“It is Better to RULE in the HELL FIRES of CROOKED COUNTY than serve in Heaven.” GILMER COUNTY will NEVER BE FREE nor will there be LIBERTY FOR ALL until we SEND HOME the “Good Old Boys!”

By Free Bird -RGW reporter for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy-Cosmos Communicator Editor for Cosmic Communications Inc/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for the Council of Conservative Citizens of Central WV

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”
Thomas Jefferson

We need to let people know that America and GILMER COUNTY will never be free, or united by a country of the people, by the people, and for the people until we get rid of the system of payment for election and stop selling our government for greed and petty favors. From local government to federal agencies,

“GILMER COUNTY will never be free until we send the “Good Old Boys” home!”

Good old boy”politics long ago destroyed the trust most of us have in our policy makers!

The CHURCH of IKE according to local photographer Gary Collins often is held on the Golf Course. IKE MORRIS the ruler of Morris town with the former coach of the WVU football team. I wonder where the Lortab and Cocaine were at on this outing?

Many are living testimony to its effectiveness. Do you want a job, want your kid’s arrest not to appear in the local paper, need a favor with the judge about that DUI, got a problem recording that lien or need help handling Dad’s will? Take the easy way out, go with the flow and keep your mouth shut, it will all be just OK.

After decades of communism and a ban on personal wealth creation, China and Russia today worship at the temple of capitalism, much like the Church of Ike worshipers at Waco Oil and ASS would hope to do thru their false leadership and hidden guidance by elite entities.

Ever since elitism was born along with the Church of Ike, the organized elite have generated riches for a few at the expense of poverty and misery for the majority of the Gilmer County citizens. Growth of elite forces and political careers have been at the expense of retrogression of social relations among the general populace.

Reformative piecemeal repairs such as “Transparency, regulation and oversight,” are as futile and are as wasting of time an effort as patching up a piece of hollowed-out rotten wood, the borer insect of the “Common Place Elite of Gilmer County,” destroyed, and then consumed!

Gilmer County as a result and with the additional help of a manipulated and controlled GCEDA and the special college programs has fallen to the Church of Ike!

Doug Cottrill Waco Oil and Gas Employee and golfing buddy to the highest ranks of the Power Elite walked on serious drug charges including Cocaine and Narcotics with no bail - and you will also see that there will be no consequence just for being a member of the elite!

The elite in control of GSC business projects needs to curb some of the entrepreneurial zeal that directly competes with long established local family businesses. GSC has implemented some new procedures, rules and protocols along with new regulations that frankly have somewhat of a communist character, just to appease those who drink the kool aid of the Poison Mind Church of Ike followers who run GSC!

Glenville and Gilmer County , along with the common citizens might as well be Inca’s from Peru for all the consideration they get from these special programs. The rich just get richer and poor just keep getting poorer in Crooked County down by the Crooked River.

The Glenville Democrat has a brand new news director as reported in previous Ghost Wolf articles, and she happens to be the latest babe of Bob Henry Baber, and she keeps Bob Bob Bobbing along with publishing great propaganda for the elite and GSC! No real news coming out of the print press in Gilmer County.

In the words of one citizen of Gilmer County … the concerned citizens  are reaching out to the Gilmer Free Press because the FREE PRESS will listen and publishes unedited  comments and opinions. It is this vehicle that spreads the news on the horrors Gilmer County is going thru and has had to face.

“A person has to understand, if a minion or member of the Power Elite commit a crime, as we have just seen with Deputy Jones, those in the exclusive group cover for each other and the crime seems to magically DISAPPEAR!”

We have seen this time and time again, and year after year in Gilmer County and this covering for each other includes, murders, out right killing in the woods, and rape.

Glenville Police Chief Moss heard banging, knocks, kicks, screams and then more loud banging on the doors, windows or walls,” Moss told the court, and it was obvious Chief Moss was shocked and dismayed with the strange and unusual behavior by Timothy B Butcher! Moss stopped the interview and opened a door to see what the commotion was about. He told the court he saw a man he believed to be an assistant coach from the college and a few of Davis’ friends outside. He shut the door, intending to resume the interview, but there was more banging at the rear of the building. Moss testified he went out the back door and was confronted by Glenville attorney, Tim Butcher. According to Moss, Butcher demanded that he allow friends of Erik Davis the RAPE SUSPECT to be present during the ongoing interview. Veteran police officers said after the trial, unlike the scenario Butcher suggested, one of the first cardinal rules taught to policeman is to always interview witnesses or suspects alone. “It kind of surprised me,” Moss told the court. “He (Butcher) made a few threats, including that he’d get me fired,” Moss testified. Moss admitted to the court he became very angry at Butcher! “I more or less slammed the door in his face,” Moss told the court. Erik Davis at his trial was accused of raping a drunk 17 year old, the GSC football player walked on the charges! Protected by the BARR CODE!

Presto, now you see it, now you don’t, no mo sexual assault charges for another negro football player at GSC  and  then another member of the team is arrested for the same thing again, and again, just like Gabe Phrophet last summer! 

“But, if you or I commit a crime just wait and see what will happen!”

You will be suited up in orange at CRJ so fast your underwear will fly off and you will be sent to the showers if it were you or I,  and then sprayed with some noxious chemicals before getting your bed roll, and if you are lucky like the leader of our local SS,  you will have Judge Facemire calling down to the jail making your now bad life a living hell,  and that crooked judge may have you thrown in the hole to serve in solitary on the false charges he put you in there on.

Douglas Darrell Cottrill Waco Oil and Gas Employee - Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE and narcotics in pill form that turned out later to be the Lortab the prescription was for. Also a member of the GSC coaching staff was in the vehicle that also contained beer and 2 very large bags of Kynde Bud weed, some of the good stuff pictured above, and just like the kind they got growing up highway 33. Take a good look for I can guarantee you that some of the elite that meet but now always so discreet have smoked some of this weed that they all need. Doug Cottrill was caught with hard drugs which is a felony arrest for any of us, but not for Doug, he walked out of the police station with a misdemeanor and the Church of Ike will squash these charges like a bug!

Not every person gets away with crimes in the crooked county of Gilmer. Just depends on who you are, who you know, who you blow, and what you have, or what you can give!

“Somebody must be blowing somebody pretty good, because look what happened with our entire Gilmer County School system – It was taken over by the State of WV!”

The WV State BOE took over after a few phone calls from the elite, once the loss of political control looked imminent by the action of the change of power by the act of electing William K Simmons as new Superintendent chosen by the people of Gilmer County.

