SUNDAY APRIL 29th WE REMEMBER FRED HILL – NO JUSTICE TWO YEARS LATER for the murdered FRED HILL in Gilmer County the home of the CHURCH OF IKE!!

By Free Bird – RGW Reporter for the Central WV SS/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator Editor/Editor Edison – Cal Patty Press Editor

“THIS ARTICLE IS REPUBLISHED From 09 DECEMBER 2011 —  As the Crooked County Crooks website a member of the Secret Seven Coalition remembers Fred Hill for FRED HILL Don’t Live Today Sunday April 29th 2012!”


It’s hard to believe, but it is already the second anniversary of the disappearance of Fred Hill and no further evidence ever brought forth in the Sheriff’s “NO FOUL PLAY” case. 

Fred Hill Shoveling Snow six years before his LAST TRIP TO GLENVILLE and only DEATH met him at the station.

What happened to Fred was a mortal sin and someone should have to pay for taking his life.  We know there is a murderer among us and nothing is ever going to be done to apprehend the criminal.  Is this due to connections?  This question has been asked over and over but no one seems to have the answer.

What we have here are handpicked thugs, and a failure to communicate.

Local law enforcement are paid well to keep the peace of those in control of their pay checks, which in this county it is all controlled by IKE MORRIS of WACO OIL and ASS and the Church of IKE!

“The people of Gilmer County have no say in what goes on in the county and no one in charge cares what they say, because Glenville survives by being a totalitarian ruled society, governed not by law, but by the local Power Elite!”

The offices charged with the responsibility to protect and serve become turnkey operations once the power to rule is given in Gilmer County and the County Commission is so impressed that they are given inside and personal information from these hacks that they back them up at every turn and increase their salary as well.

WVSU - February, 2002. Freddy - Member of Pi Alpha Sigma Honor Society for Political Science with Rob Barnes , inductee in to the Honor Society

There is no reason for them to be concerned when they know the county Prosecutor will back them up no matter what they do.  No reason to be concerned when they have the local voters convinced they control the vote so why bother.  There is no reason for these people to be in power.

Watch the recent tasing incident mature as time goes on….

The situation is a bad one when the State Police has to step up and serve process on one of our very own deputies in Gilmer County.  Mr Mickey Metz has proved to be a worthless piece of shit Sheriff.  Hey Mickey you’re not so fine, “You” as the Sheriff of Gilmer County should have done that, but figured the good old boy way of leave without pay would placate the masses, but you can use your leave and get a paycheck.

The SS from Central WV takes pride in its work and KNEW immediately FRED WAS DEAD when it was said he was missing for we have seen that sort of thing a time or two! MURDER and RAPE in GILMER COUNTY is COMMON PLACE!!

The group known as the Secret Seven which also includes the many editors and reporters for the truth blogs of Central WV, have long been dedicated to bringing the real truth forward.  That “Truth” is sometimes ugly and includes bad news about a corrupt judicial system and the evil that haunts the woods of Central West Virginia and the courts of the small surrounding counties.

Lets travel back to the same week as this two years ago where we will find NO JUSTICE for Fred Hill….

This was the TITLE of the FAMOUS CALPATTY PRESS article that all turned out to be true right from the start that cold December night just two years ago!

The local chapter of the WV Secret Seven was on this story early and knew it was just another Murder in Crooked County!


“Fred is dead … Freddies dead! Missing Charlston Man Feared Murdered”

“It was just another Murder in Crooked County!”

Fred had a kind heart and a unbelievable love for life shown here with a girlfriend that came all the way from ENGLAND to spend some good times with Basil Fred Hill the third.

The group known as the Secret Seven which also includes the many editors and reporters for the truth blogs of Central WV, have long been dedicated to bringing the real truth forward.  That “Truth” is sometimes ugly and includes bad news about a corrupt judicial system and the evil that haunts the woods of Central West Virginia and the courts of the small surrounding counties.
“FRED HILL Murdered in Glenville! Police cover up with the ‘NO FOUL PLAY’ lie after a local journalist predicted the cover up well in advance!”
Fred Hill had just returned home from Texas to be with his family and his ill father – he knew time was precious!
This is how the situation was told by those close to FRED HILL …

Pam Sovine is Fred’s boss, but she says Fred is a family friend. He works for her at her company, Southern Building Systems.

Sovine says Fred normally works in the Charleston office, but Thursday December the 10th 2009  Fred went to help on the project in Glenville.

“Basil Fred Hill the third and another co-worker went to dinner that fateful Thursday night, then went to a bar for a drink.”

Fred left first without his colleague, who had been chatting at the bar during the evening with another out-of-town worker as Fred mingled.

This PHOTO was taken not long before FRED HILL WAS MURDERED in GLENVILLE! SS investigations have uncovered suspicions Fred's death was not only sanctioned, but Fred was killed by local elite connected and law enforcement connected Perps and we said that from the day Fred went missing. The Central WV SS KNEW FRED WAS DEAD!!

Here is an EYEWITNESS account from a GSC student that was there, and conversed with Fred, knew who all the people that were there, and the PO PO never once talked to her or interviewed her but she shared this information with the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition…

“I met Fred for the first time on the night he went missing. He was obviously intoxicated, but was a calm peaceful man. He did start hitting on some of us girls at the bar, but was not pushy or out of line at all. I talked to him for awhile and thought he was a very nice guy. I have a sketchy memory of the night, seeing as how I was too intoxicated, however I do remember him being asked to leave the bar by the bouncer. He was standing toward the back of the bar and was asked to leave through the back door, I just assumed that it was because of where he was when the incident happened, but now that I think of it, I have never seen anyone asked to leave through the back. I pray that he is found and well. Prayers are with he and his family until some answers are found.

What has been confusing, frustrating and heartbreaking for friends and family is there are two different circumstances under which Fred left. One story goes on to say Fred was asked to leave. Another says he was sober, and simply wanted to go back to the hotel.

Now, we know that the Saturday sighting of FRED HILL was complete bullshit and some disinformation to lead everyone off of the real truth of the matter which was told by CalPatty Press reporters early on.

