The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets! One of them is the Lemegeton – An agent of the Devil!” GILMER COUNTY CELEBRATES the One Year Anniversary of REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF!

By Freebird – RGW Reporter/Central WV Secret Seven Coalition Member/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/ Central WV Secret Seven Coalition Member/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Central WV Secret Seven Coalition Member

The Council of Concerned Citizens, and the Secret Seven Coalition, along with all of Central West Virginia celebrate today September 8th   …the first year of bringing you the REAL TRUTH on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

Last fall after the sinking of the Cosmos Communicator the new Flagship of the SS we decided to move our files off the sinking ship and build a new one based on the title of the SS book Revenge of the Ghost Wolf and what a stellar first year we had!!

The SS Flagship Cosmos Communicator made it to #66 with a bullet on the TOP 100 fastest growing wordpress blogs in the world in just it’s first 3 days, but with constant pressure from two local competing publishers, the butchers bitches and the bitches at the fourth tier hell hole on the hill the new flag Cosmos Communicator got yanked like a Hot Toddy Roddy for displaying proudly the bare breasts of Lizzy and Lexy — the Butcher Bitches that broke bad earlier in the Summer on all times ratings winner the CalPatty Press, a hit taker and widow maker!

Captain John Booker from the Secret Seven Coalition and the CCC- Elkins with K-9 mascot the traveling dog Horseradish the day after his rig was knocked side ways during a tornado in Tulsa.

We lost some of our SS staff during the on going feud of being mad as hell and not going to take it anymore as the CCC and the SS made that saying part of our rebel yell last summer– and the summer that saw the sinking of all of our big name flagships like the famous Crooked County Crooks website and the more than famous CalPatty Press!

But recently, in the last 12 months we brought in some new members to the SS.

Captain Booker known as Lt. Booker then, took over operations while our top ranks regrouped from some skirmishes with the Crooks from Crooked County that left some casualties in the ranks  and some captured.

Captain Booker is a full time SS consultant and investigator and former major market air-personality from 99.5 FM WGAR in Cleveland the station of the year nationally awarded by the CMA in recent years. Known as JT Booker on the air, JT also has hob nobbed with some of the top air personalities in Alabama a place he sometimes calls home when he is not fighting corruption in the fine state of West Virginia, the home to Gods favorite folk.

Our brightest star who is a terrific writer and best loved member of the SS is Freebird, who joined RGW last fall and has written one great article after the next.

Some of the first contributions by Freebird were these fine SS articles…

Kara who takes care of the traveling K-9 Horseradish who could be famous one day!

DECEPTION IN GILMER COUNTY! The Power Elite and the BOG at GSC Say, “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!


Glenville DREAM turns into a NIGHTMARE thanks to the GILMER HOUSING PARTNERS – JACK JONES Con Artist – And ALL the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River!!

The Count of Crooked County Marc Monteleone and the Naked Truth Revealed!!!

OIL and GAS! DRUGS and ASS! SEX in the SIN CITY of GLENVILLE, W VEE – Nobody rides to the top for FREE!

Greed and the Creed along with Trickery and Deceit are “Common Place” in Crooked County!

And many more SS articles had major contributions by Free Bird  in 2011 !!

Our very first supporter who contacted us within the first few hours during the birth of RGW is Willy O Biker from Calhoun County our old stomping grounds and this was his first comment! (comment below photo of Willy O)

Willy O Biker received threats from Gerry Houghs Hate site last spring, but Willy said to hell with ya, I ain't a doin nothin wrong! One false move and this disco duck is dead bitches!!


Submitted on 2010/09/08 at 2:07 am

pullin for ya’ll- savin a link on my site for the new icelandic site- stay in touch(love the vids!)-willyo.

Editors note: You got the video’s! Cool!! They were breaking bad!!

The text was in reference to some Nasty Box Banging Butcher Bitches videos we were going to publish, but our CalPatty Press Flagship was sunk just minutes before the first sexually revealing broadcast!

Lemegeton Secrets are learned by the Power Elite while doing mind altering substances

Bael he maketh men goe Invisible, he ruleth over 66 Legions of Inferior spirits he appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad and sometimes he is called by the cult and by fire and by the Leader of the Fire Starting CULT!

This is his Character wch is to be worne as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not doe you homage.

Bael sometimes appears like a man, & sometimes in all these form at once. He speaketh very hoarsely, but is empowered by secret ritual, that often includes strange sexual rites as some stare at dark pools of water longing for contact of the evil one, the Lemegeton of Crooked County!!

Some refer to the Lemegeton as a book, but the Lemegeton is a belief and a being, and being that has become a supernatural entity and is called into doing bad deeds for the bad deed doers of Gilmer County and was present on the Night that FRED HILL was murdered and was present on the day Basil Fred Hills body was fished out of the Crooked River behind the house of minion Mickey Metz.

“The Lemegeton is pure evil and  often seen in human form in the dark woods of Crooked County on the dark nights when another virgin is sacrificed and is most certainly the favorite agent of the Devil!”

Secret rituals sought by the most secreted of the elite and secret rituals performed by the few and some new, for  secret rituals are often performed on the drugged and unsuspecting stranger that just happens to land in the Ville!

Bael speaketh very hoarsely, but is empowered by secret ritual, that often includes strange sexual rites as some stare at dark pools of water

That stranger may get quite a fright from those secret rituals in the night, secret rituals that give you a chill are the secret rituals brought to the Ville, but if they wake up at all, they won’t remember a thing, for it will all be a bad dream! Or will it ….

“The Lemegeton rules over the evil ones in Crooked County and only fears the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

Very recently a self described well educated, brilliant and influential person made public a comment that, in general,

“If someone does not live in Gilmer County (apparently irrespective of family connections), they have no right to question what goes on in Gilmer County!”

