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“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice …”

–          U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)

–          Should a servant have to tell a master what his rights are?

Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and the touchstone of all the freedoms a citizen is entitled to.

“Recently the GILMER FREE PRESS reported on the FOIA debacle being talked about around town!”

Gilmer Commission Advised by Prosecutor to Settle with, then Sue Reporter over FOIA Lawsuit


The Gilmer County Commission is planning on settling a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against them last month by a Charleston reporter, then bring one of their own against him for filing it.

During its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough briefly discussed the FOIA lawsuit Lawrence J. Smith, a reporter with The West Virginia Record, filed against the commission, and County Clerk Jean Butcher on December 23, 2011.

In his suit, Smith asked Judge Richard Facemire to compel Butcher and the commission to release details of the settlement reached in October in the lawsuit Summit Bank filed against Gilmer County Clerk (Beverly Marks) for improperly recording lien information for properties in the Rivers’ View subdivision.

Last summer GERALD B HOUGH(shown right above in cartoon) BOUGHT HATE ADS in the Gilmer Free Press full of false facts and advertisements for his HATE SITE ran by Cassandra HUFF the News - Director of the Glenville Democrat who was later fired and featured PAT WARD of WACO OIL AND ASS and LESLIE WARD his wife the webmaster of the GSC website!

The subject of Smith’s lawsuit, while not on the agenda, was broached by County Prosecuting Attorney Gerry Hough, who was on the agenda to present a check for back taxes from Union Corp.

Neither the commission nor Butcher responded to Smith’s request for the settlement details prior to filing his lawsuit as they did not have it, Hough said.  However, now that they do, he asked the commission’s permission to send it to him in exchange for him agreeing to dismiss his suit.

All three commissioners, President Brian Kennedy, David Hess, and Darrell Ramsey said nothing, but nodded their heads in agreement.

Also, the commissioners gave their approval to Hough filing a lawsuit against Smith after he agrees to dismiss his FOIA suit.  The suit, Hough said, would be to teach him a lesson about filing what he deemed to be a “frivolous” lawsuit.

“It is necessary to do this because we cannot allow the press to make the county look bad,“ Hough said.

“The commissioners again only nodded their heads in agreement!”

Then the commissioners entered into executive session with Gerry Hough.

After that, Hough left the meeting.  Prior to him leaving, nothing was disclosed about how much the county paid to settle the Summit Bank lawsuit.

If anyone out there wondered if LIZZY BUTCHER -- one half of the "Butcher Bitches"liked girls so much she had a dick -- well here is certainly a CLUE FOR YOU ALL!! Butcher Bitches Butcher Bitches Yeah yeah yeah! The children of the Power Elite demand special privileges in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

NO FOUL PLAY Sheriff Mickey Mouse Metz is the nightmare of WV Law Enforcement, but his running for magistrate is beyond unthinkable!

Free flowing knowledge is essential in enabling democracy to work and permits informed public participation in decision-making. Citizens cannot exercise their right to vote effectively or take part in public decision-making if they do not have free access to information and ideas and are not able to express their views freely. Such knowledge is not only important for individual dignity but also to participation, accountability and democracy. Violation of this right often goes hand in hand with other violations, in particular the right to freedom of association and assembly as well as impingement of the freedom of the press.

The Crooked County Commission back when O STINKY (in photo far right) was still their ASS sis tant

There’s a kind of informal censorship around here as evidenced by a variety of activities by our local public officials – ranging from telephone calls and threats to physical attacks all designed to prevent or punish the publication of any information which would hold them accountable for their actions or their use of public funds. Authority granted by election to public office should not be misused to deny discussion of any matters of public concern! However, the Elected and well paid of Gilmer County just don’t feel that way.  Why is that?  We have the Freedom of Information laws in place, we have the Sunshine Act on open meetings and public information but Gilmer County Officials seem to feel they know what is best, not the law.


§6-9A-1. W.V. CODE
The Legislature hereby finds and declares that public agencies in this state exist for the singular purpose of representing citizens of this state in governmental affairs, and it is, therefore, in the best interests of the people of this state for the proceedings of public agencies be conducted openly, with only a few clearly defined exceptions. The Legislature hereby further finds and declares that the citizens of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the governmental agencies that serve them. The people in delegating authority do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for them to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments of government created by them.

Those who do not have firsthand experience with Crooked County Communist Totalitarianism tend not to understand the inner workings of the communist and socialist movement. Belonging to the CHURCH OF IKE is pure totalitarianism. The church of the poison mind is not based on American ideals. The LOVE OF IKE who controls the Gilmer County Commission and even double employs the WALRUS, Commissioner Brian Kennedy  has become a truly dangerous idea as seen from its implementation in the former USSR!

