SMITH for the New Millennium! Lawrence Smith Investigative Reporter DEFEATS the biggest CROOK in Crooked County Down by the Crooked River in a 14th district Circuit Court!!

By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

What connection snaps in the brain of Gerald B Hough a Prosecutor who brings personal vendettas to the forefront of a civil action to sue the Press, and Hough subpoena’s the entire Gilmer County Commission?!

His connection to the people!

After the POOR PERFORMANCE in a Crooked County Courtroom that turned County Commission Clerk Brian Kennedy BEET RED and running out of the courtroom saying, “Got to get out of here, got to get out of here!!” ..Hough felt kind of funny! Then when he looked at himself in the mirror he looked kind of queer! The Monday February 27th court appearance was no fun for Hough -- since Gerry was SPUN when Judge Facemire said he wasn’t going along with the Gerald B Hough EVIL DESIRE – And the PLANNED in advance BAD END for LAWRENCE SMITH!

Gerry Hough the PA for Gilmer County made a great effort on Monday February 27th in a Judge Facemire courtroom to suppress public information while bringing members of the very government he works for unwittingly into the fray insinuating to the Judge he has their support!

What connection snaps in the brain of  Sheriff Mickey Metz who commits fraud trying to present oneself as having a diploma which does not meet state standards or the requirements by law to run for an even higher, more authoritative office?  

His connection to the people!

What connection snaps in the brain of a man named Larry Chapman who is voted out of elected office for self serving political actions as well as total disregard of the morals and ethics of society that won’t let him sleep until he figures out a way to convince the people he’s changed and it’s lack thereof makes him so greedy he is driven to get right back in that position of power? 

His connection to the people!

“There are a MILLION and ONE stories to tell in the NAKED and SUN TANNED city of Glenville, in Crooked County, but the simple act of a freedom of information request, a constitutional right exercised, is all it took to expose once more the depth of corruption at the heart of local government in Gilmer County WV!”

We are sure Gilmer is not the only county to have such problems, ask Lincoln and Logan, but we live here and this affects our lives, our families and we have had enough.

Here is the report on the court case according to a Free Press update:

Tara Kennedy was wide awake and suddenly terrified, her breath coming so fast and hard she froze in disbelieve when the judge said, “I’m not doing this!” And the Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy turned BEET RED, and was redder than his hair as he tried to get out of there! Tara Kennedy was looking right through me, almost as if wicked black darts were shooting from those dark and wicked eyes, while she waved Goodbye I waved hello, hello!

Monday, February 27, 2012, the Gilmer County Circuit Judge Richard (Dick) Facemire dismissed with prejudice the lawsuit filed by the Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough on behalf of Gilmer County Commission, and Jean Butcher, the Gilmer County Clerk against Lawrence Smith from the WV Record.

The lawsuit was filed because Smith had requested information under FOIA.

Decision was made by the Judge after Gerry Hough and Lawrence Smith made their presentation to the court.

The decision by the Judge means that the lawsuit may not be re-filed, and as such, it operates as an adjudication on the merits.

Smith defeated Hough in the Gerald B Hough home court and the prosecuting attorney even made it a point to tell the judge that Smith had been friends with and knew the Supreme Commander of the SS.

Judge Richard A Facemire made no reply to the off the cuff, Hough comment of who it is Mr Smith knows, but must have been thinking to himself…

“Man oh man this Gerry Hough is an idiot as really to what purpose does making that statement have to do with this court case!”

“One has to ask, why do leaders of Gilmer County find it a predictable natural reaction to engage in unethical activities?” 

Soon the winter will be over and the Ghost Wolf will be coming down from highest of the high mountains overlooking the Ville below, and the Ghost Wolf will be hungry for the blood of the evil ones that run that Crooked little Ville in that Crooked County down by the Crooked River! The warm weather may bring the cold blood of the evil of which the Ghost Wolf hungers for more than life itself

Why do the Crooks from Crooked County that lived down by the Crooked River risk both careers and reputations for such ephemeral gains?  Is the Burning Lust to be better than those around them burning that hot, living in their dreams until the nightmares take over?

‘Judge Facemire’s last words were “I will not do this” and he dismissed with prejudice the civil action so it cannot come back to court. Yes, Gerry Hough was so insistent he said that Lawrence Smith was best friends with another person who called Gilmer county the Crooked County!’

“Facemire asked HOUGH what damages were done and that’s the best Gerry Hough could come up with!”

Do they think they won’t get caught or believe their elevated status puts them above the law?  Or do they think they are the law?

I am WHITE FANG from the Central WV SS and I have been specially trained to rid Crooked County of the wicked and evil. My relatives grew up along the Crooked River and made that their home, just to lose it all to some corrupt public officials from Gilmer County. I have been trained to identify enemies and alert my master to their presence. I know what Gerald B Hough looks like and smells like and hopefully I will know the taste of evil if the gods provide good hunting. Don’t worry! It will be JUST OK, for then we can all say, “Oh, No foul play…but what a mess!”

Is this the first time those CROOKED PUBLIC OFFICIALS from Gilmer County did something inappropriate, or have they been on the slippery slope for years? 

