By Free Bird Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

The Metz diploma does not and will never meet State of WV standards for either high school graduation or its equivalent. The Adison High web site admits it. That’s a fact!

Now we hear Mickey Metz is quietly taking classes to get his GED.  The man who told reporters in Charleston and Parkersburg that his credentials were good and internationally accredited is back tracking.  Supposedly Metz will have it by May 8th!

This doesn’t change the original sin!

Sheriff Mickey Metz was never legally qualified to file for the office. If his diploma is good as he told us why would he go for a GED? 

“Yes, that darn Sheriff Metz lied again, yet the powers that be want us to vote another one of their good old boys in  — and put your legal lives and that of your children —  in a known liars hands!”

“Guess that’s the way we always do it in Gilmer County!”

The diploma SHERIFF MICKEY METZ brought forward to comply with the FOIA is from an online high school. METZ got this fake document on 11.21.11-After checking the school, you can pay $369, and they ask a few questions and issue a diploma. Then they send you the one page colorful diploma. The diploma is fake and according to the Better Business Bureau the online site has an F rating. Read about the conspiracy with Natalie Tennant in a mainstream news source near you next week!

NO FOUL PLAY Sheriff Metz is a nightmare candidate for magistrate now that his high school diploma or equal -- that is required by law -- has proven to be a fake and two mainstream press articles brought forward all the pertinent facts to prove an ethics violation has been endorsed by the executive committee -- for the Mickey Mouse Club, and Bobbie and Annette may be next to run!!

The Higher Education Policy Commission sets the standards by WV Code.  To hear supposedly intelligent people say they do not acknowledge the veracity of the document as presented on the Free Press and this site is probably the most damning evidence against current leadership in Gilmer County.  It is a valid indicator that the collapse of the educational system in this county is due to the complete ignorance and incompetence of current leadership and it is fueled by greed

“That is the one he gave me,” Jean Butcher said…
…When a reporter asked, why the Mickey Metz diploma was accepted as valid, and why someone that never graduated from high school was allowed to be on the ballot against state law.

The FRIGHT HOUSE on the HILL–The HOME of RAPE and MURDER– Glenville State College is ranked #73 out of 73 liberal arts colleges in the southern district per US News and World Report. You can bet those lying ass elite from the CHURCH OF IKE will say it’s just not true because of where you are reading the information. As Dr. Peter Barr author of the BARR CODE spends a lot of money to spout the rhetoric of “One of the best liberal arts colleges in the state”, it is not supported by fact. We are also at the bottom of the heap when it comes to the ranking of colleges in WV.

Now the Church of Ike are telling their supporters not to believe what they read or hear about information provided by the Gilmer Schools Coalition. You see how they do it in Gilmer County? It’s on the Free Press and not to be believed so those NEW WORLD ORDER members say. These great truth seeking but ca ca finding self proclaimed truth telling leaders that are just LIARS who have led us all down the primrose path of self destruction once more deny any knowledge of what has really happened to Gilmer County at their hand.

Jean Butcher said to the judge, “That’s the way we always do it in Gilmer County”
…When asked why she hid a 150,000 dollar lien from a bank involved in a legal transaction with a FOR PROFIT – GSC Non Profit organization, the Gilmer Housing Partners.

A Crooked County Collage from a Crooked County Courthouse on the hill just below the FRIGHT HOUSE a beaming some evil down on the TOWN! You know, THAT town down by the Crooked River...

*** CEFP MEETS IN SECRET *** *** ***

“The CEFP committee met once “In Secret” and unannounced to discuss a recommendation, although the Board of Education had not asked for a recommendation.

The committee reportedly conducted a secret ballot on whether the recommendation of the CEFP to the Board of Education should be one new elementary for the county, or two new elementary schools.

Twenty-nine of the 35 members were present, however the vote was 14-13 to proceed with a plan for one new school for the entire county.

Pritt says a second secret ballot was taken as to whether or not to proceed with the Normantown plan in its present form. The vote was 21 not to proceed with the Normantown plan, 4 to proceed, with one abstention.

A member of the newly formed CEFP committee questioned the configuration of the committee under Policy 6200.

Lizzy Butcher of Butcher Bitches FAME known for that WILD Summer of Love -- when the Butcher Bitches Broke Bad -- On the CalPatty Press, shown in this photo in the famous BLUE DRESS that needs to be tested for semen and other bodily fluids when the sins of the night on psychoactive drugs is revealed that made Lizzy spin in a Tizzy later that night and wanting to REACH OUT and touch someone, anyone she could tackle .. and then wrap her legs around. You see, nothing Lizzy does is wrong and nothing daddy R Terry Butcher does is wrong neither! Bang a gong the Bitch and the Butcher ain't wrong -- Oh My!! Because sometimes being ALL WRONG is just ALRIGHT! Oh Yeah! A recent Secret Seven "Inside Her" poll has Lizzy Butcher leading Sexy Lexy Butcher by a score of 64% to 36% in the question of IN which Butcher Bitch would you stick your Dick Facemire? And 12% of the respondents were female students from GSC!!

A show of hands recognized over 80% of the CEFP members were employed by the school system, married to an employee, family of a board member, retired from the system, on the substitute teacher or aide list, or tied to the school system in some way. Leaving less than 20% representing community members, parents, and grandparents of students.”

Guess what, the powers that be said this never happened.  No secret ballot but no minutes.  Sure thing.


In February 2012 there was yet another “Secret” meeting of your CEFP headed by Principal Butcher who has a personal interest in the Auction Barn site and Mrs. Garrett who owns the Linn property offered for the joint school with Lewis County.  BOTH ATTENDED AND BOTH VOTED!

Anyone care to take bets how the vote at this unpublished, secret ballot meeting came out?  You are correct give the man a cigar! You’ll go far in Crooked County down by the Crooked River!

Site one, the Auction Barn for the Consolidated Elementary School, site 2, the Garret Property for the joint school in Lewis County.

Oddly enough, local powers and their followers say this isn’t true yet on the agenda as posted for the Commission meeting Tuesday March 6th Ron Blankenship was scheduled to bring a proposal before them on the waterlines needed for the new Gilmer County Elementary School.


Drugs are pretty darn easy to get in Glenville West Virginia, just read all the Glenville News about how Doug Morris who heads up WACO OIL and GAS, crashes his car, has five different king of drugs including Valium and Speed and Doug had the NEED for some WEED that night too! In fact, there were no charges, no court, Mickey Mouse Metz was there to make sure it all was JUST OK for the CHURCH of IKE!

No legal procedure for public meetings, no way of knowing who voted for what with no minutes.  Blankenship said notes have been taken previously but not for this meeting as the guy who normally takes them wasn’t there. Supposedly there is an attendance list but try and get it. Are you kidding me?

In the event any of these members should ever decide to run for public office the citizens have a right to know who gave their county schools away!

How can anyone even sit on a board appointed by a public entity, funded with federal and state tax dollars and vote for personal gain? 

”  How can Nasia Butcher legally head this committee?  Why didn’t she and Mrs. Garret at least recuse themselves from the vote and if they were so uninformed as to go ahead what possible excuse can Superintendent Blankenship have to permit it?”

The "Topic of Discussion" Timothy B Butcher a BOG from the "Fright House GSC" ..and an owner of Site one, the Auction Barn for the consolidated elementary school ... is the discussion about whether it was the Fire Starting Cult all along that Burned Down the Auction barn as part of the master plan of putting some huge state dollars and some easy money into the pockets of Butcher and Butcher of Gilmer Housing Partners is illustrated above by BC of the original SS -- Just like the old days --Timothy B Butcher pictured in a compromising position being questioned by members of the Secret Seven Coalition who are trying to take the Crooked out of Crooked County is the title of this image, and is featured in the next edition of the Ghost Wolf trilogy...


Great family stories of being a member of the elite including intrigue and manipulation of our local elections are told all of the time but sadly, the plague of voter fraud is very much alive and well. Indeed, it still thrives in Gilmer County.   If accusations are made at the State level the first questions are, have you told the Feds?  have you told your County Prosecutor? and do you know who owns that big mansion on 33?  And last but not least, you don’t really want the election overturned, do you?

If you have voted in Gilmer County you know the story of John F. Kennedy’s victory in the 1960 presidential primary in West Virginia. Even federal level politicians recall when one of Daddy Joe Kennedy’s bag-men went through West Virginia with pockets stuffed with cash. He would visit sheriffs doling out thousands of dollars with the promise of more money should the county end up in voting for Kennedy. Today, the first thing a new candidate gets asked in Gilmer County is how much is a vote worth this year.

From Snitches to Bitches from Members and Users who have scored from Bosses that don't take losses to Blokes that take tokes and then WRECK THEIR CAR but their A STAR and the Collaborators take it down a step in Evil all the way to HELL and to the Untouchables who they say will NEVER TELL down in CROOKED COUNTY!

Then, of course, there are the old mafia type payoffs that led to ballot box stuffing in Chicago during that same election.   The scandal is so well remembered that there is now a standard joke…

“I want to be buried in Chicago so that I can stay politically active after I die.”

DEAD PEOPLE VOTED in the LAST ELECTION in GILMER COUNTY -- Power Elite that have rigged the elections for years in Gilmer County in favor of their own YES MEN like Crooked County Sheriff Metz they have backed by HOOK or a CROOK from Crooked County that lives down by the Crooked River!

Oddly enough, what did we come up with during the 2010 election in Gilmer County?  Dead people were on the registered voters list found by a candidate for commission.   Pretty sure that wasn’t the first time it happened just the first time someone wanted to win bad enough to report it.  Gee, I wonder how he knew that fraudulent practices were in place?

Can’t believe it, people you had better.  Whether there is time enough to block these illegal, unethical and immoral actions is anyone’s best guess at this time but know this.  Your rights as a tax paying citizen of this county have been ran over to the point of extinction and the good buddies you have kept in power have protected these actions all along.  It is too late to say what could have been or what should have been.

“What are you doing right now to see that these crimes will no longer be accepted if for no other reason than the protection of future generations?”

“Are you even going to try or will you sit like the monkeys and SEE some EVIL, HEAR some EVIL and say nothing?  All we know is these messenger’s shoot back. we are from West Virginia, it’s a family tradition!”


‘PROFESSIONAL POLITICAL CRIMINALS FROM  the “Church of Ike” in WEST VIRGINIA down in Crooked County’

  …sounds like the title to an exciting new book that will make you squeal like a pig!

“It’s NED BEATTY impersonator contest night every night down in Crooked County where you may want to eat some polk salad with Annie like it was back in 1969 …”

Voter fraud poses a far greater threat to our County and our nation as a whole than people exercising free speech with their own money. Yet over and over our local news hounds worry about that free speech.  Why is that?  Because the truth might just set the buddies providing their guaranteed income free.

