State-Wide Support Spreads For Gilmer County’s Battle With Dr. Marple’s Run Amuck DOE

The Gilmer Free Press

Gilmer County, citizens throughout West Virginia support your struggle against the politically motivated surprise seizure of your schools by the DOE.

Your supporters know that the DOE’s unprovoked attack set a precedent of not giving your elected Board of Education time to address alleged problems within a prescribed time prior to a seizure.

The outcome of your struggle is critical with important implications for what will be done to get the State’s failed K-12 education system off its 48th place among the 50 states.

Unfortunately, the Charleston Gazette and other major hard copy newspapers have avoided stories about Gilmer County’s school system plight.

That pattern of neglect is being mitigated electronically with use of cell phones, e-mail, iPADs, Droids, Face Book, and iPhones.

Part of the State-wide citizen backed electronic offensive involves establishment of information dispensing nodes in various counties with an expanding network.

The message includes exposure of roles of Senator Joe Manchin’s family in contributing to the DOE’s dictatorial actions.

The Gilmer Free Press      The Gilmer Free Press
While governor, Senator Manchin demonstrated nepotism by appointing his wife Gayle to a $65,000 a year position with the State Board of Education that oversees the DOE.

She vehemently supported the seizure of your schools as proven by her videotaped attack against Gilmer County when the DOE intervened.

Her display of disdain for Gilmer County will be posted on U-Tube soon for all West Virginians to observe. Also, citizens will be reminded of WVU’s free degree scandal involving Senator Manchin’s daughter while he was Governor.

In addition to using electronic media as a force multiplier to increase the public’s demand for revamping Dr. Marple’s failed DOE, West Virginians are participating in forums in eight cities and the gatherings are sponsored by West Virginia’s Vision Shared organization.

The purpose of the forums is to obtain suggestions from citizens for critically needed changes to reverse the DOE’s failed performance including its arbitrary practices in seizing and administering county school systems.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin deserves respect from West Virginians for his courageous leadership in initiating the forums.

Negative publicity regarding the DOE’s ineptness in managing the State’s K-12 school system has caused more unwanted national ridicule to be focused on us, and much worse, the severe disaster has denied West Virginia’s children quality educations to enable them to compete better in today’s world economy.

The information blitz, designed to forge badly needed change with how the DOE operates, will empower voters to make wiser decisions at the polls in November.

Overall, the grass roots effort is a 21st century version of the axiom that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Instead of hard copy print inking out messages to West Virginians, electrons are getting that task achieved speedily with laser-like targeting.

Similar to the Revolutionary War naval hero, John Paul Jones, we have just begun to fight and it will continue with bulldog tenacity to achieve badly needed K-12 education reforms in Gilmer County and throughout our State.

Comments from readers of the truth

Crooks from a Crooked County stick together when they are found out for wrong doing and things heat up.

Nasia was days from getting the boot, when everything changed and now we all suffer.

What a bad Principal! What a bad example set and then heaven help us if the rest of the kids turn out like hers.

Jesus, Lord, we need you to look down upon us, and put some religion back in the schools for we all need to believe that we can get back to the days Glenville was respected for it’s education and contribution with teachers from the teachers college, but GSC is not a teachers college any longer, and we need to make it a preachers college because that place could use a little religion too.

Nobody respects GSC now, for the multiple rapes, and the coaches getting drunk and in fights and busted for DUI and on and on! They are probably running a methamphetamine super lab we don’t even know about yet, in reality.

It is really pathetic how the chosen few are held above the law, and the whites get arrested and the blacks go free. Hey thanks for that Gerry Hough, you are very unprofessional and detriment to the community. Please resign, you are holding the whole county back. Move to Lewis County like your wife wants you to.

Comment by Anonymous 187  on  07.10.2012

This Charleston DOE debacle is a VERY GOOD example of the game of partisan politics based upon the greed of egos and personal gain.

The BIG NAME elites have now been caught and have defamed, blighted, and tarnished their very own names.

