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Teacher Sarah Rutherford as seen thru the Eye’s of the Supreme Commander of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition!!

By Free Bird — Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Geez Louise! Now that Sarah Rutherford can suck a dick!! She ain’t no hick, but I am, and I say where were some god damn teachers like her back in my day, which just making that statement could be construed to be a way to make the sex with students situation sound not so serious… when the situation is serious.

“But the average,every day normal dude will tell you, that they wish it was Sarah Ann Rutherford sucking their dick instead of a 16 or 17 year old boy in High School. Damn!”

And then all the young dudes said, she was a fine piece of ass!

TET Staff photo by Matt Harvey — After pleading guilty to three misdemeanors, former Philip Barbour High School teacher Sarah Rutherford, left, talks with Probation Officer Heather Pride asking if Sarah would be interested in endorsing the product, “Astro Glide” to make a little extra money while she spent two years making friends in the West Virginia Regional Jail system, where we hear her lawyer is already putting in a request that she be transferred to Central Regional Jail in Flatwoods so she could still pray with the Church of Ike!

That Sarah Rutherford she taught them young boys both some tricks and how to have lucky dicks … when the teacher named Sarah Ann Rutherford from Glenville State College has her way with all the young boys!

Barbour County prosecutor is about a dumb bitch now too! Don’t ya think? Can’t talk shit about no Sheriff John Hawkins now .. for the fact became obvious. Go for the fences… for that take a plea bargain deal was some bullshit buddy!Take the case bitch go for the felony,you let us down like a Charlie Brown when he was a bed hoppin and a pill poppin with Lunacy Lucy and that juicy trained GILA monster down near that Calhoun Lagoon of Conspiracy!

And we hear from up down around BLUE GRAY Ghost territory that damn prosecutor don’t, nope …she don’t suck no dick herself! Least ways, like Sarah Rutherford, who has an adjustable feature attached to her lips for big and small, young or old.

“GSC home girl Sarah didn’t commit no damn battery, we all hoped she wouldn’t run out!”

Sara Rutherford knows what she did, and who she did it to, and how about the other boys that were not named that were heard to exclaim, ….”Oh Sarah Oh Sarah as they came … so what she hiding?

Sarah Rutherford also had sex with her boyfriends father, Bob Henry Baber a GSC staffer and candidate for Governor represented by the Mountain Party. Obviously Bob Henry spent some time of his own climbing Sarah’s mountains …when his son wasn’t looking that is!

She did not contribute to the delinquency of anything, for all those young dudes have already gotten mixed up with some negro gangsters.

GSC’S Bob Henry Baber would have paid all her bills. BOE member, Phyllis Starkey, says that Bitch, was a Bitch she used to teach in school, someone she just couldn’t reach like a William K Simmons. Sarah Ann Rutherford GSC student who became teacher who became GSC student again … Sexual predator ? Seductress ? I wish she could suck my Dicktress!!

Sarah Rutherford, who banged about half Glenville,West Virginia, the home of the Crooks from Crooked County,with her skill and a quick suck up on “Fright Hill,” is quite an expert in the art of female teacher-male student romance, by sucking those little dicks until she made a 16 year old head spin. 25 year olds look like babies to me, and if I even get close to that age with some young Hotty that stepped off the stage, my friends would say I was robbing the cradle.

I mean, look at that technique that Sarah Rutherford used! Bitch has MAD SKILLS with using all the dope, the booze, the cooze…

Sarah Rutherford, proven whore at 24 took a plea deal in West Virginia to avoid a longer sentence after she had sex with two students under 18 years old, that were from the high school she taught at the Secret Seven Coalitions Rina McCoy reported.
A criminal complaint obtained by Rina McCoy said that Rutherford and one lucky dick victim had daily contact with those Sarah Rutherford titties until he was crying for his mama at all hours, and she regularly gave that little boy alcohol, marijuana and Klonopin — a prescription drug.
She also gave the 16-year-old, a blow job, and money to buy drugs some good drugs for her and had sex with that 16 year old rock hard erection again and again and again at her home in Barbour County, the SS reported. She and a 17-year-old victim, whom she also met at Philip Barbour High School had an inappropriate ongoing relationship and it was like having sex with the Devil with a Blue Dress on!

