By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

I’ll have the force
I’ll have the power
To make my evil take its course

                                    Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast

In Glenville, WV power grabbers may think nothing of torturing people mentally or physically to force them to see their way of thinking. A job may be held over a persons head, or benefits withheld and a person may quickly find out that the impact of emotional abuse does not differ significantly from that of physical abuse and that there is plenty of emotional abuse to go around involving the Government of Gilmer County than you can shake a stick at!

As reported yesterday in the GFP … right on the front page the Gilmer Free Press tells the truth about our local print media!

Central WV SS member Bunny "Sucking a weener" photo from the Crooked County Crooks website recovered from "Files from the Bottom of the Crooked River" pretty much sums up the Secret Seven "Take" on the latest Gilmer County Schools takeover that has been ignored by mainstream press, but citizens complaints were supported by the FREE PRESS in Central WV!

The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder is the most obvious in its inherent bias and manipulation of the facts and stories, as evidenced and witnessed by local citizens as they spoke out honestly and quite honestly and factually in response to the article.

The immediate community took an interest in the shockingly tragic Fred Hill case, but there were no real stories about a mysterious death, only police report formatted articles of who what where why and isn’t it very interesting that “NO FOUL PLAY rule,”  was used long before the medical examiner had time to even investigate or view the remains.

Of course, it had to be …

NO FOUL PLAY in that obvious game of…

”Hide the body, “OH NO, FRED IS DEAD!”

Suffice it to say the common citizen were more than disappointed about news coverage of this sad occurrence right in the heart of Glenville, West Virginia, where saying the wrong thing just might get you killed.

Or, if you have an allergy like Mark Medley,

“I am allergic to mean people with guns”  …that was that last thing said by Mark, and all she wrote for Medley —  for 357 Everett Campbell shot him dead, and knew nothing about his allergy!

The safety of law-abiding citizens should be one of the government’s primary concerns but who is going to save us from them?

Lately, I am beginning to wonder.

In the meantime, someone needs to reach out to the alleged victim in the Phrophet case.  The white female victim said she “Feared for her life,” during the incident, according to the criminal complaint . I bet good money she’s been fed a cock and bull story from either Gerry Hough the Gilmer County Prosecutor, or local law enforcement that everything is going well, and she needn’t worry about a thing, when the real facts are there has been no preliminary hearing scheduled, which is very suspicious indeed.

Also, since Hough probably has no intentions of prosecuting Gabe Phrophet for the alleged RAPE , and it is now suggested the victim hire an attorney.  If she has a credible case, her attorney should petition the court to seek an indictment of Phrophet under Smith v. Miller.

Glenville citizens need to act and take a stand against the violent acts by GSC college athletes against women! West Virginia found out about Gerald B Hough and the illegal act he made against a rape victim - And the FERPA Violation reported by the West Virginia Record speaks volumes about the illegal and outlandish actions taken by representatives of GSC and the local elite to cover up the violence against women that has been happening for years in Gilmer County, WV!

Lenora Marks was the victim of the college cop Andrae Wright, and we are hoping to make contact to interview  her for a mainstream news source article being submitted. This is another potentially deadly and explosive violent confrontation that could have turned out badly if not for the quick action of law enforcement

We have heard reports of the Vice President of the FRN yelling and throwing his glasses at the Director Donna Waddell over a disagreement which led to her firing or resignation dependent upon who tells the tale, but violence is violence when yelling and screaming, threatening, and throwing items at a person in a work area!

When we speak of the FRN we are speaking of:

Gilmer County
Family Resource Network

The name of the new FRN substance abuse coordinator is Kelly Cain and she is just starting out.

Now we hear that the Editor/Owner of our local paper the Glenville Democrat has decided to physically grab an employee by the forearm, pulling her upright out of a chair and push her aside while chastising and sometime later firing her.

Apparently, about a month before Dave Corcoran fired Cassandra Huff he walked upstairs where she was on the computer, told her he was tired of her screwing up his meetings and causing him grief.

“Corcoran grabbed Huff roughly by the forearm, pulled her out of the chair and pushed her to the side like a bitch that came home smelling like sex!”

Dave Corcoran who runs the Democrat/Pathfinder  has brought all of the online computers downstairs where he can keep an eye on them, and he put his foot down to no more working Gerry Hough’s hate site on his dime!

Soon Dave Corcoran took his replacement for the Democrat News Director, Ronda Gregory,(who also is a campaign manager for Bob Henry Baber currently running for Governor) to meet Mr Blankenship the new superintendent of Gilmer County Schools, and even before he introduced her, Dave Corcoran told Blankenship there would be no more negative press for him or the Board of Education and that further,  the Democrat was a family paper!  