….even if their family STILL OWNS and owned property and paid hefty property taxes since the 1800’s.

Those thousands and thousands in property taxes have been of great benefit to the community, but Glenville and Gilmer County under the current leadership have been blatantly disrespectful of these facts and more!!!

And to further limit someone’s rights Gerald B Hough prosecutor for Gilmer County recently stated, in effect, that if a person feels they’ve been wronged, they should just take it and shut up!!

Can you believe this type of skewed off the mark and mind controlled thinking?

This has too long been the cry of every self serving, politician and businessman in  Gilmer County and it makes us wonder what is happening that can not bear the light of day.

In Gilmer County a special effort is made for enemies of the Power Elite and we have been studying how the elite do things, and looking into history, we see that former Circuit Clerk David Lane Smith was something of an expert at drawing in just the right people in the jury pool for his specialty of hand selecting juries for just the right occasion.

The Central West Virginia SS has uncovered a great deal of corruption and sent reports to the US Attorneys office and at least one official complaint was sent to the office of Special Investigations.

After investigating misconduct in the 14th district circuit court in Gilmer County for years, we have discovered a key element in the origin of the manipulated court system all started with David Lane Smith, known as LAME Smith to his friends. LAME would “Custom select,” juries special according to felony trial requirements, and then knowingly employ jury members that the elite are convinced will play ball when it is an important court case on their Crooked County Agenda.

PEGGY MOORE the then owner of the “Common Place” restaurant was a juror in the “Travesty of Justice” court case, the same case in which it was just proved that there was wrongdoing by Gerry Hough for paying a state witness to testify to ownership of property they never owned.

In WV there are laws prohibiting a person from serving on a jury if they have an immediate family member serving in law enforcement or are employed by a regional jail as a corrections officer.



…a lie was submitted to the Supreme Court that:

“Appellant took this equipment and sold it to Gerry and Shirley Ball of Grantsville”

Actually the court record from the 14th circuit court clearly stated that defendant named as Appellant in Supreme Court NEVER took the equipment anywhere, or ever touched it, or moved it, but with the help of Robert Goldberg, C Smith and Darrell McGraw all from the office of the attorney general LIES were knowingly brought before the Supreme Court!

“We smelled a Butcher Bitch and we were right for Darrell McGraw turns out to be closley tied on a personal level to the infamous Butcher dynasty of Gilmer County!”

Juror Peggy Moore who is currently being investigated for jury tampering along with Gerry Hough who had the jury drinking water out of bottles that were labeled with his photo and name on them —this act of handing out his personal water for the jurors is not only unethical but highly illegal, yet Judge Richard A Facemire knowingly allowed this sort of behavior.

This is what is recorded as official matter of record about Juror Peggy Moore in the State Supreme Court brief drafted by the office of McGraw…



State’s Response:

Although Juror Moore had a son employed in the regional jail system, a thorough inquiry by the court occurred regarding her ability to be impartial during voir dire. Upon examination she assured the trial court of her impartiality; and, thus, Juror Moore should not have been removed for cause.

What a bunch of Power Elite LIE and bullshit that all is….

Peggy MOORE that owned the Common Place who was mentioned above in the Supreme Court document should have never served on that jury because she has a son that worked as a corrections officer at CRJ that is about as big an asshole as you would ever want to meet.

NO IF ANDS OR BUTTS that is the fucking law, but Judge Facemire felt if he asked nicely if she was going to play by the rules, then they could overlook the law in West Virginia, because that is what Facemire does best!

In this instance Judge Facemire was in ON THE FIX from the very start!

We have studied Gilmer County Corruption for years and every important trial in the last few years had a hand picked jury by someone we consider a criminal, David Lane (LAME) Smith.

…and the son of MOORE, the Corrections Officer is a corrupt and dishonest asshole too that got caught smuggling contraband to the females in exchange for sexual favors. CO MOORE was fired for these sexual infractions and smuggling contraband after being arrested for stealing a car.

Of Course PEGGY MOORE went to Ike Morris and he pulled a few strings and the sexual favors and contraband allegations at the jail were never brought forward but that Moore bitch was arrested for the car theft and stripped of his rank as corrections officer at CRJ.

Final outcome, Peggy Moore we consider to be a bought and paid for juror and we intend to seek prosecution against her and others, and will try to present our evidence to federal authorities.

Lizzy Butcher is not in all that good of mood when the powder is gone, and she has to face the evil Lemegeton again going back home!

We should be able to be proud of our local government, its agencies, affiliations and its actions but this must not be so if elected officials feel the need to limit anyone’s right to ask a question or to seek legal recourse.

While the principle of government transparency should be self-evident in a democratic society, the West Virginia Legislature, in enacting the Freedom of Information Act, W.Va. Code § 29B-1-1 (“WVFOIA”), mandated transparency in West Virginia government, declaring that transparency in government and public officials is the “public policy” of the State:

“Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of government which holds to the principle that government is the servant of the people, and not the master of them:

It is hereby declared to be the public policy of the state of West Virginia that all persons are, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees.

The people that rule Crooked County in Glenville, WV and their very real totalitarian regime fail to realize that as Americans we have rights, and that Gilmer County is still apart of the United States whether those dumb fuck county commissioners and Gerry Hough up on the hill think so or not.

The local girls need a little schooling to let them know the local black GSC students are NOT RAP STARS they are RAPE STARS and they are not NFL players some of them are from the ghetto and need to be reviewed by a committee of the council of conservative citizens when they travel in threatening groups off campus. Local girls need to be schooled that it is HIP just to take that pussy and GSC is not really the ideal place to learn this hard core rule of modern life in the Ville!

The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know.

The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments of government they have created.

To that end, the provisions of this article shall be liberally construed with the view of carrying out the above declaration of public policy.”