Glenville State College is smack in the middle of this, because it is those who control the college, that have done this to our community.

If they had any sense of decency, they would all resign, move away, and stop defecating on Gilmer County and its citizens.  What a shameless bunch.

It is little wonder, we are now called, “Home of the Crooked County Crooks”.  Thanks to the “wonder gang”.  We all have to ‘wonder’ what crime, crookedness, self-serving trick they will pull off next.

The radio, television, and state print medias are afraid to touch this mess, because they have been co-conspirators in supporting this ruthless, lawless, sneaky, back room dealing bunch.

The only integrity in the print media has been the WV Record, and I commend them in their honestly and integrity.  Other than Gilmer Free Press, seems no one has any backbone to come to aid of Gilmer county’s children and citizens.  (but for some great reporting by Dendra Miller locally)

It is very telling of, and by, those who are remaining absolutely silent.  You know who you are, and so do we.

Comment by No Name Please  on  07.10.2012

To no name please.  Wow, you sure said a mouth full and 100% correct.

This all started because Dr. Simmons was selected as County Superintendent, and Nasia was afraid of losing her job. She knew Dr. Simmons would not tolerate her actions so Nasia runs to Mr. I.L. Morris – Mr. Morris makes a phone call to Joe Manchin – Mr. Manchin and wife Gayle make a phone call to Dr. Marple who just happens to be the wife of Darrell McGraw and she is the State Super. of our school systems.  Waalaa.  Gilmer County school system was taken over by the local elites and State elites. Nasia Butcher’s mom is great friends with Mrs. Marples mother.  Gov. Tomblin is connected to all this and refuses to do anything because of who it is benefiting and will not because of the political gains he would lose from here. You might say “All in the family” so to speak. Nasia is the cause of the takeover and she was the cause of all this political thing in this county. The takeover was personal gain for the elites.

ALL VOTERS need to keep this in mind when we go to the polls in Nov. to vote. All of those who are connected to the powers of this county and who are running in this election, I will mark the box beside their opponents name. I will not make the same mistake twice.

Comment by another no name please  on  07.10.2012

We know who runs the state’s print media, their lobbyist from Glenville.  How can they be allowed to report the truth of this disgrace when the very people pulling the strings for Governor and Senator are involved?  Issue and spend Federal Recovery Act (Stimulus) Qualified School Construction Bond monies through the SBA as fast as possible and don’t worry about the end result which has proven to be the decimation of multiple small communities throughout the state with absolutely no improvement in the quality of education.  Per usual, get the free money whatever they do and worry about what would have been the best way to use it later. No planning that involves the every day tax paying citizen or the children’s future.  Greed rules and no one in authority wants it to stop.

Comment by I Want My Money Back  on  07.10.2012

The state’s print media, their lobbyist from Glenville is named Phillip Reale, so why not name the names that are responsible, and some local folk that are dedicated to revealing the truth have already let us know how it all works. I came across some gibberish that G Hough wrote trying to tell us, all this info was published by some man two or three states away, but that is hog wash, and I know it was Gerry, since it was that filth he advertised for in the Glenville Democrat.

Speaking of the Glenville Democrat, they have truly been a disappointment, and Dave Corcoran finally got the disrespect he deserved from citizens during the folk festival, in which no buddy cared to listen to a word he had to say in front of an audience and walked out on him and ignored him and one of his not so humorous, “I’m so great, and do so much for the community speeches” I say poppycock!

Also, I have never seen any great reporting out of Dendra Miller ever! She is more or less just a bigger darker Cassandra Huff that is not quite as high all the time, but that is about it.  This area does not have a decent local reporter, unless of course, someone were to mention Lisa Minney.

This link below will reveal why we can get no print media coverage, this article IS LOCAL.

Sorry, Gerry, but your little experiment backfired and if your wife wants to move out of town, then go, please go, and take your kids and their bottles of booze smuggled on the bus with you!

Comment by Anonymous for reason of retaliation by a corrupt County Govt. on  07.10.2012

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