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By Editor Edison/CalPatty Press Editor/Free Bird-RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy Editor of Cosmos Communicator– the website that peaked at #66 on the WORLDS TOP 100 fastest growing WordPress websites just last summer!!

It’s really true when they say the difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County line!

The Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition did some checking into the NEW GSC RAPE case and we were disappointed that nobody in the court system is in any big hurry to move this case forward and we are already seeing procedures being manipulated.

This article is scheduled for release on July 21, 2011 and today the 20th of July we called the magistrates office to find out the date for the preliminary hearing to see when Gabe Phrophet the red shirt QB for GSC was going to be in magistrate court and there was no court date as of yet.


We also called the office of Dan Grindo the court appointed attorney to confirm that Gabe Phrophet currently has no preliminary hearing date set in magistrate court!!

“Ain’t that a bitch!”

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Phrophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

“I wonder how Gabe would feel if we decided to pull his panties down against his will”

They don’t call this place CROOKED COUNTY for nothing!

Not long ago, earlier in 2011, an attorney hired to look into the wrongdoing of Judge Facemire, Gerald B Hough and F John Oshoway, regarding a circuit court case,  commented that…

“Truly to get to the heart of the matter; the community needs to become organized enough to file complaints against Colonel Pack of the State Police!”

We took this attorneys highly paid advice and we filed against Colonel Pack and we talked to local journalists so that his bad leadership of the State Police could be publicized!

The State Police have a system in place that protects public officials and their own officers –  always giving the solution of civil action instead of criminal.

Free Press articles complained about the State Police not taking action against Public Officials and complained to EARL RAY the new Governor and he sent COL PACK Packing!

Many in the legal world are aghast at the record of cases that have been documented including that of Derek S Snavely who was a State Trooper that allegedly raped a woman during a stop for DUI, and was only released from the State Police and not charged. Snavely is now the Police Chief in Hinton, and I understand he is now suspected of another sexual crime involving a drug arrest and one of his confidential informants arranging the sexual encounter.

It was suggested we immediately request the governor become personally involved with replacing key staff members at the headquarters of the State Police and Col Pack should take the responsibility and step down. The recent illegal actions by the State Police locally – in covering for public officials and failing to take complaints and evidence that a crime did in fact occur -can no longer be tolerated.

This is what was posted in the local FREE PRESS:

What is the answer to help end the NIGHTMARE in GILMERCOUNTY?  How can we end the totalitarian rule and feudal system that we now live in?  When the elite can buy the cops we are fucked!

Can YOU believe this … the local detachment in Glenville, the headquarters building, the State Police acquired from IKE MORRIS for ONE DOLLAR in exchange for not prosecuting Doug Morris for a Cocaine charge which included giving back his 60,000 dollar Porsche.

Our own OKIE from Gilmer County is the State Trooper that busted Doug Morris!

The local citizens have been outraged since being informed of these facts!

We demanded the governor send Col Pack, packing for the recent infractions within the past few months, already knowing the crooked score in Gilmer County — to be forever known as CROOKED COUNTY!!

And the Governor did ! He sent Colonel Pack packing right out the back door!

We don’t need a superintendent of WV State Police that ignores crimes and gets a bunch of suited up city slicker fancy white collar lawyers to kick dirt over an obvious criminal infraction!

If the WV STATE POLICE attempts a further cover up of this CRIME in Gilmer County at issue, that involves “Title Fraud” involving the former County Clerk Beverly Marks, then as concerned citizens we need to take action and form our own movement that is much more sophisticated than the Tea Party movement!

Keep in mind, you can be the next victim of these criminals!!

We need take back our rights as AMERICANS and our rights as West Virginians!

The people of Gilmer County need to get busy removing every politician that condones this sort of activity the heck out of our state!



We feel the misconduct we complained about coming out of Gilmer County for catering to the Power Elite and not taking citizen complaints was the straw that broke the camels back and got Colonel Pack jacked!

Colonel Pack was finally sent packing in the later part of March, just a short four months ago!

THIS SAME TIME LAST SUMMER WAS the Last 21 DAYS of the CalPatty Press- Flagship of the SECRET SEVEN before being sunk to the bottom of the Crooked River!!

Having been active for the cause of websites like the original CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS, Lisa Minney turned on her former SS associates over the exposure of the Butcher Bitches and the Beach Blanket Bingo Extravaganza of photo’s published on the Flagship for the SS the CalPatty Press!

With the combined help of Lisa Minney and Lisa Belknap publisher of the Gilmer Journal along with numerous members of the local Power Elite many of the CROOKS from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River, assisted in the sinking of the CalPatty Press! We went right to MATT the founder of WordPress and complained and then accused him of being a hypocrite among other things for allowing us to be yanked! We had ONE MILLION words of data destroyed and we  were fucking pissed and threatened to bring a federal court action if that ever happened again. We had one of our attorneys write him a nice letter and basically we said we didn’t give a fuck how rich anybody was or how poor we were, we were going to fight for our rights and we did!

First there was the 15day war for FREE SPEECH just last summer – And then the CalPatty Press kept up the onslaught for six more days.

A virtual bombardment of truth – complete with tales of misconduct of public officials and criminal behavior for twenty-one days just last summer — And it all started ONE year ago today on the flagship of the SS the CalPatty Press!!

The CalPatty Press –the Flagship of the Secret Seven Coalition was sunk at 0722 hours on August the 11th 2010 – Crooked County Crooks the pioneering “Free Press” website fighting for the cause since 2006 was also sunk at the same time after having the highest week ever for hits.

The famous Butcher Bitches exposed Breasts for Gilmer County from the day the Butchers Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press!

The last stats for the CalPatty Press were totally  over the top 0722 hours 11 August-then all access to the website was denied!

The Butcher Bitches really lit up the pages of the CalPatty Press this same week last year, with outrageous SEX and BOOZE and DRUGS and BEER and girl on girl and boy on girl and Lizzy on Lexy and Lexy on Lizzy and their friends with Lizzy and Lizzy with their boyfriends and all the while Lizzy Butcher wore a caution sign on her head!  A tied police CAUTION do not cross this line wrapped around her precious Butcher Bitch head as if it were a headband!

Lizzy Butcher of the Butcher Bitches with her famous tongue licking it up and Breaking Bad as published in the CalPatty Press last summer!

CalPatty Press weekly page views soared to almost 15,000 per week about 7 times the coverage of the Glenville Democrat and more than 100 times the page views of their on line Glenville news publication!

But back to current matters…

At issue this week 21 July 2011 is the MISSING 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property in DEKALB that was hidden from the jury in the “Travesty of Justice” long running court case, and the same evidence was needed in Supreme Court, but Gerry Hough took an active part in covering the matter up along with Beverly Marks the former County Commission Clerk!

We talked to the JUDGE SPICER’S office this week, he is the judge that ordered the property sold, but the Gilmer County Clerk ignored the court order because of specific instructions from Timothy B Butcher.
“LOIS the judges secretary instructed me to file charges in West Virginia against Marks!”

