Political Corruption leads to NO ECONOMIC GROWTH in Gilmer County! West Virginians possess the least economic freedom nationwide! FRED turned out to be DEAD just like what was SAID in the CALPATTY PRESS!! August 17th RGW Special Feature …Glenville State College Department of Public Safety Officer BUSTED like a BITCH!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy- Cosmos Communicator Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press/Editor

Research has shown that people living in states with high levels of economic freedom enjoy higher standards of living, greater individual freedoms, and longer life spans. 

On a state-by-state basis, the 2010 report on economic freedom in the U.S. found that West Virginians possess the least economic freedom nationwide.

“But in GILMER COUNTY the situation is TEN TIMES worse!”

Studies find that states and counties with greater economic freedom – defined as the protection of private property and private markets operating with minimal government interference – experienced greater rates of employment growth.

Employment growth and economic growth are stifled in Gilmer County, West Virginia by election fraud and the mafia like existence of a special group consisting of a ruling class of elite that have taken control of the Gilmer County Schools and the local job market. County and state jobs are ruled by nepotism in Gilmer County.  Several good examples of nepotism are within the pages of this website, but the latest infraction was when Gilmer County Commission clerk hired her own 15 year old unqualified daughter as an assistant. Cronyism is also prevalent in Gilmer County and very much alive and well!

Evil Lurks from on top of the hill in the VILLE! Glenville, West Virginia where the POWER ELITE meet!

In addition, studies find that less restrictive state and national government labor market policies have the greatest impact on employment growth in U.S. states

On the other hand…

A common theme among states with high levels of economic freedom is a commitment to low taxes, small government, and flexible labor markets. These conditions stimulate job creation and greater opportunities for economic growth. 

Because of these conditions, Gilmer County has seen little or no economic growth and now with the school system failure and the problems brought on by cronyism and nepotism, many people would rather live and grow up in an area with better schools and a much improved school system, but what we have here in Glenville is a failure to communicate because of the totalitarian rule that exists. That is why we have Blankenship as the superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, which is a situation forced onto us by the state, just the same as if we were communists living in a third world country!  Truly the situation that exists is no different.

Has anyone seen any flexibility in the labor market around here in GILMER COUNTY the past 30 years?

 Do you remember the loud outcry about raising the minimum wage? 

Yet the salaries for the elected officials in this county increase $5,000 every time they feel like giving themselves a raise.

West Virginia’s number one industry is certainly leaning towards being the Jail and Prison industry, following in the footsteps of California. The new trend is for all the Power Elite to become financially involved in the private prison industry, the coolest thing to put your money in now. All the local CROOKS from Crooked County will soon have a VESTED INTEREST in the privately owned prison system. The IKE MORRIS Criminal Justice Center is a prime example of a huge investment in the future of the correctional system in West Virginia. The Power Elite seek to put us all in prison while their children are allowed to break all the rules, like, “Doug Cottrill,” for Waco Oil and Gas that is, “Just like a son to us,” according to Sue Morris. I guess that is why the son was allowed to raid the medicine cabinet and take some narcotics with Ike’s name on them, and then toss in some Cocaine too. “Don’t forget the weed and the bitches!!” The daughters are allowed to break the law too! Anything goes for the Butcher Bitches so proudly displaying their party dresses and just in time for the Beach Blanket Bingo Extravaganza on the CalPatty Press!! If you’re a true Christian and Catholic why not enjoy a Sunday Afternoon worshiping with Lizzy and Lexy Butcher this Sunday, join them both, for ASS, GRASS, and Mass!!

How many new business ventures in Gilmer County are happening currently that aren’t your basic Mom and Pop with one or two employees?

What’s up with that?

Nothing new under the sun it’s just good old POLITICAL CAPITALISM in Gilmer County!!

Keep the rich, rich and forget about the rest. 

The average tax paying citizen in GILMER is less than nobody in the eyes of the power elite, just workers and a cash resource and as long as they can limit the number and kind of businesses who provide the jobs that’s how it will stay.

The most cited factors contributing to economic growth, according to the latest studies include the stock of human capital, investment in technology, trade specialization, and low levels of political corruption.

“With the HIGH LEVELS of political corruption in Gilmer County how can there ever be ANY Economic growth!?”

West Virginia’s business environment is unfortunately driven by POLITICAL CAPITALISM and no county more openly and proudly limits growth than Gilmer County


The proven fact is that whoever controls politics and policy controls the wages and benefits paid to their workers and that is why the business owners must control the political offices.  These same businesses will fight to the last dime to keep minimum wage and benefit payments at the lowest level possible if they can’t eliminate them. 

The girls of the “Ville” (Video release this fall!) are not afraid to get their hands dirty or get down and dirty or even do the hands jive to make their quests come alive! Beer mugs, drugs, hugs and tugs go on endlessly during the frequent bathroom visits when the Butcher Bitches throw a Bash! Better bring some cash! .. And some cocaine for to feel no pain, for it ain’t nobodies business but the Power Elite, the cops would never get invited to this meet and greet! Lexy Butcher and associate above.

“In Glenville WV you better be a member of the ‘CHURCH of IKE’ or you will be one broke Mother Fucker that is for sure!!”

No competition for employees means no competitive wages and no growth to help alleviate the economic disadvantages faced by Gilmer County residents. 

 “This situation is brought into being  by creating an environment of fear and retaliation and it’s called coercion!!”

 And there is nobody better at coercion than the Butcher and Butcher law firm, Gerald B Hough prosecutor of Gilmer County, and  our “NO FOUL PLAY” Sheriff Mickey Metz!

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin visited Gilmer County West Virginia on 08.11.2011-- Big Joe has plenty of campaign supporters in Crooked County going back to the days of when he was Secretary of State of WV-- just a few short years ago. Gayle Manchin, the wife of big Joe got an appointment to the State Board of Education by her husband not long in the past and that situation paid off in spades when IKE MORRIS called to let Big Joe know Nasia Butcher would be out the door as soon as Bill Simmons took the helm and top dog spot involving Gilmer County Schools. Gayle cut that political change off at the pass, and then castigated John Bennett and placed blame on him for the failure of the school system to be held to standards. It was all a ruse, and the people that truly suffered are the good citizens of Gilmer County, the teachers, the parents and the students.

“…Don’t forget the Gilmer County Commission and Waco OIL and ASS !!”

Coercion is the practice of using threats, rewards, intimidation, or any other incentive to affect another. In law, coercion is known as the duress crime. Such actions are used as leverage, to force the victim to act in the desired way. Coercion doesn’t have to involve the actual infliction of physical pain.

“Psychological harm is the most commonly used method to enhance the credibility of the threats made in Gilmer County, West Virginia where the ELITE MEET!”

 Have you ever heard the words…

“They’ll never work in this county again “ 


We’ll take all of their assets including their money in the bank”

or even …

“They won’t be around for long if they keep talking like that!”

If you have lived in Glenville long, or have lived in Gilmer County  you know the very people who use these words to suppress freedom of speech along with economic growth of the region and keep the citizens living and cooperating out of fear.

“If you ask me it is about damn time these people got their asses turned upside down on them, and dealt with in a severe manner!!”

Who else will they pay above and beyond a political office salary like Gilmer’s County’s Commissioners current and past?

Who else puts only politically connected family members to work in their offices? 

