By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Free Bird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition

Hi! I'm a GSC CO-ED and the chances of me getting raped by a BLACK MAN at Glenville State College and having the rapist go free and never be prosecuted statistically is about 20 times greater than any other college in the state of West Virginia! Isn't it exciting! We all agreed to the BARR code, "Don't lay on your back, unless he is BLACK!"


Peter Barr is the President of Glenville State College and many know he instilled the BARR CODE, Don’t lay on your back unless he is BLACK — And has more or less let his Black Athletes fuck the holy bejesus out of the WHITE female CO-EDS at Glenville State College.

Just ask MARY HUDNALL whose last known residence was 502 A Goodwin Hall. She claims in her police report that she was brutally raped by GABE PHROPHET a BLACK Football Player from Glenville State College wearing number 7 which brought him some luck because he got to forcibly FUCK MARY — And it was JUST OK with Glenville Prosecuting Attorney GERRY HOUGH just like it always is!

In fact, GERRY HOUGH actually represents the rapist, it just looks like he is the prosecution person, but in real life, if you are WHITE he is more of a persecuting penis, than an actual prosecutor.

Head FOOTBALL Coach for Glenville State College David Hutchison loves having a good quarterback, and could really give a shit if Gabe Phrophet is a rapist! Or could he get headlines like this?

The Pioneers offense struck first when quarterback Gabe Prophet hit Joe Lauteria for a 15 yard touchdown early in the first quarter.

The RGW HEADLINES READ : A QB for the Glenville State College Football team, Gabe Phrophet is behind bars for sexual assault charges. The incident allegedly occurred last Friday June 17, 2011 at his home.

“The definition of 1st degree sexual assault is forced penetration, causing serious bodily injury, or use of a deadly weapon, but then I guess a big black hard dick could be considered a weapon and the preferred weapon used by students at the HOME of Rape and Murder in CROOKED COUNTY –  Glenville State College!”

Gabriel Phrophet (Gabe Phrophet), 22, was arraigned by Gilmer County Magistrate Robert Minigh on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 and was facing two felony charges involving sexual assaults of 1st and 2nd degree.

Why the GSC Football player was just booked into jail on the 23rd of JUNE, instead of right before the arraignment is unknown but a precursor to the fact that…



Phrophet is just one of many football players from GSC to be accused of rape, but there have been NO convictions.

Phrophet was booked at Central regional Jail today June 23, 2011.

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon
Full Name: Phrophet,  Gabriel
Height: 6′  2″
Weight: 170 lbs.
Birth Date: 2/2/1989
Gender: Male
Booking Date: 06/23/2011
Facility: Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status: Pre-Trial Felon

Offender Court Order Information

Court Info Number Issuing Agency Location
11F55 AND 11F54 GILMER COUNTY – Bail Amount: $25,000.00

If your looking to rape a hot white chick at a local college you never have to look further than Glenville State College high on the hill overlooking Crooked County down by that Crooked River!

Click the link in GREEN below to check out the court documents of a RAPIST!

Gabe Phrophet Mag Court info

The victim Mary Hudnall had the holy crap fucked out of her, and was scared to death alleges that she was raped, and then sought treatment at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital after the pounding by the QB of the GSC Football team from Washington DC.

The criminal complaint stated that the MARY HUDNALL “Feared for her life,” during the entire terrifying sexual attack!!

In Glenville, as to not tarnish the image of the college, everyone pretends another horrible rape did not happen!

IS THIS what we need in Glenville to stop the crimes of HOUGH and GSC and to STOP THE RAPE OF WHITE WOMEN at GSC?

And then, when the evidence and the gossip become too much, that next step is start to smear the reputation of the victim no matter who she is. If she is the victim the word is put out on her that she is a whore that was asking for it.  It is easy to see GERRY HOUGH manipulated this case.

Mary Hudnall worked at the GO MART right on the main drag in Glenville and lived at 502 A GOODWIN Hall and the RAPE cost her the job along with her college work at GSC — SS members have been trying secretly this week to make contact with her, so that we can give the public and other news agencies the Dirty Deal that we know the POWER ELITE of GLENVILLE gave the poor young girl!

The SS has seen this situation so many times in the past that this time we got specific about what would be said about the victim, who would say it, and from “What” mainstream news source the propaganda would be born.

The only responsible coverage of the latest alleged sexual assault by another QB for GSC was the article in the State Journal based on the article posted on the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website.

The Secret Seven Coalition website published the facts immediately following the arrest of Gabe Phrophet red shirt QB for the GSC football squad.


GABE PROPHET in the documents posted and provided in this article was also a Quarterback — an athlete to be protected at all costs, even if lying and cheating have to take place!

Lying and cheating, is always the first responsibility of Gerry Hough, as we so proudly prove by providing the documents  linked below for public viewing.


"I told you NO!" " ...I can't do this, I have a boyfriend!" "I am drunk leave me alone!"

Their ability to commit crimes seemingly can’t be suppressed and much of our local society prefers to keep underground out of fear of retaliation.  This “climate controlled environment” of collusion, conspiracy and legal thievery exists in a bubble of protection that really needs to be “Popped!”

The synchronicity of the citizens of this county has been so destroyed as to allow the elite leaders to even manipulate probability to their liking.  Divide and conquer is the game they play and we let it happen.  How does it feel to be a puppet on a string?  If you don’t step forward and take a stand that is what you are.

Ask the candidates who have been bankrolled while putting the remote control in the hands of the one who buys them, the CHURCH OF IKE!  These so called businessmen puppets and their tiny minded corporate agendas ruin the county and send those who dare question away as quickly as possible.

Hough as a staff member at GSC received a written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell for his actions involving the Wilkie Perez RAPE Case, but he should have been prosecuted and set a very bad example for GSC staff members

Now we are all guilty of falling for it and letting them control our mind!

TKE where CARLY HOUGH pulled her panties to the side and drank like a fish is being torn down in this photo -- Normally Changes at GSC are always to improve their image at all costs regardless of the outcome to the community

 Most folk know it is wrong, many know the right thing to do is speak out but few have the courage.  People, I don’t go around fire expecting not to sweat!

The micromanagement from the most elite is made worse by the fact that many of their hand selected leaders lack even a rudimentary understanding of the realities of the nonprofit organizations they are supposedly in charge of. They let whatever success they’ve had in business go to their heads and mistake their big-headed certainty for knowledge. This makes their business experience a big liability, because their certainty is misplaced. Our leaders hold exceptional power for such a small place, yet while they have completely unexceptional training in anything relevant to the jobs they seek, they get elected or appointed every time.

Apathy by design has caused our voters to become ever more cynical and apathetic in their attitude toward election politics.  Around 50% of us don’t bother to vote hand feeding the underground. To make things worse, those who do vote, continue to blindly reelect those self serving, smiling puppets regardless of obvious corruption, bad fiscal policies, and awful actions or complete inactions.

Our schools have been taken over, there exists precedent to show that the Career Center could be next and Blankenship is crawling all over that place.  There is so much mistreatment of our students, teachers and anyone who wishes to assist them, I’m surprised the county hasn’t imploded.  Wake up people, the life you save might be your own. Ask the old man Don Singleton beaten by a Gilmer County Deputy Sheriff if he makes it out of the hospital. Gilmer County has “JUMPED OFF” during the first part of 2012



All Concerned Citizens need to BAN TOGETHER and fight these CROOKED CROOKS from Crooked County like a GHOST WOLF -- the best way we know how, enough is enough, one Gilmer County resident hit the matter right on the head on Ground Hogs Day, The truth of the matter is that Sheriff, Prosecutor, and the Commissioners all have skeletons in their closets, and every one of them knows about each other. That is exactly why none of them want to make a move. Simply put “If you tell on me I will tell on you.” Folks, we have to get rid of these bad apples. They need to be replaced by new ones. Can you imagine what can happen if Metz is a Magistrate? Do we want Larry Chapman back? Remember all the wrongdoings at the courthouse happened under his watch, and he did not do a thing about it. Now the only people who get punished are the taxpayer who pays the price. Nothing happens to the criminals. This needs changed

In reading the comments that followed the story on RGW, one alleging an ethics complaint filed against Gerry Hough for improperly obtaining a rape victim’s school records caught the eye of many of our readers.

The informed individual that posted that important bit of information in the comment is someone in the know from the Central WV SS.

We decided to elaborate with all the documents included in our investigation after an associate retrieved all the pertinent documents from the West Virginia Supreme Court.

We found the outcome to fall right into place of special privileges for the Elite and even though Gerry Hough was found to be in the wrong, he received no punishment although guilt and fault were found.

Gerry Hough set a precedent involving illegal actions taken against rape victims at GSC!  You will find out for yourself as you the reader are educated to the facts during this GSC RAPE HISTORY 101 lesson, a course best taught when discussing the misconduct of Gerald B Hough!

Hough was appointed to represent a man by the name of Wilkie Perez, who’d been accused of raping Anita Phillips-Wiseman.  Of course, both were GSC students during these early moments in GSC RAPE History…

In November of that year, Hough asked for, and received, Phillips-Wiseman’s transcripts leading the registrar’s office to believe he was her adviser (who is allowed to see a student’s transcripts).  He was able to do that since at the time, in addition to being an attorney, he was also a GSC faculty member.

