Friday August 26th the GILMER FREE PRESS publishes … Complaint Filed against Gilmer County Prosecutor for Ethics Violation!

By Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator – Editor

The Friday morning article that ran on the Gilmer Free Press has taken over 5,000 hits in just it’s first few hours of being posted. There is quite a lot of evidence presented in the ODC complaint against Gerald B Hough. Three back tax filings, a title opinion and a secret audio file were all sent to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. These pieces of evidence are already posted on GFP and also here on RGW and can be found at:

Ticket number 1395913960, 13961 (these three tax ticket numbers represent the missing 1/6th! (Click on Tickets to View)

This above evidence of back tax billing proves the defendants family owned the 1/6th Roanna Rafferty testified that she owned. This is proof positive that Rafferty, a State Witness, perjured herself and testified that she owned property she did not own which is criminal considering the felony charges. Gerald B Hough the prosecutor from Gilmer County paid Rafferty to lie on the stand!!

The reason there is a back tax billing is because the title was illegally pulled from the land books and hidden from public record and this is a criminal act and carries a civil liability now given the uncovering of intentional malice by several public officials in Glenville, West Virginia the capital of Crooked County!

The below link proves Rafferty did not own the 1/6th and that the matter was an even 3/6 and 3/6 split, but that true information has been hidden from the courts and hidden from the public until the discovery of the pulled title!


Clicking the above links will bring you evidence filed with the ODC complaint !!

Also, if you log on to the Gilmer Free Press you can listen to the Secret Audio file that proves that Gerry Hough paid a state witness to lie about the value of farm equipment that sat outside since 1980. The jury was led to believe the equipment was new and new retail prices were used to get the indictment with the grand jury.  Bringing a fraudulent appraisal knowingly to bring a bad faith prosecution is criminal, and the evidence clearly shows Hough had ill intent.

Seeing is believing and the actual court record published below reveals that HOUGH knowingly paid a State Witness for West Virginia to lie on the witness stand and these pages of the court record with a brief explanation proves wrongdoing by Gerald B Hough and he should be properly punished for his criminal actions in the Gilmer County 14th district circuit court.

Here is the official ODC complaint text that went with the filing of the court record :


Please find these pages of the official court record that I am presenting as evidence that Gerry Hough paid Roanna Rafferty to lie to the jury about owning 1/6th of 155 acres of surface property. As soon as she testified to that fact and was presented as a victim, the entire case was compromised and the jury was completely corrupted and this fact needs to be brought to the attention of the Supreme Court.

These pages are the most pertinent part of the court record of the case for the purposes of proving misconduct and perjury, and not full court record pertaining to the testimony of Roanna Rafferty, a state witness presented by Gerald B Hough.

(If you can’t view full page, right click image and then left click view which will give you full view of the image.)

  Roanna Rafferty DID NOT OWN the 1/6th of 155 acres.

This page of testimony it is made known that prior testimony was made that Rafferty received 1000 dollars that in reality she had no rights to, since she owned NONE of the timber, but GERRY had her lie to the jury. So this page proves Rafferty ripped her sister off for 1,000 dollars telling her she was entitled to money from the cutting of timber, and even though it was thought to be untrue at the time, 1, 000 dollars was sent in two 500 dollar money orders according to the court record.

The court record clearly reflects the true facts that Roanna gave two stories to the police. Both stories turned out to be fabricated – Rafferty was not a property owner in the farm being disputed.

This page from the court record clearly shows criminal intent by Gerald B Hough as he convinces the jury of the huge lie that Rafferty did not give her permission for tree’s to be cut, but she did not own the property so had no business giving permission for anything. This clearly shows malice by Hough, since at this date he already knew that the missing 1/6th owned by the defendant’s family and controlled by the defendants mother was pulled from the land books illegally and was hidden in the courthouse by the clerk. Hough fully knew that Rafferty did not own the property, but continued to bring false information to jury compromising the entire case costing the state nearly $750,000 to prosecute after five years in the court system.

Roanna Rafferty DID NOT OWN the 1/6th of 155 acres!

She had no business testifying!

This page shows Rafferty is getting caught up in her lies, and is starting to give excuses by saying she had a stroke, and that fact was also fabricated since no prior medical records reflect Rafferty having a stroke

Roanna Rafferty DID NOT OWN the 1/6th of 155 acres! Hough paid her to lie!!!

Rafferty testified that she received no money for timber of compensation, but the same day a check was received for the timber a check was sent to Roanna Rafferty for 1000 dollars, but she denied receiving any money & was caught.

Roanna Rafferty DID NOT OWN the 1/6th of 155 acres.

This was a lie, luckily the sender knew enough to keep original copy of the money order.

Roanna Rafferty DID NOT OWN the 1/6th of 155 acres or ANY property involving this court case! Hough paid her to lie!! Hough a knew the title had been pulled 5 weeks earlier

If you can not read all of the page RIGHT CLICK page you want viewed and then click view image to view entire page!

Above is evidence filed in the ODC compliant against Hough and below is the complaint published in the Gilmer Free Press and filed with the ODC.

