Groundbreaking Ceremony for Pioneer Center led to some TALL TALE TELLING late into the afternoon hour! But the “TRUTH” is told by the Central WV SS!! 17 JULY Special Sunday Edition … YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter Central WV Secret  Seven Coalition/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor-Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Editor Edison-CalPatty Press Editor-Central WV SS and Gatekeeper for Crooked County!

At a ground breaking ceremony on, 12 July  just last Tuesday, at Glenville State College’s future Pioneer Center, GSC President, Peter Barr, spoke to the crowd about GSC’s future being so bright they had to wear shades!

Several honored guests were on hand to turn soil, including major benefactors Ike and Sue Morris. Absent were politicians that did not want to be associated with all the bad press coming out of Gilmer County …and for good reason!

Speaking before the crowd….

While most people thought he was all about sports, he was most excited for the health care center, Ike Morris stated to the crowd.

“While it wasn’t an actual hospital, it was the next-best thing, ” and IKE thought it would help attract people to our area.  At his age, he is interested in quality health care.

He said that Pete had promised him that he would never ask for any more money. (Dr. Peter Barr was shaking his head in disagreement to this comment) … And that, “Regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County!”

Ike, you meant to say you won’t do anything to hurt Glenville State College, that is not the same as Gilmer. There are at least 6,000 people in this county that do not see a dime from those pretty buildings built for GSC. It may make you feel good, it may be the best thing you ever did but those 150 jobs at WACO and Flying W won’t pay the heat bill or put food on the table for the majority of Gilmer County citizens. The college doesn’t pay a nickel in taxes and does everything it can to keep the high paying jobs for the users and abusers of this county. No services for the common people. No doctors, hospitals miles away traveling poorly maintained secondary roads at best to the interstate, bought and paid for lawyers and way too many Chiefs are what we see.

Mega millions are spent on the hill and nothing trickles down but a coffee shop and an immature kid for a mayor that your people put in. We don’t even have a book store anymore. The grocery stores selection has become a joke, the hardware stores think they are selling the last two by four in the state. Dollar store or thrift shop clothes and used furniture should be good enough for Gilmer County taxpayers. That prison and the jail training shop have brought us nothing. They don’t pay taxes either. Any income from those sources goes straight to the college and the college is anything but straight.

I L "IKE" Morris stating at the Ground Breaking for the GSC Pioneer Center... "That regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County"

Take a look at the GSC Foundation Inc. otherwise known as the Alumni Foundation. Dennis Pounds Director went from a little over $37,000 salary reported 2008 to over $72,000 reported 2009 with the full support of President Timothy Butcher. Now that’s one heck of a raise for trying to give away the County Commissions Medical Center! He’s supposed to be looking out for the donations of the alumni yet in 2008 the ‘Foundation’ (or Alumni Association) advanced  $23,898 TO PETER BARR to fix his house payable at $5,000 per year at 6% interest. In 2007 they borrowed $38,085 from Calhoun Bank to buy a car with 60 monthly payments. Is this appropriate use of alumni life insurance policies? I thought Barr lived in the President’s home on campus or was this money his “Investment” in Rivers View. How much is he making these days? Every time you turn around the Board of Governors goes into executive session to give him a raise.

What about that $1,728,179 in deferred outflows from hedging derivative instruments reported in the colleges 2010 audit report? What’s up with that? Are they regulated derivative instruments or investment and unregulated and recognized even if their fair value is negative. One million seven, really and that’s the only description given.

If P.T. Barnum were alive today he would be a hedge-fund manager. Who needs suckers to go to the circus when you can collect 1% or 2% of their money per year and 20% or 30% of their winnings from the comfort of your office ? No profits? No problem. Close up shop, reopen under another name, and big institutional investors and wealthy individuals will still throw money at you. Is this what is happening with the GSC Foundation, Rivers View debt or the Morris Foundation?

HEY IKE ….Dude, did you bring Marc Monteleone in to show your people how the big boys do it or is that what was so special about Barr, Weldon’s and Porter?

