Gilmer County is in the lead for the Gold Medal Event of POLITICAL CORRUPTION! West Virginia wants Mountaineers Not Self Serving “Racketeers!”

By Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition and the CalPatty Press! Editor Edison – Editor/ Cosmic Communications /Editing also done by Hurricane Rina McCoy/Cosmos Communicator – Editor

One visit shows the average person why this State is known as…

“Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!”

People from all over the US have heard of WV through John Denver’s song Country Roads, which begins, “Almost Heaven, West Virginia.”

“Unfortunately though, in spite of its abundant beauty, the citizens of West Virginia and especially Gilmer County, have been subjected to never-ending political corruption and money dominance over a government that has pervaded the culture of its national, state, and locally elected officials!”
“If political corruption were an Olympic event, West Virginia would be the favorite contender with Gilmer County in the lead for the Gold Medal!”

We certainly recognize that every state in this nation has low level political hacks who are doing a little bit of chiseling. 

Unfortunately, West Virginia has had much more than its fair share of corrupt political felons as countless state, county, and city elected officials have spent time in federal penitentiaries.

In our opinion, Gilmer County has far too many that deserve to be there but haven’t gone yet. 

The taxpayers of Gilmer County and indeed the entire state have also witnessed generations of well-intentioned elected officials and honest civil workers getting their voices squelched and their reputations smeared by the countless corrupt politicians who have abused their positions for personal gain. 

Sheriff Mickey Metz has been part of the political problem in Gilmer County and proved to be guilty of selective prosecution and covering up crimes of other public officials!

Try to imagine the opportunities that have been lost in so many areas of concern such as education, health care, and infrastructure as a result of a long line of corrupt elected officials. Shouldn’t be hard, in Gilmer County we are living the nightmare.  The people who proudly call themselves Mountaineers have never been truly free from the depredations of political and financial corruption.
History verified by research shows clearly that West Virginia elections have long been labeled as among the most corrupt in America.  Oddly enough, the vast majority of the citizens here are not corrupt; they are honest people seeking to make better lives for their families.

The problem is that these same straightforward and sincere people have become so desensitized to corruption that many of them laugh at the thought of the countless elected officials who later became felons. 

“The people of Gilmer County laugh at vote buying and influence peddling as though it’s cute and clever. Some make jokes about the infamous Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River and what they got away with right up until it is their own money on the line!” 

Then that horse of a different color comes to play! 

Could this humorous attitude toward serious crime and election fraud only serve to condone, promote, and perpetuate such behavior? … when, in reality, there is nothing funny about it?

Maybe so, in most instances, but the actual term, “Crooked County,” has now become known synonymously with Gilmer County!

In the words of numerous politicians…

“Everything in West Virginia is political except politics and that’s personal!”

Notwithstanding a dismal past, recognizing and accepting this history of plutocracy and corruption should provide the incentive as well as the framework for reforming the  politics of Gilmer County if not the entire state.

The MAIN DRAG in Glenville the HEART of CROOKED COUNTY -- The Difference between GOOD and EVIL runs right down that Crooked County Line!

The result should be that Gilmer County  provides the supreme model for statewide reform.  It will be a hard fought battle and requires the concerted effort of the many honest citizens.  It will take the will power and never say die attitude that settled this region in the beginning!

It requires some true “Mountaineers!”

Haven’t we had more than enough of the self serving “Racketeers!?”

We love our state and we love Gilmer County, and the way things used to be before corrupt and dishonest public officials took over. Thanks for being one of the many  thousands of readers of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf this year of 2011 and we look forward to bringing you the REAL TRUTH throughout 2012!

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    The West Virginia State Police continue to make arrests related to the manufacturing and abuse of meth.

    Police have arrested a Calhoun man, John Frederick Fisher, 32 on several felony counts related to meth.

    Fisher has been charged with attempting to operate a drug lab, a drug-related conspiracy charge, and exposure of a child to meth manufacturing, according to Central Regional Jail.

    He is being held on $15,000 bond.



    By Bob Weaver

    For the first time in over a decade, the West Virginia State Police in Calhoun are arresting individuals related to the manufacturing of meth, in addition to the selling of prescription medication.

    The officers of the local detachment have made several arrests in recent months of suspected meth makers, some of them linked to reports issued by DHHR’s Children’s Protective Services.

    Meth-making in Calhoun appeared to be at an all-time high during the early 2000s, dropping off some in the last two or three years, but surging again, especially with the shake-and-bake method.

    During the last ten years, while hundreds have been arrested in each of the regional counties, only a handful of meth arrests have been made by authorities in Calhoun.

    A significant number of arrests of Calhoun citizens, however, have been made by police agencies in regional counties during the past decade.

    State Police in Calhoun experienced a series of problems early-on regarding meth-making, including the prosecution of a Chloe woman based on their alleged seizure of meth when she was arrested.

    After about a year in the court system, it was disclosed the officers did not have the meth evidence.

    In another high-profile meth-making case against John Manis Richards, State Police admitted to losing the meth evidence.

    While troopers were subjected to internal investigations regarding lost evidence, alleged stolen money and guns, information regarding those investigations were ever made public, with none being charged.



    During the last decade there have been numerous explosions and fires in Calhoun that destroyed buildings, highly suspect that meth-making was going on, with none of those cases resulting in charges being brought.

    The new meth-method, widely known as “shake and bake,” involves a bottle, a handful of cold medicine and some noxious chemicals.

