Walk SOFTLY around Phillip Reale he is a BAD DEAL for the Citizens of Gilmer County!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/ Special Guest Ghost Writer John Lee Pettimore – Crooked County Crooks website

“Yes, they expect you to walk very softly around Phillip Reale and no one at the Church of Ike wants to hear anything bad about that bit of window dressing they created and fronted to make themselves look professional.”

I’m sure he was told not to mention Jim Touchy Fealy’s name  too loudly as they don’t want any questions as to what he did for his money. 

Phil is a graduate of Glenville State University and West Virginia University College of Law, and is a high ranking Church of Ike member!

Phillip Reale (photo above) is a BAD DEAL for the Citizens of Gilmer County!

Phil’s associate James Fealy, will also be available to bang some bitches or whatever it is they do as members of the Power Elite of Crooked County down by the Crooked River.

Jimmy has been a Government Relations Consultant with the Law Office of Philip A. Reale since May of 2004, so he is pretty up on how to steal government funds and hire the whores and score the dope for the Gala affairs put on by IL Morris who has PHIL REALE and Touchy Fealy on the payroll for success.

According to Power Elite sources Touch Fealy has many longstanding relationships with legislators and staffers that he has continuously fostered since his days in the House of Delegates., so dude really can scam some shit in Charleston like a big dog!

According to the Reale website Touch Fealy has a keen understanding of the legislative process as he has seen it from the inside, and then taking to the Church of Ike on the outside for years and years.
Touch Fealy previously served as Executive Director of the Gilmer County Economic Development Association, a post he held for ten years, now the home of LARRY CHAPMAN another Crook from Crooked County.

During his tenure with GCEDA, Touch Fealy was instrumental in luring the Federal Bureau of Prisons to construct a $145 million medium-security prison employing nearly 300 people that brought a TON of drugs and unsavory characters into the area.

Touchy Fealy helped the County secure nearly 14 million in grants for the infrastructure improvements needed to make the project a reality, while CHURCH of IKE members did all they could to steal those funds for themselves and SKIM off the top of  the construction project just like Tony Soprano on TV.

Give  a lawyer some cash, send him to Charleston with an office and the next thing you know you have your own man running the governor’s office right in front of God and everybody and in tandem with a legislative law firm. 

While you are at it, dance around the many sins of the local brethren that have been put in office.  Forget the debauchery, forget the cronyism and nepotism, forget everything you were ever taught about caring for your neighbor and do as you are told. 

There will never be a shortage of bullies.  Bullies, harassment and assaults are running rampant throughout Gilmer County and unfortunately right down to the level of school children.  Many times, harassment, rivalry, ridicule, emotional or physical violence can lead to depression and low self-esteem, problems that can traumatize a  person for the rest of their life.

Nasia Butcher’s name has been mentioned countless times on GFP and on the RGW and other SS and CCC websites in Gilmer County. There is no doubt that she is a controversial figure contributing to building anger and turmoil associated with the State’s take over of our schools, and now with Bullying issues at GCHS that was on WBOY -TV Here's a photo of Lizzy Butcher and friend, daughter of the principal of GCHS all wet in the boys room stall with her tongue motioning all for Dr. Marple to know it is all a go to take a courageous step by replacing Mrs. Butcher mother of the Butcher Bitches with another principal! It’s the principle of the thing, and sex makes Lizzy sing!

The act of being bullied tends to increase isolation because their peers do not want to lose status by associating with them or because they do not want to increase the risks of being bullied themselves.  The most laughable thing about the Gilmer County situation is that most of the adults who play the victim are actually the perpetrators.   The lawyers, the businessmen, the elected and the appointed administrators are all crying foul and I guess we’re supposed to cry for them.  Don’t think so.  Not this time.

Jim Touchy Fealy along with RETA KIGHT the DOG FACED WOMAN bullshited the Gilmer County Citizens when they teamed up together at the GCEDA for the purpose of service to self over service to others, like the community of Glenville and the county of Gilmer!

A lot of people are aware on some level but prefer look the other way when it happens so as to not be involved and some are simply more tolerant of bullying than others. Gilmer County has a self developed “pecking order” in which well connected or popular puppets have special privileges and develop a sense of entitlement that leads to a “bullying atmosphere.”  Want to find out who the bullies really are?  File an official complaint of any kind.   The underlying attitude is that it is the victim’s fault.  If only they had kept quiet none of this would happen.  It won’t matter whether child or adult. It won’t matter how grievous a wrong has been committed.  If you haven’t checked with the bosses for the right answer keep your mouth shut!    True bullies typically lack empathy and real feeling, but many are good at crying on cue and playing the victim. Often the real victim is targeted for retaliation and the bully receives no punishment.  We have seen this too many times.    Most times it’s easier to call everything a “fight”, disagreement, “clash of personalities”, than to give victim’s the time to say what’s happened to them. If someone is injured because a piece of equipment falls on them, could the Employer say that they can’t be responsible for what happens inside their building(s)?  No, yet that’s what gets done around here if the abuse can’t be seen with the naked eye and the stigma can be severe if the subject talks about their abuser, bully or harasser.   

It’s time to be tired of this kind of nonsense.  It’s time to take back our County and let the grownups run it, not the hoodlums.   Will Gilmer fall for the silver tongued devils again?  Hang on for the ride.

“Mr. Reale is a lobbyist, but to get REAL about Reale –Dude is nothing but a political bag man for IKE MORRIS and the Church of IKE!”