Author of the BARR CODE, "Don't lay on your back unless he is Black!" "Peter Barr" who has condoned several rapes on campus and most likely will be involved with the "COVER UP" of the latest RAPE of a young woman allegedly by GABE the new QB for GSC, but it all has become a Morris family tradition, with even IKE's granddaughter being raped by a black football player!!

No wonder the auditors made comments like… We have applied certain limited procedures to the required supplementary information, which consisted of inquiries of management regarding the methods of preparing the information Based on our discussions with and observations of management during the audit process, it appeared that management was not fully aware of recent Governmental Accounting Standards that directly and materially impacted the current year’s financial statement presentation…In other words, they took GSCs word for it. I’m not so sure that’s such a good idea. What do they have to hide and where is the Morris Foundation and the non-affiliated GSC Foundation Inc. in this mix?

Only know one thing for sure “IKE”, you won’t hurt Glenville State College but you don’t give a damn about Gilmer County common folk now that your pockets are full.

Honey, just blow in my ear and I will follow you anywhere! “Going down!” …says sexy Lexie – Shown in this photo Lexie Butcher of the famous duo the BUTCHER BITCHES Lizzy and Lexy -- famous for breaking bad on the CalPatty Press in the Summer of 2010 with one of her “…Special friends!” Nude shots, lesbian action, wild parties & bare breasts all got a hardy endorsement from GCHS Principal Nasia Butcher, who had an entire county school system taken over by the state, rather than lose her job. All it took was a couple of calls from IKE to JOE MANCHIN who was conveniently, “Too Busy” to make this ground breaking, about the first event we can ever remember BIG JOE missing. The “Truth” about Gilmer County aka CROOKED COUNTY is getting exposed!!

Municipal bonds are bonds that are issued by state and local governments.  Make no mistake, the only thing the college did was borrow money through the Municipal Bond Commission then bank refinance to lower the interest which still about doubles the cost.

“There are no investors other than the hillbilly tax payers of Gilmer County,”  Pete Barr likes to laugh about and  likes to laugh about the State of West Virginia!   

Are we that fucking funny to you Peter Barr author of the Barr Code?

Why hasn’t GSC used any of their surplus cash instead of plunging so deep into debt?


Glenville State College Pioneer Center

Because most of that cash held by those non-affiliated Foundations with set-up donations from people who couldn’t come up with a quarter million dollars unless they sold their assets and were designed to draw outside funding.  There’s hedge accounting being done for sure. The Glenville State College Foundation, Inc.’s financial   statements were audited by other auditors and included as supplemental information. Why hasn’t that audit been made public?

Because GSC doesn’t own the money and the public is owed no explanation!

What are the fund raisers and donations for?  Most of the scholarship money comes from the state. $3,281,699 in PELL Grants were received and distributed by the college for student financial aid in 2010 and made up 12.99% of the College’s total revenues.

What about the $1,486,983 bank loan to renovate the gifted building for the Morris Criminal Justice Training Center?

What about the $635,000 bank loan to buy the Conrad Motel?  Forget the money Barr borrowed.

 If GSC had to operate on their actual income it would be unquestionably in the red.  Is it responsible to keep raising the debts for Glenville State College?  The only cash held that amounts to anything  belongs to non-affiliated foundations.  Someone up there needs to learn a little about pay as you go.

Borrowing may be necessary at times but not all the time.  Rome was not built in a day and it did not fall in a day but nonetheless the great empire fell.  Maybe the state will take it over too if they don’t close it should they drop the ball. Anyone think there is a football scholarship big enough to save it?

Not-for-profit organizations can and do commit frauds and fraudulent financial reporting is most often committed by management. Failing to disclose significant related party transactions or mis-classifying restricted donations to mislead donors or watchdogs are not good things to do. I hope GSC really has all their ducks in a legal row.

You won’t be around to buy them out of trouble forever “IKE!”

  And so it goes….

Although unable to attend the ceremony, United States Senator Joe Manchin sent a note that expressed his regards. Upon completion of the Pioneer Center we will be, “Improving educational opportunities so our students, communities, and businesses can thrive,“ said Manchin.

