Learned Teachings of Totalitarianism are taught at the POWER ELITE SCHOOL — Glenville State College — High atop Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

By Free Bird Reporter – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator – Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The list of respected citizens and alumni who were so proud of GSC would fill a book. Many people that we know love and are related to graduated from GSC. Even my own grandmother, aunt, father and a cousin or two are graduates. It is painful for them to know that one of their own is so caught up in reporting how bad it has gotten. Or, even more importantly, to be frequently educating the public to all of the new dangers that have come with modern times! It all boils down to  little known sociological term called eco-centrism and the uniqueness about GSC and Glenville. What is different about Glenville State College is that it teaches by example how to run  a totalitarian form of government!

“Feudalism doesn’t get any better in West Virginia than in a place known to many as ‘Crooked County’ that is located down by the Crooked River… “

Tau Kappa Epsilon known as TKE takes credit for teaching Carly Hough the daughter to Gilmer County Prosecuting Attorney Gerry Hough to, “PULL those PANTIES to the SIDE” …soon Carly was being passed around TKE like a joint of Marijuana taking part in underage drinking, over age drinking, on campus drinking, and the kind of partying that gets your fraternity kicked off campus and the building torn down! Carly back in 2010 accused Gilmer County citizens on the Gilmer FREE PRESS of a FERPA violation in regards to her school transcripts, when in reality, it has now been found out her father Gerry Hough while a member of the faculty is the only attorney on record in WV for receiving a reprimand by the ODC for a FERPA VIOLATION and the article was recently published by the West Virginia Record. We only have one thing to say about that … “Pull those Panties to the Side Carly!” Carly Hough is shown in this photograph obeying the TKE command and she is about to show us what she’s got!

Now, with zero expectations for academic performance per President Peter Barr and the no consequences attitude of our Sheriff and Prosecutor, Glenville State College is importing football players with known drug dealing involvement and a history of violence then they call home invaders security guards.  When the college has to boost its enrollment statistics based on the theory that if you can throw a football you can come to GSC on a scholarship…

It all has to make you wonder, what’s really going on?

Is the financial situation that bad?

Please don’t tell me that every girl at GSC is a slut and asked for it because the football players are just that cool.

We have learned this week that Football players at GSC are not RAP stars and they are not Michael Vick of the NFL, hell, our QB Steffan COLON was a former football player and a former student of a college that expelled his dumb ass for acting like a gangster, getting arrested, and then embarrassing the shit out of the college. Once the story hit the TV stations that cat was out of the bag, and the only place lower to go was Glenville, WV and GSC!!

How did GSC this once nationally respected school for Teachers drop to a fourth tier liberal arts poor excuse for an institution of higher learning? A college that boost admissions through no qualifications – if you play football! A college that teaches you how to deal your drugs and teaches you how to kick down – rape a girl or a brand new co-ed or five – and then bring your baby mama to the hotel to sling some hash and hide some stash!

Well one way is to get headlines like these …

Glenville Football Player and Girlfriend Face Drug Charges

New transfer and tight end OSMUND BROWN looks good in ORANGE at CRJ where it is not OK to bring in good drugs to the Best Western in Glenville and turn out all the hotties on dope with the sanction of IL Morris and the Power Elite of Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf was first to report this arrest:

Osmund Nathaniel Brown

Osmund Nathaniel Brown is the dude that got busted after his black girlfriend complained about Brown taking some pink from a younger and much hotter white chick and she wasn’t gonna go for the sloppy seconds, so she got pissed about all the green handed out to the pinker white  pink, and then dudes BITCH turned into what they used to call a black fink and the green got scattered to the wind as the mean white cops busted Brown and took him downtown  …. and then for a little trip to CRJ where it was NOT OK, because Gerry (I’m always right because I’m always white) Hough was not there to let another criminal go!

And you say to yourself, but how does this happen over and over again at GSC?

Well, here is how!

“Osmund Brown, a Saint Paul’s junior, is in talks with Glenville State, a Division II school in West Virginia. He’s lucky, he says, because Glenville State has only one tight end and a lot of FREE END where all the girls are under some Barr Code or something ..”

Been expelled elsewhere? …then get it FREE at GSC!!

Five Lackawanna College students in PA were arrested for allegedly making threats and demanding money from two women, Steffan Colon, 22 (shown in blue) the QB wearing the number 10 for the GSC Pioneers Football team was one of those five and expelled from college! But, GSC hooked Steffan COLON right up!

Triggering the offense is transfer quarterback Steffen Colon from Saint Paul’s College Va.

Adam Swingle and Osmund Brown, who transferred with Colon, are the tight ends.

Steffan Colon, 22  number 10 and quarterback of the Glenville State Football team was one of five men arrested for strong arm robbery of two women when he was a student at another college.  The police report of the incident read:

“The five men encountered the two women around 11 p.m. Saturday, pushing one woman against a wall and forcing their way into the apartment of the other, police allege. Police, dispatched on a report of shots fired, arrived and detained the men as they tried to escape the apartment!”
Read more: http://thetimes-tribune.com/five-lackawanna-college-students-arrested-for-burglary-threats-1.365825?firstComment=80#ixzz1ZQ0OMzRz

Another alleged GSC FOOTBALL PLAYER rapist at GSC getting special treatment. This GSC student was arrested for RAPE but the preliminary hearing has NOT BEEN HELD in a timely manner.

Then there is GABE PHROPHET who was arrested for rape last June, but there still has been no preliminary hearing and no rush from the Gilmer County  Prosecutor Gerald B Hough to move this alleged rape case forward.

While you’re at it, since when does the President become a land speculating, college fund borrowing, money grubbing, political player of the game to get his own employees and students into local office in an attempt to be part of the control the economy crowd?

Who is writing this playbook?

Substance abuse has long been perceived to be a problem of the inner city. However, alcohol abuse is also a problem in rural areas and illicit drugs have infiltrated towns of every size. Today, adults and young teens in rural areas are just as likely to abuse substances as those in larger metropolitan areas. Gilmer County is fast becoming a prime example.

Where is the video camera surveillance with 24 hour security observation and documented walk through inside the college? 

Do the adults in charge just go home evenings and weekends saying see you later? 