The elected officials and public officers of Gilmer County seek to subvert this democratic principle, and by doing so, erode the public trust and insist that their authority should be accepted without question.  Their efforts to keep what should be readily available, public information as their personal and private knowledge raises many questions.  What is it that they fear?  Have their actions been so underhanded as to render them unable to bear the light of day?

Sexy Lexy keg stand can turn a person upside down and inside out but get that ass in the air - soon no one will care - sex flows like a Butcher Bitch down a Crooked River! Local girl from the Ville shows us how to get a thrill where the elite meet in Crooked County!

The “Public policy” of transparency in a democracy is not a new concept and has deep historical roots. As stated by well known, British historian, Acton,

Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show it can bear discussion and publicity.”

The Founding Fathers of America clearly agreed with that principle, and this Country was formed on the basis of governmental openness. 

Gilmer County is still part of the U.S.A. Bitches!!

Ask any of our Veterans what they fought for.

The great early patriot Patrick Henry wrote,

“…The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

Any promised review of complaints against a public official or policy lacks any evidence of transparency, and takes place in secret in Gilmer County.  Far from being provided “full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees” as mandated by the Legislature, the public is provided no records or information to judge or gauge how public business is conducted nor how those officials and agents resolve complaints beyond generic, non-specific lip service in an effort to placate and make the questions go away.

Against this backdrop of total secrecy, lack of transparency and attention-grabbing for political gain, public questions and concern abound and rightfully so, but where are the answers?  None will be forthcoming from those in charge and that is obvious.

Tax paying citizens certainly deserve and should be provided complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees. These rights should never be in question. If I were such an educated person I would stop asking who wants to know and start answering what would you like to know.

“This really is the United States, so don’t let the Crooks from Crooked County fool ya!”

The Butcher Bitches say if you want to be one of us ...Lets take this pill with an X I will lick every inch of you girl until you never want another tongue, then give you the HEX and you will reach out in ecstasy every time you hear my name! You will be mine Valentine! Your big V is all Me .. and that is next!

“Sweet Satisfaction, gets good reaction in Crooked County, the home to rape and murder!! Better do it the Butcher Bitch way or your home or office could be burned down today and you wouldn’t want to do that to your daddy now would you baby girl…”

Crooked County is also home to Two-Lane Two- Faced Ain’t livin long like this magazine editor’s Lisa Minney, who of course is the gal that attracted so much attention to herself last fall, over the fact that her friends, the Crooks from Crooked County, were screaming bloody murder over the latest Butcher Bitches SEX SCANDAL exposure and that her and a few other publishers in town were gonna put a stop to exposing the sex scandals, but all we got in the last year was more sex scandals with YOUNGER girls involved. Teenage girls of the very people that Lisa Minney left her friends in the SS for are the ones to blame for throwing raucous parties where it is “Just OK” to have drunken teenage sex and even the basketball coach of the Lady Titans can bring beer and prove he is no queer for he is gonna get some thing straight while the mama cat lets him play — but nobody told the coach his  sins were witnessed by the Lemegeton, and that he was now part of the evil, and the darkness that haunts the dark woods of Crooked County —  the Lemegeton is always watching always waiting for the attack he knows is coming, for can’t you hear it?

“..Something moving slowy in the bush! What is it?”

“There! Can’t you see it?”  Is it a SHADOW or only a Ghost?”

Minney joined with others to muzzle up the members of the Secret Seven once again, one year ago today — And NOW on the one year anniversary of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf the bitter truth is once again brought out for all to see, because we are STAR DOG CHAMPIONS!!

***     ***    ****     ****    ***    ****  ***  *****  ****   *****   *****  **** ****

For all the STAR DOG CHAMPIONS of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the Council of Conservative Citizens Birmingham Alabama!

Special SS  Feature for Monday September 12th

Monday MADNESS …Revenge of the Ghost Wolf ROCK and ROLL ENCORE!

This next Monday MADNESS …Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Rock and Roll selection is dedicated to BRIAN CHALMERS award winning Rock and Roll photographer, journalist and artist and a very special friend … also served as the Secret Seven Coalition Art Director 06 07 08 and 09

Though Chalmers worked many years for Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, he’s best known as the man who took over drawing the iconic WMMS “Buzzard” after original artist David Helton spread his own “wings” to then-WMMS owner Malrite’s other stations, including another big outlet, WHTZ/100.3 “Z100” in New York City.

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  1. Gilmer County Citizens SPEAK OUT on the Gilmer FREE PRESS!

    Readers’ Recent Comments

    I own a company (not Oil & Gas) and when my taxes are due I get NO letter reminding ME to pay….so what’s up with Oil & Gas??
    As stated, the Sheriff’s office collects taxes and publishes delinquencies before selling on Courthouse steps. Why is Oil & Gas different??
    The prosecutor should be PROSECUTING, not chasing bills, dagummit!!!
    Will SOMEONE please explain what the he** is going on in this County??
    It just keeps getting more unbelievable every day!

    By Anon. on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

    If the sheriff and prosecutor did their job, then why are these taxes so delinquent? Obviously they did not do their job. Now the prosecutor wants more money to do what he should have done and hasn’t done? They ran for the office to do the job. Actually they should be penalized for failure. Also it is the responsibility of the county commissioners to make sure the county’s affairs are taken care of. Kennedy is right; this is one of the expenses county cannot afford.

    By Look like robbery in bright daylight on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

    I thought Hough was given a huge raise by Larry Chapman when he claimed he was WORKING HARD!!! Now he is trying to find more ways to rip the county off additional money for doing nothing? Is he going to observe the law school graduate from the thread mill exercise during his paid work time?
    Or is he just pretending and showing concerns because his term is running out and election coming up? Or is he busy because he has been working very hard to solve Fred Hill’s murder and ‘foul play’ investigation as well as all the rape cases at the college?

