The TRUST IS GONE on 11-11-11 It is DEMOCRACY IN NAME ONLY in GLENVILLE – Home to GSC! Let the Perverts Reign!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“Democracy depends on the free flow of information and ideas!”

Opinions must be shared in ”A free and open encounter” because it is the competition between ideas that produces the truth and allows its concepts to be shared.  Difference of opinion stimulates debate and the thought process, out of this comes truth.

The best policy decisions result from robust and uninhibited debate. For this reason, politicians have a privilege denied to the rest of us, aside from fat pensions and health insurance. They cannot be prosecuted for what they say, including hate speech. Why should we accept free political speech for politicians but not for ourselves?  We elected them, why are we any less entitled?

“Gilmer County is dealing with a relatively authoritarian government operating as a democracy in name only”

… a member of the Secret Seven Coalition recently stated.

The current leadership in Gilmer County, West Virginia home to Glenville State College is certainly subversive on their best day with implied threats and cheap shots, yet obviously overt in their crass attitude of superiority and control over the less fortunate through use of the power of their elected office or bank account.

Butcher Bitch Lexy Butcher with Gal Pal fucked up out of their minds - if Lexy blew a breathalyzer it would be blowing at least a .217 just like one of Gerry Hough’s State Witnesses who just told the State Police he wasn't drinkin while trying to hide an open beer.This shot was taken just before some loud Boisterous Box Banging the Butcher Bitch Beach Blanket Bingo way, which always ends very happy and gay!

There is no level to which the POWER ELITE leaders will not sink to enforce government censorship and maintain control of the elections, business, the schools and our tax dollars.

“Those dumb bitches of the POWER ELITE are only satisfied with total submission to the entitlement of their authority!”

This is a very backwards way of thinking!

It shows an obvious lack of thought, lack of ethics and lack of respect for their fellow man.

Why would people of influence sink so low as to pay an agency located outside of the USA to attempt an attack on one of our local businesses such as the Gilmer Free Press?

Why do the Elite of Glenville  seek to invade the privacy of the citizenry though they fail miserably over and over. The answer is because the self absorbed so called leaders of the county government fear a group of organized, knowledgeable citizens, communicating via the internet, initiating what (in their dumb ass  minds) amounts to disobedience to the wishes of the ruling powers while attempting to remain anonymous while doing so.

POWER ELITE "Butcher Bitch," Sexy Lexy Butcher and friend "Fucked Up" like big dogs showing us all what that FINGER is for! Pina TUNA Colada's were had by all for breakfast - part of the all you can eat gay combo treat that day where Butcher Bitches play!

“The Power Elite of Glenville  fear the term anonymous most of all!”

They fear the words of intelligent people in an environment where the actual identities are not known, where their threats fall on deaf ears and no one hushes and lets everything just be OK like every good old boy should. 

They fear a domain where sharing information is encouraged as it can lead to the creation of a truly informed electorate.  To put it simply….

“The POWER ELITE fear for the the safety of their pocket books!”

"NO FEAR" the motto of the Secret Seven Coalition trailblazers of FREE SPEECH and a Free Press in Central WV

Enough is enough, let’s see to it they have reason to and walk in fear no more.

Everyone considered CASEY The coward of the Crooked County He’d never could one single time make it with a girl But sometimes he still stretched it really long His mama named him Casey But folks just called him queer Why does it smell like ass? Oh, that’s because Casey is here Something always told me something was really wrong Then one day they found him sucking his students dong It is easy to see why he and the special ed young boys get along

Casey Smith, a local teacher in Gilmer County teacher has been arrested surrounding allegations that he gave alcohol to a minor and major penis to a minor too, from what we hear. Casey is also known as Nasia Butchers personal lap dog. Smith is a teacher at Gilmer High School and spends most of his time with Nasia in her office and walking her to her car carrying her pocket book and even gives her a little pat on the ass as he is putting her in her car.

Did Casey learn all those good manners from his HOTTY mother, who by the way is a real good roll in the hay if I remember from the day.

The Criminal complaint says that Casey Smith (Nasia Lap Dog and Cock sucking personal pet of the all great and wonderful wife to elite leader R Terry Butcher of the Bitcher and Butcher law firm) provided one of his queer boy buddies who is also a student in the high school he teaches at, with about a quarter of a cup of an alcoholic beverage, while they were staying at a hotel in Parkersburg.

It was quite the honeymoon for the young couple down in Wood County, but younger of the two is being referred to as a victim, and he says he drank an additional cup of that beverage, after Smith fell asleep.  In a statement to police Smith apparently claimed that he did not provide any such beverage to the victim, but that it’s possible that he might have given it to him because of the sleeping pills he takes. It was just another case of HOMO takes BROMO and wakes up feeling one of the high school boys from Gilmer County High School. But, when you are a pet to a member of the elite you can get away with just about anything, and he will.

Citizens in Gilmer County however, are outraged, and have made numerous comments on the GILMER FREE PRESS and the GFP was taking thousands of hits in an hour and once again was the top rated website in the state of WV last week for daily hits. Comments made on the GFP can be found in the comment section of the article just below this one in your latest edition of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf.

Casey with mom Rebecca - That Casey Smith might like sucking the weenies of young high school boys after such an amazing lunch with Nasia Butcher principal of Gilmer County High School which is a situation I am sure NASIA can supply Casey with all the young boys he wants. All the young girls like ALICE and all the Young boys like Casey in the school of Nasia Butcher, the school of sexual perversion. Just look at Liz and Lex a couple of Lesbian incest is best girls, and then lets fuck all the rest kind of sister that will twister some of that good stuff right off of ya is what kinda little sis Lizzy is. But, wait until I tell you! Casey may be sweet, but his mother Rebecca Cline (Smith) was a real hottie in her day and I had to bang her twice the first night, and then once in the morning. God damn that woman can throw one mean tyrone. How the hell can a woman that is all woman raise a foo foo boy. I just don’t get it. Hell I would just like another ticket for another bouncing Betty Bronco ride with Rebecca …gitty up!! Becky I still think you are hot! And I LIKED IT A LOT!!