Here are a list of allegations of wrongdoing and criminal activity performed by Gerald B Hough on behalf of his client the accused rapist who was a star quarterback as well as WVIAC ALL State first team quarterback for GSC!

GERRY HOUGH started his career doing underhanded things for the benefit of accused rapists!

After Wiseman-Phillips found out,that Hough had obtained her records illegally and in a fraudulent manner, she filed a compliant against Hough with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

That very sad outcome for the community was that no action was taken against Hough clearing the way for many more rapes to come and many more cover-ups with a model case to bring forth the proper guidelines .

“Gerry Hough was only “cautioned” about his actions, and made to reimburse ODC the $400 it cost to conduct its investigation.”

The reason the Lawyer Disciplinary Board opted to give Hough a slap on the wrist was due to the fact he was a new attorney, and sole practitioner.  Also, felt the written reprimand and denial of a pay raise instituted by then GSC President Thomas Powell was sufficient punishment, but truly the matter was criminal and now the public has a real good up close documented look at …


I’m sure you’ll agree that bigger forces were at work here in getting Hough off the hook.  If that had happened anywhere else in West Virginia, Hough would not only have been disciplined by the Supreme Court, but also fired as a faculty member.

“Needless to say, this SS article provides more proof that Gerry Hough is indeed the Patron Saint of male GSC athletes accused of rape!”

By my count, the Perez-Phillips-Wiseman case was just one of many similar rape cases involving athletes from GSC  years that have been swept under the rug by using political power and the local press to suppress evidence, witnesses and public opinion.

By my count, the THE RAPE COUNT is TOO MANY NOW!!

Here is the complete file on the Wilkie Perez rape case – as on record at the West Virginia Supreme Court – involving the victim filing against Gerry Hough!

Wilkie Perez, from Glenville State  was the WVIAC Offensive Player of the Year! 

Fucking A !! The Powers that Be are gonna give that boy full rein on any of the co-eds he wants to bang and dude will be protected by the people who really run things in Crooked County!!

Since the report is a total of 59 pages front and back, the documents had to be scanned in four parts. (Please click links below in green for documents)

Wiseman-Hough complaint file part 1 back-to-front

Wiseman-Hough complaint file part 1 front-to-back

Wiseman-Hough complaint file Part 2 back-to-front

Wiseman-Hough complaint file part 2 front-to-back

The Secret Seven Coalition is delighted to publish these document where we hope these facts will help in exposing this first of many cover-up’s of horrible attacks on young women co-eds at GSC!


The likeness of  Gabe Phrophet shown above in photo with likeness of
alleged rape victim last June at the home of the red-shirted QB of the GSC football team  …just before throwing the bitch down hard and stealing some of that white pussy, because the staff at GSC have alluded to the fact that it’s all part of his football contract!

“Don’t worry, Gerry Hough will get you off  …that’s his job!”

“He does what we say!”

“Pray to Gerry he is the Patron Saint to all Negro rapists down in Crooked County!”

If this article reaches enough of our readers this effort of exposing the real facts of GSC RAPE HISTORY 101 via court documents could be the one tug that unravels the whole Crooked County cloak of deception that we are all wrapped up in by the sacred members of the CHURCH OF IKE, who are often referred to as the  Brotherhood of Darkness!

Come to GILMER COUNTY and take a walk on the Dark Side!

***   UPDATE Friday February 10th


RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE It’s all good down by the Crooked River!

Documents received from VICTIM of a BRUTAL RAPE AT GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE! Come to GSC and get RAPED!


The above document is just some of the paper trail from the rape at Glenville State being investigated by the highest ranks of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition! Evidence exists that proves GERALD B HOUGH is currently covering up another rape at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE HIGH ATOP THE HILL at the County Seat of Crooked County down by the Crooked River the home of the Crooked County Crooks!

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  1. Council of Conservative Citizens - Gabe Phrophet WILL be held accountable.

    It was plain to see what the result of this rape case was going to be, but Gabe Phrophet will be held accountable for his actions. Obviously he is still a student in good standing. Obviously he was not suspended or let go of the school football team which would have been appropriate behavior.

    However, we know the people in charge from Glenville, WV are anything but appropriate and I would like to be informed of all pertinent facts concerning the current situation of this Glenville State College student. Also, lets set up a personal visit with Mary Hudnall just as soon as it can be arranged and contact the person contacted by the deputy on the subpoena.

  2. Maybe GABE would like to party with some home boys, or better yet, maybe dude would like to play a little FOOTBALL. Like a BIG FOOT firmly punted into his balls. Look at that! Right thru the righteous uprights HOO YAH!! Damn that gets my blood a pumpin!

    I bet you anything if we called up HOT TODDY and ask for some CULT members to come and party with us, they would. We could LIGHT SOME FIRES and KICK SOME TIRES! It would be like the old days when we partied with the CULT the BAD COPS those SEXY Cult Bitches doing some PILL POPPIN and BED HOPPIN, and then we could get a FIX like it was 2000 and SIX!


    It might be time to DROP KICK one NEGRO thru the GOAL POSTS OF LIFE!

  3. It is obvious what happened in this rape case, and I believe it would be a good idea to call another meeting, similar to the one during Christmas week, and determine how best to proceed with getting outside help to combat someone as evil as the prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County. This disrespect towards the rights of women has gone way past any limit of restraint. If that were me, and I was Mary Hudnall, I would have calmly walked to my car and retrieved the 44 magnum my daddy gave me and always told to keep under my seat, loaded, and I would have walked right back in that house and shot him several times and then gladly have faced the consequences for that self-defense action. But, that is just me.

    • No Justice In Gilmer

      Sometimes all you can do is defend yourself and let a jury of your peers decide what happens. The trouble here is the juries are hand picked and prosecution is selective but I’m with you on this one. No parent should send their little girl to Glenville State College without a gun permit in hand.They really shouldn’t send them at all. Let it become an all male school and see what happens then.

      Editors note: Maybe there is some kind of beast that exists that would prefer to rape a black man, and then we could take the beast over to GSC and see what all Gabe can be, and maybe Good old fun loving Gabe P can get to see what that hole is all about! Ashes to Ashes and we all fall down, and then we can put a RING around the Gabe Rosie…

  4. Council of Concerned Citizens

    Really what it all boils down to is that in Glenville they feel they can do what they want, regardless of state and federal laws and mores. The fact there has been not even one conviction or anything even remotely resembling a conviction for a rape charge, and this includes and makes adjustment for all the rapes that you don’t even know about, pretty much paints the picture. These elite from Gilmer County, those precious select people will blatantly break the law and then hide behind the politicians in Charleston they give so much money to. Basically the BOG and administrators have taken the law into their own hands and there is only one way to fight these types of people — and unfortunately — I can see that this time it could possibly result in an extremely violent, but justified result. This is exactly the sort of situation that came about as a result of an unsavory and unconstitutional ruling regime that motivated an organized group of people in Boston to jump on board English ships and throw Tea overboard. Unfortunately, the people from around here are not the sophisticated Boston type residents, and it will be more than Tea thrown about and it will be a bunch of real Indians that are real tired of being lied to and living in a society that is not acceptable by any means in America.

    The time to fight back is now, so pass the word. I suggest we gather up as many people as we can muster and carefully negotiate the tactics and personnel needed.

  5. Not that I’m a person that notices details, but if you look at that part of this essay that is taken from the website you can see that Leslie Ward, who is supposedly educated, the webmaster, of the GSC site, could not even spell the name of the rapist correctly.

    The Pioneers offense struck first when quarterback Gabe Prophet hit Joe Lauteria for a 15 yard touchdown early in the first quarter.

    And this of course is my contribution for higher education and please post some more pictures of Liz Butcher. I have become a big fan and look on here every Friday afternoon for a new one.

    Supreme Commander of the SS: Good looking out Helene! We have asked our Butcher Bitches connection Glenville Crazy Gary Collins for some more candid shots, but Gary has gone a little CRAZY lately and has been out of touch. He is the closest person to R Terry Butcher and the Butcher Bitches that we know, and this is the part where someone hits the soundboard button and the voice of R Terry SHRIEKS, “YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!” Can’t wait to play it for ya! It is a hoot boy! We do have maybe 50 or as yet unreleased still that we took from video capture but there is too much nudity and Lesbian type encounters to AIR on this site. But, maybe if you write to us we can you give you a sneak peek of some Butcher PINK! I’ve got a feeling that’s what you may want.

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  7. Darnell Williams: In Search of the Authors of the "CalPatty Press"

    I am in search of the authors of the “CalPatty Press” and anyone from “Democracy ,” several internet searches led me to this site. I am researching a federal court case involving a rape by Sheriffs deputies in Logan County. When I made some calls it was suggested that I contact the CalPatty Press and then in my search engine search, I came up with this;

    just visiting wrote:
    Some Logan deputies are crooked as heck. We had excessive force and other illegal actions against us too, for doing nothing wrong. Something needs to be done to better supervise the deputies. We were visiting from another state and are scared to speak to anyone from the sheriff’s office.

    Contact “CalPatty Press” and “Democracy ,” Their investigative journalist, don’t play, these people help and report the suffering an injustice from the EVILDOERS!! Trust me, what’s been happening to you, has been happening to so many back here. Police corruption goes on everywhere, we no that, but back here it has been OVERKILL!! Our great law officers are being shamed and our entire state because of these few bad gangsters, in our POLICE FORCES HERE!