When we discovered all of this and also discovered that the highest ranks of the Secret Seven Coalition were also approached on the subject of giving Ronda G and Bob Henry some favorable press we wrote Ronda a little note, and it went a little something like this …
“We were asked by our highest ranks to give favorable publicity to your cause of being treated unfairly by the Democratic and Republican parties. However, we are not supporters of the BOG at GSC, and we are not supporters of Gilmer County Govt or Ike Morris or Glenville City Govt, so this should be interesting. However, we did get a few volunteers to be an athletic supporter to one of Bobs conquests Sarah Rutherford, who is the daughter to GSC secretary Joann Rutherford, but that was about it. We are anxiously awaiting her indictment next month on sexual charges involving her high school students and some dope smoking and such.

We suspect that Ronda has close ties either by marriage or money to WACO Oil and ASS and will be a new Agent for the Devil!

A quick call to the circuits clerks office and we heard it told that …”The girls at the courthouse were out in the hallway listening at some attorney yell at a girl talking about Cassandra Huff saying she had been fired, and then a saying something about you better not fuck with that new person Ronda Gregory over at the Democrat or you'll wind up in jail quicker than you can be suited up in an orange jumpsuit and fed to the sexual predators at CRJ!!” Ronda Gregory pictured in this photo, is replacing Cassandra Huff of the Glenville Democrat the only local paper in Gilmer County, and was already introduced to the new Superintendent of schools Ron Blankenship and she is the gal that is to fulfill the promise be kept that there will be no more bad press in the Democrat/Pathfinder about Blankenship or the forced takeover by the state. Gilmer voters rejected a bond that would have turned four elementary schools in to two and Ronda has been hired to see that the people are fed some sugar from the local press that convinces them that this idea will happen and this time they are gonna like it because if they aren't fond a Ronda then they aren’t cool according to the elite of Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River.

The bottom line as you can see is that GSC now has control within the local newspaper and the  board of Education along with the Mayors office and I suspect the Family Resource Center!

Ronda Gregory got the job for political reasons no doubt. Here is her latest:

Contact:  Ronda Gregory

Bob Henry Baber for Governor Campaign communications director
Cell: 304-685-3557
E-mail: 304-462-0320 home; 904-2440 cell
Bob Henry Baber Wins Mountain Party Nomination for State Governor
Bob Henry Baber won the Mountain Party nomination for West Virginia governor on Sunday by acclamation at its convention held Sunday afternoon in Sutton at the Town Square Café.  The other party candidate, Jesse Johnson, withdrew his name from consideration and solidly endorsed Baber as the party’s nominee just prior to the vote.

“Something fishy about Bob Henry Baber and his run for governor, but now we know that something fishy is the new girl Ronda!”

Apparently the POWER ELITE sometimes  think they own slaves, not employ people.

Is this “New discipline,” of the FRN Director and Cassandra Huff ex News Director at the Democrat/Pathfinder a situation that will rewrite personnel policies?

The threat of violence has been spoken in whispers throughout Gilmer County and is now rearing its ugly head at the most mediocre level of control in this town.

“The truth must be getting to them for some to act out in a violent and threatening way!”

One can only hope that these women have families with zero tolerance for abuse as we are pretty sure our local law enforcement would treat them with less consideration than they did Everett Campbells  ex-wife Mary Ann, she got bent over and penetrated in an unnatural way , but that was “JUST OK” with Sheriff Metz!  Mickey must have thought she was asking for it.


This is what happens when lawlessness and a total lack of respect for your fellow man runs rampant among those who feel they are entitled to special privileges because of whom they are.

Words fail me to describe what they are!

To confine the public to the edge of political or business factors that control their life ensures that the wealthy can be “left alone” to use their power as they see fit.

By disempowering people, the ability of individuals to manage their own government and society is undermined and weakened. This results in developing a fear of freedom. The powerlessness people feel due to the workings of the system ensure that they are apathetic about it, thus guaranteeing that wealthy and powerful elites govern society without hindrance from the majority. This result is not an accident.

  Chomskey expressed the attitudes of political power mongers well:

“The public must be put in its place, so that the responsible men may live free of the trampling and roar of a bewildered herd, ignorant and meddlesome outsiders whose function is to be ‘interested spectators of action,’ not participants…”

Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance and losing it is not something to stay quiet about.

SS letter to Ronda: “We are not supporters of the BOG at GSC, however, we did get a few volunteers to be an athletic supporter to one of Bobs conquests Sarah Rutherford, who is the daughter to GSC secretary Joann Rutherford, but that was about it.” “We are anxiously awaiting her indictment next month on sexual charges involving two of her high school students and some dope smoking and such.”