The crooked county of GILMER is something born of nightmares, a relentless bloodthirsty machine of repression seeking to secure power through threats and intimidation as illustrated by Gerry Hough’s hate site and even placed hate ads in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit. The Power Elite are busy chasing down anyone who disagrees in this isolated part of the state of WV and this country of the USA

Now there are a couple of instances where it is appropriate to go into executive session but no action can be taken in that session.  It must be subject to public session and vote.


§29B-1-1. Declaration of policy.
Pursuant to the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of representative government which holds to the principle that government is the servant of the people, and not the master of them, it is hereby declared to be the public policy of the state of West Virginia that all persons are, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those who represent them as public officials and employees. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments of government they have created. To that end, the provisions of this article shall be liberally construed with the view of carrying out the above declaration of public policy.

Lets review this nonsense again because it is really about the biggest insult that citizens have had to endure in Gilmer County…

Neither the commission nor Butcher responded to Smith’s request for the settlement details prior to filing his lawsuit as they did not have it, Hough said. However, now that they do, he asked the commission’s permission to send it to him in exchange for him agreeing to dismiss his suit.

All three commissioners, President Brian Kennedy, David Hess, and Darrell Ramsey said nothing, but nodded their heads in agreement.

Also, the commissioners gave their approval to Hough filing a lawsuit against Smith after he agrees to dismiss his FOIA suit.  The suit, Hough said, would be to teach him a lesson about filing what he deemed to be a “frivolous” lawsuit.

“It is necessary to do this because we cannot allow the press to make the county look bad,“ Hough said.

The commissioners again only nodded their heads in agreement.

BOBBLE HEADS! MOTHER FUCKING BOBBLE HEAD GILMER COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Ramsey, HESS  and the President Kennedy – the Walrus who’s not Paul –but he could be an egg man — coo coo ca choo!

“That is about all the Crooked County Commissioners are good for being BOBBLE HEADS!”

Was the lack of response to a legal request your advice?  What does it take to contact the insurance company to get the information?   A fifteen minute phone call and an email?  You already knew what had been paid by the County Clerk’s office per Commission approval and it should be at your book keepers fingertips.  How much education and time does it take to type a letter of response to indicate the requested information was being collected?  Pay any legal fees?  You bet and it should come out of all three budgets, the Commission and the County Clerk plus the Prosecutors for bad advice. 

Those offices had the authority granted by their elected position to notify that young man, but given all the different stories  Marks, Ramsey and Butcher have told about how much has been paid , how little it was and how no wrong was ever done they certainly don’t want the truth out now.

Tell the truth Hough, THE REASON it is necessary to find the civil action brought by LAWRENCE SMITH frivolous is so the County won’t have to pay Mr. Smith’s legal fees!  You may have the Commission shaking their heads up and down but the people are shaking theirs NO!

“In Gilmer County they make their own rules!”

Mickey Mouse Metz feels he should be magistrate when his administration was smack FULL of misconduct and federal complaints to the US Attorneys office!

Mickey Metz had his sign up before he even filed being backed by the totalitarian regime of the Church of IKE directly connected to criminals known as the Clarksburg MAFIA according to sources from the FBI and a retired ATF veteran!

Y’all should be SHA SHA SHA SHAKIN more than your head when it’s your turn at the ballot box!

This RGW article is dedicated to CCC SOLDIER SAGE - Killed in the line of duty in order to someday tell an AMERICAN STORY to Americans -- A story of courage displayed by our K-9 friend until the end!

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  1. Council of Concerned Citizens - The GILMER FREE PRESS presents a sign of the times

    Question: Is it legal for a candidate to put up a campaign sign before the official open date of filing has occurred?
    If this candidate had not paid filing fees or completed any of the necessary paperwork required in filing for a public office which in this case, is for Magistrate, how can a Political sign be placed prior to filing?
    A sign was put up at the Hays City Intersection and other locations throughout the county over the week-end for Sheriff Metz announcing his candidacy BEFORE filing Monday Jan 9th 2012 the official opening date for filing.
    How can this be legal?

    However, the signs were kept covered up until Monday the date he filed.
    This leads me to believe he knows it is not right, but done it anyway and kept it covered until he filed so he would have choice location before any others.
    Guess it is a fair statement to say it was a cover-up. Hmmmm….election 2012 ???

    ~~ Here’s your sign – Info on File ~~
    Your comments are so petty, surely you can find something more serious to write about. If you dislike this man so much then why don’t you stand up and run against him. I would propose the same thing to the many people on here who bash him but will stand by and allow him to run unopposed.
    By Roy Jones on 01.12.2012

    When you say, your comments are so petty, that in and of itself is Petty Mr ROY JONES. This IS AMERICA MISTER!

