The TRUTH about the Gilmer Commissioners and GSC’s Debt & The Promised Medical Facility was revealed by the Gilmer Free Press Monday March 26?

By Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison  – CalPatty Press Editor/ Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS

The Truth about Gilmer County was revealed on the GILMER FREE PRESS Monday! Good work, and well done! Our future was sold by the self serving power elite!

Lets face it, the actions revealed about Gerald B Hough and his false cases against professionals that just happen to be white and his allowing troubled black criminal GSC student rapists to rape with impunity young innocent college students has also helped everyone to see clearly the crimes of LARRY CHAPMAN, BRIAN KENNEDY and the head of the Church of IKEIKE MORRIS – who we would all be better without — now that the Butcher and Butcher law firm — another set of crooks — have been exposed for their criminal and self serving actions, along with the bare breasts of their daughters.

Could John Lennon have been talking about CROOKED COUNTY all those years ago, knowing what society was going to turn into, even in towns that were tame then, like Glenville, but run by self serving crazy people?

Seeing clearly the tactics and strategy of the evil elite by witnessing publication of court record and court documents have revealed many truths including an elite ass kissing judge that will do anything to play ball, and that is the not so honorable Judge Richard A Facemire, who has done nothing but help the local rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

We learned Monday that Mr. Larry Chapman and the rest of very same people mentioned don’t care about people, citizens, us! They don’t care about students. All they care about is themselves. They always look for ways to rip off more funds. Very simple. It is all about what they can do to rip off the taxpayers and the government funds.

“Prior to the College’s construction of Goodwin Hall, Mr. Larry Chapman and Mr. Brian Kennedy voted to approve issue of County utility bonds for the $28,000,000 project!”

Should a default on the debt occur the County would not be obligated to pay off the bonds, but its credit rating would be lowered to make it more difficult and expensive to borrow money?

An additional penalty would be for the new dorm to be auctioned off to the bidders for pennies on the dollar.

An alarming report is circulating that the College is having difficulty in fulfilling its financial obligations.

Larry Chapman former Crooked County Commissioner on the left with HESS and Kennedy — Chapman with the help of the CROOKED MAYOR of the County seat of Crooked County became the director of the CGEDA with full salary and benefits and now is trying to get his commissioner office back, but thanks to the GFP and the Central WV SS most everybody knows he is one of the biggest CROOKS in CROOKED COUNTY and he is not only NOT WANTED, but lucky he has not been run out of town yet by angry citizens!

Commissioners, what does this mean for the County? Chapman assured everyone along with Brian Kennedy that the bond issue was the way of the future which only led to getting us all screwed! Citizens became outraged yesterday when they found out they were scammed and spoke out….

“Do I understand correctly that Larry Chapman wants more housing for Senior Citizens in Center District? The reason for that move being that the seniors can move to town, and then have access to stores within walking distance? Is this correct?”

“IF so, would Mr. Chapman care to explain what stores the seniors can walk to if living in Glenville? We only have one grocery store anymore and it is so expensive senior citizens that live on Social Security can’t afford it!”

“The college wants student renters to move back to the dorm that they so desperately (according to the BOG and Dr. Barr) needed a couple of years ago and got the then commissioners Chapman and Kennedy to approve. Rumor is that now they need these renters back so they can pay back their bond liability, (28,000,000) Mr. Morris is going to build a housing project for Prison Guards and second in line GSC Professors to live in. Really?! My goodness they must be expecting a big population growth in Gilmer County. The elites want to build 2 (maybe 3) new schools. My question is, why would ANYONE no matter who their employer is want to move to this county? They may change their minds when they hear about the unreported & unpunished rapes at GSC, lack of law enforcement, a school system that has gone to hell!”

Because the County Commission approved the bond issue, it owes it to taxpayers to set the record straight by answering the following question:

Is the College truly faced with a financial crisis to threaten its ability to pay off the bond debt or is the report a cruel rumor?

“YES is the real answer they have been keeping from us! YES we the citizens pay the bills and get screwed for every hard earned dollar handed over!”

And what do we get? Another financial crisis????

This question is exceedingly important because the County is at a crisis stage with its schools and taxpayers may be requested to pass a bond levy to repair existing K-12 school or to even to construct a new school.

There is another question, Commissioners which relates to the stalled medical facility project at Morris Field.

Although the Commission does not have responsibility for that project, what happens there is of great importance to the County.


Gilmer County is one of the few places in America without round-the-clock access to medical care, and citizens were promised that the facility would eliminate that problem.

And we certainly do need around the clock medical access and to think we don’t have it is of the greatest concern! For how backward and backwoods is that?