    Central WV Secret Seven Coalition: The two people that are from the original CalPatty Press are up in the woods this weekend, with the K-9 KILLING KREW and will be hard to get on the phone since the cell coverage is bad, but if your mail is good on this comment, will forward it.

  8. According to source in the GILMER COUNTY COURTHOUSE the elected Sheriff of Gilmer County MICKEY MOUSE Metz was asked for his GED, he said he had it in his pocket(along with a pocket rocket)and the only one he would give the document to was Jean Butcher Gilmer County Commission Clerk and nobody else could see it. He,”Knew the law,” and wasn’t going to show it to anybody and was apparently convinced to say he had it when his quote of the law was incorrect.

    According to our inside source Butcher is now cutting off her relationship with the Commission and refuses to let anyone see it although she says she has it. A call has been placed to the Secretary of State but not by her. She refuses to call the SoS to ask any questions about the election as she says she knows and Beverly Marks is in there running the election once again.

    Central WV Secret Seven Coalition: Although this information is very new and current information, we like to do a little further checking when the info originally comes from a Non-SS investigator. I am just a bit confused as to how Butcher thinks she can cut herself off from the commission when she is the commission clerk, so that is interesting. We have had info that told us the GED METZ has is a forgery, and therefore we would like to have an expert examine it, and I was told, that if we were denied our request to look at the document, that we would just take it from them, but that is not me talking. One thing I believe we are all convinced of is that Mickey Metz is every bit as big as a criminal as his brother is, that I believe his brother ERIC is in PRISON now, but someone please correct me if I am wrong. Also be advised that all mail sent to is now being forwarded to — So those sending crime tips to the old CalPatty address can save some time and send it directly to the SS address.

    I would like to comment on Beverly Marks being in the courthouse running things. I believe there is enough evidence available and ready to move forward to place Beverly Marks under arrest. If she is working illegally inside the courthouse, well then she would be easy to find and serve, and hopefully shackle up. If that is a situation that can be realized, well then we will be sure to let all mainstream press sources know, and we will be there with a professional camera to record all the action. Wouldn’t it be cool to have that photo of the cuffs being slapped on that crazy bitch that RIGGED the last election in November of 2010. If she is attempting to rig this one, then we need to report a crime being committed by NATALIE TENNANT for she would have to allow that sort of behavior. Someone should shoot her lawyer a note saying we will report this to the US ATTORNEY and file an official complaint if this information is found to be true.

  9. Yeah, they say Metz had his GED in his pocket but wouldn’t let anyone see it but Jean Butcher and that included the Commission. It’s not hard to tell who’s trying to run the politics in that court house. Since Beverly Marks is still coming in to run the election this clerk says she knows it all and refuses to call the Secretary of State while others wait for the answers. There’s nothing wrong with a GED and it meets the requirement which is a high school diploma. That’s all anyone should be showing as proof of qualification. That’s all that’s needed. We hear what he has shown is forged or altered. Metz,why don’t you show what you have before another FOIA hits the courts, people want to know and should have the right to know if they’re voting for a candidate that qualifies and won’t be challenged down the road?

  10. Council of Concerned Citizens - Gilmer County Citizens SPEAK OUT on important issues on the FREE PRESS!

    Readers’ Recent Comments
    I have always been told that all information in the Court House IS PUBLIC information, unless it has been sealed by the Judge. I would have a most difficult time trusting anything that is said by those in the County Clerk’s office. Look all ready, what their bumbling has cost the community. Law suit settlements, caused Freedom of Information Lawsuits and on. Although, that very bumbling has really helped lay out and expose the trend of incompetence in a couple of the court house offices. Namely the Sheriff, Clerk, and PA office. And most of that bumbling, traces right back to the very individual in charge. We do need to thank the bumbling individuals for finally getting the attention of the WEST VIRGINIA RECORD though.

    By keep diggin’ y’all on 02.04.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-Editorial™: Challenge to Candidates for Gilmer County Magistrate – 2012’.
    Is it true that when there were reported election irregularities in the County the last time and the SOS was involved, Ike was the person the SOS official ran to with nothing happening? If true, why is it that he had anything to do with the mess? Or, was all that too in the Did Not Happen category? Like it or not Ike is assumed to be the king pin in total control of the County from bottom to top include the struggling Glenville State College.
    By S. Amos on 02.04.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-Editorial™: Challenge to Candidates for Gilmer County Magistrate – 2012’.
    For all the people that think that news attention to the problem was unneeded: How would you feel if you had a student tell the cheerleader cheering on a fellow basketball player who hadn’t played and it was the last 2 mins chanting his name to get his spirits up since his head was down and maybe get the coach to put him in put this on face book”“You Represent Gilmer County High School, that means you Cheer for all of the players! If you don’t want to cheer for the whole team, then don’t cheer at all!! Simple as that!! Isn’t that a bully statement?
    How would you feel if your child was told by a student and a coach of the school that you are fat and made animal noises. Then goes home on Facebook and says “you made my day haha”
    What about “I got you man I guess we need to recruit some new cheerleaders though “ or “can someone explain to to me why there are fat cheerleaders?!“

    By anonymous on 02.04.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: GCHS Bullying’.
    It did not happen (DNH) has been the standard mantra in Gilmer County. Reported rapes at GSC DNH. Corruption in the court house and the legal system DNH. Cover ups of drug dealing and use, DUI, and DWI by the elite DNH. Estate plundering by members of a local law firm DNH. The reported raucous party along 33 DNH. The incidents by adults at Charleston involving GCHS athletes DNH. The list is endless. Folks, we are not brain dead. When hearing DNH we must expose facts. We are dealing with a group disinteresed in truth and if an incident happened to be seen by 100 citizens, video taped, and with a signed confession the standard cry would be it DNH. One thing we definitely need to happen is for GCHS’s principal and Blankenship to be replaced.
    By A. Jenkins on 02.04.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: GCHS Bullying’.
    I suggest an immediate complaint be filed with the SoS. And even though I believe Natalie Tennant to be as Crooked as the most Crooked by her actions alone in Gilmer County, it is a start.
    Jean Butcher is nothing short of being a criminal in my book for some of the things that have been pulled off by the County Commission, Gilmer Housing Partners and the B&B law firm.
    Butcher is not going to comply because she doesn’t want to give away the fact that METZ credentials are minimum or below.
    But, in her words, “That’s the way we always do it.“
    In my book, if we look hard we may find her guilty of criminal behavior and activity.

    By Concerned Citizen on 02.04.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-Editorial™: Challenge to Candidates for Gilmer County Magistrate – 2012’.
    Sooo….. Beginning to wonder if Mickey Metz troop has it figured out?
    Do something stupid—-and get put on ‘administrative’ leave? Stay home and get paid?
    Now after beating the 76 year old man, suppose another deputy on paid leave?
    And, if not, why not? The GC Sheriff’s dumb list is growing..
    And at the last commissioners meeting the Sheriff was lamenting that his department is short handed? Heaven help us.

    By Anonymous on 02.03.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him’.
    Sounds like Gilmer Sheriffs office needs a large,large enema
    By naked truth on 02.03.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him’.
    Candidate Rosenburg has already provided her documentation to the court matter of fact i think she may have been the first one. there is no question of her credentials and she has nothing to hide.With her there is no questions such as validity of her credentials unlike there is for the other candidate,or candidates.
    The county asked and she provided.Did anyone else provide this as well?And yea,, did Obama ever provide an official valid birth certificate?Just hough i’d ask that as well
    By naked truth on 02.03.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-Editorial™: Challenge to Candidates for Gilmer County Magistrate – 2012’.
    To the Council of Concerned Citizens:
    If the autopsy was not released because Fred Hill’s death is still under investigation that’s an indicator that the autopsy revealed foul play and his death was not accidental. Was the autopsy released?

    By Anon on 02.03.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him’.

  11. Come Celebrate the 5th BIRTHDAY of the CalPatty Press as we take a trip back in time on the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS, just click on the Green Link above on this comment to go to:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALPATTY PRESS FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY FEBRUARY 5th — Here is a CalPatty Press Original in Celebration!

    HOUGH….FACEMIRE, MICKEY METZ and the entire crew of Crooked County Crooks would be a lot better off if they spent more time sucking on HOT DOGS like DREW MOODY the burned out hippie queer… and Dave Cockamamie the editor of the Glenville Demo-Crap and pathfinder of BULLSHIT!

    We would love to have a photo with all of them sucking on the BIG Dog!


    It is my understanding that two people involved have been secretly taped talking about the tail light situation. Richards’s attorney is holding on to the tapes in order to impeach Sheriff Metz’s testimony. These tapes do not have to be turned over to the State until the Sheriff testifies, and than Richards’s attorney will present the tapes for impeachment purposes to the Court. After talking to a State Investigator regarding the Richards case in Gilmer County, there are also Tapes that will be produced by Defense Counsel after Trooper Doug Starcher is questioned by Counsel. With out a doubt, Trooper Starcher will lie on the witness stand regarding questions asked by Richards’s attorney. Thereafter, solid evidence of Trooper Starcher lies will be set forth and presented to the Court.