To : Rachael L. Fletcher Cipoletti
Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
City Center East
4700 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Suite 1200C
Charleston, West Virginia 25304

Office: (304) 558-7999
Fax: (304) 558-4015

Let this document represent a complaint against Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor for misconduct involving a well known felony criminal case in which the defendant was wrongfully charged with three felonies.

All charges and all allegations in this case which languished in the state of West Virginia in circuit court for over two years and in West Virginia Supreme court all of 2006 until September of 2007, were false and fabricated which also includes the unlawful act of Gerald B Hough falsely paying my aunt Roanna Rafferty to testify to the fact that she was a VICTIM and owned 1/6th of 155 acres of Surface property in Dekalb in Gilmer County.

Roanna Rafferty was NOT A VICTIM and this greatly confused the jury.

Simply stated Gerald B Hough did not use due diligence in researching the case to discover who the rightful owners of the disputed property were.

THE JURY WAS TOLD FACTS THAT WERE NOT TRUE and purposely mislead by Hough.

We had no way of knowing that the title to the missing 1/6th of surface property was pulled by the commission clerk on the order of Timothy B Butcher. This is a fact and there is a witness. Hough also knew the title was pulled and knowingly brought false evidence to a grand jury which is criminal matter.

Gerry Hough ruined my 30 year broadcast career by bringing a false case against me knowingly, and he did it out of spite and malice. What Gerry Hough did was criminal and this new evidence discovered proves what we testified to was correct and the lies Gerry Hough paid cash money for were wrong.

While reviewing the court record of Case # 05 – F – 8 from Gilmer County the infractions involving outright lies and false facts are too numerous to mention, but here is a prime example of false facts brought before the jury.

Here is just one example, I have many.


“While the husband is sick with Cancer Shirley Ball writes a check. “

From the court record:

“While the husband is sick with Cancer Shirley Ball writes a check.“

Investigators discovered that Mr. Ball was not diagnosed with Cancer until TWO YEARS LATER!  What a bold face liar Gerry Hough is. Gerry BALL was not diagnosed with CANCER until Two years later!  Mr. Ball was not sick at all on that date and did not have cancer or was he sick. Shirley Ball a state witness and Gerry Hough are both liars and lied and used malice while revealing false information to the jury.

One lie after another was told to the jury and the evidence has all surfaced now and the truth can be easily found out. What Hough did was criminal.

No farm equipment was ever sold, or moved by me.

According to the court record I never touched the equipment, but in the majority opinion published by the Supreme Court Asst AG Goldberg stated that I moved the equipment from an adjacent 100 acres never part of the court case.

Let this complaint reveal the Hough conspired with Goldberg to enter false facts as a matter of record and submitted to the Supreme Court.

Let this document reflect an official complaint against Robert GOLDBERG and Gerry Hough for this criminal act.

Mr. Ball gave me a loan, since I dropped everything, including my studio work to try to save our farm. I was paying on two vehicles to the bank plus insurance. A check was written for $500.00 – Gerry gave a few different of his full time employee’s loans, since he was the man that owned the company he started from his garage.

Investigators discovered that a man named Terry that has long blonde hair also got a similar loan at the same time and had the same status as me, an employee that had been laid off. Our whole shift was laid off. Yes I actually had to work for once in my life instead of having a dream job as a disc jockey, but Hough told the jury that I did not even know Mr. Ball. Hough lied to the jury and is not such a great guy!

Gerry Hough told the jury I did not even know MR BALL when I was his employee for two years and he was well aware of the fact that my name was Dan Bingman, but this truth was suppressed and the jury believed MR BALL did not know me, but we were friends.

I made 26, 000 and 28,000 I believe as Gerry’s employee right after I lost my show at WMMS in Cleveland 100.7FM due to the station being sold to Clear Channel who I competed against for years with my show “West in the Morning” broadcast on 92.1 FM in the major market of San Diego.

In April of 2004 I gave the employee’s of GERRY Ball’s car care service $400 dollars to fix my Volvo. I called Gerry and said I had 400 of the 500 hundred I owed him, but that I had to use it to get my Volvo fixed.  I made the call in front of a man named Kevin Wiese, but Oshoway refused to call him as a witness. I ask Oshoway to call him as a witness, let this document reflect my complaint against F JOHN OSHOWAY for knowingly suppressing evidence that would have proved me innocent.

When Gerry Ball died just before my arrest for felony charges in Gilmer Country, my car was stolen by his wife Shirley Ball and I never saw my VOLVO again, and I believe Hough could have been in on that disappearance of my vehicle.

In October of 2010 Major Ingold ordered Trooper Smith of the WVSP to find my car, but they never really looked for it.

Recently Gerry Hough put ads in the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder and paid for the ads involving a hate site directed towards me personally, and that is a serious violation of ethics.

Please find the evidence involving those advertisements and another published ad sent by e-mail as official evidence in this complaint of misconduct.

Please consider the above facts and please find reason for immediate suspension of the license to practice law for Gerald B Hough.

Truly myself, my family and legal representatives feel Hough should go to prison for the crimes committed involving my case, which include the crime of subornation of perjury.