A sexual predator is often used to refer to a person who habitually seeks out sexual situations that are deemed exploitative.  Alcohol and drugs are often used as an introduction and a means to a desired end.

This time evil ran right down that Crooked County panty line!

“The definition of 1st degree sexual assault is forced penetration, causing
serious bodily injury, or use of a deadly weapon, but then I guess a big black hard dick could be considered a weapon and the preferred weapon used by students at the HOME of Rape and Murder in CROOKED COUNTY –  Glenville State College!”

Gabriel Phrophet (Gabe Phrophet), 22, was arraigned by Gilmer County Magistrate Robert Minigh on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 and is facing two felonies charges involving sexual assaults of 1st and 2nd degree.

“Phrophet is just one of many football players for GSC to be accused of rape, but there have been no convictions!”

Phrophet was booked at Central regional Jail June 23, five months ago, but there has been no preliminary hearing scheduled and Gerald B Hough is purposely not moving this case forward to protect the image of the college at the cost of the public’s safety!

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Phrophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

If your looking to rape a hot white chick at a local college you never have to look further than Glenville State College high on the hill overlooking Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

The victim who had the holy bejesus fucked out of her alleges that she was raped, and then sought treatment at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital after the pounding by the QB of the GSC Football team from Washington DC. The criminal complaint stated that the victim “Feared for her life,” during the entire terrifying sexual attack!!

Sexual abuse is the product of sick people in a sick society. It robs children of their childhood and creates a loss of trust, feelings of guilt and self-abusive behavior. It can lead to antisocial behavior, depression, identity confusion, loss of self-esteem and other serious emotional problems. It can also lead to difficulty with intimate relationships later in life.

The very idea that adults might be sexually attracted to children is so offensive that most parents prefer not to think about it but they should. By conservative estimates, one out of 10 children is sexually abused each year, often by a trusted authority figure — a teacher, camp counselor, priest or relative — or by the parents themselves.

Sexual child abuse cuts across all social, economic and racial strata of our society. In every respect, children are particularly vulnerable victims.

"I told you NO!" " ...I can't do this, I have a boyfriend!" "I am drunk leave me alone!" GSC Football players are recruited for the enjoyment of Power Elite and then they enjoy protection and a free ride, which in this instance of Gabe Phrophet included a free ride of a drugged up local girl provided for the pleasure of the GSC Football team stand by QB!

They can be easily persuaded to cooperate with molesters as they really don’t know what is going on, they trust the perpetrator.  Later, they may be too afraid or ashamed to talk about it with their parents. They don’t know if they’ll believe them over an adult.  Only the lucky ones tell a true friend who knows the right thing to do which is, tell someone, tell anyone, but tell.

Sadly enough, though, up to two-thirds of all child molestation cases never come to light,

Only 10 percent of the child sexual abusers report that they molest a child who is a stranger.

They molest children close to them, mainly children in their family or children in their social circle.

Most child molesters, 90 percent, report that they know their child victims very well.

Parents are also in shock about what to believe an adult is capable of.  They may feel they have failed because they knew the perpetrator, they “trusted” them. They said they didn’t do anything. Then the thought, what will the neighbors and my friends say?  Will they blame me for letting this happen?  Maybe it’s just best to let it go, kids forget in time… Know this, kids never forget.

Any logical person would agree that if you break a rule or a law, you have to be held accountable for the wrong-doing. If you break a law, you suffer the consequences and questionable actions should be questioned. In that process, trust is broken in Gilmer County. Right now, there are teachers and other community leaders who are breaking laws and rules of common decency totally visible to all. Right out in the open, they laugh about sexual misconduct, illegal drinking and drug use by teenagers.

They deny drug and alcohol use in our elementary and high schools although statistics show we would have one of the only systems in the nation where that was true.

These people will tell you it’s certainly an acceptable part of college life and if the little kids pick up on it, oh well, they’re just getting ready. Heaven knows they will blame a child for telling on one of their friends and disrupting their social life.

“They seem to think it is just OK!”

Some believe it is so very OK they will even try to suppress public awareness.

 “The Trust in the local county government in Gilmer County is GONE”

Well, we have had two women in locally in Gilmer County who were accused of using an electrically charged tool to discipline the children, Emerson caught on Main Street fondling a small boy, and then there is Nasia Butcher’s apparent penchant for teachers who tend to be perceived as living or desiring an alternate sexual lifestyle with their actions tending toward the pedophilic with drug and alcohol problems.

An intensely discussed issue in Gilmer County is what supposedly happened along Route 33 at the home of a prominent member of the community. Allegedly, and according to internet reports, there was a wild party involving GCHS students and authority figures that also involved illegal sexual activity with underage high school students and underage drinking and some hard drugs were available that night. Among other things, sex between a coach and a female student and the rape of another female student are alleged. The BUTCHER BITCHES made wild parties famous in Crooked County, girl boy or girl girl boy as seen above works good too! The guy with the long blond hair of course looks just like the guy that was on the front page of the new GSC website developed and published by Leslie Ward, wife to Pat Ward who is the IT manager at Waco Oil. Dude with his face full of bitches looks like he is having more fun inside, than the outside shot Leslie Ward posted for GSC!

There is so much child abuse and domestic violence  in our community that the Crooked County Courts can’t keep up with it and some police and court officials think that sex with young girls is an acceptable way of life.

While you’re are at it, add in the no prosecution of  rape, breaking and entering and drug abuse if your parents contribute to GSC or if you play sports and a definite good old boy attitude toward what the sentence should be for murder, what the legal methods of the election process and taxation of the citizenry are and how to implement and enforce them, or any other question involving morals, ethics and honesty in this County. Houston, we have a problem.