Greg Smith an official Crooked County Crook is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way into being one of many of Shelly Morris DeMarino’s concubines

Now MANCHIN’S advisers were smart they said don’t show up and get your photo in that group for it could be used against you politically in the future, and that is so true, and good advice especially given all the misconduct uncovered lately. Manchin is partly to blame for the declining condition in Gilmer County.

Also the PIONEER BOND ISSUE is starting to look pretty dog gone shady … Shady as a Butcher Bitch!!

Interesting, that we did notice the absence of the Butchers included in the GROUND BREAKING photo, and that might have been more by design, than by choice. But, there was Greg Smith sperm donor to Shelly Morris DeMarino!

Greg Smith an official Crooked County Crook is our local surveyor who amazingly as a divorced drunk found his way into some of the more porous of the Morris clan!!

“IKE” running Gilmer County elections with the use of Sandy Pettit at WACO OIL and ASS

Sandy Pettit GIRL FRIDAY for IKE MORRIS, and she is the lady that calls the shots of who gets elected who is NOT!! Oh, to know what Sandy Knows, but it would take some torture for her to tell!! Sandy is deeply involved in POWER ELITE HELL!!

… and then, putting his buddies in power to loot the system is not helping Gilmer County! It’s not helping any common citizens one bit.

So IKE’S statement at the ground breaking is some real bullshit.

If there was NO WACO OIL and Ike closed it down, then just an every day Gilmer person could apply and get hired at local jobs on what they know instead of, “Who they know!”

The same jobs would still be at the college. Not a damn thing would change except maybe all those jobs wouldn’t go to his patsy buddies and their kids!

If I L “IKE” Morris hadn’t bought all of those leases from people who didn’t even know what a lease was for such little money when they needed it so much back in the day, he wouldn’t be so despised by the general population and have to buy friends.

Now IKE and with your bullshit company Waco we have a whole new set of NEW REASONS to despise  you and your little mafia crew, along with son Doug Morris with all his minions and dope dealer friends, which include his drug operations that are allowed to run freely with full endorsement of the local Sheriff Mickey Metz!

We don’t really see you doing much for Gilmer County at all!

“So keep your lying ass bullshit to yourself, for you ain’t seen nothing yet out of the Central West Virginia SS!”

“We have only begun to fight!”

…for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the American Dream which has only become an American NIGHTMARE in Gilmer County West Virginia, unless of course you are a full fledged member of the POWER ELITE!


15 July 2011 special Bonus Feature!

MANY YEARS AGO and in a land far far away ….

Uncle Timmy, the “Bitcher of the Butchers,” drives the young  “Butcher Bitches, Lizzy and Lexy”  around the big city back in the day!




April 13, 2011  GSC Board of Governors agenda:

Renewal of Operating Lease Between GSC Housing Corporation and Glenville State College for the Refinance of Pioneer Village Revenue Bonds. (Note, they added the new dorm bonds in this mix to combine the debt).

Seems like another Butcher conflict of interest since the college has to pay a lease to keep the payroll running for the Housing Corporation!



Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of  New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was very familiar with illegal business schemes for a quick profit  and had full knowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project.

Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida which included:

Hanley Builders, Inc                                       Mortgage Masters Inc

Gold Coast Investments                                 Bahama Enterprises Limited Inc

Gold Coast Auto Sales Center Inc.                Perma-Nails Inc

American Cellular Sales & Service Inc

Professional Assessment Support Sys Inc.

All of the above are now dissolved for voluntary or involuntary cause prior to his West Virginia Corporations created in 2005.  Both of those are now defunct.

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE WHEN IT COMES TO DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY Oddly enough, Jack D. Jones of Pipestem, WV, owner of New Horizon Home Sales Inc and New Horizon Auto Sales in WV was very familiar with illegal business schemes for a quick profit and had full knowing of Gilmer County influences before he bought into the River’s View development project. Surprise, surprise! Dude was a crook right out of the gate and he found like minded Crooks deep in the heart of Glenville the wonderful and Crooked as fuck County Seat of Gilmer County! Over the years he was Officer and Registered Agent along with Sue Ellen Jones for at least eight separate ventures from his home in West Palm Beach, Florida

JACK JONES neighbor about 2 and a half  hours away at the same time was IL Morris in Naples!! Morris was Registered owner/Agent/Manager or Director who eventually brought his current operations manager Marc Monteleone into the mix of:

The Club Estates LLC

The Club Estates Realty of Naples Inc

Naples Club Estates Homeowners Association Inc

Do you think they would have any use for a builder or a mortgage company or two?  How about a good lawyer with roots in gas & oil?