We send armies of election watchers across the globe to Third World countries and feel good that we are protecting the democratic process. But we would be better served to take a close look at our own election doings.   If you are really looking for election fraud there is no need to look any further than right here at home.

In Gilmer County the pay is always better for those down on their luck, homeless individuals and drug addicts during an election.   Who better to put up and take down your signs (or your opponents), put their names on the registration list and let their “friends” cast the ballot.

For a few days every couple of years they are someone important that no one would believe in a court of law.  If they only knew how these “friends” laugh and joke behind their back saying that “we don’t want any of those people to have any say”.  maybe it would change, but money is a powerful draw for the poor and we have a lot of them!

Gerald B Hough is starting to play Rough and sent Gilmer Sheriff Deputies over to the Gilmer Free Press to make sure Dave Ramezan appeared on time in court and was duly served papers that contained the threat from head law man and home wrecker the PA - Hough who is using the court to threaten, handle and hold!

“Doing Sneaky underhanded things to people is a way of life in Glenville, you can almost call it a Family Tradition if you will … and the Power Elite, they sure love to do it still!”

On the 8th of March Gerald B Hough dragged Dave Ramezan into court to try to get him to reveal the contributors to the Gilmer Free Press and to reveal the names of people commenting as anonymous!

Concerned Citizens have not been able to get an accurate account of what the law action actually pertains to since Ramezan is under a gag order — the Gilmer County Courtroom proceedings were closed and he can’t comment, so our only knowledge has come from courthouse employee’s loyal to the Secret Seven Coalition, and there are a few of those around these days…

It appears through sources …this is just another attempt for the Crooked Public Officials from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River to CONTROL the citizens of Gilmer County by THREAT of law action or THREAT of JAIL!

The Facemire court was in closed session on the early part of Thursday the 8th of March, but inside courthouse sources say, although no specific action taken inside the courtroom was known, it was said that … the entire, “Staged” before Judge Facemire (the hanging judge from the Travesty of Justice case ) event was showcased for special elite attendee’s, so that public officials who had bruised egos or were harmed emotionally by the Lawrence Smith win over Gerry Hough that included humiliating cheers from the crowd, could now rub some egg off their faces and by Shooting the messenger and the man they thought was helping the most in the achievement of informing local citizens and all people of Gilmer County to find out the REAL TRUTH about  ethical violations that have been revealed via public record and publication.

Courthouse sources say Nasia Butcher before entering the courtroom looked at the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press Thursday like she would like to kill him!

Wow! ZOWIE BATMAN … Do you think Nasia Butcher has come up with a ploy to take the attention off the money making AUCTION BARN scheme!! …Which lets the Butcher and Bitcher law firm make some more quick cash at the expense of the state of West Virginia!?

Stay tuned for an update on this UN-American law action that we now hear was carried out by Gerald B Hough early Thursday March 8th in a Gilmer County courtroom. Looks like they may have enlisted the THREE FACES OF EVIL Judge FACEMIRE as a Hatchet Man …more later!!

The CEFP Committee, chaired by Nasia Butcher, recommended some local property as candidates for the new elementary school. One of the sites is the Butcher’s property on old Auction Barn land, where the AUCTION BARN used to stand and Bob Butcher used to do the Hob Nob with a Corn Cob in his hand all day, and then Madge would say  “…Oh Bob Oh Bob!”  and Bob said…

“Who’ll give me a hundred dollars?
One hundred dollar bid, now two,
now two, will ya give me two?

Two hundred dollar bid, now three,
now three hundred, will ya give me three?

Two hundred, two and a half, two-fifty,
How about two-fifty? fifty? fifty? fifty? I got it!

How about two sixty? sixty? sixty?
I’ve got two sixty, now seventy?
how about seventy? two-seventy?

“SOLD to the Fire Starting Cult leader who will burn her down for two seventy!”

Before the Gilmer Free Press came along, as well as all the other websites of “Truth,” that have been in the fight for what is right —  the Power Elite of Glenville, West Virgina — literally got away with MURDER and RAPE too, hell, arson was just a side line of work then!

Americans do not do this to other Americans!

The West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition, the Council of Concerned Citizens, and the Gilmer Schools Coalition all  salute the very brave  Dave Ramezan who has been under constant threat of HARM coming to his family thru threats of SHERIFF METZ, GERALD B HOUGH and members of the Power Elite that attend the CHURCH of IKE!

Here is a comment from a citizen that hits the matter right on the head!

The Constitution of the United States of America gives its citizens the right of free speech.

Free speech and freedom of access to public information is under assault, quite obviously here in Gilmer.

The proof of that is very apparent.

Who are these people who are trying to deny Gilmer citizens our basic guaranteed right?

Are these people we have elected and put into office and are paying with our hard earned money?

Are these very people that are attempting this, running for election on the current ballot?

Are these people the “Cubies” that have all ready been named?

Are these people the local upper crust elites?

The community has a right to know exactly who is behind a move such as this!

Please inform us, so we citizens can act appropriately at the ballot box if need be.

Gilmer citizens appreciate the GFP more than you know Mr Ramezan.

We are tired of the secrecy, silence, corruption of over 20 years.

Gilmer citizens will stand with you.

By Let The Sun Shine on Gilmer on 03.07.2012

From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Forces At Work To Stop The GFP’s Advocacy for Transparency and Accountability?‘.

We the citizens of Central WV stand behind  Dave Ramezan of the Gilmer Free Press and we support the FREE PRESS in America!

“It is TIME to LET THE SUN SHINE IN Gilmer County!”

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  1. Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee offiicial statement of fraudulant Metz document.

    In accordance with the Rules and Regulations for the Governance of the Democratic Party in West Virginia, as amended on December 08, 2007 by the WV State Democratic Executive committee, the Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee is the supreme governing authority of the Democratic Party in Gilmer County and shall have control and supervision over all matters relating to or affecting the party organization and campaign.

    The local committee has contacted the Secretary of State’s Office, the WV Democratic Party and attorneys to determine any action to be taken in response to the concerns of the qualifications of any and all candidates. The Secretary of State’s Office has said their office is limited to verifying that a candidate has properly filed for office, not whether the individual is qualified to serve, if elected.

    Inasmuch, the local committee has been told they have no responsibility or authority to determine who can remain on the ballot once the candidate has properly filed for office. At this time, the matter can only be resolved in the judicial system. Similar instances have recently occurred with a State Senate candidate Frank Deem in Wood County and Commissioner of Agriculture Candidate Walt Helmick from Pocahontas County.

    At this time, the Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee would also like to note that the committee remains neutral with all democratic candidates during the primary process. The committee will not and cannot be involved in determining or proving the credentials of anyone seeking office and will provide support to all Democratic candidates, without preference, who meet said qualifications and have properly filed to run in the primary election.

    Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee
    March 08, 2012

  2. The Secretary of State’s Office has said their office is limited to verifying that a candidate has properly filed for office, not whether the individual is qualified to serve, if elected.

    Properly filed is the word needed to make them comply with their responsibility of making it public record that findings reveal that Sheriff Mickey Metz knowingly and willfully did not properly file for office, and further, that the documents presented by Metz which were required for application, were from a known diploma mill and not a state accredited institution!

    To take the word of Metz and his explanation and defensive argument of “International accreditation,” which is just something he made up under pressure is not only laughable, but completely ridiculous to entertain any other resolve than having Metz immediately removed from the running, and an immediate investigation ordered, along with appropriate action taken.

    Any other reaction than what has been clearly stated above should be grounds for immediate removal of all officers serving the Gilmer County Executive Committee …for action unbecoming!

  3. The crap that goes on in Gilmer County just boggles my mind. I’ve seen it, just really couldn’t comprehend that such idiocy among the officials could truly be tolerated!! This needs to go national… such things wouldn’t happen in cities and towns of civilization. At least they shouldn’t. The backwoods need some clearing out. It’s 2012 people. Stand up and vote some people in you can be proud of!!! If you leave the dirty, corrupt people in office when you know they are corrupt… be it on your conscience the day you meet your maker.

  4. Those Power Elite have been questioned and caught in lies involving illegal doings involving the CROOKS at the Gilmer County Democratic Executive Committee. While they are pulling this crap with Sheriff Metz and distracting attention to this one item of a FALSE METZ DOCUMENT they are letting Beverly Marks come to the courthouse almost every afternoon and once again it gets dark, they are still there and the blinds are drawn doing secret illegal things like they did when Marks illegally pulled a deed from the land books!

    I saw that dumb bitch BM Beverly Marks myself for she has no idea what I look like.

    The CHURCH of IKE are breaking all laws by letting that Crooked County Crook Beverly Marks run this election as Jean Butcher isn’t competent and Commissioner Hess is nothing but a pitiful piece of do nothing shit and Commission President Brian(I AM BEET RED)Kennedy won’t agree to pay a state employee to supervise and train the DUMB SHIT JEAN BUTCHER at the courthouse during regular hours as any decent government agency would do. You can’t fill the ballot boxes that way, so they are already getting ready to STUFF the ballot box and exchange the recording modules – GILMER COUNTY is taking SOME TIME to do the CRIME!

    Tara Kennedy is almost beside herself with anger and Nasia is demanding someone’s head! I wonder why TARA is so fucking mad? Is it because finally people know the truth about her, and we know more about who Brian Kennedy is banging than she does. How she clings and follows him around the courthouse is pathetic, what an awful thing that is to watch. Try smelling the other woman on him Tara, maybe that can work, or you can see the pictures like everyone else, which could be published with beet red and purple Brian K in compromising positions just like a Butcher Bitch on the CalPatty Press!! Hoo ya!

    The state is pressuring Nasia with oversight to train her to do her job and learn how to assign qualified teachers to classroom positions. I think the petition and a movement should be started to have Butcher removed from the job as principal since she sat on the board that voted to have the consolidated school go up on property they own, so she can personally profit from a transaction the tax payer already said NO to. NAY SHA Butcher is a criminal and the mother of the biggest whores in three counties!

    Not everyone is falling for that old man trying to be a pretty boy LARRY Chapman either and these people want it stopped.

    Hough is trying to get FACEMIRE to break some laws and put undo pressure on the publisher of the Gilmer Free Press, and I say I think we just got ourselves another story to break that will eventually get covered by the mainstream press.

    We may be flying the CalPatty Press flag high again soon, since as I heard there has been an official complaint filed against Tara Kennedy down in Charleston for knowingly filing false claims on an official documents along with false facts, proven false by court record, and being involved in a criminal conspiracy. It appears what few friends Tara has in Charleston won’t be able to protect her anymore, and she is too busy trying to smell Brian’s underwear to determine who he has been with lately to watch her own ass as the wolves are circling just waiting for their chance to expose her for her criminal actions and the C*nt she really is.