But, in Gilmer County the people do not rule like in the rest of America! Only the elite call shots, so the election to the position of School Board Superintendent was just over turned by a US Senators wife and someone deep in the pockets of the leader of the local Church of IKE! Elections don’t mean a damn thing in Morris town. If the person elected is not going to play ball or politics or be a friend to the man that owns Waco Oil and Ass Ike Morris, well then, they will be forcibly removed as we witnessed for ourselves in Gilmer County.

The real problem that should have been the first to correct was getting the GCHS Principal Nasia Butcher removed from her duties and if the person chosen by the people as superintendent were allowed to remain, Nasia would simply be a page in the history of a lawless society run by elite criminals loyal to the Church of the Poison Mind.

There is a new controversy over actions by Judge Richard A Facemire involving one of the longest lasting court cases in Gilmer County history. The “Travesty of Justice” case that got a vote of 3 to 2 during the final argument phase was in WV Supreme Court all of 06 and most of 07. Jessica H Donahue Rhodes from the Lawyer Disciplinary Counsel was recently caught on tape releasing info regarding misconduct by Judge Facemire while she was being asked what happened to the evidence submitted that proved that Gerry Hough was involved in a conspiracy to hide a title and evidence from the Circuit Court and WVSC. She, un prompted ...went into a defense as to why no action was taken against Facemire when the question was simply …what happened to the evidence against Hough Bitch?!

Eliminating the cronyism, nepotism and the capitalism of connections which controls our local government should be priority Number One and it is the elephant in the corner!

It is the issue that doesn’t get much press in Gilmer County because mentioning it is about as comfortable as talking about a recently acquired sexually transmittable disease.  It’s not something you want to speak of too loudly in public if you want to establish a firm reputation. But this disease needs serious attention because we are all carrying it around without thinking about its deadliness to our communities. We need to start realizing what these policies have cost Gilmer County over the years and what needs to be done to stop the insanity.

Local politicians, including judges and law officials, are focused on the upcoming election.  Those elite angle to build both political and cash capital while using the college (in agreement with its leaders), the power of their office, their influence (real or imagined) with local well to dos and may even consider personal attacks without shame if it serves their purpose. Other negative effects of this good ole’ boy network are its exclusion of others,  leaders of the community limiting business transactions to other elites, or to friends or acquaintances from within the network, giving friends better deals, and generally reinforcing traditional power structures over any other faction within the county.

“Those in power in Glenville, WV right this minute want to keep the sordid facts of life in Gilmer County quiet!”

You are not to speak of rapes, robberies, drug dealing, and malfeasance in office or even ask what they are doing with your tax dollars!

They want you to just keep still and don’t rock the boat or you will pay.  They will tell you that but very little else.  This back room form of blackmail has been going on so long many of those involved don’t even think about the part of their soul that was sold to get what they thought they needed.  It is just plain easier to forget that and go on.  It’s all JUST OK!

News flash, it is not easier, it is not OK.  Failing businesses, increasing crime with no prosecution and total apathy to the condition of our schools and needs of fixed income citizens have all been part of the price to be paid. Other examples include the unbalanced assessment of property values, no collection of long term business tax liabilities, hiring more personnel and raising salaries while the population served decreases, (to pay back political favors), an obvious lack of concern for the safety of all citizens, no growth and no respect for the laws of the land.

R Terry Butcher former BOG at GSC who is always where the elite meet shown here with "Baby Girl" Liz Butcher one half of the Butcher Bitches that broke bad during the SUMMER of LOVE on the CalPatty Press!

What is the ultimate price for trusting those under the control of the power elite?  Who can say? The amount the corrupt will say is enough, “You’ve paid your debt … has yet to be determined. So the long term cost of the damage done to a once proud county and its citizens, is still undetermined, but it doesn’t look good.

This has happened little by little, like termites eating away at the foundation of your home, until you are forced to make repairs because the floor caved in. Our floor is about to rot Gilmer County.  Are we willing to look at this elephant, this socially transmitted disease via apathy, and decide it is time to do something about it?

“It’s the collusion of small town government, back room business and finance to the detriment of all the rest – to the little guys. There must be willingness to take on the “Same good old boy politics-as-usual”, to take on a corrupt and compromised political class and their cheap, hoodlum type dealings. We have to get rid of the roaches before the roaches get rid of us.  Will somebody please call the exterminator?”

We need to get rid of some dirty bugs, but don’t kill the dragonflies!

We might need a dragon fly or two for transportation, for now that we the people of the Secret Seven Coalition, the ones that bring you the real truth, have let you in on what is really up  …lets not spend anymore time today on bad things, for it’s time to float your mind around a little! Lets go where the clouds are really low and at just the right time of day they look like Cotton Candy.

It’s very far away
It takes about a half and a day to get there
If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly!

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  1. Now, someone is saying it was Calhoun or a Roane County CPS worker that was trying to get LL some cash for her kid that is missing. It looks like it was a for sale deal gone bad where they got the kid, but the dumb bitch didn’t get the cash. Evil at it’s lowest level sometimes finds this part of West Virginia, when we could only hope it would head on down to Charleston where it belongs!

  2. Danny “NUB” Marks who was a witness that lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice case, and the man that actually did move the equipment in question found himself in jail in the wee morning hours of Friday November 4th for DUI just four days short of his 52nd birthday. Marks also made it to the top of the SNITCH LIST for Gilmer County in 2008 and 2009. I wonder who he is snitching on while in jail right now! Marks has yet to be held accountable for his false testimony in a FACEMIRE COURT!

    Click the GREEN LINK at the top of this comment to see his UGLY MUG and if anyone has any friends doing time at CRJ you might want to pass the word along that this guy made the SS SNITCH LIST in 08 and 09 and is still listed as a snitch in 2011 and you should be on guard around this crazy whack a do at all times. NUB has been known to have possible Calhoun County Fire Starting CULT connections and long time drug connections in a tri-county area, at least those that he hasn’t snitched out yet.

  3. GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor

    Casey Smith a queer high school teacher was arrested by the State Police and Trooper RP Smith for serving alcohol to one of his high school students. But, the part that wasn’t mentioned in the report is that the teacher was sucking the students dick. Pills, booze and homosexual sex was the event for the evening in a Wood County hotel room.

    It was a low rent rendezvous and a sword fighting extravaganza in a Parkersburg, WV no tell motel, but this time someone told and it was dude that got his dick sucked.

    “S.W. stated that he did stay with Casey Smith at a Hampton Inn in Parkersburg, WV.”

    S.W. is the under age high school student, and S W is short in this instance for sucks weeny.