“Hey Marc Monteleone, are you affiliated with Bowles & Rice?  Aren’t you a partner?

Marc Monteleone the Count of Crooked County also has been tied to Jack Jones FLA and I L MORRIS FLA businesses as well as Gilmer County businesses and transactions although this fact was denied recently by Sandy Pettit. The Central WV SS confirms the connections so Sandy must be a ridin down that New River a runnin down on into the Crooked River and I think they call it Da Nile or a something like that!!


Still getting your paycheck as a partner with Bowles & Rice?  What does the job of Operations Manager for WACO pay?  Just askin’…

I mean, I’m just sayin man….  Don’t you think we know you are as Crooked as fuck?

Marc Monteleone, aren’t you known as the COUNT of Crooked County?

Well you are NO ACCOUNT to us …

In fact dude, you are just another CROOK from CROOKED COUNTY that lives down by the Crooked River, as far as we are concerned!!

But business must carry on for GSC so here is another transaction to think about!

November 18, 2009  GSC BOG

Presentation by Minnie Hamilton Health Systems

Ms. Barbara Lay, Chief Executive Officer at Minnie Hamilton Health Systems (MHHS), gave a presentation to the Board regarding GSC and MHHS collaboration in building a new 24/7 medical facility in Gilmer County. She provided a history of Minnie Hamilton Health System’s progressive facility.

Ms. Lay (TIGHT FRIEND TO THE DOG FACED WOMAN RETA KIGHT) indicated that a grant has been submitted in an effort to obtain funding to apply toward the proposed new 24/7 medical facility in partnering with Glenville State College…

When I hear the word “Grant” in the same sentence as Glenville State College, then I know we are all headed for another swindle somewhere!

Ya know … there is a Morris family tradition to uphold!!

I’m just sayin….

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  1. I L “IKE” Morris stated at the Ground Breaking for the GSC Pioneer Center… “That regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County”

    He means he wouldn’t do anything to hurt the POWER ELITE of Gilmer County, but to HELL with the rest of us!

    FUCK YOU IKE!! Tell your bullshit to someone that will buy it, we are all out of tall tale telling here!

  2. Terrell Hill the NEGRO football player and also GCHS basketball player was the culprit that stuck the long dong into Jordan Morris the 16 year old granddaughter of IKE MORRIS in case anybody is wondering who the rapist was on the night during that “Out of Control Party” up highway 33 the night of Hannah Banana’s birthday bash where she got taken into the bedroom for a little ADULT EDUCATION by the basketball coach BOBBY DUVALL who we hear is no longer at the high school and the coach of the Lady Titans.

    But, you see, we only have law enforcement in this part of WV that fully cooperates with the people down where the ELITE MEET! Their job is to come up with false cases, based on hearsay evidence against people deemed elite enemies or whistle blowers of the AJ WOOFTER estate rip off by the Bitcher of the Butcher’s

    RAPE is freely accepted in Gilmer County! It is open season on white pussy in Glenville 24/7

    Terrell Hill made it to states, second team for the Gilmer County Titans in all-state in football, and FIRST TEAM for snatching the rich white pussy in Glenville, but then it is ALL a family tradition around here, and we are asking the help of the Council of Conservative Citizens of Birmingham Alabama to come and help us investigate what other crimes are being committed against whites in this area.

  3. How does Jerry Hough get away with saying he never lost a rape case to a reporter (I read it in the Gilmer Free Press) when he lost a big one a few years ago, but really what he should have said is that he never won one. Hough has never won any real big case as a prosecutor and why do we even have him in office. Can’t he be fired by someone?