Did those dumb bitches ever really care about their neighbors or was it all in the game?

One bit of luck coming to the good people of Gilmer County this week, this month, and this year (and there are more good people than bad living in Gilmer County if they will stand and be counted), has been the involvement of Lawrence Jay Smith, reporter for the WV Record!

His investigative skills are to be admired.  Little did he dream how our Prosecuting Attorney would react when he simply asked to see the expenditure amount which arose from the lawsuit brought in federal court for improper handling of lien recordings against the county clerk! 

The circular reasoning for not providing the information, the less than forthcoming responses and negative treatment in public by GERRY HOUGH Crooked County Prosecutor forced Mr. Smith to have to go to the lengths of filing an official FOIA request and later to pursue court action.  Not for money but for the right to share that information with the public.  That, in and of itself, is refreshing.  County leaders prefer to ignore such nervy cheek by someone not in the clique.  Pretend it’s not there till it gets tired and goes away.  This time it didn’t go away.

“This time the problem, and illegal procedures didn’t go away … this time LAWRENCE SMITH won the day!”

“All three commissioners and Jean Butcher were there by subpoena and were told, don’t worry, this one is in the bag!”

The Crooked County Commissioner Brian Kennedy turned BEET RED – when the judge said “I’m not doing this!” - and Brian was redder than the hair on his balls according to SARAH, as the President of the County Commission tried to get out of there, but we felt like saying …..”Thanks Brian, thanks for being such a complete asshole, because that is the reason you are here today!"

As is Prosecutor Hough’s habit, he starts out smooth, cool and proper, but when he feels the tide turning toward the defense he starts whining and saying but your Honor, look at the law, you can do sanctions! This guy is best friends with someone else who says this county is Crooked and ran by Crooked County Crooks!  I hate that guy!  Make this guy pay for it!

 Look at these poor Commissioners, how they have been maligned  as the Commission stares at one another wondering why in the world they were even there!

The position of Gilmer County Prosecutor is the same position of government which should be protecting the best interests of the people whose taxes pay him two salaries for two jobs.  It has yet to be proven Hough does either well.   As it came to pass, Judge Facemire wasn’t going there and rightfully so.   It is a wise man who won’t let Hough stick him to that TAR BABY!  For that day, for that case, justice held for the rights of the citizen and we have Lawrence Smith, brave and capable to thank!

We could go on with the Sheriff’s lack of ethics forever, and then forever and a day, for we have the most CROOKED SHERIFF in the entire state of West Virginia, why do you think they call Gilmer County … Crooked County, because Sheriff Metz goes along with every Crooked deal the Crooked County Crooks present him with. Metz looks the other way for RAPE and MURDER and that is the specialty of Sheriff Metz! Hell the dumb ass might even store a dead body or two for ya, if you have enough money or promise to get him elected to the office of magistrate by HOOK or CROOK.

 You know for a FACT the fraudulent diploma presented pretty much says it all — from day one of Mickey Metz showing up on the Scene — As history will someday show that METZ was a fake from the start!

It is time to organize and gather the Council of  Concerned Citizens that must file an immediate ethics complaint, also an election complaint, plus a federal election complaint right now and stand ready to file an objection to seating if we all lose our minds and let it this awful situation get that far in November.  There is far more to be said on this issue but we live in hope that right now, Metz will do one honorable thing and withdraw.  We won’t wait as long as we have in the past the time is now! But any waiting at all is all for naught for CROOKS don’t withdraw!!

The Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River just hope the criticism all goes away, but this time, may be the last time, those idiots ever think that again!

Why do the Crooks from Crooked County that lived down by the Crooked River risk both careers and reputations for such ephemeral gains? Is the Burning Lust to be better than those around them burning that hot, living in their dreams until the nightmares take over?

Not going to put much effort into talking about Ex-Commissioner Chapman.  Just like his ex wife, we’ve had him and it wasn’t that great.  You know the only thing changed about him is he figures to be a little smarter now, to get away with more a little easier and not be caught this time. Probably scheming as we speak on the best way to see the man that beat him is voted out of office.  Sweet revenge, as he’s told you many times, he likes to keep his friends close but his enemies closer.  There is plenty more to say about his past crimes but not today.  One can hope that an informed electorate pretty much has his number and its zero.

In these ongoing revelations, the media, non-local law enforcement, and the general public’s almost automatic reaction is shock. They trusted these people with their home.  Then, guilt, because they all did what they were told.

They blindly believed those whom, in retrospect, had lost their moral bearings before our very eyes and made a profit all the while, often yielding to seductions in their paths. People that the public knew in their own heart had the capacity to cheat or do evil but they made it look so easy and swore they had changed, they  would share! 

What these hand picked puppets didn’t add to that sentence is what they always whisper under their breath, “When I get enough!”

The Gilmer County ELITE couldn’t scramble out of that damn Gilmer County Courtroom fast enough, because they had enough of LOSING that day, they had finally had enough of defeat!

But,the GOOD NEWS is … you ain’t seen nothing yet!

