13 Points that Define CROOKED COUNTY!! Along with a TRUE TALE and Documentation that PROVES Timothy B BUTCHER and Judge Richard A FACEMIRE Conspired Together to YANK the ORIGINAL CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS website Like a Hot Toddy Roddy!!

By Editor Edison/CCC-Editor/Free Bird RGW SS – Reporter/Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator-Editor

All the current public officials in Gilmer County must go!

In Gilmer County, commonly known as Crooked County – Political corruption and the use of legislated powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain is just common everyday behavior. This new RAPE CASE should be bungled as soon as Gerry Hough gets a hold of it, for that is what Hough does.

Misuse of government power for other purposes, such as repression of political opponents and general controlling the police by dangling their future in front of them or threatening to fire them for doing their job, as was done in the ERIK DAVIS RAPE CASE is as common place as the COMMON PLACE restaurant, where the elite meet.

The forms of corruption in Glenville that can be proven, has varied, but includes bribery, jury tampering, extortion, cronyism, subornation of perjury, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement!

"The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line! "

These are the 13 POINTS that define CROOKED COUNTY

#1 • The local law has been administered selectively even to the extent that the former city attorney interfered with duties of a City policeman investigating allegations of a rape of a young high school girl!

#2 • The interstate was not routed through Gilmer County because of opposition of a highly empowered minority

#3 • GSC has fallen to fourth tier status and hires Viet-Nam War protester-poet and boyfriend of Sarah A Rutherford, dude’s son’s chick,  …just after Baber dude was raided by WV Drug task force!

The college chose to crown a rather colorful original hippie from San Francisco drafted for duty as, “Gifts Officer,” for GSC – the home of Rape and trips down the Crooked “ICY COLD” River, down in Crooked County!!

#4 • There are reports that we have corruption in the court house involving elections, changing of official records, and jury tampering. Recently the “Travesty of Justice” case that was in WV Supreme Court for two years was proven to be fabricated with false testimony that Crooked County cash dollars paid for – and newly discovered documents involving a “Title Opinion,” just now being entered as evidence proves by court document, that an alleged property fraud was committed by Beverly Marks former Gilmer County Commission Clerk. The deputy tax clerk for Sheriff Mickey Metz’ continues to make false tax billings and allegedly is making huge errors involving innocent property tax payers!

#5 • It’s been the talk of the town along with reports on the World Wide Web!!  …All about rampant sexual misconduct and wild parties, up Hwy 33 in Gilmer County which now has the infamy as an epicenter of moral decadence and it is all true!! So how do you do!!

#6 • A 28-million dollar bond issue for a GSC dorm of questionable need occurred without permitting citizens to vote. Money is stolen from federal grants and nothing is done.

#7 • The GCHS principal installed by the power structure could not survive a vote of public confidence – Nasia Butcher raised two Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad all summer long on the CalPatty Press! Nasia wants to teach your children too! Butcher does not set a good example for our children. Look at hers with their tongues down a multitude of hotties!  The GCHS Principal set us up for a take over of ALL GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS  

Nasia pulled a nastiness nastia on all of us, got a towel? 

And got IKE to call Big Joe who handed Gilmer County over to Gayle Manchin to do with us what she will!  Have we all been ordered to stick up our asses very high in the air?  Ouch!! I can’t believe this is only number 7!  I feel like I was just forced to eat a bunch of Polk Salad! A mean vicious woman that Nasia Butcher is …..said YODA!

#8 • There is the unsolved murder of Fred Hill for which details remain undisclosed!

#9  • We have an unabated illegal drug problem! The drug problem gets worse every year with the help of the Power Elite, their wild parties and their children involved in unsolved rapes and sex with teachers at the school

#10 • Reportedly the A. J. Woofer estate and others were plundered by individuals in positions of power, namely the Butcher and Butcher lawless law firm. These alleged criminal acts will no longer be tolerated. Local law enforcement should be held accountable, for the cover up involving Gilmer Housing Partners and the GSC faculty being involved in several questionable legal issues and now what has snow balled into $340,000 to be paid in damages ordered by a judge who stated, the customary way of doing things in Gilmer County regarding  the recording of a $150,000 lien directly conflicted with the law!

#11 • Our K-12 school system is not up to par, in fact sub standard quality is standard in Gilmer County and the school board is controlled by the Power Elite.

#12 • News from GSC is carefully controlled including details about the lawsuit involving GSC’s Board of Governors versus Scarlett Kellerman et al. and the federal lawsuit pertaining to land below the I. L. Morris Bridge. Barr is author of the Barr Code.