    Just shake and you have one of the world’s most addictive drugs.

    Prior meth-making required an elaborate lab, with components simmering over an open flame, cans of ingredients and pills.

    It was complicated, and neighbors often were able to spot the location.

    Calhoun residents have often speculated where meth was being cooked, from its’ distinctive fumes.

    While meth use has been declining for several years, the new system appears to have caused a spike in meth use around the country.

    It is quick and easy production, that allows most everyone to make their own supply undetected.

    The addiction to meth is considered to be one of the most devastating.

  2. The SON of a SON of a CROOK from Crooked County has been updated to include all the partners in crime involving the SON of BM – Beverly Marks the former Gilmer County Commission Clerk, just click the green link at the top of this comment to go there.

  3. Another year in a ONE HORSE TOWN! Citizens of Gilmer County tell it like it is on the GFP! Twiddly dee!!


    Why would main street Glenville need more than one stop light??? The business section does not offer any stores for clothes, shoes, groceries, new furniture, drug stores and etc. When people see what this town consists of why would they want to move here with all the nasty illegal happenings, drugs, the disgrace of our school system teaching the kids how to do drugs, sex abuse and more by a principal, a FEW (not all) teachers and a coach, lack of law, corrupt county officials and the reputation the college has for rapes, drugs and crimes that nothing is done about. The ones who control this town, they don’t want anyone to come in here and “rock their boat”. To the one who wrote that in 2010 there was only one stop light, that is all you are going to see 20 years from now. Twenty years ago this was a decent place to live, raise and educate our kids, shop and be happy and contended.
    Not anymore. Thanks to the select elite and powers to be. However, people have complained about the dangerous intersection at Hays City needing a stop light and the STUPID YIELD sign removed that a lot of people thinks it means you let the ones coming from Weston way to turn but you see where that went.
    It is called political power that abounds heavily here. Happy New Year Gilmer County for more of the same or worse.

    By Another year on 12.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘New Elementary School to Serve Both Lewis and Gilmer Counties’.


    State Police in Roane County have arrested an EMS responder from Reedy on about 73 counts related to the theft of narcotic medication from the Roane and Calhoun County emergency medical services.

    Twenty-six-year-old Steven Thomas Mullins is in Central Regional Jail on $78,000 bond.

    Roane County EMS Director Danny Cronin reported to authorities that twenty-nine vials of morphine and fentanyl had been compromised and replaced with saline solution.

    Cronin said vials had been tampered in five of six Roane County ambulances.

    At the time of the initial report, Cronin said, “It is something we take very seriously … We have an internal investigation going on at this time.”

    Now authorities are saying that Mullins also compromised controlled substances while also working at Calhoun County Emergency Medical Services at Mt. Zion.

    Calhoun EMS Director Josh Johnson did not return a call to confirm stolen drugs from Calhoun ambulances.

    It was not learned when the tampered drugs were first discovered in Calhoun.

    Police said the theft of the medications are for personal abuse or for sale.

    Trooper J.T. Pertillo has been handling the Roane County case, with the compromised vials being handed over to the State Polices forensic lab for further examination.

    Mullins, a former resident of Calhoun, was arraigned on Calhoun charges in Roane County Friday.

    Roane charges include two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, 29 counts possession of schedule two narcotics, and 29 counts intent to deliver imitation controlled substances, according to Central Regional Jail.

    Calhoun charges include five counts of obtaining a controlled substance by subterfuge with intent to deliver a controlled substance and eight counts of possession, according to Central Regional Jail.

  5. Local members of the Central WV SS have noticed that without all the molestation and sexually charged parties the Lady Titans hold on to an 8 and 1 win/loss record after losing their first game and have come back like mad dogs under the leadership of the veteran player and the seasoning of Jordan Morris, who always with great athletic effort brings the fantastic floor shots and fabulous defense. Maggie Lilly and Julie Bishop shoot just fine from the line and the long shots from the floor without the added pleasure of being molested by the coach this year. Below are comments from citizens that were published in the FREE PRESS

    It seems the win loss record of the Lady Titans has improved over last year when the coach Bobby Duvall was ALLOWED to have sex with the players, and then cover the matter up with the help of Sheriff Metz and Nasia Butcher to save face, even though a criminal act that Carries a prison sentence was what the normal situation would have called for.
    Comment by anonymous on 12.23.2011


    With all the other dirt nasia and mickey is covering up, what did you expect from them with under age sex, molesting, sexual abuse, this is some things that goes on in our county that is allowed. This is the only way nasia gets off is this kind of behavior if you know what I mean. She really thinks that when people acts this way it is cute and funny. She needs to find a life of her own. People kept asking why gcgbb couldn’t keep a coach more than 1 year, well now i see. But it just not basketball, if they get a good coach that is competitive with her she will find a way to get them fired. That tells me that the rumor I was told about 2years ago them going through 4 coaches from nov. was true. She thought that the school might be recognized, so she got them fired. I would be concerned on what she has over Blankenship and state superintendent if i was her husband, but than again he may not care he may be just evil as she is. She carries something over their heads.

    By what did you expect on 12.30.2011

    From the entry: ‘GCHS Girls Basketball: Lady Titans Defeat Wirt County 52-35’.

