“CRAZY” is the word used to describe Gilmer County Public Officials ! “Psychobilly 101” is the next class they need to teach at GSC!

By Free Bird/Reporter – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website/Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator – Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

In a recent discussion between lawyers and other interested parties including at least one member of the press, concerning the misconduct of Judge Facemire, Gerald B Hough, Sheriff Metz, the former County Clerk Beverly Marks, and the BOG at GSCCRAZY was the first term used to describe what one person related as a bunch of Psycho Hillbillies from Central West Virginia!

It was then suggested that “Psychobilly 101″ be the next class taught at GSC!

"Psycho Billy" is a term first thought of when the witnesses to the FLAT WOODS MONSTER were presented on national TV in a disturbing light to cover up for the real facts of an unusual event. But, the Gilmer County Public officials truly turned out to be the REAL PSYCHO BILLIES and not the citizens of Central WV

Glenville State College has a lot of good local examples to draw from and a lot of current events related to GSC in the story of Andrae Wright attempting to break into a house off campus. Lenore Marks was the woman surprised by Andrae Wright as he acting in an insane manner tried to force his way into her residence.

Nice lesson on public safety, by Andrae Wright a public safety officer in uniform from Glenville State College where it is OK to rape the white girls if you are a black athlete. Yeah, you can even fuck the high school chicks, like GSC football player Erik Davis did to girls that were friends with Carly Hough who’s dad is the prosecutor of Gilmer County. That was JUST OK with Gerry at the time, in spite of the fact his daughter Carly whores her way through the local fraternity  TKE before they were kicked off campus and had the building torn down. We have even more photo’s to prove it.

Carly Hough the prosecutors daughter  picked up “POLLY”  the 17 year old victim from the rape scene, but Davis still walked on rape charges!

The rapes continued at GSC with NO CONVICTIONS which is a crime supported by an unskilled local prosecutor Gerald B Hough.

“The victim in the LATEST rape case said she was afraid for her life when she was forced to have endless sex for hours with number seven from the Glenville State Football team Gabe Phrophet imported from Washington DC!”

The Brightly shining RAPE spotlight is shining down on GSC for all of the state to see. Glenville State College has had several unsolved and unpunished rapes over the last few years that have been covered up by the BOG and with the help of the local print media news source the Glenville Democrat under the leadership of Dave Corcoran

But, do you think the CRAZY ASS Gilmer County Public Officials are going to do a god damn thing about the Gabe Phrophet rape?

Hell no, they haven’t even scheduled a preliminary hearing!


Quite frankly we are the dumb asses if we let the PSYCHO HILLBILLY RULE apply.

A fraternity at Glenville State College Tau Kappa Epsilon tells some tall tales of Carly Hough that includes box banging and a Butcher Bitches type get together and some say Carly was passed around TKE like a joint!

You would have thought we would have learned something from the Erik Davis rape case, but we didn’t learn a god damn thing except that the local court system was manipulated again, and again Tim Butcher got his way. When you combine this crime with the rape of a local high school girl and the rape of the AJ Woofter estate by Butcher and Butcher a pattern of criminal conduct emerges.

Number 11 OSMUND Brown a black tight end was busy dealing dope and at least getting the help of number 10 Steffan Colon a black QB that was kicked out of a prior college for threatening to beat, rob, and have their way with two women, but Colon was good for the use of his 97 Olds Cutlass when Number 11 the tight end wanted to run and do some dope deals. In fact number 11, Brown was pulled over for speeding and was found with a bag of weed in number 10′s car just 10 days before he got busted like a big dog with a felony amount of WEED in IKE’s Best Western Hotel, where the NEW ELITE MEET!

It comes as no surprise that the media is controlled in WV, but especially in Gilmer County. If not for the FREE PRESS, then the public would never be allowed to know what is really going on, for they certainly would not get any accurate or real information from the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder.

People are seeking the truth for good reason, but they will never get it from the Democrat or Dave Corcoran, publisher.

Gabe Phrophet mug shot. There was an attempted cover up of this rape from the GET GO that included disinformation about the victim being distributed around the VILLE by employee's of the Glenville Democrat a newspaper that has many times reported false facts and information that is to the detriment of the community!

But, if you do want to sample some truth you might want to head on over to the Gilmer Free Press the news for citizens of Gilmer County.