Who else can kill an unarmed man, overdose and rape young girls or deal drugs at will and get away with it? 

Major crimes occur in Central WV and some of those you never hear about. One of the women in this photo was brutally raped all night long. The victim was drugged but the matter was covered up by the “Powers that Be”

NOBODY else but the elite from Gilmer County, West Virginia can get away with these egregious acts! And the whole debacle provoked by the local feudal lords is backed by EARL RAY the Governor and BIG JOE Manchin our bought and paid for former Governor now filling the big shoes of Senator Byrd in DC.

Big men with very small minds run Gilmer County and keep it under the feudal system of yesteryear for no other purpose than personal financial gain . 

Political Capitalism has long been destroying the county  of Gilmer and the consistent decrease in population proves it.

In Gilmer County and in Glenville, West Virginia to be more precise, we are speaking specifically about  either business owners, lawyers or their paid flunkies placed in local elected positions and given the highest paid jobs available with the only qualification required being that habit of saying yes!

“…Or drunks and drug addicts who will do anything they are told to stay out of jail and keep their habit paid for like Doug Cottrill from Waco Oil and Gas!”

 It is a fact, it is a shame but every once in a while the POWER ELITE of GILMER COUNTY lose control of their weak minded minions, just ask Fred Hill and his family.  

“Oops, didn’t mean for that to happen but oh well, it makes the yokels just afraid enough to keep their mouths shut!”

So what FRED Is DEAD!!

  “Besides, what is he to us?  Thank goodness it wasn’t another local boy.  That’s a little harder to explain!”

Deep inside we all know that Basil Fred Hill the third didn’t go in that river conscious. 

It was impossible, “Technically,”  that FRED wound up down stream below that old log jam at the bridge where the dog search and divers concentrated. 

If his body had been in the jam his clothing would have been torn off him when it was blasted free just before Spring. 

No, that was not the case or situation here since the body was in good condition and the body was most likely placed where it was and somebody knows who followed him out the back door that fateful night, and then made sure FRED was DEAD, but they are too scared — too coerced by, “the Powers that Be” to tell.

An animal lover, and also a person animal’s of all types, kinds and sizes, seemed to love too, Fred Hill is shown with the dog in this photo while at a gathering with friends and family. Gerald B Hough the prosecutor for Gilmer County promised a SPECIAL INVESTIGATION into the death of Fred Hill when his body was found behind the house of Sheriff Metz, but no investigation was ever brought forward.

What we have here is the MURDER of FRED HILL!

“Thomas Chapman and Jake Evans found Basil Fred Hills body while fishing in the Little Kanawha River outside of Glenville!”

Sheriff Metz announced the body was found April 18th 2010 about 3:00PM  well-preserved and in the river behind his house by, “Tom and Jake” after being missing since the early morning hours of Friday December 11th 2009.

The pertinent facts in this case were knowingly covered up by our own Sheriff Mickey Metz and the prosecutor for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!

 “The common citizen knows what can happen and it’s just better not to get involved most people say!”

The locals have been psychologically conditioned to, ” Let the Prosecutor and the Sheriff investigate, they get paid well and it’s their problem and so what if nothing was done. “

Nothing was really expected to be done.   The ELITE show no mercy in Gilmer County when it comes to the almighty dollar and protecting those that keep the rich, rich…

Basil Fred Hill (third from right) shown in this photo seven years before his death having a fun weekend with friends. Fred has many friends who have been confused and saddened by his sudden disappearance and death. The “No Foul Play” theory announced well in advance as the excuse Sheriff Metz would use to close the wrongful death case was predicted within hours of Fred going missing by members of the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition back in 2009.

May God show no mercy to those who allow murder, corruption and oppression of the citizens of Gilmer County and our precious children for personal gain, money and power.

May God show no mercy to the Power Elite of Gilmer County, those very people who did allow the death of Basil Fred Hill !!    


Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Peter Barr Code protected!

Full Name: Wright,   Andrae,Cymone
Height: 6′  5″
Weight: 285 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/7/1983
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 08/17/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Glenville State College Department of Public Safety Officer BUSTED like a BITCH!!

August 17, 2011 Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy Cason Jones in Glenville let Andrae WRIGHT know that it was all WRONG what he was a doin, a sneaking around in the dark, and hiding behind the Barr Code rule and all!

Wright is charged with night time burglary!

It was BLACKNESS in the BLACKNESS when Wright approached a home close to Glenville in his uniform during his burglary attempt.

Peter Barr Code protected, according to claims by WrightDr. Barr, the GSC President, confirmed this position when Barr officially stated he is not planning to take any disciplinary action against the public safety officer.

Barr belongs to the CHURCH of the poison mind and kneels before the Temple of IKE so won’t mind, since Wright has some responsibility in the easy acclamation and arrival concerning  an incoming shitload of white girls for the upcoming fall semester this weekend at GSC !! White chicks are part of the payment when blacks come to Glenville, it has become a Morris family tradition!

“Welcome to MORRIS TOWN KIDS where you can get fucked and robbed!!”

“Better leave your hymen at home girls for if you come to GSC chances are, considering the Barr Rule, somebody coming out of the ‘Blackness’ will bust that bitch wide open!”

Andrae Wright is a Public Safety Officer for the college, but the public safety is of concern due to the local totalitarian rule and the conception of feudalism being the prevalent mode of operation in Gilmer County.

Don’t get me wrong, for I am Andrae Wright! I’m gonna get me some of that pussy white because I’m a little uptight. My wife she’s a coach at the local JR High School - A job she got from NASIA at GCHS where it is cool to fuck the players, just ask the Lady Titan’s basketball team and I almost got to cream and go for two until that lady got a gun, and I had to run! She took away all my fun because I was about to make her scream for the Church of IKE team!

Andrae was arraigned before Gilmer County Magistrate Carol Wolfe, and is currently playing some spades at CRJ in Flatwoods, where he is waiting to be turned loose on the new girls coming in to town in the next few days when his 25,000 dollar bail is paid by the Power Elite.

The “Brotherhood of Darkness” will need Wright out of jail so he can help get the new bitches in line for the upcoming school year.

If you are a white chick, then you just are not in a safe environment where it is, “JUST OK” to break the new bitches in, when all you need to do is pray to the Patron Saint of Rape at GSC, Gerald B Hough!

Gilmer County residents have had enough! Just listen to what they have to say!

“What is happening to our town of Glenville and Gilmer County???”

“The college was once known for what is taught to students and came highly recommended by most! Not anymore!!

“I don’t think that Mr. Barr should keep this man on or any where near our college campus. I think as people in this community we need to let him know how we feel call his office at 304-462-7361

“Tell Peter his Barr rule sucks the big one!”

Is this how we meet and greet hundreds of new freshman and hundreds of new students coming to the area to live for the first time? ” Oh, excuse the black monsters in the night, but I hope your not a virgin”

“This 4th tier college is not really about education. Glenville State College  is controlled by a handful of individuals with agendas that do not include education!”

We hear the public statement by IKE MORRIS like…


Yet, we see individuals like Andrae Bubba Wright who played for  WVU and Rich Rod bring shame to the county, and elite hires like Wright are given jobs at the college on taxpayers payroll!”