“Fred went out the back was knocked out cold within 60 seconds and tossed in the river where he remained until conveniently discovered in back of the house of Sheriff Mickey Metz!”

Imagine that!

A man told investigators that he saw a man matching Hill’s description on Saturday December 12th in the morning between 9 and 9:30 a.m.–The man said the person he saw was standing in the median on Route 33, and appeared to be disoriented

This story told about the seeing FRED on the 12th was purposeful disinformation brought by the guilty parties that are most definitely elite associated and we knew that story was bullshit the first time we heard it.

“The SS has more on this, and more about the people that brought forth disinformation that we will reveal at a later date, someone also said that FRED HILL was seen buying cigarettes and was up on the hill near the college, but we also knew that was a lie and so did Fred’s very best friends — the comment below is from someone that has known Fred Hill all of his life!”

“I once again have to discount your theory I have known Fred for years and have partied with him all over the country while working at music concerts.. FRED NEVER SMOKED CIGS EVER!!!”

“So the fact that he would be out getting cigs/ bumming cigs can be thrown out the window. Fred also dated a girl for several years that smoked and he never once smoked and actually he would always ride her ass about smoking.. and the fact you think Fred just wandered around and found some people to party with and did something and ODed would probably be at the complete bottom of my list.. like i said before i have partied with Fred in our younger days and he for 1 could handle his own drunk or not, and 2 Fred would never get so fucked up on a work night that he wasn’t able to go to work in the morning, this goes as far back as i can remember working out door festivals and such.. so i think now you are starting to get off point and you are starting to fall into the trap the bastards responsible for his disappearance want, the “To fucked up” theory, I just don’t believe that for a second!”

Once again, first hand account, long time friend corrects and steers in the right way anyone with a doubt about Fred’s character.

A photo taken by Freds close longtime friend Jenn Meeker McCormick in 2001

Here in central WV corrupt prosecutors like Gerry Hough are involved in conspiracies to  lose evidence against bad Law Enforcement, or just never bring a case forward, as was done in the circuit court case of Doug Starcher from the WV State Police twice brought up on charges of perjury, but the cases were mysteriously dismissed, without cause by Gerald B Hough.

Officials, firemen and volunteers and friends of Freddy Hill met days after Fred went missing at the Gilmer County VFD to continue the search that had been going on since the last Friday Fred Hill was seen alive.

Freddy Hill reportedly left Trezan’s Restaurant Bar and Grill in Glenville a little after midnight Thursday, so Friday December 11th, was when he was last seen — with friends and his family yet to hear from him, but the people from the CalPatty Press and the West Virginia SS already knew that Fred was dead.

“With the evil still turned loose on the local area, surely Basil Fred Hill could have fallen victim to the Macabre Dark Forests and Evil Entities of Gilmer County,  home to rape and murder!”

Police used cadaver dogs and a sonar-equipped boat  to look for the man in or near the Little Kanawha River.

Funny, how they already know where to look for dude.

If you’re looking for Fred, now don’t shake your head because ya know… Freddy is dead!   Freddy’s dead!

“The evil still lurks in the hills of Central West Virginia!”

Freddy’s dead is how the CalPatty Press article ended the week Fred went missing two years ago because we knew exactly what happened because we actually investigated the matter and talked to people that were there, unlike local law enforcement who’s only goal was to cover up the facts.

Jenn Meeker McCormick Senior Winter Formal 1998 -Jenn makes a comment below this photo

This is what another close friend of Fred Hill,  JENN said,  after he disappeared…

This is so crazy! Freddy and I have been friends for 12 years. He is a super cool, sweet, caring guy and I truly think someone has done something horrible to him. I agree that Gilmer County is crazy and it kills me to think that some stupid ‘good ‘ol boys’ may have done something to him for being different. I am disgusted by the lack of information available to his loved ones and also at the backwards law enforcement. This will not go unsolved, but someone may be getting away with murder and it’s a shame. Lots of love to you Freddy. Turn on your love light. Peace out…

“The Central WV SS and the Crooked County Crooks website predicted exactly to the letter the outcome of the FRED HILL DEBACLE!”

The saddest part of all of this is that soon we will just hear no more of it. Fred’s body will maybe be found in three months or so, and then for a few days that will be talked about and then you will hear of it no more. In fact years from now Sheriff Metz won’t even admit to being Sheriff when it all happened. He will answer the question with, “Was I the elected Sheriff then? I thought I was only a deputy,” and with that statement alone there will be denial and a hidden meaning spelled with capitals. The cold blooded murder has already been covered up, and we would have no doubts that a few certain public officials had to be involved for the cover up all to take place. I would not get my hopes up for any happy endings, the criminals disguised as police and public officials aren’t going to let anybody come here and mess up their perfect world of profit. They make a damn good living at being crooked and they make a damn good living when it costs you everything you have ever had, just like in this case. Basil Fred Hill lost everything he ever had and the good town of Glenville, and the fine criminals of Crooked County will figure out a way where that bad event puts money in their pocket/or they have already taken precautions to see that nobody messes with their future profit, since they have a pretty good deal going for themselves and all the money just goes around and around in the power elites’ own corrupt little circle. Also, they have a newspaper in their pocket…the Glenville Democrap and Pathfinder of Bullshit to sway the story in the way that will make them all look good.

Meanwhile back in modern times at the ranch known as the CHURCH OF IKE...

The Gilmer County protect the children movement is gaining momentum in the form of an Engorged Phallus for Gilmer folk like JEREMY “Wagging his Wiener” Wagner, and others like this gentleman who has a special taste for young girls of Crooked County that they all hope and pray will follow in the footsteps of the famous Butcher Bitches!

Observe the lack of oversight of adults put in charge of Gilmer County children.  They will not be held responsible; school administration will claim no responsibility and the kids blamed for their own abuse and lack of oversight.  This is how it is done in Gilmer County and it is a damn disgrace!