    I remember Trooper Starcher being caught in Judge Nibert’s Court and Nibert telling Starcher to never step foot in his Court Room again. I myself, hate all the wrong committed by Doug Starcher while serving as a West Virginia State Trooper. Although, I am not for any kind of criminal activity, I will however commend John Richards for standing up against the wrongs committed by Starcher, and putting together a solid case against the cops who tried to set him up. I have seen the video tapes of individuals like Pete Dilgard for instance that admits Trooper Doug Starcher force him to sign a false statement against Richards. There are several documents that were falsified by Starcher as well as other case evidence. Richards has assisted his attorneys in unraveling Trooper Starcher’s misconduct, and has produced solid evidence which will prove it.

  13. Rina McCoy received documents indicating there was another rape cover up at Glenville State College and the victim is seeking compensation through court of claims.

    Opie Watkins is accused of sexually assaulting someone in the Fall 2010 semester. Some checking into the matter was done by the SS, and it appears Mr. Watkins is currently a sophomore at Glenville studying, what else, criminal justice.

    Also, he’s originally from, where else, Myrtle Beach. He’s engaged to GSC student Jordan Bennett, a sophomore majoring in pre-nursing, from Buckingham County, Virginia.

    From what I’m gathering is that a women was sexually assaulted by Watkins during his Freshman year at GSC. As usual, the College covered this one up.

    The victim attempted to get some financial reimbursement from the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund. In order to do that, a victim of crime must report the crime within 72 hours to law enforcement, then file a claim within the next two years.

    The documents this person sent indicate that CVCF was reluctant to pay on the victim’s claim which is probably in large part due to the botched investigation.

    SS representatives discovered Watkins is’friends with Eric Squires, GSC’s Office of Public Safety’s version of Barney Fife a dude that will BREAK THE LAW to ABIDE BY the CHURCH OF IKE – And needs slapped like the bitch he is for this one. In fact, we may stand guard and let the victim bitch slap him, for what could he do when confronted with well armed SS.

    To the informant that sent this package forward to us, one of the files none of us could open, so the file was corrupted, we had to piece together the crime from documents opened in word file, so RESEND ENTIRE RAPE CLAIM and contact numbers we want to meet face to face with the victim and we would like to file civil and criminal law action on behalf of the victim, but we need MORE INFO. SEND IT!

    SS Member: GSC signed a 12 page resolution with the OFFICE OF CIVIL RIGHTS at the beginning of 2012 ?! Contains several steps they must follow including reopening the case. Investigator states ” It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING.” Have several documents to verify. It needs to be known. Also includes US Attorney. Also denied civil rights to VICTIM withheld complete medical file by Stonewall Jackson Hospital! Corruption runs deep down by the Crooked River!

    We are looking to speak with MARY HUDNALL RAPE VICTIM face to face, does anyone know how to contact her, so we can set up a meeting?

    • Dear Ghost Wolf:
      So Jordan “Opie” Watkins is finally revealed!!!!! Well it has been a long time coming for that piece of work. Currently he is not attending GSC and neither is his little girlfriend. They are living in Georgia, because they were not wanted here. I heard through the grapevine that those two took a GSC employee for a ride of $100.00. They sold him some raffle tickets and pocketed the money, which belonged to the Criminal Justice Fraternity at GSC. The President of the Criminal Justice Organization that kicked them to the curb was none other than current Magistrate Candidate, Rosenburg (way to go Candidate you have my vote). Watkins was not a current member due to piss poor grades, but his girlfriend was. They took the tickets sold them and ran with the money. When this all surfaced, the employee would not press charges against Watkins, but had it in for the girlfriend and wanted to see her fry for the whole thing, and she did. She was forever removed from the Criminal Justice Club.
      However, the club tried to get Watkins for what he did, but couldn’t do it since the GSC employee wouldn’t press charges against him, even though Watkins is the one who sold him the tickets. He was turned in to Chief Bell for other things by the organization such as having a real 9 mm on college campus during a Halloween party in Pickens Hall, on his hip no less. He brandished the firearm for all to see that night and posted it on his girlfriend’s Facebook. Watkins claimed to be a Wounded Warrior as he wore his Marine Uniform in Public, but that dumb scum never made it out of boot camp, has never been overseas and does not deserve to be called a soldier in any way. He even smoked pot on one of the Criminal Justice Club’s trips to DC; he is a coward to the core just like the color of his butter crusted teeth. So there you have it a little dish on that Opie dude….good riddance Watkins!!!!
      PS. I have a picture of him with the gun in plain sight on campus…..but don’t know how to share it with the citizens of Gilmer County

      Supreme Commander of the SS: SEND THAT PHOTO to: and any other photos and pertinent info. What started out as a perfect day with my dog in the woods, ended up pretty riled up, for now that we are getting facts, one has to wonder HOW MANY MORE? I always try to gather the facts first, so I was sent info, and I sent it on to better qualified persons to handle this matter. I am trying to keep everyone level headed, but this is what you get in a lawless society like Glenville. I say to hell with GSC, let it go all the way down, we ALL will be better off with better futures. We need names, dates, incidents, and a timely report, you can make them public or private, for more experienced individuals in this sort of thing will be given the data to move forward with.

  14. Crooked County Crooks - CITIZENS SPEAK OUT ON FREE PRESS about elderly man beaten by Sheriff Deputy!

    Assault charges should be brought immediately against this deputy, and the State Police need to give an accounting of their participation in this.

    Unfortunately for us in Gilmer County, Virginia Lanham, Assistant Attorney General is the chief counsel for the State Police and she has proved herself to be dishonest—and not move complaints forward if they are from Glenville and/or Gilmer County no matter what the evidence. Her father was an attorney for IKE MORRIS and she grew up here locally.

    The last complaint filed against the police involving Gilmer County and Gerald B Hough she tried to cover up, but Major Ingold of Police Standards was ordered to send the complaint immediately back that same day intact with all documents, that same report was forwarded to Shawn Morgan Assistant US Attorney, and the complaint was picked up by Special Litigation’s because it did have merit, but they usually are only contacted when a legitimate complaint, was covered up or turned down.

    By Council of Concerned Citizens on 02.06.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him – Update’.
    This was uncalled for. The old man was patting you on the arm to get attention, that is the way we have to do when we can’t hear right.
    And Metz you are still the sheriff for now, and you do have control of what your officers do. But this will help you not to get elected to anything.
    You wouldn’t even take the papers the family got against the officer. And the one trooper had already left the garage, so he didn’t see what started it.
    But one person knows and you better ask him to forgive you and tell the family you are sorry or you may burn in hell.

    By Anonymous on 02.06.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him – Update’.
    Guess this is the way the Sheriff has trained his boys? It sure makes the Casom Jones taser deal a lot more believable.
    And now Mickey Metz wants us to vote for him for Magistrate? I surely hope the community is smarter than that?
    Think before you mark a ballot for Metz.

    By GC Smokey on 02.06.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him – Update’.
    To Commisioners:
    Metz M U S T G O
    He has failed us and continues to do so.
    The only thing he has been good at is lying, hiding behind his deputies, stealing, to just name a few.
    Metz M U S T B E R E M O V E D

    By WatchDog on 02.06.2012

    From the entry: ‘Gilmer County Man in Intensive Care, But Officers Deny Hurting Him – Update’.

  15. Attention all SS members and affiliates it is time to take immediate action. I have received more info on the rape and sent it to FREE BIRD and will be sending the rest to everyone else. After getting the story, I am afraid that it has made me relive my own rape, and quite frankly I agree with THE DAD on this one. He says he would like to pick up a gun and go after all of them, after speaking with the father of the VICTIM who says his daughter has a 4.0 average at GSC and is going to college on grants because she was smart and kind of nerdy like me. I told someone that I almost started crying about it, but I lied.

    It is time to go kick some ass! Who is with me?

    They drugged this girl on purpose and we have all the names and there is more than one rapist, yes, I said more than one. They have gone too far. Stay the HELL OUT OF THIS Shelly fucking Morris DeMarino and shut the fuck up and quit calling people you LOW LIFE, you have crossed the line bitch. You people, when you all fuck up, you fuck up BIG!

    YOU PEOPLE that run GSC are nothing short of fucking monsters and if you are going to keep doing this to perfectly good young women, then maybe you should get some of the same, and I am making some calls, yeah to the bad boys of the SS that are already pissed off and looking for a fight, and I think you know that, so as my dude likes to say, BRING IT BITCHES BRING IT ALL you animals!!

    We are bringing the dogs god damn it and it is time for them to go ahead and do what they have been trained to do. PROTECT!

    Supreme Commander of the SS: Nothing we like more than a good fight, for surely what could be better than that? DANGER do not trespass My DOG has a gun and refuses to take his medication, so this could be serious.

  16. From what has been reported by observant SS it seems that the dark side of Shelly Morris DeMarino is starting to show over the fact the TRUTH about Sheriff Mickey METZ has been revealed in a situation that it appears METZ may have LIED about his credentials of a GED and that it may be forged and also that he stole Timber after falsely shutting down a legal operation and then refused to pay the money or reimburse anyone for the mistakes of the Gilmer County Sheriff and many OTHER CRIMES by METZ that are now being exposed on the GFP and other internet sites, and she just can’t stand it. And also, her dark side is showing over the fact that her best friends husband GERRY HOUGH has been exposed for his crimes going all the way back to the Wilkie Perez days and his willingness to BREAK THE LAW in order to preserve the image of GSC at all costs, no matter how many lives are ruined.