“You Crooks from Crooked County have not even yet begun to lose! But, I am going to be there when you do, to lend a helping back hand …and then bitch slap you ALL just like the little punk ass bitches you all truly have become!”

                                – Yoda (‘The Empire Strikes Back’)

Of course the SS was busy shaking hands and giving hugs, and passing out Doobies in the parking lot later — All happy citizens shook hands and gave hugs and kissed some babies too!

Cassandra Huff from the Gerry Hough HATE SITE advertised on the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit along with Glenville Crazy Gary Collins were both there to spy for the Elite.

Y’all should have been there too!

It was great!

“Gilmer County Commission President Brian Kennedy walked downstairs to beat feet right after the defeat, but he was a horse of a different color for he was beet red from the collar of his shirt to the roots of his hair and hardly looked as if he was acting without a care!”

Tara was hanging behind Brian Kennedy her husband, and seemed, out of her mind on drugs or nerve pills or whatever else the elite RITE AID DRUG CONNECT Lisa Stewart has samples of this week.

As I walked by Tara she just stared through me like she was stoned out of her mind, right after she listened to the Beatles RUBBER SOUL, but it was me looking through her and seeing a phony and a fake married to a criminal!

Right after the Commissioners ran out of the Gilmer County Courtroom, I said, “YES” while Tara Kennedy said, “NO!”   …No No No!

“Tara Kennedy was looking right through me, almost as if wicked black darts were shooting from those dark and wicked eyes, while she waved Goodbye I waved hello, hello!”

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    Attention to GSC Student JAYDE LAYNE — Members of the local CCC would like to speak with you about your involvement in a RAPE on campus that Gerald B Hough is going to great lengths to cover up. In fact recently we got access to the office of that Crooked County Prosecutor, while Clarissa Ferrell was having a long dong lunch at the local HOT DOG Black dog lunch gathering of Crooks from Crooked County.

    In that document Gerry Hough threatened the VICTIM of RAPE with arrest for underage drinking if she were to pursue her inclinations of having the rapists at GSC convicted or held accountable for their crimes.

    JAYDE LAYNE we understand your father, or you mother or one of your parents is a bartender, and that you felt that since you learned so much from them about tending bar that you concocted a mixture of 190 proof Grain Alcohol and a dangerous date rape drug. We understand that Jordan Bennett was also present, and currently have someone looking to speak with her personally. We are sort of hoping that she rats you out for the dumb bitch you are.

    So MS J LAYNE why don’t you take a trip down memory lane where y’all started the party at Goodwin Hall that ended up in the rape of young defenseless honor student that did not know the horrors that can be brought upon her in Glenville and was under the impression that Dracula’s Castle on the hill is still a good teachers college.

    A young innocent lost her virtue over something you thought was fun. Dan Bell along with the Gilmer County Sheriffs office fucked up the chain of evidence real good, but we will be talking to the attending nurse at Stonewall Jackson Hospital where the rape victim was taken who flat lined in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

    YOU and some sons of bitches from the SOB fraternity owe the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County an explanation, and we will get it, even if we have to take it.

    Now, hopefully you will contact us…


    Click on the above green link to see a photo of Jordan Bennett who was present at the party in which an honor student was raped and is now engaged to the chief suspect in the rape Jordan OPIE Watkins who was KICKED OUT of the marine corp and flunked out of GSC who was brought in by PETER BARR himself all the way from South Carolina — And sponsored by Janice Weldon of the GSC Power Elite where Rape is JUST OK!!

  2. Hugh "HEFNER"

    Let me tell you boys and girls. SIr “Mickey Mouse” Mr. Metz took you guys to school. How dare you question his ethics and certifications!
    Nothing will be better for Gilmer County than Mr. Metz’ 1st term as your magistrate as well as Mr. Barry Soetoro getting a 2nd term to tear down the country the rest of the way!

    Editors note: We are really starting to like you Hugh!

  3. GLENVILLE – The Gilmer County Sheriff running for magistrate is defending his credentials after questions were raised regarding his education.

    Gilmer County Sheriff Mickey Metz is running for magistrate. To do so he had to submit proof of a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.

    According to Gilmer County Clerk Jean Butcher, Metz provided a high school diploma from Adison High School, an online high school. The diploma was issued to Metz, Nov. 21, 2011.

    “That is the one he gave me,” Butcher said.

    According to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office, a candidate for magistrate must have a high school diploma or an equivalent.

    Metz, who is serving his second term as sheriff, said he is in full compliance with the requirements for a candidate for magistrate.

    “My credentials have been sent to state department and looked at by attorneys and are well within compliance with West Virginia Code,” Metz said.

    Butcher said the only qualification to serve as sheriff is a candidate must be resident of the county.

    West Virginia Secretary of State spokesman Jake Glance said he could neither confirm nor deny an investigation into Metz’s qualifications. Generally speaking, Glance said investigations become public through an indictment.

    “Remember that we do not have arrest powers or prosecutorial powers,” he stated in an email. “We conduct an investigation and then hand those findings off to a prosecuting attorney.”

    “I can tell you right now there is nothing for them to investigate,” Metz said.