“If the BOG at GSC can afford to fix up Peter Barr’s house, buy him a car and invest in crooked real estate deals the college can afford to watch over their charges!!”

“There should be nothing more important!”


I remember when I L “IKE” Morris stated at the Ground Breaking for the GSC Pioneer Center…

“That regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County”

Well it seems to me like a lot of people have been hurt since then, and that was just last July!

First it was the Morris criminal justice center, and then Goodwin Hall and now the huge construction project to build the latest bullshit Pioneer Center. There are a lot of ways for money to be made on a big construction project and IL Morris knows them all!

“LOOK …Shasta!!” “I know you can ‘smell’ where I been!” “I can tell by the look on your face, ya always had the best nose out of the litter!” “Listen, you are going to have to go live with my sister over in Wood County for awhile, while mama makes some mula. IL told me I could pick up a few extra dollars entertaining the construction worker fellers from out of town. I got to get the electric turned back on, and our slum lord landlord won’t fix the plumbing, so sorry, but we got to do it this way!”

IKE has plenty of connections, he has Brian Kennedy a county commissioner running his restaurant and bar. Business is just starting to pick up since all the other bars and restaurants have been closed down or gone belly up for one reason or another.

IL Morris has endless connections like, Phil Reale former General Counsel, Waco Oil & Gas, and Phil can hook Ike up with people like James Fealy!

Ike can make some calls, get things done and make some serious cash a hundred different ways!

Glenville State College’s Assistant Coach Dave, McEntire was responsible for coaching the defensive line was arrested for Driving Under Influence (DUI). Dave was taken to Central regional Jail and then Peter Barr covered up the entire matter! Nothing like Crooked County for style and grace!!

Fealy previously served as Executive Director of the Gilmer County Economic Development Association, a post he held for ten years. During his tenure with GCEDA, Fealy was instrumental in luring the Federal Bureau of Prisons to construct a $145 million medium-security prison employing nearly 300 people, which if you remember all the bullshit about how many jobs that was going to bring to the community and as it turned out that project didn’t bring hardly job one, it was all a big lie and IKE and his friends made all the money and all we got was a backed up sewage problem that stinks to high heaven out of the deal! Somehow it doesn’t seem fair!

Fealy helped the County secure nearly 14 million in grants for the infrastructure improvements needed to make the project a reality, and got kicked back more money than you can shake a stick at buddy…

What a guy! 

Phil forgot to mention Jim’s past history in Weston and his cousin Mayor John Tucci but I think we get the picture.

The Morris clan donated the land for the savior of us all’ Federal Prison land and coordinated any grants that funded the construction via political influence in return. 

All Fealy had to do was sit back,  take the money and the credit.

The man didn’t even take the time to manage his own secretary (which he just had to have) as he was never in the free rent office which couldn’t even afford to fix a copier as there was never enough money for anyone but him. 

Appointed by the Gilmer County Commission who created the Industrial Development Association to represent them in economic development, he left when he couldn’t get a raise with full time benefits and ran to his buddy in Charleston as quickly as he could.  Oddly enough when he left, none of the records could be found, none according to Larry Chapman, Reta Kight , Pounds and Ratliff.

Stacey Rae Adkins, 22 of GSC Coaching staff at CRJ!! "Who the hell let my dog out, they are getting their ass beat!" …got to throwing blows over her dog getting loose! Stacey went to jail a bit battered herself, obviously someone was hitting back.

So long Jim and hello Misty Drennan.  She didn’t last long as the poor thing spent so much time on her marital problems, Larry Chapman and her boyfriend while trying to get a paycheck – the writing was on the wall for GCEDA – but Chapman just had to have her.    She got out with about $32,000 all told. Pounds left the Board and Ratliff became President.  They did end the year with some cash thanks to the Commission paying all of their bills to make it happen.  When she left, there were no records to be found.  Possibly because nothing was done.  She threatened to sue cause they never gave her the promised title and pay with being the Director but they smoothed that over PDQ.

Then they used a secretary to keep the office open for a few months but there isn’t even a recorded salary paid to her on the 990 report.  Who wrote the paycheck and once again where are the records but that’s not the end.  They brought on H & R Blocks Anna James as Treasurer,  hired Christine Dilworth who got about $12,058 by the end of  2007, $6,250 in 2008 and then they sent Ratliff to fire her.  Once again, they say there were no records left in the office.  Dilworth  threatened to sue so they put her on the FRN Board and gave her a reference. 

Here, again, it was discovered by a Charleston study that the GCEDA had not properly registered with the state for their charitable status as a non-profit for the purpose of getting the grants they used to sustain that office payroll. That’s all they ever sustained.

Drinking beer is normal for college students as Lizzie Butcher of the infamous Butcher Bitches points out! GSC’s criminal activities of student athletes and bad Public Relations is destroying Glenville State College. Who is the college protecting? The criminals?

A complete accounting needs to be done, but Gilmer County has been too involved in the habit of stealing for that, but it needs to happen. An accounting should happen, but the past is the past in Gilmer County and accountability is a joke because no one is over seeing the overseers. 

“The good old boys run the show and that’s what you get for your money in a Totalitarian Town in Gilmer County down by the Crooked River!”

That did it, the office was moved down to H & R Block on Main Street for Anna to run yet another small boards money with no need for accountability, moved the board meetings which used to be in the Commission room at the Courthouse with free lunch for all and totally got away from any public scrutiny.

Ike took the free lunch to the Best Western where Board President Chapman is an investor. 

Reta Kight (who used to work for Anna) was gone, Chapman becomes best friend and overseer and the next thing you know he’s the full time paid Director of GCEDA! What a crock!

Chapman follows in Fealy’s footsteps, and that’s a literal nightmare!

“It was all coordinated, believe it, for this is a TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY we live in here in Glenville, WV and IKE is letting the college see how it is all done  and leading by example!”

Now the powers that be are conspiring to get Chapman and or Kight back on the county commission by hook or crook!

In Gilmer County they make their own rules because we live in a totalitarian society and if IKE gets in a jam he makes some calls, and  Senator BIG JOE Manchin checks with his wife and tells her whats up.