To lobby is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies,  Lobbyists may be among a legislator’s constituents, meaning a voter or bloc of voters within his or her electoral district, or not; they may engage in lobbying as a business, or not.  Professional lobbyists are people whose business is trying to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest who hires them.

Not only is Reale the political bag man for the Independent Oil and Gas Association, of which Waco Oil and Gas is a member, but also for the West Virginia Press Association, where David Corcoran, the High Priest of the Church of Ike, is a board member. (click green link )

Ethics and morality are not words often affiliated with lobbying.  Often, people with an inordinate amount of socio- economic power are corrupting the law in order to serve their own conflict of interest, so why we are clicking links lets do one more, lets go to the Ethics Commission’s Web site.  Click this link, and scroll down to page 45.

At heart, the effort to influence legislation is a power struggle. As in other forms of power struggle, such as war or law enforcement, motives range from predation to self-defense to fighting for justice, and the dividing line between predation and justice is nothing more than a matter of who is served.  It won’t be the people.

Lobbyists must be adept at the art of persuasion, which is the mainstay of their job. They must figure out how to sway politicians to vote on legislation in a way that favors the interest they represent. Sometimes, lobbyists will even sit down and help a politician draft legislation that is advantageous for their interest. Maintaining good relations with politicians who can be relied on to support the lobbyist’s interest is key to a great pay check.

It is apparent that law enforcement botched the investigation from the BEGINNING on the NEW GSC RAPE CASE that was recently uncovered by high ranking members of the SS and the CCC when relative of the victim contacted the Secret Seven Coalition who turned the matter over to professionals to look into disreputable acts that have allegedly been committed by members of the SOB’s the Sigma Omega Beta fraternity of degenerate non-academic Church of IKE rapists. Lil Lizzie Butcher(shown in this photo) just one half of the Butcher Bitches feeling as Butch as the two bitches that spiked the 4.0 honor graduates drink with a DATE RAPE drug and then gave her to some SOB boys currently wanted for questioning. We decided to farm out their questioning to the FIRE STARTING CULT leader Christopher Todd Smith who says he is looking for some more constructive projects.

It is nothing short of amazing that Reale’s four years at WV University College of Law (1974-1977) can take one from oil and gas law and former prosecuting attorney to serving as chairman of former West Virginia Governor Gaston Caper ton’s transition team and later as Governor Caper ton’s first Chief of Staff.

“Only God and the big man knows what he did for Manchin!”

 In addition, past president of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia, two-time chair of the State College System of West Virginia, and a now successful lobbyist placed on the Steering Committee to elect Tomblin for Governor!

Come on now, how much conflict of interest and underhanded dealing in government are we supposed to overlook?

Reale lobbies for WV Press to keep his candidates press clean, for a drug company while the state is going broke paying PEIA for public employees health insurance, Gas & Oil (not hard to figure) and tries to take care of hometown politicians and couple of  their favorite flunkies who got a little loose with state funds such as the Little Kanawha Parkway Authority.

 All of this and has the ear of the Governor himself as he raises funds for the Governor’s campaign.

 What a deal!  Some go far in the church of Ike as we watch yet another forget all of the people left behind and get far above their raising.

Walk away, take the job, take the money and let the whole county go straight to hell.  Right Phil?  You got yours.

Walk SOFTLY around Phillip Reale he is a BAD DEAL ! Walk Softly and Carry a BIG STICK!

Hey Phil Reale we don’t like the way you STEAL !

SO lets make a deal!

Some go far in the Church of Ike and get far above their raising  is right ..like y’all!

The REAL DEAL for YOU Phil REALE when you worship at the CHURCH OF IKE is ya let the whole God Damn Crooked County go straight to hell!

EWWW what’s that smell, Crooked County’s GONE TO HELL with the BUTCHER BITCHES all around you !! A yearnin for learnin, cuz  their daddy’s rich and you got yours and some of the rest of theirs!

Now the SS says here is some of MINE BITCH!

But we only come to town about twice a year, so be a ramblin man like the revenue man, then come up the holler just down the road a piece and take a trip a little bit up from the Crooked part of the Lil Kanoy some call the CROOKED RIVER down off a hwy 5 – And then, lets just hope no one ever has to say   …ya never came back from Copperhead Road!

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  1. What is really cool is to start the carry a big stick video and then hit play on Copperhead road so that the carrying a big stick rolls over the intro for the best effect!

    Rock on!
    …And Stick on too

  2. “If you haven’t checked with the bosses for the right answer keep your mouth shut! True bullies typically lack empathy and real feeling, but many are good at crying on cue and playing the victim …”

    That statement above sounds like Gerry Hough the PA in Gilmer County around the time he was trying to say horrible things to Dave at the Glenville Free Press when he was buying all those ads from that traitor Corcoran. Thanks for letting us know of his ties to Charleston, a lot makes sense now.

    Editors Note: Corcoran from the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder cooperating with Hough involving that whole ordeal proves to us all who his allegiance is with, and that is with the SELF SERVING IDIOT people that are counter productive to Gilmer County just like Gerald B Hough and several others!

    • Hey Mr. Big Deal Reale

      Why hasn’t this influence been used to save our schools from state takeover? Why must we endure taxation for school levy taxes without elected representation by the school board? What has been done to address the school bullying issues at the nine through twelve level? What will be done to call that administration to accountability and force true transparency of the issues at hand?