    By Mary Lee on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

    To keep diggin:
    Yep, here we go again. I too thought it was the job and duty of the Sheriff’s office to collect back taxes that remain unpaid for the 50 oil and gas companies or any one owing back taxes for that matter.
    When did this change???
    This is what is done in November on the steps of the Courthouse.
    They sell to the highest bidder whatever taxes have not been paid.
    Are there even 50 oil and gas companies in Gilmer County?
    The prosecutor said he sent multiple letters and they were ignored by the companies. (Gilmer County people know how it feels to be ignored when we ask for your help and we get absolutely nothing from you) The criminals get the help, we get the shaft. Not a good feeling is it?
    Now further action to file with Magistrate Court but since there are steps involved in collecting the taxes you will need help. Do you have a specific person in mind who is the law school graduate that could help you?
    You said he could do the work and you would monitor him.
    Are you wanting the taxpayers of this county to pay you to monitor him and pay him for doing the work? What is the County Commission thinking?
    Your job is to take care of crimes and criminals in our county. Not collect taxes.
    Remember Gabe Phrophet and other rapes and crimes involving GSC and our County?
    Where do those cases stand as of today?

    To Angry Citizen of the Ville:
    Yes Andréa Wright did go to jail on a felony
    charge and $25,000 bail.
    However, after several days in jail the prosecutor told him if he pled guilty to a lesser charge of Trespassing it would be a misdemeanor with no bail and he could get out of jail that day. So it went from a Felony with $25,000 bail to a misdemeanor and no ba
    il. And the saga goes on and on and on. Only in Glenville.

    By On and On on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

    With Lawyer Hough reporting to the Commissioners about taxes owed by 50 gas companies, we have to draw the conclusion that the gas companies are being treated “differently” than John Q. Public.
    They get “multiple” letters? Really? Special treatments. Come on. Here we go again. Does John Q. Public get “multiple” letters……or just get published and sold out by the sheriff and clerks offices?
    I thought that the office of sheriff was to collect taxes in a timely fashion? The Gilmer County back scratch, political coverup, special treatments saga, reads like a “to be continued” story.

    By keep diggin’ y’all on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

    It’s bad enough what happened with Andrae Wright, but at least he went to jail and may face some consequences, but where is the preliminary hearing for Gabe Phrophet?

    This matter is NOT being brought forward in a timely manner because we have a very dishonest prosecutor that needs to be replaced through any means feasible at this time. We are tired of the cover ups at GSC. We are tired of the crimes being committed by our own Gilmer County Prosecutor as depicted by the recent publishing of documents found on this website. We the people must take some action for our public officials have let us down again.

    By Angry Citizen of the Ville on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Football Player Arrested for Sexual Assault’.

    Is Kristen R Butcher related to Sherry L Butcher who graduated in the FIRST CLASS to graduate from the new facilities at Glenville State College Corrections officer training last year?

    Sherry Butcher graduated a full paid grade above most, and graduated as a COII with a degree in Criminal Justice from GSC, and within three weeks was fulfilling her obligation to the Power Elite by smuggling contraband to inmates.

    Sherry was arrested for show, but no punishment meted out, because the Power Elite do not punish their own for wrongdoing, they save all of that for people they have had to PAY STATE WITNESSES to lie about.

    By Concerned Citizen on 09.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘Glenville Woman Receives Probation in Lewis County’.

  2. The ODC complaint against Gerald B Hough was dismissed officially this morning upon notice at 9am and is BACK ON AGAIN with evidence that will reset the statute as of 11:18am this morning!

    From: Rachael Cipoletti
    To: (censored)
    Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 11:18 AM
    Subject: Appeal

    Mr. (Name censored)

    By letter dated September 8, 2011, you have been advised that we are in receipt of your dissatisfaction with the disposition of your most recent complaint.

    I am treating your letter as an appeal of the dismissal pursuant to Rule 2.4(b)(1) of the Rules of Lawyer Disciplinary Procedure. This matter will be placed on the agenda of an upcoming meeting of the Investigative Panel of the Lawyer Disciplinary Board and will be reviewed by all members of the Panel. The Panel consists of both lawyer and non-lawyer members. You will be notified in writing of their decision.


    Rachael L. Fletcher Cipoletti, Esquire

    Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel
    Office of Disciplinary Counsel

    This is the letter sent to Rachael this morning that got the complaint filed again!

    Rachael L. Fletcher Cipoletti, Esquire
    Chief Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel
    Office of Disciplinary Counsel
    City Center East
    Suite 1200 C
    4700 MacCorkle Avenue, SE
    Charleston, West Virginia 25304
    (304)558-7999 Fax (304)558-4015

    Dear Rachael,

    Please let this document represent a request for reconsideration and an appeal of the decision signed and investigated by Jessica H Rhodes. Obviously you did not consider all of the evidence much to our disappointment since we have been investigating the wrongdoing in this case for seven years and found several false facts brought before the courts knowingly.

    The evidence that proved Gerry Hough paid Roanna Rafferty is at the Gilmer County Clerks office and the office of the Sheriff of Gilmer County. I discussed this issue with Sheriff Metz, but he has not as yet turned over to us that evidence, but it will be brought forward, so that excuse of no proof is a very weak argument on behalf of the Supreme Court considering the cost to fight this case in the West Virginia Courts for five years.

    We were billed for back taxes in October of 2010 for property the 14th district circuit court and the West Virginia Supreme Court said we did not own or control or pay taxes on. It was our responsibility as owners to pay taxes on the 1/6th the state of West Virginia refused to recognize because the title was pulled from the land books intentionally and we have a witness to bring forward.

    Actual crimes were committed to cover up evidence brought in my case.