    Editors note: Don’t say the C word as a general rule, but it was the only word as ugly as Tara Kennedy is on the inside. YOU SUCK A BIG DICK TARA and you will eventually be held to account for your illegal conspiracy, and your current illegal actions. It may be a SPRING SURPRISE and we a hear F John Oshoway has been nominated for one too! … for his criminal associations and actions. Hey Tara, maybe you can show F John O how you roll!

  5. This is the BAD LIST involving the REASON Facemire and Hough are harassing the GILMER FREE PRESS

    Why is it that we see GERRY HOUGH at the top of the BAD LIST ALWAYS – Although I would prefer all the names used to get the full story, I can understand the concept of protecting the innocent, however the BAD LIST of BAD PEOPLE from Gilmer County in this story are … Can I have the envelope please?

    1. Gerald B Hough
    2. Tara Kennedy
    3. Shelly Morris DeMarino
    4. Nasia Butcher
    5. Jay Chambers

    Recently an official complaint was made against TARA KENNEDY for wrongdoing and not one darn thing has been done about her bad behavior. It is important that the people that get CAUGHT covering for these people also be held accountable.

    The BAD LIST are all the people trying to fuck up YOUR right for FREE SPEECH everyone on the list is trying to fuck up your FREE SPEECH and because this story below was published, which mentions no names and was legal. Here is the Letter to the Editor….

    G-LtE™: Failing Systems at All Levels

    How can a student at Gilmer County High School can punch a kid and send him to hospital via Ambulance Squad, and come out of it with only a 4 day suspension?

    Why, after having violated a probation that he is already on, the Prosecuting Attorney, DHHR (who has custody of him at this time) and his probation officer have done nothing but cuddle the kid?

    This student (B*) needs help and Gerry Hough, Shelly DeMarino, Tara Kennedy, and DHHR constantly go to court and lie to protect this child so as to further their agenda against his father.

    The student that he assaulted at Gilmer County High School not only was transported to the hospital (A* L*), once he got there, he had to have surgery following this incident.

    In the past two weeks (B*) has been in trouble at school every day.

    Last week he got in trouble for having tobacco at school, a spit bottle in the classroom, making a phone call from his cell phone during class, and cursing out loud during class.

    He topped his week off by assaulting (A* L*) and received only 4 days suspension and upon his return to school at the end of last week, he was in trouble again for asking the teacher to define the word “c*nt” for him.

    He has been sent away twice over the last few years. Once to the Children’s Home in Elkins and most recently to Fox Run, a residential treatment facility in St. Clairesville, OH for actions much like these.

    Upon his return from Fox Run, it was ordered that he see a counselor at least once a week and was put on probation with the stipulations that he stay out of trouble, attend school regularly with no absences, and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

    None of which he has come close to doing, but he just got a little slap on his hand from Nasia Butcher and Jay Chambers at Gilmer County High School.

    Also, every time his case goes to court for review, Gerry Hough, Tara Kennedy, DHHR and Shelly DeMarino lie about his progress.

    Actually, they have spent the entire last year villian nizing his father as the cause for the boy’s outburst and behavior.

    His father sees him 4 hours every week. So to admit that his father was right and that the boy needed help would mean that they would have to admit they were wrong as well as their wrong doings in court and their attacks against his father.

    The Gilmer County High School officials and the Court System are failing him at all levels.

    The Gilmer County High School, who has taken this mirage of a stance against bullying, and wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on the same anti-bullying program over and over, has done nothing to protect him or the other students in the school.

    ~~ Author and Source on File ~~

    March 8, 2012 at 4:08 pm
    Hough get off these people.
    Your juvenile case
    mole you are looking for is:
    Bill Hardman
    202 E. Main Street
    Glenville, WV 26351

    Even if the author is Bill Hardman …so what?

    Why should the author be punished for putting up the truth, no names of anyone underage was mentioned but HOUGH and FACEMIRE along with that EVIL Tara Kennedy like to violate peoples civil rights, well I guess that can go both ways…

    You never know, it could be any day when we have all had enough of the bullshit and the people that are public officials that think they are above the law and get above our raisin our own damn selves and maybe we can have a VIOLATE their CIVIL RIGHTS day, for just one day, for wouldn’t that be JUST OK?

    And if you want to know who told on Bill Hardman then you have to look no further than GLENVILLE CRAZY Gary Collins and then of course Cassandra Huff aka Abigail with a horse dick in her hand Adams was the one who told Collins to tell is the way I heard it a told.

    • It's the fall that kills ya

      Her princes within her are like wolves tearing the prey, by shedding blood and destroying lives in order to get dishonest gain. Her prophets have smeared whitewash for them, seeing false visions and divining lies for them, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD,’ when the LORD has not spoken. Many people of the land have practiced oppression and committed robbery, and they have wronged the poor and needy and have oppressed the sojourner without justice.

      When their idols of gold were destroyed and the money changers thrown out of the temples it should have been a hint to those who live for personal gain and power at the expense of others.
      Read it Gerald B Hough and get down off that high horse. It’s a long way down when you fall and those you worship now will not catch you.

  6. Actual conversation reported in Gilmer County: A SPECIAL COUNCIL of CONCERNED CITIZENS REPORT!

    Actual conversation reported in Gilmer County:

    “The people are frustrated, many are suffering, poverty is on the rise, look around, they need an avenue to speak freely, vent that anger and to have their voices heard. They need compassion, they need help!”


    “What poverty? All we have are welfare abusers who are too lazy to work. There are plenty of jobs here; they just don’t want to work for minimum wage! They’re too lazy to work!”

    When the job you are paid to do has jaded your view of the realities faced by so many of the people you supposedly represent, it is time to get out.

    One Visions and Vessels worker stated that in one month they distributed food and household items to over 400 families from this county. Do you honestly believe they are all abusing welfare or could it be that a lot of good, honest people need some help against the $4 a pound price of butter and milk or the gasoline they need to even get to a Doctor’s visit, let alone pay for aspirin or iodine or half of a prescription? A few phone calls and no business is doing anything but taking applications but will tell you they really don’t have any openings right now. And the one or two revolving door positions that may come up will be part time with friends or family members standing in line. A paycheck that might pay for the gas to drive to work if you live close but for sure won’t cover the car insurance let alone feed your kids. One or two jobs that will not solve the problem.

    Be glad for those who get them because any right thinking person wants their neighbor to succeed, but the reality is there is nothing left to alleviate the conditions that exist here because we have had no economic development that helps anyone not connected to or having the means to buy in with GSC and that development is mostly provided by the state. Those opportunities are quickly dwindling with the status of the college and jealously guarded by favoritism and nepotism.

    People who talk like this will sit in pretty church buildings as the neighbors across the street go hungry, suffer under drug and alcohol addiction supported by their own businesses and close their eyes as some have frozen to death in the dark. I mean no disrespect to the worthy in the churches. but sometimes, there is a reason the window glasses are stained. You can’t see outside.

    And yet another:

    “Freedom of speech is one of our most precious rights but not using anonymity!”


    Other U.S. citizens can wear hoods and march in the streets with racist ideology, put on masks of the President and burn our flags and mock the very funerals of our Veterans and nothing will be done. According to the laws it is their right to freedom of speech, but it is spouted that Gilmer County people have no reason to fear retaliation and must give their names for permission to say how they feel. Gilmer County, where rapes go unpunished, murders and arsons go unsolved, investigations promised never happen and both young and old are dying due to drug abuse while the biggest dealers live comfortable, profitable and protected. You who represent what passes for the law will deny our people have any reason to fear? Don’t be so sure that when most of you fall out of favor, and you will, it won’t be your turn to find out what it feels like oh mighty and powerful elected officials. Right now you seem to feel you have some kind of preferential social status. Will you ask the unprotected to pick you up on your way down and let you back in the fold? Of course.

    But until then;

    THEY JUST WANT TO KNOW YOUR NAME! The self described, upstanding, well paid, words without action, leaders of this community have no interest in what the conversation is beyond that, according to trustworthy sources. They strike out like the serpents they are at anyone who denies their right to control what is said. When the lies are spread about someone not in the clique they say, oh, turn the other cheek. Don’t pay any attention to it. Why are you so upset? When these same people, who want to know who the speaker is that disagrees with them on any issue can’t force someone to tell, then they say it has no value, want to jail people and threaten worse! They will say that what is said regarding their actions can’t be true, everyone is lying or misinformed! Oh, how their feelings are hurt! How can it be said, it was not previously approved? They know because they didn’t get that memo.

    This is not free speech or freedom by any definition of the word. This says you are not listening to the voice of your fellow man crying out in the wilderness for justice because there is none. This is BIG BROTHER and few will claim you for a relative!

    • Well said. I’ve often wondered how some of the families in those hollers can make it with the prices the way they are. It’s almost forcing drug sales and illegal activities just to get by. The prices at Foodland are VERY high and most people don’t have any way or funds to get to a larger and less expensive Walmart superstore. People are eating potato sandwiches and hot dogs. I’ve seen the commodities delivered to these people and if not for that, I don’t know what would happen. I know for some families it’s a long while before any vegetables are seen. I’ve seen people who can’t afford to have the plumbing fixed and have to make do with an overflowing toilet and children in the home. The previous writer seems correct – there are no jobs to be had in the area, corrupt officials, terrible schools, and nobody that can help the average person get by a little easier. God bless the people of Gilmer County. They need it.

      Editors note: Conditions are bad enough, but then you have NIGHTMARES like JUDGE FACEMIRE who is a mad little midget judge that talks a lot of “MAD” shit and has to sit on phone books behind the bench just to look like an adult. Then, of course, there is TARA KENNEDY bringing forth absolute lies to the Court of Crooked County that back the agenda of some ELITE that pulls that little Bitches Puppets strings, and then, of course, the EVIL could not be complete without the man who condones viscous rape and protects the actual rapists – GERALD B HOUGH – a TRUE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE in the back woods of West Virginia! A HORROR STORY come true!

  7. Dear Natalie,

    The voters here in Gilmer County feel you are about USELESS and no longer want to support you for Secretary of State, but especially could NEVER consider you for the office of Governor.

    For the record, what are you going to do about Sheriff Metz?

    His high school diploma is a fake and you can see a photo of it here:

    If you are NOT going to ACT because of politics or some other lame ass excuse the voters are getting tired of …you need to reply to this letter and explain to the people why you are just sitting on your assess doing absolutely nothing, for if that is the case we need to get busy informing people about how USELESS you fake hillbilly hicks down there in CHARLESTON all are so you can be immediately replaced this next election.

    Why can’t you do something for the REAL HICKS like us, and not the phony sons of bitches like IKE MORRIS and his Church followers?

    Please reply with what action you are going to take against a useless, “NO FOUL PLAY” Sheriff named MICKEY MOUSE METZ that has been mixed up in more misconduct and criminal activity that can even be explained today or in a week.

    For the record, I feel you are ALL a waste of time that suffer from the disease of too many degree’s and not enough education. You are not like us hicks at all! There ain’t nothing real about ya!