    I find it odd that is was OK for a member of the Lady Titans to suck the weeny of the Lady Titan basketball coach BOBBY DUVALL in Gilmer County, but not OK if it is a male doing it. So, if this GCHS TEACHER was not a queer cock sucker and was just getting his cock sucked by one of the girls, then there would be no arrest according to Gilmer County rules.

  4. HOMO SEXUAL GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor

    Friday, November 04, 2011
    G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor

    According to a report in the Gilmer Free Press that includes comments below…

    A Gilmer County High School Teacher was arrested and charged on Monday, October 31, 2011 for serving alcohol to a minor.

    According to criminal complaint filed:

    On September 14, 2011, Trooper First Class R.P. Smith, from Glenville detachment of the West Virginia State Police received a complaint from a parent of a juvenile who advised that the juvenile received text messages from a male juvenile who will be referred to as S.W..

    The parent advised that the text message indicated that S.W. may have been drinking alcoholic beverage with an individual named Casey Smith, a teacher at Gilmer County High School, Glenville, WV.

    On September 15, 2011, the undersigned officer obtained a written statement from the juvenile named S.W..

    S.W. stated that he did stay with Casey Smith at a Hampton Inn in Parkersburg, WV.

    S.W. stated while inside of the hotel room he did consume alcoholic beverage without Casey Smith’s knowledge.

    S.W. stated that alcoholic beverage was on the T.V. stand inside the hotel.

    The undersigned officer then obtained a written statement from Casey Smith while under Miranda.

    In the statement, Casey Smith stated that he did not provide alcoholic beverage to the juvenile, however, Mr. Smith did state that the alcoholic beverage (Liquor) was in the room inside of his gym bag.

    On September 29, 2011, the undersigned officer obtained an additional statement from juvenile S.W., after learning that he informed his parents that Casey Smith did provide him with alcoholic beverage while in Parkersburg, WV.

    S.W. stated that Casey Smith did provide him approximately 1/4 cup of alcoholic beverage inside the hotel.

    S.W. stated that he consumed an additional cup of alcoholic beverage while Casey Smith was asleep.

    The undersigned officer then obtained an additional statement from Casey Smith while under Miranda.

    In the statement, Casey Smith still held firm that he did not provide any alcoholic beverage to S.W..

    However, Casey Smith did state that it is possible that he might have provided alcoholic beverage to S.W. because of the sleeping pills he takes.

    This crime occurred within the boundaries of Wood County, West Virginia.
    GFP – 11.04.2011
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    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

    Can’t grasp why the student was in the hotel room alone with this guy and unsupervised because the guy is under the influence of sleeping pills? After all of that why does he need to carry alcohol in his gym bag? Drugs and alcohol don’t mix. Children and users don’t mix.
    By Glad someone is watching on 11.04.2011

    Oh my, the Nasia Butcher’s pet finally got caught.
    By annon. on 11.04.2011

    As much as I hate to mention it, but this situation sounds to me like a homo sexual tryst. I certainly wouldn’t go camping with Casey Smith if asked.

    Trooper RP Smith did his job to the best of his ability, and made an arrest. But, isn’t this Casey Smith character part of Nasia Butchers support group. It wouldn’t be surprising if this arrest just was never pursued in the courts. Many times in Gilmer County (more times than can be counted) the State Police and Trooper Smith and even Okie have made drug arrests just to find out that the evidence somehow disappeared and the prosecutor Gerry Hough just never brought charges.

    It appears there is a different jurisdiction involving the location of the crime, so maybe we can enjoy seeing an arrest by Smith go to court and the perp punished. No teacher or adult should be in a motel room doing drugs and alcohol with high school students, not even Nasia.
    By anonymous on 11.04.2011

    To Glad someone is watching:

    He has been allowed by principal Butcher to go on every trip school takes because he is fun to party with, do dope, drink. Just like the principal herself who thinks that is what normal people do.
    By It is about time on 11.04.2011

    casey smith has many issues personally effecting kids at school. Some kids like him because he parties. Someone should really question why he buys some students so many gifts.
    By check it out on 11.04.2011

    He was on the expense account of gearup and got all his partying paid for with government funds. cool mad
    By WatchDog on 11.04.2011

    He is a special ed teacher and has no business to go on trips with non-special ed kids. Of course not to mention he never teaches. Always in the office during school hours, before and after school, kissing principal’s butt. He was caught in hotel room smoking marijuana on the trip to cedar point with students in the room and principal did not do anything about it. Thank you state police for getting this man. Thank you the parent who complained. Others should step forward.
    By a concerned parent on 11.04.2011

    Looks like another news blackout for Gilmer County.
    By blackout on 11.04.2011

    Not going to rush to judgment here, but am curious why a juvenile was staying in a motel room with a teacher…period.
    Comment by anonymous on 11.04.2011

    This scandal is one more example of why the principal should be fired. Our children are painfully aware of the principal’s inept leadership and the community’s overwhelming support for her removal. These negatives harm our children by detracting from the learning environment at the high school. This new disgrace for the County underscores Blankenship’s failed leadership too. As a retired Lt. Colonel he knows that in the military if a person in authority can’t lead to result in impaired unit cohesiveness, morale, and mission accomplishment he/she is replaced without hesitation. Double standard isn’t it? Blankenship is powerless to act because he is indebted to those who used their influence in Charleston to get him his job with obscene pay of $120,000 per year. His marching orders are to protect the principal, not our children.
    Comment by Ralph Herrington—Florida on 11.04.2011

    To all who this may concern :I know everyone has their opinion,but that is ok ,everyone has a right to pass their opinion,what really bothers me is that they can’t put their name with what they have to say. So step up to the plate and let youself be known if you have so much to comment about.

    janice shields _wilson

    Comment by JANICE SHIELDS on 11.04.2011

    The story is sad and the reactions are sad. Two lives have been ruined by this incident. One may lose his job and the other may find himself ridiculed even hated by other students now. Although GFP hid the name of the boy there will be someone out there who knows about it that will let it out.
    Comment by Just An Opinion on 11.05.2011

    Assuming the information in the GFP report is correct, you have to wonder why S.W.
    wasn’t arrested for stealing the alcohol at the same time? Something does not sound
    right here.
    Comment by GCSmokey on 11.05.2011

    Well, here we are again with Gilmer County High School leading the parade, with Nashia Butcher, the Grand Marshall. She sure knows how to hire the ones who she says can teach the students of GCHS what they need to know in life.

    (1) The former girls’ basketball coach, at a birthday party, supplied some dope, liquor and gave free lessons on “the birds and the bees” and some learned a lot more than they needed to on life. His background was not even checked before hiring.