      The only thing seen is that the county government spent money they don’t have to care for the court house on taking everyone they could drag to Charleston to party down while it is lobby day for their $10,000 a year increase in pay while they hire more people to do their job . This group included Ramsey, Elkin, Kennedy, Butcher, Administrator Farmer,Tax Deputy Woodford. Other than the Commissioners there was no need for others to go but put on a show and spend that cash while the county goes down the tubes.

      Not one elected official came forward to protect the rights of our students and parents then or now. This is disgraceful Mr. Reale. I hope you treated Calhoun County citizens better when you were their PA. The powers that be including you have all of their kids out or almost out of high school. Is that the attitude you take? We got ours? And don’t be looking to put Fealy back on us. We know your ways and it will not wash this time. Why don’t you find a spot for Larry Chapman while you are at it? LARRY CHAPMAN has no ethics or morals and should fit right in. You might tell him it’s just a little late to buy the cow after you have the milk

      Editors note: That BIG DEAL Phil Reale is just a bag man for the Power Elite dollar, that has nothing to do with you or I or apple pie.
      In fact, it could be closer to a place where Hitler would speak. That would be a good spot for Larry Chapman for this latest attempt to get him back in as a County Commissioner when it took so long to get him out and then some trading of baseball cards so to speak, as in, is he a pitcher or a catcher? Or is the dog faced woman charging a price for all that humping and bumbing in the night involving her Ram Ram Ramsey right, and his little brother Darrell experiment. Oh Yeah!

  3. A current condition of taxation without representation exists in Gilmer County Schools under the NEW rules and regulations of the West Virginia Board of Education.

    But truly, WE DO HAVE REPRESENTATION for we are represented by the Church of Ike.

    And the Church of Ike is represented by the REAL DEAL Phil Reale.

    Another day, and another dollar for the Church of Ike!

    Another day, and another NO FOUL PLAY for the citizens of Crooked County.

  4. “It has been asked that the SS reveal more about Lisa Stewart, the provider of drugs for IKE MORRIS and DOUG COTTRILL and DOUG MORRIS and PAT WARD of Waco OIL and GAS, and then don’t forget dude’s fake as fuck wife Leslie Ward the dumb bitch that is the GSC webmaster of PROPAGANDA!!


    Clarissa Ferrell
    of 404 Kanawha St. in G-Ville apt A 462-7692 seems to be concerned that the LISA STEWART – IKE MORRIS connection was made, and as you know Clarissa is the right hand of GERRY HOUGH — So Ferrell is the one with feces all over her right hand all the time — when she goes to shake your hand maybe you better not shake, that hand is dirty — Just say, “WE WILL SEE YOU IN COURT CLARISSA and you can forget about ever running for any political office bitch!”

    “YOU CAN’T DROP A DIME ON CRIME in Gilmer County for there is no one to call!””

    Better call somebody!”

    …better call the Central West Virginia SS!

  5. Council of Conservative Citizens – UPDATE Gilmer County West Virginia where there are more rights for BLACKS than WHITE and the prosecutor Hough thinks it's alright! PRAY to the GSC PATRON SAINT of the BLACK RAPIST GERALD B HOUGH! Pray to the DEVIL HIMS

    The TRUTH about GILMER COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA is being REVEALED EVERYDAY and brought forth by the SS the CCC and the brave concerned common citizen, both MEN and WOMEN! In the free press people speak out about the topics that concern them most, here are some recent comments!

    Readers’ Recent Comments

    Mind blowing! Prior to Larry Chapman and Brian Kennedy approving the $28,000,0000 County bond issue for Goodwin Hall, College officials including the two Butcher brothers claimed the dorm was needed to accommodate the overflow from Picken’s Hall due to an enrollment surge, Ike campaigned for the bond issue with gusto, and it went through without voter approval. Now we learn that the Picken’s Hall overflow claim was untrue, it is no longer used to house students, the College purchased a motel claiming that the space was needed for the criminal justice program, and we learned that the highly celebrated enrollment surge was engineered by enrolling prison students. Did any of this involve fraud? We need an investigation, preferably by the feds. Tell us where any of this is wrong.

    By Pete White on 02.18.2012

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: How Did Glenville State Fare with Its Report Card?’.
    We can talk this bullying mess to death. It is wrong. Nothing seems to be getting done about it.
    The State BOE is inept at the very least? They now are the “owners” of the Gilmer County School District Debacle. They have improved little to nothing?
    Some things may actually be worse? There is constant turmoil and complaints? You remember who the two persons were, who talked down to our fellow Gilmer citizens.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe one was Mz. Marple and the other was Mrs. Senator Manchin. Its “their” mess, they “own” it. Have they done anything?
    Do we still have an incompetent administration running the show? The longer this goes, the better it proves the results of all the reports and surveys to be correct. I am loving this.
    They have dug their own hole. Reports confirm it. They are likely bumfuddled by their own actions. We still have the same issues they complained about, and getting worse, because they apparently have no stomach to fix it. Remember poor MacDowell County school system.
    After being under state control for 10 years, Mrs Senator Manchin (Gayle) goes on television saying they now have a Five Year Plan for MacDowell schools. What a funny dang deal. It took them TEN years to put together a FIVE year plan…….they tell us will be the “Model for West Virginia Schools”! Isn’t that a blast!!? ROTFLMBO !
    And then check out all the job postings for the GC school district. Look very closely at the spelling. And its been that way for a long, long time. Hollywood writers couldn’t write this stuff!

