Sandy Pettit of WACO OIL AND GAS has always picked the candidates who RUN FOR ELECTION — VOTER FRAUD gets them ELECTED — Mickey Metz CHEATS and BUYS FAKE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA on 11-21-11!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

“There is an employee of WACO OIL and GAS — SANDY PETTIT — who heads a board that is permitted use of some of Ike’s money and even his family name to drop for the express purpose of, ensuring the chosen puppet candidate who will be elected to local and state government office !”

Gilmer County Star athlete Sydney with mom SANDY PETTIT on right in this photo above, the Church of IKE leader who has gotten some very unsavory characters in office by hook or crook, but mostly CROOK!

Some are allowed to pick the names of those who will be placed in control of local boards including the GSC Board of Governors.  They do what they’re told.  Boss man handles all state and federal appointments personally…  Many or most work for IL “Ike” Morris or where he puts them.

Some of his local people have actually become so drunk with what they think is personal power they will even stand in a crowd on election night and boast of who is next in line to lose.  The downhill slide into corruption is not a pretty thing to watch.

For as long as anybody can remember Sandy Pettit has been in charge of picking who will run for local elected office, and who will win by hook or crook, and we have had some very bad experiences like county commissioner  Larry Chapman who appointed himself a job with the GCEDA for a nice salary before being VOTED OUT of office — And the Dog Faced Woman Reta Kight who we hear takes it up the rear after giving current Commissioner Darrell Ramsey lessons on how to steal like the real Phil Reale!

Now we have a huge interest in the upcoming election for magistrate and here are the candidates with their qualifications.

Chapter 50, Article 1, Section 4 of the West Virginia Code of Law specifies that, “Each magistrate … shall have a high school education or its equivalent.“

“Questions have arisen as to whether all candidates that have filed for this office in Gilmer County meet the educational requirements provided by statute!”

Therefore, in an effort to put the matter to rest and provide the voting public with documentation that all candidates for this position are indeed qualified to hold the post, we asked all candidates for Magistrate to submit to us proof that they meet the educational requirements of this position.

Following is the Result :

Carol Wolfe – Thank You

Click to See Document 1

Click to See Document 2

Click to See Document 3

Lori Rosenburg – Thank You

Click to See Document 1

Click to See Document 2

Alton Skinner – Thank You

Click to See Document

Bill Stalnaker – Thank You

Click to See Document

Mickey Metz – Did Not Provide Proof until the FREE PRESS of and for the PEOPLE — served the CROOKED COUNTY COMMISSION CLERK  Jean “That’s the way we always do it!” Butcher, with an FOIA request.

Mickey Metz unlawfully provided Jean Butcher with a FAKE High School Diploma that he bought on the internet and should be removed from office immediately — and a petition is being drawn up to have him removed for lying to us about having a GED, for he never had even a high school diploma — and the fact that he lied about it is reason enough for him to be removed, further, the fact that Metz submitted a false document to qualify as a candidate we believe is a conspiracy involving SANDY PETTIT of WACO OIL and ASSJean Butcher Crooked County Commission Clerk and Natalie Tennant the Secretary of State for West Virginia!

Here is the FAKE bought and paid for High School Diploma  SHERIFF METZ used as proof that he was complying with the qualifications to hold the position of magistrate.

The diploma SHERIFF MICKEY METZ brought forward to comply with the FOIA is from an online high school. METZ got this fake document on 11.21.11-After checking the school, you can pay $300,and they ask a few questions and issue a diploma. Then they send you the one page colorful diploma. The diploma is fake and according to the Better Business Bureau the online site has an F rating. Read about the conspiracy with Natalie Tennant in a mainstream news source near you next week!

“When you give a person with a dirt poor background enough money to drag themselves to lower middle class, you own them!” 

Show the Church of IKE followers like Sheriff Mickey Metz the benefits of graft and corruption.  Tell them it could be them someday if they play their cards right they may be rich too!

Let the members of the CHURCH of IKE  use a few of your toys so their image is improved, toss in a few drugs supplied by IKE’s personal drug connection Lisa Stewart at RITE AID, plus a little planned debauchery while on vacation …

Gerry Hough - Crooked County Prosecutor looking down to see if he stepped on his dick again after trying to hide the FAKE document bought an paid for by Metz, and after suing an investigative reporter for utilizing his 1st amendment rights.

“..And they will do absolutely anything you say as long as you don’t throw them back in that briar patch.  They’ll never be put in an investor or partner position. They will never be a true player, but oh what a good lap dog they will make and man are they fun to watch and always a good topic for dinner conversation at the compound!”

Throw that bitch a bone, let them act like they are somebody, let them use your name, give em a little authority, hell, give them a new car.  If they do everything they’re told, buy them a house.  But at the end of the day that face they see in the mirror at home is just what it always was and the fear of going back is a constant gnaw.

“The natural progression of that fear of being poor again is greed and it grows at a phenomenal rate of speed as that fear never quite leaves their mind and they have to have it all at any cost.  Just like dogs at a plate of steak, they will fight to the death if they’re hungry enough.  All they want is all they can get — And don’t dare get in the way. They want more!”

Doug Cottrill an IKE MORRIS EMPLOYEE -- SUE MORRIS SAYS, "Doug is just like a song to us," Sue meant son but she was too fucked up from the pills Lisa Stewart gave her -- Douglas Darrell Cottrill – Was in possession of a pill bottle with prescription tag for Lortab and the name of Ike Morris on it, when busted for DUI. In the bottle was a bindle of COCAINE. In the pill bottle eight and one half yellow pills were found with the numbers 3601 imprinted on one side and V on the other (Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen). Mr. Cottrill had no prescription for them. Again Cottrill agreed he was in possession of cocaine, that was found in the bottle with the name of IKE MORRIS - Straight from LISA at RITE AID -- Two bags of weed were also found by Police. The Lewisburg Police Department reported that, Douglas Darrell Cottrill of Glenville, Gilmer County West Virginia was arrested on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Greenbrier County during the Greenbrier Classics!

From scheming to develop an internal control of the elections through supposed support of a party to creating a namesake foundation with alumni money without legal ties to the institution all the while heading up the Board of Governors, there is no area in Gilmer County untainted by WACO influence and power. You’d think running a multimillion dollar oil and gas corporation would be enough. It should have been but remember greed is a deadly master, and the Church of Ike watches over all of its minions!