    The SHERIFF according to evidence brought forward has proven to be guilty of covering up important matters.
    In the matter of Beverly Marks pulling a title from the land books to cover a lie GERRY HOUGH made to a trial jury—when all the EVIDENCE was gathered—and it all proved a crime had occurred he REFUSED to take the police complaint about it.
    That is not an honest Sheriff, and in fact he actually tried to have the person that uncovered the SCAM by Gilmer County public officials arrested.
    The whole matter went before regional head of an FBI agency, and the FBI acknowledged that wrongdoing occurred on the part of the sheriff and the prosecutor including Beverly Marks, and the issue is being investigated still.
    RIGGED ELECTIONS is what have witnessed in the past, but this year there will be spies at every corner!

    By Council of Concerned Citizens – President on 01.12.2012

    Sounds more like a personal issue with the candidate. There are alot more importent issues out there that should be of concern, not when and how the signs are put up.
    By David.Moss on 01.12.2012

    Mickey Metz was an absolute complete JOKE as the Sheriff and never made any significant arrests and was involved in a false arrest—and backed the false evidence all the way to the SUPREME COURT!
    How could we ever consider someone like that for the position of magistrate.

    By anonymous on 01.12.2012

    So it’s OK to break the little laws? At what point do you draw that line? Is it electioneering, is it handing out campaign materials at the courthouse, is it wearing his uniform and driving a county car to campaign for another office? When you start a campaign breaking the rules what can we expect in the future and what does it say about past actions? Is it OK for all candidates or just certain ones? I don’t want a Magistrate who starts out thumbing their nose at the rules.
    By Follow the Rules or Don’t Run on 01.12.2012

    To Roy Jones:
    What may be petty to you, may not be petty to someone else.
    The point of what you call pettiness is……IF it is illegal to post signs before filing, it should not be done by the Sheriff or anyone else’ Period.
    If a person steals, they should be arrested and prosecuted. If a person is found with drugs, they should be arrested and prosecuted. If a person rapes someone they should be arrested and prosecuted. If a person wrecks under the influence, he should be arrested and prosecuted. If a person sexually abuses a child or adult, they should be arrested and prosecuted. If a person gives alcohol to a minor, they should be arrested and prosecuted. I could go on and on but I am hoping you get the point trying to be made. If it is against the law to do it, all should be punished, regardless of WHO it is. These things are not being done by our Sheriff or Prosecutor. However, these same two are running for 2012 election. It would be great if someone with common sense and not easily persuaded or bought by the “elite powers” would run against Metz and Hough. If they don’t, all it takes is one vote for each and they win. The only one who CAN’T be bought by the elite is one of the magistrates and I am not going to mention names, but will give you a clue, it is NOT the male magistrate. We need to clean up Gilmer County. It is pathetic and heart breaking when we think of what it was years ago and we were proud Gilmer Countians. The ones who would be qualified to straighten this county and prosecute the way it should be done are not residents of the County and therefore not eligible to run. All is connected to politics and back scratching so the State won’t do anything either for the law abiding citizens or the students and parents of this county. Petty things lead to bigger things. So you asked if I couldn’t find something more important to write about, was the above mentioned things serious enough for ya?

    By Here’s Your sign on 01.12.2012

    Its petty because you are complaining about something that is not illegal. You are more upset that he beat everyone else to the punch and put his signs up early. Now, you have to look at them and that is what upsets you. If he erected the signs and covered them until the signing day then how could that be illegal?
    I do not doubt for one minute that he is a problem and shouldn’t be elected to anything. The couple times I have met him I have not been impressed. I never understood how citzens of Gilmer Co. elected him twice.
    Anyhow, find someone decent and electable to run against him. Actions speak louder than words.

    By Roy Jones on 01.12.2012

    A person can up signs anytime probably, but the more important question is are the signs located in the highway right-of-way? If so, then that is illegal.
    The bigger question is, does candidate Metz meet the qualifications of Magistate. The law states a person must have a high school diploma or its equivalent to run for this office. The questions has arisen as to whether or not Metz has that. He did not gradate from high school, but says he has his GED. Others have questioned that. Wouldn’t it be wise of him to produce for the Free Press a genuine, authenticated GED certificate that actually belongs to him? Rumor has it that he has one but that it is actually his brother’s. He needs to prove he is qualified to run for this office.

