CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS IN CROOKED COUNTY WV SUPPRESS ECONOMIC GROWTH – HOT TODDY Suppresses Growth of Lunacy Lucy because she is DEAD – And there is GROWTH IN JUSTICE by way of KARMA for State Witnesses of the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE CASE the longest running court case in Gilmer County History!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor

“Corruption in GILMER COUNTY WV suppresses economic growth by encouraging officials to interfere with private business!”

Corrupt officials discourage entry and investment in the private sector by demanding and accepting cash or in kind bribes from businesses that are willing to have the local profit margin manipulated in the leaders self interest.

Don’t ask what Mickey Metz can do for Gilmer County, but ask Mickey Metz, hey dude, have you ever done anything notable as SHERIFF? NO? Thought so! Guess we won’t need an uneducated magistrate, but HELL according to leading democrats the KIDS like him! And damn it that is the excuse the power elite will use when they cheat at the elections by popping in an illegal recording module again already tampered with. After all we are just talkin bout CROOKED COUNTY!

Corruption in Gilmer County undermines the police and courts, protecting criminals, subverting the enforcement of private contracts without political and personal connections and decreases the security of property with the uneven application and enforcement of law and regulation.

“In Gilmer County, West Virginia politicians and officials accept bribes from organized crime, and in reality, many of the politically affluent and officials organize the crime themselves.  I don’t know what else you’d call it when small time hoods in the guise of upstanding businessmen threaten the lives and livelihood of those who disagree with or even dare question their personal agendas!”

How about Mr. Chapman, Mayor Allman, Sheriff Metz, Prosecutor Hough or local law firms representing Glenville State College?  One of the funniest things ever seen is those who dare to ask what anyone else has done for this community.


“All  of the POWER ELITE know it! All the CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY fear it and will do anything to prevent economic growth in GILMER COUNTY even if it means sacrificing the quality of education for current and future generations!”

An uneducated society is a controllable society and that has been the creed you live by.  Oh, you’ll throw some money up the hill to the college knowing full well most of our citizens can not afford to send their children.  You’ve seen to that.  Throw in a few Promise Scholarships without adequate educational preparation and consider yourself a saint.  As you have told the people over and over…

“Oh we’d love to have more business in Gilmer County, we’d love to have more jobs, just put us in power, we’d never do anything to hurt Gilmer County!”

And a trusting citizenry did believe you, but you are a liar!

“The trust is gone now good old boys and your time of reckoning has been underway for some time!”

Doug Morris DRUG CARTEL member — After his arrest in Glenville, Gilmer County in December 2011 for Stealing guns and jewelery Timothy Furr of Glenville was arrested on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 in Grantsville, Calhoun County for a felony Charge and is back behind bars in Central Regional jail in lieu of $30,000 bond. He got a prescription for Vicodin from a Dr. in Minnie Hamilton Health System and altered the number of pills from 6 to 16 and tried to get it filled

“Glenville, West Virginia seems to be the central headquarters for an evil self – serving power elite that make their own rules!”

“The death of Fred Hill and rapes at GSC campus are just a few of the major crimes that are being covered up and buried!”

“What the power elite consider a crime would be a situation in which the general public was aware of the truth and how many public officials have had to compromise professional standards to implement the cover up!”

It has been most credibly reported that the very people who advertise their major donations to the Glenville State College dare to stand in the street and mock the Gilmer Schools Coalition!

Custom made LOGO for Gilmer School Coalition created by the Gilmer Free Press

…saying the people who have problems with what is taking place involving the takeover of the Gilmer County Schools – and are new members of the newly formed GSC just need a little therapy.   

These are the very same people who will throw  money at an institute of higher learning for public applause, while letting the neighborhood children do without the very tools they need for future success.  There are employees of the Gilmer County Board of Education who make their titles and bullshit appointments a laughing stock. 

“These same minions of politicians and people of power state outwardly that the common people and the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County have no power and have no say in their own affairs and further, will find out nothing about the takeover!” 

As the OEPA Audit revealed, Power Elite appointed minions approved non-invoiced payment of tax dollars to vendors, inappropriately labeled workers as contractual and put little or no effort forth to comply with state hiring regulations or any other rules on the books. 

You Power Elite Bitches also brought in your family and your buddies for jobs.  You provided our students with uncertified teachers and all but one coach (although you yell how important sports are) had expired certifications.  Is that following the RULES?

We can guess who that coach is who had absolutely no certification, but then, we would have to also bet there has been some hanky panky spanky with the mother of some Butcher Bitches involved in that decision. 