Politicians in Gilmer County and our state representatives have grown more corrupt, immoral and deceitful and politically corrupted the Justice and Judicial systems locally.

Members of the media like Dave Corcoran that publishes the local print media is often in collaboration with government officials, keeping  the corruption out of the spotlight and counts on the readers to accept whatever information is fed to them as fact without question.

“This PHONY PRESS created by, “Psycho Hillbillies” creates a populace of ignorant and uninformed citizens kept in the dark.”

Force feeding lies on the population like we have witnessed by the Democrat, without public discussion and input only works when people stop asking questions and seeking the truth. Cassandra Huff the former news director rarely made school board meetings or other important local events, and relied on second hand reports to write her story.

Both the current County Commission Clerk and the former County Commission Clerk were charged with misdemeanors for their participation in election fraud, but the felony evidence has already been tampered with, and Gerry Hough is also accused of taking part in election fraud and was present when the criminal acts took place.

Citizens being kept in the dark was always the plan of the Power Elite in Gilmer County and the Secret Seven Coalition formed in 2006 was the first organization to fight the evil and the awful self serving power elite and made a serious attempt to get the real story to the public, especially when the matter included corrupt law enforcement and public officials.  And, then at the beginning of 2008 the Gilmer Free Press a more mainstream news service came on line, just about the time the leader of the SS was jailed on false charges knowingly brought forward by the first string of the PSYCHO BILLY BULLSHITTERS of Gilmer County, which included Judge Facemire, Gerry Hough, David LAME Smith, and a whole cast of other crazies!

A Glenville State College student charged with sexual assault, stemming from a September 2009 incident will not be prosecuted because there is no wish to prosecute rape cases at GSC because of PSYCHO BILLY POLITICS!

“When local politicians or media want to stop discussion on any subject or disagreement with  information they have presented as “Fact” and validate  lies, criminal actions and other misconduct, the first thing they do is label those seeking the truth as “Conspirators”!”  

Cipoletti of ODC recently suppressed evidence that proved Gerry Hough was involved in the felony crime of subornation of perjury! Cipoletti officially stated that the NEW COMPLAINT filed on 24 August 2011 against Gerry Hough was the same complaint that was time barred in 2008. The NEW EVIDENCE did not even exist in 2008 and the tax billings proving Gilmer County guilty for pulling a land title and conspiring to suppress evidence in a criminal case was not available until Oct. of 2010. A federal complaint and possible law action is being readied against Rachael Cipoletti who is believed to have acted unlawfully by out of state experts.

We have seen examples of this recently when IKE MORRIS employed PAT WARD at Waco Oil and Ass, and then employed his wife Leslie Ward to take over the GSC website at the school.

These two were constantly criticizing people that spoke out on the Gilmer Free Press and attacked those that did not agree with the plans of the Power Elite.

That label  “Conspirator,” actually is nothing more than a tool used by those in power in Gilmer County to affirm the reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks on the character of those who question their actions or intentions.

The “Conspirator” label has been used to slander individuals and groups for decades, and Pat and Leslie Ward were brought in to perform propaganda skills and attack those who speak out.  Though it has become more difficult with the advent of the Gilmer Free Press, the attacks continue.

The conspiracy label has been used to chastise those who criticize the power mongers who cover up the truth about what really happens on a regular basis.

“A conspiracy is nothing but a secret agreement of a group of men for the pursuance of policies which they dare not mention in public.”

Mark Twain

Two of the most valuable commodities known to man are knowledge and information.  It is said that “Knowledge is power.” It is power to preserve our way of life, our rights and property that we express on the Secret Seven Websites.  It empowers us to gain and maintain wealth, health, and happiness, and our freedoms.

Knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold!

But, knowledge in West Virginia is often banned, suppressed, labeled with some smear word, or categorized as politically incorrect or radical. Recently a complaint was made to the ODC about the local prosecutor Gerry Hough, but NONE of the new evidence that proved Hough committed a felony of subornation of perjury was accepted by Rachael Cipoletti the chief counsel of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

A federal agency was asked to investigate the fact that Cipoletti knowingly suppressed evidence that was involved in a criminal act by the Gilmer County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks and Gerry Hough and further, that both of these public officials knowingly took part in a felony crime of covering evidence needed in a circuit court case and a case with a close vote of 3 to 2 in West Virginia Supreme Court.