    I hope I can educate AMERICA as to what a NIGHTMARE the state of West Virginia, and the city of Charleston is — and the FAKE public officials that DO NOTHING in their elected and appointed positions down there at the state capital where NOTHING gets done on a daily basis.

    I am looking forward to telling the truth about “YOU” Natalie Tennant in my next book.

    YOU will lead the dumb ass FAKE Hillbilly Hicks …. section.

    It will be a book written by a HICK and for HICKS just like me!

    Here is a little something from a friend of mine that said…

    “A friend of mine was talking to a fellow in Gilmer County the other day.

    For safety concerns, we’ll keep them nameless, but that’s not really the point.

    Anyhoot — from what I’ve read and think has been established as FACT — The Addison HS “$369 Diploma” of Sir Metz will not get you into ANY COLLEGE or into the US Military, but evidently it’s OK by state law/code here in W.Va. and in Gilmer County?

    The person my buddy was talking with from Gilmer County said basically that, “nothing is going to be done,” and basically that it’s NOT like Natalie Tennant or anyone in Charleston was going to step in and do something about this absurd situation.

    However, my buddy added that his guy said the ONLY WAY that Metz could possibly be off the ballot was whether SOMEONE would step up and CHALLENGE the BOGUS diploma in CIRCUIT COURT. Is that going to be done, has it been done and is that even a true possible thing folks in Gilmer County could do?”

  8. Come on over to the Concerned Citzens FREE PRESS to read the letter sent to NATALIE and her immediate staff down in Charleston to let her know we are sick and god damn tired of her fricking bullshit excuses!

    Click the green link at the top of this photo or click this green link below to go there and enjoy the latest FAT ASS PHOTO of “That Girl,” that is simply in it for the politics and not the people.

  9. Tabatha Bremner G

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but when grown men are discussing shooting someone because they have become so outrageous and so costly to the community with bad court cases and malicious prosecutions along with playing favorites and not working with the state police and others, this hoe down in Gilmer County with the rich elite calling favors in for friends has gone on long enough.

    I have had my say, and I say let the sucker suffer by living through all the bad things he has done, start filling out court papers and file civil actions, and if you have to get crazy just hit him in the head real hard if it makes you feel better but all this talk about just shooting the son of b*tch is not the way to solve your issues.

    I agree he is in the wrong, and was in the wrong and deserves it, but that doesn’t mean more lives and the lives of children need to be ruined along with some good family names just because an elected official has gone bad.

    I’m just sayin, put the guns down and try to talk this one out, plus the other person isn’t worth shooting and they will all get what is coming to all of them when the lord makes the decision, the answers don’t always come out of a gun barrel, but I will say nobody has deserved it more. I think the loudest of the group needs to calm down, and you little one need to make sure those bullets are hidden real good, for now.

  10. CB - Writing to you for the reason of Sarah Rutherford High School Teacher

    Sarah Rutherford is from Glenville, in Gilmer County and lost her teaching job for having sex with two male students at Barbour County high school, but now I understand there is more and that she spent a lot of time in Glenville, in Gilmer County because she is a graduate of GSC and even dated her boyfriend’s father ,a professor at the college that I hear has questionable credentials too and is calling himself a PHD. Is Glenville one of those places where you can just buy some credentials or print them off at the local printer? I could have saved myself years of school and thousands in expense, just like Sheriff Metz has done, but the real unbelievable part is the part where he has support from those other less reputable people from GSC. I have heard about the rapes there for years. Is the entire town of Glenville and the entire school of GSC turning out nothing but criminals that go on to be friends with the Governor? For if you read a lot of what is in the press you always see every politician with his photo in Glenville and with that Old Oil magnet. I wonder what illegal things they are up to really.

    Rutherford of Gilmer County seems well suited to be from the “Crooked County” as I see it advertised and she is very scary and very guilty! She emailed my daughter and told her not to tell about what she knows about the sex with boys, because she didn’t want to get into trouble. I told my daughter to tell, and to give the e-mail to police and she did. Too late for the sexy teacher for the Sheriff has the letter now. I hope she serves some long years in prison for this crime you covered so well, the best out of anybody, and OH, thank your friend for those lurid photographs of her at the Days Inn where she did truly work, but how did you know that? Those pictures told 10,000 words of what she learned how to do during her HOT studies at Glenville State College, so if that was your point, you made it well. I hope you finally get rid of the Sheriff too, he probably had sex with her, and who I also heard has covered up major crimes and most likely will know the secret hiding places of dead bodies too. Some parts of West Virginia are just like out of those horror movies you used to see at drive in movies. And Gilmer County has proved to be the “True Life” scary horror movie playing all night fright for five dollars a car load. I guess you don’t need a drive in down there in Gilmer County when you can just look out your window.

    Sarah Rutherford probably learned all of that sexually deviant behavior while living there since her mother has worked for the college there in Glenville for years. Although she was arrested over a year ago, Sarah Rutherford has still not been convicted and maybe has traded some sex to some of the older men for letting her off of the charges, I heard there was some sinful sexual goings on according to people close to the police that have been involved in the investigation. I heard there were some bad police involved and I thought of Gilmer County as soon as I heard that. Keep your ears open, for I heard the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website was the best place for information on this case and a few others.

    Editors note: You don’t have to be concerned on making direct comments here, for our server heard from an attorney that has nothing to do with the State of WV and they were straitened out about the LAW and tricks that Gilmer County has pulled in the past that might land them all in court at their expense. So, no need to send the comment by mail since we get all copies by mail anyway straight from the server. We don’t track IP numbers because mostly everyone is protected by freedom of speech in the US, although Gilmer County does not recognize themselves from being from the United States, nor do they act like it, but right now we have people reading our blog from all over the world,and several different countries besides WV, for there is no country more crooked than West Virginia and we can show you the facts about that.

    The BOSS wants a copy of that e-mail Sarah sent your daughter we will redact the names, and any info you have on the illegal contact with Gerry Hough would be appreciated too, for he is the biggest Crook in all of Crooked County. We can only hope someday he truly will be found floating down the Crooked River behind the Sheriffs house, and then we may find he got his law degree from a diploma mill too, since he failed the bar exam seven times.

    MORE JUICY SEX NEWS With Schools and Teachers and Students and COACHES just like Gilmer County just 13 days ago!

    The February term of the Grand Jury was also held in Randolph County on Monday February 27th in which former Elkins School Teacher Autumn Faulker was indicted on three counts of third degree sexual assault and three counts of sexual abuse by a custodian or person of trust of a middle school student. A total of 16 indictments were returned.

    I wonder if Autumn who sounds like a stripper is from Glenville too, like all the other sexual deviants you brought up Cathy…

    This REPORT is from FRIDAY March 9th 2012…

    Former Elkins Middle School teacher Autumn Faulkner was in court today. She entered a not guilty plea to the six counts of various sexual assault charges to a minor. Faulkner stands accused of having sex with a 16 year old in 2008 and 2009.

    She plead not guilty today to three counts of sexual assault in the third degree and three counts of sexual abuse by a custodian to a child. Faulkner is currently out on a $1,000 bond but will be back in court for pretrial proceedings on May 25th with a full trial currently slated for June 21st and 22nd.

    • Are you saying Hough failed the bar exam SEVEN times and he carries this kind of power? Fake diplomas for others…. that’s absurd!

      Editors note: Everybody from around here will tell you that HOUGH is an idiot when it comes to LAW and he teaches it at a college level and yes had to take the Bar exam 8 times before he passed and if you would like that information verified you can call the circuit clerk Karen Elkin and she can verify that for you, it is certainly true. Hough actually breaks the law, and now this was proven, to get convictions, and that is the case that is being studied by the Judicial Investigation Commission.

  11. To the person or persons that have given us information on the misconduct involving the cover up of sexual assaults pertaining to the involvement of Clarissa (Long Black Dong Lover) Ferrell the assistant to the PA Hough, please make contact again, since we returned your well written mail and have gotten no response.

    Our new goals are to make sure the people that back up and support the person committing criminal acts like those of Gerald B Hough also have to be held accountable and that includes Clarissa (a black long dong is not wrong) Ferrell. Truly how does the family of Clarissa Ferrell endure her illicit sexual relations with inner city Negro’s and that is with an s as in …more than one. I guess once you go black you never go back is really true in Crooked County and if you are a PETER PUFFER BARR CODE worshiper, then you don’t lay on your back unless he is black.

    But when sex with a black man is forced on white female college students, well that is a long dong of a different color indeed.

    The SECRET SEVEN COALITION keep all sources confidential and have a reputation for keeping things secret, and we have had a lot of success with bringing important information to the right people and were even commended for our actions and encouraged to keep exposing corruption by the highest ranks of a three letter agency recently. Everything turned in our favor that day not so very long ago. Since then, we have made great strides forward in exposing corruption and we have a lot of help from professionals now. Don’t hold back on anything and write back as soon as you can so we can set up a meeting.

    • Truly, why would anyone black or white be willing to stick their dick in Clarissa Ferrell, for you would be washing the stink off of that thing for ions to come. It could get you a social disease or TWO that you just might not be able to Shake off in the urinal.

      Speaking of urinals, Tara Kennedy is the one that needs to be told on for her dishonest dealing by passing someone that tested dirty on a drug test, and then when CASEY JONES saw what she did he took the person straight to the hospital where that same person tested dirty.

      All Facemire did about it, make her take classes to know more about what she was doing but classes for asses like Tara Kennedy that has been sucking on the Facemire tit for years now, is not the answer. She needs her faced rubbed deeply in some shit and then spanked like a bad dog to even begin to teach that whack o a lesson. Tara and her constant running after Brian Kennedy to see who he pushing his red headed thing in this week is a sickening site, and in the PIONEER GRILL it is quite a thrill while she keeps a hawk-eye on dude, but then as soon as Tara is gone home with the kids Brian still sneaks off for a blow job in the parking lot here and there anyway, so, so much for that effort.

      We are getting pretty fucking sick of you Tara Kennedy and hopefully it will be sooner than soon when your favorite dude gets to say it(or spray it) in your face, and then, guess what, I will do right Dudley, and be right there to hock a loogie your way, for that is all you are about, a two faced bitch that has a lot of bad shit coming her way for all the crazy dumb ass stupid mistakes from the past. Karma is a mother fucker Tara as will soon be learned by all.

      HAPPY EASTER you bangin little bunnie!

      • Mr Prosecutor it is suggested you read House Bill 2159 signed by Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and Effective June 2011. WV became the 40th state to sign a shield law for the press and protect them from the old illegal WV Code which was ineffective in Supreme Court regarding prior restraint as it violated Constitutional rights.. It is very specific. There are only about three reasons a court may require a reporter to reveal a confidential source of information and it’s not just because they want to know.

  12. FACEMIRE and HOUGH BOTH are Bad EGGS that like to violate the civil rights and the constitutional rights of anyone that does not agree with their totalitarian rule.