Fred Hill’s family must feel helpless with no hope of ever finding justice for the loss of their loved one.  Another year, another holiday, hearts go out to every family who has lost a loved one so senselessly. They must feel the way every working family in Gilmer County feels when we hear of a rape case that results in no prosecution or a convicted murderer walking out of jail and back on the streets in a year or a drug dealer or child molester being placed on home confinement, thieves being set free or put on probation while the productive citizen is threatened with being set up or framed if the truth gets out.

I don’t like disruption during the holidays but know the election is coming.  Those in power are working hard behind the scenes right now to determine who you will vote for and how to bring them into the fold while taking care of their losers for future use.

“The Central WV SS say, Love your family; remember those who have gone before us, but fight for the children today!”

Get ready to vote, get ready to change the way business is done in this county.  It may be the only justice the Hill family ever sees.

We are taking names, and keeping track of who the wrongdoers are, and the day may come when they can all be rounded up and dealt with accordingly.

“But if FRED HILL could communicate to us from the beyond, this December two years ago from tomorrow, just maybe he would say…”


No sun comin’ through my windows
Feel like I’m livin’ at the bottom of a grave
No-ho sun comin’ through my windows
Feel like I’m livin’ at the bottom of a grave
I wish you’d hurry up and rescue me
So I can be on my miserable way
(well), I don’t
Live today

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  1. Council of Concerned Citizens - Gilmer County Citizens outraged with the State take over of all county schools!

    To Everyone and Roy Jones:
    Today is six months since the State, with the leadership of Jorea Marple, aided by Mrs Senator Manchin, took over our school system. They immediately fired John Bennett who was 3 weeks from retirement, nullified Dr. Simmons contract and said “WE can DO a BETTER JOB!“ Well, the question: Have they done a better job? I think the answer is quite obvious. Only too obvious.

    Mr. Jones, you say “write letters”. Do you actually have faith that would work? If it did, I would be surprised. Anyhow, we need immediate change to actions of school district employee. We need it now.
    The children need it now.
    The problems need stopped now!

    Letters would only lead to more silence or inept comments on the part of Mr Blankenship and Jorea Marple. You remember Marples’ comment about ‘all the good things happening’ at the Gilmer County School District? Is she residing on Mars? No. She is just commenting on what she is fed by Mr Blankenship, the guy with the bucket of water.

    These people see no need for change or heads would have started to “roll” long ago. You remember the board assigned the new man in charge, with the admonition, to “reassign non-performing” administrators? Any action been taken there? The old saying, a “new broom sweeps clean”.
    Has the state has placed an ‘old broom’ as their water carrier?

    Frankly, with what is happening to the children, drugs, sex, booze…….they are all ready the pawns of the school system. Whatever measures that it takes to get the problems remedied, will not be too strong, will not be too soon.
    Parents, keep your children from the sports games.
    Athletes, don’t show up for the games.

    Community members, teachers, students, and especially parents……..your continued attendance at these sports events……you are simply supporting the very individuals, coaches, school administrators, who are betraying the children.
    Comment by More to Come on 12.08.2011

    You have to put the pressure on those who can make the changes you want. The local appointed superintendant cannot make the change in personell unless the State BOE approves the change. If you get the state politicians involved by putting pressure on them then they in return will apply pressure to the State BOE. Politicians hate to hear from large groups of citzens and will take steps to get involved to find a resolution.

    I hate to see kids encouraged to give up something like sports in order to accomplish the goals that the adults have set. They only have 4 years to play organized HS sports. You have to do the behind the scene, less public tactics first before you start advocating kids quit sports.

    Civil unrest in a small county is not going to get you anywhere because not enough people will step up in large enough numbers to make a difference. Put the pressure on the politicians not the kids.

    This is just my opinion and from experience I have seen this work.
    Comment by Roy Jones on 12.08.2011

    I think all parents of Gilmer County High School students expect and demand responsible administration to be able to assure the safety of their children whether they are in sports or not. This is not what we are getting.
    Our children are being damaged mentally, physically and sexually. I realize with sports that a lot of times this will be out of town and this is where caution begins. This administration is lacking severely in morals and therefore she does not expect her “principal’s pets” to do anything different. In this case she says “do as I do” and “do as I say.” In fact, she encourages these acts because she thinks this is normal behavior. We have seen pictures of her daughters that “is normal” behavior to them. Why does the State Board of Education not get what this low standard, morally corrupt, “it’s normal behavior attitude” drinking, drugs and sexual abuse of minors principal is doing to this county. Not to mention how it is affecting the minds of these students that she is corrupting now and in years to come.
    What has to happen before the State wises up and fires her? You elites, State BOE, Mr. Blankenship need to get some backbone about you and do what is right for these kids and forget about money, favors, scratching each other’s backs, political reasons, power and friends and get her out NOW. If some child gets injured or even worse because of you, you are responsible.

    Comment by Do something now on 12.08.2011

    By probing for opportunities we can leverage political influence by spreading our story when top rung WV officials run for office. For an example, it is doubtful that one WV voter in 500 knows that Attorney General Darrell McGraw’s wife is Ms. Jorea M. Marple, the State Super. of Schools, & the decision-maker when our schools were seized. It is no secret that Mr. McGraw is loosing voter approval in WV and he is up for re-election. Thousands of WV citizens access GFP’s web site. When they learn about Marple’s relationship to Mr. McGraw that word will spread like wildfire in WV. We know from WVDOE operatives that the GFP is accessed often there, so Ms. Marple how about starting afresh with an order that GCHS’s principal must be replaced? That demonstration of leadership would be invaluable in lessening tensions in Gilmer County where our protect the children movement is gaining momentum within and outside the County and State.
    Comment by Arlie P. Burke on 12.08.2011

    Gilmer Schools Coalition
    Dr. Simmons offered to lead.
    We have heard nothing since.
    Whats happening? Anything?

    Comment by Anonymous on 12.08.2011

    Question: The State, in their takeover, instructed the GC School Board “to work with the WVDE to jointly develop and present a set of standards and/or a strategic plan that must be implemented in order for the Gilmer County Board of Education to regain control of the school system.“
    Has our Board of education been working on this? I do not believe that I have read any reference to progress on this State BOE required directive?

    Comment by keep diggin’ y’all on 12.09.2011


    Wirt County teacher and coach Christy Wilson, 39, pleaded guilty to one count of embezzlement in Wirt County Court.