    (2)Casey Smith now shown arrested for supplying liquor to a minor, out of town, and in a motel room with a student. First said he did not give the minor alcohol, then changed his story to” It might be possible that I did because of the sleeping pills I take”. Duh…So another lesson learned, how to lie. Why did this teacher have a minor in a motel room in Wood County and have in his possession sleeping pills and alcohol in the first place?
    Why did Nashia want this teacher to go on school trips. This in itself is not normal. But… what is normal to Nashia is not normal to the rest of us.

    Remember, Nashia says it is normal for her DAUGHTERS to be involved in lesbian acts with EACH OTHER, drink, take drugs, smoke pot, and have sex with whoever is around and there are pictures of this. This is “normal for teenagers she said. Maybe this is why she allowed a minor and a teacher in a motel room together.
    Folks, in my books, this is NOT NORMAL. Nashia thinks it is ok to change grades to whatever she wants that student to have, depending on who it is of course. So teach them to cheat in life.
    Another good lesson huh? She hires who she wants for a job, not who is qualified.

    Lesson learned in fairness. Well, my thoughts are, the Gilmer County School System is under the control of the state and we need to know, has the State Board of Education in Charleston WV been made aware of this situation?
    If not, why not? They are the ones to be held accountable since the State did not take care of the ONE BIG PROBLEM in the first place.

    If they had removed her from the position of Principal as 85% of the people in this county asked
    to be done, this would not have occurred. But the state closed their eyes and ears to what the problem really was, because of who she is.

    So, parents the lessons your children can learn at GCHS are:

    1. The birds and bees and facts of life.
    2. How to lie
    3. Teach a minor how to drink, drugs, sex.
    4. It is normal to engage in lesbian acts.
    5. How to cheat in life.
    6. Favoritism and fairness.
    7. How to get away with all the above.
    Wonder how many credits these lessons add up to?
    Healthy environment.
    What is it going to take for the ones in control to see what they have done. Then, after high school they can go to GSC and get a lot more education.
    Comment by are you listening? on 11.05.2011

    Here is why Gilmer County is different from rest of the world:
    Sarah Rutherford a former Gilmer County resident and teacher get arrested and immediately fired from her job in Barbour County for having sex and drinking with students.
    Casey Smith does the same thing and still has his job!
    Nasia Butcher drinks with minor students and still has her job!
    You get it?
    Comment by Think about it on 11.05.2011

    To Janice Shields:

    You must be a supporter of Casey. Why is it important to you knowing who we are? you need to pay attention to facts and the police report as well a juvenile victim than supporting a person whose door swings both way.
    Comment by guess who! on 11.05.2011

    We shouldn’t assume that this man is guilty of the charges filed against him. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? However, if the charges against Mr. Smith are true, and if this is not the first time, then those in charge are also as guilty for allowing immoral people to escort innocent children on trips.
    Comment by let’s be fair on 11.05.2011



    Comment by JANICE SHIELDS on 11.05.2011

    GFP Commenting Policy:

    1) We, The Gilmer Free Press MUST know who you are. Your identity will remain confidential.

    2) You CAN remain anonymous if you prefer. This is commonly practiced everywhere and not just on GFP. If you think otherwise, then welcome to the World-Wide-Web.

    3) Comments are authors’ opinions and not GFP’s.

    4) You must stay on subject.

    5) You can express the opposing views, but please do not attack each other personally.

    6) Anyone is entitled to their opinion.

    7) You must respond to verification process as who you are within 48-hours. Otherwise your comment is permanently archived. Fake information stops the verification process.

    8) You follow the site policy.

    9) If you feel the main report IS NOT CORRECT, present your proof so it can be published.

    Comment by GFP on 11.05.2011

    Why is this teacher in a room with medications and alcohol with a student? The students parents, did they approve a school trip? Was it a school trip? If it was a school trip, approved by the parents then someone should bring legal action against the school. This is misconduct no matter how you look at it and unacceptable. The student could have and still may be victimized by this. We trust the school system and its staff to teach our kids and this incident is a violation of trust. Its disgusting.
    Comment by Cant believe what I read,,,,,, on 11.05.2011

    Comment by wondering on 11.05.2011

    This teacher has done this kind of hideous acts repeatedly with the principal’s knowledge. He has a great taste for old women and very young kids. Nasia Butcher knew of all the extracurricular activities he always did and she did not mind it. Actually she wanted him to be included because she thought he was fun. This teacher is referred to as Nasia Butcher’s pet. Anytime the principal shows up at the school, even on weekends, he is there too. He always walks around with her like the pets in Golden Compass movie. He does office duties for the principal while he is supposed to take care of special education kids (isn’t that a federal violation?). He carries her stuff to her car, even her pocketbook!!! So you decide whose fault it is. And why this shameless principal continues to keep her job and as well as getting what she wants? Something is wrong when a retired army officer, who is the current imposed superintendent, is putting up with it. Something is wrong when department of education and state BOE putting up with it.
    Comment by so you know on 11.05.2011

    To Janice Shields-Wilson:
    You asked why people do not put their name to comments being made on GFP,
    that we must be hiding behind closed doors. The answer to your question is
    “BECAUSE WE ARE SMART”. People in Gilmer County have been living behind
    closed doors too long, and the ones in control did not ever think those
    doors would be open for us to see what is being done, or in MOST cases NOT
    being done. You live here, you should be able to put 2 + 2 and get 4. What
    do you think would happen to those of us who are speaking up and telling
    others about what is going on in our county if the ones we are talking about
    had NAMES to connect the comments to??? I think that should be explanation
    enough, right? But, if you have any negative comments or gripes about what
    is being done in this county and want to comment and put your name on it,
    you go girl. You say step “up to the plate” and put our names to comments we
    make. Well in a ballgame, have you heard the comment “Three strikes and
    you’re out”? Will be looking to see if you will be the “first batter up”.
    Just sayin’.
    Comment by Yep, another unknown on 11.05.2011

    There was a time when teachers were the most respected people in the community. Their behavior while on duty was very professional, and their behavior off duty was the same. You can’t expect a teacher to be one person at school and another outside of school. Last year, GCHS knowingly hired a new teacher with questionable morals who encouraged kids to “come out of the closet”. What kind of message did that send to students? Teachers should guard their reputations by staying out of bars and engaging in activity that would damage their reputations.
    Comment by Jill Jacobs on 11.05.2011