    The evidence of the title opinion proves Roanna Rafferty DID NOT OWN the 1/6th she testified that she owned.

    I hereby enter the title opinion as evidence in this request for reconsideration or appeal.

    I hereby enter the back tax billings proving we were responsible for taxes that proves ownership of property the West Virginia Court said Roanna Rafferty owned that she did not own. The court knowingly lied to the jury and that is a criminal matter and the ODC covered up this crime by refusing the evidence presented.

    Therefore my 2nd complaint is NOT time barred.

    Let this document serve as a request for reconsideration using new evidence, and for an appeal of my complaint against Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor.

  3. Gilmer County Citizens SPEAK OUT on the Gilmer FREE PRESS about GERRY HOUGH!


    The only person hurting Hough and his family is Gerry himself by his bizarre behavior.

    By Rno317 on 09.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Our Gilmer County Prosecutor Cannot Just Simply Ask? He Threatens Instead!’.

    He is complaining about us using an alias to remain anonymous. But it is ok for him to do it on his retort hate site which he promoted in his ads paid for by taxpayers’ money in local newspaper!

    By Hmmm on 09.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Our Gilmer County Prosecutor Cannot Just Simply Ask? He Threatens Instead!’.

    This is the biggest crock of you know what. This prosecutor instead of doing his job to fight crime, he is harassing the members of the community who are providing a service? What is he doing about multiple criminals at the college?

    By Disgusted on 09.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Our Gilmer County Prosecutor Cannot Just Simply Ask? He Threatens Instead!’.

    Mr. Hough, the only way your reputation can be tarnished is by your own words and actions. The people of this county know how to make their own decisions and changing the subject will not change that.
    You haven’t had time for us since the day you were elected, running your law clinic and realty agency while holding office on a part time basis and teaching at GSC.

    Later, you officially closed the law clinic and realty company but opened a storage business. Your teaching job takes many miles of travel to Summersville campus today and a lot more of your time. You insisted on being full time Prosecutor.

    Now you want a student to handle the job of collecting unpaid taxes you didn’t have time to take care of. Are you more worried about offending the oil & gas companies so hand over the job to less experience? After all, if he or she misses a few who will know? When are you going to put all of these past dues in the paper so we know who owes what? question

    By Got Time? on 09.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Our Gilmer County Prosecutor Cannot Just Simply Ask? He Threatens Instead!’.

    The SECOND complaint IS NOT time barred because ODC said they did NOT receive new evidence of Back Tax Billings and Title Opinion.

    The NEW EVIDENCE resets the statute.

    ODC is saying they never received the tax billings and the title opinion that proves the guilt of Hough.

    They don’t want to receive it, is why they said they did not receive the billings and opinion.

    Rachael C is fully aware of this fact that new evidence resets the two year statute.

    So now another complaint against Hough is being drafted with new evidence NOT recognized being sent again.

    By Concerned Citizen on 09.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Our Gilmer County Prosecutor Cannot Just Simply Ask? He Threatens Instead!’.

    The BACK TAX BILLINGS and the TITLE OPINION that proved guilt were not accepted as evidence on purpose and the ODC will receive notice of their wrongdoing and a law action may follow.

    The BACK TAX BILLINGS and the TITLE OPINION that were not accepted reset the statute and the details of this may be reported by another mainstream news source.

    I think now we can be guaranteed of corruption at the Supreme Court level.

    In the letter it asked for proof that Roanna Rafferty was paid and the proof is at the County Clerks office and the Sheriffs office but they made that evidence unavailable.

    The SHERIFF has that check and is suppressing that evidence and Metz is making that evidence unavailable to the Supreme Court.

    We proved subornation, but the important evidence, the newly found evidence that resets the statute was not recognized on purpose.

    Corruption at the highest court level is truly sad.

    The letter from ODC did not mention the Title Opinion or the BACK TAX BILLINGS.

    By Council of Concerned Citizens on 09.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: Our Gilmer County Prosecutor Cannot Just Simply Ask? He Threatens Instead!’.

    • There's Hope Yet

      Have you read Hough’s posting of the ODC response to complaint filed against him on the GFP? Now there’s a government official who thinks transparency only applies to the other guy. Wasn’t that long ago he gave a big speech on cyberbullying and internet terrorism and there is he threatening to take anything he can away from any citizen who has the nerve to challenge him , sounds just like the Butchers . Don’t forget the way he threatened the Ramezans for weeks using farsi in the Glenville Democrat referring the public to his own hate site the repeater, the retorter, whatever. Guess that’s just OK for a County Prosecutor. Kudos to Dan Bingman who came right back with an appeal seeking justice and to the GFP for printing all sides of every story so the citizens can decide. Congratulations to every person who spoke up despite the threats showing there’s still a few around with a backbone and I, for one, am glad to see it.. .

      Editors note: Hough broke the law, and he will be held accountable. Some calls were made to Washington DC to file an official complaint against JESSICA H RHODES for attempting to suppress new evidence and for attempting to cover up criminal activity. Basically complaints are going to be filed againt the ODC in Charleston for being CORRUPT!

  4. What the hell is the mayor doing in all of this?? This place is one screwed up mess!! Besides having a teeny weeny….what is Hough doing anyway? The whole place needs to be cleaned up!!! It’s like one big horror show and Ike and the Butchers are the stars of the show! I can’t think of one nice word for any of them!!

    SS Member: The Mayor is owned by the Power Elite and is nothing but a college student shoo-in and is pretty much a joke. She condoned the fake for show interviews for the job with the GCEDA that Larry Chapman created for himself, after being voted out as the commissioner. Now by hook or crook Chapman and Reta Kight both pieces of shit as commissioners are attempting every little underhanded thing they can to get back on that commission. But the citizens of Gilmer County are not going to allow that type of political manipulation and are willing to take drastic measures if those little punk ass bitches even think of it.