GFP – 08.26.2011
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~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

The back tax billing for property Gerry Hough told the jury we did not own in court, times three and a very expensive Title Opinion that proved ownership of the property back to 1878 and before, and the ACTUAL TRUE FACTS directly conflicted what Gerry Hough SWORE to the JURY as truth … were ALL used as evidence in this ODC complaint. Gerry lied and paid a witness (Roanna Rafferty) to LIE and testify to the fact that she owned property that she never owned. This is a very serious criminal infraction and the documents prove the misconduct plain and simple.

By Dan Bingman  on  08.26.2011

This case has gone on for years and needs to be taken seriously.  Gilmer County Clerks Office is in court right now because property records were not properly indexed and I find it disturbing when the documents posted on this site showed this 1/6 had to be back taxed and put back on the record in 2010.  Subornation of perjury is a serious charge and should be thoroughly investigated. Rape cases go without trial and someone goes to jail over this?  It should have been handled as a civil matter. The threats using the office of the Prosecutor and county money to advertise in the local paper should never have happened.

By My Opinion  on  08.26.2011

This hard fought controversy may trigger enhanced transparency in the way legal business is conducted in WV. We need other forms of transparency too including how the State’s dollars are spent. Citizens can go to to click onto VISITA to establish a free account. Afterwards, disbursements to County individuals and firms, including law firms, can be accessed. Citizens have the right to know the details.

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  1. It’s official undeniable evidence has been presented in a timely manner against Gerald B Hough and the court record above clearly reveals wrongdoing. If you can not read the whole page above please right click image and then left click view image.

  2. Anonymous by proxy

    Gerry Hough has been getting away with murder for years, and given the evidence it appears he acted in bad faith.

    This should be interesting. Everyone that has been protecting him all of these years should also be held accountable for these crimes that were covered up. Gilmer County sure has lived up to it’s nick name, that’s for sure!

  3. We started counting hits on the GFP front page yesterday from early in the morning, and at just before 5am this morning, the total hits counter for the GFP came up with over 29,000 hits, nearly 30,000 hits on the Gilmer Free Press in just ONE DAY!

    Thanks GFP for running this story on criminal conduct of public officials and the corrupt Gilmer County Courts.

    I hope these true facts and documents presented and filed with ODC will bring forth the REAL STORY for the citizens of West Virginia, the salt of the earth.

    This sums up the testimony by the perjured state witness rather well:
    This page from the court record clearly shows criminal intent by Gerald B Hough as he convinces the jury of the huge lie that Rafferty did not give her permission for tree’s to be cut, but she did not own the property so had no business giving permission for anything. This clearly shows malice by Hough, since at this date he already knew that the missing 1/6th owned by the defendant’s family and controlled by the defendants mother was pulled from the land books illegally and was hidden in the courthouse by the clerk. Hough fully knew that Rafferty did not own the property, but continued to bring false information to jury compromising the entire case costing the state nearly $750,000 to prosecute after five years in the court system.

    Just got an e-mail asking where is the proof Hough Paid her, the state witness.?

    Well, that proof is at the County office where they make disbursements. The State witness was paid to travel from Florida and was given room and money for food and money for testifying, and in this case money for making outrageous lies since the state witness turned out to be someone that did not have any right to be there and owned ZERO of the property in question.

  4. Sure it's True

    After a less than shining start to his career, at least two years of illegally practicing private law as A+ Law Clinic for the same people he worked with as Prosecutor, the poor conditions people were allowed to live in his HUD rental housing while at the same time holding private home sales with no recording by his A+ Realty as the houses were just taken back if a person ran into financial trouble with no option to sell, pay off the debt and recoup their investment, along with the public record of liens held for real estate deals involving public entities, nothing here comes as a surprise What would lead any thinking person to believe that Gerald Hough has a conscience?.

    Editors note: Knowingly bringing a false case against someone, while actively hiding the evidence and using the Gilmer County Commission clerk should be a prison sentence. It took the active participation with Sheriff Metz, Wolfe the county assessor, and other members of the court to pull off these criminal acts.

    I know concerned parties have been talking to lawyers, out of state attorneys from as far away as California and New York, and this story is going to be carried by other mainstream media sources besides the Gilmer Free Press. Allegations and possible criminal allegations are going to be made against Dave Corcoran publisher of the Glenville Democrat for publishing a false story about the “TRAVESTY” case, and then covering up and making it unavailable for court action.

    Judge Facemire also had an active role involving the misconduct of this case, and many requests for the court record have been made to study some of his rulings pertaining to the criminal misconduct concerning the prosecutor for Gilmer County.

  5. The Crooked TRUTH in GLENVILLE is sometimes scary and unbelievable but true! How many small towns in American allow their coaches of sports teams to have sex with the players and even bring the beer to the party! All this and more goes on in infamous Crooked County!!

    Knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold and silver some say!”

    “Knowledge in West Virginia is often banned, suppressed, labeled with some smear word, or categorized as politically incorrect or radical!”