  6. Crooked County Crooks - Gilmer County Schools Coalition and Citizens Agree with Nasia we can never be free!

    The Gilmer County Schools (GSC) Coalition was advanced by electing Dr. W. K. Simmons as its spokesperson. Active participation in the Coalition should swell to end staus quo in the County. Hopefully, one of the Coalition’s first achievements will be to require Mr. Blankenship to be open about his plans for our school system including replacing GCHS’s problem principal. Pertaining to the Coalition’s potential for achieving positive change, there have never been major social improvements overnight. The first ingredient for change has always been a few highly committed and selfless individuals wanting improvements. We have that critical core established, and if we actively support the Coalitions’ mission we will prevail in protecting the children.
    Comment by Rupert Moore on 12.30.2011

    Your coalition would have been better served if Dr. Simmons was working in an advisory role instead of leading. He was in leading figure that triggered the takeover and will have little pull with the state BOE.

    Pressure on the politicians and appointed members of the BOE from numerous citizens is the key to any attention to your concerns.
    Comment by Roy Jones on 12.30.2011

    Dr. Simmons was removed from an elected position much the same way polish officials were removed in 1939 the year everything changed.

    Really HOW was the removal of Simmons any different? When you say ‘YOUR ‘ coalition,it seems that you are not part of the group.

    The voices of all that attend meetings will be voices heard.

    The Gilmer Schools Coalition will get back the control of the schools in Gilmer County, and put the control where it belongs in LOCAL elected representatives.

    Gilmer County Schools were considered far above average in the past, but those days are gone, and so is Nasia as soon as it can be arranged.

    We don’t want her to be able to get her hands on the young ones, and turn them out, like she did her own daughters.
    Comment by Council of Concerned Citizens on 12.31.2011

    Mr Jones and everyone: It is not “your” GC School Coalition. It is “our” coalition and you, everyone are invited to be a part of the repair of our school system. Watch for the next meeting announcement, and be a part of progress in Gilmer. Was it Nancy Pelosi that made a statement about “draining the swamp”? You can help drain ours.
    Comment by MoreToCome on 12.31.2011

    It doesn’t make sense to me that the state BOE took over our schools to do improvement, but has done nothing. The only reason for the takeover was to protect Nasia. The state superintendent knows as well as everyone else that Nasia is the problem. They also know that IF Dr. Simmons was the leader in the school, that she would have been out of here. She is sitting back and laughing because she and her supporters got by with their evil/out of control ways. She treats people the way she wants, she honestly thinks that there is nothing that anyone can do to her. Well, guess what she will meet her match one of these days.

    Comment by Taxpayer Concerned Citizens on 01.01.2012

    Why was Dr. Simmons removed from his elected position, when he was hired by the elected members of our county. It would be nice if someone would step forward and tell the truth, not what you want us to know. I would like the truth. I feel that he would have a great leader for school system. NOBODY gave him a chance.
    How does Nasia Butcher feel when people says nasty/ugly things about her daughters, which are true. Dr.Simmons is going to have his hands full fighting to get our schools back. We don’t want Butcher around our children when she should be acting like role model and she thinks its OK for people to post themselves on the internet naked and kissing each other in the mouth. What are these girls, lesbians? This kind of action is not a good way to act as a professional as she claims that she is. Send her back where she come from. They probably don’t want her either. Nobody wants her not even her husband, but she thinks he does. He really don’t want to hurt her feelings. she is nothing but a liability for him.

    Comment by People want to know on 01.01.2012

    It is a genuine mystery why Nasia Butcher wants to stay at the GCHS? She knows that citizens, teachers, staff, and students don’t want her. Why does she need to remain when she has her high perched mansion, big ticket item cars, stashes of money her lawyer husband made as a directer of United Bank and a GSC official, doing legal work for the State, and money he amassed from his signature estate work? Could it be that Nasia loves making more money so she will remain on the job no matter what? Or, could it be that she relishes attention she is getting? Whatever, Nasia should go and when she does a festering sore will begin healing in Gilmer County. Is there a psychologist out there who could explain this human behavior mystery?

    Comment by Al Moore–Maryland on 01.01.2012

  7. Calhoun 911 received a call at 1:24 a.m. today January 1st regarding a driver in a car at the Millstone Inn driving erratically and attempting to strike individuals in the bar’s parking lot.

    State Police units respond.

  8. Crooked County Crooks - Gilmer County Schools Coalition and Citizens Agree with Nasia at the helm we can never be free! PART TWO

    Al—Don’t think its that its too much a mystery?
    A few thoughts come to mind.
    >Narcissism Issues?
    >Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
    >Financial Issues?????
    >$2000. flower pots?
    >Fear of problems being exposed to her ‘world’?
    >Combination of above?
    You all hang on, the ride has not started yet.

    Comment by MoreToCome on 01.01.2012

    When the state takes over a school system they usually keep control for at least 5 years. Its common for a community group to form to try and reverse the action of the state BOE but it never accomplishes anything. The state believes that local citizens had their chance to influence their local BOE and failed and that is why they take them over.

    The Gilmer Co BOE had the reputation as one of the worst in the state. Your elected BOE created this mess by making some terrible decisions over the past 5 to 10 years. Why didn’t you hold them accountable?

