Judge WATKINS threatens LAWRENCE SMITH of the West Virginia Record just like Gerry Hough of Gilmer County and we have it on tape!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

One of the biggest victories for the West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition in the last six months has been the fact that Gerald B Hough got his ass handed to him in his home town courtroom  before a home town crowd and got whipped and whipped good, in front of judge Facemire just as soon as he mentioned the name of the SC of the SS saying that he was affiliated with Lawrence Smith and that they were friends. That was about the time that Facemire rolled his eyes, as if to say, “What a complete idiot you are Gerry Hough!” But instead said …

“I’m not going to do this!”  And then ruled in favor of Smith, with a prejudice ruling so the matter could never again be brought up in court by another nut case prosecutor from Gilmer County like Hough.

The SS salutes Mark Halberg, a man originally from California, and TROY Sexton for the fine job they did in posting information on the internet that pissed judge Watkins off to the point of losing it in court.

The video below features a picture of the judges house, with his threatening phone call to Mr Smith take a listen.

This video, and the taped phone message went on the internet, the day before the court appearance that resulted in the blow up, that will blow this judge out for the reason of public outcry and this is a tremendous victory for all those hard working individuals involved.

For more on this subject see our sister Secret Seven Coalition site Concerned Citizens FREE PRESS!

Click this blue link to go there!


Courtroom Video REVEALS ABUSIVE CONDUCT of WV JUDGE WATKINS Reminiscent of the RANT of JUDGE FACEMIRE During the Travesty of Justice Trial

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  1. I’m out of town for a couple of days, just get back, and now I see all this cool stuff up that I missed!! Tell Lawrence great work on this!

  2. That BITCH ASS JUDGE LIED he was in the rears according to home owner association documents. This little known fact was just tidbit, that was noticed by someone looking into this investigation, they told Lawrence Smith about it, and Smith called the judge, and that was about all that incident entailed. This judge is a whack job just like Facemire!

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