Settlement reached in civil suit against Gilmer County Clerk — JUST CALL 911! But, NOT in CROOKED COUNTY! KENNEDY CALLS ROWAN A JACKASS!

By Free Bird/RGW Reporter for Concerned Citizens Free Press and the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Rina McCoy – Editor/Cosmos Communicator

If you sign a contract you are obligated to fulfill the terms of that contract.  If you find a problem during the course of that contract, you have recourse to fight for change in the courts.  Those are the plain, simple facts.  Yet Gilmer County Commission has not found it necessary to pay Lewis County E911 fees, since the election of 2010, fees that have been contractually obligated.  This is happening despite the fact the Lewis County Commission reduced the monthly fees charged to Gilmer County by one half for the past two years.

Calling 911 is no laughing matter unless you live in Glenville, and then the thought of it is hilarious as these two can't keep a straight face while acting out an emergency!

Whether you agree or not that Gilmer should have their own 911 center does not alter that the organization providing our current emergency services support has not been paid for work already agreed to and rendered.  It does not change that they are being mistreated and publicly insulted by the Gilmer County Commission.  Commissioner Kennedy actually called the Lewis County Director Rowan a “Jackass” when he questioned why payment had not been made since last year in the public commission meeting October 2011. 

“Not one other Commissioner called Kennedy out on this behavior!”

They all sat there in quiet agreement.  To put the icing on the cake, the commission did not sign the annual contract with Lewis County E911 at that meeting.  Does this mean we do not have 911 services in Gilmer County?  It should, we haven’t paid for it, there is no contract in effect.

We would be screwed if Lewis County had not worked for us and with us these many years at our request and they have continued to do the job for our citizens out of a sense of duty while trying to work to resolve the problem without pay.

Any reasonable person can figure out that if we bring the 911 center back to Gilmer County we should be working closely with Lewis and learning from all of their years of experience. Why waste our time and money reinventing the wheel? You would think Gilmer County Commission would be attending the monthly meetings but they’re not. Commissioner Ramsey walked in to the Lewis County Commission meeting to tell them we are going on our own, that’s it.  Kennedy schedules to attend the Commission meetings and does not show.  You would think the Fire Chief would be attending those 911 meetings but he’s not.  You would think the EMS Director would be at those meetings on time but she’s walks in up to an hour late.  Are they supposed to back up and redo the meeting time and time again?  You would think that the Emergency Services plan for Gilmer County and Lewis County would be coordinated but it’s not and Gilmer County representatives are aware of that fact.  Furthermore, Gilmer County is making no effort to sit down at the table and develop a plan to transition the services in a smooth and efficient manner with our previous provider.  It is not happening. All of these facts are public record and reflected in the minutes of Lewis/Gilmer E911 and Lewis County Commission meetings.

Of course removing Gilmer County coverage is going to hurt Lewis County.

They have invested  funds to grow with and have a vested interest in the center that has by mutual agreement provided multiple county emergency service needs for a very long time.

Hell, ya can't hardly even get a hold of the courthouse these days let alone depend on somebody coming to your aid!

 They have increased their facility, staffing and training costs to meet them.  The budget will be greatly reduced. They will have to lay off recent hires and the last three are Gilmer County people. Can you honestly believe that they are not professional enough to coordinate this transfer of responsibilities in compliance with the federal and state laws which govern E-911 services locally and nationwide? They have provided required federal training for our emergency responders.  They have not asked us to leave, we are choosing the move and that is our right.  It is the obligation of the County Commission and those they have appointed to determine if the move is feasible and if it is to make it work.  It does no good to sit at the table, listen to regulatory requirements and return to Gilmer County saying this is how we’ve been told it should be done but we’ll just do it our way.  Taking the easy way out will not get the job done this time. 

“Providing ambulance and emergency rescue is too important an issue!”

“It is up to county leadership to ensure all that takes place is in the best interest of our citizens!”

Calling our neighboring leaders jackasses does not help, it hurts the process.  It gives cold comfort to those forced to rely on them in an emergency now or in the future. It is business as usual ran by egos and politics, not intelligence and good common sense.     

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Settlement reached in suit against Gilmer County Clerk
10/14/2011 7:45 AM By Lawrence Smith  -Monongalia Bureau

SZ200_riversview.jpgThis subdivision near Glenville was the subject of a lawsuit filed last year in U.S. District Court. The suit came to a conclusion last week when Summit Community Bank settled its claim alleging the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office caused them to be an unwitting co-defendant in it as a result of an improperly recorded financing statement. (Photo by Lawrence Smith)

CLARKSBURG – A tentative settlement has been reached in a lawsuit accusing the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office of improperly recording a financing statement for property in a housing project with ties to Glenville State College.

U.S. District Judge Frederick P. Stamp Jr. on Oct. 11 dismissed a cross claim and third-party complaint Summit Community Bank of Winchester, Va., filed against the clerk’s office last October. Summit’s cross claim and complaint was in response to a breach of contract suit filed against it, New Horizon Home Sales and Gilmer Housing Partners by Textron Financial Corporation in March 2010.