That should be the headline in tomorrow’s paper but it won’t be.

Mr. Chapman is laboring under the delusion that the voters of Gilmer County are still asleep at the wheel.

The Resolution which recognizes the EDA as representing Gilmer County Commission in all matters of economic development has been signed and sealed by the Commission and sent to Charleston in order to get the annual economic development flexi-grant as it has been every cycle.

Larry Chapman must not serve as Director of the EDA and County Commissioner at the same time but you can bet this man will try it.

It’s been pretty obvious that his moral and ethical compass has been pointing in the wrong direction for years. CHAPMAN IS PAID BY STATE GRANT FUNDS AND SHOULD HAVE RESIGNED BEFORE HE FILED TO RUN but there’s not much chance of that now is there?

It would have been the right thing to do for the people but not the most profitable for him. Given that the county is going backward in assessed value as non profit entities gain the properties the Commission position will pay $2000 less beginning next year. If the county will pay his health insurance and give him retirement again the EDA will try to keep paying his salary. You know the drill. Aren’t you getting tired of it?

Once again no word of this came out of a public meeting. Once again the very people we keep putting back in office say nothing as the wheels of government roll down the same rutted path.

Is it time for a change? Indeed it is because there is a bottomless pit of anonymity at the end of that trail called County Consolidation. These same people who want a lifetime paycheck have known it and by their continued silence support it. The conversation behind closed doors with Charleston will continue until we have no choice. Until they can find a way to force the issue the same way they did with our schools.

ARE YOU AWAKE YET because you really are a sleeping giant, people? You have the numbers, you have the power. If you do not get up, get out and vote to go in a different direction, our fate is sealed. It is time to take a chance and try something new, voting your common sense and your better side. Use that proud country heritage to say no more to back room deals and old political agendas. If you do not demand that your voice be heard it will be relegated to the status of a whisper once more.

And how evil and awful is the rape problem that has been created by Peter Barr, the Butcher and Butcher law firm from the service on the BOG at GSC and of course the PATRON SAINT of RAPE Gerald HOUGH prosecuting penis?

“Something that should be the greatest concern is that the latest RAPE VICTIM from GSC feels that NO FEMALE will ever be safe in the dorms, at the school or anywhere on campus!”

Rape is common place in Gilmer County — Recently an honor student that was RAPED said that NO FEMALE is safe at Glenville State College and the she was drugged and then raped and DAN BELL of GSC covered it up and then she was threatened with arrest by Gerry Hough if she tried to hold people accountable damaging the image of GSC and if she kept on telling about what happened to her!!

Gerry Hough has done his best to support the rapists and act as their defense counsel instead of the prosecutor, which makes Hough a very evil and dishonest entity, for who can even call him human with those actions.

More rape victims from GSC are bringing forth the real truth and the real truth is we have some real dangerous criminals that hide behind the fact that they are students at GSC, and know they can rape with impunity, and Peter Barr and Gerry Hough and Ike Morris will do anything to save the image of the worst college in the state regarding academics or education.

Look at all the coaches that have gone to jail for being hoodlums!

Citizens today were crying out for answers to questions like this …

“Can somebody list the economic developments the county’s self-serving GCEDA has brought to Gilmer county for the amount of money they get? All I see the college keeps doing the same business as others attempting to get the small local businesses out of business. The greed in this county has gone too far by few people who care less for the county!”

Our future was sold by the self serving power elite and now we are truly the ones that have been raped!

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  1. When the man drags the “Travesty of Justice case” … issue into the Gilmer County frivolous lawsuit against Lawrence Smith before the Gilmer County Circuit Courts to which it has absolutely no relevance there is a problem with the thought processes Of Gerald B Hough, Gilmer County Prosecutor. As far as I can see Hough is no longer capable of doing the job he is paid to do in any kind of effective manner. Do I think that Gerry Hough has a COCAINE HABIT? Yes I do! Coke’s about the only thing I know that creates such delusions of grandeur and flight of ideas, which Gerry has been acting out lately. Hough looks terrible. Dude is RAIL THIN and getting as mean as a rattlesnake for no reason. Yep, I bet he is not measuring up in bed with Tamara either and we should ask Shelly Morris DeMarino about that, since Tammy Stalnaker Hough usually confides in her about those types of personal issues.


    Larry Chapman is running around all over town trying to make it appear that he supports Gilmer County Commissioner Darrell Ramsey while everyone knows he is just sucking up for appearances and will cut throat Ramsey the second he and Brian (beet red) Kennedy get together which are the wishes of the CHURCH of IKE to pay Ramsey back for beating him in the last election!

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