Any movement to disprove and expose unlawfulness, corruption, dehumanization and tyranny is readily discouraged, and the corrupt state government in West Virginia will threaten you with jail and prison and even go so far as to make up false charges if you continue to bring the truth to the people of the state.

FASCISM has found a home in Gilmer County and Charleston West Virginia, as was evidenced by the forced state take over of Gilmer Public Schools.

“Truth and facts are hard to find and not readily available yet truly relevant and important to our lives.  The SS and the Gilmer Free Press have worked hard to bring our readers the truth and the facts and sometimes at great cost to ourselves for allowing an open forum.”

It should be noted that every single time some “Concerned Citizen” makes a valid point to an emotionally charged issue or responds to an open forum in a manner unpopular to the high echelon members of the power elite  … some interested party like Pat or Leslie Ward, already mentioned, or even the latest elite reject Cassandra Huff or some other member of the Hough Hooligan and Hate organization will attack the messenger, or in someway try and shut that  “Concerned Citizen” up.

When speaking of corruption one usually refers to misuse of a position of trust for personal gain. Political corruption is the illegitimate use of government powers by officials for personal purposes. It influences the lives of our citizens in many ways and hinders the overall development of the region.

Political corruption can take many forms like bribery, patronage (favoring supporters by granting financial aid or favors) and graft (offering money). All forms of corruption are illegal but when you don’t fear prosecution that just doesn’t seem to matter.

A government official has both money and power in his/her hand; citizens tax money for the development of the area served and power to utilize the money. The government official then uses both of these for personal gain. It is because of money and power that many politicians make politics a family business. In case the politician cannot rule the government then his brother, sister or even wife will participate at another level. Control must be maintained for success.

I do find it a little fascinating that the college does squash any negative response about GSC so quickly.  Given their financial status (most of their enrollment is paid by grants) they can not afford negative press yet do nothing to prevent the crimes.

I hope Peter Barr the president of GSC  is having a lot of sleepless nights over this but am sure he’s just drinking himself to sleep.  He is a puppet, nothing more and I don’t believe he even knows how to stop the insanity.

Edwin Dale Kinnison a student at GSC was charged with second-degree sexual assault stemming from an alleged incident that occurred at Pickens Hall dormitory at Glenville State College. The victim claimed she was assaulted after falling asleep

The only thing vetting means in Gilmer County is who recommends the employee. But, these bitches do take care of their own for we hear Donna Waddell will be getting a job at GSC since being screamed at and dismissed at the family resource center.  If you are an unemployed person with the same or better qualifications  for a position at GSC, you have NO CHANCE unless you are firmly a blood member of the elite of Gilmer County.

Why it’s the perfect time for Hough to hire his kid Carly Hough.  Is this the assistant he told the County Commission he’d need to collect years of unpaid back taxes? Yeah we remember because it was on the front page of the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit!

It was just another BULLSHIT article the local paper put out to assist HOUGH on improving his image, since his misconduct has been found out and published for all to decide for themselves. The public knows Hough is guilty for they have seen the evidence for themselves, and now with the help of the local print media the Democrat, Hough can use the campaign of collection of back taxes from big business, a job he should have done all along.

Since GERALD B HOUGH has known all along about these overdue gas and oil tax payments and never did anything about it, a body would think he’d volunteer to do it without any more pay. But, he uses this excuse to get his daughter a pay check and keep the money in the family.

Here are just a few of the other complaints made against Hough:

Gerald B Hough can NEVER do his Research and obtain CORRECT information,

Hough punishes the innocent and let’s the guilty go!

Hough by his ad in the Glenville Democrat proved he is a racist, by using  slander and libel,

Hough complains about citizens abusing free speech from one side of his mouth while he actually commits acts of racial hatred making Hough the very definition of a hypocrite!

Gerry Hough with a bible under his arm, offered his family member by marriage $1 for one third of his property, and then threatened that person with emanate domain without the knowledge of the Gilmer County PSD, — while he then collected hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money for a piece of trashy property at the slip in hays city in Glenville

(Just ask  R. Terry Butcher, Thrasher Engineers, and The Gilmer county PSD),

Hough allows the needy to live in trashy filthy places, while collecting hefty rents from HUD!