  5. I love you guys and I love your honesty!!!! Keep up the good work and let’s take them DOWN!!!! If I can help let me know.

    SS Member: That’s the spirit.

  6. CalPatty Press - FALSE REPORTING by GLENVILLE DEMOCRAT and LIES to the PUBLIC are OBVIOUS and evident in Glenville! CITIZENS SPEAK OUT about CROOKED public officials in the infamous CROOKED COUNTY down by the Crooked River!!

    I’m confused. On the Gilmer County Commission Report for 09/06/11 it states the Gilmer County Prosecutor at the start of the meeting presented to the Commission with information regarding the past due taxes by Oil and Gas Companies. (this item was not on the agenda).

    The Commissioners report stated the Commissioners had ASKED him to check into the back taxes owed by the oil and gas companies.

    The Democrat states that when a commissioner noticed unpaid taxes on oil and gas properties the Gilmer County Prosecutor OFFERED to collect on all of the unpaid back taxes from these companies.

    The Commissioners report says that he reported that multiple letters had been sent to the companies and they had been ignored and he now would have to pursue the next step of filing with the magistrate court.

    The Democrat says the FIRST round of letters were sent out RECENTLY and the Prosecutor reports his office had just received over $12,000 from one company for unpaid taxes between 2005 and the present.

    In the Commissioners report The Prosecutor said since there were steps involved in collecting the taxes he is going to need more help.

    He said a law school graduate can do the work and he can monitor the process.

    The Democrat says Mr. Hough will be asking the Sheriff’s office for more assistance in his efforts to collect these back taxes from companies that owe arrearages.

    Ok. The Commissioners Report says one thing the Democrat says another.

    Which do we believe?

    The Commissioners were present for this meeting and this report comes from the Courthouse which should be accurate.
    This meeting was 09/06/11. Was Mr. Corcoran in attendance also?

    The Democrat date for this week is Thursday Sept. 8th. The news articles have to be in on Tuesday in order to be included in the weekly paper. Would that not make the date of 09/06/11 the same date of the Commissioners meeting in which the above comments were made and the reporting to the Democrat the very same day. Was Mr. Corcoran in attendance of the Commissioners meeting and if not WHERE did the editor get his information.

    Hmmmmm. I sure am confused and curious.

    GFP Note: GFP entered the meeting right at 9:00 AM and Mr. Hough was already standing there talking to the commission. Besides Mr. Hough, the Commissioners, County Clerk, County Administrator, only the Gilmer Free Press and two gentlemen from Frontier were present. After Mr. Hough got done and left, GFP asked Commissioners to speak. After approval, GFP simply asked ‘what did just happen? Why was Mr. Hough conducting business when it was not on the agenda?’ The response from the Commissioners was that they had asked him to look into back taxes. GFP noted again, the item was not on the agenda, and they responded that they were not going to make any decision. Any other report from any other source is just here-say because no other reporter was present until the meeting was about to end. I hope this helps our Confused and curious.
    By Confused and curious on 09.08.2011
    (this above comment is in response to below comment)

    To confused and curious :
    Obviously, the short piece on the front page of the paper is written by Hough as part of his campaign to brag about himself and praise his staff – since no reporter from the newspaper was present. Nothing against his staff, but election time is near and time to do damage control with fake information. This practice is part of Glenville Democrat’s business model which has nothing to do with journalism and truth in reporting: you advertise with me and I let you feed the public lies. Well we have a real piece of news for the weekly paper to print: The public is not stupid because there are many other sources of news. Besides, why did the paper report on the only item that was not even on the agenda for the meeting and nothing else? Stupid!
    By Public is not stupid on 09.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

    To public is not stupid:
    Thank you for your response to confused and curious.
    I had the same idea that the misinformation was either being fed to the paper or he had written it himself to have it published to make us think he was doing his job.
    Guess we can be counted with the NOT as stupid people as the prosecutor thinks.
    Gilmer County citizens are not stupid, but the crooked have taken over this county.
    What a shame.
    We all deserve better than this.
    He wants people to think all the talk about him is fabricated lies and we are hurting his reputation.
    He does not need us, he is doing that very well all by himself.
    However, a lot of the TRUTH about him and what he has and has not done for this county is coming to light to the respected people of Gilmer County thanks to one media that will publish the truth so people can see what is happening to us.
    That is the one thing he never wanted to happen.
    Now he is threating this media thru e-mail letters.
    Says a lot for him doesn’t it?
    The crime in this county has gone out of control because he does not do his job that we the taxpayers pay for and pay dearly that is for sure.
    Not only making money from us but the criminals as well to protect their dirty work.
    Are the rapists being named and punished for their crimes at GSC? NO.
    From what I hear there is five (5) of them so far.
    Are the people who try to make a honest living protected? No.
    He reduced charges and no bail against the Security Guard at GSC because of who he was and where he was employed.
    Wonder where his orders come from?
    What about the victim?
    What if this had been his home and family that was in danger?
    Different story then.
    The Democrat did not even publish a news story on the night time burglary done by this man because he works for the college. And this man was on duty and in full GSC uniform. The only place it was mentioned was in the Court News. Hmmmm.
    Wonder why that is?
    What about the drugs all over Gilmer County that are both being consumed and sold?
    Anything being done? NO.
    What about the underage drinking in our county? Anything being done? Yes, if you BYOB that makes it all ok, age doesn’t matter. NO, nothing is done.
    What about all the other corruption going on?
    Is our Prosecutor doing anything? NO.
    So, if I have made any incorrect statements here an apology would be in order.
    Please, someone help this county and help us that we may be able to get this problem corrected.
    Anyone know of a Prosecutor that would come to the county and run in the next election?
    We sure hope so.