    She admitted to taking about $3,600 from the local school’s band booster club, but prosecutor Leslie Maze has been saying officials believe she took closer to $9,000.

    The plea was accepted by Wirt County Circuit Court Judge Bob Waters and sentencing is set on Feb. 21. She is free on bond.

    Wilson told the court she didn’t make all of the deposits of booster funds, mostly generated at Wirt football games, and used the money to pay bills.

    Wilson could face 1-10 years in prison and up to a $2,500 fine, but a proposal for alternative sentencing has been made as part of the plea.

    Wirt school officials said Wilson’s resignation will be on the board’s agenda Dec. 20, or she could be terminated. There is a proposal for Wilson to make restitution.

    • As I recall we had a VERY similar circumstance at our own high school here a couple years back. Principal Butcher chose to sweep it under the rug. Why is the act of embezzlement not prosecuted?

      Was restitution ever made? How much did the kids lose??
      It’s no wonder these kids do whatever they want because they see there are no consequences to their actions. We don’t want to “ruffle any feathers” you see. Does any person of authority have enough backbone to even make a step in the right direction?? I think not. And it’s sad.

      Why do we even have a prosecutor? Why can’t we just use a “special” prosecutor as we do now if there is ever any prosecutable crime? And what is a prosecutable crime if embezzlement, improper touching, kidnapping, rape and murder are not. We could eliminate a whole lot of the law enforcement expense at the rate we’re going.
      Think about it….do we really need all these people if there is no enforcement?

      Editors note: You have made some very valid observations, and if many others feel the same way you do, I suggest we get some tar and some feathers, for that is what Gerry Hough deserves for his criminal activity. I noticed you couldn’t even bring yourself to say his name. Really what could they do to us for tar and feathering his bitch ass that they haven’t already done? Some feathers up his ass is just what he needs and it would give Tamara Stalnaker a break. We have numbers, and our secret underground is extremely organized with some top notch professionals that have joined the last couple of years. I suggest join the SS, or the CCC or another underground organization for they are the only ones making any progress.

      Dr Simmons out by himself making BOLD statements to the highest of the elite is not going to make it, for Simmons is a sweet man coming face to face with evil. If you want to make progress get with the underground, we are organized as fuck, and have and in place network. Or else you are all exposed to retaliation by people that have no conscience.


    A members of Central WV Secret Seven recently contacted a former co – worker who has been doing special reports for CNN for over two decades in regard to JUSTICE DAVIS and her alleged drug abuse.

    Also, and ‘Expose in depth Report’ of misconduct of Gilmer County officials was sent along about a town that does not have to adhere to laws of the United States of America and unofficially has declared itself the totalitarian government of the CHURCH OF IKE that is widely known as Crooked County which is also the subject of two books.

  4. The Gilmer Free Press dot net DROPPED THE BOMB of truth on their front page this morning. A topic that has been one of the closest held secrets of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition this past month. For the full story come over to the Concerned Citizens Free Press by just clicking the green link above!

  5. Council of Conservative Citizens coming to town

    If citizens want to join in the fun you ALL need to also supply all of your contact e-mails and phone numbers for the staff that’s suiting up to take care of some bad Gilmer County business, for I am sure we will need all of that before next week is out, but we are not gonna let any punk ass bitches ruin it for us either.

    What is a punk ass bitch? Gary Collins Glenville CRAZY is the first bitch that comes to mind, the second bitch is Cassandra Huff. Hey, Cassandra, you really pissed some people off, and we would love it if we could discuss some important issues with you, and someone that offered assistance wants a phone interview first, and then a pow wow now bitch ass cow patty hater. The next person we need to face to face converse with is the SPY for the Church of IKE – PAT WARD – who we have strong personal issues with, so maybe y’all could hook that up.

    We didn’t know y’all were such big fans of Crooked Public Officials and we can call them crooked, because the SS Coalition are the ones that caught them being bad, and we will make sure they all are held accountable, even if all your coward asses just don’t have the back bone to follow through on all the big talk, if you can’t then shut the fuck up, and then step off so the big dogs can put em up against the fence in a big hurry.

    Nothing personal, for those serious, but there is so much meaningless chatter with comments on the local mainstream news source sometimes, that “They” are always mucking up the good stuff with useless blathering that is a little more than annoying for us that have been on the front lines for years — and have paid a huge price for it. It looks like some high ranks are coming to town this coming week, so be polite, really polite if ya all just happen to run into a few new faces.

    They have a little something called “Home Cooking” down in Crooked County the home of the LAWLESS POWER ELITE in Central WV. It is where all the crooked lawyers and judges get together and make a bunch of crap up that serve purposes for self gain.

    I guess you have eaten a couple of their meals. Well, I will have to tell you, some of these people are dangerous and have been involved in murders and are currently involved in covering up a murder. The only accurate data used to come from the CalPatty Press, before the elite joined forces and bullshitted some swishes in San Francisco with their credentials. Right now I am carrying my credential and it is big fucker the most powerful credential in the world.

    The CalPatty Press was the first to report on Law Enforcement misconduct, and continued to report on them and some were eventually held accountable.

    The SS Coalition, the CCC, and the Council of Conservative Citizens certainly have a long drawn out battle ahead of ourselves — and these CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS have got some real crooked po po in their pocket, so if you really care about the children, you will join up, if not shut up.

    SS Member: Pat Ward is mine, he puts himself off as a professional, but as soon as he opens his mouth he sounds like another dumb fuck hillbilly, so it’s pretty amusing. Hey fake fuck Ward you owe some money for an infringement and we have some paper work to hit you with. Mouth off bitch just one more fucking time, cuz I am the right person for that. Better have that cash on ya.


    THIS MORNING, Saturday morning, December 10, 2011, a medium sized sedan reported as a 2010 Ford Taurus, was found abandoned approximately twenty feet over the embankment on Gassaway road in Normantown area.

    A license search revealed that the car is registered to Brian Kennedy.

    One would assume that the owner of the car is Gilmer County Commissioner Brian Kennedy.