    Was the teacher also guilty of kidnapping, because I don’t recall hearing anything in the news about a missing teenager. If he wasn’t kidnapped, then he must have had approval from the parents. What parent in their right mind would allow their child to go on a weekend trip with a teacher? Who does that? Maybe it wasn’t meant to be an overnight trip. The boy had a cell phone. Why didn’t the parents call to find out why he wasn’t home on time? Go pick him up if you don’t want him spending the night in a hotel. Or call the teacher and tell him to get your kid home pronto, or you will call the police. Parents need to get all the facts before sending their kids anywhere. Ask questions like, who will be driving, what time will you be back, who else will be there, will there be alcohol? The teacher was very kind to your family so Quit blaming the teacher. Teachers are not without fault, they are just people like everyone else. We all know professionals who drink and take pills. The elite in this county meet at the bar and grill on Rt. 5. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, oil and gas, principals, maybe even some preachers. Anyhow, teenagers don’t have to leave home to get alcohol. Many parents keep it in the house, and I wonder if this was the first time the boy had some because a fourth of a cup is a lot of alcohol. YOU are in charge of your kids, do you drink in front of them? Maybe you parents should practice saying NO once in a while.
    Comment by Responsible on 11.05.2011

  5. Nub Marks .217 drunk as fuck said he wasn' t drinking


    Local authorities were making numerous traffic stops Friday in the county, with a traffic stop by the Grantsville Police Department Thursday night resulting in a DUI arrest.

    Grantsville Sgt. J. R. Garrett arrested Danny C. NUB Marks, 51, of Bull River Road, and charged him with DUI after failing a field sobriety test and registering .217 blood alcohol on a Preliminary Breath Test.

    Officer Garrett, according to the complaint, stopped the vehicle after it was weaving to the center line.

    Marks told the officer he had not been drinking, with the officer stating he had an open can of beer on the floor board. Garrett discovered a beer cooler in the back of the vehicle with unopened beer, in addition to a shotgun and a rifle.

    Marks refused to take a chemical test for blood alcohol, said officer Garrett, and was informed that his “lack of cooperation was paramount to a refusal,” and he was transported to Central Regional Jail.

    Editors note: This is the same man that LIED as a state witness during the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE CASE and GERALD B HOUGH is the one that brought him before the court to tell the complete lies, while HOUGH paid an accomplice to say she owned property she did not own and never owned, the infamous 1/6th of 155 acres near the Calhoun Gilmer County line.

    Now you can see this lousy fuck for what he really is, a lying drunk as fuck good for nothing hillbilly piece of shit that has been eating 75 year old pussy which is probably what got the slime ball the .217 — Hey NUB, what do you got a coming bitch?!

  6. CalPatty Press -- Secret Summit of the SS

    A secret summit meeting of SS members today, some contacted by phone that are back up in the hollers or down in Mexico getting some sun and having some fun with senorita’s and margarita’s and such …have led to the discovery of increased efforts by the Power Elite to fuck our shit up and collect names to go after the people bringing the truth about all the drugs and the sex and the debauchery a goin on in Gilmer County.

    The Supreme Commander of the SS says, “Hey why don’t you pay us what you owe us bitches and nobody will have to know about your secrets!” “Get off your ass and get on some cash and get to the man as quick as you can!”

    “Ah FUCK IT! We are just gonna tell about your SECRETS anyway and then we are just gonna take your money! Pony up for some more legal fee’s bitches!”

    We have every right to fuck your shit up power elite, it is about god damn time someone told about a what you all are a doin, so you better beat feet, and get back some of the money y’all took from us illegally.

    We can sing about the weather and have a get together or we can sing that tune that talks about the full moon that made y’all do all those awful things. It may be freezing and frosty but it is gonna be costly when the long arm of the SS sends one home again!

  7. When The Trust is Gone:

    Well, we have had two women who were accused of using an electrically charged tool to discipline the children, Emerson caught on Main Street fondling a small boy, Nasia Butchers apparent penchant for teachers who tend to be perceived as living or desiring an alternate sexual lifestyle with their actions tending toward the pedophilic with drug and alcohol problems. So much child abuse and domestic violence the courts can’t keep up with it and some “Police and court officials”think that sex with young girls is an acceptable way of life.

    While you’re are at it, add in the no prosecution of rape, breaking and entering and drug abuse if your parents contribute to GSC or if you play sports and a definite good old boy attitude toward what the sentence should be for murder, what the legal methods of the election process and taxation of the citizenry are and how to implement and enforce them, or any other question involving morals, ethics and honesty in this County.

    Houston, we have a problem.

    Story by Free Bird SS Reporter coming up soon on RGW!

  8. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website -- Here is a preview of an upcoming RGW article "IN NAME ONLY ..." !!

    Democracy depends on the free flow of information and ideas. Opinions must be shared in ”a free and open encounter” because it is the competition between ideas that produces the truth and allows its concepts to be shared. Difference of opinion stimulates debate and out of the thought process, out of this comes truth.

    The best policy decisions result from robust and uninhibited debate. For this reason, politicians have a privilege denied to the rest of us, aside from fat pensions and health insurance. They cannot be prosecuted for what they say, including hate speech. Why should we accept free political speech for politicians but not for ourselves? We elected them, why are we any less entitled?

    Gilmer County is dealing with a relatively authoritarian government operating as a democracy in name only. The current leadership is certainly subversive on their best day with implied threats and cheap shots, yet obviously overt in their crass attitude of superiority and control over the less fortunate through use of the power of their elected office or bank account. There is no level to which our leaders will not sink to enforce government censorship and maintain control of the elections, business, the schools and our tax dollars…

    Story by Free Bird SS Reporter coming up soon on RGW!

  9. About Rebecca Cline

    That Casey Smith might like sucking the weenies of young high school boys after such an amazing lunch with Nasia Butcher principal of Gilmer County High School which is a situation I am sure NASIA can supply Casey with all the young boys he wants. All the young girls like ALICE and all the Young boys like Casey in the school of Nasia Butcher, the school of sexual perversion. Just look at Liz and Lex a couple of Lesbian incest is best girls, and then lets fuck all the rest kind of sister that will twister some of that good stuff right off of ya is what kinda little sis Lizzy is.

    But, wait until I tell you!

    Casey may be sweet, but his mother Rebecca Cline (Smith) was a real hottie in her day and I had to bang her twice the first night, and then once in the morning. God damn that woman can throw one mean tyrone. How the hell can a woman that is all woman raise a foo foo boy. I just don’t get it. Hell I would just like another ticket for another bouncing Betty Bronco ride with Rebecca …gitty up!!

    Becky I still think you are hot! And I LIKED IT A LOT!!

  10. CASEY SMITH GCHS SPECIAL ED TEACHER ...oh he is special !

    Everyone considered CASEY
    The coward of the Crooked County
    He’d never could one single time make it with a girl
    But sometimes he still stretched it really long
    His mama named him Casey
    But folks just called him queer
    Why does it smell like ass? Oh, that’s because Casey is here
    Something always told me something was really wrong
    Then one day they found him sucking his students dong
    It is easy to see why he and the special ed young boys get along

  11. CalPatty Press -- Is THIS a possible news story from the FUTURE?

    State Police and the Gilmer County Sheriff are looking for four men who allegedly attacked and raped an elderly man who was out on his early-morning walk.