    I haven’t lived in Gilmer Co for almost 30 years so it would be difficult for me to be apart of your coalition. It is disheartening to see what has happen. I wish you luck.
    Comment by Roy Jones on 01.01.2012

    Mr. Jones,the issue is what do we do now? With the State’s take over don’t you believe that citizens should be treated respectfully to include free access to information, being informed of substantive progress Mr. Blankenship has made during his tenure, being convinced that Mr. Blankenship is committed to excellence by his replacement of GCHS’s principal who is a major cause of turmoil, and being given specific criteria for the State to apply in determining when the school system will be turned back to the County. Without open disclosure of criteria for the State’s withdrawal, how can it be concluded that anything other than arbitrary reasoning will apply? No, Mr. Jones, we won’t give up with the assumption that we are already defeated. That is what opponents want, but with establishment of the Coalition, we have an organization for mounting tough resistance. All it will take for the Coalition’s success is widespread support by Gilmer’s good citizens. Will you join us?

    Comment by E. Cunningham on 01.02.2012

  9. NO GED? Sheriff Metz is a FAKE ! Metz needs to be removed for lying on application -- Someone should check his birth certificate too -- for the Sheriff could be a NEGRO from Kenya for all we know!

    It appeared on the Gilmer Free Press, a comment about the Sheriff as big a dumb ass as he is – is said to have no GED or formal education which is a requirement for his position. If the Sheriff has no GED, he needs to show proof or be removed from office.

    “I would like to know if the Sheriff’s GED is really his or if it is bogus. He has family members claiming he has no GED diploma and that the one he says is his, is actually his brother’s. Story is that when another brother was in jail under a high bond for several crimes in Lewis County (he was eventually convicted) he threatened to expose the Sheriff if he didn’t go his bond, so the Sheriff did.

    So to be Sheriff or Magistrate a person is supposed to have at least a high school degree or GED, is his real? The voters deserve the truth.”

  10. SInce midnight there have been three searches on the internet that found this SS site.

    shirley ball, grantsville, wv
    steve long, shirley ball
    steve long, son of shirley ball altercation

    If you are looking for information on Shirley Ball and the latest criminal act committed by her and her clan down there in Calhoun County you have come to the right place.

    The latest information can be found at this SS article:

    But, the update is, those crazy fucks are trying to seek revenge for deservedly getting their asses beat as part of the holiday cheer over there in Millstone. Those drunken crazies were trying to run people over in the parking lot just after new years struck at midnight on the first of January.

    Hopefully we can retrieve some digital captures to use to hunt down the perps on this one and put Shirley Ball, Nub Marks, Steve Long and the whole lot of them in a holding tank at CRJ just waiting to suit up and then we can have our way with them.

  11. Click on the green link above to read the minutes of the first meeting of the Gilmer Schools Coalition and read about the rejection of Cassandra Huff as a member of GSC by the Council of Concerned Citizens.

    Just click on the green link to head on over to the Concerned Citizens Free Press!

  12. Council of Conservative Citizens - It has been discussed that SHERIFF METZ IS A FAKE and has no GED or education.

    Sheriff Mickey Metz you are hereby requested to show as a matter of policy a prerequisite for your employment, which is a basic high school diploma. You have 72 hours after public notice of this request on the RGW website and other CCC and SS websites to produce this document. If you can not produce the GED that your own family says is a total lie and fabrication that you used to get the job illegally, well then, you are going to have to get the fuck out bitch!

    Got that! Get off your hillbilly ass and get the fuck out, we are tired of you protecting black rapists from GSC just because they play football and not very well I may add, all except for that criminal QB that robbed some people and got kicked out of his previous school for it. He can score points, but we hear he is also a rapist. Nice. See how y’all are? Mother fuckers every last one of ya.

    Hey, no more raping the white women and no more false arrests of professional college educated whites for the benefit of a rapist lover criminal like Gerald B Hough. Your dumb fuck charade is over Metz! Show a valid high school diploma or a GED or get out bitch!

    Oh, Yeah, get an education ya dumb ass! You are barely literate.

    I think one need look no further than our local Glenville Democrat newspaper to see that literacy is no longer an attribute required of even those working in the newspaper industry, but you at least need a high school education these days to hold a public office.

    For, wouldn’t you know it would be the Sheriff of CROOKED COUNTY that would be the one to try to fool everyone, but the result is everyone is thinking Sheriff Metz really is as stupid as we all thought he was.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  13. WIRT ASSESSOR'S 16-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER DIES SUDDENLY - Students Have Memorial Circle

    Wirt County High School students gathered in front of their school before classes Tuesday to comfort each other and remember their classmate 16-year-old Sarah Hennen.

    The teen passed away suddenly Monday, the daughter of Wirt Assessor Debbie Hennen.

    An additional group of students from Williamstown High School dressed in Wirt County Tiger gear joined the group in honor of Sarah.

    Family members said Sarah was an amazing young lady, and was named the 2011 athlete of the week in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel and received the single “A” Volleyball All-Tournament award.

    She was a member of the Elizabeth United Methodist Church, and the Newark Shining Stars 4-H Club.

    Sarah was an amazing young lady, she was named in 2011 as athlete of the week in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel and received the single “A” Volleyball All Tournament award. She was a member of the Elizabeth United Methodist Church, and the Newark Shining Stars 4-H Club. Her family and friends were the most important things in her life.

  14. Cosmic Communications - Revenge of the Ghost Wolf - WIKIE PEREZ - HOUGH RAPIST LOVER FERPA VIOLATOR

    It must have been a huge slap in the face to Carly Hough to find out her father was guilty of a FERPA violation she had no idea about, when she was trying to accuse others of finding out useless information about her classes at WVU. The little elitist bitch really stepped on her elitist dick that day while attempting to defend demeaning truthful allegations against her father on the Gilmer Free Press!