“I laughed until tears were rolling down my face and the judges secretary took great offense to this until I explained while barely able to contain myself that..”

“I tried filing criminal charges!”

I finally was able to explain the fact that … SHERIFF MICKEY METZ was crooked as fuck and refused to accept a criminal complaint, and when we took the matter to the State Police, they filed a criminal complaint against us with the FBI!

What the fuck?

Finally, out of state law enforcement that is not crooked, but rather legitimate studied the matter and debated the issue with the FBI in our behalf, and then the US Attorney in Clarksburg was contacted, and they did back us up that we did indeed expose some corruption in Gilmer County and had broken no state or federal laws.

These facts are almost unbelievable, but finally we are getting some support from people that have reviewed and studied the case in detail and have been surprised themselves to find the corruption in Gilmer County, West Virginia is OUT OF CONTROL!!

Daily views shot up like the F  U universal finger sign during the time the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press!!

In regard to the recent speech the other day by Ike Morris, let us review the quote of an SS Supporter by the name of Galahad…

“Some philanthropists who are continuous or tentative givers are known to control Gilmer by threatening to withdraw funding if their self-serving demands are not met!”

That makes charity to be accompanied with the caveat of either you must do it my way or the money evaporates.

That simple quote fits the GILMER COUNTY POSTER CHILD image perfectly!

We noticed on the front page of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit, that Dave Corcoran did not even quote “Ike’s ” Speech correctly, but then Dave has proved to be more than dishonest lately and his brown nose has been shining in the sun!

Galahad continued…

Regarding merely one example of selective application of the law, everyone knows about the raucous party along Route 33 in late Janurary. Allegedly, the GCHS coach had sex with a young female ball player, and another man raped an innocent girl. What allegedly occurred that night is common knowledge, but Hough, Metz, the magistrates, and the State Police know about it without any indication that justice will be served.

All of these public officials need to be replaced for they certainly DO NOT have the good of the common citizen or the community in mind! These fake public officials are elite minions and we are sick of it! And further, are not willing to put up with it anymore!

In law abiding parts of America the adult in charge of the house where the party allegedly occurred would have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, and the principal and the board of education would have acted to impose swift justice.

That is not how wrong-doing is dealt with in Gilmer. Our officials are paralyzed when they hear certain surnames to stampede them into rendering special treatment including letting offenders off who possess drugs, and are involved with DUI or other forms of misconduct as offspring of the feared.

Let’s hope that someone in a Federal agency outside our borders is monitoring what goes on in Gilmer to give just cause to swarm in on behalf of honorable citizens desperately needful of rescue.

~~   ~~

Here’s what Phil Reale former General Council, Waco Oil & ASS Company ,and former Calhoun County Prosecutor has to say on this website about Jim Fealy, Gilmer County’s former Director of the GCEDA.

“James Touchy – Fealy, will also be available to assist you with having sex with your secretary, or be available for you to have sex with his secretary, or be available for any of your questions about how, ‘ALL the CROOKS ROLL,’ down in Crooked County!”

“One thing for sure is a lot of shady deals will go down that will include trips out of town and compromising situations for the chicks stupid enough to get hooked up with this bunch of bozo’s from the backwoods of Gilmer County!”

Jimmy, or just sometimes referred to as Touch Fealy to his friends has been a Government Relations Consultant with the Law Office of Philip A. Reale since May of 2004 down by that Crooked River!!

Formerly the youngest member elected to the 71st
West Virginia Legislature, Fealy has many longstanding relationships with legislators and staffers that he has continuously fostered since his days in the House of Delegates.

“The last thing I remember was going to the bathroom, but I guess things got a little out of hand!” Lexy later lamented!

He has a keen understanding of the legislative process as he has seen it from the inside.

Touchy Fealy previously served as Executive Director of the Gilmer County Economic Development Association, a post he held for ten years. During his tenure with GCEDA, Fealy was instrumental in luring the Federal Bureau of Prisons to construct a $145 million medium-security prison employing nearly 300 people. Fealy helped the County secure nearly 14 million in grants for the infrastructure improvements needed to make the project a reality.

What a guy!  Phil forgot to mention Jim’s past history in Weston and his cousin Mayor John Tucci but I think we get the picture. The Morris clan donated the land for the savior of us all’ Federal Prison land and coordinated any grants that funded the construction via political influence in return.  All Fealy had to do was sit back,  take the money and the credit.

The man didn’t even take the time to manage his own secretary (which he just had to have) as he was never in the free rent office which couldn’t even afford to fix a copier as there was never enough money for anyone but him.  Appointed by the GilmerCounty Commission who created the Industrial Development Association to represent them in economic development, he left when he couldn’t get a raise with full time benefits and ran to his buddy in Charleston as quickly as he could.  Oddly enough when he left, none of the records could be found, none according to Larry Chapman, Reta Kight , Pounds and Ratliff.

Yes, Jim had “Seen it from the inside!” … With Dennis Pounds as Chairman, Tom Ratliff as Secretary, and Sandy Petit as Treasurer!..Oh Oh how it haunts me now!   … the memory of Touchy Fealy, oh indeed the haunting memory!

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!”

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds HAUNTING  Secrets!”

In a gray haze and a stoned daze this photo is just a mammary, oh… I mean a memory of when the Butcher Bitches made the Summer SIZZLE during the summer of 2010 on the CalPatty Press!

I remember it well Touchy Fealy building his house in another county and walking away from Gilmer in April of 2004 is still clear as the GCEDA (a 501 c6 organization) had a bank balance of about $100 with no savings or grant funds remaining and paid their Director $14,615 since January.

So long Jim and hello Misty Drennan.  That didn’t last long as the poor thing spent so much time on her marital problems, Larry Chapman and her boyfriend while trying to get a paycheck the writing was on the wall for GCEDA but Chapman just had to have her.    She got out with about $32,000 all told. Pounds left the Board and Ratliff became President.  They did end the year with some cash thanks to the Commission paying all of their bills to make it happen.  When she left, there were no records to be found.  Possibly because nothing was done.  She threatened to sue cause they never gave her the promised title and pay with being the Director but they smoothed that over PDQ.

Lexy Butcher demonstrated that sometimes having fun when the Butcher Bitches Break Bad hurts!!”Cocaine don’t make me crazy, but that good shit sure hurts my nose, it is like 1000 knives of pink flake glass & then, I don’t feel anything at all, not even my face!”

Then they used a secretary to keep the office open for a few months but there isn’t even a recorded salary paid to her on the 990 report.  Who wrote the paycheck and once again where are the records but that’s not the end.  They brought on H & R Blocks Anna James as Treasurer,  hired Christine Dilworth who got about $12,058 by the end of  2007, $6,250 in 2008 and then they sent Ratliff to fire her.  Once again, they say there were no records left in the office.  Dilworth  threatened to sue so they put her on the FRN Board and gave her a reference.  Here, again, it was discovered by a Charleston study that the GCEDA had not properly registered with the state for their charitable status as a non-profit for the purpose of getting the grants they used to sustain that office payroll. That’s all they ever sustained.