In its complaint, Textron, a Providence, R.I.-based commercial financing firm, alleged New Horizon, an Athens, W.Va.-based modular home dealer, defaulted on paying them for property they helped them acquire in the River’s View subdivision outside of Glenville in 2005 when New Horizon, three years later, sought permanent financing from Summit’s branch in Moorefield. Textron sought judgment against New Horizon, Summit and GHP for $270,166.77, the proceeds from the sale of the initial two lots, and two other lots they helped New Horizon finance.

Records show, GHP was the previous owner of the lots in the River’s View subdivision, located on W.Va. 5 near the Gilmer Federal Corrections Institution. According to the Secretary of State’s Office, GHP is a for-profit corporation whose address is the home of Glenville State College President Peter Barr.

Also, Barr is listed as GHP’s sole incorporator and manager.

In its cross claim, and complaint, Summit said had it not been for a defective Uniform Commercial Code fixture filing recorded by the clerk’s office, they wouldn’t be involved in the suit. Specifically, they alleged the clerk’s office did not follow state law by recording New Horizon as a co-debtor on the fixture filing along with Jack Jones, its president.

Specifically, they alleged when a pre-suit injury was made about New Horizon not being listed as a co-debtor, incoming Clerk Jean Butcher, who replaced the retiring Beverly Marks in last year’s election, said that’s “‘the way it’s been done for years.'” Summit sought judgment against the clerk’s office for all costs it incurred in the suit, including attorney’s fees.

When contacted for the terms of the settlement, Summit’s attorney, Edward McDevitt, referred all questions to Wendy Greve, the clerk’s office’s attorney. Greve was unavailable for comment prior to press time.

Prior to the settlement in Summit’s cross claim, and complaint, Stamp on March 15 granted Textron’s motion for summary judgment finding they were the superior lien holder on at least one of the property’s in question. In doing so, Stamp granted Textron possession of it, and ordered New Horizon to pay them the entire judgment plus pre-judgment and .25 percent post-judgment interest.

Records show GHP was dismissed from the suit two weeks later.

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia case number 10-cv-39

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  1. Council of Concerned Citizens -- Gilmer Housing Partners Lawsuit

    Breaking News about Gilmer Housing Partners Lawsuit
    An out-of-court settlement occurred between the third party plaintiff (Summit Community Bank) and defendants (Jack Jones, the president of New Horizon, and the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Gilmer County).
    The settlement for Federal Civil Case No. 1:10CV39 was finalized on October 07, 2011.
    It is understood that the aforementioned parties agreed to settle differences to mutual satisfaction without the necessity of a jury trial.
    Also, it is understood that the principal plaintiff (Textron Financial Corporation) and remaining defendants (Gilmer Housing Partners (GHP), and Jack Jones) have not settled.
    Reportedly, Dr. Peter Barr, the president of Glenville State College is the GHP’s president and its trustees are Timothy Butcher and R. Terry Butcher, partners of the local Butcher & Butcher law firm.
    Timothy Butcher is a member of the College’s Board of Governors and an official in the College’s Foundation.
    R. Terry Butcher served on the Board of Governors when the GHP was formed.
    Information for the settlement with the Office of the Clerk of Gilmer County’s Commission and future developments with other named defendants will be provided to the public when court records are received.
    ~~ The Gilmer Free Press ~~

    Gilmer citizens have a right to know all terms for the settlement. Wanna bet that they will be kept secret so we will have to do some digging? The Partners land deal has more interesting facets. From what citizens understand the site was owned by Joe Putnam who borrowed money from Ike Morris to purchase it. The land was in the flood zone to make it practically worthless for housing. When the prison was being fill material was hauled from the construction site to Putnam’s land to get it out of the flood zone and the estimated benefit was a million dollars thanks to U. S. taxpayers. Then, Ike assumed ownership of the land from Putnam, and he donated it to the Gilmer Housing Partners. Sounds public-minded doesn’t it? Well, do you suppose that Ike made money by claiming that with the free flood plain fill job the land was worth considerably more to benefit him at tax filing time? Please inform us if any of this is wrong.
    Comment by R. Jones-Florida on 10.14.2011

    What about earth moving at Gilmer’s industrial park? Is it not true that land assumed to be worthless was given to Frame for free, and fill material was hauled in from land across the road owned by Ike to raise the flooding level of that parcel and other land at the park? There is a saying in Gilmer County that anytime dirt is moved Ike makes money & he enjoys seeing his signature on land he owns by not reseeding it to lessen visual damage and to prevent soil erosion. Look at his eye sores at Hays City, land he is assumed to own near the industrial park, land along the highway going to Summersville, and the raped hillside near his Best Western. How can he justify saying that he has not done anything to hurt the County?
    Comment by Raymond P. Elliot on 10.14.2011

    And I though Ike wouldn’t do anything to hurt people of Gilmer County!!!
    GFP needs to report on all of Ike and Chapman’s dealings in GCDA that only help then while hurting Gilmer County.
    Comment by K.C. on 10.14.2011

  2. CONNIE O STINKY the Gilmer County Commission ASS SIS TANT is leaving for GSC twiddly dee!

    Connie (Connie O Stinky) Osentoski’s last day as assistant for the county commission is today and since she performed her criminal duties so well, she’s gotten herself promoted and is now going up to Glenville State College to help with the criminal activities taking place there. Her boyfriend Palmer Stephens the all night DJ at WBRB small market Clarksburg Communist Country Station is also working for the Gerry HOUGH HOOLIGAN HATE GANG, along with Connie.