This poster is perfect for the existing CROOKED COUNTY situation where we hear DOUG MORRIS once again had his charges for wrecking his car under the influence of five different drugs BOUGHT OFF! The STATE POLICE has been bought and paid for by IKE MORRIS and they should be held accountable for a criminal conspiracy!

That is the position the IL Morris regime is in today.  The pressure is on to clean up the image for it is harming Senator Manchin in his pocket.  The Delegates are afraid, the power they had is waning.  The constant nip of the always hungry,  always greedy, never satisfied strays Ike took in nip at his heels and are wearing him out.  He’s fed them, he’s clothed and sheltered them, even gave them a title but they are still too backwards to understand that only makes them expendable.  Words of wisdom Ike, don’t feed the Ethiopians.

As a result, the depths this pack will sink to in order to get what they want while butchering the name of their own boss or anyone else for that matter, has no boundaries, no bottom, nothing moral or ethical about it.  The dead weight of greedy hangers on around the neck of WACO multiplies but we hear that the pay off is getting to be less and less and they are thinking about dropping a few pounds.  Infighting is underway to decrease the liabilities as they say and eliminate the competition. Wish I had tickets to see that fight. It should be as bloody and ruthless as they come.  No doubt there will be a lot of collateral damage.

When the Gilmer County Clerk Beverly Marks walked out the door and left matters in the hands of her buddy Jean (Oh sure I am a Republican) Butcher — there’s something the two never bothered to tell during all of the campaign.

Butcher and Marks didn’t bother to say that since February 2010 they had been informed by both letter from bank law firms and the Secretary of State who had been served process that they were being sued in federal court for improper handling of legal documents.  They knew all through the Primary election in May as well as the General in November and never saw the need to inform the public or other personnel. A well kept secret that they swore never to tell (pinkie swore). This act was criminal and Natalie Tennant better get on that or we will know for sure that TENNANT is bought and paid for by IKE MORRIS also, in fact didn’t she used to be their baby sitter?   … Before she started fucking that pretty boy and thinking she was a “Television Personality,” when she was just a small market no talent that sucked “On the Air,” as bad as she sucks IKE MORRIS dick!

Crooked Vultures of Crooked County head up the CHURCH of IKE MORRIS and they could give a damn about the people of Gilmer County, they are self serving and feed off the dead burnt bodies and are seen late at night with bloody veins between their teeth and the only thing that will make them look up and wonder is the darkness that comes when the Ghost Wolf is near for they fear the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

This highly unethical suppression of litigation pending was known by the Gilmer  Commission and other elected officials of the court but, when Prosecutor Hough brought up the unethical and possible illegal attempt to hide this knowledge from the voters could be a problem- especially since it involved a candidate for the office, no one seemed interested in doing anything about it (no kidding – Hough has proved to be as crooked as they come).  That election should have been overturned for the irregularities already charged as well as these actions but Beverly Marks walked out the door knowing it would be too late by the time it was found out (if it ever was) and perfectly willing for the tax payers to pick up the tab for her illegal actions as long as she didn’t have to appear in court and kept her retirement.  That’s her legacy to Gilmer County.  That’s what she left behind.  A fitting tribute to all that transparency and accountability Commissioner Kennedy is so big on in the Democrap and it should be a  fitting eulogy for our so called leaders sitting in the court house today as apparently, we have not yet seen how low they are willing to go to get what they want.

Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine
You’re so fine Adison High School is only in your mind
Hey, Mickey
Hey, Mickey

Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine
You’re so fine you cheat my kind
Hey, Mickey
Hey, Mickey

Hey, Mickey
You’ve been around all night
Getting things right for another fight

And getting a FAKE DIPLOMA
You think it’s all tight
But I think you’ve got it wrong
 So can’t you say goodnight

 You can show us your dong  – it will be alright!

 Oh, what you do, Mickey, do, Mickey

Cause when you say you will

NO FOUL PLAY Sheriff Metz is a nightmare, but running for magistrate with a fake document for a diploma is beyond any pale of acceptability

It always means you won’t
When you killed FRED HILL
I said Please, baby don’t

Oh, what you do, Mickey, do, Mickey
Don’t break my neck, Mickey!!

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  1. This is what Metz got when he paid the money It is what was included in the “Graduation packet”. Straight from Adison High web site.

    1 Official Diploma
    2 Official Transcripts
    1 Award of Excellence
    1 Certificate of Distinction
    1 Certificate of Membership
    4 Education Verification Letters

    The Sheriff Metz diploma means about as much as cold hard dog doo doo!

  2. Council of Concerned Citizens - SECRET CEFP committee meeting just hours ago!

    Listen, more news about the Crooked County Crooks known as the POWER ELITE and the CHURCH of IKE!

    A non-published meeting (secret) of the CEFP committee just hours ago. The properties picked for new schools were the Auction Barn and Desi Garretts. SURPRISE! SURPRISE GOMER, it is just like we said and warned everyone about!

    The names of all attending are being found out, but there is one piece of info that really needs to get out, so gather up the TAR and FEATHERS for these ELITE have SCREWED us all again, and in SECRET this time!

    Desi Garretts vote was there since it was the deciding vote on the selection of her property which will be the Lewis/Gilmer School! Imagine that, and how CROOKED is all of this?

    Of course the Butcher property will be the new consolidated elementary.You know the place where they had THUGS burn the building town so they could make a HUGE PROFIT so that the BUTCHER BITCHES could tell all of their friends how RICH their daddy is!

    Nasia Butcher the Crooked Gilmer County Highs School Principal is the head of that committee and I’m wondering if she voted. Blankenship should have made Desi recuse herself.

    There it is people!

    THESE ELITE ARE SELF SERVING and DO WHAT THEY WANT, JUST ASK EM.If this is let go … it will be just another feather in their cap and we will be left with absolutely no way to stop it.

    The time to take immediate action against them is NOW!

    • Gilmer Murder Incorporated



  3. Council of Conservative Citizens - Patron Saint to the BLACK RAPIST at Glenville State College to engage in a conspiracy on 27 February in a Gilmer County Court room in the heart of the backwoods of West Virginia!

    This Court News and information was shared with the Council of Conservative Citizens Thursday afternoon shortly after the Supreme Commander of the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition of Central West Virginia personally spoke with Circuit Court Clerk Karen Elkin the blood relative sister of the enemy of the people of Gilmer County– Sandy Pettit of WACO OIL and GAS — At or about 1:30pm on Thursday, 23 February 2012.