    “Any movement to disprove and expose unlawfulness, corruption, dehumanization and tyranny is readily discouraged!”

    It’s all coming up tonight at night at Midnight brought to you by the Secret Seven Coalition of Central WV!!

  6. Sick of corrupt law enforcement in Gilmer County!

    The grip this corruption has on the kids is awful and how about the reality of what happens to those who deliberately cause harm to kids. I hope I’m there when one of them gives up the main supplier for “The Ville”. Then maybe they will feel the grip of someone’s hands around their sleazy, money grubbing, perverted throats. It appears the DOUG COTTRILL Morris associate could be a supplier, according to the amount of drugs he was caught with. Metz would have let Doug go, because Sheriff Metz is all about following the orders of the Power Elite even if it means making a false arrest as instructed, but he will also let dopers go on the same instructions. The Prosecutor of Gilmer County is cut from the same dishonest fabric.

    Other than that, maybe our so called law enforcement should step up and take responsibility for protecting the younger members of society from predators. (Or are they too busy counting their kickbacks?) What is Barr doing up at that college? Seems he is more worried about bringing in the money and keeping the kiddies happy so they don’t complain to Mommy & Daddy than preparing them for life. (and I don’t mean life in the fast lane). I am tired of it being just OK to produce another twisted sister via drugs and rape as long as it fills the coffers.

  7. PREVIEW OF NEXT WEEKS ARTICLE! Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster

    Here is a preview of next weeks article coming up at midnight tonight for the week of the 29th of August 2011!!


    The most recent conspiracy is, perhaps, the most shameful in the recent history of Gilmer County.

    A well known Butcher Bitch family with an old ax to grind with William K. Simmons chose to use their influence with political powers to stop his legal hire as Superintendent of Gilmer County Schools which resulted in a state takeover.

    When anyone considers personal desires more important than the needs of the children it is an unbelievable act of pure selfishness and greed.

    Are you listening Principal Nasia Butcher?

    Do you really believe that a previous college Chancellor would enter the system looking to fire you without cause?

    Do you really believe that man would have been so unprofessional and without legal ethics as to take actions that would endanger his position?

    Or do you really believe if he entered the system the evidence would have been so overwhelmingly against your retention he would have had no other choice?

    The vote of Gilmer County citizens was unanimous that the last would be true but you didn’t have the guts to stand on your own record!

    You chose a path that ripped Gilmer County apart as any common, self serving, pathetic believer in self entitlement to power in this county does.

    The whole thing was just another fine example of corruption and reveals the TRUE CONSPIRACY against the people of Gilmer County.


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    For the thought that I caught
    That my head is the event of the season
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    I was raised by the praise of a fan who said I upset her
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    She said, You’re strange, but don’t change, and I let her.

    In a while will the smile on my face turn to plaster?
    Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster
    For the race of my head and my face is moving much faster
    Is it strange I should change? I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?

    Take a trip down by that Crooked River!


    I saw cotton and it was rotten at the Common Place
    And I saw Black but that was up at GSC
    Tall white mansions up highway 33
    And little shacks owned by Gerry Hough
    Southern man you’re gonna have it rough
    When will you pay them back!
    Pay them back?
    I heard screamin’there was creamin’ up on the hill
    And bullwhips cracking against gods will
    How long will your riches last
    How long before those bitches run and fast!!

  8. I say "YES" to the SS!!

    I read the court record above posted in the article and I can actually hear and see Gerry Hough acting for the jury and spinning such a tall tale as to sound so convincing to the holy man up on the bench and such an outrageous lie told to the jury! Did Hough think he would never get caught, or was he just so convinced that their cover up implementation crew at the courthouse will prevail,which consists of Sheriff Metz and a few other public officials and County Commissioners that do what they always do in Gilmer County.

    You know they do it like they always do it in Gilmer County. “That’s the way we always do it!”

    “We always lie and tell as tall a tale as we can in a courtroom, for what are you gonna do when everyone finds out it is not true?”

    ” You can quote that, for we will just call Big Joe or the Governor and will make sure you are thrown in the hole with just a couple of phone calls from Judge Facemire!”

    Every public official in Crooked County that lives down by the Crooked River is Crooked as fuck!

    Just look at the Gabe, I got some serious white pussy again Phrophet and ….

    “Don’t lay on your back unless he is the beautiful black Gabe!”

    “I can fuck all the white bitches I want Uncle Timmy said, just leave it to him if things get out of hand and for me to just get back to playing red shirt QB for the GSC football team!”

    No, local law enforcement will not do a thing. They are given the get out of jail free card because no one involved will file a complaint most of the time, and other times people are bribed from pursuing crimes against those protected by the demi-gods of Glenville.

    I am sure they are breathing a sigh of relief about that. I don’t know that we have the intelligence and sensitivity in place within our police to handle this appropriately anyway. They are still so uneducated as to verbally attack rape victims and play good cop/bad cop with citizens who make a complaint about anything. They keep forgetting it is their job to enforce the law, not judge the case. If this is what is going to pass for justice in the election for Magistrate Judge we are in real trouble. Until we have an informed electorate these travesties of so call justice will continue in all areas of our local government.