    By Lets Hope the Coalition Can Fix It! on 02.18.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: GCHS Bullying’.
    Thank you for the analysis of Glenville State College’s information in the report card.

    Unlike every other college or university in WV except one, the male enrollment significantly exceeds the female enrollment. This is further evidence that prison inmates have been a primary source of GSC’s enrollment growth.

    It would also account for the relatively small amount of four year degrees awarded by the college given the enrollment

    The college is facing a future without the diversity of programs offered by competing schools. Instead the board of governors seems to have chosen to give the college what appears to be a face lift in the hope of attracting students. Has that worked?

    If WV enters a financial crisis like many other states, what will prevent GSC from ending up on the chopping block or being transferred to the control of another institution like Fairmont or WVU with the corresponding loss of local jobs?

    By anon on 02.17.2012

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: How Did Glenville State Fare with Its Report Card?’.
    Information in the Report Card has triggered intense demand for full transparency and accountability at the College. Emphasis shifted away from a mission of providing quality educations at affordable prices to building and appearances. Regarding finances, the unit cost concept is basic in the private sector. It would be revealing for accurate accounting to occur to include all costs, obvious and hidden, to document the total institutional cost per bachelor’s degree produced at the College for comparison to that cost at other State colleges and universities. The exercise would have to include a thorough analysis of finances of the Pioneer Athletics Club, the Foundation, the Research Corporation, and the Housing Corporation. Presently, financial dealings are hidden to promote beliefs that a shell game is operating at the College.

    By W. Asherton on 02.18.2012

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: How Did Glenville State Fare with Its Report Card?’.
    Pete White and everyone. You say “mind blowing!“ ? No. Not really.
    The community for the past 20+ years, has known that GSC operates as “GSC does”.
    It has gone dramatically downhill since Dr Simmons retired. Nothing made public anymore.
    Until after the fact. Hide behind a big, tall wall of silence. The GSC “gang” knows whats best for GSC….and everything else in GC I will add. Whats a lie or two here and there?
    This is the elitist way of operation. We do it because we can and because of who we are.
    But, Mr White, hang tight. The wind has changed direction. The smelly ‘stuff’ is slowly floating to the surface. People do not have the fear of open discussion and talking like was once the
    case in the “Land of Gil”. If you have “right” on your side, you do not have to be afraid anymore.
    Even the County Commission headed by Mr Kennedy himself, says we need “transparency”. Now, don’t misunderstand, these changes are not happening willingly. They know they best start to clean up the smelly stuff or they will be finding themselves smack dab right in the middle of it.
    Think about the recent court case with the College, the lawyers, the PA, all in the middle of it. The stench could be smelled all the way to Charleston. Why do you think that Freedom of Information Lawsuit was filed? Nothing like getting caught with you hand in the cookie jar.
    These elitists do no longer make the community look bad. They are turning the spotlights straight upon themselves. Knowing the skeletons in the closets of some running for elected office, they might want to reconsider and withdraw there election bids. The pot is simmering pretty good now. It will boil over at some point. These candidates know just what I am talking of.. Couple of them should run from the election.
    Secrecy will no longer be tolerated. Wrong doings will, and those doing it, also will be exposed.
    Perpetrators of ill, deceit, back room deal making, are all on thin ice. The ice is melting.
    Mr Ramazan’s Gilmer Free Press is shining on that thin ice. Thank you Mr Ramazan for all you are doing for our community.

    By anon on 02.19.2012

    From the entry: ‘CommunityConcerns™: How Did Glenville State Fare with Its Report Card?’.

  6. Like an old playboy magazine, I know a lot of people that read this website and that read the CalPatty Press, but are afraid to get caught, or heaven forbid speak out before it may be them threatened by the elite of Glenville just for looking. The smelly stuff talked about by anon on 02.19.2012 was Carly Hough when she drank illegally so many times while she was being a whore all over campus when the TKE was up and banging. The pull the panties to the side thing was about as accurate as could be explained for the daughter of the prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County.

    But, whoever said:” Even the County Commission headed by Mr Kennedy himself, says we need “transparency”. Makes me want to laugh my ass off, for the only transparency Kennedy wants is for blouses of the co-eds at GSC, for Kennedy is a PIG and transparency would give us a peak into his PIG PEN and misdeeds as county commissioner. Transparency would kill anything the commission was putting through for the benefit of Ike Morris. If Brian Kennedy wants transparency, I am Casper the Ghost.

  7. In an SS and CCC conference call that lasted nearly TWO HOURS with two members speaking from different states and one as far away as TEXAS — certain enemies of the SS have been identified — along with the CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF WV.

    Just to mention some big names, here are a few…

    The people from WACO OIL and ASS are highly organized and used to working as a criminal organization, and then making their own rules, and IKE’S POLITICO’S are led by Sandy Pettit — Pettit is also campaigning for Mickey Mouse Metz — and PETTIT HELL she broke the damn thing is joined in campaigning hard for NO FOUL PLAY Metz by Roger and Lisa Stewart . LISA STEWART is the DRUG CONNECTION for IKE and her husband is the one that delivers the hard drugs to the prisoners at the federal prison — and then there is that DUMB ASS Dendra Miller who makes sure they ALL SHINE in the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit.

    THESE are the enemies of the SS that need to be watched 24/7 like hawks this week starting MONDAY, for they will lead us to many other Church of IKE criminals involved in an incalculable amount of criminal activity. So everyone get your note pads out and your ears on, for it is time to full court press these bitches, for our next report due to the US Attorney will be sent out the first of March. Church of Ike members are particularly ruthless and are involved in a myriad of criminal activity, including the distribution and sale of drugs!