    Investigators said the 70-year-old was walking Thursday around 6 a.m. at the GO Mart in Glenville, and then headed down highway five east.

    They said four black men got out of a late 90s Ford or Chevrolet van or minivan and that have been identified as football players from GSC and demanded the man to give them money.

    When he said “No,” they allegedly grabbed him, threw him in the van and raped him.
    Racial slurs were being said to the man during the attack, like, “Dirty white boy gonna get some nigga now,” police said.
    The man is in serious condition at a hospital.
    The suspects are black men in their early to mid-20s

    Disclaimer: This is the kind of Glenville we are headed for with our current leaders of “Head law man” Gerry Hough and Mickey Metz Sheriff of Gilmer County!

  12. HOMO SEXUAL GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor continued ...

    alchohol, pills and a place with a bed;
    come spend the night to the other one said;
    in my gym bag or on the TV;
    So what the booze is for you and me;
    Ive done this many times before;
    no one knows what will happen behind this door;
    I’ve contributed,now make your deposit;
    Its OK, to come out of the closet;
    No don’t text, stay off your cell;
    what happens here I wont ever tell;

    Comment by victimized on 11.05.2011

    my daughter didn’t want to go to school there this year because she saw girls making out in the bathroom last year. She says it still happens there today. Was this encouraged by the alleged aforementioned staff members?
    Comment by still surprised at it all on 11.05.2011

    I guess this corroborates the opinion of the GCHS staff as to the citizen who wrote of his dealings with three females last year at the school. They went after the citizen calling his place of employment and seeking to destroy him after they found out legally he did no wrong. By paying compliments to one, a supposed to be Christian, she did this. Satan comes as a lamb in wolves clothing. It is apparent to see there is big issues with GCHS what did the state take over for and what will they do? Anything? What can we do to help these people, they are teachers of students and the students are our future
    Comment by They know my name on 11.05.2011

    To Eyes that see:

    I would like to answer the questions you asked in your comment yesterday.

    Q. Is the corruption in this county as bad as it has been written?

    A. It is WORSE. As bad as I hate to say this “There are still things to come out about all this corruption in our county.“

    Q. Has the corruption bug really bitten ALL the County Officials.

    A. YES!!!. Every single one bar none.

    Q. Do some want to change what is going on?

    A. Absolutely we do, but….you are correct, caution MUST be taken.

    Comments: Yes, we have all seen the change Obama has put this county and its citizens thru, and none of it has been for the good of this great Nation. Politics as usual, sounds like this county huh?

    You are right; the elections will be coming around soon. Nationally and locally and it is scary of what the results can be.

    Out local elections, wow…. what can I say?

    The last election for local offices they say was rigged and known voter fraud. I can believe that.

    Prosecuting Attorney: Well….not much good to say here either. The sad thing is, he will get elected next year because NO OTHER lawyer will run against him, “the powers to be” see to that. It’s called control. This is the ONLY way he got this office in the first place.

    So we will still be in this same situation.

    You say think hard about the road you want to go down. I know my road, and it is for truth, honesty, compassion for my fellow man, and the betterment of this once beautiful county that is not beautiful anymore, it is corrupted and we the citizens are praying that someone will help us. I am a Christian, just so you know, and pray every day that God will see us thru this destruction of our county we are seeing.

    But I also know he says The Lord helps those who help themselves. And this is what the good people of Gilmer County are trying to do.
    Comment by Praying Hard on 11.07.2011

    I’ve lived here for a while but I really didn’t see;

    The way things ran in this corrupt county;

    I’ve sat back and heard the opinions from peoples mouth’s;

    Some are sensible, some I can do without;

    The latest news is of a horseplay attack;

    A deputy suspended is now coming back:

    A corrupt Sheriff a corrupt prosecuting attorney too;

    Is this for real can this really be true;

    They say it even goes all the way to the state;

    People this is not good news, this is not great;

    So gird your selves and hold your position;

    Vote out the Corrupt even the County Commission;

    Let’s get someone in there to be fair but the people’s friend;

    I hope that Glen Ashley decides to run again;

    Keep in mind there is one higher law;

    It’s the lord thy God and he is above us all.
    Comment by Anonymous on 11.07.2011

    I’d like to know why it wasn’t brought up about the High schools staff last year and a so called volunteer who went after a government employee trying to seek sexual harassment charges through the Sheriff’s office and then after failing, trying to get him in trouble at his place of employment. A letter was sent to the GFP with all the facts but nothing was ever made public.
    A citizen made some compliments at rich Oil station when the “Volunteer” at the school later wrote letter to the Sheriff telling him of the incident. Two other staff members wrote letters as well.
    This didn’t work so they contacted his place of employment and had a conference call with the officials of the school, Superintendent, Principal, Vice Principal, secretary, counselor and so called volunteer.
    They conversed with investigative services. The citizen wasn’t found guilty of nothing and when filed a complaint, it was covered up and determined a personal matter even though on school time, school property and with school personnel and “Volunteer” the call was made from the High School to the place of employment.
    Also there were contradictions according to Mrs. Butcher of the testimony on behalf of the Sheriff’s department.
    Could this be one of a reasoning that the state had to take over Gilmer Schools? What about all the complaints on the Sheriff’s Department, the cover-ups? The irresponsibilities? What is justice anymore?
    What is compensation? What is right and wrong?

    Comment by Anonymous on 11.07.2011

    As a teacher, we are always told to NEVER be alone one on one with a student. I would like to know the circumstances behind this trip. Was it a school sanctioned trip? If so, the alcohol should never have been there in the first place. If it was not a school sanctioned trip, I don’t understand why it occurred at all. The whole thing sounds fishy to me.
    Comment by Teacher on 11.07.2011

    Was this a school function? If so, I would like a statement from the School Board and GCHS. Also, was he the only chaperone? If this is not a school function, It is between the family of the underage “child” the so called “Teacher” and the police. I’m all for a “Private School”. Lets get all the churches together and provide a proper education for our children.