An eyewitness account states that Rick Moore-GSC Softball coach actually was forced to resign… he went to the softball girls house or somewhere in which team Rick Moore Head Softball Coach at the College in Glenville, West Virginia gave new meaning to "Swinging Dicks of GSC"! players were all hanging out and RICK MOORE took his penis out and was shaking it in front of a bunch of team members and other girls present!!! WOW!! What an education for our youngsters up on Dracula’s Hill!!

 Gayle Manchin, the once powerful wife of the Governor, and the current powerful wife of a US Senator makes some calls and the next thing you know the Gilmer County Schools are being controlled by the state.

And it so goes … in the feudal society down by the Crooked River!


“Peter Barr” President at GSC  is author of the BARR CODE, “Don’t lay on your back unless he is Black!”

“Peter Barr” who has condoned several rapes on campus and most likely will be involved with the “COVER UP” of the latest RAPE of a young woman allegedly by GABE Phrophet Football player for GSC, but hell,  it all has become a Morris family tradition now!

Could it be that the Morris family tradition is to control the drug trade too? Is the recent drug arrest with little consequence of DOUG COTTRILL a key employee in the Morris organization any kind of indication that ole Ike has got a lock on the Cocaine, marijuana and pill trade too?

Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE. In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen). Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS. Two bags of weed were also found by Police. The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics event.

Factors contributing to substance abuse in this region include poverty, unemployment, underemployment and the isolation of rural areas, a perfect situation for IKE’S people to control.

Substance abuse results in crime including buying and selling drugs, driving while intoxicated, and disorderly conduct, rape, murder, theft, gun play along with derailed academic and vocational trajectories.

“Glenville has seen it all and we know the WALRUS is not PAUL it is Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy!

According to an MSNBC report 1 in 4 college students graduate hooked on pills and pot and 25% will have used Meth.  Marijuana has long been known as the cash crop of West Virginia.


From the Gilmer County Circuit Court docket we have the following rape cases that have been dispensed with, and there was little or no publicity informing the public of these important sexual assaults, as usual. This type of controlled print journalism was the topic of our last article at RGW!

• An old bound over RAPE case (09-BO-24) from magistrate court, State of West Virginia vs. Edwin Dale Kennison

Kennison was dismissed without prejudice and his bond was released.

He was represented by Matthew Thorn and Natalie Stull of Morgantown.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2011 Judge Alsop presided over a jury trial in the case of

• State of West Virginia vs. Felix Aviles, Jr.

The jury found defendant NOT GUILTY and he was released from bond.

Aviles was represented by David Karickhoff of Sutton.

It’s very interesting to note that neither of the rape cases got a guilty verdict. Even though the Edwin Dale Kinnison case was bound over by magistrate court and the court found probable cause, Gerry Hough refused to prosecute the case in order to salvage the image of GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE the number one college for rape in West Virginia.

I find it interesting that the Kinnison rape case was just formally dismissed days ago!

Lizzie Butcher shows her friend how to have fun in the Ville (on the right with tongue) -- her daddy was on the Board of Governors at GSC -- and now her Uncle Timmy Butcher took his place. A lingering issue for GSC deals with the highly publicized A. J. Woofter estate. There is belief that a beneficiary got inadequate end-of-life care, GSC got money, and Tim Butcher and R Terry Butcher as public figures associated with GSC, cashed in handsomely!

It has been more than a year since Hough told the Parkersburg News and Sentinel he would not be pursing the case against Kennison due to “A lack of evidence.”

The federal prison guard,  Felix Aviles, Jr. allegedly broke down a door ripped a woman’s clothes off and attempted to rape her, but he was found not guilty in a Crooked County Circuit Court. Isn’t that interesting? And this case was manipulated with a hand picked jury, and guess who the defense counsel was in this case…..David Karickhoff, the same attorney that got Everett Campbell off a murder charge when he killed Mark Medley in cold blood with a 357 and the same defense counsel to get Erik Davis a football player at GSC off of a rape charge.

They used the’ go to defense counsel of the POWER ELITE, ” David Karickoff,” who used to work with Butcher and Butcher back in the day.

Karickoff, is the same attorney we mentioned in a previous article that we thought should defend Gabe Phrophet, but now realize that Gerald B Hough is going to “Not” live up to his responsibility as a prosecutor and let the case go on without a preliminary hearing and the case will be dropped for lack of prosecution.

These types of criminal action taken by the Power Elite will not be condoned or tolerated by the people of Gilmer County and let this statement stand in notice of our dissatisfaction of the criminal element that has infiltrated public office and has brought forth rulings and circumstances that are counter productive to the safety of the community.

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  1. CITIZENS SPEAK OUT on the FREE PRESS! QB of GSC FOOTBALL TEAM was expelled from another college for being arrested! PART THREE

    GSC lacks a PR person to respond rapidly and truthfully when negative news hits. Also, there are major concerns about GSC’s legal issues in addition to the drugs scandal. With Tim Butcher’s association with the College for decades and R.T. Butcher’s serving on the BOG, why do those problems exist when the two public figures had decades of legal experience? Counting the federal lawsuit against the Gilmer Housing Partners, citizens understand that two more are ongoing. One pertains to disputed land ownership at the new dorm’s site and the second relates to an estate issue with the American Baptist Church. Why are facts for the lawsuits withheld? A lingering issue for GSC deals with the highly publicized A. J. Woofter estate. There is belief that a beneficiary got inadequate end-of-life care, GSC got money, and B&B as public figures associated with GSC, cashed in handsomely. Why not full disclosure for this one? Maybe the adverse opinions would prove to be invalid.
    Comment by Brian P. Moore on 09.29.2011

    There is no point in paying a PR person if leadership feels it is beneath them to deal with the “Public”?
    The majority of the funding used to run the institution comes from the taxpayer. If they can’t bother to let the public know where to send condolence at the loss of a student, why would they want to communicate honestly about their financial situation or hiring practice, fee details, admission requirements or anything else?

    Comment by They’re Above It All on 09.29.2011

    To Scared Student, Hope and
    our whole community.
    Questions. Always questions.
    First) Do you suppose GSC Security employees have concerns their job and family security? (Like the recent GCHS poll)

    Second) Did Dr. Barrs’ office state ‘no disciplinary action’ when contacted (about the burglary) per GFP report?