  3. So the Gilmer County Commission finally figured out the County Clerk was guilty as charged and they could not win the lawsuit Summit Community Bank filed in excess of $100,000.Now who foots the bill?

    Sure they have already paid out some legal fees in their feeble attempt to get the Federal Judge to say they couldn’t be held liable which failed. Now we guess they’ll pay their deductible and let the bonding agent pay up through their risk pool insurance. Will the bonding agent be willing to just pay up and not go after Beverly Marks for breaking the law and not filing the liens accordingly?

    Have under the table pacts been made to let her get away with this deceit and keep that fat retirement? Good question and we know the answer won’t be easy to get as this settlement is being kept very quiet. For sure the Gilmer County Commission didn’t want the courts to answer that question and set a legal precedent.

    Summit Bank will want the amount they loaned and weren’t repaid because they couldn’t find Textron’s existing lien when they searched the court house records. They will want their attorney fees and it doesn’t come cheap to go to federal court. How big a break the attorneys negotiated for punitive damages is the poser, but we can say beyond any reasonable doubt who really foots the bill, GILMER COUNTY TAXPAYERS every time!

    It’s about time we made the elite pay, and now we have more to tell on Marks,Metz,Hough and others involved in pulling the missing 1/6th to hide a lie told in Circuit Court and Supreme Court by officers of the Gilmer County Court.

    • This leaves the question: how many more have been allowed to defraud lenders with incorrect filing of these liens. You can bet the local law firms (who love holding liens on government funded properties) knew about and probably profited by this scheme for many a year. It must be nice to take a loan to buy land using it for collateral and then borrow the money again from someone else using the same property to build on it for instance. Then sell it for a profit and you haven’t invested a dime of your own money. Sets them up pretty as long as they pay it back so they don’t get caught like Jack Jones. I.


    Two Gilmer County men are facing charges related to the operation of a meth lab, according to WV State Police in Glenville.

    In August, Mark Aaron Ward, 36, of Sand Fork, was arrested following an investigation of his residence, after which State Police seized a meth lab, according to the criminal complaint.

    The compliant said, during the investigation, Jason Mandell Pritt, 29, also of Sand Fork, had attempted to purchase pseudoephed for the lab.

    Pritt has now been charged. According to the complaint, Pritt confessed to assisting Ward with the operation of the lab.

    Pritt told police he had purchased pseudophed at least three times for Ward.

    “Jason Pritt stated that Mark Ward was teaching him how to cook meth,” and assisted him about twice a month, said the complaint.

    Both Ward and Pritt are in Central Regional Jail on charges related to the production of meth.

  5. CCC - DEMOCRAT BUSTED for knowingly making false reports to the public

    We have long suspected Dave Corcoran of working with public officials for self gain and first started to complain about that fake self serving son of a bitch back in 2005 when we discovered he was letting Judge Facemire give his own accounts of AREA BRIEF’S involving court cases and generally printing false information and one way propaganda designed for the benefit of the local elite that have now been caught in all kinds of criminal and dastardly activity not in the interest of the community.

    Before we report on the TRUTH from citizens of the FREE PRESS, lets get it clear about one thing. I just have to say it as it is … “FUCK YOU Dave Corcoran, you have caused myself and others some serious consequences of which we were not deserving and if you think for even one second you have gotten away with anything, think again you Yankee fuck! Pay backs are a bitch buddy and we have not had the pleasure of thanking you yet!”

    The people in Gilmer County and especially Glenville have slowly but surely had the truth reported to them and at great cost to individuals in the FREE PRESS and the SS who often get threatening phone calls and letters and even letters from jail from the henchmen of the Power Elite – and all for telling the truth. We have about had it with that behavior too. Well, we don’t have the big leather chairs anymore like the Butcher and Butcher law firm does to weather out the storm, but we decided instead to suit up and take out our differences to the root causes and then taking our battle to the street. So bring it bitches.

    Clearly we all know who the enemy is … and clearly it is their time to lose!

    This is how it all played out recently in the GILMER FREE PRESS!

    Since last week, several GFP readers have contacted us about a report which appeared on October 06, 2011 edition of Glenville Democrat / Pathfinder.

    Many of you were upset about the answers our Gilmer County Board of Education President Misty Pritt had given to the news-writer.

    I could not help but to read the article to see what the concerned readers were talking about.

    After reading the report myself, I am as upset as them, for a different reason.

    The difference is, I was at the Board of Education meeting when Mrs. Pritt presented and read her report.

    What the report says in the newspaper IS NOT what Mrs. Pritt said.