Hough created a fake invoice for $16,000 in a matter of 15 minutes for the purpose of ILLEGALLY overcharging a local business for work done without a justification for his client – and then practicing private law, while getting paid to be a prosecutor

Carly Hough is the new assistant Hough is hiring to do the job he is already getting paid over 87 k a year to do, plus Hough pulls in a FULL TIME Salary working for the college in Summersville! His combined salary is more than the governor makes -- And HOUGH has already been CAUGHT committing acts of misconduct and knowingly bringing false evidence forward in a criminal case.

This situation is a clear conflict of interest and Hough needs to be reported to office of disciplinary Counsel.

HOUGH was not prepared in a breaking and entering case after the Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy gave him the list of about $10,000 worth damage, and then by the victim when he asked for it again because he lost the first one – and then,  after all that – the case was dismissed because HOUGH forgot to present it properly to the court.

Hough thought there was a lot of money to be made in the internet business and decided to go against Ramco Technologies by deceiving friends into contributing a lot of money without proper planning or business or marketing plan, an then embark on a business venture without doing any proper research on the matter.

Matter of fact that legend in his own mind should be paying the whole cost along with the Sheriff for their PSYCHO BILLY BULLSHIT MISTAKES!!  One thing for certain Hough should be able to afford it with the $87.800 he gets to be a full time Prosecutor who’s never there in the afternoon and full time teaching at a community college at the same time.  Guess he’s saving up for that forced retirement at election time, for the public is not going to put up with any more PSYCHO BILLY BULLSHIT from Gerry for we have had enough of Gerald B Hough!

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  1. Gilmer County Teen

    Penny : How old are you?
    Milly: Eighteen.
    Penny: Me too! How old are we really?
    Milly: Seventeen.
    Penny: Me too!
    Milly: Actually, I’m sixteen.
    Penny: Me too. Isn’t it funny? The truth just sounds different.
    Milly: I’m fifteen.
    Penny: Good you are just the perfect age to be raped in Gilmer County!

  2. The wide wide WORLD of Glenville according to Gary C ...Collins in Glenville is a actin crazy like a psychobilly boy!

    Gary Collins can tell you how weird some people are here in Gilmer County and how very strange they are. In fact the term psycho-billy really fits according to what Cassandra Huff has been a sayin and broadcasting all over town, and about Dave Corcoran a callin her a liar and all, and sayin she was a saying things about his sagging balls and all. One good thing for Gary Collins and Cassandra Huff is they both get good stuff from their doctors that keeps em all hopped up on goofenthaul. Gary seems a little off these days and says you can’t be a talking much about Cass Huff Gerry Hough Ass Muff or you will be dragged into court and ur phone a listened to and ur home bugged via satellite or you could be a listened in on by some secret device the Butchers have possibly inserted into his anus. I say when Gary Collins commences to talking to Cassandra Huff, there is plenty trouble a brewin in town then. That is a true Psycho Billy hell when them two a get together. Gary Collins Glenville Crazy – has become a regular 4 word search request on the internet, but he does seem to be a good reporter of Psycho Billy Hell! Last time Gary C was down at the courthouse he was a askin who is paying for the county clerks ads now? When they put out those go pioneer ads or happy holidays or whatever they are personal ads and have always been paid for from the officials personal funds. Gary says 10 to one the county is paying for the clerk’s advertising now. Just saw a big one in the democrat and that Gary says that woman Jean Butcher never even bought a ticket from a club if they wouldn’t guarantee she’d win at least her money back or give her some kind of kick back. Then Darrell Ramsey the county commissioner comes on the radar, (no pun intended) and then more discussion about butt fucking some of the people involved in youth programs last year and his son blabbing it all over town about the sexual tryst with a buck smelling twist, and how Darrell has changed and now Collins says his better half Cass Huff says she has become really disappointed in Ramsey and how he has performed poorly for the county, but Collins is worried that Cass Huff will be an Ass Muff for just about anybody that would let her run for magistrate herself. Ain’t that a laugh! Huff it is rumored prefers cats over dogs and has even been said she has had a sexual experience or two in the barnyard while feeding the horses. And they said size didn’t matter! There also was some discussion as to wondering what scale the town police use and the last time it was calibrated or does it always way less than 15 grams if you play football for GSC like the case of OSMUND Brown before he got busted at the hotel with all the weed. Have you viewed the GFP CEFP video? Ron Blankenship should have that laugh slapped from his face. He didn’t need to review that Board copy. He helped write it according to Cassandra Huff, oh boy she was a spitting and a cussin according to Collins and a sayin Ron Blankenship should have that laugh slapped from his face. Phyllis Starkey used to use Cass Huff for stuff to put in the paper but Starkey done used Huff up according to Gary C.