There are those in our community who are working frantically at this moment to prohibit someone from making such a statement. Empower yourself people, speak out.  Do not let this be the future of Gilmer County:

“Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness!”

George Orwell, author of the book “1984”




                               Osmund Nathaniel Brown

Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 225 lbs. DOB: 12/3/1986

Booked: 9/22/2011 Booking ID: 999045482

Gilmer County – Bail: $20 000.00 – CRJ

Charge Type: Felon

First-year Glenville State College head football coach David Hutchison is excited to lead the Pioneers into action this season, except Hutchison had no idea what Glenville, WV is like with the raping of white girls by players and unsolved murders and …OH YEAH all the dope the imports bring in from out of town.

New transfer and tight end OSMUND BROWN wearing blue looks good in ORANGE at CRJ where it is not OK to bring in hard drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris and the Power Elite of Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Osmund Nathaniel Brown is the dude that got busted after his black girlfriend complained about Brown taking some pink from a younger and much hotter white chick and she wasn’t gonna go for the sloppy seconds, so she got pissed about all the green handed out to the pinker white  pink, and then dudes BITCH turned into what they used to call a black fink and the green got scattered to the wind as the mean white cops busted Brown and took him downtown  …. and then for a little trip to CRJ where it was NOT OK, because Gerry (I’m always right because I’m always white) Hough was not there to let another criminal go!

“…Hey, well why didn’t you just say so NEGRO!”

The NEW TIGHT END, is not our friend and took that trip to CRJ yesterday!

Class: Senior
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 230
Position: Tight End (but that end won’t be too tight in prison)
Number: 11

Osmund Nathaniel Brown got busted Thursday by the cops for a FELONY times three and it looks like we … have more drugs and crimes going on at Glenville State College and September is not over yet. This time the bail was 20,000 bucks and GSC is being very tight lipped about the alleged drug bust.

Brown was arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs —  and or, is being held on drug-related charges and another charge of child endangerment.

“A Tight-End  on the football team at Glenville State College, Osmund Nathaniel Brown is charged with 3 felonies. 11F-97,98,99  GILMER COUNTY currently being held at CRJ.”

In Celebration of the TIGHT END OS BRINGING THE GOOD WEED to town and in memory of those all night all right Cocaine and sex parties with Ashley Miller lets kick it to a little Cocaine Eyes’

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  1. The Central West Virginia SS would like to thank Gary Collins for his latest submission of photo’s of the Butcher Bitches! Keep em coming Gary, and send some more photo’s of the girls too! Gary is a bit of a photo buff. Also thanks for the info on Cassandra Huff! Gary seems to think she is a trouble maker and has been up to the courthouse several times telling his buddies up there what’s up and such.

  2. Do We Want the Truth, or A Manipulated Local Mainstream Media?

    Do We Want the Truth, or A Manipulated Local Mainstream Media?
    Citizens still commenting on GFP!!

    One word explains the powers that be: GREED!!!
    Comment by Henry B on 09.23 at 05:51 AM

    Whether one agrees with all of these or not, the mafia type atmosphere exists in gilmer county.
    it has become what few want not the majority.
    how many times we hear statement like these:
    this is what Ike wants.
    if i don’t do this, Ike knows too many people and i can lose my business.
    i am afraid of losing my job.
    i am afraid what they might do to my family.
    it is all about moving dirt, brick and mortar.
    sue wants a middle school.
    butchers want school built on their properties.
    Ike says he wants to sit in his office and see the new school.
    if Ike is not happy, Facemire is not happy and i lose my ad revenue.
    and i can go on. makes you wonder why none of the media outlets touch the problems in Gilmer county.
    Mr. Morris said – i don’t do anything to hurt gilmer county. however, with all we see going on with his supports and the secrecy and deals, he is not helping the people of gilmer county.

    Comment by afraid to identify on 09.23 at 06:15 AM

    Is it a Mafia appearance or is it verification of the Mafia’s existence? Someone wrote show me inordinate wealth and I will show you where crimes were committed. Does that concept apply anywhere in Gilmer County? Our prosecutor privately complains of mob crime and white collar crime, Ricco violations, tampering with jury selection to prevent convictions, and powerful citizens involved in drug marketing. Why does he fail to use powers of his office to get outside federal authorities to come for a major clean up? Maybe, his family was threatened to control him. Conversely, perhaps he is engaged behind the scenes, and we will see some of our so-called community pillars doing pert walks.
    Comment by Rupert Noles on 09.23 at 07:55 AM