    According to its website, Adison offers a high school diploma package for $369. To receive the diploma, candidates are required to score a 70 or better on Adison’s high school equivalency test, a four-part test covering language, math science and social studies.

    According to the Better Business Bureau website, there have been 67 complaints filed against Adison High School, including 28 that allege problems with its products and service. Among the complaints are allegations the high school diplomas or GEDs awarded by the school are not accredited and are of little or no value to the student.

    Metz said his credentials, along with others, are globally recognized.

    “I have been sheriff for eight years and have several different credits from different classes from other colleges that are globally and internationally recognized credentials,” Metz said.

    “I believe every voter in Gilmer County has the right to vote and make their own decision on who they want to be their elected officials and not have someone pushed on them,” Metz added.

  4. The time has come to file a petition to the Gilmer County Circuit Court for the impeachment of Mickey Metz who had a whole entire year to investigate the infamous MISSING 1/6th from the Travesty of Justice case in which a criminal complaint was entered with an investigative agency that indicated GUILT involving METZ, JEAN BUTCHER, the Gilmer County Commission, along with Gary Wolfe County Assessor.

    Evidence revealed Beverly Marks authorized money to be distributed to non- relatives in an estate that Marks showed gross misconduct and in which Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham, and her son Jack received money they had NO LEGAL RIGHT TO! The DEED was pulled from the land books on purpose and with malice and a state witness exists to prove that fact.

    You see, Mickey is a true criminal and this is evident by his own actions portrayed in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel article above. And when asked about all the misconduct and criminal actions by the former Clerk Beverly Marks of the Gilmer County Commission, Jean Butcher replied, “That’s how we always do it!”


      EDA promises in our local paper again. Their Director LARRY dumbass Chapman an avid Mickey Metz supporter is about town telling all “smart businessmen” like him this great idea which just so happens to have potential to pay his EDA salary, promote his political agenda, increase his state retirement and possibly take the cost of what we hear will be family health-care off of the EDA.

      The effort being made is to convince our citizens to encourage the Commission’s purchase of the old UPAK property. The reasoning is, look at the money you’ll make renting it out. While we are looking, we might look at the property taxes we’ll lose for as long as the County owns it and look at the state tax break that business will be given for years to bribe them to locate here.

      If that business folds or relocates when its tax breaks run out or another more profitable area attracts it ( history shows it happens), the county will be left with another empty building not on the tax roles, spending money maintaining and insuring it, absorbing the cost of tearing it down, or to sell for basically nothing at auction like the Tanner School.

      Sure, it sounds like the rental income would be a good thing but we know that a non-profit entity is not in the business of making a profit. The funds would have to go for a specific purpose which more than likely would be promised to the EDA for brokering this deal (they may use the term collaborating) to pay salaries and operating expenses. Our real local businessmen would step up and put their money where his mouth is if the deal was so wonderful. If the potential of real revenue for Gilmer County was so great, the offer for county purchase would never be made. It is suggested we really think this over before getting behind something that might turn around and run us over.

  5. Gilmer sheriff running for magistrate with dubious educational background - By Lawrence Smith

    3/2/2012 7:50 AM By Lawrence Smith -Kanawha Bureau

    GLENVILLE – Despite having questionable educational qualifications, a candidate for magistrate in Gilmer County is on this May’s primary election ballot.

    Four candidates — Carol Wolfe, Alton Skinner, Bill Stalnaker and Mickey Metz — are seeking the Democratic nomination for one of the two seats for magistrate. Wolfe currently holds one of the seats, and the other is open following the announcement of incumbent Bill Mingh he would not be seeking re-election.

    Of the four candidates, three — Wolfe, Skinner and Stalnaker — all have at least a high school diploma or GED, the minimum educational qualifications required by state law to run for magistrate. Additionally, Wolfe has a bachelor’s degree from Glenville State College in social work, and a master’s degree from Marshall University in counseling.

    Metz, the incumbent sheriff who is constitutionally barred from seeking a third successive term, provided the Gilmer Clerk’s Office a diploma he received on Nov. 23 from Adison High School. The diploma contains signatures of four people purporting to be AHS’ president, superintendant, secretary of the school board and principal.

    According to the Better Business Bureau, AHS is a diploma mill located in West Hollywood, Calif. It grants diplomas and GEDs to anyone who scores a 70 percent or better on its equivalency test and pays a fee of $369.

    Because it failed to respond to 65 of 69 complaints lodged against it and does not possess any sort of competency license, the BBB of Los Angeles gave AHS an “F.” Most of the complaints lodged against AHS allege its diplomas or GEDs “are not accredited, and are of little or no value to the student” and AHS “fails to disclose that the diploma is not recognized by higher learning institutions, and is not verifiable by potential employers.”

    The West Virginia Record attempted to get a comment from Clerk Jean Butcher as to why Metz was allowed to be on the ballot despite having questionable educational qualifications. When contacted, she declined a comment, and referred questions to Metz.

    Among the reasons he chose to get a diploma from AHS rather than obtain a GED locally Metz said, was convenience. Because the hours he puts in as sheriff did not allow him the opportunity to devote to traditional classroom study, Metz said getting a diploma via AHS “was easier to do online.”