    The official word was that JUDGE FACEMIRE will not allow cameras in the courtroom to record a law suit meant to punish Lawrence Smith for engaging his first amendment rights by serving the County Commission three FOIA requests for documents.

    But TV coverage and or Camera’s will be allowed near the stairway outside the courtroom. We find those terms UN-American and not acceptable.

    Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia Record, the LEGAL RECORD of TRUTH is due in court 11:45 Monday morning in the 14th district Circuit Court in Gilmer County before the most reversed judge by the West Virginia Supreme Court — Richard A Facemire.

    Gerald Hough who was found guilty of a FERPA VIOLATION to protect rapists, and to deny a WHITE VICTIM her rights to protect the image of Glenville State College is making allegations in his civil law action that SMITH willfully and knowingly filed frivolous FOIA requests which has caused Gilmer County “Pain and suffering.”

    This fact before the court is ridiculous and not true.

    This CIVIL action, before the Circuit Court in Gilmer County brought by the Prosecuting Attorney Hough, in and of itself is frivolous!

    According to SS mail forwarded to the CCC in Birmingham, Alabama — Hough wants to sanction SMITH and interfere with not only freedom of the press but also free speech!

    If that Crooked Judge in that Crooked little County in Central WV takes Smiths first amendment rights away, I’m sure Lawrence Smith will appeal, however that Colorful Crooked County 14th district Circuit Court Judge Facemire needs to be aware of the fact that citizens, of West Virginia, and AMERICANS of the UNITED STATES will not stand by for any kind of outdated and mid-evil rulings, and his next electoral race may most certainly be his last, or we will have him impeached on the floor of the State Senate. For all that will take is money and some professionals known all too well in Washington DC, which is just a short ride by rail from the County they all do hail.

    A high ranking female Secret Seven Coalition official asks that anyone who can attend this court appearance needs to be there to show support for Mr Smith and the honest reporting provided by the West Virginia Record and the Gilmer Free Press — both should win America’s highest award for Freedom and for FREE SPEECH!

    Also to the three individuals who wrote – And specifically to the female SS member that edited this article — This COSMIC COMMUNICATION is one of the best written and best presented essays of truth coming from South of the Mason Dixon line in a very long time.


    The issue of prison over-crowding in West Virginia can’t be solved by building more facilities, according to a report by the American Friends Service Committee, the Partnership of African American Churches and the West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy.

    West Virginia has one of the highest incarceration rates in the USA, and the state has been discussing the building of another prison to relieve severe crowding in prisons and the regional jail system.

    The report, called “Stemming the Tide: The Radical and Economic Impacts of West Virginia’s Prison System,” found that despite a stagnant crime rate and population, the state’s prison population continues to spiral upward. West Virginia had the nation’s second highest growth in general revenue spending on corrections between 1990 and 2010.

    The state has not be willing to alter sentencing for non-violent drug offenders.

    The report’s recommendations include expanding drug courts to every county and creating mental health courts, as well as increasing the use of alternative sentencing.

    Rick Wilson with the American Friends Service Committee said the state spends so much on its prison budget it crowds out funding for other services.

  5. To Gerry Hough and his hate site gang

    Hey there Gerry Hough and the hate site gang you had the police called on you, and an appointment will be set up to talk to authorities that can resolve the illegal police issues that have been protected by Major Ingold whom we found through inquiries retired from the Police Standards division of the West Virginia State Police. However, Ingold may be called out of retirement over his debacle with covering up alleged crimes that evidence was submitted for. When we discovered that Virginia Lanham whom he forwarded the complaint to is from Glenville and her father was an attorney for IL Morris of Waco Oil and Gas, well then we knew a highly illegal cover up was in place, but no surprise there for WV public officials. Lanham should have recused herself as Chief Counsel for the State Police and had nothing to do with the complaint since she personally knew, met, and had spoken with the people that are allegedly guilty of the crimes mentioned in the criminal complaint, which makes the current situation altogether a rather sticky wicket. We are asking that the people that covered up the crimes complained of also be brought up on federal charges and a report and complaint is being readied in writing to be sent to the US Attorney for the Northern Division of WV. A complaint was already made by phone.

  6. §31E-1-129. Penalty for signing false document.
    Any person who signs a document he or she knows is false in any material respect and knows that the document is to be delivered to the secretary of state for filing is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars, or confined in the county or regional jail not more than one year, or both.

    Metz should be immediately arrested and could be sentenced to one year in jail, and if this is not carried out, then the people refusing to carry out the duty that are duty bound should be arrested as accessories and several of those already exist.

    Now we can prefer charges against Gerry Hough also for trying to cover the matter up along with Jean Butcher Gilmer County Commission Clerk.

  7. Members of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition were on hand recently to WITNESS a CROOKED DEAL gone bad and a member and or associate personally witnessed an elected member of the courthouse staff running around the Gilmer County Courthouse screaming about who released the SHERIFF METZ document!!

    BOY oh BOY are they pissed off that someone found out about the FAKE!

    This fact alone indicates guilt by the governing parties in the courthouse. This situation truly does implicate the Secretary of State and we all need to ban together and start writing and calling the major news outlets in AMERICA to let them know about the totalitarian UN – AMERICAN regime firmly in place in Gilmer County, West Virginia.

    JEAN BUTCHER current COUNTY COMMISSION clerk we are convinced did NOT WIN in a fair election and the swapping of the recording modules complained of indicates a crime took place. Natalie Tennant, being a former “Baby Sitter” for IKE in her teen years swept the matter under the rug as did her investigator Amber Kroening, who questioned the person making the complaint and then did not question any person at the courthouse, but instead drove straight to the home of I L “IKE” Morris.

    Every person involved, Jean Butcher, Gerry Hough, and the entire courthouse staff KNEW the Mickey Mouse METZ document was from a Mickey Mouse school, but yet, they were committed to getting Metz on the ballot and then VOTER FRAUD and election fraud would have prevailed just like it did when they got the DUMB ASS Jean Butcher in as County Commission Clerk.

    Just like this article says, Sandy Pettit PICKS for IKE MORRIS who is going to run and who is going to win, and until we as a group, organize and take care of this ourselves, expect all other officials to be bought off too. The answer is:

    TAR and FEATHERS! These Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River never disappoint anyone when it comes to us CATCHING THEM RED HANDED in their criminal actions.