    We will all sit by while this latest college rape is swept under the rug and we are all getting real tired of playing second fiddle to the college. The college brings in bad people and unleashes them on the community, and then we pay the price while some black man comes out smelling like a rose. Now they are training the blacks to rape in high school. It serves Ike Morris right if his grand child was the victim this time for then maybe now he may get an idea how it feels.

    What this community did to that high school girl that was raped by the black football player from the college years ago was outrageous. If I were her I would have filed a law suit.

    Editors note: Obviously, if you have been following along with SS publications, then you are on the same page. It’s all about politics and protecting a FALSE image that Glenville State College (GSC) wants perceived by the public, when actually a very dangerous situation exists. He have been preaching these words for years, and it happens AGAIN, ANOTHER RAPE BY A BLACK FOOTBALL PLAYER – JUST LIKE WE SAID IT WOULD!

    The Secret Seven Coalition has had some very accurate predictions over the years. We gather facts, analyze the situation, and then report the facts with the potential problems and it all falls into place many times in the exact same way as published and the exact same way as predicted. This latest college rape case from just a few weeks ago, is a prime example!

  4. Informer of the GILMER COUNTY CLERK -- Nepotism to the highest degree

    Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives or friends regardless of merit, and the very denotation of the word and concept has recently been illustrated by the County Commission Clerk JEAN BUTCHER who you can find upstairs at the Gilmer County Courthouse and calling the County Commission meetings to order.

    Sierra Cheyenne the daughter of Jean Butcher was hired to do a backlog of assignments and work as an assistant in the courthouse. I don’t think the kid is even 15 years old yet and already getting turned out on how to do dirty deeds for the Butcher and Butcher law firm, maybe even in conjunction with the crooked county assessor and deputy tax clerk, old dirty knee’s Brittany Miller.

    Sierra Cheyenne miraculously became an honor student after Butcher was elected. Hilarious. Butcher gets over 54,000 per year now and has to keep the money in the family. What a bunch of self serving assholes! You folks in the Secret Seven are absolutely correct. Some of the things you say, appear and seem outrageous and then are proven to be absolutely true later.

    This is a perfect example, so please make a note of it. I wonder how much money they are paying that little bitch?

    Editors note: All it will take is one phone call to find out. Hate to say, “I told you so,” but, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    These people have earned the right to be called CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River!!

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    MORE on the story…
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    A select few banned together to have the CalPatty Press destroyed. Three of those that complained are in the publishing business because that is how they make a living. But all three publications together did not even have half the following or professional leadership that a group known as the Secret Seven Coalition has according to the actual ratings observed.

    Now a fight for freedom continues in Central West Virginia driven by interest groups that have an interest in keeping their voice, the voice of influence, because it is what keeps bringing the money in. The CalPatty Press paid to bring the people the real truth, and further paid and even heavier price in the end for having one million words of data destroyed.

    Support Freedom of Speech in your community!

    Read the truth from the Cosmos!

    The Secrets of Life are revealed at the Cosmos Communicator!

    The Power Elite are all about SERVICE TO SELF
    The Central WV SS are a dedicated SERVICE to OTHERS

  6. MJ (omitted last name by publisher)

    I have read a lot of good articles about the local scene in the Gilmer Free Press, but being out of town, and while reading all the comments, it is hard for me to relate or even believe half of the things that go on, if true. And my wife inherited property and told me to believe every word read on this site and Gilmer Free Press as gospel. My wife told me that you all are presenting these facts at great risk to yourselves and even death. She said that your Crooked County Crooks site from years ago was even wilder than this one. Can you tell me how can all those illegal things go on? And all the rapes, and even predicted rapes as I now read, and the murder and the stealing of money right out of the taxpayers hands? We live a couple of states away, and I have been down there only three times in my life and I have to say, I was taken back by how backward that little Glenville town is, and the people are not all that friendly in town, but out of that town they are very friendly. Is this Ghost Wolf website also members of the mainstream press for the format and information seems very professional. I know we have had a lot of problems with the property taxes and getting them paid on time, and the situation is constantly being manipulated and we got billed for back taxes twice when we paid them on time. It is all messed up because they got the names wrong and my wife’s brother and sister are always fighting over property nobody even lives in anymore. Also, why does the Sheriff’s department take in the taxes? Did anyone tell them, that is not how it is done in other parts of the free world?