You see it is all about MONEY in the elite pockets and fuck all of us and the community see’s no benefit, and that is suppose to be the whole reason for having the organization in the first place, so the public and community can see a benefit, but all we ever see is BULLSHIT!! 

These people are some dirty rotten son’s of bitches and we have to quit being so nice about letting them get away with all this shit!

These Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River count on the general population to be stupid hillbillies while they steal us all blind!

“These whack jobs think we are all dumb because we are not a member of their club”

And if it was not for the FREE PRESS and the Secret Seven Coalition, the common citizen would have no idea about any of these dishonest and low down dirty dealings!

To continue the story…

That did it, the office was moved down to H & R Block on Main Street for Anna to run yet another small Boards money with no need for accountability, moved the board meetings which used to be in the Commission room at the Courthouse with free lunch for all and totally got away from any public scrutiny, took the free lunch to the Best Western where Board President Chapman is an investor.  Kight (who used to work for Anna) was gone, Chapman became best friend and overseer and the next thing you know he’s the full time paid Director of GCEDA.  Chapman follows in Touchy Fealy’s footsteps, that’s a nightmare. Next thing we know Darrell Ramsey says guess what, the GCEDA no longer represents us?  Really, now that’s a bright move sunshine.  But maybe it is since it takes control of that organization away with no chance at scrutiny.  The Commission no longer hires the Director and our great Commissioners see no problem with that.  It was all coordinated, believe it.  The last public audit was done in 2004! 

WHAT? That’s right, take a clue from the Butcher and Butcher law firm, just make no reply to inquiries of accounting’s and get some midget dishonest as fuck judge like Facemire on the payroll and just do it the Crooked County way!

No Response, no reply and don’t have to explain a reason why!

The GCEDA was audited as a compenent unit of the Gilmer CountyCommission.

When did that status change?  Ask your Commissioner and lets hope that particular commissioner hasn’t run out of K Y for nobody wants to squeal like a PIG!   

“You got to tell me if you’re gonna do that,” says Lexi after being in an alcohol and cocaine craze!

A complete accounting?  Please don’t even suggest what is not possible.  It needs to happen, it should happen, but the past is the past in GilmerCounty and accountability is an absolute joke because no one is over seeing the overseers. 

The good old boys from the Power Elite run the show and that’s what you get for your money Gilmer County!

“Yes I am allergic to mean people with guns!”

…the last thing Mark Medley said before he was dead!

Shot by 357 Evey in cold blood! Everette Campbell a convicted felon allowed to carry a weapon while carrying out snitch duty on imaginary meth dealers, but duped the cops long enough to take care of some personal business by killing his ex-wife’s boyfriend, and then walked away from a 1st degree murder charge !

The experts say these types of incidents mentioned in this article could only happen in Crooked County, and then that was when…



“And NOW the whole entire world will know thanks to the FREE PRESS and the Central West Virginia SS !!”


21 July 2011 the 1st anniversary of the 15 day WAR for FREE SPEECH!

This song and video is dedicated to the Brave Soldiers of the SS who are now casualties, wounded or deceased!

“Bubba” Sage Sunny West died while serving the people of Central WV 19 April, 2009

Brian Chalmers – Art director for original Crooked County Crooks website and the CalPatty Press while serving as the Art Director for the Central West Virginia SS– Rock and Roll Veteran photographer and journalist from the day at NINE TIMES #1 Rock Radio Station in the USA WMMS 100.7FM Cleveland, passed away 21 June 2009

John Manis Richards, the Lone Meth Ranger and originator of SS website the LMR newsletter. Wounded, recovering and living in exile.

Gunner SS Guard Dog, pure bred Rot companion to “White Fang” , and King of his realm, died suddenly  during the early morning hours of Sunday August the 12th 2012 in the line of duty.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Pioneer Center led to some TALL TALE TELLING late into the afternoon hour! But the “TRUTH” is told by the Central WV SS!! 17 JULY Special Sunday Edition … YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter Central WV Secret  Seven Coalition/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor-Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Editor Edison-CalPatty Press Editor-Central WV SS and Gatekeeper for Crooked County!

At a ground breaking ceremony on, 12 July  just last Tuesday, at Glenville State College’s future Pioneer Center, GSC President, Peter Barr, spoke to the crowd about GSC’s future being so bright they had to wear shades!

Several honored guests were on hand to turn soil, including major benefactors Ike and Sue Morris. Absent were politicians that did not want to be associated with all the bad press coming out of Gilmer County …and for good reason!

Speaking before the crowd….

While most people thought he was all about sports, he was most excited for the health care center, Ike Morris stated to the crowd.

“While it wasn’t an actual hospital, it was the next-best thing, ” and IKE thought it would help attract people to our area.  At his age, he is interested in quality health care.

He said that Pete had promised him that he would never ask for any more money. (Dr. Peter Barr was shaking his head in disagreement to this comment) … And that, “Regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County!”

Ike, you meant to say you won’t do anything to hurt Glenville State College, that is not the same as Gilmer. There are at least 6,000 people in this county that do not see a dime from those pretty buildings built for GSC. It may make you feel good, it may be the best thing you ever did but those 150 jobs at WACO and Flying W won’t pay the heat bill or put food on the table for the majority of Gilmer County citizens. The college doesn’t pay a nickel in taxes and does everything it can to keep the high paying jobs for the users and abusers of this county. No services for the common people. No doctors, hospitals miles away traveling poorly maintained secondary roads at best to the interstate, bought and paid for lawyers and way too many Chiefs are what we see.

Mega millions are spent on the hill and nothing trickles down but a coffee shop and an immature kid for a mayor that your people put in. We don’t even have a book store anymore. The grocery stores selection has become a joke, the hardware stores think they are selling the last two by four in the state. Dollar store or thrift shop clothes and used furniture should be good enough for Gilmer County taxpayers. That prison and the jail training shop have brought us nothing. They don’t pay taxes either. Any income from those sources goes straight to the college and the college is anything but straight.

I L "IKE" Morris stating at the Ground Breaking for the GSC Pioneer Center... "That regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County"

Take a look at the GSC Foundation Inc. otherwise known as the Alumni Foundation. Dennis Pounds Director went from a little over $37,000 salary reported 2008 to over $72,000 reported 2009 with the full support of President Timothy Butcher. Now that’s one heck of a raise for trying to give away the County Commissions Medical Center! He’s supposed to be looking out for the donations of the alumni yet in 2008 the ‘Foundation’ (or Alumni Association) advanced  $23,898 TO PETER BARR to fix his house payable at $5,000 per year at 6% interest. In 2007 they borrowed $38,085 from Calhoun Bank to buy a car with 60 monthly payments. Is this appropriate use of alumni life insurance policies? I thought Barr lived in the President’s home on campus or was this money his “Investment” in Rivers View. How much is he making these days? Every time you turn around the Board of Governors goes into executive session to give him a raise.