    What say you Ike? The crowd at the Common Place where you hold daily breakfast court is wagering on which side you will come down on. Be it for the majority of Gilmer’s people or the unwanted principal? It is your choice Ike, and what you do will speak volumes. Is that short leash causing you problems? You have not looked too good lately, and the locals are wondering if the restraining device is really a choke chain. Your continued silence about the principal will be taken as a vote of full confidence for her. BTW what do you think about the grade changing? Has it helped any kid you know? Moles are digging on the grade issue, and we plan to have breaking news soon. Hope you enjoy those CP breakfasts where the crowd eagerly awaits your decision. Will it be for or against the good citizens of Gilmer County?
    Comment by GCHS WATCH on 09.23 at 08:40 AM

  3. More questions than answers and rumors a plenty, that’s par for the course. People really want to know why Parents Day at GSC was canceled after the invitations were out with rsvp’s coming in and what was behind canceling the regular scheduled School Board meeting without notifying the public. Is it true that law suits may be pending over the handling of the young man’s death at GSC twiddly dee and the firing of a local reporter after being man handled by Porky Corky?

    Are they kidding about running Chapman for Commissioner this spring coming straight from the WACO camp?

    Give us a fucking break!

    Didn’t we all agree? No more Chapman, and no more teachers dirty looks from that DOG FACED woman the uptight Kight!

    Can that bitch Chapman really convince us that he’s only running because “The people” have once more pressed him into service and can’t do without him? He was threatening to kill Dave at the Gilmer Free Press just for telling the truth!

    We have plenty of witnesses that heard the former President of the Gilmer County Commission say he would kill all them terrorists!

    Do we really want the old way of threats of violence? And then that followed by threats of legal action? We have been hearing all that for years! Fuck that!

    Can Hairy Larry Chapman survive the bad press that will surely be brought to the forefront?

    Will Crooked County Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire appoint Sheriff Metz as Magistrate if Minigh steps down?

    Although the good news is the Magistrate is back and running on all cylinders from what we hear, but you can’t put nothing past these Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!

    If Mickey Metz Gilmer County Sheriff doesn’t find his way back into authority after his term is over, isn’t it true that Shelly Morris DeMarino will be the shot caller ? … And that’s why they want Metz in?

    Have we all forgotten how the Sheriff handled the FRED HILL debacle? Personally it makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.

    Maybe the new coordinator news-director at the Democrat Ronda will tell us what we are supposed to know, I mean the answers. Or will she just tell us how long Bob Henry Babers’ penis is? Well I think we know for Sarah Rutherford may just well have that answer while she is trying to wangle or even risk some more dirty knee’s to get out of the felony charges a hangin over her head for misbehaving in a sexual way.



    (09/23/2011) Grantville, West Virginia

    A man wearing a blaze orange hat and a pink backpack, reportedly nothing else, was spotted on a Grantsville street early Thursday morning.

    A 911 call at 7:05 a.m. requested the Grantsville Police Department to respond to Mill Street after spotting the older man walking down the street.

    It was not learned if officers caught up with him, but then later someone said they saw Christopher Shane Dellinger a former Grantsville Police Officer holding hands with the man while wearing the pink backpack and singing skip to my loo, all day all day! It was further said, that maybe Shane was trying to interest the man into giving him $35 dollars to take a class on preparing to get your permit to carry. A lot of Calhoun County residents are still waiting to be reimbursed for the money Shane Dellinger took from them, and then they all learned old Shane was not even qualified to give the class to get a permit. But, Dellinger does seem qualified to carry the pink pack back of a naked man running wild in the streets that is still on the loose.

    Look out for some yellow rain, and if it a comes your way don’t look up to the roof!
    ************** **** ************ ******

    Update Dateline, September 25th the day after the WVU loss to LSU… 47 to 21
    A female caller said the man that was naked from the waist down and that who mooned her, has now been identified by his ass and his ass alone!!
    She later exclaimed,
    “That Charly Blair has a really hairy ass!”
    The Grantsville Police Department charged Charley Blair with indecent exposure, after which he pled guilty in magistrate court.
    Later that day ….Blair went into a Grantsville restaurant, the owners asked him to leave. He was issued a written trespassing warning on the assumption that Charly might make an ass of himself in public, if you know what I mean.
    Blair has reportedly been homeless at times, following the destruction of his house by fire at Broomstick, and has been the subject of multiple complaints in Grantsville. Charly later declared soon after getting his citation that,
    ” I won’t be lonely long!”
    “Todd Smith is getting out of prison on the first of October and he is the leader of the fire starting cult!”

    “He will be burning places down right and left!”

  5. CCC -Tight End for GSC won't play today

    I guess GSC won’t be playing with number 11 Osmund Brown a Senior Tight End today, who is also from a school where grades didn’t matter, but they had a good drug program. They had such a good drug program at St Pauls in Virginia that the school went broke and they had to scrap the football program, which is what GSC should do and start thinking about academics.