    Also, Metz said he was pleased AHS’ diplomas are “internationally accredited.” When asked who accredits AHS, Metz couldn’t immediately recall.

    On its Web site, AHS says it is accredited by the International Accreditation Committee of Online Schools. Though it maintains Web site that gives general information about itself, IACOOS does not disclose its location or the names of its staff members.

    Also, a toll-free telephone number listed on IACOOS’ Web site is not in service.

    Nevertheless, Metz says he’s confident the degree he received from AHS qualifies him to run for magistrate. Aside from that, both his field work and in-service training as sheriff during the last seven years makes him a qualified candidate.

    “I’ve taken a lot of classes via the sheriff’s department that are from places like WVU and Marshall that give you credit for the work you do,” Metz said.

    Metz, 48, a Glenville resident, will appear second on the ballot behind Wolfe, and ahead of Skinner and Stalnaker. The top two vote-getters will then face Republican Lori Rosenburg, a political newcomer, in November.

    A native of Bartow, Fla., Rosenburg graduated in December with a bachelor’s in behavioral science from GSC.

  6. The Power Elite of Glenville must be made up of some mentally disturbed people that have lost their mother loving minds. I can’t believe those idiots IKE MORRIS – WACO OIL and DUMB ASS pieces of dog crap really want “Oh Mickey Yours So Fine,” in office but it’s obvious they do.

    The time has come to write an ethics complaint, someone in the SS already sent for the paperwork and called and made a complaint about METZ, and they laughed their ass off, and thought we all were kidding about Metz buying a diploma, so for Metz to be stupid enough, along with his supporters to BACK A FAKE, well this is nothing short of perfect for us who have portrayed that crazy do wacka do wacka whacko Metz as a criminal.

    Sandy Pettit and her crew of bitches are working hard to get that criminal Mickey Metz in office I’m telling ya now! The idiot METZ doesn’t want to believe that the people are pulling his signs out of their yards. They just tell him they were stolen.

  7. “That is the one he gave me,” Jean Butcher said…
    …When a reporter asked, why the Mickey Metz diploma was accepted as valid, and why someone that never graduated from high school was allowed to be on the ballot against state law.

    Jean Butcher said to the judge, “That’s the way we always do it in Gilmer County”
    …When asked why she hid a 150,000 dollar lien from a bank involved in a legal transaction with a FOR PROFIT – GSC Non Profit organization, the Gilmer Housing Partners.

  8. The March 1st edition of the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit carried a legal ad for Mickey Metz that told us all how honest he has been for the last 8 years as Sheriff. NOT!

    BUT NOTHING about the dispute dealing with the FAKE METZ DOCUMENT submitted to the Gilmer County Commission Clerk Jean “That is the one he gave me,” Butcher.

  9. “The Dark Woods of Crooked County holds Secrets!” But, in the winter when the snow comes the Ghost Wolf goes high into the mountains where he often wanders to his favorite mountain lake to remember the love and the good times provided by the bright white of the moon! But always knowing the day may be near for him to kill again,oh how grand that day will be,the hunger,the thirst,the blood, when the longed for revenge comes due for the Ghost Wolf of Crooked County!”

  10. About the VILLE … words about town in a time and place that will astound the average AMERICAN for the hills are alive with sin!

    The POOR folk SPEAK for they want to know WHY does the ELITE keep Fucking up?

    “I am curious and wondering……why would our Secretary of State Natalie Tennant not do something IMMEDIATELY about all this? I realize she is “in with the elite group” but she will be running for office again I’m sure!”

    People are curious and people are a wondering have they gone plum crazy up there in Crooked County?! “Why do they keep fucking up?” …dang me if that ain’t the most asked question of the Central West Virginia SS

    “NATALIE TENNANT was on National News stating WV did not tolerate voter fraud and that all alleged allegations were investigated. This ‘fake diploma’ is voter fraud no matter how you wrap it, or unwrap it. Metz name SHOULD NOT be on this ballot in May and it will be included IF they say the investigation is ongoing. If he is half the man he says he is, he would admit he lied and withdraw!”

    It is obvious to people now Natalie is dishonest, and in with the Crooks from Crooked County down by the Crooked River, as we are not a bunch of dumb hillbillies, and we represent them too, for somebody has to, and I talked to hicks the other day because I’m a hick too, and have all bunch of relative hicks, and we hicks are a god damn sick and tired of all you high falootin types fuckin up! Jesus get a grip, get some morals and get a life. Find JESUS for Christs sake! And another thing, only YOU can bring us down and we have wonder why do YOU keep fucking up!

    “Two wrongs do not make a right. It appears that everyone is wrong about this diploma……except Mr. Metz and his backers of politics of course.”

    We got dogs that lick and we got some dogs that bite now… but for the life of us we don’t know why they keep fucking up! Them a Power Elite that is … Cuz that’s what all the people want to know about around the ville, “Why do THEY keep fuckin up? .. and I say …
    I can see you on a hill …you elite a there comatose but it’s a Dougie Morris a walkin still…he’s just a fuck up!
    Yeah we can see ya on the hill and we can see you’re fucked up still! YOU”RE JUST A FUCK UP!