    You see now why it reminded me of the preacher who was just making things up the way he wanted to and not what the Bible says?

    I had recorded the meeting and listened to it a couple of times and the recording verified my memory. The newspaper report was wrong.

    I [G. Dave Ramezan] contacted Mrs. Pritt to make sure she did not have a special interview with the reporter and of course she had not.

    Mrs. Pritt was upset as well, because of the way she was quoted, as well as about her public report. The reporting was not what she had said.

    After reading the report herself in the paper, her attempts to contact the newspaper as well as her offer to provide the document she read her report from was ignored and unanswered by the Glenville Democrat / Pathfinder.

    Once again it raises concerns how the publisher continues to misinform the readers in our community.

    And here are some reader comments:

    Thank you Misty Pritt for setting the record straight. It took personal courage to get the unvarnished truth to the public. Truth is something we have had a shortage of in Gilmer County. However, with advent of the Gilmer Free Press citizens have a powerful force on their side. The days are over to purposely keep citizens at bay by withholding the truth and managing the news. Perhaps what you did Misty will encourage those on Nasia’s committee who did not sign off on the final report to come forward. Similar to widespread support you have in the County, those individuals would get accolades too.

    Comment by School Watch on 10.13.2011

    It did not seem the report in Democrat was the truth, but I was not sure. Now I can see the truth. Thank you Mrs. Pritt.
    Comment by Jason W on 10.14.2011

    Since Pritt did not interview the paper, why then Democrat falsely report and quote her? After so many bad reporting is there integrity in what Democrat does?
    Comment by Angie [3] on 10.14.2011

    Looks like Corcoran is holding his promise to Blankenship! Siding with the state, Butcher, Rhoades and Ratliff in trying to make the other members look bad. Corcoran has really gone way low in desperation for ad dollars.

    Comment by Corruption101 on 10.14.2011

  6. Athanasia Butcher the FACE OF TRAGEDY for Gilmer County

    Is it true Athanasia Butcher from Glenville West Virginia wanted to dishonor West Virginia veterans, teach first-graders how to use condoms, prevent the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, and then allow confederate flag burning, among other items?

    Is is true Athanasia Butcher from Glenville West Virginia allows the black athletes of the school to rape 16 year old students with no consequence even it they are related to IKE Morris.

    Is it true Athanasia Butcher allowed the girls basketball coach Bobby Duvall to have sex with several girls on the team, and then admit to it with no consequence other than a resignation?

    Athanasia likes to brag of the close relationship she forged with Senator Manchin during a brief ride on former Governor Manchins dick, while campaigning through Central WV. I guess that helps her get out of trouble and even takes some of the pressure off Gayle Manchin. God knows Gayle has enough trouble with her daughter Heather being stripped of her masters degree from WVU because it was F A K E.

    Athanasia Butcher uses her husband as her attorney—not because she really has done anything terribly wrong, of course. In her eyes her daughters Elizabeth and Alexis are not sluts and it was OK to be a lesbian in high school, and Nasia properly and legally inferred that oral sex is not “sexual intercourse.”

    Athanauseating uses her lawyer husband R Terry Butcher to protect her bad reputation and preserve her rights for telling her own lies mostly and many concerned citizens are pretty fucking sick of that.

    Certainly not Glenville’s first “Uppity woman,” but certainly “Athanasia Butcher is the face of tragedy” who has done extensive damage to the Gilmer County High School and the Gilmer School system in general.

    It’s time for a change in Gilmer County! OUT with the OLD and in with the NEW!!

  7. Cosmos Communicator - The TALE OF LATE NIGHT VISITS by the former County Clerk BM Montezuma's revenge!

    I have heard that Beverly Marks has been seen coming into town late afternoon or evening and has been seen at the court house at night again. Is she a goin in there to cover her tracks? Does Beverly Marks, commonly referred to as BM think that coming in late at night with her own set of keys is going to work again for committing crimes like hiding titles as evidence from court cases and such? What business does Marks have coming to the courthouse at night and being there after hours if she is not the clerk anymore? Is something illegal going on again? Do you think she is a doin illegal deeds for Gerry Hough again?

    Editors note: Maybe she is hiding METH for Jason Mandell Pritt somewhere in the courthouse.

  8. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf TELLS THE TRUTH about what the OEP AUDIT CONFIRMS

    Lets Review the events of this past summer and early fall ….

    Glenville Citizens and Gilmer County Residents have been getting the strait scoop on misconduct and corrupt public officials from the SS and CCC since 2006 and many are speaking out in the Glenville Free Press!

    Gerry Hough hired the minion group of PAT WARD -Waco OIL and ASS, PALMER STEPHENS little league small market no talent disc jockey and even incorporated the help of his gal pal CONNIE O STINKY the new assistant at the Gilmer County Commission that just left for an IKE job at GSC, and speaking of GSC the wife of elite minion Pat Ward, LESLIE WARD is the new WEB DESIGNER for the GSC new look at the school that comes from the town that is NUMBER ONE in unresolved RAPES and MURDER in Gilmer County, WV!!