    By Confused and curious on 09.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Commission Meeting Report – 09.06.11’.

  7. HOUGH THREATENS THE GFP while Jessica H Donahue Rhodes from the Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel turns out to be a complete idiot!!

    From 10:59am yesterday until 10:28am this morning there were 31,136 page views on the Gilmer Free Press and many of those people read this article that brings you the REAL TRUTH!

    For the entire story including FACTS, letters, official complaint against Hough and more …
    come to the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS by clicking on the GREEN LINK on this comment!

  8. Hough is in GRAVE ERROR! Due Diligence is a word the ODC needs to learn

    A case should never be brought to court by a Prosecutor who has not used due diligence to establish the facts. Just because a person says they own something doesn’t make it true. There are records to be checked and it takes a little longer than a 10 minute court recess. When Hough could not locate the 1/6th claimed, the court should have been notified (despite his embarrassment) a mistrial declared and perjury charges brought against the Prosecutors witness in my opinion. We have all seen the tax tickets, we know the property disappeared from the land books and that land titles are maintained in the County Clerk’s Office. It would have taken time to back search the records, locate the last time it had been taxed, who the owner was and see the correction made. It is quite simply pre-trial finding of fact. This did not happen. Yet in 2010 it magically reappeared, back taxed without question and sold at tax sale. The document was needed from 2004-2006 in Circuit Court and 2007 for a WV Supreme Court decision that was extremely close. Because there was no title proof of ownership, the jury, and the court could not know that there was equal ownership in a property dispute that somehow turned into a criminal case, although experts say it should have been a civil action all along. As for expert witnesses as to the value of anything, show us the credentials! To pay someone for a subjective opinion that can have such an impact on another life without verification of the facts through any other source is just unbelievable. We have all heard the audio of a much more experienced person assessing the value in question in the presence of the paid “expert”. It was obvious she was not a qualified expert on the subject and at that point was only concerned both of them would be called to court to testify to the value required to get the conviction.

    The new evidence in this case proves that it should not be time-barred. It proves that due diligence was not practiced and a human being suffered severely as a result. The Office of Disciplinary Counsel needs to take a long, hard look at the facts. It is their role to oversee the conduct of attorneys practicing in the State of W.V. whether in private practice or elected office. Those in public office should be held to the highest standards. The purpose of the law is to serve the people, not to persecute, suppress or endanger their rights. The repeated threats made by Attorney Hough to take the money and home of anyone without legal action in process represent unethical conduct in and of itself. Multiple threats against private citizens with accessing their computer and outrageous charges of illegality for exercising their free speech, while using public funds to advertise this in the name of the office of the Gilmer County Prosecutor, is not only unethical but also illegal. He is not the only attorney in this county to use threats in such a manner but the ODC should make such an example of this case as to ensure that he would be the last. It is their duty. It is their job. It is what’s right.

  9. “Living With Pride” the VILLE!

    The “Living With Pride” series continues with, “Masculinity and Gay Men” on Monday, September 12th at 7:30pm in the new Student Services Building at GSC!!

    From the Crooked County Counter Culture of the 1990s to today’s Convicts and Criminals in public office, this fascinating investigation of Gay men on the Gilmer County Commission and closer look at Glenville and Crooked County sexuality blows the lid off old stereotypes, and then showcases a battalion of possibilities as to who could serve in the future including muscle men, rodeo riders, rugby players and cops !!

    Darrel Ramsey speaks candidly on topics from homophobia to “Upinthehollar,” sexuality to embracing effeminacy as Gilmer County Commissioner Darrel Ramsey reveals what it means to be a gay man in Central WV today!

    “Living with Pride: Masculinity and Gay Men” will precede next weeks scheduled event ….

    “The Butcher Bitch Factor – Three easy lessons on having an orgasm as a Freshman!”

    “I know, I thought of that, but he said since he was on the football team he got to fuck me because of the Barr Code, the Peter Barr Code and he said he was the one that was suppose to have the big O!”

    • I Know You Are but What Am I?

      Don’t want to give any credit to that repeat site as they sure don’t deserve any, but I have checked to see what they find here that gets their knickers in such a twist they just have to trash it. This will probably the last I’ll waste my time talking about it. Whoever writes it said anyone who agreed with Mr. Bingman on anything has to be corrupt. I’m beginning to think they have a huge problem with anyone who even tries to look at both sides of that issue. What is so terrible that it can’t take the light of day? Don’t they have any actual opinions on the subject?
      In my opinion, such comments prove to be just another example of no transparency for the actions of elected officials in Gilmer County. Since the site is all done in the name of County Prosecutor Hough and he endorsed it in the newspaper, then saying things which push for suppressing the rights of the citizens to know what is happening only shows his own corruption and that of his supporters.

      Editors note: Having received several e-mails on the subject you are presenting, this is good timing. CASSANDRA HUFF obviously has nothing better to do, but Gerry Hough’s bidding. Doesn’t HUFF take out time for sexual relations or feeding the dog? I guess in her case both of those go together with a little peanut butter to sweeten the pot so to speak. I do find it interesting Cassandra Huff never argues the issues and only continues to attack the messenger. She should be happy her threatening e-mail was turned over to a federal agency that has already logged a complaint concerning Sheriff Metz and Hough being engaged in criminal activity.

      I AGREE WITH YOU, I don’t know that I’d give Cassandra Huff of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder more than a passing look down the nose remark as it seems she likes the attention. Cassandra loves to lick the balls of Dave Corcoran, and the thought of that, and the mental image of those shriveled up prunes in her mouth sets the matter straight for what kind of person she is. Maybe she goes for anus too.

      Speaking of anus…

      I am thinking out my theory and am wondering if CASSANDRA HUFF is maybe writing in conjunction with Hough’s secretary Clarissa Ferrell.