“We see buildings are taken over one after another in the county in the name of the college to avoid paying property taxes and how does that fucking help the community bitches?”

“It’s all about the Power Elite and their self serving agenda and we the people are getting god damn sick of it!”


“A TRUE CONSPIRACY” …the Crooked Truth coming up in AUGUST on RGW!!

When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with  information they have presented as “fact” and validate  lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “conspirators”.   That label is actually nothing more than a tool used by those in power in Gilmer County to affirm reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks on the character of those who question their actions or intentions. The “conspirator” label has been used to slander individuals and groups for decades.  Though it has become more difficult with the advent of the free press, the attacks continue.

The conspiracy label has been used to chastise those who criticize the power mongers who cover up the truth about what really happens on a regular basis.

Mark Twain spoke on this subject many years ago…

“A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a group of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.”

Two of the most valuable commodities known to man are knowledge and information.  It is said that “Knowledge is power.” It is power to preserve our way of life, our rights and property.  It empowers us to gain and maintain wealth, health, and happiness, and our freedoms. Knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold and silver some say.

Be prepared to gain some knowledge, and be prepared to comprehend some truth as, “Revenge of the Ghost Wolf” brings you :

“A TRUE CONSPIRACY “  …coming up AUGUST 29th on RGW!!

Could the CROOKED TRUTH about DEAD BLACK BABIES born from teenage POWER ELITE mothers be revealed?
Secret Scandals of the POWER ELITE down in Crooked County coming up on a Secret Seven Coalition website near you!!

Don’t miss it!!

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  1. Secretary of State Tennant has asked me to respond to your request for a comment on alleged voter fraud by Gerald B Hough, Beverly Marks and Jean Butcher in Gilmer County during the 2010 general election in November.

    We are prohibited by W.Va. law from disclosing anything about any investigation conducted by this office or any complaint filed with this office. W.Va. Code §3-8-8(i) makes it a misdemeanor for us, or any person interviewed by us, to disclose any fact about an investigation or complaint. The misdemeanor is punishable by at least six months in jail and at least a $1,000 fine. Secretary Tennant is committed to upholding our election laws and cannot enforce some laws while, at the same time, deliberately violating other law. Therefore, we will not be providing you with a comment on any case.

    Secretary Tennant has a very strong record of enforcing election laws during her tenure. Several cases have been investigated and turned over to prosecutors. The Secretary, very simply, does not tolerate election law violations. You may wish to remind your source of the Secretary’s stance.

    For your information, the text of the Code prohibiting disclosure of any information is:

    “(i) Any person who discloses the fact of any complaint, investigation or report or any part thereof, or any proceedings thereon, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than $1,000, nor more than $5,000, and shall be imprisoned in jail not less than six months nor more than one year.”

    If you have any facts or information you wish to report to us so that we can investigate the allegations as required by law, you may submit that information to me. However, by law you could not then report what you had submitted to us.

    If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.


    Timothy G. Leach

    Assistant General Counsel

  2. Prime Examples

    Natalie, a crony of Ike if we recall, didn’t she used to baby sit for the family before she was magically put up for office? Why is it that the only public office not subject to the freedom of information act is the Legislative Committee which investigates the election complaints as one of their duties? It is coercion, when you threaten those who complain out loud what else can you call it? A body would think the Secretary of State would advise the public of the nature of any complaints made at the very least. That would encourage citizens to come forward who might have knowledge of any illegalities or irregularities but no, you really don’t want to hear it, do you? No real investigations are going to happen on your watch. Have you met the Gilmer County Prosecutor?

    You can join the list of county cronies such as Larry Chapman who got the job as GCEDA Director as he sat as President of the Board of Directors or his girlfriend who was immediately given a job by good old boy John Bennett Superintendent of the Board of Education before he got out or Lisa Belnap who was hired part time because she was just a friend on the side who needed to pay her fines. Or maybe you have someone in mind who can qualify for the courthouse family whose tree doesn’t have any branches, just a trunk, as each and every one is related if not by blood then by marriage and be part of the nepotism that rules Gilmer County.

    Keep threatening those who want to expose the criminal activity behind the scenes as you hide behind laws specifically designed for that purpose. That is the only game you know how to play and the only way you and your kind know how to make a dollar. Coercion is a crime of duress and as more and more people realize they don’t have to take it, the days of political control of the lives of the taxpayers are getting shorter. Hey Natalie you should have realized that when you ran for Governor bitch.

    Editors note : Don’t hold back tell us how you really feel!

  3. This is the type of thing that can happen to you if you find that you spend too much time wandering around Crooked County …

    Truly, Everett could not stand the fact that his ex was finally happy and secure in a relationship with another man. This is an obstacle for many men in modern times. It is a difficult time, but the choices we make decide who we become, but Everett made a bad choice. He was so jealous that he was going to use the children as weapons to destroy that happy relationship and that happy home life and the best life Mary Ann Campbell had come to know in all of her 27 years.

    Before her new found happy life was realized, while divorced and estranged, there was one incident in which Mary Ann went through an ordeal that was so horrible, she is still affected by it. She agreed to meet Everett for a dinner and spend time with their four year old daughter, but when she went to the room, Everett forced her sexually and forcibly held her head face down on the bed nearly smothering her while he ripped off her clothes and committed the act of sodomy in front of their screaming and crying daughter. The little girl was pleading for her daddy to stop hurting her mommy and making her cry. Everett replied with, “Shut the F (explicative) up and go back to sleep!”

    Hurt both physically and emotionally by the incident Mary Ann Campbell sought the help of the Gilmer County Sheriff, Mickey Metz, and decided she wanted to press charges for being raped in an un-natural way in front of a four year old child. Mary Ann stated that Sheriff Metz did not bring charges against Everett and talked her out of signing the complaint.

    Our findings reveal that often this is just how the good ole boys of Gilmer County do it, since Everett was closely associated with Sgt CJ Ellyson of the West Virginia State Police, who around the same time had somehow lost all the dope and guns and money from the evidence locker in Calhoun County, and crucial evidence needed to convict Chief Deputy Bandy of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office was simply missing one day.

    We guess it was no coincidence that Gerald B. Hough was assigned as special prosecutor to that case, and since he claims that CJ Ellyson is a good personal friend of his, it all seemed to add up to the fact that no cop or public official is going to jail for a crime on his watch, whether they are guilty or not!

    This was all happening in the same time frame as the court case and arrest of a person we all came to know as 357 Evey!

    Matters became more confused when out of the blue Mary Ann was arrested for a charge of attempted child concealment. We could not find a code for that charge, and we truly believe there is no code. Mary Ann had to come up with a large amount of money for bail.

    The lawyer that was assigned to defend the former Mrs. Campbell was inept and she requested another lawyer. She said her assigned attorney had cookie crumbs on his mouth and appeared unkempt. When another woman attorney attempted to come to her rescue having witnessed her dilemma, Mary Ann tells us, Judge Facemire, Gerald B. Hough and a big giant Police man cornered the lady lawyer and threatened to have her disbarred if she ever came to their town and attempted to meddle in their affairs again.

    The charges against Mary Ann were later dropped because, we believe there was no law broken, there was no state code violation that we can find, but that is how they do it in Gilmer County!

    The bail bond company made some fat cash and this same type of situation is all part of a regular scheme that is run right out of Central WV in Glenville!