  8. When the Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks walked out the door and left matters in the hands of her buddy Jean (Oh sure I am a Republican) Butcher — there’s something the two never bothered to tell during all of the campaign.

    Those dumb bitches didn’t bother to say that since February 2010 they had been informed by both letter from bank law firms and the Secretary of State who had been served process that they were being sued in federal court for improper handling of legal documents.

    Both of those dishonest dumb asses knew all through the Primary election in May as well as the General in November and never saw the need to inform the public or other personnel. A well kept secret that they swore never to tell (pinkie swore).

    This highly unethical suppression of litigation pending was known by the Gilmer Commission and other elected officials of the court but when Prosecutor Hough brought up the unethical and possible illegal attempt to hide this knowledge from the voters could be a problem- especially since it involved a candidate for the office, no one seemed interested in doing anything about it (no kidding?).

    That election should have been overturned for the irregularities already charged as well as these actions but Marks walked out the door knowing it would be too late by the time it was found out (if it ever was) and perfectly willing for the tax payers to pick up the tab for her illegal actions as long as she didn’t have to appear in court and kept her retirement. That’s her legacy to Gilmer County. That’s what she left behind. A fitting tribute to all that transparency and accountability Commissioner Kennedy is so big on in the Democrap and it should be a fitting eulogy for our so called leaders sitting in the court house today as apparently, we have not yet seen how low they are willing to go to get what they want.

    Editors note: So KENNEDY is a mother f ing hypocrite when he calls for transparency on the front page of the DEMOCRAP and PATHFINDER of BULLSHIT!! These people should ALL BE IN JAIL and that includes Kennedy.


    State Police in Grantsville have arrested 24-year-old Paul Richard Goodrich, III, and his father Paul Richard Goodrich, 48, following an investigation at a Russett Road residence Saturday night.

    Young Goodrich was a former record-breaking Calhoun High School football player and award-winning wrestler, and his father is an assistant football coach for the Calhoun Red Devils though the 2011 season.

    Paul Richard Goodrich, III, 24, was charged with operating a meth lab, by Sgt. O. S. Starsick of the Grantsville Department, and his father, Paul Richard Goodrich, 48, was issued two charges, manufacturing marijuana and intent to deliver, according to Central Regional Jail.

    Sgt. Starsick responded to a 911 call about 7 p.m. Saturday to a Rt. 7 residence where there were reports of a “mental hygiene” problem and disturbance.

    Reportedly the elder Goodrich and his son were arguing, during which time the younger Goodrich broke windows out of the house, with a report of his four-wheeler being in the Little Kanawha River behind the residence.

    Reports indicated police discovered about fifteen pounds of marijuana, in addition to alleged “shake and bake” meth production.

    Calhoun Sheriff Allen Parsons and Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee also responded.

    The Grantsville Detachment of the State Police does not release public information in Calhoun County, so details are not yet available.

  10. You know, when I think about SANDY PETTIT and how she has the power to say who runs,who will be elected and WHO won’t, it gives me the shivers.

    Of course Pettit has no power without the IL IKE MORRIS name to back her. I am only human, I try to do what is right, but there gets to be a point where these bullshit self serving POWER ELITE are so drunk with their own perceived greatness and power that I just can’t stand it!

    The fact that these ELITE CHEAT at the elections is really what is up, for we can do polls that will reveal who should win by 1000 or more poll takers on the GFP but that will not be who wins. In the last election they swapped recording modules so that the incompetent JEAN BUTCHER would win because she was already schooled on how to commit crimes and followed in the footsteps of Beverly Marks.

    This election will be closely watched, but those fucks will still cheat you watch, and then watch the mayhem that will follow that, for we will raise hell like you have never seen in your life this time. Somebody be sure to bring a rope and some tar and feathers for the PEOPLE of Central WV have had about enough of the corruption.

    Hey SANDY things are going to be different this time, really different, we have had it with your crap!


  11. Council of Concerned Citizens - The PEOPLE SPEAK OUT on the GFP!

    Failing Systems at All Levels

    How can a student at Gilmer County High School can punch a kid and send him to hospital via Ambulance Squad, and come out of it with only a 4 day suspension?

    Why, after having violated a probation that he is already on, the Prosecuting Attorney, DHHR (who has custody of him at this time) and his probation officer have done nothing but cuddle the kid?

    This student (B*) needs help and Gerry Hough, Shelly DeMarino, Tara Kennedy, and DHHR constantly go to court and lie to protect this child so as to further their agenda against his father.

    The student that he assaulted at Gilmer County High School not only was transported to the hospital (A* L*), once he got there, he had to have surgery following this incident.

    In the past two weeks (B*) has been in trouble at school every day.

    Last week he got in trouble for having tobacco at school, a spit bottle in the classroom, making a phone call from his cell phone during class, and cursing out loud during class.

    He topped his week off by assaulting (A* L*) and received only 4 days suspension and upon his return to school at the end of last week, he was in trouble again for asking the teacher to define the word “c*nt” for him.

    He has been sent away twice over the last few years. Once to the Children’s Home in Elkins and most recently to Fox Run, a residential treatment facility in St. Clairesville, OH for actions much like these.