“When trust fails chaos follows!”

The very core of civilization relies on faith in others. Where trust exists, we walk out of our homes, go to the store and let the kids  play outside, knowing that we are safe, knowing that danger is unlikely. Where trust is destroyed, we stay indoors, the government seethes with corruption, and danger is the norm.

“Life without trust is a fearful existence!”

We need trust in order to know that we can live as an ordered society.  Sadly, the sacred trust placed in our community leaders is dead. It has become so obvious by the downfall and destruction at all levels of our educational system, back room control of the business environment and inaction of law enforcement, that the citizens of Gilmer County can no longer trust the people they have relied upon over the years to act for anything but their own short-term interests.

No economic growth, no safety, no community empowerment serves as its own self fulfilling prophecy.  The most tragic loss is the ability to entrust the Gilmer County Elite with the care of the children. Another major consequence is the destruction of the ethical and moral treatment of many community members through political coercion and greed.

Any leader who condones cheating at any level deserves quick disciplinary action.  No beating around the bush: there is flat out no way to justify cheating, never was before and never now. In the absence of any logical reasoning or moral justification it encourages poor work ethics and “I don’t care” attitudes developed by people of low moral values trying to wriggle their way out of guilt and consequences for inappropriate actions with the express purpose of personal and/or financial gain.

Hough as a staff member at GSC received a written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell for his actions involving the Wilkie Perez RAPE Case, but he should have been prosecuted and set a very bad example for GSC staff members

Those in charge today continue to insist they are not at fault when it comes down to their own dirty work.  They have done what they were told and have no responsibility if it hasn’t worked out.  Some have the nerve to blame it on lack of money completely ignoring the fact that you can’t buy consideration for their fellow man and honest efforts to improve their condition. (Yet they always have enough for a paycheck.)

In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to worry about them.  A dedicated, right thinking majority would have oversight and authority to make corrections.

But “times have been a changing”, and with academic, social and economic pressures on the rise, the number of people who are more than willing to cheat to transform themselves from underachievers to overachievers, desperate to push their “grade” over the next letter is increasing by the day.  Ask them, they’ll tell you out loud that they will do anything for a vote.

“What is whispered is the Power Elite in Glenville will also do anything for a dollar!”

In fact the whole fabric of local education and government must be based on trust. No one can learn, teach or govern for the betterment of the community and not the few, where the network of trust is not iron-clad.

If trust is missing, when thievery, lying and greed are just OK, what you have is a dying system.   What we have is a slowly decaying county and the only thing the people in charge can say is “NO CPR” but save me a job. 

All children need teachers who are trustworthy, who can help parents prepare them to be fully functioning and contributing members of society.  All citizens deserve strong defenders of our laws and Constitution. These needs will not be met by choosing a leadership willing to continuously break the law as a personal favor to constituents and supporters thereby breaking that sacred trust we have given to them.

“This Gilmer County totalitarian society controlled by the few over the many needs to end!”

The citizens of Gilmer County have obviously become very been upset by the episode with Casey Smith the Gilmer High School teacher caught in a Wood County motel room taking drugs and giving alcohol to a student. They don’t call it Wood County for nothing!

The obvious NEWS BLACK OUT that included the local print press media source the very disappointing Glenville Democrat has been more than disconcerting to most of the locals, but then this attitude and situation of a controlled press that includes black outs and censorship just reaffirms the public’s confidence in the Gilmer Free Press and the ever so faithful Secret Seven Coalition websites that seldom pull punches and always tell the truth no matter how horrid or how awful the details. We have had our own PENN STATE debacle several times in Glenville, and one of them involved that raucous party up Hwy 33 at the home of Shelly Morris DeMarino where a Lady Titan was involved in actual coitus with the basketball coach according to witnesses, and one other team member was raped by a black GCHS Football player and later became pregnant.

I talked to a person today that was helping reach out to the right lawyers for our cause and it was suggested that we tell our own story to MSNBC !! I say we need to have our representative pitch the Glenville Hell story to a national news service!

“Heck Penn State ain’t nothing compared to the awful sexual misconduct that goes on down in Crooked County where those Crooked County Crooks live down by that Crooked River!”

It’s time we banned together!  So tell all of your friends that we must break on through to the other side of EVIL and LIVE !!

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  1. Happy birthday to Captain Booker on 11-11-11 from the Central West Virginia SS in Laredo Texas today enjoying weather in the 80’s

  2. Casey Smith gets protected by POWER ELITE citizens speak out!

    To just an opinion:
    Whatever Mr. Casey Smith, GCHS teacher is, is really of no importance whether it is homosexual, pedophile, or anything between. It is wrong any way you look at it.
    To the people of this county:
    The fact remains that this teacher was in the wrong and there is no excuse for this or any other minor to be put in the situation that he was in. Any one that would condone this type of behavior from a teacher that has been given the privilege to teach students in this county is as guilty as Mr. Smith once they are made aware of the arrest and charges of this teacher. If they DO NOT do anything as far as correcting this problem they are GUILTY also. As we have just recently seen the news on Penn State, inappropriate behavior from teacher, coach or whatever cannot be tolerated and whoever covers up the facts of a crime such as we have seen should be held responsible. For Gilmer County, that to me means starting at the top of the list, Jorena Marple, The State Board of Education, Mr. Blankenship, County Superintendent, Nasia Butcher, Principal of GCHS, the prosecuting attorney, Gerry Hough to make sure charges are made.. These people need to stand up for the children of this county. They are the ones who are suffering from your lack of common sense and good judgment. If you don’t step up to the plate and do what is right by firing this man and the Principal of GCHS and holding them accountable, them shame on all of you. Something worse could happen the next time if you don’t fire them and if that happens I hope the parents sue ALL of you, The State BOE, the County BOE and all others that do not have the “guts” to stand up for what is right, rather than what is politically correct and the person who committed the offense against another student. IF the State Board would have done their job in the first place, Nasia would be gone and the instigator of all this mess in our school system would be eliminated. I also hope that the ones controlling and running the Glenville State College know that they have done and still are doing the exact same thing as Penn State except they allow the rapes of their female students and cover up the ones who are doing these horrible crimes. The Glenville State College President, all the Board of Governors, the “elite” and law officials, the 2 B & B lawyers in this town, the Gilmer County Prosecutor and whoever else is doing the cover-ups to protect the football players that have committed these crimes. If I had a daughter, no way would I allow her to attend GSC and any I hear of considering it, believe me I discourage it completely. The only difference between Pen State and Glenville State College, Penn State got caught, GSC, Your time is coming. IT WILL HAPPEN.!!!!