    The football program at GSC is becoming a DANGER to the community, and had another exciting moment when number 7 Gabe Phrophet the red shirt quarterback was arrested for RAPE 90 days ago. GSC rolled craps when number 7 and 11 took a trip to CRJ and it was not OK!

  6. Readers’ Recent Comments

    100% ego and zero accountability or self discipline all due to promised and perceived protection. Sports over academics and this is what we get.

    By Who’s in Charge? on 09.24.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Football Player Behind Bars for Selling Illegal Drugs’.

    It is already established the Gilmer County Prosecutor Hough has always protected the drug dealers and never gone after them. The BIG question is WHO he is REALLY protecting????!!!!!!!!! Give you 1 guess.

    By Jack – Kansas on 09.24.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Football Player Behind Bars for Selling Illegal Drugs’.

    We keep seeing the pawns getting caught and always protected. The real problem is the king, queen, bishops, and knights protected by the GSC’s secretive Rooks.

    By Jenny13 on 09.24.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Football Player Behind Bars for Selling Illegal Drugs’.

    Another blow for GSC’s administration and its BOG. Going back before the rape trial involving “young Polly”, GSC has failed to establish and enforce a 0 tolerance policy for criminal activity. How much more goes on which is swept under the rug? GSC’s athletics program is Ike’s baby. Why doesn’t he get the criminal mess cleaned up while knowing that citizens fear crimes from the Hill? Also, why does Mr. Hough not prosecute higher ups in the drug industry’s supply chain? Too sticky because of the powerful people involved? With the bragging about GSC’s criminal justice program why can’t that resource be used to clean up our crime?

    By Charles Gardner on 09.24.2011

    From the entry: ‘GSC Football Player Behind Bars for Selling Illegal Drugs’.

  7. Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS
    September 25, 2011 at 9:33 am

    The College of LAST RESORT St Pauls in Virginia sent us a Tight End and some GOOD DOPE, come and read the full story about an entire football team that got cut before the season and the story of another college where everybody gets in regardless of grades.

    The SUPREME COMMANDER of the SS says …

    “Certainly GLENVILLE was a LAST RESORT for BROWN, and I ask, well why should GSC be a LAST RESORT for someone that is WHITE that just doesn’t give a fuck about what is good for GSC — for what is good for GSC is not necessarily what is good for ME or GLENVILLE, WV — In Celebration – Lets hear what someone WHITE says about BROWN and the LAST RESORT!:

    … just click the green link at the top of this comment or the link below to go there.

    On a side note Gerry Hough is LESS one of his gang members, and now the computers at the Democrat/Pathfinder can no longer be used for his hate site, except Cassandra Huff still has a lap top that belongs to CORKY Dave Corcoran publisher of the demo crap and pathfinder of bullshit that she has not returned and may keep for awhile to take care of some dirty work.

    Pat Ward – Waco Oil and Gas
    Leslie Ward – Glenville State College

    Cassandra Huff – FIRED FROM Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder
    Connie O – Gilmer County Commission asst
    Palmer Stephens – WV Radio group and WBRB overnight personality
    Gerald B Hough – Gilmer County Prosecutor

    Only FIVE active gang members in the Hough GANG left

  8. Tell me if I am wrong in remembering that when the young Polly case hit and Chief Moss was questioning the suspect, Tim Butcher who was the City’s attorney interfered. If that is true no wonder with Tim on GSC’s BOG and the Foundation, that there may be a perception that protection exists for students, particularly athletes, charged with crimes. Things are getting out of control at the College to cause parents to ask is drug dealing a newly accredited business program? In this area there are certainly enough experts to call in to serve as profs for the courses.

    Editors note: Rance, you must have read the play by play in the CalPatty Press as to when Timothy B Butcher, who had a son on the football team at GSC this year, broke in to a POLICE interview of a rape suspect, and then ERIK DAVIS a football player for GSC was given a carte blanch ride to a rigged court case and freedom while facing COCAINE charges in FLA.

  9. I have been looking to move to central West Virginia For the last several years and was actively looking at a home in Troy. I have very little tolerance for corruption in government and would most likely end up in direct confrontations with the “authorities “. Is the situation really as abject as it seems. Would it be any better in surrounding counties ? I really love this area and wish to spend the rest of my life there,being happy. Please advise. Thanks

    SS Member: Misery loves company Derfel! Well, hell the more the merrier I always say. Authorities? Well hell Derfel, there ain’t no authority round here! So, whats there to worry about? Come on down the waters fine!

    But, now, I was under the impression Derfel that you and your mother were captured in a raid by Britons and enslaved, and then, well you know what they say about those darn crooks from crooked county that live down by the crooked river …don’t ya?