    Nobody is fooled by the CHURCH of IKE rhetoric anymore about how it is such a sin to read the alternative news internet sites like Revenge of the GHOST WOLF and the CalPatty Press. And we understand that has been being suggested by Shelly Morris DeMarino as of late.

    Without the Gilmer Free Press, and the other websites like this one the general public would be continually fooled by the wicked and evil powers that be, the Glenville Elite.

    Sheriff Mickey Metz and Gerald B Hough have proved to be ANTI – PROGRESS for the people of Gilmer County and have proved to be nothing short of criminals. We need to continue to expose their misconduct and hope that we can hold them legally accountable for their criminal actions.

    Guess what BITCHES in the elite, there is a NEW SHERIFF in TOWN NOW!

    Maybe it is YOUR TURN to be RAPED and PLUNDERED! For we are going to put a stop to your abuse of women and giving the negro football player full rein. Fuck that!

  17. It was decided last night late during a conference call with high rank SS officials and after a meeting with representatives of the Press, that we will be keeping this article on the front page for one more week pending the investigation of ANOTHER RAPE case, but this one involving another CHURCH OF IKE CHILD the criminal justice department of Glenville State College, and several people involved from that organization. It appears there could be multiple criminal offenders involved in IKE MORRIS’ other child besides the football team, the CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT of GSC and the Criminal Justice Fraternity in which a candidate for magistrate Lori Rosenburg, of Gilmer County was the President of.

    To people that have written letters requesting the investigation of the case, we have decided to jump in with both feet,but WILL NOT BE reporting much about the incident until all the facts are cleared, but may run some articles or updates on other Secret Seven Coalition sites or some members may submit articles to the GFP for approval.

    From facts gathered so far, it appears that law enforcement bungled this RAPE of an HONOR STUDENT investigation on purpose, which also includes officials and persons responsible for these types of actions that are employee’s of Stone Wall Jackson hospital.

    Stone Wall Jackson will turnover in his grave when the crimes committed by students of Glenville State College and team players from another of IKE’S BABIES the criminal justice department are revealed.

    It appears there has been another cover up, in which the Department of Public safety at the college is not only directly involved with, but involved to the degree the matter could indeed be criminal.

  18. Council of Concerned Citizens - The Truth about 76 year old Gilmer man beaten by Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy

    Point 1—Law enforcement does not need a warrant to ask where someone is.

    Point 2—We would only know the complete truth of what happened between Deputy Huffman and Mr. Singleton is someone had video of the incident. I’ve seen the pictures that were posted, and my grandfather (approx. same age as Mr. Singleton)has larger bruises from his 2lb poodle jumping in his lap. Come on people anyone arrested (and if they protested) “WILL HAVE BRUISES” Old person or not they have to respect the law just like everyone else.

    Point 3—Any time an arrest is made officers do not need a warrant to search the property. The arrestee opened the door for them!!!

    Point 4—Why did Mr. Singleton wait to go to SJMH. Why didn’t he see a nurse at CRJ? If they felt his injuries were life threatening they would have called an ambulance for him.

    Point 5—If they haven’t been back looking for Misty, maybe they already know where she is.

    For everyone that keeps putting down the law enforcement we have, I say “GET OFF YOUR DUFF” and “DO IT YOURSELF.“ Or maybe that might actually be a JOB and you wouldn’t have time to complain.

    Maybe there should be a “BLUE FLU” and see how many of you good citizens might need our police department and you’re screwed!!!

    PS—I am not an anyway affiliated with the police department/law enforcement. Just a Gilmer County Citizen sick and tired of having to read all the BS other citizens complain about. If you don’t like it do something about it. But stay on the right side of the law if you do. If Mr. Singleton would have just said Misty wasn’t there and kept his mouth shut this whole situation would have been avoided. Someone is just looking for a pay out.
    Comment by Anon on 02.07.2012

    By the way—Casey Jones you are missed and Ben Huffman keep doing your job. I’d vote for you if you ran for sheriff.

    And I will not respond to “crap” comments from you outstanding gilmer county residents!!!!!
    Comment by anon on 02.07.2012

    To Anon:

    Thanks GOD for FREE SPEECH in Gilmer County or NONE of us would have a clue as to what a complete WHACK JOB you are Mr Law Enforcement, your POINT 2 is POO! Absolute POO and I will say it to your face!

    In my opinion, YOU are a complete idiot, and thanks for speaking freely and letting us all know, but YOU got to go, if you are any LE around here.

    We will get off our DUFF and do it ourselves, what do you think we have been doing for YOU ARE ALL about worthless, except for Trooper Smith and Oakie, of whom I am respectful of.

    YOU are just the type to beat on an old man that was more or less provoked in his own home.

    This is more of a warning for US ALL to stay well armed and ready for idiots just like Mr ANON.

    Hey MR Anon, would you be interested in helping us with some of our dog training while wearing your uniform?
    Comment by Council of Concerned Citizens – President on 02.07.2012

    For those of you who fail to see the real problem, the real issue is we have a sheriff who continuously fails to fulfill his duties:

    1) He takes away the deputies pay raises and instead tell them they are allowed to work for the city when they are not on duty for sheriff so they can make more money. This result in deputies having to work too many hours and stressed out. Whose fault is it really? The sheriff.

    2) He is chicken sh** and never does anything himself and always sets his deputies up. Has he ever files a single criminal complaint? Of course he has another problem, can’t read or write!

    3) His deputies should always be in control no matter what the victim does or says. Any physical abuse of any kind by law enforcement should not be tolerated.

    4) Remember his attempt to cover-up the taser incident and mishandling it.

    5) Remember he showed up to the scene of the accident of Doug Morris and did not try to find out who it was until his deputy showed way later.

    6) Remember the ‘no foul play’ with Fred Hill? What ever happen to the investigation called for by the prosecutor? I hear the prosecutor is calling another investigation in this incident!!! Is it another attempt to hope that this one will go away to?

    7) Remember the teenage drinking with Mickey present and abuse of the girls by his son-in-law?

    8) Remember the huge loads of timber disappearing from ones farm; we have heard so much about.

    The list can go on. But can anyone remember the last time Sheriff Metz stood in front, calling a press conference and addressing the issue at hand? Of course not. Anytime something happens he disappears. In the case of Mr. Singleton, nobody could find either Metz or Hough for information. They were both gone!! Do we call them public servants?
    Comment by Don’t miss the real problem on 02.08.2012

    If in fact, Sheriff Metz does not have the “required credential” to perform the duties of his office……does this mean that any ticket, any testimony, and court cases can be challenged and overturned? This would surely cost the taxpayers a lot of money, I’d guess. I am wondering that the honorable thing to do, at this juncture, would be to retract his application for magistrate, quietly resign and go home? Or he can show his credentials, if in fact, he has them? We are waiting Sheriff Metz. You are up at bat.
    Comment by Anonymous on 02.08.2012

  19. If that old man is anything like Rod he deserved everything he got! Bunch of woman beating sons-of-bitches!

    Editors note: Is that the takes one to know one theory, that makes you bring that up without the ranch eggs to put your name to it. I can understand your reason however, for being frustrated after hearing we are bringing in some real police this week. The kind that don’t like bad cops like you.

    Supreme Commander of the SS: You see, you might be right about Rod, nobody doubts your reason, and many may truly agree with you Mr Anon. So thank you for your comment, but even the hotties in the SS don’t seem to grasp how ROD being a woman beater computes to having his dads’ ass beat. Shouldn’t it be Rod taking the beating? In fact, you could possibly may have even gotten no complaints from anyone if that were the case, considering your knowledge of the subject may be accurate.

  20. It’s good to know you’re a great Mexican breakfast. I bet that the fact you are fried eggs served on tortillas and smothered with cooked salsa has you really “shaking in your boots.”

    Editors note: Tio, qué carajo están hablando, lo significa finalmente averiguado es que un desayuno de huevos de Rancho, no importa escuchar de usted, pero Jesucristo al menos tienen algo inteligente que decir.

    Que? Si estás loco, entonces tal vez debería dejar pero blanco deslizamiento de la correa y, a continuación, podría ser desayuno

  21. SR a friend of DW is the father of 11 children, and five more according to Tara Kennedy, but of course Tara tends to lie a lot, which isn’t all newsworthy of an item, when you consider that SR is not underprivileged the way people usually are who have 11 children. SR has made over 200,000 a year or maybe 3 sometimes because there is nobody that can find coal and get it out of the ground like he can. In other words his production magic was equal to or better than his reproduction magic, and sometime DW would catch his friend rubbing his head, as SR sometimes did for luck.

    One day DW who lived in Wirt County down by Creston way, and is a farmer came to see his friend SR. DW said he just bought a nice BULL and he wanted SR to go down to his farm with him, so he can do some braggin and such, as it was a prize BULL that cost more than DW could really afford. SR was a busy man, as was plain for anyone to see and said he wasn’t all that interested in farming or coming to see the Bull. But, DW said, “Well hell, it don’t matter a bit if you see the Bull to me, I want the BULL to see YOU and I was a hopin you could do that rubbin on your head thing, on those big bull balls, so as I can a prosper too!