    The twentieth century has also seen the Supreme Court strengthen the doctrine of no prior restraint. In Near v. Minnesota, 283 U.S. 697, 51 S. Ct. 625, 75 L. Ed. 1357 (1931), the Court ruled that there is a constitutional presumption against prior restraint that may not be overcome unless the government can demonstrate that censorship is necessary to prevent a “clear and present danger” of a national security breach. In New York Times v. United States, 403 U.S. 713, 91 S. Ct. 2140, 29 L. Ed. 2d 822 (1971), the Court applied this presumption against the U.S. Department of Justice, which had sought an injunction to prevent the publication of classified material revealing the secrecy and deception behind the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. If this classified material, also known as the Pentagon Papers, had threatened U.S. troops by disclosing their location or movement, the Court said, publication would not have been permitted.

    U.S. Supreme Court
    SMITH v. DAILY MAIL PUBLISHING CO., 443 U.S. 97 (1979)

    443 U.S. 97


    No. 78-482.

    Argued March 20, 1979.
    Decided June 26, 1979.

    Respondent newspapers published articles containing the name of a juvenile who had been arrested for allegedly killing another youth. Respondents learned of the event and the name of the alleged assailant by monitoring the police band radio frequency and by asking various eyewitnesses. Respondents were indicted for violating a West Virginia statute which makes it a crime for a newspaper to publish, without the written approval of the juvenile court, the name of any youth charged as a juvenile offender. The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals granted a writ of prohibition against petitioners, the prosecuting attorney and the Circuit Judges of Kanawha County, W. Va., holding that the statute on which the indictment was based violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments.


    The State cannot, consistent with the First and Fourteenth Amendments, punish the truthful publication of an alleged juvenile delinquent’s name lawfully obtained by a newspaper. The asserted state interest in protecting the anonymity of the juvenile offender to further his rehabilitation cannot justify the statute’s imposition of criminal sanctions for publication of a juvenile’s name lawfully obtained. Pp. 101-106.

    (a) Whether the statute is viewed as a prior restraint by authorizing the juvenile judge to permit publication or as a penal sanction for publishing lawfully obtained, truthful information is not dispositive because even the latter action requires the highest form of state interest to sustain its validity. When a state attempts to punish publication after the event it must demonstrate that its punitive action was necessary to further the state interest asserted. Landmark Communications, Inc. v. Virginia, 435 U.S. 829 . Pp. 101-104.

    (b) Respondent’s First Amendment rights prevail over the State’s interest in protecting juveniles. Cf. Davis v. Alaska, 415 U.S. 308 . Even assuming that the statute served a state interest of the highest order, the statute does not accomplish its stated purpose since it does not restrict the electronic media or any form of publication, except “newspapers.” Pp. 104-105.

    ___ W. Va. ___, 248 S. E. 2d 269, affirmed. [443 U.S. 97, 98]

    BURGER, C. J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which BRENNAN, STEWART, WHITE, MARSHALL, BLACKMUN, and STEVENS, JJ., joined. REHNQUIST, J., filed an opinion concurring in the judgment, post, p. 106. POWELL, J., took no part in the consideration or decision of the case.

    Cletus B. Hanley, Special Assistant Attorney General of West Virginia, argued the cause for petitioners. With him on the brief were Chauncey H. Browning, Attorney General, and Betty L. Caplan, Special Assistant Attorney General.

    Floyd Abrams argued the cause for respondents. With him on the brief were Dean Ringel, F. Paul Chambers, Michael A. Albert, and Rudolph L. Di Trapano. *

    [ Footnote * ] Paul Raymond Stone filed a brief for the Juvenile Defender Attorney Program et al. as amici curiae urging reversal. Briefs of amici curiae urging affirmance were filed by Bruce J. Ennis for the American Civil Liberties Union; by Arthur B. Hanson and Frank M. Northam for the American Newspaper Publishers Association; by [443 U.S. 97, 99] Richard M. Schmidt, Jr., and Ian D. Volner for the American Society of Newspaper Editors et al.; and by Don H. Reuben, Lawrence Gunnels, and James A. Klenk for the Chicago Tribune Co.

    MR. CHIEF JUSTICE BURGER delivered the opinion of the Court.

    We granted certiorari to consider whether a West Virginia statute violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution by making it a crime for a newspaper to publish, without the written approval of the juvenile court, the name of any youth charged as a juvenile offender.

    The challenged West Virginia statute provides:

    “[N]or shall the name of any child, in connection with any proceedings under this chapter, be published in any newspaper without a written order of the court. . . .” W. Va. Code 49-7-3 (1976);


    “A person who violates . . . a provision of this chapter for which punishment has not been specifically provided, [443 U.S. 97, 99] shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined not less than ten nor more than one hundred dollars, or confined in jail not less than five days nor more than six months, or both such fine and imprisonment.” 49-7-20.

    On February 9, 1978, a 15-year-old student was shot and killed at Hayes Junior High School in St. Albans, W. Va., a small community located about 13 miles outside of Charleston, W. Va. The alleged assailant, a 14-year-old classmate, was identified by seven different eyewitnesses and was arrested by police soon after the incident.

    The Charleston Daily Mail and the Charleston Gazette, respondents here, learned of the shooting by monitoring routinely the police band radio frequency; they immediately dispatched reporters and photographers to the junior high school. The reporters for both papers obtained the name of the alleged assailant simply by asking various witnesses, the police, and an assistant prosecuting attorney who were at the school.

    The staffs of both newspapers prepared articles for publication about the incident. The Daily Mail’s first article appeared in its February 9 afternoon edition. The article did not mention the alleged attacker’s name. The editorial decision to omit the name was made because of the statutory prohibition against publication without prior court approval.

    The Gazette made a contrary editorial decision and published the juvenile’s name and picture in an article about the shooting that appeared in the February 10 morning edition of the paper. In addition, the name of the alleged juvenile attacker was broadcast over at least three different radio stations on February 9 and 10. Since the information had become [443 U.S. 97, 100] public knowledge, the Daily Mail decided to include the juvenile’s name in an article in its afternoon paper on February 10.

    On March 1, an indictment against the respondents was returned by a grand jury. The indictment alleged that each knowingly published the name of a youth involved in a juvenile proceeding in violation of W. Va. Code 49-7-3 (1976). Respondents then filed an original-jurisdiction petition with the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, seeking a writ of prohibition against the prosecuting attorney and the Circuit Court Judges of Kanawha County, petitioners here. Respondents alleged that the indictment was based on a statute that violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution and several provisions of the State’s Constitution and requested an order prohibiting the county officials from taking any action on the indictment.

    The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued the writ of prohibition. ___ W. Va. ___, 248 S. E. 2d 269 (1978). Relying on holdings of this Court, it held that the statute abridged the freedom of the press. The court reasoned that the statute operated as a prior restraint on speech and that the State’s interest in protecting the identity of the juvenile offender did not overcome the heavy presumption against the constitutionality of such prior restraints.

    We granted certiorari. 439 U.S. 963 (1978).

    Respondents urge this Court to hold that because 49-7-3 requires court approval prior to publication of the juvenile’s name it operates as a “prior restraint” on speech. 1 See Nebraska [443 U.S. 97, 101] Press Assn. v. Stuart, 427 U.S. 539 (1976); New York Times Co. v. United States, 403 U.S. 713 (1971); Organization for a Better Austin v. Keefe, 402 U.S. 415 (1971); Near v. Minnesota ex rel. Olson, 283 U.S. 697 (1931). Respondents concede that this statute is not in the classic mold of prior restraint, there being no prior injunction against publication. Nonetheless, they contend that the prior-approval requirement acts in “operation and effect” like a licensing scheme and thus is another form of prior restraint. See Near v. Minnesota ex rel. Olson, supra, at 708. As such, respondents argue, the statute bears “a `heavy presumption’ against its constitutional validity.” Organization for a Better Austin v. Keefe, supra, at 419. They claim that the State’s interest in the anonymity of a juvenile offender is not sufficient to overcome that presumption.

    Petitioners do not dispute that the statute amounts to a prior restraint on speech. Rather, they take the view that even if it is a prior restraint the statute is constitutional because of the significance of the State’s interest in protecting the identity of juveniles.

    The resolution of this case does not turn on whether the statutory grant of authority to the juvenile judge to permit publication of the juvenile’s name is, in and of itself, a prior restraint. First Amendment protection reaches beyond prior restraints, Landmark Communications, Inc. v. Virginia, 435 U.S. 829 (1978); Cox Broadcasting Corp. v. Cohn, 420 U.S. 469 (1975), and respondents acknowledge that the statutory provision for court approval of disclosure actually may have a less oppressive effect on freedom of the press than a total ban on the publication of the child’s name.

    Whether we view the statute as a prior restraint or as a penal sanction for publishing lawfully obtained, truthful information [443 U.S. 97, 102] is not dispositive because even the latter action requires the highest form of state interest to sustain its validity. Prior restraints have been accorded the most exacting scrutiny in previous cases. See Nebraska Press Assn. v. Stuart, supra, at 561; Organization for a Better Austin v. Keefe, supra, at 419; Near v. Minnesota ex rel. Olson, supra, at 716. See also Southeastern Promotions, Ltd. v. Conrad, 420 U.S. 546 (1975). However, even when a state attempts to punish publication after the event it must nevertheless demonstrate that its punitive action was necessary to further the state interests asserted. Landmark Communications, Inc. v. Virginia, supra, at 843. Since we conclude that this statute cannot satisfy the constitutional standards defined in Landmark Communications, Inc., we need not decide whether, as argued by respondents, it operated as a prior restraint.

    Our recent decisions demonstrate that state action to punish the publication of truthful information seldom can satisfy constitutional standards. In Landmark Communications we declared unconstitutional a Virginia statute making it a crime to publish information regarding confidential proceedings before a state judicial review commission that heard complaints about alleged disabilities and misconduct of state-court judges. In declaring that statute unconstitutional, we concluded:

    “[T]he publication Virginia seeks to punish under its statute lies near the core of the First Amendment, and the Commonwealth’s interests advanced by the imposition of criminal sanctions are insufficient to justify the actual and potential encroachments on freedom of speech and of the press which follow therefrom.” 435 U.S., at 838 .

    In Cox Broadcasting Corp. v. Cohn, supra, we held that damages could not be recovered against a newspaper for publishing the name of a rape victim. The suit had been based on a state statute that made it a crime to publish the name of the victim; the purpose of the statute was [443 U.S. 97, 103] to protect the privacy right of the individual and the family. The name of the victim had become known to the public through official court records dealing with the trial of the rapist. In declaring the statute unconstitutional, the Court, speaking through MR. JUSTICE WHITE, reasoned:

    “By placing the information in the public domain on official court records, the State must be presumed to have concluded that the public interest was thereby being served. . . . States may not impose sanctions on the publication of truthful information contained in official court records open to public inspection.” 420 U.S., at 495 .