  4. Gilmer County has the misfortune to be controlled by a group of extremely short sighted people. Since insinuating themselves into the board of governors of Glenville State College, the college has adopted the strategy of appearance above all. They’ve ignored the fact the curriculum is not competitive with the possible exception of the surveying and forestry programs. The nursing program was allowed to deteriorate in an era when medical jobs go unfilled while the college concentrates on a program that relies on the War on Drugs for its survival. That shows the lack of vision during a time when technology advances provide opportunities for colleges to participate in new fields to train young people for tomorrow.

    Instead the vision is restricted to political maneuvering for money to build ill-conceived buildings. The college has over emphasized athletics to the detriment of academics. The future will judge Glenville State College harshly. Gilmer County will suffer when time and progress make Glenville State College more and more irrelevant to future generations of students. The board of governors has ignored academics and imperiled the college’s and Gilmer County’s future for years.

    Editors note: “Instead the vision is restricted to political maneuvering for money to build ill-conceived buildings,” is something I was just speaking of the other day. Well said.

  5. Mark WARD BUSTED!

    Gilmer County man Mark Ward 36 of Sand Fork was arrested today for meth and 2 counts of child endangerment.

    Mark Aaron Ward had meth making material at his residence, and is facing five counts related to the discovery, according to Police.

    Charged with two counts related to children being present, Ward is being held on $150,000 bond in Central Regional Jail.

  6. Ike’s particleboard palace is another example of “vision” in Gilmer County. There was probably enough formaldehyde in the particleboard sheets that went into that place to embalm every man, woman, child, and dog in Gilmer County. Maybe the cats too. Sometime you have to wonder who’s smoking what. If nothing else the particleboard palace’s been a joke. Most folks that aren’t from around here think it might be a funeral home when they ask about it.

    Speaking of jokes, did they ever get the moldy smell out of the new business development center in Glenville? The old supermarket should have been condemned and torn down. There’s got to be some nasty stuff growing under those floor boards and in the walls. Maybe they should hand out face masks for the staff. I hope they have some source of entertainment for the staff waiting around for customers that never come. If the best idea you can come up with always involves putting more lipstick on the pig, maybe your friends need to get you into rehab instead of smiling and laughing.

    Remember the idea to build an amusement park in the county? That was a bigger joke than bringing in a Walmart.

    Larry Chapman has been worshipping at the Temple of Ike for years hoping for a few scraps to be thrown his way. Now that Chapman is the director of economic development, they’ll be buying lipstick by the truckload with Ike’s approval of course.

    Did anyone find out which pill pusher gave the Lortab script to Ike? That’s a good reason for an investigation right there. Are the feds that incompetent?

  7. ELITE MEET at Common Place!!

    Before Big Joe Manchin left Central WV on 11 August 2011, and after he went and toured the Calhoun County Courthouse and hob nobbed with Calhoun folk, Senator Manchin went down to the Common Place and had lunch with Shelly Morris DeMarino, Ike Morris , Kim Morris and Doug Morris of Waco Oil and Ass. I do find it interesting that few local public figures were at the Gilmer County Courthouse earlier in the day to get their publicity shot with Joe Manchin. In fact, Big Joe only had his photo taken with Karen Elkin Circuit Clerk and Jean Butcher Commission Clerk with Darrell Ramsey lurking in the wings and that was about it. The Elite kept their meet exclusive with the secret hook up at the Common Place where the elite meet, after the day was done.

    Editors note: Some coalition members that were in town that day heard Manchin came back to IKE’s after going to Calhoun in the afternoon on Thursday, but was not seen in public with him at the courthouse, and none of the big shots were seen with Manchin at the courthouse. Dude shot out to the private home of IKE to visit after all the hoopla that day after dude did Calhoun duties.

    • That is a big reason to get rid of Manchin when he comes up for reelection. The man owes too many people favors. Election contributions should not be a basis for serving constituents. It’s time to kick the maggots off the gut pile.

      Editors note: Yay! That is the perfect call!

  8. CITIZENS of GILMER COUNTY SPEAK OUT about Andrae Wright on the FREE PRESS!

    I don’t think that Mr. Barr should keep this man on or any where near our college campus. I think as people in this community we need to let him know how we feel call his office at 304-462-7361 and when you are done there call Dan Beall (Director Of Public Safety) at (304) 462-6450. Let’s get this man away from our community.
    Comment by Stand-up on 08.17 at 10:17 PM

    This college is not really about education. It is controlled by a handful of individuals with agendas that do not include education.
    How many times we see individuals are given created, unadvertised jobs at the college for no reason. Over and over a bunch of bu**-kissing elite loyalists without real qualifications get jobs and end-up drunks, druggies, rapists, and in jail. Are we watching The Soparanos-Glenville live?
    Isn’t it about time for our state college to take responsibility for implementing an effective recruitment and hiring policy that will prevent potential criminals from being employed?
    Isn’t it about time to stop the greed and focus more on education?
    Aren’t we tired of seeing every other day these people making our college look bad?
    Is it fair to the real employees at the college who work for a living rather than having a job that was created and given to them?
    Enough is enough.

    Comment by HadEnough on 08.18 at 07:15 AM

    We hear the statement WE WON’T DO ANYTHING TO HURT THE PEOPLE OF GILMER COUNTY. Yet, we see individuals like Wright who played for RichRod bring shame to the county, are given jobs at the college on taxpayers payroll. Also, we see buildings are taken over one after another in the county in the name of the college to avoid paying property taxes, and we see GSC continuously competing with local businesses by doing the same thing they do. The latest example is selling food in the Small Business Development Center Downtown within a rocks throw from food establishments it. This is hurting the local businesses rather than helping them to develop. None of which has anything to do with education. And one can go on and on … to the claimant: ALL OF THESE DO HURT THE PEOPLE OF GILMER COUNTY.
    Comment by RealEmployee10 on 08.18 at 07:17 AM

    Read Senate Bill 653. It established a Board of Governors system in WV to give independent Boards at each college sweeping powers. For irregularities at Glenville State College, blame must be assigned to its Board. Who serves on the Board? Of course there is a Morris with Sue as the present Board president. Terry Butcher, who had one term as the Board’s president served beyond his appointed time on the Board thanks to Joe Manchin. After the new dorm was foisted onto the County, Terry Butcher left the Board to be replaced by brother Tim who is also on GSC’s Foundation. Dr. Barr can’t be totally blamed for what happens at the College because he takes his orders from the Board.
    Comment by GSC WATCH on 08.18 at 08:42 AM

    First of all this guy is a former WVU player with a record there but under the powers to be his back ground check is clear. Why is this? I am assuming because he was a football player.
    He was in a position now where he was up hold the law not break it. He was to serve and protect not to be a menace to our community. The power people of this town keep ruining our little community law enforcement have no control they can only make the arrest do the paper work from there it is out of there hands.
    Mr. Barr how would you feel if this was your daughter your wife this happened to would you still keep him as an employee I think not.
    Why is is that some people mug shots are taken in the clothes they were arrested in but other in the orange suit. This man was in his campus security uniform while committing his crime he was arrested and booked wearing it but for mug was changed. Why???? Is this just another way for the college to cover up there bad practice of hiring, and make it easier to be swept under the rug.
    Citizen of Gilmer County is time we stop sitting back doing nothing to protect ourselves it is time we speak up and let people know we do not want to live in fear. This victim will probably have very little sleep for a long time think of the turmoil the children will go through. Please good people lets start fighting back call the college let them know this is not right what you have done lets get this type of people out of our community.