    THESE people were hired to find who it is that is SPEAKING OUT in the Gilmer Free Press, so they can have false charges brought, Gerry’s Specialty, or KILLED, and then floated down the Crooked River like Fred Hill, or sued for all they own. These threats have been known to come from R TERRY BUTCHER and Timothy B Butcher, Gerry Hough and from Gilmer Housing Partners and the B & B Law Firm, the people ordered to pay $340,000 in damages by a Federal Judge for the LATEST LAND SWINDLE SANCTIONED BY GSC!

    Well here is what one fine brave citizen is saying in regard to:
    OEPA Report Shows Many Irregularities and Violations in Gilmer County Schools!

    This report should cause Gilmer’s citizens to raise serious questions about other Gilmer County irregularities. Is it logical that our legal system, the County Commission, and other entities which are supposed to serve the public are NOT clean!

    After reading the report it is obvious why individuals who ask questions and express opinions are singled out for attacks in attempts to silence them.

    Our self-appointed mind guards and cheer leaders continually give assurances that all is well, no need for concern, and everything will be fine if we continue with “That is the way we do it in Gilmer County” way of functioning. But, they are truly just lying little bitches!

    Independent audits of all public bodies in the County will be necessary to enable us to eventually modernize and cease functioning like a third world county in Gilmer County.

    Hopefully, outside government sleuths will read the report to become motivated to rush in to expose incompetence and corruption.

    SS Member: Here is what others are saying about CROOKED COUNTY aka GILMER COUNTY and all the dirty rotten underhanded dealings that go on daily!!!

    “It’s all about the CHURCH of IKE MORRIS, the CHURCH of the POISON MIND!”

    “I left Glenville many years ago and corrupted it still is!! I’m not surprised by this situation at all liars everyone of the self appointed KINGS like the Butchers!”

    “What about Mel Waddell shooting the Stump boys on Toler Fork and getting by with it???”

    “This is what happens when you live in MORRIS TOWN USA where a commissioner is GAY and RAPE is OK!”

    “Gilmer County has well-earned its nick name of CROOKED COUNTY!”

    “Definitely, a clear picture is emerging through the well crafted well written articles of the CalPatty Press — people who were threatened, but obviously never left — for this site has COW PATTY written all over it! And it is the kind that smells good, and only smells bad when it hits the face of the DOG FACED WOMAN Reta Kight!! The original shit face!”

    • No one is safe in Gilmer County. You never have been.
    • Don’t walk at night, watch your back and pray you don’t anger the power brokers.
    • Gilmer County is known for rape, murder, and falsely convicting innocent citizens!
    These are all exact quotes from citizens either mailed to us or left on comments which are on websites run by the FREE PRESS and the SS!!

  9. Crooked County Crooks - COMMENT OF THE WEEK BY EDDIE JONES!

    This is the comment of the week BY EDDIE JONES posted on the GFP

    The truth of the matter is the state and their political supporters are going to do what they want. They have put the right man (Blankenship) in charge who can just follow orders without bending an eyebrow. Like some have said here, people need to stand up in order to end this. They need to say enough is enough. They should not vote for anything to help what the few want. Get rid of all of those who keep selling out Gilmer County for their own gains. Gilmer County people must quit bending and keep taking it. If you just sit back it will just get worse.

    By eddie jones on 10.14.2011

  10. The Crooked County Crooks website, where the very beginnings of membership into the Secret Seven Coalition took place in 2006, and it was then that the first flagship of the SS was born, and is something to be remembered! It certainly appears that many do, by this comment just posted in the GILMER FREE PRESS

    Almost every negative action, thought, move, issue in our community will have a common thread. To that thread will be tied to the same half dozen names appearing, popping up, over, over and over again. You decide. “Crooked County Crooks” may well be the best, most accurate description for our community. These very few, are the ones who identify, “who we are”. Seems there are only a few in the community who care otherwise. Lack of backbone seems to rule the day in Gilmer County, home to the Crooked County Crooks.
    Comment by Keep diggin’ y’all… on 10.17.2011

  11. The BUTCHER BITCHES celebrate October and Breast Awareness Month and THINK PINK!!

    Click the above link or below to THINK PINK with Lizzie and Lexie the Butcher Bitches that Broke Bad during the Summer of Love on the CalPatty Press!


    Lena Lunsford a Lewis County woman whose 3-year-old daughter has been missing for three weeks, has been charged by the FBI with selling federal food stamp benefits.

    Yesterday, in a federal court in Clarksburg the criminal complaint was filed.

    Lunsford transferred a Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program card and personal identification number to someone else in exchange for $50 cash, according to the complaint.

  13. So many things going on, one needs a constant FULL COURT press to get anywhere!

    JUST a fan of the truth….ran across this tidbit/opinion and figured somebody got sumpin’ to add!