  3. Keeping that family tradition alive

    Well, they brought back retired chief deputy Jimmy Moss to help them out at the Sheriff’s Department. A lot cheaper since Wheeler left, no retirement or insurance and one thing for sure, there won’t be any more football players busted. He’ll sit home at night, take all the phone calls and handle it without ever leaving the house. For that he’ll get two and a half hours of overtime like they all do when they’re “on call”. He knows who to put in jail around this county and who not to. Maybe Butcher will give him another mercy blow job for all the election help he gave her in getting those votes. It’ll probably remind her of that evening she met Chapman at his barn to talk about the election or the secret society initiation with her father in laws family. Knows all about how to pump-kin from what we hear.

    Top it all off, good old Brian Kennedy was seen bringing back the courhouse bar-b-que grill and putting it in the garage. Wonder who’s little party he catered with that piece of bought and paid for county equipment? Maybe they had a party with Tara’s girls? I hear that’s the way she’s trying to keep him away from the bar whores. Bring in her own.

    Editors note: Tara is bringing in her own whores now for the Walrus that we know is not Paul because it is Brian Kennedy, County Commissioner? I thought Brian got caught on the ass of AS, and then was doing some chick named Sarah, and there were suppose to be photo’s Coo coo ca choo! Speaking of food and barb b ques, it was Jimmy Moss who went out of state and picked up a prisoner in the afternoon who had been waiting in a holding cell since 6am and Moss and his deputy buddy Casey Jones were hours and hours late because they got lost and then they stopped and got a steak dinner and a couple of beers, with the money the county gave them, but NEVER FED THEIR PRISONER! In fact the entire day the prisoner was in custody and in chains and then incarcerated into CRJ he was never given water or anything to EAT the entire time in the custody of the Gilmer County Sheriff for the WHOLE DAY – And we hear that sordid act of cruelty may come back to bite both Jones and Moss years later!

  4. A vote for GSC CRAZY BOB BABER was the same as endorsing a hypocritical joke

    I am not sure what the “Mountain Party” was thinking. Bob Henry Baber was impeached as Mayor of Richwood, is a known drug user, was charged for misappropriation of city funds and theft, was investigated for child abuse …no wonder he is in Glenville, WV. Baber also had financial ties to strip clubs in Ohio, sold the majority of his land for “mountain top removal” for profit, and has stated many times that he has no actual interest in being Governor but this publicity helped to sell his books and writings and recently was covered by media for being intimately involved with his son’s girlfriend; Sarah Rutherford, who is a School Teacher that was arrested herself in March for having sex with her students and really enjoying it. Sarah learned how to do it at GSC!

    Has anybody in the Mountain Party bothered to do background work with his former employers, schools, family, friends, news papers, WV DCS, WV DEA?

    Or even bothered to “Google” (Bob Baber & Sarah Rutherford)?

    If you want dishonesty, immoral behavior and hypocrisy, come to Glenville, West Virginia. Meet and greet Judge Facemire and the prosecutor Gerald B Hough, along with Sheriff Metz, and then put a vote in for Bob Henry Baber kiss ass of the year, while planting a tree!

    Endorsing hypocritical jokes such as Bob Henry Baber and company is why the “Mountain Party” and the BITCHER of the Butchers will never have any credibility and will always be overlooked and ignored with the help of that Glenville GSC image.

  5. Don’t SCORCH the APPLE BUTTER, a wonderful look at the early days of Central WV! ALBERT WOOFTER takes us back to the days of Horseback Riders delivering the mail from Glenville to Grantsville!

    Click on the green link above or below to enjoy some great SUNDAY reading!

    Learn what paradise was like in WV back in the day by clicking on the green link below or above!