#13 • A political campaign contribution occurred in the name of Madge Butcher who was dead for more than a decade and it is on official government documents that she was retired and resided at PO Box 100 to cause citizens to believe that fraud was committed by the responsible party – this is par for the course in Glenville, we know who is guilty.

Ad infinitum and into infinity we will go as long as the losers that are running our county are still in office. They all have to go!!

NONE of our current public officials has a clue as to even manage a way to fix any one of these points, so are absolutely NO GOOD to any of us and have to be voted out of office as soon as possible!

Only citizens that can do something about removing these 13 points of issues can be considered to be leaders in Gilmer County. If you can’t help us, then GET OUT and go fuck up another county!

Calhoun County is just down the road a piece !!

In Gilmer County they make their own rules and DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE FREE PRESS! The Glenville Democrat will run all kinds of bad deeds for FREE and that is about as close as one gets to the FREE PRESS unless you are talking about the Secret Seven Coalition and the website most chosen by the people, according to polls — And that is the Gilmer Free Press and they are working on 7  million hits since they first started being read by the masses in 2008!

But lets get right to the point. The PEOPLE began speaking out in 2006 when everyone got mad as hell and weren’t gonna take it anymore!! The Lone Meth Ranger Newletter became the most popular website in Central WV!  And then, soon thereafter along came the Crooked County Crooks website and several local interest groups as well as individuals were printing off CCC articles, and then distributing them about the community!  The subject matter was alleged embezzlement by a very well known law firm, “Butcher and Butcher” and here is a document that will even tell us more of the story …

This is the famous document from Tim Butcher threatening to file a law suit with his attorney Richard A Hayhurst who was sent to Federal Prison last year for embezzlement! The Crooked County Crooks website that got yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy was providing quite a bit of truth back in 06 and 07 that Facemire and Butcher just couldn't handle!!

As you can see from the document above that Tim Butcher and Judge Richard A Facemire were fully convinced they could use their power to stop freedom of speech and they were successful at getting the first Crooked County Crooks website on journalscape yanked off the internet like a Hot Toddy Roddy!

In fact, Journalscape owner, Kenny Smith, a Google employee living in Costa Mesa, California banned an entire town in 2006 regarding the website of Christopher Todd Smith, who was mostly posting outrageous lies about Lisa Minney!

“Smith was constantly bringing up allegations and promised photo’s of Lisa and actual evidence, but no photo’s ever appeared, which  “Hot Toddy” promised would be as outrageous and outlandish as the current up to date Butcher Bitches Beach Blanket Bingo photo album extravaganza  — A sordid and revealing memory of when the Butcher Bitches Lizzie and Lexie  “… Broke Bad ,” on the CalPatty Press during the summer of 2010!!”

“All we got was promises from Smith! “

“There was going to be no Pulling the Panties to the Side festival, but then, we always knew ” Hot Toddy” was lying all along!”

ALL HEARD the encouraging word just last summer! "Pull those Panties to the side Carly!"

“… Carly Hough led the pulling the panties to the side competition at GSC evenhandedly just last summer (pun intended) for all the Secret Seven Coalition to rave about!”

“Pull those Panties to the SIDE CARLY!”

“It was just last summer when countless stories about Carly being passed around those fraternity boys like a big thick joint of marijuana with tits    …which we were told about one night during some story telling that went long into the midnight hour on a dark summer night in the Ville!”


Getting back to modern times….

The Free Press and the, “ Minions “ led by Gerald b Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County have a habit of saying, “Could have only come by one source,” and now after reading that bullshit letter from Timothy B Butcher we know where it came from, for he said those exact words in the above document.

The below document is a handwritten letter written to an attorney we caught red-handed betraying the cause and he was PAID to fight for our side! But, that is a fucking joke in this part of West Virginia and you have a high profile case that will go all the way to US Supreme Court! In updated news a main witness for the prosecution in the “Travesty” case agreed this weekend to testify against other family members who knowingly brought false action started by a false article published in the Glenville Democrat.

Butcher in the official document went on the attack to take the issue off of the fact that he illegally did not do an accounting regarding the AJ Woofter estate for 12 years! And that the executrix was caught by an attorney for the Council on Aging back dating checks to give the appearance of adhering to the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Lizzie Butcher telling someone what is up and that her daddy is rich and they, "Better be PLAYIN or they will be PAYIN!"

Also our answer to his law suit was …

“Bring it Butcher you bitch, for then the real facts will come out!”