    I am shocked by what I have read, but especially the subject of the Economic Development Association for that sounds like it was set up by crooks and run by crooks. How can they get by with fudging the accounting’s or not doing them at all. Why aren’t these people arrested and taken through the court system?

    Editors note: I had to edit your last name out or these whack jobs in control of the law enforcement here will take retaliation on you for being truthful, but I have your e-mail address and sent you some mail, so look for it.

    First of all this part of WV has nothing to do with the FREE WORLD!

    This part of the state with full cooperation of the former Governor and now US Senator Manchin is run much like a third world country under a dictatorship. The local govt and the courts are corrupt beyond belief of any reasonable person.

    Rules of law in this part of the State of West Virginia don’t mean a god damn thing, and we have enlisted outside help to expose this situation and to further publicize it.

    We had a judge, a police chief, a baliff and several other members of the court in another state researching a certain circuit court case that was sent to the Supreme Court from this bullshit hellhole of a town, and they could not believe the misconduct.

    The wrongdoing included the Judge, the elected Sheriff, the Circuit Court Clerk, and after all the info was given to them about the prosecutor they said he belonged in prison, and they were not kidding.

    In that case the court clerk was very involved in JURY selection and just the right jury was chosen, that were either related to the prosecutor, or were tied directly to POWER ELITE.

    Some of the connections made … it can be proven have been involved in serious criminal endeavors that include embezzlement, criminal intimidation, murder for hire,theft, rape, assault, cocaine dealing, white collar crimes of every shape and size, hired out arson and a myriad of other criminal activities.

    Listen to your wife, and it would be a good idea to not come to this area unarmed. Get a permit to carry. Unless you are well armed, you are not safe in this part of West Virginia.

    We never go to town unprepared. These people would kill an outsider like you and not even think twice about it, just for talking shit in public. We would find your body floating down the infamous Crooked River, if these people heard you talk like this. They would think you were on a mission to take all of their shit, and expose them for being the OFF THE HOOK Criminals that they really are!

    We can say that for we are the only ones that got the facts straight in the FRED HILL murder, and we are the only ones that actually investigated that crime.

    When you come to town, don’t come alone, and be prepared to defend yourself in a lawless town and in a lawless state. Don’t forget to bring extra ammo. Having an AR 15 or an AK in the trunk would most likely be advised just in case it gets hairy. These people are dangerous as fuck and most are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  7. I noticed on the front page of the Democrat that they didn’t have the IKE QUOTE right when he spoke at the groundbreaking. Dave Corcoran left out the part where Ike says, “”That regardless of what people might read in the online publications…

    And the Democrat added something that wasn’t said, by IKE so it was a mis-quote right on the front page.

    From what I seen about I L MORRIS …. Ike don’t have feelings of compassion about anyone who is not a thief and liar. Look at what they bring into the fold. The ones who get caught always have a job at the plastics factory or the college or at Waco Oil.

    Editors note: Ike Morris may be in a legal jam come Monday because it appears one of his employee’s at WACO OIL and ASS PAT WARD attempted to hack the Gilmer Free Press again this morning, and it has not been ascertained if the attack came from WACO OIL or the Radio Station WBRB where Palmer Stephens the overnight small market no talent hack is employed. If the attack came from the station, then that would be a federal violation and the radio station could be held liable, but if it came from WACO OIL again, like the last attack we are going to have a potential legal issue, that could get ugly very fast. Ward is one of Doug Morris’ COCAINE buddies and is directly connected to Dougies doper pals and connections. We will know in a few days who did what and then maybe the big dogs can load up and go take care of some business, for all that training has to be about something!!

    Supreme Commander of the SS for Central WV: Dougie Morris your asshole friend Ward is getting you hot as fuck with the COCAINE police buddy, so is it OK if we just come take your dope now before the cops get it? We could use the extra buds too, and we keep hearing how you’ve got all the good shit growing up at your place. Shit dude, you should be sharing with the poor people that you all ripped off since you are all running this place. Didn’t you think that might piss some people off getting hit for 500 large? Fuck yeah, remember those words “Fuck Yeah…” because you may be asked to answer a quiz later.