And you fine examples have the nerve to criticize anyone who would seek to bring control of our schools back to the people who pay your very salary,  dare to speak against absolutely anyone who would stand and be counted to see the conditions improved?

“The time is here, the time is now and the honest, hard working taxpayers have had enough!” 

As it is written, “What you have done to the least of these you have done unto me.”  Did that speaker need therapy too?


Original Fire Starting Cult member known as Lunacy Lucy — Pill Popper and Bed Hopper — who was found dead in the Bed of Cult leader Smith just hours after a Christmas night of Partying being found dead at approx 0430 hrs 26 December 2009

What is extremely interesting in this potentially wrongful death — is  that the time of death reported by the SS is very accurate almost to the very minute, while the obit reported the death as the next day the 27th of December, but the CalPatty Press actually had the death of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson published on the 26th just three hours after she was declared dead, so how could they say she died the next day, when we were informed before many of the family members were informed about the death of KELLI aka Lunacy Lucy of the Fire Starting Cult!

Calhoun County COP Christopher Shane Dellinger became involved with the famous TODD SMITH the leader of the Fire Starting Cult in Grantsville. Pill Poppin and Bed Hoppin was the main activity in Calhoun County- C Shane Dellinger had his 4 felony convictions reversed because of an error Judge Facemire made with a juror. Facemire currently leads the Circuit Court judges for most cases reversed by the Supreme Court. Brandy, Dellingers long time girlfriend also shown – took part in parties with Smith and his now dead Cult Member girlfriend, Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson.

Kelli Stamper Lawson died of a drug overdose, and  from pain killers that Todd Smith has a prescription to.

Every day, 40 Americans die from prescription painkiller abuse, the CDC says.

Overdoses of opioid prescription drugs now kill more people in the U.S. than do overdoses from heroin and cocaine combined. Twelve million Americans say they abused prescription drugs in the last year.

It’s not just a statistical blip. Prescription drug abuse — taking painkillers not for pain, but to get high — has tripled since 1999. Rogue doctors are a big part of the problem, according to CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD. Indeed, a California study found that 3% of doctors wrote 62% of painkiller prescriptions.

“This stems from a few irresponsible doctors,” Frieden said at a news teleconference. “The problem is more from them than from drug pushers on street corners.”

As a result, one in 20 U.S. adults admits to having abused prescription narcotics

LUNACY LUCY and her trained GILA MONSTER were quite a popular topic back in the days when the CULT girls of the Fire Starting Cult were having relations with the POLICE CHIEF of Granstville, the one that turned up dying of being beaten severely about the head and shoulders, Chief JD Nicholson and COP Christopher Shane Dellinger who had his criminal case reversed in a Richard A Facemire Court like to have a PAR TAY or TWO with CULT Bitches!

Just last week, Christopher Todd Smith, 40, 2708 Lenore Street, Parkersburg, AKA HOT TODDY was arraigned in a Wood County magistrate court for Calhoun County on a harassment charge and released on a $1,000 bond.

Fire Starting Cult members moved a lot of meth and pills and threw some outrageous parties in Calhoun County, the group was infiltrated by SS members in 2006 and photo’s were taken!

Smith was charged over the alleged harassment of Grantsville resident Vickie J. Shaver, mother of Kelli Lawson, Smith’s deceased girlfriend, whom many feel he murdered by administering lethal doses of drugs while entertaining  Tabitha Clem a woman recently known to be doing federal prison time for dealing in the manufacture and distribution of Meth.

In a criminal complaint filed in Grantsville by Sgt. O. S. Starsick of the WV State Police, Shaver “stated she believed defendant (Smith) killed her daughter, and that (he) was well aware of the belief.”

Shaver, according to the complaint, says Smith harassed her by sending her Facebook messages!

Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson aka Lunacy Lucy Pill Popper and Bed Hopper long time member of the “CULT” found dead in the bed of Todd Smith in the early morning hours of December 26th 2009 !!

Threats from Smith to Shaver regarding her daughter were common place when KELLI was alive and now that she is very DEAD, SMITH  has been observed parked near her residence, a location she described as “Isolated.”

Shaver said, according to the complaint, she had attempted to block Smith’s Facebook messaging, further alleging that Smith had telephoned her residence during early morning hours, with nothing said.

Shaver provided State Police with a list of received calls, who confirmed it was Smith’s cell phone number, according to the complaint.

The complaint indicated Smith, who has a long criminal record, is on bond related to a previous legal problem.

He was indicted in Calhoun in September, 2011 for retaliation against a public official, related to the theft of decorations placed on the grave of Mike McCartney by his wife, former probation officer Patsy McCartney.