    On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 3:18 PM, (CENSORED E-MAIL)> wrote:
    Have received your e-mail. sorry about files that didn’t open. At this time am trying to acquire an attorney. Not sure what to do as I do not want to screw up possibility for my stepdaughter to be able to prosecute. Bell is biggest problem as he as a law enforcement officer has said a lot of things to try and keep us from being able to do anything. We are working with an advocate out of Lewis county. I mentioned to my wife that I sent the investigator report and she is pondering whether to release the resolution. Again we have been working diligently to get anywhere with this matter and I don’t want to screw up. Will try and keep you updated as much as I can. The resolution has time limits and we believe that GSC is going to try and wait till last minute to run out statute of limitations. I personally would like to do the REDNECK thing and string them all up. In my daughters situation a girl mixed the drinks and the RA found her in the shower with 5 guys.!!! Stonewall Jackson is also involved as they did NOT handle this in proper procedure. 2 Lewis county law officers were present when she arrived there and took statements. Unreal how everything was hidden. Evidence “LOST” ! COVER UP !!!!!

  23. I do not want to screw up possibility for my stepdaughter to be able to prosecute.

    Actually since the CRIME took place at GSC, YOUR POSSIBILITY of prosecution is ALREADY SCREWED because GERRY HOUGH is the prosecutor in Gilmer County, and you can be sure if there is a cover up he is already in on it.

    GERRY was not beneath being guilty of a FERPA Violation as reported above to save the image of the school and the detriment of ruination of the victim. It is our job to REVEAL and EXPOSE just what a monster Gerald B Hough is, and also to educate the public to the fact that he has actually made the entire area and especially GSC UNSAFE and now we have many people from outside the state of West Virginia just waiting for him to fuck up again, for he will and we certainly won’t be shocked for that is just exactly what GERALD B HOUGH does, because he is a complete fuck up.

    Here is what WE DO, because of a precedent setting case, we can gather the evidence and present it all to the GRAND JURY without Gerry Houghs presence, or involvement, for he will never prosecute a rape case at GSC for HOUGH is a CRIMINAL and we have proved that fact through evidence and evidence that was recently sent to the WV Supreme Court for review.

    Gerry Hough is a FUCK UP and will never stop fucking up…


    By Lawrence Smith -Kanawha Bureau WV RECORD

    GLENVILLE – Following a lawsuit to compel its release late last year, Gilmer County officials made public last month details of the settlement in a dispute between the county clerk, and a Virginia bank.

    Upon conclusion of a five-minute special meeting held Jan. 20, the Gilmer County Commission disclosed the details of the settlement reached in the third-party suit Summit Community Bank of Winchester, Va. filed against the clerk’s office in U.S. District Court in October 2010.

    In exchange for admitting no wrongdoing, the clerk’s office, via its insurance carrier West Virginia Risk Corp., agreed to pay Summit $40,000.

    Summit filed suit against the clerk’s office after it was named as a co-defendant in a breach of contract suit filed in March 2010 by Textron Financial Corp. of Providence, R.I. In its suit, Textron alleged New Horizon Home Sales, an Athens, W.Va.-based modular home dealer, defaulted on paying them for property they helped New Horizon acquire in 2005 when New Horizon, three years later, sought permanent financing from Summit’s branch in Moorefield.

    According to the suit, New Horizon purchased property in the Rivers’ View subdivision outside of Glenville along W. Va. Route 5 between the Otterbein United Methodist Church and the Gilmer Federal Corrections Institution.

    Records show New Horizon purchased the properties from Gilmer Housing Partners, a for-profit corporation managed by Glenville State College President Peter B. Barr, and located at his home on One Pioneer Way.

    GHP was also named as co-defendant in the breach of contract suit, but was later dismissed a year later.

    In its suit, Summit alleged it was brought into Textron’s suit unwittingly due to the clerk’s office failure to properly record lien information. Specifically, Summit alleged the clerk’s office violated state law when it did not list New Horizon’s president, Jack Jones, as a co-debtor on a Uniform Commercial Code fixture filing.

    Records show, Summit reached a tentative settlement with the clerk’s office on Oct. 11.

    Following the settlement, West Virginia Record contributor Lawrence Smith made efforts to find out the details, including repeated telephone calls to the clerk’s attorney, Wendy Greve, and through the filing of a Freedom of Information Act request. When the requested information was not forthcoming, Smith filed suit in Gilmer Circuit Court to compel its release on Dec. 23.

    When asked how much of a deductible the county would be paying as a result of settling Summit’s claim, commissioners referred questions to Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough.

    When contacted, Hough said the amount was $10,000 though the county had yet to receive a bill for it.

  25. GILMER PROSECUTOR CALLS FOR OFFICER INVESTIGATION - "Excessive Force" Used Against Elderly Man

    Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerald Hough has asked the West Virginia State Police Professional Standards Division to investigate alleged excessive force on a 75-year old hearing-impaired man by law enforcement, when they went to his rural residence on Dry Fork Road on January 30.

    State Trooper F.L. Raynor and Deputy Sheriff Benton Huffman were looking for another person related to what was described as a “welfare check,” that person was not on the property.

    Family members said Donald Eugene Singleton (right) was sitting in his garage when he engaged in a verbal altercation with the officers.

    According to a criminal complaint, Singleton then struck Deputy Huffman on the arm over a citation he had written about one year before.

    That’s when Singleton was arrested for battery on an officer and taken to Central Regional Jail, says the complaint.

    Singleton’s family claims he received severe multiple injures to his head, arms and legs and was taken to Stonewall Jackson Hospital from jail to Weston and then to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, where he was admitted to Intensive Care.

    They say he suffered “blood on the brain,” and was in critical condition after the incident.

    The police’s criminal complaint says, “While enroute to the Central Regional Jail, Mr. Singleton advised that the hand-cuffs were hurting his hands, and (officer) pulled over to check the handcuffs and noticed they had slid down his wrist and he had abrasions on both his hands from the handcuffs.”

    The officer then states, “I retrieved some gauze from my first aid kit and got the bleeding stopped, then continued to Central Regional Jail.”

    Prosecutor Hough, in calling for the special investigation, states, “Accusations against police officers are serious matters; their conduct is often under close scrutiny. We take this extra measure to insure that citizens’ rights are protected and the public is well served.”

    Council of Concerned Citizens: When HOUGH says things like, “We take this extra measure to insure that citizens’ rights are protected and the public is well served.” …you can pretty much rest assured that he is lying through his crooked teeth down in that crooked county of Gilmer!

    IS THIS JUST LIKE THE SPECIAL INVESTIGATION OF FRED HILL? Yeah yeah yeah, we have seen a special investigation by Hough before, but to bullshit the common citizen at this point during an election year, is about all we can take.


  26. Just a reminder that we will be keeping this article on the front page for one more week pending the investigation of ANOTHER RAPE CASE at GLENVILLE STATE COLLEGE.

    But as evidenced by documents, one of which is added onto this current SS article, this RAPE involves yet another CHURCH OF IKE CHILD the Criminal Justice Department of Glenville State College, and several people involved from that organization.

    It appears there could be multiple criminal offenders involved in IKE MORRIS’ other child besides the football team, the CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT of GSC and the Criminal Justice Fraternity in which a candidate for magistrate Lori Rosenburg, of Gilmer County was the President of.

    Editors note: It appears that many of the members of Lori Rosenburg’s group from 18 months ago were allegedly involved in a brutal rape that included the assistance of TWO FEMALE members of her organization that first drugged the victim after pretending to be the victims friend, while mixing up a BATCH of a strong alcohol concoction that was laced with drugs. ALL PEOPLE that know of this alleged criminal incident, and want to do the right thing and provide further information to investigators are asked to contact the SS as soon as it is convenient at:

    The matter is being investigated currently by professionals, and as many as ten people may be guilty of wrongdoing in this latest CHURCH OF IKE criminal action.

    So far we have documents sent that are from the Office of CIVIL RIGHTS that condemn the actions of Dan Bell GSC public safety officer at the scene that covered up this rape, from the facts gathered so far.

    Then, when you have BLACK RAPIST PUBLIC safety officers getting all hopped up on METH and trying to break into local homes, and then be further insulted by GERRY HOUGH covering up that crime, well then the CHURCH OF IKE becomes a TRUE DANGER TO THE COMMUNITY.

  27. RAPE is so common place in Glenville now thanks to GSC

    Good call by the Claims Court for Benzo is known as a popular date rape drug. Now the question is, how controlled are the resident assistants at GSC? Are they looking out for number one because it looks good on a resume or are they hand picked to cover up any situation? There’s only one other option and that is that they’re honest. This could be a sister or aunt or cousin! People you need to do what’s right to protect each other, not Glenville State College. If Barr was looking out for you these kind of situations couldn’t happen on campus but they always do.

    Editors note: We are seeking a certain RA in this case, so they should be advised to contact us before the boys from the CCC from ALABAMA catch up to them, for that one won’t be such an easy conversation. The CCC has seen all the pictures of the FAKE REDNECK OPIE carrying side arm and he is most likely… (Censored by the SS)

  28. If you check the February 09, 2012 Democrat page 5A under Corcoran Column under A Casual supper.
    My chuckles for the day!

    1. Mr. Phil Reale verified that the newspaper did really help to land the federal prison in the county which has boosted the population and the area’s commerce. Jim Fealy smoothed the way.

    2. The prison would create primary prison jobs and secondary jobs within the community.

    Q. How many Gilmer County people are employed at this prison?
    A. Not very many as most are from other counties and states.