    “Battle Hymn says:
    October 17, 2011 at 8:44 am
    To those of you who want to stick it to the big banks,
    Don’t worry. Your time is near. The big banks will soon be a thing of the past. Their wealth and power will be consolidated under the government of the New World Order. And for a short time you will rejoice. You will think things are finally going to be better. But eventually you will learn this is a transfer in name only. The middle classes of the world will disappear. The uber-wealthy will remain uber-wealthy. They will run the show. They will decide how the wealth confiscated from the middle classes is redistributed to you. You will have a global aristocracy. Your new global economy will be based on Marxism. And it create no wealth. The poor will get poorer. Only the corrupt powers that be will be privelaged.
    Yes, at first you’ll think it’s wonderful. Much like you thought NAFTA was wonderful during the Clinton years. But eventually, that well will dry up. And you’ll be left with serfdom. Most of you pinkos will remain in denial, just like Al Gore’s AGW crowd. You’ll find anything to blame it on but the OWS movement. But the truth is, OWS is advancing the NWO agenda as planned.
    So if you wish to pull your head from the sand for a moment or two, take a look around. If you seek to limit corruption on Wall Street, you must start with the corruption in government.”

    Editors note: Well, HELL! We are ahead of the game, for in Gilmer County we got serfdom now! It’s all about totalitarianism baby! We are talking CHURCH OF IKE NOW! I guess if people want a glimpse of the future they need look no further than Crooked County, West Virginia!

  14. Council of Concerned Citizens -- Could Beverly Marks be GUILTY of a FELONY?

    CommunityConcerns™: (provided by the GILMER FREE PRESS)

    Gilmer Housing Partners and Former County Clerk engaged in questionable activity!

    Following settlement of legal issues associated with the Gilmer Housing Partners project crucial unanswered questions remain. Is Beverly MARKS GUILTY of a CRIME?

    Some questions include:

    • Is it not true that the crux of the issue was improper courthouse record keeping?

    • What are specific terms of the settlement?

    • What is being done by the County Commissions to ensure that record keeping and all other activities in the Courthouse are done properly in the future?

    Reports have circulated widely that for years:

    • There was unauthorized access to courthouse records

    • Certain individuals had keys to the building to enable unfettered access to records and they kept unauthorized copies of records in their private possession

    • There is a history of records being altered

    • Important public records were purged

    There is uncertainty regarding how many if any of the reported problems true.

    However, the Commission should hire an independent and qualified investigator to evaluate the issues.

    If problems are detected there must be full public disclosure followed by corrective actions.

    Finally, fingers are being pointed at Beverly Marks, the former Gilmer County Clerk.

    To be fair to her, we don’t know:

    • If her reported failure to record lien information was an unintended consequence of human error?

    • She failed to record the information to bow to outside pressures?

    • She was the designated fall person for the scandal?

    • Or there are other intervening factors remaining undisclosed?

    Before all information is available to the public we owe it to Beverly Marks to withhold our judgment as related to her role with the mess.

    Summit Banks basis for naming County Clerk as 3rd party to suit. Motion to dismiss filed on behalf of Gilmer County Commission denied by federal judge. Court date scheduled October 25, 2011

    “The Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Gilmer County, West Virginia for willfully and negligently breaching its statutory duty by failing to file the fixture filing under New Horizon’s name.”

    WV Code: §39-2-2. Contents of general indexes.
    In the appropriate general index in the office of the clerk of the county court, to the extent that the same has been or shall be provided, shall be indexed the names of all grantors and grantees of deeds, trust deeds, release deeds, contracts, leases, or other writings; the names of the parties to marriage records; and the names of all persons for or against whom judgments or decrees are rendered.

    “It’s the way it’s been done for years.“

    Summit Bank and Gilmer County Commission settle out of court.
    Comment by Decide for Yourself on 10.17.2011

    Beverly Marks PULLED a title,(missing 1/6th) needed in a court case that went all the way to US Supreme court with false evidence, and knowingly brought with the help of Marks. Out of state law enforcement and others that have looked into the matter say what Marks did was a crime, and that further to have the matter ignored my Sheriff Metz is a crime and now the ODC refused to accept the evidence used in this crime.

    Marks sold that missing 1/6th and the family DID NOT receive the proceeds, but Rosa Belle Gainer-Cunningham the executrix of the AJ Woofter estate did, and so did her son Jack Gainer, and neither one of those two were relatives and deserved money from property that belonged to someone else.

    Oh, yeah, Marks is real honest!
    Comment by Concerned Citizen on 10.17.2011

    Almost every negative action, thought, move, issue in our community will have a common thread. To that thread will be tied to the same half dozen names appearing, popping up, over, over and over again. You decide. “Crooked County Crooks” may well be the best, most accurate description for our community. These very few, are the ones who identify, “who we are”. Seems there are only a few in the community who care otherwise. Lack of backbone seems to rule the day in Gilmer County, home to the Crooked County Crooks.
    Comment by Keep diggin’ y’all… on 10.17.2011

    Isn’t advising the Gilmer County Commission a conflict of interest? I was told that it is Gerry Hough that advises the Gilmer County Commission and that Hough represents them legally. I see this as a severe conflict and a detriment to our forward movement in Gilmer County. Gerry Hough is not a skilled attorney and is not very honest according to the posted documents that have been published. Many have made up their mind about the prosecutor for Gilmer County and many are convinced by the evidence that he did pay a witness for false testimony and the state and county are covering it up.
    Comment by Sick of the Crooks in Gilmer County! on 10.17.2011