    Third) Could it be that our local unsolved murder will not be investigated/prosecuted until the current Sheriff’s term is up?

    Fourth) Do you think the BOG will respond to any comment, when they have been totally silent about all the issues raised?

    Fifth) Any chance GSC Administration will change anything they do or the way they do it, for the community as a whole?

    Sixth) Everyone knows the worth of ‘word of mouth advertising’. How will ‘student word of mouth’ effect future enrollments?

    Seventh) How does reducing a rape charge down to a trespassing charge, help Gilmer County, other than putting bad guys back on our streets?

    Eighth) Does the college criminal justice class do background checks on new employees, athletes, etc.? If not, why not?

    Ninth) Does it appear that the GC School System debacle, our local court system arrest issues, and the college sports/drug issues are all intertwined?

    Tenth) Why do we not hear anything from our local law enforcement? Sheriff, police chief, state police about what their plans are, for getting this under control?

    Eleventh) Can college administrators, be so focused on enrollment, fundraising, and building projects, that they cannot see what is happening right next to them?

    Twelth) Don’t you bet that faculty and staff see what is happening all around them?
    Obvious Observations:
    —-This old saw now proven wrong. It has always been said, “whats good for the college is good for the community”. Not.

    —-Anyone except a ‘blind’ person can ‘see’ the common connection in all these drug, rape, burglary arrests.
    —-How much of our local tax dollars are being spent to arrest and prosecute (hopefully) all of these crimes?

    —-Does this big escalation in local crimes make us feel safer in our own community?

    —-Covering this mess will, in the long run, hurt the college, the population, local revenues, student enrollments will suffer.
    Do not expect improvement in any of these areas, unless the community organizes. But with organization we can bring about positive change in our community.

    Do not fear. With organization, we as a community, we can bring action, positive action to bear in our community.
    I strongly suspect that the college student body may well help in this issue. We need to ask them for their help. They have just as much, maybe more to gain, than the rest of us in the community. They live smack in the middle of it all. I hope they will step forward.
    We do not need to be violent. Petitions to elected officials. Petition our local legislators. Petition our elected congressional representatives. Our Governor. Newspaper releases out of the county. Web articles. Contact investigative reporters in the national news media.
    If we remain silent—-we have all ready lost. If we are vocal we will win.

    Comment by keep diggin y’all on 09.30.2011

    Keep Digging, good suggestion to enlist GSC’s students. Their involvement would be powerful in eliminating GSC’s illegal drug culture, preventing rapes and other crimes, promoting academics instead of athletics, solving chronic parking problems, and restoring free access to information to which citizens in a democracy are entitled. Students would be smashed if they tried to use GSC’s paper as a change agent. Their emphasis should be on using the electronic media similar to what brave students did in Egypt, Syria, and Libya to fight for liberty. Elenore Roosevelt advocated our fighting for freedom abroad, but she cautioned that we must always strengthen it at home. Like it or not, freedom is threatened in Gilmer County, and all of us must get involved in a strengthening process. With solidarity we can overcome crime, corruption, mismanagement at all levels, dominance by a select few, and we can help get GSC re-established as a premier institution of higher learning in WV.
    Comment by GSC ALUM on 09.30.2011

  2. Crooked County Crooks - Original home of the WV SS

    Now with Trezans closed down and the recent closing of the Lion’s Lair, could it be that IKE wants to make his restaurant and bar that he has Brian Kennedy running the only game in town? Will the elite kick up the club back to their pals the Campbell family with Leslie out in front to put back and old Main Event back up on the alcohol selling board? Hell they all had a good thing going before the place was raided last time!

    • OLD Status Quo for drugs will prevail

      I didn’t know they had officially closed Trezans but this comment is right on the money. Weed is at the Pub, Coke, Meth and pills at Kennedy’s. The old status quo for drugs will prevail but I wonder if it will be Campbells coming in or if they will have to give Frank another throw, since they took so much of his money last time. If you have money you can get the good coke and the KYNDE buds from the mansion out from the VILLE a ways.

  3. The rumors are flying that Cassandra Huff is now working for Revenge of the Ghost and about to do an exclusive revealing piece about CORKY aka Dave Corcoran and the underhanded things he has done lately including bad journalism.

    Get an inside look at the unsavory activities of the local print press publisher, the man that often smells like piss, but yet nobody can tell us why. Finally some more pictures of the Butcher Bitches courtesy of bad boy and elite snitch Gary Collins our local photographer dude are available for publication, and now thanks to Cassandra Huff an inside look at the man who really likes to drink and write articles that stink Dave CORKY Corcoran!

    I say it is HIGH TIME to do a TOTALLY NUDE LAYOUT of the Butcher Bitches, but, this time by placing a link to a site licensed for X rated or in case of the Butcher Bitches a site that allows Glenville Girl on Glenville Girl and of course we need to post the famous BOX BANGING BUTCHER BITCH BEACH BLANKET BINGO video for elite family viewing too!

    All of those in favor, say …..”I”

    Ay yi yi!

  4. Consolidated Citizens Corp - Elkins - "KEMO SABE"

    It would be very easy to say NO to Cassandra Huff after all that crap she put up on Gerry Hough’s hate site. In fact, remember when Lisa wore that bright orange life jacket all day because she was so fucking high and had been up for almost two days. Being that close to the Crooked River and with KILLERS on the loose in Glenville, you know the ones that killed Fred Hill, wouldn’t it be safer to have one’s own personal flotation device handy?

    Truly, I think Cassandra Huff better come to the table with an apology that includes a complimentary blow job. Quite frankly unless she is sucking my dick, I hope that I don’t see her around town, for that bob bob bobbin would be about all I have the patience for after all the damage that dumb whore has caused.

    Nothing personal.

  5. 10 Year Plan Meeting a Bust!
    Guess who wants the money?

    Surprise, surprise, surprise… Ron Blankenship and Nasia Butcher gave a party to shove the new 10 year facilities plan for Gilmer County education down our throats and nobody came. Why bother, no input was requested and there was no suggestion box. Not even one representative of the “Only good press for the Board” Glenville Democrat bothered to attend.

