Will the BACK TO SCHOOL SPIRIT at Gilmer County High School include sexual molestation this year too?

 Rina McCoy CCC website editor with a story from the Gilmer FREE PRESS

We the People Have the Power If We Have the Will


In the Gilmer County High School pedophilia scandal and cases involving teachers and coaches, many wonder how the perpetrators get away with the crimes for so long and how the sexual assaults on children have been ignored by the principal for years.

Reportedly, teachers have seen the assaults but looked the other way. None of the other students would go to any victim’s aid fearing retaliations from the principal or assistant principal.

The administration has kept everyone defenseless and quiet, allowing some teachers and coaches to prey on the students unchecked.

No one reports the abuse, mostly because they fear the principal and the corruption in law enforcement and the legal system in Gilmer County, WV.

Obviously, it is hard to know what to do, and for students it always seemed easier to let it go.

It has happened repeatedly, whether they are teachers, coaches or Gilmer County Schools officials.

Most of us have had that teacher at one point in our youth who made a significant impact on our lives. The person who instilled something no other teacher could, whether they forced us to use our brains in ways we never imagined or simply became our friends; we will never forget them.
But then there is the teacher, coach who makes a mark in a different way, a teacher or coach so wonderful that students love attending his/her class/team just so they could daydream about his/her embarking on a journey down statutory rape lane with them.

The sad part is good people — because of friendships — become paralyzed by inaction, giving wrongdoers an open playground.

The crimes only get worse if not stopped.

But who is going to stop them?

The Sheriff who is part of the crime?

The prosecutor who doesn’t take time to properly research a case?

The principal who thinks all of these behaviors are normal?

The Superintendent who cannot make a decent decision on his own?

The State Police who are controlled by the elite?

The politicians who caused the school system takeover for the wrong reasons?

The state board of education who gave in to politicians and the elite?

The corruption is deep, but we the people have the power to end the madness if we have the will.

~~  Author and Source on File ~~

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  1. I have to wonder how many NAY SHA has molested herself this year…

    I wonder!

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