  6. FREE PRESS COMMENTS -- Gilmer County Citizens SPEAK OUT -- We Need U-Pak in Glenville'

    Bagging my own at UPAK in the early 80s was my first meeting with good people who later became my neighbors. Warm, friendly, always willing to find you a box, help you carry or get in something you needed (a lifesaver traveling with my dogs), they remembered your name, made you feel they were glad to see you every time and still do. I would hate for us to become a one choice for shopping county.
    By Norma J Hurley on 10.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: We Need U-Pak in Glenville’.
    Another blow to the well being of Gilmer’s citizens. Wait and see that prices at Foodland will increase to hurt us more. This County is in a sad state of affairs with its chronic drug problems, the failure of GSC’s administrators and its BOG to stop rapes and drug-related crimes, our failed legal system that favors the rich and powerful, and the State’s take over of our schools for political reasons. With word spreading about how bad things are there will be less people moving in, GSC’s enrollment will decline & it may become a two-year institution. Remember Ike’s and the Butcher’s assurances about the prison? There would be plenty of jobs and our economy would blossom. The Butchers allowed that they would have so much business that they would have to add another floor to their law office. Well, we see what all that got us. Even the Butchers had to law off a lawyer and they downsized by not having a full-time secretary.
    By R. Olson on 10.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: We Need U-Pak in Glenville’.
    Thank you Dave for putting this on the Gilmer Free Press about U-Pak closing. We all appreciate the GFP getting the latest, most up-to-date and honest news out to us so quickly. We all need to call John Heater and ask, or beg, for him to please DO NOT close our U-Pak in Glenville. We need this store to remain open. Lets all pull together and shop there more so John will see how much we need this store and just maybe we can change his mind. CALL JOHN PLEASE!!!
    Margaret Collins
    P.O. Box 291
    Glenville, WV 26351
    By Margaret Collins on 10.09.2011
    I am VERY proud of the staff at GLENVILLE U-PAK. Not one time have I gone in there and have not been greeted, not as a hey, how are you? But with a smile and Hey Miss Mary, what did you guys do today! U-pak was there when I needed them back in 2002 I have been with the store since. You are not treated as a customer, you are part of their family. Susie & staff I am very proud of each of you! Honest as the day is long… Mr. Heater can take the store away from Glenville,but he can not take away the great people you are.
    By Mary Heckert on 10.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: We Need U-Pak in Glenville’.
    It would seem logical that former commissioner Chapman, the current salaried, full benefited, part time, executive director of our tax payer funded Gilmer County Economic Development Association, will be jumping right on this situation. Moreover, Mr. David Millard, president of same, founder of the farmers market, will no doubt, ably assist Mr. Chapman, and together they can save the day.
    If recently fired superintendent Bennett really does have political aspirations, maybe he will step forward and “Save U-Pak”. That would be a good, redemptive platform to run on. I believe the EDA web-site lists him as their VP?
    Didn’t he help facilitate the current Gilmer County SOS movement, by bringing in the Charleston experts?
    It is a loss to the community.
    By GCSmokey on 10.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: We Need U-Pak in Glenville’.
    If U-Pak closes, where will people get the kind of service and quality we get at U-Pak? WalMart adds preservatives to their meat. Some places sell imported meat. A community cannot survive without some competitive businesses. Most of the time, prices at Foodland are higher than U-Pak, unless they run sales to compete. Gas prices are horrible and this means for competition, people will have to drive many more miles to shop!
    By Karen Pennebaker on 10.10.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: This Is Symptomatic Of The Larger Issues Facing Gilmer County’
    By Concerned citizen on 10.10.2011

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: We Need U-Pak in Glenville’.

  7. Come on over to the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS where a study of registered voters just doesn’t add up! You do the math!
    Click to top green link or the one below to go there


    • The number of registered voters is inflated by 15 to 25%. That’s how many are no longer residing in the county. The county clerk’s office does not remove the voter unless they either ask to be removed, and sometimes they’ve had to ask more than once, or they register in another county and the clerk gets information that way. The state mandated periodic “scrubbing” process doesn’t happen in Gilmer County.

      Only an outside investigation could tell if some of those extra voters were utilized to influence an election. In the past, votes were bought the old fashioned way. One official did a tit for tat in that services were rendered in exchange for consideration at election time. That is one of the reasons why certain troublemakers were untouchable. Your man can’t help you if they’re behind bars.

