmate is suing the West Virginia Division of Corrections after she claims she was sexually harassed, abused and assaulted during her incarceration.

    Aramark Correctional Services, LLC; Keith Day; and John Doe were also named as defendants in the suit.

    Sarah Roseberry was incarcerated in the facility and was sexually harassed, assaulted and abused by Day, according to a complaint filed May 26 in Kanawha Circuit Court.

    Roseberry claims Doe conspired with; aided and abetted; acted as a lookout; and served as an accessory before and after the fact to Day.

    The defendants allowed Roseberry to be raped by Day and were negligent in providing a reasonably safe confinement facility, according to the suit.

    Roseberry claims Day used extreme cruel and unusual punishment upon her during her incarceration.

    The defendants also negligently failed to establish and provide appropriate staff training programs to educate, train and prevent sexual harassment, abuse and assault from occurring, according to the suit.

    Roseberry is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. She is being represented by Kerry A. Nessel and Timothy P. Rosinsky.

    The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Paul Zakaib Jr.

  25. Fire Starting Cult affiliate/member JAILED FOR PROBATION VIOLATION

    Bobby Allen Nicholas, 35, Calhoun County Fire Starting Cult affiliate, got a year for PV and will find himself right back in Central Regional Jail where he did a significant amount of time behind bars in 2008, having pled guilt to a theft charge involving tools and equipment in 2007, and has had previous violations since then for driving under suspension and a weed charge. Bobby, suspected “Cult” member many times bragged on multiple sexual trysts in his back house with the famous “Lunacy Lucy” aka Kelli Nichole Stamper Lawson in 2007 and 2008 during the time he lived with his girlfriend Dreama in Mt Zion. Bobby said, “All it took was pills, and it was all thrills with Kelli who was a total, Lunacy Lucy until the cows come home!”

    Editors note: By early 2009 Dreama had given Bobby the boot for fucking around with dope and Fire Starting Cult chicks and prefers not to be associated in any way shape or form with Bobby anymore. In fact, once Dreama gave Bobby Nicholas the boot he kept fucking up and eventually even became a key informant to the SS on Cult Activity and Cult drug transactions. Before that, Bobby was a grave digger for the Stump funeral homes in Grantsville.

  26. I wish thAt fine black cock was in my ass. For the life me I don’t know what you are bitching about! That is one fine piece of man candy!!

    Editors note: Yeah Darrell, go get em, maybe he will help you win the next election!

  27. D.C. Boys arent trustable

    D.C. Boys aren’t trustable this is a fact. I have had several encounters with D.C. Boys who try to have sex with you even if you say no; Although they may not all rape that person. D.C. Boys are worthless pigs and should stay the Hell out of WV!

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