Shelly Morris DeMarino tried to get a SNITCH deal for Christopher Todd Smith in 2009, but HOT TODDY never did have to face the 2010 CALHOUN COUNTY APRIL trial as another last minute deal was signed on the very day documented by this courtroom photo!


The Ghost Wolf was born in 2001 down by the Crooked River near the Calhoun County line on hwy 5

And while on the subject of CALHOUN COUNTY the original home of the CalPatty Press, a couple of state witnesses Gerry Hough PAID to testi-lie in the famous Travesty of Justice court case in which three felony charges were defeated since the entire case was fabricated and Gilmer County backed false evidence and a pulled title to property pertaining to the longest lasting Gilmer County 14th district court case in the history of WV! The “Travesty” case was active from March 4, of 2003 until July 29, of 2009 when the matter was finally decided by the 4th circuit court of appeals in Richmond, Virginia.

Danny NUB Marks is the man (mug shot below) that as been getting his dick sucked by Shirley Ball for years, and the man she was protecting and the man that actually did take farm equipment without permission, but so far as had to face no consequence for his crimes of perjury and theft.  But the long arm of Karma came out and grabbed him and the long arm of the Central West Virginia SS is a lookin for him as we speak!

Danny “NUB” Marks who was a witness that lied on the stand during the Travesty of Justice case — found himself in jail in the wee morning hours of Friday November 4th for DUI just four days short of his 52nd birthday. Marks also made it to the top of the SNITCH LIST for Gilmer County in recent years.

Marks has yet to be held accountable for his false testimony. “NUB” is considered an enemy of the SS and is currently at the top of 2012 SNITCH LIST as well  — And that fact should be considered if personal contact is made with this man of obvious questionable character that is from Bull River Rd in Calhoun County! Just up the holler from Grantsville a ways.

Gerald R. Ball  is the original owner of the house NUB and ALL STAR from the CalPatty Press SNITCH LIST resides in currently!

In fact, I, myself was present while the house was being built and visited often, right after they moved out of the trailer and into the house above on the hill that was timbered just to clear the lot for the home.

Grantsville Police Chief J. D. Nicholson photo from 2006 –One month prior to his death, Nicholson was hospitalized after what he said was an attack on his person, allegedly being struck by a baseball bat on his front porch.

There was a beautiful iron spiral stair case at the front of the house that gave the home a different style and look.

Also a special moment in history and a very important fact is that the famous SS reporter Hurricane Rina McCoy was on hand to see the home go up, as those were the early days of the SS and Rina had just started to show the signs of being pregnant that spring of 2001 and of course there were rumors that made it all the way to Judge Facemire’s office as to who the father was.

But, in this case the situation was “Fathers” for the dog had a litter of puppies too. In fact one of them was a GHOST WOLF for it was said both of the fathers were wild, and that one of them was a Wolf, but it was never clear as to which one.

“Gerry Ball” was charged with domestic battery, domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon, and generally fucking up one summer not so very long ago, in fact Gerry drove his brand new $35,000 truck off a cliff drunk and the truck was a total loss, after he found out his wife State Witness in the “Travesty” case Shirley Ball was sucking the little Nub of Nub, but the charges mysteriously just vanished one day, like Calhoun Magistrate  “Steve Johnson” a relative of Gerry Ball in Calhoun County along with about 3,000 dollars of local govt funds.

This all happened about the time Jimmy Moss from the Glenville Sheriff Department went on down there to talk to Gerry when he was in a bit of a legal pickle, but later that got picked and what was born from all of it was a legal case that took about six years to resolve and went all the way to the Supreme Court and that case is the more than famous, “Travesty of Justice,”case that has proven to be rife with both alleged and proven misconduct by Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County Gerald B Hough!

“The SS has long said, that most of the witnesses that testify for the State of West Virginia on behalf of Gilmer County and Gerald B Hough are liars and criminals he hands selects to tell what ever tale old Gerry needs a told that day as he serves jurors bottled water with his picture on it, and then goes and tells the jury during deliberations he needs a guilty verdict because that particular court case had been in the courts for over three years already…”

Yeah, there ya go some good ole Gilmer County Justice with a Power Elite Jury! But, then, “That’s how we always do it here in Gilmer County!”


Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
Full Name: Marks,  Danny  Cleo
Height: 5′  8″
Weight: 180 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/8/1959
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 11/04/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
Imprisonment Status:  Misdemeanor Pre-Trial
Full Name: Ball,  Shirley  Ann
Height: 4′  11″
Weight: 138 lbs.
Birth Date: 5/2/1948
Gender: Female
Booking Date: 01/08/2012
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Misdemeanor Pre-Trial

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
M-12 CALHOUN COUNTY – Bail Amount:a whole lot this time

“Shirley if you recall was mentioned in a recent SS article for getting her ass beat at the Millstone Inn. Shirley lied about a GAY BASHING, when in actuality it was a BALL BASHING!”

Pictured above we find the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE QUEEN OF SCREAM and of course cream when she gets some nub on her!

Shirley Ball who Judge Facemire said was a friend of his during the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE TRIAL not only perjured herself during court proceeding, but stole the defendants car and got SCOTT FREE away with it.  Gerry Hough actually paid her to lie under oath, and we have the court record to prove it.

HOT TODDY had been observed parked near VICKI Butcher Stamper SHAVER’S residence, a location she described as “isolated.” Shaver said, according to the complaint, she had attempted to block Smith’s Facebook messaging, further alleging that Smith had telephoned her residence during early morning hours, with nothing said. Shaver provided State Police with a list of received calls, who confirmed it was Smith’s cell phone number, according to the complaint.

Poor MISSY Ball had to listen to all that illicit sex — even when her father was alive, for when GERRY found out about all that funny sex stuff his wife was a doin, well he picked up a hand gun and took off after old SHIRLEY. He was arrested, wrecked his new truck, but with the right connections, even though serious laws were broken there was no consequence.

VICKI Butcher Stamper SHAVER(pictured left in photo)is also a Calhoun County resident, and of course Calhoun County was the birth place of the CalPatty Press — we were around in the days the Fire Starting CULT were starting mystery fires all over the county — and we were around to see Gerry Balls house go up board by board, and then watch Shirley Ball drive to the store every day with a BEER in her hand, drunk, and being a danger to the community, but in Calhoun, just like Gilmer if you’ve got money and know the right people, don’t worry it is all good.

We witnessed for ourselves all the cult parties and their close association with law enforcement and the Police Chief was banging Cult Chicks and even doing pills and getting some thrills his damn self!  When they examined the badly beaten body of former Grantsville Chief of Police J. D. Nicholson, medical examiners discovered he was badly addicted to pills and was a secret narcotics addict, but that was no secret to the SS for we had seen it all for ourselves.

What a difference two years made for VICKI Butcher Stamper SHAVER. Two years ago, December the 26th 2009 — under intense pressure from the loss of her daughter KELLI and possibly on the verge of suffering a second loss, due to the fact her younger daughter LIL STEPH also a Fire Starting CULT member was doing hard narcotics –and also was engaged in a sexual relationship with HOT TODDY aka Christopher Todd SmithVICKI Butcher Stamper SHAVER became a picture of Teary-Eyed vulnerability in Calhoun County, West Virginia!

Two years later, Shaver still does not have Smith out of her life and she knows in her heart that HOT TODDY killed her precious Kelli and believes it with all her might — and she is still fighting for what’s right –the TRUTH to be revealed !

The Steely-Spined  mother of Kelli and Lil Steph who we’ve all come to know and respect, was back at it with this latest Police Report and complaint made against the leader of the Cult — And she is still slicing and dicing with aggressive attacks of TRUTH about the Fire Starting Cult leader reported to main stream media sources, law enforcement and the alternative news agencies like the Secret Seven Coalition.

 “There are NO MORE TEARS coming from those eyes now, only darts!”

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  1. CalPatty Press - TRUE STORY about the BALL BUST - DEMOCRAT CHAIRPERSON SHIRLEY BALL ARRESTED for Battery on a Police Officer and Obstructing a Police officer while intoxicated in public!

    Shirley Ann Ball of Bull River Road was arrested Sunday January 8th after she was questioned about being intoxicated in public. Grantsville Police officer J. R. Garrett, according to a Calhoun County internet news service which stated, he heard two subjects just outside his office in a “Yelling manner,” and when investigating “Observed a female subject to be impaired.” That female was Shirley Ball. When Garrett approached Ball he observed “The smell of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath.”

    Garrett further stated, “When I attempted to give her a citation for public intoxication, she began to walk away…when stopped she pointed a finger in my face.”

    Shirley Ball also is accused of perjury in one of the longest lasting Gilmer County Court cases in the history of West Virginia, a case in the WV Court System from March 4, of 2003 until the matter was decided by the 4th circuit court of appeals in Richmond Virginia on July 29th 2009.