  8. The Secretary of State was fully aware of the FALSE DOCUMENT all along.

    WAKE UP Gilmer County!

    The Powers that Be have been involved in a myriad of illegal activities that include elite names all too familiar to us for over twenty years.

    It is time their reign of terror ends, and by all rights all of them should have been in prison.

    I hope we can at least get a few of them that like to put themselves up front.

    METZ VIOLATED STATE CODE, and what he did was criminal and he did it with full knowledge of courthouse staff.

    If he did win a crooked election, he would not be able to serve in office now, for all the deadlines have passed.

    Watch to see who comes out of the woodwork and be prepared to take action against them.

    • The Gilmer County Rat Pack never fails to amuse and amaze but getting caught up in a maze of their own lies before the public is not funny is it Metz? I wonder how you feel waking up this Saturday morning as you realize you’ve been caught lying to all of those people who blindly supported you for Sheriff. The ones you told for years that you have a GED and they were fine with that. Do you have any feelings that don’t involve a bank account?

      Sandy Pettit, you should be truly ashamed because you have always held up that you were the educated, that your boss, you and your cohorts knew better than most what this county needs. We didn’t need to think because these shining examples you put out there knew more than all of us combined and we sure didn’t want any of those “lower class”, welfare people voting and running this county now did we?

      Now Metz and your gang are trying to blame the Free Press because they published the truth. You people really need to stop taking those prescriptions for your nerves because you have plenty of nerve but absolutely no common sense and this proves it. Get used to it, the people have the right to know what goes on with their vote, their money and their community at large.

      Just because no one other than the Supreme Court asked to see the credentials of Bob Minigh and Carol Wolfe in the past was no indicator of current reaction given the number of new candidates on the ballot and given the amount of corruption exposed in Gilmer County. The candidates themselves were not going to let this crap fly one more time and no one blames them. Don’t blame the media because you all knew Metz did not have the minimum requirement for office. Which one of you Einstein schemers told him how to get this fake diploma? He wouldn’t have had any idea. You would have run him for Commissioner if you had any idea you couldn’t pull the wool over the people’s eyes but you just had to get greedy and try to put Chapman back in office. Are you going to run Kight again when Kennedy’s term expires in two years? Sure you are because this county has to be run by puppets you can control and the old stand bys are a sure bet for that. Damn what the people want and full speed ahead, right? Wrong!

      If you manage to steal enough votes for Metz to win (and we are sure you are putting your heads together on that day and night as the clerk has been caught complicit yet again in another cover up), how can he be seated without meeting the minimum qualifications? Do you think no one will contact the Supreme Court? Hopefully, the voters will turn out and stop you from ever getting that far as given history, it is unlikely Metz will do the right thing and withdraw.

      No decent person would have filed on a lie and expected the rulers of the Executive Committee to back him up. Thanks to all for your part in ruining the image of every decent person in Gilmer County one more time. There is no doubt you could not be included in that group. Given your very few morals and no ethics we are sure of one thing, you really don’t care as long as you get yours. Our hope is that you get what’s coming to you.

      • Council of Concerned Citizens - SUPPORT LAWRENCE SMITH ON MONDAY!

        Revealed now is the reason Gerry Hough presented his proposal of “Teaching the Press a Lesson!”

        What Hough, the County Commission, and even circuit court officials feared most was what has happened – because an FOIA request was filed -and that was when it was found out – that ALL, together as a team were involved in something so unethical, so crooked, and so shamefully as to actually be fully enmeshed in the unlawful act of falsifying documents — while others complied in a lawful way to comply with the necessary minimum credentials to hold the office of magistrate.

        The self serving public officials of Gilmer County have been breaking laws, buying state witnesses, committing white collar crimes, and have turned a deaf ear to rape and murder.

        Glenville and Gilmer County elite are a horror story come true!

        Impeached, removed, and then jailed is the answer for all guilty parties.

        Hough is trying to PUNISH Lawrence Smith for filing FOIA to get the info made public we all have a right to know. Hough is trying to defend his usual covering up of facts. Come support Smith at the Gilmer County Courthouse at 11:45am tomorrow 27 February, 2012

      • Gilmer Murder Incorporated

        To whoever is in charge of this board.. OMG.. I can NOT believe I have found this!!!! I NEED to get in contact w/you – another HUGE MURDER coverup… and I thought it was just me this happened to!!! Hough, Wheeler, all of them… OMG.. the LIES the corruption. Jury trial coming in August, pretty sure it will be newsworthy!!!!!!!

        Need to know how to contact you or you contact me. I can’t believe I found this site after a year and a half of fighting, scratching and clawing for justice!!!

        Editors note: Sent you some mail for contact purposes, but you caught me eating dinner, so sorry if the mail has PIZZA stains on it.

  9. Karen Elkin some say gets along great with the Supreme Commander of the SS, in fact some say dude is her boyfriend, and some wonder if it may be true for a smile is all you will get when either one of them is asked. I got that from someone that works at the courthouse that knows, and that is not the only thing that persons knows…


    A staff member even overheard the conversation of Karen Elkin talking to her boyfriend when her boyfriend the SS Member and CCC member, who is also the representative to the Council of Conservative Citizens of Birmingham Alabama from Central WV!

    It was reported last week that Elkin threw a fit when her boyfriend said,

    “Hey I got the Mickey Mouse Metz FAKE DIPLOMA and I will be putting it in a secret place only known to the SoS for it is a REAL FAKE!”
    “It was sent to me from the inside cousin,from right inside your office along with a handwritten note written by Beverly Marks involving the 13 heirs that were really friends of hers that she gave the funds from the SALE of the Missing 1/6th to! …Which include NON relatives Rosa Belle Gainer-Cunningham and her son Jack Gainer!”

    Beverly often gave money from estates to people she knew that were not even close to being related for a kick back or two, or three, or four…

    — Ohio law enforcement stated Friday afternoon when a complaint was filed that it may be all they need to put MARKS and GAINER in jail, but that it would have to be a federal jurisdiction that filed the subpoena or made the arrest, or a State Police arrest, but they are bought and paid for in Glenville.

    It was told that Karen got a little mad, but then someone told her it was not true, but it was true!

    The Metz document was leaked from the courthouse first, and the GFP did not leak the document because the SS had a hold of it 24hrs before they did, and then made about 20 copies and even rolled the biggest fattest joint you ever saw with the one sent from the courthouse and fired that bitch up!