    By J.P. on 11.07.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. This is a bunch of drama, you are really making a teacher, that didn’t know a student took something from his bag. Whatever is in HIS BAG, is his business. He is a good teacher, and a huge supporters of GCHS. You all forget that when a little screw up happens, everything that person has done. How many games Casey has worked, and frankly from the looks of it. To many people have to much free time to put there two senses in on what happens here. GET A LIFE OR GET A JOB RATHER… Casey Smith, is a good person, and something that he didn’t do could ruin his life. But seeing as how people are so envious and would like to see people fall on there face, they slam him. Why not be a good person and a good community member and be there for said person. TO MUCH DRAMA…
    Comment by Enough Drama on 11.07.2011

    What you all don’t realize is that this type of behavior is not new to Gilmer County. There have always been rumors of faculty drinking with students after school and even using drugs. Those rumors were ignored. When people get used to a certain type of behavior they think it is normal. Kids shouldn’t have a voice when it comes to chaperon’s. Of course they want the fun teachers who will turn their back on bad behavior. Older more experience teachers who value their good reputations are less likely to give in to any shenanigans.
    Comment by Rn566 on 11.08.2011

    Oh we knew about it, just haven’t had a way to say anything about it and have someone listen until the GFP and other web sites opened the door.

    By Quit Blaming the Children on 11.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    To: Enough Drama

    Please define “a good guy”…
    Define “Fun”…
    What you do not realize Fun does not always mean GOOD.
    For a preacher, a religious person is FUN.
    For a coach an athlete is FUN.
    For a druggie, a drug dealer or user is FUN.
    For a drinker, a partier is FUN.
    You see by saying someone is a good guy, it all depends on what YOU LIKE.
    If you are drinker and partier, then Mr. Smith is a good guy.
    If you are a HOMO, then hanging around young boys and buying them a lot of gifts for something in return make the person a good guy.
    Do you get my drift?

    Answer to another comments stating why the kid got into his bag?

    The answer is: we have an underage kid in a room with a TEACHER (and I don’t mean learner – I mean Teacher) carrying alcohol. You explain that. Don’t blame the kid unless you approved the teacher’s behavior.
    Explain why a trip to a ball game which supposed to be a group trip ended up with only the teacher and the boy. You see it was a lie and setup to begin with. Even the Teacher – Mr. Smith – knew it was a bad thing if the boy’s parents knew it was only their kid and him.
    You see the already drunk teacher hit a deer while driving drunk. That was the reason he had to stay in Hampton Inn in Parkersburg.
    Why was the TEACHER drinking and driving? Was he teaching a good habit or bad one to the kid? Was he a good guy? Was he FUN? Remember HE IS THE TEACHER and THE ADULT with and underage kid, THE STUDENT.

    But on the other hand Mr. Smith’s mentor is Mrs. Butcher, the GCHS Principal and Nasia thinks all of these extra activities are fun and exciting and this type of behavior is a normal thing!!!

    By Really? on 11.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    Next Tuesday the 15th of November my grandfather Hayward Dale Rafferty would be 100 years old if he were alive. But, reading about all the misconduct of public officials and the rape and the murder and the breaking and entering by a Campus Policeman that looks like the Boogie Man a comin for ya in the middle of the night would definitely be enough to kill him—with a surprised look of shock on his face—as to what his precious Gilmer County the land of his father and of his fathers’ father had become.
    Comment by Conservative Citizen on 11.08.2011

    To: choose wisely

    Look at the police report.
    Talk to kids parents.
    Talk to those who have gone to his apartment in the basement of Bet** and Ke****h **ith (Butcher related) and found many underage there drinking smoking and you name it.
    We have seen enough of him outside.
    We also saw enough at the homecoming game … as well as dancing with his master Nasia!!
    Buddy, whenever you see smoke, there is fire.

    Comment by we are not stupid on 11.08.2011

    This may become a Gilmer County version of the ongoing Penn State scandal. Individuals in administrative positions who may know about misconduct against children and they fail to take decisive actions to protect innocent children are accountable too. We need an honest, independent investigator to come in to determine what happened. If any laws were broken those responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We must do what is necessary to protect our children and to let the chips fall where they may. Do you hear us Ron Blankenship and Ms. Marple? What are the two of you doing in response to the scandal?
    By Will Brent on 11.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    To: Will Brent
    Exactly the same thing.
    But there is a difference here: With Penn State once it came up there is plenty of media coverage. However, the media blackout in Gilmer County continues. WBOY, WDTV, and newspaper coverage is very selective.
    I hear WDTV had a short coverage with the picture from GFP. What about the rest of them?
    Why WBOY and the rest of the media didn’t have a problem covering the Rutherford case, the teacher from Barbour County, but in this case they do?
    You see something stinks here. We have controlled media.

    By we don’t have fair coverage on 11.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    I moved to this county from a bigger county in the state! People in this county find little things to complain about ridiculous others on mistakes or supposed mistakes. We have a team going to the state championships we should be shouting with pride about these girls and there accomplishments!!! We need to support our sport program instead of being way to political that we bring our teams down before the season ever starts. Take our football team they had potential to be great but no support look where it got them no where something to think about all u complainers of Gilmer county where is ur pride of the county if you r so concern just saying
    By choose wisely on 11.08.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.


    Lena Lunsford, the mother of a 3-year-old Lewis County girl missing for more than six weeks, has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of welfare fraud.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Lunsford waived her right to appear in U.S. District Court in Elkins.

    Her daughter Aliayah vanished from the family home in Weston on Sept. 24. Investigators are treating the disappearance as a crime.

    Lunsford was indicted last week on charges of swapping credits on her food stamp card for $50 cash five times in two months. She faces more than 10 years in prison if convicted.

    A hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13.

    Editors note: Informants tell us that a CPS worker for Gilmer County may be guilty of stealing this child and selling the child for money and that possibly the CPS is in cahoots with the Crooks from Crooked County and other places like LEWIS County too, to make money in the White Slavery racket. As outrageous as that may sound we just got another complaint about the Gilmer County CPS.

  14. HOMO TAKES BROMO and wakes up feeling the kids -- GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’

    After reading all the comments on GFP and the people who know and have seen what this teacher is doing, how can a very few (probably the same person) possibly think that Casey is not guilty of the charges. Read all the comments carefully and see where people have seen these things, drinking, smoking and who knows what else with underage kids in the basement apartment where he lives. The person defending him in these comments must be part of the “clan” because they too think this is normal. The principal needs to be held accountable for her actions, or lack thereof which will not happen.
    This is Gilmer County remember? The students’ needs leadership in learning right from wrong. What they are getting is “short changed” and lessons in how to drink, smoke, have sex with either male or female depending who is available, lie, steal, cheat. Someone asked why the news media won’t come and report on the corrupt deeds being done in our county. MONEY TALKS and who controls this county? Fair? Absolutely not. I imagine there are a lot of our forefathers turning in their graves over what they are doing to us. I hope they remember they reap what they sow.
    To the GOOD and CARING teachers of GCHS we thank you for teaching our children and we appreciate you. We also are smart enough to know you have to be careful to protect your jobs and family. What a dirty shame that there are those who are the rotten eggs in the basket that destroys it for the rest of you teachers that do care for the students. The sad part, some of the very ones doing the corrupt things are formally or are now still in the field of education. We are sorry that you have to endure these terrible working conditions due to lack of common sense and the political control of the State Board of Education and I hope Mr. Blankenship is pleased with the progress he has made although all the problems he was hired to solve still remain problems. Accepting $120,000/yr. not bad for doing NOTHING. But one thing for sure you are good at what you do. Sleep well.