    By anonymous on 01.12.2012

    To Roy Jones and everyone:
    You say “petty”. I agree wholeheartedly, as would most of the community.
    Problem is the Citizens of Gilmer County are tired of the GC “culture of corruption by a few”.
    Getting away with “petty” has led to the advanced state of self serving, law jumping, behind the curtain, operate in the dark, we can get away with it, no one will catch us, secrecy, we will take them to court, take their job, mentality by elites and elected both.
    Just like the recent lawsuit for not coming forward with the FOIA request from the Court House folks. That is one GREAT indicator of the GC “system”. Ignorance? Corruption? Collaboration? Ineptness? You chose.
    And then when caught, threaten with a lawsuit for getting caught. Political retaliation? At taxpayer expense?
    Frankly, I hope the journalist who filed the suit, does NOT settle and lets his case ride right on into court!
    Force these issues in front of the public, voters, taxpayers of the community and the state as well.
    There is a very solid mentality of “how dare they” complain and point out our deeds? What we are doing, among the local power brokers. They can’t say that, we can do want we want, because of who ‘we are’. You can see this
    mind set everywhere you look in our community. Government, schools, business, and organizations powered by this ‘gang’.
    So yes, its petty, and now exposed. Everything wrong needs to be pushed into the open, hung out in the light, for all to see. And yes, we will complain and expose even the “petty” until this mess is cleaned up.
    The citizens will, citizens have to provide the conscience for those in power, that appear to have lost theirs.

    By MoreToCome on 01.12.2012

    The ‘male’ magistrate has been the best magistrate that Gilmer County has ever had and it’s apparent since he’s been elected since the start of the magistrate court system in 1976 I believe. Good Luck Magistrate Minigh in your future endeavors…You’ve always treated each and everyone with dignity and respect and never forgotten that everyone is ‘innocent’ until proven guilty. Mickey Metz? Seriously? He can’t even spell ‘Magistrate’ much less READ,UNDERSTAND, AND INTERPRET the law. Be very careful folks…make your choice wisely!!!!!
    By Taxpayer on 01.12.2012

    I hope Magistrate Minigh consider running again. We do not want Metz in his place. Let’s move up, not down, please.
    By Please on 01.12.2012

    Speaking of signs: are businesses allowed to advertise putting up sign just anyplace on highways like at the stop sign at hays city?
    By Jason [4] on 01.12.2012

    Jan 13, 2012 | West Virginia’s Legal Journal

    News > Kanawha County
    Reporter files suit to compel release of dispute between Gilmer Clerk, Va. bank
    1/12/2012 9:57 AM By Chris Dickerson -Kanawha Bureau

    GLENVILLE – A freelance journalist is suing Gilmer County officials for failing to respond to his repeated requests for information about details in a lawsuit settlement involving a housing project with ties to Glenville State College.

    Gilmer County Clerk Jean Butcher and the Gilmer County Commission are named as co-defendants in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Jay Lawrence Smith.

    In his complaint filed Dec. 23 in Gilmer Circuit Court, Smith, a regular contributor to The West Virginia Record, is asking a judge to compel release of details in the settlement reached late last year in a suit Winchester, Va.-based Summit Community Bank brought against the clerk’s office alleging an improperly recorded lien caused them to be an unnecessary defendant in a breach of contract suit.

    According to his suit, Smith learned a tentative settlement was reached between Summit and the clerk’s office on Oct. 11. A year before, Summit filed a third-party complaint alleging they were improperly sued in March 2010 by Textron Financial Corporation in U.S. District Court in Clarksburg over disputed property in the Rivers’ View subdivision along W.Va. 5 near the medium security federal prison outside Glenville.

    In its suit, Summit said had it not been for a defective Uniform Commercial Code fixture filing recorded by the clerk’s office, they wouldn’t be involved in Textron’s suit. Specifically, they alleged the clerk’s office did not follow state law by recording New Horizon as a co-debtor on the fixture filing along with Jack Jones, its president.

    In its complaint, Textron, a Providence, R.I.-based commercial financing firm, alleged New Horizon, an Athens, W.Va.-based modular home dealer, defaulted on paying them for property they helped New Horizon acquire in Rivers’ View in 2005 when New Horizon, three years later, sought permanent financing from Summit’s branch in Moorefield. Textron sought judgment against New Horizon, Summit and Gilmer Housing Partners for $270,166.77, the proceeds from the sale of the initial two lots, and two other lots they helped New Horizon finance.

    Records show GHP was the original owner of the properties. According to the Secretary of State’s Office, it is a for-profit corporation whose address is One Pioneer Way in Glenville, the home of Glenville State President Peter B. Barr, GHP’s sole incorporator and manager.

    GHP was dismissed as a co-defendant in Textron’s suit on March 30, 2011. Two weeks before that, Judge Frederick M. Stamp granted Textron’s motion for summary judgment finding it was the superior lienholder on at least one of the properties in question, and ordered New Horizon to pay the entire judgment plus interest.

    Upon learning of the settlement between Summit and the clerk’s office, Smith called Summit’s attorney, Edward McDevitt, for the details. When contacted, McDevitt told Smith “‘You’ll need to speak to their attorney about that.'”