    The two schools planned to be built on Butcher owned property in Glenville and Linn property owned by Desi Garrett.


    Read All About It! 10 Year Plan Meeting a Bust! Guess who wants the money? If you have been wondering what the hell has been going on in Glenville, then click the green link to this comment and head on over to the FULL STORY posted on the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS and see the entire layout with chart!

    Come learn about the communist take over by the BUTCHERS, BLANKENSHIP and the ELITE In Charleston WV!!

    Click this GREEN LINK at the top of the comment to go there!

    SS MEMBER: Charleston, you need to cut the strings of this puppet or are you controlled as well? If there was any justification for this take over other than political do something now bitches!

  6. Cosmos Communicator - “Pull those Panties to the Side Carly!”

    “Pull those Panties to the Side Carly!”

    What goes around comes around you dumb bitch !!

  7. Roseann Turner

    A lengthy presentation on the crimes in Glenville that have not been mentioned including the cover up of a rape up hwy 33 will be on the agenda, and then to be reviewed in a submission to the underground press. Evidence does exist. Documents can be copied and sent. I want to know why was (censored) a local black youth and high school football player not arrested or reprimanded for raping a 16 year old girl at that party at Shelly Morris DeMarino’s house last January, which led to (censored name) being taking against her will and she ended up (censored) and had to go out of state to(censored) for an (censored) and that is not the end of it. Even though law enforcement in Gilmer County is fully aware a crime was committed still, (censored) is free to rape again and what does Ike Morris think of his (censored)

    (Rest of comment censored by Central WV SS)

  8. “The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!”

    A SECRET SOCIETY is discovered in Glenville, WV and reads like a who’s who of Power Elite, just click on the green link on this comment to go to the front page article at the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS

  9. Was Christopher Todd Smith of West Virginia released?

    In answer to that question, Hot Toddy was released from prison yesterday on the first of October. We know of at least one indictment in Calhoun County for Smith, and we don’t know if he has been picked up on that charge and we also know he was facing another felony or two in Lewis County. Depending on the procedure of if they run a check for warrants before you are released, depends on whether he is still in custody. Last we heard, Cassandra Huff was working with Gerry Hough to contact Smith upon his release so they could coordinate an attack on one of our citizens, according to what HUFF wrote on Gerry Houghs hate site. Nice.

  10. RGW -Shyloh Tant is DEAD

    Shyloh Tant is dead, and quite frankly, this is not a bad thing at all. This man was pure evil and was a drunken whack job with a gun.

    Shyloh Tant can’t say he wasn’t getting fucked up the ass by Jim Ball the bail bonds dude, cuz he was. And dude was his boss and he looked like a guy named hoss, but now he is just as dead as Fred.

    Shyloh was even allowed to hand cuff people when he was only a civilian, not a cop. Everyone would talk about how he was a nark for Ball when Ball was a Sutton cop. Well “SHYLOH” which is a good name for a dog, died Saturday nite in his home last week, a trailer that was rented from Jim Ball. Crystal was Tants chick and Tant had 2 little boys with Crystal and their trailer is in Gilmer.

    Shyloh Tant was Ball’s Boyfriend too, not just Crystals. What a fucking trip, your local bail bondsman was getting his dick sucked by a dude with a dogs name.

    Jim Ball and a man named Bobby Hartman paid for Tant’s funeral. SHYLOH he was a buried Thursday the 29th of September, according to relatives.

    It is believed it was Alcohol/drug death. SS sources will not know what drugs until toxicology test reports come back, and that could be weeks.

    Crystal works at a local gas station and someone should tell her that her husband owes a member of the SS some serious fucking cash, and that he was not very well liked and has some pissed off enemies that we are well acquainted with.

    In fact, some are disappointed he died, because some members of the SS truly wanted to kick his SHYLOH ass back to wherever it was he came from and we don’t give a fuck!

    CRYSTAL asked SHYLOH to watch the kids for her Saturday while she worked. A paramedic that must live close was having a party and Tant said I’m not watching those fucking little s o b’s. or something to that effect. The DOG FACE man supposedly went to the party.

    So Crystal took the boys to a relative/friend. She went home after work and Shyloh broke in on her during the nite and started beating her.

    CRYSTAL said that BIG UGLY DOG FACE SHYLOH’S pupils were black and covered the color of his eyes. Even the whites started changing color from the bad drugs DOUG MORRIS and the Power Elite are bringing in that the dog faced boy took at the party.

    SHYLOH was pulling her hair out, beat her from one end of the trailer to the other, abused her sexually in her private area, and she has had a blood clot in one of her legs, he was pulling her by that leg on top of her, she kicked him off of her, when he hit the floor, he never got up after Crystal kicked the holy fuck out of that dumb asshole

    Crystal called Jim ball because the elite Mafia never call the cops, and Ball came with a paramedic. They couldn’t revive him. SHYLOH was as DEAD as a DOG!

    MURDER … or just a dumb ass getting what he deserved?

  11. There is a lot more to this story …

    Jim Ball told Crystal that he would see her in jail for this.

    The State police came and saw her bruises and the hair every where that SHYLOH pulled out of her head. Jim Ball changed his story real quick and told Crystal that could have been her laying there.

    The Po Po made Crystal go to the hospital to be checked. She finally let her sister take pictures of her private area to be documented. Bitch got beat good. Shyloh tore that pussy up!

    Crystal is devastated, but still dude owes some serious cash and did some serious harm to family members and people we are close to and Jim Ball should pay that money, and there are still consequences for those illegal actions of SHYLOH, and for the death threats.

    Guess Shyloh won’t be making anymore threats now.

    That DUMB BITCH Shyloh drove around drunk with his kids in the car and had it coming!

    Editors note: Gary Collins is going to be retrieving the photos by Crystals sister, the documented pictures of Crystals private area to be documented by Gary Collins first before they are published. That must have been what he was so excited about downtown the other day, when he kept going on and on about Cassandra Huff and her tall tale a tellin down at the courthouse. Gary says Cassandra is the ass of the annex and a good reason not to get mad because you couldn’t get a parking spot that day, but can’t bring up parking around Gary for he still has bad dreams about being brow beaten by Baily and then hollered at by some of Ike’s boys at a home game.