God damn… it’s hard to not get a little semi thinking about it, for half naked that Sarah Rutherford, will keep you ROCK HARD and you can understand how sin will begin. I can see it now, looking down and seeing a girthy monster headed straight for Sarah Rutherford, and all that sex with emphasis on straight and headed..

“Hey Bitch!! Someone should have yelled JAIL BAIT …don’t do it Sarah ….Don’t do it just because you are all that bitch!”

The text messages of the now infamous Sarah Ann Rutherford from Glenville State College involved in that sexual tryst proved beyond any doubts she was “All That” when she was making some young boy on the receiving end of the “Text” reach new heights to an erection that could last four hours!!!

Sarah Rutherford shown in this photo meeting with a reporter on the day of her sentencing just before court. She had no idea, that within a short time later she would be sentenced to two years.

“Initiating contact!”’’ Damn girl! This is sexy sexy shit!! Where are the damn dancing girls?

Rutherford rewarded the boys with sex, mood altering and hypnotizing drugs like Klonopin and Marijuana ….well HELL.. Car Jack my Ass, that is pretty evil shit to use to seduce a child of 16 and 17!!

Boy oh boy and all because someone is, “All That,” with their text messaging, and penis pulling and such, since also, SARAH RUTHERFORD is often “All That,” while driving that new car because she is gonna be a star like that Crooked Prosecutor Gerald B HOUGH, from Crooked County, that lives down by the Crooked River … although all the while having the cum of some young guy in her!!

“It was just like when Sarah Rutherford bobbed on GSC Staffer Bob Henry Baber’s Bobber like a Bad Bitch from the Beach Blanket Bingo extravaganza sponsored by the Box Banging Butcher Bitches during the summer of love on the CalPatty Press!”

“The defendant Glenville College Student and former high school teacher Sarah Rutherford told the victim not to tell anyone about the sexual intercourse because they could get in trouble since she was a teacher and the victim was a student,” the complaint brought forward said in a Barbour County Circuit Court.

High School teacher from Glenville State College Sarah Rutherford sure knows how to ROCK young COCK but now she will have to ROCK ON in JAIL for the next TWO YEARS!!  One year for each young dude that talked!


West Virginia Prosecutors Prove Once Again Why Individuals SHOULD be Permitted to Sue the State for Malicious Prosecution!!

By Editor Edison CalPatty Press Editor/William L Anderson-Expert on prosecutorial, judicial, and police misconduct and the demise of the Rule of Law in the USA

This BOOM POLE Gerald B Hough told a grand jury was worth hundreds of dollars and you can see for yourself that this is just a bunch of rusted junk worth nothing! Photo was taken 18 months before the trial. The total for all the used rusted farm equipment in the Travesty of Justice Case was also a BIG LIE with the value listed at $2498.00 when the appraiser said it was only worth $390.00 for everything. Hough brought forward what legal experts say was a malicious prosecution that cost a career broadcaster his career and five years of court in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court with Gilmer County backing the false evidence all the way. Gerry Hough is truly a criminal!!

We all have learned for ourselves what a LIAR Gerald B Hough is, and what a complete train wreck of a lawyer he is, having to take the Barr exam in WV EIGHT times before he finally passed it. Unfortunately there are other dishonest prosecutors in the state of West Virginia and this report by Willy Anderson tells the story.

Although this report deals with the case of a former teacher in Randolph County, it speaks directly to Gerry Hough and his heavy-handed antics.

West Virginia Prosecutors Prove Once Again Why Individuals SHOULD be Permitted to Sue the State for Malicious Prosecution

The recent acquittal of Autumn Rae Faulkner in Elkins, West Virginia, in which a jury deliberated for only an hour, provides ironclad proof that prosecutors, state and federal, should NOT be protected with any kind of immunity, period. When jurors take only an hour to acquit — and having served as a jury foreman, I can tell you that much of that time was spent on activities besides talking about the case — one can bet that they made up their minds even before the prosecution rested its case.