    Comment by Observer on 08.18 at 09:37 AM

    Soparanos-Glenville? I like it.
    We really need CSI-Glenville.
    But don’t get Hough or Metz involved—Please.

    Comment by NeedCSI on 08.18 at 10:35 AM

    To Oberver:
    I agree with your call. People need to stand up and stop all the abuse in Gilmer County. The truth is, in reality there have been many more cases involving the college that we didn’t hear about due to cover-ups. These few just accidentally fall through the cracks. Mr. Barr, sober up, stand up and do a cleanup please.

    Comment by sgd71 on 08.18 at 10:45 AM

  9. Doug Cottrill MORRIS

    Ike and Sue Morris have officially adopted Dough Cottrill as their son?

    SS Member: That is what we hear, and it could only be to get the guy off of the dope charges with the cocaine filled pill bottle and all, and I am sure Ike already talked to Senator Manchin about it, and reminded Big Joe how many thousands he has donated, and if JOE M could spring DOUG C from the COKE, WEED and driving DUI charges.

  10. FEMALE STUDENTS AT GSC lookout!!

    “I wonder what Glenville State administrators are doing to inform female students, their parents and the public about rapists on the football team.”

    “I wonder what Glenville State administrators are doing to inform female students, about a BABOON black as night GSC Public Safety officer as big as a Pittsburgh Stealer that has mental problems and is crazed out of his mind with a big ten inch dick about to spout and then show them what that ho is all about!”


    I wonder!

  11. To those of you who are verbally attacking the college and the public safety division, you do not know all the facts. Maybe, public safety is trying to do something, maybe, the college does care, however, legal technicalities may be getting in the way of taking APPROPRIATE actions. Please do not downgrade all of public safety, for the actions of one. Get Your Facts straight, before you attack or make accusations that could lead to slander. Glenville State College is a great college, and many of the Public Safety employees are good people. And, your comments of “what does that say about Public Safety” and the like, are unnecessary and unappreciated.
    Comment by thetruth on 08.18 at 12:36 PM

    What is happening to our town of Glenville and Gilmer County???
    All of the things that has happened recently involving GSC, the most recent attempted burglary, several rapes, drugs and cover-ups and who knows what else for some students and faculty alike.
    The college was once known for what is taught to students and came highly recommended by most. Not anymore.
    What is now coming out of this college and the way the administration and Board of Governors is covering it up is despicable, and a disgrace to Glenville and its citizens.
    Why was the girls basketball coach of GSC not charged or even named when he and Doug Cottrill was caught in Greenbrier County with drugs in a prescription bottle with another name on it and alcohol?
    Another cover-up.
    Cymone Wright, so called GSC Public Safety Officer, arrested for burglary, husband of a Glenville High School Coach and this is not the first time for him to do something like this.
    Dr. Barr the GSC President says he does not plan any disciplinary action against the officer. Nothing was done about the rapes either.
    Go figure.
    Only in Glenville.
    This man should be fired immediately. Come on Dr. Barr, you have a college degree and the Pres. Of GSC, use your smarts and common sense.
    People of Glenville if they don’t fire him and he remains in as a Public Safety Officer, just remember if he comes and breaks into your house in a Glenville State College Police uniforms take care of business the best way you can defend yourself because the college will cover it up again.
    No one is safe.

    Comment by Only in Glenville on 08.18 at 02:18 PM

    So eager to defend but not forthcoming with the so called “facts”. Maybe, if things weren’t so controlled and so hidden people would not have to draw their own conclusions.
    Comment by Tell the truth on 08.18 at 02:37 PM

    To: thetruth
    Exactly. People like to know the truth. Especially when the matter involves the safety of students, faculty, staff and the residents. Unfortunately GSC president does not have a good track record in telling the public the truth and for that matter anything. All it takes is an official statement from the president regarding the status of this case. People like to know the truth. And then the dust may settle. Mrs. Morris, the GSC board of governors president or those in control of the strings on the puppet please give the go ahead to Dr. Barr.
    Comment by Rebbeca Kessler on 08.18 at 02:38 PM

    To the truth:

    We the people can attack the college you are the one that needs to get your facts straight. This man has done this before and no charges pressed. He was in town about 3 weeks ago uncontrollable on main street then again just last week he was uncontrollable at the glenville golf course.

    If he is not a problem then tell me WHY his wife just yesterday filed a protection order against him? Is this just another trick to cover it up bitch? If she was truly afraid of him why was this not done sooner?

    GET YOUR FACTS straight whore!

    I will agree there is some good people that work for the college but the bad out way the good.

    My heart goes out to the victim and she should be applauded for standing up to this monster. GLENVILLE STATE BOARD OR WHO EVER IS IN CHARGE THERE DO SOMETHING BEFORE WE HAVE ANOTHER FRED HILL CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Comment by just fyi on 08.18 at 03:13 PM

    I don’t know much about this case. But I do know about the photo issue. The police don’t release photos when there is an ongoing investigation. Journalists don’t have access to photos other than those on the Regional Jail site. So newspapers get the photos they can, from the jail site after the inmates have been processed and then photographed. In other words, newspapers and Internet press, like Gilmer Free Press aren’t just fed photos. They have to get them any way they can, which is usually by accessing the http://www.wvrja.com…if it’s there, it can be used. If not, then the media usually doesn’t have any photo unless they go to cover court.
    Comment by anonymous on 08.18 at 08:23 PM

    Let’s be fair everybody, Doug Cottrill was caught with booze, marijuana, cocaine, and supposedly stolen controlled pills, the pot tools and is out of jail without bond, and this man is still in jail for just burglary, but he didn’t steal anything. So, it looks to me like we are locking up defenseless people and letting the crooks go.
    Comment by td854 on 08.18 at 09:08 PM

    Perception is reality and the Perception is the common denominator, in all of this is GSC…. Get it together GSC Staff and do something, stand up for Gilmer County. Do what is right, make sure this is document and band him from Gilmer County. We all know this is a small town and we all need to protect it and don’t let something like this happen again.

    It is only slander if it is untrue and the perception is the reality so guess what “thetruth” re-check yourself. If you don’t like the “unnecessary and unappreciated” comment then GSC show some action and do something about the epidemic.

    To Be Cont….
    Comment by Lets Really think on 08.18 at 10:17 PM

    For TD854… you are not the brightest person. What Cottrill was doing was only harming him and not others. This crazy so called Security Office came into someone else’s home in the early morning and who knows what would have happen if the victim did not stand up to him and protect her family. Instead of trying to cover up what happen by throwing others under the bus lets deal with what is at hand and that is a crazy man that could be out on the loose coming into your home and you might not be so lucky. There was nothing defenseless what he did. The defenseless people are the home he went into. Think….What was his true intention that night…it just might not have been the criminal act of burglary?

    To Be Cont…
    Comment by Lets Really Think on 08.18 at 10:19 PM

    Just another note I have not lived in Gilmer County for 10 years and I am ashamed to say I am from there right now. I took pride in WV and Gilmer County. Lets all take a stand and not let this happen. Be your own Security Officer and protect yourself and others. If I were there I would stand outside of Dr. Barr office till he did something about. There is always power in numbers.