  12. CCC - Official SHYLOH death notice on GFP

    Ryan Shylo Tant

    Age 28 of Gluck Run, Glenville departed this life at 11:30 PM, Saturday, September 24, 2011 at his residence following an unexpected illness.

    He was born March 18, 1978 in El Paso, TX the son of Terri Courtright Tant of Parkersburg and the late Marion “Bud” Tant.

    Shylo was an employee of B & B Bonding as a bondsman. He loved collecting coins and was an avid four-wheeler.

    He is survived by two sons: Austin and Logan Tant and his companion of 7 years Crystal Wallbrown.

    Other survivors include: a brother, Shawn M. Tant of Parkersburg; two half-brothers John Tant of Vienna and Michael Tant of Belpre, OH.

    Shylo was preceded in death by one sister, Jani-e Vancoy.

    Funeral services will be conducted at 1:00 PM, Thursday, September 29, 2011 at the Ellyson Mortuary, Inc., Glenville with Rev. Alfred Hickman officiating.

    Burial will follow in the Tanner Baptist Cemetery, Tanner.

    Friends may call 5:00 – 8:00 PM, Wednesday at the Mortuary.

    Ellyson Mortuary, Inc. is assisting the family of Ryan Shylo Tant with arrangements.

    Editors note:Interesting how the death notice said nothing of drugs or a fight or a struggle. They were right about his unexpected illness, however we all knew for a long time that bitch was one sick mother fucker!

    Some say SHY did DIE of old age, for 29 was creeping up on him awful fast, a couple days before next spring he would hit the big TWO NINE, so that must be a sudden illness that suddenly kills a 28 year old like good COCAINE from the Cocaine getters the never quitters, the people that really run the show around here, if ya know what I mean…

  13. CEFP Plan approval should not happen

    CEFP Plan approval should not happen but it seems the State has accepted it. Good news is the citizens are not taking it lying down. I got that what attendees were there were 99% on the committee. One school and a piece of a school to replace four. You know Lewis County will have the most students there. All of the school levy taxes from the people at Troy will go there and how many teachers can they absorb? This is so wrong on so many levels. I wonder what will happen to the four Principals? Will beat the teachers out for a job? And should the teacher selection occur the way John Bennett said it would ( at the Senior Center Bond Levy meeting), everyone will have to reapply and be taken through the hiring system. That leaves the possibility for outside applicants to displace more local, established teachers who have invested in the community… There is something very wrong with this picture. It sets a very bad precedent.

  14. The destruction of a county

    Nastyia and her awful and hateful regime has done nothing but to destroy the families! And what about the family of God, for god is the ultimate father,not IKE MORRIS and the entire family structure has been attacked by the self-serving elite! Gerry Hough and his phony preacher crap when he isn’t even a good person and dishonest if you read the article in the WV Record about his FERPA violation. The family and the family structure is one of the most unique manifestations on earth, and for a family to love together, and live together and flow together, but the confusion with the Gilmer School takeover and the fact a vocal and local powerful group can reverse the results of a bond election by going ahead with plans voted down by the people has become a disruptive event and is destroying the family as a whole here in Gilmer County. When you destroy the family you destroy the procreative ability to reproduce value. Every value that we have seen destroyed in this county is being destroyed by design, and being destroyed by the Butchers and Ike Morris and their entire group along with their stupid secret society.


    Osmund Brown got busted with WEED ten days before his bust at the Best Western Hotel. Brown was driving the 97 OLDS Cutlass of Steffan Colon with Pennsylvania plates and Brown still had himself a Virginia license. Brown got a ticket for speeding in the Ville and dude got a ticket for less than 15 grams of weed including the blunt dude was blowing when he got stopped.

  16. If Shylo was kicked to death instead of what was read in the the death notice, isn’t that against the law not to tell the truth of how he died. Being kicked to death by your girlfriend or a horse should still be written down somewhere and reported accurately. Why was there no investigation? If I kicked someone to death, I would expect to be in trouble, but it appears Crystal got a free kick!

    Editors note: Try to remember that normal rules DO NOT APPLY In Gilmer County where even the prosecutor Gerry Hough is a criminal.

  17. WHY those damn BUTCHERS feel so entitled, a breakdown of some newly found figures pertaining to some questionable dealings of the POWER ELITE can be found at the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS, just click on the green link to go there!
    (click below or above for the TRUTH from the CCC)



  18. Janet Bailey from GSC has nothing on me, and if that person pays hundreds for that parking place, well then why aren’t they parking there? I should be able to park if I find a space open, and that Doug Cottrill and his little buddy won’t be laughing so hard at the next home game when they get busted for drugs again, but it won’t be anybody from around here hauling them off. We will see who is making fun of who next time, and maybe we can get some pictures of it when they are being dragged away!

    Let’s consider some hypothetical Morris family connections for just the pill container Doug got caught with last July 28th …

    The culprit:

    a) stole the contraband from a Morris,

    b) he bought it from a Morris,

    c) a Morris accidentally lost the container with the just the pills and the person found it to add cocaine,

    d) a Morris gave the pills and the cocaine to the person, or

    e) the man somehow obtained the discarded pill bottle and he filled it with the controlled substances.

    Any other possibilities? More details will ensue.

    Was wondering if Doug got the prescription filled at the Manchin Clinic? It is true that the GSC basketball coach was the passenger in the dope filled vehicle and heckler in the stands. A sorry incident indeed.

  19. “Ah. Well… I attended Juilliard… I’m a graduate of the WVU business school. I traveled quite extensively spending some time in Texas. I almost lived through the GLENVILLE ELITE MEET and had a pretty good time during that, such a good time in fact, it killed me, I’ve seen the EXORCIST ABOUT A HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN TIMES, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT… NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU’RE TALKING TO A DEAD GUY… NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK? You think I’m qualified to kick some Power Elite ass? Oh yeah, thanks for the dope DOUG, that was some killer shit!”

    Editors note: Fred, you’re back from the dead? We were trying to get a hold of you, but heard you got a little tied up for awhile there down by the Crooked River in back of the Sheriff’s house, where is a good place to reach you now?