    Just look at the situation where a 16 year old was raped by a black football player from the high-school and nobody said shit about it … why?

    They’ve tried to squash it because of the family name and not for any other reason. If this was some indigent family the party would have been busted and put on the front page. Part of the problem is the kids think it is so “CooL” (Gnar, rad or whatever) to party with the crowd they are told by their parents is IMPORTANT.

    That is such BS as they are just people, nothing more.

    Editors note: What sums up all the ODC complaint evidence above is the 4th page presented as evidence and the explanation as to what was really going on and what Hough had full knowledge of, for that piece of evidence proves intent by Gerald B Hough.

    This page from the court record clearly shows criminal intent by Gerald B Hough as he convinces the jury of the huge lie that Rafferty did not give her permission for tree’s to be cut, but she did not own the property so had no business giving permission for anything. This clearly shows malice by Hough, since at this date he already knew that the missing 1/6th owned by the defendant’s family and controlled by the defendants mother was pulled from the land books illegally and was hidden in the courthouse by the clerk just a short five weeks before this December 14th court date which is represented by the court record published above. Hough fully knew that Rafferty did not own the property, but continued to bring false information to jury compromising the entire case costing the state nearly $750,000 to prosecute after five years in the court system. This evidence proves Hough knowingly and blatantly committed a crime and he needs to answer to the people of Gilmer County or resign immediately.

  9. ABBY NORMAL - From the files of Abby Normal before the CalPatty Press flagship of the SS was sunk in the Crooked River


    I am a corrections officer at CRJ, so just so you are properly informed; I read your website and still don’t want to kick your asses, because you are just a bunch of rednecks!

    Oh sure you may have had some college, but the red neck in you shows through and through, so lets just get that straight right now. You are all just a bunch of fucking rednecks even with all the fancy talk!! In fact, I should just kick your ass first, because, you know and I know, that most rednecks that get on to a whoop in on each other, become the best of friends almost instantly after the rumble. That is just how it is, so it takes one to know one …… dude!

    Ok, now that, that is out of they way, I recently met a girl from Charleston, named Sandra, We have been spending time together and enjoy each others company if you know what I mean. I met Sandra in a bar. So it has been from the bar to the car. Enough said.

    Last week, Sandra invited me to her home for dinner. While I was eating, she excused herself from the table and returned a few minutes later with her pet cockatoo, “Polly,” on her shoulder. After she sat down, Sandra placed a morsel of food in her hand and lifted it to her shoulder so Polly could eat.

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    You know, down here at the jail, we get all kinds, so I know there is someone out there reading this that has some weird fetish where this sort of behavior turns them on, like when, the Butcher Bitches Break Bad and pull their panties to the side!! That really turns me on and so do the Butcher Bitches, I wish they had their own show!

    Well, anyway, I am starting to be sickened by all this getting sexy lippy stuff with feathered creatures and my mind going in the wrong direction. I was headed down a wrong path. Things didn’t feel right! I didn’t like it at all. I am thinking man oh man! …and my tongue has been places on this girl this Polly goes every day …shit! Sandra is really good looking. It was a pretty good thing.

    I say sexy lippy because she was wearing this Victoria Secret expensive something, so I am getting a birds eye view of EVERY THING I really like, but when mixed with a real bird, it just didn’t do it for me, and I started getting that feeling again. The kind of feeling you get when you know you have fucked just one too many weird chicks! It’s a weakness of mine, weird girls, I have had a lot!

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    Yeah, sure, You’re not red necks ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    Back to the story!

    I enjoy Sandra’s company very much, but we are only at the beginning of a relationship. Does being a pet lover have any bearing on what is appropriate at the dinner table? And what are the health implications of intimate contact with one’s bird? At this point, she is beyond hot, but weird and that never works out for me. I have been down this road before! A well worn path actually.

    I have had pets in the past that I loved. But they never sat at my table, nor did they insert any part of themselves into my mouth to retrieve snacks of any kind. Was what Sandra did acceptable behavior at the table anywhere you people know of, NO ….on second thought! Don’t answer that!! I don’t want to know your answer!
    I don’t want to know the answer because ….
    I know you are a bunch of fucking off the hook red necks from just down the road a piece!

    –Signed Not Sure in Sutton

    Dear NOT SURE,
    You are not acquainted with me, as I have never been in jail, and as far as my friends at the CalPatty Press go, why, I barely know them. I had one beer, well not even a whole beer, in fact I can’t even …
    Let me just tell it to you straight! I have NEVER MET any of these people in person. I cannot even name, with any conviction, a single member of CalPatty Press’ Secret Seven. That is the real truth, I don’t recall any prior meeting either, or phone calls, or anything.
    IN fact I just have to LAY IT ON THE LINE!!
    The CalPatty Press somehow feels a link between us, treats me as an ally, and presents me as an ally. And over three years, the CPP audience has grown from a few hyper local underground readers to a level that outnumbers all local newspapers combined.
    CalPatty Press posts have become more than rants about specific people affiliated with a specific case. They have set themselves as the “Exposers of corruption and local wrong doings” by ruthlessly gnawing at the reputations of the local sheriff, prosecutor, and judge.
    It just goes on an on an round and round! Oh, I love it so! No, I mean!
    I don’t know any of these people! But, getting back to matters at hand…
    Putting aside her lack of basic table manners, I have a “tidbit” for you: This is a basic hygiene issue — meaning there are health concerns for both Sandra and her pet. My veterinary expert, Dr. Love, tells me that the oral cavities of both birds and humans are teeming with bacteria. Both Sandra and Polly could catch something potentially harmful from each other and then in turn give to you and then you could give it to all the prisoners at CRJ or your cousin!
    So how is that for being a red neck!