    “DAMN that was some BAD ASS WEED was the explanation heard all the way to Tuscaloosa!”

    Karen found out it was true at about 7:02 am on Friday morning when she saw the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website had put it up on the front page!!

    And then shortly later she saw it on the GFP AND TOSSED A HIZZY FIT LIKE YOU CAN’T BELEIVE !

    Apparently KAREN ELKIN got so upset she was running around the courthouse screaming about who released the METZ document!

    Karen ELKIN got so upset that later that day I a heard her blood pressure went up and she didn’t even go to her lunch appointment! She was pissed!

    Myinformed from the inside friend said ELKIN was screaming the name of Gerry Hough and that she will kick his ass if he did this or something like that.

    Since THE FAKE MICKEY MOUSE METZ HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA was sent to everyone the SS were even slightly acquainted with …

    …the DIPLOMA WAS SENT with a note attached that said:

    “Oh, and one more thing…”

    “Hey Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind … Hey Mickey!”

  10. Cassandra HUFF causing some disturbance with Gerry again

    It has been a topic of gossip and conversation among the local uprising and Auction barn fire association celebration in some near buy remote properties as the gathering of troops that got pretty hopped up on the goodies now available from the Church of Ike folk that like to keep the place stocked with dangerous drugs. It is sad to see the children of people you appreciate and admire acting stupid because of all the drugs available.

    Casandra Huff that lives with her mom out in Bridgeport on a farm, where she loves the horses a little too much has decided to jump back in with that hate site gang and a few others have wanted to jump right on her for it, and for some other underhanded two-faced actions she has taken.

    Writing as Abigail Adams with some of her bullshit being published locally who are we to say what the Free Press puts out, but now we know that Cassandra Huff is a great pretender and traitor to the people of Glenville.

    We heard that Dave Corcoran yanked her right up out of her chair one day like a slutty little whore and preached to HUFF about what her hole was for in front of that pathetic Miller girl who was so bold to make it a told.

    I think we should be keeping our eye open for Cassandra Huff while she is in town as the SC of the SS has asked that she be questioned by available bodies, so pass that along.

    Also, it was suggested that efforts be made to capture and arrest BM, for we understand she has so much dirt on other public officials former and present, if we could just get her sentenced to three years in prison she may squeal to get out of two of them. I think efforts should be made to reveal her federal crimes and pursue that since the local detachment of the Glenville State Police involved themselves in misconduct still being investigated.

    Editors note: Gerry and Casandra and the Glenville Democrap OWE some fee’s for copyright infringement and the paper work has been filled out, so someone should serve her with those documents so that we can just go take her shit.

  11. From the blackness the BEAST that has lived to fight another day, is always watching, always waiting for the ones that think they have it made , the POWER ELITE of the VILLE! …where all that EVIL is Just OK with Gerald B Hough leading the way!

    The menace of the awful elite may soon have to pay!

    The destiny of the wicked brought the Return of the Ghost Wolf to the Darkness of Crooked County and to the blackness of the “Ville,”

    “The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” And the REVENGE of the GHOST WOLF has revealed on more CHURCH of IKE SECRET held close by the Sheriff of Crooked County down by the Crooked River !

    “Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.”

    —Rolling Stone, February 15, 1973

    The Absolute truth is over the past year or so the crime rate in Gilmer County and the surrounding area has been alarming!

    But when the law are the worst at breaking the law as proven with this phony High School Diploma from a person who is now caught lying all the last eight years almost to the day about his credentials and past accomplishments which is essentially the same as lying on your resume, or is that the same as being a “Good ole boy a bullshittin all day!”

  12. Addison high school scam

    Many people have fallen into this FAKE DIPLOMA scam. Sheriff Metz DOVE IN with both feet, and then could be heard screaming, “No Foul Play … No Foul Play!”

    ADDISON is an online high school saying they are legit when in fact it is a complete lie just like Mickey M O U S E METZ is!

    Here is a testimonial:

    I am a victim to Addison as well. Being younger I of course was excited and really didn’t read much into it. Couple years later I was trying to go into the airforce and guess what they do not accept it and so they say better chances for me would be take some college courses I go apply for college and can not do that either. So now I have to get a GED. I want to stop these people it is evil what they are doing. Yes a lot of us have fell for it not doing proper work, but at that time it felt like we needed to hurry and get it and it sounded alot better to have a high school diploma other than a GED.

    I called the people telling them and they hung up on me, called them back and told me to tell anyone who has a problem with the school to call them and they will settle it out. Of course colleges or military don’t have time for it. This whole thing as set my husband and I so far back. I am not only hurt but ashamed thinking for all these years I did good and got high school over with.

    This is a CASE of MICKEY METZ of Gilmer County helped the Scammer ADDISON HS who helped the Scamming Crooked SHERIFF that lives down by the Crooked River where he stores dead bodies behind his house,and Metz and Gilmer County will now say this certificate is legitimate and will lie and cheat the people of Gilmer County just like he always has done.

    Believe you me, this proves once and for all how crooked those people are in Gilmer County , West Virginia, the home of the CHURCH of LIKE!

    Mickey Metz says, ” I LIKE the CHURCH of IKE!” … last night at the Senior Center for the Democratic Dinner of a Dump Diploma getter like a Mickey Metz who stood up proud of his Addison FAKE High School Diploma and said he was, “Sheriff running for Magistratem,” and then sat down!

    • Why will the power mongers lie, cheat,steal and threaten to keep these kind of people in positions of authority? Simple. To ensure they will have it “their way”. At the recent secret meeting of the CEFP board which is reported to have no minutes taken, the vote was for Butcher and Garret land. Both on the board and both voted for themselves and each others property. The puppet Blankenship let this happen. He didn’t even post a public notice of this meeting of the coven. The Commission is not going to donate county land and go against the people who will let them commit election fraud to keep them in office and neither will the college as it would cost Barr his job unless Ike gets on board. Can I get an amen? How long are we going to take being slapped in the face with this “we do what we want at your expense and we will reap the profits” attitude.

      Editors note: I see we get us some rope and hold a little meeting of our own after what the Butchers and Blankenship have done now!

  13. WOW, I will tell you what there is nothing better than to be headed on out for an ELITE MEET as was witnessed last night at the Senior Center courtesy of the girl that pets it and makes it hard — the one and only person that could possibly head up the executive committee and that is SANDY PETTIT, the girl FRIDAY for the CHURCH of IKE!