    And you wonder why we look at you that way …

    Oh it brings back the time when ya fucked it up that day!
    These are the requirements necessary but the Sheriff had to pay ….cash!

    HEPC course requirements to obtain a high school diploma include:
    – 4 years of English (including courses in grammar, composition, literature)
    – 3 years of social studies (including U.S. history)
    – 4 years of math (including Algebra I and at least two higher units)
    – 3 years of science (all units must be laboratory science)
    – 2 years of the same foreign language
    – 1 year of fine arts
    (Taken from Marshall University requirement for admission as a Freshman)

    §18-2-6. Classification and standardization of schools; standards for degrees and diplomas; certificates of proficiency; establishment of alternative education programs.
    (a) (1) The state board shall promulgate rules for the accreditation, classification and standardization of all schools in the state, except institutions of higher education, and shall determine the minimum standards for the granting of diplomas and certificates of proficiency by those schools. The certificates of proficiency shall include specific information regarding the graduate’s skills, competence and readiness for employment or honors and advanced education and shall be granted, along with the diploma, to every eligible high school graduate. The certificate of proficiency shall include the program of study major completed by the student only for those students who have completed the required major courses, or higher level courses, advanced placement courses, college courses or other more rigorous substitutes related to the major, and the recommended electives.

    (2) An institution of less than collegiate or university status may not grant any diploma or certificate of proficiency on any basis of work or merit below the minimum standards prescribed by the state board.

    (3) A charter or other instrument containing the right to issue diplomas or certificates of proficiency may not be granted by the State of West Virginia to any institution or other associations or organizations of less than collegiate or university status within the state until the condition of granting or issuing the diplomas or other certificates of proficiency has first been approved in writing by the state board.

    “Politics is politics I realize, but that is no sign it has to be dirty, crooked and fixed by whatever means is necessary to the advantage of the elites/and or the criminals or both. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it. I hope the WV Record continues with this coverage and any other newspaper and whatever else that they can prove the people of this county have been subjected to just to please the powers to be. All coverage appreciated across WV and National News if possible. Maybe we’ll get to see in print or on TV how crooked our PA is next. Stay tuned. !!”
    SMITH for the New Millennium!
    “The people of the Ville are happy to get the news coverage! It has been a terrific new turn of events!”
    “Well, I hope all the supporters of our current sheriff and other corrupt officials are really proud of their Gilmer County accomplishments thus far.
    I AM NOT one of them believe me. The shame and embarrassment you have caused for the honest hard working citizens of Gilmer Co. are beyond words. The crimes and cover-ups have increased and the Sheriff and PA do nothing. All of these high place people “elites” are controlling the sheriff, the PA, the Judges, the State BOE, SOS, the Gov. the weekly newspaper, and the list goes on. They are ALL TO BLAME. But comments made “we would never do anything to harm Gilmer County” is a crock. We are now the laughing stock of many people, counties and STATE. If, you truly have the good of this county in your heart, have this sheriff withdraw off the ballot so as not to cause further embarrassment to us.”
    The People of Gilmer County ask that SHERIFF METZ step down as Sheriff and withdraw from the race, he is not only a disgrace to Gilmer County, but a disgrace to the human race!
    “Sheriff Metz has lied to everyone:
    First he claimed he had a GED.
    Then he said he got his GED thru FRN, which was denied by Gilmer FRN officials.
    Then he shows a fake high school diploma obtain in Nov. 2011, which is way after he was telling everyone he had a GED.
    Now he is still lying by saying his diploma is good.
    How can we respect and want a sheriff who wants to be a magistrate now?
    Needless to say how many times he has lied over and over about the Gilmer crimes he has covered up.”
    Oh, WHY do they Keep fuckin up?!

  11. An Anonymouse with a heart for Gilmer County

    If you have lived in Gilmer County for any length of time you have heard and seen enough for yourself to get a little bit of insight to the overall problem of the elite ruling the masses and think that they know better than we do how to run things for we for sure are all stupid, but really now it is clear to see that it is the people at Waco Oil and assholes and guess what I can say the truth here, it is those idiots that are stupid just thinking we are going to take their crap forever.

    Thanks to the people at this website, the people that have been at the calpattypress all those years and of course all the reporters and free press people that have caught these people of public office lying again.

    I have been coming to this web site for about six months and when I said to a friend tonight, “Hey did you hear about that jerk Metz?” He had the nerve to tell me that the stuff about Metz was, “All just the same garbage on the internet!” When I told him to come to this site and get a copy of the mystery high school diploma for yourself, he didn’t believe me, but now will be taking his copy to work tomorrow to show everyone.

    Now that friend sees that it is some pretty damn good garbage and the kind you can print off and show everybody and even take it to court. Common sense tells me all said about Metz is true.

    They want a framed rigged legal system around here and they have had one for years now.Metz and his supporters disrespected the bill of rights and the constitution. Finally the public can decide for one’s self for all the good information and published documents we can now tell they are all in on it.

    Can’t one person in the county commission or down at the courthouse can be trusted since they all are backing metz and this diploma I also have a copy of it and this is the most fake document I have ever seen.