    Can we also assume that the driver of the vehicle swerved to miss a deer and ran over the embankment and left the scene to contact someone for assistance?

    Or can one assume that the occupant was driving home in the wee hours of the morning after a night of drinking and left the scene to keep from being charged for driving under the influence.

    Either way, was the responsible party charged with leaving the scene of an accident?

    Or is this another example to show a public official is above the law?

    Someone should ask Sheriff Metz if a citation was issued.

    Editors note: Metz has proved to be the worst SHERIFF in Gilmer County history and Kennedy could commit cold blooded murder and Metz would do nothing, just like he did nothing about FRED HILL being murdered and his dead body conveniently found behind the house of the Sheriff in the river just as predicted when the thaw came on.

  7. anonymous because of how ike is

    “No justice for Basil city park” should be the name of the park, since they all wanted to name it. If Glenville Citizens really feel the way they say they do about the senseless murder that the Sheriff covered up, then that will be the name.

    We have a puppet Mayor, that probably was involved in an election fraud when she was first elected. She has turned out to be a “yes” girl to the elite of Glenville and useless to the rest of us.

  8. A Gilmer County man was shot and killed Tuesday night during an argument with his father.

    Rodney Adams, 64, and his son, James Adams, 44, were in an argument at about 10 p.m. Tuesday at Rodney Adams’ home in Troy when Rodney Adams allegedly shot and killed his son with a .380-caliber pistol, said West Virginia State Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Baylous.

    James Adams’ body has been sent to the state Medical Examiner’s Office for an investigation.

    The investigation continues.

  9. The Central WV SS was all over this investigation of FRED HILL right from the “Get Go” since who better to know the in’s and out’s and the rights and wrongs of the local power elite, than the people from the CalPatty Press and Crooked County Crooks website both active and going full steam.

    I picked these comments from after they found Freds body, to be the ones that represented the feeling of many local people:

    Posted by: Anonymous

    I live in Glenville and know how this town is all too well. I really hope Fred’s family keeps up with the media and law enforcement about this case. If not MANY of us here know what will happen. The town will make it go away, out of sight. No one wants there kids going to school at a place where this kind of stuff happens. They are afraid it will ruin the towns name. I am even afraid to make a wrong step or say the wrong thing here. I’m glad there is some closure but whoever did this needs to be punished. This situation makes me sick and I cant wait to get away from this county. My prayers have been with you all! I’m so sorry that this had to happen, he looks like a great person in the pics I’ve seen.

    Here are more comments from citizens that care:

    by Ann
    My heart goes out to Freddy’s family and I cannot IMAGINE the nightmare they have lived since December 11th. I adored Freddy’s smile, his enthusiasm, his wit, his love of so many things. He was a quiet person until you got to know him – and when you got to know him, he’s forever a part of you and your heart. I, too, do not agree that there is ‘no foul play’ involved. I have had ‘misgivings’ about this entire investigation from the very beginning. I don’t think there will be justice for Freddy until the FBI gets involved and an ‘impartial’ investigation is done. Too much money changes hands when people don’t want things known and it can go up some pretty tall ladders! No one needed to harm Freddy, much less kill him, but the corrupt people need to pay for what they’ve done and every one’s who’s responsible needs to pay – EVERY ONE!

    by Humm…
    Our thoughts are with his family. Hope they find out what happened to this man even if we don’t know him. His family,friends and people who knew him seem to think foul-play was involved. Are families ignored when their is a coverup? What do the WV people think about how some cases are investigated that has lost a family member or had one seriously injured? Tell your story and where it happened? Some people are found dead or seriously injured in WV & people who know what happened will not speak out for various reasons. You can still come forward & tell families who are still waiting years later for answers about what happened to give them closure, or live with it and let it eat at mind & soul & think about the family still waiting for answers & HOPE it never happens to your baby,child,teen or family member. If it does you will hope someone comes forward to tell what they saw,heard or know, or your family will be like so many other sad & heartbroken families still waiting for answers.

    by nonyo o
    I grew up in West Virginia. I have family all through this state, including Glenville. I am not blind to what happens in small, redneck infested towns. None of us are. And furthermore, to the Hill Folk…and what they do to “outsiders” for fun. Fucked up stuff. Peace to his family and justice for Freddy. We all sadly know that calling this one ‘no foul play’ involved is just another punch in the gut….the truth always comes out.

    by Anonymous
    Calhoun and Gilmer counties sound like they are as corrupt as they come. Please, make sure that the real story is told SS. It will never come forth if someone does not hold the law enforcement and prosecutors feet to the fire. Don’t let his body being found be the end of the story. How else would a body be preserved for 4 months…this is WV, not Alaska or a desert. There was flooding there in March as well, but he was in the same area? How?

    by Anon
    I’m not buying the “NO Foul Play was involved” song and dance… RIP Fred, justice will be served

    by Anony
    You would have to be a fool to think there is no foul play involved here.

    SS MEMBER: I think it is about time we tell everyone who killed FRED HILL and I think it is about time TO REVEAL and EXPOSE the fact that, even the STATE POLICE, but ESPECIALLY the GILMER COUNTY SHERIFF went through the motions and covered up facts and perpetuated bullshit disinformation. The CALPATTY PRESS was the only news source that had any information even close to the truth then and now.

  10. WHO DID KILL FRED HILL? Who do you think it was? Was it the person or persons responsible mentioned once before? Why was he killed? One thing for sure is the claim that Sheriff Metz and the Power Elite tried to sell right from the start of that he just fell in the river is about the lamest thing I have ever heard. If he fell in, then why didn’t he just get right back out? Was it because his face was beaten in beyond recognition, for that would be my guess, and why was the matter hushed up? Once the body was found, well then there was just never a word heard since. And didn’t we all say that is how it will be.

    Murder, Rape, pretty common occurrence down by the Crooked River the home of the Crooks from Crooked County!

  11. 12/12/2011 Hurricane Rina McCoy – Cosmos Communicator for the Central WV Secret Seven Coalition

    In the year 2000 I smoked cigarettes and it was 2007 before I was done with them, and I certainly wish that money I spent could have landed in my saving account somehow, because I could sure use it now. I almost wished, I would have been busted when I was 17 and first started smoking, for now I could be so much richer.