    Take it from me, if anyone that could not attend thought they missed a damn thing, think again, you missed nothin! If you took away the executive committee, the candidates and the poll workers no one was there, so who really gives a shit if you went or not, now, believe you me, it was an entire waste of time!

    Larry Chapman came, and then he showed up for this executive meeting of Douche Bags too. “Bullshit Boy” ..stood up and said he was running for Commissioner since there were just introductions, no speeches, and sat down at the table beside Darrell Ramsey. It was only heard in whispers that, Larry told Darrell that, when he thought was a makin the dog faced woman Reta Kight bark like a dog while taking her from behind, well that he had been a making her squeal like a pig for a long long time before dude even thought about being a county commissioner.

    Mickey Metz stood up said he was Sheriff running for Magistrate and sat down, that was it, no mention of the fraudulent document he used to comply with the requirement to run for magistrate, so that really stunk, but speaking of stinking the entire WACO OIL and GAS supported GALA event at the Senior Center smelled like BM! EWWW that smell, can’t you smell that smell?

    LAST NIGHT it was the smell of BM all around you! It was all BM, Beverly Marks last night the first SUNDAY after SHERIFF METZ was found out for being a phony and Beverly Marks former Crooked County Commission clerk that has yet to be caught for her worst infractions — so far has not served the prison sentence we all know she deserves.

    Beverly Marks and Lane Smith gave the thank you to the poll workers speeches, but you kind of had to hold your nose especially if the BAD IMAGE kept haunting your mind of David LAME Smith “Feeling Up” Karen Elkin upstairs at the courthouse as he slowly pushed her blouse up for some fooling around on tax payer time, and this was a heard from the mouth of Gerry Hough was has been telling on Karen Elkin and her sexual exploits with LAME SMITH. I for one never believed all those stories told about Karen, but now more have come to the surface, cuz I guess LAME has been doing a little braggin about the doodlin that went on in the courthouse, by someone that has worked there since she was 18. Boy Karen can tell you some tales about corruption in the office of the Sheriff and if she does find out who leaked the FAKE DIPLOMA which she refers to as the “METZ Document,” well then there may be some hell a raised!

    To be quite honest I almost puked, and would have walked out if I did not have to report this pathetic event, but to have BM and Lame MC that event which only honored democrat poll workers was a disgrace but a foreseeable one too, so I had to get as “HIGH AS CASSANDRA HUFF…. just to even show up to that shin dig last night!

    To have BM as a Master of Ceremonies – Beverly Marks – who has a history of being so dirty in her criminal acts as commission clerk that she smells like shit all the time — and David Lame Smith also MC the Gilmer County Democrat Country Dinner it is like saying…

    “YOU STOLE FOR ME … now I’m honoring you!”

  14. High Ranking SS officials met with Lawrence Smith this afternoon, to get the play by play of his defeating Gerald B Hough Prosecuting Attorney for Gilmer County in the civil law action before Judge Facemire earlier this afternoon.

    Here is the report on today’s court case according to a Free Press update:

    Today, Monday, February 27, 2012, the Gilmer County Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit filed by the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough on behalf of Gilmer County Commission, and Jean Butcher, the Gilmer County Clerk against Lawrence Smith from WV Record.

    The lawsuit was filed because Smith had requested information under FOIA.

    Decision was made by the Judge after Gerry Hough and Lawrence Smith made their presentation to the court.

    The decision by the Judge means that the lawsuit may not be re-filed, and as such, it operates as an adjudication on the merits.

    Smith defeated Hough in the Gerald B Hough home court and the prosecuting attorney even made it a point to tell the judge that Smith had been friends with and knew the Supreme Commander of the SS.

    Judge Richard A Facemire made no reply to the off the cuff, Hough comment of who it is Mr Smith knows, but must have been thinking to himself…

    “Man oh man this Gerry Hough is an idiot as really to what purpose does making that statement have to do with this court case!”

  15. Oh YEAH!! Lawrence Smith of the West Virginia Record won! We Won!!!

    Judge Facemire’s last words were ” I will not do this” and he dismissed with prejudice so it cannot come back to court. Yes, Gerry Hough was so insistent he said that Lawrence Smith was best friends with another person who called Gilmer county the Crooked County!

    Facemire asked HOUGH what damages were done and that’s the best Gerry Hough could come up with.

    All three commissioners and Jean B were there also Cassandra Huff and Glenville Crazy Gary Collins. You should have been there it was great. Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy walked downstairs and he was beet red from the collar of his shirt to the roots of his hair!

    The Gilmer County ELITE couldn’t scramble out of there fast enough!

    Of course the SS was busy shaking hands and giving hugs, and passing out doobies in the parking lot later — All happy citizens shook hands and gave hugs and kissed some babies too!

    Tara was hanging behind Brian Kennedy her husband, and seemed, out of her mind on drugs or nerve pills or whatever else the elite DRUG CONNECT Lisa Stewart has samples of this week. As I walked by Tara she just stared through me like she was stoned out of her mind, right after she listened to the Beatles RUBBER SOUL, but it was me looking through her and seeing a phony and a fake married to a criminal who soon may face the situation of ; IT WILL ALL be found out at stake! …that is what mattered.

    For once, no matter what the reason, Facemire served the people and not the politicians. Happy days.

    Facemire told Gerry Hough if he wanted to sue for defamation that would be another case, not this one but I don’t see it.

  16. Stacy Harlow shows off JUDGE at Gilmer County Democrat Country Dinner Executive Committee function!

    Stacy Harlow also attended that poll worker dinner last night along with the lying ass Sheriff Mickey Metz that just got caught lying about having a GED and got caught with fake mail order High School Diploma.

    Stacy Harlow was a workin another pole under the table of that Wood County Judge she is a workin for from down there in Wood County. Pretty good pole working for the poll workers dinner goin on under the table there. One has to wonder if anybody caught a shot of that or not. Tit looked, I mean, it looked like maybe there was some breast augmentation being readied, for there was some sort of exam a going on too with a cozy time had for all.

    When Harlow walked into the dinner last night she had the judge from Wood County that she does court reporting for on her arm, before all the under the table fun started. I suspect she brought him to show how many votes she had in her pocket since he’s a runnin for Supreme Court Justice.