    Q. How many secondary jobs did this prison create???
    A. Not very many if at all.

    Q. How many of the prison employees are actually living in Gilmer County????
    A. Not very many

    Q. How many of these employees enrolled their children in our school system?
    A. Not very many because the parents chose other counties to live in.

    Q. How much has our business district grown.
    A. Not very much. In fact we lost U-Pak, we have little choice in grocery shopping because one owner did not think Glenville was big enough for another grocery store, we have little choice of buying clothes, we have no furniture store except for used furniture, and we have not a lot to offer to newcomers. And now with the school system as it is, even less.

    So, the editor of the weekly paper stated he could represent Glenville and Gilmer County in a positive light in contrast to some of the nay-sayers out in the muckraking internet media.

    My comment is: On GFP we can at least find out what is going on in this county whether it is good or bad and that is what TRUE JOURNALISM is. We can express how we feel and why we feel that way on GFP and not worry about scratching someone’s back to get or keep a job. Life is “not sugar coated and all positive things” Mr. Editor.

    Anonymous for obvious reasons

    The hospice thrift store used to be a nice place to shop and the head people fired the manager because she wasn’t making them enough money. The head office came in and fired her an hour before closing. The day before was bag sale day and the store had made close to $500.00. How much money did they expect the store to make in a small town like Glenville? The store took in pretty good money for a small town. I know because I was a volunteer there and had been a volunteer for 5 yrs. I left as did the other volunteers when Robin the manager got fired. Not making enough money, please, the store operated with a paid manager and the rest were all UNPAID volunteers. The Hospice people did Robin dirty and they they treated the volunteers the same.

    Comment by anonymous on 02.10.2012

    Mr. Reale spoke as an advocate which is what lawyers are paid to do. Wasn’t he on Ike’s payroll? To cut him slack what he claimed, compared to cheer leading promotions by the Butchers, was tame. No, we did not get that Shoney’s, a WalMart, all those jobs, or any of the other goodies. It is easy to list what we did get. How about more crime including the drug epidemic, continuing population loss, more businesses shutting down, loss of a grocery store, and much more. Folks, this is another example of need to rely on our judgement & not that fed out by those who will profit from manipulations for personal gain.
    Comment by Red Abernathy on 02.10.2012

    Sure, the prison gave us tons of jobs and created a housing boom, Larry Chapman didn’t give himself a salary at the EDA and we know all about the Little Kanawha Parkway Authority monies and the county clerks lawsuit because they’re so honest with the tax payers. Metz has a GED he doesn’t want to show because we should just believe. Fred HIll’s death was investigated along with every rape and drug dealing charge at the college and every one in this county gets equal protection under the law.
    No one bullies or threatens anyone and proven thieves aren’t rewarded with jobs. Oh yeah, the state didn’t take over the schools.

    By Gilmer Bedtime Stories on 02.10.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: A Chuckle Today’.

  29. Howard Rafferty passed away early in the day yesterday, February 11, 2012, after a rather long illness, and lived on the Calhoun, Gilmer County line within a quarter mile distance from the former headquarters of the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition on Hwy 5.

    Investigations have revealed that Rafferty with the assistance of unknown individuals cut timber that was NOT THEIRS to cut on the FAMOUS Missing 1/6th piece of surface property from the TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE CASE — shortly after the missing one sixth was illegally pulled from the land books by Beverly Marks by order of Tim Butcher of the Butcher and Butcher law firm, when the order was given by JUDGE SPICER now retired from AKRON OHIO to SELL the property so that the proceeds could be used for medical assistance for Audrey Ruth Woofter the sister of the Parkersburg News Columnist Albert J Woofter.

    Ruth Woofter (as she was known by family members) was one of the last recipients of federal money paid as a pension from the Spanish American War fought in 1898, as her father NEWT WOOFTER lied about his age and enlisted in the military to fight in the war and saw action at the battle of San Juan Hill fighting alongside Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.

    Some famous people were also there that day like author Stephen Crane who was the author of Red Badge of Courage who was present to witness battle for the first time alongside troops led by Confederate General Wheeler who was a decorated general from the South, but at the time a member of the US Congress.

    Sheriff Mickey Metz allowed this illegal cutting of Timber, even though it was an illegal action and a theft, which is interesting considering that the defendant in the Travesty of Justice case was arrested by Sheriff Metz — the defendant in the TRAVESTY case had every legal right to cut the timber on the neighboring two-sixths since it was owned by his family and the money was used to pay back taxes, that as it turns out were never even owed, but stolen by the TAX DEPUTY under the leadership of METZ.

    Howard Rafferty used the Timber cut illegally to build a family home back up in the holler on a neighboring 8 acres that was adjacent to the MISSING one Sixth.

    Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the individuals besides HOWARD RAFFERTY that were involved in the STEALING OF TIMBER from the missing one sixth is urged to contact the…

  30. The Council of Concerned Citizens for Gilmer County and surrounding areas endorses Lori Rosenburg for magistrate. As once you talk with her and meet her yourself, you will find she is an honest candidate that is well educated with aspirations with furthering herself with a law career while serving in a community she has lived in. She recognizes the problems at the college and feels that if everyone bans together, like was seen with the recent formation of Gilmer Schools Coalition we will be further ahead of solving some important issues. I suggest everyone at their first opportunity meet and talk with Lori, take advantage of a small town environment and get to know her.

    Cast a vote for a good and positive future for Gilmer County, cast a vote for Lori Rosenburg for Magistrate and cast a vote for Norma Hurley for County Commissioner as we intend to fully support these two candidates and look forward to a bigger and brighter future for all citizens of Glenville and Gilmer County.

    Should we really care who is a Republican or a Democrat? Vote for a person, not for a party.

    Vote for Lori and Vote for Norma for a happier home for all. Let’s all invest some time and energy in a favorable and sunny future. Vote Rosenburg, and Vote Hurley, on Election Day.

  31. The best article ever published about the AJ WOOFTER estate with LOVE for AJ Woofter on this Valentines day is up on the front page at the Concerned Citizen Free Press!

    Get all the documented facts on how a couple of CROOKED LAWYERS from Crooked County down by the Crooked River STOLE THOUSANDS from the AJ Woofter estate with the help of Power Elite Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham.

    Read officials letters sent to GAINER and the Butcher and Butcher law firm asking for an accounting required by law!

    The Butchers BROKE THE LAW never did an accounting for 12 years, and got full cooperation from Sheriff Metz and JUDGE Richard A Facemire in order to commit this crime.

    Come on over to the Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS to learn how REAL CROOKS from CROOKED COUNTY that live down by the Crooked River do it!

    Just click the green link on this comment above or below this message to go there!

  32. Council of Concerned Citizens -- UPDATE GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest

    Gilmer County High School teacher, Casey Smith, showed up in Wood County Magistrate Court on January 20, 2012.

    Accused of providing alcohol to a minor last fall in a hotel room, Smith pled no contest.

    He paid a one-hundred dollar fine and one-hundred sixty dollar court cost.


    Now you see how they do it?

    An elite PET does something absolutely disgusting and against the norms and mores of society and he gets a slap on the wrist.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I am getting sick and tired of METZ with his refusing to accept complaints against public officials even though evidence confirms a crime was committed.

    Gerry Hough actually protects rapists and then puts women AT RISK just to preserve the image of GSC, and now of course this, Nasia’s queer PET BOY walks!

    I submit to everyone that this decision can not be accepted, but it was JUST OK with Gerry Hough!

    We need to remove the public officials from office that continually put everyone’s children and women at the college in danger.

    It has become a public safety concern.

    By Anonymous on 02.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.
    I would assume that this perpetrator of bad deeds has been fired? Or is Mr Easy Money covering for Jones as well as who he was sent by Charleston to protect?

    By Anonymous on 02.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

    “Gilmer County elites” scores again in crimes being committed and nothing being done. We might as well place an ad in all the state papers and tell all criminals to come to Gilmer County if you want to commit a crime and do NO time. A disgrace to our people, our County and our State but most of all it is a disgrace to our students of Gilmer County that they see we have no law to protect them or any other honest person. Parents protest and remove your students from school until the State Board of Education, who remember is now in control of Gilmer County schools, has the BACKBONE TO STAND FOR WHAT IS THEIR DUTY AND THE JOB THEY ARE BEING PAID BIG BUCKS FOR. What a waste. A fine of $100.00 and $160.00 in court cost…..not bad. This was in all probability paid by the Principal of GCHS. Cheap enough that maybe they will try again since it is “do the crime” and “do NO time” and “not much fine”. Did this teacher lose his job? Hah check in other counties and see what happens to their teachers. Oh ya, and there is no bullying going on in the school either. TV news where are you? Please come to Glenville. Are you proud “elites” of what you have done to this county in exchange for control.
    Wonder who told him to plead “No Contest….hmmmmmm?“

    By Come to Glenville on 02.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.
    I have known Mr. Smith for many years and he has always gone out of his way to help anyone who needed help. He is an upstanding and honest man, who would not do anything to harm anyone. The only thing that he may have done wrong, is to use bad judgement on trusting a student too far. So those of you who “live in glass houses, should not throw stones”. I am behind you, Casey 100 percent.
    By TAMMI on 02.14.2012
    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

    So….trusting a student too much?! How does that make ANY sense? He was in a position of trust and he allowed this student to drink, underage. But, let’s go ahead and blame the child because this guy is scum, grooming him for who knows what. No upstanding, law respecting citizen should ever put a MINOR in a position where he’d have to “trust” the child wouldn’t tell. If you have to “trust” a student, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Children look to adults to set standards, be the example…..and personally, this is no lesson I want my children to learn from a teacher. Ever.