    Upon his return from Fox Run, it was ordered that he see a counselor at least once a week and was put on probation with the stipulations that he stay out of trouble, attend school regularly with no absences, and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

    None of which he has come close to doing, but he just got a little slap on his hand from Nasia Butcher and Jay Chambers at Gilmer County High School.

    Also, every time his case goes to court for review, Gerry Hough, Tara Kennedy, DHHR and Shelly DeMarino lie about his progress.

    Actually, they have spent the entire last year villianizing his father as the cause for the boy’s outburst and behavior.

    His father sees him 4 hours every week. So to admit that his father was right and that the boy needed help would mean that they would have to admit they were wrong as well as their wrong doings in court and their attacks against his father.

    The Gilmer County High School officials and the Court System are failing him at all levels.

    The Gilmer County High School, who has taken this mirage of a stance against bullying, and wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on the same anti-bullying program over and over, has done nothing to protect him or the other students in the school.

    ~~ Author on File ~~

    Readers’ Recent Comments


    Why is it that we see GERRY HOUGH at the top of the BAD LIST ALWAYS – Although I would prefer all the names used to get the full story, I can understand the concept of protecting the innocent, however the BAD LIST of BAD PEOPLE from Gilmer County in this story are … Can I have the envelope please?

    1. Gerald B Hough
    2. Tara Kennedy
    3. Shelly Morris DeMarino
    4. Nasia Butcher
    5. Jay Chambers

    Recently an official complaint was made against TARA KENNEDY for wrongdoing and not one darn thing has been done about her bad behavior. It is important that the people that get CAUGHT covering for these people also be held accountable.

    Can we have the protecting people list please?

    By Council of Concerned Citizens on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.

    The line between being a ‘protector’ or being an ‘enabler’ is pretty fine.
    All of the names mentioned are one or the other.
    The ‘thinking’ of being a protector very often is just more enabling which just exacerbates the problems.
    When this situation really turns violent, who will be blamed?
    The “enablement gang” will simply say we were trying to help him, and walk off with no responsibility attached to themselves.
    That said, the enablers maybe will keep sticking their necks out, far enough and often enough, that some one will take a swing at them.
    Sooo…. name of the parents or grandparents were known, would that explain the ‘protectors’ actions?
    Sooo….. who is ‘really’ being protected? Child? Parents? Grandparents?

    By It Will Come Out on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.
    You sound like a teacher. Well sister, what makes you so special? If one ornery kid in your class is all you have to worry about, then I can bet there are some teachers at the high school that would trade places with you in a New York minute. Having said that, the student you are talking about is one of many. Getting a bad apple removed from your classroom is impossible, unless of course you are one of the chosen few who get what they want. Yes, all some teachers have to do is whine a little and a new teacher is hired just for that student or the kid is dumped in the foods class or greenhouse to create havoc where no one cares. A cell phone violation gets a kid in more trouble than use of tobacco, threats against school employees or other students, or possession of dangerous objects. Your best bet is to plant a cell phone on the kid and then write him up.

    By Hope on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.
    Did you notice how HOPE takes the entire matter off topic and far away from the TEXT of the Letter to the Editor, and we should take NOTE.

    For that is HOW THEY DO IT in Gilmer County.

    The main SUBJECT is favoritism toward SPECIAL FOLK but HOPE goes far away from the main point of the ELITE gets protected with special treatment for committing CRIMES!

    The point was also made that the people that protect the elite, also have people that protect them, and those people should also be held accountable too.

    I heard Doug Cottrill had a MAJOR in the SP get him off all the drugs with COCAINE he got caught with. If true, than immediate action needs to be taken against the major, and Cottrill, get it HOPE?

    Or are you hopeless?

    By No HOPE for HOPE on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.
    Knowing a little something about this situation I can honestly tell you that to my knowledge the child attacked in this situation was not related to “the elite” and technically the child who pursued the attack is not of “the elite”. However, Mr. Hough seems to have a score to settle with relatives of the attacker so he continues to prosecute the attackers father who keeps yelling for someone to get his boy some help before something serious goes wrong, and has made several attempts to present Mr. Hough and Judge Jack Alsop with the truth. Justice is blind folks because she chooses to be and these are the people we elect! Of course I tend to worry and wonder at times if good people are forced to be corrupt because the power those most corrupt have themselves.

    By Just An Opinion on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.

    To: Will Come Out
    You may be right because the attacker’s grandmother is from a well known Gilmer Co. Family who tend to shoot each other and burn down houses. So maybe those involved are afraid to do the right thing out of fear for the well being of themselves and their families. I mean this child’s mother did attempt to poison her ex-husband and even though she admitted in and out of court to a DHHR worker that she did this action and intended to take the other boys and run, the legal system informed the father they could not bring charges against her because he did not have any of the contaminated food as evidence. Her admission of guilt wasn’t enough I guess.

    By Just An Opinion on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.
    The CEFP committee, chaired by Nasia Butcher, recommended four properties as candidates for the new elementary school. One of the sites is the Butcher’s property on old auction barn land. Why can’t the County’s land at the rec. center and the College’s land be considered too? What an act of magnanimity it would be if the College donated land for the school to demonstrate that it is committed to partnering with the County to build a show piece school without money having to be spent for land. Getting back to Nasia Butcher, explain why is was not a gross breach of ethics if not inept personal judgement on her part when a recommendation was made to include her family’s property on the list. Does anyone believe that the Butchers would donate that land for free? What about Arbuckle land on the list? Do the Butchers have any financial interests there so they would profit personally if the school were to be built on it?