    Gilmer County’s evil goes a long ways and she was stretching some Justice out from the judge a pretty good there as far as anyone could see.

  17. Lawrence Smith DEFEATS Gerald B Hough Gilmer County Prosecutor in CIVIL ACTION. Former Glenville City Councilman Dr Carl Armour and others in the audience of the courtroom like Dr William K Simmons stated HOUGH’s Performance in the Courtroom was POOR, in fact it SUCKED as BAD as SANJAYA singing URIAH HEAP HITS! It was the WORST YET!! A living NIGHTMARE PLAYED out on 27 February in a JUDGE FACEMIRE Courtroom!

    Come get the full story of the how the CONCERNED CITIZENS of Gilmer County whipped the holy heck out of those Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River.

    The Crooked County Commission and the Crooked County Clerk were caught trying to cover up their, not only questionable actions, but very possibly criminal actions!

    Just click the GREEN LINK at the top of this comment to go there Or click the green link below:

  18. The Politics of Manure Anonymous in Glenville

    Sheriff Mickey Metz is being guided by Sandy Pettit according to someone either in the executive committee or close to IL MORRIS and WACO OIL. Pettit stepped deep in it this time.

    The true disgrace involving the FAKE High School Diploma, and then Mickey getting up at the Sunday dinner saying he is Sheriff running for Magistrate, equals the same as saying the executive committee is letting this false document issue go, which lies squarely on the shoulders of Pettit and the executive committee, and quite frankly “outs” them for being a self serving and dishonest entity.

    It’s on Marge Burke now, and she is starting to smell like some old manure. Are we going to call her a criminal? We will have to, for what Metz did by using a false document as his ticket to run for office is a crime and Burke could wind up her long tenure in manure, which will be something she more than deserves.

  19. Council of Concerned Citizens - METZ is GUILTY of a CRIME according to a federal attorney!

    I spoke with an attorney today, who has been studying Gilmer County for some time, especially since he took a case to the US Supreme Court from Gilmer County, a case which will go down in infamy now, for all the misconduct and outright criminal behavior involving public officials.

    I spent about an hour with this attorney this morning as he poured over a title opinion in which it was discovered that Tim Butcher ordered a deed pulled from the books.

    That act is an illegal act.

    His comment concerning Mickey Metz and his phony document submitted as required…

    “…That’s a crime!“

    There was more discussion involving HOUGH and FACEMIRE, and their participation and indulgence in misconduct and the criminal act of others is what has been the topic of discussion to be continued.

  20. Sleepless and Anonymous

    Here’s the catch: Adison High School promises an easy high school diploma to those of any age who need or want one for a variety of reasons. Getting one isn’t time-consuming or particularly expensive—until, that is, the recipients learn that their diploma is worthless, the time and money they’ve expended has been for nothing, and they can get back neither the time nor the money. An expensive lesson, they’d all agree. But in Mickey Metz’s case it’s a way to fool us and make him believe we are stupid and naive and he is smarter than all of us. You’re done Metz by your own hand!

    Editors note: I don’t know if you have been following along, but it has been agreed both by people receiving complaints on officials -and the SS of Central WV — but a directive from the top of the SS that says we must record and convict the people that are responsible for covering up of these criminal acts of public officials also.

    It appears that the Powers that Be are going to try to ignore our discovery and EXPOSURE of the criminal actions of the Gilmer County Sheriff. They feel that if enough time goes by, that people will forget, but those were the days before the RISE of the CalPatty Press which led to more of a mainstream press that can be read by everyone, which includes the people that would just as soon skip pictures of the bald pussy of Lizzy Butcher(sorry that sounds so repulsive to say, but I am reading it off copy to an agency we have been writing to) and the F words used as an adjective, noun, verb and just about every which way but loose in usage.

    My point being … the crimes of the Crooked County Crooks that live down by the Crooked River (Still reading copy) are never going to go away, and they will be published forever, and for all to read, and their old attitude that involves new ways, they will find as difficult to defend against as the Russians did against the modern TIGER TANK in 1943 and 1944. The old way of thinking does not necessarily make for good tactics in modern times, but one good thing about the Crooks from Crooked County is that they feel they are above the law and we have SO MUCH stuff on them and have been gathering for years, that it is just an overwhelming amount that just may go national for the uniqueness of the long term investigation …the GONZO Way of which we now have become very comfortable, for their is truly nothing like being A PART of the story and actually there, and not just writing about it.

    Stephen Crane learned this GONZO style, but did not know what it was until he too saw battle in the spring of 1898 in Cuba, although he was under the influence of Rum and Cocaine through most of the battle, if not all of the battle taking some time out for coital bliss with some CUBAN female informants for the AMERICANS.

    The Red Badge of Courage is a famous war novel by American author Stephen Crane, but he had not experienced war, when he wrote it. However, after the Spanish American Civil War he had a lot of BLOOD on his hands — and saw the RICH and the POOR die from America –and some of our own– some local folk from WV were there too — for they were REAL SHOOTERS and needed desperately in the WAR EFFORT.

    And in honor of the bravery of our forefathers, we the members of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition have NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!

  21. Resident of the Ville

    What a joke that Mickey Metz is!
    Thanks Cal Patty Press for publishing it or who ever it was that got it up on a webpage for all to inspect. I am surprised Metz and his Ike buddies haven’t issued a bunch of threats to take it down, but it would be too late now anyway. I saw where someone else said,

    “ I want the people of Gilmer to know that if you vote for this fraud you deserve what comes.

    “This internet diploma is a decorative piece of toilet paper to me.”

    “How can anyone even submit this. Its the laughing stock of all documents!”

    I agree with all that fella said.

  22. Whey would the crooked, corrupt, and dishonest County Commissioner and his piece of shit dishonest wife Tara Kennedy want CASON JONES OUT of the Gilmer County Sheriff office and then convicted of whatever it is they have him on now, besides the TASER incident, and really we at the SS have been trying to figure out why the elite want to throw Jones under the bus.

    Well now, hey now, there always is a reason for that time of the season down in Crooked County, down by the Crooked River!

    Tara Kennedy reported a negative test for drugs on a prisoner! An ELITE prisoner, someone that of course, is above the law.

    Well as it turned out that was a LIE! Because we all know Tara Kennedy is a lying bitch!

    The Crooks from Crooked County LIE CHEAT and steal either by order, command, or because they are just corrupt as the day is long,

    Cason Jones knew the test had come up positive, and that Tara Kennedy LIED about the result, so JONES turned Tara Kennedy in.