    The Millstone Inn management and owner have also reported that Shirley Ball has filed a false police report regarding an assault in which her son was badly beaten, and claim Ball and her son started the intense brawl that lasted nearly and half an hour total.

    “I then told her not to put a finger in my face; she slapped my arm in a hitting manner. When the hand restraints were applied, she began to turn away in a running manner,” was the final statement Garrett made in regard to Shirley Ball being jailed Sunday.

    The office of Calhoun Prosecutor Rocky Holmes was contacted last week to file a criminal complaint that Shirley Ball also stole a vehicle after closing her husband’s car care center in Big Bend shortly after he passed away.


    Lewis County residents who have been protesting outside court hearings about missing 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford, say they are frustrated by a lack of information about the toddler, missing nearly four months.

    They have now gotten a response from the FBI.

    Special Agent William Crowley said that claims that the agency has abandoned the investigation is untrue.

    Crowley says the FBI would offer updates if they were beneficial to the case. But right now, they’re not.

    He says the investigation is in a different stage now, and different tactics are required.
    Lena Lunsford, the toddler’s mother, has been charged with welfare fraud.

  3. Come on over to the CONCERNED CITIZENS FREE PRESS to get the report from the special meeting of the Gilmer County Commission yesterday, Friday January the 20th. Lawrence Smith was there reporting for the West Virginia Record along with Dave Ramezan from the Gilmer Free Press who reported an accurate minute to minute account of the event. Just click on the green link above or this link below to go there:


    Editors note: Ok, thanks Hot Toddy for that update.



    Editors note: OK HOT TODDY, and thank you for that report, but it would be disrespectful to prior reporters that have paid a very high price to retrieve all data that has been displayed in this article. Too much effort went into covering this story and all the antics of Hot Toddy, and the CORNBREAD MAFIA! MYSTERY FIRES!! All of it, must be reported, all of it that is that has not ended up on the bottom of the Crooked River because of your nemesis Lisa Minney Hot Toddy. Your request has been denied for any changes to be made, although we are more than convinced that Vicki Butcher Stamper Shaver appreciates your concern and the appreciation of her feelings especially under the current circumstances. Thanks for being so thoughtful. LIL STEPH says that you can suck a dick, but that was her talking, those were her words and she said it like this, “Hey Todd you can suck a dick, you are a liar!”

  6. lil steph does that quiet well, if she’d just learn to swallow!!!!! really i dont give a fuck what you post… i just think your all being very inhuman, and disrespectful. so do what you will, your hurting vicki and her family not me.

    SS Member: Hot Toddy things are different now,and all you are doing is getting yourself HOT with the cops and HOT with the bad boys who are just looking for an excuse to mix it up. We don’t give a fuck about your threats, or what you are gonna do, for we could care less. Go do it, for it is just a matter of time before Lewis County has you locked up on unresolved felony issues, and two other cases you picked up recently. You have another case pending you don’t even know about for making threats, and you just endorsed it again with all your threats over the internet and the phone calls that you have made. That number is monitored for that girl used to cohort with gang members in the day, for we got that straight from a police detective that worked with us for awhile that is OUT of any jurisdiction you know of, so carry on and STEPH does swallow by the way when she isn’t high, otherwise she is a spitter, but not when the taste is sweet where the elite don’t meet.

  7. mickey metz is one of the most honest law men i have ever meet, and just because he does his job and throws your asses in jail you trash him. you all are hipocrits, you trash the law and then turn around (this portion of TODD SMITH indecent rhetoric has been censored by the SS for Policy of the Todd Smith/Gerry Hough association rule)you have whores like lisa minney, stephanie hartshorn and ect writing and there biggest dope heads around.

    SS Member: Sex with Stephanie Hartshorn in her 1962 Plymouth Valiant is about as good as it gets in Grantsville, but really do you think she is full on SS just because she boinked a member or two? This is classic Hot Toddy speak just like the good old days of the CalPatty Press. Even when we have been shown the error of the Hot Toddy ways, really who could want more for reminiscing about the days of the Fire Starting Cult and the Gila Monster humping and pumping and the dancing around the barn fire with drugged up bitches stupid enough to run with the Cult, and then delve into the land of mystery, dangerous drugs and the mystical knowledge that comes with Running with the Devil.

  8. I just have one question. What does ….



    What the hell is that? I have studied backwoods hillbilly Hot Toddy speak since late 2005, when we came alive with the Hot Toddy jive and scandal along with his friend who was a Vandal and a freaky little skinny long haired leaping gnome!! But Jesus Christ man for the life of me, what the hell does

    Does he mean it is fact that the miracle was that she lived as long as she did?