    Shortly thereafter, Smith called Wendy Greve, the clerk’s attorney, about the terms of the settlement. When he was unable to speak with her, he left a voice-message requesting information about it.

    The next day, Smith sent a FOIA request to Butcher. In his request, Smith requested, among other things, what the county paid Summit to settle the suit, and what it paid Greve to defend the clerk’s office.

    According to his suit, Smith sent the FOIA request to both Butcher, and the Commission via e-mail, fax and U.S. Mail.

    When Smith failed to receive a reply from Butcher within the statutory five days, he sent a second FOIA request dated Oct. 22. Again, it was sent to Butcher, and the Commission via e-mail, fax and U.S. Mail.

    When Smith again failed to receive a reply to his second request within another five days, he sent a third FOIA request dated Nov. 11. The request not only was sent to Butcher, and the Commission via e-mail, fax and U.S. Mail, but also warned that if a reply was not received by Nov. 16, Smith would file suit to compel release of the settlement in circuit court.

    According to his suit, Smith made repeated phone calls to Greve, including the day before he filed it, “seeking the terms of the settlement.” However, “[a]ll the calls he made to Greve were routed to voice-mail, and never returned.”

    Along with an order compelling release of the settlement between Summit, and the clerk’s office, Smith seeks a permanent injunction requiring Butcher and the Commission “to undergo training for better understanding of [the FOIA law], and implement a plan for more timely responses to FOIA requests.”

    Smith is representing himself. The case is assigned to Judge Richard A. Facemire.

    Second suit in a week

    The suit is the second FOIA lawsuit Smith filed the week before Christmas against county officials. On Dec. 19, Smith filed suit in Cabell Circuit Court against Karen Cole, and the Cabell County Commission seeking release of the death certificate of a woman who died at the hands of a former Mason County physician.

    In that suit, Smith alleged Cole has prevented the public from learning about the details of a wrongful death suit the estate of Helen Ziegler filed against Dr. Jack M. Levine in 2000 due to Cole’s misinterpretation of a 2006 revision to the state code on vital statistics. Despite informing her how he was able to access death records in Mason, Jackson, Putnam, Marion, Wood and Kanawha counties, Cole continued to deny Smith access to Ziegler’s death certificate citing the law, and accusing the other clerks of improperly providing access to death records in their counties.

    Similar to his suit against Butcher, and the Gilmer Commission, Smith asked for not only a court order compelling Cole and the Cabell Commission to release the Ziegler death certificate, but also undergo training for better understanding of the FOIA law, and implementation of a plan for better responses to FOIA requests.

    Since the filing of his suit in Cabell County, Cole and the Commission, through their attorney William T. Watson, asked they be dismissed since the law is on their side, and they recover court costs, and Watson’s fees.

    Gilmer Circuit Court case number 11-C-29

    • R U Kidding Me Gilmer County?

      Submit FOIA and get threatened. Since when does a citizen have to cut a deal with a crooked attorney to get the answer? Someone please tell me, how many drugs does a Prosecutor have to take to work in two different counties every day? His wife better get him to rehab quick. That reporter needs to get him before the ODC quicker.

      Editors note: A lot of people have FOUND OUT HOW GERRY HOUGH REALLY IS, and the mad talking mad man is right the fuck out of his mind and someone that abuses his power and actually pays unsavory characters to lie on the stand as was done in the Travesty of Justice case pretty much reveals a very dishonest public official. Many eyes are on Gilmer County from all over the country now. Daily page views are way up.


    True colors are showing for GERRY HOUGH proving himself to be someone that feels HE and the Gilmer County Commission are above the law, and are not serving the public at all. Further, I truly believe that serving the public never enters the minds of Darrell Ramsey, Brian Kennedy and Hess.

    You can make your own rules in Crooked County, and you can get away with it, as we have seen time and time again.

    It was proved that a title was hidden from the courts, and in a way that showed “INTENT” to defraud a circuit court of the truth, and to make a profit for friends of Beverly Marks and the executrix of the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE-Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham who received money from that missing 1/6th even though she was NOT A RELATIVE.

    I have heard that Marks did this sort of thing often, which IS a criminal act. When reported METZ refused to investigate or make an arrest although, a crime occurred and there is proof.

    All of these people truly feel they are above the law — and unless we all band together to stop that ….they truly ARE above the law!

  4. Once upon a time, there was a man who was diligent, hardworking, and good at his job. He toiled daily to assure the safety of the people of the land of Gilmer, and uphold the laws.

    Because he was good at his job, he made many people of the land nervous and angry. These people were the ones who would partake in malicious or forbidden deeds, or disobey the laws of the land.