      I a heard Hough wanted desperately to get rid of Clarissa but is afraid because of everything she knows and her connection with our very own SS member Stacey Harlow.

      Hough promotes Ferrel for Magistrate, if she wins, he has a judge straight out of his own office to assist him and it finishes his circle with the circuit court judges as they know her from court and he will lose that connection with Bob Minigh retiring. Now we are totally hip to that bobbin Bob M connect, and hey Bobbie we are not very happy about that!

      If Ferrel loses, he can get rid of her as I don’t know that she can hold that position and run for judge at the same time.

      At that point Cassandra HUFF is expecting to be hired for her loyalty to Hough during his trials and tribulations. CASSANDRA plans on putting some big Hough balls in her mouth now, or maybe she already has. It could be the perfect three way tryst to HOUGH’S way of thinking. Plus GERRY is assured great positioning and price for political ads in the Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit.

      They can’t write for shit at the Democrap, but, they can sure lick balls!

  10. The concept of the fact that all of us are our brother’s keeper was published by the FREE PRESS in celebration of 911 and you can review that article at the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS along with the latest facts that Gerald B Hough and former Gilmer County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks knowingly hid a key piece of evidence from a high profile court case that is the only case in recent history from Gilmer County to go all the way to the US SUPREME Court with false evidence knowingly supplied by Gilmer County officials.

    Click on the green link on this comment to go to the article.

  11. Birth Certificate

    We should probably check Gerry Hough’s birth certificate, he might have been born in Kenya, it sure appears he can lie like one of them fellers.

    Ole Gerry he is one of them fellers what like other fellers being black and all, but with Gerry its mostly his heart that’s black.

  12. Grand Jury Issues Five Indictments

    A Calhoun Grand Jury issued five indictments yesterday in Grantsville.

    – Richard Dewayne Vance, Orma, indicted for grand larceny (one count); robbery in 1st degree (one count), related to the robbery of Calhoun Banks at Arnoldsburg.

    – Christopher Todd Smith, Grafton, retaliation against a public official (one count), related to the theft of decorations placed on the grave of Mike McCartney by his wife, former probation officer Patsy McCartney.

    – David A. Booher, Arnoldsburg, operating or attempting to operate a clandestine drug lab (one count); possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture (one count).

    – Roy Curtis Forquer, Jr., Salem, malicious wounding (one count), for stabbing Greg Butler of Beech after stopping his vehicle in highway.

    – Tommy Brian Estep, Looneyville, possession of a firearm by a felon (one count).

    Editors note: Hot Toddy indicted again, but these are relatively minor charges, although a terrorizing act psychologically. Just about every member of the SS has been threatened by Todd Smith, even Lisa Minney and we fought that battle for Lisa and we were glad to do it, for he was in her face and threatening her with harm. Nobody, that is a normal person can stand by and watch something like that.

    The more serious charges on Todd Smith however, are out of Lewis County, but we have not heard if those charges are still pending or if Smith had been indicted.

  13. Norma Coffman – on Albert J Woofter American Writer.

    The law firm of Butcher and Butcher obviously put family members through hell by ignoring requests for accounting on the estate of a well known Parkersburg News columnist Albert J Woofter.

    I don’t know if any of you read his columns, but my mother was an avid reader of those columns and got me interested when I was just a little girl and I read them until I was about 20 years old and Al Woofter retired. We kept some of them in a scrap book and he always wrote about how wonderful life was in West Virginia in the days before I was born. His descriptions of Gilmer and Calhoun County were right out of a story book and who do we have now to replace him and others like him? Looks like about all we have left in Glenville are a bunch of Crooks and who do my children have to look up to? Thank god we don’t live in West Virginia anymore, but it breaks my heart to see how far removed it is from the wonderful stories told by Albert Woofter.

    I have been to the park and seen the riverboat named after him in Parkersburg. What I want to know is how a supposedly a legitimate law firm can ignore six different lawyers for five years. I was told at a recent family gathering that the executrix Rosa Belle Gainer who many of the family members have known for years had back dated checks and held up payment to a mentally challenged woman for as much as two years. The fact that thousands were unaccounted for, and that no accounting was done against the laws of the state for more than a decade proves criminal activity in Glenville which I find disgraceful.

    SS Member: The saddest part of the situation is that “Those Crooks” were not even investigated by the Sheriff for their wrongdoing! The statement made my Metz when a complaint was made was, “I’m not gonna go over there and bother those people!”

    When Beverly Marks was caught pulling a title that was needed in all the highest courts in WV for a high profile case, there was no investigation into her wrongdoing, and again Sheriff Metz made another mind boggling comment about the matter, he said, “You can’t prove she did it on purpose” Well actually we can prove it! We have a witness that was there and personally witnessed Tim Butcher give Marks instructions to ignore a court order from a judge and pull the title from the land books, so that later the property could be stolen for back taxes.

  14. Total views referred by search engines to RGW was 111 on 9-12 Monday

    TOP TEN SEARCHES on Monday that found the website Revenge of the Ghost Wolf.

    revenge of the ghost wolf 12
    butcher bitches 9
    lizzie and lexie butcher 6
    woman raped by ghost 5
    butcher bitches broke bad 5
    gilmer county titans rape january 22 2011 3
    cal patty press 3
    gerald b. hough, glenville, wv 3
    david w nibert of wv and pills 2
    wolf glenville wv 2


    (09/14/2011) Hur Herald
    The Braxton County Sheriff are looking for two men they say were involved in an armed robbery early Tuesday morning in Burnsville.

    Deputies say two men wearing black masks walked up to the Little General Store around 2:00 a.m. and told the female clerk working to get on the floor or they would hurt her.

    The men took cigarettes and about $300.

    Police say they left on foot.

    They are described as being about six feet tall and thin.

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