    One case that involved a classic prior restraint is particularly relevant to our inquiry. In Oklahoma Publishing Co. v. District Court, 430 U.S. 308 (1977), we struck down a state-court injunction prohibiting the news media from publishing the name or photograph of an 11-year-old boy who was being tried before a juvenile court. The juvenile court judge had permitted reporters and other members of the public to attend a hearing in the case, notwithstanding a state statute closing such trials to the public. The court then attempted to halt publication of the information obtained from that hearing. We held that once the truthful information was “publicly revealed” or “in the public domain” the court could not constitutionally restrain its dissemination.

    None of these opinions directly controls this case; however, all suggest strongly that if a newspaper lawfully obtains truthful information about a matter of public significance then state officials may not constitutionally punish publication of the information, absent a need to further a state interest of the highest order. These cases involved situations where the government itself provided or made possible press access to the information. That factor is not controlling. Here respondents relied upon routine newspaper reporting techniques to ascertain the identity of the alleged assailant. [443 U.S. 97, 104] A free press cannot be made to rely solely upon the sufferance of government to supply it with information. See Houchins v. KQED, Inc., 438 U.S. 1, 11 (1978) (plurality opinion); Branzburg v. Hayes, 408 U.S. 665, 681 (1972). If the information is lawfully obtained, as it was here, the state may not punish its publication except when necessary to further an interest more substantial than is present here.

    The sole interest advanced by the State to justify its criminal statute is to protect the anonymity of the juvenile offender. It is asserted that confidentiality will further his rehabilitation because publication of the name may encourage further antisocial conduct and also may cause the juvenile to lose future employment or suffer other consequences for this single offense. In Davis v. Alaska, 415 U.S. 308 (1974), similar arguments were advanced by the State to justify not permitting a criminal defendant to impeach a prosecution witness on the basis of his juvenile record. We said there that “[w]e do not and need not challenge the State’s interest as a matter of its own policy in the administration of criminal justice to seek to preserve the anonymity of a juvenile offender.” Id., at 319. However, we concluded that the State’s policy must be subordinated to the defendant’s Sixth Amendment right of confrontation. Ibid. The important rights created by the First Amendment must be considered along with the rights of defendants guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment. See Nebraska Press Assn. v. Stuart, 427 U.S., at 561 . Therefore, the reasoning of Davis that the constitutional right must prevail over the state’s interest in protecting juveniles applies with equal force here.

    The magnitude of the State’s interest in this statute is not sufficient to justify application of a criminal penalty to respondents. Moreover, the statute’s approach does not satisfy constitutional requirements. The statute does not restrict [443 U.S. 97, 105] the electronic media or any form of publication, except “newspapers,” from printing the names of youths charged in a juvenile proceeding. In this very case, three radio stations announced the alleged assailant’s name before the Daily Mail decided to publish it. Thus, even assuming the statute served a state interest of the highest order, it does not accomplish its stated purpose.

    In addition, there is no evidence to demonstrate that the imposition of criminal penalties is necessary to protect the confidentiality of juvenile proceedings. As the Brief for Respondents points out at 29 n. [**], all 50 states have statutes that provide in some way for confidentiality, but only 5, including West Virginia, 2 impose criminal penalties on nonparties for publication of the identity of the juvenile. Although every state has asserted a similar interest, all but a handful have found other ways of accomplishing the objective. See Landmark Communications, Inc. v. Virginia, 435 U.S., at 843 . 3

    Our holding in this case is narrow. There is no issue before us of unlawful press access to confidential judicial proceedings, see Cox Broadcasting Corp. v. Cohn, 420 U.S., at 496 n. 26; there is no issue here of privacy or prejudicial pretrial publicity. At issue is simply the power of a state [443 U.S. 97, 106] to punish the truthful publication of an alleged juvenile delinquent’s name lawfully obtained by a newspaper. 4 The asserted state interest cannot justify the statute’s imposition of criminal sanctions on this type of publication. Accordingly, the judgment of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals is


    MR. JUSTICE POWELL took no part in the consideration or decision of this case.

    • Case Law that HOUGH and FACEMIRE are too stupid to be up to date on.

      West Virginia (CRP)
      Shield Law: None

      West Virginia’s qualified reporter’s privilege was established in State ex rel. Hudok v. Henry, 389 S.E.2d 188 (W. Va. 1989), and based upon both the West Virginia state constitution and the First Amendment. The privilege protects all information gathered by the reporter, including confidential and non-confidential sources and information as well as unpublished and published information. The privilege, however, may be overcome in a civil case if the requester makes a clear and specific showing that the information is: (1) highly material and relevant, (2) necessary or critical to the maintenance of the claim and (3) not obtainable from other available sources.

      The state supreme court extended the qualified privilege to unpublished non-confidential information sought in a criminal proceeding in State v. Ranson, 488 S.E.2d 5 (W. Va. 1997). The court established another three-prong test for criminal cases. The criminal defendant must show with particularity that: (1) the information is highly material and relevant, (2) it is necessary or critical to the defendant’s defense and (3) the information is not available from alternative sources. The defendant must also explain what he or she expects the sought information to contain.

      West Virginia has never extended its privilege to student journalists, but there is nothing to indicate that it would not be available to them.

  13. Date:
    May 9, 2011

    A West Virginia trial judge erred when she ordered a newspaper to reveal the identities of anonymous sources and documents in a defamation suit against the paper, the state’s highest court recently ruled.

    The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia returned the case to the lower court, which must identify and analyze each allegedly defamatory statement and the confidential source who made the statement separately.

    Cabell Circuit Judge F. Jane Hustead failed to undertake this specific analysis when she ordered The Lincoln Journal to reveal anonymous sources referred to in a series of articles alleging that the owner of a rival newspaper and other individuals illegally contributed money to local candidates in the 2008 primary elections, the Supreme Court of Appeals held last week in Lincoln Journal v. Hon. Jane F. Hustead, Judge.

    But this time around, the paper could have the benefit of the state’s new shield law, which goes into effect June 10. Acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed the legislation in April, making West Virginia the 40th state, along with the District of Columbia, to provide statutory protection for subpoenaed reporters.

    The measure provides journalists with a nearly absolute reporter’s privilege to refuse to disclose the identity of confidential sources, and documents and other information that could identify confidential sources, in civil, criminal, administrative and grand jury proceedings. A court may compel disclosure of such information only if “necessary to prevent imminent death, serious bodily injury or unjust incarceration.”

    “This is a prospective-looking law, and going forward, after the 10th of June, a court cannot compel testimony,” said David A. Barnette, The Lincoln Journal’s lawyer and general counsel for the West Virginia Broadcasters Association, a driving force behind passage of the state shield law.


    West Virginia acting governor signs reporter shield law
    Kristen Rasmussen
    April 6, 2011

    West Virginia earlier this week became the 40th state, along with the District of Columbia, to provide statutory protection for subpoenaed reporters when acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed the state shield bill.

    The law will take effect on June 10.

    The measure provides journalists with a nearly absolute reporter’s privilege to refuse to disclose the identity of confidential sources, and documents or other information that could identify confidential sources, in civil, criminal, administrative and grand jury proceedings. A court may compel disclosure of such information only if “necessary to prevent imminent death, serious bodily injury or unjust incarceration.”

    Under the statute, a “reporter” is someone who gathers and disseminates news to the public for a portion of the person’s livelihood, suggesting that freelance journalists would be protected, while unpaid bloggers would not. The protection is not limited to specific media; as such, paid online journalists should fall under the statute. Moreover, the law specifically covers unpaid student journalists.

    The legislation also mandates that existing protections afforded journalists and others under the federal and West Virginia Constitutions remain intact, a significant provision in light of courts’ general acceptance of the state Supreme Court’s articulation of a qualified reporter’s privilege in Hudok v. Henry.

    Under Hudok, a reporter can be compelled to disclose his or her confidential sources or newsgathering materials only upon a clear and specific showing that the information is highly material and relevant; necessary or critical to the maintenance of the claim; and not obtainable from other available sources. An attempt to codify this protection with a bill in 2007 failed to make it out of committee.

    The House bill introduced in the current term originally contained the Hudok test, but the House Judiciary Committee amended the bill to omit the qualified language.

    The statutory reiteration of the Hudok holding ensures that journalists continue to be privileged to withhold their newsgathering materials, a protection not provided under the shield law, which is limited to confidential information only.

    West Virginia is the first state to pass shield legislation since Kansas and Wisconsin did so last spring.

    Confidential sources
    Shield Law

  14. #1 Corruption runs deep down by that CROOKED RIVER! Sarah Rutherford-Bob Henry Baber GSC SEX SCANDAL!! Sock it to me now, but take your sock off first! Today is ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF the BODY of FRED HILL BEING FOUND!! 72,430 views on the RGW SS Website.

    #2 OIL and GAS! DRUGS and ASS! SEX in the SIN CITY of GLENVILLE, W VEE – Nobody rides to the top for FREE! 70,277 views on the RGW SS Website.

    #3Teenage party ideas by Bobby Duvall Coach of the Lady Titans from GCHS! 68,605 views on the RGW SS Website.

    #4 Another HOT TODDY CRIME has surfaced from exclusive confession of facts from LEWIS COUNTY WOMAN! RAPED by the Leader of the FIRE STARTING CULT!! 68,600 views on the RGW SS Website.

    #5 West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III gets 1 call from IKE and just like magic a state of emergency is declared and the TAKE OVER of GILMER COUNTY SCHOOLS is complete! … Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma’am even if you are “The Governor’s Wife!” 68,591 views on the RGW SS Website.

    #6 The TRUTH about GERALD B HOUGH Gilmer County Prosecutor — WV State Police Come Clean And Want HOUGH GONE!! PLUS A TELL ALL About How IKE MORRIS Bought Himself A Town!! 68,225 views on the RGW SS Website.


    ** These page views are determined when someone clicks on the comment section and picks that particular article to read, many more read these articles by just clicking on the home page, and could be as much as a hundred thousand or more since the home page had six figure page views given the time these articles were posted throughout the last YEAR.

    *** Thanks for making the RGW Website a huge success we are seeing CalPatty Press numbers and thanks again for all the letters coming in. Thanks for the support.

    • HB 2159 Be Aware of Your Rights

      Governor Announces Action Taken on 2011 Legislation

      CHARLESTON, W.Va. –Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin announces the following pieces of legislation from the 2011 Legislative Session have completed the legislative process.

      Bills Signed by Gov. Tomblin, today, April 4, 2011
      HB 2159

      For more information on the legislation, visit the West Virginia Legislature’s website at

      Contact Information
      Jacqueline Proctor


      Editors note, I didn’t really understand what all of this meant, so played some hooky crooked county style to find out what it all means and what it all means is that Judge Richard Dick Facemire and Gerald Hough are trying to exert their authority over that of the state legislature and our representatives.