Faulkner was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student three times in 2008 and 2009.

It is easy to surmise that prosecutors had NO case whatsoever, and either the so-called “experts” were the stupidest people in the room, or they were the most craven. I wish it were the former, but the latter dominates my thinking.

So, why did the prosecution bring the charges and destroy this woman’s life in the first place? They did it because they can do it, and that is what they were telling everyone else. Prosecutors, you see, really don’t care about guilt or innocence; they just love showing their authority, and since the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors have absolute immunity, they also know that no one in the system will hold them accountable.

Shown with her attorney during a court appearance Autumn Rae Faulkner was charged with three felony counts of third-degree sexual assault and three felony counts of sexual abuse by a custodian or person of trust to a child. She was arrested in March 2009 by Sgt. A.S. Loudin with the West Virginia State Police for allegedly having sexual relations with her former student on three separate instances from December 2008 to February 2009.

In reading the article on the acquittal, I am struck by the utter arrogance that prosecutors had, and the way they dishonestly went about presenting evidence:

Following the trial, special prosecuting attorney Steve Jory said he didn’t believe there was anything else the prosecution could have done differently that would have altered the outcome of the case.

“I think we presented every piece of evidence we had available to present,” Jory remarked. “The case was fairly tried and the jury made its decision. Apparently they didn’t believe we had enough evidence to prove our case.”

But it gets even better:

Mazzei also highlighted the fact that the state hadn’t presented any DNA evidence.

“The state took phones and [Faulkner’s] computer, her couch, her comforter, bedding, a car, and no evidence ever came out of that that would prove Mrs. Faulkner was guilty,” Mazzei said.

During his final statement, however, Jory told Mazzei that the prosecution wasn’t able to present any DNA evidence because “you wouldn’t allow your client and her husband to give (DNA) samples and we could not complete lab analysis.” When asked after the trial if the court could have compelled Faulker and her husband, Scott Faulkner, to submit their DNA for testing, Jory said that it was possible, but the previous prosecutor in the Faulkner case — former Randolph County Prosecutor Richard Busch — had failed to do so.

When asked why he didn’t later ask the court to order the Faulkners to submit their DNA for analysis, Jory simply said “there were a lot of factors” involved. (Emphasis mine)

As anyone familiar with criminal law knows, if the state wants evidence, it can get it. My sense is that the prosecutors and police did not seek DNA evidence because they knew there was none, it so leaving things in the realm of mere speculation where they could use innuendo would be more effective. (I imagine prosecutors already had convinced members of the media that Faulkner was a predator, but most journalists will believe anything cops and prosecutors say.) To claim to a jury that the state could not get evidence because the defendant and her attorney told them they could not get it fails to pass the laugh test.

Gerald B Hough with his shirt pulled out and his belly button exposed in this prissy photo that lets his dishonest demeanor show through. “Yeah clasp your hands bitch so we can put the cuffs on you and take you where you belong!!” Hough is responsible for paying state witnesses to lie on the stand about ownership of property in dispute that was proved false by a $5000.00 Title opinion in the longest running court case in Gilmer County history that saw its way to WV Supreme Court, US Supreme Court, US District Court in Elkins and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond Virginia. Gerry Hough and Judge Facemire now have to face allegations of misconduct along with the proven outright lies they both alluded to in statements to the Judicial Investigation Commission and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The Defendant in that case was the person that discovered and EXPOSED the FERPA VIOLATION by Gerry Hough during a Rape Case when he worked at Glenville State College. The story was covered by Lawrence Smith and the West Virginia Record after Smith investigated the matter and obtained all the facts not previously known that revealed HOUGH LIED to GSC and the ODC and got caught and was instrumental in ruining the life of yet another rape victim, for that is what Gerald B Hough does best!