What about that $1,728,179 in deferred outflows from hedging derivative instruments reported in the colleges 2010 audit report? What’s up with that? Are they regulated derivative instruments or investment and unregulated and recognized even if their fair value is negative. One million seven, really and that’s the only description given.

If P.T. Barnum were alive today he would be a hedge-fund manager. Who needs suckers to go to the circus when you can collect 1% or 2% of their money per year and 20% or 30% of their winnings from the comfort of your office ? No profits? No problem. Close up shop, reopen under another name, and big institutional investors and wealthy individuals will still throw money at you. Is this what is happening with the GSC Foundation, Rivers View debt or the Morris Foundation?

HEY IKE ….Dude, did you bring Marc Monteleone in to show your people how the big boys do it or is that what was so special about Barr, Weldon’s and Porter?

Author of the BARR CODE, "Don't lay on your back unless he is Black!" "Peter Barr" who has condoned several rapes on campus and most likely will be involved with the "COVER UP" of the latest RAPE of a young woman allegedly by GABE the new QB for GSC, but it all has become a Morris family tradition, with even IKE's granddaughter being raped by a black football player!!

No wonder the auditors made comments like… We have applied certain limited procedures to the required supplementary information, which consisted of inquiries of management regarding the methods of preparing the information Based on our discussions with and observations of management during the audit process, it appeared that management was not fully aware of recent Governmental Accounting Standards that directly and materially impacted the current year’s financial statement presentation…In other words, they took GSCs word for it. I’m not so sure that’s such a good idea. What do they have to hide and where is the Morris Foundation and the non-affiliated GSC Foundation Inc. in this mix?

Only know one thing for sure “IKE”, you won’t hurt Glenville State College but you don’t give a damn about Gilmer County common folk now that your pockets are full.

Honey, just blow in my ear and I will follow you anywhere! “Going down!” …says sexy Lexie – Shown in this photo Lexie Butcher of the famous duo the BUTCHER BITCHES Lizzy and Lexy -- famous for breaking bad on the CalPatty Press in the Summer of 2010 with one of her “…Special friends!” Nude shots, lesbian action, wild parties & bare breasts all got a hardy endorsement from GCHS Principal Nasia Butcher, who had an entire county school system taken over by the state, rather than lose her job. All it took was a couple of calls from IKE to JOE MANCHIN who was conveniently, “Too Busy” to make this ground breaking, about the first event we can ever remember BIG JOE missing. The “Truth” about Gilmer County aka CROOKED COUNTY is getting exposed!!

Municipal bonds are bonds that are issued by state and local governments.  Make no mistake, the only thing the college did was borrow money through the Municipal Bond Commission then bank refinance to lower the interest which still about doubles the cost.

“There are no investors other than the hillbilly tax payers of Gilmer County,”  Pete Barr likes to laugh about and  likes to laugh about the State of West Virginia!   

Are we that fucking funny to you Peter Barr author of the Barr Code?

Why hasn’t GSC used any of their surplus cash instead of plunging so deep into debt?


Glenville State College Pioneer Center

Because most of that cash held by those non-affiliated Foundations with set-up donations from people who couldn’t come up with a quarter million dollars unless they sold their assets and were designed to draw outside funding.  There’s hedge accounting being done for sure. The Glenville State College Foundation, Inc.’s financial   statements were audited by other auditors and included as supplemental information. Why hasn’t that audit been made public?

Because GSC doesn’t own the money and the public is owed no explanation!

What are the fund raisers and donations for?  Most of the scholarship money comes from the state. $3,281,699 in PELL Grants were received and distributed by the college for student financial aid in 2010 and made up 12.99% of the College’s total revenues.

What about the $1,486,983 bank loan to renovate the gifted building for the Morris Criminal Justice Training Center?

What about the $635,000 bank loan to buy the Conrad Motel?  Forget the money Barr borrowed.

 If GSC had to operate on their actual income it would be unquestionably in the red.  Is it responsible to keep raising the debts for Glenville State College?  The only cash held that amounts to anything  belongs to non-affiliated foundations.  Someone up there needs to learn a little about pay as you go.

Borrowing may be necessary at times but not all the time.  Rome was not built in a day and it did not fall in a day but nonetheless the great empire fell.  Maybe the state will take it over too if they don’t close it should they drop the ball. Anyone think there is a football scholarship big enough to save it?

Not-for-profit organizations can and do commit frauds and fraudulent financial reporting is most often committed by management. Failing to disclose significant related party transactions or mis-classifying restricted donations to mislead donors or watchdogs are not good things to do. I hope GSC really has all their ducks in a legal row.

You won’t be around to buy them out of trouble forever “IKE!”

  And so it goes….

Although unable to attend the ceremony, United States Senator Joe Manchin sent a note that expressed his regards. Upon completion of the Pioneer Center we will be, “Improving educational opportunities so our students, communities, and businesses can thrive,“ said Manchin.

Greg Smith an official Crooked County Crook is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way into being one of many of Shelly Morris DeMarino’s concubines

Now MANCHIN’S advisers were smart they said don’t show up and get your photo in that group for it could be used against you politically in the future, and that is so true, and good advice especially given all the misconduct uncovered lately. Manchin is partly to blame for the declining condition in Gilmer County.

Also the PIONEER BOND ISSUE is starting to look pretty dog gone shady … Shady as a Butcher Bitch!!

Interesting, that we did notice the absence of the Butchers included in the GROUND BREAKING photo, and that might have been more by design, than by choice. But, there was Greg Smith sperm donor to Shelly Morris DeMarino!

Greg Smith an official Crooked County Crook is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way into some of the more porous of the Morris clan!!

“IKE” running Gilmer County elections with the use of Sandy Pettit at WACO OIL and ASS

Sandy Pettit GIRL FRIDAY for IKE MORRIS, and she is the lady that calls the shots of who gets elected who is NOT!! Oh, to know what Sandy Knows, but it would take some torture for her to tell!! Sandy is deeply involved in POWER ELITE HELL!!

… and then, putting his buddies in power to loot the system is not helping Gilmer County! It’s not helping any common citizens one bit.

So IKE’S statement at the ground breaking is some real bullshit.

If there was NO WACO OIL and Ike closed it down, then just an every day Gilmer person could apply and get hired at local jobs on what they know instead of, “Who they know!”

The same jobs would still be at the college. Not a damn thing would change except maybe all those jobs wouldn’t go to his patsy buddies and their kids!

If I L “IKE” Morris hadn’t bought all of those leases from people who didn’t even know what a lease was for such little money when they needed it so much back in the day, he wouldn’t be so despised by the general population and have to buy friends.

Now IKE and with your bullshit company Waco we have a whole new set of NEW REASONS to despise  you and your little mafia crew, along with son Doug Morris with all his minions and dope dealer friends, which include his drug operations that are allowed to run freely with full endorsement of the local Sheriff Mickey Metz!

We don’t really see you doing much for Gilmer County at all!

“So keep your lying ass bullshit to yourself, for you ain’t seen nothing yet out of the Central West Virginia SS!”

“We have only begun to fight!”