  10. Follow this link to listen to the Secret Audio File that proves Hough was guilty of bringing a false case by bringing forward a bad faith prosecution via a fraudulent appraisal. If the value is appraised by the Lemon Farm Equipment appraiser for anything less than 1,000 Hough DID NOT have a case, since then the matter was a misdemeanor the statute of limitation ran out on three years earlier, but if Hough can get Marilyn Matheny of Lemon Farm Equipment to lie on the stand like he did, then Hough could bring the case forward with a FELONY and that is what Hough did and not that the entire ordeal has been uncovered and found out Hough should go to jail for knowingly bringing a false case. THE REAL appraiser John Lemon came up with 390 dollars total price for used farm equipment sitting in the elements for 24 years

    Deputy Larry Gerwig lied to the Grand Jury and gave brand new retail prices knowingly and should be punished. Metz claimed he was not even the Sheriff then which was a total blatant lie.

    You have to use internet explorer to listen to the tape, because the FIRE FOX browser commonly used does not see the link to the tape, but Internet Explorer does, so do not use Firefox as your browser to play the tape and it will play fine as a digital audio file with good quality.

    Click this link or the green link at the top of the comment!

    TO PROVE GUILT, one of the FIRST things out of the mouth of Marilyn Matheny was that it was the SAME EQUIPMENT but different pictures.
    Then, in a blazing contradiction Marilyn Matheny tried to convince John Lemon that of course it could not be the same equipment, since she was INSTANTLY caught in false testimony to a grand jury, and could be prosecuted.

    But, later, the entire matter of false testimony was covered up by the legal staff of Colonel pack.

    The false FELONY testimony by Matheny,led to an innocent man being held on 250,000.00 dollars bail.

    The Pictures shown by Hough, were taken by the Glenville Democrat.
    Dr. Corcoran stated he would not give up their article, or the pictures, even if he was served with a subpoena.

    The Glenville Democrat was asked 8 times in five years to produce their wrongful reporting of the matter.

    Join us in asking for an immediate arrest of Marilyn Matheny and that of Gerald B Hough for conspiracy and subornation of perjury.
    Comment by Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County on 01.14 at 04:04 AM

    This is another clear proof. Hough makes the innocent suffer and the guilty go. This finding clearly shows that. We are all familiar how Hough let Everett Campbell off the hook and kept the children away from their mother.
    Comment by Rno455 on 01.14 at 07:34 AM

    Also, the CONFLICT OF INTEREST mentioned at the end of the tape is absolutely ridiculous!
    An appointment was set up. Defense counsel had every right to speak with the dealership that sold the equipment and testified to value.
    Further, the person the equipment was sold to was V. Rafferty and that fact was covered up by Matheny and Hough and the Supreme Court added to the misconduct by saying the equipment was purchased by Roger Rafferty.
    Justice Davis brought false facts forward to the court and the other justices.
    That over the top “Conflict of interest” Hillbilly law advice from Matheny an uneducated person, is just another example of “HOW THE CROOKS DO IT !“
    This is PROOF of a CRIME committed by Hough and Matheny and covered up by Col Pack after complaints were made.
    We ask that Hough and Matheny be immediately arrested.
    Somebody call the real police!

    Comment by Informed Source on 01.14 at 08:27 AM

    Times have changed in Crooked County… It is now time to get the “Crooked” out of Gilmer County.
    Years of conspiracy by Gerry Hough, Tim Butcher, Beverly Marks and on and on…
    Oh yes! It is a rather large corruption ring that must be prosecuted.
    Good Job!!! You guys proved your case. Now it is TIME for CHANGE in Gilmer County.
    As another just said, “Call the real police”

    Comment by ChangeItPlease on 01.14 at 09:28 AM

    Just another case in criminal court instead of civil court where the burden of proof is based on preponderance of the evidence and not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
    Where were the receipts for the initial value and depreciation calculated over the years to throw this case out of a criminal trial.
    Where was the detailed title search to show accurate ownership of the land it sat on instead of he said/she said.
    When is waste of taxpayers money to make a case going to stop?
    When are the innocent going to get a fair trial and stop paying the ultimate price when they can’t afford the large amounts of money it takes to defend themselves against trumped up charges?
    When are the taxpayers going to get what they need and deserve for their money instead of promoting careers?
    When are the real criminals going to be prosecuted? When?
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.14 at 01:25 PM
    We need real honest smokey bears in our county. what we have are bunch of coward possums.
    Comment by L.D 34 on 01.14 at 01:34 PM