    By Johnson on 02.20.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.
    The situation at Gilmer County High School is pathetic. A boy has been punched hard enough to require surgery and the parents of this boy have the right to sue the “pants” off the State BOE, County BOE and the ones who have been cuddling him in the courts”. Bullying, students harming themselves, forced withdrawal from school because of harassment from others, fear, a “do nothing cover it up” Principal and Vice Principal, State Superintendent, County Superintendent and PA and others who will not do anything. What has to happen in this County to open eyes to this school system horror? A student bringing a weapon to school and harming other students, a student suicide or another severe injury, where is it going to end? This has to stop before something really tragic happens. Shame on all of you who could do something but choose not to. This will in some way, shape or form come home to you all to answer to.

    By ANONYMOUS on 02.21.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.

    “One of the sites is the Butcher’s property on old auction barn land.”

    We may recall when a PUBLISHED “Threatening letter from jail mentioned the intentional burning down of the Auction Barn and that it was another THUG who did it”

    It appears that selling this property for a VERY SIZABLE SUM was always in the plans for the Butchers and they were willing to BREAK THE LAW to do it, but more importantly the law enabled the entire crime to take place …now that says a lot!

    Gross breach of ethics? NO! It is a crime, just like taking over 10,000 a day in cash from the AJ Woofter estate.

    I vote for taking matters in OUR OWN HANDS, for what else can you do with a CROOKED SHERIFF like METZ who is in on all the CRIME!

    By Council of Concerned Citizens on 02.21.2012

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels’.

  12. Come on over to the Concerned Citizens Free Press and READ one of the TOP SEVEN from the SECRET SEVEN COALITION this week and today’s most read article!


    Just click the above link in Green or this link below to go there!


  13. BOB HENRY BABER - Gifts officer at Glenville State College Shares his thoughts and poetry with Glenville

    Bob Henry Baber’s view towards Christians and West Virginians. This is the “poetry” that this “artist” profits from. Are you a Christian? Are you a West Virginian? If so, this poem is about you!

    Born Again
    by Bob Henry Baber

    You know somethin?
    I’m plumb wore out with being a heathern.
    I’m gonna get Saved
    so’s I can talk dirty
    fool with married women
    drink till I’m dog faced drunk
    abuse drugs and children
    fornicate with boys
    and not feel guilty
    about any of it
    knowing that I’ve been baptized
    in the Pure Love of the Lord
    and can ask for E-ternal forgiveness
    any ole time
    and make one helluva comeback.

    Editors note: This is the VERY SICK PRIDE and JOY of PETER BARR the President of GSC, who had to be equally as sick as Baber the guy that fa fa fucked SARAH RUTHERFORD GSC GRADUATE AND BARBOUR HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY TEACHER WHO RAPED TWO HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, and she is the daughter of Joanne Rutherford a long time secretary at GSC, and that Sarah girl was also the girlfriend of Bob Henrys’ Son that took the drug rap for him when his house was raided by the drug enforcement task force. Good going Gilmer County, nice pick for Governor.

  14. Chistina on Third Party Nightmare in the wicked land of GSC

    I am not sure what the “Mountain Party” is thinking. Bob Henry Baber was impeached as Mayor of Richwood, is a known drug user, was charged for misappropriation of city funds and theft, was investigated for child abuse, has had documented,confirmed, financial ties to strip clubs out of state, which has been endorsed and approved by his good buddy Circuit Court JUDGE RICHARD A FACEMIRE who most likely is his best customer. Bob Henry Baber made a lot of money with debauchery and then if that was not enough, then sold the majority of his land for “mountain top removal” for profit, has stated many times that he has no actual interest in being Governor but this publicity will help sell his books and writings and recently was covered by media for being intimately involved with his son’s girlfriend; Sarah Rutherford, who as you know by the excellent reporting on this website is a School Teacher that was arrested herself about one year ago for having sex with her students, and has since been indicted last October and was arraigned and had the audacity to plead innocent when she took advantage of young boys for her own sexual pleasure.

    Has anybody in the Mountain Party bothered to do background work with his former employers, schools, family, friends, newspapers, WV DCS, WV DEA?

    …Or even bothered to “Google” (Bob Baber & Sarah Rutherford)?

    If you want dishonesty, immoral and hypocrisy, get yourself a home in Gilmer County get to be friends with their Crooked County Commission and then vote for Bob Henry Baber.

    I am all for third parties and having an alternative political choice than just the “norm”. But endorsing hypocritical jokes as Bob Henry Baber is why the “Mountain Party” is starting to get “No Respect,” and might as well endorse Rodney Dangerfield as a candidate for governor.

  15. Cosmos Communicator - The FIX is in for CROOKED ELECTIONS in the FAMOUS CROOKED COUNTY and the Crooks are determined to get METZ in but the people say NO MORE NO FOUL PLAY! They are like RATS stealing cheese!

    Does anybody want to know what’s up with new voting places and a new precinct?

    Putting two voting precincts in the high school and two at Sand Fork? What are they making, super precincts?

    Well, the location is handy for them, the POWER ELITE from WACO OIL and ASS that we will bust by illegal electronic surveillance if that is what it takes! Sometimes you have to be a snake to catch a snake.

    The change in precinct locations makes a lot more people going in and out of the same building and knowing the cheaters they will find a way to stuff one of those ballot boxes by the end of the day.

    Don’t be surprised if the Crooked County Clerk Jean Butcher doesn’t have to make a run out to the high school late election night to see why the ballots haven’t been brought to be counted. It has happened every general election for years.