    One day, this man came upon the grandson of the king of the land. The king’s grandson was in the midst of violating laws of the land, and the man was bound by duty to charge the king’s grandson for his crime.

    Upon hearing of these events, the king summoned the man to his presence.

    The king asked the man to look away from the matter, and make any charge against his grandson go away.

    But the man was honor bound to his duty, and refused to bow to the king’s request.

    Time passed. An event occurred that involved the man and two of his acquaintances, a husband and wife, and in the spirit of familiar jesting.

    The king heard of the jesting, and schemed that it would work to his advantage in exacting revenge for not bowing to the request regarding his grandson.

    Many decried the man’s guilt, and added to the attempted disparagement with their own aggrandized, and false tales.

    The king went to the husband and wife and offered payment of a new carriage if they would make a charge against the man in the court of the land, and seek reparations.

    The husband and wife accepted the king’s bribe, for they needed a new carriage. They made the charge against the man in the court of the land, and the king’s own daughter promised to intercede with the court of the land on their behalf, to obtain the reparations.

    The man was denied his ability to assure the safety of the people, and uphold the laws of the land. Because of the unlawful order he did not obey, the lies and bribery of the king and his minions, he was ordered not to do his duty until the court of the land had decided the matter. The king knew how to hurt the man the most.

    To this day, the court has not deigned to hear testament on this matter.

    The king had a terrible history of giving any order he wished, even if it went against the recorded laws of the land; however, who would dare question the king?

    Let it be known that no tale has ever been told that the king of the land ever made charges against any highwayman or robber. King’s consorts, perhaps?

    ~~ by Gretel Grimmer ~~
    Readers’ Recent Comments
    A TRUE story indeed! In fact, it illustrates how it all goes down when the KINGS CASTLE is so much bigger than the land itself, and the people become insignificant, and even the King himself starts to turn on his own personal servant. The walls of the Castle were built sturdy and may never crumble, but the regime within is showing signs of crumbling, especially when the King starts turning on his own loyal minions as this story tells.
    By anonymous on 01.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: A Grimmer’s Fairytale-A Cautionary Tale of What Can Happen to Good People of This Land’.
    One day in the not so far off future, this king will have to stand before the real King of Kings and answer to all his dastardly deeds.
    I say whoa to the one who thinks he is king of all the good people of Gilmer County.
    Comment by annon on 01.14.2012

    Ahhhh…… I see. Living in the Land of Gilmer, is like “living in a land fairy tales and evil monsters”.
    Comment by Anonymous on 01.14.2012
    Let’s not underestimate the power of people. All the Gilmer County taxpayers need to stand united. We all need to step forward to clean the political corruption and greed. We need to step forward and demand answers. We need to demand transparency and accountability. We need to step forward and be somebody. Otherwise we are just nobody.
    By CTS on 01.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: Gilmer County Officials Don’t Know What ‘Public’ Means’.
    It starts by letting the leaders break one “small” rule at a time. Before you know it there are no rules, they consider themselves all powerful, will only tell the people that pay them what “they” want them to know and feel no need for accountability. This is the same attitude that led to the take over of Gilmer County Schools. Now the state controls every levy dollar and the hard working citizens who must pay have absolutely no say so, even at a public meeting.
    By I say Thank You Mr. Smith on 01.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: Gilmer County Officials Don’t Know What ‘Public’ Means’.
    NO, Mr. Hough, no citizen should have to cut a deal to get public information from a government entity. Just another example of malfeasance in office which should be registered with the ODC. If you agreed to that County Commission, same goes for you and the complaint should be registered with the Ethics Commission. It really has nothing to do with the fact he is a member of the press. Just wanted to let you know that none of you will get a vote of confidence from me this or any election.
    By You Are Public Servants, Not Our Boss on 01.13.2012

    From the entry: ‘WV Record Reports on Gilmer Lawsuit – 01.12.12’.
    The second paragraph gives total validity to the recently released report on our schools.
    It also makes one laugh, snicker, and tee-hee……when you actually think about the broken policies mentioned.
    Add to this the high number of school districts under state control, you come to realize that the state educational system is in dire trouble, and likely has been for a long time.
    All in spite of the huge sums of tax dollars that are being spent.
    So is this what we have?
    A failed state department of education telling school districts that they have failed and now we are here to fix things, that are all ready under their control?
    This gives real meaning to the old saying about “ the blind leading the blind”.
    By keep diggin’ y’all on 01.13.2012

    From the entry: ‘WV Board Approves Innovation Zone Projects Across the State’.
    Speaking of signs: are businesses allowed to advertise putting up sign just anyplace on highways like at the stop sign at hays city?
    By Jason [4] on 01.12.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Is it legal?’.
    I hope Magistrate Minigh consider running again. We do not want Metz in his place. Let’s move up, not down, please.
    By Please on 01.12.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Is it legal?’.
    The ‘male’ magistrate has been the best magistrate that Gilmer County has ever had and it’s apparent since he’s been elected since the start of the magistrate court system in 1976 I believe. Good Luck Magistrate Minigh in your future endeavors…You’ve always treated each and everyone with dignity and respect and never forgotten that everyone is ‘innocent’ until proven guilty. Mickey Metz? Seriously? He can’t even spell ‘Magistrate’ much less READ,UNDERSTAND, AND INTERPRET the law. Be very careful folks…make your choice wisely!!!!!
    By Taxpayer on 01.12.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Is it legal?’.