  8. The ELITE have asked for the head of Cassandra Huff

    All the gossip is the news that high ranking elite have asked for the head of Cassandra Huff, former news director recently fired in disgrace from the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit. Cassandra Huff also lost her job at the newspaper for her work using office hours and time for the hate website of Gerald B Hough Gilmer County double dipping prosecutor from what was recently discovered from Dendra Smith who has been filling in Dave Corcoran and whoever else who asks about the misconduct of Ms Huff. Gary Collins has been spreading it all around town that someone wants Cassandra Huff as dead as Fred. Apparently the Crooks, some of the same Crooks that brought in the state control of the schools feel Huff has caused enough trouble for them with the feds by using the title associated press representative for Gilmer County. But, saying in trouble with the feds sounds so Gary Collins, but in spite of that anomaly somehow Dave Corcoran, the editor publisher is in some kind of trouble and I’m not too sure it is over or about that website embedding in the prosecutors ads which was totally illegal with the threats to Dave at the Gilmer Free Press coming from the office of the prosecuting attorney in Glenville.

    • Cassandra Huff Story

      Cassandra Huff recently showed up late on a Friday night, in town, drunk, stoned, high on that good shit from down hwy 33 a piece, and stood down by Gerry Houghs A Plus Law Clinic shaking a fist at the Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit across the street, apparently Huff thought that CORKY was in the building and this is what someone heard her say…

      “I can smell shit 100 miles away… sometimes closer…”

      “I’m gonna nail you, somewhere I’m gonna nail you. You’re up there. You’re up there you son of a… I’m gonna find you. Damn your eyes! Lemme see that big station wagon and those sagging balls”

      “Don’t you look at me with your Goddamn fucking eyes!”

      “I’ve been no place I wanna go back to, that’s for damn sure!”

    • The newspaper hasn’t always met the requirements of the Post Office regulations for newspapers based on the percentages of ads versus local news.

      Editors note: Do you mean as far as the price to deliver the Democrat, is that the reference?

  9. Loretta Stevens Grantsville Councilwoman from down around Calhoun County way, where they lead the nation in squirrel-hunting and law enforcement officers arrested in one year for serious criminal infractions is involved in a case of some serious doo doo which has popped up or rather pooped up down there.

    Seems some politics turned to shit when someone left something behind on her doorknob last Friday morning,as a present and as a statement of defiance!

    A neighbor who came to visit discovered dog feces had been smeared on the councilwoman’s door knob, which must have been just a fragrant offering by a friendly admirer.

  10. These are the 13 POINTS that define CROOKED COUNTY on the 13th day of the HAUNTED GILMER COUNTY month of October!

    #1 • The local law has been administered selectively even to the extent that the former city attorney interfered with duties of a City policeman investigating allegations of a rape of a young high school girl!

    #2 • The interstate was not routed through Gilmer County because of opposition of a highly empowered minority

    #3 • GSC has fallen to fourth tier status and hires Viet-Nam War protester-poet and boyfriend of Sarah A Rutherford, dude’s son’s chick, …just after Baber dude was raided by WV Drug task force!

    The college chose to crown a rather colorful original hippie from San Francisco drafted for duty as, “Gifts Officer,” for GSC – the home of Rape and trips down the Crooked “ICY COLD” River, down in Crooked County!!

    #4 • There are reports that we have corruption in the court house involving elections, changing of official records, and jury tampering. Recently the “Travesty of Justice” case that was in WV Supreme Court for two years was proven to be fabricated with false testimony that Crooked County cash dollars paid for – and newly discovered documents involving a “Title Opinion,” just now being entered as evidence proves by court document, that an alleged property fraud was committed by Beverly Marks former Gilmer County Commission Clerk. The deputy tax clerk for Sheriff Mickey Metz’ continues to make false tax billings and allegedly is making huge errors involving innocent property tax payers!

    #5 • It’s been the talk of the town along with reports on the World Wide Web!! …All about rampant sexual misconduct and wild parties, up Hwy 33 in Gilmer County which now has the infamy as an epicenter of moral decadence and it is all true!! So how do you do!!

    #6 • A 28-million dollar bond issue for a GSC dorm of questionable need occurred without permitting citizens to vote. Money is stolen from federal grants and nothing is done.