    Comment by just waitin’ on 11.10.2011

    Coach Sandusky of Penn State vs. Teacher Casey Smith of GCHS


    Both liked teenaged boys

    Both took boys to out of state ball games

    Both stayed with boys in hotels

    Both bought gifts for the boys

    Both party with the boys

    Both drank with the boys

    Both had bosses who thought these acts are normal

    Both have bosses who knew of their crime

    Both have bosses who did not report to police


    Penn State: President and Coach Fired

    Gilmer County: Superintendent and Principal still have their job

    Why the difference?:

    Penn State: Active Board who did not tolerate and made decision, and a good prosecutors who cares.

    GCHS: No Local Board with power (State takeover), instead an incompetent WV Superintendent and WV Board, and an incompetent Gilmer prosecutor.
    Comment by Once again Gilmer IS Different on 11.11.2011

    Why are Marple, Blankenship, N. Butcher, and Hough not informing us of the status of the case? The news blackout causes suspicions that a coverup is underway. Important questions include—-is the person allegedly involved still teaching at the GCHS, has N. Butcher documented trips that the man went on with children and have those children and others been given opportunities, under supervision of a qualified investigator, to divulge if any other improper conduct occurred, and is there hard evidence that N. Butcher or any of her superiors had advance warning that the teacher had potential for improper conduct? The GFP should not be responsible for acquiring and reporting the details. Instead, individuals named above should submit information to the GFP and elsewhere for posting. Isn’t it amazing that we pay salaries of the four individuals and they can withhold news from us relating to our concerns for the safety of our children? Only in Gilmer County! Feds. we hope you are monitoring.

    By Sam P. Winters on 11.11.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    After reading your comment to me “Praying hard”, I must say you did give me a good chuckle and my laugh for the day. The comment you made was “all we need is one lawyer to run against the Prosecutor for Gilmer County, and that there were several people in the county with money that would back a respectable candidate.“ You are right in one respect, there are several in this county with money. However you are wrong about the ones with money supporting a new candidate…. Do you not get it???? The “rich elite power” are for the prosecutor we are talking about getting rid of, not a new one. A new one might not go along with their demands or wishes so they will keep the Prosecutor we have because he is already controlled, trained and part of the corruption and well paid for his lack of actions. This is why rapes, murders, drugs and breaking and enterings just ….slip right by. Of course, none of the crimes are printed in the weekly news so maybe you were not aware of that. Money talks loud and clear. It is called political corruption. The same type we are seeing in Washington DC. This is why the two were compared. Obamba is not responsible for the 8 yrs. you talked about but he is responsible for the past three years he has been in office. It’s time for change he said. We won’t see it in DC and we won’t see it here in Glenville. But I’ll keep praying hard.

    By Praying hard on 11.11.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

  3. Ghost WOLF I finally found you

    Thank you, I’ve recently been searching for info on the Glenville Crowd for a long time, and this seems to be the perfect source. While scanning though your articles I noticed some very familiar names and people I have heard complained about for years. You seem very organized and extremely informed.

    The elite of Crooked County! I have often heard of the Crooked County and now I know who all the Crooks are in Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River. You see, I have been practicing saying it right, and now I did. But, what concerning the bottom line of getting rid of these corrupt individuals that put innocent people in jail ruining lives of white people, and then showing special privileges and offering the white women to the blacks, for playing for the home town team? You can’t just shoot em, you would be no better than their evil asses then. Maybe a good old fashioned tree with some rope, but nah… well, somebody should think of something before they rig the next elections like they did the last one. You were right about Natalie Tennant too. She is a fake leader and she covered for the crimes of the last Gilmer County election by the looks of it.

  4. Casey Smith gets protected by POWER ELITE citizens speak out! Continued.


    okay this is all fish to me okay why didn’t SW tell ppl sooner then what he did I mean good Gosh it was almost to mouths b4 he said anything…… this is just to fishy JUST SAYING!

    By NONE YA on 11.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    Successful warfare is not confined to use of guns, missiles, and other military assets. Instead, an array of forces are brought to bear to defeat an enemy. For the school issue we must consider all our options for mounting a coordinated resistance. One powerful option is in the political arena. We have the opportunity to oust those who have failed to support our just cause. Even Governor Tomblin is vulnerable. We should request his intervention and if he fails to respond his inaction should be disclosed to his opponent before the next election. Also, we should take a hard look at members of the County Commission and other elected officials to determine if they have helped us, and if not the choice should be to work hard to replace them at election time. Citizens, we have potential to help ensure that our children have better lives if we act wisely and we band together for maximum effect.

    By Ace Jones on 11.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

    Praying Hard I am glad you got a chuckle and your laugh for the day. However, I fear I was not joking. Not all the money in Gilmer County supports Mr. Hough. I happen to know this personally. Not all the money in Gilmer County is crooked and in need of protection. Several have worked hard from next to nothing and still in touch with their humble beginnings. Sometimes it is easier to sit back, do nothing, and be a victim than it is to do something. But even if you fail at doing something at least you’ve tried. Our problem at this point is finding a lawyer to run. So please join me in that prayer and let God provide the rest.