    It is just going to be one wave of lies to another from Mickey Mouse Metz and his Mickey Mouse Club Diploma and Jean Butcher and Karen Elkin and also Gerry Hough are all guilty too. The crooked few will use the power of those lies as threats, well this is worse than communist Russia. Finally someone has exposed these awful liars.

  12. Council of Concerned Citizens - The Truth about Gilmer County Sheriff METZ #1 read article at WV RECORD!

    Most popular

    #1 Most popular article at the WV RECORD :Gilmer sheriff running for magistrate with dubious educational background

    #2Insurance bill leads to war of words
    #3Judge says Helmick’s name can stay on ballot
    #4THEIR VIEW: It’s time to do more about meth
    #5W.Va. SC to hear case over lawmaker’s election opponent

  13. A letter from B Sue C who wants to move from Glenville now that the truth has been revealed

    Thanks for keeping the story of the Killing of Fred Hill Alive along with all the rest of the corruption in Gilmer County Mr Ghost Wolf and friends. Thanks for being so nice to me that day. I won’t give our secret away, and thanks for sending the flowers. I can’t believe I was having so much fun on a night that turned out so badly and a night that resulted in a tragic murder. I will no longer be teachers pet once this letter is published.

    Now that the truth has been told about Sheriff Metz, I hope all can see how dishonest he is, and what a danger to the community his entire crooked outfit has been and since Deputy Gerwig is part of his dumber than a country bumkin regime he can’t be trusted as a Sheriff neither.

    I live in Glenville and know how this town is all too well. I really hope Freds family kept up with the media and law enforcement about this case, but now I hear they had personal contact with you people that have helped reveal the truth about this weird place. If not … MANY of us here know what happens anyway, and nobody would have believed us once they heard it told. The town we all call the ville will just make it go away, out of sight was what was said months ago, and now even years ago. Metz along with Hough just made it go away a cold blooded murder of a nice young boy and now are in their third year of doing it.

    Nobody wants their kids going to school at a place where this kind of stuff happens. I was always afraid in Calhoun County, after reading all the stuff that happens there, but now I see Gilmer County is worse and truly crooked, just like has been said all along. I’m a believer just like Davey Jones, but I am still alive. My mother had all those records and would play us for them when I was really little. I feel like I got on the last train to Glenville now, that my mother is gone, and me and my sister are left with just our misery and being stuck in a god awful place, where we could be the next ones raped, and nobody would care, least of which the law.

    The people referred to as the Powers that be are afraid the murder of Fred Hill would ruin the town’s name, well it did just that now that we all know the Sheriff has lied about his GED for eight year and what else has the Sheriff lied about? That crazy and dumb Mickey Mouse has lied about rape and murder too from what I hear. Glenville has turned into a dangerous and scary place. I am even afraid to make a wrong step or say the wrong thing here. It is much more evil than you know. You really can get away with murder here. The court system, judges, town officials, they seem to be able to do what they want here, and control everyone with “what they could do to them.” Glenville has turned out to be an awful place and I am sorry for the day I ever thought of moving here.

    Now that the Metz backers say they that it is OK that the diploma of Metz is valid but it is really a fake really puts it home to people that feel the same way as me. This has to be the ultimate insult! The better than us crowd KNEW the DIPLOMA was a fake all along and two newspapers cover it, but still Sandy Pettit says, there is nothing wrong and for us all to go about our business, and now I see she is a fake too, and I used to look up to her, since I heard she was really poor once too.


    Im glad there is some closure for the Fred Hill family, once they found the body behind the home of Sheriff Metz, for that missing thing was awful, but whoever did this needs to be punished, and now I hear the family of Fred Hill thinks Sheriff Metz is the one that actually killed Fred and not his daughter Crystal, and now the fake diploma thing it all becomes clear.

    There has been a lot of talk about the Gilmer County Prosecutor and now I see that what I read on the Cal Patty Press years ago, turned out to all be true. He really is a Crook from the Crooked County. I believe every word of what has been said on this site too, since I see reports on all the bad cops as far back as 2007 and now those cops reported as bad had their mug shots posted and some are in jail or in prison. All of that stuff from three and four and five years ago was hard to believe, and it convinces me that everything else that has been said about Gilmer County is true too.

    This situation makes me sick and I cant wait to get away from this county! Please make these awful monsters disguised as people go away.

    Name withheld

    Editors note: I made a few quick edits and changed an initial just in case, since we haven’t flushed out all the bad people yet, ya never know who is a gonna be crooked and who is a gonna be nice.

  14. Get Them Out of Here

    How many more kids are we going to lose to these dealers? In our rural community we shouldn’t need to throw our troubled youth to them like a piece of meat to a lion but it’s done all the time. Mark Ramsey is a good example, his brother almost died from an overdose. If the adults didn’t buy the recreational drugs the kids wouldn’t be exposed and these people couldn’t afford to stay here. Some of the richest people in this town lead by that example. Pray they don’t have to lose one of their kids to addiction to figure it out. All it takes is about 2 minutes.

    • Morphine overdose ordered by HILLARY MILLER to local pharmacy.