  8. From a TAX PAYER that knows better than to put their name on here, because HOUGH will make something up !

    It’s really true that the Morris clan has run this county with their precious “jobs” for many years. People felt so pressured they never stopped to think of the cost but they’re thinking now. That attitude cost us control of our schools to the state and control of our town to the College cause Ike’s getting too old and too rich to care. He doesn’t need the money any more.

    You guys are great at telling the truth and the truth is I wish you’d tell that Huff girl that works at that newspaper to SHUT UP. I think her feeble attempt at media control of the Board of Education played a huge part and was like the last straw in the takeover decision. She took it upon herself to hand Bennet a list of new CEFP committee members which included herself, a coworker and a commissioner PLUS used Phyllis Starkeys opinions to control what went in print about the Board of Ed position on anything. Huff, Corcoran and Starkey helped make this school system a laughing stock and gave the state the impression that no professionals were still in control of Gilmer County schools.

    I read her opinion this week on the school takeover and it’s time for her to stop beating that drum and GET OVER IT. No matter who likes it or doesn’t, the State takeover is legal per WV Code and the WV Constitution. They have the legal right, they did it, and it’s time to get serious and work to get these problems resolved. Show some respect for the authority the State Board has always had. If we had, maybe we wouldn’t be in this fix.

    All I can say is if they wouldn’t put Bill Simmons in then thank God they picked Ron Blankenship. It’s someone we know, he has worked here and knows the county. I think the man will take a good, long, look at this mess people have created for personal greed and vanity before making any decisions. Give Starkey a crying towel and let’s get back on track. There’s a lot of work to be done and Blankenship has the right to make each and every decision. Now we can try to lead him down the wrong track and take care of our buddies, or we can man up, show some support and work with him to meet the needs of the kids. Please tell that Cassandra Huff girl to get over herself cause she’s just not all that.

    True that!

    Editors note: CASS HUFF ASS MUFF!! She screws horses doesn’t she? Cassandra Huff the news editor or whatever she is at the democrat is the stoned out bitch we all saw walking around stoned as hell at the Senior center in the video post on the Gilmer Free Press — She never gets her facts straight, but especially about the SS. Bitch has no clue how close we have been to her lately. Close enough to reach out and touch her, but I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from getting personal with some personal issues I have with her right now, if I were to involve myself in the confrontation I so craved at that moment. She looks fake, acts fake and is fake. To Cassandra: Hey bitch you don’t know me, but keep up your shit and you will! I think it is time for her to eat some of her words. I bet they would taste like horse shit.

  9. We can resist the crooks by boycotting their businesses. Those people laugh off words against them, but they suffer severe mental anguish when their pocket books take hits. Boycotting can take a toll. Just look at the Butcher and Butcher law firm. It is rare these days to hear that the firm administers estates and it represents any clients in court. The public hears that the Butchers must depend on trash work from successful WV lawyers. Terry remains on United’s board of directors so we can boycott that bank.

    Editors note: Nelson, great suggestion! It is all about what they can steal from the manipulated situations of their own making. Political appointments, and what Big Joe Manchin can put together for them is about all they got since the truth was revealed about their Ponzi schemes! But, they could make some money on their arson deal when the auction barn was burned down so they could sell the property to the state to use for a new school. Crime does pay in Glenville for those with their noses in the air and the dirty money goes right in the pockets of the Power Elite!

    “Never doubt that a few, thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

    SS Member: Nelson, dude, have you heard anymore about ’ Sara B and the Walrus with the exposed P named Kennedy ?

    I think it is time for an update or some fucking photo’s or something! Gary Collins is suppose to have some more Butcher Bitches Break Bad photo’s for us, so those Sara B and Kennedy P exposed shots would go perfect with another summer that sizzles!

    • Message to Gilmer Leaders

      Didn’t know where else to send this, thought you might post it so the Gilmer County Leaders can read it. Thanks.