    Look at who runs those polling places, WACO’s people. Then the Commission made an extra little precinct with about 10 houses in it when the redistricting was done. There is more underhanded, back door crap going on with that bunch than a little and none of it smells nice. When they cling together, all stressed with their hands in each others pockets and their heads together, it reminds us of a group of rats around the last piece of cheese, clawing and squeaking for the biggest bite. But they are the mistreated if you hear them tell the tale.

    These criminals from WACO OIL like Sandy Pettit say they wouldn’t do anything to hurt Gilmer County,just like Ike.

    I say Poppy cock!

    They’re your friend, just ask them but don’t ask them for anything. What these manipulators need to tell us is when they are going to stop doing everything they can to hurt Gilmer County.

    Crowding polling places is not a good way to ensure election security, accuracy or accountability.

    There will be no transparency and that’s for sure.


  16. I see that some of the NEWS has been released by COSMOS COMMUNICATOR about MICKEY MOUSE METZ and his conspiracy that involves the Crooked County Commission Clerk Jean Butcher, the Crooked County Commission, Sandy (I really fucked up this time) Pettit, Gerald B Hough, and Natalie Tennant.

    The evidence in this case will be published and it will prove a conspiracy to defraud the people of Gilmer County and to CHEAT like the little bitches they are when it comes to elections.

    But, we also are working on the RAPE at GSC covered up by Dan BELL public safety officer who may be guilty of a crime involving the alleged rape of an honor student. That article was suppose to be up at midnight but nobody responded to our requests for interviews, so the article is late and we look at the situation to be severe, considering the number of people involved in this rape which was assisted by two females and the campus police. When the campus police and female students are accessories to rape, well then we have a whole new level of crime provided by IKE MORRIS and SANDY PETTIT of WACO OIL and ASS.

    But,for now, here is a story getting considerable hits on the CCFP and you should review it and send the link to your friends.

    The BLACK COLLEGE of LAST RESORT sends GSC BLACK PLAYER just to wear ORANGE at CRJ for FELONY CRIMES committed in Glenville involving dangerous drugs!

    Click GREEN LINK BELOW or at the top of this comment to go there!


    GSC Football player Osmund Nathaniel Brown will be before Judge Facemire on Monday February 27th, and he will be pleading guilty to some deal he made with Gerry Hough for the dope he and his monkey do, got caught with over at IKE’s NO TELL MOTEL. As you know HOUGH has proven he never had justice in mind, just protection of the GSC IMAGE through all the decadence and rapes and wrongful deaths.

  17. HOT TODDY is back in jail TODAY thanks to Special Judge Alsop.

    And Betty Jo Martin also from CALHOUN COUNTY was booked earlier today for FELONY SALES of DRUGS with intent to deliver!

    Click the green link on this comment above or the link below to go to the Concerned Citizens Free Press and see the latest HOT TODDY Mug shot!

    Christopher TODD SMITH is now in general population in the Central Regional Jail!


  18. The next article coming up on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf will feature the FAKE HS DIPLOMA from a very dishonest candidate Mickey Metz for Magistrate.

    Truly Lori Rosenburg is the best candidate for the job for she is honest and forthright and local girl product of GSC which we should all be proud of.

    We hear TAMARA STALNAKER is now getting involved in the Gerry Hough hate site and now can be included as part of the HATE GANG, hey Tamara looking forward to conversing with you about that, and I promise not to call you a whore, too loudly that is.

    DON’T MISS the next article of Revenge of the Ghost Wolf coming up tonight at midnight! We are getting some expert help — And we will reveal the IKE MORRIS CROOKED political machine led by SANDY …PETTIT and it got hard as a rock!

    These dumb asses will cheat, have dead people vote and generally break every rule in the book to get their own people in office and they are all busted now! Bitches!

    Don’t miss…

    Sandy Pettit of WACO OIL AND GAS has always picked the candidates who RUN FOR ELECTION — VOTER FRAUD gets them ELECTED — Mickey Metz CHEATS and BUYS FAKE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA on 11-22-11!

    Tonight at midnight with a date of Friday Feburary 24th on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!!

    Here is an excerpt…

    From scheming to develop an internal control of the elections through supposed support of a party to creating a namesake foundation with alumni money without legal ties to the institution all the while heading up the Board of Governors, there is no area in Gilmer County untainted by WACO influence and power. You’d think running a multimillion dollar oil and gas corporation would be enough. It should have been but remember greed is a deadly master.

    That is the position the IL Morris regime is in today. The pressure is on to clean up the image for it is harming that Senator in his pocket. The Delegates are afraid, the power they had is waning. The constant nip of the always hungry, always greedy, never satisfied strays Ike took in nip at his heels and are wearing him out. He’s fed them, he’s clothed and sheltered them, even gave them a title but they are still too backwards to understand that only makes them expendable. Words of wisdom Ike, don’t feed the Ethiopians.

    As a result, the depths this pack will sink to in order to get what they want while butchering the name of their own boss or anyone else for that matter, has no boundaries, no bottom, nothing moral or ethical about it. The dead weight of greedy hangers on around the neck of WACO multiplies but we hear that the pay off is getting to be less and less and they are thinking about dropping a few pounds. Infighting is underway to decrease the liabilities as they say and eliminate the competition. Wish I had tickets to see that fight. It should be as bloody and ruthless as they come. No doubt there will be a lot of collateral damage.

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