    Anita Phillips-Wiseman was raped by Wilkie Perez and the matter was covered up by GSC and especially by Gerry Hough who was defending the rapist to protect the image of GSC.

    The Central WV SS is seeking to contact Anita Phillips-Wiseman to question her about the rape and the illegal activities by public officials of Glenville and Gilmer County. If anyone knows how to contact Anita Phillips-Wiseman please forward info to your nearest SS member, or write to:

    Here is the FERPA VIOLATION article printed in the WV Record.

    Hough cautioned for ’98 FERPA violation
    9/16/2011 7:35 AM By Lawrence Smith -Statehouse Bureau

    CHARLESTON – Records show very early in his legal career, Gerry Hough was scolded by the Lawyer Disciplinary Board for violating federal law when he improperly accessed a Glenville State College student’s academic records in the course of representing her accused attacker in a sexual assault case.

    The Board on Dec. 9, 2000, filed a one-count statement of charges against Hough for committing three violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct when he asked for, and received, a copy of Anita Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts on Nov. 13, 1998. At the time, Hough was representing Wilkie Perez, a GSC student and quarterback of the football team, on charges he raped Phillips-Wiseman.

    In the statement, which acts as an indictment for disciplinary purposes, the Board stated that Hough was also a member of the GSC faculty at the time he was representing Perez. Hough, the statement alleged, used his position on the faculty to mislead the GSC Registrar’s Office into getting a copy of Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts for the sole purpose of aiding in Perez’s defense.

    Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, strict limits are placed on disclosure of a student’s academic records, and who has access to them. Among those who are permitted access to a college student’s records, including his or her transcripts, is the student’s advisor.

    According to the statement, at the time he requested her transcripts, Hough was not Phillips-Wiseman’s advisor. Because of that, the Board charged Hough with violating Rules dealing with truthfulness in statements to others, respect for the rights of third persons and misconduct.

    Eventually, the Board on Aug. 4, 2004, opted to dismiss the charge, and “caution” Hough, who by this time had become Gilmer County’s prosecutor, for his conduct, and fine him $400. The reason for the Board’s decision was due to the fact that at the time of the incident, Hough had been a member of the state Bar for only a month, and, upon learning of his actions, Thomas Powell, GSC’s then-president, reprimanded Hough, and denied him a pay raise given to other GSC faculty and staff.

    As part of the agreement to dismiss the charges, Hough, despite his initial denial, had to admit to them, and express remorse for his actions.

    Records show the sexual assault charges against Perez were dismissed.

    SS MEMBER:The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.

  15. Council of Concerned Citizens - WACO OIL and GAS known as the DRUG DEALING COMPANY under the leadership of IKE MORRIS according to Gilmer County Citizens!

    Do you want to know how Doug Cottrill gets to travel to Las Vegas? The same reason that when he got arrested for DUI, that he got out of jail. By whom? Nobody but the finest man in Glenville. IL Morris himself. He went to Las Vegas probably for a reason called drug delivery.
    Comment by wondering about doug cottrill on 12.26.2011

    What would you want Gerry Hough to do? He can’t do much as a Prosecutor Attorney. Because that would be calling the kettle black. He can’t even control his own children. So let’s clean off our own door steps before you start finding other people guilty. I believe these people need to be shown that they are not above the law. But I think that we need get better elected citizens for Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, Circuit Clerk, and one new magistrate.

    Comment by responding to just wondering on 12.26.2011

    By the way rumor has it that Doug Morris has been shipped off to New Mexico for Rehab.
    Comment by Information ??? on 12.26.2011

    Well,Well Why would he go to New Mexico for rehab. Why do they feel that they need to go clear out of the county to clean up their mess. they had a family member over the summer that went to new york to clean up a mess, now another one to clean up a mess that they have made on themselves. they had one to leave the county for better education which i don’t blame him for not wanting to put up with the 2 face administration at the high school, he probably left so he wouldn’t be embarrassed for the family being crooked. Did Doug take his spouse so they could put her in room beside him, so she won’t corrupt him if he gets clean. Everyone knows that she is no angel.
    Comment by not surprising on 12.27.2011

    HaHaaaaa, You think. You must be one that thinks he shouldn’t be punished. I don’t believe anyone said that New Mexico wasn’t a state. But why so far away. Oh, Maybe he will bring back some drugs with him, if he went. Is he only going to keep himself out of trouble, he really didn’t need to go any where for that. Hes probably not going to get anything out of the crime that he did anyway, so why waste his time. Or did he go for he wants to get cleaned. The old saying is “you got to want help in order to get help” so we will see for help or stay out of trouble. There is rehab in VA, so why New Mexico. Maybe it was so he would be alone and no family could smoother drugs into him.