      A certain blind man, who knew not that he could not see, said to another blind man, I will lead you. But as he did not see where the road turned, he fell into the ditch; and dragged in also his follower.

      In other words, you shouldn’t ask the unknowing for answers and then spout them as truth. It may come back to bite you..

      Editors note: Good advice, the old Crooked County Crook leading a Crook story.

  10. STATE POLICE ERADICATE HUGE MARIJUANA OPERATION IN CALHOUN - 1,300 Plants Street Valued $2,600,000, Two Caught Planting Arrested

    State Police respond to remote Little Creek area confiscating huge marijuana grow operation!

    By Bob Weaver

    The WV State Police made at least two arrests Tuesday evening following the discovery of a huge marijuana grow operation at the head of Little Creek Road, a few miles from Creston.

    Grantsville Detachment Commander Sgt. O. S. Starsick said Tuesday night, “Officers had confiscated 1,300 plants and still counting.”

    It is likely the largest crop of the illegal plant confiscated in the county.

    Sgt OKIE Starsick said, “A good marijuana plant could have a street value of $2,000.

    With 1,300 plants already confiscated, the crop could have a value of $2,600,000 or more, he said.

    Police have arrested Douglas Cecil Lynch, 38, of Creston and Nicholas W. Davis, 49, of Big Bend, charging them with manufacturing a controlled substance and conspiring to manufacture a controlled substance.

    Police said the two subjects were caught planting more plants in their operation.

    Bond has been set at $50,000 for each of two the men. Davis had already posted bond Tuesday evening and Lynch is being held in Central Regional Jail.

    The eradication effort was under the direction of the State Police’s Division of Criminal Investigation, who conducted the surveillance of the patch.

    A chopper landed on Little Creek near the Ace Haney Hill, with a number of officers going to the remote, wooded area near the abandoned Walter Villers farm.

    Last week, following chopper flyovers, State Police obtained a search warrant for a residence on Lower Nicut, confiscating an indoor grow operation of about 100 plants.

    “We also discovered a considerable about of dried marijuana,” Sgt. Starsick said.

    Starsick said during last week’s flyovers, officers spotted two other locations in the Rt. 16, Stinson, and Mud Fork Road area.

    “Charges are forthcoming against individuals who have been identified,” indicating the investigations are continuing.

  11. Council of Concerned Citizens

    Coming up at midnight, a new article authored by the Secret Seven and a title of a new non fiction book in editing:

    GILMER COUNTY — The POSTER CHILD for West Virginia’s legal hell !!

    Several of WV politicians are being informed this week that soon Gilmer County and all the corruption involving public officials may be in the spotlight regionally and lets hope nationally!

    Also the LAST 21 Days of the CalPatty Press started on 21 July 2010 just last summer when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad on the CalPatty Press!!

    Lets not forget the 15 day FREE SPEECH WAR of last summer and the day Lisa Minney turned in to Benedict Arnold and turned on her fellow members of the Central WV SS after we fought her many battles for her against TODD SMITH the man allowed to assault his girlfriend in Glenville and then kill her with dope six months later.

    Don’t miss it tonight at midnight….a new article published by the SS of Central WV…twiddly dee!!

    GILMER COUNTY — The POSTER CHILD for West Virginia’s legal hell !!


    (07/20/2011) Calhoun County Home of all the WEED you NEED!

    The West Virginia State Police had been doing surveillance with cameras on a large marijuana growing operation on Little Creek before yesterday’s arrests, according to a criminal complaint.

    The report says when officers went to the site Tuesday to “Change out cameras,” they discovered Nicholas Wayne Davis, 49, of West Little Kanawha Highway, and Douglas Cecil Lynch, 38, of Creston, “planting more marijuana plants.”

    Sgt. O. S. Starsick said the duo had been using a gasoline powered auger.

    Following the arrests of Davis and Lynch, Sgt. Starsick said officers had confiscated “1,300 plants and counting.”

    The bust was likely the largest ever in Calhoun County.

    The installation of the cameras had been part of an ongoing investigation, according to Sgt. Mike T. Smith with the Marijuana Eradication Division.

    Marijuana is considered to be West Virginia’s biggest cash crop!

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