    By Parent on 02.14.2012
    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

    TAMMI—Many folks in the community know Mr Smith. I do suspect that if this incident had involved a child of yours,you likely would feel quite different. What if the outcome had been different, a serious accident of some type or ever a death. Not likely you be Mr Smiths’ cheerleader. Qaddafi, Assad, Bin Laden, all had their supporters as well. Just a word of warning, choose carefully whom you support and stand behind. The next time could involve a real tragedy. All of this said now, will there actually be a tragedy in our communities future because Mr Smith will still be in the midst of our fragile and impressionable children? If something more happens, the blame will rest squarely on Blankenship, Butcher, and Marple. When people ‘’get away’‘ with something, every time, human nature is to be emboldened, and history will repeat itself. Let us hope this is not the case.

    By Anonymous on 02.14.2012
    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

    A comment on here by TAMMI is different than what most everyone else sees.
    This teacher had a minor MALE student in another County, many miles from home, no other persons with them, alcohol, and the teacher had sleeping pills. This is not a normal situation, not proper and should not have been allowed. It spells TROUBLE. Why did this upstanding and honest person and who would do no harm to anyone offer “gifts” to several other MALE students?
    Why was he told to enter a no contest plea? If the writer of the comment would do a search on What does a No Contest plea in a Court Room mean she will get the reason why he pleaded this. The student should not have drunk the alcohol, but it should not have been offered to him to begin with by the teacher. The ones who “live in glass houses” as you put it are not throwing stones, just stating plain facts of a improper situation that this teacher was in control of. Stand behind him 100% if you wish, but you are of the wrong gender so it wouldn’t matter. It’s wrong, plain and simple. This man has NO BUSINESS around kids and should have been fired immediately. Tammi do you have sons and would you trust them to be with this man alone?

    By anonymous on 02.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.
    Before people spout off they should note that the alleged crime occurred in WOOD COUNTY and the penalty was assessed in WOOD COUNTY. Our law enforcement, PA and courts had nothing to do with the case because they had no jurisdiction. Not taking up for anybody or putting anybody down, it’s just the facts. Now what happens to his teaching career and position in Gilmer County is another matter entirely.

    Comment by anonymous on 02.14.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.
    Is it Nasia’s call of whether or not to fire Casey and if not who has the responsibility? Maybe the issue must go up the chain of command to stop with Dr. Marple because of the State’s take over of our schools. It would be interesting to know what each of our elected board members thinks about the issue. It is fair to ask Nasia what she thinks should be done.

    Comment by R. Strother on 02.15.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

    To Anonymous
    So, what you are saying is WOOD County is ALMOST just as Crooked as Gilmer County. Well, we know that, and so is Logan County and Clay County, they are all on the list, and it would take weeks and months of documents and files to present these facts.

    The people spoke, and the outcome of that case was unfavorable to the general populous.

    So please understand my argument is NOBODY GIVES A Darn SCARLETT what the jurisdiction is!

    The outcome of the “CASEY” case is a matter of concern for citizens of Gilmer County, and if you think we are going to buy the old, “Our law enforcement, PA and courts had nothing to do with the case,” well then we have some slum lord HOUGH properties we would like to sell ya.

    Comment by Anonymous on 02.15.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.
    If I am understanding it correctly, anonymous says since this was done in Wood County and tried in Wood County that this is why the $100.00 fine and $160.00 court fees are proper?
    Is there any REMOTE possibility that our PA told him how to plead knowing full well what the outcome would be?
    Is there any REMOTE possibility that our PA talked to Wood County PA to brief them on this case?
    Is there any REMOTE possibility that this is “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?
    Is there any REMOTE possibly that higher ups controlled this situation?
    Is there any REMOTE possibility that he will lose his job as a teacher in Gilmer County? Just sayin’ and askin’ !!!

    By Just askin’ on 02.15.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.
    As a parent I do not understand how in any circumstance that the child could be at fault. I know Casey and have been friends with him for a while. I agree that he is very nice, and very generous, but that does not change the fact that he acted irresponsible and negligent. His behavior is very suspicious. When a child is intrusted with another adult, especially a teacher, that child should never be put in a position of deciding morals. That is the adults position to set a good example, not to make that child another statistic.
    Concerning the judgement…..the problem is not who decided the judgement, but the laws themselves. Truth be known, this is only a misdemeanor, so the punishment was not expected to be severe. It is the judicial system in itself, not so much the people in the system. As for his job, that has been left to the state. They will investigate the matter. They will take in consideration the safety of ALL the students and make their decision.

    Comment by concerned parent on 02.15.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

    To Concerned Parent
    “Truth be known, this is only a misdemeanor, so the punishment was not expected to be severe!”

    I actually take great offense at that statement, since I was convicted of a misdemeanor in Gilmer County that not only am I completely innocent of!

    That time greatly effected my health and two men that were in my pod that got staff infections like I did from a dirty jail that were my same age DIED shortly after being released, and one of them within three days after his release.

    WAKE UP! You have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about!
    It really pisses me off that you are that uniformed!

    Comment by DB on 02.15.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-FYI™: GCHS Teacher Pleads No Contest’.

  33. It’s amazing (Censored by the SS)you,thankfully, point out what the elite does to keep county in the dark. While you go on a hunt and think about two sisters, you ignore the role Sandy and the one you censored play together. Sure BM screwed up. But you’re on the wrong trail.
    BTW It was a major that got Dougie off of the I79 drug charge

    SS Member : We are not surprised that the West Virginia State Police have let another criminal off of drug charges. Major Ingold of Police Standards is going to be in a world of shit someday for letting a local Virginia Lanham Asst Attorney General, whose father was a lawyer for IKE MORRIS get involved in fixing a legitimate complaint. When y’all think you are getting away with shit we are filing with the US Attorney and then we are giving info to another federal agency outside of this state, just in case IKE bought himself another FEDERAL MAGISTRATE like JUDGE KAULL by giving him a house for very very cheap, or has bought himself a US Attorney. SO great if you could just pass the name of the major along so our dude can contact him and question him about it, it will help fuel the war effort.

  34. The rumor is about the wrong Dougie. It was Doug Morris that the SP major got off the hook for the drug bust on I-79. Ike did his usual telephone routine where he collects on favors rendered in return for future consideration. I have no idea what’s up with Doug Cottrill. Is Brian Kennedy still dealing pills?

    Editors note: And you are telling this to us because…
    If I am not mistaken, I thought this was something that was already known, but hey, thanks for the heads up. How about the dope deals at the helicopter palace part of the IL Morris Crooked Mansion, is the major in on the weed deals and the pill deals and the crystal meth deals too? Last talk I heard about County Commissioner Kennedy was something needed to be shoved up his ass for being disrespectful to someone who he doesn’t know who has been watching every moves he makes, and seems to almost have a certain sickness about proving a point with him, maybe it is over who is going to take Tara to bed.

    • “Is the major in on the weed deals and the pill deals and the crystal meth deals too?”

      The major was pissed he was told take care of making the drug arrest go away. The order came out from the governor.

      SS: HA HA HA HA HA OH that is funny! You tell a tall tale anonymous like a lot of dumb sons of bitches from CROOKED COUNTY!

      WHY would they have to do that? HERE IS HOW IT IS DONE!

      BOB MINIGH who we have found out is sly and dishonest as the day is long, goes into a private conference with HOUGH and maybe the Dougie do do lawyer.

      HERE IS HOW THEY MAKE THE CHARGES go away, they take things into a closed door situation they just run out the statute of limitations on the charges to one year and a day,and THAT ANONYMOUS is how they do it.In other words, Hough intentionally lets the statute run out and does it in cooperation with the defense because he is as crooked as shit and is nothing but a criminal, just like when he pays witnesses to lie on the stand.

      Take your Glenville Democrat and shove it up your patute!

      If I even hear my name out of your mouth ONE TIME MORE that is all it will take for me to tap you on the shoulder and discuss the issue with you face to face. So give me MORE of a reason asshole, because you are starting to piss me off!

      You are as trifling as a NEGRO WOMAN shut the HELL UP!

  35. That came straight from the major after Doug Morris was given his get out of jail free card courtesy of the governor at that time, Bob, here’s how it works, Minigh has been working deals for years, It didn’t do anything for his son. So Bob’s influence is pretty much over and done since he won’t be around anymore as magistrate.

    You might want to ask smiling let me fuck you up the ass Larry Chapman about his deal long ago with Bob. Ask Larry if $10,000 rings a bell. Larry thinks he’ll be large and in charge once he get’s reelected as commissioner and increases the suction on Ike’s dick. Sorry, I could be mistaken about which of Larry’s openings Ike uses.

    SS: When you say major you say nothing, when you say MAJOR INGOLD police standards division and the daughter of an IKE MORRIS attorney CROOKED VIRGINIA LANHAM is the Chief Counsel for the State Police it is a situation that is more believable. Why not say his name so we can call him and record it and get him on tape and on record for all of Central WV.

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