    By Bob Weaver 2003

    A large burning cross with about fifteen to twenty hooded figures slowed traffic on Route 5 near Creston, Wirt County Saturday night.

    “I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Charlie Brown, who was returning to Calhoun County from Parkersburg with his wife.

    Brown, an employee of the USDA, said a fifteen to twenty foot cross was in full flame, burning vigorously with “KKK-like” figures in a circle around the fire, arms outstretched, hand to hand.

    The cross-burning was less than one mile west of the Creston Bridge toward Elizabeth.

    Sources at Creston said it appeared to be a formal KKK rally. The group was wearing white robes with full face masks. Brown said the masks had the traditional high pointed tip associated with the KKK. He said the cross was in front of a trailer, about 250 feet from Route 5.

    Tarps had been strung on a line to block the view from the adjacent property. Brown said he and other drivers on Route 5 drove back to the scene. “It really jarred my senses, not wanting to believe what we were seeing,” he said.

    Wirt County Correction Officer Mike Whited said he and some other men went to the scene from their hunting cabin at Creston to witness the activity.

    “I’m 39 years old and I’ve never seen anything like it in Wirt County,” he said, although rumors had been afloat about a KKK rally for a few days.

    A sign near the area had the letters “WWP.”

    Wirt County State Trooper Jennifer Price reportedly responded to the scene.

    KLAN RALLY NOT A LAW BREAKER – Historical Roots In Area

    “As far as I know, no law was broken,” said Trooper Jennifer Price of the Wirt County Detachment of the West Virginia State Police.

    The Klan rally was held on private property along State Route 5, a short distance west of Creston, Wirt County and the Calhoun-Wirt line last Saturday night.

    Price said she went to the scene to investigate the cross-burning, with no formal complaint being filed. A cross fifteen to twenty feet high, surrounded by a group of hooded KKK, was burned about 250 feet from the road. An observer along Route 5 said the group had “their arms outstretched, hand to hand.”

    A spokesperson for the Ku Klux Klan said the burning of the cross is a “religious observance” to uphold Christian principals. “Most people don’t understand that,” he said.

    The homepage for the Klan denies the organization is a hate group, although much of the group’s work is directed toward deporting or culturally eliminating blacks, gays and other groups.

    They claim those groups are destroying white Christianity and nationalist pride.

    ****SS Member****

    In America, it has been the toppling of southern monuments and the re-naming of libraries, schools, streets and stadiums after Martin Luther King, that have been activities that cause concern to the public. In Gilmer County it is the elitist control of the schools and the elitist control of the county government along with BLACKS being allowed to RAPE WHITE WOMEN with impunity at GSC in Glenville, WV that is the biggest concern of some KKK factions in Central WV.

  6. Council of Concerned Citizens - GFP Readers Take Note with Letter to Editor

    G-LtE™: GFP Readers Take Note

    Response to THE WEST VIRGINIA RECORD Published FOIA Lawsuit Gilmer County

    GFP readers take note. This FOIA lawsuit that has been filed by a journalist against the Gilmer County Clerk and County Commission has put us ‘on the map’ so to speak. Gilmer is squarely in the spotlight of public view.

    Many readers will not realize this but, THE WEST VIRGINIA RECORD is a publication that is read by nearly EVERY attorney, politician, county commissioner, business person, banker, city and town councils, educated person, corporate boards, school boards, professional persons and on and the list goes.

    This has turned into a real comedy of errors. First the Glenville Housing Partners/County Clerk/County Commission Lawsuit. Which Gilmer County lost and paid for with your tax dollars. Now Gilmer “elected officials” try to cover their tracks by the usual method of keeping information from the public. So to make bad matters worse, in order for that information to be made public, a legal suit has to be filed.

    OK, now the legal suit has been filed and at the recent Commission meeting, our PA states to the effect ‘we will give the information and file a suit against the guy in retaliation, teach him a lesson for making Gilmer County look bad’.

    These moves explicitly show the situation, the things that are awry in our community.