    State Trooper Jared Brewer from Logan detachment got all caught up in some small town bullshit politics when he tried to serve a simple friendly citation to a store owner Patricia Trogdon that sold tobacco to a miner.

    Patricia Trogdon v. West Virginia State Trooper Jared Brewer was before Judge Carrie Webster, and the court was held over an incident involving the woman’s sale of tobacco to a minor, in which the citation for Trogdon had been dismissed for failure to prosecute by the Logan County Prosecutor.

    This would have been a situation similar as to when HOT TODDY threatened his girl friend in Glenville, and jumped out at an intersection and was a banging on her windows and such. But, then when charged with an assault charge that Gerry Hough just never brought forward , then Hot Toddy could bring suit against the person making the arrest.

    It is somewhat enlightening to see Logan County fucking up worse than Gilmer County for this was a case of a State Police Trooper doing what he is paid to do, and being polite about it, and then having someone that was guilty as hell try to get even just for spite.

    It was good to see the jury make the right decision, since a Kanawha County jury has ruled in favor of State Trooper Jared Brewer from the Logan detachment in the recent wrongful arrest suit brought against him by the store owner.

  12. Principle of being a Principal just like a West Virginia NEO NASIA NINJA!!

    It is about time you all grew up and faced facts. You will do your jobs accordingly or you will all be destroyed. You will all be fired, and then law action brought against you to take everything you own. For you see, that is how we do it in Gilmer County. It is my way or the highway. If you don’t go along with the Blankenship plan for a successful school district you will fired, and your future will be destroyed by just one letter from the principle husband of the Principal having no principle. Just look at how successful the school district is in Calhoun County it is about dead last! Blankenship’s County should be the cookie cutter model for future school failures in which former Gilmer County favorites and folk defeated by election like Reta Kight have full reign and rule exactly the wrong area’s to do the most harm, for no good can come to a formidable position that they replace with a Dog Face. So everyone just shut up or you will be ruined forever, I will have your jobs and then sic my R Terrier on ya and boy that will make a mess! Look out it will be the very large rear exterior R Terry husband dog the brother to the Bitcher of the Butchers — and buddy that can happen anytime so look out!

  13. Council of Concerned Citizens are tired of the POWER ELITE! GO HOME JOREA you BITCH!!

    Jorea Marple the wife to Attorney General Darrel McGraw has proved to be a detriment to the ideal treatment needed for the well being of Gilmer County Students. Marple is politically connected by family and blood to the elite and to those that have seized the schools by force. PLEASE KEEP YOUR POLITICAL STORM TROOPERS from the WVBOE out of Gilmer County Business or FACE THE RESOLVE of the newly formed GILMER SCHOOLS COALITION which includes the Concerned Citizens of Gilmer County who have formed a NEW COALITION to communicate the facts to the masses and suggest any needed improvement to the County School System and also to identify further educational needs of the community!

    I agree with keep diggin’ y’all. This was a political thing and the only ones who gained were the “elite political powers and their buddies”. The citizens of Gilmer County lost, the school system lost, but most of all the students of this county lost. They are the big losers. You have let these students down and have destroyed their confidence and trust in you and have led them to believe that all the things that you are allowing to happen at the GCHS is OK because you are not doing what is right to stop it. How do you sleep at night knowing what the administrators, SOME of the teachers and coaches in this school system are doing to the children? Mr. Blankenship has done nothing for the problem, Mrs. Marple has done nothing for the problem and the problem of the principal that is the cause of this dirty mess is still there?

    I do not have a college degree, but I am smart enough to see what you all are doing and not doing and I don’t like it. The children are suffering because of your big heads. You all need to put your heads between your shoulders instead of where it is now.
    By Put it on straight on 12.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-Comm™: Homeschooling and The Clueless Miss Marple’.
    You have to wonder why Jorea Marple doesn’t use her husband’s name?
    Doesn’t she want people to know she is married to Atty. General Darrel McGraw?
    Or….doesn’t he want people to know he’s married to her?
    Everyone understands now that the State BOE has ‘stepped in it’ with the Gilmer County school takeover debacle.
    Where are you? state media? in reporting on this mess? Record, Gazette, Telegram, Pathfinder?
    Metro-news? T-V folks? There is a big story here, for the first with the courage to take it on.
    And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Glenville State College, Prosecuting Attorney story is even bigger.
    Who will be the news media to get the scoop story that goes out on the wire? You bet some good investigative reporter will latch onto this multi-cover-ups mess that is connected to big names!

    By Keep diggin’ y’all on 12.12.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-Comm™: Homeschooling and The Clueless Miss Marple’.

    With more information emerging daily about problems with the County’s school system, it demonstrates that unless citizens band together to fight for change nothing will happen. The powerful who support Marple and Blankenship openly bet that the Coalition will fizzle because citizens won’t get involved. Formation of the Coalition is a major achievement in the County. It has a “big tent” for all factions committed to giving our children excellent educations, protecting them from the predators, and providing them the nurturing climate in the schools, particularly the GCHS, to help them mature into our next generation of productive citizens. Our unrelenting battle is being fought on several fronts. However, nothing will substitute for people power so good citizens of Gilmer County we need your help in springing to the aid of our children by joining and openly supporting the Coalition.

    By Richard Adams on 12.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-Comm™: Homeschooling and The Clueless Miss Marple’.


    Thank you Mr. Adams with your comments. You are precisely right. Our children are the community future. Society future. They learn so well from example. Now look what examples are put before them at every turn by our ‘all knowing’ school administration. Over six months now since the ‘educateds’ of Charleston have informed us that we need fixed. Well, can anyone, anyone please tell us what is different than it was before the big takeover? One thing maybe? And that is one person has had their job secured? That’s about it. If anyone read the WORLD NET DAILY article that was posted by GFP, you would understand that the top leader in the State Educational Power House in Charleston is quite likely an embarrassment to us all? Our State elected leaders know what has gone on now, as well as what is going on.