This letter was written to an attorney that was found out and deemed a traitor by a member of the SS, and it is a hand written letter written at a time when the… “Could have only come by one source,”  …guy WAS WRONGFULLY IMPRISONED FOR A YEAR!

Now Democrat staff members like Cassandra Huff are busy trying to cover up the reals facts in the, “Travesty of Justice,”  case, in which it has been proven now, via NEW EVIDENCE, there was no crime, and further, that the matter was a time barred misdemeanor that never took place. It appears that Hough’s own witnesses have now turned against him, and all the lies and malice brought forward by Gerry Hough will be well publicized once the matter is before the US District Court. The civil case will bring forth discovery of evidence that could later be deemed criminal involving Gilmer County public officials and the hiding of documents from the land book records.

Read for yourself below….

Don't be so sure she'll forgive Mr Secret Lawyer Man! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! This is the 2nd page of a letter, the first page we had to completely black out, for the allegations of taking a dive, taking money to sell out your client, being part of a plot and on and on, it got pretty hairy! Also in this letter Judge Facemire is accused of making it difficult on an inmate out of spite!

We have been talking about this document since the early days of the Crooked County Crooks website that got yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy! This is when Diana L Butcher lied about receiving a document to an attorney for the AJ Woofter estate, but this document proved it all along and since the CCC piece exposing misconduct ran around xmas time we had a interesting Santa Icon in the "TRUE" Crooked County Crooks website account that Judge Facemire didn't like much!

This type of procedure  was used by Butcher and Butcher to stall for time so they could rob Peter to Pay Paul and supplement their Ponzi scheme !

“The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!”

When Diana L Butcher denied receiving an important document that was contingent on the accounting being signed off, signed for above, we knew what was up, for we had been involved in an awful horrid legal battle with those,” Impertinent  Attorneys,” for what seemed to be an eternity! You can see an August post mark on receipt, but the Butcher and Butcher law firm didn’t admit to ever receiving the document signed for, until just before Christmas 2006, and only admitted receiving the document after an article was published by the SS on the Crooked County Crooks website, exposing  the Butcher’s for being lying ass bitches!

It was not a time of cheer and it was almost the NEW YEAR!

Lexie Butcher and friend "Fucked Up" like big dogs at 4:32am showing us all what that FINGER is for!! Pina TUNA Colada's were had by all for breakfast -- And all part of the eat and gay combo that day where Butcher Bitches play!

For more on this story go to the Secret Seven Coalition article…

THE REAL STORY of How BUTCHER and Gainer-Cunningham take thousands from A J Woofter Estate…UPDATE 2011!


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  1. This article ran a few days later than expected. We were waiting on documents to be sent by mail. Special thanks to Free Bird SS reporter for another great contribution!

  2. Your shortcut link to THE REAL STORY of How BUTCHER and Gainer-Cunningham take thousands from A J Woofter Estate…UPDATE 2011!

    is not working.

    Editors note: Dude, it is working perfectly, try it again. But if that link does not work in your browser for some unknown reason try the link on the side bar to the right, it will get you there too!

    There is always two ways to get home, just ask the Butcher Bitches, Lizzie and Lexie!

  3. CCC - From the upcoming book, "Take me home country Roads" WITNESS BEFORE THE COURTS

    “I swear what I say is true and correct!!”

    During the 2008 election the County Clerk Beverly Marks refused to let the students at the college (full time living on campus) register to vote unless she knew they came from a local family.

    I stood by while an official employee was questioned that had heard Beverly Marks say,

    “I’m not going to let them vote for that nigger!”

    It took until late in November for the SOS to tell her she had to register them.

    Marks would say she called the Secretary’s office, and that they told her she was right, but when an employee of the courthouse kept pushing the issue, then Marks really phoned them in the fall and was given official instructions to register voters.

    Hear an example of what Crooked County life is like on the hill for someone that doesn’t know the civil war is over!

    … and they are suppose to be public servants for all of the people!

    Jean Butcher could sit in the front office and say she was “sweatin’ like a nigger on “election day” and not a word would be said to her.

    This is what life is like for people that are friends of minions, the haters, the fornicators!”

    “Country Roads took me home, but I sure don’t belong anymore!”

    Whenever Beverly Marks, minion for the Power Elite was reminded she was breaking the law she’d just give a smart ass smirk and say ” Oh, the law” .

    Many witnesses watched while Marks would call family members that she knew to come qualify for estates before the others had a chance because she knew there was no will and only wanted things to go the way she decided because no matter what the will said she knew who should get the inheritance.