    People in this county need to start joining forces to remove the bottom rung of the pyramid in which those elite egotistical spiritually handicapped rest upon.
    And we need to demand the coward law enforcement officers to do their duty and end the corruption….
    It is time to create an institution for the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE not some cultivated silver spooned puppet chosen by the very people continually bit** smacking humanity….
    We the people are divided ….
    We the people have been poisoned ….
    We the people have been brainwashed ….
    It is time for the people to skin the elites, dry their skin in the sun ….
    Please forgive my unrefined rightful outburst of anger but it shows a fraction of my content with the powers that be, even though an even amount of blame should be placed on; if not the controlled population of Gilmer County then the very least the citizens of the Gilmer county who have welcomed insanity through county offices, through bogus bills and projects, amendments, and elected officials ….
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.14 at 01:51 PM
    Hough acts to be a preacher and a bible carrying man! How bogus.
    Does First Baptist Church of Glenville approve of his criminal actions?
    If they do, then we got a real problem!
    A man who does criminal acts, makes deals under the table, lets the real criminals go and makes the innocent pay the price,..
    They need to throw him out of their church if they are truly religious.
    He is your rotten apple.

    Comment by katie 953 on 01.14 at 01:59 PM
    Yes Ms Matheny, you needed to call the Gilmer County Prosecutor as you kept repeating over and over, not to find out how to keep two experts from showing up in court but to find out why you had been fooled about the condition and location of the equipment and to stop you from already deciding the equipment had been stolen before you ever sat and listened to the court case or decided to do that favor (your own words). John, you needed to be forced into court and put in jail as you said if you held back the truth from the court. Stop worrying about the political fallout. Every person in authority is elected. in this county. How about worrying about someone that was incarcerated without committing a crime, losing his job and family and how that could be made right. How about worrying about how your political choices impact the lives of every citizen in this county and how to fix that.
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.14 at 05:15 PM

    If all of this is true. Why has no one stepped up and made some arrests?
    And the man that was found guilty and went to prison, should he now receive money for the harm that was done to him and his family.
    No one is above the law.
    Or it use to be that way or has that changed?
    Comment by betty on 01.15 at 12:25 PM

    Katie dear,
    Please get your facts straight.. there is no reason to throw Hough out of First Baptist Church in Glenville,, he left there about 2 years ago and has gone elsewhere. He is somebody else’s bad apple.
    Last time I heard, churches are for sinners too~~
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.15 at 08:56 PM

    Someone in Gilmer County should contact the family of MARK MEDLEY,the man that EVERETT CAMPBELL killed in cold blood and inform them of the wrong doings of the Gilmer County Court System,The rigged jury and all.

    EVERETT CAMPBELL Should be doing life in prison for his cold blooded killing.

    Time To stand up for your rights people,don’t be like the crooked courts of Gilmer County,STAND UP for what you TRUELY BLIEVE IN.
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.15 at 10:49 PM

    I listened to the Secret Audio over and over and it is clear after reading the article and hearing the actual account of the event at Lemon Farm Equipment that Gerry Hough and Marilyn Matheny knowingly became involved in a criminal conspiracy to commit a bad faith prosecution and the matter was dragged through the highest courts at great expense because of their false testimony.

    Why has there been no arrest of Gerry Hough and Marilyn Matheny?
    Countless others heard this live in person audio account of Gilmer County Court room corruption in action and want something done!
    The concerned citizens of Gilmer County ask for the immediate arrest of Gerry Hough and Matheny and let the courts take care of the rest of it.
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.18 at 04:04 PM
    Dear anonymous you wrote:
    ”Katie dear,
    Please get your facts straight.. there is no reason to throw Hough out of First Baptist Church in Glenville,, he left there about 2 years ago and has gone elsewhere. He is somebody else’s bad apple.
    Last time I heard, churches are for sinners too~~”

    I agree with you. Sinners go to church attempting to washout their sin. But that is not the reason he goes to church. Hough uses the church to cover up his sins. He hopes people think as a church goer he would never do anything criminal. He is a fake man who has taken many families apart while dealing with drug czars and letting their dealers go. Just take a look around in downtown Glenville and the ball games. Also take a look at his record.
    Comment by Katie 953 on 01.21 at 09:56 PM

    I only got one thing to say everyone in Gilmer County are cowards because no one will stand up and believe that everything that has been done in and through the legal system there is a fraud. The Everett Campbell case is one of those. Why anyone should be allowed to walk free and get away with murder is beyond me. The innocent children and the mother are the ones paying the price for his heinous crime. It’s time that the innocent stop paying the price of the guilty.
    Comment by ANONYMOUS on 01.22 at 01:34 AM

    I would like to have an update on this case. What’s going on with Ms. Matheny and Mr. Hough? Is a court date set for their perjuries?
    Comment by JP on 04.08 at 07:24 PM

    The Update on the Matheny Hough conspiracy is that Sheriff Metz is covering up this crime and refuses to take the conspiracy complaint.
    Sheriff Metz is above the law.