…for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the American Dream which has only become an American NIGHTMARE in Gilmer County West Virginia, unless of course you are a full fledged member of the POWER ELITE!


15 July 2011 special Bonus Feature!

MANY YEARS AGO and in a land far far away ….

Uncle Timmy, the “Bitcher of the Butchers,” drives the young  “Butcher Bitches, Lizzy and Lexy”  around the big city back in the day!




April 13, 2011  GSC Board of Governors agenda:

Renewal of Operating Lease Between GSC Housing Corporation and Glenville State College for the Refinance of Pioneer Village Revenue Bonds. (Note, they added the new dorm bonds in this mix to combine the debt).

Seems like another Butcher conflict of interest since the college has to pay a lease to keep the payroll running for the Housing Corporation!



Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of  New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was very familiar with illegal business schemes for a quick profit  and had full knowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project.

Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida which included:

Hanley Builders, Inc                                       Mortgage Masters Inc

Gold Coast Investments                                 Bahama Enterprises Limited Inc

Gold Coast Auto Sales Center Inc.                Perma-Nails Inc

American Cellular Sales & Service Inc

Professional Assessment Support Sys Inc.

All of the above are now dissolved for voluntary or involuntary cause prior to his West Virginia Corporations created in 2005.  Both of those are now defunct.

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE WHEN IT COMES TO DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was very familiar with illegal business schemes for a quick profit and had full knowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project. Surprise, surprise! Dude was a crook right out of the gate and he found like minded Crooks deep in the heart of Glenville the wonderful and Crooked as fuck County Seat of Gilmer County! Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida

JACK JONES neighbor about 2 and a half  hours away at the same time was IL Morris in Naples!! Morris was Registered owner/Agent/Manager or Director who eventually brought his current operations manager Marc Monteleone into the mix of:

The Club Estates LLC

The Club Estates Realty of Naples Inc

Naples Club Estates Homeowners Association Inc

Do you think they would have any use for a builder or a mortgage company or two?  How about a good lawyer with roots in gas & oil?

“Hey Marc Monteleone, are you affiliated with Bowles & Rice?  Aren’t you a partner?

Marc Monteleone the Count of Crooked County also has been tied to Jack Jones FLA and I L MORRIS FLA businesses as well as Gilmer County businesses and transactions although this fact was denied recently by Sandy Pettit. The Central WV SS confirms the connections so Sandy must be a ridin down that New River a runnin down on into the Crooked River and I think they call it Da Nile or a something like that!!


Still getting your paycheck as a partner with Bowles & Rice?  What does the job of Operations Manager for WACO pay?  Just askin’…

I mean, I’m just sayin man….  Don’t you think we know you are as Crooked as fuck?

Marc Monteleone, aren’t you known as the COUNT of Crooked County?

Well you are NO ACCOUNT to us …

In fact dude, you are just another CROOK from CROOKED COUNTY that lives down by the Crooked River, as far as we are concerned!!

But business must carry on for GSC so here is another transaction to think about!

November 18, 2009  GSC BOG

Presentation by Minnie Hamilton Health Systems

Ms. Barbara Lay, Chief Executive Officer at Minnie Hamilton Health Systems (MHHS), gave a presentation to the Board regarding GSC and MHHS collaboration in building a new 24/7 medical facility in Gilmer County. She provided a history of Minnie Hamilton Health System’s progressive facility.

Ms. Lay (TIGHT FRIEND TO THE DOG FACED WOMAN RETA KIGHT) indicated that a grant has been submitted in an effort to obtain funding to apply toward the proposed new 24/7 medical facility in partnering with Glenville State College…

When I hear the word “Grant” in the same sentence as Glenville State College, then I know we are all headed for another swindle somewhere!

Ya know … there is a Morris family tradition to uphold!!

I’m just sayin….

“LOSING CONTROL!” POLITICS leads the way to a total TAKE OVER of Gilmer County Schools!

By Free Bird -Central WV SS -RGW Reporter/Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison -Color Commentary from Letter Gap!

There have been many opinions given on whom and what really influenced the takeover of Gilmer County Schools.
The majority opinion demonstrated clearly the will of the people — and includes the recent castigation and total vote of no confidence poll on the GFP regarding the high school Principal! 90% of 1000 people polled say NO to Nasia!

John Bennett tried to get new schools for the county. The problem is that the power brokers in Glenville want the new school in their backyard. They will reject any plan that includes building a new school outside of Glenville, and they served up John Bennett like some kind of fried chicken and fried him in front of the State Board and watched while the blame was placed on him, when all he did was kow tow to the Butchers!

The High school Principal and Chairwoman of the appointed CEFP board  was charged with not providing a required 10 year facilities plan for the schools and the people spoke! All we needed was a 10 year plan man!!
The POWER MOVE by the state of West Virginia led by Gayle Manchin appointed to the State Board of Education by then Governor Joe Manchin was all for “political” reasons we now know, but hindsight is always 20/20. That insurance buying decision of appointing Gayle to the state board paid off in spades when the time came!
There is no disagreement here but the question remains … “Why ?”
Why would influential and controlling members constituting the leadership in the community be so willing to cut off the nose to spite the face and give it all away – give away established control of all the Gilmer County Schools?
Give it away before taken away, sort of like being nice to a rapist!
The answer could only be the “Powers that Be,” were losing control, so handed over control of the reins to political figures firmly implanted in the power structure at the state level — and persons fully capable of handing the control right back, just like a bounce pass from a fellow Lady Titan taking the “HOT BALL” to the home hoop on a midnight run of fun out hwy 33.
A divided Board of Education selected William K. Simmons as Superintendent, but it was not to be…

“It’s in the air, it’s everywhere, the emptiness you

feel inside, when someone has taken your very space!”

“Someone else controls the very soul of a school board, and it all seems so out of place!”

Simmons is a person who had previously demonstrated he would not be a puppet whether or not you agreed with his decisions.

Money? I know you Butcher's "Love it!" But let me tell you one thing I'm not! I'M NOT YOUR PUPPET!!

“Simmons is NO PUPPET!”
Oh NO!  Not that again!
Could Simmons be someone that is above politics?  Could he possibly be someone that can’t be controlled or threatened?  …or have their strings pulled?
Is it possible that, the, “Loss of Control… scenario,” could have been going through informed minds?
Could there possibly be a scenario that would exist that includes Nasia Butcher having been “released” by GSC under Simmons tenure, that the “family” decided, or maybe someone in the church of “IKE” decided that no matter what …
“Simmons would never have a position of power in this county again?!”
Oh yes, not only is this scenario possible but,  most likely was a plan, that was executed without flaw that insured the matter of, “NO Simmon’s” control.  All it really took to get the Power Elite agenda back on track was calling in more than a few favors. Those people were a callin in favors down there in Charleston until the cows came home!!
The good news there is “…the list of favors due is dwindling!”
But those who control from within control best and saving the job, of PRINCESS NASIA BUTCHER, keeps a vital internal control in place.
Will Ron Blankenship kowtow?
Will, “Ronnie Baby” know how to Kowtow and get down, get down, get down tonight !?
It is more than likely.
Only time will tell but there will be no easy way.  People are watching.