    The prisoner then was promptly taken to the hospital where the prisoner tested positive for drugs, proving the illegal act by Tara Kennedy, lap puppet of Judge Facemire.

    Tara was required to retrain on the proper way to do the testing and has been in trouble with the Judge ever since! Dude knows she is crooked as fuck.

    Circuit Court JUDGE Richard A Facemire found out how much time she’s spending bellied up to the bar at the Pioneer Grille watching to see who’s chasing after Brian Kennedy the Crooked County Commission President (or who he’s chasing) and the Judge has cautioned her that her performance is slipping badly.

    Kennedy is telling Hough “Get Jones out of here!”

    We say get that little red headed bitch Brian Kennedy out of here, and if Casey JONES is Busting Kennedy’s and kicking hornets nests over down there in Crooked County more power to him.

    This is your LAST DAY IN FEBRUARY PEOPLE to go out there and bust some Power Elite ass! Now go on, skulk it out and go get some of that Power Elite ass!

    • I guess the speeding tickets that Casy Jones gave Sue and Doug Morris didn’t have anything to do with it. Before you say anything you might want to check on one of Shelly Demarino’s clients. Could someone be trying for some payback?

      Editors note: It’s you again, and just think you or I couldn’t even ask for special treatment or offer any favor, …geez!

  23. Timothy Allan FURR BUSTED ON MORE DRUG CHARGES -Furr Facing Earlier Drug-Burglary Counts

    A Glenville man Timothy Allan Furr, 42, is facing new drug charges Monday, being charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

    He was arrested in January on charges related to the procurement of drugs from Minnie Hamilton Health System in Grantsville.

    A hospital emergency room physician said Furr altered a prescription issued him for six Vicodin to sixteen.

    Furr, according to the criminal complaint, took the emergency room prescription to Grantsville’s Rite Aid, also altering the prescription for a larger dose.

    Furr was charged in January with altering prescriptions, and taken to Central Regional Jail.

    He was arrested in December on charges filed in Glenville for burglary, the complainants say he broke into their residence and stole rifles and jewelry.

    A criminal complaint says Furr then attempted to sell the rifles.

    When State Police obtained a search warrant for Furr’s residence, they discovered drug paraphernalia and drugs, with the complaint indicating possible presence of meth, prescription drugs without a prescription, and a substance appearing to be cocaine.

    The complaint indicates Furr admitted to having a problem with meth and drugs.

  24. Recently, on a GCHS away game, a bus driver reports to SS officials that he was sitting in the bus waiting for a Gilmer County High School basketball game to get done so he can take the kids back to Glenville.

    Because the bus windows are tinted, nobody could see him in the bus. He observed some fun drug taking action involving … Kim Morris, along with a woman the Secret Seven Coalition refuses to identify for personal reasons, and Leslie Campbell who ran the MAIN ATTRACTION in Glenville that had to be shut down for serving alcohol to minors and other infractions. Those three women, who are members of the Power Elite in Glenville gathered beside his bus and sniffed some kick ass Cocaine all chopped up into some fine powder which was provided by Leslie Campbell!

    Maybe there was some drug dealing and drug whiffing a goin on back in the day of the Main Attraction. We recall when one of the sons of Tim Butcher was arrested the night they shut that elite club down. Butcher pitched a hissy fit threatening to have everyone arrested that busted the club. We preferred the pub back then, where you could blow a fat one on the back porch, and did not feel the need for hard drug complications.

  25. Here is an excerpt from the NEXT Revenge of the Ghost Wolf article that will be released March 2nd, and available tonight at midnight courtesy of the Secret Seven Coalition Network!

    SMITH for the Millenia! Lawrence Smith Investigative Reporter DEFEATS the biggest CROOK in Crooked County Down by the Crooked River!!

    What connection snaps in the brain of a Prosecutor named Gerald B Hough who brings personal vendettas to the forefront of a trial to sue the Press and suppress public information while bringing members of the very government he works for unwittingly into the fray insinuating to the Judge he has their support?

    His connection to the people.

    What connection snaps in the brain of Sheriff Mickey Metz who commits fraud trying to present oneself as having a diploma which does not meet state standards or the requirements by law to run for an even higher, more authoritative office?

    His connection to the people.

    What connection snaps in the brain of a man called Chapman who is voted out of elected office for self serving political actions as well as total disregard of the morals and ethics of society that won’t let him sleep until he figures out a way to convince the people he’s changed and the lack thereof makes him so greedy he is driven to get right back in that position of power?

    His connection to the people.

    The list of actions showing a total disconnect with reality coming from current and past Gilmer County leaders could fill a book. These examples are a few of the most recent.

    There are a MILLION and ONE stories to tell in this NAKED and SUN TANNED city of Glenville in Crooked County, but the simple act of a freedom of information request, a constitutional right exercised, is all it took to expose once more the depth of corruption at the heart of local government in Gilmer County WV.

    Don’t miss the next RGW article and this TRUE STORY on Revenge of the Ghost Wolf tonight at midnight!

  26. Although, I don’t talk this way, it was told to me that, ” Clarissa Ferrell who works for the biggest criminal in Crooked County likes to, “Suck a lot of Black Dick,” and someone suggested it was part of her job. This latest information along with another report was sent by e-mail today to the Council of Conservative Citizens representative for Central WV.

    From what I hear you can’t work for Gerald B Hough down there at the A-22 Law Clinic and not lay down with a negro or two. It’s who Houghs always rented his apartments to, the black man football player rapist like Gabe Phrophet who is wanted for questioning by the CCC of Birmingham Alabama. The CCC don’t much cotton to Negro Rapists that worship the PATRON SAINT of black rapists Gerald B Hough.

    All I really know is that Clarissa Ferrell prefers sex with Black Men and Stacy Harlow the former Gerry B Hough employee are related. I a heard that Stacy prefers playing shake the stick with a candidate for WV Supreme Court over her former SEX with BLACK MEN requirement she was obligated to, while being employed by the biggest CROOK from Crooked County Gerald B Hough, the man that recently had his ass kicked and good in a Gilmer County Circuit Court.

    SS Member: I have one question since this is your thing to look into, but is CARLY HOUGH who likes it ROUGH since she is the daughter of Gerald B Hough required to do the Black Football player thing too?

    “Pull those Panties to the SIDE CARLY!”

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