    I will pray for the safety of Gilmer County and GSC that they will do the right thing
    Comment by Lets Really Think on 08.18 at 10:20 PM

    To td854

    You want to call this man a defenseless person how dare you. Do you even know it was a small female home alone with small children and he breaks into her home. Since when is a 6’5 285pd man against a 5’0 140pd female considered defenseless or maybe in this case he his because the female stood her ground.

    Did Doug Cottrill at the time of his arrest cause any harm to anyone? NO HE DID NOT. This monster has caused mental harm to this family and sometimes that is harder to over come then physical harm.

    td 854 you should be ashamed of yourself for calling this man defenseless.
    Comment by just fyi on 08.18 at 10:40 PM

    Rumor has it the college has released wright from his current position, but will another position be made for him?

    If this is true why did MR. Barr refuse to take any phone calls from the public today. Why did Dan Beall refuse to take calls and make no comment?

    If it is true why not publicly announce it?

    The family that was victimized by a college employee dressed in uniform while on duty deserves some answers and some kind of compensation from the college. The college hired this person without a proper background check, and continued to keep him employed even after his outburst in town the past few weeks. His behavior then alone showed he was not capable of holding this type of position even if formal charges or not was filed law enforcement was called to get him under control.
    Comment by the observer on 08.18 at 10:51 PM

    to “Lets Really think”
    Your comments are real good and I agree with all of it except with one point. Saying Mr. Doug Cottrill only hurt himself is not quite true and logical, and these are some of the reasons:
    He hurt the Morris family when Ike’s name was in the police report.
    He hurt the reputation of the college when the college basketball coach was with him.
    He hurt Gilmer County people by doing what he did at one of the biggest events in West Virginia.
    When he is caught with so many different types of drugs makes a person wonder where he got them, who his source is and how many other people he participates with in his drug usage and his drug activities. Doing drugs is an addition. Addicted people always get others and innocent people involved in their activities, which simply means he is hurting others. If he is not addicted, then he is a distributor and I do not need to explain the damage he causes to people and their families economically, socially, and emotionally. Just ask a parent who has lost a teenager to an overdose.
    Both Cottrill and Wright have committed crimes. They are both involved one way or another with GSC or its supporters. Both of them have hurt a lot of people in Gilmer County.
    You said it well; the college and Morris family need to come clean by REALLY showing they mean what they say. Creating jobs for people with no integrity at GSC has to stop. Maybe GSC should investigate people’s background before hiring them. GSC’s hiring practices suggest that there is not a decent unemployed coach to be had and all there is to pick from are drug dealers and drunks who cheat on their wives with female athletes. The drug problem in this county has been covered up too long. Look at what’s happening in Florida. And where do you think all those drugs end up? Right here in West Virginia. Drugs are killing our kids or making them addicts and the rich dealers have found a way to take what little money we have. Doctors in Florida make $100,000 a day selling prescription drugs to people who don’t need them.
    We have a prosecutor who always lets them go and makes deals with drug dealers. Does that make you wonder why?
    We have law enforcement that is controlled and if the deputies do their job and arrest the people they get punished because they did their job.
    We don’t apply the law evenly. Have you wondered why so many college staff end up in trouble? That is because there is no serious code of conduct for selected people and they think they are protected.
    And there are dealers that are protected!! Little guys are the one always get caught in this county. I guarantee you if Mr. Cottrill was seen in Gilmer County with all the items he had the situation would have been totally different in his favor.
    Comment by JustThink3 on 08.19 at 07:36 AM

    • It’s obvious that some dealers are protected along with some of their good, long time customers. Bob Mingh has been the go to magistrate for let’s make a deal that ends up with the defendant getting off with a wrist slap. It’s rumored that come election time all of Bob’s beneficiaries had to return the favor.

      Apparently the honor among thieves ethic isn’t what it was years ago since Bob couldn’t get his son elected.

      Maybe someone should ask Larry Chapman how he got elected as a Republican years ago. Ask Larry how much all of those votes cost. Larry had a long run on the taxpayers dime, until people finally got tired of his shit. If Ike didn’t tell Larry what to do, the man would have trouble scratching his ass.

      Editors note : You can say this again, ” Apparently the honor among thieves ethic isn’t what it was years ago since Bob couldn’t get his son elected”

      Also, it appears Larry Chapman is still fucking us since he got his girlfriend of 30 plus years younger a job with the GCBOE just by snappin his fingers and successfully created a cush job for himself at the GCEDA while president of the Gilmer County Commission. The job was created and Mayor Tashua, the go to YES GIRL got Chapman in there after conducting fake interviews of other applicants for the position created by Chapman himself.

      Chapman is still fucking us, so isn’t it about time we fucked him? I say lets fuck Larry Chapman and see how much he likes it.

      • Maybe someone should ask Larry who rammed the PSD building with their pickup and then drove off. They’re very lucky they spun around and went into the building backwards. Another great investigative effort by law enforcement. We really don’t need to fuck Larry. He’s doing a great job himself. It took many years, but people in the county finally voted him out.

        When he changed from Republican to Democrat, that was a sign the man wasn’t trustworthy. There’s nothing wrong with being either one. When you start changing back and forth, that’s a red flag. Now you see me. Now you don’t. We see Larry for what he is. Ike Morris used to be a Republican too back in Underwood’s time. Guess when he changed his stripes?

        Years ago Ike wasn’t above personally applying some suction. How many trips did Ike make to suck on Bob Byrd? He’s got enough now, that the Manchins and their kind will jump and run when he calls. No more sitting in Byrd’s office and having the man read the riot act to one of your amigos sitting there with you. There was some tight assholes that day.

        Editors note: Larry has made some death threats and is a violent and dangerous man who has talked a lot of shit lately. Therefore one must be prepared for the worst just in case.

  12. Krystina Mistyhn and the BIG Ten Inch make for a colorful afternoon!

    Krystina Mistyhn, is the wife to Andrae Wright and she also coaches Jr. High Volleyball. Bitch just took off at 10 am while she was at work, after she got a call from the JAIL and from her husband and that he was in jail for checking out the local chicks and Krystina that takes the big ten inch left a 9-year old girl in charge when she split the scene because her black husband was wearing orange.

    Wright is black.Krystina is as white as the sheets at a KKK meeting and was the local girl who was given a job by Nasia Butcher right out of the deep blue sky as the main counselor at GCHS.

    Now what is up with that? Yeah some people are gonna need to be counseled. The one’s that will need to be counseled will be the white girls in the freshman class at GSC that have never been away from home. Wait until they find out Glenville State College is the home of rape and murder. Someone should give them the FRED HILL tour in the back of Trezan’s – A local tavern that was WITNESS TO A MURDER down by the Crooked River!!

  13. Larry needs to shut his pie hole. Rumor has it at least one person, not from around here, that came here in a group never left. I’m not talking about Fred Hill. One that got away took a little Gilmer County lead with him. People as high and mighty as Larry thinks he is, let their alligator mouth get their chicken little ass in trouble before they know what’s happening.

    I’m surprised Ike hasn’t jerked Larry’s chain and told him to STFU.