ED TOMAN shown above with school board member Phyllis Starkey! If Ed Toman comes back as superintendent, you know that the GC uppers have won. Now lets go back a couple of years. Kelly R., former board member under Ed T., stated that Mr. Morris told her that they wished they had helped her more with her re-election, because if they had, Ed would still be super. Kelly R. was not re-elected, so poor Ed had to leave. So now you see, if Ed returns as super, you know what group of uppers won, and who pulled what ropes. They can’t pull strings, strings wore out and were replaced with ropes. Don’t forget where Ed Toman went to work after the school super job went away. GSC! Twiddly Dee!

The problem in Gilmer County is that a few wealthy people want to dictate how the rest of us live!! This has been going on for years and we are sick of it!! Thank GOD for the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV!

The state took over the Gilmer County schools in June after the Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) found significant leadership, technology, facility, personnel and finance issues. Calhoun resident Ron Blankenship (in this photo) has nearly 30 years experience as a superintendent, was named to the position at the end of June. Blankenship, during his years of service, was named WV Superintendent of the Year. Blankenship will work with the state and the Gilmer County school board to "Jointly develop and present to the state board a set of standards and a strategic plan that must be implemented before the Gilmer County board can regain control of its school system," according to a state news release.

The long awaited, OEPA audit and full report showed  discord among school board members and lengthy meetings that were unproductive and left county school employees incapable of following state code!

“The technology responsibilities at the high school were left in the hands of people that were unproven and lacked basic skills!”

On more than one occasion,  county board members remained in the room as votes were taken to give jobs to their family members, the report said. It also found instances of members of the public being allowed to interrupt board meetings.

Board members also were “disrespectful” to members of the comprehensive plan committee, the report said. A week prior to the audit, the committee proposed a comprehensive plan, but it was rejected.  Gilmer County voters rejected a bond measure that would have consolidated the four elementary schools in two new schools, the report noted.

The term “Family” covers a wide variety of elite last names here in Glenville, not only connected by blood and marriage — but also by the ability to control business and revenue, inside and outside the CHURCH of IKE!
The term Church of Ike is pretty self explanatory and so is the church of the poison mind!
But, if you want lunch or breakfast there is always the Common Place where the elite meet! A good place to hold church on any day.
The COMMON PLACE …the place the members of the “Church of Ike,” like!
It is obvious to many, the familiar names and the pecking order of the power distribution with big money at the top. The people that pull the strings had to prove, one more time, that they will make the decisions that run this county, not the people, and the TAKE OVER is just another day in the life in the “Ville,” the true heart of Crooked County!
“This is the way we do things in Gilmer County,”
…. according to R Terry Butcher of the Bitcher and Butcher law firm, when asked about the state take over of County Schools!

Weave a secret I will sweep it! Beneath the carpet where you'll keep it... I'm your puppet! I'll learn to love it. And I'll undress If you need it for I’m your puppet and I can say it all night long, Shelly Morris DeMarino…Oh Shelly I will do anything, just pull my string!! Oh the sting of when you pull my string for your daddy! Weave a secret I will sweep it beneath the carpet where you'll keep it I'm your puppet I'll learn to love it. And I'll undress if you need it. I’m your puppet and I can say it all night long, Shelly Morris DeMarino…I'm your puppet! I will do it for your daddy! Who's your daddy...who's your daddy?!

The PUPPET MASTERS will place their puppets where they want, when they want to   …from the educated (if they absolutely have to) or maybe even place proven idiot minions, like amateur photographer Gary Collins, or Cassandra Huff – news editor of the Democrat, who are often much easier to handle, cheaper and much preferred for having control over, by the use of threat of power, or malice.  We heard Huff has fallen from the Grace of the infamous Butchers, and especially Nasia lately, and has to perform some more bad deeds to fall back in favor.
“Of course the elite and their minions prefer that this all go on behind everyone’s back, for the sake of habit, and for the sake of legend or just because it’s just like it used to be!”
Oh for the good old days when there was no free press in Gilmer County.  At least they had already handled the election seats promised at the local level.
Win, lose or draw it had to be done or risk embarrassment and acknowledgment that “Times they are a changing!”
That’s one gamble, the “Powers the Be,” lost as the guaranteed majority voted against

874 people out of 1000 that voted on the GFP poll said that Nasia had to go, and most believe she is the cause of the takeover to save her job and that is the only reason the calls were made to former Governor Manchin and his wife Gayle, who came down on Crooked County like bats out of hell!

them publicly for the first time and hopefully not the last.
This state take over of the schools seems to have the full support of Charleston and the W.V. Code.  Is Bill Simmons going to seek legal remedy for the shameful way he was treated?  Given he had not worked the first day in a position he was hired and  fully qualified for, the State Board had no logical reason to void the contract, only the power.  Age discrimination seems obvious leading to breach of that contract, but how do you fight the insidious undermining done on the phone, through the mail, pocket to pocket and behind the public’s back?
Only attorneys experienced in labor law can help Simmons if he is not already too sick at heart to care and the time it will take is designed to prevent interference as the players of this game well know.
 Note to Bill, you won’t find any good attorneys in Gilmer County!
The State can blame a lack of consensus among elected county board members but why was that not addressed to that Board?  Why wasn’t the Principal handling hiring selections and Chairwoman of the CEFP Committee taken to task?  They have no power to undo elected selection and it certainly would not be in their appointed best interest to do. They couldn’t even fake a reprimand.  So they did the only thing left to do which would stop the peoples selection of their leaders as demanded by their constituents, they took over the schools in Gilmer County.

THE BUTCHER BITCHES Lizzie and Lexie tuning up their tongues for a REAL RUN down BELOW where no green grass grows!!

Nasia will keep her job as long as she can stand it and the devil take the hindmost.  I hear she needs the money.   The answer to what must be done is right in front of our noses so to speak.
“Although we did not win all of the battle we have not lost the war!”
The Voters must not give up because the first volley didn’t storm the castle.
 Plato answers why as well as any…
“Mankind will never see an end of trouble until…lovers of wisdom come to hold political power, or holders of power…become lovers of wisdom.”

Democrats from Glenville with an AGENDA could leave more than a bad taste in your mouth!!