    Facemire, Boggs, Walker……..all silent. Election is less than a year away. There will be folks who will not be re-elected. I myself, am anxiously awaiting for meetings to get the repair underway—-the repair that Mz Jorea Marple and Mrs. Senator Manchin told us that needs to happen. Mr. Easy Money will have been in charge a full six months come Jan. 1. Would anyone describe his accomplishments or leadership with any other word than ‘dismal’?
    School administration stating that nudity and lesbianism are normal? Perverts in the athletic programs? Is this what we should expect with our children’s educational system? I’d say we need God’s help in this cleanup. These people seemingly have no morals, no scruples, no shame. The cleanup will only be accomplished when several of these people have their employment terminated. We need to keep the pressure on, keep these folks exposed for what they are doing.

    It was great to hear the support of what came forward on No-Go day. We need to continue this. We also need to support the teachers and staff that are working under these less than desirable conditions. I pray that they will come forward with their information so we can support and fully effect their needs and concerns.

    Wouldn’t it be real nice, now, after six full months, the State BOE or their Mr. Blankenship, would come forward with a full report of all their corrections, suggestions, and accomplishments?

    By MoreToCome on 12.13.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-Comm™: Homeschooling and The Clueless Miss Marple’.

  14. Revenge of the Ghost Wolf - Something Smells funny already, just as soon as the State Police said, "We have consulted with Gilmer County Prosecuting Attorney Gerry Hough at this time. "

    Does someone else smell something bad? Well, if not you will after reading this, it has all the tell tale signs of a rigged case and corruption.

    Everyone knows a man is dead after a domestic dispute in Gilmer County.

    Around 10 a.m., Gilmer County sheriff’s deputies were called to a domestic disturbance between a father and a son at a home in Troy. When deputies arrived at the home, they found that Rodney Adams, 64, had shot and killed his son, James Adams, 44, according to a news release from the West Virginia State Police.

    The body of James Adams has been sent to the W.Va. State Medical Examiner office for examination.

    No arrests have been made in this investigation.

    “We have consulted with Gilmer County Prosecuting Attorney Gerry Hough at this time. We’re going to follow up with him at the completion of our investigation. At that point he will make a determination as to what type of charges will be filed, if any,” Sgt. Mark Yost of the Glenville detachment said.

    The incident was originally reported to have happened in the community of Linn. Both Linn and Troy are off of Route 33, near the Lewis County line.


    Two years ago a hunter discovered the skeletal remains of Christian Dawn Starcher Seabolt, proving NO JUSTICE for the18-year-old Spencer woman either, who vanished in 2002….

    Authorities went to a remote area known as Groundhog Ridge to examine the remains, discovered about 25 feet from a rural road.

    The remains were sent to the Smithsonian for forensic examination, during which they determined a positive identity.

    State Police in Spencer indicted to Spencer Newspapers they have no new leads on who murdered the woman.

    The girl left her mother’s apartment in Spencer to get a pack of cigarettes on August 31, 2002.

    Seabolt was an acquaintance of “Tattoo Vince” Golosow, a Tariff, Roane County man, now serving time for killing Michael Judson Reid, 52.

    “Tattoo Vince” was connected to a number of individuals who resided in Roane, Wirt and Clay counties.

  16. "...Kids that were assaulted by the Metz gang?" Crystal says, "That's the way we always do it in GILMER COUNTY!"

    As for everyone questioning what happened to the kids that were assaulted by the Metz gang. If one of those parents or someone that knows the truth calls in to CPS and pushes the issue you might find some resolution there. However, I have a very diminished view of that organization but they seem to be able to run their own witch hunt when given just the right amount of information but it would have to be someone who knows and is aware of the facts. As well if Mrs. Butcher had knowledge or report had been made to her then she too would be legally liable as a mandated reporter to have filed a CPS report. Failure to do so would make her guilty by association and therefor place her job in Jeopardy. Does anyone know if that was done?
    By JustAnOpinion on 12.14.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Dr. Simmons Volunteers to Lead Gilmer Schools Coalition’.
    Mrs. Butcher did know. She was called on the phone and complaint was made to her. Of course based on her previous public comments she considers these actions normal. My question is, if the team lost on the first day of the tournament why did not they come home? Why did they stay overnight? Who authorized it? Who paid for it? These and more questions have not been answered.
    In her speech at the fall sports banquet Crystal Metz, the head coach stated “what you hear is not true”. Then how about Crystal Metz, Mickey Metz, Jeremy Wagner, Rick Sprouse, and Nasia Butcher tell us what the truth is? Why don’t they?

    By Puzzled on 12.14.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Dr. Simmons Volunteers to Lead Gilmer Schools Coalition’.
    It seems to me that the complaint has just been filed by the right people but to the wrong place. Butcher is not going to do anything about it but by notifying her and Chambers you have now given them a legal obligation to further on the complaint with CPS for them to investigate. If they have not done so as mandated reporters if CPS is notified and it is found true during their investigation then they too are guilty of abuse and the BOE and the State BOE have no choice but terminate them for the safety of the children. CPS just needs the names of the children involved and the adults involved and then see how deep the corruption goes!
    By JustAn Opinion on 12.14.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Dr. Simmons Volunteers to Lead Gilmer Schools Coalition’.
    Smell of lawyers in the air? Of course there is denial. That is what defense lawyers recommend to place the burden of proof on accusers. Typical Race Horse Haynes defense. The dog does not bite & the next layer of defense is that it was chained and couldn’t bite, and and if that does not work deny that a dog is owned. Masters of trickery and Sophism. That is what some lawyers do every day for a living. Parents, children, and others need to come forward to disprove the denial to protect our children. Let’s see the Rt. 33 party did not happen, the Charleston romp didn’t either, and what about the Smith situation? All false?
    By Erick Johnson on 12.14.2011

    From the entry: ‘G-LtE™: Dr. Simmons Volunteers to Lead Gilmer Schools Coalition’.

  17. Diary of an ELITE TAKE OVER!!

    Just click on the GREEN LINK to read the minutes of the State Board of Education Meeting where it was first suggested to just take over the Gilmer County Schools, Come read it for yourself, how the elite’s do things in West Virginia, and we are just the field hands and the negro that nobody has to pay any mind to.