    Editors note: I thought I was the only one that said, “Shut his pie hole!”

    • By the way, don’t worry about Larry. He’s all mouth and nothing else. The ones you want to be careful about are the ones that just look at you and say nothing. Threatening someone publicly or in private is the mark of someone who never got past high school at best.

      You have to wonder about Ike’s wisdom, if he has to work through dick brained Larry to control the economic association and pill pusher Kennedy as his go to man to control the county commission. A man is known by the company he keeps. Ike is very well known. And that’s not in a good way.

      As much as Ike tries to sell people in the county on his good neighbor legacy, we all know him for the crook he is. He will never outlive the truth. If Ike is smart he’ll be cremated. Otherwise people will line up to piss on his grave. Dead or alive, Ike is going to stink up the county.

      Editors note: Could we spit?

  14. Secret Scandals of the POWER ELITE down in Crooked County coming up on a Secret Seven Coalition website near you!!

    (click the green link on this comment to find out more)

  15. TO: JustThink3… I am tracking with you 100%… I know when drugs are involved in any situation it does not have a very good outcome. I do understand one’s action does affect their Love Ones and the Community…But however this is not about Cottrill and to be honest I don’t even know Cottrill and the whole story behind it. I think when others start bring up old or ongoing situation then they are trying to cover and detract away from the situation at hand. That does not mean what others do before them and after should be treated or looked at any different. This News line is about a Crazy Man that enters into someone else’s home and threatens their safety. Everyone should and has a right to feel safe in their home and this person has robbed them of that. Once again JustThink3 I am tracking with you 100% and I feel your point!

    Comment by Lets Really Think on 08.19 at 06:14 PM

    I think what Wright has done and Cottrill has done is like trying to compare apples and organs. That does not mean that they are right. It is a different situation in all. Everyone should be held accountable for their own action no matter what status they hold in the community. That is problem with “Small Town Law”. We the people needs to stand together and refuse to accept behavior like this. Not only should we be looking at GSC but look at WVU. I think WVU has a few questions they need to answer themselves.

    Comment by Lets Really Think on 08.19 at 06:16 PM

    To: Let’s really think,

    Don’t you mean apples and oranges?

    When you say,

    “Everyone should be held accountable for their own action no matter what status they hold in the community.”

    Does that include Beverly Marks, Gerry Hough and Sheriff Metz who KNOW that Marks hid the title to 1/6th of 155 acres in dispute in a felony criminal trial that turned out to be fabricated.

    Should Marks, Metz, and Hough be held responsible for refusing to investigate an obvious criminal matter?

    Hough paid someone to testify, that they owned the property, but that was proved false by title opinion.

    The WVSC says the “Travesty” case should go back to circuit court with genuine evidence, but Hough refused.

    Should these public officials go unpunished?

    Comment by Concerned Citizen on 08.20 at 11:31 AM

  16. Lenore Marks was the woman surprised by Andrae Wright as he was breaking into her home while wearing his GSC Public Safety campus cop uniform, and we hear that Krystina Mistyhn, the wife of Wright has been staying outside of Glenville with her parents and she is trying to distance herself from Wright. Krystina filed a restraining order on her Andrae Wright, and is attempting to kick him to the curb. Case number 11F-74 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00 Wright, Andrae Cymone Height: 6′ 5″ Weight: 285 lbs is still in jail and Lenore will not have to worry anymore for now.

  17. Glenville West Virginia is the home to some of the biggest white collar criminals in the state of West Virginia. Decades of graft and corruption have been witnessed, but when the local city, county and state government violate the rights of whites as was done in the “Travesty of Justice” case, that has been looked at by every great student of law in the state of West Virginia and other southern states, then a matter of political interference by well known elite individuals from the county becomes quite evident and clear.

    When Gilmer County decided to knowingly break laws to prosecute a professional white man whose family has been local property owners since before the civil war, and then protect the blacks obviously guilty of heinous crimes against whites, this area now known as Crooked County went on the radar all over the United States and the Crooked Truth was revealed to all of those reviewing the hard cold facts.

    Evidence clearly shows wrongdoing by Judge Facemire, Gerry Hough, and David Lane Smith involving the early processes of jury selection in the greatly studied case from Gilmer County. Citizens such as Judy Stalnaker, and Peggy Moore, along with two employee’s from Flying W plastics a local elite run business, have been implicated in violating laws related to proper conduct and jury tampering.

    Beverly Marks armed with an intentional motivation and under orders from local attorney Timothy B Butcher refused a court order in regard to property needed as evidence pertaining to the case, and a crime was committed when this court evidence was knowingly pulled from the land books by Marks under orders from Butcher – and then the matter was brought to the attention of Sheriff Mickey Metz where an active cover up began.

    What types of conclusions can we already draw from the facts uncovered and brought forward and already presented to the public?

    It is easy to draw the conclusion that the local white collar criminals and members of the West Virginia Bar actually aid and assist in false arrests to protect their friends and/or for the purpose of stealing estates or redistributing family assets in an illegal and wrongful manner as was evidenced by Marks in the famous case of the missing 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property in Dekalb near the Calhoun County line on route 5.

    The assistance given to black criminals and rapists to the detriment of the local mainly white population has become disconcerting and an immediate investigation into the matter has become warranted.

    We would like at this time to issue a WARNING to all new incoming students at GSC that they are living in an area that is extremely dangerous and caution and important safety measures and concerns should be implemented.

    Editors note: Please contact your local SS Coalition member for more information.

  18. WHEELING – West Virginia University’s board of governors convinced U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp to start wrapping secrecy around a degree the school awarded to Heather Bresch, daughter of U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin.

    On Aug. 16, Stamp extended a temporary seal of affidavits and exhibits that former business school dean Stephen Sears and former associate dean Cyril Logar filed.

    The West Virginia Record published excerpts of the affidavits before Stamp sealed them.

    He set an Aug. 26 deadline for the parties to propose a joint order on confidentiality. He wrote that if they can’t agree on an order, each side can propose one by Sept. 2.

    He wrote that if they propose separate orders, they can seal them.

    Compromise may not come readily, for Sears and Logar opposed confidentiality in an Aug. 15 brief that Logar’s lawyer, Robert Ridge of Pittsburgh, filed for both.

    “This lawsuit involves allegations of constitutional violations against a public university and some of that university’s current or former employees,” he wrote. “The university used public funds to carry out the investigations and proceedings that are at issue in this case.

    “The university is using public funds to defend this lawsuit, and details about this matter and a similar case filed by former provost Gerald Lang are in the public domain, appearing in the media daily.”

    He wrote that the university posted most of the information on its web page, leaving no privacy interests to protect.

    “Plaintiffs have already suffered harm as a result of the publicity surrounding the multiple investigations that led to this lawsuit,” he wrote. “Plaintiffs should now have the opportunity for their side of the story to be heard.”

  19. FALSE MASTERS DEGREE for elite daughters only -Corruption at the STATE level in the Educational and Judicial Systems.

    How predictable the WVU Board of Governor’s reaction is. After the names of those who brought the charges have been put forth to the public; now that the plaintiffs been harassed and degraded for daring to question the degree of the daughter of former Governor now Senator Manchin, now they want to seal the records of the proceedings. It hardly takes a rocket scientist to figure out why. The process of providing unqualified degrees has been a common practice in the state of West Virginia. How many can only be estimated but it is not hard to figure out who receives them. All we need to look at is political association. One call from Senator Manchin and the Judge is telling both parties they must join in this joke despite the fact that the very persons bringing the charges do not want to hide these illegal acts performed behind closed doors using tax payer monies. It is time to put it all on the table and stop the insanity.