    Because if I was going to have to decipher for a three letter agency, backwoods speak, …that would be my presentation as to what I thought the often clouded mind of the leader of the Fire Starting Cult might think he was communicating to the masses when he writes ….


    • If Metz is the most honest man you ever seen no wonder you stay in trouble. Just cause he cuts deals with the prosecutor don’t make him honest Think it was fait?

      Editors note: OH,I get it now, Hot Toddy was trying to say FATE! Well that one got lost in the translation.

  9. you honor my request of removing what i asked and then email me and within 2 hours you will have over 150 lisa minney photos exposed….

    Editors note: This is as tiring as the State Police hearing that you are right back at it, as soon as you get out of prison. Leave Lisa Minney alone, what has she ever done to you Hot Toddy? We protected her then, and we are going to protect her now, even though we do not see eye to eye anymore, and because it is the right thing to do. We love to read her blog it is comforting and I like the feel good things that she writes about to tell you the truth, its soothing sometimes, like a hot bubble bath. I love the feel of that TWO LANE living, you should try it and give up the drugs Hot Toddy. Lisa Minney has found a way to live that puts ones mind to rest, especially when I am already asleep and dreaming in a peaceful country way. Take a trip down the road of TWO LANE LIVIN Hot Toddy and enjoy a fresh breath of TWO LANE LIVIN AIR without the stress that go with murder and rape and all the trials and tribulations of being the Fire Starting Cult leader. Just take a trip down the two lane living highway and don’t forget to say high to Daisy Dew Drop!

  10. DON”T MISS…

    Hot Toddy and the adventures of the Fire Starting Cult! Follow along and learn about the early days of the 2006 Mystery Fires in Calhoun and Gilmer County — to the modern day police complaints involving Christopher Todd Smith — and Vicki Shaver, Grantsville resident being in fear of Hot Toddy and being near that same man that killed her daughter! The MYSTERY is that the tearful Vicki Butcher Shaver Closer predicted Lunacy Lucy’s death in just such a way as she did die many months before the untimely final curtain call of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson the girlfriend of the leader of the CULT.

    Don’t miss even one fine point regarding the days of an out of control love infatuation from deep in the deepest darkest back woods of West Virginia as the early days of the Lone Meth Ranger and Lisa Minney before her Two Lane Living days, are explored in sensuous detail as we review the latest on the Ghost Wolf Radio Network!

    From Lisa Minney to the RAPE of SINNY in Calhoun County – The early days of the Fire Starting Cult, drugs, sex, murder and HOT TODDY who marauds and leads the devils destruction in a one horse town — the same one that used to call Hot Toddy Charlie Brown — the ASS Clown. It was old CHARLIE and LUCY getting the GILA MONSTER juicy in the GOOD OLD DAYS and how we long for those days again!!

    Christopher Todd Smith claims to have over 150 nude photographs of Lisa Minney, editor publisher of Two-Faced Two-Lane Ain’t Living Long Like This Magazine but as we find out in the NEXT SS RELEASE – IT IS ALL A LIE — All that exists are the scantly clad photos of …just before she was …. and forced to … according to a long statement of facts presented as evidence, which has become an opinion not kept to ourselves.

    It’s all coming up in…

    From Lisa Minney to the RAPE of SINNY in Calhoun County!


  11. todd smiths not back at nothing

    Editors note:Oh I get it, your money is for nothing and your chicks are for free, when you speak of yourself in the third person, just like Cassandra Huff, but isn’t that how it always is for the leader of the Cult from back in the day? .. when Lil Steph went all the way just like they say!

  12. UPDATE Council of Concerned Citizens - G-LtE™: We The Voters of Gilmer County Would Like to Have Some Our Questions Answered by SHERIFF METZ but he can never come up with a straight answer!

    G-LtE™: We The Voters of Gilmer County Would Like to Have Some Our Questions Answered

    Sheriff Metz when you first ran for Sheriff you pledge to the people that due to your lack of experience if elected to Sheriff you would pay out of you own pocket to attend the WV State Police Academy.

    According to your own employees that never happened in your first term or second. In fact over the last four years you have told your deputies that at the end of your term as Sheriff you would be elected magistrate and serve four years and then run for Sheriff again.

    Is this not true?

    Now we the voters understand that you don’t have to have a high school education to run for Sheriff, however, you do to serve as magistrate.

    So, are we to believe that you have a high school diploma or a GED? We are just supposed to take your word.

    According to your announcement your agency has taken thousands of dollars worth of drugs off the streets of Gilmer County.

    Just exactly how many of those investigation were you involved in?