    Fred Hill: “If I tell you, you’ll tell your friends, your friends are callin’ me on the horn all the time, I gotta show up at shopping centers for openings and sign autographs and shit like that and it makes my life a *hell*. Okay? A living hell!”

  20. No financial crunch for crooks!

    Gerald B Hough doesn’t have to PAY any rent for his business. He owns that building and has for years. It’s his A+ Law Clinic building.Not to mention, I’m certain all the utilities at his office on N. Court Street are paid for by the county since it’s a typical Gilmer County for-profit non- profit corporation, and then serves as the prosecutor’s office. Gilmer County does pay for Hough’s phones now since he didn’t want to keep his office upstairs at the courthouse. Can you say Cha-Ching!?

    Gerry Hough makes way too much money for the hours he puts in for Gilmer County. $87,800 a year for a part time job?? When you can leave at 2 o’clock every day except court days it makes for a great full time job. The college pays for his health insurance and he forced the county to pick up his retirement. Gerry just used the excuse of collecting back taxes from legit businesses to hire his daughter Carly Hough, the daughter of questionable morals, and it looks like they also got her hooked up to be a substitute teacher at the school.

    I guess there is no recession or depression or no financial crunch for crooks!

    Editors note: Well when you see Carly at the A Plus law clinic make sure you tell her to …. “PULL THOSE PANTIES TO THE SIDE CARLY!”

    You’re right! There is no recession or no financial crunch for Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River!

  21. Family Tradition:

    I guess if the Assessor can hire his daughter, the County Clerk her daughter, Commissioner Hess his daughter and every relative of the Maxwell/Allen clan, Hough figured it was just another family tradition. Got to give their kids the best chance to get some on the job training to get ready to put the next generation in power. Who else can they trust to hide all the mistakes and lies?

    Reminds me of my favorite stereotypical WV joke:

    Why is Halloween WV’s favorite holiday?
    Because it reminds them how much they all like to Pump-Kin!

    Editors note: Doesn’t hardly seem fair does it? These crooks destroy our jobs and our careers and the future of our children over made up false allegations, and then get protection from the Power Elite. Since those Crooks threw a monkey wrench into our lives, maybe it’s time we tossed one into theirs! I say we make these bitches pay for their crimes. I say we make them pay and pay and pay! Whoever tries to cover for the crimes of the Crooks from Crooked County should also be made an example of! Maybe it’s time we made our own rules too!

  22. Speaking of Gary Collins, remember when he...

    Remember when Gary Collins spent all day up at the courthouse and took endless photos and was taking shots of Beverly Marks handing over the reigns of Crooked County Commission Clerk to Jean Butcher, with all the cakes and pies and food and the crooked cooking of the Crooks from Crooked County being displayed.

    Well, when all those photos were published, this is what Gilmer County West Virginia had to say about it ….

    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

    How did Beverly Marks get away with blocking a court order to sell property? A court order from a judge, but not a Gilmer County judge, so Beverly didn’t feel the law applied? Correcto Mundo. Marks takes orders from the Butchers. Was Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher from the law firm of Butcher and Butcher part of that crime? A judge ordered property sold so that Ruth Woofter named to receive interest on an estate that Butcher had control of could not get the medicaid operation she needed while being a property owner and was in need of an immediate operation. A lawyer named Hernstein did the work, but Beverly Marks (BM) blocked the sale and Ruth Woofter died and never received the operation. The proceeds from the property were then distributed among several people that had no contact with Ruth Woofter in over 30 years. How many other criminals showed up to this function?
    By Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the Gilmer County election fraud investigation by WV secretary of state? Mr. Whited, it appears we even have Nazis in Gilmer County running Natalie Tennant.
    Is there a media blackout on this issue? It sure looks like it when it comes to Gilmer County, WV.
    I hear investigators from secretary’s office threatened those who were interviewed not to talk! Why?
    By Tom M.

    Is Jean Butcher related to infamous Butcher brothers?
    By Beth

    The people are not against Jean Butcher. People are against the process and violation of election laws that got her in. Obviously, it was a setup to get her in so criminals can continue with their crimes on the county records in clerk’s office. Folks if you think Beverly was bought, you have seen nothing yet. The criminals won’t have to buy Jean; they just tell her how they want it done and she will say yes sir! Then she won’t be a nice lady anymore. Mark my word.
    By Vicki8512

    Voting SLATES and bought and paid for votes are all part of a family tradition in Glenville. Jean Butcher is not related to the members of the Butcher law firm. Jean Butcher is pseudo Power Elite and the thought of being a full fledged member will be used like a carrot on a stick for a bad little rabbit that is deeply involved in voter fraud as a “shoe in,“ candidate since she literally had her foot in the door being an assistant to the clerk – and already given the task of covering up the mystery lien on a locally born title for property that shows the original owners as Peter Barr GSC President and the maintenance department head of the college.

    Amber Kroening the investigator for the SoS N. Tennant already proved to be biased and not interested in solving any voter fraud, but only interested in threatening the “Whistle Blowers” with arrest for telling on all the Crooks from up on the hill in Gilmer County that have made the term “Crooked County” stick like Non-Teflon!
    By Anonymous

    Jean Butcher is of course related to the Butcher brothers by marriage.
    Why do you think Beverly Marks, Brian and Tara Kennedy took such a shine to her?
    When you have a puppet you’re sure you can control life becomes much easier until you get caught.
    By Rno482

    With the complex web of entanglements involving alleged Gilmer wrong doing it is challenging for citizens to know what to believe.
    One factor causing the intrigue is repetitive reference to B&B.
    If allegations have any shred of provable evidence, what empowers them to be king pins of control at GSC, the County court house, local elections, the County Commission, the local school system, law enforcement, protection by the State’s legal system, and getting by with alleged irregularities with their firm’s estate work?
    Power usually is linked to personal wealth, influential friends in high places, lineages instilling generational influence, and earned reputations to engender widespread public admiration.
    Also, power can be based on influences of perceptions of unchallenged validity to make assumptions mythical but widely believed.
    Could reports of B&B’s roles in Gilmer be a modern day example of Hans Christian Anderson’s theme in his Emperor’s New Clothes story?
    By Rno487