    #7 • The GCHS principal installed by the power structure could not survive a vote of public confidence – Nasia Butcher raised two Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad all summer long on the CalPatty Press! Nasia wants to teach your children too! Butcher does not set a good example for our children. Look at hers with their tongues down a multitude of hotties! The GCHS Principal set us up for a take over of ALL GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS

    Nasia pulled a nastiness nastia on all of us, got a towel?

    And got IKE to call Big Joe who handed Gilmer County over to Gayle Manchin to do with us what she will! Have we all been ordered to stick up our asses very high in the air? Ouch!! I can’t believe this is only number 7! I feel like I was just forced to eat a bunch of Polk Salad! A mean vicious woman that Nasia Butcher is …..said YODA!

    #8 • There is the unsolved murder of Fred Hill for which details remain undisclosed!

    #9 • We have an unabated illegal drug problem! The drug problem gets worse every year with the help of the Power Elite, their wild parties and their children involved in unsolved rapes and sex with teachers at the school

    #10 • Reportedly the A. J. Woofer estate and others were plundered by individuals in positions of power, namely the Butcher and Butcher lawless law firm. These alleged criminal acts will no longer be tolerated. Local law enforcement should be held accountable, for the cover up involving Gilmer Housing Partners and the GSC faculty being involved in several questionable legal issues and now what has snow balled into $340,000 to be paid in damages ordered by a judge who stated, the customary way of doing things in Gilmer County regarding the recording of a $150,000 lien directly conflicted with the law!

    #11 • Our K-12 school system is not up to par, in fact sub standard quality is standard in Gilmer County and the school board is controlled by the Power Elite.

    #12 • News from GSC is carefully controlled including details about the lawsuit involving GSC’s Board of Governors versus Scarlett Kellerman et al. and the federal lawsuit pertaining to land below the I. L. Morris Bridge. Barr is author of the Barr Code.

    #13 • A political campaign contribution occurred in the name of Madge Butcher who was dead for more than a decade and it is on official government documents that she was retired and resided at PO Box 100 to cause citizens to believe that fraud was committed by the responsible party – this is par for the course in Glenville, we know who is guilty.

  11. Get the latest update on GILMER COUNTY 911 learn how KENNEDY CALLS ROWAN A JACKASS!
    Just click the green link at the top of this comment to go there or click the green link below.



  12. Regarding the 13 points that define Glimer, I understand that everyone wants to point fingers and say this and that about the power elite or what not, but post more up to date information. #5? That’s been long gone, the ghost wolf even knows it; you can’t even see the article anymore. And regarding the educational system, yes it’s corrupt, yes the state was needed to take over, and yes Nasia would have no chance if it came to a vote but do we do not need to demean our children’s education anymore by posting how it’s “not up the par” when their are still graduates succeeded in secondary institutions.

    Editors note: “Yes, this is Peggy,” regarding the 13 points that define Gilmer, ” Yes, this is Peggy,” and in regard to the school and posting how it’s “Not up the par” “YES, this is Peggy!” … is the answer.

    In regard to NUMBER FIVE it is certainly not long gone for there is an unresolved rape and a high school coach that got to fuck a star player on the team and a CHILD OF THE POWER ELITE — and where most people come from that is not allowed, Further, in most states this coach would be in prison, but in Gilmer County this behavior is PAR for the course, but we have decided to take matters into our own hands concerning this incident and get the info to some people that advocate, NO FUCKING THE STUDENTS BITCHES!

    And speaking of PAR for the course, how about Doug Cottrill being arrested with COCAINE in a pill bottle labeled IKE MORRIS LORTAB with some pills from the prescription at a GOLF OUTING and is released on low or no bail. Watch this get washed and we will be there to jump on whoever decides to wash it, and they will be accused of being part of an obvious criminal conspiracy involving members of Glenville society that have convinced themselves that “THEY” are above the law.

    Thanks for the heads up Cindy Jones! Your comment seems to be the perfect example of how they do it in Glenville, for local PUBLIC OFFICIALS TAKE NO ACTION when a crime is committed by one of the ELITE, and then public officials in power positions hope people forget — And your LONG GONE concept is the perfect example of this process, and so therefore thank you so much for your comment.

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