    By Just An Opinion on 11.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

    To Ace Jones:

    Very well stated about the political pressure option.
    We have less than a year to election.
    Earl Ray can be pressured.
    Also Joe Manchin. Look where he stands with this mess.
    He appointed his wife to the 9 year State BOE ‘position.
    (Remember who talked down to the GC group?)
    Also appointed his cousin Mark to the School Building Authority.
    All are in the same political bed machine together.
    Sort of like incest?
    And we have not even discussed petitions to a PA to ask for resignation?
    And we have not even discussed petitions to the County Commissioners?
    And we have not even discussed petitions to the State Legislature?
    And we have not even discussed petitions to State BOE?
    ———you get the drift.
    And there are a lot of media investigative reporters, to be contacted,
    that likely would pick these issues up, being this is an election year..
    But, there is no time to waste. Our community must come together and act.
    Our strength is in our knowledge. Our strength is in the truth. Our strength is in our numbers.

    By Anonymous on 11.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.
    Penn State U vs. Glenville State College
    “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.“
    Look at ‘sexcapades’ that Penn State swept under the rug.
    Now see how many are going down with it.
    Think about ‘sexcapades’ at GSC swept under the rug.
    We are waiting to see how many will go down with it.
    Wait and see how many locals will go down with it.
    Just like PSU, GSC can’t cover it forever.
    Time will expose the whole GSC affair.

    By More To Come on 11.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

  5. CalPatty Press - From the Supreme Commander of the SS

    To “Just an Opinion,” my response is ….Fuck that!

    We are going to get Hough out of there by any means possible. More complaints are being readied. The press has been contacted. Professional press packs are being readied to be sent to the national media to get some positive attention. There have been endless phone calls and yes the governor shall be informed and asked for help, and if it is refused, then the press should be notified of that too.

    The “DEATH THREATS” coming from Ike Morris and R Terry Butcher were reported to the highest levels of the FBI who were more than familiar with all the players in Glenville and Clarksburg. Since then, the tide has turned against the elite, and they have been on the run since, and that was four months ago.

    Hough says he was a secret agent for the USA, and then we found his childhood buddy who writes fiction about being a spy for the USA, his school buddy that lives in Canada. It is all a made up story. I guess citizens were suppose to believe this bullshit, like the story Gerry Hough tells about being a defensive back for Clemson.

    Well I say it’s time to throw some big blocks up against that skinny ass little liar. Hough should be running, and he should start running real fast when he sees who all he has pissed off this time.

    It will be over my dead body that Gerry Hough ever wins another election, even if he cheats again.

    FIRST we are gonna take back Glenville, and then we are going to end the eight year reign of JUDGE FACEMIRE by campaigning against him with a SECRET AUDIO TAPE that catches him in a lie to the JIC and get it aired in THREE other counties, while passing out flyers with the right website to refer to with all the facts…

    AND THEN we are going to take back Gilmer County and whoa to those that stand in our way!

    NO MORE Larry Chapman ever again in any self appointed political positions like the stunt he pulled to run the GCEDA and with the help of our useless as fuck little punk ass MAYOR!

    NO MORE RETA KIGHT – No more Kennedy family members, No more Darrel Ramsey and no more dumb asses like the Butchers who think they own everybody.

    Butcher ass is going to be a high priced commodity with the SS starting this winter.

  6. Trust is gone is right!

    Our self-appointed mind guards and cheer leaders continually give assurances that all is well, no need for concern, and everything will be fine if we continue with “That is the way we do it in Gilmer County” way of functioning. Independent audits of all public bodies in the County will be necessary to enable us to eventually modernize and cease functioning like a third world county.

    Hopefully, outside government sleuths will read the report to become motivated to rush in to expose incompetence and corruption.

    “It’s all about the CHURCH of IKE MORRIS!
    I lived in Glenville many years ago and corrupted it still is!!

    I’m not surprised by this situation at all liars everyone of the self appointed KINGS like the Butchers!”

    “What about Mel Waddell shooting the Stump boys on Toler Fork and getting by with it???”

    “This is what happens when you live in MORRIS TOWN USA where a commissioner is GAY and RAPE is OK!”

    “Gilmer County has well-earned its nick name of CROOKED COUNTY!”
    “Definitely, a clear picture is emerging through the well crafted well written articles of the CalPatty Press — people who were threatened, but obviously never left — for this site has COW PATTY written all over it! And it is the kind that smells good, and only smells bad when it hits the face of the DOG FACED WOMAN Reta Kight!! The original shit face!”

    • No one is safe in Gilmer County. You never have been.
    • Don’t walk at night, watch your back and pray you don’t anger the power brokers.
    • Gilmer County is known for rape, murder, and falsely convicting innocent citizens!

  7. Citizens of Gilmer SPEAK OUT on the GFP

    With the social media politicians are denied safe havens when newspapers won’t report news. Daily, we know how to be more effective in using the media for change. E. R. won by 3% & he will run scared next fall. We can get word out electronically when he or any other politician fails us. Word circulated that E. R. will replace G. Manchin and Marple is out of his favor so she may go too. Let’s contact E. R. to promote those changes. In Gilmer, citizens could gain power if instead of simply considering D or R, we would begin to focus only on qualifications and track records of service. Days should be over when bosses dictate who runs knowing that voters will respond strictly on party lines. Also, we must consider the big picture when voting i.e., there is panic that prices at Food Land climbed after UP closed. That unfair treatment should be considered when Facemire runs again. The store makes the Senator richer while many citizens, particularly seniors on fixed incomes, barely survive.
    By Arch Black on 11.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

    The abuse of these children at Penn State……how sad and pathetic. A grown man witnessed this child being raped in a shower by Jerry Sandusky a then member of Penn State football coaching team and turned away. He reported it…BUT he should have stopped it. The ones who did nothing….they are guilty too.