But, when it comes to the use of innuendo, nothing tops this:

The state’s evidence – or its lack thereof – was the subject of (Rocco) Mazzei’s closing arguments Thursday.

“The state has this theory that a whole lotta text messages somehow equals guilt of sex,” Mazzei said, referring to the voluminous number of text messages Faulkner sent to the 18-year-old student based on documents the prosecution subpoenaed from AT&T. “[Jory] wants you to convict her on a number of text messages. You should require the state to prove that this theory … as it is, this theory is mere speculation. You haven’t seen the content of a single text message.”

F John Oshoway, should never be hired as a defense counsel for the fact that he actually worked for the prosecution Gerald B Hough after taking a CASH payment from his client for the “Travesty of Justice” case  out of Gilmer County,which has also proved to be a malicious prosecution based on false facts and evidence. Oshoway is not very bright and is about the worst type of attorney there is in WV and is only good as an appointed attorney to plead his guilty clients guilty and process them off to prison.

Wow! So, prosecutors told the jurors that there were a great number of text messages, but did not show their content to jurors in hopes that they would be able to use their imaginations to surmise what Faulker MIGHT have written. As anyone familiar with teacher-student sex cases knows, text messages in the sort of situation prosecutors were alleging existed would have been filled either with sexual innuendo or outright graphic language.

What does this mean? It means that prosecutors read the messages and realized that not one of them were sexual, so they tried to deceive jurors, instead, by lying and suborning perjury.

Lord knows how much money Faulkner and her husband and family spent defending her against charges that obviously were false from the beginning. No doubt, the West Virginia school system will take its revenge by permanently sullying her record.

And what happens to prosecutors who financially ruin innocent people just because they can do it? Nothing. These are people who viciously ruined the lives of others in an attempt to make an obviously fraudulent case look to have substance.

Will the State of West Virginia take action? Don’t hold your breath. Once again, we see why prosecutors should be sued; that is the ONLY way they will be held accountable.

Are these prosecutors the proverbial “bad apples” in a good barrel? Think again; in West Virginia, the entire barrel is rotten.

Will the BACK TO SCHOOL SPIRIT at Gilmer County High School include sexual molestation this year too?

 Rina McCoy CCC website editor with a story from the Gilmer FREE PRESS

We the People Have the Power If We Have the Will


In the Gilmer County High School pedophilia scandal and cases involving teachers and coaches, many wonder how the perpetrators get away with the crimes for so long and how the sexual assaults on children have been ignored by the principal for years.

Reportedly, teachers have seen the assaults but looked the other way. None of the other students would go to any victim’s aid fearing retaliations from the principal or assistant principal.

The administration has kept everyone defenseless and quiet, allowing some teachers and coaches to prey on the students unchecked.

No one reports the abuse, mostly because they fear the principal and the corruption in law enforcement and the legal system in Gilmer County, WV.

Obviously, it is hard to know what to do, and for students it always seemed easier to let it go.

It has happened repeatedly, whether they are teachers, coaches or Gilmer County Schools officials.

Most of us have had that teacher at one point in our youth who made a significant impact on our lives. The person who instilled something no other teacher could, whether they forced us to use our brains in ways we never imagined or simply became our friends; we will never forget them.
But then there is the teacher, coach who makes a mark in a different way, a teacher or coach so wonderful that students love attending his/her class/team just so they could daydream about his/her embarking on a journey down statutory rape lane with them.

The sad part is good people — because of friendships — become paralyzed by inaction, giving wrongdoers an open playground.

The crimes only get worse if not stopped.

But who is going to stop them?

The Sheriff who is part of the crime?

The prosecutor who doesn’t take time to properly research a case?

The principal who thinks all of these behaviors are normal?

The Superintendent who cannot make a decent decision on his own?

The State Police who are controlled by the elite?

The politicians who caused the school system takeover for the wrong reasons?

The state board of education who gave in to politicians and the elite?

The corruption is deep, but we the people have the power to end the madness if we have the will.

~~  Author and Source on File ~~