    How many arrest warrants have you gotten?

    How many times have you been called as a witness for the State?

    Finally, how many convictions have you been responsible in getting?

    Why is it that your office is in turmoil with employees leaving?

    Did you not tell the people that once Casey Jones left the first time you would never hire him back?

    You did, and then you told the people you would never let him work nights?

    You did, you allow him to work for the City of Glenville and then when people complained you said, he is not my responsibility?

    So, now the county faces another lawsuit because of your lack of leadership?

    We the voters have more questions that will be brought up and we want answers.

    Do you have a GED?

    IF you do, why not produce it?

    You will be challenged so get ready!

    Do we as voters not deserve to know who we are voting for?

    Do we really want someone who is not upfront and honest about their education?

    ~~ Concerned Voter – Info on File ~~
    The more important question is who in Gilmer County is going to step up and run against this canidate?
    By Roy Jones on 01.23.2012

    We all saw with our own eyes how Sheriff Metz backed false value of evidence of old rusted used farm equipment that sat outside exposed to the elements since 1980 all the way to the Supreme Court and is still lying about it.

    That matter has even got the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in a little hot water now that all the facts are being known.

    An incident in which a title was pulled from the land books by Beverly Marks, County Commission Clerk to cover for a lie Gerald B Hough made to the jury in that same case—METZ REFUSED TO INVESTIGATE although it is obvious Marks broke the law—SAYS IT ALL!

    And then there is the NO FOUL PLAY NON INVESTIGATION of the FRED HILL murder which is a good reason to never elect METZ even for dog catcher.

    I could go on and on!
    By Council of Concerned Citizens on 01.23.2012

    The GFP has permitted citizens to open floodgates to expose corruption and what has hit the streets so far is merely the beginning. For example, citizens await what is coming about alleged misconduct in the court house with land ownership records as uncovered by Hunter Armentrout. Also, citizens await details about parties (local lawyers?)who had unauthorized access to court house records and what may have happened as a result.
    By A . G. Whitman on 01.23.2012

    Politicians are honest people, there is no need to ever question their credentials. Their only desire is to make the county, state, or country they serve a better place.
    By believer on 01.23.2012

    We do have a candidate up coming and running. One with integrity,transparency and good morals and values.So we do have a competitor and we have another in the running.
    By The naked truth on 01.23.2012

    When a candidate runs for a public office, the requirements for the office are public information. The fact Mickey Metz is not coming forward with the documents, he must have something to hide. No one should be allowed to lie about their qualification and then get paid with taxpayers’ money.

    By watchDog on 01.23.2012

    An audit of metz office and his handling of the auxiliary funds such as weapon funds should reveal a lot about a sheriff who likes to be a magistrate.
    By Jason [4] on 01.23.2012

    BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Is “believer” serious?!? Oh my goodness, that makes my day!
    By Kayla on 01.23.2012

    Did Jean Butcher, the county clerk go over and check the requirement needed to run for magistrate?
    By Curious Indeed on 01.23.2012

    Is it as complicated as Fred Hill’s ‘no foul play’ for Metz to show us his GED degree? Maybe he needs to ask Gerry Hough for a special investigation. That way it can be swept under a carpet.
    By fed up on 01.23.2012

    Metz is telling people he wants to fix the gilmer county judicial system like he did the tax office and the law enforcement. This is a big joke. LOL
    By what a joke on 01.23.2012

    To: Naked Truth—If you are referring to Metz, you are delusional as is ‘’believer’‘ comments about politicians. Obviously “believer” is not from around here. You both have got hold of some good stuff. Better not tell Gerry where you got it.
    As for “job requirements” for candidates. This becomes the County Clerks job I have been made to believe. That said, it all ultimately comes down to the three County Commissioners being responsible for “everything county”. They are supposedly the “responsible elected leaders” in charge of all things Gilmer. They run for the big pay job, and on an hourly basis, likely are the highest paid part time, salaried three individuals in Gilmer County.
    Of course there is our County Prosecutor, who talked Chapman and the two others into making his elected job a full time position. It is hard to understand how one can have a full time PA position and be a “full time professor” for the College? It was rumored his law practice was closed because its against ethics to be a PA and practice law too. It would also seem to be against ethics to cover, smother, change, and drop charges for students who pay your ‘other’ employer? Definite conflict of interest here.

