“GUNNER …” Treasured Guard Dog of the Secret Seven FOUND DEAD SUNDAY 12 August 2012

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor

Gunner a treasured guard dog and pure bred Rottweiler that was highly trained and qualified as a guard dog of the Secret Seven almost always on duty shown with his constant companion White Fang the personal guard dog and attack German Shepherd of the SC of the SS was found dead at about 9am this morning in the kitchen of his home.

Gunner, who was only 7 showed no signs of illness, and just a few days ago was active and spending time with his constant companion White Fang shown in the photo below.

GUNNER giving WHITE FANG a run for the money during a training session recently.

Although, Rottweiler’s are known for passing away at a young age, they usually last until they are 9 or 10, and this dog was in perfect health and had visits to the Vet recently, and given a bill of good health. Poison has not been ruled out as a possible cause of death.

White Fang, the white German Shepherd, and the protector of the Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition got out boxed this day during training – shown in this photo – by a dog named Gunner that never lost a battle who is and always will be a member of the Secret Seven Coalition. Gunner brought us honor and protection and served with the Secret Seven for four years. May you Rest In Peace Gunner.

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