      They are attempting to PUNISH the publisher of GFP without our representation in the state.

      Which means HOUGH and FACEMIRE are pulling NAZI tactics with that psycho Tara Kennedy, and Long Dong Clarissa Ferrell as cheer leaders in the courtroom and the matter will be before the courts once again tomorrow, so read this for further information.

      West Virginia Enacts 40th Shield Law
      On March 12, 2011 the West Virginia state legislature enacted H.B. 2159, adding §57-3-10, “Reporters’ Privilege,” to the Code of West Virginia. The statute, which was signed by Acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin in April and took effect June 10, extends a qualified privilege with few limitations to reporters seeking to protect confidential sources of information, supplementing existing state constitutional protection.

      Under the law, reporters cannot be “compelled to testify in civil, criminal, administrative, or grand jury proceedings” without “the consent of the confidential source.” Reporters also cannot be compelled “to produce any information or testimony that would identify a confidential source” without the consent of the source. The privilege may be overcome, however, when the testimony “is necessary to prevent imminent death, serious bodily injury, or unjust incarceration.”

      The statute defines a reporter as “a person who regularly gathers, prepares, collects, photographs, records, writes, edits, reports, or publishes news or information that concerns matters of public interest for dissemination to the public for a substantial portion of the person’s livelihood, or a supervisor, or employer of that person in that capacity.” The law also extends to student journalists, “provided that [the] student reporter at an accredited educational institution … meets all of the requirements of this definition, except that his or her reporting may not provide a portion of his or her livelihood.”

      The West Virginia legislation also mandates that the section not be read “to limit any existing constitutional protections afforded any person under the United States or West Virginia Constitutions,” a provision which, in an April 6, 2011 report, the RCFP called “significant … in light of [West Virginia] courts’ general acceptance of the state Supreme Court’s articulation of a qualified reporter’s privilege in Hudok v. Henry.” In Hudok, 389 S.E.2d 188 (W.Va. 1989), reporters claimed a privilege under the free press clause of the First Amendment and under Article II, Section 7 of the West Virginia Constitution to decline to answer questions or to divulge information obtained in the course of newsgathering. The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia held “disclosure of a reporter’s confidential sources or news-gathering materials may not be compelled except upon a clear and specific showing that the information is highly material and relevant, necessary or critical to the maintenance of the claim, and not obtainable from other available sources.” The original draft of the shield law contained the Hudok test, but the House Judiciary Committee ultimately omitted that language.

      Media and First Amendment advocates supported the law, but not without some skepticism. In an Editor’s Log blog post on The Parkersburg (W. Va.) News and Sentinel website, News and Sentinel Executive Editor Jim Smith wrote, “the bottom line is with a strong shield law, the public gets information that may be vital to it and its understanding of events of the day or government-related activities.” But Smith also expressed concern: “It will be interesting to see how effective the law is in practice. Unfortunately, there always seems to be a broad difference between the intent and spirit of a law and how it is actually followed.”

      Student Press Law Center (SPLC) Director Frank LoMonte praised the student journalist provision of the bill in a blog post on the organization’s website on March 14, saying the bill would make West Virginia’s shield law among the strongest in the nation for student journalists. In a March 10 column in the Charleston, W.Va. Daily Mail, two days before the law passed, LoMonte encouraged the West Virginia Legislature to recognize student journalists as it considered the measure. “With the ranks of full-time salaried journalists shrinking, unpaid college students increasingly are providing the news coverage that communities rely on to stay informed. Student journalists assume all of the same risks and responsibilities that professionals do, and they should be entitled to all of the same protections,” he wrote.
      The new shield law may be applied for the first time after the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, the state’s highest court, held that a trial judge erred in ordering a newspaper to reveal the identities of anonymous sources and documents in a defamation suit. Lincoln Journal v. Hustead, No. 35734, 2011 W. Va. LEXIS 25 (W. Va. May 2, 2011)

      In that case, The Lincoln (W. Va.) Journal and individual reporters petitioned the Supreme Court of Appeals for a writ of prohibition to prevent Judge Jane Hustead from enforcing a Sept. 14, 2010 order compelling them to reveal sources and newsgathering materials. Hustead’s order stemmed from a series of articles in The Lincoln Journal that alleged illegal campaign donations by the owner of a rival newspaper and other individuals to local candidates in 2008 primary elections. The reports cited several anonymous sources and Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney William J. “Jackie” Stevens II. The stories also referred to copies of the criminal complaints that had been submitted to the paper and to Stevens. The state’s high court ruled May 2 that the lower court “was required to separately identify each allegedly defamatory article with specificity, each source therein that the plaintiffs sought through discovery, and thereupon conduct for each article a separate Hudok analysis,” rather than analyze them all together.

      Because the lower court review will be conducted after the new shield law is in place, it may benefit the newspaper. David Barnette, The Lincoln Journal’s lawyer and general counsel for the West Virginia Broadcasters Association, told the RCFP for a May 9 story that when the case undergoes further review, the newspaper may avoid the Hudok analysis if the court applies the new shield law, although the law allows the reviewing judge to consider the Hudok factors if he or she chooses. By applying the Hudok test, Barnette said, “The court can go beyond what the Legislature can do.”

      • Anonymous because of the corrupt county of Gilmer

        Even when new laws are made official, and even though other laws that exist on a federal level have been enacted, Gilmer County feels that it has it’s own way of doing things and “THEY” don’t have to adhere to state law, or federal law. A call will be placed to Manchin or Gayle and poof…no more local control of the schools! Like MAGIC!! …just as an example. Some “KNOWN NAME” will be sure to profit from those actions!

        The latest actions by Judge Facemire and Gerry Hough in a Gilmer County Court involving a juvenile case directly conflict this law above, and I would be willing to bet they proceeded in their latest actions knowingly in conflict of the law, for that is how they do it in Gilmer County!

        It is about time that “WE the PEOPLE” started putting a stop to the crimes committed by Court and county officials,

        We need to start prosecuting these “OUTLAWS” by any means necessary, before they violate all of our civil rights and ruin all of us!

  15. The NEED for SPEED of High School Football Star gets him some time on the CRJ BENCH!


    (03/12/2012) Calhoun County – Grantsville

    State Police have arrested Paul Richard Goodrich III, 24, of Grantsville for a second time on drug charges related to meth- making and is incarcerated in Central Regional Jail since Saturday.

    Goodrich, one of Calhoun County High School’s most accomplished and award winning athletes, was arrested on February 18 on charges of operating a clandestine meth lab, and had been released from Central Regional Jail on bond.

    That case has been sent to Calhoun Circuit Court, where it will likely be presented for indictment.

    According to the criminal complaint, Goodrich purchased meth-making ingredients on March 9 from Rite Aid and Dollar General Store in Grantsville, including pseudophedrine and instant ice compresses.

    Cpl. J. E. Kincaid charged Goodrich with obtaining and possession of substances related to the manufacture of meth, and is facing a sentence of not less that two years nor more than ten years, a fine of not more than $25,000, or both, on the new charges.

    Goodrich’s father, former assistant football coach Paul Goodrich, Jr. will appear in Calhoun Magistrate Court this month on charges related to marijuana.

  16. Because once again, the community has been made to look bad by GERALD B HOUGH prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County, due to disgraceful actions and frivolous law suits against reporters doing their job, that did expose some corruption …

    The Revenge of the Ghost Wolf website once again reports HOUGH is involved in some MORE BAD SHIT, so it is time to review some corruption that Hough has supported.

    Hough again will be involved in some serious flawed court action again tomorrow in Circuit Court and more specifically a Judge Facemire court.

    Facemire is known for calling the defendant in the “Travesty of Justice” case despicable and could not even pronounce the word correctly, while denying he even made the outrageous statement to the Judicial Investigation Commission,showing great bias, and he may soon be exposed by that action that will be included in press coverage involving the misconduct of Justice Jean Davis who obviously did not bother to read the court record or even live up to her responsibility of due diligence for the fact a misconduct complaint against her is still pending at the JIC in Charleston.

    In honor of our public officials like FACEMIRE and HOUGH doing bad deeds,lets review some of the CRIMES committed by the Power Elite of Crooked County that both Hough and Facemire have supported and endorsed.

    Let us review a post by ~~ By Galahad ~~ A FREE PRESS Contributor involving the raucous party along Route 33 that night some Power Elite daughters got fucked like Butcher Bitches on ACID yelling, “I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TOUCH ME!”

    Allegedly, the GCHS Lady Titans BB coach had sex with a young female ball player, and another man raped an innocent girl. What allegedly occurred that night is common knowledge, but Hough, Metz, the magistrates, and the State Police know about it without any indication that justice will be served.

    In law abiding parts of America the adult in charge of the house where the party allegedly occurred would have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors, and the principal and the board of education would have acted to impose swift justice.

    That is not how wrong-doing is dealt with in Gilmer County. Our officials here are paralyzed when they hear certain surnames to stampede them into rendering special treatment including letting offenders off who possess drugs, and are involved with DUI or other forms of misconduct as offspring of the feared.

    Let’s hope that someone in a Federal agency outside our borders is monitoring what goes on in Gilmer to give just cause to swarm in on behalf of honorable citizens desperately needful of rescue.

    Exactly how did the powerful minority achieve their vice-like grasp to contribute to our miserable conditions?

    That situation in Gilmer can be observed by unambiguous footprints at the College, the court system, how our County schools are administered, and how the law is unevenly applied. We even know that at GSC an order can be issued to demand a friend or a family associate, including a daughter’s boyfriend, to be hired.

    Also, in Gilmer there is an epidemic of name posting at conspicuous points (look around Pioneer Field) to engage in vanity feeding of desirous philanthropists. Some philanthropists who are continuous or tentative givers are known to control Gilmer by threatening to withdraw funding if their self-serving demands are not met.

    That makes charity to be accompanied with the caveat of either you must do it my way or the money evaporates.

    • Oh so true… I imagine the jobs at Foodland are in high demand… yet interesting to note connections to who actually GETS jobs there… as in a child of a friend of Metz while mommy stays home and plays the system and is told to shut her mouth if she knows of any wrong doing, which she does. What a co-ink-e-dink!

      Editors note: Sheriff Metz has actually assisted in covering up crimes and law enforcement from out of state have taken notice he covered for a crime by Beverly Marks which may see her and Jean Butcher along with a couple of others in some serious trouble for stealing estates and giving the money to friends like Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham and her son Jack, who we have an apb out on. Hey Jack, you got some of our money bitch!

      Metz was there when DOUG MORRIS wrecked his car on five different kind of drugs and assisted in the criminal activity. Metz should be in jail, and the people that have backed his phony diploma truly need some swift justice from the SS for stealing money from people and committing crimes.