  10. MUD FORK FIRE this morning!


    (09/26/2011) Calhoun County, WV
    Firemen are fearful that the occupants of a mobile home on Mud Fork Road near State Rt. 16, Stinson, could have perished in an early morning fire this morning

    Neighbors reported the fire at 6 a.m. Monday, with the Upper West Fork VFD responding to the scene one-tenth of a mile off State Rt. 16.

    The mobile home was occupied by a woman and man, with the woman’s 16-year-old son staying all-night at a next door neighbors house.

    Firemen were sifting through the debris as the sun came up, while trying to find information about the couples whereabouts.

    Update: Firemen were fearful that the occupants of a mobile home on Mud Fork Road near State Rt. 16, Stinson, could have perished in an early morning fire.

    About two hours later the occupants returned, reportedly indicating they went to a neighbors house.

    The occupants have been identified as Billy and Debra Melrath Cason. Their 16-year-old son stayed all-night at a next door neighbors house. They had reportedly resided at the residence for about four years

  11. CCC -Erica Paramore, Osmund Brown

    Brown and his girlfriend, Erica Paramore, were both charged with possession with intent to deliver drugs, conspiracy and child abuse causing injury after Paramore admitted to smoking marijuana belonging to Brown in the Best Western hotel in Glenville while in the presence of their child.

    Both are currently incarcerated in the Central Regional Jail in Sutton in lieu of $20,000 bond. Their preliminary hearing is scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 30 at 9:30 a.m. before Magistrate Wolfe.


    Back to where they belong?

    The US govt in 1800s paid to allow slaves to go back to Africa, if they wanted to.

    As government funds depleted, the ex-slaves became slave drivers by forcibly sending many indigenous people to work on plantations on islands off the African coast.

    Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), created a nation of fear by raping, castrating and/or otherwise dismembering those who opposed or even appeared to oppose them. Many of the soldiers were children.

    It is estimated that TEN THOUSAND Liberians live in Minneapolis now.
    A congressman is trying to get them to permanently stay.


  13. SS Research shows that GSC brought in a friend of number 11 Osmund Nathaniel Brown, number TEN Steffen Colon, who was kicked off of a prior football team for home invasion and EXPELLED, here is a comment from his former College President:

    Lackawanna College President Raymond Angeli said even though the charges against the
    students have been dropped they are still expelled because they violated the student code of conduct.

    “Our decision to expel the students is final. Whatever happened in the courts happened in the courts. Their actions put a bad light on the college,” Angeli said.

    Steffen Colon, Ascare Douglas, Jaren Elder, Jacob Free and Laquan James were arrested.

    The Central WV SS will have the story this week on RGW!!

  14. The episode at the FRN involving Waddell and Kelbe happened when Mr. Keble took off his glasses and dropped them on the table. Mr. Keble did lose his temper but he did not throw his glasses at her. Mr. Keble is a long time friend of Waddells who provided her with a place to live when she was down on her luck. In the past he was one her strongest supporters.

    There are two sides to Waddell. Do your homework. There’s a reason directors and officers left the FRN on a regular basis.

    Editors note: Right… shove your fucking homework …punta dancer! Check this out, we choose not to believe you ,cuz we heard different dumb ass! And if you want to sell a load of crap like that you came to the wrong place. Most of the people that read this site are pretty sick of lying little bitches like you.

    • Then talk to some of the other witnesses.

      Editors note: Let me tell you what is up, we know what we know and feel no need to talk to other witnesses, so don’t get me started. What we are getting tired of are dumb little bitches like yourself talking shit and thinking there are no consequences for your actions, ever, or for any other illegal or unethical act or action under the totalitarian rule that currently exists. We know what we know and you don’t know what we know, but I will tell you it all burned up a telephone line or two a while back.

      • There’s not a soul in downtown Glenville that doesn’t know of the vicious temper of the Kelbles. They’re well known for letting people know exactly what’s on their mind. Throwing fits and yelling is not acceptable at any board of directors meeting. Yes, several FRN board members and associates have quit not wanting to be associated with Waddell’s actions. Yet nothing was done when they were told why and it didn’t stop the Kelbles from putting their name around town as the bad guy. That whole board has known for years just what Donna Waddell is capable of. Just like Larry Chapman always said, “I really like her, she’s not afraid to do anything” and that’s why they kept her around. That’s why they brought John Bennett and GCEDA members on board and why they always keep a community member at large who’ll vote their way.

        Just like at GSC, the Board of Ed and the Courthouse, it’s never a problem until outside authorities start to ask questions. Then low and behold, the leaders don’t have any knowledge of what’s happening and “never told her to do that”, “she did that on her own”, “didn’t know anything about it” and “we’ll get rid of her”. How much money did she get this time? Did she have to return it before they changed the locks on the place and brought the Substance Abuse Coordinator over into her spot? Truth, it’s not in em.