    Comment by anonymous on 12.29.2011
    Sending an all ready ‘arrested’ druggie to rehab….is simply trying to get a “get out of jail free” card.
    Comment by MoreToCome on 12.29.2011

    The truth is mickey walks around like he is worth a million $. When he first ran for sheriff I thought that he may be decent one, but the longer he was in there the worst he become. Started covering up the dirt in our county. Has he been threaten, or has he always been this way, but covered his own dirt up as well. It could be that he doesn’t want to be the bad guy so he lets his deputy do the dirty work. He lays back and becomes more of a thief in our county. He probably gets a kick back on all the drugs that they get from arrested drug users. How can he run a county as a law officer when he can’t control his daughter? Did she really murder Fred Hill?
    Comment by Lets have the Facts on 01.01.2012

    I would like to know if the Sheriff’s GED is really his or if it is bogus. He has family members claiming he has no GED diploma and that the one he says is his, is actually his brother’s. Story is that when another brother was in jail under a high bond for several crimes in Lewis County (he was eventually convicted) he threatened to expose the Sheriff if he didn’t go his bond, so the Sheriff did.
    So to be Sheriff or Magistrate a person is supposed to have at least a high school degree of GED, is his real? The voters deserve the truth.

    Comment by Want to Know on 01.01.2012

    Is Casey Jones still a deputy? His police car is never at his house anymore. Was there charges brought against him? Were they dropped?
    Comment by the wonderer on 01.03.2012


    A conflict between the Calhoun Commission and prosecutor Rocky Holmes was a topic of discussion during the commission’s meeting Wednesday.

    After receiving an internal memo regarding Holmes’ performance from the Calhoun Commission, Holmes has asked the West Virginia State Police to investigate the Calhoun Commission over the county’s failure to publish an annual financial statement.

    His request was sent to Col. Jay Smithers, head of the agency.

    Holmes (shown right) is claiming the issue is “obstruction of justice” and appears that the “county is trying to hide its use of county taxpayer money.”

    New commission president Kevin Helmick said, “Unfortunately, he [Holmes] has not been responsive as our legal counsel, and our complaints to him have created an adversarial relationship where we must hire an attorney for legal advice, using taxpayer money we don’t have.”

    County Clerk Mike Ritchie, during the meeting, apologized to the commission for his failure to publish the annual statement within the time frames required by WV Code.

    The financial statement has been published, after Ritchie sought help from a state auditor and other officials.

    “It was simply a new clerk trying to learn a new and difficult task,” Ritchie said, after the county losing a clerk with 24 years of experience and two employees in the clerk’s office.

    “I take full responsibility for the document being late,” Ritchie said.

    “Holmes is claiming a commissioner paid $11 to file an internal memo to him in the County Clerk’s office to make the commission concerns public to politically attack him. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. It never happened,” said commissioner Bob Weaver.

    “While the commission, under code is responsible to see that the county’s financial statement is published, beyond the budget we have little control over what elected officials do,” said commissioner Chip Westfall.

    Holmes experienced problems in Calhoun Circuit Court in December, when he was alleged to have failed to provide discovery in a criminal case against accused bank robber Richard Vance, the crime was committed in September, 2010.

  17. Council of Conservative Citizens - GERRY HOUGH Gilmer County Prosecutor is a CRIMINAL and will be held accountable.

    Attention Gerald B Hough, you are hereby being notified that you will be held accountable for your false prosecutions and criminal activity. You will be pursued relentlessly as well as your cohorts in crime for your continuing and ongoing criminal activity, which also includes purposely not bringing rape cases forward.

    Your criminal acts and serious crimes under the guise as prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County will be made public for all to see, and for all to make up their own minds in the court of public opinion, every day, every week, and every month of 2012.

    You Gerald B Hough will be made to pay for damages via criminal tort for criminal negligence, and the tax payers of Gilmer County via the County Commission will not be happy they have to foot the bill for your blatant misconduct.

    The local WV chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens will regale the people with stories of WACO OIL AND GAS and IKE MORRIS involving payoffs via paper bags filled with cash transferred in parking lots in the dark of night while high-ranking elected officials crouch in back seats.

    You people in Gilmer County which also includes local law enforcement will be exposed for your criminal activity and so will the state govt that supports such acts.

    In West Virginia even the Governor EARL RAY is crooked as fuck.
    But, when IKE MORRIS has US SENATOR JOE MANCHIN literally in his pocket, well then the entire cheating situation is scaled to a matter to be handled by professionals only.

    You owe some serious debts in cash and ass Gerald B Hough and we aim to collect both if necessary.

  18. Click on the GREEN LINK above to catch a glimpse of a whore and her criminal father who can literally cover up a murder if they want to. Read the special announcement and notice given to the Prosecuting Attorney who is a lover of negro rapists in Gilmer County and does all he can to protect them for the common good of the Power Elite of the infamous Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

  19. Council of Conservative Citizens - GERRY HOUGH Gilmer County Prosecutor is a CRIMINAL and will be held accountable.

    The American men and women who make up the Council of Conservative Citizens believe in, commit themselves to, and pledge to work for and support these fundamental principles of American civilization, liberty, justice, and national safety:

    (1) We believe the United States is a Christian country. We believe that the United States of America is a Christian country, that its people are a Christian people, and that its government and public leaders at all levels must reflect Christian beliefs and values. We therefore oppose all efforts to deny or weaken the Christian heritage of the United States, including the unconstitutional prohibitions of prayers and other religious expression in schools and other public institutions.

    (2) We believe the United States is a European country and that Americans are part of the European people. We believe that the United States derives from and is an integral part of European civilization and the European people and that the American people and government should remain European in their composition and character. We therefore oppose the massive immigration of non-European and non-Western peoples into the United States that threatens to transform our nation into a non-European majority in our lifetime. We believe that illegal immigration must be stopped, if necessary by military force and placing troops on our national borders; that illegal aliens must be returned to their own countries; and that legal immigration must be severely restricted or halted through appropriate changes in our laws and policies. We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people through so-called “affirmative action” and similar measures, to destroy or denigrate the European-American heritage, including the heritage of the Southern people, and to force the integration of the races.