    Does all this sound familiar? The same thing is happening at Glenville State College. The only difference is Penn State was children, GSC is white female students. These children should have been protected by adults who were aware of what was going on. That did not happen however. Our GSC students should have been protected by adults who were aware of what was going on too…. but we all know that did not happen either. Was the charity a cover-up for the children to be made accessible? Probably.

    Are our female white students made accessible to the black football players to rape them.

    Absolutely!!! We all know the answer to that question, and we all know the ones at GSC that is responsible for this despicable act. When the rapes were reported by the victims there were four or five different players named but thanks to the Pres. of GSC, to our law officers, our 2 lawyers who protect and are associated with the college, our Prosecuting Attorney who is also an employee of GSC and the elite that supply big monetary benefits and serves on Boards at GSC, the charges were all dropped and nothing done, like it never even happened. Who will be the next victim? The weekly paper did not even think it news worthy to report on these rapes, because he is associated with the college too.

    A BIG takeover and ALL involved needs to be held accountable. BUT….this is Glenville and we are talking about GSC accountability. As I said, the ones who did nothing are guilty too. And let’s not forget, we have a Gilmer High School teacher who supplied alcohol to a minor, and possibly child sexual abuse, the girls basketball coach last year at a birthday party of one of his players, booze, drugs, sex and rape there also. Anything done there? Are these male teachers still teaching? What is it going to take to stop this corruption? When will the abuse stop? Can anybody hear us???? CNN HLN FOX local TV news media, newspaper reporters come to Glenville. A story here for sure.
    By are you listening? on 11.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-otcha™: GCHS Teacher Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Minor’.

  8. This is a comment about Gary Collins Glenville Crazy

    I know you guys get a lot of photos from Gary Collins to use for your stories in the Cal Patty Press, but is that crazy wacko off his meds or just spending too much time in the office of the B&B law office? What are the odds that Cassandra Huff would be on the ten most wanted list of the SS? That is what Gary C says now, and then oh how he talked about her at the court house one day.Has Collins been spending too much time at the new Glenville Park wondering where the next common place elite meet will be now that Peggy Moore is no more. No Pioneer Grille for Glenville CRAZY Collins for the crazy rarely are seen in public at night, they are usually lurking down by the Conrad hoping to toss someone in the river long after midnight. Also what is this I hear about more rapes and more scandal on the hill at the college. Will nothing ever change?

  9. Crooked County Crooks

    Yeah thanks to Gary Collins we have hundreds of photos of the Butcher Bitches and now some good ones from Glenville State College too. Diana L Butcher will have plenty to chase him around town and down by the Post Office about now.

  10. We need to take action

    The national news and specifically Penn State and the awful things that have happened there are a reflection of the politics and the condition that has existed in Glenville, and we need to bring attention to all of the sexual misconduct that has gone over the years under the watchful eye of all those in power in Glenville, and Gilmer County, West Virginia. We need to inform the nation that we have been going through the same horrors right here at home.

    Editors note: Well said, what has been holding us back is having a local print media source that has held us back for years by publishing controlled media and NOT what the news is or what people need to be informed of for their own protection. We have been double crossed along time ago by the self serving power elite. Now with the GFP and Central WV SS we have been making progress, slowly, but very surely the last 3 or 4 years, and now the PEOPLE have a voice thank god, but it was suppressed for many years.

  11. anonymous 007 from PENNVILLE!!

    Let us not forget John George Wolfe, Sue Waggoner knew of his downloading porn years before it came to light, she covered it up, and they placed him at Sand Fork near young boys, he placed nude photos of himself on the net that were taken in the school. Gilmer County has a history of covering up sick perverted actions by the very people we trust our children to. We need to change things here in PENNVILLE..

    Editors note: Good comment, great point! I LOVE the PENNVILLE!!

  12. Council of Concerned Citizens -- CommunityConcerns™: If You Know You Won’t Be Punished for Bad Behavior, Why Not Do It!!!

    The Gilmer County Volleyball Team and Head Coach Crystal Metz along with her Assistant Coach Mickey Metz traveled to Charleston, WV to participate in the State Tournament on Thursday, November 10, 2011.

    The state tournament started on Friday, November 11, 2011.

    According to several reports, complaints, and concerns received by the Gilmer Free Press, the Volleyball Tournament for the Lady Titans was not just about Volleyball for those in charge!

    Reports indicate the Gilmer Head Coach had an engagement party on the evening of the tournament leading to a state of intoxication.

    Of course it takes two to have an engagement. Complaints indicate the Titan Coach’s fiancé / very intoxicated boyfriend was hitting on the underage volleyball team girls.

    According to sources, he attempted to pull down the girls pants, hid in their bathroom, and walked in on them while they were in the bathroom.

    He also chased the girls in the hallway. He reportedly gave two girls wedgies, one in the front and one in the back.

    Further details of unbecoming behavior cannot be revealed at this time because it is not fit for publication.

    The Community Concerns:

    • Is the conduct of the Volleyball team’s coach acceptable?

    • If the boyfriend stayed in the room with the coach were school funds used to pay for him?

    • Where were the Chaperons? [According to reports, some chaperon’s got drunk as well.]

    • Where was Mickey Metz, the Gilmer County Sheriff and assistance coach?

    • Who was protecting the underage girls?

    • Why did this happen at a school funded event?

    • Why is the Head Coach still teaching even younger kids?

    • Why have we had so many violations at Gilmer County High School in the past 3-4 years, leading to no punishment and/or cover-ups?

    • Why do the administrators who continuously tolerate and/or cover up the unacceptable behaviors continue to have their job?

    • When is enough enough?

    • Mr. Blankenship, Superintendent; Mrs. Butcher, Principal; Mr. Chambers, Assistant Principal; are these actions acceptable? What have you done about it? We need to know. We are tired of hearing “this is a personnel matter and cannot comment on it”.