Poll Result: GCHS Principal – 06.26.11

image~~  Comments ~~•  Her saying her daughters’ lesbian acts and drinking are normal behavior for teens told me enough. OUT
•  The only one to pay is Simmons, everyone else will remain the same. Shame on the State Board for this
•  The Butchers have been dictating policy for hundreds for purely self-serving reasons, truly evil!!
•  The Butchers showed their true colors with the non-compliance of the AJ Woofter will, they are BAD!!
•  I’m glad I have no children in the school system.. I would be very upset with all this turmoil .
•  Nastyia is in charge of HS problems
•  She should be let go and never allowed to have anything to do with a school again
•  The BOE is to blame, not the GCHS principal.
•  If she is responsible she should be commended.
•  This has been a long time coming. We cannot blame Mrs. Butcher for the counties shortcomings.
•  If Mrs. Butcher is not relieved that will prove how corrupt this mess has been.
•  Contrary, to popular opinion on this website, Mrs. Butcher is why the test scores at GCHS are up!
•  Obvious you have personal issues with Mrs. Butcher and Mr. Hough. Change name to Glenville Enquirer
•  Do the people of Gilmer County realize they are the laughing stock of the state.
•  Contrary, to one comment, scores are up because of teachers and not butcher
•  It is easier to lay blame on someone else other than those actually responsible…the county BOE!
•  Look for the winners when this is done and then you will know who was behind this from the start
•  WVDE took over Gilmer Schools and if you feel it was all for political reasons call-202-514-2001

There is nothing FAKE about the Butcher Bitches! Life can be so god damn good in Glenville, the Devils playground for lesbians and rapists!

As you can see from the photo above, late at night when the booze flows it can get serious!  So be on the alert for a kiss that will hurt — as someone may be putting it to someone hard and heavy —  till they break the levy of SUMMER LOVE — down by the Crooked River … where they really deliver and where the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press, during the Summer of 2010!

OH NO, they’re gonna do it again!!


UPDATE  7-11-11   Concerned Citizens Speak Out!!

Gilmer Free Press Poll Result – Community Economic Environment – 07.10.11

image~~  Comments ~~•  The commissioners and the GCEDA don’t know how to stop the county’s decline. Good enough isn’t.

•  Does anything really ever change much around here?

•  Census: 1980 8,334; 1990 7,669; 2000 7,160; 2010 6,800?

  The prison is an economic bust. That isn’t the big windfall that was promised. Whose idea was that?

•  State takeover makes conditions worse. People have had enough of political garbage.

•  How can the economic environment get better. People do not want to live in a Payton Place.

•  The current leaders are dead set on destroying America.

•  One elem. school is a death sentence for Gilmer County. Less people will want to move here.

•  The county population is about 6,800 w/o the prison. Look at Main St. & the empty houses everywhere.

•  If we go to 1 Elem. school our population will decrease as kids will go to other counties.

  Ike Morris and the Butcher and Butcher law firm will make sure they get all benefits, nothing 4 us!

•  How can conditions improve with the few elite are self-serving with no benefit to the masses.

•  Businesses can’t survive with the population losses.

•  Business cannot thrive without competition.

•  “They” may tell us things are getting better, but we are smart enough to see for ourselves it isn’t.

•  Our entire country has a continually deteriorating economic environment with congress impotent.

•  The RICH get richer, the POOR get poorer. Give the rich the big tax breaks. Duh!!

•  Access to goods & services, pop. & school enroll #s down. We’re going under.

13 Points that Define CROOKED COUNTY!! Along with a TRUE TALE and Documentation that PROVES Timothy B BUTCHER and Judge Richard A FACEMIRE Conspired Together to YANK the ORIGINAL CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS website Like a Hot Toddy Roddy!!

By Editor Edison/CCC-Editor/Free Bird RGW SS – Reporter/Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor

All the current public officials in Gilmer County must go!

In Gilmer County, commonly known as Crooked County – Political corruption and the use of legislated powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain is just common everyday behavior. This new RAPE CASE should be bungled as soon as Gerry Hough gets a hold of it, for that is what Hough does.

Misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general controlling the police by dangling their future in front of them or threatening to fire them for doing their job, as was done in the ERIK DAVIS RAPE CASE is as common place as the COMMON PLACE restaurant, where the elite meet.

The forms of corruption in Glenville that can be proven, has varied, but includes bribery, jury tampering, extortion, cronyism, subornation of perjury, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement!

"The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line! "

These are the 13 POINTS that define CROOKED COUNTY

#1 • The local law has been administered selectively even to the extent that the former city attorney interfered with duties of a City policeman investigating allegations of a rape of a young high school girl!

#2 • The interstate was not routed through Gilmer County because of opposition of a highly empowered minority

#3 • GSC has fallen to fourth tier status and hires Viet-Nam War protester-poet and boyfriend of Sarah A Rutherford, dude’s son’s chick,  …just after Baber dude was raided by WV Drug task force!

The college chose to crown a rather colorful original hippie from San Francisco drafted for duty as, “Gifts Officer,” for GSC – the home of Rape and trips down the Crooked “ICY COLD” River, down in Crooked County!!

#4 • There are reports that we have corruption in the court house involving elections, changing of official records, and jury tampering. Recently the “Travesty of Justice” case that was in WV Supreme Court for two years was proven to be fabricated with false testimony that Crooked County cash dollars paid for – and newly discovered documents involving a “Title Opinion,” just now being entered as evidence proves by court document, that an alleged property fraud was committed by Beverly Marks former Gilmer County Commission Clerk. The deputy tax clerk for Sheriff Mickey Metz’ continues to make false tax billings and allegedly is making huge errors involving innocent property tax payers!

#5 • It’s been the talk of the town along with reports on the World Wide Web!!  …All about rampant sexual misconduct and wild parties, up Hwy 33 in Gilmer County which now has the infamy as an epicenter of moral decadence and it is all true!! So how do you do!!

#6 • A 28-million dollar bond issue for a GSC dorm of questionable need occurred without permitting citizens to vote. Money is stolen from federal grants and nothing is done.

#7 • The GCHS principal installed by the power structure could not survive a vote of public confidence – Nasia Butcher raised two Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad all summer long on the CalPatty Press! Nasia wants to teach your children too! Butcher does not set a good example for our children. Look at hers with their tongues down a multitude of hotties!  The GCHS Principal set us up for a take over of ALL GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS  

Nasia pulled a nastiness nastia on all of us, got a towel? 

And got IKE to call Big Joe who handed Gilmer County over to Gayle Manchin to do with us what she will!  Have we all been ordered to stick up our asses very high in the air?  Ouch!! I can’t believe this is only number 7!  I feel like I was just forced to eat a bunch of Polk Salad! A mean vicious woman that Nasia Butcher is …..said YODA!

#8 • There is the unsolved murder of Fred Hill for which details remain undisclosed!

#9  • We have an unabated illegal drug problem! The drug problem gets worse every year with the help of the Power Elite, their wild parties and their children involved in unsolved rapes and sex with teachers at the school

#10 • Reportedly the A. J. Woofer estate and others were plundered by individuals in positions of power, namely the Butcher and Butcher lawless law firm. These alleged criminal acts will no longer be tolerated. Local law enforcement should be held accountable, for the cover up involving Gilmer Housing Partners and the GSC faculty being involved in several questionable legal issues and now what has snow balled into $340,000 to be paid in damages ordered by a judge who stated, the customary way of doing things in Gilmer County regarding  the recording of a $150,000 lien directly conflicted with the law!

#11 • Our K-12 school system is not up to par, in fact sub standard quality is standard in Gilmer County and the school board is controlled by the Power Elite.

#12 • News from GSC is carefully controlled including details about the lawsuit involving GSC’s Board of Governors versus Scarlett Kellerman et al. and the federal lawsuit pertaining to land below the I. L. Morris Bridge. Barr is author of the Barr Code.