    So, when you get caught on tape like Matheny in a situation in which you were the key element for the Sheriff’s false arrest and the wrongful conviction and everybody heard that you lied -like Marlilyn Matheny did it is OK. Matheny lied to two grand juries and a trial jury, but n Gilmer County you get to keep all the money they paid you to lie.

    The Sheriff took no action except to protect Matheny and Gerald B Hough in violation of WV Code and laws and he hopes that I L still has serious connections with the feds! Because this was a false arrest and conviction of Someone Tara Kennedy said was JUST because of stuff that was written on the internet. Kennedy actually said that! Speak out around here and you got to jail for a year!
    Comment by Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County on 04.08 at 10:21 PM

    I find it disturbing that the audio evidence and tax billings which were missing at the time of trial from our public records clearly reveal that a miscarriage of justice took place and no one in authority has attempted to make the prosecuted whole in any way. There has not been one explanation of reasoning behind the trial or of the conflicting evidence despite the fact that the case has been adjudicated. It is a valid question of fair trial practice which needs to be addressed to protect citizens facing any type of prosecution in the future and insure safeguarding of the rights of proper discovery in the future.
    What say you Mr. Prosecutor, or Sheriff Metz?
    Comment by Taxpayer on 04.09 at 08:08 AM

    The AUDIO evidence was suppressed the first time with the help of F JOHN OSHOWAY—When a person is paid cash money for being a defense council, and then Supreme Court dissenting opinion reveals that the defense counsel was guilty of ineffective assistance of counsel after all was said and done, it is clear to see that this case was manufactured and created by Gerald B Hough, Mickey Metz, Judge Richard A Facemire, F John Oshoway and T Kennedy, and Matheny.
    All of these people should be facing consequences for BEING CAUGHT in the act of misconduct on this case.

    All these people consider themselves above the law!
    Arrests should be made for bringing a false case, and the case should be brought back to circuit court as recently stated by the chief counsel of the Supreme Court. Hough is attempting to cover up all wrongdoings with case.
    Comment by Citizens of Gilmer County on 04.09 at 01:01 PM


    Wouldn’t be surprised if Larry Chapman isn’t one of the next appointments. New GCEDA Director wants back on the Commission. More discounts at Western Auto on the horizon.
    Comment by Rumor Has It on 08.31 at 12:18 PM

    Surely there are better qualified people to be the candidate. College must consider the fact that people of Gilmer County did not want Mr. Chapman and voted him out. On the other hand maybe that is one of the payoffs to Mr. Chapman for always giving the college what they wanted like the bond issue. There are only few in this county who keep scratching each other’s back, I do you favors and you do me the same. Besides Mr. Chapman is not a good role model socially.
    Comment by Judy751 on 08.31 at 02:09 PM

    An outstanding community choice would be Mr. David Ramezan. He is highly educated, an analytical thinker, an outstanding example of an achiever of the American Dream, a successful businessman, a model for honesty and being community-minded, and he and his wife are role models for exemplary parenting as evidenced by their children’s remarkably ideal behavior and their academic achievements. What say you Glenville State College?
    Comment by Staunch GSC Supporter on 08.31 at 03:00 PM

    HOW PATHETIC GILMER COUNTY HAS BECOME!!! I cannot believe that they could even consider Larry Chapman as a appointed BOG as to the way he has done the people in this county. But, on the other hand we know who does the back scratching, kissing behinds and are the yes people of the “elite”. This is the reason Gilmer County is in the shape it is in and they want to dig us a deeper hole. Wow, you would think common sense would kick in somewhere.
    The only ones who have any sense at all is the common people of this county that are tired of being run over by these people. Between the Prosecutor, some select lawyers, Glenville State College, the County School System, some offices at the Gilmer County Courthouse, law enforcement, the “ELITE” and other “yes” people who are corrupt, do we stand any chance of ever being proud of this county again? We really need the News channels to come and televise what is happening to us. Rapes going on and nothing done, the ones who are guilty are not even charged, all the drugs, underage drinking, the mess at our High School and nothing done as far as administration problems, not to mention about the latest crime of the night time burglary being committed in GSC Uniform and on GSC time being released. The sad thing it was done in another college before coming to GSC and GSC still hired him. Our local newspaper did not think it was worthy of writing about I guess. Wonder why that is? Gilmer County needs help bad.

    Comment by Help us: on 08.31 at 05:49 PM

    Peyton Place and Harper Valley PTA can’t even come close to the scandal, greed, corruption, sex, back biting, and power lusts of Gilmer County.
    Will some TV or movie company do a movie about us? This is better stuff than any writer could dream up!
    And……its just like any serial….‘to be continued’.
    Most of the stars are that egotistical that they would want to even play themselves.

    Comment by Keep diggin’ y’all on 08.31 at 08:44 PM

    Larry Chapman didn’t even go to GSC, think he went to Fairmont. Now that would be a good fit. Also, wonder how many of the BOG member’s children have gone to GSC? Bet not many.
    Comment by anonymous on 08.31 at 10:20 PM

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