    Gerry Hough officially advised the Gilmer County Commission to settle the federal law suit recently. Hough told Darrell Ramsey that defending the case would be difficult and that the commissioners needed to settle. Is that admitting guilt? Or, is it the fact that Gerald B Hough is too busy working full time as a college professor for more than twice the income of any normal citizen about $67,000 while collecting $87,800 from the county for working part time and doing a half a** job of it to defend the case! Or maybe he wants to settle because HE IS part of the crime.
    Comment by Just Think on 10.17.2011

    Under our Constitution we are “innocent until proven guilty”.. Or so I have been taught.
    Having known Beverly Marks for a lot of years, we need to give her a chance to speak up. Possibly she has been advised not to.
    We do not know that do we?
    I do not think Beverly would have done anything wrong under her own initiative. I could be wrong.
    Do I think that she could have been coerced, blackmailed, forced into a bad situation? That is a thought.
    Seeing all the other crimes that are, and have gone on the past few years in our community, I believe that she could have been made to do something that she would never, ever have done on her own.
    Now, if you have worked with the bunch that have controlled the county, both from within and without, of the court house, you would know what they would be capable of.
    Anyone might cave for the safety of your family or yourself.
    GFP is showing us almost on a daily basis the depth of the local, (state assisted (?) corruption in our community.
    And do not forget, the public threats have been made to Mr. Ramazan.
    We do not live with Goober, Otis, Aunt Bea, and Andy. Maybe Barney.
    Glenville, WV, is no Mayberry.
    Comment by Give Beverly a Chance on 10.17.2011

    Suit filed before the election was kept a big secret till it was over. Hmmm. Any regular folk know they could use one piece of property for collateral with two different companies and get two loans at the same time? The banks say no. Now that’s a right handy piece of information but reckon you’d have to be in cahoots with the right people to know how to get it done – just don’t forget to pay the bill.
    Comment by Whatever Gets You Thru the Night on 10.17.2011

  15. The ELITE of the VILLE at the GRILLE as observed by the COSMOS COMMUNICATOR--The PEOPLE who wouldn't hurt Glenville all in one place!

    Nasia, R Terry, Pete and Betsy Barr, Wanda and Jack Reed, Ike and Sue Morris and if I’m not mistaken the bald guy from behind could be Councilman Dennis Fitzpatrick all shown on the front page of the Gilmer Free Press today.

    I like the picture of Nasia and her supporters live and in color for all to see right there on the FRONT PAGE of the GFP! That should show who wouldn’t hurt Glenville all displayed having fun at the GRILLE.

    There is Nasia Butcher the evil principal of GCHS that brought the take over with just one phone call to IKE! And on the right, R Terry Butcher, one half of the Bitcher and Butcher law firm, sitting back out of the picture with the light jacket, and they make a fine group all involved in stopping the hiring of Dr Simmons and the ones that made sure he was forced out as the President of GSC so that they could take over the college and make it a home for black rapist athletes, and then cover up crime after crime after crime after crime, and all with the endorsement of Sheriff Mickey Metz who is never invited to these things because he is an illiterate hillbilly.

    Can anyone tell me what happened to that nice lady that owned the Brown Dog Bistro, and what happened to all of that? Brian Kennedy used to pull the dog out at the dog parking lot after meeting that chick Sarah last year remember …and AS too? Now dude is running the bar and in the picture displayed on the front page of the GFP is Doug Cottrill in the bar. Does he have a pill bottle with IKE’s name on it and some COCAINE too?

    “Where is the WEED Doug? Do you got yourself a pocket rocket or are ya just glad to see all the old people at the Ville that make your life so wonderful?”

    “Fucking old people man! Don’t you get sick of it?!”

    In my opinion those restaurants can’t make it when they base their business on feeding football players and housing them at the best western (especially the out of town players). Nobody can afford what they have to pay for them to make a profit beyond that and you never could rely on when it would be open. But I see they have the bar really busy now. That’s Kennedy’s touch, for he is in charge of all the “GALA” events and the keeping track of the food and beverages and party stash, just ask Doug Cottrill!

  16. There will no more Best Western Hotel in Glenville, West Virgina starting next month! Next month the local elite hangout down there by the GRILLE of the VILLE will be known as The ELITE HOTEL and I say since when? Since Best Western is getting mighty tired of all the bad publicity and Ike’s Negroes getting busted for booze, bitches and weed most likely, or either that or we could resort back to the old days of the “Derrick” and hiring college kids to run the place and now that Jimmy Moss is back as a Sheriff he will cover for the dope dealing and the wild sexual romps late into the midnight hours on the weekends! The ELITE HOTEL! Coming soon to a Morris town near you!

    Just like old times!