    Question: What empowers them (Bitcher and Butcher) to be king pins of control at GSC, the County court house, local elections, the County Commission, the local school system, law enforcement, protection by the State’s legal system, and getting by with alleged irregularities with their firm’s estate work?
    Answer: The fact that they have fooled all in the past and have found support for their Greed and the need for personal gain that includes any cost being paid for by the community, while being protected by the public officials the Power Elite helped place in their locally manipulative positions.
    Hans Christian Anderson made some good observations and changed the original ending to that tale that was published in 1837. But, this situation is different since many spoke out about the obvious errors in policy and the totalitarian control stolen by the few that rule with threat of arrest over the many that have been kept in their place by fear of retribution. That fear is not unwarranted, and truly the few control the many through means that are more than transparent to a more educated community. We are looking through them now, and the allegations of wrongdoing at the courthouse were made clear when a federal judge stated last month that the customary way of doing things inside the Gilmer County Courthouse directly conflicted with state law.
    By Rno490
    Rno 487,

    Your own listing of what provides entitlement to power and description of what such power conveys provides the answers.
    From GSC Alumni, Housing Corp., Board of Governors, Land Development and Banking Boards they appear over and over.
    I am not so sure that widespread public admiration has been engendered. There is nothing mythical about the conditions endured by the citizens of Gilmer County and these are not the only participants in the play. It just so happens they have been named in recent legal cases regarding estates and land transactions and so, brought to the forefront.
    There is nothing ”mythical” about it. However, your reference to The Emperor’s New Clothes fits precisely the feeling of the citizens after the election results exposed the naked truth of what their future will hold.
    By Anonymous

    One problem affecting Gilmer citizen’s being informed is confusion regarding allegations involving the Butcher’s.
    What was their alleged involvement in the local election, the land deal below the I. L. Morris Bridge, the reported failure of lawful legal advertisements being made for GSC’s Pioneer Village bond issue, and Madge Butcher’s political donation to the Democratic Party while being listed as retired and residing at P.O. Box 100?
    The last reference is a violation of federal elections laws which has involved severe penalties for others who got caught, but why have we not heard about any government intervention for this case?
    Another concern involving the controversial dorm complex at GSC is who would be its owner if there were to be a default on the loan? Because the bond money went to a tax exempt, non-profit, would the dorm be auctioned off on the court house steps for pennies on the dollar to mean that GSC, the State, or the County would not have ownership?
    Another issue involves the County’s financial rating. Did the last bond issue for GSC’s dorm, while Terry Butcher was on the Board of Governors, affect the County’s ability to borrow future money particularly should there be a default?
    Also, did Beverly Marks or GSC’s Board of Governors have anything to do with the first legal advertisement for the new dorm bond issue hearing not being posted timely to meet legal requirements? Beverly’s name was on the first document in the local newspaper and it had to be reprinted.
    Lastly, it would be informative to Gilmer citizens to know how much money B & B have made, directly and indirectly, through their decades long involvement with GSC.
    By Anonymous

    It will come as a great disappointment to the common people to find out the Butchers and several others have been protected at the highest levels of the State Government.
    This fact has been found out by filing complaints and witnessing the chain of consideration for the misconduct.
    Finally we may be able to bring criminal action against the high level counsel for the state for recognizing a crime occurred, then covering up the matter so as not to embarrass the county, state, or individual involved in the criminal activity.
    It was a situation involving convincing evidence that proved Gerald B Hough was guilty of bringing false value and false evidence to a grand jury that got a federal agency commissioned to investigate Hough for criminal wrongdoing in a felony case.
    A similar complaint against Hough filed with the State Police is being closely watched.
    Counsel for the WV state Government has proved to be corrupt!
    By Anonymous

    I think anyone that wants to get an accurate picture on the deep corruption in the Gilmer County Courthouse needs to look no further than this article:
    The article to be reviewed is:
    CommunityConcerns: Gilmer County Prosecutor Fails Again – Jessica Self Case Dismissed
    It is important that in the future Gilmer County does not adhere to situations in which other candidates are intimidated into not running for public office; and others in this instance were not interested in the low pay offered for Prosecuting Attorney of Gilmer County.
    But most important we can no longer let a situation occur in which a candidate for public office runs unopposed as was done in the last election that put Gerry Hough into the office of Prosecutor!
    This running unopposed is a manipulative situation and needs to be looked at and resolved!
    Gerry Hough was not elected by the people and the people did not want him in office! Glenville and Gilmer County have had enough of Gerry Hough!
    Unfortunately for us, ONE BAD APPLE has spoiled the whole barrel and we would be better off replacing everyone including all the County Commissioners that gave Hough a raise as the first item on the agenda.
    Hough was reelected by the will of the Power Elite that have no interest in our community other than how much money they can make off the College or some other conjured up manipulative real estate transaction; that was once property owned by a deceased private citizen who’s heirs were never notified! And through the vehicle of the Powers that be, the property experiences a NEW TITLE with brand new owners and hundreds of thousands exchange hands with no benefit to anyone but the people that used their positions of power for self gain.
    Some of these same people have been in contact with the press in Charleston and have been trying to manipulate the news coverage of this incident and of the scandals that are so prevalent in Gilmer County, that mostly the County is known state wide as Crooked County and not Gilmer County.
    It is time for a CHANGE!!

  23. Things to do, places to go, people to see….

    Fuck all that, it is Four Twenty!

    Time to FIX the WEED!

    Our economy needs a jolt, according the President.

    But, my body needs a bolt of that lightening weed!

    I feel the NEED for WEED at 4:20 pm , and for those hard working at the A PLUS Law clinic!

    “Pull those panties to the side Carly!”

    Editors note: Todays weed session brought to by “WV WHITE WIDOW” the weed that we just took from Doug Morris because we could!


    Why it’s the perfect time for Hough to hire his kid. Is this the assistant he told the County Commission he’d need to collect years of unpaid back taxes? Since he’s known all along about these overdue gas and oil tax payments and never did anything about it, a body would think he’d volunteer to do it without any more pay. Matter of fact he should be paying the whole cost along with the Sheriff. One thing for certain, he should be able to afford it with the $87.800 he gets to be a full time Prosecutor who’s never there in the afternoon and full time teaching at a community college at the same time. Guess he’s saving up for that forced retirement at election time.

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