      I was notified early this morning that Secret Seven Coalition investigators have already turned over a story to mainstream reporters of an alleged murder involving a Morphine overdose based on the fact that a local doctor ordered the deadly dope. The MD in this case is Hillary Miller who gave a local pharmacy a script for Morphine in which an alleged victim with a well known last name was murdered. This latest alleged crime is being called a murder, and there are allegations that a relative administered this deadly concoction of Morphine by making just one phone call to Miller, and then having the drugs handed to an out of state registered nurse, who administered the drugs to a relative, and then shortly after the death, the estate was pilfered.

      An RN from out of state made one call to a local doctor, and picked up the drugs and were personally handed the drugs that resulted in the wrongful death.

      Does this sort of Crooked County thing sound familiar?

      Gerald B Hough is also involved in misconduct regarding this case, and the person that feels a murder was most definitely the reason for the wrongful death hired a local attorney with a well known name that accepted thousands in fee’s and then started the cover up of facts and has returned nothing, no service for the fee, and no contact with the client who hired him for thousands paid.

      This alleged murder involving local public officials covering up the crime for profit will bring forth names known very well to all of us once this story hits the press.

  15. Did you notice that in today’s news on the GFP that Greg Lee Marks was not indicted along with Wine and Hoover? Was his case even presented to the jury?

    Editors note: Yes, that was noticed, but we heard dude ratted those people out in exchange for his charges being dropped. It’s his mother we want, for she deserves a trip down the crooked river, with no raft, she is nothing but a criminal that has stolen from the people of Gilmer County!

    SS Member: Doug Morris was bought off of his charges by DADDY EVIL and Greg Marks had his fake mother buy him off. Now we need to take notice of who helped them do that.

  16. Council of Concerned Citizens - ANTI AMERICAN LAW ACTION

    The CCC for Gilmer County were informed yesterday that 9am this morning Thursday the 8th Gerald B Hough the prosecutor was bringing Dave Ramezan to court in an attempt to force him to provide names of people that have been contributing to the GILMER FREE PRESS.

    Stand by for an update!

    Hough is attempting to control FREE SPEECH and the Free Press through ARREST, THREATS or any means necessary.

    Lisa Minney the publisher of TWO-FACED TWO-LANE Ain’t Living Long Like This magazine pulled a similar anti-free speech campaign without the arrest and enlisted the top names of the Power Elite during the Summer of 2010 — the very summer the BUTCHER BITCHES BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press!

    Minney did advocate for arrest of those she did not agree with involving the right for FREE SPEECH.

    Minney wanted to stop people for TELLING THE TRUTH about her corrupt friends like TARA KENNEDY and BRIAN KENNEDY and Hough is attempting to cover up the fact that Tara LIED about a drug test and passed someone that was all doped up on goofenthaul, and other infractions of ethics and due diligence.

    This Anti — American act by Hough — by arresting, and then pressuring the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press for information on citizens …with the endorsement and under the order of the Church of IKE just might be the key to having the NATIONAL SPOT LIGHT TURNED ON THE EVIL VILLE — the county seat of Crooked County down by the Crooked River.

    Stay tuned for an update on this UN-American law action that we now hear was carried out by Gerald B Hough earlier today in a Gilmer County courtroom. Looks like they may have enlisted the THREE FACES OF EVIL Judge FACEMIRE as a hatchet man …more later!!

  17. “We are sure Gilmer is not the only county to have such problems, ask Lincoln and Logan, but we live here and this affects our lives, our families and we have had enough!”
    Chick from the SS quote

    by Cheryl Caswell
    Daily Mail staff
    Charleston Daily Mail

    CHARLESTON, W.Va.Former Lincoln County Sheriff Jerry Bowman and former County Clerk Donald Whitten pleaded guilty Wednesday in United States District Court, admitting they were engaged in election fraud.

    Following the plea hearing before U.S. District Judge Thomas E. Johnston, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant said she hopes those charges will help restore voter confidence in Lincoln County, and the investigation into abuses there is not over.

    “The process works,” she said. “I think we’ve all shown that this will not be tolerated. I keep saying it. I won’t tolerate election law violations. Even in the face of life or death situations.”

    Last week, a Midkiff man was arrested for threatening a law enforcement officer and an investigator with Tennant’s office.

    James A. Matheny, 61, was indicted also Wednesday by a federal grand jury for threatening them with a semi-automatic pistol when they came to his home. Matheny faces a possible sentence of life imprisonment.

    As part of their plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Whitten and Bowman were required to resign their offices and are not allowed to seek or hold any public office in the future, or be involved in any campaigns.

    They will be sentenced in June.

    Both Whitten and Bowman agreed to be charged by way of an information document and did not wait to be indicted by a grand jury.

    Whitten, 62, pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement in connection with the election fraud scheme that involved stuffing ballot boxes in the 2010 primary election.

    He faces a possible sentence of up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

    Whitten has admitted that on Dec. 7 he lied to an investigator about his role in the fraud conspiracy, which involved absentee ballots.

  18. Don’t miss ….


    Coming up “Tonight at Midnight ” right here at Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

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