  15. WARNING -- Council of Concerned Citizens alert for Gilmer County!

    The five men encountered the two women around 11 p.m. Saturday, pushing one woman against a wall and forcing their way into the apartment of the other, police allege. Police, dispatched on a report of shots fired, arrived and detained the men as they tried to escape the apartment, police said.

    Read more:

    Steffan Colon, 22 and quarterback for GSC football team was one of those men!

    Is this what GERRY HOUGH and The Barr CODE at GSC try so hard to protect?

  16. CITIZENS SPEAK OUT on the FREE PRESS! QB of GSC FOOTBALL TEAM was expelled from another college for being arrested!

    Finally we have someone doing some investigative reporting. This is NOT a story you would see coming from the democrat/pathfinder.

    Our local newspaper has actually assisted the county court system in publishing false information about a court case that became the first case out of Gilmer County to go to the US SUPREME COURT in Washington DC with false evidence knowingly brought by Gilmer County and the State of WV.

    It is all a matter of well documented history now.

    This type of reporting took some digging from someone.

    Obviously the work done for no pay is far superior to the work done for pay, given the fact that this story was NOT handed to the GFP like a press release, for some well prepared delivery destined to fool the public into thinking one of our public officials is doing fine things for the community—when it is ALL A LIE and the same person is only striving for self gain in reality.
    Comment by Council of Concerned Citizen on 09.28 at 07:10 AM

    A need exists for an in-depth evaluation to determine if GSC’s Foundation funded athletes who have dishonored the College. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 with token accountability for how its money is spent. Citizens are hounded to donate to the Foundation. We know that a GSC employee contacts family members of a deceased alum to beg for money in a time of emotional vulnerability. When money is donated and it goes into the general fund, its use is determined by individuals who administer the organization. It is believed by many that a major role of the Foundation is to fund IKE’s athletics program. When individuals inquire about the Foundation’s spending practices there is stone walling by GSC personnel with personal attacks against those who ask questions. If one accesses GSC’s website to learn who serves on the Foundation there are no unexpected surprises. Similar to everything in Gilmer County the I. L. Morris family is well represented.
    Comment by Wally Moore on 09.28 at 07:48 AM

    Colleges recruit candidates for what they are good at. If we keep seeing football players committing rapes and engage in drug related activities, and since the college has neither rape nor drug dealing on its programs, then is somebody else with more say using and catering the criminals for a bigger program not related to education? Do we have white color criminals recruiting and using these people? It is absolutely behind comprehension. I have seen Ike’s name used often as the major supporter, I have also seem Tim Butcher of Butcher & Butcher in support of the criminal. Butchers have been on board of governors and Ike’s wife is the president … doesn’t it make you wonder? We should not forget about multiple softball, basketball, and football coaches arrested or forced to resign for intoxication, rape, sleeping with players, and drugs. This is a scary town. Our law enforcement tries, and then we have a prosecutor who does NOTHING, but tries to talk big.
    Comment by too scared to tell on 09.28 at 09:13 AM

    Let’s not blame it all on students. GSC needs a strictly enforced policy of conduct for its Board of Governors, coaches, and all members of its list of organizations including the Foundation, Housing Corporation, Research Corporation, Gilmer Housing Partners (presently a defendant in a Federal Lawsuit), etc. A tipping point has been reached and alumns, students, and citizens of central WV have had enough. A good starting point for restoring confidence in GSC would be for Dr. Barr and all Board of Governor members to immediately tender their resignations. They are in firm control, and with the information age and widespread computer literacy, unbecoming conduct at all levels at GSC will no longer go undetected and unreported. Thank you GFP!
    Comment by Rosco Adams on 09.28 at 10:44 AM

    Just do a search for this individuals’ name.
    You can watch TV video. Five in handcuffs.
    Now this has been imported to our community?
    After seeing this, I’d bet if we take the list of sports players, do a name by name web search, we will start to shudder in our homes.
    You have to conclude that the college does not ‘police’ or investigate who they recruit or hire?
    Think also, wasn’t there a burglary attempt by a college uniform wearing employee?
    Folks, we better prepare?
    Lock and load?
    Gilmer County deserves better than this.

    Comment by keep diggin’ y’all on 09.28 at 10:49 AM

    Maybe college should rename the Criminal Justice Training Center to Morris Criminal Activity Center!
    Comment by Just A Thought on 09.28 at 10:54 AM

    To Rosco:
    You are absolutely correct. It is not really the players fault for being on the team or at the college. It is the decision makers who are drawing paychecks and are not doing their jobs. Do we have to wait until we have more rapes at the college? Or breaking and entering like the college cop did? Additional drug dealings? Or perhaps another Freddie! It is absolutely a disgrace what the powers in charge are doing to the community, faculty, staff, and the good students at GSC. It makes you think since they are not doing anything about it they must be part of it and benefiting from it.