    It is not that we do not have people smart enough to take the courses and pass any boards, bars or exams that may be required in this or any state. They just don’t all belong to influential (and in this state that means politically connected) families. They are not all too lazy to do the work required because dad can get them what they need . Entitlement program education has kept us at the bottom of the ladder on a nation wide status for many years. It speaks only to the quality of those we have chosen to lead, not the quality and capability of the citizenry. Look at the uncertified teachers that were recently discovered on the staff of Gilmer County High School and it took a state audit to admit that. Administration was certainly aware , they put it in place and intended to keep those friends working no matter the cost to the children. They will get them some type of certification if it can be bought and time permits. If things get too bad they’ll just move their kids out of town. No one really believes the qualification levels would look any different if the Higher Education Policy Commission took an honest look at Glenville State College but they won’t even take an unbiased look at their audit results with the intentional lack of transparency, let alone hiring and retention. If they do it will be spoken in whispers behind closed doors. This speaks volumes about corruption at the state level and in this case the Educational and Judicial Systems.

  20. One of the MOST IMPORTANT articles written by the Free Press along with comments is revealed on the Council of Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS TODAY!!!!

    This article is a must read for all those that want to find out more about the PROVEN MISCONDUCT of public officials in Glenville, West Virginia, the home of GSC, Rape and murder!

    Click the green link above this comment to go to article!

  21. Cocaine comes easy for IKE's boys ! Cocaine is not a felony for Ike's boys just us!

    Have you read the cat fight taking place on the GFP over the Aaron Ward bust in Sand Fork? Meow! Those people are naming names and making some serious threats making for some good gossip. The shame is that they are not talking about the irony of breaking up a family and putting the young man in jail while Doug Cotrill and the GSC Coach can do cocaine, pills, pot and alcohol without doing a single day. Fact is, they both are cruising around free as a bird. The GSC Coach hasn’t even been disciplined. As far as we can tell, yet another rape case isn’t going to be prosecuted in Gilmer County and watch Morris Field for the ex-security guard charged with burglary, no doubt we’ll see him working there soon.

    Why is justice so arbitrary in the State of West Virginia and especially Gilmer County? Why are the working poor, the very people who can least afford it, jailed and fined while those with cash in their pockets walk on what were potentially far heavier charges? If it is true that Doug claimed ownership of the drugs so the Coach wouldn’t be charged, why wasn’t the total amount of the pot found combined to a felony charge of distribution? How is it that the Magistrate Judges have so much leeway in their decision making powers they can let cocaine and narcotic possession walk? How long should a potential rapist go without trial? Do something illegal in Glenville and if you are connected right you will just be moved to another job. It all boils down to connections over crimes. There is no real, legal accountability for the inner circle in Gilmer County and they are not above extending that protection to their minions as long as they commit their crimes in the State of West Virginia. There’s a loud sucking sound that starts on Main Street, goes up the hill and ends up over on Rt 33.

    It’s not what you know it’s who you blow in Gilmer County and that’s for sure.

    What a legacy!

    Editors note: Is Aaron Ward related to Waco Oil’s PAT WARD the guy that harasses everyone at the GFP? Does anybody know what the relation Pat Ward is to the doper Aaron Ward?

  22. CCC - Recent Comments for Concerned Citizens in Gilmer County!

    Just wondering if anyone has seen the Glenville Democrat for this week.
    I just looked clear thru it two times and could not find a news story about the night time burglary involving a Glenville State College Security Guard that intruded into a home in the area while wearing his GSC uniform and on GSC time.
    Maybe I just overlooked it.

    If anyone sees this article in the paper please post where it can be found.
    If there is not a story concerning this I wonder why.

    I am curious to see if this man will lose his security job or maybe another one will be created. Hmmm.

    Is this another cover up for the college like other instances that have happened????
    However, I almost forgot, it was in the Court News as him being arrested, does this count as a news story?

    Comment by Just Curious on 08.25 at 07:07 AM

    Just Curious, your assumption about the cover-up in our local newspaper is correct. Just like the story about Doug Cottrill’s arrest for drug possession. The newspaper copied the police report posted on GFP word by word and purposely dropped the name Ike Morris. Do you call our local newspaper a trustworthy news source? I think not. Needless to say, the sr. editor has the gut to bash this site and the contributors.

    Comment by ControlledNewspaper on 08.25 at 07:18 AM

    To controlled newspaper: Yes, it seems as if everything about the GSC rapes, crimes, the recent night time burglary, drugs and whatever else bad is going on up on the hill is NOT published in the weekly county paper that we pay for.

    But you can be assured that the daily Gilmer Free Press which is free, is up to date and will print what is going on.

    The article about Doug Cottrill was NOT on the front page but hidden in the middle of the paper.

    The name was NOT published as to whose pill bottle it was. Wonder why that is???

    Guess that is what you call ANONYMOUS huh?

    The GSC coach has not even been named. Really, I am surprised he even published anything about it. Now, this on the Security Guard at GSC was not even news worthy I guess. All that mess and it was covered up like everything else.

    I wonder if the individual that her house was involved could sue and be compensated since the guard was in his GSC Security Uniform and was SUPPOSED to be working.

    He probably got paid for the early time he left his shift. IF he loses his job as Security, rumor has it he will be placed on another job for the College.

    Therefore, people in Gilmer County will still be in danger that this could happen again.

    Dr. Barr owes us an explanation as to what is going on.
    Gilmer County deserves better than what we have been dealt.
    Won’t even start on what has been done to our county school system.

    Where is our law, decency and morals?

    It is gone too. Looks like the kids of today and tomorrow are pretty much on their own because the adults are not being held responsible for all this, how can we expect anything different from them? SAD SAD SAD

    Comment by Curious on 08.25 at 10:41 AM

    That information is not hard for newspapers to find. All they have to do is send a reporter to the magistrate office, where nearly all records are public. In fact, the public has the right to go see them. Other newspapers do this, usually limiting it to warrants served and court dispositions. In most small towns, the arrest of individuals for felony offenses is front page news. When a criminal offense is committed, it is committed against the laws of the people, that is why it is called State of West Virginia verses defendant. People have a right to know who has committed offenses against their common law.
    By anonymous on 08.25.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Public Service Officer Behind Bars for Night Time Burglary’.

    Was just checking out the Central Regional Jail website and according to it, it looks to me like the Security Guard from Glenville State College that was arrested for night time burglary has been released. His name is no longer on the inmate search list which is an indication he has been turned lose.
    I think President Barr and GSC owes it to the people of Gilmer County to let us know if this true.
    If it is where did he go after the release, who was crazy enough to go his bail?
    Certainly hope it was not GSC or anyone from Glenville for that matter.
    Is he going to be getting mental help?
    We, the people of Gilmer County need to know this information for all or our safety.
    It could happen again, and we need to be prepared.
    Does anyone know if he has been released???

    By Is it true? on 08.25.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Public Service Officer Behind Bars for Night Time Burglary’.

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