    I want to fully give credit to THE WEST VIRGINIA RECORD for helping expose to all citizens across the great State of West Virginia, and beyond, the situation in Gilmer County.

    ~~ Information on File ~~
    GFP – 01.17.2012
    Community • Gilmer County • Glenville • CommunityConcerns™ • Opinions | Commentary | G-LtE™ | G-Comm™ • Politics | Government • Local • State-WV • (1) Comments • Permalink

    There is an e-mail that is going around the internet that certainly adds support to this fine article on the GFP this morning, involving the newly appointed spokesperson DR WILLIAM K SIMMONS who is our guy representing Gilmer Schools Coalition. Recently, Simmons visited some friends at another University and some of them laughed and said, “Here comes one of those Crooked County Crooks!” (teasing of course) so the word is getting out!

    By anonymous on 01.17.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: GFP Readers Take Note’.


    JOHN BENNETT a Crooked County Crook from Glenville, West Virginia is running for public office but with a bit of a handicap according to sources close to the Butcher Bitches!


    We heard ole John wants to run against Manchin for Senator, but the handicap we are speaking of according to Power Elite sources, is that, it appears John has a BROKEN PENIS!

    You Can Break Your Penis it’s TRUE!
    It’s not easy to do!
    However, if you’re in the middle of over-the-top, acrobatic sex (especially if the woman’s on top), you could be at risk for a penile fracture.

    A fracture of the penis occurs when one of the membranes surrounding a blood-filled penile chamber breaks (perhaps because a woman brings her body weight down at the wrong angle, bending the penis in such a way that causes a painful rupture). Needless to say, this causes rapid deflation of an erection and pain. And if a fractured penis is not properly treated (by calling your doctor or going to an emergency room), it can actually cause scarring, deformity, or erectile dysfunction.

    It appears the above facts possibly lend true the statement heard recently about John Bennett.


  8. (01/17/2012)
    A Glenville man has been arrested on new charges related to the procurement of drugs from Minnie Hamilton Health System in Grantsville.

    A hospital emergency room physician said Timothy Allen Furr, 42, altered a prescription issued him for six Vicodin to sixteen.

    Furr, according to the criminal complaint, took the emergency room prescription to Grantsville’s Rite Aid, also alerting the prescription for a larger dose.

    Furr was charged with altering prescriptions, and taken to Central Regional Jail last weekend.

    Furr was arrested in December on charges filed in Glenville for burglary, the complainants saying he broke into their residence and stole rifles and jewelry.

    A criminal complaint says Furr then attempted to sell the rifles.

    When State Police obtained a search warrant for Furr’s residence, they discovered drug paraphernalia and drugs, with the complaint indicating possible presence of meth, prescription drugs without a prescription, and a substance appearing to be cocaine.

    The complaint indicates Furr admitted to having a problem with meth and drugs.

  9. The latest FURR BALL Mug shots up at the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS. The biggest fuck ups in Calhoun County lately proudly displayed during their photo sessions at Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods. JUST CLICK the green link above to go there!

  10. Council of Concerned Citizens - West Virginia Secretary of State to Visit GSC

    West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant will be visiting Glenville State College on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 as a guest of the GSC Department of Social Science.

    Tennant will present a discussion on ‘Voting Awareness’ at 11:00 AM in the Mollohan Campus Community Center Multi-purpose room.

    Her presentation will consist of information about absentee voting, early voting, and a citizen’s rights as a voter.

    Glenville Mayor Tashua Allman will also be speaking as part of the program.

    Electronic voting machines will be available following Secretary Tennant’s presentation so those in attendance can gain familiarity with them prior to the 2012 elections.

    A representative of the Gilmer County Clerk’s Office is also planning to be present should anyone need to register to vote.

    Information on registering for absentee voting and early-voting will also be available.

    The presentation is open to all GSC students, faculty and staff as well as the general public.

    After sharing lunch with the GSC Collegiate Committee, Tennant will make a presentation to Dr. Mike Smith’s Political Science-204 class about her experience as a woman in state government.

    For more information about Tennant’s visit, contact the GSC Department of Social Science at 304.462. 6270.

    Maybe Natalie can tell us how she allowed voter fraud in Gilmer County, when several individuals were caught replacing recording modules in the voting machine during the 2010 election and how we all loudly complained and her action was to make THREE PHONY attempts to show there was compliance with people breaking the law, but in reality there was no punishment, there was no investigation, and the evidence was placed in the hands of Gerry Hough who has proved to be the LEAST trustworthy among us.

    Too bad TAR and FEATHERING has gone out of style for that is the greeting Tenant deserves in Gilmer County.

    Do I have those that agree willing to speak up, for if so, maybe we can have a welcoming committee ready for ole Natalie.

    By Concerned Citizen

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