    I understand that wills disappeared (they didn’t exist anymore) if she and her friends didn’t like the way the deceased left the property and she would handle it as though they were intestate. Someone just complained that a courthouse employee made her fathers will disappear and believes Beverly Marks is involved.

    Even if Marks knew there were other family members standing to inherit she would say,

    “That’s all they put down and that’s who I’m going to notify!”

    When the subject of the WV Code was brought up and Marks was asked,

    “Why weren’t Gilmer County Court employee’s and representatives of the people recording all parties on recorded documents?” she said< it was too much work and she didn't care what the law said!

    According to an eye witness this was a pretty hard pill to swallow knowing that the clerk was breaking laws in a reckless and careless manner!

    You guys from the Secret Seven are right!

    Beverly Marks is a puppet of the elite and always called Tim Butcher to instruct her what to do about almost any estate that was questioned!

    Many couldn't stand by and witness this behavior month after month year after year, but those in the know …know!

    But, whatever you want to know ask Karen Elkin, she can tell you she was there and witnessed all of these illegal acts and has seen it all in 35 years behind the counter!

    All of Gilmer County is fully aware…

    “… That ignoramus Tim Butcher is power crazy and willing to do absolutely anything. And that is an attitude that puts people in jail, but he won’t go, he will let Beverly Marks go down for ignoring that court order to sell property that is soon to be at issue!”

  4. This Fourteenth Point comes to you from the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which states in part that the state shall not “… deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Equal protection under the law does not exist in Gilmer County.

    Discrimination of rich versus poor, white versus black or family name versus family name has made doing the deal for a favor the most popular game on the hill for years and is common knowledge.. It is the way the powerful spread their tail feathers to show what they can do for or against whomever they wish. It shows who is cock of the walk and who makes the rules. It is a disgraceful display of ignorance and bigotry.

    How backwards and without class a person chooses to be in their privately held beliefs should never be evident when they take the oath of public office to uphold the laws of the land or administer a public organization using citizen tax dollars. “Liberty and justice for all” were not meant to be delivered through “entitlement” as decided by those in power yet that is the truth we hold to be self evident here and that really needs to change.

    Editors note: 14th Point well made!

  5. It appears that the TRAVESTY of JUSTICE case which made it’s way through the top courts is headed to US District Court by way of a Criminal Tort for Criminal negligence performed by the Gilmer County Sheriff complete with multiple defendants and all sorts of new secret information. A new group of attorneys having a great deal of success with cases dealing with misconduct that are also highly charged political cases are looking closely at bringing forward the long awaited Travesty civil action in federal court.

    Some new evidence being brought forward involves the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder, who many now say took an active roll in building this….Bad Faith prosecution based on a Fraudulent Appraisal Gilmer County Court case from the beginning by releasing a false story based on all the wrong facts involving facts now proved to be false involving this case, that was in the court system for over five years, and then stating old used rusted farm equipment had the same value as brand new equipment. Experts now agree, that the Democrat helped quite a bit in establishing these false facts, as well as distributing completely false information involving a felony court case – published in a community with a small jury pool, making it difficult for persons to ascertain any true facts or data. Dave Corcoran could be held liable years later, if this act was committed knowingly. Corcoran has already refused to cooperate with this investigation, or present original article in question when asked to do so.

    The Democrat has not stopped their misconduct, for their recent involvement in a case that involves publishing hate ads in the Democrat paid for by Gerald B Hough! Experts say, that the Democrat has helped in many prosecution cases by releasing false stories and false press releases, this incident however could have precedent setting circumstances for wrongdoing involving a publishing business, for more on this case follow these links.


    SECRET AUDIO a Proof of Criminal Conspiracy in Gilmer County, WV’s Legal System

    Title Fraud and Premeditated Criminal Actions in Gilmer County

    CommunityConcern: The MISSING ONE SIXTH 2007 TITLE OPINION!


    Corruption in Gilmer County has even grown to include getting assistance from the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder, the local newspaper for Gilmer County.

    The Democrat actually has worked with the county prosecutor to bring forth false facts in an effort to mislead the public about court cases or important public issues.

    Several examples of this were published by — the GFP — and a possible new civil action may establish this issue as fact, by bringing forth a criminal tort for criminal negligence in US District Court – based on no due diligence used by the head law man of Gilmer County. The civil matter includes a classic overcharging of value to resurrect a time barred misdemeanor via a fraudulent appraisal, which proves the prosecution of one of the longest court cases in Gilmer County — was most definitely brought in bad faith.

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