  17. Council of Concerned Citizens -- Could Beverly Marks be GUILTY of a FELONY? (continued)

    If one believes in responsibility at the top for an organization’s performance it is too simplistic to give Beverly Marks all the blame. To whom did she report, was there any supervision or oversight, and what kind of performance evaluations did she receive over the years? To blame Beverly 100% would be similar to not holding Dr. Peter Barr and GSC’s Board of Governors accountable for problems at the College as indicated by the community’s resounding no-confidence vote. We are too smart to permit local power brokers get the focus off individuals higher up the food chain by throwing Beverly under the bus.
    Comment by Stan Westphal on 10.18.2011
    Well written, and well thought out comment and of great value to GFP readers. When someone that communicates as well as you does shares an important opinion with others, we get that much closer to citizens being more confident about the future.

    But, my personal experience with Marks and her record keeping is a NIGHTMARE experience. I just recently talked to the judge’s office that issued the order to sell the infamous missing 1/6th. Beverly Marks completely ignored that court order on the order of Tim Butcher according to an “Eye witness that was present. This tidbit of info somewhat validates your claim is that, “It can’t all be blamed on Beverly!“ ..but in the same breath also implicates her for criminal wrongdoing.

    It may be found this latest federal civil complaint is rooted by a criminal action.

    Marks pulled that 1/6th from the land books after the request to sell it was made and by coincidence the deed was needed to prove ownership against 3 felony charges that all turned out to be false charges.
    Gerry Hough paid Roanna Rafferty the next month to say she owned that 1/6th in CIRCUIT COURT and that she was a VICTIM.
    Rafferty was NOT a victim and did not own the 1/6th, but it was hidden so that the courts could not find it, and Marks is the one that pulled it.

    Draw your own conclusion.
    Comment by DB on 10.19.2011

    DB, reports about the Albert J. Woofter estate have circulated for years. Because of implications for the B & B law firm why do its owners refuse to come forward with information to try to clear their names? Their total silence reinforces beliefs that the estate was raided. There is another issue pertaining to the Butchers. There is a belief in the County that R. T. Butcher’s correspondence to the State helped to trigger the take over of our schools. The Butchers are invited to respond to these comments in a statement to the GFP. Similar to all citizens they deserve fair and unbiased treatment.

    Comment by Richard Simpson on 10.20.2011

    In response to the AJ Woofter Estate.
    Accounting’s are required annually by law. There was no accounting done on the AJ Woofter Estate for 12 years. Margaret Kriener from the council on aging and other attorneys wrote to Rosabelle Gainer Cunningham and the B & B lawfirm on several occasions requesting the accounting required by law. These letters were published on the CCC website. Gainer-Cunningham had no response to the request, and also she was caught back dating checks to make it APPEAR that the wishes of AJ Woofter were being adhered to, and she was not arrested, or punished or forced to stop the illegal action.
    Sheriff Metz REFUSED to investigate the matter.
    Draw your own conclusions from these undisputed facts.

    Comment by Dan Bingman on 10.20.2011

  18. Whoever is writing this needs to be commended I am sure if you focus on only the truth, or just the bad in every town which comes you will find in these same type of situations that almost seem dreamed up but totally true. We know how the elite do. I am sure most all of this stuff is really true, and worse, for my mama knows how ya do. Why dont you write about the contributions, and financial aide your so called elite-meet-discreet tries to bullshit everybody that they provides to the negro athletes and the community, because ya know we know it is all a lie, because ya know we know they are way too high, just look at Doug Morris and his baby wife Kim and god knows she is no angel of the morning. Don’t call her a doctor, she is always like that! “You’re a doctor Kim”There are wealthy people in every town that wear a crown like her, but not all of them support their communities just like this place and being such a small town it does help to tell the truth and bring the proof. And did you think you may not even be there if it wasnt for them nor the college, for that is what the elite will tell you, that you wouldn’t even have a life or would be dirt ass po folk if it weren’t for them. That is a joke, just like IKE when he used to hold his penis in the OIL DERRICK bar, for the philanthropy is disguised is right. It is disguised as a big penis. Ok I get it. We the people make our communities and towns and there should be laws against posting the real truth over the internet, you may think its all fun and games, but writing the truth is exposing those that run the town who are intentionally hurting people which is because of their power and wealth which is bullying and my mom and dad just don’t know what else to call it, and just as bad as getting caught with drugs etc it is a crime. People have feelings and whoever is writing this truth blog has exposed those that are in a very dark place and if they are not happy living in the town maybe they should leave and do the community a favor,even though they are rich, but they are very bad and evil people, obviously.

    I do not live there. well ok I do live there, but have briefly and I don’t know any of the people that live there, ok that is a lie, I do know a lot of people that live there. In fact, it is obvious I am young, dumb and I have no idea what I am talking about, but my mom said, go on there and say something really stupid, so I say its a nice town the Ville, and so are the people, they just don’t live with a steeple and have all joined the church of Ike. As far as I know your so called elite team are just a bunch of self serving hum drum ditzo’s and have not been there for a long time backing up the community, just making it look like they are. Amen to those people who really try to fake it, and God Bless good ole Glenville, ITS A NICE PLACE to visit for the folk festival, but you wouldn’t want to live there that’s for sure.

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