DIGITAL PENETRATION UPDATE — BOX BANGING WOMAN ARRESTED AFTER POSING AS MALE – LINN 15-Year-Old Girl Alleged Victim!! FAKE PENIS used on LINN 15 year old found in Police Search!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor reporter for Crooked County Crooks/Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor

Carissa Hads with no gonads sure had some balls to pose as a dude, but then obviously never got nude, for it sure would have been some trick for her to suddenly grow a dick!

A 24-year-old Massachusetts woman is being held in North Central Regional Jail after she posed as a 17-year-old boy online in an effort to solicit a 15-year-old female from Linn the home of underage Lesbian encounters and sin in Gilmer County.

Carissa Hads used a male name to meet the girl on a social networking web site in October 2010, officials allege, and it worked out pretty good for her, for all the “FACE” taking place!

Carissa Hads, 24, a female pretended to be James Puryear Wilson a male. Investigators learned about Hads’ involvement with the girl after receiving an online tip which alleged two children from Gilmer County were in immediate danger. Hads threatened a 15-year-old acquaintance of the girl, who had reportedly questioned Hads identity, suspicious of the fact that below the belt, that boy was dead, after offering him (her) head.

“Wilson” had two sexual encounters with the girl on two occasions, according to investigators. Once, it was reminiscent of a Butcher Bitch BOX BANGING EXTRAVAGANZA at a Pennsylvania hotel and it was on again when “Wilson” traveled to Bridgeport and was transported by the girl’s mother to the family’s home of sin in Linn, according to federal documents.

Glamor shot of the boy that turned out to be a woman carrying a flesh colored penis in her pocket. “What is that in your pocket Puryear, a flesh covered penis or is your pocket glad to see me?”

Truly shouldn’t the mother be an accessory to this crime for providing transportation to a 24year old woman to have sex with her 15 year old baby girl from LINN, West Virginia home of girl on girl SIN deep in the heart of Crooked County!?

Investigators learned about Hads’ involvement with the girl after receiving an online tip which alleged two children from Gilmer County were in danger, but at the time they didn’t know it was from girly fingers doin the walkin, and some girly tongue doin the talkin.

The report says Hads threatened a 15-year-old acquaintance of the girl, who had reportedly questioned Hads identity, after witnessing no bulge in the britches of someone that said they love bitches!!

The woman sent a cell phone to send naked pictures, court documents allege, but of course, what wasn’t mentioned was that the 15 year old who we can all see had her fun, complied with the request, and replying, “Here ya go! Be my guest!”

The LINN 15 year old from Gilmer County was certainly had by Hads, since Hads breasts are clearing showing as she is pictured laying down. Now one girl should know that breasts are hard to hide, so the 15 year old must have a lesbian box banging fetish supported by dildo love since the flesh covered penis was found in the pocket of Carissa Hads pictured above was HARD to hide too!

The complaint says the two arranged to meet at a Coraopolis, Pennsylvania motel in December 2011 and it was all down and dirty girl on girl love and just like hillbilly heaven!

The girl’s mother and two other 15-year-old children went with the girl and paid for Hads to stay in a separate room, according to documents, for it was said that 24 year old woman turned out to be a mad man in bed!


Following Hads’s May 24 arrest, agents searched her front pants pocket and located a “fake, flesh-colored penis” that she apparently used during one of two prior sexual encounters with the teenage victim. Pictured in the (top of the page) mug shot, the 5’ 2”, 100-pound Hads was busted after flying to meet the girl from LINN, WV known as A.L. for a third liaison and sexually satisfying scene!

“The girl that was the recipient of the FAKE PENIS, who lives in GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia is identified only as “A.L.” in the affidavit being used in court appearances!”

Hads, the 24 yr old woman posing as a boy using the “Wilson” persona, and the Gilmer County girl became “involved in an internet romance” that included Hads sending the teen two cell phones “for A.L.’s use to contact ‘him.’” Along with paying the girl’s monthly cell phone bills, Hads also sent her a Kindle Fire tablet, according to the affidavit.

The teenager told investigators that she used the phones to take naked photos of herself, and that she “forwarded these pictures, some of which focused on her vagina, to ‘Wilson.’” Hads and the girl would also write in “notebooks/journals and mail them back and forth to each other so each could respond to the other’s writings.”

Altogether this SEXY 15 year old girl got way over her head, in some out there sexual experiences which is pretty sophisticated for a young teenager from rural LINN just outside of Glenville, the county seat of Gilmer County.

“Wilson” told “A.L.” that he lived in Massachusetts with his aunt, and told the girl that he also had an aunt “named Carissa Hads,” an investigator reported.

A Gilmer County 15 year old girl from LINN identified as A.L. was HAD by Carrissa Hads, and was sexually used and abused every which way but loose, according to friends close to the sexually charged encounter! Talk about being turned out at 15 … Only in Gilmer County!!

In December 2011, just six months ago, after communicating for 14 months, “Wilson” asked to meet “A.L.” in person. A subsequent rendezvous was arranged by the girl’s mother, who accompanied her daughter (and two other teenage girls) to meet “Wilson” at a Pennsylvania motel about 100 miles from the family’s West Virginia residence.

“Wilson,” who claimed to have flown from Massachusetts to the nearby Pittsburgh airport, stayed at the same motel “in a separate room paid for by A.L.’s mother,” according to the affidavit sworn by West Virginia State Trooper Robert Talkington.

During the group’s stay at the motel, “‘Wilson’ digitally penetrated A.L.’s vagina,” Talkington charged.

Two months later, “Wilson” flew to West Virginia, and was picked up by the girl’s mother, who transported “Wilson” to her home. During that five-day stay in late-February, Wilson” and “A.L.”  the 15 year old girl from GILMER COUNTY, WV …“Engaged in sexual intercourse,” according to the affidavit.

Carissa Hads had her way with a Gilmer County 15 year old that greatly sexually satisfied the 24 yr old posing as a boy.

In a May 8 interview with law enforcement agents, the girl further described the sexual encounter in her home with “Wilson.” The teenager said that “Wilson,” who did not undress, “pulled his ‘penis’ through his unzipped pants, and held on to the base of the ‘penis’ during the sexual encounter.” The girl, who said the act was videotaped, “described the ‘penis’ as flesh-colored.”

The teenager said that “Wilson”–whom she never saw naked (or partially naked)–wore a back brace that “covered ‘his’ chest,” Talkington noted.

Hads, unaware that the girl had begun cooperating with law enforcement, was arrested last month after traveling to Pittsburgh for what she apparently thought would be a third sexual encounter with the teenage victim. Hads is pictured (left) in a photo from the actual “Carissa Hads” Facebook page she maintained.

The criminal probe of Hads was triggered by a tip sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The complainant alleged that “Wilson” had threatened the life of a 15-year-old girl (who is apparently an acquaintance of “A.L.”). “Wilson” reportedly threatened the teen after she told “A.L.” that she did not believe “Wilson” was “who ‘he’ said ‘he’ was,” according to the court affidavit.

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  1. We would appreciate if anyone has the names of all concerned in this debacle, especially we would like the name of the mother, who enabled her daughters down and dirty sexual debauchery … I mean really, couldn’t she tell there was no swell …down there?

  2. We would like to know the identity of A.L. from LINN so SS sources can interview the victim to find out more information about the legalities of how the investigation is being handled and to try to recover the video, and photo’s of a sexually explicit nature so that they can be published and shared with the community.

  3. Amanda Lamb

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