    Comment by James19532 on 09.28 at 11:04 AM

    Why can’t GSC require all recruits to sign a waiver authorizing the college to have access to their juvenile criminal history? Are they not supposed to sign a form that states they have never been convicted of a felony? Certainly it’s not too much to ask those being awarded a scholarship to disclose any juvenile arrests, particularly those involving violence, weapons or drugs. Or is it? Or do the decision makers want to?
    Comment by AJB on 09.28 at 04:06 PM

    GSC has made a big investment in football program. There should be a screening process for both recruits and coaches before any decisions are made. The college and not just the athletic department should have a process to check to make sure whether a coach or player’s prior history poses a risk. Very simple, unless the current policy does not require it or the college just does not care to do it.
    Comment by Rno432 on 09.28 at 04:20 PM

  17. Heard it a told that Jim Ball from Ball Bails Bonds had a boyfriend that may be dead and died on Saturday. Does anyone know if this buddy boy died from aids or what? Jim Ball an obvious come from behind kind of guy is the individual that kept “Hot Toddy” out on bail even though Smith would continually be arrested in other counties on felony charges. Smiths bail was never revoked until sent to prison. Ball is relative of Christopher Todd Smith who was allowed to walk on assault charges of beating up his girlfriend in Glenville. Lunacy Lucy of the Cult was found dead in HOT TODDY’S bed seven months later. Had Ball in the rear view not very long ago, and heard he was a following some people all around town. Not a guy you want sneaking up on you from behind, and that is for obvious reasons.Dude is like ZED or something … weird!

  18. CITIZENS SPEAK OUT on the FREE PRESS! QB of GSC FOOTBALL TEAM was expelled from another college for being arrested! PART TWO

    Anyone who knows marketing basics confirms that there is a consumer, a retailer, and higher up there is a distributor immediately below the manufacturer or producer. At each step in the marketing process down to the consumer, money changes hands. Why is it that in Gilmer County the only ones to be busted are consumers and small time retailers, but never anyone higher up the drug trade food chain? Mr. Hough, is our local drug tzar politically protected or too clever for you to nail?
    Comment by Elmer Nesbit on 09.28.2011

    i used to enjoy being out at night last semester, not anymore. i hear low-life students out in front of/inside goodwin hall almost any time of day/night, loud racket, needless racial comments, harassment to several female students in the dorm rooms, drug and alcohol busts. i do thank the gsc public safety for all they do, and i do believe that they are doing all they can do to keep this place safe and secure. let the athletic players and others play the “race” card. tell them “go back to where you came from”! there are at least 2000 people very outraged, concerned, disappointed, and tired of the lack of respect that the student athletes and and a few other general students have for the college, the town, the county, and its’ students. last but not least, end the “open admissions” policy. it is time that we “take out the trash”!
    we are the glenville state college pioneers, not the 3rd class state high school for trash!

    Comment by small town wv boy on 09.29.2011

    All these criminal activities on GSC campus and the stories that we have not seen published is making every parent of a GSC student asking themselves the question: is my child be safe on campus? The way the administration has be reacting and the lack of it the answer is YES.
    Comment by anonymous on 09.29.2011

    With all the secrecy, and the attitude of GSC president and his supporters, Glenville State must have the worst crime records.

    Comment by judy [8] on 09.29.2011

    Isn’t it odd that we never hear any public comment or reaction from GSC officials when these arrests are made? Rather than assuring the public they would not tolerate these activities, attempts are always made to cover-up the issue. Have you tried to contact Dr. Barr? Good luck! He is always, in a meeting, on the phone, talking to someone, or not there. Why? Why? Why?
    Comment by Why? on 09.29.2011

    GSC’s criminal activities and bad P R is destroying Glenville State College, a can be promising school, as well as damaging the lives of decent students. Does Campus Public Safety know about the criminal conducts? Why don’t they make arrests and set examples rather than the secrecy? They have been informed by multiple sources that football players providing drugs to and engaging in sex and rape in Goodwin Hall. Who is the college protecting? The criminals? Why not the victims?
    Comment by Scared Student on 09.29.2011

    GSC’s formula for hiring a public safety officer: Bring in an x-football player, a criminal and give him a uniform! Then he goes off campus, in uniform, breaks into a house and threatens an innocent woman.
    And we never hear from the GSC’s hopeless president.

    Comment by Hope on 09.29.2011

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