    (3) The United States is a sovereign and independent nation. We believe the United States is a sovereign and independent nation, that our independence as a nation is the most precious legacy of our Founding Fathers, and that all treaties, agreements, conventions, international organizations, and institutions must recognize and respect our national sovereignty and independence. We therefore oppose the so-called “New World Order” and its attempts to abolish national sovereignty and independence and to construct a one-world state in which America would vanish and Americans would be enslaved. We call for the U.S. government to withdraw from membership in the United Nations, the World Court, the International Monetary Fund, NAFTA, and the World Trade Organization. We oppose any attempt to place American military personnel under foreign command. We oppose any effort to place Americans, military or civilian, on trial before, or subject them to legal punishments by, international courts or organizations. We oppose, and we support official U.S. renunciation of, any treaty, agreement, or convention that seeks to dictate law to the United States or any state, that violates national sovereignty, or denies or violates the constitutional rights of Americans.

    (4) The United States is a constitutional republic. We believe the United States is a constitutional republic, governed by law and by the original intent of the United States Constitution and of the men who framed it. We believe the Constitution can be changed only by the proper procedure of amendment or constitutional convention and not by court decision, popular majority, political whim, or legislative fiat. We therefore oppose the “imperial judiciary” in the U.S. Supreme Court and the federal courts that has usurped more and more power to itself in the last century and has imposed on our country the most odious and harmful rulings. We reject the legitimacy and constitutionality of the rulings handed down by the imperial judiciary; we support the appointment of judges and justices who are qualified to interpret the Constitution and the laws and are committed to their proper interpretation; and we support the impeachment of judges and justices who usurp or claim powers not granted them by the Constitution. We also oppose the “imperial bureaucracy” that imposes unconstitutional administrative decrees in such fields as business, agriculture, labor, and education that tyrannically interfere with personal liberty and dignity, private property, the sanctity of the family, and ethical conduct. We support the abolition of those government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels that have no constitutional foundation, including the U.S. Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, Health and Human Services, and similar agencies. We support the separation of powers that is a fundamental principle of the U.S. Constitution and of basic human liberty. We support the restoration of the constitutionally proper balance among the three branches of the federal government and the reduction of their powers, size, personnel, and costs to the limits intended by the Constitution.

    (5) We believe in States’ Rights, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the Bill of Rights. We believe in states’ rights, as guaranteed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution; in the individual right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution; and in all the rights and liberties guaranteed by the body of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We therefore oppose all efforts by the federal government to dictate to the states and local governments and communities, and we oppose federal efforts to engineer or impose behavior and beliefs on citizens and communities. We oppose “gun control” in all forms and demand that all such legislation and policies be repealed. We also oppose all such legislation as so-called “hate crime” or “bias crime” laws. Such laws merely penalize thought and expression rather than genuinely criminal action and are a dangerous and frightening step toward government Thought Control. Similarly, we oppose all so-called “politically correct” speech codes and “sensitivity training” in schools, colleges, universities, and businesses that punish free expression, restrict thought and study, intimidate dissent, and generally demean and diminish human communications and community. We also oppose, as stated, all efforts to deny Americans their rights of religious expression and worship as guaranteed in the First Amendment, as well as efforts to deny rights of assembly and association.

    (6) The traditional family is the basic unit of human society. We believe in the traditional family as the basic unit of human society and morality, and we oppose all efforts by the state and other powers to weaken the structure of the American family through toleration of sexual licentiousness, homosexuality and other perversions, mixture of the races, pornography in all forms, and subversion of the authority of parents.

    (7) Private property and free enterprise are the foundations of our economy. We believe in private property and free enterprise as the foundations of our economic life and the basis of American wealth. We oppose efforts by the state to regulate, plan, manage, control, or nationalize private property in any form. We oppose the ruinous taxation that government has imposed on working Americans and we call for real tax reform that will allow working men and women to retain what they have earned. We support the repeal of the estate tax. We affirm that the best economic decision-maker is the individual acting in what he believes is his own best interest. We believe that tax policies and other economic legislation and policies should reflect the importance of small businessmen, the family farm, and other independent, locally and privately owned and operated enterprises. While we accept the need for some public welfare, health care, unemployment, and old age assistance, we believe in such programs only as a last resort for those who truly need them. We believe tax laws should encourage private charity rather than public support for the poor, the disabled, and the sick and elderly who are unable to care for themselves. We support welfare programs that seek to return recipients of welfare to productive work as soon as possible. We oppose all welfare for immigrants, whether legal or illegal.

    (8) Cultural, national, and racial integrity. We support the cultural and national heritage of the United States and the race and civilization of which it is a part, as well as the expression and celebration of the legitimate subcultures and ethnic and regional identities of our people. We oppose all efforts to discredit, “debunk,” denigrate, ridicule, subvert, or express disrespect for that heritage. We believe public monuments and symbols should reflect the real heritage of our people, and not a politically convenient, inaccurate, insulting, or fictitious heritage.

    (9) A Strong National Defense. We believe in the strongest possible defense for the United States. We oppose the presence of homosexuals and women in the military services and especially of women in combat roles.