    By Anonymous on 01.23.2012

    I have not seen any evidence that our current Magistrate Court System requires fixing as the Sheriff claims. He might question other offices including his own.
    By Clean Your Own House Before You Run on 01.23.2012

    If someone truly believes Metz doesn’t meet the requirements for magistrate, call the Secretary of State’s office to confirm the requirements and then file a complaint with the Gilmer County Clerk. That should take him off the ballot.
    By Anon on 01.23.2012

    To Believer: To say that politicians are honest people and we should never question their credentials and their only desire is to make the county, state and country they serve a better place. YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT??? YOU CAN’T REALLY BELIEVE THAT!!! If you really believe this, you need help bad.
    Do you work in the White House by any chance?

    By My laugh for the day on 01.23.2012

    Will the Sheriff answer the questions asked in today’s “Letter To The Editor”? VERY UNLIKELY!!! He isn’t doing the job he is being paid for, why would he answer the questions we the public ask? Two elections, I voted for him, but my momma didn’t raise me to be stupid three times. Two times was enough and lesson learned. And if you think he will do better as a Magistrate, Gilmer County voters think twice, three times or more before you check that box by his name. We have a magistrate that has been doing the job she is being paid for since 1978 without showing favoritism, partiality, or political favors. This magistrate has degrees, experience, common sense and ability. A lady by the name of Lori Rosenburg is running on the Republican ticket and has a Bachelor’s of Behavioral Science Degree in Psychology/Sociology, with a minor in Criminal Justice and graduated with honors (Cum Laude). She is also dual certified in both Corrections and law Enforcement in Florida. With these qualifications how could or would anyone vote for someone who won’t even prove if he has a GED or not. Gilmer County is in a mess and we as the citizens need to do what is right this time. And I would like to ask the question to see if anyone knows, is Casey Jones still a Deputy Sheriff and being paid by the county or was he fired? This also is being kept kinda quiet along with all the other hush hush in the county. If the Sheriff would have done his job right, he would have fired Casey the day all of this came out. But just another perfect example.
    By Will He Answer??? on 01.23.2012

    From what University did Rosenburg get her degree and what corrections facility or law enforcement agency did she work for in Florida. Which came first? Has she ran for office there? What is her maiden name?
    Comment by Tell Us More on 01.23.2012

    To Tell Us More:
    Thank you for your response to the comment on the Gilmer Free Press made Jan 23, 2012 concerning the two candidates I feel are the only two who are qualified that have filed so far to fill the positions for Magistrates. Those candidates were listed on the Gilmer Free Press Jan 17, 2012 with pictures and information on them. Go to the listing on right under Index, go to Features, go to G-Hype and click. It will take you to the information you
    asked for.

    Comment by Will He Answer?? on 01.24.2012

    To Annonymous:
    I am not referring to metz but to the upcoming candidate Rosenburg. She has nothing to hide,nothing to be ashamed of. She has the credentials to back her up Law enforcement wise and education. She is an extremely smart and fair woman and will show the people what she is made of and what she thinks about the whole matter.I guarantee that as time goes on she will make sure the Gilmer Countians know who she is and what she is about.I’m sure she has documentation to back her up,She just graduated at Glenville State, Come on,she must have GED at least don’t you think. We need a change of some things here and it wont happen overnight.Us that have decided to settle here and call Gilmer our home will be making changes in the future when we are permitted.But no,I was not referring to metz,but to The new candidate who I think will do great and has already got my vote!

    Comment by naked truth on 01.24.2012

    All of the questions asked have not been answered but I will not support another GSC candidate to run this county from the hill, especially one brought in from Florida. The Prosecutor won’t bring any cases forward against them now and the city residents have no right to question the use of their own land in an open meeting. We have taxation without representation in our school system and only silence from GSC administration and local government to protect their political jobs.
    Comment by No Thanks on 01.24.2012

    To Naked Truth:
    Yes, it DOES appear we now have a qualified candidate for Magistrate in Gilmer County.
    The fact she is not ‘related’ here, gives her a extra boost as well. At least we can hope she is someone who is not in bed with the Gilmer old boys club.
    If Metz can go from a karate teacher to Sheriff, then this new gal is certainly qualified for the job.
    Her degrees and training probably make her the best candidate we could possible ask for.
    I do not know her—but she will get my vote—because I know him.

    Comment by Anonymous on 01.24.2012

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    The West Virginia State Police have arrested a Gilmer County man on five counts of first degree sexual abuse and one count of providing false information to a trooper.

    According to a criminal complaint, Jimmie Stewart, 52, of Sand Fork, is accused of sexually abusing a juvenile girl, age 10, up to five times.

    Police said Stewart denied touching the girl and said on one occasion, the girl flirted with him.

    He is being held in the Central Regional Jail on $25,200.00 bond.

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