    Don’t Miss …Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of WV arrogant, and ethical gremlin and a certified moron?
    Just added … on the Concerned Citizens Free Press!

  18. Is former Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of the WV SUPREME COURT and arrogant, and ethical gremlin and a certified moron?

    Well to find out and learn the latest from the concerned Citizens Free Press just click this green link below:

  19. Really what we need are some CROOKED COUNTY Tee shirts!

    I think we should get the B&B law firm that Ferrari that R Terry Butcher feels we owe him, and some tee shirts and even some for the Butcher Bitches themselves! Yay! It’s Christmas!

    “I BROKE BAD on the CalPatty Press!” …for Lizzie and Lexie!
    “I’m just a Butcher Bitch too! In fact, I am the original Mother Fucker!” …for Nasia!
    “I’m the Bitcher of the Butchers!” … for Timothy B Butcher!
    “I’m THE CROOK from Crooked County that lives down by the Crooked River!” …For R Terry
    “Have another drink Princess Di!” …. for Diana L Butcher!

  20. Council of Concerned Citizens -- Demand PRESS COVERAGE of CROOKED PUBLIC OFFICIALS

    James Hiram “Jimmy” Keatley, 47, a math teacher was just notified by letter that if wants to work unhindered and free from possible arrest and still titillate his desires of deviant sexual behavior he should immediately apply for a position in Gilmer County where none of the mainstream papers will report anything out of line, but first he must join the church of…
    To the woman that complained Keatley kissed her 15-year-old niece and slipped her some tongue, well Nasia gets excited just by hearing that sort of talk!

    James Hiram “Jimmy” Keatley come on down!
    Comment by anonymous on 12.14.2011

    I read the article on “Why” on today’s GFP asking why the bigger newspapers and some of the TV stations do not report on what has and is happening in Gilmer County. Travis Crum of The Charleston Gazette was the reporter on sexual abuse by a Mingo County Middle school teacher. The same thing done here and NOTHING has been done or will be done. If Mr. Crum could be contacted and notified of what all the mess is here in this County that could be reported and brought out in the news maybe we could get something done for us. Our story would be 10 times greater when it comes out about the School System, both State and County, the “real reason” for the school take over by the State, Mr. Blankenship, Nasia Butcher, Casey Smith sexual abuse, Crystal Metz, GCHS volleyball coach and her associates and the party at Charleston, parties with underage drinking involving other coaches, rape, crimes at Glenville State College involving football players, rapes, drugs and etc. lack of prosecution for the ones involved, Gerry Hough, Sheriff Dept. Casey Jones, and this is “just the tip of the iceberg”. Wow, he could write a book not just a newspaper article. Anyone want to contact him or know of someone else that would come here to do a news story? Whoever it would be, could sure make a name for their self with probably national coverage.
    By Do you know anyone on 12.14.2011

    From the entry: ‘Why Don’t Gazette, Daily Mail, Sentinel, WBOY, WDTV Report Similar Incidents in Gilmer County?’.
    Answer may be quite simple?
    The GC ‘lap dogs’ have called the WV ‘big dogs’ to
    call off their ‘little dogs’.

    By anonymous on 12.14.2011

    From the entry: ‘Why Don’t Gazette, Daily Mail, Sentinel, WBOY, WDTV Report Similar Incidents in Gilmer County?’.
    To; Do you know anyone,
    Actually you may notice this website has over 10 million hits, and on any given day, for the most part has many more page views than the Gazette or any other on-line mainstream news source in WV
    All of these issues have been submitted to reporters. Reporters have been called,and thousands of words of text submitted.
    Corporations control the print media, and the TV Stations, and although the entire state is made up of less experienced small market broadcasters and reporters, most are following orders.
    So far the reporters that have been reporting from Charleston have been doing a good job. We send info to WBOY on a weekly sometimes daily basis.
    Sometimes, as in the case of Sarah Rutherford and a few other issues, they took our tip and ran with it.
    So, we have made tremendous progress, and take from someone that has been involved in all of the activity.
    We have made tremendous progress in the last five years. Tremendous!

    By Concerned Citizen on 12.15.2011

    From the entry: ‘Why Don’t Gazette, Daily Mail, Sentinel, WBOY, WDTV Report Similar Incidents in Gilmer County?’.
    Concerned citizen, thanks for your comment and letting us know that the media has been made aware of these situations, but that they are being controlled also by the Corporations that some of this pertains to is what I assume you are meaning. Are we now living in a COMMUNIST STATE that our “forefathers” founded for the freedom of all? I would imagine they are turning over in their graves as to what these select people have done to our Wild Wonderful West Virginia and Gilmer County citizens for their own gratification and satisfaction. They have destroyed everything that the ones before us fought so hard for. Our confidence in the administration for our schools, our families, our County as a whole, our law enforcement, our Glenville State College that many alumni and others looked up to, OUR PRIDE in our county and one another, job opportunities. The students of this county, thanks to the powers that be, have nothing to look forward to. What they are seeing and experiencing now will stay with them forever and that is sad. Concerned citizen do you think if the National News media got this information on all the corruption that is happening here now, would they do anything? They covered Penn State and others that were involved with sexual abuse why not Gilmer County? PLEASE ANY NEWS MEDIA HELP THE CITIZENS OF GILMER COUNTY.
    By HELP on 12.15.2011
    If Nasia Butcher cared about children at the GCHS she would resign or take another assignment to help lessen turmoil in the County. Too much valuable time of students is wasted at the school because of focusing on Nasia. She is polarizing, a magnet for continual controversy, and she is not envisioned as an advocate for our children. Also, she relishes spouting off that her husband is R.T. Butcher. That behavior demonstrates that she depends on politics, wealth, and scare tactics to keep her job. Gilmer County, our children deserve much better. Nasia must go and the sooner the better!
    By GCHS INSIDER on 12.15.2011

    From the entry: ‘Why Don’t Gazette, Daily Mail, Sentinel, WBOY, WDTV Report Similar Incidents in Gilmer County?’.

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