  17. The Central WV SS is happy to report Dave COCK RUN also known as Dave Corcoran has lost his ass kissing mind with his front page article about Mickey Metz!

    SHERIFF AFFIRMS HIS ELIGIBILITY …oh my god, I laughed until I almost pissed my pants! How could the publisher senior editor write such dribble?

    Lets get some lollipops to send him that say hey DAVE COR COR RAN you got LICKED you ass kissing son of a bitch when you write shit like this…

    In an exclusive interview with the Glenville Demorcrat Metz sought to set the record straight relaying, “I’ve spoken with my legal counsel, and he says that I am in compliance of the WV CODE running for magistrate”

    WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT THAT IS and CORCORAN is a dumb ass to put his name to it.

    IS GERRY HOUGH the biggest crook in Crooked County the legal counsel to Metz?

    That sounds like about it…

    What a bunch of backwoods nitwits these people are and what a disgrace they are to Gilmer County.

    DAMN those CROOKS from Crooked County really know how to deliver down by the Crooked River!

  18. Seems Sheriff Deputy Mike Wheeler will be leaving the City of the EVIL VILLE and going back up the hill to work for Micky Mouse Metz. Wheeler has been seen driving a county police vehicle at night in uniform putting Metz signs in peoples yards whether they want them or not!

    The Central WV SS has been working overtime to bring you the latest MISCONDUCT and outright criminal activity of Sheriff Metz and other public officials. As you can see by the statement above, Metz is using Wheeler to put signs in people yards when he is not even eligible to be on the ballot. We have also learned that the executive committee is backing the false document displayed above from a made up high school which makes the president and secretary criminals in our opinion, for they are knowingly backing a false document. Way to go Sandy Pettit, your true colors of evil are showing and our dude is looking to talk with IKE about that personally, and I don’t expect he is going to very nice about it.

    Out of state law enforcement that has reviewed the case of the missing one sixth from the Travesty Case has deemed the matter criminal, and a judge was willing to issue a warrant for JEAN BUTCHER and BEVERLY MARKS, but wants to bump the criminal complaint to a higher court or to the FBI for prosecution of the matter.

    At the current time, they feel it is a jurisdictional matter, but we almost had a warrant for the arrest of several public officials late last week but the judge is looking up the legal ramifications and felt the issue of jurisdiction would make for the necessary delay. Legal officials also said that Mickey Metz took an active part in actually covering up the crime that ended up in the wrongful death of Audry Ruth Woofter the sister to AJ WOOFTER.

    TWO NON-RELATIVES ROSA BELLE GAINER – Cunningham and JACK GAINER received money from the estate when they were NOT RELATIVES and police were made aware that Beverly Marks dispersed money to them in an unlawful and criminal manner.

    The SS is seeking to speak with Rosa Belle and Jack Gainer about them knowingly stealing money from the estate.

    The Central WV Secret Seven Coalition will be inviting two members of the CCC from out of state to help round people up for possible prosecution, or at least help federal authorities with all the info required to complete their investigation.

    But truly, we feel the guilty parties should think about some orange life jackets for their trip down the Crooked River could be a matter of just hours away.


    A meeting of the highest rank of the SS has voted to NOT WAIT for any delay because of the fact that the wrongful death was that of a relative, and family member, therefore justifying taking matters into our own hands and attempting to clean up this mess of a county since the Sheriff, Mickey Mouse, has actually been involved in the criminal activity and the crimes involving the one sixth.

    Investigation into the crime has pointed to BM, Beverly Marks getting kick backs from the estates she steals from and we see the number as OVER 50 estates at least she has done this same sort of thing with.

    Also Marks has been seen working in the courthouse after hours when she has no lawful reason for being there.

    See you soon Beverly we will have some paper work in one hand and a (censored by the Secret Seven Coaltion) in the other you dishonest whack job!

  19. You know the floor is not clean when the dirt’s been swept under the rug. And when serious crimes are committed by someone even vaguely connected to a well known family, it’s the very first thing on the very feeble mind of any elected official in Gilmer County.

    We know they were not elected for their IQ. Just look at Mickey Metz, he can barely read and write and brings his wife and his daughter in as part of his investigations …to get back at his enemies, and hell …he is doing it again! Now, this week, today, nothing has changed!

    Oh Lord, how do I hush this up?

    Too many votes to be lost if I do what I’m supposed to do!

    What am I supposed to do?

    I better get on the horn and ask. I hope I L MORRIS has not found out about this yet! Shit!

    Do you think anybody heard about it yet?

    Does the above sound familiar? Yes it does, The Secret Seven has been working hard, and the best part of the Secret Seven are the people that are undercover! We have been driving Gerald B Hough crazy lately, because every little secret and every little breath he takes we make, we make all their underhanded crazy illegal bullshit, because we are some sneaky fucks!

    Got damn we will walk in your office bold as hell, pretend to make some clothing adjustments, and then next thing ya know, we got what we came for, and it was that secret that Gerry Hough didn’t want anyone to find out about and guess what people?

    We have done it again! Those Crooks from Crooked County are Crooked as hell and the most Crooked this week is Metz and HOUGH!

    DAMN HOUGH is making threats in an attempt to cover up a MURDER and a murder that will shock you just as much as Fred Hill.

    We also have uncovered a RAPE so horrible as to have made some of us sad for the victim, but also slightly ill, and quite frankly it is depressing as hell to find out the truth sometimes.

    Last week was when I got the meaning of the phrase, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

    That is right, as we find more out about the rape, it is so awful that I missed a day of work!

    NOW HOUGH is threatening the rapist and threatening a person trying to reveal more information on a murder!

    HOUGH IS A CRIMINAL AND SO IS MICKEY METZ and you will find out all about it in the next SS article brought to you by Cosmic Communications and Revenge of the Ghost Wolf!

    The subject mentioned above, for those that don’t understand the details of the Cosmos Communicator comment about Beverly Marks, and her then assistant Jean Butcher involving the wrongful death, a court order was given to sell property and the court order was ignored. Woofter was waiting for the sale of the property to have an operation to save her life. Beverly Marks pulled the deed, and Woofter never got the money for her needed operation and medical care because the court order was ignored by Beverly Marks on the order of Timothy B Butcher.

    Woofter died, and then Marks gave the money to some friends of hers instead of the family, and she had the help of JEAN BUTCHER who we have a document proving that in her hand writing.

    Mr Butcher you owe a sizable amount of money that you have stolen from family members and soon as the opportunity arises we will be in your face, and lets hope you have the means to set things right and admit what you did, for ask around, we ain’t playin and all come prepared to take care of business and our business is you Butcher you Bitch! You need to think about returning the money you have stolen Butcher, you fucked with the wrong people. Look it up, for you won’t like what you find. We can always take it out in ass if you are short of cash, the Butcher Bitch way, and OH R TERRY, “YOU can go straight to hell, but you better call somebody, cuz we know what you did, and you need to straighten it out, or we can straighten it for ya!”

    You may need some K-Y since Nobody should have to squeal like a PIG not even NAY SHA!

    SEX in SIN CITY- GLENVILLE- Gas, Grass or Ass, Nobody Rides for Free!!! do do do do do do do do do…da da da da daa…. Sung to the tune of dueling banjo’s from the movie deliverance starring Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty!!

  20. Look at the sad condition playing politics has put this Crooked County of Gilmer in…

    The Sheriff not only turns in a fake internet diploma to qualify to file for higher office making more money, but also has the nerve to use the local press to pretty much admit it’s fake and try to convince the public that the law doesn’t matter due to all of his years of experience.


    The last theft known at the courthouse happened under Metz’s watch and would never have been prosecuted if the state auditor hadn’t found out …but believe this, he doesn’t mind and the LAW DOESN’T MATTER!

    Learn all about it from the Secret Seven Coalition this FRIDAY!!

    • Tough Times Ahead

      If we don’t start voting for who we know is right and stop listening to the thieves telling us how to vote I don’t know what will become of this county. Sad condition doesn’t tell half of it.Now there’s no more food pantry in Sand Fork people will go hungry.

      Editors note: If we don’t vote we don’t matter, for we are up against it anyway since the power elite commit election fraud every election and Beverly Marks switched the recording modules last election and the SoS investigator interviewed the person making the complaint, never talked to Marks and headed straight to the home of IL MORRIS because she was followed by SS who knew she was crooked and the Secretary of State Natalie Tennant is bought and paid for By I L IKE MORRIS – Please do not forget these people are criminals and they even have Senator Manchin in their pocket. We need to replace all the current people in office and start over including Manchin.

  21. Take heart people. There are still a few good folks left in Gilmer County and I just heard yesterday of a few who are saying the hell with the corruption and deciding to stand up for what is right instead of continually covering for the wrong. Keep strong. Speak Up. Do not be afraid to say what you’ve seen if you know it was wrong. I’m taking a chance and I hope you all do too.

    Wrong is wrong and there’s just no other way around it. If each and every single person that knows it stands up and says so, the ugly and evil can NOT win!!!! Raise your voice. Freedom of speech is still free – except in Gilmer County – but we can change that if we work together! The upcoming elections are a total joke and I certainly hope it gets national coverage as I’m sure this same sort of thing happens in other little hollers all over the county…. although I think Gilmer is in the Crooked County Lead.

  22. I’ll predict that Mickey will be elected magistrate because the people in Gilmer County won’t throw him out. He’s a smooth talker. Many in the county have no idea he tried to scam people with the fako internet diploma. Very few people read the Dumbocrat and many don’t have internet access or don’t know how to use a computer.

    That means many of the ones that fall in line and vote the way they are told to in every election don’t know the facts. We need a whooper of a lawsuit or arrests of the crooks that no one can ignore to get the facts out. The GFP does a great job but many don’t know it exists.

    Editors note: However, many do know the GFP exists since it leads the state in page views per month, per week, and per year, and has nearly 11 million hits, and at during peek operating hours has more people logged in than most any other wv website, and most likely has the most people logged in per hour.

    • To anon, just to make you feel better, Metz has a slim chance of ever even being able to run now. For the fact that, the SC of the Secret Seven Coalition have sicked his dogs on the intruder to the election of magistrate.

      Because, his document was bogus at the time it was used as the requirement for the deadline of filing, even if he was to be on the ballot and win, it would all be for naught.

      Experts on a federal level have already been informed. Out of state law enforcement are investigating METZ for his wrongdoing involving a criminal action taken by the Gilmer County Commission Clerk with full cooperation of Sheriff Metz. Honest cops, even if they are from another state HATE crooked law enforcement officers with phony credentials and no formal training.

      Metz is getting a bad rep in the law enforcement field on a regional level and making a laughing stock of anyone in the state of WV that support him.

      The rest of the information I was made privy to yesterday, you have to have a TOP SECRET clearance to be made aware of, but suffice it to say, Metz is guilty of being in a criminal conspiracy.

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