    • Finally, what is the WV State Board of Education who made our local Board powerless doing about these actions under their umbrella?
    GFP – 11.16.2011
    • (14) Comments •
    ~~~ Readers’ Comments ~~~

    What is it going to take to end the outrageous abuse of our children? We have failed leadership by N. Butcher, R. Blankenship and Marple. They are responsible for allowing this type of alleged conduct to occur and they fail by not imposing harsh punishment against perpetrators. The County has become a cesspool of immoral conduct aimed against our children and we should demand Butcher’s and Blankenship’s immediate resignations so competent administrators could be installed. Mr. Hough, we respectfully plea for you to use resources available to you to investigate and to take appropriate legal action against this alleged misconduct and other reported instances involving abuse of our school children. Dr. W. K. Simmons, a plea is extended to you, Sir. Please volunteer to lead a coalition of concerned citizens to enable us to band together to fight evil forces who are destroying our children and grand children.
    By Tip Moore—Ohio on 11.16.2011

    Instead of complaining to anyone at the state level, why doesn’t everyone go to Sen. Rockefeller’s website and let him know what is going on in Gilmer county. I have had a lot of help from his office several times. They usually contact you within 2-3 days. They call back and let you know what progress is being made.
    If enough people complain, maybe he will send someone down and clean house.
    By Margie Shook on 11.16.2011

    At least we had a board of education we could talk to before. How can state take over our county and do a lousy job of running it?
    By So Sad on 11.16.2011

    I challenge all the pastors and preachers in Gilmer County to stand up and denounce the children abuse at our high school. If all of you truly mean and preach the word of God, then it is your duty to denounce this. Otherwise those of you who are going to sit back and accept this, you are as guilty of the crimes.
    By Are you men of God? on 11.16.2011

    You cannot be serious. Metz involved in more criminal activities? Is this another ‘No Foul Play?’
    Mickey Metz is going to have a great record to use for his campaign when running for magistrate.
    By WatchDog on 11.16.2011

    Wow I knew things were and has always gone on in the schools in the past and now..I went to this school and now I truly understand what my parents had to go thru everyday when my brothers and I went. My husband and I have considered sending our kids to a different school. This incident almost have made up our mind. Yes I know things like this goes on in just about any school..but darn this is so very wrong. State take over was to “help” us it has made things work. Now you can’t even trust people in higher office. I know you never could but I was trying to give them a chance. Chances are over now. Shame on you!
    By Karen Skidmore on 11.16.2011

    Can all of this be true? This is why some kids don’t play sports. Can this all turn in to a Penn State thing? The coach’s fiance, doesn’t he work at a very respectable place? Remember what GCHS staff did to the last citizen who worked there at that respectable place?
    By The Watcher on 11.16.2011

    To Karen Skidmore:
    You said it, it is unfortunate. The high school lacks leadership. We have a principal who thinks all these acts are normal. Although the superintendent was handpicked to follow the order of the elites, we had hoped more of him. He has disappointed us too. We never had this much problem until Butcher became principal. Last year a rape incident involving an unqualified basketball coach leading to pregnancy of an elite girl and then abortion. A lesbian teacher handpicked by Principal Butcher encouraging the students to come out of their closet. A teacher who has been taking young boys on out of state fun trips with principal’s knowledge, and this incident among many others. Isn’t it time for community members and the religious group to stand up and show their outrage?
    By Cannot blame you on 11.16.2011

    Someone brought up the preachers and pastors. I agree. They should remember Jesus Christ was willing to die on the cross rather than giving in. They need to prove they don’t tolerate these actions to our children as well as show courage. Otherwise they are fake in my book.
    By Kenny Lee on 11.16.2011

    Innocent until proven guilty never seems to matter in Gilmer County. The school is investigating the allegations at this time. As with any situation, the team members have different versions of the story. Why not wait until the truth is determined and let the system act accordingly. The volleyball team worked hard to make it to states and now their accomplishments have been downgraded. Between the pep bus antics and this situation, we have all forgotten the GCHS Volleyball team played in the state tournament for the first time in years! I’m proud of this team!!!!
    By What a Shame on 11.16.2011

    More of the same actions by the great group who “work the games” as their claim to fame. Doesn’t seem to matter what kind of example they set for the kids or what they do to their fellow man. Let’s elect a few more to help raise these kids up in the way they should go so that when they are older they will not depart from it.
    By Scary Thought on 11.16.2011

    To What a shame:
    Apparently you are in support of the mishap. Were you there? If so, what is your version of the event? Can you name one time that we have heard about any school investigation? The only patterns we have seen is to remain silent and hope everybody forget about it. This is not the first time. Besides the problem was not the students – it was the coaches, their family, some parents and chaperons. I am hoping you are not a parent or participant. If you are then what a shame.
    By Kenny Lee on 11.16.2011

    We have not heard how the team did at the state tournament. I bet not well, since the coaches were out of it Thursday and Friday nights.
    By anonymous on 11.16.2011

    What a Shame, are you suggesting that we trust the “school” and the “system” to objectively handle these new allegations? We all know what that approach has achieved so far with the people in power. Enlighten us why we should be trusting now. Perhaps you know details withheld from the rest of us.
    By Edgar Smith on 11.16.2011

  13. Will Rene Hill the sister of Fred Hill be invited to the wedding of Crystal Metz?

    Oh yeah,how we remember well,that night we lost Fred Hill …and maybe Fred had a bit too much to drink and then pinched the wrong behind at the wrong place, which became the wrong time, but the right night to shiver, and then disappear before a freezing time for all out back of the right house, and then just to sink down and deep in the river.

    By clicking the green link above come visit the Concerned Citizens Free Press and learn how THEY ARE ALL SPIES down in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

      Well people our Gilmer County High School has done it again.

      1. Bobby Duvall, former coach of girls basketball at GCHS.

      2. Casey Smith, teacher at GCHS.

      3. Lesbian teacher telling students “ to come out of the closet”.

      4. Crystal Metz coach of Lady Titan Volleyball at GCHS and saving the best for last, (SHES A 10) Nasia Butcher our infamous Principal of GCHS.