    (10) America First Foreign Policy. We believe that in the aftermath of the U.S. victory over Soviet Communism, the United States has little need to retain the political and military commitments to allies made during the Cold War. While we wish these allies well, we believe we cannot continue to support their defense budgets, guarantee their security, fight their wars, or finance their governments and economies through foreign aid. We therefore call for a comprehensive review of all U.S. diplomatic commitments and U.S. withdrawal from those alliances and commitments that no longer serve our national interests or that threaten to entangle us in unnecessary foreign wars, conflicts, and quarrels. We therefore oppose continued membership in NATO and similar outdated Cold War alliances; we oppose sending American troops on U.N. peace-keeping missions or into similar unconstitutionally undeclared wars under the names of “police actions.” We oppose sending American military personnel into wars and conflicts that do not concern our national security and interests. We oppose ever sending American military men into combat without the intention to achieve victory. We oppose using American prisoners of war as diplomatic “bargaining chips” under any circumstances, and we oppose abandoning American POWs to merciless enemies after the cessation of conflict to suit the political interests of office-holders. We oppose all foreign aid and call for its termination. We support the investigation of lobbying groups that represent the interests of foreign states or foreign powers and the enactment of legislation that will outlaw lobbying Congress or the executive branch on behalf of foreign states.

    (11) America First Trade Policy. We believe that just as our nation has legitimate international political and military interests, so it also has a legitimate international economic interest. We believe our trade policy should reflect our national economic interest and that the protection of our economy, including the jobs of our workers, our farms, and our manufacturing industries, is a vitally necessary duty of our national government.

    (12) Traditional Education under Local Control. We believe that education is primarily the concern of parents and families and local communities and therefore we oppose federal aid to education and federal efforts to control or direct education. We believe that education should inform and build the mind and character, not brainwash children with political propaganda or “liberate” them from the traditional values and loyalties their families have taught them. We therefore oppose all “sex education” as well as so-called “multiculturalist” and “Afrocentric” curricula, “Outcome-Based Education,” and similar radical indoctrination in the schools. We oppose all efforts to inflate grades, adulterate or “dumb down” tests and examinations, and introduce irrelevant and wasteful courses for the purpose of advancing some backward students over others more talented or more productive. We believe the schools, public, private, and parochial, should teach students to be proud of being Americans and proud of their national and local identities, and that they should instill in them the values of Western, Christian, and American civilization. We support the authority of teachers and school administrators to discipline students, including the authority to expel them from school if students will not abide by the rules and laws of the community. We support the right of parents to send their children to private schools or to educate their children at home if they so desire, without government intrusion or control. We support the right of private schools to select their own students, faculty, curricula, standards, and methods of administration.

    (13) Strong and Just Law Enforcement. We believe in the moral and legal responsibility of the individual and therefore that good behavior should be rewarded and bad behavior should be punished. We believe the most effective and most just response to crime is swift, certain, and morally appropriate punishment. We believe in capital punishment for the crimes of murder, rape, treason, and espionage. We oppose the substitution of the pseudo-sciences of psychiatry, sociology, and “rehabilitation” for real justice. We believe law enforcement should be mainly a function of local and state government, and we therefore oppose all efforts to establish a national police force or to nationalize law enforcement; we oppose similar efforts to create a global or international police force and to “globalize” law enforcement. We oppose the extradition of law-abiding American citizens to trials before foreign courts under laws to which they have never assented. We oppose all international criminal tribunals and all efforts to diminish national sovereignty through the internationalization of criminal law. While we support and deeply respect all law enforcement officers, we also insist that law enforcement at all levels operate within the law, that law enforcement respect the rights of all citizens, and that spying on and harassment of loyal and law-abiding citizens by law enforcement agencies, by the military services, or by intelligence services at any level of government should be strictly forbidden and severely punished.

    (14) Protection of the Environment and Natural Heritage. We believe that the natural environment and resources of a nation are among its most precious, valuable, and irreplaceable treasures. We believe in the protection of the environment from reckless greed as well as from irresponsible government. We support the protection of truly endangered species of wildlife and areas of natural beauty.

  20. What a creative website you have! VOTE BUYING and CORRUPTION! It is bad in West Virginia obviously. I am coming out with my first book soon, and I’m hoping to start my own website for promotional reasons,but I’m not sure on how to do everything. This article was extremely well written. I have got a good deal, a little over $15,000 to self publish my fiction book,and they are willing to pay 4.27 per copy for copies sold. Starbucks espresso machines were out of order and while complaining I got engaged in conversation with a charming woman from Palo Alto, who was reading the book you promote, and she told me to google the secondary title and I was amazed by the actions of West Virginia public officials, for they would surely be jailed in this part of the world. Makes you wonder why things are so different in the southern states.

    Editors note: You are so right, if WV were another state 90% of all the public officials locally would be in prison. And even after complaints were accepted at a federal level, we have seen no actual action taken against anyone. This article was well written, because it was mostly written by an SS chick, and it is right to the point with no fuss and no muss. Also, we have a friend that self-published and sold over 45,000 copies and has made several hundred thousand dollars, but he has reached millions by radio promotion and has an awesome website. The Ghost Wolf book cost nothing to publish, but it is not as easy to make money as you think. 4 bucks a copy is a good profit, but unless you are a PHD with a lot of friends that can get you on national radio or TV, you would be better off going with a publisher in which the cost is zero and they pay you when they buy the rights and then pay royalties.

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