RAPEX needed in Gilmer County before Glenville State College DESTROYS Another BEAUTIFUL GIRL BY BRUTAL RAPE!!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

A device should be immediately ordered and issued to all Glenville State College Co-Eds. The device is called RAPEX which supplies immediate punishment to any penis forcing their way into unwanted intimate relations!

“Rape has become endemic in Glenville West Virginia and even the operation of  local law enforcement belongs to the CHURCH OF IKE.

These hooks latch onto a rapist’s penis upon penetration and must be removed by a doctor. The contraceptive is similar to a tampon in regards to comfort and visibility, as well as the fact that it is inserted and removed with an applicator.

We have a sheriff that can barely read and write and  has the rightful nickname of Mickey Mouse Metz! Mickey, has never once investigated any rape complaints because he is a bought and paid for monster puppet!

THERE HAVE BEEN NO CONVICTIONS FOR RAPE IN GILMER COUNTY THE HOME OF THE CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS —Gerald B Hough has seen to that and even was issued a FERPA VIOLATION and disciplined by both GSC  and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel while teaching at the college, known also as MORRIS COLLEGE.

Rape is still a problem in Glenville at the FRIGHT HOUSE on the hill aka GSC where the last rape victim “AMANDA” said, NO FEMALE IS SAFE!

A medical technician known as, Sonette Ehlers developed this wonderful product  known as RAPEX that immediately grabbed the attention of the Secret Seven Coalition!

Ehlers came up with a product she called Rapex, mainly for the reason any mans penis will be putting an X on rape from the first moment it enters into the RAPEX ZONE!!  The Rapex device resembles a tube with barbs inside. The woman inserts it like a tampon, with an applicator, and any man who tries to rape the woman impales himself on the barbs and must go to an emergency room to have the Rapex removed.

Mickey Mouse Mickey Metz who ran for office knowingly on false credentials with the full backing of Democrat Executive Committee President from WACO OIL, Sandy Pettit.  HEY SANDY Stick your fist in this RAPEX device  and pull out real fast… you have been fisting all the Gilmer County Citizens for years!!

 When critics complained that it was a medieval punishment, Ehlers responded tersely; ‘A medieval device for a medieval deed.’

RAPEX is a new anti-rape contraceptive and could soon hit the shelves of American pharmacies, RAPEX is a truncated condom with rows of razor sharp hooks on the inside perfect to damage the DICK of the next violent rapist quarterback from Glenville State College like Gabe Phrophet.

These hooks latch onto a rapist’s penis upon penetration and must be removed by a doctor, and not the Doctor of LOVE like we have in Glenville that gives deadly prescriptions of Morphine over the phone for a price. This painful and deadly contraceptive is similar to a tampon in regards to comfort and visibility, as well as the fact that it is inserted and removed with an applicator.

The Secret Seven Coalition is trying to get some of these devices to hand out to college co-eds when they move into Goodwin Hall starting this next month and it is extremely important to get these devices in the hands of Glenville State College freshman that have no idea how dangerous the situation is at GSC — with the sexual assault problem being the worst for any college in the State. Glenville State College is LAST in academics ranked 73rd out of 73 colleges and ranks FIRST in the State of WV for RAPE!

We need to try this product out on Gabe Phrophet, or maybe even Gerry Hough, or Brian Kennedy, for truly who could deserve it more after they fucked us all of these years?!


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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Gabe Phrophet’s black dick all caught up in this, for raping Mary Hudnall or maybe the penis of Gerald B Hough would like to take a trip up this device!

  2. JC Great Article!

    Is this for real? WOW! Great article please tell me this is not a joke, for I remember how clever they were at the old Cal Patty site, and everyone says it’s the same people now as then, yeah, I love the ending! Rape me now bitches! As much as that would have been a disdainful statement to make, in this case it fits like a glove …hee hee Ha ha just kidding, but really well done. Where can we set up a fund, to get 500 of these Rapex devices for just the thought they are out there, and easily concealed in your purse will be a mighty deterrent! If you have been raped and about 30% or more of all my friends have, this is the ultimate weapon, and I can’t wait to see the effect this has on the GSC football team that thinks rape is part of their pay for playing football.

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