#13 • A political campaign contribution occurred in the name of Madge Butcher who was dead for more than a decade and it is on official government documents that she was retired and resided at PO Box 100 to cause citizens to believe that fraud was committed by the responsible party – this is par for the course in Glenville, we know who is guilty.

Ad infinitum and into infinity we will go as long as the losers that are running our county are still in office. They all have to go!!

NONE of our current public officials has a clue as to even manage a way to fix any one of these points, so are absolutely NO GOOD to any of us and have to be voted out of office as soon as possible!

Only citizens that can do something about removing these 13 points of issues can be considered to be leaders in Gilmer County. If you can’t help us, then GET OUT and go fuck up another county!

Calhoun County is just down the road a piece !!

In Gilmer County they make their own rules and DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE FREE PRESS! The Glenville Democrat will run all kinds of bad deeds for FREE and that is about as close as one gets to the FREE PRESS unless you are talking about the Secret Seven Coalition and the website most chosen by the people, according to polls — And that is the Gilmer Free Press and they are working on 7  million hits since they first started being read by the masses in 2008!

But lets get right to the point. The PEOPLE began speaking out in 2006 when everyone got mad as hell and weren’t gonna take it anymore!! The Lone Meth Ranger Newletter became the most popular website in Central WV!  And then, soon thereafter along came the Crooked County Crooks website and several local interest groups as well as individuals were printing off CCC articles, and then distributing them about the community!  The subject matter was alleged embezzlement by a very well known law firm, “Butcher and Butcher” and here is a document that will even tell us more of the story …

This is the famous document from Tim Butcher threatening to file a law suit with his attorney Richard A Hayhurst who was sent to Federal Prison last year for embezzlement! The Crooked County Crooks website that got yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy was providing quite a bit of truth back in 06 and 07 that Facemire and Butcher just couldn't handle!!

As you can see from the document above that Tim Butcher and Judge Richard A Facemire were fully convinced they could use their power to stop freedom of speech and they were successful at getting the first Crooked County Crooks website on journalscape yanked off the internet like a Hot Toddy Roddy!

In fact, Journalscape owner, Kenny Smith, a Google employee living in Costa Mesa, California banned an entire town in 2006 regarding the website of Christopher Todd Smith, who was mostly posting outrageous lies about Lisa Minney!

“Smith was constantly bringing up allegations and promised photo’s of Lisa and actual evidence, but no photo’s ever appeared, which  “Hot Toddy” promised would be as outrageous and outlandish as the current up to date Butcher Bitches Beach Blanket Bingo photo album extravaganza  — A sordid and revealing memory of when the Butcher Bitches Lizzie and Lexie  “… Broke Bad ,” on the CalPatty Press during the summer of 2010!!”

“All we got was promises from Smith! “

“There was going to be no Pulling the Panties to the Side festival, but then, we always knew ” Hot Toddy” was lying all along!”

ALL HEARD the encouraging word just last summer! "Pull those Panties to the side Carly!"

“… Carly Hough led the pulling the panties to the side competition at GSC evenhandedly just last summer (pun intended) for all the Secret Seven Coalition to rave about!”

“Pull those Panties to the SIDE CARLY!”

“It was just last summer when countless stories about Carly being passed around those fraternity boys like a big thick joint of marijuana with tits    …which we were told about one night during some story telling that went long into the midnight hour on a dark summer night in the Ville!”


Getting back to modern times….

The Free Press and the, “ Minions “ led by Gerald b Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County have a habit of saying, “Could have only come by one source,” and now after reading that bullshit letter from Timothy B Butcher we know where it came from, for he said those exact words in the above document.

The below document is a handwritten letter written to an attorney we caught red-handed betraying the cause and he was PAID to fight for our side! But, that is a fucking joke in this part of West Virginia and you have a high profile case that will go all the way to US Supreme Court! In updated news a main witness for the prosecution in the “Travesty” case agreed this weekend to testify against other family members who knowingly brought false action started by a false article published in the Glenville Democrat.

Butcher in the official document went on the attack to take the issue off of the fact that he illegally did not do an accounting regarding the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years! And that the executrix was caught by an attorney for the Council on Aging back dating checks to give the appearance of adhering to the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Lizzie Butcher telling someone what is up and that her daddy is rich and they, "Better be PLAYIN or they will be PAYIN!"

Also our answer to his law suit was …

“Bring it Butcher you bitch, for then the real facts will come out!”

This letter was written to an attorney that was found out and deemed a traitor by a member of the SS, and it is a hand written letter written at a time when the… “Could have only come by one source,”  …guy WAS WRONGFULLY IMPRISONED FOR A YEAR!

Now Democrat staff members like Cassandra Huff are busy trying to cover up the reals facts in the, “Travesty of Justice,”  case, in which it has been proven now, via NEW EVIDENCE, there was no crime, and further, that the matter was a time barred misdemeanor that never took place. It appears that Hough’s own witnesses have now turned against him, and all the lies and malice brought forward by Gerry Hough will be well publicized once the matter is before the US District Court. The civil case will bring forth discovery of evidence that could later be deemed criminal involving Gilmer County public officials and the hiding of documents from the land book records.

Read for yourself below….

Don't be so sure she'll forgive Mr Secret Lawyer Man! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! This is the 2nd page of a letter, the first page we had to completely black out, for the allegations of taking a dive, taking money to sell out your client, being part of a plot and on and on, it got pretty hairy! Also in this letter Judge Facemire is accused of making it difficult on an inmate out of spite!

We have been talking about this document since the early days of the Crooked County Crooks website that got yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy! This is when Diana L Butcher lied about receiving a document to an attorney for the AJ Woofter estate, but this document proved it all along and since the CCC piece exposing misconduct ran around xmas time we had a interesting Santa Icon in the "TRUE" Crooked County Crooks website account that Judge Facemire didn't like much!

This type of procedure  was used by Butcher and Butcher to stall for time so they could rob Peter to Pay Paul and supplement their Ponzi scheme !

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!”

When Diana L Butcher denied receiving an important document that was contingent on the accounting being signed off, signed for above, we knew what was up, for we had been involved in an awful horrid legal battle with those,” Impertinent  Attorneys,” for what seemed to be an eternity! You can see an August post mark on receipt, but the Butcher and Butcher law firm didn’t admit to ever receiving the document signed for, until just before Christmas 2006, and only admitted receiving the document after an article was published by the SS on the Crooked County Crooks website, exposing  the Butcher’s for being lying ass bitches!

It was not a time of cheer and it was almost the NEW YEAR!

Lexie Butcher and friend "Fucked Up" like big dogs at 4:32am showing us all what that FINGER is for!! Pina TUNA Colada's were had by all for breakfast -- And all part of the eat and gay combo that day where Butcher Bitches play!

For more on this story go to the Secret Seven Coalition article…

THE REAL STORY of How BUTCHER and Gainer-Cunningham take thousands from A J Woofter Estate…UPDATE 2011!