    Comment by ashamed on 11.09.2011

    Gilmer County Schools & Malignant Cancer Epidemic
    Five months ago today, State BOE took over our schools.
    They listed as reasons, the very same employee/employment issues that have spread and continue to metastasize.
    This cancer is infecting our children and grandchildren.
    It is consuming our school system and our community.
    Immediate radical surgery is our only hope.
    Its up to you, the GFP readers, to get out the scalpel.

    Comment by More to Come on 11.09.2011

    We Don’t Have Fair Coverage, and, Will Brent, you have said it well. News blackout. No major news coverage.

    Choose Wisely. You say you are not from Gilmer. It appears that you do not understand the enormity of the web of corruption that permeates our community. Those involved in the cover ups, the crimes, selective prosecutions, stalled investigations, and the likes, count on members of the community to be obsessed with sports, so that those folks are watching the “games”, instead of watching the “game-ers”. You probably help suit their purpose without even realizing it. Personally I do not want my children raised where unpunished rape and possibly even murder, is the norm. Are you sure you do?
    Comment by GCSmokey on 11.09.2011

    Gilmer County Schools & Malignant Cancer Epidemic
    Five months ago, State BOE took over our schools.
    They listed as reasons, the very same employee/employment issues that have spread and continue to metastasize.
    This cancer is infecting our children and grandchildren.
    It is consuming our school system and our community.
    Immediate radical surgery is our only hope.
    Its up to you, the GFP readers, to get out the scalpel.

    Comment by More to Come on 11.09.2011

    To choose wisely:
    Apparently you have not lived in Gilmer County long enough to see what all the negative comments are talking about. Do you know and understand what is going on? If you had a child and that child was in a motel room miles away from your protection with a sicko, drinking, pill popping and maybe a homo how would you feel?? Is this what you call a minor, ridiculous little mistake? A principal of the high school that your child may attend that approves and condones this above behavior and let me throw in, thinks lesbian acts between her two daughter NORMAL for teenagers which they also do the above are these also minor things?? This same principal approved, condoned and encouraged last year the basketball coach attending a birthday party for a 18 yr. old and supplying booze, drugs and by doing this, had sex with a basketball player on the team and also a rape occurred, is this minor too?? What if this had been your daughter. STILL OK???? SOME teacher telling your child,“ come out of the closet” is this too minor complaints?? You ask all of the complainers where our pride is in our school, that we should focus on getting behind the sports end of it. I SEE nor do I HAVE any pride in this current politically elite run school system. What is destroying this county is people like you that thinks Gilmer has no problems and we should stop complaining. No way, not in this life will I accept what is being done here. IT IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!Attending or supporting sports events I guess to you are more important than the problems in this school system we are facing. I’ll say a prayer tonight for you that you will see the light and get your priorities where they should be, and hopefully it will be for the rights of these children deserving better than what is being forced on them by the state and present administration.

    Comment by not minor to us on 11.09.2011

    As per reference to the gchs basketball/birthday party an underage girl did get pregnant and had to have an abortion. If this is normal, then the majority of the kid in our county are abnormal.
    Comment by thought you might want to know on 11.09.2011

    Well, a prediction I made was correct as I was sure it would be. Anyone seen this week’s edition of the Glenville Democrat?? I would have bet money that the story of Casey Smith WOULD NOT make it to the weekly paper.
    And……sure enough, I was right. Just looked clear thru the paper (twice)and no surprise, there was nothing said in the paper about Casey Smith, a teacher at Gilmer County High School charged and arrested for giving alcohol to a minor, in a motel room in Parkersburg. The Weston TV station showed it two or three times on their news cast the other day and night and showed a picture of him and what he had done, and that he was a teacher at Gilmer County High School. So…. Gilmer makes the news again.
    Aren’t we proud Gilmer County people that we are mentioned on the news???
    The Gilmer Free Press had an article and picture because they print what is going on in this county, the good, the bad and the ugly. This is what news happening is about, not covering up and refusing to print stories like the weekly paper does. We get the most updated and recent news on GFP and it is free and we pay .75 for the “family newspaper” that tells us nothing. Lots of pictures and advertisements though.

    Comment by Short on news on 11.09.2011

    The editor of Glenville Democrat must wake up and realize that he can no longer treat the readers like mushroom by attempting to keep them in dark and feed them horse sh**. People have many outlets now for the news and can find out what is going on. cool smile

    By We are not mushrooms on 11.09.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

  15. A black male arrested for stabbing fourteen year old Kelli O’Laughlin to death allegedly sent text messages to the victims mother taunting her in the town of Indian Head near shy town, telling them just how much fun he had sexually with victim, just like football player Gabe Phrophet of Glenville, WV

    Police say the monster accused of killing Kelli took the teens cell phone. He then sent text messages to the victims’ mother taunting her and boasting of killing her daughter, just like Gabe boasted of fucking that white girl and then dishonest prosecutor Hough doesn’t want to prosecute so as not to damage the image of the college.


    The attack took place in Indian Head, Illinois near Chicago, but the horrors of Glenville, West Virginia is even worse when black football players can rape the white girls with impunity.

    This is the second time in the past couple months that a black male murdered a young white female and used the victim’s phone to taught parents, and it is about the 7th time a negro got to have some sexual fun with a GSC co-ed and Sheriff Metz said it was., “JUST OK!

    White people are being murdered, raped, and maimed frequently in Gilmer County West Virginia and in racially motivated attacks all over the country.

    It is about time we did something about it locally.


    Click the GREEN LICK directly above to go to the NEW ARTICLE over at the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS and learn about the history of the SS, along with the Ghost Wolf and how another one of GERRY HOUGH’S State Witnesses is a criminal and drunken dumb ass!

  16. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Website -- A member of the Secret Seven Coalition!

    “The TRUST IS GONE on 11-11-11 It is DEMOCRACY IN NAME ONLY in GLENVILLE Home to GSC! Let the Perverts Reign!”

    Don’t miss this new article from the Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia tonight at midnight on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website!

    See you tonight at midnight!

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