      What more can I say to the parents of these students except that “I AM SO SORRY” your child has to endure the abuse of some of the ones you HAVE to entrust your children to.

      We do have teachers and staff at GCHS that are interested in the education of the students and are doing what they can under the circumstances to see your child gets the education they deserve.

      It is a parents responsibility to see your child gets the best education they need and deserve, but it is the States responsibility to see your child gets the best quality and the safest education possible.

      Truancy, the State says is punishable for parents who do not see that their child attends school on a regular basis.

      If I were a student I would not want to attend this school instructional wise or sports wise either.

      You, however as parents are held accountable for doing this.

      The State Board of Education and Gilmer County Board of Education is responsible for safety, quality and highest
      performances of teachers possible.

      As all of Gilmer County knows that is not happening and they are not being held accountable for any of the negative BAD things that this GCHS principal is allowing to go on.

      In fact she encourages her friends/teachers in wrong doing and upholds them.

      After all, to her the things happening here is NORMAL.

      She needs to be fired and replaced by someone with standards and morals.

      It is purely political, next-of-kin- and close friendship and relationships with the elite of both county and state that “WE” the people of this now pathetic county have to endure because of the corruptness going on.

      We need names and ways to contact someone out of state that would be willing to help us take this corruption out of circulation so we could work on becoming the kind of county we were once proud of and took pride in.

      We will probably see and hear more of the abuse going on and we need to put a stop to it now, for the sake of these children.

      If a TV station / newspaper reporter were to do a story about Gilmer County and all the dirt it would be bigger than the Penn State story because of the people involved which start at the State level and go thru EVERY Gilmer County public official position because all are involved in cover-ups. To be sure, they would also want to report on Glenville State College with all the rapes, drugs, cover-ups and other scandals and who is involved in that at GSC.

      We need action now before something worse happens here.

      By Please help on 11.16.2011

      From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: If You Know You Won’t Be Punished for Bad Behavior, Why Not Do It!!!’.

  14. Ya know — it would be really cool to see the hallway video from the hotel of this…..sure there was something which would be quite obvious if all this crap took place! WOW!



    Saturday – The Calhoun Red Devil girl’s volleyball team won their first state tournament match in the school’s history defeating Pocahontas County 25-8, 25-14 and 25-7.

    It was an accomplishment for the local volleyball effort under coach Kelley Houchin.

    Wirt County trumped Williamstown in five sets to capture the eighth state volleyball championship in Tiger history in Class A play.

    Ritchie County came in second at the state volleyball tournament in Class AA play. In Calhoun play, Jordan Mace scored two dozen points and tallied eight aces.

    Rochelle Gerwig and Amber Wilford combined for 19 points and six aces.

    Stephanie Hall had four blocks while Brooke Manns added a trio of digs.
    CLASS “A” – Court 1















    Wirt County 3

    Calhoun County 0


    Williamstown 3

    Greater Beckley 0


    Wirt County 5

    Williamstown 3

  16. IKE you are full of shit!

    Ike’s Speech at the Glenville State College Groundbreaking Ceremony for Pioneer Center, had interesting moments last summer 12 July 2011, and one had to wonder why this statement would be included.

    “And that regardless of what people might read in the online publications, the Morris family would never do anything to hurt Gilmer County.”

    Although, many certainly appreciated the mention, most advisers would have advised to not mention opposition or the latest publications of opposition especially since we are all so well known for having the facts to back up our statements in the way of documents.

    Well, documents with lawyers in court are a much better situation and what IKE needs is his ass kicked in federal court and someone to take all of his shit.

    Damn, I think I will just volunteer for that mission.


    (11/17/2011) CalPatty Press release for the Council of Concerned Citizens of Central WV and the WV Secret Seven Coalition

    Authorities say Lena Lunsford, mother of missing three-year-old Aliayah Lunsford, has violated conditions of her federal probation as if selling her kid to a Gilmer County CPS worker wasn’t enough.

    Brian Kilgore had recommended home incarceration and substance abuse treatment for Lunsford, but that turned out to be a real bad idea.

    Kilgore is a U.S. Pretrial Services Officer and he says she has violated the terms of her probation with two incidences of “Non-compliance.”

    Federal records say State Police found Lena Lunsford and her husband Ralph in possession of synthetic drug bath salts in Clarksburg on November 1. Now, these intoxicating bath salts are legal in most places in the US but have been found to be a dangerous drug substitute with intoxication brought on by snorting the substance and achieving “Meth” like effects and these “Bath Salts” have been outlawed in most WV counties.

    Lunsford then failed to report the incident to her supervising officer, says the report.

    “The defendant appears to be demonstrating a lack of willingness to fully cooperate with the conditions of her supervision, and she appears to be selectively censoring what she wants her supervising officer to know,” Kilgore wrote in his report.

    Federal authorities arrested Lena Lunsford in October on charges related to federal welfare fraud.

    Aliayah Lunsford, the young daughter to Lena has been missing since September 24.

    Lena Lunsford released a press statement last week asking people to keep her family in their prayers stating, “I will continue to fully cooperate with the investigators who are working so hard for Aliayah’s return home.”

    Lunsford now has a bond revocation hearing slated for November 28, 2011 and SS sources are fully confidant Lena will be taken to jail that day and held until this matter of her missing child is resolved.

  18. If you check 911 calls in the summer of 2010, you will find a call made to Cason “Tazer” Jones for the college, that call was for Andre a security guard that was ” all methed up and doing a B & E. ” Yet the college claimed that they had no problems out of him before.

    Editors note: “Tazer Jones,” I like that it has a ring to it! Yeah Gerry Hough made another decision against the citizens and for the college involving the Andre Wright situation and he thinks nobody will notice. The first thing we need to do is get rid of Hough and his whores for daughters

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